1. Does Nugenix Actually Work? We Did Labs to Find the Truth!
  2. Nugenix Total T Supplement Review
  4. Top 3 Testosterone Boosting Supplements (these actually work!)
  5. Urologist explains risks of testosterone boosts
  6. NUGENIX Final Review & Results. 2020 Testosterone Booster: IM STILL ALIVE
  7. NUGENIX TOTAL T | The Honest Truth

Does Nugenix Actually Work? We Did Labs to Find the Truth!

hello YouTube San Ridgeway here owner of,live like a Viking calm and todays,video finally answers the question does,new genex work this is probably one of,the most involved videos Ive ever done,because I actually started this back in,February of 2019 and since then Ive had,so many people ask me when Im going to,release a video showing the results well,today happens to be that day so lets,get to it so first let me remind you of,the claims new genex makes with their,testosterone boosting product heres an,excerpt from my original video in 2019,and the claims back then are the same,claims made today this is a product it,says it can increase free and total,testosterone it can maximize energy it,can increase lean muscle mass and it can,boost libido,so my experiment went like this I put,out a YouTube video asking for test,subjects the requirements were one they,had to be men over the age of 42 they,had to be entirely natural meaning they,couldnt be on testosterone replacement,therapy or any other form of,performance-enhancing drugs and 3 they,had to be smart enough to follow simple,directions I had no problem finding,people to satisfy the first two criteria,but the third lets just say Im,surprised,some people are allowed to live by,themselves I went through nine people,before I found three that actually,followed the instructions to a tee,because if they didnt follow the,instructions youre fired,youre fired youre fired I sent out two,testing kits both of a measured,testosterone levels along with a 30-day,supply of new genex total tea the,instructions were as follows complete,the first testosterone kit and send it,back to the lab for processing this,establishes a baseline testosterone,level or in other words the b4 value,once youve done that start taking,eugenics every day for 30 days on the,day you take your last,eugenics pill complete the second,testosterone kit and send it to the lab,for processing this establishes your,after value so we look at your,testosterone levels before new genex and,we compare those to what your values,were a month later a very simple,experiment that uses scientific data to,prove unequivocally if the new genex,product works or if its a total scam,and the results were as follows,subject number one he started out with,the testosterone level of 131 after 30,days on eugenics his test level dropped,to 111 subject number two started off,with a testosterone level of 57 and,after 30 days on eugenics his test level,dropped to 37 subject number three he,started off with the testosterone level,of 87 and after 30 days on eugenics his,test level dropped to 71 now keep in,mind that every one of these test,subjects had a ridiculously low,testosterone level to begin with,primarily because youre not gonna sign,up for this experiment unless youre,feeling like crap and searching for help,but the other part we have to keep in,mind is with beginning testosterone,levels so low it should have been,difficult for new Jetix to produce,results what Im saying is the bar,was set very low but new genex didnt,help at all,and I didnt expect it to if Im being,blunt anybody that believes you can walk,into a GNC store as the worn-out shell,of a man you used to be grabbed a,non-prescription product off of the,shelf and miraculously transformed back,into the alpha male you were two decades,ago is stupid but Im not finished yet I,want to address one more issue Frank,Thomas the spokesperson for this new,genex product I understand you havent,played baseball in years I understand,money was probably getting a little,tight and I understand that a man has to,provide for his family but if the day,ever comes where I would sell my soul to,rep a company that clearly produces a,scam product that Id be willing to,assign a dollar value to my integrity,the day I would somehow find a way to,internally justify deceiving people for,my own financial gain well lets just,say on that day I am ready to check out,shame on you Frank Thomas and shame on,you Andy Van Slyke and finally shame on,you Doug Flutie I guarantee you all,three of those are on,testosterone replacement therapy,injections bioidentical testosterone,they shoot into their bodies with an,eland syringe on a weekly basis and for,them to try to pretend anything else is,going on is a damn lie,so in conclusion it shouldnt even have,been necessary to do this experiment in,the first place,the average person is smart enough to,know youre not going to raise your,testosterone with a few non prescription,pills you grab off of a store shelf but,since new genex is an extremely popular,product its blatantly obvious there are,more than a handful of men willing to,open their wallets while at the same,time shutting off their brains ladies,and gentlemen,the only way to increase your,testosterone levels and get your old,self back is through hormone replacement,therapy this isnt rocket science you,give your body exactly what its,deficient in and if you do that,miraculously youre once again able to,build lean muscle you have an increased,libido your metabolism is optimized,youve reduced brain fog decreased,depression and you vastly improved your,sexual function your self-confidence,returns and youre back to being a,positive influence to everyone around,you,in fact testosterone gives you,everything that new Jen exclaims – with,the exception that it doesnt have that,whole sleazy scam part at the end of it,guys over 40 do you make new geniux,total teeth and shell like it – I,suppose if shes into gullible idiots,yeah looks like youre gonna get lucky,so you can choose to be an alpha male,with the real thing or you can choose to,be a weenie with new genex but either,way you are never too old to live like a,Viking until next time peace out,[Music],you

