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  2. How to Play Northgard in 5 Minutes or Less
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  4. 5 Reasons to Check out Northgard Again
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Northgard Review

[Music],[Applause],[Music],whats up everybody today were taking,an in-depth look at a fairly new game,north guard the game just started,trending on Steam and already has proven,to be quite the competitor for other,base-building games with a whopping 90%,positive review rate north guard puts,you in the role of a viking clan looking,to settle a newly discovered piece of,land but not without a long list of,issues to deal with harsh conditions on,the island force you to save up food and,wood for winter and constantly keep your,fingers crossed that a blizzard isnt,coming not to mention the other clans,slowly expanding their way closer to the,territory which youve come to call home,many other dangers lurk such as bears,and wolves which will attack your base,just when you let your guard down,luckily north guard offers you three,different types of military units a war,chief and defense towers to help you,hold down your fort personally my,favorite part of north guard is the,technology tree which has unique,abilities for each of their clans these,upgrades are bought with lore which can,be collected from rune stones around the,map clans also gain bonuses as they,increase their fame fame is sort of a,measure of war power as you gain it from,various discoveries colonizations and,battles but you could have the lowest,fame and still win a match in north,guard which brings me to another awesome,feature of this game north guard offers,many different paths to victory with the,main for being trade fame wisdom and,domination but there are a few others,which I will let you discover on your,own right now the general consensus,within the community is that the wolf,clan which usually pushes for a,domination victory is the most powerful,and the easiest to win with thats not,to say that you cant win of the other,clans but there are some balancing,issues here that need to be taken care,of by the developers there are little,ways to work around this though because,north guard has multiple ways to play,when you go to create a match,you can play single-player choosing the,clans for the AI players or choosing,which victory conditions are in effect,you could have a huge fight to the death,in an all-out domination or allow only a,semi peaceful trade victory these,victory conditions can also be changed,in multiplayer games helping balance,everything,selecting game difficulty will alter the,harshness of winter how many resources,your people consume and the amount of,creature spawning in the world you can,also choose to either play free-for-all,duel or divide the players into two or,three different teams the happiness of,your vikings is very important in north,guard as their happiness is directly,connected to how many new workers will,spawn not managing your happiness,properly could easily result in your,clan not receiving any new people which,means none of your production can grow,less buildings can be constructed at a,time and your military certainly isnt,going to increase in size happiness,increases from a variety of things such,as breweries blessings from the gods and,upgrading your buildings different clans,sometimes have additional ways to earn,happiness as well in addition to being,able to upgrade buildings with stone,mining iron will allow you to upgrade,the tools that your Vikings use and thus,make their work more efficient north,guard pulls elements from games like Age,of Empires and banished but also from,the dont starve series and sid meiers,civilization overall its an incredibly,polished title for an early access game,and besides for the occasional lag in,multiplayer mode I didnt notice any,sort of bugs or glitches the game can be,completed in one to two hours which I do,prefer over a grand strategy game,lasting week after week and despite its,simplicity it remains fun and,captivating the beautiful artwork style,is easy on the eyes and it doesnt take,away from the fantastic strategy game,that north guard truly is well if you,like what you saw you should hop on,Steam and get yourself a copy of North,card and stay tuned for my next video,where I offer a quick beginners tutorial,and cover all of the clans abilities,including the brand new bear clan this,has been picking up steam,[Music]

