1. Old Elk Wheated Bourbon [SF Wine Trader Barrel Pick] Review
  2. Old Elk Wheated Bourbon Barrel Pick Whiskey Wednesday Review
  3. 5 Wheated Bourbons BETTER Than WELLER?
  4. Weller Antique 107 vs Old Elk Double Wheat Bourbon! DOUBLE BASS!
  5. Is Old Elk The Best Low Proof Wheated Bourbon?
  6. The Bourbon Note review: Old Elk wheated bourbon
  7. Old Elk Wheated Bourbon Review

Old Elk Wheated Bourbon [SF Wine Trader Barrel Pick] Review

[Music],welcome to the whiskey vault you have,things to say,yeah this is the first time weve shot,since uh its been since,uh dry week in my vacation its been,probably like two and a half weeks yeah,two and a half weeks maybe maybe close,to three weeks,yeah how was your vacation it was great,actually yeah yeah yeah,yeah did get tagged by jellyfish oh but,it was like,like just like a here in the it was like,a drive-by jellyfishing,youre in the gulf yeah it didnt fully,envelop me just like tagged me on the,way,a glancing blow yeah yeah yeah so its,like oh oh that stings,a lot all right so i googled it there,you know,you know whats best for that salt water,so you didnt pee on yourself no no you,just stay in the ocean it turns out,because i know this thing,for it like the peabody episode is,debunked yeah,but if i were there i would totally not,tell you it was debunked yeah and try,and pee on you i already know its,[ __ ] up it just reminds me of the,friends episode but they wont even look,at each other afterwards,yeah totally most important question,yeah did you miss me,sure thats just not really,not a lot of okay pep in them,so we did okay so this is from,uh jason chow remember jason san,francisco wine trader,yes hes a rep like he works there yes,this is a san francisco wine trader,barrel pick,so its kind of reppy its kind of rappy,kind of reppy but you know he,sent us what would be patron saint,territory except for every one of them,was,one of their barrel picks that he helped,choose is there a patron saint of,crickets,yeah thats so weird i feel bad because,hes like hes sending his good,all right and like he helped pick it,this,among reps you know youve had the,conversation it is it is,a thing of honor apparently yeah an,awkward pause because,totally a freaking jason,a wrap,i do have opinions though but im gonna,taste it first,okay i have,mild annoyance involved already but,and you just got back i would be willing,to bet money im going to really like,the whiskey,i mean its good like i would its a,good knowing what i know im betting im,going to like it,only like it smells an oily wood yeah,and a sweetness thats not quite vanilla,but almost the direction of vanilla,its like a like a caramel caramelized,burnt vanilla yeah like creme brulee a,little sprinkling of brown yeah around,there,yeah and almost floral yeah im getting,like,like a base of tea yeah yeah,its nice these these are pretty classic,flavors especially in a weeded bourbon,now im excited about oh oh that tastes,really nice very candied though,yeah but its not so the density of the,sweetness is actually balanced by the,wood notes,and the sweetness shifts into high gear,right in the middle of the body yeah the,first moments youre getting that wood,oil,youre getting that kind of like um that,little bit of a burnt vanilla,and then dessert theres some sugar its,like fudge,level density you know i gotta tell you,that i kind of like the like the antler,i know right its not real antler but,yeah this is fort collins colorado is,the old delta distillery,okay colorado yeah now heres the thing,elk why why are you all butt-hurt im a,little annoyed,okay because i mean i think as the,distillers everythings great,like the kurt richardson is the guy who,founded this thing hes an entrepreneur,guy,and he um pulled in greg i guess mets or,meets,m-e-t-z-e i would say mets mets,to be the head-to-store or master,distiller at old creek,right now meets has like almost 40 years,of distilling history,between check it seagrams,and mgp okay he was a distiller at,seagrams and,mgp yeah so and then he came to work,with old elk so he spent a career doing,the big,large-scale stuff and then its like all,right lets do something a little bit,entrepreneurial we got some more,flexibility