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  2. Lets Talk About Outer Banks… *bc season 2 was wild*
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  4. Outer Banks S2 – Recap and Ending Explained | Netflix
  5. Outer Banks: Season 2 Recap | Ending Explained
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Outer Banks Season 2 Netflix Review

i said this in season one ill say it,again i love the outer banks we used to,go on vacation there all the time and,this was a,huge hit for netflix last year is season,two is good,lets talk about it what is up netflix,fans welcome back to the channel were,talking every single movie and show on,netflix i can talk about and today,is season two of outer banks the,breakout show,last summer on netflix i cant believe,its already back and we have 10,episodes,each episode clocking in an hour a piece,to talk about i want to say thank you to,netflix,for providing early screeners ive been,able to watch over the past week and let,me tell you,theres a lot to talk about spoiler free,though in this video so after their near,death escapes season two finds john b,and sarah,on the run and in over their heads in,the bahamas new friends also bring new,foes,as theyre back on the trail of gold,while the stakes for kiara pope and jj,rapidly escalate at home the 400 million,dollars is still in the game,but will the uncovering of a newfound,secret reunite the group,for a fresh mission and this time around,were doing the thing that sequel series,or sequel movies often do were kind of,splitting the team up just a bit more,but were also introducing new,characters fleshing out story lines that,we didnt get to see last season,and expanding upon some of the,absolutely insane things that happened,in that final episode in season one a,final episode that really sucked me into,the series,even more so than i already was and i,will say this i,liked season one uh maybe i didnt love,it as much as everyone else,but i was really excited for some reason,going into season two because i thought,this had the opportunity to just,go bigger but more importantly go more,in depth with,our characters not only our heroes which,again are split up this time around we,know that going in so not necessarily a,spoiler,but also rafe and ward and now that,those revelations have come to light,with ward,we get to see the character that we,always kind of knew he would be but,man some of the decision making in this,season and some of the things that,happened,and our trio not john b and sarah but,kyra jj and pope,they are on a mission to kind of prove,that john b,is innocent prove that he didnt do what,everyone around town,seems to think that he did do not only,are they having trouble,proving it to those around them but,going beyond that the police,officers the sheriff it is such a,difficult,task trying to get a point across to,a lot of adult characters in this show,they just,dont want to listen to the kids whether,its a parent or a sheriff or whoever,theyre trying to prove a point to,get something from as fast as possible,im sitting back going all right,somebody anybody,want to listen to these kids pope is,making an excellent point youre just,shooing him away because hes young,its not fair then we go to john b and,sarahs side of things a very different,location,this time around were exploring the,outer,outer banks oobx,no but my goodness what they get,themselves into in the second episode,something happens it was a decision that,i could not believe,that they were in the process of making,it was tragic and it gave,chase stokes who plays john b the chance,to showcase so much emotion,and he did a great job in season one,absolutely but again with this season,two,were expanding on everything the story,its getting more intense its getting,more action-packed we still have the,treasure hunt,and thats the core story of the first,five episodes the,second batch of episodes we get a bit of,a different,story a new mission if you will that,comes to light,and while its still a treasure hunt we,almost forget that were trying to prove,john bs innocence so part of me wished,that would have stayed integral to the,second half,but another part of me was sitting back,saying i like what theyre doing here,it was interesting and they take enough,time to flesh out so many different,story arcs and characters and moments,that,i am absolutely okay with this being 10,episodes now were a few episodes,maybe a bit lengthy yes i had that issue,in season one,i have it again season two and it is,a show where you know you kind of look,at the characters actions and,for me its the decision making this is,why theyre getting themselves,into so many pickles if you will,the kids still say that into a pickle,now granted this probably would have,been like,four episodes if people would have just,stopped doing silly things,uh then we wouldnt have had a season,two so part of me is glad that they did,those silly things and i get it,the anger youre trying to prove a point,or youre trying to get a point across,and youre not being able to do that so,you make a drastic decision,and you also have ward especially rafe,who is just,a loose cannon oh my goodness you talk,about a character,who is just going off of his or her,hinges,in this season and thats exactly who,that is so giving us a bit more time did,allow us for possibilities to,you know breathe a little bit of life,into people that we didnt see,in the first season we also get a few,new characters some tag alongs when it,comes to john b,and sarahs journey someone that they,run into,a doctor character i trying not to go,into detail its very difficult,show like this because theres so much,that happens in so many cliffhangers,every episode is a cliffhanger and to,not talk about that specifically,really limits me but again we could save,a spoiler review for another time,but as of right now i just want to tell,you guys listen if you watch season one,and you enjoyed season one or if you,loved it like i know a lot of people did,youre gonna watch season two youre,gonna see some of these decisions and,some of them may,baffle you especially one moment season,two one moment in season three it felt,like they just kept happening but i feel,like youre loving this world so much,that youre just gonna be so,invested and someone like me who,liked season one but was able to really,come around on,season two because