1. 6 MONTH *HONEST* NUTRAFOL REVIEW | Is it worth the $$? Nutrafol vs. Minoxidil? (NOT SPONS)
  2. How I GREW MY HAIR + Nutrafol Review BEFORE & AFTER| Vlogmas Day 7
  3. Hair Loss Scams Targeting Women
  4. My Experience Taking Nutrafol (With Pictures) 4 Month Update #Nutrafol #hairgrowth #alopecia
  5. Nutrafol Hair Supplement Before and After | Six Months Review
  6. Trying Nutrafol Hair Growth Supplements ☀️????????(Before & After Review)
  7. My Experience Taking Nutrafol (With Pictures)

6 MONTH *HONEST* NUTRAFOL REVIEW | Is it worth the $$? Nutrafol vs. Minoxidil? (NOT SPONS)

hi guys welcome back to my channel today,i have a very exciting video for you and,it is my six month review of taking,neutralfold so this product as you,probably know if youre clicking on this,video is an oral supplement to help hair,growth you can get this over the counter,although you do have to purchase it,online and the bottle says that it is,clinically shown to increase hair growth,and improve hair quality in women 100,drug free with natural stress adaptogens,and growth powering a proprietary,synergen complex 11 companies make up,these names for technologies and things,i just think its so funny but anyway we,will dig into all of that and tell you,exactly my experience taking this,supplement for the last six to seven,months id say so if youre interested,in any of that then just keep watching,all right so this supplement itself,comes in this nice glass bottle but just,to show you what the pills are they are,these a pretty big yellow capsules and,the serving size for these pills is to,take four of them per day so you are,taking quite a few but i was really,interested in testing this on myself to,see how it would affect my hair growth i,had a few areas of concern mainly the,baby hairs in my temple area and i,thought i might have been experiencing a,little bit of excess shedding before i,started these i dont know if it was,just my imagination or if it was wedding,stress or something else but i thought,maybe i was shedding a little bit more,hair than i used to in the shower so for,those reasons i wanted to give this a,shot and thats exactly what i did so i,have taken probably six to seven months,of this i did skip some days here and,there id probably skip maybe one day a,week or one day every couple of weeks,which is why i cant say ive done a,full seven months but i am confident,that i have finished a full six monthly,packs of this so even though i wasnt,perfectly consistent i was still pretty,good for most of that time especially in,the beginning i really only missed maybe,like one or two days in the entire month,so first i want to talk about why i,decided to try nutrifoal as opposed to,any other hair growth serum or,supplement out there on the market and,thats because i went to my,dermatologist and this was the only,over-the-counter supplement that she,recommended for hair growth aside from,minoxidil which is known as rogaine i,dont know that we can even consider,that a supplement or if thats just a,drug but that one yes is clinically,proven to increase hair growth i havent,tried it myself but for a few reasons i,wanted to try the neutral full version i,wanted something that i could just,ingest and not have to worry putting on,my scalp or in my hair every day i,thought that this might be a little bit,easier and i also know that when it,comes to minoxidil supposedly you do get,some initial shedding before you get,more hair growth which i wanted to avoid,so for those reasons i decided to try,neutrophil and im glad that i did i was,very curious about it but i do want to,talk about some of these side effects of,neutrophil before we get into what my,results were so the first thing that you,notice when you take these vitamins,aside from the fact that they are large,pills and you have to take four of them,which is a little bit annoying is that,they do smell,its not a very nice smell so if youre,feeling a little queasy maybe youre,hungover or you just for whatever reason,your stomach isnt feeling great thats,when i found that i would skip this most,frequently because the smell of it was,really nauseating and actually when you,look at the ingredients label they do,have zinc in them and i in particular am,very sensitive to zinc when i dont have,food