1. thenordicsocks.com review
  2. Are Nordic Socks worth it?
  3. Chup Socks Review 2 NEW Pairs!!
  4. are Pacas the best socks in the world?
  5. My Wool Sock Round-Up 2020 (Woolrich, Smartwool, Darn Tough & More)
  6. BOOT SOCKS!!! Tips for how to best buy/ care for/ maintain/ and wear your Boot Socks!!
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thenordicsocks.com review

good morning this is a quick review of,the nordic socks.com website and socks,i purchased two different bundles off of,there one was theyre both from the,mountain collection one is the arvid and,one is the siva,now theyre both supposed to be very,thick socks,i dont see them being very thick this,is the,siva,i apologize im not good at the camera,or the,computer this is the mountain arvid,colors on both are very nice quality,its okay if you have a nine and a half,foot,youre not you know youll get into it a,nine and a half regular anybody bigger,than a nine and a half youre not,getting in,uh wide foot youre not getting in this,is the,only complaint that ive seen the inside,has a lot of loose,little threads i dont know how thats,going to stand up,ive put it on im wearing a pair right,now they dont seem to bother me,they are stretchy as of having wool in,them,i dont think so if its wool its one,percent two percent,do not buy them if youre looking for a,wool sock these are more elastic,theyre advertised as having wool,acrylic polyester and elastin,theyre probably polyester and elastin,and acrylic,thats what theyre like a rubber band,theyre pretty tight fitting sock they,come up about,two inches above your calf or above your,ankle i said its a nice sock its a,well designed,i dont see any other fly issues with it,other than the inside which,well see how that works in the wash,for the money i paid about six bucks a,pair because i did do their special,where i paid,the discount on price on one and got the,other one for the other set for 19 bucks,came out to about six bucks a pair so,its worth it,uh like i said theyre not going to fit,a male,9 and a half or bigger or somebody with,a wide foot id be very,careful on buying these other than that,i like the socks were going to give,them a test run i can post again after i,worn them,see how they go through the wash and let,everybody know how they are but i didnt,find any websites,on the quality or anybody posting,anything so i wanted to,throw something real quick the one bad,thing about this company is,it takes forever to get them it was,about two weeks to get them from the,time i ordered,to the time i got them but the problem,is they tell you theyre coming the next,day,every time you check their update it,says its coming you check it later at,night its pushed it to the next day,they use,a company called pcf tracking,and its terrible you cant reach,anybody theres no telephone numbers and,emailing they dont get back to you,and its through another company uh when,you look after you pay its,bamba and who knows where,so youre taking a gamble i paid on,paypal and everything worked out,but thats my biggest complaint is the,delivery and the contact,if youre looking to get in touch with,them its not gonna happen they dont,get back to you,and like i said delivery takes quite a,while if you dont mind waiting,the price and you get them for about six,bucks a pair its worth giving a shot,hope this helped everybody out and,everybody could at least see what the,socks look like i said i am impressed,with the colors i do like it,and they are unisex so men and women can,wear them,thank you for watching

Are Nordic Socks worth it?

hey guys its me your friendly,neighborhood afro amari,and surprisingly this video isnt just,some stupid nonsense,um but it is yet again not related to,music,so if you want to see some of my music,ive got two videos where ive done,some dining table sessions which is me,playing around my music stuff on our,dining table,um in advance if you see me looking,there thats because well firstly this,is my bedroom,and that window lets me see people like,the postman,so that i can let him in just in case,you care,basically ive been advertised these,socks,on facebook and just facebook,to be honest um but i needed socks,and i kind of looked at them and i was,like oh okay they they kind of seem like,theyre a bit,pricey for five pairs of thermal socks,you can get some pretty decent socks,from uniqlo,for less than that but i thought hey the,designs pretty cool um so i went onto,their website i ordered them,and they arrived in like a few days and,i have them here,and ive been kind of using them um so i,thought i would give,a quick actual review of owning nordic,socks so heres the first question,are they worth the amount of money that,they charge you,almost almost yeah theyre not theyre,not too bad um,im going to bring out one of the new,ones so that you dont see any of the,ones that ive been wearing,and that look still pretty good to be,fair i dont have any issues with my,foot hygiene so,youre walking shush i quite like the,design this one is a design called zveya,i have most probably mispronounced that,i mean its kind of like a mix between,you know,classic sort of designs that i would,expect from the nordic regions,and also tube seat markets basically now,lets answer the next,question are they warm um for this,i have been wearing nothing but my,tights,in my video what was that and,my feet are quite cold yeah they feel,all right,theres nothing really hugely special,about them i mean,they are they did say that theyre meant,to be really good,at keeping you warm but looking at the,i almost called them ingredients,it says material on the thing and i,almost called it ingredients,um its made