1. How much does it cost? NumberBarn billing overview
  2. Warning! Watch This Before Porting Your Number Out (HD)
  3. Hushed Review – Make Your Own Anonymous Number?
  4. Why I Switched to Burner App from Google Voice
  5. How to Port Your Number to NumberBarn
  6. 7 Best Virtual Business Phone Number Apps in 2022 (w/ Free Options)
  7. Keep Your Phone Number When You Move Abroad!

How much does it cost? NumberBarn billing overview

What are you actually paying for when youre here with NumberBarn? When are,you gonna get charged? The pig and I are gonna walk you through everything to,expect when it comes to billing here at the barn. One: we dont actually bill you,until your number is active in your account. So this means when your port,transfers to us or when your new number order completes, that is when we bill you.,Two: That dates the number activates becomes the account billing date. For,example, if your number order completes on August 21st, youll be billed on or,around the 21st of every month. Lets say you make a payment in between,that time period. We will then bill you for the time up to the 21st and prorate,the balance due. Three: we only accept payment via credit card – no PayPal no Venmo and,no pig feed.,If youre porting the number to us, theres a one-time $5 fee to bring your,number over to the barn. If youre purchasing a number from us, the one-time,fee to purchase that number will display to the right of the number before you,make your purchase. The park plan is $2.00 per month per number. If you select,the park annual plan, which is, you pay for the entire year service up front, we,will waive that $5.00 port in fee. And again nothing is actually charged to,your card until the port completes or until your new number activates. As soon,as that happens thats when we bill you and youll be charged to the card that,youve placed on file in your account.,We offer to call forwarding plans and each of them are based on minute usage,per month. We do not have annual options available for the call forwarding plan.,Our 300 minute call forwarding plan is $6 per month plus tax. If you,exceed the 300 minutes on this plan, youll pay 3 cents per minute extra that,you go over. And yes youll be able to view the minute usage in your account,and can upgrade to a different plan at any time. Our unlimited minute plan is,$19 per month per number there are taxes on that as well. And again nothing is,actually charged to your card until the port completes or until your new number,activates. As soon as that happens thats when we bill you and youll be charged,to the card that youve placed on file in your account.,For additional pricing information, hop over to our website numberbarn.com and,select pricing from our navigation bar. Choose compare all plan,pricing. Youll find a breakdown of the fees for each of our plans on this page.,When you decide which plan will work best for you, click choose this plan to,be guided through the signup process. Happy trails! Have more questions? Feel,free to reach out to our customer support team at [email protected],

Warning! Watch This Before Porting Your Number Out (HD)

