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The Northman – Movie Review

you know im not gonna lie to you i had,jokes for the beginning its like oh,its a movie called the northmen played,by the guy who played eric northman in,true blood true blood tie-in jokes after,watching this movie all i could say here,is holy,[Music],had to edit that out youtube does not,like f-bombs dropped in the first minute,itll get you demonetized the way it is,also thank you for clicking on my face i,love you for that last video someone in,the comment section was like he didnt,thank me for clicking on his face oh but,i do appreciate you for clicking on my,face were coming up on me doing this,for 13 years now 13 years this summer,youre still clicking on my face i,cannot illustrate how much i appreciate,that and appreciate you for that so,thank you on to the northmen the,northmen is a robert eggers directed,revenge epic set in the year 900,something viking territory you know,norse times it stars alexander skarsgard,whos on this war path this revenge path,against his uncle who killed his king,father hes basically lion king but you,know norse times norse mythology which i,hear this movie is based off of the,legend that inspired hamlet which,inspired lion king so you know its all,connected wait this is the one minute,mark for this video so i gotta say holy,[ __ ] this movie had to be said because,it had to be said but we got revenge,blood brutality betrayal of family all,the things we love to see in cinema keep,us warm at night i gotta say man this,movie was epic,i,i was just an enthrall i was surprised,at how much i loved being in this world,there were things i didnt expect in,this movie i expected you know like the,viking guy on his revenge quest i didnt,expect as much mysticism in the movie as,i got theres actually a lot of,mysticism magic mythology all in the,spectrum of norse mythology of course,now everyone in this movie is great,though theyre not the most relatable,crew but theyre not supposed to be so,one of the things i liked about this,movie is this movie builds a world of,900 a.d viking territory viking times,this movie doesnt build a world that,speaks to our egocentric sense of 2022,civility no it speaks to the audience on,a much deeper visceral,sense of primal rage that is to say the,film is brutal not just in violence but,when violence does go down it is brutal,but its the overall sense of the world,thats the brutal part thats the part i,appreciate its a world where if you,look at it through our modern day,goggles there are no good guys but to,the times they come from they are good,guys and as much as i have no doubt even,the brutality of this world and the,characters in it heroes villains alike,are the nerfed or otherwise pretty depth,more palatable versions of them i,appreciate the effort that went into,accurately depicting the brutality of,the times and the people in it and now,im in my head going what is brutality,what is civility im sure in the year 3,100 some gritty filmmakers gonna make a,movie that takes place in 2022 sure the,people in that time will be like did you,see the people of 2022 in that new movie,savagery thus is the ever-flowing river,of the zeitgeist now this is a film,where the world is the enthralling,captivating element of it more than the,characters are i mean youre totally,down for alexander skarsgard and his,revenge quest but he is i mean dudes a,brute dude is a big hulking brute of a,human someone who was forged in the,fires of war and bloodshed comforted by,dreams of revenge for years i mean just,who he is not a relatably warm and fuzzy,human being but its kind of what makes,the film awesome and it is in line with,the fact its like no the movie doesnt,pretty itself up how weird would that be,its like the super brutal world and,alexander skarsgards uh he plays a poet,out for revenge though his poetry is his,sword his ink is blood this did have a,bit of a count of monte cristo element,in there too it had some of the flavor,of monte cristo im not talking the,movie the movies a great swashbuckling,adventure and i love it but im talking,about the book the book is a much darker,revenge tale where its like i dont,want to just kill these people i want to,[ __ ] with them and really wreck their,world thats in here and i enjoy seeing,that i would hope if i was on a revenge,quest i would have the patience to do,that been talking about the world but,what can i say the world was very,enthralling to me but everyone in the,movie did a great job anya taylor joy,once again is perfection also you see,people in this movie that have been in,other robert eggers films,it took me it took me much longer than i,want to admit to be like,who oh my god theyre swollen to foe but,you got nicole kidman in the film too it,just it kind of shows that robert eggers,is becoming one of those directors like,nolan or scorsese were actors like oh,robert eggers making another movie i,really want to be a part of it please,another thing that makes me love this,world is how beautifully shot it is even,when dealing with death not just human,death like theres this the place that,theyre in is just kind of a wasteland,theres some greenery there i wouldnt,want to live there but the landscapes,the volcano it all just looked gorgeous,and it translates to the fights too now,when i talk about the fights the battles,dont expect this movie just to be like,battle after battle yeah its just,its not an action movie but that,meticulous kind of craftsmanship you see,in every other facet of this film does,translate to the fights so when,fightings happening there are very few,cuts it doesnt seem so jarring like you,see in a lot of movies these days like,directors are like no one knows how to,fight lets just hide it with edits that,doesnt happen in here there are long,stretches just like there are no cuts,happening its just sword on sword steel,on steel bone on bone and the fighting,is so sparingly done that when it,happens it is special one fight one,conflict in particular i can only,describe it as its like