1. Does NOOM Work?! | Review of Weight Loss Program After Completing It Myself!
  2. I SIGNED UP FOR NOOM AND HAVE *honest* THOUGHTS | noom review from a nutrition coach
  3. Brutally Honest Noom Review & First Impression | My Issues with Noom
  4. The Truth About Noom | Dietitian Reviews Noom Weight Loss App | Is Noom Actually Anti-Diet?
  5. IF YOU JUST JOINED NOOM | Beginner tips for Noom, Noom review 2022, How I lost 100+ lbs in a year
  6. NOOM – An Honest, Unpaid Review // I LOST 20lbs USING THIS DIET APP
  7. Noom Weight Loss: Dr. Bergs Opinion

Does NOOM Work?! | Review of Weight Loss Program After Completing It Myself!

hi everyone i am nearly done,the four month introductory new weight,loss program,and today i am bringing you my unbiased,review,how effective is it is it enjoyable does,it work stay tuned and ill let you know,my thoughts,hi there im jen least welcome to the,channel if youve,never been here before those of you who,have,know that im kind of all about trying,to live on less and,most recently in the past number of,months ive been trying to,translate that life philosophy into my,eating habits,to eat less and lose some much needed,weight a friend of mine actually told me,about noom way back,in january and got me kind of thinking,about it,and i was so impressed by what she had,to say that i thought,im gonna hop on im gonna try this out,hey i was bored during the pandemic so,why not the initial program is about,four months long so i thought now that,im nearing the end of that four months,that i should hop,on here and give you guys all my,thoughts because i know a lot of people,are considering doing it and,is it really worth the money to do it,because currently its north of 200,to commit to this program so um you know,you might be thinking why would i pay,200,for an app so i really wanted to dive in,and give you my thoughts on the program,if you are wondering about trying it,yourself also near the end of the video,i,am going to be sharing how much weight i,have lost on this program so make sure,you stay tuned for that,all right lets get into the nuts and,bolts first what is,new well basically its a four-month,program like i already mentioned it is,an,app that you can have on your phone ive,never actually looked into it im sure,you could do it on your computer as well,but i just do it on my phone,and the idea behind it is that its not,just,logging calories what youve eaten your,exercise for the day that type of thing,but,theres a whole course youre taking the,entire time thats,all about psychology so the premise,is that the reason a lot of people have,trouble losing weight is because of the,psychological,aspect of losing weight and because the,reasons that we,overeat are often in our hearts,in our minds and not a physiological,need,so every day when you go on this app,youre going to read articles,for the course youre taking and,learning and interacting journaling with,that,youre going to be logging everything,you eat,so any meals any snacks youre going to,be logging,and noom actually separates things into,categories,there are green foods yellow foods and,red foods so you can kind of guess green,means go red means stop,so the idea is to eat much less red,foods,kind of a medium amount of yellow foods,and a lot more green foods,green foods are your fruits your,vegetables,your whole grains your lean proteins,yellow foods are kind of the in-between,stuff low-fat dairies,lean red meats and then your red foods,arent necessarily,bad foods but theyre just what you have,to limit so fats even good fats like,olive oil,any cheeses that you might want to eat,avocado,any high fat meats these are your red,foods,so in my instance it calculated based on,my,age and weight how much i should be,eating a day how many calories and every,time i log a food,it will put it into green yellow or red,and it will show me,exactly how many calories i consumed in,a day,theres a huge recipe vault if you,follow me on instagram,its just at gen least you will see that,ive been trying out some of these,healthy recipes,and letting people know what i thought,and that was a really great way to keep,me accountable but yeah theres lots of,meal ideas within the new,app youre also going to be logging your,weight each day you need to weigh in,every morning after you first