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  2. Costco Mattress Review – Novaform 14″ Serafina Pearl King Firm
  3. Costco Mattress Review – Novaform ComfortGrande
  4. Novaform Mattress Review: Should You Buy It? [2023]
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  6. Foam Mattress?? From Costco?? Novaform 14 inch Memory Foam
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REVIEW: Novaform 14″ Comfort Grande Plus Memory Foam Mattress (Queen) First Impressions

hey there welcome back to hearty,brothers outdoors josh hardy here im,getting ready to unpack this nova form,uh queen size comfort grande or grande,plus,uh gel memory foam mattress so,were putting it on a uh a bed here that,already has a platform,uh these are made for either,a platform bed or a uh any box spring so,its a 14 inch mattress,and,this thing is is quite heavy so it took,two of us to get it upstairs,and uh it says that all you gotta do is,just unpack it unroll it and its its,ready to go so,we have purchased a mattress like this,before and were happy with the quality,it wasnt this particular brand but,were going to give it a shot,this has a 20 year warranty,and were going to go ahead and take it,out and see how it uh how it feels,whatever this things going to like jump,up and,knock the,blizzard cage off,all right so i was a little worried that,thing was just gonna,explode,so far it has not,wrapped up in this rack,and then,uh,oh,were gonna,try it out get my son up here let it,unfold a little bit longer,but uh so far looks pretty good,so overall,uh beds pretty nice,its uh memory foam so if youre used to,memory foam you know its,gives quite a bit,and overall pretty comfortable looking,forward to trying it out

Costco Mattress Review – Novaform 14″ Serafina Pearl King Firm

Hey everyone today were gonna do a setup and review of the king size Novaform Serafina firm pearl mattress. Check it out,Hey everyone,I just got home in the king-size Novaform Serafina firm pearl mattress that we ordered from Costco online is sitting at my front door,You can order this from Costco.com or Costco.ca,Its quite amazing. They can fit a king-sized mattress in this cardboard box. So well see how they did that,Now if you go to Costco com, its currently $200 off at,$749.99,This mattress has three layers of foam. The first layer is two inches of comfort. Luxe,It says its cool and comfort. The second is three inches of Laura core Center and the third is nine inches of support foam,Its also made in the USA. Now. If you go to the Canadian site, its $1299.99,We paid $969.99 on sale,So I managed to lug this 123 pound box up to our bedroom was quite the haul of the flight of stairs,But I do recommend maybe using two people to do it. Its definitely easier to move it around,Well pull that out so they did manage to fit that in there,Its amazing how tightly they have that shrink wrapped. When you go to cut it open. Theres two layers of plastic,Just make sure you dont penetrate the mattress itself,So be really careful with your scissors or your knife,And once you get that second layer of plastic off it just begins to expand quite rapidly,so pull the mattress out flat and just let it,Let it expand. You can pull all the plastic off there,So heres a bit of a time-lapse of it,growing well leave that for about an hour what were actually gonna do my wife and I are gonna test out the mattress for,About two months and then were gonna finish filming the video at that point. So we have a good review for you,So continue watching and well check back with you in two months,So welcome back everyone,Its been two months since we set up this mattress and weve slept on it almost every single night since then,And the first thing I wanted to point out is that there arent any grooves in this mattress,So Im over 200 pounds and our last mattress have these big grooves