in my stomach i get pretty nauseous,with that so just be aware i would say,take this with food and then lets talk,about the ingredients in here so the,most notable ingredient is biotin which,i actually didnt realize until just a,couple of months ago we have 300,micrograms of biotin which is 10 000 of,your daily value theres also vitamin a,vitamin c d iodine zinc selenium and,then this other synergen complex that,they call with a bunch of different,things like ashwagandha saw palmetto,curcumin and a few other things but i,was a little bit surprised when i saw,that biotin content it almost makes me,feel like thats the main ingredient in,here and thats probably whats doing,the most work i dont know if thats,actually true but i was a little bit,surprised i thought it would be more,than just a biotin supplement and it is,it does have other things but it does,seem like that is the star of the show,when it at least comes to the percent,daily value now lets talk about the,cost of these pills so these pills are,pretty expensive im not gonna lie i,want to say they are around 80 a month,you can get them in different,subscription levels so you can just buy,a one-time packet i think that ones,maybe 85 for that one-time use or you,can get them in a monthly subscription,and get about five dollars off a month,or you can get it in a three month,subscription or you can even bulk up and,get six months at a time which is what i,did over black friday it will save you a,bit of money but it will still cost on,average about 70 or more per month which,is a very significant,price all right so moving on to my,actual results with using neutral for,over six months now i think probably the,number one thing that people ask about,is new growth have i seen any new growth,have some of my bald or sparse spots on,my head been filling out a little bit,more and i do think that yes it has,helped with new growth in the temple,area of my scalp so im gonna come,closer and try to show you a little bit,better this area right here it was quite,a bit thinner before and i have noticed,a lot more coverage in the hair in that,area same on the other side and i will,put up before picture so you can compare,for yourself but i do think that it has,actually worked with these little baby,hairs here and that was the main reason,why i did want to try neutral full it,was that number one and then number two,hair shedding i am happy with the,additional growth that ive experienced,but i will say that for being on this,for six months really more than six,months i am a little bit disappointed,that it wasnt more new growth i was,kind of thinking that my hairline would,totally fill in all the way up here and,there wouldnt be any thinner hair there,and thats just not the case now as for,hair shedding i dont know that ive,noticed anything different before and,after using neutrophil its just too,hard to say it might have helped a,little bit to reduce hair shedding but,honestly its really difficult to tell i,still shed hair in the shower i would,say thats pretty much the same as,before or its not significantly enough,different that i can tell right off the,bat like yes absolutely this has stopped,my hair from shedding as much so next up,lets talk about length has my hair,grown any quicker than it did beforehand,and again with this one im not sure i,dont even think that they claim to have,your hair grow faster than before ive,always had pretty good fast hair growth,so that wasnt an issue so unfortunately,for that one i cant say either way i,dont think it really changed much and,then lastly related to hair thickness i,was kind of wondering if it would affect,how thick the individual strands of hair,are and honestly again i cant tell,maybe its only because ive been on it,for six months but the actual individual,strands of hair even in the new growth,region theyre still pretty fine ive,always had fine hair my hair stylists,have always told me i have a lot of hair,like the count of the strands of hair on,my head are pretty high but the hair,strands themselves are pretty thin and i,honestly dont think ive noticed much,of a change in that sense so probably,the next biggest question that you guys,are wondering is do i recommend taking,neutral fall i would say if you are very,concerned wi

