1. Okaysou AirMax8L Air Purifier Review (Performance Test)
  2. Okaysou Air Purifier Review | TikTok Made Me Buy It | Is Okaysou Worth The Money
  3. Okaysou AirMax10L Smart Air Purifier Review
  4. Okaysou Airmax 10L Pro is Great for Big Rooms
  5. Review: Okaysou Apollo HEPA Air Purifier
  6. Okaysou AirMic4S Air Purifier Review (Performance Test)
  7. Okaysou AirMax 8L Review: Powerful filtration without the high price

Okaysou AirMax8L Air Purifier Review (Performance Test)

if you follow our YouTube channel and,read our website daily you have probably,noticed that we have already written,about the okay sue err Mike 4s if you,read that article you probably know that,the air Mike 4s is not an ideal,solution for a large room on the other,hand the okay sue air max 8l is proven,as a good air purifier for a large room,check out how good the okay sue air max,8l is in different situations in the,following minutes initially the air max,8l is a bit more complex than the air,Mike 4s the first thing you need to do,is take the air purifier out of the box,and remove all protective plastic from,it after that open the cover on the back,side and take out the ultra and dual,filter remove the protective packaging,on the filters,now you need to put the filter back,inside now you need to put in a dual,filter and on top of the dual filter,goes an ultra filter as soon as the,filters are correctly inside close the,back side cover the back side cover uses,a magnet which makes sure everything is,covered correctly if the cover is not,placed on the unit correctly the air,purifier will not start if you are,replacing filters its wise to wipe the,inside of the air purifier with a dry,cloth or even use a vacuum cleaner to,suck out all the dirt by doing that you,can prolong the efficiency of the new,filter after all these steps the air,purifier is ready to turn on on top of,the air purifier is a touch panel which,is used to control the air purifier when,you attach it to a power source you will,hear a beep sound the power button will,also start blinking click the power,button and the air purifier will start,working to shut it down click the power,button again fan speed is a standard,option that is used to control the,efficiency and speed of air filtration,with each click of the button the speed,will change the sleep button will help,you sleep by putting the air purifier on,the first speed and then dimming all the,lights on the control panel if you click,any other button you will leave the,sleep mode a timer button is also an,essential option that most air purifiers,have it is used to redefine the working,time after which air purifiers will,automatically shut down the filter,replacement indicator will let you know,when the filters need replacement the,child lock button is a handy feature,that allows you to lock down all,settings,the airmax,8l will remember all the settings before,shutting down and will use them on the,next startup white electrical devices,are usually a hit they can easily blend,into any environment and wont cause any,decor troubles in the room this,not-so-small device is an example of a,clean and stylish look with a black top,that adds to the exceptional design on,top of the air purifier is a touch panel,which we already described in detail on,each side there is a handle for easy,transport if you want to use it in more,than one room on the back side is a,large cover that keeps filters in one,place the motor is also inside placed,after the filters which makes sure all,air goes through these filters the cover,is well designed which makes the filters,more efficient holes on the cover are,the perfect size to catch pet hair other,large particles will be caught on the,pre-filter this system makes sure that,the primary filter stays clean for a,longer time the only thing that could be,done better is the power cable sometimes,it