and a high point in the middle. This is really quite flat,Were really happy about that. Thats something were looking for in a mattress something thats gonna hold up a little bit better,So have a look there now,The other thing we noticed is that the mattress quality the fabric, especially on the top they call it a performance fabric,It seems to be quite durable and its quite plush and soft,So that feels really nice to the skin,The other thing is the mattress because its foam when someone rolls over,It doesnt really transfer the bounce so you dont really feel when someones rolling over. So thats always nice,Its got this two-inch plush foam at the top,And I notice when I lay in this bed, it feels like even support down my body,It doesnt feel like Im gonna get poked in the side with a spring. Its also got this nice,Contrasting fabric down the side now if you balanced on the mattress, you dont hear any springs,Pinging or anything like that. Its just,Nice and soft like youd expect with foam. So thats awesome,Heres my wife. So shes laying on this mattress. Again. This is the firm mattress. So she doesnt sink into it very much,She kind of lays up on top of it. So again, it seems really strong,You can see that shes got good support and its even across the body,They do have a plush mattress as well. So if youre looking for something a little bit softer, thats also an option,Now if you lay at the edge of the mattress, you can see theres quite a bit of support there as well,It does give a little bit,Because it is a foam mattress, but it does seem to support weight quite well,the only thing other thing I noticed,That its kind of weird is that its about an inch bigger than our other box spring from our old mattress. So,I dont know if its the old box spring thats a little small or the new mattress. Thats a little bigger,So if thats gonna bother you maybe just confirm the dimensions on your boxspring before you order the mattress,now one other thing that we did notice is that because the mattress is a fourteen inch mattress our,Standard sheets that we have dont fit on it very well. They they pop off really easy. Id love to hear from you,what sheets you use for thicker mattresses, and if you could write those down in the,Comments below that would be appreciated,So other than those couple little things I dont have a negative thing to say about this mattress,I would buy it again in a heartbeat,When we looked at reviews online,They were really really good reviews and the price on this mattress seemed to be about half of the comparable,So I think it is a good choice for a mattress,The other things we really like is that when your spouse rolls over you dont really feel it,Theres not a lot of bounce in this bed. It feels really even across your body. Youre not getting those Springs,Poking you in the side as well as its not creating those big grooves,Thats something where were looking for in a mattress is just gonna be firm and solid with good quality materials,So were really happy with that,The other great thing about this mattress is the fact that it includes shipping and it comes to your door,You dont have to go pick it up,its delivered right to your door and you can carry it right into your house and set it up and,That youre buying it from Costco Costco stands behind their products,They have a good return policy,If you dont like it and the company that actually manufactures this mattress puts a twenty year limited warranty on the mattress as well,So if you own the same mattress,Id love to hear your feedback leave those comments down below in the comment section as well,and also if you like this video,Please give it a thumbs up and remember to subscribe to my channel Northern Viking Explorer,Ive got plenty of videos coming up in the future that Id love to share with you,Thank you so much again for watching and take care