creativity were not stuck,doing like just giant corporation level,stuff,now let me let you go the path that i,went down because heres what they said,yeah this bird was our chance to show,the world what were capable of,okay by using our expertise to create,our flagship bourbon,and then we tweaked that recipe up the,wheat,and kept the corn at a minimum okay and,the result was a liquid that allows for,every ingredient to shine on its own and,is what happens when success meets,craft okay okay,distilled in indiana so is it an mgp,its the exact weeded mgp recipe that we,have done at our distillery so no,hearing that yeah hearing that yeah,and its its like an entrepreneurial,thing and we it is,you know they made it from the grain,they made their or they at least,work tweaked it or like had a bespoke,recipe im im,trying to figure out is there a path for,benefit of the doubt because he used to,work at mgp,yeah i know maybe he actually distilled,it while he worked at mgp but then there,but then they said they tweaked the,wrestling yeah they but they didnt,tweak the rest of that,they just ordered something new from mgp,well hold on now im still looking for,some benefit,okay because some of these places,whenever you order something,you can do like tweaks and variations on,the recipe see that recipe,fifty-one percent corn forty-five,percent wheat four percent multiple,thats the house,standard a weeded bourbon from mgp so it,was in a situation,where they have this base thing but,theyll let you tweak it a little bit,and they have so many that regardless of,how you tweak it theyre gonna have it,on the,no okay so now we have two barrels of,this in our barrel house right now,right okay its not five years old right,thats,huh you see why im a little annoyed,yeah but it tastes delicious why,yeah because mgp makes great whiskey it,just sounds like theres a disconnect,between,the website people because the labe what,theyre putting,the labels and the website people and,the like like,they are being theyre telling you right,theyre not lying on the bottom,but but theres no tweak though theres,no tweaking i dont know if theyre,watching this and theres a tweet maybe,were maybe were missing a tweet i will,tell you though,that they selected a damn good barrel,because this is,really good theres nothing wrong with,this its just,in our community go ahead get the phone,because were not doing anything,important oh,yeah i was trying to shut it off in our,community theres two,two big rules first is the best whiskey,is with you like to drink the way you,like to drink it,and the second one is we just want,people to be transparent,about whats in the bottle so people can,make a decision we dont care what you,like,how you like to drink it and misleading,language is included,yeah right because heres what happens,this doesnt get the whiskey drinkers,whiskey drinkers see that now like okay,get them gp what it gets is the taurus,people come in and theyre like hey i,was traveling to colorado and i picked,up a colorado whiskey and i wanted to,bring it back as a gift for you,right to introduce you to colorado,whiskey its like well thats good you,just introduced me to indiana whiskey,again there is um,about halfway through whats the proof,is it proof kind of high yeah its cast,its a single barrel thats what to say,about halfway through the ethanol layer,really starts to,to grab my attention that you feel the,heat but at 57 percent,thats why of course yeah yeah its,its a good mgb makes good stuff but,its a little,vexing that you you you glance,and youre gonna you know expect,something thats not actually in that,bottle you know what would be,ironic though if greg metz actually,distilled it,while he worked for mgp what im saying,and then and then my only thing is well,you said you tweaked it specifically for,this,that would be really funny though if he,was the mgp and he knew he was on the,way out,yeah and then he tweaked it whilst at,mgp,yeah so whenever he landed in the in the,oh,thats like he caught it hes like i,tweaked this just for us yeah so,everybody else got the same,i know the barrel numbers i took notes,yeah open up my journal we need to order,these barrels yeah,yeah because on the company