Nugenix Total T Supplement Review

hows it going guys its Jaidyn head of,research and product development Haredim,zu back today with another supplement,review lets get into this one so today,were looking at new genex total tea,Ive seen commercials about this one on,TV,whenever Im sitting in a waiting room,or something I was getting my oil change,and I actually saw a commercial for this,so they do have a money-back guarantee,which is awesome I always like to see I,like to see that simply because I like,to know if Im gonna buy this product,and it doesnt work or I dont like you,and I can get my money back you know,within a certain amount of time other,than that they do have some some,trademarked ingredients down here that,are a little bit researched but they,dont provide us any research which is,something that I would like to see in,the future they also dont have any kind,of third-party testing or GMP,certification that Im aware of so I,would like to see that as well so,third-party testing its whenever the,company hires an unbiased party to go,into their manufacturing facility and,test their products to see if they,actually have what they say they have in,them and then good manufacturing,practice just shows that the,manufacturing side of the product is,actually efficacious but lets break it,apart this formulation and see whats in,here,the first ingredient that they have is,vitamin b6 as paradoxical hydrochloride,this in Creed this ingredient does not,increase testosterone directly but,correcting deficiencies in this vitamin,plays an indirect role in increasing,testosterone the RDA for this ingredient,is 1.3 milligrams for numeral adults and,this product has two milligrams so its,pretty effectively dosed next they have,vitamin b12 as methyl cobalamin which is,the better form of vitamin b12 this,ingredient is the more active form of,b12 its,in research that by correcting b12,deficiencies it results in increased,fertility and related markers of sperm,health the effective dose in the studies,was 1500 micrograms per day and this,product has 2.4 zinc as zinc chelate,this ingredient has been shown an,increased testosterone a DHT and men to,help blunt the exercise induced decrease,in testosterone and thyroid hormones the,most effective dose is around 25 to 45,milligrams,this product has one milligram in it,next theres citrulline malate they have,a two to one ratio in this product so,l-citrulline much like the B vitamins,plays an indirect role in increasing,testosterone but its most notably known,for increasing erection quality so the,effective dose in the studies are around,1.5 to 2.5 grams and anything higher not,having additional benefits theres 1,point 1 to 5 milligrams in this product,next they have fenugreek extract they,have 50% Vinny side this is also a,trademarked ingredient known as testa,fen,so at 500 to 600 milligrams daily it was,shown to increase total and free,testosterone as well as decreased fat,mass however theres some evidence,showing some anti fertility effects and,rabbets so then be a little wary about,that next they have your Acoma Longy,folia extractant i think thats how you,say it there are a few studies that show,that this ingredient has a decent effect,increasing testosterone levels at a dose,of 200 to 300 milligrams of water,extract so it is under dosed at 100,milligrams finally they have boron as,boron gluconate which is a good form of,boron boron is a trace mineral shown to,be effective in increasing free,testosterone at doses at least 3,milligrams with the most effective dose,being 10 milligrams,this product has one milligram so its a,little its a little under dosed overall,I would give this product about 1/5,on a scale from zero to 30 it is better,than some of the products that Ive seen,its not the best though and I think,theres too many ingredients really in,this particular product for it to be,effectively dosed for increasing,testosterone also I didnt see any kind,of GMP certification or third-party,testing and they didnt have any,research available for us to dive into,so thats something that would really,encourage them to do in the future but,if you liked this video please hit the,like button please subscribe I do all,kinds of product reviews Ill have a,bunch of information coming out about,different ingredients about different,kinds of you know different things about,exercise physiology and stuff like that,so if youre interested in that please,subscribe I also have a newsletter that,I send out Monday through Friday that,goes over a single ingredient everything,you need to know about this ingredient,under five minutes you know what it is,how it works benefits side effects how,to take it,my preferred source of that ingredient,with a little bit of research sprinkled,in there if youre into that kind of,thing you can check that out and then,every one small have some goodies in,there from umezu for you as well so that,sounds good,please check that out and Ill talk to,you next time have a good one,[Music]

