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Obi-Wan Kenobis DESPERATE Journalist Reviews

the obi-wan can blow me tv series is,awful but there are some people who are,trying to portray it as the best tv,since their fate will be in each others,hands as they decide whether to share,or to shaft yeah that was a real tv show,over here i know some people like it but,theres difference between just enjoying,it and trying to portray to some deep,and meaningful addition to star wars,canon those people i can only say are,the kings of cope and yet those are the,articles weve got today we start with,screen rant and how kenobi better,explains two,major id remember that word obi-wan,moments in a new hope not only are these,major moments but they were so,complicated that they just required the,audience to have them literally spoon,fed to them thats why in obi-wan can,blow me episode 4 the titular steady,jedi master goes on a dangerous attempt,to save leia from riva but what major,moment was explained its obviously that,he was fairly confident that his jedi,mind trick would work against the,stormtroopers and like of course he was,he was a jedi master and they were,stormtroopers working for the empire not,exactly renowned for their intellectual,capacity a lot like disney writers but,no as this article clearly explains he,was only confident that his jedi powers,which hed literally been practicing for,a lifetime would work because this is,what hed done before in episode four,and so because hed actually done it in,episode four clearly he knew itd work,in ironically episode four all im,saying disney is maybe a star wars,naming scheme is getting a little bit,complicated right now granted he,struggles but the fact it works gives,him the assurance that he would need to,easily do it again in star wars because,if he hadnt for some reason made a face,as if he was constipated in the tv,series no one would have possibly,understood how on earth a jedi mind,trick could have worked in the first,movie that was made decades ago this guy,only had to come up with two examples of,things that the obi-wan can blow me,actually contributed to the star wars,series and thats his opening gambit the,second one ought to be good and dont,worry you wont be disappointed obi-wan,can blow me sneaking around the imperial,base draws parallel to him navigating,the death star in star wars i said you,werent going to be disappointed,i know what youre thinking i dont see,how one has anything to do with the,other but lets give him a chance in,trying to locate young leia he may have,familiarized himself with how the empire,tends to build its headquarters this,makes him better equipped to roam around,the death star while on his own with,luke skywalker is that right this author,thinks that every single base is exactly,the same and somehow a sith base on a,moon has anything to do with a 120,kilometer wide space station spaceship,of death you know ones built to house,reavers ego the others built to house a,giant space laser of doom obviously,theyre going to be exactly the same,thats why the show remains interesting,given that these seemingly,inconsequential details oh they were,inconsequential right that actually have,a significant significant impact on the,star wars storytelling as a whole with,two more episodes left for obi-wan can,blow me we expect more small almost you,could say non-existent details but,important moments like these that can,only make the jedi masters overall story,arc better obi-wan can blow me isnt a,series where two people hide in the,trench coat and walk through 500 people,who have the literal iq of a spatial,vacuum oh no,this is contributing to the great,tapestry which is obi-wan konblomis,character arc it must be this rich,tapestry which has led to obi-wan can,blow me making disney plus history with,a special theatrical release the show,isnt just something that could have,been a movie now its going into cinemas,as the movie its always deserved the,reunion between you and mcgregors,obi-wan can blow me in hayden,christensens darth vader was one of the,most highly anticipated moments id say,dreaded myself of stubborn star wars,fans when they first crossed paths it,didnt exactly go as many may have,expected the understatement of the year,with that one can blow me was crushed,and broken well he didnt fare well at,his first encounter there are still two,more episodes where everyone can blow me,to see the scales get balanced dont,worry lads weve killed the grand,inquisitor and weve moved into obi-wan,but weve still got two episodes to,record it all and get it back on track,all you know all the stuff that weve,ruined through our own arrogance of,writers that makes us think we can just,do whatever we want and no one will care,and its understandable why they have,such high praise for the show given that,apparently its viewership numbers make,it one of the biggest star wars epics to,hit live action so far and then i went,through to that article and they say,its purely based off its premiere the,number of hours streamed in its debut,weekend i mean who would have thought,that obi-wan kenobi would have actually,pulled in viewers on its premiere but,then again there was not only two,episodes which definitely helped boost,those hours up but you also have the,fact that people have to watch it to,know its awful id love to see what,those viewing figures were for episode 4,and especially episode 5 given just how,awful episode 4 was all im saying is i,dont think star wars fans will exactly,be huge fans of two people one trench,coat and layer great character layer,obviously we needed her story explaining,which is why shes in this story and not,luke we know everything we need to know,about luke what we need is to actually,find out how amazing leia was when she,was a 10 year old child i mean im kind,of interested in how someone is 20 times,more intelligent as a 10 year old child,compared to where theyre an adult we,may not get that one explained we will,however get an unwanted explanation onto,why darth vader cant interrogate leia,in a new hope basically its just,because shes an amazing woman which,gives her the innate ability to resist,riva and that means she can resist darth,vader later on for some reason there we,go with riva saving the day once again,through being pure evil for the moment,but screen rant does say that admittedly,obi-wan can blow me episode four did,create a major plot hole,major did they spot anything that anyone,else had actually spotted know what they,care about is a minor detail basically,obi-wan gets into the base by swimming,underneath it and this is almost,identical to what kell kesters did in,the fallen order this means that someone,got into the base five years earlier and,they didnt fix the security hole for me,this is a far lesser problem than the,fact that he swam underwater then,climbed out of the water and was bone,dry at the other end at first i didnt,know that the force had a radiator,setting to warm his clothes up i mean i,actually think that the biggest plot,hole is the fact that they clearly just,copied the idea from the game along with,various other scenes in that episode and,didnt bother to change any of it,firstly because they didnt have any,talent exactly because they didnt even,think about fixing security whole why,would they theyve written the empire,with their intelligence which just means,that the empire,never stood a chance and then we really,get into scraping the bottom of that,mock barrel when we try and say that,obi-wan can blow me writer reveals the,connection to the sequel trilogies kylo,ren the head writer talks about leia and,ben kenobis relationship connecting the,series to the original and,obviously most importantly in disneys,eyes the sequel trilogies if obi-wan can,blow me set out to explain kylo ren got,his birth name then maybe the series has,justified his existence as more than a,cash grab i think one of the key things,to bear in mind when you are doing a,cash grab is that you shouldnt piss off,your audience enough so theyll never,watch s

Obi-Wan Kenobi Lightsaber Proffie 2.2 by Artsabers Unbox & Review