get up,before youve eaten or drank anything,and you are logging your exercise as,well and every time you log in,exercise so say you do 30 minutes of,walking it will calculate how many,calories you burned and then it will,give you back,half of those calories towards your,calorie budget in the day for,eating so say your calorie budget like,mine was 1200 calories a day,and you did exercise that burned 300,calories,a day now your calorie allotment for the,day is 1350. okay,makes sense very mathematical very,scientific you are also part of an,online accountability group so if you,are an introvert like me,this program actually is probably pretty,appealing to you because,i probably would never go to an,in-person weight loss program where i,had to like go to an,in-person like weight watchers meeting,or something like that,i probably would go once and then i,would never go again because i just,cant handle being around people,all the time if that is you you probably,will really like this program because,you can actually choose to interact as,much or as little as you want with,a personal weight loss coach with your,team who are,going on the new journey with you and,losing weight together with you,you can interact as much or as little as,you want now,i would like to go in after experiencing,this for four months to the,cons and the pros of the program and im,going to start with the cons and then,im going to end with the pros just on a,high note okay,so the cons of this program as far as,im concerned the psychology aspect so,im saying this as someone who has a,university degree where i minored in,psychology,and it was too much psychology for me so,when you first start on the program,a lot of its more like practical tips,for eating and practical tips for,getting through a day getting through a,craving,how to kind of replace foods with high,water density food so you stay full like,a lot of really great practical tips,but then it just gets into so much,self-help self-work on yourself,on your own mind and how it works on,your heart on your emotions,on your feelings that it gets to be to,me,it was actually too much so,im stuck at home right now with my,whole family,during another lockdown in ontario,and actually having to delve into my,emotions and feelings,so much was really tough and really,draining,and it got to the point where it really,wasnt focusing on what i was eating at,all which,and then i wasnt losing weight at all,because im just focusing so much my,feelings on my emotions,instead of actually on weight loss okay,so i see that as a major con i think,thats something that newm really needs,to tweak they need to work,more nutrition and behavioral stuff,into their program and cut back on the,psychology a bit,another call and i felt for this program,was maybe more of a personal one for me,and that was that i felt that i did not,lose weight,nearly as quickly as seemingly anybody,else in the world would,on this program um when i was in with my,accountability group theres all these,people that like literally the first,week they did noon they were like i lost,seven pounds or,there were people that were only halfway,through the program they just were two,months in,im already at my goal weight well this,was not,my experience and i will tell you in a,minute um,you know how much i did lose because i,did lose weight but um,my experience was so glacially slow,so to be putting in so much work,every day to this program and seeing so,few results was personally very,discouraging for me,now if you watched my cri genetics my,ancestry my medical dna videos a couple,months ago i will link them for you,here but if you watch my one on medical,you will know that i was really excited,when i found out my medical results,because i just started the new program,and my medical ancestry results revealed,that,my genetic genotype is not prone to,be overweight and is not prone to have a,slow metabolism,so i was like you know what ive got a,normal metabolism im not prone to,overweight i can do this,i will lose this weight and its just,about my behaviors and my choices im,making,[Music],i think i jumped to that conclusion a,little too quickly,and if anything what this program has,taught me it is,that i think i do have some medical,things going on,that are preventing me from losing,