Old Elk Wheated Bourbon Barrel Pick Whiskey Wednesday Review

hey hey yall jeremy james here the,bourbon realtor coming at you,today from bar stools in bourbon on this,whiskey wednesday,were on location at the new happy hour,liquors,in nicholasville kentucky where theyre,opening up their brand new,bourbon bar simply awesome theyve got,literally everything from old fitz,to papi to btac the weller line the,whole line of 1792,im just calling out what im seeing old,forester 150,theyve got tons of rides all of it,is portable all of it is portable,youre not gonna be surrounded with,folks swilling three dollar bud lights,youre gonna be around the folks who,enjoy and understand,what bourbon is all about anyway so,today on this whiskey wednesday were,trying out,old elk this is a captain court pick,this is a weeded bourbon and coming,in at 58.15 or 116,proof so this is distilled in indiana,probably sourced through mgp ill have,to check on that,check down below down here,obviously guys if you love our content,if you like what were doing want to be,notified,make sure you subscribe to us so you get,those notifications when we drop new,videos,were obviously dropping new whiskey,wednesdays every week but were also,dropping our full programs,usually on mondays and fridays every,week every other week,because we have jobs anyway so lets,pour into this old elk i know its very,popular a lot of folks getting it,all the way around some of their normal,stuff is a little low proof for me,im at the 80 so i dont mind dropping,in on this old,elk barrel proof weeded bourbon this is,the weeder,at 116 proof lets get this thing popped,oh what a nice pop off that thing brand,new bottle,lets get her poured out,and no i dont have the new elk head,pour,for my for my bottle i need to get that,so color its got that darker its,definitely into the amber side,not so much that lighter honey coats the,glass,really seamlessly get a nice bead the,legs are slow to develop theyre long,and diffused,so good looking color not super dark,from what i would normally expect with a,barrel proof,but it definitely has thick legs,i can get them to streak theyre lining,up nicely,oh all right it looks very nice,lets see what its on the nose,what do we have 116 116 proof,i can get my nose right down into this,thing with no problem at all,a little bit of citrus up front maybe,some light floral,not really super heavy saturated on the,nose,a little bit of oakiness a little wood,maybe some fresh oak,some sweetness but not a whole lot,so the nose is kind of mid-grade for me,on this,at 116 i would have liked to seen a,little bit more concentration of aroma,but you can definitely get your nose in,there and youre not going to have to,worry about blowing yourself out,all right bourbons made to be drank,lets go,all right thats what i expect when im,over 115 proof,decent mouthfeel the finish is a bit,prickly a little bit dry,from that thats stepping up in the,alcohol content,finishes medium to long,lets see what second sip gives us,brown sugar cinnamon,light bakery cinnamon not like a candied,cinnamon,but like a bakery cinnamon,with a little bit of salt a little bit,of pepperiness,and savoriness with that that brown,sugar and oak,oh this is excellent really is,very very good,third sip was basically a mirror of sip,number two,a little bit of heat remaining in my,mouth long finish,for a 116 its got a decent long finish,to it,ah very very nice all right yall,so this is the old elk its a captain,cork pick,this is the weeded barrel proof,single barrel obviously your mileage is,going to vary whenever you do a single,barrel,but if you can get the old elk as a as a,barrel pick,for me on the smash pass or bar,this is a smash all day long glad i have,this on my bar,this is a very nice um example of a,weeded bourbon,that doesnt taste completely smooth and,syrupy,and boring but its got a lot of flavor,to it a lot of diversity,finish is still going long finish for,116 proof,it drinks more like a 120 to a 125,not super hot though just has a long,lingering finish really really love it,old elk barrel pick this is the weeded,whats not to love about that im jeremy,james the bourbon realtor,coming at you from barcelona bourbon on,this whiskey wednesday,until next time cheers