hey everybody welcome back to the,collectors outpost im john uh today,were gonna take a look at the new ob1,kenobi,dueling lightsaber uh neopixel profi 2.0,lets get at it that was a mouthful,[Music],[Music],all right so this bad boy came in that,typical,hard shell case which i really love,um lets get this open here,and were gonna go through everything,they came with,um so obviously up front weve got the,neopixel blade this is the 36 inch,one inch diameter,um then of course,we have got the stunning stunning,stunning,obi-wan kenobi hilt,its beautiful,even though its very shiny its,beautiful,even got the,little knobs or whatever you want to,call that on the side,this piece over here by the way so this,top of the neck,they did give you a more screen accurate,color more of that copper so you can,kind of just swap those out if you want,you do have to be careful because there,are wires in there so youll have to,take out the,inside and i guess readjust everything,which i am not going to do,either way i actually like this black,piece so im fine with that but lets,get a little close look there,chrome is very nice,i do wish this was weather just a little,bit,maybe ill do it maybe i wont not sure,i really care to do it,um i already did an obi-wan kenobi,lifesaver weathering uh which ill link,up over here and down below if you want,to take a peek,but uh this hilt is just beautiful,one of the main reasons why i dont like,the chrome,is it is a fingerprint magnet,which is really annoying,all right let me put this over here,and it came with all the typical,same old same olds we got the allen,wrench thing we got the uh another pack,of allen wrenches,not allen wrenches allen wrenches and um,allen wrench,and,retention screws we got the charging,port,um weve got the acrylic stand,uh blade plug,and this came with,the this came with the,instructions,on how to do stuff,so pick this lightsaber up at art savers,im going to pull up their website real,quick so you can see the options that,they offer here i dont want to say this,is exactly what is on here this is,listed as the anakin skywalker ep3,hilt this kind of looks like it might,have just been,copied and pasted from something else it,tells you about a video thats down,below but there is not one,this says,that has 11 interchangeable colors,see video below,there is no video below,12 watt led rgb,brightness efficiency switching im not,100 sure what that is,12 custom sound fonts see video below,again not there,um speaker is 2.2 to 3 watts,flash on clash blaster deflections,smooth swing see video below not there,we got the blade rechargeable battery,uh,and then the allen keys and screws and,stuff like that so again,i dont know how 100,accurate this description is,because its listed as anakin skywalker,ep3 and i do have the anakin skywalker,ep 3 profi 2.2 coming it was here,it was defective and art savers is,sending me a new one they were really,good about that so as soon as that gets,here we will uh review that one um i,started reviewing it and that didnt go,very well,um so lets get this going here and see,what we got all right lets start with,the hilt over here on the back here you,can screw off the pommel,this is where are you the usb port is,right here this is where you charge the,battery it says it takes like three or,four hours to fully charge,um,it already comes uh mostly charged so,thats great you can immediately start,messing around with it,so this is a single button activation,theres no auxiliary or anything on here,so everything you do is gonna be uh on,the top and based on timing so one is,just to kind of get it going,now the volume is kind of low and it,took me a while to figure out where the,volume is because it is not listed on,this card but i will show you that but,this is the volume all the way up that,was kind of depressing to hear that i,dont understand why,its that low um if you know how to edit,profi stuff,you might be able to get in there and,kind of jack that up a little bit i,dont know,um but we got it on well start with the,blue blade since its a obi-wan kenobi,we got some blasted d-flex you just push,the button here,then we have a lock up,so what you do,is you hold this button while you hit it,and you get that cool glow down there,now this also has something called force,uh force effects its just a force,effects you hold the button and twist,and this whole thing kind of like,twinkles and spasms out,thats pretty cool,and you hear the sound that changes too,so push and swing,[Music],now it says it plays music like the,other ones,and its it looks like its the same,action to do so,you hold this here for one second but,the problem is you hold it there for one,second and then the blade turns off,so thats not the right,action,uh i cant figure out how to get the,music to play,well maybe no that because thats going,to change the blame yeah i dont know,ill have to keep looking into that to,turn the blade off you just push and,hold the button for one second,and there we go,uh change sound fonts push and hold for,one second while the blade is off so,here we go one,um now if you want to go,backwards fonts backwards on fonts um,you push the button twice and hold so,one two and go,so its so its two quicks and itll go,backwards so,one two,one two,if we go back the other way its just,one second one,one,one,so thats pretty straightforward,then weve got the cool blade mount the,when you hold the blade upside down,and you hit the bottom,you get this really cool glow and then,as you turn it goes off,so it looks like youre melting through,something,love that,so for the tip drag you push the button,and you just kind of nudge the bottom,there,and youll get the white,the melt if you hold it straight upside,down no button and just tap the top,thats when you get the melt,so two different effects super super,cool,so to enter the volume menu um unlike,the xenopixels where you used to hold,this button for a second that,unfortunately on here changes the the,sound fonts so on here what youre going,to do is flip this upside down and hold,the button as you kind of nudge it on,the floor so you just give it a little,bump on the floor and hold this button,add your volume menu so thats how you,enter the volume and then you just hold,this button down for like one second and,youll kind of scroll through the,different volumes,im trying to get to,hear that little,thats the volume setting,its just like one second,maximum volume so thats how you go,minimum volume so its just you scroll,up and you scroll down so thats minimum,volume well do it one more time,just keep pushing the button for a,second so one,maximum volume so we hit maximum volume,so we push the button and give it,another nudge on the floor volume,all right so now weve gotten out of,that so im going to stand up really,quick to show you this were going to,enter the color changing mode so you,could turn any blade into any color so,were going to do is hold this upside,down right you hit the ignition button,as you turn to the left so ready,see so now were activated into color so,now you just twist,and you can scroll through the colors,so were in yellows reds,magentas purples going into blue,going into lighter blue,yellows,so its super cool so you can really,really fine tune,the color you want to go with so lets,go with a nice deep kind of blue,like very obi-wan kenobi,yeah so well go with that and to,activate that you just hold down the,activation button one two select it,there you go color selected,so it doesnt matter what uh,what sound font or what blade youre on,doesnt matter you can change it into,any color you want all right so you can,turn that off,and when you pull it back up,itll be set to that color,super simple all right heres another,blade effect its called i believe,lightning or something lightning,lightning block all right so you can,push the activation button twice and,hold and then the whole blade should,kind of flip out really cool so,one two,and then the stop just let

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This Set is Kinda… Awesome? | Obi Wan Kenobis Jedi Starfighter Review! LEGO Star Wars Set 75333