hey I smell total informant video so,today I actually have some information,for you guys that I was hoping to pass,on to you and hopefully you learn from,this and all that cool stuff since its,happening a lot of people and you know,Ive been getting this especially with,the Porton videos how to make a lot of,people make these comments Im gonna,tell you and show you a lot of people,basically saying okay so Boost Mobile,has is do porn in you no good I dont,know the j7 perks $50 off but I can only,do that if I pour my number over okay,cool ones going to metal PCs start line,with them and then switch my line back,okay thats cool I mean you know power,to you guys you know its cool but in,corporate you know business-wise that is,bad business for companies let me tell,you what theyre doing now um theyve,been doing this for a couple months now,so a lot of carriers especially prepaid,carriers because thats what most people,would do like said lets say youre with,boost mobile metro pcs has this new,promotion you know get free foam blah,blah blah your phone broke okay cool you,know use your portrait number out from,blue small local Metro vice versa you,know youre with method pcs Im telling,you all these cool promos or you know,commercials arent and you switch over,to boost mobile well you know thats,cool you got the phone but then youre,like wall only did to get the free phone,now Im switch back to lets say Metro,PA pcs or Boost Mobile,well now that Lee penalize you guys for,three whole months yeah three months,guys like I said a lot of carriers doing,this I know definitely Boost Mobile,metric pcs are doing that I think Cricut,Darian do that or if not they already,done this I dont know you have to check,with that but definitely checked with,other carriers you would also have to,check with post paid of course,with post based more like you know oh,youre leaving us cool heres how,termination fee you know I said thats,how post paid is what prepaid is just,you can leave any time you know from,free will but I said now they will,penalize you so just be careful with,that if its a but you know a little,more,runaround is,or a way around that is if youre cool,with staying with the next carrier for,three months yeah you know what yeah I,got MetroPCS Im gonna try out this mole,because I hear a lot of cool things and,because its guys are common warfare,its tell me all these cool things about,a Im getting good coverage of my area,wall them go ahead and try it,and Im Caves sticking with it for three,months and then they finally like them I,can always switch my number back yes,that would work definitely and that,definitely wear work but like say if you,switch over and youre like hang on like,the service or or man Im just here for,the free phone Im about bounce back you,know to Metro then and I said Matt will,penalize you for three months same to,whos more booze mobiles say whoa well,say your numbers not eligible we really,going to start a whole new line with us,and you know say goodbye to that number,or try to keep it alive for three months,then support it back when its eligible,you could do that so you know just a,little quick video on that guys so holy,this was a formative so I said porn its,a cool thing that of course companies,give you the special special hey come,over to us well give you a free phone,or a big discount to switch to them and,you know thats only fair thats,business you know why not switch over to,us and of course you know youre gonna,be a customer so youre gonna be paying,your bill and all that stuff so well go,ahead and help you with a discounted,device well I say you know companies,catch on to these things guys like oh,wow you know I had a amazing number,lets say for theory I got a hundred new,subscribers in a month and well willow,70 of them left what happened you know,and its you know its theyre losing,money honestly so companies are losing,what youre doing that but now with,three month penalty youre more likely,to youre like man actually like whose,mobile man actually like Metro man,actually like cricket Im gonna stay and,you know thats kind of the theory to,that so Holi is informing guys please,come a rate subscribe and share this,video give it a thumbs up comment do all,that cool stuff check the description,below for a cool offers so my social,medias down there as well we can get,Boost Mobile branded t-shirts now,theyre on sale so yeah guys thanks for,watching please comment rate subscribe,see,[Music]

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Hushed Review – Make Your Own Anonymous Number?