was too short and an extension cable,was needed airmax 8l uses two filters,that cover the whole back side of the,air purifier because of that large,covering air filters arent very,effective the air change rate is also,high because of that the ultra filter is,the main filter and contains a,pre-filter the pre-filter is used to,prolong the lifetime of other filters by,removing significant pollutants after,the pre-filter,comes the HEPA filter which removes,99.97% of airborne particles,the antimicrobial filter combats,bacteria viruses and germs the,sterilization rate reaches 99.9% the,activated carbon filter absorbs VOCs and,also removes other toxins such as,formaldehyde but the primary purpose of,this filter is to remove odor and in the,end there is a cold catalyst filter,which decomposes and captures ammonia,hydrogen and other chemicals filters,need replacement every six to eight,months,this device is more quiet than I,expected however if you are a light,sleeper you may have trouble sleeping,with this air purifier working in the,background on the first speed this,device is at forty six point three DBA,on the second speed its at fifty five,point three DBA and on the third speed,its at fifty nine point four DBA these,results may vary from the official ones,because our measuring device includes a,weighted decibels in measurement air,purifiers dont need lots of power and,thats also the case with this air,purifier when actively running for,thirty days at the highest speed the air,purifier will spend three dollars and,seventy cents if the price of one,kilowatt hour is twelve cents a bit of a,larger cost is filter replacement,because this air purifier has two,filters that need replacement the good,news is that filters need to be replaced,every six to eight months filters are,bought separately and without a doubt,are representing the most significant,expense when talking about operating,costs,the okay sooo airmax 8l is recommended,for a 237 square foot room however we,have tested it in different sized rooms,the first room we used for testing was,194 square feet in this room the air,purifier showed remarkable results in 60,minutes the AQI was improved,dramatically from 246 to 12 after 90,minutes of work the AQI,was a 6 in the second test we used a 320,square foot room the air purifier,performed like a pro and managed to drop,a qi from 105 to 8 in only one hour of,work the air quality was dramatically,improved we can honestly say that ok,sooo airmax,8l performs very well since both tests,improved the air in the room over 90% if,you would like to see more about these,tests go to air purifier first.com,the link is in the video description ok,sooo airmax 8l is c e FCC ETL and carb,certified all certificates are publicly,available and everyone can check them,besides that this device is 100% ozone,free all these facts prove that ok sooo,as a company is a major air purifier,manufacturer using ok sue air max 8l,regularly will dramatically improve the,air you breathe the device is easily,portable and easy to use a five stage,purification system makes sure the most,common large particles like dust pollen,and other invisible household pollutants,are removed in the end eliminating such,pollutants will help your breathing okay,sue offers a 5 year warranty on the,product all you need to do to get this,generous warranty is to contact the,manufacturer in 30 days from purchase,this device is an excellent solution in,case you wish to use it in more than one,room its a compact portable and,lightweight air purifier that Blaine,in in any environment you can see a,detailed review on air purifier,first.com,in the video description you can find,additional helpful links you can ask any,questions about okay su air max 8l in,the comment box below,which we will gladly answer if you,enjoyed this review please like the,video and click Subscribe

