1. AFFORDABLE CLEAN BEAUTY HAIR PRODUCTS: ODELE BEAUTY are their new hair products any good?
  2. AFFORDABLE CLEAN BEAUTY HAIR CARE BRAND: ODELE hair brand and products review
  5. First Impression | Odele Beauty Curl Defining Products
  6. Odele Beauty Clarifying Shampoo|Leave in Detangling Tonic|Smoothing Shampoo & Conditioner|Curly hair
  7. Pro Hairdresser Tests Cheap Drugstore Shampoo

AFFORDABLE CLEAN BEAUTY HAIR PRODUCTS: ODELE BEAUTY are their new hair products any good?

get rid of that wet look because your,hair is so oily,hi you guys welcome back to the clean,beauty code im very excited for today,because hey were talking about odell,beauty,now i have another odell beauty video um,that you guys actually really really,liked so im going to link that,somewhere up or on the screen or down,below somewhere so you can check that,out where i talked about their shampoo,and their,conditioner and theyre like um this,like styling kind of,product where its just like fresh out,the shower and you just put it in your,hair and you look like,video is success else but today were,going to be talking about their new,products that they just came out with i,have them in front of me here,and im very excited to talk about them,because i,was going to buy some more shampoo and i,saw that they had some new stuff,and i was like all right snatch snatch,snatch them up,i dont know how long theyve been out,for because i just noticed like when i,went on their website so they could have,been out for a while when i got them,but were talking about them today so,im very excited also if you have any,suggestions,please leave them down below for any,other like brands or products for hair,specifically that you want me to talk,about please leave them down below,um i am always on the hunt for,affordable hair care i feel like,affordable clean,beauty hair care can be tough to kind of,come by,and i want to be able to give you,options because of dell beauty,specifically is a really good,price point its very much like,drugstore pricing,for clean beauty hair care and theyre,available at target so if you have any,other brands kind of,in that same vein leave it down below,also if you have brands that are not in,that same,vein leave them down below too because,im always on the hunt and yeah if,youre excited for this video and more,videos like this then please like and,subscribe and,lets jump in and talk about odell,beauty all right you guys lets get into,it im very excited so,like i said before in the intro i have,talked about odell beauty before on this,channel so im going to link the other,video,above down below so that you can check,that out because i talked specifically,about their shampoo and conditioner,and their um styling product,in that video i talked specifically,about the volumizing shampoo and,conditioner,ive gotten actually another one of,those shampoo and conditioners ive been,testing that one out so im going to,talk about that later in the video,but first things first we are going to,talk about their clarifying,shampoo which is new um,and i was very intrigued because i do,love a clarifying,shampoo but i dont,oh i like this shampoo i just want to,say that right now however i do not like,how they suggest you use it because they,say that you should use it once a week,no like my hair was crazy,when i used it once a week like it,wasnt like it was,stripped but it was like more frizzy um,and it i didnt like how it left my hair,feeling like if you have,crazy build up in your hair like like,weeks and weeks of dry shampoo build up,and a crap ton of product in there and,thats just like your consistent,lifestyle of just,always having pounds of dry shampoo,pounds of hairspray,pounds of all of that in your hair okay,yeah maybe use it once a week,but like for me what i found best is,once a month,um or once every two like two weeks like,so twice a month once a month but like,my preference is once a month i feel,like that,is kind of the best way to use this its,just very,not stripping but its so deep cleaning,that it almost just like,creates frizz when you use it that much,but it is a really good deep cleaning,system it also,has the same smell as all the odell,products like all the odell products,have the exact same scent,um and i really really do like this,i do think that it does a very good job,at clarifying my hair,again once a month twice a month for me,was good enough with this and i actually,really like it i think it does a really,good job,okay next all right actually you know,what lets move on to,this because these are so this is their,shampoo and conditioner i talked about,their volumizing one,in my other video and this one i want to,talk about their smoothing treatment,i actually really really like their,smoothing shampoo and conditioner and if,i had to pick between the two,i would go smoothing over volumizing,because what i feel like this does and,if you have frizzy hair which i feel,like most of us do,were all living in frizz canyon looking,like miss frizzle please let this be a,normal field trip,what can all types of crazy um,especially if you live in a humid,climate or its like,that like transition between like warm,and cold but like its,like its rainy that type of season so,spring,is a nightmare on the locks let me just,say and this is really good at smoothing,it out and i,what i do and ive gotten a lot of,questions about my hair care routine and,it honestly differs because i test a lot,of products but what i like to do,is i like to do an olaplex 3 treatment,on my hair every once in a while it does,its not every time i wash my hair but,you know whenever i,feel like i need it i put it in my hair,for a couple hours i let that,girl sit i let her marinate my hair then,i wash my hair and i find with the,smoothing,um conditioner and shampoo that my hair,just,is like so good in the humidity and so,good in,you know he even like when my hair gets,frizzy because i have a lot of studio,lights like,i dont feel like my hair is getting all,crazy or anything it feels hydrated it,feels smooth,and it definitely helps a lot with frizz,so i highly recommend these if you have,super frizzy hair and youre just like,sweetie,help me tell me what to do these are,really good for that,okay next i want to talk about their,detangling tonic so this is a new,product that they had come out like this,is one of their,newest products and this i so,detailing like tonics i dont need on my,hair all the time but when i need them,i need them you know what