How I GREW MY HAIR + Nutrafol Review BEFORE & AFTER| Vlogmas Day 7

thats whats going on with my hair,thats how i feel about neutral,[Music],so lets chat real quick what is up you,guys and welcome to vlogmas day seven,weve officially made it,one entire week in vlogmas which is so,exciting todays video i wanted to talk,about um,my journey with nutrifoal,and how everythings going with that,so,i started my natural hair journey as,people who have watched my videos know,back in may of 2018 so its been three,years,um i stopped straightening it completely,at one point um now i strain it a little,bit more often but i,uh and i completely stopped taking care,of it in 2020 i dont know why but i did,and it was really bad until i had to,chop it all off and so i did and i,chopped seven inches off of the back and,five inches off of the side my hair was,the longest it had been in my adult life,and i had to cut it all off because i,didnt take good care of it,love that for me,so that that that happened but yeah so,basically i wanted to make sure not only,that my hair grew back because i am,getting married next year um but also,wanted it to grow back healthy because,whats the point of it growing back if,its gonna look,busted and crusted so,yeah i started taking neutral,um let me go get my bottom,boom okay so yes i take neutral and i,take the women hair wellness from within,please focus this is what the bottle,looks like you kind of sign up for a,subscription which is one of the cons,because it is a little expensive i,believe its 72 or 75 dollars per month,and i held off on doing this,for,um,four months,before i,just caved and started doing this and,invested in this,um made some sacrifices and some changes,but i started doing that and i started,doing it,right when i cut my hair in,which is july on july 1. you have to,take four of these pills and you have to,take four of them every day,and you really have to be taking it like,consistently for like two and a half,three-ish months before youll start,seeing differences,i personally felt,differences within like the first i,dont know like i would say month and a,half,um as i noticed how fast my hair was,growing and it helped because i did get,some color like as you can see that has,grown out um,but i got some color that grew out and i,know i just know,how my hair usually grows and it did,feel like it was growing faster,one thing that was big was that it felt,a lot stronger,i know it helped to cut off all of my,dead ends but it also really helped to,like re-nourish from the inside,um so thats something that i appreciate,um for neutral because it helps give you,those like vitamins and those nutrients,that you may not be eating regularly in,your um,meals obviously this is not sponsored,also this is like literally my personal,opinion just throwing that out there and,then i really started to see growth in,october,um like a lot and like i was tracking my,hair length and i started to see growth,and,then i took this picture and you know,you dont notice the growth until like,you compared to a previous picture,so i did that and,clearly some growth was happening i also,wanted my hair to feel thicker my hair,was like feeling kind of thin it was,thinning in some spots its like my bald,spot that ive talked about my thinning,spot that ive had for years now um and,the hair just has not grown back um ill,get into that in a second,but yeah i just really took care of it,completely,changed uh my routine again,um but this time ive stuck with it like,ive had this routine since,at least august or september so and i,like do my own hair now more often,rather than like going to get it done so,like i know how i control how much heat,i put on it i control how often i put,heat on it if i want to put heat on it i,control like the deep conditioning,steaming like nourishing moisturizing,process like its in my hands and im,diligently intentionally taking care of,my hair awesome so yes i really like,neutral i really think its worth it um,i think you should go check it out for,yourself ask your doctor about it your,dermatologist um,look look at some reviews online some,other youtubers who might have used it,and can show you their before and after,um,my goal is to have collarbone length,hair which i think i can get to were,actually were not that far i cant pull,them this side down theres a reason,this side is up by the way um but yeah,we will see like all the way around that,would make me very very happy and help,and like and it being healthy that is my,goal by next july to like for one year,to go from like up here to to college,one life,update on my little thinning spot so i,went to the dermatologist i went and saw,a hair specialist today and got some,very interesting news so i gave him the,breakdown of that like one day i just,generically noticed that my,hair was thinning in this area back here,ive talked about a lot on my channel,answer some pictures but yeah my hair,had been thinning and it just had was,not growing back like at one point it,went completely bald and then the hair,grew back but it wont grow longer than,one or two inches off my head,um and i used to think that it was,completely a stress spot but it might,only partially be controlled by stress,now that i learned um im talking fast,because my cameras about to die they,dont completely know what it is but,they know that she looked at it and she,said that theres this condition called,ccca which a lot of black women get,starting on the crown of their head and,then it just kind of like fades out for,the rest of their head and a lot of,women get it back here and this is where,mine is right here um so she thinks i,may have that where theres like,scarring tissue that covers over and,takes over like the hair follicle and so,hair doesnt really grow anymore but,since i do have hair there she said that,like that hair we could possibly do like,injections through an oral treatment or,through a topical treatment get or all,of the above get it to grow back like,the hair thats there may not be as,thick as this side but it may like it,will grow back um it its a lot less,even than it usually is like my hair is,kind of up right now because to,check out that area she actually had to,take a sample of my scalp um and ship it,to be looked under like a microscope and,figure out what is actually going on if,there is scarring um and whats,happening under my scalp so i do have,like,one stitch or two stitches or something,over here that i have to get out in 10,days,um and i have to like clean and take,care of it and all that stuff so its,still a little bit numb the numbing is,slightly wearing off um but yeah that,was the start to my morning it was a,little scary because i dont know i just,thought that,it would be a better outcome you know,you just kind of,pray about it and see what happens um,i guess worst case scenario we just keep,my hair just says,live like i have been living the past,five to six years with this spot back,there and just like work with it um i,will say cutting my hair to this length,really helped hide it i may have to keep,like the more blunt um cut on my ends,but yeah,thats whats going on with my hair,thats how i feel about neutrophil i,will keep you guys updated on this um,and then also ill be going back to get,my stitches out in like 10 to 14 days i,have that appointment so youll probably,see that ill be talking about it during,vlogmas um,and yeah i was gonna wash my hair today,but i have to wait 24 hours so ill,probably watch it thursday,um,but yeah,thats all i have to say,that is my update,thank you so much for watching follow me,on instagram at miss debbie super easy,two vs to ease,i havent done that so long thank you so,much for watching ill see you guys,tomorrow bye,[Music]

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Hair Loss Scams Targeting Women