if anakin and,obi won if that fight was a lot shorter,but a lot more visceral a lot more real,a lot more testosterone and it was,translated from a souls game thats what,it felt like ive heard that theres a,lot of down time in the film i never,felt it i never felt the downtime it,never bored me because the down time was,still plotting scheming it was all in,the vein and spectrum of revenge so for,me the film was always moving forward at,a very healthy pace in the end the,northmen it worked for me on,i cant think of a thing in this movie,that i would change this movies not,going to be for everybody absolutely 150,percent there are people who would be,like oh it dragged on in parts i have i,get it but there are people out there,who dont like jrpgs like old school,snes jrpgs but if they got their hooks,into you,you live for them thats what this,movies like its like an old-school,jrpg its like you either love it or,its not your thing but if you love it,youre in for an experience thats what,this movie is i i would say its one of,my favorite movies of the year but its,really one of my favorite experiences of,the year and i have no question in my,mind the northman is,awesome tacular,[Music],thatll be in your head too i will,avenge you father i will save your,mother i will kill you filner thatll be,your lullaby the night after you watch,this film all right so the northmen have,you seen it what did you think about it,or whats your favorite revenge tale,doesnt have to be a movie it could be a,book but what is it i love a good,revenge tale so whatever it is whatever,you think comment below let me know and,as always if you like what youve seen,here and you want to see more click,right here to see more,[Music],you

The Northman – We Need More Movies Like This

one of the more interesting movies to,come out of 2019 was the lighthouse a,surreal psychological horror movie about,a pair of lighthouse keepers slowly,descending into madness and alcohol,abuse when theyre trapped together,during a violent storm its basically,like every christmas in scotland ever in,an endless sea of safe corporatized big,budget homogenous sludge it was a breath,of fresh air to watch a movie that dared,to be weird abstract and,thought-provoking so i was pretty,excited when i found out that director,robert eggers was going to be turning,his attention to vikings with his next,movie the northmen a historical epic,about an exiled prince on a quest for,revenge against the uncle who murdered,his father and stole his kingdom i went,into it expecting your typical hack and,slash action adventure story lots of,blood and gore and beards big epic,battles and a final climactic showdown,to decide the fate of a kingdom and well,thats not exactly what this movie is,you might say it subverted my,expectations except it did it in a good,way not the kind of way that makes me,want to tear my own [ __ ] face off,the northman tells the story of amleth a,warrior prince whose father gets,betrayed and brutally murdered by his,uncle fjallner so that he can claim the,kingdom and amless mother for his own,amulet himself manages to escape the,ambush and swears an oath of revenge,against fjallner flash forward about 20,years and analysts now a big sweaty,berserker with an epic beard going on a,rampage across russia because you know,what else are you gonna do its here,that he runs into a holy woman and has a,mad spiritual vision reminding him of,the oath that he took as a boy now hes,a man and apparently its his destiny to,seek out fjallner recover an ancient,sword that was lost long ago and lay a,good old-fashioned smackdown on him wait,some minute an exiled warrior prince,gone on an epic quest to take revenge,against the man who murdered his father,and reclaim his birthright where have i,seen this before,seriously though this is the point where,the film takes your expectations and,gleefully does a big steaming viking,[ __ ] all over them instead of ruling,over his fathers kingdom fjallner has,now been exiled to iceland where he,presides over a small village and a,handful of soldiers and before you know,it hamlets infiltrated the village,posing as a captured slave where he,begins a campaign of sabotage,psychological warfare and brutal murder,slowly eroding fjallners power and,stripping away everything the man values,along the way he also hooks up with,fellow slave olga whos pretty happy to,help him out in more ways than one,but is his quest as righteous as he,believes is fjallner really the evil,traitor that he remembers from 20 years,earlier or a loving father manipulated,into doing something he didnt want to,is amleth bound to the fate thats been,prescribed for him or can he escape from,it to become something more and if he,follows his quest for revenge all the,way to its end will he be any better,than the man he swore vengeance against,these are the questions that lie at the,core of the northmen story and as you,gradually discover over the course of,the film the answers are usually complex,morally grey and extremely [ __ ],violent make no mistake this is a harsh,unforgiving world inhabited by harsh,unforgiving people death can come,suddenly and violently and innocence and,goodness offers no protection from its,the movie also plays with the idea that,our childhood understanding of people,and events is often dangerously,unreliable distorted and simplified by a,lifetime of new experiences and personal,biases and usually lacking the context,needed for proper understanding amleth,himself learned some pretty sobering,truths about his mother and father that,reframed past events from a whole,different perspective i mean its not a,particularly complex plot and its,definitely not some epic saga of heroes,and villains clashing with the fate of,their kingdom hanging in the balance,this is a gritty grounded story about,personal grudges with morally complex,people that you could choose to view as,good or evil depending on your point of,view but one thing it is is gripping and,compelling i was never bored throughout,the northmen partly because the,streamlined