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Costco Mattress Review – Novaform ComfortGrande

hi grant,Jia here welcome if youre new and if,youre already a subscriber thanks for,coming back if you arent subscribed to,my channel I would love for you to hit,that red subscribe button down below,that way you get notified every time I,post a new video I post all types of,videos from kostol hauls money saving,tips budgeting working mommy tips all of,the above so today Im talking about our,recent purchase that we got from Costco,our recently big purchase that we got,from Costco which is a new mattress now,I mentioned this in the last hour last,Costco haul that we were in the market,to buy a new mattress if you havent,seen that video you can click this box,here and I will also insert a card but,yeah many of you guys left really great,comments about the different mattresses,that you guys have recently purchased,and I really really appreciate that I,love reading all of the comments that I,get on my channel but yeah we ended up,actually buying the mattress that day,that I we went there and what we got was,the 14 inch nova form Serafina memory,foam mattress in a king size and I have,to say guys I absolutely love this,mattress it has been such a relief now,let me just tell you a little bit about,the mattress that we had before we have,just a normal Sealy mattress it was a,spring mattress that we purchased I,think back in 2005 I believe it was my,mattress before I even my husband and I,started dating from 2005 weve had it,since then I know thats horrible I know,youre supposed to replace your mattress,every eight years but you know you just,never think about it and I knew like for,the past year we knew that were going,to have to buy one and I started putting,money away for it last year so that when,the time came where it was just to the,point where we just needed to get a new,mattress and we saw something when we,were out that we were able to do and we,were able to pay cash for it so that,because I had been saving the money for,for the past year,and so I had been doing a lot of,research about mattresses especially,mattresses that we like you know I,really like memory foam mattress my,husband was like huh,you know either or as long as it was,firm enough for him and comfortable to,him he really didnt care I mean the,reason why I really liked I thought that,I would like memory foam mattresses is,because we have a Queens queen-size bed,in our guest room and on that bed we,have a memory foam topper like maybe,like a four inch topper theyre pretty,expensive but to me it makes your,mattress last so long you know theres,no issues theres no dips I mean granted,we dont sleep in theyre off and we,dont have guests in there often but,that memory foam top foam topper makes,the mattress so incredibly comfortable,and so because of that I knew that I,think I would you know really like a,memory foam mattress so Ive been doing,lots of research on memory foam mattress,and if you guys didnt know I am a huge,fan of Clark Howard Clark Howard comm he,also has a YouTube channel here on,YouTube and hes huge on consumer rights,and consumer reviews and he gives really,unbiased consumer reviews of what the,top things are in different categories,so for memory foam Nova form the brand,as a whole came in number one even above,tempur-pedic and all the other really,expensive Im talking mattresses that,are in the upward thousands and,thousands of dollars it beat those,companies and so that really spoke to me,I mean it is a Costco brand and you guys,know how much I love Costco I mean I,should be really the true brand,ambassador for Costco because I am so,all about Costco so uh I knew that I I,wanted to know before mattress so when,we went that day they had the Nova foam,mattresses in there I dont know if you,guys remember and they had it in the,flyer it was 120 dollars off and so I,went into the that Costco and,unfortunately I didnt see it when I was,at,go I only saw another like Sealy,mattress like a normal spring