Okaysou Air Purifier Review | TikTok Made Me Buy It | Is Okaysou Worth The Money

hi,guys angela ortiz here back with another,video,so tick tock really did make me,buy this so this is how do you pronounce,it,okay soup okay sue so as you guys know,i do have two dogs,[Music],and they shed everywhere so,this is gonna help us with the smell,of a dog and collect all the,fur and stuff that,lays around the house im going to show,you a glimpse of how,our floors look i did not vacuum today,but you will see,[Music],oh so this filters matters most,and so its a washable pre-filter and,its,h13 true hepa filter which means that it,removes 99.97,of particles its an anti-microbial,filter,a honeycomb activated carbon filter and,cold,catalyst filter so these are all the,the filters and its all washable and,stuff,and im gonna be doing this without,without well within,how many days yeah and youre gonna see,how how disgusting its gonna look,because my house gets full of hair,and my husband hes always saying his,allergies are kicking in,well both you guys right so yeah so,were gonna go ahead and open this up,and show you what it looks like,[Music],go ahead,and this is what it looks like,so that yeah,thats what the back looks like please,not into your finger or stick foreign,[Music],[Music],do,[Music],okay so we went ahead and plugged it in,here,here you go oh well we could actually,take that off take it off fella,oh nice,[Music],and then you have your speeds,child lock oh thats cool the sleeve and,then the timer go ahead and turn it on,and do the speed oh you feel it,i think you had to hit the speed again,speed,okay i just had to do this bella one of,the girls on tic toc,she let go of her hair and then she put,it right there just to show,just to show how her hair was blowing,[Laughter],and does it blows cold yeah it feels,[Laughter],good,[Music],okay guys its actually been two weeks i,know i said that i was gonna,go ahead and check this out in a week,im going to show you,a couple of videos right now of,other people doing this showing this,on tick tock and the amount of,hair that comes out of it i just,i actually dont believe it everyone,seemed to like the last video i did,where i cleaned the filters and the air,purifiers so lets do another one,this one weve only had on for just a,few days and it honestly has gotten so,much out of the air already in just a,short amount of time,now with that dust in mind this is the,same size,purifier and this is about a weeks,worth of accumulation in our bedroom,where us and the dogs obviously sleep,every night and thats,just a week now keeping this amount of,dust in mind,and seeing how many layers it had and,how much hair,was stuck in the dust were going to,change the filter in our biggest one,again just a weeks worth of,accumulation we love these things i have,my two dogs that,shed constantly and,i just dont believe the amount of hair,that came out of theirs which is gonna,come out of mine,probably not um i checked it a week,later from starting it and there was,like,maybe three dog hairs,that i saw so i was like okay lets try,one more week,i have not opened it yet so were gonna,go ahead and have bella open it for us,and see what weve got,okay well i mean that looks,dirty it looks more like dust than dog,hair though,yeah its dusty which i mean is it is,this for dust,or for dog yeah its uh no its for,both oh okay but mostly so this has four,filters,so okay so guys if you remember from the,beginning the black,on the outside the whole thing was,completely black so you could see,that its you know it has,quite a few dust purples yeah dusk,particles,and they do say to change it out every,three months now bella on the side dont,pull that out,i want you its velcro i want you to,lift that velcro the black,yes yes just pull it pull it down,its velcro,okay i mean,its still is it supposed to be egg,shell white,its egg shelling its supposed to be,white white,okay now take that down,well thats blue no no that was,that was like that anyway why is that,blue does that look like it has anything,or no,no yeah so youre supposed to change,these out,like every um three months i believe it,says,ew you just wiped your whole hands,but how else am i supposed to put my eye,on the sides,oh bella,wow and shes having allergies anyways,guys,because of uh work and stuff so youre,gonna need to,definitely wash your hands right now so,anyways guys,from a scale from 1 to 10 10 being the,best,im gonna give this um,between a six and a seven i was hoping i,was gonna see a bunch of,hair yeah they made it look like oh my,god like,yes i guess what they were showing it,was kind of like impossible to get,anywhere go ahead and turn the front,around,because at this point this parts gonna,get dustier than this yeah,but i mean okay so i am gonna say this,though,my husband that has very bad allergies,um doesnt have them,as much anymore and it doesnt,smell like animal when you first walk in,yeah it smells good so it does i i can,tell,you know the difference in the smell and,with my husband hes actually able to,sit down here,and be fine and stuff so um,yeah i give this between a six and a,seven i had other air,filters um and,i mean it was like i want to say like,the same thing,i mean yeah i did have like this little,air freshener thing,on it so it gave out a pretty smell this,one you just dont smell,anything so i dont know its up to you,guys if you want to spend the money on,something like this i paid i believe,130. i feel like youre paying for the,look mostly,well its a humidifier like,its going to collect dust but,but its the way that the tic tocs made,it look like,it was like some god of uh well not only,tick-tock guys,look i did do you know i went on to the,actual,website i did look at their,demonstration i didnt just look at the,tic tac that is where i first,saw it but i did look on the website,and um you know what they were making it,out to be,and stuff so i dont know,um yeah between six and seven,anyways guys thank you for watching uh,let me know down below in the comments,what,would you buy this im not sure but,okay well see you on the next video,bye

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Okaysou AirMax10L Smart Air Purifier Review