story allows for greater,focus on the characters in the world,they live in and partly because of the,remarkable direction and cinematography,robert eggers brought a unique visual,style to the lighthouse that reminded me,of classic vintage movies from the 1950s,combined with a [ __ ] ton of surreal,dream sequences visions and,hallucinations that were very much left,up to the audience to interpret and he,brings a lot of that same style to the,north man its not quite as abstract and,weird this time around but theres,plenty of moments where youre left to,question whether what youre seeing is,metaphorical or literal which is an,already farty way of saying that the,main character has a bunch of spiritual,visions and the film never makes it,entirely clear how much of it is real,and how much of it is just in his heads,either way the northman is visually,brilliant to look at norse culture seems,to be going through a bit of a,renaissance right now with big budget tv,shows video games and movies all trying,to put their spin on this weird,combination of complex spiritual,mythology advanced culture and brutal,gory warfare now i dont claim to be an,expert on this stuff by any means but i,spoke to andre from midnights edge and,he reckons the depiction of norse,culture weapons rituals and language is,pretty [ __ ] accurate and since hes,basically a [ __ ] viking himself what,you gonna do youre gonna argue with him,i mean theres no strong black women,commanding hordes of viking warriors,which im sure must be pretty,infuriating for some people today but,what can you do thats historical,accuracy for you on that subject youll,be pleased to know that theres,absolutely no attempt to push the,message with this movie theres no,overpowered female warriors that can,somehow hold their own against men twice,their size and weight no ethnically,diverse token characters awkwardly,forced into historical situations where,they never existed and no clumsy,commentary on present-day social issues,its a movie that wants to do one thing,tell a good [ __ ] story faithfully and,accurately imagine that performances are,excellent for the most part alexander,skarsgard is perfect as amleth a big,hulking warrior filled with rage and,vengeance but struggling to look past,that and find something more ethan hawk,absolutely dominates every scene that,hes in despite his modest screen time,anya taylor joy looks weird but in a,good way like you can totally believe,this is a girl from some far-flung,siberian tribe and im not entirely,convinced that she isnt some kind of,[ __ ] space alien in real life,speaking of aliens inhabiting human,bodies i love the fact that bjorks in,this film nicole kidmans a bit of a,weird choice though i mean damn she,certainly swings for the fences with her,performance at times but unlike most of,the cast she doesnt really look like,she belongs in this world the lack of,makeup means that you can tell shes had,a lot of work done recently and i dont,know man theres times when her face,just doesnt seem to be willing to move,in the way she needs it to overall,though the north man might not have been,the film i was expecting but in a lot of,ways its the film i needed right now in,a time when cinema is dominated by,endless big budget low imagination,superhero [ __ ] fests its nice to see,films that dare to be different creative,unconventional and thought-provoking,films like the northmen remind me that,cinema can and should be an art form,made by people with actual artistic,visions instead of a [ __ ] conveyor,belt producing forgettable formulaic,content designed purely to make a return,on investment its a film that kept me,gripped and intrigued and

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Wait… They Did Vikings ACTUALLY WELL for Once??

all right i finally watched the northmen,a lot of people have asked about it,i really didnt want to at first because,i have such low expectations for,anything involving vikings because of,how much theyve been butchered and the,trailer led me to believe that its yet,another generic vengeance story,which it is but,its surprisingly well done,they actually seem to have done their,research i mean weve been subjected to,so much ridiculous nonsense that the,label viking has been slapped onto,like the tv show of the same name where,we have,all of this going on,including,when you go to your local armor,its like so what type of armor you want,and youre like you know apple pie right,and hes like say no more,this video is sponsored by skillshare an,online learning community with thousands,of classes for all kinds of interests be,it video and animation photography or,other visual arts,music writing web design productivity,etc each class is divided into chapters,which you can easily navigate and come,back to at any time there are also,reviews and it tells you which skill,level its intended for so was browsing,skillshare and figured it would be,pretty neat to go super saiyan,[Music],and somebody taught me how to do it,push-ups sit-ups and plenty of juice,well unfortunately i dont have say in,genetics so i had to use a class on,after effects which taught me some neat,tricks i didnt know before and of,course learning more about after effects,is always useful for a content creator,particularly if you dont have an editor,anyway check it out the first 1 000,people to use the link in the,description below will get a one month,free trial of skillshare some of the,stuff weve been confronted with with a,supposedly historical setting,looks like the prop department raided,the local value village and went to the,leather section grabbed everything cut,it up into little bitty pieces and then,randomly stitched it back together and,called it armor,and dont even get me started on,assassins creed valhalla,you remember the old times when there,was actual historical research behind,assassins creed pepperidge farm,remembers so at the start of the,northmen when i saw reasonable helmets,male hallbergs and actual center grip,shields i was like whoa,thats a breath of fresh air and then,seeing