How to Play Northgard in 5 Minutes or Less

hows it going everyone im kale from,cuba gaming and im gonna show you the,basics of how to play north guard in,five minutes or less keep in mind that i,wont be able to cover everything but i,am going to try and help you better,understand the game and get you started,out,jumping into the very start you have a,few different game mode options to,choose from there is story mode,multiplayer and single player for single,player and multiplayer you have full,control over how the game will play out,i wont go over everything here for the,sake of time but go with the northgard,game mode and everything else is,self-explanatory now that we are in the,game lets do a quick rundown of the,in-game hud and what it all means,on your top left of your screen we have,your win condition check to see the,progress from each clan you then have,your diplomacy with other clans and npc,factions and lastly we have your rivalry,with other clans,to the very top right we have your,clans happiness meter food supply wood,supply crowns which is money,stone,iron population number and the limit of,the population number military numbers,and your lore the number next to your,food wood and crowns is very important,to keep an eye on because it shows you,how much you are gaining or losing in,that field when you first start out you,need to build a few essential buildings,before doing anything else you need to,build a scout camp a wood lodge and a,house keep in mind that your villagers,are the only type of townspeople that,can build buildings so you always want,to have a good supply of them once the,scout camp is finished go ahead and,left-click on one of your villagers and,right-click on the scout camp selecting,your townspeople and assigning them is,done this way for whatever job you,assign them to you can select the scout,and right click on an uncovered piece of,land this allows you to have control,over what parts of land you want to,uncover first once the woodcutters,lodge is finished and built assign one,or even two of your villagers to it also,quick tip you want to build your wood,lodges in high tree density areas,because youll get more wood that way,now in order to increase your population,limit you want to build a house always,try your best to build more houses even,in late game so that you are always,growing and your population is never,upset because the lack of available,housing now once your scout has cleared,some areas around you you need to clear,those areas now if there are wolves in,that area this does mean that you need,to kill the wolves in order to colonize,the clan which means that you may need,to build a training camp and make a,warrior earlier than expected i always,recommend trying to get areas with food,production potential here are some types,of food areas you need to look out for,with soil you can build farms here and,they look like this ponds are also a,great source of food and you can only,put one on a pond that actually has fish,in it deer are another great source of,food and youll need to put a hunters,lodge there now you never want to,neglect the amount of money that youre,getting and eventually you want to build,a trading post or ship dock so that you,can build trading routes and earn more,money how trading posts work is you will,lose a small amount of whatever material,you trade with the other clans and,factions in exchange for money your lord,tree gives your clan specific buffs and,whatever area you choose there is no,right answer here so unlock the tree how,you feel is best for you and eventually,in the late game you should be able to,unlock everything there you will also,want to build defense towers on your,borders as those will help prevent clans,and npcs taking your land dont forget,to build mines on stone nodes and later,on iron nodes the stone will allow you,to upgrade your town hall and all other,buildings you will want to upgrade your,town hall and scout camp because the,entire map cannot be discovered until,you upgrade your scout camp when you,mine iron you will need to create a,forge in order to upgrade any of your,types of town peoples skills this is,super important for upgrading your,healers tools your food production,tools maybe even your wood cutting tools,and even your military tools you can,also craft relics which all have their,own abilities and benefits one i always,use is mjolnir which does this,once your food supplies and production,levels are good youll want to start,building an army for conquering land,youll need to build training camps the,training camp is best for close combat,troops the axe thrower or archery camps,are good for long range and the shield,bears are a great frontline group to,have dont forget to get your warchief,which for most clans can be achieved,through your training camp once you have,a sizeable army youll need to push,through each of your enemies tiles and,once you kill all the troops inside that,tile you will start to conquer that tile,you will need to conquer tile by tile,until you finally get to their town hall,and then take over that and once you,take it you have taken the entire clan,out for the remainder of the game,alright well that was a quick rundown of,how to play north guard in five minutes,or less thanks for watching and let us,know if there are any other games you,would like us to make a five minutes or,less video about