out of wool acrylic,polyester and elastane um so theyre not,like,fully wool socks which is a bit of a,shame,and what i do find is that these are,really good as a layer in,shoes um so if youre using them for,wearing around the house like they show,in a lot of their,um instagram and facebook photos theyre,not,really going to be any warmer than your,standard thick socks,when i have them in shoes they feel,quite nice and they bulk out the shoe,quite a bit,and they keep my feet quite warm so,theyre not,terrible okay but heres something that,really annoys me about these socks,so these socks ive got to bring the new,ones out so normally with with,socks um theyre very easy to put on,because,you put them on your foot and you pull,right whereas with these,this this junction that bit,here right that junction is actually,really tough um so they can actually be,really hard to put on,now i saw these in the facebook i saw,this in the facebook comments and i was,actually,kind of surprised i was one of those,people that was like how hard can,socks be to put on um,this cant be the actual situation and i,just kind of thought,i ive never experienced the sock that,is difficult to put on,how could this be hard um it was,um in fact even with these ones that im,wearing right now,i dont know if you can see it if you,can yay if not then,this is just a very strange thing and,maybe i need to work more of my,flexibility,i think since i got these ones these are,the ones that ive been using in,rotation with another pair,like theyve gotten easier to put on now,but its still really tough at that like,heel or like whatever that back bit of,the foot is called is that the heel,is it the back of the foot,[Music],i dont know so whats my thought,overall well just like,no these are all right socks i doubt i,dont think that they are,as good as they say they are in terms of,being the best,thermal socks in the world and brilliant,at keeping your feet,warm i would still give that to the heat,tech socks that you can get from uniqlo,or to most sort of like 100 wool,socks that dont really have any holes,through so maybe,if you were to pick up something like,knitting youd be able to make your own,wool,socks and then youd be absolutely fine,with it i have needles i just havent,knitted in ages but i might try some,socks because then at very least um i,can i can wear those,and see how they go i kind of like the,designs some people might like the,designs as well,i kind of think of the ones im wearing,right now these green ones as,district line chic make of that what you,will um if youre from london youll,know exactly what im talking about and,youll find that really funny,its kind of expensive but the designs,are nice so,at least they got that going for them i,mean its one of the few times ive,decided to buy anything from a facebook,advert and,the plus side i could give is that at,least they arrived and they arent,terrible like for what they are theyre,pretty decent socks so,at least it seems not to be a scam,thank you very much for watching um,remember if you like um the dining table,sessions or if you havent seen any of,them yet definitely give them a watch,and enjoy the rest of the day bye,[Laughter],you

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Chup Socks Review 2 NEW Pairs!!

hey guys uh vance here i just wanted to,show you,i just got a couple chuck socks in the,mail and i have a pair that ive had for,about six or seven months now and i just,wanted to show them to you these are,called chup socks,if youve ever heard of those,uh produced by glenn clyde,crafted in japan,uh these the if youre on this channel,and youre looking at these you probably,are aware of these,um,and like i said ive had these for a,little while and i wanted to do a little,review and long-term review of them,and uh just kind of show you what the,patterns look like when they come in the,mail,because i have two new patterns and,lets just start off with the ones that,ive already owned here,these here i have it right here,these are called the hand skirt or,hanesker,hansker uh wool socks by chuck,um but to give you a little back story,on chup chup is a company oh yeah,theyre out of japan,and it says here born in 2009 so chups,were made starting in 2009,chop socks are inspired by the patterns,of various indigenous tribes from around,the globe each sock is woven to the,highest quality through the stocking,through a stocking frame machine whilst,paying utmost care and attention to,details on color and design,all designs are original and executed,with the most beautiful selection of,yarns available our aim is to design,high quality yet comfortable socks,without compromising the intricate,patterns of each style the machines used,are traditional low gauge stocking frame,machine which on average a single,machine can only produce 20 to 25 pairs,a day,our master craftsmen carefully inspect,all finished products to guarantee socks,manufactured to an impeccable quality so,there you go so theres the backstory of,these,20 about max 25 socks a day are produced,in,japan by a special machine,and um thats why theyre so expensive,so lets see,if i bought them from the website the,chuck website itself these are going for,thirty eight dollars and these are the,wool wool kind they have another cotton,kind,but i always get the wool ones because,those are the nicer ones,um,so i didnt pay 38 i think i paid 26 on,sale for these um,from the company called end clothing,and uh yeah so about twenty six dollars,a piece,and like i said these are the hand screw,wool,and as you can tell theyve gotten a,little dingy over the months and thats,actually because i ordered a large this,is a large,see if