the expansion the,writing all of it is so fluid and,even look at like the color correction a,very yellow look,to season one thats there in season two,but they almost do away with that,that feels progressive like theyre,moving the story forward both visually,and with the script so,details aside outer banks season two,was a lot of fun and this is just one of,those shows that,nails its target audience it has in both,seasons but,season two especially is such a great,thrilling coming-of-age story with a,nice amount of intensity,in there and i have a feeling fans of,the first season,youre going to watch this youre gonna,get a lot out of it and uh,maybe be blown away by some of these,choices so before i give you my score,who is your favorite character from the,outer banks is it john b,is it pope is it kiara is it sarah rose,ward is it rafe,and if you guys want to see a spoiler,review from me be sure to drop your,thumbs up down below,ill definitely do it if you guys are,interested but as,of now this season is lengthy but it,expands this story in a way that feels,satisfying and fun and im going a solid,75 percent for season two the outer,banks,it is back and it is packing a punch in,season two,and this story has never been more,thrilling,or entertaining or action-packed or,unexpected a lot of words that i could,use for season two but i need to know,down below,how did you feel did you feel the length,of the episodes my only,real criticism with season two its just,a long show but again you dont have to,binge it like i did you could spread it,out alright guys,thanks so much for watching more reviews,later today see you soon,[Music],you

Lets Talk About Outer Banks… *bc season 2 was wild*

this video is sponsored by squarespace,hey guys whats up suburgency and walker,welcome back to my channel besties we,need to talk i,had somehow managed to avoid like the,hype around this show called outer banks,for a really really long time like,season one came out i was like oh im,not gonna watch it it seems overrated it,seems like its too much and then like a,month ago season two dropped right and i,thought i was gonna get away with it a,second time like i thought i was gonna,be like all right i got out of season,one now im definitely not gonna watch,season two because i didnt watch season,one but i checked my comment section,right right i checked the comments,section and its all like watch outer,banks out of ranks please like outer,banks next like at this point im just,like i cant really pretend like the,show doesnt exist i dont know what,people were talking about so i gave it a,go,i watched it and,yeah,i have a lot of thoughts and opinions,so,lets talk about it but before we do,that make sure you leave a like on this,video and if youre new to hit that,subscribe button so you never miss when,i post also follow me on my social,medias here at emergency um okay lets,get into it but outer banks was very,unexpected it wasnt the type of show,that i thought it was going to be,because when id always see like,advertisements and promo for it it,always seemed like it was like that kind,of show where,i dont know it seemed like real country,real country bumpkin like it didnt seem,like there was a ton of plot to it it,was just like a bunch of teens just out,in the south and just making and hacking,and that really just did not vibe with,me so i always like skipped over,thinking like uh im not really gonna,like it i dont think its like any plot,little did i know it would basically be,a glorified version of like southern,scooby-doo where theyre trying to,uncover like the mystery treasure except,the one main difference between like the,mystery gang and then the pogues from,outer banks is that at least the master,gang has more than a single brain cell,between the group and that may have,sounded a little indentable let me,explain my reasoning lets get into it,but before we get into talking about,outer banks lets hear a little bit from,this video sponsor squarespace,squarespace is the all-in-one place to,host your website or domain i feel like,now more than ever its really important,to have your own website especially if,youre a college student looking for job,opportunities because you can use it to,compose your own online portfolio to,send off to employers so they can get a,sense of who you are and what youve,done to make you a stronger candidate,and squarespace got you covered because,they have a ton of professional,portfolio designs to really make your,stuff look,top-tier you can also add,password-protected pages for like,specific clients or anyone that you,would work with just so everyones not,seeing your business but overall like,squarespace is a great resource to build,your own website i use it to help with,my own portfolio when i used to sell,merch i actually looked to squarespace,to be like the site to host that but,unfortunately for me at the time i,didnt have any deals or codes to get me,some discounts on there but luckily for,you i got you covered if you go to,squarespace.com you can start your free,trial today and when youre finally,ready to launch you can go to,squarespace.com emergency or use code,emergency to get 10,off of your first website or domain,thank you so much squarespace for,sponsoring this video lets get back,into talking about outer banks first,background outer banks takes place in,outer banks which i didnt know is,actually like a set of islands off the,coast of north carolina,[Music],but it basically follows the main,character john b who is a high school,kid who looks dirty then basically his,father went missing nine months before,the show takes place and its presumed,that hes dead but john b doesnt,believe that hes dead so he brings like,all of his group of friends on this,mystery to find this set of treasure,that was left somewhere on the island,from way way way back that his father,was trying to find and went missing,trying to find and john b is just really,hoping that by finding the treasury he,can either find his father,or at least like complete like the,mission that his father was on before he,died actually now that i think about it,that sounds very similar to the plot of,on my block just in the south,but similar to on my block finding that,money in the quest to find the money,gets him into a lot of trouble with,other people that are looking for it and,like the way that the show is set up,theres like these