hey guys whats going on my name is tom,sparky and welcome back to another video,today were going to be talking about a,new product that ive been testing and,just happened to find out,when i was making a 2021 anonymity,product recommendation guide this is,something i happened across and ive,been testing it out and i really really,like it,and wish i had found something like it,before hey guys if youre looking to,increase your privacy,um to kind of like my recommended level,you should be at least using,three products youre gonna need a good,vpn and you can find my recommended vpns,on vpntureless.com,tier 1 options are the best use code,tomspark for all those ones and it,should get you some discount,number two is youre going to need an,anti-doxing tool that deletes your,real-life information online from data,brokers,so if someone does manage to find you,your real life name online,they cant look up your address your,phone number in your family members to,harass or even swat you thats essential,i would recommend a service called join,delete me,and if you use code tomspark you can get,10 off that,thirdly i would recommend a private,encrypted email provider instead of,using google that pretty much just,logs all your data and sells it off to,advertisers instead use a private,encrypted email,like private mail with code tomspark you,can get 50 off that,super solid service actually made by the,same people who made torguar vpn so you,know you can trust it,anyways guys if you want to help support,the channel check out any of those,products and use my discount codes,ill put the links and discount codes,down in the description down below,and back to the video right now so today,were talking about,hushed and what this basically is is an,application you install on your phone,um that lets you have a private number,um a separate phone number from your,real phone number for texting,calling and voicemails and you can pick,the number and everything like that,so this is really good for a lot of,numerous cases you can have separate,phone numbers for separate things,like dating you know putting on specific,websites um its good for giving a,number out to people when you dont want,to give you a real number,um so it can give you more anonymity,there you can use it for online accounts,selling stuff online um just having more,privacy in general and,they really the skys the limit with,what you can do with this kind of,number that you dont have to give up,your real number right it gives you a,lot of benefits there,all within the case of an easy to use,application which is really easy to use,ill be showing you guys that there in a,little bit so how about pricing well,pricing is pretty much a month-to-month,thing,with a specific number of minutes and,stuff like that i would recommend rather,though going with my link in the,description down below,which is for affiliates you can get a,lifetime deal with a number,for around 25 bucks and this gives you,around 6 000 text messages per year,entering a thousand call minutes and you,can add more minutes or sms at any time,for a little bit more,um depending on you know how much youre,using the company itself seems pretty,reputable from what i can tell,it seems interested in privacy and that,is a good sign when they make a product,kind of based around this privacy model,and looking around at the privacy policy,and stuff like that seems pretty good,not keeping text messages and stuff like,that after you delete them,so it seems pretty good there as well if,we look at the features you can get,some idea of you know the capabilities,of this application,you can have separate numbers you can,even use call routing using your um,wireless plan instead of just,wi-fi which is really cool so if youre,not home you can still take advantages,of these numbers,you can set up call forwarding custom,voicemail greeting auto reply messages,multi-device use you can even send and,receive,messages through slack which is,interesting really cool or even dropbox,you get multiple numbers like i said for,different things capability for mms,and gifs and stuff like that as you,would expect and of course,calls and theres no interaction with,your regular number at all so,overall pretty nice ive already used it,and tested it out and,found it to work pretty good and ill,show you that right now,so this is what the application looks,like and i have a three day trial number,just for a setup for this,basically what you do youll have the,different numbers there and you just,click on it,and now here we are at that number so we,have the set text messages and you could,get an idea of what it is,like it said they have all these,features sending things like you want,um and yeah the application has a really,nice layout,you can import your contacts create,contacts call people on the phone,look at the calls here as well as the,voicemail so really nice,for people who dont have an iphone this,could even be advantageous kind of maybe,even a little bit better of a setup than,having,the voicemails on you know having to,call it up and do the numbers and,dialing and stuff like that which is,annoying,you have some information about your,plan and stuff as well,so theres really not too much to it and,i think that is a good thing,of course you could go back and look at,the different numbers available as well,so overall its a really good app and,gets the job done for what you need,for sure so guys i think this is a,pretty good amp to use and take,advantage of of,if you want more privacy and anonymity,when it comes to your,phone and stuff like that like i said,before,it could be really good for signing up,for services online maybe some,irl insurance quotes or stuff like that,or you dont want people spam calling,you this is an essential thing i think,in a tool book,as someone who wants to increase their,privacy and anonymity online,and ill probably be including it in,future recommendation based videos,and if you guys want to help support the,channel of course click on the link,description down below to get that good,um 25 deal,25 lifetime deal that is a pretty good,deal i think here for,what you get anyways guys ill see you,in the next video,very soon and see you later

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Why I Switched to Burner App from Google Voice

