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Ewan McGregor Shows Off His Lightsaber Skills | The Graham Norton Show

is it true or not that you you kept a,lightsaber I officially dont on the,lights a props guy gave me one no I,didnt it we bought some lightsabers no,that was already going on no you have to,know what youre doing with it you do,though is that which one would you like,which one looks like yours the one in,the middle is I think the one I use it,thats thats Alec Guinness is one oh,then its yours yeah yeah oh my god this,is a really nice so amazing how do you,turn that one bang them against each,other with a break oh no they wont you,make the sound effects yourself do you,want to do one not at all hey go go go,but can you make the noises okay is it,true that you did this thing you guys is,about to dive yeah like in rocket did,this in rocky as well where they had to,you would make the sound effect,yourselves so they had to go back and,like sound was a nightmare because it,was a bunch of people going no it was to,begin with it was quite difficult not to,make the sound yeah and also it goes,away because it makes that nice and Shh,noise when it goes down oh yes I heard,that in rocky theyre partly like the,first film particularly its just lords,of sound effects of surface youre still,all good,[Laughter],literally you like litter the light,sound lets of lifestyle guess you have,to do you have to start them up okay so,off off how do you do that much they are,there so when you put on it has to make,this turn noise mine keeps going off,there one a twirl it something do it,over here hang on alters here wait wait,whos who you just its there you go,actually I should be so can you throw a,ball cuz you go you go okay okay we go,all right were gonna let baseball in,baseball it hows that okay,[Applause],[Music],you

Why Ewan McGregor was the PERFECT Obi-Wan Kenobi – Star Wars Explained

hello everyone I am giving away a force,F X lightsaber all you have to do to,enter is like the video if you enjoy it,be subscribed and leave a comment down,below letting me know which lightsaber,would make a fine addition to your,collection Ill be announcing the winner,on my Twitter Instagram and in my,discord on August 31st good luck now,lets get into todays video hello hey,everyone my name is Quinn Knight and,today I wanted to discuss something that,I have wanted to talk about on this,channel from its very inception and,that is you and McGregor as obi-wan,Kenobi if there is one thing both haters,and fans of the prequels can agree on,its that Ewan was one of the best things,about those three movies many actors and,actresses who starred in the Phantom,Menace attack of the clones and Revenge,of the Sith have faced years of,criticism disapproval and even ridicule,people like Hayden Christensen Jake,Lloyd and Natalie Portman have all faced,these unimpressed fans throughout the,years and while they most certainly did,not deserve any of those personal,attacks it is true that many aspects of,the prequels do not hold up today and,never really did to begin with not,necessarily due to their own talents as,an actor or actress but for a variety of,reasons but regardless of the less than,stellar dialogue and overabundance of,green screens UNs performance remains,as one of the best casting choices in,the last 20 years of Star Wars today I,want to discuss the reasons why I not,only believe that you and was a standout,actor in the first three movies but why,I also believe that you and was the,perfect obi-wan Kenobi and this is by no,means an unpopular opinion but as a kid,who grew up with the prequels,specifically episodes 2 & 3 you and,McGregor was obi-wan Kenobi to me for a,very long time and still is to this day,lets travel all the way back to the,original casting call for Episode one,The Phantom Menace imagine being the,casting director for a movie of that,magnitude having to find a young actor,to fill the shoes of the legendary Sir,Alec Guinness but not only that step,into one of the most iconic roles of all,time obi-wan Kenobi but for Robin girl,into the original casting director for,Episode one she knew right away that,Ewan had would talk to excel in role,that most thought could never be recast,Guinness is a character actor and hes a,comedic character actor and he had this,wonderful kind of of playfulness in,quality about him even though the role,of obi-wan is very kind of you know,straight and,and and strong and all that but he still,had this glint a little little glimmer,in his eye and you and has that I mean,you and just had this has this very,playfulness besides being a terrific,actor and being able to handle the,physical elements of the role and plus,the the the the kind of character he,luckily resembles Alec and then he also,just has that kind of intrinsic quality,Alec Guinness has it really isnt,something thats discussed as often as I,think it should be but Alec Guinness,really did do a fantastic job of making,old Ben Kenobi so much more than he,really needed to be in a new hope,everyone praises his performance but few,discuss just how little was actually,required from him and how much he gave,to the role anyway in the original,script Kenobi was little more than an,older gentleman with a Jedi past and,some sort of a connection to Darth Vader,that was about it at the time Anakin,Skywalker and Darth Vader werent even,the same person it was only later that,Lucas decided to make the to a single,character and thus Luke was made the son,of Vader but regardless of Guinness,knowing very little about Obi Wans,backstory and despite his role requiring,a performance that could easily have,been phoned in Guinness was able to,craft one of the most interesting and,mysterious characters of the 1970s there,was something behind that twinkle in his,eye to let the audience know that Kenobi,had a past that was begging to be told,he claims to be the property of an,obi-wan Kenobi is he a relative of yours,do you know who hes talking about now,thats the name Ive,[Music],imagine being Ewan McGregor after,learning you were about to journey,through three movies as a character many,fans have been speculating on the past,of for more than two decades that for,whatever reason you were chosen to take,on that massive responsibility and