[Music],hello everybody jackie from dread and,blogger here,to talk about the otisou,air purifier now ive been using it for,a hot minute so this is more of a,follow-up video,than my last one but,here it is um,i have my little notes here so i just,dont forget anything it does have,actually lets take it lets open it up,so you can see,everything oh thats lovely hmm,but now youll be able to see that the,filter works so it does have a washable,filter let me just remove the chunk of,dog hair,so as you can see it clearly does work,and i just cleaned this like five,seconds ago but you know here we are,anyway,so it does have a whole,filtration system,just pull it from down here,multiple filters we will go through all,of them,so i do believe um,let me just i made a list of all of them,the honeycomb,activated filter with little,not 100 sure i think just pieces of,carbon or some something like that,inside of each one of those to be the,final,guard of protection that one goes in,first,and then there is its the h13 i believe,hepa filter here,which catches more more before you know,after the first two,um,cool and this one has,theres a whole layer under here and i,think either this one is the hepa or,this one,is the,antibacterial filter,questions but,this one this is washable you can take,this off and wash it and then all you do,is just stretch it back on to fit,once youve taken it all off this has,just some velcro right there so you can,wash all that which is lovely,um,it is a little weird trying to fit the,uh,fit it back on because it there is seems,to be a little extra room,but,not really a big deal,there is an air,purifier sensor for the quality theres,a child locked if you want to be able to,lock,the speed and filtration,for,a certain amount of time,but this will turn either blue or,yellow or red depending on,what,you need let me angle it a little better,um,depending on how your air quality is,it does 1 000 square feet per hour,and then the only thing that i have a,problem with with this filter is that,the,night time filter doesnt seem to work,um its still mildly loud considering,uh,let me see how can i hold this well and,you can still,what youre hearing right now is the,lowest speed that it goes to,which my,camera quality may or may not be picking,that up at all but its still pretty,loud it is nowhere near a sleep mode,where i could personally sleep in the,same room with it because it is still,mildly loud and then it,eco,mode and then turbo mode which is really,loud which does purify it very quickly,um which is nice but,yeah its still pretty loud so and then,the light doesnt ever turn off at some,point if that is something that bothers,you like this blue,which it is daylight right now so you,cant see but like its its pretty,bright i if i was sleeping in a room,with just this i would definitely see it,um,but that is pretty much it theres also,a blue button on top thats,may or may not depending on how light,sensitive you are but you if you were,sleeping in the room with this but,thats just something to know but i keep,this in my living room its not in my,bedroom,so,it doesnt clearly bother me as much but,that is pretty much it um,it works well you know i mean its tall,its big its,it really does its job the filter is,incredible theres all the space,for it to suck in your air and just like,purify it out the back this is where the,air sensor quality,thingy,is,so it can sense when your air is,changing which ive noticed it changes,often when im putting thats really,when it goes to light yellow or,something like that if i forget to open,a window it notices right away and then,turbos if you have it on auto mode it,will go based on the air sensor,so it will either like speed up or slow,down depending on the actual air quality,in your home so,that is it that is the ok sue air,purifier,my thoughts after a few months but,thank you for watching bye guys,[Music],you

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Okaysou Airmax 10L Pro is Great for Big Rooms