I bet my beloved combs got to be Gifford,and were just getting hair loss scams,targeting you targeting women products,promising to take your hair from this,which is not bad oh yeah thats right,what does it mean to a woman Kathy would,have to have hair like it means a lot it,really does its a its a kit from the,time where little girls with our hair,brushes in the mirror you know its all,its a lot about our hair maybe a little,too much weve let our culture to find,us a little too much by our hair and,then when we start to lose it its its,it can be really really a devastating,thing and when you are in pain what,happens people prey on you sometimes,right their businesses are going after,the shame and the embarrassment that a,lot of women feel about thinning hair so,were gonna deal with that today because,there are ideas that work really well,and theyre not so good ideas okay so,coming over already think about women,being duped out of their hard-earned -,it makes me furious you know they used a,lot of celebrities faces and stuff for,all kinds of creams and things like that,theyve used you as well and when they,use our likenesses and to sell a product,and then and then dont even deliver the,product or the product doesnt deliver,what they say its just its infuriating,please check everybody but make sure,that these things are legitimate what,Mary Ann is a good example for us so,when did you start to notice that you,were losing your hair probably about 10,years ago okay so in first reaction was,shocked because I had really long thick,hair well the hair you still have is a,little bit thank you thank you so what,has been the but what are you trying to,try to revive tried many vitamins oils,coconut oil cocoa you need vitamins you,name it everything and everything that,says hair growth and nothing is nothing,has nothing into a position about there,yes no one has any answers Ive been to,quite a few so Im gonna throw some,ideas that today okay first of all talk,about the idea is that I dont want you,trying because theyre easy ones to,catch you want to they promise you,everything and nothing is gonna offer,you everything but their ideas when,cobbled together it can make the pieces,of the pie come together okay yes,right so come on up we gotta talk about,yes please Mike I know,so weve got top hair restoration,surgeon dr. Michael well felt here hes,gonna teach us how to spot the scams and,identify the ones that actually are,problematic and make some ideas that,might ones worse lets start with hair,loss products to avoid and first week,anything that says is gonna unblock your,file cuz have you ever heard that,Maryann were gonna unblock you know,thats a my agent I havent yeah Kathys,point there pictures of people say hey,this is best now about maybe one today,Ive been promoting these products let,me know I have nothing to do with any of,these things and these I dont think,will they work I decide to get a start,so there are products are out on the,market that do claim that they unblock,your follicles that people have buildup,of sebum and they may clear up the sebum,to allow your hair to grow out that you,really have to be much more careful so,were just a little high tech demo here,so a normal hair just bring one eye if,you dont mind you get the hair coming,out there its beautiful its elegant and,then you see how their sebum here,blocking these ones yes Dario yeah but,youre not pushing that hard are you,know the remarkable thing is growing,hairs coming out of follicles are,essentially unstoppable so these things,I dont think I worth the money that we,spend on them and they often charge you,a fair amount exactly what so the real,cause of hair loss so the most common,cause of hair loss is genetics or we,refer to as androgenetic alopecia so,your hair follicles may be,pre-programmed over your lifetime to die,at some point so what I tell patients is,to look at their parents look at their,mother and their father and that will,give a good sense of where they are and,what their hair loss pattern may be,alright so one last idea here this is a,this is not really a scam in here but,its a proceed with caution,its called red light therapy so collab,see Kathy mm-hmm let me help you with,this yes hes a cool little thing so I,was actually introduced to this concept,to me by a friend lets just see Im,curious if it really works or not yeah,you feel anything growing in there I see,them not yet darn attractive how does,this thing work and was i given the,right advice to try it yeah so it may,work for some patients it does work so,its low level light therapy and what,happens is that theres light diodes and,your hair follicles may absorb some of,that light and it increases the,metabolism of the cells in your hair,follicle and may allow your hair growth,cycle to increase and allow your hair to,grow longer and a little bit thicker as,well so this its its on the cusp were,not sure about this right yeah so its,not one of the FDA approved treatments,its da cleared for safety but its not,necessarily approved for efficacy so,yeah but some patients have some so,usually its about six minutes a day,every day and you can use it at home,yeah but you have to be careful theyre,expensive and you know before you make,that investment you want to ensure,youre buying something that may help,you yeah yes you bought one no I just,think Ive seen them online right on I,have okay if its of course the blue,goes with your eyes yeah keep that try,that yeah a lot of these things you have,trial and error yeah again if its safe,and its not too expensive in this case,its free give it a shot and when we,come back a look at what some is Im,really excited about the hair loss,treatments actually do working putting a,revolutionary experimental treatment,that made this womans hair go from this,to this,[Music],the latest news on the case of the,missing girls on the bridge you know at,least three people that know what,happened that day,what investigators now know its rare to,get audio like this listen carefully,[Applause],thats coming up on Tuesday,Jack gonna get retired back,investigating hair loss scan targeting,women because by age 50 over half of you,could experience thinning hair and,youre looking for a fix,yeah and this doesnt mean full-blown,balding but more you know a subtle,thinning like your part gets a little,wider or you notice some patches on your,scalp its very upsetting your upsetting,I was just talking to experts get ready,for the show,right how many more I would guess more,than half of all the women who are,suffering could get some benefit if you,pay attention to these solutions were,about to discuss great lets get to the,most most important principle is you got,to understand how these things work so,the first idea its a big breakthrough,is called DHT you heard of that yes,because we rehearsed this morning yes,thats why she heard of it shes such a,good student yes Jesus,so DHT causes hair loss why testosterone,the male hormone yall know about right,its in women – and its testosterone,gets converted to DHT just a cousin of,the same dieppe testosterone and that,DHT binds to receptors in your scalp,follicles now these scalp buckles are,robust beautiful things when theyre,bound to overwhelmed by DHT they shrivel,up when the follicles shriveled its,impossible them to get healthy hair out,so theyre little itty bitty fuzzy hair,falls out and youre left with nothing,they give up they give up they throw a,towel in right we dont want no that DHT,issues really really critical top hair,restoration surgeons active microphones,back there are a lot of products out,there who are cashing in on the fact,that we know DHT this cousin of,testosterone poisons your hair follicles,how do you know if your get in the real,deal Im hearing about blocking it and,transferring it and all these other,chemical things that may not be real,right so there there are a lot of,products out there that are claiming,they block DHT so you really have to b