two social classes,theres the pogues who are like the,lower income stereotypes being a really,devious rowdy group of people and then,there are the kooks that are like the,really wealthy group of people on the,island and theres conflict between the,two our main group of people are the,pogs we have john b who i just explained,we have cara whos actually a kook,because her mom was a cook who married a,pogue so she kind of gets like choose,between life and she really wants to,live like the pogue life her whole,family situation like is super messy,theres pope in the first season i,really like pope because like he was,like the one black character on like,their side and he was like really smart,like he was supposed to be like the,brains bomb operation i really liked,seeing like him in that role um but then,season two rolled around and for some,reason he just got stupid like he,consistently made horrible horrible,decisions that slowed everyone down the,process and got people in a lot of,trouble and a lot of his rationale just,didnt really make sense and,well get into it later but like his,whole plot point in his whole him being,like the focus of like the second half,of the second season really just did not,make too much sense for me and it seemed,like they kind of like pulled that out,of nowhere theres also jj and i felt,really bad for jj for both seasons in my,opinion he was kind of annoying and like,childish but we get to see why that is,because like of his abusive relationship,with his father and after seeing that he,kind of just want to like protect jj,hes like oh jj please but then on the,cook side we have sarah who is in like,the main family the main antagonist,family that does like really all like,the evil stuff she also ends up dating,zombie and then converts over to the,pogues sarahs nice she has a really,good heart shes like overly trusting,and overly faithful in her family even,after they do a bunch of horrible stuff,like i dont understand why you would,think that you could convince your,family after that point like if your,family can unlive multiple people why,would you think that they would just,listen to you and be like you should,turn yourselves in like you should just,let me go like no you know too much like,i dont get why youd go back but along,with sarah theres also topper and i,really just dont know how to feel about,topper i hate his name well start there,i cant tell whether i like topper or,not because he constantly does like,really mean and like real like fat bro,things but then he also comes in at like,random moments and like helps out sarah,or helps out john b so i cant really i,cant really place him anywhere hes,just really in love with sarah because,before sarah was dating john b she was,dating topper and hes just really in,love with her i dont know how to feel,about that maam i really dont im,leaning towards not liking him just,because he doesnt like the protagonist,but to be honest im not sure i like the,protagonist either so,and then the last cook that ill talk,about that i feel like is really,relevant is rave and rafe is sarahs,older brother and hes actually crazy,like you get to see like how he gets,there he seems like a stupid frat bro,but then you like see that like sarah,and rafes father is like the main c

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When a Show Wastes Your Time │Outer Banks Season 2 Review

[Music],coming off the heels of its first season,i like so many others were excited to,see what our banks had in store for,season two the second season wastes no,time in welcoming us back by showing us,the familiarity of people being choked,out choking someone out was as common as,saying hello in the first season and,its no different here this goes a long,way in showing us that in between,seasons the characters didnt become,well adjusted and are just as crazy as,ever crazier even by like a lot,heres johnny also i just want to make a,correction from my previous video i made,on the outer banks where i stated that,ward was the craziest person on the show,i would say rafe is the craziest person,on the show,but hes only the prince of crazy his,papa is the king,hes not the show makes it very clear,right away that rafe is the craziest,person and its not even close,i think we should kill them all he,officially gets the crown of crazy,something kind of fun this season that,wasnt in the first season is the fact,that all throughout season two the cars,take a beating even though most of the,car destruction comes from some,conveniences in the writing department,seriously engines are exploding left and,right cars are getting totaled its,carmageddon out there,but when we finally get into the meat of,season two well,it falls harder on its face than jj did,where season 1 was a fast-paced thrill,ride season 2 is anything but fast the,show tries to fool you into believing,that its fast pace by introducing,spectacle creating the illusion of story,progression,an example of this comes in episode 2,when pope jay and kiara not only witness,ward kill gavin but they get it on,videotape,ward has no idea hes been recorded so,all the pogs need to do is wait for him,to leave and then turn the evidence into,the police do they do that,nope,instead,kiara calls ward a murderer,alerting him to their presence and,forcing them to run in their hurry to,escape kiara steps on jjs hand which,then causes him to kick pope in the face,who then drops the camera and loses the,evidence,convenient this is stupid this scene,makes kiara look like an idiot and is,infuriating to watch as an audience,member because its clear that the whole,chain of events was done by the writers,to buy themselves more time if kiara,didnt say anything and they went,unnoticed that would mean that ward,would be caught in episode two instead,of episode six and i still have a whole,lot of season left they have this scene,to make it feel like the plot is,progressing but in reality its not,moved at all the first six episodes are,the writers running in place trying to,whittle away some of the 10 episode run,time the three biggest culprits in time,wasting throughout the season are the,entire bahama arc jj trying to bust john,b to jail and the john b sarah topper,love triangle,the season starts off with john b and,sarah in the bahamas on the run from the,bounty on their heads following the,finale of the first season the crux of,the