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One of the most unique RTS games out there! Northgard 2021 Review

okay so i did this video hey there,youtube im the caffeinated dad,and after a lot of self-reflection i,realized that there was nothing wrong,with the video,i realized that it was perfect just the,way it is actually this is more cringe,material than anything i look like i was,trying to sell you a used car without,actually showing you the used car,my god you guys in your doors well,buckle up buttercup because im going to,give you five more reasons why northgard,is going to be your rts of 2021 this,time footage included also you can enter,in for a chance to win a northgard,branded samsung galaxy s7 tablet that,also includes one of three keys that are,going to be available for north guard,mobile that also includes all of the dlc,oh wait check out the player.gg link,down in the description below you get,extra entries if you follow me on,twitter and subscribe to me here on,youtube anyway lets get into it,speaking of northgard mobile thats,reason number one northgard mobile has,already been released on apple products,but now it will also be available on,android products starting august 24th,one thing i stress,is that the caffeinated dad name,isnt just a name it is its true i have,a mess of kids and what that means is,usually very little time to sit down and,play northgard mobile meets you at that,medium being able to play on the go is,arguably one of the coolest features,about this game the interface stays,roughly the same with a few minor tweaks,to handle mobile gaming lets be serious,and currently you can only play against,computers but this is an awesome place,to practice crazy builds try new methods,learn the game its a great way to get,into it flexibility to play during those,boring times of the day can really be,your saving grace play while youre at a,family reunion or play because your,significant other asked you to watch,another greys anatomy episode with play,out a job interview show them how bold,you are by whipping out your phone and,crushing some clans all jokes aside,being able to play wherever your phone,is is pretty darn awesome the game still,does cost money nine dollars on the app,store or on google play but to entice,you multiplayers coming later this year,speaking of multiplayer i just blew out,like everyones here take those great,build paths and strategies that youve,worked so hard with blow them out the,window jump into multiplayer that sees,heavy military aggression and domination,victories while there is no formal,matchmaking cues you can kind of get an,idea of who youre playing against the,north guard ranking system does a great,job of letting you know what type of,players youre against starting out with,wood division going to stone iron gold,rhyme steel,in multiplayer matches you really do,need to know how to minimize and,maximize the potential of your clan,knowing how much food and wood youre,going to need making sure youre getting,the right upgrades the right a relic at,the right time and hitting the enemy,right where it hurts at the correct time,match modes include free for all two,versus two three versus three four,versus four and follow me with this one,two versus two versus two versus two,thats a big ass map for warning if,youve watched any of my multiplayer,matches be prepared to get thrown into,the dumpster its tough because in the,matches that you learned how to play,against a computer and going through the,story mode is relatively controlled but,now youre adding that aspect of against,other players and most of them are,capable of pulling out a heavy military,force fairly quickly it adds a different,layer to the game which i think is,exciting and also frustrating at times,but ill tell you what what feels great,is getting that victory,so you got into the game a bit tons of,fun youre really enjoying it but now,what youve done the campaign youve,crushed the ai where do we go from here,its time to get conquest up in this b,the conquest game mode offers you a,number of different scenarios that can,be played these scenarios are very,similar to what you would see for the,story mode however as you progress,through the conquest your clan gains,certain buffs that carry over from match,to match making some of the unique win,conditions for these scenarios a breeze,and others absolutely horrendous game,mode can be scaled up in difficulty as,well completing a conquest on higher,difficulties can get you cool cosmetics,too drag your friends into conquest,through their co-op mode being able to,play with friends is what makes gaming,great make sure to bring a butt along,alright to earn your light and a,subscription i will tell you one solid,dad joke what do you call a pony that,has a sore throat,a little horse,i really hope you didnt google that,that was a terrible joke speaking of,cosmetic they have added a number of,really cool options that you can,customize your clan the way that you,want the way you do this is by earning,silver bars now these silver bars appear,daily youll be able to gain a few by,finishing a quest or getting an,achievement now these achievements also,line up with the steam achievements so,its pretty cool you get kind of both,these daily expeditions usually are get,a certain number of a certain material,so get 20 000 more or 20 000 food within,a day fairly simple or it could be as,simple as just win a domination victory,or win a trade victory or a lore victory,you could also earn unique skins that,you had from the story mode but then you,can also use those silver bars that,youve been earning to make your,warchief certainly unique this allows,you to show off to everyone how badass,your clan is oh you got some spears oh,youre so unique so if you watch this,video or really any of my videos on,northgard you realize that it is not,your typical rts this rts is extremely,unique given the fact that it doesnt,focus just on one solid piece of gaming,if we look at like age of empires,warcraft 3 starcraft its usually about,military overpowering conquering your,enemies with sheer brute force northgard,is unique because it requires thoughtful,planning as you move through the game,the first 10 minutes of the game youre,focused mainly on making sure that your,clan survives that youre getting the,appropriate materials moving forward and,then youre setting yourself up for mid,to late game instead of just pushing out,with military force you have to survive,the first winter establish your economy,you have to scout out the enemy you have,to clear a path to the enemy unless,youre the sneaky boys and then engage,the enemy and then beat them thats a,lot but thats not always the best way,to win domination victories are just the,tip of the iceberg if you like to focus,on economy you can try to win a trade,victory or a lore victory or you can,have more of an adventurer focus and,conquer a number of different tiles beat,a bunch of baddies and to gain the fame,required for the fame victory what im,getting at is that all types of rts,players can find their home here at,northgard and honestly thats why i,believe it is the best rts on the market,today mike dropped,well animate that later,also you get to play as vikings,that are representative of animal clans,i mean what more do you want just buy,the game come on what do you think about,north guard have you played it have you,been interested tell me in the comment,section down below as always i am the,caffeinated dad and i will see you guys,around,[Music],you