a real yermanbu helmet i was,seriously impressed they did take some,artistic license here and there for,example there are leather helmets,which we dont have any archaeological,evidence of unsurprisingly organic,material just doesnt preserve very well,so,we dont know if they may or may not,have used them theres a serious limit,on what we know so some liberties are,going to have to be taken and it doesnt,need to be approved by the elder council,of reenactors or anything,it said i have such low expectations at,this point that seeing anything halfway,historical in a viking setting is pretty,neat i mean we already have to be,grateful whenever we dont see fur armor,right,there is fur being worn in the northmen,as actual winter clothing,and just an accessory its not the,entire outfit made of fur,and its also worn by berserkers,to them it has symbolic meaning,when you think about it berserkers were,basically,drug-fueled real-life furries of the,viking age,sort of dont you dare quote me on that,this is not a statement backed up by,historical sources anyway,speaking of the scene with berserkers,theres some crazy stuff going on which,you can kind of brush aside as hey,its berserkers theyre certifiably,crazy and,they pride themselves on,rushing into battle with no armor and,you know just,no care for their own safety showing off,what giga chads they are and all that um,theres some dual wielding going on,which again in case of berserkers,you can let that slip for the most part,even though they were known as shield,biters in their frenzy rage supposedly,they bit the rims of their shields,shields and in fact most of them,actually carry shields in this scene the,main character doesnt because hes the,main character hes got plot armor etc,he proceeds to,dual wield an axe and a skrama sax in,reverse grip which is,pretty silly but again berserker main,character low standards fine ill let,that slide this other guy on the other,hand,i cant even in this context i really,cant forgive that i mean hes running,toward the fortified settlement that,theyre assaulting while the defenders,are shooting arrows at them and throwing,spears,and he has the shield on his back and he,keeps it on his back,its like this canadian thing you know,when people walk around with,a toque on their head which is a warm,winter hat by the way and shorts,its like,you cant decide can you are you cold or,arent you its the same thing here,do you want protection or dont you you,cant decide like either be a giga chad,badass who doesnt need protection and,just charge in there without a shield or,use the freaking shield,why are you just carrying on your back,is this some sort of plan b like if he,decides to run away like a coward he,doesnt want to be shot in the back he,doesnt want to be found with arrows,sticking out of his back so theres,evidence of his cowardice i dont know,the fighting overall is not the most,authentic ive seen but its not,terrible by any means its pretty good,overall and there are some neat details,like in the raid scene he actually,climbs the palisade using his axe which,is mentioned in the historical sagas was,also mentioned in the sagas is catching,a throne spear out of the air and,throwing it back which is definitely,doable in real life with good reflexes,and hand-eye coordination its funny,when a movie with the most realistic,depiction of vikings ive seen in a long,time maybe ever,also has the main character fighting a,draugr an undead and has odin make an,appearance,but at the same time the way its,presented we dont know if this is,actually supposed to be happening or if,its symbolic or if the main character,is hallucinating it or dreaming or,something like that which seems quite,plausible it also has convincing,longhouses and someone clearly,researched art styles of the viking,period its also kind of surprising to,see a revenge story where the main,character is not the superhero,capable of taking on 10 enemies at once,and winning,he has to be methodical about it he has,to ambush them at night and things like,that he cant just fight his way out of,a massive horde even though he finds a,supposedly magic sword which once again,we dont know for sure if this is,actually supposed to be magic so overall,i have to say the northmen surprised me,its quite a good movie in and of itself,regardless of historical accuracy and,all that,and,they clearly,put some effort into researching the,topic,which is more than can be said about,many who take on viking scenarios,the only reason why it bothers me really,is because its often presented as,history,i mean historical fantasy sometimes but,it kind of bothers me when they,reference actual historical events and,personalities and even specific uh,points in time but then it just goes,full on anachronistic larpers pretending,to be vikings stuff like that actual,skyrim on the other hand is a fantasy,world you know clearly inspired by,vikings but theyre nords theyre not,viking so you can do with that whatever,the heck you want anyway theres a pet,peeve of mine and,probably something that most people,dont care about which is fine but hey,if you come to my channel this is,probably the kind of crap youre looking,for,anyway thanks for watching hope you,found it interesting and uh have a good,one,foreign

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The Northman Review