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[Music],hey guys this is dave from fit you know,were doing the review on eugenics,and i i have a baseline of,250 on my testosterone,well that was my baseline,i just went and got my testosterone i,mean my blood work done again,the two weeks well find out what my,baseline is after taking it started,today,taking three tabs,and again you know i have the 30 today,so were going to take it for,so thats going to give me a good,baseline and let me know where its at,and then,let me know where it finishes out so,were going to get some science in this,so,um,my baseline before i start taking the 14,day,was 250,so if it goes up so i have a baseline so,if it goes up,when my blood works done and on,april 9th i get the results back so if,it goes up youre gonna see that im not,taking anything else,there you go,it actually,for me its working so so were going to,get some science into this,so uh there you have it,and ill show you the paperwork and,everything else,uh like i said just left the doctor get,my blood work drawn,and uh were gonna add some science one,thing i did notice i looked through the,i was looking at the bottle,and,when they were talking about it helps,your sex drive or whatever i notice that,it has zinc in it,what is the number one thing that they,tell you guys guys hey you eat some,oysters,you know your your old boys gonna be,ready to go,you know why because oysters are the,biggest producers of zinc,so when you eat zinc your body is a,natural its almost like a natural,viagra,um im not gonna go that far but always,and i was looking at the bottle it has i,believe one gram,where if you get a bottle of zinc which,i take zinc,which i stopped taking this week because,i want to get a full effect im not,taking vitamin e im not taking anything,i stopped taking the zinc because,the zinc that i was taking was 50,milligrams that i got at walmart,for,six bucks okay here we go again im,gonna itemize and then you you tell me,if its worth seventy dollars a bottle,so im gonna break down the next video,uh or so were gonna break down a few of,the things in it,and price do some price comparisons,and uh,i am gonna tell you you know uh i i took,um,i think my last three the other day,yesterday or whatever it was,and uh,i felt a little better im not gonna say,im not im not im not feeling anything,from this,i cant say that,why would i i dont have to lie im not,in that space,its not its not in my realm of you,know so if i say its a good product for,me remember all this is for my purposes,only its for entertainment purposes,and educational purposes i am not a,doctor i want to go see doctors im not,going to tell you what they tell me,as far as expounding whether i should,use it or not or you should use it or,not,this is all over the counter anything,over the counter isnt going to be that,potent,it was youd have to have a prescription,like testosterone so uh,im not telling you what to do or im,telling you what its doing for me,you know all uh,you know it might change for you,im also today,going to start,um actually tomorrow im going to start,today im going to eat like a pig im,telling you right now,dropped 13 pounds but im gonna eat like,a pig that i need some ice cream ill,eat some ribs mommy whatever i want,todays my im a totally [ __ ] im a,cheap,but tomorrow,i am starting a complete uh,carnivore diet,no veggies,and im gonna tell you why,because studies have shown,that,you get just as many veg,you get not as much as concentrated uh,vitamins as you do it,because meat has,meat does have uh vitamins in it,so all these people you know talk about,dont eat meat dont eat meat which i i,was a vegetarian for over two years i,felt great,but,i know what my body needs when i eat,meat only i drop weight and i do really,good so im gonna do a total carnivore,diet no,just meat,period starting tomorrow stay tuned this,is dave from fat fit please like and,subscribe i hope you like the message i,hope you like whats going on i hope,youre learning something,and im glad youre here with me on this,journey if you need my products you can,go to davefat2fit,thats dave,fat the number two fit dot com,and uh put twit dave25,and you get 25 for,in the promo box get 25 off my prices,will be going up,uh,uh here shortly so if youre gonna get,something very good for me now because,uh people are you know i i i just i know,what my my products are worth,and uh im not im not putting out any,junk,so um,i,my grand opening i gave big discounts,you know and ive been doing that and,its time for it to get back to the,regular price,um,so,i encourage you to get what youre gonna,get now,um if youre happy heres one thing,heres a company here heres my company,model if youre struggling paying the,prices that if when i do go up,dmv,dm me it works out now because,i want people to be able to afford my,products,you know um,i want people to get better,you know youve never heard a company,say that,and so,and,we get a big consensus that hey this is,our price point,you know ill do what i can but you know,prices have gone up on me as far as,production side,so im not going to bore you with all,the math but im the most fairest person,you want to be because like i said,youre never going to find a company,that goes hey,if you need help with rc dmv,so this is dave from fat to fit thanks,for you guys for rocking with me,like and subscribe and ill see you on,the other side,[Music],you

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Top 3 Testosterone Boosting Supplements (these actually work!)