i mean like,im not constantly tangled but,i do like to use a brush that detangles,like i,like a tangle teezer or brush thats,made to get the tangles out,because sometimes when you throw your,hair in buns a lot,which should do because um blaze if you,do that like its just,it just feels like its a constant knot,even when youre washing your hair it,just,feels constantly even with like,conditioner,so this is actually really good so this,is their detangling tonic,and what i like about this is it,also acts like a heat protectant in in,ways so like you spray it in your hair,you detangle your hair and then you go,over with like a,flat iron or a blow dryer whatever pick,your poison whatever it is this acts,like a heat protectant too which i,really like,and look at this mist actually i feel,like youre not gonna be able to see the,mess but im still gonna spray her look,look how cute its a really good mist,theres now mist,everywhere all over my table should have,thought that through but this is really,really good i like this it detangles it,does its job,and it has like a nice scent to it so it,gives your hair like a nice like,perfumed,smell i put in my hair today its really,really good,i just i really like this i think if you,have tangly hair you are probably really,going to enjoy this and if you have,tangly hair that you also want to heat,protect,but you dont want to put 13 different,products in your hair this is definitely,worth checking,out this mist is really nice and the,bottle is pretty big like all these,products are like very reasonably priced,which i love um,and they just do such a freaking good,job um this one does specifically a,really good job i like just,detangling your hair protecting it shes,cute,shes cute she smells good love it okay,next so next they came out with products,i was actually the most interested in,which was their dry shampoo,now this isnt a bad dry shampoo i just,want to say that i just have a couple,things to say about it,o


splitting the ends looking all types of,[Music],raggedy,hi you guys welcome back to the clean,beauty co today is going to be so fun,because were talking about something we,havent talked about that much on this,channel,clean beauty hair care and its,affordable cleaning,hair care which is freaking amazing,because,sometimes it just feels like youre,spending too much on shampoo and,conditioner and i totally get that so,today were talking about the brand,odell,you might have seen them on instagram or,you might have seen them on like the,huffington post,or you know kind of other publications,like that i,am so excited to talk about them they,are such an interesting brand to me,and i cant wait to share more about,them so if youre excited for this video,and you want more hair care videos then,please like and subscribe,and lets talk about the brand of doubt,okay lets do it,alrighty so the brand odell has,interested me for a while and i was so,excited when i finally was like taking,the plunge im like all right im,getting me some odell products um before,we talk specifically about the products,i want to talk about odell kind of in,the website and how user-friendly it is,because i,love the way that they do it so they,kind of break,their stuff into kind of two sections,so theyll talk about it in term not,talk about it theyll,put their products kind of by hair type,so if you have curly hair straight hair,wavy hair whatever its in here,they kind of break it up like that but,then they also have it by,what youre looking for so if you want,something thats volumizing smoothing,all of that they havent broken up by,that which is freaking amazing,because sometimes i dont want something,that is just for like curly hair,um or straight hair i want something,that is just like volumizing or,smoothing or whatever,so that made me so happy when i saw that,they also have travel kits which i,found to be amazing because i wanted to,try a bunch of,products but sometimes you know i test,so many products here on this channel,and on the cleanbeautycode.com,that i dont want to waste stuff like,wasting stuff,pisses me off so when i can get a,smaller,version of a product im definitely,going to do that um and then if i decide,oh my god i need,more of this and nothing else that i,have is really doing it for me right now,then of course i will purchase,the full bottle but so the travel kits,are amazing they feature like,volumizing shampoo and conditioner and,then the product i was most interested,in which was,the air dry product,i love products that are like good for,air drying because,first of all i want to stop putting 4,000 pounds of heat on my damn hair,okay splitting the ends looking all,types of raggedy,sometimes its nice to just have,something you can put in your hair that,isnt like gel,or like mousse or like a leave-in,conditioner like i,want something that is more like a,styling product and thats what that is,so im very excited to talk about it so,lets get in and just talk specifically,about the product so i got the,volumizing travel kit and it came with,volumizing shampoo,conditioner and air dry styler which is,freaking bomb,so lets like just talk specifically,products so,here we go so first let me talk about,the shampoo,this stuff is so good it performs so,well it does what what shampoo does,you know what i mean its shampoo it,cleans your hair but it doesnt give you,that,hella squeaky super freaking,deserty dry feeling to your hair you,know that squeaky feeling,you know does anyone know what im,talking about where you kind of touch it,its like right now,no one knows what im talking about no,one knows what that sound is because,that was terrible,but that like squeaky gross sound that,your hair can sometimes have when your,hair is like hella stripped,this does not do that it is so nice it,also makes my hair so shiny,and it definitely volumizes which i,really really like,um but it gives you like that i dont,explain it gives you like a really,pretty volumized look to your hair im a,huge fan of this,um the smell lets talk about the smell,it just has a really nice smell to it um,all the fragrances that they use in,their products by the way are 100,natural which i,love i think thats really great,especially for uh some people are,like synthetic scents dont work for,everybody,and a lot of the time it can create an,irritation depending on peoples,sensitivity so,having something that is 100 natural is,really nice because it just makes it,more accessible to everyone you know,what i mean so