not,only that you would be co-starring,alongside one of the biggest actors of,the decade Liam Neeson who was hot off,the Academy award-winning film,Schindlers List and its very clear,from the very beginning that you and was,just as excited about playing this role,as any one would ever expect him to be,watch this short clip that was recorded,shortly before the Phantom Menace was,released where you and discusses,choosing his lightsaber and how George,Lucas told him obi-wan was still a,character he hadnt fully thought out at,the time one day the props master,arrived at our fight studio bit and said,Id like you to come and choose your,life okay then I realized that it was a,really big deal and we went in the props,room and then there was r2d2 and I all,started screaming I realized like that,because it was r2d2 George was making,admit was very always very keen to,assure me that this was a character and,development that he always used to say,because a lot of the time Ill be just,behind Liam here or just behind Liam,here and he always wasnt there listen,you and theres a character in,development so by the time we get to the,second movie you know and I always knew,that was okay it is still incredibly,impressive to this day the despite,acting alongside Liam Neeson Natalie,Portman and one of the first fully,computer-generated characters in a,live-action film that it was ewtns,performance of the majorities of fans,left the theater raving about and of the,three films the Phantom Menace is,definitely a prequel were you and is,giving the least amount of time to shine,yet people still saw through that and,saw the amazing performance the majority,of the screen time in Episode one is,given to qui-gon jinn young Anakin and,unfortunately Jar Jar Binks while,obi-wan is more or less just along for,the ride for the majority of the movie,but it is the ending of the Phantom,Menace where you really see obi-wan,transform into the man we see an attack,of the clones and just why he cares so,much for Anakin quaggans dying words to,obi-wan add such an extra layer to the,pain its clear Alec Guinness as Kenobi,is feeling when he tells Luke of Vaders,turn to the dark side,Louis manual train the boy yes master,[Music],he is the chosen one he will bring,balance Attack of the Clones is where,Ewan was truly allowed to fully show off,his full potential most fans of the Star,Wars franchise can agree that while,Anakins romance with Padme was executed,very poorly in this movie and is very,difficult to watch at times these scenes,with obi-wan investigating on Kamino is,what truly makes this movie worthwhile,in fact everything all be won in this,movie does is just so natural so,diplomatic and exactly how I would have,expected a young obi-wan to act when he,confronts Jango as he tries to flee,Kamino on slave 1 his initial intent,isnt to fight he only wants to find the,identity of the bounty hunter who sent,Zam Wessel after Padme and why these,attempts on her life are even being made,and while he does draw his lightsaber,first when confronting Jango this is,only after the confirmation has been,made to him that Jango is the man he is,looking for and he wasnt likely to come,quietly I like seeing that obi-wan was,willing to fight when he knew the time,had come just to set aside diplomacy,there is nothing more frustrating than,watching a character in any film,continually put themselves in further,danger by being overly diplomatic even,after obi-wan was more or less defeated,by Jango Fett on Kamino I mean he was,literally hanging by a grappling hook,underneath the cloning facility he still,manages to

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Ewan McGregor on Obi-Wan Kenobi, Getting an Action Figure & Watching Himself in Star Wars Movies

our first guest tonight is an excellent,emmy award-winning actor who is about to,return uh to a beloved character that,existed a long long time ago even before,streaming services in a galaxy far far,away the series obi-wan kenobi which,premieres friday may 27th on disney plus,please welcome you and mcgregor,hey,oh my gosh holy cow,you and,i were you,if you saw the reception here youd be,very,happy somebodys got one of my,somebodys got one of my lightsabers out,there i know you saw that you saw that,yeah no somebody elses life somebody,brought it take it over in here and it,feels very dangerous yeah,you cant just have them willy-nilly in,crowded spaces in case they go off you,have to be here,yeah apparently this person thinks you,can apparently,im such a fan of yours from,trainspotting and beginners moulin rouge,you know huge huge youtube ive got a,nice story with my my eldest daughter,clara is a is introduced me to your,stand-up years and years ago shes such,a huge fan of yours and we were driving,i had an old an old cloud an old ford,mustang and britain were driving from,scotland to london and i had to pull off,the motorway because we were laughing so,hard that like i couldnt see to drive,the car anymore it was becoming quite,dangerous so we had to pull over it was,so nice that could not make me happier,oh its great true joy albums she told,me to tell you she has all your albums,so she has a problem my gosh that that,makes me so happy,and you travel a lot like i like your,motorcycle documentaries too like you,yeah thats like part of your like what,do you get excited about,my uh yeah i love it i love i love,travel in general i love traveling by,motorcycle and ive done these big trips,with my mate charlie and weve just been,all over the you know not all over the,world theres still lots of it to,discover but weve had an amazing,experience and and um yeah i know weve,made documentaries about it people like,them and so its nice yeah its good,thats amazing,do you you just got off a plane on,monday thinking you were going to be a,guest and now youre,hosting a show,you and,we could talk about this offline but,this has been a strange week,look youre doing really well man youre,just doing great well done,thanks,yeah i so,i cant tell you how strange it is but,im im a massive fan of yours and so,with with your,w with with like the star wars universe,i mean people obviously this,someone has someone has a lightsaber in,the audience here and people are,obsessive do your fans probably know,sometimes more