today im going to show you my top three,favorite supplements that i use to boost,my own testosterone levels,whats going on everybody its blake,bowman here with gorillaz and fitness,and in todays video im going to show,you my top three favorite supplements,that i use to boost my own testosterone,levels that actually work to begin,testosterone is your primary male,hormone that is responsible for many,different things it regulates your,ability to recover from workouts your,confidence your facial hair and body,hair,your aggressiveness your dominance,pretty much all masculine,characteristics come from testosterone,im not going to talk too much about,that today because presumably if youre,watching this video you already know,what testosterone is and youre just,looking to optimize it having said that,there are a lot of products on the,market that frankly either,dont work at all or they have such a,marginal effect that you can barely feel,then and,today what im going to be doing for you,is cutting through all of that and,getting right into the meat of things,the top three supplements that i,subjectively anecdotally have noticed,the biggest benefit from with no further,ado lets get right into it the first,one is a very simple,and cheap mineral called boron boron,works not by stimulating more,testosterone production in your body or,by giving your body more testosterone it,basically makes the testosterone in your,body more usable to you theres,something important that you need to,understand when it comes to testosterone,and that is something called sex hormone,binding globulin all right,this is basically a thing where if your,testosterone binds to sex hormone,binding globulin it becomes unavailable,and effectively,not usable by your body if youve ever,gotten blood work done and youve,checked your testosterone levels you,might see two categories total,testosterone and free testosterone total,testosterone is all of the testosterone,in your body all right some of that is,going to be bound to sex hormone binding,globulin and not actually,its not actually able to be utilized by,your body all right so thats what total,testosterone is free testosterone is the,amount of testosterone that your body,can use thats not bound to sex hormone,binding globulin its not too uncommon,for people to have you know high or you,know decently high levels of total,testosterone but low levels of free,testosterone what boron supplementation,will do i take about five milligrams,daily is it liberates testosterone from,sex hormone binding globulin it releases,it all right and effectively makes the,your total testosterone it converts a,portion of that into free testosterone,it takes the testosterone in your body,thats already there and it effectively,makes it more,available to your body it makes it,actually become utilized so that was the,first one the second one is actually an,herb stinging metal right this is,something that i,personally grow in my garden its also,something that i forage in the wild it,grows abundantly all over where i live,here and this actually works similarly,to boron so stinging nettle contains,compounds in it called ligands and what,these do,is they bind to sex hormone binding,globulin as well,and if they bind to sex hormone binding,globulin that means that testosterone,cant all right so,when you supplement with stinging nettle,what happens is,your testosterone that would have,otherwise become bound to sex hormone,binding globulin it cant bind to it so,its a way to preserve your free,testosterone levels and stop your free,testosterone from becoming bound to sex,hormone binding globulin in the first,place so boron releases sex you know the,testosterone from sex hormone binding,globulin and nettle helps to prevent,that from happening in the first place,both will help to you know optimize your,free testosterone levels the last one on,todays list is tongat also known as,long jack,this is another herb its super super,bitter its proven to increase,testosterone levels but the mechanism of,action the way that this work herb works,is not totally understood by,us some believe that this herb works by,blocking an enzyme called aromatase,which will which can convert,testosterone into estrogen which you,dont want to be happening some people,believe that its stimulating the,production of testosterone from,pregnalone in the body,either way its not fully understood,how it works we just know objectively,that it does work,and this is an herb that i for sure feel,especially when i stack all three of,these herbs together so thats it for,todays video this is quite kind of a,quick and dirty video i just wanted to,give you guys some heavy hitting,information and help you kind of cut,through all of the nonsense in the,market these are things that i,personally use and take and if youve,been watching my youtube channel for a,while uh youve probably seen my body go,through a bunch of different uh changes,not just my you know my haircut but also,my physique too and,a lot of that was,you know came down from me uh came down,to me managing my stress better and,optimizing my hormones i actually have,all these products and the brains that i,like to use listed on my website under,products i use its a new category that,i made there and i have everything,categorized by sleep optimization,hormone optimization muscle