i can get it in full frame here,this is a medium,now theyre very similar now and thats,because i actually have been washing,these these improperly to get them to,shrink youre not supposed to wash them,in warm water or dry them in a dryer,which ive been doing,and the reason ive been doing that is,because these are too big these are,larges these are mediums,and i wasnt sure which one to get,um so trial and error i guess you can,say,and so these are large and i did shrink,them one thing i noticed about these uh,socks from chuck is,um this foot area where youre where,your main foot is not where your leg is,this is longer than my foot so that it,it it really doesnt fit me so ive been,shrinking them even when im shrinking,them,its still not,short enough right here this is like,really long footbed here,so thats a mistake i made but they,still fit to the point you know where i,wouldnt want to return or anything but,this time i got a medium,um,kind of a fun fact about these since i,bought both at the same time,ill try to show you,see there,this this one actually is longer than,this one even though its theyre both,mediums as you can see,um,theyre both mediums,its hard to tell,it says medium right there,medium right there theyre both mediums,but,this one is longer than this one so that,just goes to show that the uh,they are made,by an old machine,so,uh and it takes a long time for them to,be made so theyre not going to be,perfectly,the same size so just keep that in mind,um but thats okay its its too small,of a of a difference for it to make a,difference or to matter really all right,so these are the hand skirt hand screw,wool socks a little bit dingier because,ive been wearing them and ive been,washing them properly but thats okay,they still feel good uh hand skirt is,this design,and ill flip it inside out so you can,see the inside,there we go,you can kind of see,the old style of stitching that they do,and if you can see right at the bottom,of the foot,i guess thats where they they stitch it,together,so you can see the loose this loose,stitching,the loose wool,goes all the way see and thats the back,side of the of the sock thats where,they stitch it together,with the machine with the old style,machine,im going to read off of this uh the,hand skirt,lets see the other first element of,these socks is the star rose pattern,from northern european knitting combined,with the loose cought a traditional,norwegian sweater dating from the 19th,century the name translate as lice,jacket after its black and white,diagonal check pattern and its colored,black gray and white,due to the use of undyed sheep wool so,its made of sheeple,and i believe this is what theyre,talking about as far as the lice jacket,its like a black and white pattern,right there so this is sheep wool merino,wool it says these socks use washable,merino wool yarn of course wool is well,known for its breathability,making it a superb choice for winter and,actually any time that you want your,feet not to get too moist so there you,go merino wolf sheep wolf sorry not wolf,sheep wool um,is what this is made of okay so well,move on to the new ones i just got,and like i said this is crafted in japan,by glenn clyde chup is the brand,and this one this particular pattern is,fair snow,in a medium,uh,colonel navy col whatever that means and,its in the navy colorway,and this ones pretty cool,so this ones called fair snow,i like this pattern on the on the heel,and the toe,there you go and then right here,is where they stamp the chuck,logo uh thats no longer on my old pair,because ive worn them off these are,just like painted on there,or stamped on there with paint,all right i got my knife because what,they actually do which is kind of cool i,guess its a,nice touch is they stitch they put a,little stitch,see right there a little stitch i know,my fingernails are dirty a little stitch,right there instead of a,piece of plastic,so they use just the stitching that,theyve already used and its cool,another thing cool thing is the stitch,is here,to uh keep the socks together and they,hide the other uh,side behind this little logo so thats,kind of cool,nice little touch i guess i guess thats,what youre paying for,a little bit better quality so there we,go,lets take a look at them,theres the top,its like a navy blue right here,ill show you the pattern,okay,like i said they put a little piece a,little stitching right there,cut it with my dull knife,all right lets turn this one inside out,take a look at the inside of the new one,and again this is the,fair snow,all right,look a good look at the stitch,and well see there we go so theres,that,stitch on the back,where they combine the wool,sorry if im shaking the camera its on,my bed so its not very stable,its pretty soft,the wall is real soft,again this is making uh merino sheep,wool,there you go,so again this is the fair snow one,and this ones really nice,and so lets take a look at the last one,which is,i guess thats kusi,kuzi,and a medium,iron blue colorway,and theres the percentage so 88 wool,10 nylon,2 polyurethane crafted in japan,it says cold wash hang dry thats how,youre supposed to,uh care for them,if you see hair its a golden retrievers,like that right there,and its everywhere trust me,nothing i can do about that,and then theres that stitch,put one little piece of yarn to hold her,together,same goes for this side,same stitch,thats a tough yarn,and again this is the koozie or koozie,pattern,and the iron blue colorway,so well turn this one inside out,now youre probably wondering is it,worth it to buy,socks one pair of socks,o

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are Pacas the best socks in the world?

