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well i can honestly say,i have never seen so many penises in one,film in one video before in my life,ever thats where this review is started,[Music],lymphomaniac released in 2013 and is,tracked by lars von trier who weve been,talking about,this entire week with this trilogy of,films all dealing with the topic of,depression and the aspects of depression,the different types of depression that,one can be feeling weve dealt with,grief weve dealt with despair weve,dealt with the fear of death and how,paralyzing and how freezing that could,be when it comes to the aspect of,depression and here with nymphomaniac we,are dealing with,self-loathing depression and this film,is starring,charlotte gainsborough whos become one,of my favorite actresses of all time,stacy martin stellen skarsgard christian,slater,jamie bell uma thurman willem dafoe and,connie nielsen and the reason why we are,talking about this depression trilogy,from lars von trier,this week is because well first it was,recommended to me by one of my friends,from grad school and a great podcaster,great youtuber,horror film video reviewer craig graham,he runs his own youtube channel and,podcast called bloodhound picks,i recommend go over there give him a,subscription,really great stuff that theyre doing,over there but he recommended this whole,depression trilogy for me,come to find out he hasnt even watched,nympho maniac,so how can you recommend that i watch a,movie thats over,five hours long if you yourself havent,even watched it come on craig if you had,problems sitting through,zack snyders justice league which is,four hours,how the [ __ ] do you think i feel with,this one but were also talking about,the depression trilogy this week because,it is the first week of may,and may is national mental health,awareness month so what better time to,talk about the aspects of depression,than when it comes to mental health,awareness i myself have dealt with,depression over,several years and there are many people,out there who have dealt with it their,entire lives have a much more severe,case of depression than i do,i believe its something that all of us,go through at either one point in our,lives or,all throughout our lives is this aspect,of depression,this voice in the back of our head,thats telling us that were not good,enough,or this voice in the back of our head,that kind of amplifies all of our fears,that we have within ourselves,the most important thing when it comes,to dealing with your own personal,depression,for me at least was recognizing that i,actually did have,depression and that i was suffering from,depression and then when you,realize and admit to that you can,realize that there are so many,organizations and people out there who,are trained to help you and are,trained to help you through this this,hard time that youre going through a,big organization that ive been,promoting this week is afsp the american,foundation for suicide prevention,theres always someone there who is,willing to talk to you,and is willing to help you and willing,to listen to you and to listen to how,youre feeling,and to reassure you that yes you do have,value and to steal a line from zack,snyders justice league,cyborg said im not broken and i am not,alone thats what they are there for to,let you know that you,are not broken and you are not alone,seriously thats going to be a tattoo,right around here eventually i got to,get the batman superman tattoos that,ive been wanting for many many years,but that line from cyborg probably the,cyborg logo too,its going around right here love that,line its,something that i take to heart and ill,never forget so after saying all that,lets talk about this story of,one womans sexual adventure throughout,her entire life,and all the penises that she encounters,one snowy evening stellen skarsgard sees,a woman by the name of joe laying,unconscious in the middle of an alleyway,joe played by charlotte gainsborough,says that she would like a cup of tea,and stellen skarsgard invites her back,to his apartment there she gets cleaned,up and,is willing to tell the story of her,entire life of how she has become a,self-diagnosed,nymphomaniac she discovered her,sexuality at a very young age and volume,1 of nymphomaniac deals with her,exploration of her own sexuality how she,would find ways to climax and to,masturbate as a young child until,eventually she becomes a young teenager,and plays different games with her best,friend,of who can have sex with more men we,also see the strong relationship of her,with her father played by christian,slater and how his death later on in,life really sparked the,descent of joes sexual journey and,thats what volume 2 covers in detail,joes struggle with re-achieving her,sexual endeavors but the whole thing,is one grand story of one womans,struggle with her acceptance of her,sexuality in the public eye and how she,will never apologize for being the way,that she is,and thats one of the shitty things,about this,society at least our society our western,society that at least i belong to here,in the states the idea that a woman who,is sexually adventurous is labeled as,a [ __ ] or is looked down upon how,a woman shouldnt be doing that they,should only have one partner ever,and if they have more than one again,they are labeled as a [ __ ] whereas if a,man went around and slept with a whole,bunch of women,or hell even slept with a whole bunch of,men they would be seen as some type,of conqueror someone who went out and on,conquest and as all the belt notches,that he could possibly have,one in our society is okay and is looked,up to,the other one is looked down upon and we,shun them for shame,for being again labeled as a [ __ ] i,absolutely absolutely hate that and i,hope,the majority of you out there that watch,this review or at least know me,believe that same way too we are all,mammals regardless of your,sexual identity however you identify,yourself,man woman trans gay lesbian,bi whatever youre a human being,were all the same initially and human,beings,really like to have