growth,uh a bunch of stuff like that stress,management all right so check out that,page theres a link to it in the,description down below if you enjoyed,this video,and youre looking for more information,on,other herbs other foods you can eat,theres a lot that i havent talked,about things like ashwagandha,and various other herbs that are also,very efficacious to this purpose but i,just didnt want to put them in this,video,youre probably if youre if youre into,that and youre seeking out more,information like this then youd,probably really like my free guide,called five testosterone boosting foods,and recipes basically what this is this,is a,bun this is like pdf guide where i teach,you the foods that contain the,nutritional precursors that your body,needs to use to make testosterone in the,first place and then we also give you,some recipes so that you can incorporate,these these foods into your meals if you,want to get that just open up the,description down below click the first,link available there and that will take,you over to my website where you can get,that guide if youre looking for another,spot to get that guide you can click,that link over there thatll take you to,the same exact spot on my website,if you havent yet subscribed to my,youtube channel go ahead and do that,over here and if you want to see another,video similar to this one kind of the,same vein check out this over there,thats it for today well see you next,time,[Music]

Urologist explains risks of testosterone boosts

youve probably seen the commercials,about testosterone and how it can give,guys the boost they need but there are,risks here to explain what you need to,know is dr. Koscheck Shaw with the,Austin neurology Institute good morning,to you,hey good morning Erin so first off do a,lot of men have low testosterone levels,well its such an interesting were,talking about this at 8 oclock in the,morning because interestingly mens,testosterone levels yours to David is,that highest early in the morning so,so we peak in the morning and we drop in,the afternoon but interestingly because,of ads that we see on TV because of a,lot of the whats in mens magazines and,things like that there is more and more,interest being focused on low,testosterone why would one need a,testosterone boost what does that help,well so interestingly the the symptoms,are very nonspecific meaning to say is,that we feel tired throughout the day to,meaning to say that we have a decreased,libido that were gaining weight that we,have maybe symptoms that might be of,like a low depression so theyre very,nonspecific but they can also overlap to,low testosterone as well but you say,there could be issues with taking too,much,right right right so first of all you,have to make sure you have the right,diagnosis of low testosterone so as I,was kind of you know alluding to earlier,is that diabetes can you know cause,similar symptoms depression can lack of,sleep stress a lot of those things can,overlap to low testosterone so you need,to make sure those arent issues first,but then if you do have low testosterone,surely it can be treated if appropriate,and the popularity of the testosterone,boosters has led to pop-up clinics,right right right so first of all you,know as I mentioned if you talk to a lot,of men and if you catch me on the wrong,day I might say that I feel tired or you,know I cant exercise or things like,that but because we see these ads and,come see us and all of a sudden youre,gonna feel like a million bucks and,youre gonna have the libido and the,stamina and exercise and all of those,things feel like a new man,sure Ill go to one of these places and,because of that weve seen a lot of,these pop up places show up and many are,good but unfortunately you know,many of them also on the same token,arent doing all the due diligence to,screen out all the other diseases or,other issues that we mentioned prior to,starting low testosterone treatment and,youre right its not for everybody and,in fact for some people it could cause,harm and they may not be tracking your,usage of the testosterone boosters more,like here you go right right right,so you know so theres two types of,people who really should be cautious or,maybe not be on it were seeing a lot of,young men start testosterone treatment,and in fact if theyre on the wrong type,of testosterone replacement therapy it,can actually decrease sperm counts and,actually render you infertile so it,actually be dangerous on the flip side,there have been some studies that show,that older men may be those with cardiac,disease who start on testosterone,treatment those people actually can,increase their risk for for heart,disease potentially or rather cardiac,related side effects good information,stuff you dont see,in the commercials right right so see,your doctor get a thorough treatment you,know a you know plan but also kind of,rule out that there is an another issue,like thyroid disease and before you,start on testosterone treatment you know,look at your diet go out and exercise,these are many of the things work on,sleep and stress reduction before you,start on medical treatment for sure dr.,Shah thank you so much for coming in,this morning,if you missed any of that were gonna,have it on our website at kxan.com

NUGENIX Final Review & Results. 2020 Testosterone Booster: IM STILL ALIVE