bahama ark is the heist that john b,and sarah need to pull off in order to,steal the gold back from the camerons,with the heist being a job too big for,just the two of them they need to call,on the reinforcements,[Music],terence and cleo are two of the worst,characters in the entire show stub is,all right terence himself is really,unlikable constantly complaining and,making disparaging comments whenever,hes on screen i know i should have,never listened to you i also find myself,disliking cleo despite the shows,obvious attempts to make her one of the,gang im sorry the writers try to make,her sympathetic to the audience by,giving her a tragic backstory and,shoehorning a personal connection with,sarah unfortunately these attempts came,across as incredibly superficial to me,with the majority of it being built upon,the back of a single scene i also find,the tough guy act she puts on and the,catchphrase she is constantly saying,cheese on bread stop trying to make,cheese on bread happen its not going to,happen to both be incredibly annoying it,doesnt help that i think her actor,gives the worst performance of the show,maybe they call me cleo relax man they,say you kill a cop,moving on from the poorly executed,characters and on to the poorly executed,story for whatever reason sarah decides,to include terence and his crew on the,gold heist and is willing to give them,30 million dollars after they tried to,turn them into the police on multiple,occasions abducted them held them at,gunpoint and already betrayed them when,they stole the boat after they were,nearly trapped by the police why would,sarah think they wouldnt just ditch,them and take all the gold for,themselves they even did something,similar earlier when john b tried to buy,the freedom they took the gold and they,were still going to turn them in and get,the 50 grand that is your rescue fee but,i want my bounty too no no no no no,terence no no that wasnt the deal,once the team is assembled and the heist,begins everything goes as planned until,it doesnt they successfully steal the,gold but in the process ray fires off a,stray shot that hits sarah in the,abdomen john b then takes sarah to some,washed up knock doctor where he performs,surgery to save her life whilst the cops,find out where terence has the gold and,retake it for the camerons this is a,massive waste of time wallowing in the,melodrama that comes from sarahs fake,out death and because the heist,ultimately resulted in nothing the,cameron still have the gold john b is,still wanted for murder and no one has,undergone any significant growth or,change sarahs gun wound is ultimately,pointless as she is giggling like,nothing happened as early as the next,episode and this is without actually,going to see a doctor as the season goes,on youd be hard-pressed to remember,that sarah even got shot given how she,acts this also brings light to a new,issue throughout the season that i will,touch on briefly before continuing on to,the other time wasters,the characters of the show are mutants,as they possess the ability to shrug off,severe injuries on the regular in an,attempt to create suspense the show,doles out wounds like candy only to,ignore any of the repercussions that,should come along with them they dont,want said injuries to affect the story,outside of the immediate artificial,danger they present pope gets stung by,bees and has a severe allergic reaction,only to be fine after a single shot once,the adrenaline wears off pope should,crash hard instead he leads a mutiny and,then we come to the gator of it all i,got bit by a gator yes john b was indeed,bit by a gator,and if they didnt insist so much john b,got bit by a gator youd forget because,pretty soon hes running around like,nothing happened he doesnt go to a,hospital or anything and by the time the,season ends and hes stranded on a,deserted island im pretty sure john b,forgot about it too lets hope that,gator bite doesnt get infected,another major time waster in season two,is jj trying to break john v out of,prison a plan that every character in,the show calls a stupid idea its not as,much about the favor as the general,stupidity of the plan jjs master plan,is for john b to fake ben decidus so,that jj can pick him up in a paramedic,van that he stole from his cousin not,only does this fail but jj trying to do,it in the first place is dumb as,literally in the previous episode john b,willingly turns himself in so that,nothing bad happens to his friends jj,trying to break him out right away,undercuts that decision the timing is,also bad in that john b hasnt even had,his trial yet and for all they know john,b could be found innocent it seems like,an even dumber plot point when we,realized that john b is released at the,beginning of the next episode anyway the,only thing this subplot accomplished was,making jj look stupid,youve come up with a lot of dumb ideas,but uh this might be the dumbest,[Music],now in the last video i made about outer,banks i made a

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Outer Banks S2 – Recap and Ending Explained | Netflix

The finale of the second series of Outer Banks,comes with a whole load of twists,,as youve come to expect,from this adventure mystery show,starring our favourite runaway pogues.,We got it!,So much happened this season.,John B went from fugitive,to prisoner,to exonerated man.,Oh, you know they cant keep me in, boy!,Pope found out his family heirloom is,a giant golden cross.,We did it!,And Kiara got kicked out by her parents.,Go live like a fricking pogue!,But lets get to some of the twists and turns,of the final few episodes,and dig into what they reveal,and what they set up for the pogues in the future.,Lets start with the first.,Mid-season,,Ward Cameron appears to die aboard his ship,after setting off an explosion,and admitting to all of his misdeeds.,I did it.,I did all of it.,Crucially,,he also takes the fall for shooting the sheriff.,Of course, as Sarah and John B witnessed,,it was actually Rafe who murdered her.,Not the first or the last time,he tries to murder someone on this show,,yet only the pogues seem to see him,as what he really is.,-We know what you did! -Hey.,-Murderer! -No.,Speaking of things not being what they seem,,there was definitely something fishy,about Mr. Camerons death.,And it turns out he faked his death,in a bid to escape,and to ensure Rafe didnt see prison