im time for do-it-yourself home,automation and this is a look at the,okay sue,air max 10l pro air purifier,so this is a hepa 13 h13 air purifier,which means that its even a little bit,better than a traditional,hepa filter at removing small particles,so an h13 will remove 99.97,of particles down to 0.1 microns which,means it can handle,dust and hair and things you might find,in a home but also things like,smoke and potentially even the particles,that carry viruses,so its a really good level of,filtration its considered a medical,grade filter in many contexts and thats,built into,the ok su air purifier here the 10,l air max 10 l pro one thing i really,love about this purifier is that,the blower inside here is very high,speed its about 1200 rpm,so its a turbine fan its almost like,what you would find in a high-end vacuum,cleaner instead of the traditional kind,of squirrel cage fans that you get,in a normal purifier and the advantage,of that is that,the unit itself is pretty small as you,can see here,but its actually able to move enough,air to purify the air in a thousand,square foot room,and change it out once per hour so its,got a cadr rating which is the,air movement rating of 250 pretty good,for a purifier thats on the small side,um the only thing thats a little bit,different about that is that it produces,a higher pitch sound when its running,so i was kind of confused by that at,first and then i learned about the high,speed fan,so as long as youre okay with that its,very quiet but it just sounds a little,different than a traditional purifier,so lets go ahead and switch it on and,press the button on top and the first,thing youll notice is this big glowing,uh square on the front and this is part,of the smart features on,the air max tenno pro so this is,actually an air quality sensor,right now its blue which means that the,quality of the air is good but its,measuring the small particulates in the,air,and it will actually change color to be,yellow if the air is of a moderate,quality,or red if the air becomes unhealthy the,advantage of that is that if you keep it,on the auto mode which i have here,itll actually change the fan speed and,the amount of air its moving to based,on the air quality,so say you start cooking or something,you burn something in the kitchen,and the air quality in your home dips or,maybe theres a wildfire and it,the air from the outside gets in that,often happens here in california,this will change color and the fan speed,will increase to help,clear out the air so thats really nice,because you can leave it on auto it,wont,run really you know loudly most of the,time but if the air quality drops itll,automatically switch,you can also change this to an eco,setting here so thats the quietest its,a whisper quiet if you want to have it,running in your room,or turbo setting which is the max speed,and you can see were getting,quite a lot of uh air movement there um,and ill bring something over the top,you can see ive got a balloon here and,its uh really whipping around,there so you can see theres quite a lot,here,down at the bottom i usually like to,keep mine in the auto mode but you can,also,manually change from one to three three,being the fastest,fan speed lets go back to auto filter,reset,ill get to the filters in a second,child lock you can lock out the top if,you dont want your kids to be able to,use these buttons,and then theres a timer function where,you can set for an hour two hours four,hours or eight hours,if you want to have this run say when,youre going to bed but you dont want,to run it all night you can set a timer,where it will shut off,after a period of time other things i,like about the,air max 10l pro is that it has five,filters im not going to open it up now,because i already loaded those filters,it does come with a set of filters and,you can replace them,but theres five different layers,including a washable filter,the h13 another premium filter which is,kind of like,uh just a standard hepa filter as far as,i can tell,theres a nano ionic filter which they,say has silver ions,in theory that could potentially disrupt,viruses or bacteria im not sure im not,able to test that directly but,thats something that they say and,theres a carbon filter as well that,removes scents from the air so if youre,using this with,any kind of you know strong smells in,the house that carbon filter will help,to,pick those up so i think this is a,really great purifier again for a,relatively large room,and because you do have that faster fan,speed,ill be quiet for a second so you can,hear what it sounds like,a little higher pitch than a typical,purifier but it does move so much,air that you really get this compact,unit that can accommodate a much,larger room