I SIGNED UP FOR NOOM AND HAVE *honest* THOUGHTS | noom review from a nutrition coach

huh today were doing something,terrifying and we are signing up for,noon,let me preface this by saying im not,actually going to use noom i just want,to see,see it you know instead of hearing from,other people about the problematic,issues with it i feel like i should,actually just look at myself and see,whats going on in there now one other,thing before we jump in i do know people,who use noom really enjoy it and really,find it helpful and if that is you i,think that is fantastic but i also know,people who have used noom and come out,of it with like a way worse mindset than,they started with so hopefully this,video just ends up being a tool to help,people consider if this is the right,platform for them we probably will be,talking about calories and numbers at,some point just because this is a,dieting app or well they say its not a,diet but well well see anyway if,youre not in a place to hear about that,i would just like skip out of this video,and give it a thumbs up before you leave,though and uh,sign up for noom everybody okay here we,go a healthier you wherever you are,lets continue so one of the main,complaints ive heard actually from,dietitians is that even when they have,put in that they dont want to lose,weight it still puts them on a very very,low calorie diet so even though i am in,the process of losing some fat right now,for the sake of seeing if thats true i,am going to say,get fit for good so get fit for good,does not mean weight loss to me sex and,hormones impact how our bodies,metabolize food that is true i am female,people may identify themselves as more,than just i identify as woman hear me,roar am i pregnant hope not what is your,age 30s noon creates long-term results,through habit and behavior change not,restrictive dieting okay i vibe with,that and then it shows you this graph,i dont vibe with this graph because,this actually isnt showing,the real picture i would actually argue,that,healthy sustainable weight loss if again,thats your goal its actually going to,look more like this its going to be,these little peaks and valleys kind of,like how this restrictive diet is i,wouldnt want to be ending at the same,place as places im starting six months,but your body fluctuates so i hate this,angle can we change this,okay your body is going to fluctuate day,to day week to week month month with,your weight based off of things that,theyve already talked about hormones,water retention are you sleeping enough,are you drinking enough water all of,these different things so to then say,that noom is going to give you this,beautiful downward trend thats its,just not how the body works so i dont,like this graph scientific report 78 of,participants using noon lost weight over,a six-month study what about after six,months i know theyre a newer company,but like six months isnt long term to,me long term is like six years so come,back in six years and see if noon still,works for you having something to look,forward to can be a big motivator to,stick to your plan do you have an,important event coming up im gonna say,no i dont like that question,i dont know,again this this questions weird to me,because were talking about long-term,health and now theyre like you are,working for long-term health but do you,really want to be snacks for summer like,you know what im saying but whatever,women who are in their 30s may need a,slightly different strategy rude but,true depending on current lifestyle,which best describes you i mostly wont,stay active as a woman in your 30s the,specific comic con,i just had a birthday people as a woman,in her 30s a specific combination of,foods you eat can have a huge impact on,your ability to burn fat i cant read,today which of the following best,describes your typical lunch um other i,dont know ate food in addition to what,you eat how often you eat can impact,your metabolism which of the following,best describes the your typical day i,almost always eat three,wait,i didnt read it all three or less meals,per day yeah i guess thats the most,accurate i have three meals a day also,if that question leads to them saying,that i need to eat like a lot more small,meals in a day im gonna,burn my computer down as a woman in your,30s your environment can play a major,role in your ability to lose weight,which breast describes the area you live,in a major city,sticking to a plan can be hard but new,makes it easy god this poor woman could,they have picked a better picture geez,noon fits into my lifestyle perfectly i,can turn to this app day or night and,theyre there for me new musers that,also adopt a healthy lifestyle typically,lose one to two pounds per week yeah i,would um i would say thats within that,healthy range most medical professionals,say that healthy sustainable weight loss,is usually between half a pound to two,pounds a week do you have an active,diagnosis of an eating disorder oh i,wonder if i said yes theyd be like get,the out of here they should but im,gonna say no unlock health benefits with,just five percent at noon our mission is,to help everyone lead healthier lives,did you know losing just five percent of,your body weight can reduce your risk,for diabetes high blood pressure and,high cholesterol okay were going to,blur this part out,okay ooh nume weight is currently only,available so lets say i want to lose,what is it that regina george says i,want to lose two pounds three pounds,ill be regina george i really want to,lose three pounds real talk peoples,goal weight is often different than,their bodys ideal weight were not,saying that this is the case for you but,we want to get to know what else is,important to you well unpack this a lot,more throughout your journey but for now,lets get to know what a healthy happy,weight might look like for you pro tip,while answering these questions think,back to a time where you might have been,less focused on your weight what did you,do for fun okay i like that i think,thats a really really good page that,they put in there that like what you,want might not be what your body feels,the most comfortable at and it also,might not actually be achievable or,sustainable basically what theyre,saying with this question is lets focus,on other things besides just that number,on the scale so i really like that when,im at a happy weight um id love to,think less about food overall when i,think of reaching my happy weight is,that what theyre calling my ideal,weight my happy weight so what is the,weight im at now my sad weight i dont,know if i like that i dont think that,you should ever,have an emotion tied to the number on,the scale if you are a person who feels,any emotion happy sad when you step on,the scale and see your number you should,not be stepping on the scale thats what,i think so i dont like that its,attaching like morality or an emotion to,your weight all right oh,okay,they predict that i am going to be at my,happy weight on june 7th that sounds,super reasonable though because im,already like in a small body so that,sounds super reasonable,oh,theyve moved up my happy weight date,oh,may 27th,noom is based on real psychology our,weight loss program is based on behavior,change only 10 minutes a day could,change your relationship with food well,give you daily articles that focus on,learning not dieting there are no good,and bad foods love that just green,yellow and red based on caloric density,and the best part you can still eat your,favorite foods its okay if you mess up,thats okay and were going really fast,and we all fall off the wagon well help,you get back on track some of that,language is a little,like my personal preference i dont use,some of those terms but thats totally,okay why restricted diets fail the yo-yo,effect traditional restrictive diets can,help you lose weight in short bursts aka,the yo-yo effect but ultimately dont,help you keep the weight off numb can,help you create long-term results,through habit behavior change not,restrictive dieting so basically what,theyre saying is that re