hi hows it going today its thomas,steed here just wanted to do another,video right quick but before we get into,it like share subscribe comment in the,comment section and down in my,description there will be,two links in this video,first one will be the donation link to,my,[Music],stream labs,if youd feel so kind generous and you,enjoy the content that im putting out i,enjoy making it consider throwing me a,couple of bucks i got you know family,and,products to do videos on,are not free typically unless somebodys,sending me something to do reviews on,and thats not all that often since im,not that big of a channel yet so,consider on throwing me a couple of,bucks definitely helps um,the other link thatll be on will be,actually my direct link from,pacas,like once you uh,subscribe and you make your own uh,you know,membership on their website or whatever,when you,do an order they uh have a link that you,can use and it,adds points,so,the more points you get you get,percentages off so you get deals on,further orders and my next order is,going to be for the kids and the wife so,more points i can get towards saving,money the better because you know,i like saving money,well lets get on with this,so,paccas,these are uh,alpaca wool blended socks they are 42,alpaca 28 acrylic 27 nylon 3 spandex,you can machine wash on cold,do not bleach,do not ring,you can tumble dry on low heat i would,not advise it myself just because its a,wool sock and the more you run it,through the dryer it really does shorten,the life on it compared to just taking,it out of the washer and hanging them to,let them dry because they are kind of a,waterproof,so they dont really soak up a bunch of,water into the fiber,and so they dont get all crusty and,crunchy when they dry out so,its,much more effective in the long run to,just hang dry them,honestly um and do not iron and you know,just kind of think that,makes sense theyve got that spandex and,nylon and acrylic in there you go and,stick an iron on one of these its going,to melt,um,i do wish that it was a little bit,higher blend of alpaca well but you know,thats something that you know that,company might end up,putting out later on ive noticed some,of the other products that they do offer,on their website do have higher uh,blends of alpaca wool in them so thats,most likely something might assume wed,be seeing coming in the future,is a higher blends of alpaca wool sauce,now,these are the most comfortable socks,that ive ever put on my feet and thats,comparing them to an 80 percent merino,wool,blend that ive got from red wings,and you know i dont know if you all,pay attention to socks and you guys are,dedicated to you know,good quality socks like some people are,but when youre wearing nicer shoes and,boots and stuff like that,its nice to,have a better sock that you know,breathes it removes moisture you dont,get,the swampy foot,its just nice because you know as they,describe them here they are buttery soft,they are soft as cashmere,but they are non-itchy and,hypoallergenic,hypoallergenic,eco-friendly and sustainable,thermal regulating and waterproof,that doesnt mean that youre going to,stand in a bucket of water and your feet,arent going to get wet it just means,that when you do that the socks aint,going to soak up a bunch of water,and be saturated thats what they mean,by it,now when it comes to the,thermoregulating basically what that,means is that they are breathable and,they will wick moisture in the summer,heat,keeping your foot regulated in its,temperature and in the winter theyre,going to be warmer keeping your feet,regulated theyre thermoregulating,pretty cool company theyre marketed,more so towards women i mean honestly,but they do have mens lines uh,theyre they kind of got you know well,a little bit of a uh sense of humor as a,company,you know uh,you know once you go,alpaca you wont go abaca,theyve got,you know some other statements inside of,the,packaging they are on,instagram facebook and then,pacas.us they got their regular website,uh what else,splail your feet,but you know theyre fantastic socks,and,i definitely advise it because you know,as much as,i like my red wing,socks,with the marina wool in them,theyre a little more expensive,and you know id compare those with you,know,quality wise with you know the darn,tough socks ive havent owned any darn,tough socks myself but thats because,their price point,darn tough socks or,for the cheapest ones youre still,looking at like 25 bucks a pair and the,really nice ones are upwards of like 35,bucks a pair and that just it doesnt,make sense to me to spend 35 dollars for,a pair of socks so,with this i got six pairs for like 72 so,thats like two and a half pairs of darn,tough socks compared to six of these,absolutely soft lovely socks,i bet you theyre gonna last quite some,time if they fell within the first like,couple of months youll definitely be,the first to know i will be on here with,a video telling you,that im upset,but i dont see that happening there,they seem like pretty well constructed,well made they dont have any kind of a,funky seam in the toe that you feel,bugging you all day nothing like that,theyre comfortable,they keep your feet dry i even wear them,sleeping half the time,how about that,um,yeah,so consider on using these ill have a,link directly uh in the description,of this to go in order,use my link get me some points so i can,buy some socks for my kids,other than that there will also be that,link in the description if you want to,throw me a couple of bucks just you know,because youre feeling charitable,um,like share subscribe comment in the,comment section,thats pretty much all i got to say on,this one when it comes to all that um,oh yeah if anybody from pacos is,actually watching this video,just some pointers some ideas for you,guys you know expand your guyss,horizons throw out some knee-high socks,throw out some regular uh low-cut crews,you know that that mid length you guys,have the low cuts and then you have the,no-shows and you got toddler socks you,got all you got quite a bit out there,but you got a couple other things that,you can do you can do toe socks women,love toe socks knee high toe socks,for the ladies out there anyways thank,you all for your time you have a good,one,peace hope you all had a good 4th of,july