your fate is set and you cannot escape,it,two movies are at war within the,northmen the latest film from the witch,and the lighthouse director robert,eggers the first is a fascinating,trance-like sensory experience that,envelops you in the first half hour the,second is a historical revenge saga that,feels much more straightforward while,also seeming hesitant in its depictions,of violence and sensuality despite,veering between these two modes of,expression however the northmen still,ends up on the right side of enjoyable,the tale on paper is a simple one after,witnessing his father being betrayed and,murdered by his ruthless uncle filner,the viking warrior prince amleth returns,many years later to quench his thirst,for revenge and rescue his mother,however the northmen works best when,plot momentum is an afterthought and,when it luxuriates in the smoky shadowy,atmosphere created by edgars and his,collaborators the music by robert calron,and sebastian gainsborough is absolutely,key veering between folk-like strings,that evoke the kings regality as he,returns from war and percussions so,heavy that with the right theatrical,sound system the base is sure to rattle,your ribcage there are several sequences,when the thundering score might make you,want to beat your chest and join in with,an on-screen ritual that sense of,ritualism permeates the rest of the,story amleth repeats his vow to avenge,his father and rescue his mother over,and over again until it becomes a holy,mantra this mission however ends up,becoming morally complicated thanks to,certain surprising specifics as the,story unfolds,by the time these complications arise,the very notion of bloodshed takes on a,spiritual bent while the northmens,magnificent dreamlike sequences feel,plucked out of time its more,traditional scenes in the back half tend,to struggle once the adult amleth starts,his journey the film then begins to,settle into a more standard hollywood,narrative this isnt inherently a,problem since the romantic element it,introduces also features a mystical bent,however when the story starts presenting,less through shadows music body language,and dreams and more through dialogue the,films weaknesses as classical drama,begin to pile up across the nearly 140,minute run time too many exchanges feel,hastily assembled and poorly constructed,with little thought for relationships or,rhythm some of the more traditional,moments unfold in long takes and they,largely manage to hold attention but,when theyre deployed for action scenes,the films shortcomings as a,specifically hollywood production also,become apparent the northmen has plenty,of viciousness but too many of these,instances feel bloodless so much of the,violence is implied just off screen but,little of it is felt the films nudity,and sexuality feel just as dulled in,either case the camera captures bodies,at their most vulnerable but only,briefly before cutting away its a good,thing the performances manage to reflect,at least some of these ideas concerned,with the line between violence and,passion even if the northman hesitates,to ruminate on them in a meaningful,aesthetic sense alexander skarsgards,amleth for instance feels genuinely torn,between his divinely inspired plans for,vengeance and his newfound lust and,affection for anya taylor joys olga as,fionner clays bang is simultaneously,the most muted performer and the most,alluring nicole kidman especially keeps,the film afloat when it leaves the most,ethereal scenes behind and shes even at,the center of the rare dialogue exchange,that feels genuinely visceral and,nauseating despite its less effective,elements growing increasingly prominent,the northman maintains a sense of,possibility and unpredictability thanks,to the spiritual notions at its core,whatever amleth learns or unlearned sits,right alongside his mad visions of glory,and his desire to fulfill a,self-destructive destiny in a way that,ultimately makes the northmen a tragedy,it is however a particularly picturesque,tragedy that in its most effective,moments sweeps you up in pulsating,fireside customs awash and beating drums,that emanate as if from valhalla itself,thats worth occasionally tolerating,scenes that feel run-of-the-mill by,comparison,robert eggers viking revenge saga the,northman works best when it dives,headfirst into dreams and disorienting,visions but it slows down when it,becomes a more traditional hollywood,narrative with viciousness relegated to,its margins it often feels neutered and,bloodless but still ends up on the right,side of entertaining thanks to its,pulsating music and measured,performances,for more movie reviews check out what we,thought of everything everywhere all at,once and fantastic beasts the secrets of,dumbledore and for everything movies,entertainment and everything else keep,it right here on ign,you

The Northman – Angry Movie Review

[Music],hey guys we just got back from the,northmen which is a uh a viking-like,film from edgars who is known to have,some some odd uh kind of films some uh,you know worlds that really involve you,i think he did the witch,um hes hes done something else too,lighthouse right we gave lighthouse a 10,out of 10. i really really enjoyed my,house i cant believe i forgot about,windom,you you were mixed on the lighthouse,were you interesting okay well i really,like the lighthouse i love me a crazy,defoe yeah william defoe really cares,that so um,so we just got back and i heard good,things about this one and i think its a,good film um,its awesome it really blends uh sort of,uh,norse of lore and mythology with a real,world story uh thats,thats rather grounded and uh,and and and more simplistic than i was,expecting so i i actually kind of,wanted it to be a little better than,than than it ended up being but maybe my,expectations were a little too high uh,you know uh so,uh but overall i really enjoyed it there,was great visuals there was good music,fantastic direction maybe a little uh,lengthy for the simple story that,theyre telling and it just,it just see it needed to have just a,little bit more spark to it a little bit,more life to it for me to really elevate,it above uh but this is one so we saw,two good movies actually uh today we saw,the nick cage movies tv shows yeah two,really bad tv shows and two good movies,its been a packed day so,watch these instead of those the,northmen and the unbearable weight of,massive talent which well do a review,on next but what did you guys think of,the northmen uh i did like it but maybe,not as much as you uh um it was a very,basic story yes thats where thats all,it was,the characters arent really,characterized or anything youre just,like all right theyre just,this is our hero thats a protagonist,whatever i wish we would have spent more,time with him because you