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5 Reasons to Check out Northgard Again

world,of people they play off grade ökosystem,database numbers authority,millions of people have played des,gamers,against reasons to,update the,development and maybe even want to check,out the life is currently like your,favorite ein land der häftling kuhweide,viele news,release and,reserves,of course the,end of the world,und the edge of time,objectives and chips der mittel oft,bemerkt ist aus 100 worte kommen könnten,senioren die bei youtube keine which is,no interest nobility to be cool & help,you tube,classic,controller trails of the dead center,bridging the ghost warrior,inklusive happiness to job ist er in new,territories of the box for,unique content update der lx update mit,dem billig center of gold and changed,the way you would upgrade unix und,windows,updates für windows,update wie vor wird sein ob die tür will,smith die upgrades des bosses,significant update tool das system,networks before using them,die upgrades magic report on you more,important than you get enough ort ist,auf kostelic führt aus wie vor spaß mit,in den übrigen relax take it off time to,be for,very high risk reward options die,kleingärtner unique users and,complementary,update wie,conquest of the players said im single,player of the week,in extreme difficult auch zugriffe,challenge to experience players,geschäfte konkurs consist of different,missions aber für pool of thirty mischen,sie kennen counter in den konkurs with,some of them is a very unique user hat,kompakten of gameplay anno einbringt,fresh ideas to the table ihr kind,implement into the multiplayer damals in,kärntens einem event in counter inanny,auf theater games like that which is,basically ist franka skelett in virgen,of an end papiers mischen,mischen,mischen,hollywood ist ein lot of fun and free,edition the game der teck,resources buildings units news,of the,world,die editors,das,update wird momente daily quests,expeditionsteams,experimental table rating,update,enthält,[Musik],[Musik]

Northgard Nintendo Switch Review – ODIN or LOKI?