Review: Okaysou Apollo HEPA Air Purifier

[Music],this is the ok su apollo hepa air,purifier if you have pets in your home,specifically you should definitely have,an air purifier but really theyre,beneficial for any home they get rid of,the dust and different fluids in the air,in your home if you have pets there are,always dander and fur floating around,and you want to make sure that the air,quality is good for both your human and,furry family members i have tried out,okay soup purifiers in the past this is,a new model for them ive always been,happy with their products theyre great,quality comparable in price to other,similar products on the market so i,wanted to check this one out and see how,it works a little bit smaller than the,one that ive used in the past,so i was happy about that obviously,smaller as long as its just as,effective its nice to have smaller,units that dont take up as much space,as you can tell the design is really,simple it blends in with any homes decor,which is something im also always,looking for we dont really like to have,flashy things that stand out in our home,especially something simple like an air,purifier you know you dont want,everybody pointing it out asking about,what it is and you know this big giant,unit in your home taking up space so i,love that its a simple design very,sleek the colorings great blends in,with any decor and its small this one,purifies rooms at 300 square feet in,about 15 minutes 500 square feet in 30,minutes and 800 square feet in an hour,our home is big everythings very open,so its important for me to have,something thats going to work,effectively as well as be in our price,range so with this one i will shut it,off and show you the filter really quick,and then ill bring you in a little bit,closer and just show you how easy it is,to use super simple im not a tech savvy,person so for me,having something thats really easy to,use is important as well so this is the,filter system,sorry sadies curious about the aha okay,so apollo hubba air filter as well,apparently so you have the three siege,filtration system there is a washable,pre-filter on the front which captures,larger particles hair dust things like,that um you have the h13 true hepa,filter which removes at least 99.9,of airborne particles that are up to 0.3,microns so this is definitely one of the,better air purifiers on the market if,you want to know the science behind that,and kind of what all of that means and,how small is a particle thats 0.3,microns just click the link below the,video theres more detailed information,there about kind of the science behind,the filter and why its one of the,better products on the market um and,then you can see on the back here we,have the activated carbon filter and,its in this honeycomb shape this one,absorbs odors and fumes so if you cook a,lot you know it says you have you burn,something on accident or something like,that that filter is whats going to,remove the odors as well as the,particles in the ear so then you just,snap the front back on and thats it,super easy to change the filter so now i,will bring you in a little bit closer,and well take a look at how easy the,product is to use,so just to show you a little closer,again all you do is pop this front panel,off to change the filter and then,theres magnets in there and it just,clicks back on super easy to do on the,top here you see all of the buttons in,the middle here we have the power button,everything lights up when you turn the,power on if you want to use this at,night and the light bothers you there is,a way to turn the display lights off and,its still running,ill turn those back on just because,its easier to see in the video so its,super duper quiet at just 23 decibels,right now heres the fan speed button,and im not sure if you can see it there,is a picture if you click the link below,the video in my written review theres a,picture of the top of this thats easier,to see there is a nighttime mode theres,one two and three speed settings so its,on two right now,and its very quiet well go up to three,and this is the loudest it gets,so a little bit noisier but certainly,not any louder than like oscillating fan,that you might put in your bedroom to,keep you cool in the summer definitely,very quiet its a hundred percent ozone,free and the filter reset button here,when its time to change the filter it,tells you that so that youre not just,kind of you know trying to run a clogged,up filter in your system thats not,purifying your air you also have the,timer here and that allows you to set it,for two hours four hours six hours or,eight hours and that one it would,automatically shut off so if you dont,want to run it 24 hours a day you can,definitely do that,this model the apollo hepa air filter,retails for 129 right now on amazon yeah,as i said compared to other similar,products thats extremely affordable,its cheaper than most products with a,similar filtration system and like i,said its smaller sleeker easier to use,so those are all the reasons that i,would recommend it along with being,effective at purifying the air in your,home obviously the most important,feature but you know kind of some of,those added bonuses that make it stand,out a little bit from other similar,products if you guys have any questions,feel free to email us info,topdogtips.com,thanks for watching this video review,[Music]