My Wool Sock Round-Up 2020 (Woolrich, Smartwool, Darn Tough & More)

alright guys welcome back so I know for,me just a couple of years ago I bought,my first pair of wool socks it was a,huge lifesaver for me just their,antimicrobial and they dont sweat as,much they dont smell as much so I,thought it would be great idea to go,through my wool sock collection and show,you so my favourites Ive got all the,popular plants out there so Im gonna,leave all the links to the products in,the description below Im sure you guys,have your favorites you can leave a,comment too and without further ado,lets get into it ok so the first pair,well start with a sock well so sock was,really cool brand that specializes,really in like therapeutic socks because,they have compression built in so thats,really even though these are wool a lot,of these are wool theyre made in USA,but they are almost like medical because,if you have issues with your feet and,people have issues with like the blood,flow and stuff like that then these,compression socks will do wonders for,you I dont know what theyre using its,some sort of like spandex that theyre,using that makes it really tight and so,theyre actually pretty hard to get on,which is actually a fortune for me,because like hard in the morning when,Im in a rush I dont reach for these,because theyre so annoying to put on,but they do make other like just classic,rugged ones these are like a thinner,type of dress its like what was their,dress sock but still thick enough to,wear with like a boot so they make good,everyday socks not not my favorite for,hiking it stuff like that but really if,if you have like foot issues and you,need compression socks this is the bring,they should check out sock well alright,so before I go further Im gonna save my,favorite socks for the end so please,stay tuned for that so the next ones,Im gonna look at is flint and tinder as,wool camp socks so these are really cool,have a cool varsity stripe on their they,definitely look cool they feel nice its,not super high thread count and these,are like 18 bucks so they are on that,pricier side but they have a nice,texture to them that theyre made in,Japan so you know the quality is is,there,the wool percentage isnt so high its,like 10% only so these definitely arent,the best socks you can buy but I do like,them and they are very cool so if you,saw my last video I got to go and talk,berry store Manhattan which is really,cool and see everything firsthand so I,recommend these the wool content isnt,so high as I can per site so I recommend,these if you want just a good looking,beat or sock that isnt too bulky,alright so Im gonna go with the two,kind of,dressier socks wool socks,for a guy whos maybe a little more,business casual so lets start with,these these are 51% wool on board room,socks mitten USA its great I have a,relationship with the family who,actually makes the socks and they have,the factory for something like God its,like a hundred years theyve only same,factory in North Carolina so these are,cool enough you wont see this pattern,anywhere else its like if Donegal tweed,60 they got those rainbow stitches,inside and they just add a pop of color,and these are really nice its not also,not super high thread count but just a,really great chunky sock for a guy who,needs a little pop and maybe you know,like spunky socks and is in like a,business casual settings where theres,like loafers or dress shoes a little bit,more on the casual side and they look,great and they actually are really nice,probable and these are another great,pair of socks you wear to work they are,actually cashmere blend made in Italy,from Neiman Marcus which I thought was,really funny because someone just DM me,the other day saying where can I get a,pair of cashmere socks so theyre pretty,hard to find these were like 11 bucks,theyre made in Italy not bad at all and,so these are theyre not gonna be super,durable because its not such a high,thread count and cashmere is very like,its not so dense of a faretta but its,only got two really luxurious it will,keep you warm in the winter time,especially at work all right next is a,classic brand Woolrich so I bought these,socks very very chunky wool socks this,was my first pair of wool socks that I,bought me t SW a couple years back for,like ten bucks and something that was,cool about these is that theyre really,chunky so so if you look inside you can,see the loops I always recommend looking,inside of the sock I mean on the inside,to see the thread count because you can,see this one has such a big wide loop so,it almost looks like a towel or French,terry cowl and so to me that the plus,side of that is that it helps retain,your heat very very well and absorb,moisture but the downside is that I,dont think theyre as durable for my,experience as something with a higher,thread count and these are just a,thinner pair of wool socks more which I,bought from CRF like five bucks but you,really cant go wrong with a brand like,Woolrich theyre gonna keep you warm in,the winter time and theyre very,affordable so