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My Experience Taking Nutrafol (With Pictures) 4 Month Update #Nutrafol #hairgrowth #alopecia

[Music],whats up everyone welcome back to my,channel my name is Danielle if youre,new here and in todays video we are,going to be talking about my journey,using the hair supplement neutral now,Ive been using neutrifol for the past,four months and the reason why Ive been,using neutral Foley is because I suffer,from tension alopecia now I have my,handy dandy phone here,um to let you guys know what tension or,traction alopecia is and it is hair loss,thats caused by repeatedly pulling on,your hair or,um caused by tightly pulled hairstyles,and pretty much I was wearing buns for a,very long time right at the top of my,head and that is where my hair loss is,currently right now it is just right in,the middle of my head and that was,caused from all the buns and Top Knots,that I was doing for years now I had no,clue that I was losing my hair until,2020 when I went to a hair stylist to,get a sew in and he was braiding my hair,down and he was like hey I dont know if,you know this but youre going bald in,the middle of your head he took a,picture and I was shocked I had no clue,that the middle of my head was thin and,thinning and of course you know I dont,see the top of my head,um like that unless Im looking with a,mirror so I had no clue that I was my,hair was thinning I had no clue how long,it was thinning for and thus began my,journey to kind of you know repair my,hair and fill in that thin spot now I,was I wasnt necessarily doing anything,intentional to try to repair my hair I,just stopped Bunning,um I wore my hair in loose ponytails and,I just I was actually using oil in that,spot to you know try to increase hair,growth and I honest honestly didnt I,wasnt doing any type of following up,with my hair to see if it was growing,back,and,um yeah I just kind of left it along,really I just I didnt really look at it,and I honestly kind of forgot about it,over time,um I guess I just kind of prayed and,hoped that it would grow back because at,the time it wasnt bad so you know I,just figured if I stopped bunting my,hair and wearing you know those top,tight buns my hair would just go back I,just realized that I can see myself in,my mirror and you guys can kind of see,my setup so I have a mirror right there,I have a mirror right there and then I,have a mirror in front of me so I can,see myself,um sorry if that distracts you but Im,not gonna move,um fast forward to 2022 in April I found,my stylist and,you know I went to her and I got a,haircut she took care of my hair I got a,silk press and um thats something that,I want to point out I normally dont,straighten my hair Ive been natural for,about,five or six years and I dont straighten,my hair if I do straighten my hair its,never really bone straight so when I,straighten my hair I was able to see you,know what parts of my hair was thinner,than the rest what was you know where,the damage was and all that so after,um I got my hair pressed I went home and,you know Im taking pictures all up in,the mirror and I decided to take a,picture of the back of my head just to,see how short my hair was and thats,when I saw that my bald spot had grown,almost I dont know like three times the,size my hair was very very thin in that,area and,I was really shocked so after taking,that picture I went to a dermatologist,um just to see what my options were when,it came to growing back my hair and she,gave me a few options so the first,option was,um I think Rogaine and Ive heard of,Rogaine before Ive heard of like older,men using Rogaine,um and I probably would have used Rogan,Rogaine but what you told me was that,um if I use Rogaine I had to continue,using Rogaine and if I stopped using it,all that new growth would fall off my,head so that was out of the question the,next option that she gave me was light,therapy which was expensive so that was,out of the question she also gave me the,option of injecting steroids into that,area to stimulate new growth and I did,consider it but my insurance did not,cover that so that was out of the,question as well and then finally my,dermatologist told me about neutrophil,and that its a hair supplement and that,it its the only hair supplement that,she recommends along with a lot of other,dermatologists out there so lets get,into my experience using neutral full so,like I said Ive been using neutrophil,for about four years and,sorry four months and the reason why Im,using neutrophil is to Target the middle,of my hair to Target my thin spot now,lets get into the pros and cons of,using neutralfold some of the cons of,using neutriful for me is number one the,price,there were a few options on the website,um when I first you know signed up,um like different like subscription,plans and stuff like that Im not Im,not 100 sure what subscription plan I,chose but in the end Im I ended up,paying 79 per bottle this is how the,bottle looks,um in total it has,120 bills for one month if you do the,math that means youre taking four pills,a day for 30 days which honestly doesnt,sound that bad but another con is the,size of the pill so this is the size of,one of the vitamins and to be honest I,think this is kind of big,um,its just a capsule and its packed with,all the ingredients that have I guess,targets you know hair growth and this,brings me to my third con which is that,um you have to take all four pills at,one time the directions specifically say,take four capsules once daily with a,meal so I have to,take all four pills if you guys can see,that I have to take all four pills at,once and thats not fun I guess it has,gotten easier over time but it can be a,headache,um to know that you have to take all,four pills at once and the pills are so,big,[Music],the pros of using neutriful I would say,is that it actually does work even,though it does take time Ive read a,bunch of reviews that you know the,vitamins do work you just have to kind,of stick to it so the bottle reads that,this is physician formulated to,multi-target key Roots cause that,compromise hair Health its clinically,shown to increase hair growth and,improve hair quality in women and I can,definitely say the quality of my hair,has improved I have naturally thin hair,I have been going to a hair stylist,regularly but I want to say that the,vitamins have helped the shine of my,hair the texture of my hair and I do,think overall my hair is a little bit,Fuller so Ive been including pictures,throughout this video but I know you,guys want to see what my hair looks like,now so Im just gonna flip my head over,and show you guys the area that has been,thinning and what it looks like right,now,all right so this is the area that has,been thinning,um like I said its right in the middle,of my head because this is where I would,just do my buns and from the pictures,that Ive been putting up on the screen,to you know whats what you guys are,seeing right now it does look like my,hair is growing,um that you know it does look thicker in,the area its not as sparse I mean it is,thin but Im not as self-conscious to,where my hair like in a middle part or,anything or if the wind blows and my,hair flips over Im not as,self-conscious,um with this area being exposed so,like I said its been four months that,Ive been taking neutrophil and this,these this is my results as of now,[Music],um and I think the results are very,visible,um compared to the pictures and the,videos inserted in this video,[Music],um you can definitely see that some,change has occurred over the past couple,of months all right so now that Ive,messed up my hair I guess its time to,wrap this video but I just wanted to,come on here real quick and just chat,about my journey I dont really see too,many videos about you know people using,neutrophils so I just wanted to come on,here really quick and talk about you,know my experience in the past four,months,foreign