mattress,there so I asked and they were like kind,of in the middle of the store and,usually in my Costco the mattresses are,around the perimeter so we went saw the,box and I said well honey I think we,should just get it so the regular,purchase price for this mattress is six,99.99 and that month they had $140 off,so it came to five hundred and sixty,dollars which i think is a great price,for a mattress now another reason why I,wanted to buy our mattress from Costco,is because of their great return policy,their return policy is spectacular,they dont have like a 90 day cap 120,day cap 180 day cap you literally can,walk in a year later and say hey I hate,this mattress I want to return it and,they will give you a full refund now,they do have some you know exceptions to,that and I talked about that in the last,classical haul like you cant do that,with computers or electronics or major,appliances or anything like that but,anything else you can take back and I,made sure and asked about that for,mattresses like would we be able to take,it back in six months if we didnt like,it and they said absolutely so since,its a memory foam mattress it does come,in a box so its like air tight its,like a suction airtight wrapping that,the mattress comes in so its rolled up,and its in a box so it was pretty heavy,we got it home,got it here my dad was kind enough to,come over and help us got it up the,stairs we removed our mattress from our,bed got it up the stairs we cut it open,and just let the air just come out now,it said I think you needed to wait four,hours for all of the air to come get,back into the mattress after you cut,open cut it open so we waited the the,the four hours I think we waited like,six or eight hours essentially before we,ended up getting in bed that night but I,have to tell you guys that this mattress,is so comfortable I was suffering from,neck and shoulder pain,tremendously from our last mattress and,also with the pillows to which Ill talk,about in a little bit but because of the,mattress because of the dips in the,mattress and it was starting to get very,springy it was just uncomfortable and so,with this its like a dream I mean it is,fun and it takes a little bit to get,used to it because its a lot firmer,than what we had and I would say on a,scale of one to ten its probably maybe,a six or seven I would say its more,like a seven okay um but its so it like,you could tell it supports your pressure,points when youre laying on your side,and or on your back or your stomach I,mean it definitely depends on what kind,of sleeper you are but for me I am a,stomach and side sleeper and so for me,it has been so comfortable another thing,that I absolutely love about this bed is,that I cant feel it when my husband,gets in and out of the bed for our old,mattress I knew it when he would get in,the bed because it would I could feel,the movement on my side I knew wed hit,when he would get out or if he tossed,and turned throughout the night I can,feel that and he can feel me but with,this bed you cant feel like I cant,tell when he gets in and out of the bed,if I dont if Im not listening to it I,cant feel him get in and out of the bed,which is tremendous for us because a lot,of times our girls do sometimes sleep,with us thats another whole nother,topic on a whole nother day but they,still do get in the bed with us and they,toss and turn quite a bit they sleep so,wild and I cant like feel the bed shake,or move when they move my kids or my,husband so that has been tremendous for,us so we absolutely love it so far its,been about a month since weve had it,and I still love it like I said it takes,a couple of days to get used to because,its a little bit firmer if youve never,had a memory foam mattress before it is,firmer than you know your normal spring,mattress but a little bit firmer is,better than soft because soft mattresses,dont last and thats when you know back,neck you know shoulder problems will,come into play now Im no expert and I,do want to say that Im not getting paid,for this these are all of