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Brutally Honest Noom Review & First Impression | My Issues with Noom

new a personal life plan that uses,psychology and small goals to help you,lose weight for good it sounds pretty,cool right,well mmm so I was going to use noon for,a week and then share my experience with,you and what I liked about the app what,I disliked but I literally use it for,one day and it infuriated me so much I,think I saw enough and I really want to,make this video so that people have a,different perspective as opposed to all,these like sponsored videos that are,promoting the app so the app costs,between seventeen and fifty nine dollars,depending on the plan that you guys,select and they dont have a free trial,in the traditional sense of the word,basically when you get to that point in,the signup process they give you the,screen where they let you select what,you think its fair to pay for the app,for two weeks so you can pay a dollar,three dollars and ten dollars I think,and they tell you that it costs them,eighteen dollars to give you the,opportunity to test the app for two,weeks and they also of course they tell,you that most people select the ten,dollar option so you can immediately see,that they know human psychology because,they basically guilt trip you twice to,pay the maximum amount for their free,trial at this point you havent seen,enough from the app you really dont,know what youre getting so its really,hard to make a decision and I dont,think its fair for them to do that also,keep in mind that if you download the,app and you sign up for the free trial,you are gonna be automatically enrolled,in a plan that costs $100 for two months,and you have to message your personal,coach thats another thing because their,coaches are pretty much boss or a,ice-like they dont behave as normal,people but if you want to cancel your,subscription you have to specifically,text them and tell them I want to cancel,so that you dont have to pay the $50 a,month for the next two months,anyways I tried to look past that even,though I definitely dont agree with,these sneaky ways but I decided to give,it a fair shot and use it for a while to,see what the app is all about so I,started the,process by creating a profile and giving,them a little bit of information about,myself and my lifestyle and then they,had me define my big goal which in my,case was to lose 12 pounds uh-huh and,then I had to answer the question why,which I guess had to be something really,profound but I didnt really have a big,reason besides wanting to feel a little,bit more comfortable and more confident,in my body and then the basic principle,of the app is for you to be logging in,every single day and completing a bunch,of small goals that are supposed to lead,you to big goal and these small goals,are also supposed to teach you about,weight loss so before I really get into,my thoughts on this app I want to give,you a little disclaimer Im not a,nutritionist Im not a dietitian Im not,a doctor but Im someone who is very,interested in healthy eating balanced,diets nutrition and I tend to read a lot,about those things I do a lot of,research on different lifestyles and on,food in general and Ive experimented,with a lot of different diets a lot of,different lifestyles on myself and I,think through this process which has,been going on for years I have acquired,some kind of knowledge and I consider,myself pretty knowledgeable about food,and nutrition and whats good for you,whats a good way to lose weight so I,think the things that Im saying theyre,gonna make sense so Im basically on day,one and in that first set of tasks the,first thing that I see really annoyed me,actually annoyed is a weak word it,really made me mad like made me furious,and that thing is that they encourage,you to weigh yourself every single day,like they give you this spiel they,explain to you that your weight,fluctuates a lot throughout the day and,within a couple of days you might see,very different results you might even,see that youve gained a couple of,pounds and they still encourage you to,weigh yourself every single day and like,they really emphasize that you have to,weigh yourself every single day if you,are serious about your weight loss I,think this is extremely unhealthy,especially in the beginning it puts you,in a mindset where you are overly,concerned about numbers and losing,pounds and I think this can really,destroy your motivation because not only,youre not gonna see any weight loss in,the beginning but you might actually see,yourself gaining pounds and this is not,a good way to start your weight loss,journey they never talk about much more,effective tactics like measuring,yourself with a tape measure and this is,a better tactic because sometimes when,youre replacing fat with muscle you,might actually gain pounds but you are,still losing weight and you are getting,in better shape but you cant really the,scale cannot really show you that,because muscles are heavier than fat but,when you measure yourself with a tape,measure you will still see the inches,that you lost because muscles take less,space even taking before-and-after,photos of your body lets say month,apart is a better strategy because,youre gonna see visible differences in,your body weighing yourself is probably,the worst tactic Im not advising,against ever weighing yourself but I,dont think you should be doing it more,than once a month or so or lets say,once a week its still a lot especially,if you have a bad relationship with the,scale and just bad relationship with,your weight but like every day is just,completely completely wrong I think its,just harmful the next thing that really,infuriated me is the food logging /,learning about nutrition part oh my god,I literally have never felt stronger,about anything that Ive reviewed on my,channel this is really something that,made me mad and I hope people see it,people who are considering this app so,they basically divided food into three,different groups green yellow and red,where Green is fruit and vegetables and,whole grains yellow is basically any,type of protein and low-fat dairy and,the red group is red needs essential,fats good for you fats and also every,type of junk,that you can imagine so they basically,put burgers fries and cupcakes in the,same category as avocados olives and,nuts and yeah they tell you al baqara,surah super good for you and you have to,include them in your diet but they still,put them in the red category that,subconsciously tells you to stay away,from them they never teach you how to,actually incorporate these foods in your,diet in a healthy way they dont give,you the tools to still benefit from,these foods and still lose weight as,many people have done with low carb,diets and keto diets and have had great,success for me personally the approach,that has helped me the most is eating,low carb with a focus on Whole Foods and,vegetables as my carbs this app promotes,low fat low calorie living and I think,at this point in time in 2020 most of us,have realized that this is not a,sustainable way to eat and this type of,diet does not make you feel full in the,long run and it actually contributes to,binging on junk food later in the,process sorry guys this video is,basically a rant but this app is just so,toxic and I just hate that it takes,advantage of people who are struggling,in their relationship with food and,weight I just dont think thats right,so I really my emotions are really,strong about this another thing that I,found really concerning is that the app,right off the bat without asking me,anything about my physical activity,level suggested that I eat 1200 calories,a day which is extremely extremely low I,know that there are still like personal,trainers that recommend 1200 calories a,day but I think a lot of nutritionists,know and recommend much higher calorie,intake because when youre eating too,little calories your body can actually,go into starvation mode and hold onto,weight even more so its,counterintuitive but sometimes you end,up losing more weight by upping your,calories its

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The Truth About Noom | Dietitian Reviews Noom Weight Loss App | Is Noom Actually Anti-Diet?