Nutrafol Hair Supplement Before and After | Six Months Review

hello everyone akash here when i first,got my neutral hair supplement about six,months ago i was thinking is it going to,work for me or not because its,expensive powder and i have to take it,for at least six months to see good,result but i saw so many good review,online about neutrophil hair supplement,and it also number one hair supplement,recommended by dermatologists in usa for,men and women both after taking,neutrophil for six months i will give,you my honest opinion about this product,and there is another small organic,powder i use with the neutrophil that,helped me regrow my hair much faster,that i will show you later on in this,video also all the positive thing about,neutrophil and the negative that you,need to know before you start taking,neutral fall hair supplement by the way,this is the man version but exactly the,same one you have for women version also,all the original product link you will,find in description box down below best,thing about this product is 100 drug,free so you dont have to worry about,any side effect so no nonsense involved,in it its gluten free soy free,shellfish free binders free and the best,thing about neutral fall hair supplement,if you losing hair because of stress or,vitamin deficiency or dht balancing,problem best to take care of all those,three problems because many hair,supplements you will see on the market,you have to take separate supplement for,hair growth and save it for dht but if,you are taking neutral hair supplement,you dont have to worry about none of,those things i personally feel much more,relaxed taking this neutral hair,supplement and i personally feel it did,reduce my stress by taking this every,day and i personally feel i get a lot,more energy taking this hair supplement,this product is only for adult make sure,youre over 18 years old to take,neutrophil this is how the capsule look,like its quite big the only negative,thing about this product that i have to,take four per day the women bottle also,the same thing you got to take four per,day after a meal so if you start taking,neutral fall supplement today within a,week you will start to see less and less,hair fall and you get lot more energy,but for you to regrow new hair it will,take three to six months of taking,neutrophil i personally see after three,months my hair feels much more thicker,and fuller this has 120 capsule and you,have to take four per day so one bottle,is good for one month but if you have,underlying health condition then you,should ask your doctor can you take,neutral hair supplement or not i used,lambina hair growth essence this is 100,organic ginger essence that you mix into,your shampoo whatever the shampoo you,use if you like long hair and you want,your hair follicle to get stronger and,healthier then use five drop of lambena,every 10 ounce shampoo or every 100 ml,shampoo just five drops or if you have,20 ounce shampoo you could put 10 drops,and shake the shampoo really well to mix,it good so this is 100 organic products,so you dont have to worry about any,side effect and if you go on my website,you will find all the original products,right there the link in the description,box down below so if you decide to take,notre fall hair supplement all the good,review i saw online about this product,most of the review has one thing in,common people see good result after,taking neutral fall for more than 3,months but if you are going through,really bad hair loss situation right now,you could directly talk to me today just,go to my website akashbeshwas.com if you,have any question you could always ask,me in the comment section down below and,if you give this video a thumbs up ill,really appreciate it take care

Trying Nutrafol Hair Growth Supplements ☀️????????(Before & After Review)