dont real he,wasnt invested no exactly thats how i,felt i wasnt really invested but the,visuals would really captivate this,movie okay and um,other than that like thats what hes,known for just his visuals but yeah it,was just basically in the atmosphere and,it was pretty long it was already long,okay im interested in what joe thinks,of this one okay alex i liked it i think,it is very slow and theres parts of the,movie that do drag um but its i mean,this is a classic story right this is,the story that hamlet is based on which,is the story of the lion king,picking up on some shakespearean,guys so thats why the story is familiar,with a lot of the dialogue theyre,theyre you know a lot of close-up shots,of peoples face kind of giving uh their,speeches and things and and and,committing to a grand adventure and a,grand revenge plot but but i i liked it,um i think he really creates a really,cool world hes constantly teaching,people like even if you love norse,mythology youre gonna learn something,here about like how,and he includes everything too like he,includes some of the slavic stuff and,some of the norse stuff and he blends,them together and i think that theres,some really cool action scenes here i,think they were kind of few and far,between there was a part in the center,of the movie where it kind of drags on a,little bit but if youre in for like a,slower,mythology driven movie with a story like,an eggers movie then i think youre,gonna have a good time you know i guess,i was maybe expecting a braveheart on uh,on a viking scale and we really get it,right more battles we get a little bit,of that at some point hes a part of a,berserker group and i was really,enjoying that yes im like here we go,this is what i was wanting,but then he leaves that to go on uh his,fate uh to to basically make his fate,and uh but and and but that story,honestly is a little less interesting i,i think thats me thats the main thing,i kind of want to stay with those,berserkers thats what i wanted,just make your own path man yeah yeah,and and maybe that is the message of the,film because ultimately i felt well,well that was kind of pointless i mean,if youre kind of choosing the the wrong,choice here but i guess its your fate i,guess,but maybe the uh maybe the director is,making a calm comment on toxics max,masculinity why,why do you have to do this revenge plot,you have a potential life path that will,lead to,uh fullness and and uh,and uh fulfilling lives,and right he wanted vengeance and thats,what you get and vengeance but you know,what uh if youre a warrior,in those times you dont really want to,die old you dont really want to die,with as as ethan hawk who did quite a,good job as i,really i could tell i was like is that,ethan hawk up in there with a gray beard,he didnt want to dye a gray beard uh an,outside of battle um and you know if,youre a warrior in this age the,greatest honor is to die by iron and to,die with a sword in your hand so that,you will ride to valhalla and uh they,show so they mix in sort of the,mythological now for me i think that if,we were going to tell a simple so more,of a simple story like it is the revenge,and on a small scale not a big scale,its not like hes taking on an empire,hes just hanging on,essentially farmers,somebody wronged him in his past and uh,he took over but if were gonna do that,i was hoping that theyd meld in even,more mythology even more mystical stuff,from time to time we do get a cameo from,yorn uh which i didnt expect uh her to,be in it uh but you can hardly recognize,her like as uh as a witch and uh theres,a valkyrie with,with braces,did i see did i see braces on that belt,what was that they looked like just like,little,paintings on the tree there yeah my eyes,are bad no i saw that she was like,waiting she wanted to return retainer,braces,um,yeah,you know look man waters not safe to,drink they drink nothing but beer and,mead if thats what they call the dark,ages for [ __ ] reason man yeah theyre,seeing all sorts of crazy [ __ ] because,theres like well im thirsty so little,kid you got to drink a gallon of mead,because thats all that there is we like,this film,and i i would recommend that you see it,at some point you dont need to rush,hour and see this one i would i would go,see the nicholas cage film that were,about to review here in just one second,but um,i want to talk to joe a little bit,because since he likes a little lesson,we do did you feel like the movie is,like really cool up until the part where,hes like okay now im gonna go back,to my request no yes,it takes a turn right there its like oh,man because the mythology is there there,you you get to see how the berserkers,kind of [ __ ] hyped himself up for,battle and you it feels,authentic yeah it feels very authentic,to the region to the to the times,theres very uh they they feature a lot,of rituals and i assume that hes done,his research and that these things are,things that have been written and passed,down or or at least rumored that that,would occur and uh and i liked that a,lot uh and yeah so and then they left to,the farm and then and then they left to,go to the farm and thats kind of where,it slipped yeah okay cool its good to,see that were on the same page there uh,but what did you think about some of the,more well-known actors did it detract,from you that nicole kidman is a,billionaire,william williams always perfect hes,playing another crazy guy hes another,fight he does it so well hes like a,super saiyan he was a gesture yeah,gesture in this one,yeah but more than a jester youll,youll see later on but what did you,guys think of the other supporting cast,um,i mean nicole kidman got like one really,good scene and she absolutely nailed it,um yeah but i mean the rest of the time,shes just kind of like walking around,and shes kind of there she has one,scene in the movie i was like that,youre like yo-ho-ho yo,yeah um alexander skarsgard whos been,doing shrugs for years,yeah hes just like hes just [ __ ],hes huge,he was fighting the mountain and he on,the mountains gigantic right but eve