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5 Wheated Bourbons BETTER Than WELLER?

hey all welcome back to slb basement,bourbon bar,my name is kurt,as you can see on the bar top i have my,personal collection,of weller,bourbons,ive been very fortunate enough to to,get a special reserve an antique 107.,this weller 12 was a gift from trenton,about a year or so ago and that was that,wasnt,what a surprise that was fantastic and,this weller foolproof,but,as you all know its extremely hard to,find these bottles and i i think trenton,you have all these at home right yep yes,he has all four of these at home do you,have any more than that no i will right,so we dont have this what do you i,dont even know what they are cypd,single barrel,what is that what it is i dont know,whats about that one tornado one i,dont know oh thats eh taylor tornado,oh okay different one see theres so,many things hes way up into this stuff,im not hes the one out there all the,time,you know i was fortunate to get some of,this stuff but you know you know trip,hes out there hes hitting and getting,it,so,what i want to do with this video what i,what i really want to try to achieve,is to give you some,excellent,alternative choices,for weeded,bourbons because lets face it,it is so hard to find these weller,products and i have to admit,trent what do you think whats your,favorite of this group up here,what do you think probably the 12 the,12. yeah,theyre all good now he took a second to,try to decide i mean i was sipping on,just a touch before we did the video,just kind of get my palette going thats,what i want to say in the video,i really like this this 107 man it is,really good so for me its between the,107 and the foolproof but lets face it,theyre theyre all very good if you,happen to to run across any of these at,close to msrp,theyre outstanding lets face it but,most of us if not all of us,have a hard time actually for me even,ive only seen with after ive collected,these ive only seen the special reserve,what in the last year i i havent even,seen the 107 the 12 year or the,foolproof,in a year trenton have you seen them out,there,seen the 12 and the the special reserve,but ive seen the cyp be in the single,barrel more than i have the 107 in the,full really yeah,that proves one thing hes out there way,more than i am but for me personally i,can i can tell you i ive only seen the,special reserve so theyre not going to,come by that often so lets get to it,weve got a lot to go over im going to,get you some excellent alternatives for,a a fantastic weeded bourbon first thing,i have to do i have to do i have a,couple special mentions for you here,ive got the bernheim original this was,a subscriber recommendation and whoever,did that thank you so much for that,because this is outstanding its not in,the show today because it is a weeded,whiskey its not a bourbon but theres,some great soft flavor notes in there,for 25 27 something like that its an,awesome introductory bottle for a weeded,whiskey so,bernheim original if you see this dont,pass it up its very very good,i also have to mention this one this is,trentons bottle of course this isnt,mine you know better than that this is,trents bottle but 1792 sweet wheat,fantastic its about how much trenton 35,bucks 35 bucks if you get it close to,msrp if you can find it for 35 40 buy it,because its very very good i didnt put,it in the show because this is another,one thats very hard to find we were we,were digging into this uh this video,just uh last night the night before,and i was tasting this and nosing it it,has a,spectacular,lemon meringue pie nose to me and the,flavors are great as well so special,mention here 1792 sweet wheat if you can,find it pick it up,all right lets get into my choices okay,these are going to be some solid weeded,bourbon choices that you should be able,to find,on your shelf in your local liquor store,very first one,larceny,i mean larceny is so good it has an,undisclosed,mash bill so we dont know what the,match bill is it is 92 proof lets see,what we have in the glass for this one,really really,good this bottle is what trend about 30,bucks roughly maybe a little less a,little more about 30 bucks for this,bottle 92 proof,youre gonna get some some really nice,baking spice notes there a little bit of,cinnamon and really nice sweetness in,there and to me it relates very well,to this uh weller,uh special reserve,you know and,if you can find the weller special,reserve for,msrp its going to be in that middle 30,range right trying to do 32 35 bucks you,know if youre lucky to get it but,this larceny dont pass it up its,excellent its very comparable to the,special reserve next bottle i want to,show you,makers mark cask strength whats the,mash bill on this one trenton uh the,mash bill on the makers mark cast,strength is 70 corn 16 wheat and 14,multi okay some wheat in there but yet,pretty high on the corn right so this is,110 proof here,if im not mistaken correct me if im,wrong trend because all these bottles,are up here im not facing them its,about 110 proof so to me ive got that,107 707 proof of the antique 107 and,whats your full proof 114 114 so to me,im kind of comparing those two lets,see what we have in the glass,[Music],and thats fantastic,its really really good guys you got,some really nice deep caramel notes,there,maybe a touch of cinnamon its not super,complex ill grant you that but for,forty dollars,forty dollars for this bottle,i mean it is somewhat comparable to the,107 and the full proof is it as good,maybe not quite you have an argument,there and thats fine but for forty,dollars you can find it on your shelf at,your store,for an excellent high proof weeded,bourbon dont pass up makers mark cast,strength,next one in line,this one is somewhat new to the bar i,think trent what we got we bought this,like two or three days ago so i dont,know a lot about it but wilderness trail,bottle and bond its their weeded,bourbon,what is the match bill on that trenton,while im sipping on this here real,quick mash bill is 64 corn 24 wheat and,12 malted barley,again im a little bit new to this,i havent really dug into it,that much but its its an excellent,bottle its um,some honey maybe,some honey and definitely a really nice,oak presence in there too and maybe just,a touch of a,a hint of almond possibly,now comparable to whats here for the,welders i dont know if i could compare,them exactly to be quite truthful with,you and honest with you,but,i really feel this is a solid solid,weeded bourbon for about 52 bucks,that you should try you should be able,to find this its an excellent excellent,option very next one this is one this is,one im looking forward to,old elk weeded bourbon trenton again im,going to take a little test of this what,is our mash bill on the old elk,weeded bourbon this has the highest uh,disclosed uh weeding weeding weeded,percentage and it is 51 corn 45 wheat in,four percent,quite a bit of quite a bit of wheat in,there compared to the others quite a bit,of wheat guys let me just tell you,something,this is kind of new you can see my,levels here but ive had this bottle in,the bar before,so i am familiar with this weeded,bourbon but between my brother and i,this is fantastic,its an,excellent excellent weeded bourbon,it is about 70 bucks im gonna be honest,with you its probably about 70 bucks,but i will promise you this its around,the same proof points as your welder 12,and trenton im telling you right now i,would compare this all day long with,welder 12 and this old elk weeded,bourbon it is that good,its one not to miss if you want to bump,up that price point just a touch,to the 70 range dont pass up the old,elk,weeded bourbon last but not least,weve highlighted this this before and i,got to put it in there again,rebel yell 10-year,weeded,bourbon it is a single barrel so,you know taste may vary a little bit in,the single barrel i think trenton if im,not mistaken im gonna take a little sip,of this one but this one here i believe,that the mash bill is undisclosed is,that correct correct yep,wow,really really good