I didnt get anything at all if I were,to take an entire bottle of testosterone,my hands would have been shaking I would,have felt some kind of elevation out of,my hurry I would have felt something,something to wear I definitely have,needed some kind of aromatase inhibitor,its been one week since Im taking my,testosterone child so this is my recap,of my new janux taking the entire bottle,so thats were gonna talk about right,now my experience is exactly how I felt,and Im gonna give you a play-by-play on,how I feel if I felt anything at all or,anything weird so the very first thing,Im gonna tell you about since I stopped,after taking that testosterone challenge,from the eugenics one the scam bomber,right I feel anything at all in fact the,only thing that I honestly got the,initial feeling was brother my breath,was so bad I dont know how to describe,it it smelled honestly to be direct its,my body smell terrible it like like when,I open the bottle right and after I open,the bar dumped out all the pills out,there and I started taking it I can,still smell it look dont smell it it,smelled awful,now that smell was lingering in my mouth,the entire time I mean I went out of my,way to go grab some food afterwards and,it was still there and it wasnt like a,salad or anything either I went out of,my way,I got Korean barbecue I had two balls of,soju I had a whole bunch of stuff for,some odd reason VI,the smell was still lingering in there,now,in terms of any type of results at all,from that new genex bottle taking the,entire thing by the way if you havent,seen that video Tyler left a link right,below this video right here all you can,just click on it so you can watch the,entire testosterone bottle challenge now,instead of stealing anything at all none,my heart rate wasnt elevated my palms,werent sweating at all I didnt feel,any type of energy I didnt get anything,at all if I were to take an entire,bottle of testosterone my hands wouldve,been shaking I wouldve felt some kind,of elevation out of my hurry I would,have felt something something to wear I,definitely wouldve needed some kind of,room which has inhibited with that dont,thing I got was bad breath and thats,pretty much in a wasted big bottle of a,scam that paid for $60 for so in terms,of that was it a scam yes it was because,it didnt deliberate anything at all,what it said in the box would have said,in the bottle I didnt get anything out,of it I dont other than you know lost,hope $60 being wasted and pretty much,time wasted on top of that as well and,what they tell me in the bottle,they will boost my test levels it will,make me feel better anti-aging feeling,younger feeling shocked all that nothing,at all I dont I didnt get any of that,effects whatsoever now some of you guys,might say okay well you need to take it,in a longer period of time to get some,kind of result what I say to that my,rebuttal to that if Im taking the,entire bottle I would have felt,something something anything right if I,were to take an ax bar a regular amount,first day I would absolutely feel,something on top of that my workout,would have been awesome okay thats how,I feel just on one thing of anavar I,took the entire bottle of new genex I,didnt get anything out of it whatsoever,so pretty much in conclusion is new,genex a scam yes it is it doesnt,deliver to anything their promises what,it says it doesnt do anything at all,zero so now Im gonna go over the,YouTube comments that I got out of the,testosterone bottle challenge someone,have Tyler read this off,somebody says [ __ ],so other youtube comment somebody said,[ __ ] when i say to that yes this it,was pretty much that you straight-up,[ __ ] Eddie get anything out of it at,all let alone you know wasted hope waste,an open time wealthy guy somebody said,thank God I thought you posted an ad I,didnt slow down so somebody thought I,sold out no I would never do that and in,fact just to be open with you guys out,there Ive gotten plenty of offers from,different supplement companies to,promote their products from BC doubleas,to protein shakes to even testosterone,boosters testosterone gels pellets,anything right Ive gotten I didnt get,these emails on a day-to-day basis on a,day-to-day basis because they want me to,promote the scamper towards you guys,heres the promise from me to you I,would never sell out because I was the,victim of that so why would I turn,around now and be you know hypocrite,about my words so Im pretty much this,heres a promise from me to you I will,only offer information from me to you,that actually works that Ive actually,physically tried as well I guarantee,legitimate thing that actually works not,some kind of theoretical thing not some,kind of a bottle thing no straight up,things that only work I try to combo a,fenugreek,Jiali hold on des mania or whatever the,[ __ ] that is and according to the blood,work I test punted even lower than be,fair so somebody in the comment section,Im just gonna sell me some in a comment,section tried natural types of test,Busan he tried to make his own type of,testosterone booster supplement by,taking all these natural supplements he,pretty much said his blood work came,back lower it started that cycle so yeah,man none of these things actually work,to be honest with you the only,guaranteed way for me to actually boost,my testosterone its not to the palates,not