thats really great,i love this so this is actually the,travel kit,i dont know if theyre still available,im pretty sure they sold out its like,record time but each of the products are,three millimeters and,i have been using this for a while and i,havent gotten through any of them,and i get their shampoo hella fast like,you know,like you know when you get your shampoo,and conditioner and then like youre,done with the shampoo but then you have,like literally three quarters of the,bottle of conditioner left and youre,like how,how how this like i havent gotten,through it that much it like really like,a little bit i feel like with this goes,a long way,and the way i like to wash my hair the,best um and i dont know if this is how,you do it but i like to put the shampoo,in do nothing lather it all up,do whatever and then i like to let it,sit,so then i let it sit for about two,minutes usually like a minute or two,and then i wash my hair and then my hair,is super super,super clean but not stripped at all,because,you kind of just let it sit and break up,all that like crap thats on your hair,it is the best technique but this is,really really good im a huge fan of,this this is so good,and overall im really impressed with it,and i feel like,when i compare it to the other brands,that you know ive talked about on this,channel like briogeo,or you know olaplex or whatever what,have you this,definitely stands with them and the full,size of these is like,11 or 12 which i think is a great price,im a huge fan of this and then with the,conditioner this is,so good so this is like it doesnt,weigh my hair down i dont know how to,explain it my hair isnt weighed,down but super hydrated,um and it rinses out really nice so it,doesnt like,cling onto your hair like so,its like i just feel like sometimes,conditioners,can just cling onto your hair this,doesnt do that it definitely,gives me still the volumized feeling i,feel or,look that i feel when i use this it is,so good,it has the same scent im pretty sure,yeah it has the same scent it is really,nice,and again my hair looks and feels,super healthy and shiny after using,these it is,pretty impressive and i definitely,recommend checking them out even,the full size ones like not even just,the travel kit i am a huge fan and,when i run out of these i am definitely,going to buy the full size of them,because it cannot live without them,okay so the next i want to talk about,the thing that i am the most excited for,the air dry styler,its so good you guys okay its so,freaking good,it gives you first of all like,conditions your hair so your hair feels,like super soft,but it gives you like that pc air dried,look that isnt,i dont want to explain it its like a,pc air dried look but it isnt like,crunchy looking,like youre not going to be having you,know when you used to scrunch your hair,with like gel or whatever and like air,dry your hair with that,youre not going to have that youre,also not going to have that like you,know the john frieda frizz ease,the like leave-in stuff with that it,also doesnt look like that it looks,really really nice piecy not greasy,not super crunchy looking it just makes,it look super natural and nice,it is the best it has,the same scent and let me just pour a,little out of my hand,so we can talk about the consistency,really quick,stuff is so good and a little bit of,this goes a long way so if you,get the travel kit um you will have the,small one for a really long time because,i

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hi guys welcome back to my channel and,to another video so in todays video I,am going to be showing you guys all of,my favourite hair products or fine thin,and long hair so thats the type of hair,that I have it may not look like it I,just kind of have a lot of hair so my,hair is pretty long and its fine and,thin like I said so I have quite a few,products that I use on a weekly or daily,basis that I wanted to show you guys and,also some like hair accessories and,things like that I like to use as well,so I will link all of the products I,mentioned down below in the description,box if you guys want to try out any of,this so if you guys would like to see,what my favorite products are for fine,its thin and long hair then just keep on,watching okay so I think Im just gonna,go kind of in the order that I would use,these products so to start off with I,have my shampoo and conditioner that,Ive been using this is the Kristin s,the one signature shampoo and it is for,all hair types I absolutely love this,shampoo I think Ive been using it for,probably over a year now or a little bit,longer,sometimes Ill switch up my shampoo to a,different one Ive got for the most part,I use this shampoo and conditioner and,for me I dont shampoo my hair that,often I only do it about one to two,times a week I used to shampoo my hair a,lot because I tend to have oily hair,because obviously my hair is more fine,and thin so it gets oily on the top of,my hair and kind of flat pretty easily,but what I like about this shampoo is,when I do need to shampoo my hair it,gets it very clean without stripping my,hair I guess you could say its still,very lightweight moisturizing it doesnt,weigh down my hair it smells really,really nice and I also like this because,its cruelty free all of her products,are cruelty free theres sulfate free,free of all of like the bad stuff I know,a lot more brands are coming out,with products like that which I,absolutely love but this is my favorite,shampoo and conditioner I also love the,packaging obviously it looks really,pretty in my shower so love this,definitely recommend if you have my hair,type also it says its for all hair,types so honestly anybody could probably,give this a go but this has been my,favorite shampoo and conditioner so the,next product I want to mention is a deep,repair mask I know the Kristin S Line,does have one but Ive been using this,one for so long this is the macadamia,natural oil I think its just called the,deep repair mask but this stuff is,incredible I dont use this like all the,time I think I usually use it like once,a week or once every two weeks just,because it is a deep conditioner but,this stuff smells incredible and it,leaves your hair extremely soft I think,you I think you only leave it in for,yeah it says to leave it in for seven,minutes and its just amazing its also,a cruelty free brand and it just leaves,my hair so smooth Ive tried other,haircut hair masks as well and nothing,gets my hair as smooth as