its like a no-brainer,okay so the next ones we have our great,brand that we need get my hands on for a,while these are from American trench so,a very cool company and something that,unique to them that they do is that they,put silver thread and inside which is,kind of crazy but its really for an,time,well be old properties and what I found,with these is you can actually see its,kind of like the little forms I just,showed you its got thicker loops but,its got a higher thread count these are,definitely a premium price sock theyre,like 20 bucks I think but they dont,smell as much as other socks like the,electrons they dont smell as much as,other ones so it could be thats the,silver content or just the type of wool,the quality of well theyre using these,are made in America so Id recommend,these if youre really looking for a,premium wool soft look like thats gonna,keep you really warm I definitely,recommend American trench all right the,next one we have is called icebreaker I,picked these up in Nordstrom Rack and,these are another brand thats really,inexpensive and if you like five bucks,on sale on clearance and I think I,believe these you can throw it in the,washing machine so unlike a lot of other,socks that I that are supposed to be air,dried these are supposedly,safe for the dryer so something thats,interesting is that like I find that,these dont feel as good it could be the,treatment of the wool I know of the wool,sweaters from a Brooks Brothers that are,safe for the dryer and they do something,to the Walton they treat it to make sure,that it can go in the dryer doesnt,shrink so I find that I actually do,sweat a lot these something to know if,they are inexpensive so kind of a,no-brainer and these are great for like,a active layer like I feel like again I,feel like when theyre cheap and theyre,well I can and they keep you warm I,could just wear them too unlike a hike,and not worry about them smelling or,ripping or anything happening to them,these are great for the guy whod want,something inexpensive thats wool its,gonna keep the warm that they dont have,to maintain you dont feel like air dry,of them or anything like that you just,go in the regular dryer and I worry,about them these are a great option so,just as a disclaimer when I say that the,socks are getting expensive Im not,doing my MSRP like if you look on the,website a lot of these socks have much,higher MSRP s then what I missing,because most of these socks Ive gotten,from like Marshalls or TJ Maxx or,Burlington or where I got these,Nordstrom Rack so Im really going back,based on where I can find them on sale,which is you can always find these kinds,of socks on sale whereas some of these,brands like American trench are almost,impossible to find out so so very,similar to icebreaker is smart wall Ive,seen smart while all over the place also,very popular brand I got these at,Nordstrom Rack also these are like four,bucks and these very similarly you can,throw into the dryer thats wh

BOOT SOCKS!!! Tips for how to best buy/ care for/ maintain/ and wear your Boot Socks!!

hey guys whats going on so in todays,video i just got these socks in from,j.crew and i just wanted to kind of do,an unboxing video because i realize ive,actually never really talked about socks,in any of my content this is one of my,consumer hacks,that i do every year so every year after,christmas,i go on the j crew website and typically,they just have killer deals on socks so,i picked up these 10 socks,the total was about 80 bucks,now i know youre thinking 80 on socks,but yes each one of these is at least 15,full price,and so for example,heavyweight camp socks these camp socks,are some of my favorites uh these,literally last years in fact you cant,wear these out no matter how hard ive,tried ive had some camp socks these,marled cotton type socks for literally i,want to say 10 years,and im still wearing them like im not,making it up so yeah so these were,originally,20 bucks full msrp,marked down to 11. anyways bottom line i,got these for about probably seven,dollars because they do the 60 off plus,they mark the price down from 20,to 12 and then 60 off that so when i see,these uh these are the same ones just in,a different color when i see these i,just grab them up in every single color,because why not you know variety is the,spice of life and since theyre going on,sale you might as well grab them this is,a good opportunity to discover your,style discover what works for you what,doesnt,so you know if i were to see these on,the rack for example this is like a,mixture of like marbled greens earth,tones got a yellow stripe of blue stripe,you know this might not have been,something that i traditionally,gravitated towards,but since its so affordable,i can you know afford to take the risk,check them out see if i like them see if,maybe green is my color and as time goes,on you know with boots it turns out,green is my color this is an easy color,to pull off gray blue yellow,gray and blue specifically but yeah this,is another one of the camp socks,these were all made in,made in south korea so thats pretty,cool thats a new one you dont,typically see,stuff from jake crew sourced in south,korea at least not that ive noticed,recently but yeah i figure you know as,much as i talk about boots i should talk,about the number one accessory that goes,with boots nice socks right its not,something that gets talked about a lot,um chup socks are pretty famous for our,level of niche artisan boots that we,wear the,chop socks are typically about thirty,thirty five dollars j crew also sells,those ill talk about those in a second,so these are actually j crew lambswool,fair aisle socks j crew brand