the jowl not this garbage bite rated,by actually pinning testosterone to my,system give me one,Ill give you a couple okay yeah lets,wait to ask way for that got to me I,should have said this,whos Musa as her says comments I bet it,wouldnt even claim near as five,milligrams of cialis in terms of libido,oh thats a good one,somebody in the YouTube comments said it,wouldnt even come near you know a small,amount of sigh Alice and hes absolutely,right,hes absolutely right when it comes to,the benefits out again out of sy Alice I,didnt get any of that and get any of it,look I take sales on a day-to-day basis,now for the the drive that I would get,out of it I use it more as a vasodilator,I use it as a pump at the gym I used to,keep my blood pressure regulated and I,feel that right away when I take sighs I,take it about fifteen minutes before I,go and leave to the gym and I usually,feel it during my drive to the gym I,feel a lot more alive I feel the pump,actually going into my body already with,that nothing again the only thing I got,out of it was freaking terrible bad,breath okay another question and,Northland shopping LLC uh-huh says dude,your dump is gonna be so bad so well,somebody in the comments like I said,that my dump is gonna be my number two,is getting so bad and nothing maybe in,fact maybe I wish it would have messed,up my metabolism or something but I,literally didnt get anything out of it,at all not even any type of negative,sides zero nothing there was no positive,there was no negative it was straight up,nothing nothing from a bottle,so this shepherds pie is good okay,lets check this guy look how look how,cheesy and says Jesus Christ its like,that nineteen nineties teenage Mutant,Ninja Turtle da vincis good right no I,see just mashed potatoes yeah okay this,is the one that youre really gonna want,to definitely address look up this is,from Rio Canada no now wait the effects,would happen over time and here would,have to be completely honest I prefer to,work I dont get even then either yet,you have to give a fair review we would,need we would need to know your baseline,levels we would work then after 30 days,assess the blood work again all right so,Im just going to summarize that so,somebody mute some comments Raul saying,I would have to you know be completely,off cycle and I have to take you know,eugenics by itself to see any type of,result at all at the same time I would,take blood test heres the thing about,this for a fair review right which is,understandable that thats a good,mindset to have thats a thats a,reasonable thing for him to ask heres,the thing if I were to add just

NUGENIX TOTAL T | The Honest Truth

[Music],um,[Music],whats up everyone every night ive been,noticing that we have these,infomercials,on tv because usually you know me i stay,up pretty late at night,and one of them talks about eugenics,total tea and its like the most,cheesiest commercial,that you can possibly think of,i mean its its extremely cheesy like,its annoying how cheesy it is,especially if you have to watch it,multiple times and,im sure a lot of us already know this,but,i feel like i still its still my,responsibility to bring this to,attention,im not going to discredit,genetics total t and say oh its a,terrible supplement because,its probably better than,someone that doesnt know anything at,all doesnt have not educated in this,type of lifestyle at all,and they go from doing nothing to,actually taking it it might help them,but,looking at the ingredients,looking at the fake reviews i mean,im not impressed like im extremely not,impressed,and the best thing you can literally do,to yourself if your testosterone is low,and youre an older individual,is,hiring somebody like a coach like myself,or hiring an actual trt doctor,to,go over your blood work,and then put you on something to get,your testosterone levels where they need,to be,the genix total t isnt going to raise,your testosterone by much i mean youre,talking fractions of where it really,needs to be say say youre a 50 year old,man and you think the genetics total t,is going to boost your libido and youre,going to feel,young again and,you know youre going to feel great,again youre going to feel,youre not going to hurt anymore and,your beta is going to be sky high thats,none of thats going to happen i mean,your libido might go up 10 to 20 points,if that when you probably need your,your testosterone levels,per se,you might you want your testosterone,levels to go up 100 200 maybe even 300,to 400 points,and thats going to take actual,injectable testosterone thats going to,take proviron thats going to take,you doing taking the right vitamins and,following the correct diet you know what,i mean you have to if you want your,libido to rise and you want your,testosterone levels to rise you need to,change your lifestyle completely i mean,its its literally that simple but,its extremely hard for older men to,grasp,you know what i mean because they,a lot of older men they think they know,everything you know what i mean theyve,already lived 50 year for 50 years of,their life theyre smarter than you and,me,no one can tell them nothing,they dont they wont listen to their,wives they wont listen to their doctors,so,but theyll dont listen to a stupid,infomercial in the middle of the night,so,the genetics total t is,just dont waste your time is