hey everyone im mine and this is set,number 75333 obi-wan kenobis jedi,starfighter from the lego star wars,theme this set contains 282 pieces three,minifigures and retails for 29.99 in the,us so heres the main build of the set,obi-wan starfighter itself and being,completely honest biting this set i,didnt have super high expectations for,this i was mainly buying this set for,the figures specifically for obi-wan and,r4 so the build was just whatever i was,expecting to be just another star wars,ship but i have to say now that i have,it built up im very happy with it and,it makes me especially happy that i,picked it up because this build is,fantastic for one and this is credited,the design team behind star wars episode,two this ship is so much more visually,interesting than most of the star wars,ships we get so many starships are just,gray or theyre just like recolored,x-wings but this isnt an x-wing and,also has a really unique color scheme,like just dark red and white is whatever,but the lime green being there too adds,that nice little extra touch that really,makes me appreciate this build the size,of the ships also a lot bigger than i,was expecting its very long and the,wings arent super wide but the shaping,is really fantastic a little bit of,gappiness between the body of the ship,and the wings not the biggest fan of,that though im not sure how they could,have prevented that i wish there was,something a little bit more there to,make that not as obvious though theres,a sticker on the front that shows that,little touch of green stud shooters on,the wings moving for the back here a few,more stickers that have these white,stripes again just add nice little extra,bit of detail and i love like how the,wings themselves are actually grabbled,with like these triangular dark red,pieces and then these super pointed,white pieces with the green piece,underneath i think this part especially,i just love that tiny little streak of,green right there when i put that piece,on that so im like okay yeah i really,like this set you can see the opposite,wing its mostly the same though you,have the galactic republic logo right,there while on this side you have this,rotating piece where you attach r4 and,ill show you that in a moment theres,also like a little disc on this side,which is not on the other side youve,got these engines that attach underneath,the wings i like the trans yellow at the,back to show that like these are being,used and this is flying throughout the,air the shaping of the back is really,nice i love how it all comes up to a,point right here and while im not like,the biggest stickers person in the world,i think these stickers are used very,tastefully there is quite a few in this,set but i dont know i feel like they,really serve their purpose and it,doesnt feel like theyre being used in,place of detail it feels like these,stickers are meant to represent like,paint jobs on the actual vehicle which i,think is where stickers work best you,can see theres this large rounded,windshield piece and that opens up into,the cockpit and its actually pretty,spacious in there and thats where you,can have obi-wan sit just pop him in,there like that he sits very comfortably,and then you can close it back up around,him and theres how he looks actually,flying the ship directly in front of him,theres a section right here which is a,few more stickers on it and this can,actually open up and that is to help,incorporate r4 into the build now this,is my favorite part of the set so in the,movies r4 attaches into obi-wans wing,and then you can see his little head,poking out right here however that,doesnt really necessarily work in the,real world r4 is just too big to fit in,there so lego came up with a really cool,solution back when i was a kid in the,past sets like this would actually only,come with r4s head and not his body,like i remember when i was a kid one of,my best friends had just an r4 head and,no body for him so when we were like,playing together he would play with just,r for his head and i always thought that,was super lame but you can see still,take our force head off and attach it,right here and its able to spin and,like navigate for obi-wan and everything,but instead of the set just like not,coming with the body you actually store,it in the center right here youre able,to plop it in like that and then close,it back up like this,and there you go r4s body is perfectly,hidden so you can have obi-wan fly,around with r4 on the ship and then when,youve landed you just reassemble him,that is really cool and i really,appreciate that they like took the time,to find a place for him because they,even could have just included the full,body and said yeah just put the body,elsewhere while youre flying but no,they actually found a way to store it in,the ship and thats genuinely awesome to,me and also if you want you can remove,our forest body from there and store,other things in there instead such as,like obi-wans lightsaber and whatnot,though there is another location to,store that if you flip the ship upside,down theres two clips one of these you,can have hold open ones lightsaber,while youre flying and i know these are,small things found out it makes me,really happy because this kind of stuff,was not nearly as common when i was a,kid and i would lose accessories like,this all the time so seeing vehicles,with official ways to store them is,awesome and there is actually one extra,clip if you want to put something else,there and while were here one final,play feature of the ship is this landing,gear with it like you just saw it will,land flat on the ground but if you want,to change this into flying mode you can,just hinge it up there you go the front,of it sits more on the ground like that,but with a line of gear up you can,imagine it flying through the air yeah i,mean i know its just the star wars ship,but i was genuinely really impressed by,this build and im super happy i got it,but of course thats on everything with,this set so now lets look at the,minifigures and then ill give you my,overall thoughts so here are the first,two minifigures in the set we have,obi-wan kenobi and we have,r4p17 now this is an all-new obi-wan,figure for this set based on episode 2,and this guy looks excellent part of the,reason i want to pick up this is because,i didnt have a good like prequels,obi-wan figure and i wanted one and wow,i dont believe weve ever gotten this,alpha for obi-wan before like officially,in a set but the reddish brown for his,cloak looks great i absolutely love that,his face print is really good too very,detailed and you can see hes got like,his little microphone and everything for,when hes actually riding in a ship but,if you want you can also pop his hair,off turn his head around and he comes,with an alternate hood in the set four i,guess when hes like exploring and hes,not in his ship thats a cool alternate,look i wish he came with like a cape or,something to i guess better represent,the cloak because the hood does look a,little bit weird without a cape but i,get that the cloaks supposed to be,printed on this time around but yeah,something about that just seems a little,bit off i feel like that could be done,maybe a little bit better but im not,complaining because he does look really,good like when the hood is down theres,a look at that face print up close by,the way hes got like this confused face,which is an interesting expression for,him but its different from the previous,expressions weve gotten which is nice,and this torso like print is good i like,the brown cloak and then its just,pretty much standard jedi robes,underneath it does sound like theyre,printed a little bit too lightly which,is disappointing but at the very least,theyre consistently printed a little,bit too light its not like the torsos,different color from the legs so i can,kind of overlook that and then heres,one last look at his back torso print an,alternate face with like everything,removed and then r4 is

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But Is It REALLY That Bad? LEGO Star Wars Obi-Wan Kenobi vs. Darth Vader Review!