I saw the Victorias Secret model Depp,winds are using neutral so I am about,neutral okay so heres whats going on,my hair is sad and its making me sad,I want Shakira but Im getting Carole,Baskin I honestly dont know whats,going on theres this weird triangle,thing in the back of my head where the,hair just doesnt grow Ive tried,everything Ive tried biotin I tried,wearing my hair natural I havent even,tried doing headstands daily because,apparently thats a thing but then there,I was watching downwards around YouTube,and then she was just like oh hey by the,way Im taking this thing called,nutribullet its making my hairline be,better so I got on my laptop and I,started stocking new triple like it was,my ex-boyfriends new girlfriend,basically a new triple is a hair growth,supplement the first thing that I like,about it is that its all natural and I,only put all natural things in my body,it also has a lot of vitamins in it like,a CD biotin and zinc and for all of my,shedding friends out there this is the,big one 75% of users saw a reduction in,hair shedding now lets move on to some,things that I dont like at it I read,one ladys review and she said that new,triple made her entire body break out in,pimples her whole body it may be $8 for,one bottle and not only lasts you a,month so thats over a thousand dollars,a year thats highway robbery,the last thing I dont like about it is,that you have to take four pills a day,so after weighing the pros and cons list,the pro list was longer so I decided to,pull the trigger were about to embark,on whats hopefully the most epic hair,journey,of my life there will be check-ins there,will be before-and-after photos but,today today is day one so lets just,gobble up todays totally reasonable,dose of four large,pills did it work,alright I will see you in my next second,hopefully with luscious long locks,[Music],alright so its been about a week and I,actually washed my hair last night and,let it air dry so its down for the,first time in a while so I thought that,I would kind of show you the progress,this is where were at so about the same,I mean I will say do you think its,getting a little bit longer I didnt,notice the first couple of days I was,getting into breakouts along my jaw my,eyebrows on my forehead which is kind of,rare like I will get spots here and,there but usually its just one or two,places so this was kind of a lot it,could be unrelated I dont know but I,figured I would document it so yeah this,is where were at and well just keep,going,[Applause],[Music],[Applause],[Music],[Applause],[Music],hi guys,so its either day 16 or 17 of taking,the new triple so Ill just give my,hairbrush thats the most kind of,telling part of progress for me I,personally think that its getting,longer and when were kind of at the,halfway point and I am a little bit,tempted to purchase another bottle,because its like I kind of think that,its working Im not a hundred percent,sure like my hair is definitely growing,and I know that this stuff takes time so,I dont know Im going to give it a few,more days and then well see yeah I just,wanted to check in and then I will give,you guys some updates in a few days so,before I get into my overall thoughts on,new triple I want to show you my before,and after photos I obviously did my hair,today this is what it looks like but in,the photos I wanted to kind of give you,a clear representation of what my hair,looks like when its not styled so,unfortunately Im still not a Tresemme,girl and I know that with these things,sometimes it can take time to see,results but I just think at the price,point for taking four pills every day,for a whole month I wanted to see a,little bit more and to be honest I,actually think that my before photos,look better than my after and Im also,pretty sure that this is what was,causing my breakout so Im excited to,get off of it because of that but,overall this is not for me just because,of the price point how many pills you,have to take and,also just the fact that its hot on my,skin so I personally wont be buying it,again but at the end of the day,everyones different everyones body,reacts differently to different things,so if you are curious about it and you,do you know have the funds to purchase,something like this and you dont mind,taking a ton of pills I definitely think,that you should try it out dont let,this stop you alright guys I hope that,you found this video helpful if you did,please give it a big thumbs up and,please subscribe if youre not already,I would love to welcome you to the,little happiest family and I will see,you in my next video,bye,[Music]

My Experience Taking Nutrafol (With Pictures)