So for years, I used google voice for my business. It was simple, ,it was easy to use but I recently moved to the Burner app. Now the burner app does not have a great name,for a branding perspective but it has been a great tool for my small business. ,I’m going to explain why I switched from Google voice which is owned by a massive company to ,a small app that you’ve probably never heard of called the Burner app.,Alright, so let me go into the app and I’ll show you around. When you open the Burner app, it looks,like a phone. You can see missed calls, you can pull up a thing, and I can dial a phone number here if I,want to and give it a call. I can actually text message somebody and so I can punch in a number,or I can find my contacts. I can delete and add different numbers here or burn,this number and so if you were to throw out, think of it like a burner phone and get a,new number. And then I can control my settings, my names, notifications, voicemail all of,those things. So if somebody leaves me a voicemail it will show up here,and I can go and,listen to all of that, and I can respond to text messages. And so it functions just like a phone.,Its an app built into my phone, and there are three key reasons why I went from Google Voice,,which I had used for years as a simple solution for my small business, to now Burner, which is now, the primary phone number for my business. So the first reason was simplicity. The app itself,just was easier to use. A friend of mine told me about it. I downloaded, I tested it, I paid,I think $5.99 a month, and it was just simple and easy use. Google Voice was free the,Burner app was you know, next to free at $6 a month for my business.,It was a low cost but an easy, even easier to use solution. And I was able to get a New York phone, number which I wanted. And switching over a Google Voice phone number was going to be a challenge and , so it was an easier switch for me using Google or using it was an easier switch for me using Burner,rather than Google Voice. And so, that made the move a little bit easier,The second reason I moved from Google Voice to burn the Burner app is SMS (text messaging). ,and so I use more, and more people are using, text messaging for their business now. I dont want to give my cell phone number out to everyone and , and every potential client, sometimes not even all my clients, and so I have now a new text messaging,platform that I can use to text with clients or text with potential clients,So I’m able to use it for voice and text and so Google Voice, maybe it can do that — I dont know, , I didnt use it for that and I didnt really want to take the time to learn, I just knew that this app ,did it so easily and its been a great tool for me to use to be able to use voice and SMS.,And then the third reason that I switched to Burner app is its the most human.,My company is a small business thats a business-to-business, business. We do, work person-to-person. I’m not trying to build an automated,at scale business, Im trying to build a person-to-person and I literally take on only,one new client a month. We are a small business intentionally trying to stay small, and,and so a platform like Burner app gives us a really great tool that allows us to stay small. I could,actually add a number pretty easily if I wanted to, I can share the login to the Burner app with,one of my other colleagues, and its a really easy tool to use. its cost-effective, its simple,,its easy to use and it has SMS functionality. So, those are all the reasons I switched from,Google Voice to the Burner app. uh I am not an affiliate or have any connection with Burner app,I dont even know who created Burner app. All I know is I’ve been using it for about a year now,and im a big fan. It is a great tool, its been a great tool for my small business and if youre,looking to have a unique phone number for your organization or for your business or for your,side thing whatever that might be, and you dont want to go get an actual secondary phone, Burner,app is a great solution. Hope this helps. If you have any questions let me know in the comments ,and I will answer all of those questions. Would love to help you in any way that I can. Thanks,so much for watching this episode of the vlog and well talk to you again on the next episode.

How to Port Your Number to NumberBarn

[Music],before you transfer your number to,number barn heres what you need to know,your number must be active youll need,your account number and PIN youll need,to authorize your port request it can,take 3 to 10 business days to port your,number a copy of your most recent phone,bill or a screenshot of your online,account dated within the last 30,business days is also required if youre,sending in in Loa,if youre a new customer from our main,website click transfer a number from the,navigation bar then click start a,transfer if youre an existing customer,log in to your account and click start,new transfer if you porty one phone,number enter it into the boxes here if,youre transferring more than one number,click the link transferring lots of,numbers this will allow you to enter,phone numbers one per line or separated,by commas once you enter your phone,number into the box click the check,button this will check to make sure we,can support the rate center of your,phone number a search does not check if,the numbers active contractual,obligations or any account information,next youll need to select a plan for,your number,note that all plans have a one-time five,dollar porting fee except the annual,billing with our part plan make your,selection and click next step next,youll need to enter the current carrier,info thats on file for this phone,number with your current service,provider if your phone number is resoled,or you think there might be a different,address or name on file check with your,current provider first the information,that you enter here must match exactly,whats on file with your current,provider if it doesnt match your number,will not port if youre porting a,wireless number youll be required to,enter the account number and PIN on file,with your current service provider you,can skip this step for now but we found,that in most cases well need this,information in order to complete your,transfer request review your order does,everything look correct if you need to,make any changes click the Edit link,remember that we will not bill you until,your number transfer completes at that,time thats when the total that you see,here will be deducted from your credit,card when youre ready to initiate your,port request click place my order once,you place your order,youre number port has been initiated,now youll need to authorize your port,request so we can submit it to your,current provider for a review at this,point it has not yet been submitted to,authorize your port you can receive a,call or text message with a code to the,number that youre porting to us we,cannot send this to a different phone,number you can also submit a letter of,authorization form as well as a copy of,bill to authorize your port youll then,email the people work to us after you,authorize your port request keep your,number active with your current service,provider until your number ports it may,take 3 to 10 business days to complete,your number port we notify you of the,porting status via the email address on,your number barn account happy porting,have more questions feel free to reach,out to our customer support team at,support at number barn com