sex and its okay if,you have,a lot of partners its okay if you have,only one partner,theres no criteria theres no book,or rule written down saying oh if you,have so many different partners,youre you should be ashamed of yourself,and if you dont have so many,well you know what you should also be,ashamed of yourself too there is no rule,out there,the only thing that you should keep in,mind when you do go down,your sexual adventures and youre,discovering yourself and what you like,is to be safe and to be careful though,joe throughout this entire film is being,very adventurous,and being very courageous she does get,herself,into some pretty scary situations,typically she comes out of it well on,the other side,but they could easily go down a very,terrible route where she could be,mugged or even worse killed so just know,that off the bat if were going to talk,about sex and someone being,sexually adventurous just just know to,be safe,and to know who youre dealing with,please with that out of the way now we,have to command,just two wonderful fine acting,performances here,again from charlotte gainsborough and,newly heres stacy martin who plays the,younger version,of joe that charlotte gainsborough plays,later on in the movie the vulnerability,that these two people,show and the unwilling to,apologize for who they are ness about,their characters,is something to be admired ive said it,before in my other review charlotte,gainesboro is,wonderful ive never heard of her before,this week after seeing this entire,trilogy from lars von trier,she is one of my favorite actresses when,shes on screen she is captivating she,is,a storyteller storyteller with the way,she tells the story,and the way that she doesnt tell a,story shes captivating and shes,wonderful shes magnificent,she is amazing and stacy martin does a,great job of,mirroring what charlotte gainsborough,does when we go to our flashback,sequences and we see stacy martin,as a youn

NYMPHOMANIAC (Part I and II) Movie Review (non-spoiler)

hello everybody today Im going to be,reviewing a nymphomaniac which is the,controversial two-part epic film,directed by sensationalist Icarus,director Lars von Trier Lars as a,director and as a person has a very very,very very bleak outlook on life and,on humanity and it is very apparent in,his work and I think with the majority,of his films and you can see it in just,in terms of the consistency he likes to,be perverse and he likes to almost prank,the audience almost like you know hes,playing a practical joke on them and he,wants to shock you to me in terms of,just what Ive seen if its working I,havent seen everything but just from,what Ive seen I am a little bit,skeptical about some of his films you,know there are times when I do think,hes truly achieving art as opposed to,artifice a lot of the times I do feel,like you know as I said hes toying with,the audience and I feel like hes trying,really hard to evoke a reaction out of,us without really having something meaty,behind us like for instance his last,film which came out in 2011 which was,melancholia it had a lot of amazing,things about it it was gorgeous stunning,to look at and it did have some very,kind of interesting thought-provoking,ideas going on there,but to me as I was watching it it just,it didnt amount to much in the long run,I mean I felt as though you know it had,these ideas kind of here and there but,they never quite took shape in a sort of,narrative that I felt kind of had,dimension and to me I was kind of left,cold by it but nymphomaniac is a very,different story to me that film succeeds,everywhere that melancholia failed at,least in my opinion to me it is,constantly pondering all kinds of ideas,it is never boring its very evocative,its its daring and I think its one of,the best things that Ive seen out of,the large muncher canon,the title of the film is quite,self-explanatory its about a woman who,is an info maniac and throughout the,film shes basically recalling the tale,of her life and all of her sexual,experiences and how theyve shaped who,she is and shes telling the story to a,very asexual man played by stellan,skarsgård I think what I love a lot,about the movie its just how gutsy it,is how unrelenting it is how it just it,seems like its right on the edge and,its constantly wanting to push itself,and push the audience to the absolute,limit in the film there is of course a,lot of sex but rarely is that ever sexy,in the traditional terms its more like,he large munchers wanting to show us,kind of what sex is and and humanity,almost like as if were examining it,under a petri dish he wants to show us,how very flawed we are and hes,portraying it in a very gruesome light,while also kind of trying to debate and,trying to ponder the meaning of whats,taking place on-screen and with these,characters Loras is using the idea of,sex as an exploiter device but I always,felt like when I was watching it that,there was always intent behind it you,know hes basically like dangling the,idea of sex and you know what it means,to us and then showing us all of the,reverberating effects from it were,getting to see how often sex can,alienate us how it can make us extremely,lonely which is ironic and hes showing,us how it causes jealousy rage how we,bottle up our emotions and our lust,because society tells us its perverse,the most important thing that I took,away from the film just as a viewer was,how sex as we know is meant for you to,feel the ultimate sensation right but,theres a very narrow line that can be,crossed theres a very narrow line,between that elation that sexual elation,and anger or elation and,sadness and at what point does like you,know an orgasmic sensation cross over,into masochism violence things like that,some might find the characters a bit,placid or unrelatable or cold whatever,and but I think that most of lars von,trier films like the majority of his,films have characters like that and I,dont think hes trying to create,memorable characters hes not Quentin,Tarantino he is examining the anatomy of,human behavior if you will so its,almost like these