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Novaform Mattress Review: Should You Buy It? [2023]

[Music],nav form is a mattress company that,specializes in memory foam products the,company sells a diverse range of,affordable mattresses mattress toppers,and pillows the current mattress lineup,includes the surfinaprocool mattress,they cover Grand plus mattress the,overnight recovery gel memory foam,mattress the advanced back support,specialized mattress this so fresh,responsive foam mattress and a basic gel,memory foam mattress the Comfort Grand,plus is one of the companys most,competitively priced mattresses standing,at 14 inches tall the mattress has room,for a full support core and a thicker,Comfort System than most other,mattresses in this price range the Nava,form Comfort Grand plus features a layer,of gel infused memory foam over a second,layer of the air channel foam similar to,convoluted poly foam the support core,consists of 8 inches of high density,poly foam with a medium firm feel the,mattress is designed to appeal to the,vast majority of sleeper types this,memory foam mattress is an appealing,choice for Shoppers on a budget well,take a closer look at the instruction of,the Nava form Comfort Grand plus and,discuss how the mattress performs for,different types of sleepers,[Music],most signed sleepers should find the,Comfort Grand plus mattress suitable for,their needs side sleepers need ample,cushioning around their shoulders and,hips to prevent pressure buildup and,pressure relief is where the Comfort,Grand plus mattress stands out the gel,infused memory foam and air channel foam,cushion sharp pressure points while,eight inches of high density pulp foam,in the mattress support core gently,support the hips and help keep the spine,alive first side sleepers under 230,pounds the Comfort Grand plus mattress,provides the right balance between,cushioning and support the mattress is,particularly appropriate for individuals,between 130 and 230 pounds as side,sleepers under 130 pounds may prefer a,slightly softer mattress for deeper,contouring sitting at a six on the 10,point firmness scale the Comfort Grand,plus may feel too soft for side sleepers,over 230 pounds individuals in this,wheat range typically need a firmer,mattress for optimal support this,mattress plush Comfort layers allow the,hips to sink in too deeply which can,shift the spine out of alignment,[Music],the non-form Comfort Grant plus is an,excellent choice for back sleepers under,130 pounds back sleepers do best with a,mattress that delivers equal parts,pressure relief and support to keep the,spine on and even playing the mattress,combination of contouring Comfort layers,in support of high density poly foam,help align the spine and Contour to the,lumbar zone for maximum pressure relief,back sleepers between 130 and 230 pounds,should also find the Comfort Grant plus,adequate for these individuals the,mattress cushions the upper body without,causing excessive setting however some,back sleepers between 130 and 230 pounds,may prefer a firmer mattress that,delivers more support for the lumbar,spine despite its eight inch support,core the Comfort Grand plus may not feel,supportive enough for back sleepers over,230 pounds these sleepers exert more,pressure on the mattress and may find,their hips sinking too deeply not only,can this push the spine out of alignment,it may also cause pressure buildup in,the lower back,foreign,the Comfort Grant plus mattress is a,suitable choice for stomach sleepers,under 130 pounds stomach sleepers,typically need a firm mattress that,supports the midsection to avoid,straining the back individuals who weigh,less than 130 pounds dont sink as far,into the mattress these sleepers should,find the mattress release pressure from,the lower back while keeping the spine,alive individuals who weigh more than,130 pounds may find the mattress is too,soft allowing the hips to sink and,putting pressure on the lower back this,is particularly true for stomach,sleepers above 230 pounds stomach,sleepers weighing more than 130 pounds,usually need a firmer mattress to,maintain healthy spinal alignment,the notiform Comfort Grand plus mattress,is an all-foam model with three distinct,layers these include a comfort section,made with gel infused memory foam and,air channel foam and a high density poly,foam support core all the Foams used in,the mattress are made in the U.S to help,fight the heat retention that is typical,of memory foam mattresses the Comfort,grain plus contains three inches of,proprietary EV and core gel plus memory,foam in its top Comfort layer the gel,infusions aim to maintain a consistent,temperature by drawing away heat from,the surface of the mattress memory foam,also hugs the sleeper and cushions,potential pressure points in the,shoulders back and hips underneath this,layer memory foam is three inches of air,channel foam this foam has a ridge like,design similar to an egg crate designed,to enhance breathability by allowing air,to flow through the grooves also help,reduce pressure points by lifting the,lower back and preventing the spine from,sinking in too deeply the Comfort Grand,plus is a medium firm feel or a 6 on the,10 point firmness scale in the support,core 8 inches of high density powerful,provided durable base that helps,maintain proper spinal alignment encased,in a quilty cover the mattress has a 14,inch profile due to the above average,height of this mattress deep pocket,sheets may be necessary the nav form,Comfort Graham mattress is an all-foam,mattress with three inches of gel,infused memory foam three inches of,their Channel foam and an 8 inch high,density polyphoon support core,compared to many other memory foam,models the Comfort Grand plus mattress,comes in at below average price point,moreover Costco frequently offers,discounts on Nava form products which,can significantly lower the sticker,price of the mattress this mattress is,available in five standard sizes twin,full queen king and California King Nava,form does not offer twin XL option,despite being slightly heavier than some,foam mattresses due to its extra high,the mattress has sturdy handles on each,side that allow customers to move it,more easily,we are going to end this video right,away if you have any query or,information to share please leave a,comment below thanks for watching