The Northman reviewed by Mark Kermode

number four in the states number six,here is the northmen,yeah adam ill go first yes okay adam,okeefe the northman was one of the most,intense visceral experiences ive ever,had at the cinema brutal transcendental,ludicrous a breathtaking achievement i,half expected the room to burst into,applause at the end i have to assume,that like me they were simply too,exhausted james parkhouse well i did go,and see the northmen last night whilst,it looked and sounded amazing i did find,it pretty dull and there were regular,checks of the watch to see how long it,had been the level of accuracy which is,very good is clearly there but came at,the expense of telling a good story,ended up a bit of hamlet braveheart and,gladiator without ever finding its own,story nine out of ten for the way that,the period was reimagined five out of,ten for the story,i mean it is hamlet because it shares,the,you know because shakespeare used the,viking with the amber story so its so,the the hamlet narrative is in there,theres also,in terms of it is a film theres kind of,some revenge of the sith,and,a bit of zardoz and a bit of excalibur,its so heres the thing with this,so its directed by robert eggers who,made um,the lighthouse and before that made the,witch,and who is a really brilliantly,inventory just,moving on from that that slightly sniffy,email before about um,mark jenkins bait,robert eggers is clearly a kind of,kindred spirit with mark jenkins in,terms of,you know somebody whos,interested in the,the tactility of film the medium of film,and the way in which film is a,storytelling tool,and his,first two features,both of which and i think i think,theyre like four and nine million you,know dollars each,are really extraordinary pieces of work,whether i mean i know that because you,interviewed robert pattinson for the,liars or did you interview william to,phone william defoe okay um,and its the lighthouse is incredibly,intense film it certainly is certainly,fine its like its low on laughs,very very,but you know but a really intense and,the worst film to watch in lockdown that,was definitely yeah it was,kind of absolutely in the case of the,northmen the budget for the northman has,been reported at somewhere between 70,and 90 million dollars,and,when i saw it,what was interesting was i thought okay,im a robert eggers fan,and i think that there is something,really exciting about the idea that,robert eggers has been allowed to make,this movie at this scale,however i would be really surprised if,the movie,for whatever its you know its its,strengths or failures and i think it has,strengths and failings theres no way,its going to make its money back,because its a robert eggers viking,movie you know the script is covering,with sean so its its you know properly,erudite and it knows its subject matter,it has terrific uh central performances,robert eggers himself said you know,said at the beginning and were going to,make the,viking movie i think its entirely,possible that there is a claim for that,being the case but,it was never going to be the kind of,blockbuster hit that a film would need,to be,to make a,70-90 million dollar budget work and the,problem is that because it has,underperformed at the box office,its it kind of gives studios a shot,across the bows in terms of do not stray,off the straight and narrow when it,comes to,to franchise face so there are things,about it that look great,the soundtrack is really evocative,there are,elements of all these kind of classic,myth stories you know whether its,viking stories or shakespearean,translation of viking stories or,arthurian legend where all this stuff is,in there and its brutal its kind of,acts in the face brutal,the problem is it also has the whole,cast speaking english in nordic sounding,accents which partly you could say okay,thats because you know its a its a,range of different uh different voices,but if you want to see it in the cinema,go and see it in the cinema sooner,rather than later because it isnt going,to be in cinemas for much longer

Why The Northman is a MASTERPIECE | Video Essay

lets just get this out of the way the,northmen is so far my favorite film of,the year and quite honestly has already,cracked my top 50 of all time so you,know that the movie were talking about,here is something special they simply do,not make movies like this anymore,remember the days of the historical epic,no no no no not those days go back to,the years when the likes of ben hur the,longest day cleopatra gone with the wind,or lawrence of arabia dominated the box,office however you might feel about each,of those movies individually there is a,universal quality in which all of them,excel,spectacle oh so glorious gorgeous,gigantic spectacle whether it be the,relentless storming of aqaba that we,witnessed from afar or the moment the,allies overwhelmed the beaches of,normandy this class of movie gave us a,visual feast of chaotic battles hundreds,of humans clashing at once that so many,movies try to replicate now thanks to,cgi but often not always but often,instead create hollow facilities of the,raw real spectacle that were talking,about here probably hasnt been captured,on film since,the first lord of the rings until robert,eggers decided to tell his version of,viking hamlet the northmen is here folks,and when i say its here i mean it has, arrived just like with the witch,and just like with the lighthouse,edgars has delivered a third,consecutive stone cold masterpiece,making for one of the most impressive,directorial debut trilogies of all time,but where that first film redefined,horror cinema and the second is a,psychological thriller unlike anything,else youve ever seen the northmen is in,many ways eggerss most conventional,film to date diving into the tale of,amlath the ancient viking inspiration,for hamlet for inspiration of his own,eggers tells a story of revenge and fate,that in some ways feels familiar but,also gives us by way of that oh so,important spectacle i mentioned the,definitive piece of viking media that i,think weve quite