this it also,moisturizes my hair really really well,without weighing it down again just,because I find with fine hair if you use,too many products its just gonna weigh,your hair down more which is already,kind of like the issue that Im trying,to solve with having fine hair I just,want volume at the top while still,having my ends moisturized and this,really helps with that so moving on to,products that I use after I get out of,the shower this one I always put in,right after I get out after my hair is,kind of been towel drying for a little,while it is the Kristin s waitlist shine,leave-in conditioner and Ive used about,half of this you dont need a lot I just,spray it towards the ends of my hair and,this really helps with detangling my,hair and combing through it after I get,out of the shower without damaging it so,I never just comb through my hair when,its wet I always put product in and,then comb through and this smells,incredible just like the rest of her,product this one is really really nice,its also softening and strengthening at,the same time and again it doesnt weigh,down my hair so I love using products,like this I feel like ever since I was,little Ive always used some sort of,like leave-in conditioner or a detangler,that my mom bought me like the ones that,I had like that apple scent I always,used to use that in my hair before I,comb through it so I never brushed,through my hair either when its wet I,always just comb through it yeah another,product that I use every time I shampoo,my hair I absolutely love this and,another product that I use when my hair,is wet is the way hair oil this stuff I,absolutely love its the best hair oil,that Ive ever tried and I think I have,mentioned this in one of my videos,before I bought this actually last I,think at December or like November time,and this is the same bottle and I use,this every time I shampoo my hair so,once or twice a week and I still have,over half of the bottle so this is a,little bit pricier I cant remember how,much I think its a little over $20 and,you get 1.5 fluid ounces but this lasts,so long you dont need very much and I,have very long hair so if youre,somebody that has shorter hair than I do,this honestly will last you such a long,time it has just like a really,botannical kind of floral scent thats,not too much I can smell it throughout,the day if I like to smell my hair but,its nothing thats too like,overwhelming if youre not into sense so,I definitely would recommend this hair,oil if you are looking for a new one,okay so moving on to kind of products,that I would use later in the week for,my hair this is the SGX,NYC salon graphics and dry touch,volumizing dry shampoo Im actually,somebody that doesnt really love dry,shampoo the ones Ive tried in the past,just kind of feel like theres product,in my hair up here which I dont like I,still like it to feel like I can run my,fingers through my hair and I just like,it to feel light,like my hair so this one Ive actually,just gotten recently within the past,month it smells really really good and,it also does a volumizing my hair so I,put a little bit of this in the roots of,my hair today up here just to give it a,little bit of volume right now I think,Im on like day 3 or day 4 since I,shampooed my hair so its still looking,pretty good its not theres not a lot,of oil up here but this definitely has,helped with it and also it has a really,really nice scent its fresh jasmine and,big leaf scent but its not overwhelming,and also this product is cruelty free as,well this stuff works so nicely and you,dont need a lot of it it smells great,its affordable I also got this one at,Target Ive tried it like I said Ive,tried a few other dry shampoos in the,past and this is just one that Ive,actually found that works really really,nice and its great for fine and thin,hair so another product that I hadnt,really heard of until I saw it,its another Kristin s product I love,Kristin s products this is the style,reviving dry conditioner so its not a,dry shampoo its a dry conditioner and,what it does is that instantly softens,shine boosting weightlessly moisturizing,oil and odor absorbing and UV and heat,protection so this is kind of like an,all-in-one in the middle of the week,when say its like day 3 or 4 like my,hair right now and I want to curl it or,style it with heat this is gonna help,with heat protection but also absorb a,little bit of that oil thats already in,my hair and then also it moisturizes,your hair so I tend to find that up here,and my hair will get quite oily but,because I have long hair the ends will,get a little bit more dry so I like to,spray this kind of middle of the week,before Im gonna shampoo my hair again,in a few days and it just helps kind of,with all of that its like an all-in-one,and again it smells really good another,product absolutely love love it and,moving on to more like styling products,when I actually want to do a certain,look with my hair this is the Kristin s,dry finish,getting texture spray this is j

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[Music],i really have no idea what is going on,with my hair lately,but im trying not to put heat on it,because ive,completely ruined my curls over the,years of straightening and curling my,hair,so im trying to get it back so here we,are with another youtube with lauren,with crazy hair,you guys probably dont care and ill,probably edit that out anywho welcome,back to my channel dont forget to,subscribe and also follow me on,instagram,today i decided to share with you guys,the products that the cleaner products,that i,recently transitioned over to if youve,been following me on instagram ive been,talking about it a little bit here and,there,and since ive been on these ive been,like using these products for a couple,weeks now,um i feel like i can give a pretty good,review so i guess ill just get right,into it i hope this is helpful for you,if you are transitioning over to cleaner,products and if you have any,recommendations,please let me know because i will take,all of them that i can get,so lets get into it i dont know whats,up with me doing this,but anyways lets get into the first one,so ive been trying to look for a clean,body wash and my aunt used this in,florida so i decided to try it and i,loved it,the only thing that i wish that i had,was a pump because it is kind of like,super,watery water is the word i think i dont,really yeah watery it looks watery to me,and when you pour it out like a lot,comes out and a