characters are blank,slates and we are getting to see you,know for instance the main character,that the the female character she is the,narrator and then youve got stellan,skarsgård whos kind of like the,interpreter of the story and the way,that he sees it may seem very methodical,and and unrealistic and maybe even,laughable at times but thats kind of,the point art doesnt have to be,realistic its like hes large mature is,taking little aspects of you know things,that we see in ourselves and just human,behavior and making them into kind of,artistic abstract abstractions and to me,this is a way for us to kind of,understand emotions and the motivations,behind them in their most raw and,unbiased form to me this is like art,porn its its an exploitation piece,its a feminist piece its very,philosophical and its designed to shock,you but its not necessarily trying to,manipulate you I in the same way that,other works do and there are some very,quirky decisions I mean consists in,consistencies in the film like the,bizarre casting of Shia LaBeouf is in,this film which kind of threw me off,just the idea of that to begin with but,when I was watching the movie I kept,thinking to myself what kind of accent,is Shia trying to pull off here there,were times Im like okay wait okay is he,American,oh no no hes British no no way hes,Australian,or maybe hes southern I could never,figure it out but I always feel like the,choices that are made in order to create,the film had just they they just kind of,this weird kind of quirky vibe to it and,it added to the peculiarities of the,film people that really love artistic,films that really push the envelope,were gonna love this people who are,Lars von Trier fans are definitely gonna,love this because again I think this is,one of his more powerful and complex,films but its gonna be one of those,movies that either youre gonna love it,or hate it I just cant imagine somebody,coming out of a Lars von Trier film and,just kind of say like oh yeah yeah I saw,a nymphomaniac it was okay I just I,cant picture that its like Ive never,heard anybody have like a met reaction,to a large bunch of film because he just,he looks very strong emotions from,people but I will warn you if youve,never seen a large bunch of film just,prepare yourself because he is not,exactly a peach but again I absolutely,loved this film and I highly recommend,it that is my review thank you all for,listening if you would like to follow me,on twitter the link is below for that,and also you can like my new facebook,page also right there and have a lovely,day

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Nymphomaniac: Vol. II: Stellan Skarsgård, Charlotte Gainsbourg Interview

what was the first thing in your,characters personalities that you were,able to latch on to his actors and,really identify with and sink your teeth,into them in my turn I think it was what,I really loved the idea of his complete,innocence and lack of his spear,experience of life that it was all books,in his head the super nerd and and the,idea that everything she said would be,absolutely new and shocking news to him,there are a lot of aspects about her,that I that I dont feel close to at all,but it didnt mean that I couldnt play,them I I loved her as a character but,because shes so far away,I loved her stubbornness but thats not,mine I love the fact that shes so sure,of her ideas Thats not me,yeah a lot of things that so nice not to,be yourself your film is dead lovely and,you have this wonderful back and forth,all of your interludes and your kind of,scholarly leaps of logic and everything,how much of that was in the script,versus what you brought to it everything,getting within it everything was in the,script the loss often wants me to,improvise better it seems like this you,cant and also he is writing is to me,like nursery rhymes I mean he writes,like a child but a slightly hyper,intelligent little weird child but but,but but I cant improvise in that kind,of text anyway but but also it was so,full of facts all those things that I,talk about whether its Fibonacci,numbers or mark or or fly-fishing its,things that Lars is passionate about,hes interested in because my characters,is,totally loris is one part of it so hes,making fun of one side of them and the,other side of lorises is the Joe,character has actors both have been,doing this for a while and youre faced,with roles where you have to ask,yourself am I willing to do this on,camera obviously with a movie like,nymphomaniac that question comes up how,do you approach that question as actors,Ive done I mean I suppose you you refer,to the sexuality of this film and and I,never had any problems with that,sometimes you get asked to kill people,on films I do that too yeah what about,you and your well he was very explicit,and precise in the sense that he,explained everything how it was going to,be shot and and it was very easy to,agree to everything because I could even,keep my knickers on for some of the,scenes because he was all going to do it,in post production post production with,porn actors doing this the actual thing,it wasnt that hard to yet agree on,everything and I I didnt have that much,nakedness compared with Stacey you has,to do the beginning of the the,exploration of sex with a lot of,different men and I had to do I mean the,most the most I had to do was with Kane,but again it wasnt it wasnt me so,obviously the word pornographic stand,turn around a lot brought an early press,and everything but youve said before an,interview that if its porn its very,bad porn,where do you think that that line,it gets drawn how do you draw that line,between art and pornography and hows,that work its pornography is is made,explicitly for you to to masturbate to,and the cell important is that and it,doesnt take it doesnt its not,interested in any psychology or,expressing anything else usually but but,its exploiting the sexuality and I,dont mind that either but this is not,porn and youve seen the film and you,know its not very arousing its its,about like any good large film its full,of beautiful stories and its uh uncle,Aras is telling stories again it happens,to be sexually explicit but that to me,its that its not even controversial it,wasnt shocking it wasnt no I I,understand them I mean all the buzz was,about the explicit sex but when I I,dont know when I saw the film it of,course it had to portray sex and you had,to see a lot of crudité it was part of,the subject but the film takes you,somewhere else its it takes you to,another place and its for me its more,to do with the the,the way she portrays herself through her,sex life but her suffering the way shes,trying to understand herself trying to,persuade Salomon that shes a bad human,being that she is not made for the,society she its its saying a lot of,different things