7 Best Virtual Business Phone Number Apps in 2022 (w/ Free Options)

this video is brought to you by,all-in-one SEO are you finally in the,market to get a business phone number,well keep watching throughout this,video SIA and I will cover seven of the,best virtual business phone number apps,that you can get started and will even,include one that is a free option that,gets you started quickly and then make,sure you watch to the end as I share,with you a quick tip on how to get a,mobile click the call button on your,website for mobile phone users number,one is Nextiva it is our top virtual,business phone number app that we use,for powering the phone numbers on,automotive and on wpbeginner what I,really love about Nextiva is just the,app is so easy I get a virtual phone,number meaning I can answer the phone,from from my own smartphone from my,desktop from from my laptop,from mine even even on my iPad although,they give you option to answer phone,with it like a legitimate gas phone I,dont really have that you know I mean,people with modern 80-ton but thats,really awesome about a mix ebook another,thing that I really like about Nextiva,is their ability to have the facts,options sometimes in online business you,need to have electronic fax options and,Nextiva makes it easy to both send and,receive fax it has all the powerful,features that you expect from any word,like good virtual with the phone number,system like call forwarding routing it,has the auto attendant,it has a receptionist so when somebody,called it was a first one for this press,two for that so it really makes a small,business like ours look way more,official and next you theres also very,important number two is ring central and,this is another powerful virtual phone,number app that you can have for your,business they offer phone numbers that,are free 800 they can offer phone,numbers in any region in the US and,Canada you get voicemail with your ring,central you get fax as well as call,forwarding and collar tones again you,also do the mobile phone so you can do,your business on the go you can share,your phone number with team members they,also will allow you to do some call,routing and something call call flow,which that just means that the callers,get the answers a lot quicker,in addition to all these virtual phone,features that you get RingCentral also,offers video conferencing or video,meetings with sharing your desktop and,this is great for any sales calls or if,you need to do any kind of onboarding,ringing central will be really good for,that as well as a lot of integrations,with many of the top crm systems and you,can also integrate with dropbox as well,as things like Microsoft so its a,really good rounded phone app number,three is grasshopper they are a perfect,virtual phone number in solution for,startups and small businesses,it comes with an Apps allows you to,manage your business post on any device,from any location they let you pick,phone numbers from your area code you,can use vanity numbers as well as 800 or,833 toll-free numbers on grass hopper it,comes with all the standard features,like call forwarding voicemail business,texting Wi-Fi calling automatic greeting,and and so on and so forth it can get a,little pricey but the first two options,are more affordable and more powerful,but grasshopper is definitely one that,is easy to start with number four is,phone comm which is a great domain name,as well as a great option for virtual,phone business phone system they offer,affordable systems for solopreneurs,startups and small businesses so thats,kind of who theyre focusing on theyll,also do cheaper call rates for some,European countries and Canada and thats,because they all count these phone calls,as a local so that helps keep the cost,down if youre a small business or a,solopreneur from the features,perspective you get your mobile app so,you can take things on the go you also,do cold call forwarding as well as call,routing youll get your virtual,assistant and I like it because they,also have an IVR menu all that means,this is that interactive voice response,system where they can ask you a question,and you can either hit number two on the,dialpad,or you can answer with your voice so you,get that as well as well as the call,text messaging and faxing as well so,they offer some pretty good plans for,the solopreneur startups and small,businesses,number five is Google,a completely free virtual business phone,number act it is part of Googles cloud,so if youre using G sweet gmail,calendar it is available to you for free,anywhere anybody in US and Canada can,use it it essentially gives you a,virtual phone number that forwards to,your real cell phone and you can also,receive text from that as well it does,not have any of the advanced features,like auto attendant and thats one,support but you can if you want to pay,for the business plan then those,features become available it is a great,free option but if youre looking for a,powerful solution then Nextiva is way,better number six is a voice a voice is,popular offering for international,coverage especially in the United,Kingdom so if you have your business,around the country then a voice might be,the best option for you theyll offer,your phone business system you get your,virtual numbers your toll-free numbers,as well as local numbers for different,regions which is perfect if you have a,lot of offices or multiple branches so,their plans include call management,tools you also get your virtual,receptionist outbound calling app or,going on the mobile going on the go you,can also do conference calling and a lot,more so if youre more of a,international coverage needs if you have,that then Eve us will be it for you,number seven its fresh collar it is a,virtual business phone number app,provided by the company called fresh,works which is behind a lot of other,business tools like fresh – French add,fresh sales etc so if youre in the,French works ecosystem then the French,collar makes a perfect sense to use and,your business phone number app theyre,very reasonably priced fits pretty much,all budgets theyll even have a pay per,minute plan if youre paying the part of,agent plan then you can get um more more,minutes there and it becomes more,affordable but if you have if you dont,expect to get a lot of calls then you,will have you can use the pay for a,minute plan it has all the features like,business hours called management tools,shared lines call waiting and etc its a,great solution great now that you know,all the virtual business phone number,apps that you can use to choose from,also want to consider adding a click to,call button on your website this will,only show up for mobile users so when,you need to get people to call you from,their mobile phone this makes calling,your business that much easier so I had,partnered with Nextiva to create this,incredibly simple to use WP call button,plugin so that you can add that to your,website and never miss a phone call and,then once you add the click to call,another great way to increase the search,engine rankings for your website is by,using a plug-in called all in one SEO,plugin all in one SEO improves the,search engine rankings for your website,by giving you tips and tricks on how to,improve your SEO on your website with,all-in-one SEO plugin you can do things,like on-page optimization you can also,do smart sitemaps which automatically,generates XML sitemaps for search,engines like Google and Bing and things,like that all in one SEO also does,things like social integration,automatically notify search engines of,any updates that your site has and so,much more to get started just head over,to simper plugins comm and make sure you,download the all-in-one SEO plugin for,your website and thanks for watching