little goes a long way,its dr bronners i think thats how you,say it,and its 18 in one hemp soap but i only,use it for body wash,i did use it for a face wash but i think,it was just like too dry for my face,but a little goes a long way you can,really lather it up,it is a really great soap it is clean,and,you can use it for like a lot of things,like im pretty sure you can wash your,floors with it you can use it on your,animals,but i mean hey it has good good,ingredients in it and,i do love it so yeah that is the first,product you can get it basically at any,store im pretty sure i got this at,whole foods but i saw it at target,and um a couple other places so,this is the first one and they have a,lot of different this is rose um,or scented yeah rose scented but they,have a lot of different um,i was gonna say flavors but its not a,flavor different sense,anyways on to the second thing so the,second product,is shampoo and conditioner i felt like,this was like the hardest one for me to,find because i,have very fine and kind like i have oily,hair,so trying new shampoo and conditioner is,just like,im like is it going to work and i,didnt want to spend an arm and a leg,because if it didnt work for my hair i,would have wasted money,so also thank you to everyone who,reached out to me and gave me,recommendations for a cleaner,shampoo and conditioner and this one,honestly caught my eye so much because,um you can get it at target and its 13,ounces and i got it for like 11 bucks,each so,it is obviously pricier than the other,shampoo and conditioners but this is,also cleaner and,i dont know but the aesthetic of this,product is super cute which also caught,my eye as well,so its the volumizing shampoo and,conditioner by,odell i think thats how you say it i,have like a really hard time pronouncing,words okay guys sorry but anyways so the,only thing is,is i do love this product but the,shampoo takes a little bit longer,for it to like kind of like lather up i,have red with like,um cleaner products that the shampoo,always takes a little bit longer so i,just like try and get like super soapy,but other than that thats my only,problem but i do love it and,once you like really lather it up it is,it works really well,and then the conditioner i have no,issues with so yeah these are the two,that i got and yeah and they also have,another um like they have volumizing and,smoothing and i think thats it and they,also have other products that they have,so,i kind of want to try like the leave-in,conditioner and then they have like this,one,i was so excited about i dont know why,like the littlest things bring me joy,but,a lot of you on my in that i follow on,instagram use this product,so also thank you for the recommendation,of it because i did ask a few of you,so it is the pure skin face cleanser by,first aid beauty,um it was 20 for this but it is 5 ounces,and it honestly lasts you a long time,the bottles huge,and you honestly need the smallest,amount it goes a long way,i have oily to dry skin my nose gets,very oily,and like but my cheeks in the winter get,very dry so,i honestly this is probably my favorite,face cleanser that i have used so far,um it is my third day using it but,usually i can tell within like the first,like two days if a,face cleanser is gonna just make me,break out or if i have dry like its,just,you can i can just tell when its not,going to be good but so far i love this,my face feels super hydrated and doesnt,feel oily at the end of the day,im obsessed with it so i totally,recommend this and then i also got the,ultra repair face moisturizer by the,same company,ultra repair face moisturizer obsessed,with it its like,whipped when it comes out if that makes,sense i love it it doesnt make my skin,feel oily,and i 100 recommend i think this was,i think it was 26 dollars so again a,little bit more pricey,but itll last you a long time a little,goes a long way and it is 1.7 fluid,ounces so,i wish it was a little bit more but its,okay i love it and itll probably last a,while so,yeah these two love them,the fourth product that i absolutely,love and ive been actually using for,years,is thrive mascara this is the best,mascara i so wear to god it,is 24 which is uh pricey for a mascara,but its clean,and it honestly lasts for a while um it,is called,thrive mascara and it is it is the,liquid lash extensions,in black or no brin rich black,i think they honestly just came out with,like a brown but theyve only had the,black for so many years,so i totally recommend best mascara,and when you go to take it off at the,end of the day it just comes off,it doesnt like leave stain like black,stains under your eyes like i cannot,stand when a mascara stains your eyes,and usually take a q-tip and like,basically,rub the crap out of your like under,eyelid or whatever oh i hate that like i,hate that so much,so yeah this is my favorite product,mascara ive been using it for a couple,years now i will not go back and if i,ever heard,that it was actually not good for you,id be so upset but i,it is a very good product it is clean,and i recommend,so yeah and the packaging is super cute,oh god i dont deserve to be on youtube,thats how people show how pretty,packaging is i get i get the hand now i,get it,the fifth product that i love is the,shea moisture coconut and hibiscus,curl enhancing smoothie with silk,protein and neem oil,i dont know but i love it my friend,caroline uses this and she recommended,it to me and i have been loving it ever,since,it gives you the best curls i used it,today but then i,messed around with my hair for too long,and it just kind of fell out,but i love it it smells,amazing so good so yeah i totally,recommend that as well,and a little goes a long way i guess it,depends on how much hair you have i,dont have a lot of hair ive already,had this for like a long time and ive,barely like put a dent in it,so i just use like a tiny bit in my,fingers put it in and just scrunch it,all up,but yeah and then i know ive already,talked about these in my most recent,youtubes and all my posts,and switching over to new protein but i,figured what the heck i figured i would,come on and just talk a little more,about it,so this is the 22 nutrition,um electrolytes these are really good,but,i already mentioned this before um if,you are very caffeine sensitive i,recommend taking half the amount,because i was off the walls like i,cannot handle caffeine,but ever since i just like cut the um,recommended amount in half,its been a lot better and also the,collagen egg protein,by 22 nutrition and it is the cho