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Stacy Martin – Nymphomaniac Exclusive Interview

[Music],well Ill stop asking for sure that the,co-lead in the new Lars von Trier film,you just left the pinch yourself and,when you hear that because its quite a,quite an achievement for a debut,production yeah I always I mean being,here and having these things is just,quite surreal I never really believed it,and why should I talk about it and then,going to Berlin Film Festival is one of,those big realization because everyone,is there and its quite crazy really I,mean obviously when imagine when you,were kind of up for that for the part,where this were there any apprehensions,despite the kind of the Magna tree,behind font area given the kind of the,nature of the role I really wanted to do,the part regardless of the content,because everything was very clear from,the start and I knew that those other,things there in the apprehensions I had,I think were just because it was my,first film and I really wanted to do,honor to Lars and honor to the amazing,film that he wrote and that was very,important to me um was a senior lee side,filming it just sort of went away,because i was just these an intriguing,figure in cinema von trier i was,wondering what hes like to work,alongside intriguing hes very hes very,calm very discrete in a way he lets you,kind of do your own thing which is sort,of great as an actor because you really,feel like you are putting a lot of your,own work into it and he he gives you a,lot of freedom a lot of trust and to,have that amazing for the first time so,were you a fan of his of you know,beyond it before this of course youre,playing a Joe whos a younger version of,Charlottes Gainess character as well,in in the movie I was wondering if you,spent much time effort to kind of study,her sensibilities and just to get the,small kind of idiocy,idiosyncrasies to her demeanor I,supposed,I mean I think an unconscious level it,probably did impact but no not really,we didnt really work together at all it,was quite strange in some respects to do,the promotional tour and to go to Berlin,and do the whole kind of festival,circuit alongside the lights of,Charlottes and Stalin for example and,share the same experiences and yet you,didnt have any scenes together is it,quite a sort of is that quite surreal I,mean its nice because when we were,filming it felt like Lars was doing two,separate films so hed go away I would,stop filming for a week or two and just,go home its my turn right uhm and then,just having it all come together and,having everyone together it sort of,makes sense because it always felt like,there was something missing because Id,only come in through the flashback so my,story is pretty staggered dont actually,have then Charlotte Stalin shyuum ago it,kind of like oh yeah the films complete,when you watch the finished product up,on the big screen is it quite the,strength of surreal experience for you,to see because obviously you said you,use porn bubbles to see yourself in,those of that type of scene knowing that,and obviously its not yourself it must,be quite strange to see it in front of a,bigger audience like that but its great,because it just means that I can still,do a film like nymphomaniac and still,you know I know what I believe in and,thats phenomenal but then I mean the,work that they didnt post is quite,crazy and great okay but is weird I mean,would you like to see yourself naked,income from I think yeah exactly and did,you did you get the trust to meet your,your body double yeah feeding me I tried,not to stay on set when that happened,and of course Indy and though not not,sort of doing the the explicit stuff,yourself you must have still been quite,nervous I suppose because there were,still some sort of quite barring scenes,for you to protect him yeah yeah,obviously then we talked a lot with Lars,and before the force type we before we,start filming we talked a lot and,kind of just it was easy once we,actually were on the same page and we,decided to just go for it and I think,also theres so much talk you can do,about you know difficult scenes I think,the easiest way is to actually just do,the scene and then you realize oh okay,thats done and and also its with Lars,and Isis he was extremely protective and,extremely care caring about all this,nudity,content so you just want to do in the,end you say okay yes I know the films,wouldnt Romania lets just do it and to,the of your close friends and family,scene and what was that whats that like,for you to know that youre your parents,for example my friends havent seen,anything were gonna see this Saturday,you know I mean Im quite excited,because theyve been kind of seeing you,know everything around the film before,it came out and all that so Im just,kind of excited to actually see that,everyones on the same page which is,quite a nice feeling of course the this,kind of prevalent Fame the thing that a,lot of people are talking about the,moment is that the sex does that for,straight you and other cast members are,tall because this is actually a very,layered dark and quite funny tale and it,and it seems that everyone is focusing,on one thing and kind of disregarding,the story somewhat I think they are but,I think it changes a lot once people see,the film obviously the whole controversy,before because no one