than you do about the,movies,yeah yeah yeah i guess knows how to,pronounce my characters name better,than i do,yeah,only one canoei,um,yes its i i often come unstuck with,fans when they start talking about,planets and you know im not as im not,as up to speed on everything as i should,i should probably get one of those star,wars manuals,but,but um luckily on this series uh we had,deborah chow who was our amazing,director and shes really,she really knows across all because now,star wars has become,its the movies and then but its also,tv shows its um computer games its,right novels its cartoon books comics,and and all of the story lines have to,sort of match up you cant have,some fact in the video game that doesnt,match up to the movie so,i would be totally at c there but she,was amazing at knowing and knowing all,of that stuff and and guiding the,writers as well with that and did you do,you watch yourselves in the star wars,movies,i watched all of them to to prepare for,this because the last one i did was we,shot the episode three um in sydney,australia in,2003 i think so its been quite some,time almost 20 years and so but when i,when i knew that we were going to do,this and we started getting ready to do,it i i did watch all of them i sat i,didnt do them in one go,yeah yeah,by the way some people do they do i know,we got one of those guys right now,but i watched them all and it was really,interesting to go back to the,to the you know the first one with liam,and,ahmed best and you know just it was such,a huge thing to happen i mean in my life,it was a bit like your week now you know,becoming overwhelmed kenobi was a bit,like you hosting jimmy kimmel overnight,so um i mean we dont really we dont,have to make comparisons ewan,no i think its it was a big deal so to,go back and watch that movie again was,was really great fun and um,also it was nice to see them you know it,was tricky at the time they didnt they,did they werent overwhelmingly embraced,by everybody when they came out our our,seek prequels and so it was nice to,watch them now knowing that people love,them you know that theres a the the,kids who we made them for at the time,they loved those films a lot so it was,nice to watch them with that sense now i,grew i grew up on the originals and,i was shocked when i found out that your,uncle was in the originals as an actor,i i couldnt believe that this is this,is had not i had not heard this,information the first film i think i,went to see,no it wasnt the first film i went to,see in the cinema,because that was bad knobs and,broomsticks but the the remember i,remember another classic by the way,another class,i think may 5th is bed knobs and,broomsticks day day thats what it is,tomorrow so yeah,but i remember standing outside the,school i was five or six and i was,standing outside the school my brother,and uh,my mom and dad picked us up and they,were taking us to the,big city to watch a movie that my uncle,dennis was in and so we went and were,so excited to go and see you know,your uncle in a movie it was so exciting,and then we sat down there and it was,star wars and just sort of,blew our minds away you know amazing,amazing so he played a character called,wedge antilles and he survives all three,of the original star wars movies there,he is wedge look at the size of that,thing he says as he comes in,thats my uncle dennis,and hes uh hes doing a hes doing a,musical on in great britain at the,moment hes touring around and theyre,going to be in the barbican anything,goes hes doing it um okay so hes a,real hes a real song and dance man my,uncle dennis and hes my,always been my acting hero and if ive,ever got like stuck at work hes the,only person id ever phone and ask you,know get,acting advice from and im very like him,like i see i see bits of of him,in my work all the time i call him,actually from set sometimes i go dana i,totally did you again today,after after about 10 years or 15 years,of doing this he called me one day and,he went you and i went whoa he said,did you today,oh my god thats unbelievable i was told,you received something special today,yes i got sent over my um i really did,only just see this about an hour ago,my doll,oh my god,oh my gosh thats so funny,you dont know i think i think that,i dont know if its just me like they,scan you you know they they have these,machines that like they read your they,read your body and your every,data point and your being is recorded,and then still,it somehow doesnt,look like that,and then still,and then still,its not,right i look like i look like him,i look like richard chamberlain in the,first my first one from episode one i,was dead like richard chamberlain i was,like maybe they maybe they had an old,scan of hairs that they just used for me,more with you and mcgregor after this,welcome back ewan mcgregor is with us uh,you and what can you tell us,everythings so locked down with star,wars what can you tell us about obi-wan,kenobi the series,well no i mean its supposed to be ten,its ten years after um the end of,episode three i always thought that we,must be a great story between the last,episode i made and alec guinness in in,uh episode four in a new hope and,and i was right there we we found a,really good story to tell in that in,that time frame so its ten years after,the end of,episode three,you know weve seen me at the end of,episode three take uh luke skywalker to,uncle owen and aunt peru on tatooine,and um thats

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Star Wars The Black Series Obi Wan Kenobi (Jedi Knight) Review