Casper Select Mattress Review – Best Costco Mattress??

hey its bridgette a certified sleep,science coach and mattress expert here,at sleepopolis and today im going to be,reviewing the casper select mattress im,going to put this through a variety of,tests and let you know how it does on,our sleepopolis scorecard,but before we dive in here are some,quick facts you should know about the,casper select first off you can only get,it through costco with the costco,membership its 12 inches tall all foam,and has zone support which means it has,firmer sections of foam in certain areas,to help keep your spine aligned while,sleeping it has a medium firm feel that,props you up while youre sleeping but,still gives you some nice foam,cushioning you can either buy the casper,online through costco with shipping,included or go into the store costco,offers a 100 satisfaction guarantee and,the casper select comes with a 10 year,warranty it arrives compressed in a box,so id ask someone to help with setting,it up my co-worker emilia so generously,helped me as you can see here,now lets test for motion isolation,motion transfer is how movement carries,from one side of the bed to the other so,this is really important for anyone who,shares the bed with a partner or a pet,if youre sleeping over here you dont,want to feel them tossing and turning,over there so to test it out we use our,classic red wine test,i put a glass of wine on one side and,move around on the other to see how much,it moves it and these were pretty solid,results which isnt too surprising for,an all-foam bed overall id give the,casper select four stars for motion,isolation,next up is our edge support test edge,support is how well the perimeter of a,mattress supports weight so think if you,ever sit on the edge of the bed or you,sleep near it and you dont want to feel,like youre falling off this is also a,really great thing for couples because,you can use the full surface of the bed,to start the test i sat on the edge and,moved around up and down and i felt a,little bit of sinkage here then i laid,and moved around on the edge of the bed,and it was a lot more supportive laying,down and pretty impressive for an,all-foam mattress,so overall id give it four stars for,edge support,next up the pressure map test the,pressure map uses heat mapping,technology to show where pressures,building across my body when i lay on,the casper select so heres what you,need to know when youre looking at,these results blues and greens are good,and are showing low pressure oranges and,reds are bad and are showing high,pressure youre going to want to see low,pressure around your back hips and,shoulders if you sleep on your side or,back and when i lay on my back i saw,blue and green all throughout on my side,there was pretty much all blue and green,too with a touch of yellow forming on my,side,so overall i give the casper select five,stars for pressure relief for back,sleepers 4 stars for pressure relief for,side sleepers you may have noticed i,havent mentioned stomach sleepers its,not really about them when it comes to,pressure im going to cover them next,lets go over the different sleeping,positions and how they do on the casper,select every sleeping position is going,to want to have spinal alignment but,they need different things out of a,mattress to make that happen,stomach sleepers need a firm mattress to,keep their hips elevated and spine,aligned i consider the casper select to,be a medium firm to firmer bed so i,think some stomach sleepers weighing,under 250 pounds could do well but those,who weigh more than that will likely,want a firmer mattress id give it three,and a half stars for overall stomach,sleeping,side sleepers need some contouring,around their shoulder and hip and i,thought this did a pretty good job but,some side sleepers may want more,softness and sinkage around their joints,so id give it four stars for side,sleeping,while back sleepers need a comfortable,and supportive option and i think theyd,be happy on this so id give it five,stars for back sleeping,now lets test for responsiveness,response of this is how easy you can,move around on a mattress so this is,important especially for combination,sleepers or anyone who just wants to get,in and out of bed without a struggle,i dont feel stuck in the casper select,and can move around easily on it and,when i move into a new position i feel,like the bed adjusts well to this new,sleeping position,so i give the casper select 5 stars for,responsiveness,price is of course an important factor,and keep in mind mattress prices do,change a lot and this one specifically,requires a costco membership to buy it,but currently you can get the casper,select all faux mattress in a queen size,for about 750 dollars including shipping,and handling,right we have made it through all of our,tests so now i want to give the casper,select one final score along with the,different tests you saw in this video,im also going to use components like,its materials cooling abilities warranty,information and more to help give this,final score and when i add it all up and,crunch the numbers it gets a final score,of 4.13,out of 5.,alright i hope you found this review,helpful if you have any more questions,about this mattress other mattresses or,sleep products and accessories head over,to sleepopolis.com we also have sleep,health information there and coupons too,before you go hit that subscribe button,and ill see you next time,[Music],you