Okaysou AirMic4S Air Purifier Review (Performance Test)

okay sue err Mike 4s purifies air with,the medical-grade true HEPA h13 filter,it is most effective in small to medium,sized rooms continue watching and see,how powerful it is and exactly what you,can expect from it,[Music],before turning it on you need to take,some steps to make it ready to work turn,the air purifier upside down,remove the cover by turning it,counterclockwise as soon as you remove,the cover take the filter out and remove,the plastic bag which was protecting the,filter now you can place the filter back,in the air purifier put the cover back,and turn it clockwise so the arrow on,the side points that the cover is sealed,now you can place it in the desired,position and turn it on before hitting,the power button remove the plastic wrap,from the touchscreen at first run you,will notice a weird smell coming out,from the device it smells like plastic,or chemicals because of that it is best,to leave it at work for a few hours,while youre not in the room just to be,safe if you are replacing the old filter,before installing a new filter use a,vacuum cleaner and clean the air,purifier from accumulated dust okay soo,air Mike for s is not that much,different from other air purifiers in,this category it uses standard options,just like other air purifiers do the,power button reacts to low pressure as,soon as you click it you will hear a,beep which means that the air purifier,is working this air purifier does not,have memory and wont remember your,latest settings that means that after,each start it will start on the first,speed and ambient light will be on,maximum if you would like to change fan,speed click the speed button and choose,one of the three speeds by pressing the,sleep mode button the air purifier will,continue to work on the first speed and,all the lights will be shut down,you can set shutdown time very easily by,pressing the timer button on the screen,you will see the number and after that,many hours the air purifier will,automatically shut down the dimmer,button is used for ambient light,adjustment the filter reset indicator,will turn on when the filter needs to be,replaced that will happen every six to,eight months when you replace the filter,you will need to press this button and,hold it for three seconds so the timer,resets classic white color with black,details allows this air purifier to,blend in almost any room the premium,outlook is lifted with modern design and,ambient light adds attraction to this,model the touch screen is perfect and,works without any trouble each button,has a light which makes it easy to use,even in the dark the only objection is,production quality which is not on the,highest level but it can get away with,it it is a portable air purifier that,can be easily moved from room to room,but you will notice that it would be,very useful if it had a handle silenced,boost technology allows it to work,whisper quiet on first speed this air,purifier can suck the air from 270,degrees with an air entrance of 26,centimeters high a big entrance is a,significant advantage and that allows,the capture of large particles such as,pet hair and fur okay sue air Mike 4s,uses medical-grade true HEPA h 13 which,can capture up to ninety nine point,ninety seven percent of airborne,particles as small as point three,microns it has a pre-filter which,captures larger particles like hair and,because of this washable pre-filter the,true HEPA filter will last longer inside,is also an active carbon filter with its,primary job to remove bad odor smoke and,harmful gases a reliable centrifugal fan,with 12 vanes,pure copper motor and smart chip allows,this air purifier to work silently at,first speed its a silent as it gets and,you can have a good nights sleep when,it runs on first speed it will make 45,points,seven decibels on the second 50 decibels,and on the third 57.5 decibels the fan,works steadily without any disturbances,and weird noises measured results can be,different than the ones that the,manufacturer mentioned in the,description because our measuring tool,includes awaited decibels in measuring,this little device uses only 25 watts,which means that it uses very little,energy in 24 hours on maximum speed this,air purifier will use 0.6 kilowatts,which is around two dollars and 20 cents,per month if we calculate 12 cents per,kilowatt as it is in the United States,on standby mode this air purifier uses,five watts which is a meaningless number,and the electric bill will not change at,all the only significant expense is,filter replacement but that is only,every six to eight months you can check,the current price of the filter,replacement in the video description,below,we tested the ok Seur mic for s for,almost one month we use the temp tool,for measuring air quality this air,purifier is meant for a 130 square-foot,room but we have used it in rooms of,various sizes to see how air quality,will improve we wanted to see how air,quality improves in smaller and bigger,rooms than recommended,the AQI is an index for reporting daily,air quality it tells you how clean or,polluted your air is a 194 square foot,room after just one hour of air quality,was improved for 85%,in a hundred twenty square foot room air,quality was improved by 82% we have also,tested it in extreme environments in a,230 square-foot room in this room people,smoked everyday and almost all the time,someone was in the room air quality in,such an extreme environment has,significantly improved and since this,room is larger than recommended we were,delighted with the results our advice is,that this small air purifier needs to be,used by the book in rooms that are,smaller than 130 square feet however you,should not worry too much even if the,size of your room is a bit larger than,recommended,since we proved that even in a big room,this air purifier could do a good job if,youd like to see more details about,these tests you can check it by visiting,air purifiers first.com or by clicking,the link in the video description the,okay su air Mike 4s is a cute little,device that is an excellent tool in,improving air quality in the living room,or bedroom its an ideal choice if,youre on a limited budget or if this is,your first air purifier its perfect for,beginners because its very simple to,use if you decide to buy this air,purifier before the final decision check,the room size in your home and see if,they meet the requirements I am highly,suggesting to use this air purifier in a,bedroom small office kids room nursery,room or any other room that is not,larger than 130 square feet okay sue,gives a 5 year warranty which is very,generous you can read about okay sue air,Mike 4s in more detail on air purifier,first.com you can find all the necessary,links in the video description