hi there im mike whatever you today is,star wars the black series obi-wan,kenobi,jedi knight before i get into the view,if you want to go ahead and give this,video a like it goes a long way to,helping out the channel,go ahead and take a look at a picture of,him while i read the bio on the back of,the box,obi-wan kenobi became a general in the,army of the republic as the clone wars,continued having many adventures with,anakin skywalker,thats not really an attack of the clone,summary which is,what this is from its more of like a,clone wars summary which is just a weird,choice to,who puts these blurbs on the back of the,box thats what i want to know because i,could do a much better job thats all,im saying now before i get into the,review proper again just like all the,other figures,this is a reuse of a mold we already,have,its essentially a dlc skin for a figure,you already bought,that you have to pay another 20 bucks to,unlock in this case it actually,it kind of makes sense at least on paper,this uses the padawan obi-wan kenobi,body,but with just a new head and a slightly,different paint job and thats pretty,much it,and on this im gonna let it pass thats,exactly what it should be,hes the same character hes the same,guy hes just,10 years older so sure he can have the,exact same body,im not complaining too much im just,pointing it out so when it comes to the,likeness,weve established that sure his bodys,fine but the head,does the head look right so obi-wan,kenobi and the prequels anyway is played,by,ewan mcgregor ewan mcgregor is famous,for being in a lot of things,trainspotting moulin rouge,my heart all of that stuff but does the,figure look like ewan,and that is uh kind of,up to debate i dont think it does i,dont know what it is maybe its the,hair,i feel like the hair on mine sits too,far back like he has a wig and it sort,of slipped back,theres even a noticeable gap behind the,ear i kind of want to boil,the hair piece off and sort of try to,re-glue it back on,but also i dont think that the face is,all that accurate i think the face from,the clone commander obi-wan kenobi,even though mines super red it still,looks,more accurate than this obi-wan kenobi,and i dont think either of them,look as ewen like as the padawan obi-wan,kenobi i think that has been,the absolute best likeness so far,although i do prefer my kenobi to be,bearded but the silhouettes right its,not like i dont know this is obi-wan,kenobi i mean i dont have to squint to,see it like i see it,but i feel like these days hasbro has,set the bar so,high that this one just doesnt,meet the expectations that ive had,based on previous figures released,so what does he come with well much like,the,obi-wan kenobi from the padawan and the,episode three over one kenobi from,2014 he just comes with his lightsaber,now this is the episode two,accurate lightsaber which looks very,similar to his episode one lightsaber in,fact i had to look it up to make sure,they werent the same and theyre not,the same,but they are identical for the most part,basically obi-wan kenobi lost his,lightsaber and his duel,to darth maul and then he built a new,one that looked,pretty much identical to his old one and,then he lost that one,in episode two and he got a different,one,for episode three the lightsaber itself,is fine it actually looks pretty good,its molded great its got a lot of,paint details the blue blade,pops off pops on very easy it does also,peg on to his belt which is something,weve not seen,in this entire wave no other figure that,comes in this wave,comes a lightsaber that can peg in their,belt and its so weird because,like why wouldnt it why wouldnt it,what i do like about this is the quick,attachment port that the lightsaber has,isnt bulky and in the way like some of,the other releases for,obi-wan kenobi have been it still plugs,in it just doesnt stick out super,noticeably far,and i appreciate that so lets talk,about what he should have come with,because thats,thats all hes got the main thing you,might be noticing is the lack of a robe,obi-wan kenobi loves taking off his robe,before,every fight hes got a strip he just,gotta take it off thats my first step,in a fight too,no one wants to fight a pantsless guy,the lack of a robe is noticeable because,obi-wan legitimately spends,i would say a good eighty percent of,this movie wearing it,not including one is just bizarre to me,especially when theyve already got a,mate,they made one for old obi-wan kenobi,cant they just put that in here,also like anakin he gets an alternate,lightsaber and attack of the clones it,would have been cool if theyd given us,that lightsaber instead of this ball,along with this one so we had two,lightsabers so you can recreate the,arena battle scenes instead of just the,blue lightsaber one,also being a jedi it would be cool if it,came with some alternate hands for like,force powers and whatnot im not holding,my breath for a lot of that stuff,although they did it with qui-gon so,like,why not here too especially because they,made one,for padawan obi-wan with the two-finger,thing and he would actually use it here,this is actually,where its from he should have it here,so thats enough,complaining about what he didnt come,with lets talk about his articulation,how does he move and the answer is i,mean pretty much the same as the pad of,1v1 its the same body so hes got the,butterfly joints on his shoulder hes,got a decent amount of head movement,hes got great leg movement,hes got great elbow movement everything,is there that you want to be there,i have no complaints when it comes to,articulation kind of likewise to paint,and sculpt,i mean he looks mostly the same as the,paddle on obi-wan but with slightly,different rope colors to match his,attack of the clones look and thats,fine he should the,robe is layered the pants are molded the,boots look great,the boots are probably the best part of,the whole figure to be honest with you i,dont know why thats true but it,it is the only true disappointment here,is the face i just dont think it looks,very much,like ewan mcgregor so lets talk about,want and availability,of course i want this i want the trio of,prequel obi-wans and now,i have them although i really want them,to redo episode three obi-wan because,that came out in 2014 and it has not,aged well,in fact next to this one the head looks,like a knockoff,i dont even mind for the most part that,im buying a figure mostly that i,already own because,again it is the same character just sort,of aged up 10 years in the face so,it makes sense i mean if theyre gonna,do that with any character at least this,one,makes sense but the availability kind of,sucks especially with this figure this,one being one of the more popular ones,from the wave,i actually ordered this from amazon,because i couldnt get it anywhere else,it was already sold out by the time,that i wanted to order it and then,amazon lost mine,in the mail and it took another month,for me to reorder it,and even with all that ordering and,reordering i still