hey whats going on everybody welcome,back to the channel emily asked me to,step in for another lego star wars,review today were going to be looking,at obi-wan kenobi versus darth vader,this is going to be set seven five three,three four its gonna have 408 pieces,comes out august first for fifty dollars,which is a little a lot a bit high but,well get into that so lets go ahead,and check this out all right so looking,at this set uh this is like kind of a,funny set its a very contentious set,right now in the lego star wars,community and i think its probably the,weakest set of the august 2022 wave,um you know you have other really good,sets like the att,the jedi starfighter and some other,stuff but this one is just its a little,weird it leaves a lot desired primarily,youre gonna be looking at like the,value of it for fifty dollars for 408,pieces its gonna be a hard l in my,opinion i think the only way we would,ever purchase this set for that price,would be like if there was something,like a gift with purchase happening at,the lego store kind of similar to,getting the the lars family homestead,you know in that case we really wanted,that homestead so we had to buy some,sets we didnt really care for too much,so this might fit in that category,otherwise i would try to see about,getting this on sale i dont think this,ones going to sell very well so theres,a good chance youll probably get it on,sale i would say forty dollars max is,where i would pay for this one you know,i dont know how much is incorporated,with the new like price increases its,kind of a weird time right now but lets,go ahead and just take a look at the set,so in terms of the set,i was actually a little bit surprised at,how much i enjoyed the set like you know,taking away the value of the set just,straight up looking at it it was,actually a fun build i really like all,the gray pieces here uh it leaves a lot,for anybody whos into doing rock work,for mocks and stuff like that,it comes with four minifigures well get,into that in a little bit and it comes,with a couple of play features so the,main three play features that you see,is uh you have this little i like to,call it the little turntables and thats,where you know you can spin obi-wan and,darth vader if you were to actually,bring obi-wan down say here you can,actually have them fight with their,lightsabers which is kind of cool,uh i really like this feature i wish,though i think what could have really,helped this set a lot is if they had,like some sort of technic rods coming,out of both sides so that way uh you and,like a friend could like maybe spin it,and it would cause these to spin so it,just seems a little like silly that im,going here and im just like kind of,twisting it i feel like im a dj at a,club just like but like a small club so,thats kind of weird something else is,kind of funny is the the lego designers,that put like this clear pieces here and,its supposed to kind of represent vader,force choking obi-wan however its just,kind of funny because yet again obi-wan,has a high ground i like to think that,thats like a little meme that they made,into this as far as play features go the,uh the main play feature is theres this,little ability where if you pull this,side back,this like little lava line kind of,shoots up now,a lot of this comes from the show and,you know unfortunately this scene in the,show that the set represents isnt,really like well received by fans myself,included i i was like what is going on,in this show i think story-wise it was,okay but i just like the little details,im like why is vader just staring at,obi-wan on fire like what whats,happening so i feel like that also might,be a big drawback to this set because,like its not from a favorable scene,its not from their final duel this is,like the duel in the middle of the show,and it was really weak um so that might,also be whats hurting this set but if,you remember in that scene theres like,this flame that kind of comes out vader,throws obi-wan around lights them on,fire its really weird and then,towel over here shoots vader the,stormtroopers are confused and then we,go to the last play feature so this is,gonna be the third play feature and this,is my least favorite play feature,not because its not fun to do but the,mess that it causes is the worst so i,like to call these little cheese slopes,the transparent ones the little nacho,cheese like factory kind of thing and so,what happens is you can come back here,and you can push,this button,and it unleashes fire at vader um its,cool until you have to pick it up and,you know you have to gather these little,crates and put the little nacho cheese,back into its home,um and its its just messy youre gonna,lose pieces so im not a big fan of that,im never really a big fan of just loose,pieces to begin with,so,there is that and it comes on this,little cart so you just load up this,cart full of nacho cheese and thats,really it i mean those are the three,play features four if you want to count,this thing opening i dont know if you,count it uh this thing kind of spins,and it opens and i wouldnt call that,really a play feature another weird,issue and this is just like me being a,little nitpicky is because of the rubber,band thats holding it together on the,back,it causes this gap to form here and it,really bothers me,um so like this little gap right here i,have to kind of push on it and then if i,let it go itll open and youll start to,see a little separation there like an,earthquake is coming or something so,thats another kind of disappointing,part about this set,but it looks cool like the actual action,feature is cool i guess but,its weird then uh before we get into,the minifigures i want just wanted to,show one more thing i want to show how,it looks on the bottom so on the bottom,here you can kind of tell so this little,white square and theres another white,square there those are the little,turntables i do think it would have been,really easy for lego to like design,again some sort of technic gear to go,all the way out here so you can spin,obi-wan and im sure it would have been,not too hard to do the same thing for,vader so that way you could have,you know some spinning action on it,and then thats how it looks when you,put the flame out see the little flames,out so thats really all it is and you,can just kind of do that with it and,thats kind of how it works so this is,its a really weird set but i enjoy the,rock