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Weller Antique 107 vs Old Elk Double Wheat Bourbon! DOUBLE BASS!

oh its a double bass kind of day a lot,of requests to do this one weller,antique 107 versus the old elk double,wheat both are readers both 107 proof,who wins lets find out in the matching,drum its,double bass,[Music],whats up folks im jason c from the,master drum welcome back to the show,double bass is the series where i take,two whiskeys and put them head to head,to see which one comes out on top this,matchup has been requested multiple,times the time is today but before we,start lets make a bourbon cocktail with,todays sponsor shaker and spoon oh,shaker and spoon sent me a new box its,called bring on the bourbon its bourbon,cocktail time all right so shaker and,spoon is an amazing subscription service,that ive been talking about for you,know a couple months teaches you to make,bar quality cocktails from recipes,designed by award-winning mixologists,maybe youre looking at this and saying,oh that looks kind of complicated well,luckily in the box you get all these,recipe cards that guide you through,mixing garnishing each cocktail step by,step in great detail including the,glassware you need uh different methods,youre going to be using and even a,glossary that explains any unfamiliar,bartending terms anyone can make one of,these high-end cocktails im going to,make today something called the choco,facto so this is kind of like this,chocolate bourbon coffee type cocktail,lets do it so i already have my bourbon,in the shaker its time to add my,chocolate syrup which is right here pour,that in,then it says add three dashes of coffee,bitters,thats right all the coffee one,i just gotta shake it a bit,strain it into my glass,and then add these chili threads on top,for like an extra added little touch,look at that its gorgeous,everybody needs to drink that right now,chocolate coffee bourbon three of my,favorite things in one glass,alright so i know you want this so to,recap shaker and spoon is a monthly,cocktail subscription service that will,deliver these craft cocktails to you,each box has three recipes with enough,ingredients for 12 total cocktails four,from each recipe click the link below in,the description and use the code,mashindroma checkout for 20 off your,first box thats right 20 bucks off your,first box now go get some of these fun,cocktails this thing is,this is the bees knees right here,cheers guys,alright so weller is a weeded bourbon,originally created by the stitzel weller,distilling company the brand is named,after william larue weller a distillery,who is credited by some as being the,first to use wheat as the secondary,grain and straight bourbon as opposed to,the more commonly used rye,weller 107 is an nas,it comes in at 107 proof set to be six,to eight years old though retails for,about 50 bucks the challenger is the old,elk double wheat part of the old elk,masters blend series this is a unique,blend of straight wheat whiskey and,straight weeded bourbon nas but also,said to be six to eight years old,retails for about a hundred bucks and,107.1 so its got,point one proof on the weller antique by,marrying traditional favorites,award-winning bourbons and whiskeys and,a bold sense of adventure we have,created two exquisite unique whiskeys,and im personally very excited to share,with the world says greg metz the,legendary master distiller,double wheat bland straight wheat,whiskey with straight weeded bourbon two,expressions distilled by mets,specifically for old elk and ross and,squibb formerly known as mgp good old,ross and squib alright so when i said,two exquisite whiskeys uh that was the,old elk double wheat and also old l came,out in the uh that blending series with,the uh four grain as well,um were just going to go with the,double we today again 107.1 proof will,that point one make a difference lets,do this all right guys so what im going,to do here is im going to mix this up,im going to go through nose pallet and,finish im not going to do any edits or,cuts were just going to go straight,through so if you hear me burp fart,whatever may happen youre just going to,have to deal with it,all right,flip these over one more time,all right lets go to the noses on both,of these first,this is a really nice sweet nose,a little bit floral,in a cherry here,oh,man toffee as well all right lets go to,this one here glass b well call this,was glass a this is glass b,oh this one im getting even like,more cherry i think oh both of these im,getting cherry on both,[Music],yeah this ones coming off very floral,very sweet,theres almost like a grapeiness in this,one thats really interesting hmm,i dont know which nose i like better,this one is definitely glass a is more,wheat forward you get a lot more of that,that weedy green to it,but,b hes got a lot i think just some more,going on theres more sweetness to it,theres more flavor,im gonna have to give the nose to b i,think all right so b gets the nose if,youre keeping track at home lets taste,these things glass a first,oh glass a,oh,[Music],oh the finish is magical in glass,a glass a actually gives you the,its very wheat forward up front you get,a lot of the wheat grain,its a little bit on the fruity side,im getting im picking up like a lot of,like like fresh apple apple peel on the,front of a and then as it works its way,back,it just goes into straight vanilla,vanilla extract a little bit of toffee,too,good spice on the palate as well its,got a nice spice to it,remember that old elk is 0.1 more than,the weller so,will that,will that make the difference well see,im actually looking at the color of,these it looks like,actually looks like glass b is slightly,darker than a so,lets go to b,hmm,wow its actually really different,glass b is coming off,a little bit more floral,again im getting,like a grapey cherry thing going on in,the palette,a little bit of spice,actually a good amount of spice in the,back end of that which is surprising,[Music],hmm,i know theres something like funky,about that one coming off of a do i like,a or b better,[Music],hmm,i think a is coming off a little too,weak forward,the magic is kind of in the back end of,the palm that one i think the overall,flavors of b is what i like more,im sitting here thinking im probably,gonna have to go with b here i think b,on the pallet wins for me,so b is kind of dominating which means,it really cant win because all thats,left is is finish and the only finish,i mean even if a wins finish its still,not gonna take out b so,well lets just judge finish anyway,because i actually think a wins on the,finish,on the finish a has a little bit more,spice its all vanilla extract and,toffee,its the front of the palette on,a thats lacking a little bit for me,all right lets go to b a little bit,yeah i like the finish on a better,so nose and palate,go to b,which makes it the winner,however a does win the finish i think i,think a has a better finish so,im trying to think what the hell could,be what here um,they both have a little bit of usually,when i i taste cherry or or something,along those lines im thinking buffalo,trace immediately but they both kind of,had that i dont remember there being so,much toffee,and vanilla extract on the back end of,107 antique so maybe i dont know lets,see,so the winner is b,just uh falling short is a here,ah,so a,is,the old elk double wheat which means,well or antique,just based on nose and pallet,wins the match up so well are antique,107 coming in winning the match up,um,i gotta say though the old elf double,wheat wasnt that far behind,um i do think you just get a little bit,now remember this is a blend of wheat,whiskey and weeded bourbon while the,weller is just a straight-up weeded,bourbon so maybe the wheat whiskey,in the double uh,the double wheat from old elk maybe gave,it a little bit more of that um that,weediness that i was tasting that was,that i was getting like that grain on,the front of the palette that just,wasnt as flavorful as the uh the weller,so,hell of a matchup um,yeah hope you guys enjoyed it weller,antique coming out on t

Is Old Elk The Best Low Proof Wheated Bourbon?