what i,want to let you know dont waste your,money on something thats not really,going to do much for you and dont waste,your time on something i mean you can,tell on how cheesy the commercial is,you know i think doug flutie and another,football player is on there do you think,doug flutie takes the genic total t no,he has a trt doctor hes a hes an,athlete he he was an athlete you know,what im saying im sure his,testosterone levels arent too bad but,im sure hes on trt,you know what i mean all these athletes,are older athletes that you know their,body has taken so many hits and so much,pain,you dont you dont think for one minute,theyre not on testosterone when they,get older no because absolutely because,they want to feel like they did when,they were 18 because that was the prime,of their life,so,well talk more about this lets just go,over the ingredients next now endogenics,turtle tea this is the ingredient that,theyre talking about the ingredient,that they are running,the the main ingredient basically i mean,if you look here,vitamin b6 b12 and zinc you know those,are good for your health good for your,immune system ill citrulline,l-citrulline is you know,good for blood flow good for pump good,for focus you know its in most its in,pretty much every single,pre-workout out there but the one,the their main one as you can see 600,milligrams of testosterone,um,fenugreek extract is what theyre is,exactly whats boosting your,testosterone and if you actually look,that up,and this is what i was telling you if,youve if youre not doing anything with,your life you know youre not taking any,vitamins or any supplements if you take,vitamins at 50 years old you start,taking vitamins at 50 years old,obviously its going to benefit you,um,this is a annual plant,that is native to the india to india and,north africa is grown and consumed,around the world the seeds leaves and,other parts of the plant are used in,supplements powders tonics,and teas,throughout history this plant has,been used as a natural,remedy it has been given the pregnant,women to treat labor pains in ancient,rome,it has been used for leg weaknesses,and swelling in traditional chinese,medications,these leaves and seeds are aerobic and,have a complex taste described as nutty,sweet and slightly bitter,for instance these seeds are rich,chemicals that have been associated with,many benefits such as blood sugar and,cholesterol levels,now,can it boost your testosterone and from,this document and health line it will,say,often used by looking in natural ways to,increase testosterone levels,testosterone is a sex hormone in both,men and women,um its for,function bone health mood,energy levels cetera et cetera your,testosterone levels naturally decline as,you grow older of course the health,conditions like obesity and diabetes,associated with low testosterone,regardless of your age testosterone,deficiency,is an estimated effect 39 of men,once you,get over the age 45. this condition is,usually treated with a hormone,replacement therapy like i said trt,testosterone replacement therapy,though some people seek alternatives,like this,but what does the research say,several studies have shown that this,supplement may improve testosterone,keyword is may,and then,will help your low testosterone and low,libido,in an eight week study 49 athletic men,found that taking 500 milligrams of this,testosterone,fenugreek,slightly,increased testosterone levels,and significantly improved strength,and body fat compared to a placebo group,12 week study 50 men demonstrated,for those who took daily 500 milligrams,of testosterone,when you agree supplement contain,concentrated amounts of photosynthetic,experiments,significant improvements to their,testosterone levels,additional 120 men 40 age 43 to 75 has,shown that,those who took 600 milligrams of,testosterone,feeding greek seed extract daily,experience increase in testosterone and,improved,libido compared to the control group,so yes,it will,it will increase your testosterone,levels the studies have shown that but,what im trying to say to you,is,for 61 right,you want to take three capsules,a day,so theres only 30 days worth of product,in here okay,so every,month youre gonna youre gonna buy,this product right,every single month okay and its gonna,cost you 62.,for 12 months,youre looking at almost 750.,now let me put that in perspective,if you wanted me as a coach,its its a hundred dollars a month,but im gonna put you on probably,proviron or low testosterone or with the,vitamin protocol,im going to basically,its going to cost more obviously than,this,supplement here but this supplement is,just giving you literally something that,anyone can buy its not that special,it will increase your testosterone a,little bit but its not going to,increase your testosterone levels where,they need to be so like we need to look,at your blood work which you know taking,your blood is 50 bucks to 100 right,next next we need to,assess,give you a full custom vitamin protocol,get your health all your levels in check,say you have high cholesterol we need to,get that checked,say you have high blood sugar we need to,get that checked,say you have high blood pressure we need,to get that in check,with the vitamin protocol we will do,that so we will do so much more well,get your te

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