originally,25 marked down to 10. okay so yeah so,im looking at,the price sheet now yeah so it looks,like each camp sock i got for seven,dollars,6.99 so this would have been 6.99 as,well pretty good deal on 20 socks this,is another,marled cotton camp sock,6.99,boom so that that does it for the,four marled,cotton camp socks from j crew originally,20 a pair so this is 80 worth of socks,right here at full msrp i got each one,for 6.99 28 bucks for these,really good deal,so you see why i hold out till the end,of the sale,till the end of the season to grab those,now lets move on to the j.crew,lambswool fair aisle i believe i got,three j crew lambswool fair isle so i,got these three colors so this is navy,and red striped,green,and navy striped,and then gray with some notes of,burgundy in there and green in there so,each of these were originally 25,after all the discounts i got the lambs,wool socks for 8.99 a piece,its a 25 so thats 75 dollars worth of,socks and i got it for,about 27 bucks so there you go,pretty good deal and again this is why i,hold out so heres some wallace and,barnes wallace and barnes is a brand,that g crew likes to,feature a lot these are also made in,south korea for 25,so yeah these came down to about,i want to say nine bucks as well so,again fantastic deal,lets open these up rib socks lambs wool,blend i love the packaging on those,its got a neat,wall some barnes,insignia there,[Music],allison barnes like an aqua blue,and a brown and i just love the marled,that chunky marled appearance thats,what i love i love sweaters in that as,well all right here are some,j crew nordic wool blend socks,full price,25 and i got these for 11 10.99,a little bit more adventurous of a look,going on with these with the mountains,on there,i think they look pretty sweet,same story with these j crew nordic wool,blend,nordic wool blend socks yeah originally,25,same price as the other ones so,i like this one the yellow with the blue,the green and the yellow stripes at the,top,pretty inventive,all right and so,i would be doing a disservice if i,didnt show what some of these are going,to age like so with my experience i,mentioned,i mentioned that the camp socks so these,these are some camp socks that ive had,for probably,two three years,and these are the cotton marled camp,socks so theyre gray marled with orange,and white throughout but yeah these hold,up literally phenomenally like theres,theres basically nowhere on these like,these literally have another decade in,them at least this is what i would,consider a thick sock so these i wear,with like my,my generously fitting boots like my,vybergs and my aldens,and my grant stones but typically just,alden and vyberg because those boots,just the way that i sized,this is the best type of a sock,the the heavyweight,thick cotton sock they hold up the best,theyre not they are not however the,best for insulation they basically have,no insulation but theyre excellent at,absorbing absorbing moisture and and,durability and comfort comfort in terms,of moisture absorption,now let me get into,some of the benefits of the wool socks,so these are j crew wool socks fair isle,about five years old,and there are theres a lot of,advantages but a lot of disadvantages as,well that people might not know about,one of the disadvantages is,they dont last as long as cotton you,get a lot of pilling i dont know if the,camera can capture this but you get a,lot of pilling on the j crew wool socks,and,the thing to understand about wool is,100 wool,is youre gonna take on all the benefits,but all the all the disadvantages as,well of wool so yeah so you get a lot of,pilling coming off thats thats normal,which means that theyre not going to,last as long,but one of the benefits of wool is that,it,is,extremely good at insulating and it,insulates even when youre when it gets,wet so thats a major major advantage to,wool but the disadvantage is,that its just not as durable so here,are some,j crew wool socks,and i dont know if you can see here but,this is where,my heel goes,and ive actually i dont know if you,can tell but ive had to do an amateur,stitch job to hold this together,because the wool just wears through so,quick you see my finger through there,and so while it does offer advantages in,terms of insulation and comfort the wool,is a lot more comfortable to stand on,compared to cotton cotton doesnt give,you as much support yeah ive talked,about this before the same way that a,leather sole offers,really really good,comfort,and,support,to your body for like all-day standing,think of the wool sock as the as the,sock version of that that the most,comfortable like if youre going to be,standing up all day in the cold like,lets say that youre like a guard,outside the,outside the queens castle and youre,standing up in the wintertime manning,the gates all day then what you want is,a leather sole,and wool socks thats what you want if,you want this seriously like best,comfort combination you want wool and,leather now,if you want to go the opposite,the opposite end of the spectrum on that,you could go with a lot now see a lot of,guys would tend to go with something,like this like a,toothy lug commando sole now that will,give a lot of anti-slip,ability,and then guys would also tend to reach,for a thick cotton sock to go with that,now thats good thats fine thats going,to do the job but the cotton isnt

Do Heated Socks REALLY Work? Battery Operated Heated Socks Review