Okaysou AirMax 8L Review: Powerful filtration without the high price

hey everyone Jordan here with 9 to 5,toys if youre spending more time home,these days which most of us are then you,might be thinking about ways you can,clean it up a little bit one way to help,with dust odors and overall air quality,is to use an air purifier like this ok,Sal air max a Dell with a relatively,clean overall design easy to use buttons,and functions the air max a Dell is a,great option priced at 118 dollars lets,check it out thanks for watching 9 to 5,toys be sure to LIKE subscribe and,enable notifications with the bell icon,so you dont miss any upcoming videos,the Air Max 8l is designed to be used in,rooms up to 800 square feet or at least,thats the biggest size that they give,any sort of spec for in an 800 square,foot room the air max 8l will circulate,air 1.5 times per hour in a 500 square,foot it will circulate three times per,hour and in a 320 square foot room itll,circulate five times per hour the Air,Max 8l uses two different filters that,have a total of five different elements,to help purify air itll help clean up,your air from things like pet odor and,dander and dust but it also helps to,remove some harmful gases like,formaldehyde and ammonia before you use,the air max a Dell for the first time,you do need to remove the filters and,take off the packaging that is,surrounding them and thats really easy,to do on the back side of the air,purifier we can remove the door just by,pulling it out and has a magnetic,closure and pull up the door to remove,it and that exposes the filters so we,have the first filter which they call,the ultra filter which has three,different elements and behind that to,have the duo filter that has two,different elements to it and when they,first arrive these both have plastic,coverings over them that you do need to,remove before you use the filter so,theyre really easy to remove and,replace and to reinstall just put it,back in there make sure that this tab is,visible so you know that its the right,way and its at the top there Ill put,the dual filter back in everything seems,I have a pretty secure fit in there then,to put the door as a magnet here at the,top so you just slide the feet back in,the bottom and the top connects back,like that so very easy to open up and,change the filters overall the design of,the Air Max 8l is pretty clean and very,pleasing has a modern black and white,color scheme to it,only thing that I find unfortunate about,the design is the large logo right in,the middle of the otherwise very clean,design I mean obviously you want people,to know your brand and promote your,brand but that could be done a little,bit cleaner,you know if the logo was up here at the,top or you know down here at the bottom,like you could still have it the same,size but right there in the middle its,pretty obtrusive for an otherwise you,know relatively clean design otherwise,the airmax a-tell measures in at,thirteen by seven and a quarter by,twenty and a quarter inches the air,inlet is in the back you can see when we,turned it around to remove the cover so,you do need to make sure that its not,right up against the wall you need a,little bit of space in between a wall,and the air purifier to make sure that,the air flow can circulate through there,on top of the air purifier we have,buttons for speed a child lock a power,button sleep button and a timer most of,these are pretty self-explanatory but,the child lock button needs to be held,down for three seconds to activate it,and that just makes sure that no other,buttons can be tampered with if you have,children who like to push buttons like,my two-year-old does and then turn that,off again just press and hold the child,lock button for three seconds one more,time and to make the Air Max a tell a,little bit nicer at night the sleep,button that sets the air purifier fan,speed in the lowest setting so its,quite a setting and then also turns off,all the lights on the top so its not,disruptive in a dark room the other air,purifier that I reviewed recently the co,way air mega smart air purifier auto,detects contaminants and adjusts its,speed automatically based on what you,know what kind of filtration that its,needing to do on the lowest fan speed,for the co way its almost you know dead,silent you can barely hear it I even had,it running right next to my microphone,while I was recording the video and then,on the loudest setting you know it,sounds like a jets about to take off it,can get really loud like its really,doing some work obviously with the air,max I tell it is not automatic it,doesnt automatically detect,contaminants and adjust itself so in the,lowest setting it is doing a little bit,more work than what I think the co way,is and because of that it is more,audible it sounds like a fan kind of set,on like a low setting thats something,that I really liked about the co way air,mega is that you know you can leave it,on in the background in the lowest,setting when in,automatic you cant even tell if its on,its really quiet and then when it,starts to speed up you can tell that,its you know detected something is,doing a little bit more work but with,the okay so its pretty much always,audible always on and so that just,depends on your environment whether,thats a good or a bad thing that this,is always at least a little bit audible,one of the ways I thought I would test,the air max pay dell is by trying to,eliminate some pet odor we have a cat,and when we clean his cat box I can,smell pretty bad so I decided to turn it,on nearby his cat box while its,changing that to see you know what sort,of elimination it would do of the litter,box odor and with it set up and turned,on close to the litter box I mean it,didnt eliminate the odor completely,immediately I could still smell it while,I was changing it but it definitely did,help to dissipate the odor afterwards,you know usually the odor lingers for a,while we can smell it as pretty close to,the kitchen so we get kind of spot in,the kitchen sometimes but having this,running nearby definitely helped to,dissipate the odor so isnt nearly as,noticeable as it is without running an,air purifier like this like we mentioned,it has the two filters and theyre very,easy to replace and they say the,expected life of those is about eight,months and thats gonna vary depending,on you know what kind of contaminants or,how much work its doing throughout the,day to clean up a space so theres a,light at the top that will turn on when,the filter needs to be replaced and you,can order those either on okay sales,website or on Amazon and I think both of,the filters each run about nineteen,dollars so youre looking about,thirty-eight dollars to replace both of,the filters when that time comes,so overall the airmax 8l seems like it,does a good job of cleaning up odors and,improving air quality in a space its,not as quiet as a co a air mega but its,also not as loud in its highest setting,its super easy to use and has a pretty,long filter life at eight months and it,also comes with a five year warranty and,us-based support if you have any issues,with it so what do you think of the okay,Sal Air Max Adele let us know in the,comments below thanks for watching if,you enjoyed this video please give it a,thumbs up and consider subscribing this,is Jordan with nine-to-five toys,you

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