[Music],welcome to the vermin doctors chad,albert and,this is like rocky balboa apollo creed,rocky ii well thats that one thats,dated and two i i dont know about that,versus challenger but we do have some,champion versus challenger so were on a,little bit of a weeded run,uh weve done high proof weeded we,recently actually not so recently,because a while ago we did low proof,weeds and i forgot to release it so,thats going to be released soon come on,and well put a link in the description,or something,uh,and then what one are low-proof weededs,chad liked the makers mark 46.,i liked the weller surprisingly and,thats really good though i have kind of,a makersmart guy thats right,in boston it is yes yes yes,uh but one shout out to boston one that,we didnt have was the old elk,low proof weeded bourbon high wheat they,i had bourbon but not the high wheat we,didnt have the yes hi the weeded old,elk so i found this at our liquor store,just,last week isnt this from like wyoming,or something,like fort collins colorado colorado huh,all right but its mgp,so,were gonna throw this in the mix well,see if it can knock off one of our two,favorites or if it comes in a distant,third well see 92 proof right ive,never had the old,tweeted have you nope and this is 90,proof yep whats this run i believe its,90 proof,92 92 90 290. fair fight all about the,same they are low proof i consider,anything under 100 yeah yeah little,proof and were both high proof guys for,the most part my champ your champ,challenger well see how it is go were,back,and we got our low proof weeded what are,you doing i swiveled like a bobblehead i,forgot we were what we were doing,okay thats not unusual,um,lets go with these these are this is a,great taste off,because i love my weeded bourbons and,lets do it man we did bourbon champ,champ challenger i am looking forward to,figuring it out the old elk not that im,gonna figure it out but,we did bourbons on the nose are just so,its really theyre so sweet its so,nice,and i you know,so someone commented that they were,happy that we dont do a lot of the,noses this the nose is at,i mean ill just say that my nose is not,very good im not gonna pick out,strawberry shortcake,or,uh,you know i dont even know what that,that that that that that that that that,that that that that that that that that,that that that that that that that that,that that that that that that that that,that that that that that that that that,that that that that that that that that,that that that that that that that that,that that that that that that that that,that that that that that that that that,that that that that that that that that,that that that that that that that that,that that that that that that that that,that that that that that that that that,that youre talking about deep dark,fruits stop getting weird just smell it,but,this one is not very complex but its,theres not i mean decent i mean theyre,90 proofs theres not a lot well not a,lot of finish to that,um,you can take a big ol sip of that one,yeah thats not gonna thats not gonna,hurt you its not not too bad,all right,number two theres a hair in my glass,whats going on there lets deal with,our production assistant i dont know,hes a rookie,rookie,hmm this one smells different,less familiar,its better than number one,by taste yeah yeah all right i guess,thats awesome you know so theres the,thing about the nose right,everybodys like oh smells like whiskey,bubbles you dont smell it i dont i,dont theres a reason its in a bottle,its not a goddamn candle yeah so you,can drink it yeah and now if it were,just to if you were just going to go by,the nose you might as well get a candle,and yeah,like the nose can be off-putting,the smell of the hell are you talking,about off-putting you you have never,smelled a bourbon that was like oh that,smells terrible is off-putting a verb no,its an adjective,its a good thing hes a scientist and,not an english major,off-putting,does that mean like,your chocolate pudding was a little off,yeah oh this ones not as good,i think its better what yeah i think,its better youre crazy,no come on man thats better,thats not better,hmm you might be right,okay three all right three,take a break a little water,[Laughter],three,all right because of chads move we are,now on episode number four usually we,call this has actually got a really,honey,smell that i love,thats good three is the best three,im gonna tell you this is,i wont tell you i have my thoughts,about what is what,um,im gonna im gonna go back i do think,three,three and one are better than two,boy i dont know about one two i i i can,tell you three is the best,all right im gonna agree with you which,is messed up its kind of stupid,but,not three and one are better than two so,i and im gonna say three best three one,two and we got it we agree yeah,whats three,weller,no,yes 46,oh,the,winner well that makes sense to me,thats that that makes it my champ,thats your chance its like apollo beat,him in the rematch,yeah so it is it is its kind of yeah,well so this got third old elk isnt,unseated,a little disappointing,but you know what none of them were bad,no never bet but the thing i think this,was like uh 50 bucks 40 years bottom,line is so you want a low proof,heated bourbon thats very sweet 40,cents man this is it 46 is the way to go,and were giving a lot of love to,makers mark lately uh makers mark is,i i got i got a lot of love to give them,i they dont they they have to bottom,theres not a bad,their special releases are really good i,mean this is good these are both decent,this is better but but i mean look at,look this is a 25 bottle retail but,youre going to end up paying 40 to 50.,60 50 bucks for that involved this was,40 to 50 bucks whats 46 like 30,something,uh yeah its about 30 35 uh oh yeah so i,mean hands down makers mark 46 if you,want a weeded bourbon you cant go wrong,with the makers mark product oh thats,it right there,theyre 46 theyre cast strength theyre,46 cast strength theyre faes,i even the 101 i like it,they,why dont you give some love back hey,maker smart if youre out there,hit us up hit us,and give us some love back brother yep,like comment subscribe,get your dog your mom your cousins,everyone to subscribe because we need,subscribers did you just say your dog,yeah,dont subscribe i mean,sure dogs part of the family,i mean i guess,what about grandpa,what about grandmama whos grandma what,the hell are you talking you dont have,gr grandmama you should you should,subscribe too anyway like comment,subscribe if you guys want this channel,to keep going please subscribe,otherwise bourbon is for drinks,cheers everyone