hello everyone welcome back to my,channel my name is hannah im a,registered dietitian and today ive got,a brand new diet review for you and i,probably shouldnt give too much away by,calling it a diet review but today i,want to talk about noom so numa is,currently very popular youve probably,seen ads for it or youve heard friends,or family talk about it ive had a ton,of clients tell me that theyve used,noon before or that theyre currently,using it and they want to learn how to,stop using it but noom claims to be the,last weight loss program that youll,ever need and they even call themselves,anti-diet but is this actually true or,is nume a diet lets get into it,so nume is a weight loss program that,like most of them says that youll get,lifelong results if you do their program,they have an app where you get a coach,and you track your calories you track,your weight you track your exercise they,give you readings and things to educate,yourself on which is pretty cool and,they really take pride in that they,focus on the,behavior and the psychological side of,weight loss and right off the bat i,think thats a really good thing i mean,its better than some diet where they,just say yeah cut out carbs and youll,lose weight but they dont actually,teach you how to make behavior changes,or take into account how important,behavior changes in psychology are for,lasting weight loss results but i,decided to try signing up for noom to,see what it would recommend for me so,the first thing it had me do was set a,goal weight so im about five foot seven,and it told me that an ideal weight for,my height would be around 121 to 160,pounds now i will say i have not weighed,121 pounds since i was in like fifth,grade i currently weigh about 170 pounds,give or take 5 to 10 pounds depending on,a million different factors i honestly,havent weighed myself in a long long,time i have a whole video on why you,should do the same and i will also get,to why tracking your weight daily like,you do on noom is not helpful for most,people but anyway just to play along i,set a goal of 125 pounds now i never,ever want to be at that weight that is,not a healthy weight for me at all and,that is the problem with setting goal,weights and the whole idea of ideal body,weight and bmi in general but ill get,to that more in a second just know that,i put in a goal weight of 125 pounds,even though that is,far too low i feel like im at a very,healthy weight right now,but you cant sign up for noob and say,that you want to maintain your weight,its a weight loss program so after you,put in your goal weight noom then,proceeds to lead you through a whole,series of questions they ask if you have,diabetes or any other chronic illness,they ask how many meals per day you,usually eat they ask if you cook at home,or usually go out to eat or a,combination of both questions like that,just kind of getting to know you and,your lifestyle a little bit better which,again i think is a really good thing,they had a lot of questions on the,questionnaire so even though its not a,real person at this point,talking you through anything they still,try their best to,get to know you as well as they can,before making those,initial goals for you so props for that,but i will say the questionnaire did not,once ask if i had a history of,disordered eating or eating disorders,and ive got a nice long history of,disordered eating behaviors and so when,they spit out this weight loss goal and,timeline for me which ill get to in a,second that could have been very,triggering for me if i was still working,through those disordered eating habits,so i want to stop here and say that if,you do have a history of disordered,eating or an eating disorder do not do,new im going to explain more of the red,flags that can be triggers for,disordered eating and eating disorders,but if you do struggle with this or you,have struggled with this setting a goal,weight having a timeline tracking your,calories tracking your weight thats not,the route you need to go to heal but,once i completed the questionnaire noom,let me know that i could reach my goal,weight of 125 pounds by may 7th so i did,the questionnaire on november 7th so,exactly six months later id be at my,goal weight of 125 pounds so if we do,the math that would be a weight loss of,about 45 pounds in six months or about,one to two pounds a week now one to two,pounds a week can be a very appropriate,weight loss goal for some people i think,thats much better than those lose 30,pounds and one month kind of programs,those are obviously setting you up for,failure however like ive already said,125 pounds is so unrealistic for me as a,goal weight im not saying its,unrealistic for anybody else who is the,same height as me but for me as an,individual that is not a healthy weight,and noom didnt even,see that as being an issue in fact they,encouraged it by trying to get me to pay,for their program,so i would be at that goal weight since,becoming an intuitive eater i have,maintained my weight for like the last,five years or so and i feel healthier,than ever this weight maintenance and,foundation of healthy behaviors that i,have established is a sign that i am,within my set point weight range which,is basically the weight that your body,wants you to be at now we have no idea,of knowing what our set point weight,range is only our body knows what that,is i no longer have those drastic weight,fluctuations which is often a sign of,unsustainable lifestyle changes yo-yo,dieting metabolic adaptation to a point,of what feels like no return but this is,why i often dont recommend setting a,goal weight at all because again we have,no idea what weight our body is supposed,to be at in its healthiest form plus,healthy can look different during all,different phases of life and being at a,healthy bmi may not mean you are at your,healthiest weight there is no way that,every single person who is five foot,seven like me is supposed to weigh the,exact same so after noon gave me my,weight loss goal of losing 45 pounds in,six months they then take you to a sign,up page where you have to pay to get,your calorie goal your coach and all the,other bells and whistles i believe that,noom used to have an extended free,version i dont know though i havent,played around with it before but they,tried to get me to pay at least 50 cents,for a trial before then making me pay,the full price and maybe i misunderstood,how this whole thing works but i am very,frugal so i didnt want to pay for it,and i also dont want to give money to,diet culture so i opted out from there,that is where my personal noob journey,ended but although i was unable to use,the new map for free i have done some,research to see what all it entails and,like i said ive had a lot of clients,tell me about what their experience was,as well so lets go over what makes doom,a diet because yes spoiler alert new,is a diet so first tell-tale sign that,noom is a diet is that they encourage,you to track everything and you are,given a calorie budget so based on how,you filled out the questionnaire and,your goal weight noom then gives you a,calorie goal nume usually gives a,calorie goal around 1200 calories and,this is a very low calorie goal for most,people if youre watching this video i,am guessing that you probably need to,eat more than 1200 calories even if your,goal is weight loss eating too few,calories can lead to decreased muscle,mass which is no bueno for the,metabolism it can lead to the restrict,binge cycle where we end up restricting,so much that we end up overeating and,then that causes a whole vicious cycle,there even if your goal is weight loss,you still need to make sure you are,eating enough,and 1200 calories probably isnt it now,in terms of tracking there are some,instances where tracking can be okay i,myself dont track calories i dont have,my clients track calories at least not,for the long term especially because,this can be a very slippery slope into,disordered eating habits if you

IF YOU JUST JOINED NOOM | Beginner tips for Noom, Noom review 2022, How I lost 100+ lbs in a year