got him a month,before i got the rest of the way from,dorkside toys so,thats nice i guess but if you dont,want to order online you,can mostly find him at gamestop so its,the only place,ive heard of him being found at this,point is game stops no one that i know,of has seen them,at targets or walmarts and they probably,wont because it seems like target and,walmart has already skipped over,to the new wave of figures with the new,boxes so with that,im gonna give him a three out of five,hes not,bad i wish he were better in some ways,mostly when it comes with the face,likeness its weird because i feel like,seeing,the preview pictures when they announced,them i thought it looked great but in,hand i just feel like theres some,disconnect there with what i have in,hand,versus what ive seen online that being,said its nice to have him on the shelf,with anakin skywalker and count dooku,its nice to kind of complete that,little threesome from the end of attack,of the clo

Ewan McGregor on Keeping Obi-Wan Return a Secret

JIMMY KIMMEL: Hey, thanks for coming.,EWAN MCGREGOR: Thanks for having me again.,JIMMY KIMMEL: Very good to see you.,EWAN MCGREGOR: Great to be here. JIMMY KIMMEL: Is this–,EWAN MCGREGOR: How are you?,JIMMY KIMMEL: Im doing well, thank you.,EWAN MCGREGOR: Good. Good.,JIMMY KIMMEL: Is this an Obi Wan beard or is this just a beard?,EWAN MCGREGOR: Its sort of a practice Obi Wan, you know?,JIMMY KIMMEL: Ah, interesting.,EWAN MCGREGOR: Its not the real deal,yet, because Ive got something to shoot before I shoot that.,JIMMY KIMMEL: OK.,EWAN MCGREGOR: But its a little practice.,Its just a little lazy beard. JIMMY KIMMEL: I see.,EWAN MCGREGOR: Yeah.,JIMMY KIMMEL: Youre testing it out to see how its going.,EWAN MCGREGOR: Yeah.,JIMMY KIMMEL: And do people like it?,Do you find that people are reacting positively to it?,EWAN MCGREGOR: To the beard? JIMMY KIMMEL: Yeah.,EWAN MCGREGOR: People dont say much about it, I guess.,JIMMY KIMMEL: They dont? EWAN MCGREGOR: No.,JIMMY KIMMEL: I think it looks good.,I think its a good-looking beard.,EWAN MCGREGOR: Thanks, man.,JIMMY KIMMEL: Yeah, youre welcome.,EWAN MCGREGOR: I mean, I put a lot of work into it.,[LAUGHING],JIMMY KIMMEL: Is it maybe– could you use it on Halloween?,Do you dress up for Halloween?,Or when youre an actor, is that not something–,EWAN MCGREGOR: No, we really dress up.,JIMMY KIMMEL: You really dress up.,EWAN MCGREGOR: I mean, we really–,because thats what we do. JIMMY KIMMEL: Right, yeah.,EWAN MCGREGOR: And we do it. We do it.,Ive done it over the years, many very successful costumes.,JIMMY KIMMEL: And well, are you going to have one this year?,EWAN MCGREGOR: This year Im not going to be here.,Ive got to go away, but I do enjoy it,,and Ive been doing it since.,In Scotland, we used to do it.,And when we were kids, it was sort of different there.,There wasnt trick or treating.,We called it guising. And that was–,JIMMY KIMMEL: Guising? EWAN MCGREGOR: Yeah.,And you just dressed up, and you went out,,and it didnt have to, as I recall–,I mean, its difficult to remember when,youre five, or six, or seven.,It didnt have to be all bloody and horror-y.,,JIMMY KIMMEL: Right.,EWAN MCGREGOR: It was just– you just dressed up as someone.,JIMMY KIMMEL: Like disguising, its guising, yeah?,EWAN MCGREGOR: I think thats maybe where it came from.,JIMMY KIMMEL: Wow.,EWAN MCGREGOR: And you had to do a thing.,Youd have to, I suppose, like trick or treating,,although we didnt know that term then.,You had to do a little song or a dance,,or not dance, maybe, but a song, or a poem.,JIMMY KIMMEL: Really?,EWAN MCGREGOR: Or tell a limerick or something.,And then the person would give you a sweetie.,We called it a candy.,JIMMY KIMMEL: And so it was like a talent show in a way?,EWAN MCGREGOR: You were expected to earn it.,You had to earn it with– JIMMY KIMMEL: Wow,EWAN MCGREGOR: –with your creative talent.,JIMMY KIMMEL: And what would you do?,Like, a Sheena Easton song or something?,What would happen there?,EWAN MCGREGOR: Well, maybe Bay City Rollers.,JIMMY KIMMEL: “Morning Train”?,EWAN MCGREGOR: More of a Bay City Rollers type thing.,[LAUGHING],JIMMY KIMMEL: Oh.,S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y night.,EWAN MCGREGOR: Small Faces or something.,I dont know.,[LAUGHING],JIMMY KIMMEL: Maybe a little Jethro Tull.,EWAN MCGREGOR: Something thrown in like that.,Yeah, thatd be nice. JIMMY KIMMEL: Wow.,Thats very interesting. EWAN MCGREGOR: Yeah.,JIMMY KIMMEL: It is kind of interesting, the differences,,because we just, because were Americans,,we assume everybody does everything the way we do it.,EWAN MCGREGOR: Its just massive here.,Like its turned into Christmas.,I mean, its another Christmas, isnt it?,Its a– I love that about America,,that theres just all these huge celebrations,throughout the year.,JIMMY KIMMEL: Is that not the case?,EWAN MCGREGOR: No, really the case.,JIMMY KIMMEL: –elsewhere.,EWAN MCGREGOR: You just get a bunch,of people dressed up as things going out,,trying to get sweets.,JIMMY KIMMEL: Whats the best candy,you would get in Scotland?,Do you remember?,Like, the thing that you prized more than anything?,EWAN MCGREGOR: I loved– there was that bar.,There was a little bar.,I dont know if it still exists, but there,was a little chocolate toffee, chocolate,bar that was called The Texan.,And it was– JIMMY KIMMEL: Wow.,EWAN MCGREGOR: It was really difficult,toffee to eat with chocolate around,and, you would sort of like.,[GROANING],Yeah, bit like that. JIMMY KIMMEL: The Texan.,EWAN MCGREGOR: They think it made you look like a Texan.,[GROANING] [LAUGHING],No.,JIMMY KIMMEL: Like a piece of jerky or something.,EWAN MCGREGOR: Yeah, like so.,But it would take you 20 minutes to eat,because it was so hard to get through this toffee.,JIMMY KIMMEL: Wow.,EWAN MCGREGOR: That was my favorite.,JIMMY KIMMEL: How about that?,Thats always so interesting to me,when these different– you have these perceptions,of these regions in the United States.,Like, Texan is thing over there.,EWAN MCGREGOR: Well, they thought of as the–,because I mean, I guess otherwise, just a cowboy.,But no, we had The Texan bar. JIMMY KIMMEL: You had The Texan.,EWAN MCGREGOR: Which was really hard to eat.,JIMMY KIMMEL: How about that. EWAN MCGREGOR: Yeah.,JIMMY KIMMEL: Yeah. EWAN MCGREGOR: There you go.,JIMMY KIMMEL: Well, maybe youll get a Texan.,Maybe Santa will bring you some Texans–,EWAN MCGREGOR: Maybe, if theyre–,JIMMY KIMMEL: –down the Halloween chimney.,EWAN MCGREGOR: If theyre still being made.,Im just giving them quite a big advert,,so I should get maybe a little box.,JIMMY KIMMEL: So now, I want to talk about this,,because I know that youd been hiding,this Obi Wan Kenobi stuff.,You werent able to talk about it.,Right?,For a long time, right?,EWAN MCGREGOR: Yeah.,JIMMY KIMMEL: And I would imagine,that it became annoying.,EWAN MCGREGOR: It just got it difficult.,I was brought up to tell the truth,,and I was in a situation where I wasnt really allowed to,,because the studios and the big franchises,,they want to keep every– and rightly so.,They want to keep everything very secret,and its as closed as it can be.,But at the same time, theres this overwhelming amount,of speculation online, and on social media,,and what have you.,And wherever I went for the last 15 years, people would ask me,,so would you do it again?,And would you do it?,Once they started doing spin-offs, of course everyone,was like, are you going to do an Obi Wan Kenobi spin-off?,And I was talking to Lucasfilm and Disney about that.,,JIMMY KIMMEL: Mm-hmm, and you couldnt say it.,EWAN MCGREGOR: Well, of course, I couldnt say that I was.,JIMMY KIMMEL: Right, right.,EWAN MCGREGOR: So, Id have to go, well, eh, you know,,Id be– if they wanted to do one,,Id be quite interested in doing it.,And it started to look a bit like I was,just trying to get the part. JIMMY KIMMEL: Uh-huh.,Oh yeah, I know. So we could go back–,EWAN MCGREGOR: Which a amount of my standing,was quite humiliated, so–,JIMMY KIMMEL: We could go back through those tapes,and see what it looks like when you lie.,EWAN MCGREGOR: Oh, you could. JIMMY KIMMEL: Yeah.,EWAN MCGREGOR: Well, Im probably, hopefully quite good,at it, and so are my children. JIMMY KIMMEL: I guess so.,Thats basically what you do for a living.,Yeah.,EWAN MCGREGOR: I mean, it sort of like, hurt me inside.,It was like– and it started to hurt my pride,,cause I thought people actually think theyre,considering someone else.,JIMMY KIMMEL: You know, its kind of sad now.,Yeah.,EWAN MCGREGOR: You know what I mean?,Like, theyre looking for someone else to play the part.,JIMMY KIMMEL: So they had this big event at Disneyland.,EWAN MCGREGOR: Yes, which was nuts.,JIMMY KIMMEL: Which was crazy, right?,Yeah.,EWAN MCGREGOR: I had a William Shatner moment on there.,JIMMY KIMMEL: What do you mean by that?,[LAUGHING],EWAN MCGREGOR: It sounds a bit like something else,,doesnt it? No.,[LAUGHING],JIMMY KIMMEL: Did you change your pants after your William,Shatner moment? EWAN MCGREGOR: Oh!,H

Obi-Wan Kenobi Ewan McGregor Plays A BROKEN Hero..

obi-wan kenobi despite all the hype,ended up getting a mixed bag of reviews,and left the fans wanting more out of it,however everything from the performances,to the visuals was absolutely top notch,here but then again we werent expecting,anything less so where did the series go,wrong and is there something debra chow,and the writers could have done to make,a greater impact well lets dive,straight into it and discuss first up,kenobi moves away from our usual star,wars format as a franchise star wars has,always followed a template thats been,ever present even when you look as far,back as the original trilogy in the 70s,youve got your new hero who doesnt,understand their calling and then is,their journey toward finding a deeper,meaning to it all and figuring out the,conflict within themselves and while,theres obviously the struggle against,the dark side whether its the empire,the first order or a sith lord the,overarching theme still comes back to,one thats of self-discovery and finding,purpose like even side stories like the,mandalorian largely follow this format,but then the prequels are a whole,another thing because well they have to,tell a story thats already been,established and perhaps its fitting for,obi-wan kenobi to be closer to the,prequels rather than anything else as,its the continuation of anakin and,obi-wans arc plus we hadnt really,explored the aftermath of order 66 and,how that affected some of our main casts,so in a way we needed this show just,because this timeline is incredibly,important in the grander context of the,galaxy and how things pan out for,decades to come but even more,importantly kenobi focuses on its people,now even though star wars is all about,these massive battles in a galaxy far,far away it still somehow feels small,because we keep coming back to the same,places with the same old characters,however despite the seemingly limited,scale of its stories weve never really,gotten something that actually focuses,on the people rather than the larger,problem in hand for instance even when,we get a boba fett show it still somehow,devolves into luke skywalkers quest to,re-establish the jedi order obi-wan,kenobi on the other hand pauses the,spectacle for a while and brings,attention to the characters that weve,come to love over the years and honestly,its refreshing because this lets the,actors like ew and mcgregor shine and,really show off their craft which is,something that weve seldom seen in star,wars stories like even characters like,owen and beru get their fair share of,screen time which just adds so much,context to both the prequels and the,original trilogy next up ewan mcgregor,proves once again why hes the perfect,obi-wan at the heart of this show is,ewan mcgregor who plays a broken obi-wan,kenobi still coming to terms with the,events on mustafar and even though its,been 10 years he still blames himself,for everything that happened to anakin,skywalker however unlike other star wars,characters that have dealt with similar,stuff like luke and the sequel trilogy,obi-wan doesnt get to escape and leave,everything behind yes hes living as a,hermit and tattooing but hes still,responsible for a young luke skywalker,so everythings been weighing him down,all these years and to be fair it shows,in mcgregors fantastic performance as,well plus hes coming back to this role,after 20 years which means that not only,does he look older but his acting,ability has also seen a massive,improvement in fact just the fact that,his performance was so