work behind it and its something,that im really into when i make mocks,thats pretty much the only thing im,decent at when it comes to mocs is,making,mocks that almost look exactly like this,on the bottom you know with the rocks,coming and the slopes coming off on the,side,however its just uh i dont know for 50,bucks i just i cant i cant really get,past it uh but lets go ahead and take a,look at the minifigures okay so taking a,look at our first figure were going to,look at,durret,so shes actually an interesting,character she probably ended up being my,favorite character in the show,in this particular scene shes still,wearing her empire gear but it would,have been nice had we got her in her,gear in the later episodes but i guess,you know canonically it makes sense its,pretty good printing as far as imperial,officers go i really like how bold the,little black lines are on it,uh thats i cant tell if thats a new,face or not im not really well versed,in the faces as much and i like the,little logo there on the top lets see,if we get a focus there we go so nothing,really crazy of note here just a pretty,good imperial officer figure okay so,next is ned b and this is probably the,highlight of this set this figure is,really interesting its a really unique,it comes with this like kind of cool,thor mjolnir hammer over here on the,side,and some really nice leg printing so,whats really interesting about this,figure i thought this was going to be a,head but it turns out its actually a,whole new like piece kind of like,chewbacca,so this

Obi-Wan Kenobi (2022) | Pudo Ser Mejor

obi wan kenobi es una serie lanzada en,disney plus que tiene el principal,objetivo de mostrarnos el viaje,emocional del personaje nombrado en el,título ubicando su historia entre el,episodio 3 y el episodio 4 de star wars,en un punto en donde el personaje se,encuentra deprimido y desconectado de la,fuerza a causa de los eventos ocurridos,en la venganza de los sith y vas a darle,equilibrio a la fuerza no dejarla en la,oscuridad es gracias a este viaje que,obi wan descubrirá que su alumno anakin,skywalker a quien dio por muerto después,del duelo en mostar no solo sigue con,vida sino que también lo ha estado,buscando con tal de matarlo de una vez,por todas,bueno técnicamente esa es la premisa,formal con la que este show se vende al,público pero siendo honesto así no es,como yo lo describiría mi descripción,sonaría más como obi wan es una serie,lanzada en disney blogs que tiene el,principal objetivo de agregar un combate,adicional entre darth vader y el,personaje nombrado en el título ubicando,su historia entre el episodio 3 y 4 de,star wars en un punto medio perfecto en,donde pueden apelar tanto a los fans de,las películas originales como a los fans,de las precuelas la historia nos muestra,como obi wan está muy triste mientras un,grupo conocido como los inquisidores,están cazando a todos los jedi que,siguen con vida uno de los inquisidores,llamada arriba está desesperada en,hallar a quien no fi así que manda,secuestrar a la princesa leia organa,para llamar su atención,encontré un vínculo entre el órgano en,los archivos o sea la niña como si el,órgano le pide a obi wan que lo ayude el,tipo acepta y viaja a otro planeta para,rescatarla luego se encuentran con un,sujeto que los guía hacia otro planeta,donde encontrarán a otra persona que los,puede llevar a un lugar seguro pero,antes de salir de este planeta arriba,asesina su superior el gran inquisidor y,le avisa lo ve igual que darth vader,sigue con vida y te lleva buscando por,mucho tiempo obi wan y leigh a escapan,de todos modos y viajan a otro planeta,ocupado por el imperio este chico,infiltrado en el imperio resulta ser la,persona que los puede guiar a un lugar,seguro así que les echa la mano pero los,inquisidores y venderlos terminan,encontrando así que a big one se queda,atrás para distraer a su ex alumno en lo,que le escapa lo cual sale terrible,porque arriba la vuelve a secuestrar por,lo que obi wan tiene que volver a,rescatar a la pequeña princesa con ayuda,de esta chica infiltrándose en la,fortaleza de la inquisición y terminando,con el peor capítulo de todo este show,que no solo se siente redundante sino,que consigue que tanto arriba como los,inquisidores como todo el maldito,imperio acaben luciendo más patéticos,que de costumbre,ah,y ella obviamente rescatada pero resulta,que arriba puso un rastreador en este,pequeño robot de ley así que el imperio,encuentra el planeta donde todas estas,personas se estaban refugiando sin,embargo obi wan deduce que riva está,haciendo todo esto porque solo quiere,tener un momento perfecto para asesinar,a darth vader porque ella era uno de los,muchos niños que fueron atacados por él,cuando ocurrió la orden 66 nomás que,pretendió haber muerto rivas y hacerla,difícil por un rato y éstos están,troopers atacan a toda esta gente obi,wan se entrega para invocar al darth,vader y le dice arriba si me da chance,tendrás la oportunidad perfecta de matar,al vader mg pues ella le hace caso pero,vader no es estúpido así que la mata y,el gran inquisidor sigue con vida pero,arriba no se muere y convenientemente,encuentra un mensaje de valor ganado que,no que un niño se encuentre en tatooine,y supongo que ella asume que está,relacionado con vader así que ella viaja,hacia allá mientras el imperio persigue,a esta nave con todas estas personas y a,big one dice ustedes escape en mi alumno,es tan estúpido que seguro los deja ir,nomás para matarme a mí,eso es exactamente lo que sucede los dos,van un planeta pelean y obi wan gana,porque por supuesto que tiene que ganar,pero entonces avivan viaja rápidamente,tatooine para rescatar este niño de ser,asesinado por riba o dios mio estoy muy,preocupado estoy seguro de que los tíos,de este pequeño no la van a librar y que,el niño se va a morir estoy seguro de,que arriba no tendrá un arco de,redención y no se dará cuenta de que la,venganza nunca es buena porque mata el,alma y la envenena,les mostraste piedad,y a todos les diste paz y entonces la,serie se termina casi en el mismo punto,en el que había finalizado el episodio 3,obi wan entrenará con el fantasma de,cuadro mientras cuida del look y darth,vader es malo solo que ahora tienes que,aceptar que el ella conocía el obi wan,desde antes y simplemente el episodio 4,se olvidó de mostrarnos su reacción ante,su fallecimiento,[Música],de casualidad se dieron cuenta sobre,cómo condense capítulos enteros de este,show en