Foam Mattress?? From Costco?? Novaform 14 inch Memory Foam

hey whats up my name is madison welcome,to what im going to be calling my first,maddie monday um,and my first actual youtube video so i,just kind of wanted to get started on,this because ive always had a passion,with,photography and videography so,this will just be my little lifestyle,channel and hopefully you like it i know,you found this probably because youre,looking for a review on a mattress so,lets get started,um so what were gonna be reviewing,today is the nova form uh grand comfort,14 inch gel memory foam mattress so i,got this mattress from costco i am,moving into my brand new apartment and,buying furniture for the first time,the girl purchased im waiting for all,the furniture to come in you can see,behind me,the mattress that i slept on last night,that is the nova 4 mattress so i was,kind of waiting on the floor waiting for,the rest of the bed and everything to,come in this right here is mocha,shes the best shes my rescue pup and,we have the best time so hopefully,youll enjoy our adventures too,so first and foremost whenever you buy,this mattress its going to be coming in,a big box,so if you are worried about transferring,a mattress whether you wont need a,truck or a truck bed or anything like,that you actually dont really need this,you could probably fit this in the back,of your car you probably fit it in the,back of a small car,um,but it is very heavy um i am,five nine,and lift weights and i had trouble,kind of maneuvering it getting it around,and i needed people to help me,get it from the car or to the car and,from the car um i used a dolly that,definitely helped with like any of the,manual labor you need to move that box,around,so basically um once you open the box it,comes with two forms this one is called,the nova form um it has information on,unpacking the box and facts about the,mattress and also,um talks about their warranty which is a,20 year warranty which is really really,great especially for,um a foam mattress because usually they,give way with our body weight so i,really am looking forward to,kind of seeing like they must really,believe in their product and then,it just comes with another little form,and this one um,just shows you how you can register your,mattress um with,all the information that they give you,um the,the these two brochures uh this one,comes in english,french and spanish so um if you prefer,a different language um,preference that is available for you,and then,this one comes in english and i think,its,french yeah this ones french,so,english and french just to get,registration done and then english,french and spanish,just for more information on the product,so what im going to be showing you next,is just kind of me reviewing the product,um,unpacking it,kind of getting it to,expand a little bit and you have to let,the mattress breathe um so you can get,all the chemicals out of it before you,start laying down your sheets and,everything along with that,um so i did sleep on it one night and,honestly it was a really really great,sleep for me it was cushiony it was a,little bit firm i did get the medium,firm,i did get the medium firm mattress so i,am very happy with that choice,um i wouldnt want it to be too soft,because i want to be able to get up out,of the bed but i dont want it to be so,firm that im sleeping on a brick,honestly i have this topper over here,right here,from,my old bed that ive used my entire life,and i brought it up here in my apartment,because i thought that maybe you know,i wont like the mattress as much and,im gonna need something thats a little,bit more cushiony,to,i dont know sleep better but honestly i,slept on that mattress the first night,and i felt completely great so i might,actually be getting this mattress topper,and thats a four inch mattress topper,so you know thats,you know thats comfortable,[Music],[Applause],[Music],so um,before we leave here,please adopt a dog mocha would love if,someone adopted someone like her,she,and all other dogs really need,love,and a good home,and they know when theyre getting love,in a good home,so please,adopt and thank you for watching my,video i hope that you enjoyed it,and i hope in the future you continue to,watch my videos and kind of watch me,grow in my apartment and in my lifestyle,as well,as i continue to make videos that kind,of pertain,to whats going on in my life,but yeah,say bye mocha,bye bye,say bye,say bye malcolm thanks for watching my,video,hello,hello,hi,so its gonna be choppy its gonna be,sloppy but,[Music]

Moving | Review on Novaform 14″ Comfort Grande Plus Memory Foam Mattress

[Music],[Music],[Music],go as far as you can see with you,and today i want to share something so,we got a new condominium,going to moved in today its two,bedrooms two bathrooms two,tubs,[Music],how beautiful it is ac very nice,extremely nice i just love it beautiful,view,but the very top will be quiet no more,noise,owner is uh excellent slavic family,so theyre going to be finish up this,all,lets see the main reason my video is,to show you this costco product and i,want to,show you later what it looks like why,choose that one,i have tried that one before and i,really love it,so its a really big and nice shower,tower on the top,everythings for fraction of the,[Music],lets see 1700,[Music],condominium you would say nice to buy,house,but i guess of course i dont mind to,buy a house,but thats going to be,in a little bit i still have to do it,okay lets get this thing out its very,heavy,i dont know how many pounds is probably,like hundred plus pounds its very heavy,i,hate to true down but ill try to lower,it,oh there you go its a king size,uh lets see by nova form i have that in,the past,come for granted gel memory foam form,14 14 inch simply better sleep,so the reason why i get this one not,a little bit more expensive,theres another sleepy sleep phone brand,but anyway,this guy right here it has 14 inch,the other one was 12 12 inch simply,wow its very heavy you need a couple of,strong hands,[Music],you can hear its breathing,[Music],i need to cut this up,its still sucking some air i will avoid,to use sharp objects so then you just,plug pliers,[Music],lets get this thing out i would,definitely suggest,to anyone its still working on it its,14 inch,and we dont like to use anything,my goodness very nice,and again this from costco for about,6.99 i think thats what it was,and we got some cotton blankets and,stuff,and sheets i like it to be honest,first thing its very nice,probably still,[Music],lets see,[Music],softer on the bottom on the top and the,thicker at the bottom,and im probably my wifes going to be,the one whos first going to fall on,this one,i will wait woke it up,lets get the back to this box uh,are you on 24 7 we support you taking so,i think they are,pretty great and support i have no phone,before,so thats the date of manufacture,[Music],so,[Applause],[Music],so,[Music],[Music],so,[Music],[Applause],[Music],so,you

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