First Impression | Odele Beauty Curl Defining Products

[Music],hey guys and welcome back to my channel,so in this video were going to talk,about,odell the company and it is actually in,your local target so you can find it,there if you really really want it um so,im going to show you guys,the products that they sent me,this is not sponsored or anything like,that they just sent me samples and i,said okay like ill try it out and test,it out,and i did give my honest review so,thats what im going to give to you,guys in this,first impression video because we dont,like fake people up in here and,fake uh results,so yeah this is the shampoo,and this is the conditioner i do like,the aesthetics of this its really,really nice,especially the leave-in conditioner um,it is also sulfate free and 100,natural fragrance and just like,the shampoo and conditioner they have no,sulfates no parabens,and no synthetic fragrances inside of,them,in the back of the bottle i thought it,was really helpful though that youll,see pretty much,who it caters to like what type of hair,it caters to,and then also on the other side it says,um,what its pretty much what it doesnt,have inside of its product thats bad,for your hair that wont help your hair,with hair growth so thats really really,really important especially if youre,just starting your transition so,yes this is a first impression video of,odell i dont want to talk too much,so lets get into the review and the,shampoo and conditioner and also,the leave-in conditioner guys so im in,the shower my hair looks kind of crazy,but we just washed it,and now im going to use the old dell,shampoo it really,smell amazing i love the way the smell,is and also the texture of the shampoo,and like i said this is a no lather,shampoo,so youre only gonna see a little bit of,soapy,pretty much um going on and now i use,this um to pretty much massage my scalp,so it stimulates hair growth,once i rinse that out im going to use,my,conditioner and honestly the conditioner,was really well,i really love both shampoo and,conditioner because it didnt,feel like my hair was dry you guys know,how i feel when it comes to shampoos,so right now im just kind of like using,and twisting and rubbing in all that,conditioner in my,hair and twisting it so we lock in the,moisture obviously we have to massage,the scalp,and then im getting my comb,and were going to brush really really,softly on the ends because we dont want,any more breakage in our hair any split,ends,so what i like to do is always hold my,hair,and brush it out now were gonna get,down,to actually using the leave-in,conditioner from model i really like it,i just feel its too creamy so,if you want you can mix a different,conditioner,this a different leave-in conditioner in,it,and now im going to use my finger,coiling technique,that makes my hair literally perfect,curls and just to perfection i only do,this,on the front part of my hair so it gives,my hair more volume,and just have those cute little curls,that i love,once im done now you guys are going to,see the amazing magic and how my hair,turned out i really love the results,just mix two different conditioners,together to get better results so,this is the final result i love you guys,and see you back on my channel

Odele Beauty Clarifying Shampoo|Leave in Detangling Tonic|Smoothing Shampoo & Conditioner|Curly hair

[Music],all right yall,so my hair is nappy as hell im just,keeping it real,um before i get started into this i want,to let you guys know that this video,is not sponsored however shout out to,odell,for sending me their new products ive,been rocking with odell since the,company launched and,i think theyre amazing um they just,turned one,a couple of weeks ago i believe it was,and im so,im so proud of everything that theyve,done um because what theyve done,basically is theyve come together and,made clean beauty affordable,um i dont know if you guys know this or,not but their products are actually sold,at target,um which makes it really easily,accessible,but with that being said i also highly,recommend ordering from their website,um i think its very important to,support small businesses,even if they are at the drugstore for me,for example,um i cant get them where i live because,i dont live next to a target,so when i order i usually try to order,off the website unless i need more,things from target online so,either or um but yeah guys ive been,using their products for over a year,and i swear by them um i honestly have,not wanted to use anything else though i,have tried things,i can tell the difference in my hair,when i dont use their products,so i want to talk to you guys a little,bit about the two new products that i,actually picked out to be sent to me,that they launched,they launched three new items they,launched a clarifying shampoo,which is this guy right here their,typical packaging for shampoo i love it,its simple yet sleek and kind of looks,luxurious to me,and then they also launched a new,leave-in detangling,tonic which love the packaging again,its their signature,packaging um and then they also for,those who like dry shampoo,they launched a dry shampoo which ill,get into information about the products,in just a second,i also asked them when i knew that they,were gonna send me this stuff,if i could also get the smoothing,shampoo because i know,a lot of you like weve talked about,hair stuff and weve talked about you,guys battling frizz,which being a curly hair girl i also,battle a lot of frizz,and i read the reviews on their,smoothing shampoo and conditioner and i,was sold,so they did send me the smoothing,shampoo,sorry about the sun guys i cant do,anything about that and then they also,sent me their smoothing conditioner,so because im trying the clarifying,shampoo today,were not going to use that shampoo but,i do want to let you guys know,that their smoothing shampoo is for,extra moisture for his control and shine,it is also sulfate free 100 natural,fragrance,these come in 13 ounce bottles im,hoping that someday theyll do like a,liter bottle or a liter and a half,because i usually buy two sets at a time,because like i said you guys i dont,want to run out,so on the back itll tell you what each,product what hair type its best for,so the smoothing product um the shampoo,and conditioner is best for straight,wavy,curly medium or coarse hair,again no sulfates no formaldehyde no,phthalates no parabens no dyes and no,synthetic fragrances,so