hi guys welcome back to my channel so,for todays video i wanted to,give a couple quick pieces of advice or,tips and tricks to those of you who,might be considering joining noom in,2022,now i know that new years is always a,big time,for,uh,weight loss journeys to begin healthy,lifestyle journeys to begin,healthy eating habits to begin all that,kind of stuff with new years,resolutions and,you know kind of the whole new year new,changes new me kind of thing,so i wanted to chat about that really,quick for those of you who may have,found my videos,through searching about noom because,maybe youre considering joining for the,new year for 2022 so if thats you this,video is for you,uh make sure youre subscribed before we,be bitter,make sure youre subscribed before we,begin be sure to hit the bell icon so,youre notified when i upload new videos,and feel free to follow me over on,instagram my username over there is at,miss elise nicole media,um okay,so just two things,two quick things that i want to tell,anybody thats considering joining noom,for 2022 because youre thinking about,new year maybe you want to take off a,couple pounds or a lot of pounds,whatever it is,now if this is one of my first videos,that you found quick backstory i use,noon beginning march april march,uh the spring of 2019 and for the year,and a half that followed i lost 129,pounds using that app,that was about half my body weight since,then,um in maintenance ive gained a couple,pounds,back im kind of working on finding my,way and finding my footing in,maintenance,but i am somebody that is definitely,qualified to speak on noon because i,lost almost half my body weight through,it,now the two pieces of information i want,to give you the two tips the first one,please please please,for the love of god,find a bmr calculator online ive talked,about this in so many videos and i will,continue to preach it until one or both,of us dies go on google and type in bmr,calculator and youll find a million,options not hard to find pick one,enter your information into it its,going to ask for you know your age,gender your height your weight your,activity level,um all that kind of stuff and its going,to give you some information its going,to tell you what your bmr is,for wanting to lose weight meaning,youre at a deficit or based on your,activity level for,your what would be at a surplus for you,and what calories would be at,maintenance for you meaning youre not,gaining or losing,do this do this do this do this do not,go,off of the calories,that nume gives you,i made that mistake,nume put me at 1200 calories,i didnt know better i didnt know what,bmr was which is basement mallet rate,which is the amount of calories you burn,doing absolutely nothing that your body,needs to function,and then you can use that number to,calculate as i said a deficit a surplus,and figure out what you need to be,eating to be maintaining gaining or,losing,1200 calories is ridiculously,low,i should have been eating more,i could have been eating more i didnt,know better,i didnt know what bmr was or that i,should calculate this information on my,own therefore,i was,definitely under eating,which is not good,i was heavily restricting and didnt,realize it and now in,once i hit my weight loss goal i got,down into the 130s and,um i then promptly,bounced all over the place,with disordered eating thoughts binge,eating tendencies struggling with,maintenance not able to do intuitive,eating because i didnt have enough,guard rails to help keep me from going,crazy,um,and dealing with the psychology of,massive weight loss like that and what,that was going to mean for me,i think that,the fact that i heavily restricted like,that without knowing better because i,didnt realize again,i think that heavily restricting like,that,has played hand in hand with the,disordered tendencies now that i have,around food and the binge eating,tendencies i do not think that i have,binge eating disorder but i do have,disordered thinking and binging,tendencies and kind of an aft up,relationship with food that im still,working on figuring out,so please for the love of god calculate,your bmr on your own and do not go on,the 1200 calories that nu is going to,give you is probably going to give you,based on the speed you pick when you set,up the app when you set up your profile,go through the questionnaires,calculate your numbers on your own,i could have been eating more i should,have been eating more especially,considering i was working out heavily,too i was one million percent under,eating,and i think that has played hand in hand,with the,weird relationship that i now have with,food,so do that thats my first tip that i,like really want to freaking drive home,calculate your numbers on your own,um and then the second piece of advice,that i want to give is go slowly,i know that its tempting to,you know pick a weight loss speed where,youre like,yeah let me just get through this,quickly i want to lose weight as fast as,possible and get to my goal weight so i,can be done because eating at a deficit,lets be honest can kind of suck,sometimes having to calculate your,calories all the time can kind of suck,sometimes i get it,but,go,slowly this is for two reasons the first,i just touched on you will be less well,you will probably be less likely,from what we know in psychology and of,weight loss and dieting and how all this,works,if you go slowly and youre not,restricting like super hard like i was,without realizing,then you will hopefully have a better,time when you get to maintenance when,you hit your goal and you want to now,maintain where you are you will,hopefully have an easier time developing,a new relationship with food you will,hopefully now have an easier time,um,[Music],figuring out what your future is going,to look like and what sustainability,will look like youll hopefully have an,easier time with the psychology of,weight loss and what thats going to,look like for you,it will also,mean that you will,hopefully potentially,um,not have as much issues,with loose skin if youre somebody that,is prone to that genetically because,there is no,guarantee that you will or will not,experience that if youre somebody that,has big numbers to lose its kind of,like a genetic theres really no way to,know if thats going to be you or not,kind of thing,but the slower you lose we know this in,in you know science and in weight loss,the slower you lose,the easier it will be for your body to,adjust and bounce back so if you are,somebody that is genetically,predispositioned to loose skin after,weight loss then hopefully it will help,with that,i dont know im gonna link a couple,videos up top that deal with me,addressing loose skin after weight loss,so if thats a topic that youre,interested in hearing me speak more,about im going to put videos and cards,up top as we go through this section,that touch on that,um,but yeah go slowly,and,really fight the temptation to want to,just like smash the gas pedal and lose,as much as you can as fast as you can,because the rebound from that and the,repercussions from that and the,psychology behind that are definitely um,more challenging at least in my,experience,so,yeah those are the two things i wanted,to say i hope this helps you,um if you do decide to join nume or,whatever weight loss app or myfitnesspal,or design a program of your own and just,look stuff up on the end look step stuff,up on the internet whatever it is like,whatever path you pick,i hope that it works out for you i wish,you good luck you can definitely do it i,am 100 cheering you on um again just,calculate your bmr on your own,go slowly resist the temptation to want,to smash the gas pedal and just take it,day by day,listen to your body and choose what is,healthiest and best for you,okay,so good luck,happy new year,coming up i hope that you have success,on whatever program you pick and,stay tuned for more content from me as,always new videos are posted on tuesday,so i will see you next week bye