read in the comments section on,countless number of our videos over the,last year the general consensus seems to,be that real-time strategy is a,sub-genre of game that is conspicuous by,its absence on the switch north guard is,looking to fill that vacancy whilst,wrapped in a layer of Norse mythology,does it come through were about to find,out before we do jump in though a quick,announcement that there will be details,of how to enter the divinity to giveaway,in one of our videos at the end of this,week now thank you to the developers for,this review copy and lets get started,[Music],there is a story mode included and it,tells the tale of a clan of Vikings,looking to move to the fabled and newly,discovered north guard before they can,embark on their journey the whole clan,bar one member is slain by a rival clan,who take the map and a trusted heirloom,whilst theyre at it the sole survivor,swears revenge and so the adventure,begins so as mentioned north guard is a,real-time strategy adventure that sees,you charged with growing developing and,maintaining a village of Nordic,travelers you begin by picking from one,of six clans each clan has a specific,starting bonus and additional bonuses,that you will earn as you play first and,foremost you will need to develop the,village by having your villagers create,the buildings that allow for the,necessary growth for example building,new houses will increase your villages,maximum population but this is only,possible by first building a,woodcutters Lodge thereby allowing you,to cut enough wood to craft the,aforementioned,amenities once you have built such a,place you must assign one of your,villages this particular job and you do,this by pressing the X button over the,newly erected structure building scout,camps will give you the capacity to,explore the neighboring lands and any,new areas you find that are uninhabited,can be claimed by colonizing them which,comes as a cost of some of your food,stock the aforementioned food stock is,built up by building fisherman huts or a,hunters Lodge on any land areas where,there exists the appropriate resources,such as deer or a river building fields,and assigning citizens to become farmers,will also increase food production the,balancing act here is that some of these,food revenues will only be good during,certain seasons such as farming in,summer whereas others may not yield so,higher stock but a good all year-round,such as fishing the food stock of course,needs to be kept at an adequate level to,feed your people and you can stockpile,more as your village grows by building,food silos to store excess reserves in,happiness of citizens is another factor,and must be monitored and this can be,increased in a number of ways providing,the basics such as enough food and wood,especially as winter approaches will,keep happiness at a decent level but,building amenities such as a brewery,will increase this happiness fervour,still but of,at a cost of more resources these are,all classed as common buildings and,there are more available which I wont,go into but I do want to touch on the,military buildings your most basic unit,in this category and the first available,to you is the training camp this will,develop warriors that can defend your,village but also allow you to attack any,clans that you discover based in the,vicinity of your borders more buildings,become available as you progress and you,can even set up sub groups of warriors,to send on different missions by,entering the military menu we,oppressively L button you can upgrade,your warriors over time so they are more,proficient in battle as you fight,tougher enemies the final mechanic Im,going to go into is that of law nor can,be acquired by training a villager to,become a law master but can also be,found in other ways such as when Scouts,explore ruins or shrines or can be,exchanged for perks on your skill tree,allowing you to produce a higher,percentage of wood early on or for your,warriors to do more damage to name just,a couple more perks become available as,you progress and gain more knowledge if,you are partaking in story mode then you,will need to meet a basic objective for,each chapter in order to complete said,chapter and move the story along once,you complete a chapter we play in it at,a later date will unlock new side,objectives for you to attempt adding,some longevity to proceedings and there,are 11 chapters in total to complete,choosing to play in single-player rather,than story mode is no different in terms,of all of the key mechanics that Ive,mentioned so far but the major,difference is how you win rather than,finishing a chapters objective and,moving on you instead attempt to achieve,one of the different victory conditions,much like in something like civilization,6 which is of course also on the switch,the four main conditions are domination,Fame trade and wisdom a domination,victory is gained by destroying the town,halls of every other clan on the map a,fame victory is earned by claiming,enough territory and increasing your,game ranking to that of King a trade,victory happens when you raise your,commercial influence to a certain level,and finally a wisdom victory is achieved,when you become the wisest clan leader,and receive a certain number of,blessings from the gods whilst there are,a number of menus to navigate,shortcuts to learn and conditions to,understand the game does feel quite,intuitive you are talked through the,early stages and the shortcut buttons,will help you to acclimatize to the game,early on it can still feel a little,overwhelming when messages are flashing,up about needing to build new houses,stock up on food for winter and a,warning that you are under attack all at,once but you will learn to prioritize,using the aforementioned shortcuts to,help you get to where you need to be,quickly and effectively there is also,the bonus of being able to choose the,size of your map ferocity of your,opponents and type of victory conditions,when starting a game so there is nothing,to stop you beginning small and learning,the ropes this way there is also an,online multiplayer mode for up to 6,players and although I couldnt test it,for this review it will include all,against all or team modes and most,importantly will have its own dedicated,servers when creating a match you can,choose to sit between a public game or,invites only allowing you to have,friends join you,gameplay is deep and pretty challenging,there is a lot to learn Ive only really,scratched the surface with what Ive,mentioned and its fun attempt in the,various roads to victory and it receives,18 out of 20,whereas controls translate over,surprisingly well with an abundance of,shortcuts to help you it does take some,getting used to,and finding key information within,certain menus is slow going at first but,on the whole they receive 16 out of 20,when assessing visuals lets start with,the positives a zoomed in view of your,village will show the villagers hard at,work bustling around between buildings,chopping down trees or fishing the,buildings have a good level of detail,with barrels of fish stored outside and,smoke escaping out of the hole in the,roof of the longhouses where a fire has,been lit inside battle animations are,fully played out and the weather effects,really bring the game to life especially,the transition to winter which is really,quite beautiful to watch on a more,negative note though there are,performance issues when zoomed out there,is some memory loading stutter and,unfortunately this is quite frequent and,youve probably seen it in the video,already you will notice the frame drops,as the screen pauses momentarily and I,would estimate that things are running,somewhere between 20 to 30 frames per,second in these,occasions when zoomed in it appears to,be above 30 and is noticeably smoother,although there is still some stutter on,a personal level this didnt affect the,enjoyment of the game the gameplay is,such that this wont really hinder you,w