time.,Its the only way to be a family again.,He ends the series still very much alive,,despite a run-in with John B.,While John B seemed to have the chance,to end the war between them once and for all,,with eerie mirroring of how Ward dealt with his father,,more on that later,,he decides to take the higher ground,and spare Mr. Camerons life.,So, now we wonder:,will Ward Camerons bid for freedom at sea work,or will the cops realise hes still alive?,Now, last season,,the drama all hinged on the treasure,aboard the Royal Merchant.,With that treasure found… and lost,,theres a gap for a new hunt on the horizon.,When Pope gets a strange letter from a rich lady,demanding to know the location of a key,,a new mystery is afoot.,And it turns out Popes family was more involved,with the Royal Merchant than any of them ever realised.,Here lies Denmark Tanny:,the famous ex-slave.,Denmark and Cecilia,Are your great grandfolks going way back.,They eventually find Denmark Tannys cross,in a dilapidated church.,Unfortunately, after Pope goes into anaphylactic shock,due to wasp stings,,forcing them to abandon the treasure for medical help,,so does Rafe Cameron.,He, in turn, brings it aboard the ship,carrying our old friend Ward Cameron.,At this point,,the final battle upon the coastal venture,is not just one for the cross,,but for Popes heritage.,The time where people do shit to us,and we just sit back and take it is over!,Thats my boy!,Thanks to help from their old friend Cleo,,they get so close to their goal.,At one point, Pope is willing to let the cross,drop into the ocean,rather than let the Camerons have it.,If we cant have it, no one can.,Sorry, Denmark.,Unfortunately,,Rafe and the crew manage to drag it back aboard,while Pope and his friends watch,from their departing speedboat.,Its safe to say, however,,the search for the cross transformed Pope,,so its not likely hell let them take it,without a fight to get it back.,This shit aint over.,The pogues, along with adoptees Cleo and Sarah,,end up on a seemingly abandoned island,somewhere in the Caribbean,and decide to stay put to live their best pogue life.,I claim thee Poguelandia.,I like the ring of it. Im going to make a flag.,Its going to have a chicken on it.,With a coconut bra, smoking a J.,And crocs.,Back on the outer banks,,their family and friends have reported them missing,,so exactly how much trouble are they going to be in,upon their return?,Theres one final mystery unveiled in the finale.,Limbrey, the rich woman obsessed with,finding Denmarks cross,,knocks on a strangers door.,And that stranger?,Well, its only Big John,,a.k.a. John Bs dad.,He seems to have been there for a while,from the conversation Limbrey has,with his caretaker.,How is he?,Half dead.,For a long time.,Just like John B found plenty of notes,about the Royal Merchant,in his fathers abandoned office,in season one,,Limbrey takes a peek around his makeshift office,in this new home,with coordinates written everywhere in red ink.,Unsurprisingly, Limbrey is there about the shroud,she believed to be hidden in Denmarks cross,and Big John seems to know all about it,,but his information comes at a cost.,I know where it is.,I can help you.,But you…,have to help my son.,This cliff hanger leaves us with so many questions,,namely: How did Big John survive?,Who rescued him?,Is John B going to find out about this?,And how is he going to feel about it?,And how will Pope feel about this unlikely team,comprising of his friends supposedly deceased father,and a woman who tried to kill him,for his familys treasure?,Well, if news of a season three drops,,youll know where to find us.,Until then…,Welcome back to the pogue life.,Full pogue.,Full pogue!

Outer Banks: Season 2 Recap | Ending Explained

Somehow they did it. They raised the bar. Outer Banks Season 2 was even better than,Season 1. There was action. There was love. And there was humor. There were deaths, fake,deaths, and huge twists. Today we are going to recap the four main plots and the ending.,The first of the four main plots was the Gold. Outer Banks Season 1 ended with Cameron Ward,flying the gold to the Bahamas, and John B. and Sarah were rescued by a boat heading there.,So they partnered with Captain Terrence, Cleo, and Stubbs and tried to get the gold. And,they did for a minute. Unfortunately, Rafe accidentally shot Sarah, and in the end, the,Bahamian police got the gold before they were able to sail off with it.,The second of the four major plots was the criminal investigation. After returning to,the Outer Banks, John B. was arrested for the murder of Sheriff Peterkin. But Kiara,,Pope, and JJ found the gun that Cameron had dropped into the drainage pipe and gave it,to Shoupe. Shoupe-a-doop gave it to the SBI and the ballistics matched the gun from the,tarmac. On top of that, Rafes fingerprints were found on the bullet casings. So John B.,was let go, and Rafe was arrested. But Rafe wasnt the only criminal. John B. had,traded a fake key to Carla in exchange for a tape in which Gavin exposed what Rafe and,Cameron had done at the airport in season 1, so the police tried to arrest Cameron,,but he seemingly blew himself up after giving a speech about the captain going down with,his ship. It was all a trick. Cameron had snuck off the boat in scuba gear. But it was,a smart trick. Because he had also recorded a confession tape and said that he had killed,Sheriff Peterkin even though it was really his son Rafe. But because of that tape, the,police let crazy Rafe go free. That leads us into the third major plot of,Season 2. The Cross of Santo Domingo. Legend had it that inside the Cross was the Garment,of the Savior. That garment was said to be able to heal the sick of any malady. Carla,Limbrey was dying. So thats why she wanted the cross. Rafe wanted it because he found,out that the banks had called in their loans on his familys business. So they needed 1.7,million dollars ASAP. And the Pogues wanted the cross because, well, thats what they,do. Theyre treasure hunters. But this time, it was more than just that. It was personal,because it turns out, Pope is a descendant of Denmark Tanny.,So the Pogues went on another treasure hunt. First, they found the Angel Oak where Popes,anscestor, Denmark Tanny, had buried his wife Cecilia. Since the painting in the Island,Room had a keyhole on the tree, JJ was smart enough to look inside that tree hollow and,he