cuestión de un par de enunciados,bueno creo que eso me libra de,argumentar el porqué el estructura de,seis capítulos no funciona de maravilla,para esta serie y deberes con el niño,con su hermana,y puedo abandonar al niño esto no es por,el niño y lo entiendes obi wan kenobi es,un show que me parece interesante pero,por las razones equivocadas quiero,aceptar que en un principio quizás me,estaba dejando llevar por la nostalgia,de haber crecido con las precuelas,porque los primeros tres capítulos me,estaban gustando había uno que otro,detalle débil que estaba notando pero,ver a ewan mcgregor retomando su papel,como obi wan me parecía genial no soy de,esos que tenían problemas con el hecho,de que con el tiempo él haya perdido su,conexión con la fuerza tampoco me,desagradaba la idea de que la trama,iniciara con la princesa leia siendo,secuestrada porque claro ciertamente,están reciclando ideas de una nueva,esperanza y la serie complica un poco,las cosas con lo que se había,establecido en esa película pero,personalmente puedo aceptar que el eia,jove one ya se conocían desde antes y,que esa fue una de las razones por las,que ella decidió confiar en él en la,trama de aquel filme,veía que algunas personas se quejaban de,arriba por razones que me parecían,absurdas cuando para mí ella funcionaba,decentemente como una villana secundaria,al menos en los tres primeros capítulos,porque al final del día para mí vader es,quien parecía lucir como el verdadero,antagonista principal del show así que,honestamente no me interesaba pero,entonces el capítulo 4 sucedió y este,capítulo es importante porque representa,el inicio de la segunda mitad de la,historia,el argumento ahora está en un punto,donde vader ya tuvo un combate con 9,igual,[Música],no hay una sensación de misterio o,deconstrucción de suspensos porque él,oficialmente ya se convirtió en una,parte integral de la trama pero en vez,de enfocarse en él a partir de este,momento el show le sigue prestando,muchísima atención a los inquisidores y,arriba y es imposible estar interesado,en ellos cuando tienes la presencia de,uno de los villanos más icónicos de toda,la historia,si ellos fueran presentados como una,presencia amenazante quizás no se,sentirían como un estorbo pero es como,si la misma serie se esforzará en,hacerlos lucir patéticos sobre todo,arriba me siento muy mal por mouse y sin,gran la actriz que la interpreta no solo,por el odio que ha recibido sino también,porque la serie no le da mucho material,con que trabajar si ella no está,haciendo berrinches porque quiere que,sus compas se la tomen en serio para,convertirse en la nueva gran inquisidor,a luego de matar a su jefe ella está,intentando hacerse la fuerte lo que,termina haciéndola lucir incluso más,patética,y,en mi cabeza la versión ideal de esta,serie se hubiera enfocado en mostrarnos,más de la transición de anakin a,convertirse en el monstruo que es darth,vader y los conflictos internos de,obi-wan al ver en lo que sólo no se,convirtió hay momentos en donde esta,serie toque estos temas y son las,mejores partes la interpretación de ewan,mcgregor mostrándonos el dolor de este,personaje es

The Forgotten Xbox Exclusive Obi-Wan Game // Star Wars: Obi-Wan REVIEW

greetings faithful viewer,my you are looking striking today guys,wait a minute,are you,are you high dont lie to me i get smart,on you let me tell you something as a,trash can thats been around the block a,wise man once said to me you dont want,to sell me death sticks,his name,jedi master obi-wan kenobi thats you,right there thats you faithful viewer,your sleazebag,you dont want to be him if only there,was a simulator of some sort that can,show you how to be more like obi-wan,wait a minute is that,star wars obi-wan on the original xbox,over there,why yes it is,when the first xbox came out it was,always this mysterious big boy console,to me this monster energy drink looking,powerhouse meant only for adults who,like to drink bad devil juice and play,halo like most kids at the time i had a,ps2 and as a major star wars fan i was,so envious of all the console exclusive,xbox games clearly this xbox was this,advanced machine the only console at the,time that could handle these types of,games and even this mysterious weird one,just called obi-wan yeah look at that,green and black to match perfectly with,the xbox color scheme damn if only star,wars had a character with a green,lightsaber or maybe green skin,we could make the star of our xbox,exclusive star wars game,like my man benny q i love this cover,its so on brand for the attitude of the,original xbox it looks like it was,conjured from the green mountain dew,fusion of the xbox startup logo itself,the original xbox launched in late 2001,and a few weeks after we got star wars,obi-wan a game thats largely been,forgotten and overshadowed by the,pantheon of amazing star wars games that,came out in the early 2000s i never hear,anything about this one and surely an,exclusive early star wars game would be,a big draw for a brand new system but,most early xbox hype and talk was about,mr master chief instead not only is star,wars obi-wan relatively obscure for what,it is its also a game thats largely,inaccessible to most today its one of,the few star wars games from that time,that isnt backwards compatible on the,xbox one and it isnt even compatible on,the 360. and seeing as both the gamecube,and ps2 versions were both cancelled the,only way youre playing this one is with,the original xbox,now its time to put to the test whether,star wars obi-wan truly lives up to its,name,there he is,there he is again,no way well i think ive seen enough,this game is straight facts in this game,you play as young mr mcgregor himself as,padawan obi-wan traveling the galaxy,taking down cd gangs on coruscant and,battle droids galore and with,controlling rat-tail canoe becomes,lightsaber combat and force powers as,one would expect but the execution is,actually pretty damn impressive for a,game thats been largely forgotten most,early 3d star wars games either stuck,you with a blaster or saw you in the,cockpit of a starfighter since once you,bring jedi into the mix it tends to,raise a lot of complicated design,choices how do you make the player feel,like a true jedi how do you give the,player agency with their lightsaber,enforced powers and still make the game,balanced and challenging how do we get,to do a lot of the cool things we saw in,the movie its a lot to juggle