Northgard Uncharted Lands – A BoardGameCo Review

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Northgard (Early Access) – Worthabuy?

North God is it worth of I cant,North God is a strategy game based on,Norse mythology in which you control a,clan of Vikings vying for control of a,mysterious newfound continent someone is,north guard well its a settlers wannabe,thats pretty much what it is it has,some great great features but it also,has some shite shite features its a,great [ __ ] game guys thats what this is,its a fantastic game thats utterly,shite and Ill tell you why the best,settlers game ever is settlers 3,soundless 2 was good mind but settlers 3,just wins thats not up for debate that,was 3 was the best ever settler skip and,nothing has come out since then that can,beat it I dont know why why are we,sitting here in 2017 with a lot of games,trying to be like settlers but like none,of them being anywhere near as good as,settlers were Blue Byte magicians or,something back then I dont know they,seem to be able to make great worlds and,stuff and I dont mind procedurally,generated worlds as long as the right,chords been put in the right data so,that we can get a balanced map and,settlers 3 did that brilliantly when you,played a random scenario and you would,get a good balanced map but in this that,just Im always running out of something,or its guarded by ridiculous these,ridiculous things anyway Im going to go,into how you play the game you start off,with a town house like you do in their,cellars and that produces villages cells,like in settlers Im not going to do,that again Im not going to feel like,settles for every freakin thing but,anyway you then have to build a,woodcutter search to chop down wood,because you need wood to build buildings,like settlers you then need food so how,they get food well you have to build a,farm like in cellars the problem with,this game is you can only build it on a,certain farm eat I leave all this land,all this lovely green lush land the,example of our,it has to be whats called fertile land,and the fertile land in this game looks,like an actual sandpit its rather odd,and yeah I dont get that the third,island looks like a sandpit but the non,fertile land looks lush and green so you,can only build that on certain land and,you can also build hundreds it will for,deer and you can only build them where,you can see beer which is fair enough,but in certain if you can build anything,anyway you liked it just wouldnt work,if there wasnt any of the resource,required but theres no depth in this,for whereas in settlers you would have,to build a wheat field and then a,windmill to grind the wheat in the flour,than a beer care to make the flour in,the bread but you have to make a well to,get the water to draws out up competes,with the flour to make the bread I mean,it was so in-depth we dont have any of,that now its just no no no you get food,of that field you just I think you just,pull the ears of corn and just eat them,of a week and just eat raw wheat you,know because theres nothing else that,you get half of it you know its the,same with the the hunger he just wants,everything but theres no butcher like,the Risen settlers that actually chops,up the mate and prepares it and get it,all cooked you know none of that so its,its you know its the same at the,mining and certainly had a prospect the,mountains to find out the cool you gotta,find the iron you have to find the,component and and here you dont its,just like you theres a strong thing,there build next to that Neil gets gone,theres a nine thing there does next to,that Neil get on and you kind of run out,of these resources rather rather which,kind of pissed me off because the maps,because of the way that the game is,procedural generation doesnt work that,well with this it really doesnt the,maps are I want more control over me,Maps I want to set how much resources is,on the maps and I just cant you cant,youve got literally no control over the,maps mind it is early access and I have,heard that that is a feature thats,coming but you can have a bit