close to alec,guinness obi-wan speaks volumes about,how far hes come as an actor like the,minute you see kenobi in the first,episode of the show you know that,theres this deep sadness inside him,that he just cant wrap his head around,also his masters not here to guide him,either and its the way he calls out to,him every single night thats enough to,break our hearts at the same time,obi-wan is mirrored by a charged riva,now while our heros doing his whole sad,boy hours thingy the third sister reeva,is out to get revenge for what happened,to her as a child and shes purely,fueled by passion and rage which leads,her to make some questionable decisions,along the way thats the thing though,shes the polar opposite of kenobi and,manages to bring the energy to an,otherwise slow story oh and moses,ingrams performance as this angsty,inquisitor is also really good with that,said the writing for her character just,doesnt do her acting any justice and it,leaves a lot of things on the table and,once you actually discover her real,motivations things kind of start to fall,apart despite the shows shortcomings in,that regard however it still does a good,job of grounding both riva and obi-wans,arcs in an emotional sense which lets,the whole theme of lost shine through,like in simpler words their job is to,show us the difference between losing,something and being lost as a result the,show solves a big star wars conundrum on,an emotional level obi-wan kenobis a,brilliant story that tackles these,darker themes in an incredibly profound,way from rivas redemption to anakins,anchor through his mask every single,depressing moment in this show punches,you in the gut and you just cant help,but feel sorry for everything that these,characters have gone through but then,again theres this moment of resolution,that follows afterward thats so,satisfying at the same time take the,vader and kenobi fight for example all,this time the jedi master has been,blaming himself for his padawans,descent to the dark side however in a,brief emotional moment between the two,the show somehow manages to put a neat,little bow tie on those feelings and,ships them away plus it does it in such,a brilliant way that its hard to argue,against it the point is that anakin,chose the dark side himself and we cant,blame anyone else for it and this ends,up being a powerful moment for both the,viewers and kenobi himself whos now not,only in contact with the force again but,has also let go of all this emotional,baggage that hes been carrying for a,decade seriously think about it while,circumstances did facilitate the,creation of vader and kylo ren it was,ultimately their own decision that led,them down the path to the dark side,however kenobi still misses the mark,with its story if youre a fan of the,prequel trilogy then you probably adore,this show however for everyone else this,kind of feels failed to move the needle,like theres this lack of cohesion,between the stories that is trying to,tell and the theme its following that,kind of tarnishes the whole experience,for instance when vader pulls kenobi,through the fire in episode 3 its,supposed to be this powerful moment with,them meeting for the first time since,mustafar instead it turns into this,strange cat and mouse game between the,two and just randomly ends without any,resolution almost like its facilitating,a big battle in the final episode now we,know that the final battle was pretty,cool and we loved the lightsaber duel,but come on surely we could have found a,better way to get there right its just,that uphill struggle for resonance that,kind of ruins the experience at times,and makes you wonder how the writers,came up with this stuff like we get that,theyre playing with very limited,creation freedom but even the leaked,original script had an arguably coherent,story with that said obi-wans issues,are much deeper than the show of course,criticizing something and pointing out,as flaws is very easy when it comes to,obi-wan kenobi however its really hard,to actually blame the writing team the,actors or deborah chao for the shows,shortcomings like yes its messy and,broken thats the thing though this,shows issues are inherent to the,entirety of the star wars universe and,has always been like this plus we dont,expect anything to change anytime soon,either because thats just how the,cookie crumbles when it comes to these,things so perhaps we need to let go of,the expectation that disneys gonna turn,this franchise in

Star Wars: Attack of the Clones Analysis | The Cutting Room Movie Review

[Music],thank you,hello welcome to The Cutting Room the,movie show from all the right movies Im,John and with me today its Matt,hello,and Westie,hello,are you calm Westy its over start,well this episode is our first sequel on,the cunning room a sequel about a,prequel following on from our episode on,The Phantom Menace were diving head,first into Star Wars Episode 2. attack,on the Clones,one of the most talked about sequels,ever made this but not necessarily for,the right reasons,[Applause],Im playing all the right notes,but not necessarily in the right order,so but why Attack of the Killer Tomatoes,attack of the Clones whatever,would rather do that one,[Music],the director of Attack of the Killer,Tomatoes is delivered at that comparison,George Clooneys what was in his debut,you know I want to talk about clothes,because I finally get to tell me,favorite ever Westy story so,weve mentioned this before I mean West,he used to work at a cinema together,thats how we met and when clones came,out we were working there and there was,a staff Sean the day before and on,General release in management invited,some local journalists along just,thought Id make a bit of a story,so we all watch it and returns out,afterwards and theres a journalist from,the local radio station getting like box,pops of peoples reactions and of course,she calls Westy and shes like oh wow,great what did you think of that oh,Wesley just goes I dont know what the,[ __ ] that was but that was not Star Wars,did not know what to do,that was not Star Wars,on what Star Wars is,the clip,well for me even after the fundamentals,I was still really excited for this when,it came out the trailer I fell for it,jungle Fett was in there some cool,looking action shots were in