had seen a film,Naumann really knew what it was about so,I see as soon as you know theyll be,sexist I go yeah thats what you grab on,to but I find it quite funny because,then people go in and come out and kind,of blown away by the complexity and the,density of the film so anything you know,you just have to accept it of course,your your co-stars share has been making,a lot of headlines at the moment for,himself I was wondering obviously within,the the paper bag at the premiere and,walking out of the press conference as,he did he tell you guys he was gonna do,any of this beforehand of where you were,surprised as a threeway,I would have done something if he told,me no I dont know I did very sort of a,surprise it kind of a funny one thats,all I mean no I didnt think about so so,just finally I just wanted because I see,this is your debut film is this the or,the career youd like to have knows,exacting where youd like to see,yourself yeah yeah I mean I did take,this part because this is what I want to,do and I take it very seriously and,hopefully itll lead to other most you,know amazing opportunities well see,yeah well thank you so much for that,today much appreciated,thank you

James King reviews Nymphomaniac volumes I and II

a firm that has had a lot of attention,and for various reasons,this is last one trios nymphomaniac part,1 part 2 yeah so last material obviously,the the Danish director born into a,family according to the internet of,nudists who didnt believe in discipline,which I think explains quite a lot the,nymphomaniac double bill is is described,as the wild and poetic story of a,womans journey from birth to the age of,50 as told by the main character the,self-diagnosed,nymphomaniac Jo so this is Charlotte,Gainsbourg and shes discovered one,night by a guy called Seligman stellan,skarsgård finds her beaten up on the,street takes her back to his flat looks,after her and listens to her listens to,a story as she recounts her history,really her life and then the story of,her relationships things I liked about,it Stacy Martin who plays the young Joe,cuz a lot of the stories of her you know,in her teenage years when hes shes,great very kind of modern accurate,feeling actress this this combination of,on the one hand shes quite classic,English rose and on the other hand she,feels a bit like a dirty stop-out shes,got a kind of I just kept thinking shes,like Kate Middleton meets Kate Moss its,this great kind of combination and even,when in the movie shes shes revealing,everything you still feel that shes,holding something back theres like a,mysterious edge to her and I dont know,if its just in this film because its,the only film Ive seen her in but I,hope that well see you in a lot more,movies and and and I hope that we,continue to see that kind of interesting,side to her because I think shes,absolutely got something theres a great,scene with Huma Thurmond as well,fantastic scene which is almost like a,skit really its like something from a,sketch show so she plays a cheated wife,getting her own back on on Joe whos,been having a fling with her husband and,its funny and it feels perhaps a little,out of place but its certainly the best,thing that has done for a long time and,and theres a cheekiness to it that you,dont always associate with lars von,trier movies that really works but,actually the biggest shock for me,watching these films is that for large,stretches and this is like four hours,for both movies,I wasnt outraged and I wasnt in love,with it and in light,I was sort of in the middle really an,indifference isnt something that you,would normally associate with lars von,trier he doesnt really do indifference,he wants love or hate but I found myself,right in the middle and now there are,directors cut to this movie the,directors cut the first part was shown,in the Berlin Film Festival I hear they,are more out there they are more graphic,but I think the versions we dont have,those over here the versions out over,here Im not sure if theyre quite as,groundbreaking as I was hoping that they,would be theres a great review I mean,Derek Malcolm is a brilliant film with,your anyway but he said you know its,not his best film its not his worst,film and I kind of agree with that I,think that there are very interesting,things going on in this but considering,like you said the amount that its been,talked about the poster campaign which,is very sort of out there and very,shocking the title the topic its,considering all those things its just,not quite as eye-opening as I would have,hoped it to be and certainly not as,shocking as other voluntario movies I,mean Antichrist was significantly more,powerful in this and I think melancholia,had a kind of magic to it that this one,doesnt have and for a man who likes to,wind up his audience and to provoke and,challenge and to sort of jab actually I,didnt find that many challenging things,in all honesty and this might sound a,bit jokey but its absolutely true the,most challenging thing I had I found was,a Shia LaBeoufs accent and I know its,a bit easy to take the mick out of a,dodgy accent but I think when it becomes,distracting and in it certainly the,audience I watched it with were giggling,when he was talking for some reason hes,meant to be cockney now I dont really,know why that is because stellan,skarsgård who is swedish has hes normal,accent and you got with a yellow in,there when I first got hires Willem,Dafoe America an American accent so,people just kind of spoke normally mhm,but Staffordshire birth who is what who,is sort of the the constant relationship,that Joe has through their life hes,speaking with a sort of cockney and its,really not very good and it is just,distractingly bad and I think thats the,problem yes its kind of harkens,terrible but when it puts you off,focusing on some of the more serious,points I think theres an issue because,there are I mean its a there are lots,of serious points in there there are,umpteen different culture,references lots of bits of trivia in,there about the Bible and about,literature and classical music,fly-fishing randomly