found a scope with the inscription: Youve come this far. Do not faulter. The cross is,on the freedmans alter. That led the kids to an old church on Goat Island where they,found the cross. But unfortunately, they had to leave it there because Pope had an allergic,reaction to hornets. And while they were away, Rafe and Renfield stole the cross.,Carla opened it up, but there was not magical garment inside. So she freaked out, Renfield,pushed her, and then Renfield cut her out of the deal and went to leave with Rafe. But,Carla shot him. Rafe then drove off without her, gave Renfields body to the gators, and,fought off an angry Pope. Their third fight in total.,That leads us into the fourth and final plot of the season. The Coastal Venture.,Rose drugged Sarah and brought her and the cross to the steamer, Coastal Venture. The,Pogues snuck on in the cargo, and low and behold, Cameron Ward was there. Alive. Cameron,s plan was to escape down to Guadalupe with the gold, with the cross, and with his entire,family, especially his favorite child, Sarah. Unfortunately for him, Sarah hates him. Because,just like his son Rafe, Cameron is crazy. Case in point, just as Rafe nearly drowned,Sarah earlier in the season, Cameron almost choked his daughter to death. Luckily, Topper,saved Sarah from Rafe, and John B. saved Sarah from Cameron.,Their fight ended when Cameron fell back and hit his head. Very similar to the way in which,Cameron and Big John s fight ended before season 1. Unlike what Cameron did to Big John,,John B. did not throw Cameron overboard. And its worth noting, that for the second time,of the season, Sarah shed a tear for her fathers death. But this time, just a figurative,death. After everything hed done, her father, Cameron Ward, was dead to her.,And now, the ending. Pope tried to drop the cross, thinking if they cant have it, no,one can. But for better and worse, Rafe and the crew were able to pull it back up. The,Pogues escaped on a raft, and its worth noting, that Rafe resisted the urge to shoot at them.,Most likely, this was because earlier in the season, Rafe had accidentally shot his sister.,And he didnt want to do that again. So the Pogues landed on an island and JJ named,it Poguelandia. They were bummed out at first, but they came to see the silver lining. They,had the waves and they had each other. Their original group of 4 was now 6 strong. Pogue,for Life. Meanwhile, Cameron Ward is on his way to their,own island at Guadalupe. He has the gold and he has the cross. But he lost his most valuable,treasure of all – his daughter Sarah. When Season 1 ended, people thought John B.,and Sarah were dead. This time, people think or at least fear the same for them as well,as JJ, Kiara, and Pope. So that was a nice callback. Parallel structure. And speaking,of callbacks, theres that final scene. John B.s father, Big John Routledge, is alive,in Barbados. Outer Banks Season 2 ended with Big John making a deal with Carla. He will,help her find the magical shroud that was not in the cross, if she helps his son. What,a crazy ending. Let me know in the comment section. Who else has gone Full Pogue?

Outer Banks is a weird show…

for better or worse Netflix has been,given us a lot of new shows recently,partly because of the time of the year,but also I assume because were all just,kind of home every day anyway and one,show that came out a couple weeks ago is,Outer Banks now for whatever reason,Outer Banks has just exploded in,popularity so I just figured Id check,it out and see what all the hubbub is,about lets take a walk but before that,really quick this video is brought to,you by Skillshare Skillshare is a huge,online community where you can learn,real life skills taught by real people,who actually use them in their careers,so right now things are a little weird,right no one really knows whats going,on a lot of us have way more free time,than usual but no idea what to do with,it well if you ever wanted to learn a,skill or just looking for a way to,manage your time and help yourself,remember what they ate even is anymore,well skill share is the place you want,to get one of the great things about,skill share is how the classes are,structured in a way that you can advance,as quickly or slowly as you need to you,dont need to commit to a three-hour,class three days a week or whatever when,and how you learn is all up to you like,this really popular class all about how,to use procreate cuz I get a lot of,messages about what tablet or software,is good to use and procreate is an,incredibly powerful tool for iPad which,a lot of people already have anyway or,at least you know someone who has one,and get this skill share is giving away,2 3 months of premium membership to the,first thousand people who click the link,in the description box and then its,just ten bucks a month after that and,its not just creative stuff okay they,got business classes finance classes,self-improvement classes really anything,so again if you want to learn some new,skills or if youre just like real bored,click the link down in the description,box and the first thousand people get,two free months of Skillshare okay back,to the show as per usual with this kind,of show we start right off with a little,introduction about what the outer banks,like actually are the Outer Banks,paradise on earth its the sort of place,where you either have two jobs or two,houses all right so this is figure 8 the,rich side of the island home of the,cooks and then this is the south side or,the cut home of the working class who,make a living bussing tables washing,yachts running charters so after this we,get to meet our four main characters,first we have Jay Jay the hot guy with,sick ABS our main character Jon just,your average 27 year old 17 year old,whos got some well you know hes doing,the best again then theres Pope whos,like smart and stuff and finally we have,Chiara a rich kid who pretends to be,poor and hangs out with these guys you,know shes one of those girls who only,has guy friends because girls are just,too much drama but not me though cuz Im,a cougar,and of course as you might imagine with,all these kids being allegedly in high,school all the guys may or may not kind,of sort of have a little thing for,Chiara so shes a rich kid actually foot,in both worlds,a family owns a wreck which is this,Outer Banks institution total cash cow,with the tourists you