Keep Your Phone Number When You Move Abroad!

hi my name is alex and im here to help,you,keep your phone number when you move to,a new country,so i live here in portugal and i was,able to keep my phone number that ive,had for 15 years,by following the system its really not,too complicated it might feel like it at,some points but,these two steps will help you keep your,phone number and be able to do a lot of,things now the reason why i do it this,way,is first and foremost i want my friends,and family to be able to,call me my friends and family that are,not super great,at the whole technology thing they can,just,call my phone and it rings right where,im at in portugal if im traveling,from the united states if im in another,country no worries,secondly i get two factor,authentications that i have to make sure,is set up before i,leave before the reporting happened,so all of those uh bank accounts and,credit cards and facebook and email and,all those things,i had set up to my regular phone number,before i did any of this,and because i did that it still works,not a problem,and third i like my phone number i was,able to keep it,and now i can use that phone number,for any long-lost friends that i havent,heard from in years they can still reach,me,now this isnt going to work for you if,you go back to the united states,like seven or eight or more times a year,the reason being is because youll have,to get a pay as you go plan when you go,back to the united states,now for me i go back once or twice a,year its really easy i just pop into a,walmart or a target or a verizon or,wherever,and i get a pay as you go plan and its,usually like 10 to 20 dollars its 5,gigabytes,everything works just fine so,lets get right into this and hopefully,i can help you out,wonderful so here we are this is our,favorite website,uh google.com uh make sure that you have,a google account,now if you do not have a google account,you need one for this service,and youre going to go to sign in its,going to show you all my emails,youre going to hit create account but,im not going to share that yet,im going to take you to the website,first so were going to search for,google,voice the product were using today is,called google voice,it is a voice over ip which is the voice,over internet protocol,basically an internet phone uh,it doesnt have a sim card it doesnt,have a landline the phone,lives on the internet its a phone of,the future so were gonna select google,voice,and im gonna guess this is for personal,use im sure you can use this for,business use i have not done that,all right if youre using a phone right,now just click android or ios,depending on what phone youre using,were using a desktop computer so were,going to select web,all right so were going to enter an,email,i have a new email just for this,and you just enter your google email,here or your gmail,and im gonna enter my password,all right i am not gonna enter this,you should as a backup just in case,but here we are were getting to the,google voice screen,and this is an app that will live on,your phone and you can access,from the computer as it says its a free,phone number to take control of your,communication you can do a lot of,reading into what this actually is,im not going to do that for you today,its just basically a free phone,from google all right so,this is the next step im from maine so,im gonna hit portland maine,right why are we selecting a phone,number if we want to keep our old phone,number or the phone number,that we have currently well were,selecting a phone number,its like an email address it is a place,marker,this phone number will go away once we,get,our number that we have ported,over to google voice so lets select,any random number were going to claim,that so we have to verify,this phone number and thats just going,to be,your the phone that you have now its,like its almost like a two-factor,authentication,so the reason why it does this and im,excuse me im looking on my phone,because im getting my,my um my skype phone number,its a forwarding