frankly ever gotten i,mean let me present exhibit a the movie,is filled with this,okay okay sure we gotta have more than,that right the movie has to mean,something beyond spectacle right its,the reason so many of those other movies,work theyre rich with character study,character development narrative intrigue,themes you wouldnt see someone whos,actually watched the movie say lawrence,of arabia is just a bunch of shots of,people crossing the desert on camels,well the northmen is definitely not just,shots of alexander skarsgard looking,furious in the fjords while he cuts,throats and earns a place in valhalla,this is a rich twisted adaptation of the,legend of amleth that is secured by some,of the best performances of the year so,far the right mixture of mythological,and shakespearean influence while still,wearing edgars unmistakable voice and,penchant for dark humor and historical,authenticity down to the blades,of grass,and one more time an undeniable overload,of some of the best cinematic spectacle,weve gotten in years the northmen is a,sheer triumph its the coming-of-age,moment for viking movies and speaking of,coming of age you might as well get,ready for an entire month of crawling,around shirtless and howling like a wolf,because rage shadow legends also comes,of age celebrating three years of being,one of the top role-playing games out,there remember the first time you,ascended the doom tower the 120-foot,gauntlet filled with new and terrifying,bosses well as a high-level collection,rpg raid hasnt just given us quantity,theyve given us quality and of course,theres the newest and biggest addition,to raid the hydra its without a doubt,the biggest baddest and scariest boss to,ever set foot in tilleria this month,raids celebrating its three-year,anniversary and theyve got an insane,amount of things in store were talking,new champions new artifact sets and a,full month of special events and,tournaments if youre not playing yet,hit my link in the description or scan,the qr code here on the screen check the,game out and youll get a special huge,birthday package worth 40 dollars were,talking three free champions at once,plus 10 magic xp brews 10 force xp brews,and 10 spirit brews thats huge and the,gifts keep coming all this treasure will,be available to you only for the next 30,days and only for new players here all,new and existing players can get a bunch,of free birthday gifts worth over 25,dollars once youre in game after,clicking on the links just enter promo,code three years raid to get your hands,on your gift and its that easy just,click the link in the description below,and i will see you in the game and thank,you so much to raid shadow legends for,sponsoring this video,so your fathers been murdered in front,of you by his illegitimate heir of a,brother your future is in tatters and,you are dead in the minds of all who,knew you all while youre still a child,sounds like its time to become a viking,right well but hold on there for a,second im getting a little ahead of,myself we should talk about what makes,the northmen the northmen i mean this is,hamlet right well yes but also no the,tale of amleth is the tale of hamlet,theyre essentially one in the same with,the core being an heir taking revenge,against the killer of his father the,king and reclaiming what is rightfully,his a lot of that is definitely in the,northmen but its not a one-to-one,adaptation theres a sprinkling of,oedipus rex in amleths plan to,intentionally rescue his mother rather,than inadvertently marry her but the,movie consults macbeth almost as much as,it does its main influence of hamlet for,one the fact that amleth all but,receives his quest in the story through,prophecy reinforced later on by the,witch-like seer played by bjork and in,several dreamlike moments where he sees,images of what is to come has no roots,in hamlet whereas the three witches and,a recurring set of prophecies are partly,what guide macbeth through the titular,play on top of that gujran is more of a,lady macbeth than she is gertrude there,is blood on her hands from having,tactically sanctioned the murder of,amleths father she did not desire,amleth as a son feeling that he was,forced upon her and she has little use,for him as an adult and like the,scheming lady macbeth she tempts amleth,with an incestuous workaround for his,revenge one which she presents for him,after she has already broken him down,emotionally she is an active villain in,this story whereas gertrude is more of,an ignorant not quite innocent bystander,all of that being said the northmen,eases you into its shakespearean,smorgasbord giving you a sort of act,zero for hamlet in its opening minutes,setting you up for what you think the,movie will be before broadening its,storytelling after the inciting incident,theres a lot that the northmen does in,its first few minutes before the plot,proper kicks off when amleths father is,murdered by fjolnier edgar starts this,story by showing us where it ends at the,base of an active volcano known as the,gates of hell an early aside robin,caroline in sebastian gainesboro come,right out of the gate from the very,first note with what is arguably the,best score in a robert eggers film i,mean just listen to how much atmosphere,intention they get out of a simple drone,its always complementing the story,perfectly as any great score should do,but it also calls just enough attention,to itself to stay in your mind long,after the story has ended its eggerss,primal invitation to embark on a,ruthless journey of blood and brimstone,its similar to how you should go into,hamlet really after that brief moment of,establishing where we will end up the,northmen wastes no time in showing us,where we came from practically the first,thing we see is amleth as a boy beaming,at the return of his father we meet his,mother who in hindsight is putting on a,good show of pretending to be overjoyed,and before weve even properly,understood where home is for this family,were in the dark hall of their castle,wi

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