know Im not,really sure how her parents feel about,it,I guess we all sort of have a thing for,you know this what else things that I,feel like some girls are not aware of or,maybe just dont believe but like pretty,much every girl who has mainly guy,friends like almost every single one of,those dudes whos into girls is into you,okay I dont care what you think or you,know like oh hes just like a brother to,me,doesnt matter anyway so going back to,John for a second his current life,situation is a little complicated,theres dad he disappeared at sea nine,months ago looking for a shipwreck who,disappears at sea these days I miss him,and then theres mom she split when I,was three last I heard she was in,Colorado I think it was Colorado so nine,months ago his dad went searching for,some 1800s shipwreck thats supposed to,have like a bajillion dollars in gold,coins or whatever but he mysteriously,disappeared hmm and since then Johns,been living with his friends and some,like old fishing shack thing you know,spending every day just counting each,others ABS I would assume but back in,the real world hes got some bigger,problems creeping in when is the last,time you spoke to your uncle ah 34,minutes ago unless when you saw him 2,hours and 43 minutes ago were gonna,come out there tomorrow to talk to your,uncle if hes not there were gonna move,forward with foster care I want to,assure you were gonna find you a safe,and loving home however the next day,before child services can break up this,beautiful friendship would you believe a,hurricane rips through the island and,just messes everything up real bad so,that morning they all go out on the boat,together looking for crabs or whatever,kids do with too much free time but,thats when they find something a little,interesting,guys I think theres a boat down there,no no guys Im serious,theres like a boat down there thrilled,boat now apparently this kind of boat is,really expensive so whoever owns it,might have left a little something,inside you know Im saying and so Johns,just like hey guys me and my abs are,gonna go jump in the water and check it,out now when hes down there he finds a,key for a local motel and now we got,ourselves a full-on mystery courtesy of,all these kids having nothing else to do,so they all sail over to said motel and,see if they can find anything about,whose boat this is or whats going on or,whatever I dont know I dont know,[Music],digit youre gonna want to see this so,inside the safe they find a whole bunch,of money among a few other things but,right then the fuzz shows up breaks into,the same motel room takes everything out,of the safe and leaves with JJ and John,barely escaping with their lives,probably I dont know Im just gonna,being dramatic later that day someone,finds a body washed up on the shore near,where the sunken boat was and long story,short turns out its this local mayor,dhu-l named scooter and also wouldnt,you know that really expensive boat from,earlier was actually is but for John,over here something doesnt quite add up,just think about it,this is kudos for talking about right,one time I saw this dude begging for,change in the save-a-lot parking lot,because he needed gas were talking,about a dirt bag marina rat whos never,had more than 40 bucks in his pocket and,all of a sudden hes got a Grady white,just saying so the only plausible,explanation for all this according to,our little scooby-doo gang is that he,must have been smuggling something,pretty high-profile in that boat and if,theyre lucky whatever that is might,still be down there for the record if,that is a smuggling ship with the,illegal contraband on the inside of it,it probably belongs to someone else,minor detail they could come looking for,it taking it would be catastrophic ly,stupid right well stupid things oh yeah,sure I mean hey Im a guy in his 30s who,watches Riverdale and Disney Channel,movies for a living like stupid things,turned out perfectly fine way more often,their mission now later that night they,get this idea to hold a big party away,from the shipwreck so all the kids and,everyone will get their minds off of,what just happened because you know,theyll be too busy trying to be cool,like me at the one party I ever got,invited to just going around like hey,ladies say so you you like jelly beans,but heres the thing,John has a little crush on one of the,rich girls from the other side of the,island named Sarah thats Sara Cameron,Jars best friend in the ninth grade,worst enemy in a 10th grade work on her,dads boat so you know Ive seen her,around,thats topper not-so-pleasant boyfriend,now later that night as the party goes,on JJ and John start talking to Sarah,but her boyfriend doesnt really like,that all that much so he goes up to John,and hes


is there anything more mary kate nashly,than were going to the bahamas i said,season one of outer banks had big mary,kate nationally energy to the point,where chase the star of the show john b,himself john b tweeted that he watched,our video and cracked up at the fact,that i said it was like mary kate nash,and i screamed,oh my gosh this is such a holiday in the,sun vibe yeah wheres the random kid,they kept cutting too,thats thats the kid all grown up cut,to that kid in black men this is a chase,scene in the bahamas this is,unbelievable to me are there going to be,krispy kreme donuts oh my god i dont,know,hi im eric hi im jillian and were,about to watch outer bags,everybody watching at home you better,have your poke hats or our hats,backwards or forwards julian it depends,on the situation its like scratch and,sniff but with a hat on your head oh god,oh sarah sarah let i wonder how many,sets of stairs theyll be with sarah,leading the way,oh,cheers to john b to john b gone too soon,i know hes alive but it makes me sad to,see right i feel like people are staring,at us remember the end of the season was,they were all crying they thought they,died oh god hes [ __ ] dead im gonna,sweetie hes in the bahamas with a my,tongue im not gonna cry why cant he,just text them what are you doing,sending a message from beyond the grave,hes doing that what hes doing,looking at their snapchat i would scream,i would vomit i guess part of me would,think its a sick joke that somebody,said i would think it was the kooks its,him oh my god how sweet,oh my god,how dare you how dare you ive got my,hat on the right way either i put my hat,on just