hi guys and welcome back to a new video,if you are new here hello and welcome in,todays video we are going to be talking,about my experience with nutria fall so,if youre interested in seeing that then,all you need to do is keep on watching,[Music],so in this video we are going to be,talking about my experience with nutria,fall how it was going pros and cons Im,gonna give you an unbiased look at my,experience but please keep in mind this,is my experience only I am NOT saying,that this is gonna be your experience I,just want to share my experience taking,nutria fall and how it worked for me,some thoughts some pictures and well go,from there so I think its pertinent to,give a little bit of a backstory on why,I even decided to try the nutria fall,system and you know get into things that,are meant for your hair for me Ive,always been very into makeup and skin,care that is where my passion lies well,I do like my hair and care for my hair,its never been my most favorite thing I,dont enjoy styling my hair Ive never,been good at it but Ive always at least,wanted to have long hair and Ive always,wanted to have hair that at least you,know looked semi nice and healthy and so,I was one of those people that in high,school I straightened the crap out of it,I wasnt taking great care of my hair at,all it never looked horrible,but as Ive gotten older it has started,to become more of a priority for me to,be taking care of my hair and just doing,what I can to help it out and so for me,I very rarely color treat my hair I am,predisposed to graying a little bit,quicker thanks to my dad he was someone,that started going gray I think ever on,the age 18 and so because of that I also,have some Grays and so I do get a,little bit of help touching those up,every two months so I do that I really,try to lay off of any heat on my hair I,do not straight my hair daily I do not,blow-dry my hair at all usually I let my,hair air dry I dont brush my hair while,its wet I try to use special towels for,my hair to eliminate any type of,breakage when I do style my hair I use,hot rollers I heard that those are the,best thing that you can use if you want,to do your hair with heat I dont use a,curling iron very often and so,as you can see I do try to minimize,doing anything possible to my hair I,want it to look the nicest that it can,walk and so I definitely feel like my,hair is on a good path from when I was,younger Im using better products Im,taking better care of it,so Im mattes hard on it either most,days Im not even doing my hair a lot of,times I just let it air dry I wear it,like that or Ill wear it slicked back,so besides taking steps to minimize more,damage to my hair I also wanted to take,a look at what I could do to make it,healthier from the inside I was starting,to feel like I was seeing a little bit,of thinning on the sides of my scalp and,while baldness doesnt really run in my,family my mom has a very thick head of,hair my dad has a very thick head of,hair I wasnt really concerned that I,was balding just noticing some thinning,and I know that that can happen from a,lot of different things age stress,hormones etc so that did lead me to do,some research and figure out some things,that I can do and one of the recurring,things that kept coming up was nutria,fall and so it was to the point where I,couldnt ignore it I wanted to check it,out it from what I was hearing it was,being recommended by doctors and,dermatologists and so that really turned,me on to it I went online and I took the,quiz so you do answer you know basic,questions like if you are male or female,how old you are if you are breastfeeding,if youre trying to conceive you also,answer questions about hormones stress,metabolism gut health and environmental,toxins I really liked that the test was,thorough Im one of those people that,really enjoys taking online quizzes like,that if you are anywhere close to my age,you will remember that there was this,whole website and it was dedicated to,just taking all kinds of quizzes some of,them were like really funny quizzes and,some of them were a little bit more,serious I cannot remember for the life,of me the name of that website but when,you were bored youd go online and you,would go to this website and you would,just take all kinds of quizzes so at the,end of the quiz they ended up,recommending,two products for me the Nutri full for,women and then they also recommended the,Hara biotic and so I decided to go for,it now both of these were $89 or as if,you were just gonna be getting this and,purchasing this on its own this does,retail for $79 so I did feel like that,was kind of pricey especially,considering that when you start taking,things like these you have to continue,taking them and so if this was something,that youre gonna commit to you almost,have to commit to it for the rest of,your life otherwise if you stop taking,it the results that you get will,eventually go away so that was something,that I definitely considered if I wanted,to commit to something that I basically,Im going to have to take long term and,I thought I still wanted to give it a,try because if it really worked wonders,and transformed my hair then it could,possibly be worth that maybe I could,give up other areas to make room for,that $89 monthly fee I did go in with,very realistic expectations I knew that,it was going to take more than a month,for me to even see any type of results,and from what I was reading online it,was gonna take anywhere from three to,six months before you really do truly,start seeing results but they do have,some before and after pictures and those,before and after pictures range from the,customer you know being on this nutria,fall anywhere from two months to 24,months and so I was being more realistic,to where I knew that I was definitely,gonna have to take it for a couple of,months and so one of the things that I,really did enjoy I thought it was really,great with the company is you do get put,on auto shipment and so when I was,getting it they were shipping it at the,perfect times I would literally get my,next fill the day that I was taking my,last vitamins or the day before that I,was taking my last vitamins and so it,came at the perfect time,shipping was always very wonderful so I,definitely appreciated that about the,company that they were really awesome,with their shipping it always came at,the most perfect time I never had any,months where I was a week or so without,being able to take it because I was,completely out of stock so I did like,that so Im sure by now youre probably,wondering how long I actually did,dedicate to taking the,they also refer to them as,nutraceuticals and so I ended up taking,them from the end of December until the,end of March and obviously as you can,tell I stopped taking them and so thats,what were gonna get into my experience,so with the way their system works you,do take four of the actual nutria full,and then you take one of the hare,biotics I am someone that definitely,believes in probiotics and so I was,completely on board with taking a hare,biotic I was I was surprised that you do,take four of these a day but I am NOT,someone that mines in the least bit to,have to take multiple capsules or,medication so that really didnt bother,me at all as I started at taking these,supplements within the first few weeks I,did notice a breakout on my face and I,was completely prepared for that in fact,I automatically know that when I am,gonna be starting a new product or,working something new into my system I,automatically assume that there is a,possibility for purging and so Im,definitely someone that can kind of pull,in the reins tone it down anxiety wise,and understand that it is my body,purging and that it will not last,forever that is a very scary thing to go,through it as far as when your skin,starts to purge its seemingly freaking,out you dont know whats going on is it,ever gonna clear up more and more just,keep on forming and so I definitely was,dealing with a you

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