more,control over the maps but it isnt in,here yet,which is a bit of a shim because you,need it but anyway back to the game,enough components,so youve got the build of your little,economy system like itself and that,allows you to produce surplus of things,and you can then trade your surplus like,an sum of two or the factions in the,actual game I mean this one called the,Jones Siviglia and their Giants and you,can trade with them food they like food,and if you create enough food they will,join you,unfortunately hell will freeze over,before youve given them enough food to,actually join here its ridiculous the,time thats ripped is it you can build,fishermen like in celle you can also,build a dock and launch your boards and,they will bring in extra resources so,theres a lot of things that you cant,do what I do like about this game is the,seasons and we have joy we had fun we,had seasons in the Sun you get the Sun,the Sun the Sun brings out the crops the,crop production goes into the plus if,you look at the top of the screen youll,see all the little things youve got the,first one is how happy everybody is then,youve got the food and then you can say,what it is its money would in all the,rest of it and essentially youve got to,stock up for winter and I like that,because when winter comes it can be just,an affair when do you know where crop,productions down so yield you have to,prepare that it might even go to the,minus you know depending on how many,settlers were and you can also get,really bad savage wind as well as,blizzards and stuff and your food,production could go heavily into the -,and you can all die and I love that that,is a nice touch to the game it it really,makes you prepare for further sources,versa for winter and I like that,you cant seem to slow it down but maybe,you can but I couldnt find a way of,screwing down the actual seasons because,I I thought it was a bit fast and term,yeah they didnt quite like that but,anyway you start surviving the years you,start building up your settlements you,start expanding now remembering settlers,you would have to build a tower at the,edge of your land and that would allow,you to increase your the map essentially,its all fog of war you cant see well,this is made in the zones,you have a scout who goes out and he,will Scout into the different zones and,there might be wolves in one monsters in,another and eventually on the map youll,come across the other AI that you said I,was you can have either have not one two,or three other AI players in the game,and theyre out there so when the maps,arent that big theyre not as big as,settlers,definitely not as big as settlers and,thats another ship but you do expand,and each little zoom that you expand,into you can build new buildings or now,this is the bit I dont like you are,limited to how many buildings you can,build in each zone for example your,start zone only allows five buildings,and thats not enough but worse than,that is the adjacent ones that you get,are generally only two or three Ive,never found any that can support more,than three yet all our noise is that,its asking us on micromanaging,buildings or delete that now to build,this because you might have like a,strong piece on this new place but you,need a house and the my toes will be,dere there so yeah you need a,hundred-foot you need a house because,youve got no else to build a house and,if you dont build a house you cant get,more settle of that so its like all,them fellas villages and but you need to,mind the storm so what you got to do is,destroy one of them later on so what you,do you build a storm one first when the,storms all mind is then destroy the,storm wouldnt build a bloody house,there its so just why why is that why,cant the map be like settlers why why,didnt you just make that list in there,why anyways lets move on lets write no,more settlers talkers because this is,nothing like surface really its just,its like its like its significant,dumbed down version of settlers three,year old stops but pretty much the best,way to

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