I mean it is packed,with loads of sort of cultural,name-dropping and really serious points,you know serious points about feminism,and about society but just when shes in,there youre thinking look fair enough,lads I know youre really trying to do,something serious but bloomin Haleys,accent is terrible and thats,off-putting the thing I was kind of,quite pleasantly surprising about it was,because there was so much based around,the fact you know its called,nymphomaniac part 1 & 2 it was going to,be shocking there was graphic sex scenes,youre going to see this youre going to,see that its gonna its going to,disgust you all this kind of stuff and,it didnt at all I thought the the the,moments and the kind of story as its,been told by Charlotte Gainsbourg,character Joe to M stellan skarsgård,those moments are fantastic the story,unfolding the way she tells it and the,simplicity and the references that he,makes and the comparisons he makes with,her life story – you know you talk about,religion and all that kind of thing I,found absolutely fascinating and um and,with this film I mean for you did it did,it shock you in that level as much as,you were expecting – from what was kind,of surrounding it yeah I mean I was,expecting it shot more and it didnt now,that might be deliberate Im not sure,whether its deliberate considering like,I said the title of it the the marketing,campaign in the run-up to it yeah just,in terms of Lars von Triers history of,moviemaking Im sure it was meant to be,more more kind of provocative and I,dont think it was and Im not entirely,sure to be honest where when it sort of,reaches its conclusion you know and it,makes the big points and it says well of,course would would we be treating a man,in the same way if he was a male you,know sex addict would we treat in the,same way anything well I know no we,wouldnt but thats not really a new,point is it that has been an issue of,debate for many years so youre not,really coming up with anything,groundbreaking in you and although I,found it interesting and there are great,bits it didnt really have a massive,impact and that was the shock that was,the surprise

Nymphomaniac – Renegade Cut

nymphomaniac is a 2013 film written and,directed by lars von trier jo a sex,addict is found beaten in an alley a man,seligman takes pity on her and offers,her a place to rest jo recounts her life,story to him beginning with her sexual,awakening as a child to her life,spiraling out of control,Seligman offers symbolic explanations to,Jos narrative and acts as an observer,concerned with forgiving Jos alleged,misdeeds Jo acts as an avatar for the,director explicitly stating her,philosophies and worldview in a manner,that is unambiguous to the audience more,on that later Joes life story divided,into eight chapters in the film is,primarily concerned with her sexual,habits and views on romance,she believes love is merely sex plus,jealousy nevertheless she finds herself,in serious romantic relationships from,time to time once with a man who when,she was a teenager took her virginity,she seeks out his affection later in,life in spite of the fact that he treats,her badly or perhaps because of it in,her middle age she falls for and has sex,with a 15 year old girl again more on,that later as the film concludes,Seligman who up to that point claimed to,be asexual attempts to rape Jo von trier,was inspired to make this 5 hour plus,film full of graphic sex and,philosophical deviations,after reading Marcel Proust massive work,in search of lost time it is probably,not a coincidence that proofs work was,in seven volumes exactly 1 less than the,8 chapters in which lars von trier has,divided his work perhaps as an attempt,to outdo Proust both works superficially,involve a great amount of sex but both,purport to be the stuff of grander ideas,in if a maniac the theme that flows,throughout all the chapters and the,various interludes in the small home,with Jo and her new friend is the,concept of what lars von trier at least,believes is empathy every experience,every moment is filtered through the,subjective imagination of who is,experiencing it in nymphomaniac that,individual is Jo we hear her story but,there are several times in which the,story becomes either impossible or at,least improbably and Joe and Seligmann,both acknowledges the film takes place,in a kind of geographical no-mans land,with only a few glances at currency,telling us where this might be it does,not matter because really this narrative,exists primarily in the memories of Jo,more than any physical space nephal,maniac is a conversation between a woman,trying to explain herself and an,intellectual who keeps interrupting her,with mythological references religious,imagery and analogies trying to fit,everything she says into something he,can analyze and thus understand,nymphomaniac is the directors,passive-aggressive insult about the,relationship between an artist and a,critic since the character of Seligman,explicitly tells the audience what every,bit of symbolism in the film is meant to,be I wont play this particular game and,instead focus on other matters there is,no point in just recounting the dialogue,of the film word-for-word in some,circles of film criticism there is a,belief in separating the art from the,artist as if a film is simply conjured,into being by some abstract,personification of art rather than,carefully formed by human hands it is,admittedly not without merit however,many directors the so called all tour,directors who wish to control every,aspect of production leave a lot of,themselves on the celluloid the films,are personal each one in varying degrees,lars von trier films certainly fit this,qualification of being personal the,three films Antichrist melancholia and,nymphomaniac are called the depression,trilogy a reference to the directors,mental health,the director is battling his personal,demons through his films and shows,facing his beliefs his philosophies his,politics and his inner struggle,throughout these films so I assert that,it is not only acceptable but necessary,to view nymphomaniac