like everybody else frontward,back,oh no,can we also talk about the fact that,ward i never even realized is from whose,line is it anyway yes did you recognize,him from the office the office for sure,ah i think we should um hes kind of got,the mannerisms of adrian brody in the,village well he does seem a little off,its a little off i think we should kill,them all okay rave all right hey ray,theres nobody worse than rafe hes a,rapist,hes a freaking rapist ward is a daddy,and thats why hes gotten away with all,hes gotten away with hes a great,improviser hes an improviser and he,took it all with him to the south we,just have to find whoever that was and,get them to confess their goal is to,clear john bs name okay how in the,world are they going to fix this oh,gross recon oh jillian its time its,backwards just know that everybody at,home is doing this,with us oh they are you dont have to,tell them country club i would love to,know how this guy talks in real life,right now youre not supposed to be,blackmailing you or some [ __ ] like that,hes british i bet well working in outer,banks was pretty bloody crazy bloody,crazy,so yall are telling me this is the,firearm,rafe cameron killed peter can we dont,they know that this cop is crooked the,exact same firearm that ward just used,to kill gavin crooked yeah jiminy,crooked over here,you gotta be kidding me are you hey take,your hats off [ __ ] you gotta be kidding,me gonna be kidding me you gotta be,kidding me that was disgusting hey ward,thats what theyre gonna be saying when,they catch him red-handed thats right,thats right,you know right eric youre so right get,on your knees oh they made it to theyre,in the bahamas come on whos gonna get,shot i hope rafe,sarah oh my god youre alive oh my god,julian he didnt know she was alive,he tried to shoot them rape tried to,shoot him who got shot nobody nobody,they knocked it out of the way,can they make this a ride at disney,world when netflix world opens netflix,world i would go on an outer bank,simulator exactly,is she shot i think she shot i knew it i,knew it i knew it i knew it i was shot i,knew she was shy you said it listen when,we say shoot your shot dont get it,confused with shooting,out of a gun and i hate when that,happens in honor of sarah cameron hats,at half mast,i got nothing i got nothing to say look,ridiculous you look ridiculous in your,outfit with your hat with your legs,ridiculous,who the [ __ ] is this guy champlain the,antiquities what kind of doctor are you,not a doctor uh he just said im not a,doctor a job like this costs 4k,will five million cover it yeah well,[ __ ] change melted chocolate john b,thats melted chocolate bars that would,be worth something too itd be worth so,much more to me i would eat it all well,that was no garden variety extraction,they got the bullet this is now so,different than holiday in the sun i feel,like then get me that salty dog if you,would please give me that what whats,this why would john b i would just pass,out yes its a drink its gonna,disinfect theres something yeah but you,wouldnt use a cocktail you want salt on,the rim doctor yeah you wouldnt use a,cocktail and i need a martini,thats what happens now wait wait,we hope she wakes up listen i just hope,by the end of this scene were turning,our hats back to the front so im not,gonna die and so im just changing my,hat pogue forward because i know shes,gonna pull through,i know shes gonna pull through and its,just you have taken a big risk a risk i,know shes gonna just go,shouldnt be,i cant feel anything shes not [ __ ],paralyzed right they did not make her,paralyzed theres no paralyzed madeline,theres no,way doc,hold on ill be right there hat julian,every time you put your hat forward,something goes wrong you know cpr no,thats a sternum push on it till i tell,you to stop everybodys hats better be,sideways sarah come on hang in there,baby,stop stop find your man who keeps,pressing on your sternum after the,doctor,says stop what,where are you going what the [ __ ] is go,hold on no,shes just lost too much blood kid,ill leave you with her no freaking way,what am i possibly doing right now did,they kill her no no no no no no no no i,feel really bad about the stairs stuff,and you should feel really bad about,putting your hat forward this is why we,dont do that i shouldnt put my head,forward i shouldnt have talked about,you running up and down the stairs with,no brawn,ready beep,beep ill be so mad youre gonna be so,mad when you hear the beep ready,beep,beep,um,beef beep beep beep,beep beep,beep come on beep damn you beep,wait what am i gonna cry,i cant believe it why is this show so,happiness why are they doing this to us,what is this,what kind of teenager wants to watch,this me,30 years old,hats forward,that was maybe the craziest thing ive,ever seen in my life,no we,cant believe what just happened jillian,you need to go first,sweetie you died he died for 10 minutes,can we still make it sarahs got a,dedication for this gold that ive never,seen,what do you mean youve never seen it we,saw it already yeah but who else would,die for the gold ever heard of a,leprechaun sweetheart shes okay this is,how this guy deserves to look at all,times just flashing red and blue lights,up,what if im not okay,what did he say whoa im sorry,im not okay a regular gerard way i know,you dont dress the cops but youre,innocent i think we should go home toby,oh b oh wait,outer bangs still one more outer,one more outer banks,thats a good arm workout if you keep it,actually i just did all right this is,the gulf stream shes dead shes dead,and john b is very capable of getting,around the seas well yeah julian think,of his dad lets get married,ah and then power invested in me nah,youre not ordained sweetie by this guy,miss jars,embassy actually this is beautiful its,like a little rhyme i know pronounces,husband and wife i now pronounce us john,and sarah b she should have said i dont,think that thats how that worked okay,but it would have rhymed so death,no but youve already died,oh theyre married i dont think so yeah,yeah definitely i dont think thats how,that works i want them to make john c,together what john a was his dad john b,is him oh oh oh little john c,can we get a dog wheres topper topper,has nothing to do with anything that is,happening also like i cant even imagine,sarahs ex-b

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