NOOM – An Honest, Unpaid Review // I LOST 20lbs USING THIS DIET APP

hello friends welcome back today im,going to give you an entirely,unsponsored review of noon which is a,dieting app,[Music],first and foremost just to get it out of,the way i would hope that anyone,clicking on this video can see what the,video is understand the theme and that,it could potentially be triggering if,you have some issue with um you know,dieting,calorie counting all of that stuff so if,this is this just might not be for you,secondly im not really,asking for anyones opinion,i am going to tell you,about my experience using noom im going,to tell you what i think of it if youve,used noom and you want to kind of like,throw in your own opinion then thats,great um but im not really looking for,anyones opinion about my,decision to lose weight or how ive,decided to do it you know just kind of,thats thats not im not open to that,very personal choice and its something,that ive kind of talked about off and,on here and there but i decided to wait,until ive been using the app for three,months to really talk about it so thats,now,um basically it is a paid for calorie,counting app in a nutshell thats what,it is,initially when ive seen stuff about it,i was like you know ive used my fitness,pal is it really going to be any,different to that um am i just going to,be paying for,an app that kind of counts multiple,things together so initially i thought,it was going to be calorie counting much,the same as you can do with my fitness,pal its going to count um,your exercise stuff which i think you,can still do on that app as well on the,free version and it also counts things,like water intake i thought um im gonna,probably do the free trial and then skip,over to something else the biggest part,of noon which is the thing that i,thought was just gonna be pointless for,me is the lessons so they have like a,whole curriculum if you will um you have,like a courses that you take throughout,time um and they really pride themselves,on being kind of psychology-led so they,really really focus on the psychology,behind eating and our relationship with,food now ive never had a bad,relationship with food ive never been,someone who kind of like comfort eats,or um has told myself oh i cant eat,this or i felt bad for eating something,ive never really felt bad about my,weight ive had two children i was first,pregnant when i was 18. so i really,have never known anything but a body,thats had a baby,um so ive always been fairly,kind to myself when it comes to,imperfections ive never really looked,in the mirror and been like oh you know,i missed the boobs i used to have right,i missed the body i used to have before,because the body i used to have before i,had children was a teenage body im very,realistic but im never going to have a,teenagers body again so over the years,ive really just kind of been okay with,it ive done some exercise programs like,some challenges for youtube um like 30,day shred stuff like that,theyve been fun but ive never stuck,with anything um i kind of did some,calorie counting over the years you know,after having children and um,im aware of those systems but ive,never really done anything for more than,a couple of weeks never joined slimming,world never joined weight watchers any,of those,um although you know i keep thinking i,feel like there was a time,where weight watchers offered me a free,trial this must be 10 years ago,so i dont want to say never but i have,no memory,of ever doing any of those programs,um so as far as im concerned in my,current mind this is like the first diet,program that ive ever really done but,because its not really a diet it is,calorie counting i just didnt see that,there was going to be any point in,really paying for it so i did the free,trial first of all when you do the free,trial you do a quiz,i was kind of sold by the end of the,quiz truthfully ive to it to anyone,thats wanted to know about it and to,like friends and family that have asked,i have said you do the quiz you do the,free trial that is plenty of times two,weeks plenty of time to know if thats,for you or not within that time you will,know if you want to pay for that app,because i think for some people theyre,just gonna be like this is not for me,for me,i was hooked straight away i totally saw,how this could really help me um so the,quiz basically asks you all these,different questions about um who you are,your lifestyle uh how you eat you know,do you eat out more do you cook at home,um,are you someone who snacks do you get in,a lot of exercise and as youre asking,as its asking you the different,questions its kind of learning about,you and how it could work for you,it also asks what your goal weight is um,it tells you,how long it thinks,it might take you on that program to,lose that way and as you answer more,questions that date changes so it might,say,right i think you can do it in five,months or four months or whatever it is,um and then if you answer some more,questions it might say oh well now we,know this about you we actually think,you could do it in three and a half,months and thats,probably designed to,um,make you sign up for it realistically,because youre like oh i could do it in,last time oh theyre definitely there is,some negative psychology element to that,i think because they,are promising something that you want,um but like i said youve got the free,trial so just kind of go in with your,eyes open do the free trial understand,this is now then going to be something,youre going to pay for is this really,something that youre going to use and,for me the answer was yes the lessons,that i thought were going to be,pointless because i thought they were,going to be kind of and it talks a lot,about um,like distortion thought distortion and,you know,stuff that really isnt relevant to me,uh but i think would be irrelevant too,it would be relevant to a lot of people,um,things about,the way that you think about food and,im like,okay i can kind of skip past this stuff,but it also talks about why we eat how,we eat and there were different,categories and off the top of my head,the ones that stuck out to me was eating,for fun and eating for fuel oh and then,there was fog eating um fog eating is,like if youre in front of the tv and,just like mindlessly eating food um,eating for fuel is obviously eating to,live eating for fun is im really,excited about that meal that im gonna,have later and i kind of feel,like i was a mix of the three of those,which probably most people are,um,but i was eating,like right now its nearly 11 oclock,ive been busy this morning i havent,eaten anything thats not by design,havent even been downstairs ive just,been like right ive got stuff to do,ive got to film some videos before i go,and do it ill get up,film all of these videos and then ill,go and eat something and its just taken,longer than i anticipated so right now,im hungry,and i want to eat,for fuel i would just eat anything,currently that would,satisfy that right im really really,hungry i need to eat something,immediately but because i havent,prepared anything that would end up,being convenient food that would,probably higher calorie than if i had,prepared and gone and eaten before i did,this prep was huge for me having things,in,um that would,be something that i could snack on as,and when those things happen because it,happens to me all the time i think its,an undiagnosed adhd thing um because,ive read several things about this,where apparently it is a thing that you,just get so focused on something that,you forget to eat and then my problem,being that ill go and like just binge,on loads of stuff because im starving,im starving im starving and then im,super super full so if i prepare,something so that i can be downstairs,and be like okay ill go and eat that,quickly it just works a little bit,better for me i learned a lot about that,during these courses that i just didnt,think i would get anything from which,was quite interesting i also learned a,lot about um calorific density and the,different f