dang look at that toe you guys want to,know a fun fact heres the temperature,of my hand a nice comfortable 89.1,degrees my foot on the other hand a nice,cold and clammy,76.9 degrees you would think with size,14 feet and these big herking toes,thered be a lot of blood flow and id,have worn feet all the time but thats,just not the case i got my cool guy,socks on now lets take a look,oh dang 105 degrees,who got cold free i dont got coffee,[Music],whats going on guys welcome back to,gadget jeff tv where i jeff review cool,toys and gadgets on a weekly basis and,today i wanted to talk about cold feet,and i dont mean wedding day cold feet,feet i mean cold frigging feet,its one thing ive battled with my,entire life growing up theyre rarely,too hot but theyre usually too cold now,i have had other at-home remedies about,a hot tub sometimes ill just soak my,feet into a hot tub or run some water in,the bath and sit there but i wanted a,more up-to-date technologically advanced,type of way to take care of it,so,oh,forgot not to kick that so hard oh i got,a little dent,on the video for the record anyways so i,do take off my shoes when im home i was,raised to not wear shoes in your house,it just makes everything a little bit,more homey but,then you got cold feet so i dont know,what to do,now up until two weeks ago i was wearing,basic socks but once my feet are cold,theres no getting them warm without,direct heat i also invested,in some wool type socks but these things,not only are they kind of itchy,well again once my feet are cold theres,just no way of reviving them unless you,put them in boiling water so i thought,shoot maybe amazon has something like,electric,battery operated socks i didnt know,what to search for so i typed that in,sure enough they do now these suckers,cost me 29 bucks on ebay with free prime,shipping but they had decent reviews so,i thought its worth trying to get warm,fee and they feature a built-in heating,coil you can see where the stitching is,right there located in the bottom of the,front of the foot and they operate using,three double-a batteries that you place,inside this little removable case and,according to their features promises to,deliver around three to four hours of,continuous heat on the feet now there,are electric heated socks that come with,their own rechargeable battery pack but,there are pros and cons to that i wanted,to use my own rechargeable double-as,because you only get three to four hours,of heat lets say youre snowboarding,all day and you want you know warm feet,for 10 hours you cant do that with the,other brand which has its own standalone,rechargeable pack but if you have your,own rechargeable double as you can just,bring a handful double as be warm for,days i was busting a flow didnt even,know now i just wanted some socks that i,could throw on and wear around the house,to keep my feet warm because i dont,know about you guys but when my feet are,cold my entire body is cold and trying,to go to bed with cold feet,it aint happening now i have been,wearing these guys for the past few,weeks around my place while cooking,dinner,while watching movies,even while playing pinball and they flat,out work now the only thing that kind of,blows about these things is they take a,while to heat up ive found from my,testing about 30 minutes to reach full,uh temperature and once its at full,temperature it gets my feet warm and,about 10 to 12 minutes and it keeps it,there but it does take a while to get,going but thats just how it is the,battery pack sits in its own little,pouch here here in the sock ive noticed,it has fallen out a few times when ive,been walking around but its also,because i didnt have the battery pack,fully pushed down so,just words of wisdom there if youre,going to buy these things push it all,the way down but its really easy,theres an on and off switch,led turns on led turns off and what i,also like about it is when its youre,wearing the sock you can actually see,the led through the socks so when they,do eventually end up dying about four,hours later you know that its dead,because there aint no led light but by,that time either my feet are sweating or,im sawing logs and,i didnt even know there are even higher,tech electric battery operated socks out,there that are around like 80 to 100,dollars that have heating elements on,the top and bottom of the foot as well,as the heel and the multiple heat,settings but did i mention 80,because money dont grow on trees and i,just couldnt justify spending that much,for a pair of socks now i do plan to,pick up a pair for my girlfriend as well,maybe some pink ones because she loves,pink and she also suffers from cold feet,syndrome as i do and she likes to uh,place her cold feet on my stomach,directly on my stomach to heat them up,and although,its kind of cute and endearing its,also kind of not cool,a little cold and not because i dont,want to be there for im there for,through the thick and thin whatever she,needs but if we can avoid cold feet on,my stomach with picking her up some,electric socks,money well spent well guys i hope you,enjoyed this weeks video on battery,operated heated socks i know this,channel is kind of all over the place,last week i did the worlds brightest,flashlight and now im doing uh,battery-operated heated stocks but,thats just how it is on gadgetjefftv if,youd like to know more information,about this product ill put links below,to where you can get them on amazon,would probably make a great gift if your,loved one has cold feet and you uh want,them to be warm,because where theres heat theres love,so you know i think it would make a,great gift if youre looking for,something something for someone special,something yeah something for someone,special anyways id love to hear your,comments below and please hit that like,button and ill see you guys later,[Music],[Applause],[Music],[Applause],[Music]

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