and its,been a question raised since the atari,2600 days to eventually evolving to the,more intricate combat of say jedi,academy properly designing this kind of,gameplay takes a lot of work and is very,challenging in star wars obi-wan it was,one of the first star wars console games,to give you direct control of how your,lightsaber swings which is all done with,the right analog stick its pretty,simple offering you three directions,left right and up while down is reserved,for blocking attacks and lasers this,could have easily been a mess and felt,super unsatisfying but because its so,simple it actually feels pretty dang,good your attacks feel appropriately,heavy yet graceful blocking lasers feels,nice and snappy and of course theres,also the force,whats the force you ask well luke the,force is a blue glowy thing that appears,under your feet and lets me do whatever,the hell i want like burning people,all your force powers are done by,holding the left trigger which sort of,acts like a modifier for all your other,attacks it makes your lightsaber swings,more powerful your jumps higher you can,disarm enemies locked objects and,explosives in the environment and you,also got this really satisfying force,push obi-wan can also perform a,lightsaber throw and whats really cool,is you can control where it travels in,the environment slicing multiple enemies,at once sometimes the lightsaber would,even get caught on something and take,forever to get back in my hand like,thors hammer oh also obi-wan can just,slow down time,this wasnt really too useful but it,definitely helped in certain later parts,of the game so the move set here is,pretty damn extensive and can seem like,a lot but it all controls very well and,its nice to finally feel appropriately,overpowered but because of that its,very tempting and easy to get,overzealous and find yourself bombarded,if youre not too careful youre gonna,die quicker than ayla sakura with her,back turned your health can deplete,quickly and so can your force meter you,cant just block forever and a lot of,the early instances of when i died was,not because of the games difficulty but,because of my meathead brain wanting to,rush into things youll also be,occasionally doing enemies one on one in,lightsaber combat and i actually really,enjoyed when the game slowed down for,more of these focused duels i dont know,maybe he was just walking around through,this naboo palace setting doing these,one-on-one duels with that lock-on,system and dodge rolling and pairing,attacks but i was slowly starting to be,reminded of another game,a little one called dark souls,you dare say it,i mean uh i mean uh a lot of this games,combat feels very uh uh reminiscent of a,simplified uh a jedi fallen order,yeah,very good voice over junko,very good,proceed,its interesting you cant interact with,the force and environmental objects with,the same detail and say the force,unleashed and the control of your,lightsaber swings is nowhere near as,complex as a game like jedi outcaster,academy and the actual one-to-one combat,is definitely not as tightly designed,and flashy as something like jedi fall,in order but star wars obi-wan offers a,simplified combination of many of these,kind of ideas and i cant help but be,impressed at how well executed some of,this was for a launch title in 2001,oh dear whats that,dioxis gas poison they must be dead by,now but make certain check it out,corporal roger roger,eventually the games plot begins to,overlap with the phantom menace and be a,loose retelling of that movie when this,bad [ __ ] over here with the pretty eye,says sir theyve gone into the,ventilation ship you know damn well you,and qui-gon are climbing up those vents,notably absent from this retelling of,episode one is jar jar and little boy,anakin who only briefly shows up in the,final scene,yoda is only in this game for a hot,second and he looks like chicken lettuce,the obi-wan impression sounds like he,has a nose full of space boogers but,master yoda says i should be mindful of,the future visually this game has got,this weird clash of styles i think its,just some weird shading but obi-wans,backside looks almost cel-shaded like,hes pulled out of breath of the wild,within gameplay the animations look,really good like smashing these droids,into pieces and in these environments is,really cool in motion,the earlier areas of the game see you on,coruscant slicing through gang members,and man just looking at this now i i,know for a fact i would have loved this,game as a kid,whats up coruscant youre listening to,1313 radio bringing you the galaxys,greatest jams right here to coruscant,[Music],all the levels while linear are,surprisingly large and open they just,have this nice illusion of vastness to,them it

OBI WAN KENOBI Episode 6 Breakdown | Easter Eggs, Hidden Details And Things You Missed

hello there obi-wan kenobi has just,dropped its finale and throughout this,video were going to be breaking down,all the easter eggs hidden details and,things you missed last week had rokin,and the rebels fleeing into space whilst,riva remained behind to try and strike,down vader this backfired and like the,grand inquisitor she ended up getting,stabbed in the stomach similar to how,she was when she was a child we actually,had hints towards this wound all the way,back in episode 3 when she ended up,getting slammed by brother 5 and she,touched it for a split second it is,possible that she had cybernetic parts,placed into it much like what we saw,with fenik shand these being stabbed,again explains how she survived the,encounter and the act is somewhat of a,means to an end-all,now this episode really wrestles with,whether shes a friend or poe and come,the end of the entry they tied things up,quite nicely without breaking the cannon,too much but does it work well well,talk about it later on but if youve,been enjoying the breakdowns wed,massively appreciate the thumbs up this,one last time well also be covering,more star wars shows later in the air so,you will subscribe,move along now with that out of the way,thanks for clicking this lets get into,episode 6. now we open on tatooine and,see two jawas as well as a blue,astromech droid thats the same unit as,r5 who would later get a bust-up,motivator on the planet motivators,actually pop up again when we discover,that the ship is struggling,motivated,here we see moisture dealers selling,water in the street and riva ends up,intervening