im going to get the shampoo and put,it over to the side because im not,using that one today,same thing with the conditioner though,we are going to use it its the exact,same,information as the shampoo,so moving on to their new product the,clarifying shampoo,this one is actually good for all hair,types,and where im finding that is on the,back of their bottle here,it tells you all the information you,need to know so whether you have,straight hair coily hair curly hair,frizzy hair short hair long hair it,doesnt matter you can use this product,and again no sulfates no formaldehyde no,phthalates no,no parabens no none of that so it says,their clarifying shampoo is for a deep,weekly clean that brings you back to,neutral sulfate free,100 natural fragrance and i will read a,little bit,from their website about this product in,just a moment,this one is the leave-in detangling,tonic it hydrates untangles,and helps protect from heat and,pollutants it has plant proteins and is,100 natural fragrance this one comes in,an 8 ounce,bottle with a sprayer again,clean beauty so this one again is good,for all hair types,and same information of what these,products dont have,as far as i know from looking on the,website,none of their products have any of that,bad stuff,so for this one id be clarifying or,excuse me,the leave-in detangling tonic it says an,effective multi-tasker,this salon grade lightweight leave-in is,a milky magic,i like it already fortified with amino,acids and plant proteins that promote,hair health over time,this tonic hydrates detangles adds shine,and helps protect hair against,environmental damage,and heat styling on the daily all adele,products are gender neutral and are,meant to be shared,thats one of their kind of like,not sayings but like one of their puns i,like it that their products are gender,neutral and theyre meant to be shared,so for this one it says wash away,buildup from product pollutants,hard water deposits or chlorine with the,salon grade clarifying wash,formulated using both sulfate-free,lathering cleansers,as well as gelatin technology,that acts as a magnet for impurities,this shampoo brings you back to neutral,get your hair back into or get your hair,back and its a birthday suit,and look forward to a fresh start so it,says work into wet hair,rinse and follow with conditioner limit,use to once per week,so theyre telling you to only use this,once per week im thinking,its pretty strong again all of their,products,um are salon quality as well so lets,get into washing this mop,because i cant wait to detangle it with,this,so im just going to take this off,really quickly i want to show you guys,the consistency,of this shampoo this one is clear and it,just,looks like that all of their products,smell really good and again they are,naturally,fragranced center,oh i also wanted to thank caroline,um who sent me this card it says tasha,thanks for your continued support,ascending you and yours best wishes,let us know what you think of the new,babies caroline so very sweet,thank you girl so much all right guys,im going to keep it real i keep it 100,on my channel you guys know that,i might need to shave so if you see it,you see it were family here so lets,get into this,its a nice thick creamy formula which i,like,now this one does lather guys my curling,one does not really lather,its a no leather shampoo if youre,looking for that,i forgot my scalp brush so im just,going to use my fingers,i have to stop and say this real quick,you know how a lot of times when you put,a drugstore shampoo or something on your,hair,and it feels like it completely stripped,the moisture this one does not feel like,that at all,i can still feel that my hair is nice,and moisturized and hydrated,which is a must for me so im gonna go,ahead and leave this sit just for a few,minutes,i think were ready guys,you guys my hair feels so clean im so,happy,all right,so im glad im trying this at a time,where my hair is so frizzy right now,because of well my neglect,over the past few days so were gonna,try their smoothing shampoo or,conditioner sorry,um but im gonna run and get my brush,that i like to use my wet dry brush,so be right back and this towel is not,for my hair yall know i dont use,towel on my hair i got my little beanie,baby,all right so heres the smoothing,conditioner,nice lime kind of well not lime more,like a,mint green kind of a color its really,pretty,heres what the conditioner looks like,im going to start with that,on my ends and work my way up,its nice and creamy,white tooth comb ima be here for a,minute,as you guys can see their conditioner,has a lot of good slip,i just dont like running my fingers,through my hair,all right you guys so now that my hair,is completely detangled im actually,gonna let this sit in my hair for about,five to ten minutes,just because i was careless this week,and i didnt sleep with a t-shirt,a bonnet i didnt slee

Pro Hairdresser Tests Cheap Drugstore Shampoo

howdy beautiful welcome to the game show,where we pick one drugstore shampoo,that is the best of all except maybe,none of them,are the best ill be testing out dove,herbal essence,pantene and tresemme things that ive,heard of before but ive never ventured,into,in fact ive never actually used,drugstore shimmer,i have an explanation for this i grew up,in a salon my dad,owned a salon my entire life since birth,i had been using,professional grade shampoo so this will,be very interesting for you and very,interesting for me to figure out if,these are actually,not as bad as you know some hairdressers,make them out to be im all for,cheap products that work well like,thats totally cool everybody,you know needs to be able to afford a,nice shampoo even if you only have six,dollars to spare were gonna figure out,if it matters where you get your shampoo,drugstore or salon and if the price,actually matters or if there is actually,some good things out there,for a very low price which i hope there,is lets get testing lets figure out,which one of these shampoos if any i,actually recommend using lets do it,[Music],lets begin ill be going through one,shampoo at a time testing it full on,through,and figure out what the hell is going on,and if its good or if its bad please,give me my first shampoo victim of the,day,dove thats the wrong way,dove and the retail price of this is a,whopping,5.99 girl,i have never in my life knew that these,things were so cheap lets go based off,of,the look of the bottle real quick it,says 100 recycled bottle if