The Bourbon Note review: Old Elk wheated bourbon

hey everybody welcome back to the verb,note im greg im ben and today were,drinking bourbon,[Music],all right ben i am really looking,forward to this one weve been fans of,the weve been fans of the distillery,the couple that weve had yeah we found,a wheat whiskey which is like one of my,favorite things ever and we tried that,loved it then we found their regular,bourbon,loved it loved it and so now weve got,the best of both worlds bam this is old,elk we did bourbon,[Music],[Applause],[Music],[Applause],okay so,this is did you see theres an age on,this five years five on this one okay,and this is still the mgp juice in,indiana so okay reasonable guess yeah,absolutely but they are distilling their,own stuff and i believe you had told me,lets not get the quirks mixed up this,time please right yeah i think we must,have gotten them right that last one,because no no god has short,what,[Music],im trying to think of what word that,would be,are you making a play on that yeah its,an inside joke with,a running gag on behind the scenes,im just trying to think if theres a,real word that would go no theres not,oh okay thats where you had me thrown,out just like your bicycle yeah,i saw meme it said mike is her bike is,short for bicycle,and rat is short for wrath,which i thought were funny and he didnt,not even if youve ever listened to,gregs jokes you can see how i would be,insulted by his lack of laughter,oh that smells good,all right so what do we have here,probably its a similar we did whiskey,that weve had several times with mgp,from other distilleries,but yeah what have we had thats a,weeded bourbon from mgp i cant really,think of them off the top of my head i,know ive had some but im trying to,think but um we think old elk gets their,own barrels and they do their own,blending yeah probably its somewhat,custom to them,um im getting that,ever since we,learned of this flavor note and i dont,think this is power suggestion i think,after sampling and reviewing,well over 160 or 70 bourbons you kind of,get somewhat beyond that sure um i get,that that bubble gum note on,i was curious because we definitely got,it on the weeded whiskey yeah,and i remember particularly on that and,so maybe this is yeah,within the same ballpark no i dont get,that on all weeders though i dont get,that off a makers brush at all right,dont get it off a larceny um but,theres a handful of them im getting it,that shows a toffee note on here like it,has a five year age statement but it,actually,looks dark but sometimes the light in,the studio and yeah,bottle but it kind of looks dark and so,im curious if it has that chocolatey,kind of molasses-y kind of well lets,find out lets find out,hmm its proof on that,92. wow,thats got some punch for 92. a lot of,punch yeah thats got a little little,bite to it i like that,how is it,a tiny bit of that bubblegum nope lets,get that out of the way mm-hmm um it,does it does come across as bready,yeah there is a little bit of thats a,very common short bread,its a weeder kind of thing yeah,biscotti maybe,but then there is a little bit of,maturity from the oak and the,char,touch of the toffee maybe yeah its got,a little bit as far as like the,the candy sweetness goes or like those,you know toffee vanilla caramels and,stuff i would say like toffee and,leaning maybe a little into vanilla not,so much on the caramel side yeah i agree,you know not as far as a lot of bourbons,are on the caramel side,but it has it definitely has that bite,from the oat you get a nice,a nice note from that,had a great nose to it,remember the price on this,maybe 45 not bad,yeah thats not bad at all it could have,been,49.99 yeah okay,um,i think that this is a good,all around bourbon,where,weve had this before where sometimes,itll fall into that category of this is,just kind of would easily be a crowd,pleaser yeah like i think you can bust,this out in mixed company,of people of,varying you know taste profiles and,preferences and stuff like that thats,sweet but its not too sweet yeah and,its got a little bit of that oak that,kind of cuts down the overly sweet,you know aspect that some people are,turned off by yeah now obviously its a,weed of bourbon so youre not getting,that rye kick so if youre really you,know a super hardcore you know high ride,bourbon fan or something like that i,guess maybe yeah it probably isnt gonna,scratch that but its still a great,bourbon overall if you like bourbon in,general i think youre definitely gonna,like this and at 92 proof its nice i,mean its not like,its got a lot of flavor but its not,you know overwhelming as far as,um,you know the proof point its not gonna,you can have a couple of these you know,youre getting another glenn here yeah i,have always wanted to do this and now,its time to do it does it have anything,to do with the uh the whiskey thats,over my shoulder so whats the,difference between the weeded bourbon,and the weeded whiskey and what do they,taste like when you mix them together oh,thats lets find out all right bam so,this is the old elk straight wheat,whiskey and to be honest,im excited about having a refresher on,this because the only time ive had this,was when we did the review of it,so cork is short for corkle,ive just,what hell i have unleashed on our,viewers by,introducing you to,that i need to pour a little bit more of,the bourbon okay,all right so the specs just to have a,fair,uh,i sure think this is a hundred but i,cant read it its really small lets,see i think its it says six years on,the back,and i think it says 50 its 100 proof,hey by the way are my eyes all screwed,up,i went to the eye doctor today and they,dilated only one pupil thats disturbing,is it still like that yeah thats crazy,its weird,okay so this is anyway sorry we oh at,least it says wheat on this one,okay,so im going to take another sip off the,weeded no im going to go in because i,just got some water so im going to go,in for the wheat whiskey here all right,wheat whiskey,look for the bubble gum,oh theres definitely a big difference,on the nose youre going straight in for,it huh,like this just drinks like such an,interesting whiskey it is,the nose it comes across is a little,softer,were bourbon so different yeah so there,where bourbons come across as heavy and,maybe like,mature this is more bright it is yeah,and more kind of like,if you were to blind these and ask me,which one was the hundred prover i might,say the bourbon yes totally i mean,theyre not that far apart 92 100 but,but youre getting much more of that,bite from the other kick yeah from the,air even though this ones older,but,yeah this wheat whiskey is really,interesting ive had several pours,obviously,because its its,its similar to a bourbon but theres,some differences,i feel like it has much more smoother,edges to it,kind of rounded out flavors,so now coming back to the bourbon,the sweetness sticks around on this but,its not super sweet its not like,drinking syrup but it stays kind of hold,on to that sweetness but theres still a,burn,and that changed the profile of the,bourbon,get into water in between them,yeah the bourbon gives me more the,toffee kind of get a little more of the,proof kick now yeah at the 100 proof,point,this this bourbon is coming across,as,a little more classic,bourbon now,you know you kind of veer away from that,profile with the wheat whiskey and come,back to its like oh yeah okay yeah,[Music],both of these are really,good im starting to get maybe a little,bit of that chocolate note on on the in,comparison to the and i dont know if,the wheat is influencing that kind of,creating that or if its just the,contrast of the two of them is bringing,out those flavors right,yeah this wheat whiskey is interesting,it is we dont know the mash bill on,this i mean its probably not super high,wheat but theres a fair amount of wheat,in it,but theres some distinction between the,two,and the rumor,i think this is a hundred percent weak,which is kind of weird for even weed of,whiskeys they have a require