Noom Weight Loss: Dr. Bergs Opinion

recently someone wanted to know my opinion of  noom okay what is noom well its a weight loss  ,app and then their website um they describe  their program as an anti-diet habit and behavior  ,program no food is off limits their main focus is  on calories okay you eat less calorie rich foods  ,and you lose weight they also have a rating scale  with different color foods and with the emphasis  ,on eating more green foods like salads because  theyre less calorie and more nutrient dense  ,now the whole idea the whole concept is that  youre going to increase your awareness if  ,youre tracking your calories and you may lose  some weight if you eat less junk food but heres  ,the problems with noom the first time you do it  it may work ask any female over the age of 50  ,that has done a lot of diets in your life and  they will always tell you the same thing the first  ,time they went on a low calorie diet it worked and  then each time they repeated that low calorie diet  ,it worked less and less and less and less to  the point where it stopped working why because  ,diets in general specifically low calorie diets  or low fat diets end up slowing your metabolism  ,because your body is adapting to a lower amount  of calories so my opinion of noom its a gimmick  ,its not a long-term healthy lifestyle because  what are you going to do youre going to do this  ,your whole life youre going to be tracking your  calories or are you going to just do it until you  ,lose your weight go back to your other program  gain the weight back and then start over again  ,so thats a big problem also theyre assuming  that all these calories that are being tracked  ,are treated the same by your endocrine system  or your hormones and that is absolutely not  ,true theres one very important hormone its  called insulin that controls whether you burn  ,fat or not if insulin is higher than it should  be you will not burn fat in fact youre going to  ,only store fat if insulin is lower your body will  then burn fat so i think itd be really important  ,instead of focusing on calories focusing  on foods that stimulate or inhibit  ,insulin that would be a way better strategy  to help you lose weight and it just so happens  ,that the calorie-rich foods the fats have  a near-zero effect on insulin carbohydrates  ,have the highest effect on insulin with proteins  having a moderate effect on insulin so what does  ,this tell us you should be in a higher fat  moderate protein low carb diet we call that a  ,ketogenic diet now the other thing is when youre  aging your metabolism is slowing down so count  ,your calories is not going to work especially when  you have no food that is off limits because youre  ,allowing any foods including the carbohydrates  in a certain amount also they allow snacking  ,and what happens anytime you eat anything youre  going to get a little spike in insulin so if  ,youre snacking through the day and you keep that  insulin high not only is that going to slow down  ,your weight loss but youre going to be hungry  all the time so very simply you want to lower  ,your carbs thats going to decrease insulin your  body is going to start burning fat its going to  ,turn into ketones okay and then combine that with  intermittent fasting if you havent heard about  ,keto and intermittent fasting using those together  you definitely need to know about that because  ,its going to make your weight loss program  not only a lot more effective but a lot easier  ,because your hunger is going to go away youll get  into fat burning more consistently and more long  ,term and you wont have to count your calories or  track your calories at all so you have a lot more  ,extra time on your hands so i put those links down  below but lets go ahead and show you some of the  ,results that you can get when you do healthy  keto in intermittent fasting check this out  ,i was ive lost 370 pounds on keto in two years i  lost 346. so yeah ive had great success on it and  ,continuing to have success with it i started  this journey on january 14th of 2019 this year  ,and um my husband made me this book because hes  very proud of me and ive lost as of this friday  ,107.7 pounds and im in a size 6 which is now  loose and ive never been in a size 6 probably  ,until i was 10. ketos changed my life i lost 120  pounds on the keto diet and its been incredible  ,im so happy im so much healthier my family is  better i have four children so i just i feel like  ,a million bucks now and i can walk i couldnt  i had i was limping before healthy keto and  ,intermittent fasting fasting version literally  changed my life i lost over 40 pounds in less  ,than seven months and on top of that i managed to  finish the iron man which is the single hardest  ,sports event in the world the single day event  and so i ran a swim bike run and i did in total  ,743 miles in just under 6.5 hours it was amazing  i was fully fat adapted and that couldnt happen  ,if it wasnt for the keto i lost a hundred  pounds in one year and im dominican so we eat rice  ,beans plantains we dont know what kale is okay  he changed my life that education really helped me  ,on a yo-yo diet my whole life im full of energy i  feel great and i tell everybody about it trust me  ,everyone its annoying i know but im so grateful  to dr berg and im really excited to be here i  ,was on the last season of nbcs the biggest loser  in 2016 got off there gained a lot of weight back  ,keto diet helped me take off maybe 30 40 pounds  ive lost i gained 90 back after the biggest loser  ,in 18 months and lost about 30 of it through  keto and the rest through intermittent fasting

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