through the lens of,the director himself frankly he makes it,difficult not to Joe serves as his,avatar in the film someone who espouses,his view of the world Joe is not simply,a character in her conversations with,Seligman she regurgitates a worldview,that lars von trier declares himself,either in his previous films or his,public life Joes conversation with,Seligman about what actually constitutes,anti-semitism is an obvious reference to,accusations against the director in the,past,honestly the topic comes out of nowhere,and is a blatant attempt to clear his,name within the confines of a film that,otherwise has nothing to do with the,subject much of the films screed,against the horrors of sensitivity and,respect are in response to the director,being temporarily banned from the Cannes,Film Festival an incident that he no,doubt believes was political correctness,gone mad but was actually a reaction to,the director exclaiming his support for,the Nazis he was almost certainly,insincere but people cannot judge what,you feel deep down only what you do and,so perhaps because someone had the,audacity to tell him not to shout,support for the Nazis he ramped up what,he believes to be courageous portraying,the only black characters in the film as,argumentative and childish the audience,generally unable to understand what they,are saying because of a lack of,subtitles and having Joe using a couple,of different words for black people that,are no longer in proper use and,considered slurs I will not repeat them,here for obvious reasons nymphomaniac in,part is an apologia for the directors,actions and beliefs the allegedly,good-natured character Seligmann asks,Joe not to use such words and she the,avatar of lars von trier says she is,righteous for using slurs what she calls,political correctness is just what most,people would call respect but she claims,it is worse than Hitler burning,that is actually how she puts it meaning,how lars von trier is putting it this is,actually a common defense from people,who just really want to scream the,n-word and have some kind of,philosophical or historical,justification here is the truth the,oxford english dictionary online as,approximately 1,000 new words each year,we are not suffering a net loss to our,language because the n-word is no longer,commonly used in polite conversation the,film also serves as an apologist for,pedophilia in one of Joes most cringe,inducing speeches later we see Joe in a,sexual relationship with a 15 year old,girl obviously played by an adult,actress and it is portrayed as romantic,rape apologists love saying well in some,countries or 15 is close enough children,cannot consent to a sexual relationship,with an adult there is no such thing as,consensual sex with a minor,but lars von trier casts opposition to,Joes relationship in the same,prudishness as one would cast a nun who,objects to premarital sex between,consenting adults it is not the same,thing but the director sees no,distinction and thats dangerous thats,the danger of normalizing sex with,minors let me be clear about this,characters do bad things in film its,all about how it is framed in,nymphomaniac Joe having sex with a 15,year old girl is not framed as bad it is,framed as romantic nymphomaniac stumbles,onto some truth from time to time double,standards about sex between men and,women for instance but I dont know if,the film actually serves women the film,gives us this supposedly titillating,image of teenage girls roaming public,transportation in search of men to,seduce but based on my conversations,with women what happens in real life is,that both young girls and adult women,search public transportation for safe,seats to sit in without creepy men,bothering them the film proclaims that,Joes racism her sympathy towards,pedophile,and her statutory rape of a 15 year old,girl is the new empathy and then those,opposed to her like her debate sparring,partner Seligmann are wrong in fact not,just wrong but monstrous at the end of,the film,Seligman tries to force himself on her,in the middle of the n

NYMPHOMANIAC 1 & 2 – Kritik & Analyse zu Lars von Triers Meisterwerk

herzlich willkommen zur die filmanalyse,heute mit einem von maniac teil 1 und 2,von lars von trier mit nem von wirecard,lars von trier ein vierstündiges,meisterwerk geschaffen,es ist sein bislang schwierigste film,und ist es nicht nur so dass er,sämtliche monumente der kunstgeschichte,der literaturgeschichte zitiert nein er,steht mit ihnen auch auf augenhöhe,wie soll man sich also diesen berg,nähern zunächst einmal ist es,unverantwortlich dass dieser film in,zwei teile zerrissen wird,denn sie gehören zusammen es ist nicht,so dass hier ein interessanter flotte,erzählt wird dem mann nach verfolgen,möchte sondern wir haben es vielmehr mit,einem essay film zu tun und deswegen ist,die zweiteilung auch so brutal es ist,wie ein gedanken abbruch das marketing,um den film sollte man ignorieren denn,das skandalöse liegt nicht in den,sexszenen filme wie bismarck hotel,desire neuen songs intimacy oder und den,schlimmsten zu nennen der letzte tango,in paris,alle diese filme wollen ja etwas,substanzielles auf die leinwand bringen,sie erliegen dem irrtum ist gebe,authentische pornografie diese filme,leben nur von dem vermeintlichen,skandalon der sexszenen dem vermerk ist,was die bilder angeht eigentlich völlig,und skandalös dennoch hat lars von trier,hier einen porno geschaffen ja einen,porno in reinster form von trier hält,sich an diese regeln des pornos und,dekliniert in acht kapiteln alles durch,was man in pornografischen filmen sehen,kann,jungfrauen sex oral und analverkehr,sogenannten interesse sex lesbischen sex,und auch sado-maso-praktiken doch wohl,juristisch kann man diese szenen nicht,betrachten während der porno ja immer,über die maschinerie dahinter,hinwegtäuschen will,und so erleben möchte sehen wir in dem,vermerk die maschine dahinter,pornografie beschwört ja immer etwas,substanzielles von trier sagt uns aber,da ist keine substanz da ist ein licht,und deswegen gibt es auch,mal wieder ganz viele komische szenen,ergibt die