on a guy whos just just a,bit of a jerk now this actually suddenly,hints that shes turning back to the,light as shes somewhat showing,compassion to the locals by helping them,out even if shes not specifically doing,it for their best interest she does sort,of turn towards the end of the episode,which is it set up yep i guess so no,this was a big part of the jedi order,and maybe getting that arkham asylum,death screen last week made her restart,with a new take on life now in earlier,breakdowns we talked about how riva,could likely be a play on the name revan,this was a jedi who ended up turning to,the dark side much like she did however,revan also ended up going back to the,light in the canonized ending which is,what we see happen here occur to the,devastator chasing the potters and ship,which we learn is heading to tessen i,dont believe this planet is featured in,the saga before and its a refuge that,sadly they dont think theyll make it,to novada has of course searched near,and mustafa for obi-wan and hes,completely obsessed with taking him down,and getting his revenge of the sith hes,very much trying to use the reverse uno,card on him from their battle on,mustafar and weve seen this throughout,the show and the expanded lore episode 3,had him dragging him through the fire in,order to burn him and in the comics we,even had a section where he dreamed,about doing this on mr fall now hes so,fixated on obi-wan that he realizes,hell leave the others alone if it means,he gets him and thus he ends up drawing,him out to a deserted planet the chase,scene feels a lot more exciting than the,dull one from the last jedi and we,actually see the struggle that theyre,going through and hopelessness that they,feel however its just the same plan as,they have in that so star wars is about,to get some,this episode is very much about obi-wan,himself intervening in order to protect,people and he really lays his life on,the line we see that obi-wan also gives,leia tall as holster and it is possible,that this is the same one she ended up,wearing in return of the jedi due to,their similar design this also popped up,in the princess leia aj rebellion comic,and its nice that they at least kind of,tied it into that and in many ways tala,might have inspired her curta luke and,uncle owen who we learn as per usual,tidy luke mate,getting on me nerves now lukes a kid,who never hits the thumbs up button,always causes trouble and one of these,days hes gonna get his auntie and uncle,killed oh he learns about riva and we,see that and peru is played once more by,bonnie ps who also played the character,an attack of the clones and revenge of,the sith obi-wan tries to reach out to,qui-gon but he doesnt get a response,however come the end of the entry they,finally reconnect probably because the,ladder feels a bit awkward about getting,everyone to train the person who,destroyed the jedi even though they were,all like mate dont do it hes not a,good kid now the grand inquisitor really,wants vader to focus on the partisans,but as we discovered last week vader is,often blinded by the thought of victory,though he managed to sniff out riva,through doing this it was still clearly,his downfall and something that obi-wan,said would keep him as a padawan until,he overcame it this could explain why in,a new hope he says that he was but a,learner when he and obi-wan last met and,him finally dropping this makes him,become a master vader decides to face,him alone but hey you could have sent,the devastator after the partisans and,went for obi-wan yourself but never mind,now he flies in a shuttle the same,transport that we saw him riding in at,the end of empire and also at the start,of return of the jedi,on the farm luke says,im not afraid i know,which is of course playing on him saying,it in the empire strikes back,im not afraid,[Music],yeah,you will be,vader and obi wan come face to face but,he refuses to run away like he did in,episode three and interestingly everyone,was saying that he darted for the high,ground vader says,have you come to destroy me obi-wan,potentially playing on him saying the,opposite to luke and the empire strikes,back,dont make me destroy you,yourself says,then you will die,which is a line that the character said,in rebels,then you will die similar this his mask,also gets split later on exposing some,of his face and finally showing us,hayden in the suit through this we can,hear both hayden and james earl jones,dubbing lines over each other which was,how his dialogue played out in rebels,these quotes might actually not be not,to them but hey we like go reach here at,the channel so moving on now obi-wan,ends up drawing his lightsaber and he,adopts the stands that weve seen him,take at several points in his life with,the blade up by his head whilst he,extends his other arm this has appeared,a number of times throughout the,franchise and its sort of like poetry,they rhyme now the pair duke it out and,unlike their last fight theres no lava,here to fall into great battle of them,just going all out and its nicely,juxtaposed by the more solitary and,stealthy scenes that are happening with,river owen actually holds his own,against her and you can kind of see why,obi-wan trusted him to raise the child,this is mirrored an obi-wan who still,holds back when fighting vader ever,since he left him to die on mustafar,hes shown that hes actually unable to,deal a full killing blow to him and this,was of course seen in episode 3 and a,new hope in which he sacrificed himself,i think he does this because deep down,he believes anakin can be redeemed and,thus he doesnt want to kill him and put,his stop to that potentially happening,obi-wan gets buried under rocks and,making them levitate is one of the first,things that a jedi learns this shows the,very base reactions to him and he ends,up burying the character lower than the,audience scores for the show on rotten,tomatoes he also calls him master which,doesnt break cannon as he refers to,himself as one in a new hope now whilst,theyre fighting i thought id just drop,a quick correction on last weeks video,we said that we thought this took place,after attack of the clones because,anakin was looking at padmes penthouse,which he wouldnt know belonged to her,unless they met or he was a crazy,stalker however due to the lightsaber,that he carries here being destroyed in,the factory and also the

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