youre like,into recycled things which i think,everybody should be,go for it this says cruelty free on it,which is great i much prefer,vegan hair care but youre not really,going to find that in the drugstore i,dont,think i could be wrong but nothing we,have today i dont think is vegan this,is the daily moisture shampoo everything,well be trying today is moisturizing,because i feel like a lot of people like,that really soft shiny glowing,moisturized hair and most people need,moisture this is,shampoo for everyday care nourishing,system for smooth hair,resilient to daily damage this is 12,ounces okay so why dont we just crack,this,open and smell her it honestly just,smells like generic shampoo to me its,not a very expensive scent it just kind,of smells like soap,its very fresh like in like a body wash,right now yeah like a body wash what do,you think that smell is though like,floral,floral fresh like fresh like in tahiti,what the going to tahiti moving on,so,were going to touch this now definitely,feels like shampoo to me,it is quite sticky and gummy which is,usually something that happens in,moisturizing shampoos because of some of,the,moisturizing ingredients are quite,sticky and,thick um happens in my shampoos it,happens in most peoples,moisturizing shampoos which is actually,nice because i like a heavier shampoo,for moisturizing benefits,and this seems to definitely be heavier,it is very much on my fingers,very basic ingredient lists some,sulfates which guys,sulfates are not all bad so chill with,that fragrance is,really high up on the list it is like,the fourth ingredient that is a lot of,fragrance dimethicone,citric acid sodium benzoate oh yeah the,ingredient list is,just so basic for me itd be like,building the base of a shampoo and then,not putting any additives to actually,make it good for your hair theres,nothing thats really going to promote,healthy hair growth and a healthy scalp,being blunt with yeah uh no wonder why,its six dollars,you know youre really getting the,basics of hair,care with this next thing were going to,be doing is testing this baby well be,testing every single one of these,shampoos on a hair strand,right before your eyes and then at the,end once im done reviewing all the,shampoos i have today well,go back and well touch all the hair,strands once theyre all dry and figure,out which one actually just feels the,best let me grab a bowl of water and,lets start testing this baby out,thats your cue lets do a little,dunkaroo now that we got my water here,yeah little asmr for you,girl thats a lot of lather it feels,slimy,okay i mean it feels clean you know what,i mean the strand has been shampooed,were gonna let that dry,lets move on to our next shampoo victim,of the dam,up next we have herbal essence,hello this retails for 6.29,cha-ching thatll break the bank baby so,lets talk about the bottle its exactly,what i would expect i will say the cap,is easy to use and its functional,the actual product seems to have a nice,beautiful pearly color so i like,that pretty typical front and back label,moment a nice squishy little,plastic bottle thats about 12 ounces,this says rebel in the lush aroma is,great for more aromas,deep moisture for hair hello hydration,hair and body wash shampooing plus,gel douche what this is gel douche they,represent parabens,we like that its cruelty free maybe 100,renewable energy,everybodys really into the recycled,bottles which is good,ph balanced and color safe,dermatologist tested what is the,dermatologist testing with this,skincare it says body so obviously hair,and body,you literally read that out loud did you,not process that in your head no i,didnt im scared okay,lets do a smell test this one just,smells like plastic,smell this i used to use herbal essence,as a kid i think it might just be the,bottle that smells like plastic,its literally the plastic is in the box,i really like the color a lot it is a,beautiful pearl color a lot less thick,than the dove one it is more runny you,can see it dripping out of my hand right,here,and you know it still feels a little,moisturizing,we got another very short ingredient,list surprise surprise we do have,coconut extract though and corn the,perfume is a lot lower on the list than,the dove one i must say the dove one oh,you could tell,it was a top ingredient also flour,extract definitely feels a little more,professional quality than dove with the,ingredients and i appreciate that,they at least put some thought into the,ingredient list and then just make,another generic shampoo but,coconut you know it doesnt actually,have the best rep for moisturizing,properly it tends to put a film over,your hair fibers and on your skin,and actually doesnt let moisture in so,dont love,the coconut youll never see my products,with coconut in them it is a really,gorgeous color like i love colored,shampoos,i dont know why just as the experience,you know its very blue though,like its almost toning great lather,ability,it smells so good right up those,nostrils right up those old breathing,tubes all right lets rinse this baby,off wow that is,were gonna take her away and well,review her when were done my next,guest today is tresume,whoa i wasnt expecting it to be as,heavy for some reason,thats because its 28 milliliters uh oh,28,ounces milliliters this costs,5.49 its the cheapest one of,all it is double the ounces of the last,two we just,used based off look i actually do like,the packaging this one,looks the most chic to me great job,tresemme with the labeling,i like the black a lot like the metallic,foil,um moment going on in the front it says,moisture rich seven times,more luxurious with vitamin e all right,i love vitamin e oh and it has an,asterisk,versus non-conditioning shampoo god i,love,marketing its so fun to read theirs is,seven times more moisturizing,it smells like sweet tarts apparently,thats what people like people just want,like this like,sweet floral generic scent its a lot,like itll give you a headache in five,seconds,whoa caring for the planet this bottle,is made with at least 25,recycled material okay well i mean a,little bit less recycled than the other,ones i must say ooh,i love this little pearlescent color we,have going on here,it is not that sticky its a little bit,thinner than,you know dove ingredients okay so,ak is pro vitamin b5 which is great for,your hair and your skin,they have biotin in here fragrance is,middle of the list so,not that much fragrance

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