sexualität der lächerlichkeit,preis die rede von der geschnittenen,version ob da noch irgendwas um,geschnittenes lauert dass es eigentlich,nur ein fantast war als sei da irgend,etwas substanzielles weg geschnitten,wurde,doch die wahrheit ist da gibt es gar,nichts,da ist erst einmal nichts wenn der film,beginnt,er spielt hier mit unseren erwartungen,jahre lang haben wir ja fast drauf,gewartet auf einem von maniac und dann,beginnt der film wir sehen erst mal,nicht zu hören ein paar geräusche und es,dann sehen wir bilder die acht,pornografischen kapitel sind in eine,rahmenhandlung eingebettet charlott das,buch spielt joe die im bett liegend,einem fremden namen seligmann gespielt,von stephen skarsgard von ihren,eskapaden und martern erzählt er stammt,aus einer jüdischen familie lebt,asexuell ist hoch intellektuell ist,gebildet und scheint der ideale,therapeut zu sein,hier gibt es aber nicht diese,innerlichkeit das ständig irgendwie das,herz ausgeschüttet wird die geschichte,dieser frau und die geschichte vom sex,im allgemeinen wird ganz formalistisch,erzählt man kann hier wirklich von einer,rhetorik sprechen,das prägende stilmittel in dem film das,ist die analogie wenn gesagt wird,ich war wie ein fisch im wasser dann,sieht man fische wenn es so sei als,könnte man fliegen dann sieht man ein,flugzeug wenn man einen mann ködern muss,dann sieht man einen angler beim,fliegenfischen,es geht hier um die rhetorik des,begehrens und um die rhetorik der,pornografie sex wird dann auch mit,mathematischen formeln beschrieben die,auf der leinwand erscheinen,der körper wird mal fragmentiert und,dann wieder zusammengesetzt wie bei,einem puzzle,es gibt auch eine auflistung von,genitalien und das erinnert natürlich an,markiertes seligmann wird immer wieder,exkurse in die jahrhunderte der,kunstgeschichte musik und literatur,geschichte machen um dann dadurch auch,etwas zu erzählen zum beispiel gibt es,da eine affäre der frauen mit drei,männern und das wird dann verglichen mit,der polyphonie von bach dahinter aber,steckt größte einsamkeit alles ist banal,sie sagt an einer stelle ich habe immer,mehr von einem sonnenuntergang erwartet,das begehren so sagt uns der film bleibt,unabgeschlossen es geht immer weiter und,immer weiter und einem punkt könnte ist,ein happy end geben,da kommt sie mit jerome zusammen,gespielt von shia,der waff aber genau in dem moment wo,diese vereinigung stattfindet da fühlt,sie nichts mehr,das bestätigt lacrosse satz gib mir,nicht was ich begehre,der begriff,spanien steht für die bereitschaft zum,tragischen opfer zu einer einzelgänger,position nicht für eine therapeutische,bikini sierung sie verweigert sich,radikal der liberaldemokratischen dem,doktrin der integration so sagt an einer,stelle in einem therapie kreis sind so,nach gruppensitzung wo man dann immer,von seinen erlebnissen erzählt ich bin,nicht sex durch dich ich bin nun froh,manisch man kann durchaus hier von einer,charlott gangs buch trilogie sprechen,sie war es ja den antichrist die frau,spielte und claire in melancholia und,nun in nem von maniac und all diese,filme hängen zusammen dass wir doch,immer wieder durch zitate deutlich es,geht um depressionen wie schon in,melancholia denn am ende ist ja nun,claire die die am meisten probleme mit,dem weltuntergang hat,es geht um die unvereinbarkeit von sex,und mutterschaft auch da hören wir noch,einmal die händel arie aus antichrist,und es geht um tiefsten weltschmerz ganz,burg spielt eine einzelkämpferin für die,ein leben in der gemeinschaft unmöglich,ist sie ist die fremde die andere in der,sexuellen radikalität liegt auch eine,ungeheure gesellschaftskritik es ist der,versuch einem system zu entkommen das,alles absolviert es geht da sehr viel um,demokratie kritik und kritik an der,politik correctness,als sie einmal das wort mega event und,sofort von dem therapeuten ermahnt wird,das darf man nicht sagen da sagt sie,immer wenn ein wort verboten wird bricht,man einen stein aus der mauer der,demokratie,wir loben die die das richtige sagen und,das falsche meinen und wir verhöhnen die,das falsche sagen aber das richtige,meinen wir haben dass wir uns der film,sagen dass es überhaupt die position von,lars von trier,wir haben angst vor der negation nicht,nur melancholia lässt lars von trier die,welt untergehen,kein film von lars von trier bislang war,pessimistischer es wäre doch eine,solidarität möglich zwischen dem,weiblichen diesem dieser feministischen,radikalen position und dem jüdischen,intellektuellen vielleicht ein neuer,humanismus doch nimmt von maniac wird,alles verneinen,es gibt keine,jung keine revolution keine solidarität,kurz es gibt keinen geschlechtsverkehr,lacko,es gibt keinen geschlechtsverkehr kann,man auch auf das verhältnis zwischen,zuschauer und film beziehen dass ihr,auch ein sexuelles ist wie wir nach,lacken immer nur mit hilfe einer anderen,person lässt sich nur mit uns selbst,schlafen so lassen wir uns doch im kino,fast immer nur auf das ein was wir,ohnehin schon kennen oder was wir,ohnehin schon immer sehen und gilt das,nicht auch überhaupt für unseren umgang,mit kunst die demokratie kritik im film,das geht da geht es vor allem um die,begegnung mit einem kunstwerk darauf ist,das ganze bezogen,kunst ist nicht demokratisch sie lässt,sich nicht terrorisieren,immer diese forderung wir müssen die,leute dort abholen wo sie stehen genau,dem verweigert sich der film von maniac,verweigert sich der haltung es gibt,keinen geschlechtsverkehr es gibt,vielleicht doch einen einen verkehr ein,verhältnis zwischen zuschauer und film,wir können diesen film eben nicht und,darin liegt die kraft nicht,identifikation schauen wir begegnen uns,hier nicht ständig selbst und gehen,darin auf sondern wir begegnen hier dem,anderen in seiner ganzen radikalität,also es gibt geschlechtsverkehr zwischen,dem zuschauer und dem film wir erleben,eine leidenschaft in der ganzen waren,wirte bedeutung des wortes in der,philosophischen auseinandersetzung mit,lacan geht jean luc nancy dem satz nach,gibt es geschlechtsverkehr und der text,heißt es gibt b

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