service,so google voice is not going to make,your phone ring,google voice is going to forward that,call,to your new phone number this seems a,little weird and complicated ill get to,that,but most importantly just put your phone,number in here im going to put my,phone number in here and it is,right so its going to send me a code,as you can see its right there it is,i should im not going to show you this,because it just told me not to share it,with anyone,all right so i you wont see the screen,so as you can see right here this is,connected to another,google voice account its my own account,um,ill be able to fix this later but yes,no worries,im going to hit claim,and finish all right,so this is important,we are here in google voice we can make,a phone call,to anyone who can 4-1-1 and thats,actually going to connect,were not going to do that now because,im going to show you,something very important okay so this is,the next,step and its the most important step,this is checking to make sure that you,can actually,port your phone number over to google,voice now what does this mean,this basically means that verizon or,atnt,or whoever you have this phone number,with whatever sim card is in your phone,is able to give that phone number to,google voice,now the most important thing is that you,own this phone,you cannot be paying this phone off you,need to own this phone,outright its the only way that this is,going to work,so if youre still paying off this phone,its not going to work,but i promise you by paying off this,phone now,youll be able to save a lot more money,by not having to pay your phone bill,anymore,okay so now that your phone is unlocked,and you own the phone hopefully,and if not im sorry but you should go,and do that,im going to include this link in the,description of this video,youre going to go here and youre going,to check your phone number my phone,number is certainly not this phone,number,but i am going to go check it so,im going to put this in and check now,that why this is important,this is important because if this,doesnt work then this service will not,work for you,so you dont have to go any further,youre going to have to find something,else,and im sure theres something out there,for you i dont know what that is,but and im sorry but hopefully it works,it works,like 80 90 90 95 of the time,uh so youre gonna get a message like,this oops the number appears to be from,an area we,dont currently support something like,that,uh mine i had a verizon phone number and,it was fine,now if it says great,amazing its not going to say that but,if it doesnt say this and it approves,its going to take you the next part,which is the review pointing conditions,stop what youre doing you do not want,to port this phone number,until you are at the airport until you,are ready,to be in the country that you are moving,to,the reason being is that its going to,start the process,of taking your phone number from verizon,or 18c,and giving it to google voice you dont,want that to happen,and its a lot easier at the airport or,maybe youre staying at a hotel the,night before at the airport,easy peasy i would do it then do not do,it now,so youre going to review the reporting,conditions youre going to,go and put the account information it,might ask you for some things,i know that it asked me for a pin i had,to call verizon they were very nice it,took,maybe two minutes youre gonna confirm,that transaction and then youre gonna,pay for it,its gonna give you a status screen and,its going to give you,a status,website that you can go and check the,status,perfect youve completed this now or at,least you know,i know we all like to plan so at least,you know that you can do this,when you get to the airport or when you,get to the hotel,uh you do need to do this while youre,in the united states or canada this has,to be done,when youre in the united states or,canada,please make sure you do that all right,so you know that you can port your phone,number to google voice

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