there and,then I dont know if you remember but,Empire magazine gave attack of the,Clones a five star review,I also remember being convinced that the,film was going to end on this awesome,Cliffhanger where we see Anakin,Skywalker as Darth Vader for the first,time,did we get that,no we got other things instead Ill save,my opinions for me when we get into it,but Ill just say now the attack of the,Clones was the first Star Wars film to,not finish top of the year-end box,office and that doesnt surprise me,because I did scores and Rotten Tomatoes,arent the worst Ive ever seen I mean,not the best but theyre not the worst,either,yeah as ever it is Star Wars so Ive got,lots to talk about George Lucas the cast,the visual effects the music and,recovering it all so this one its gonna,be great thats great its going to be,great thats gonna be great its gonna,be great thats gonna be great,and Westy attack other clones still,Furious,[Laughter],Ill be furious for 20 years this makes,a really nice change for us though,because I mean we usually talk I mean,normally talk about really really good,films so this is,this is a nice change of pace,uh Ive got a lot to see on it,not a lot of it is positive,I cant believe you suggested it I cant,believe I had to watch it again I cant,believe Ive got to talk about it for an,hour and a half so lets just get on,with it,all right then send in the Clones its,attack of the Clones,a decade on from the invasion of Naboo,when the Republic is more torn than ever,spearheaded by an unknown force a,separatist Federation cloned an army of,battle-ready troops meanwhile two Jedi,Knights investigate and become embroiled,in a story of tragedy betrayal Love and,War sounds incredible this,directed by George Walton Lucas Jr,attack of the Clone was written by Lucas,and Jonathan Hills produced by lucasfilm,distributed by 20th Century Fox and,stars Hayden Christensen as Anakin,Skywalker you and McGregor as Obi-Wan,Kenobi and Natalie Portman as Padme,Amidala so what we do on our Cutting,Room episodes is analyze the movie in,question by discussing the direction the,writing the cast our own highlight and,then we give the film a rating out of,10. dont we usually we do yeah its,usually over there,well up first then the director of,attack of the Clones,Westys favorite guy,its George Lucas,having knocked it out of the park with,the phantom menace Joe took his return,to helmets follow-up in Attack of the,Clones yeah come on then were Steve,time to watch lyrical about Georgie boy,hes on a roll wasnt he you know how I,like I dont dislike him like as a,person I think hes a lovely man but,um I should really stop trying to look,like and shouldnt if I dont like him,that much,like hes Sonys long lost soon thats,why Im furious abandoned at Birth,this is a real Attack of the Clones,[Laughter],very good very good when you write that,one,um yeah I mean,everybody needs help in this film dont,there somebody needs some direction from,somewhere he said hed be drawn,influences from Lawrence of Arabia Sound,of Music and Dr Zhivago,[Laughter],its painful most of it the the set,pieces are just kind of hammed together,and cobbled together and I think the,performances are a career law for pretty,much everyone in the film that was some,shortcuts Anakin he went completely the,other way I dont really think Lucas had,an idea of what he was doing I will say,which Ill touch on in the writing that,I do think that theres a really good,premise here theres a good its good,idea it sounds good its there to be,done but when hes tried it just,translate his vision to the big screen,he doesnt really do a very good job and,for me I think at city and ribbett all,day and be really immature about it but,I honestly think what he was trying to,do is progress Digital Cinema because,this is one of the very first films shot,on that Medium shot on HD Cam and the,what they did was the panel Vision came,in and changed the Sony cine Delta hdw,f900 camera the format for a 24 frame so,it looks a lot more cinematic so George,Lucas took the to the leap and just said,right were going to shoot everything,digitally and to me thats all this film,is it just kind of its him just playing,with the digital system and hes not,bothered about story or acting uh arcs,or anything else its like how does it,look thats beautiful thats it fine,yeah well Ive done that Ill put that,in the in the bank and just say well it,might be a terrible film but at least,Ive pioneered this which I think is,what he was getting at so for me thats,all I think this film is,yeah well Im going to start off,complimentary by saying I think they are,some quite well put together action,scenes here theres some great sound,design and something production design,and some good costume design the Lucas,obviously overseas and manages so thats,good,when it comes to actually being on the,set directing the film law thats where,it kind of falls apart yeah I mean first,off working with the actors theres some,top actors in the cast but Lucas,direction of them especially in the,dialogue scenes is just so poor so many,scenes of people just sitting talking or,walking talking or sitting then standing,and talking its just dull to watch,there it is and secondly the visual,effects I mean Lucas is working with ilm,here obviously the best in the business,they did the groundbreaking effects in,the original Star Wars Trilogy,incredible but here you sort of,mentioned it there wheres the Lucas,seems so preoccupied with breaking new,ground that hes not actually bothered,how credible it looks its all cgis,spaceships aliens backdrops sets pretty,much everything Yoda,Yoda I remember the producer Rick,McCullum proudly telling anyone who,would listen how much CGI was in there,every single frame every single shot in,the movie has a digital effect thats,not automatically a good thing no and,the actors didnt exactly love all the,blue screen either pretty much every set,has blue screen even if its just out a,window or something,its everywhere,uh I think Ive been on one set where,there hasnt been any blue screen the,guy whos creating that character will,create their responses off how you,respond to their responses arent there,its a nightmare the problem is the,technology wa

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