Old Elk Wheated Bourbon Review

[Music],[Applause],[Music],whats up everybody welcome back to,legit whiskey reviews and today ill be,reviewing old elk weeded bourbon,all right so old elk this ones coming,in at 92 proof so thats 46 abv and this,is coming out of fort collins colorado,but its distilled in indiana so i know,theyre already um you know producing,their own distillate or theyre theyre,aging theyre this lit but i dont think,its out yet so theyre still sourcing,from njp which is nothing wrong with,that theyre super transparent about it,but when it comes to old elk like i said,theyre out of fort collins colorado and,um theyve been around for around five,to six years i could be a little bit off,on that dont quote me but its its,about five to six years so uh once their,distillate is aged to to where they want,it to be,then theyll start releasing,their own distillate but,they do a lot of they put out a lot of,different bottles they put out rise they,put out the regular bourbons like i said,the weeded bourbons they put out a wheat,whiskey so they just have a different,variety of,bourbons and whiskeys that they put out,but the one were reviewing today like i,said is the weeded bourbon,so cant wait to get into this one as,far as availability im not sure how,available this is nationwide i know down,here in the southwest i see it pretty,often in different states around here,but as far as other states and the east,coast i mean im not sure what the,availability is as far as you know the,east coast or anywhere else but so im,not sure what the availability is but as,far as my area its pretty available i,see it everywhere so,all right lets get into this this has a,nice like amber color too like medium,amber dark amber color its really nice,and its sticking really good to the,glass too,so,lets get into the nose,so what i noticed with this one what,really stuck out to me um when i first,picked it up,and now im coming back to it is a,a honey and then a tino uh the honey and,the tea is what stands out the most,thats really nice its like its not,fruity it doesnt lean towards fruity um,but it also doesnt lead to like its,not really light its just like,in the middle but its not like like i,said its not fruity its like i said,its honey its tea,theres a little bit of caramel in here,[Music],so thats a typical bourbon flavor,theres maybe a little bit of uh,oak coming through,not a lot,theres a lot of vanilla as well,i feel like the tea,the honey and the vanilla is what really,stands out the most as far as the nose,but yeah it smells pretty good um,pretty classic flavors on the nose,overall,but i like whats here so lets go to,the palette cheers,anytime i have a weeder,i always get that certain note that lets,me know,its a weeder and im kind of getting it,in this one its like a bready note,so its like a,like a bread i dont know like a bready,note,and that always lets me know its like a,weeder,the way my brain perceives it is as,bread,but somebody else may perceive it as,something else,but the flavors that i got on the nose,translated to the palette so im getting,that tea and that honey really nice,the caramel came through on the palette,as well not the vanilla as much i was,getting a lot of vanilla on the nose but,not as much on the palate,um as far as the finish i got a decent,theres a decent amount of spice here,im not sure what the mash bill is it,doesnt say it here on the bottle,um,but theres a decent amount of spice i,really like that because it completes,the experience as far as the back end of,the palette,so a lot of spice theres a little bit,of oak not too much and by the way this,is age five year so its not super young,but its not super old either so its,like right in you know in the middle,but,once theyre distilled like i said ages,and they start putting that out,itll be really nice so but anyways,whats here i really enjoy like i said,everything translated from the nose to,the palette especially that tea and that,honey note,and then with the spice so its a good,overall experience here let me go at it,again,now that uh it sat just that little bit,of time that i was talking,now im getting more what stands out the,most uh just from sitting there in the,glass is a maple syrup introduced to the,nose now,thats really nice,yeah i like that lets go to the palette,again,yeah i feel like what dominates the,palate also is that tea,which i enjoy in certain mgp uh bourbons,i get that a lot in a lot of mgp,um so that that tino and then that honey,note is really what standing out like i,said on the on the nose i was getting,more,the second time i was getting more of a,maple syrup,but on the palate,i still get that tea and that honey and,then to go along with that spice and,that oak its just a good combination,its classic,i would say pretty much down the middle,uh as far as classic bourbon flavors but,whats here is good its super enjoyable,theres nothing off-putting about it,even for it only being five years old,they know what theyre doing its really,really really good super enjoyable,and,as far as the the price it is a little,bit pricey depending on your area ive,seen it,anywhere from and it also depends on,which one you get but as far as the,weeded bourbon ive seen it anywhere,from,65 to 75 dollars you know so it really,just depends on on your area and how,much youre able to find it for but,you know they are sourcing from mgp like,i said and it takes time to produce your,own distillate so you know the the price,is going to be a little bit high,but whats here is enjoyable its really,good um so as far as my final score im,going to give it a,a b minus,its not,anything thats going to blow your mind,its a little bit pricey as well but,whats here is really good super,enjoyable and i cant complain about it,im glad i picked it up and cant wait,to try,you know,the other variety of bourbons and,whiskeys they put out and also i cant,wait till they start producing their own,distillate to see what the difference is,uh what new flavors they bring to the,table so if you guys like my content,remember to smash that like button,remember to subscribe you guys can catch,me on instagram at legit whiskey reviews,and keep it legit and do it for the love,of whiskey cheers,[Music],[Music],you

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