1. What Happens If You Try To Buy FAKE ID On The Internet?
  2. Story time: Cop scanned my FAKE ID in his car!!! | jennybeYOUty
  3. Review – Old Ironsides
  4. Bar owner describes fake ID problem
  5. Do OU Students Know Whats on Their Fake IDs?
  6. I bought a fake ID and accidentally made $6k in Bitcoin
  7. Buying Liquor with McLovin Fake ID

What Happens If You Try To Buy FAKE ID On The Internet?

todays video is about a real-life scam,victim who i will refer to only as g,g is 18 years old and it all started,with the attempted purchase of a fake id,our purpose today is not to mock or,score in this individual but rather to,look at the particular details of the,scam,to see what we can learn from it,[Music],so g wanted to buy alcohol but in the,usa where g lives you have to be 21 to,do that,im not gonna judge in part because the,legal age here in the uk is 18 for,buying,alcohol in a shop or pub and in part,because when i was under 18 i,too felt like that was a long wait so,what do you do if youre underage and,you want to go out to a bar or nightclub,well,of course the correct answer is to wait,for the right birthday to come along,but i dont remember being particularly,patient at that age and neither was g,a solution appeared to present itself in,the form of old ironsides fake ids,and here it is a website quite brazenly,offering to create,fake id documents i want to make it,really clear right now that this website,will just scam you,spoilers for the story im telling here,but theyll just take your money and,then theyll ask for even more money,no matter what anyone else tells you you,wont get a fake id from these guys so,dont try,one of the things that convinced g to,try this out was glowing endorsements in,internet comments post on social media,and reviews,praising the effectiveness of this fake,id service it was a review on some other,supposed fake id provider claiming that,that one was fake,but this other one over here is super,real honest and for sure,ive seen comments along these lines,before on my own videos particularly on,one that happened to be about how avas,passport photo was way cuter than mine,i reckon the word passport in the video,title just attracted bots,and im certain thats what all those,endorsement comments always are theyre,just shills to try to drag you into a,scam,and i think its probably fair to assume,that if you see any comment or post,enthusiastically endorsing something,thats illegal such as the creation of,fake id or so-called hacking services,its the hook for a scam i dont think,theyre ever the real thing,and theres an interesting but kind of,obvious reason for that this whole,marketplace is flooded not only with,people,claiming to be able to provide illicit,services but also,interlopers pretending to be those,people claiming to provide,illicit services it does look like g was,communicating with one of the claimants,but its my view that you cant trust,anybody in this whole arena and i will,say more on that in a minute,anyway g got in touch with old ironsides,fake and ordered a fake california real,id,the scammer asked for money via transfer,service and there were various weird,things happening there such as an,admission that their account frequently,gets shut down,and they have to make new ones but that,could just be coincidence right,g paid 150 and the fake id guy said the,item had been made and shipped,and sent g a tracking code which checks,out and looks legit,surely this whole thing is too much,effort to be an outright scam right,well wrong thats what they want you to,think the shipping company contacted g,to ask for an insurance payment and,heres where it all gets sort of weird,the company claims to be transport all,cargo or tac logistics,theyve got a website the websites got,lots of content does look like the,website of a genuine logistics company,but as far as i can tell its completely,fake,lets look at some evidence their,address looks like its occupied by a,logistics company but with a different,name,okay that could have an innocent,explanation sometimes companies have,different trading identities,especially shipping companies actually,in fact it looks like theres another,logistics company called,oceans international in the same,building which is probably a subsidiary,or client,one of the testimonials on their front,page is just weird,martin frank two first names just saying,says,but i must explain to you how all of,this mistaken idea of denouncing,pleasure and praising pain was born and,i will give you a complete of the system,and expound the actual teeings of the,great explorer idea,which turns out to be a mangled version,of h rackhams 1914 attempt to translate,the famous lorem ipsum filler text into,english,ok that could still have an innocent,explanation maybe that testimonial is,just an unconfigured bit of template,accidentally left in place when they set,up their website,theres a lot of that about although,honestly its something that a scammer,is more likely to do than a legit,company,in fact i cant actually tell which of,these companies is real and which are,fake,maybe theyre all fake their website,contains blurb that has been lifted,verbatim from a bunch of other transport,company websites not just from templates,for example this phrase here whether,youre shipping shoes to china or parts,to poland comes from the royal mail,website,okay that could still have an innocent,explanation maybe they just lack the,imagination to make original promises or,write original text about themselves,it could happen i mean all in all,theres a lot of website content here,for something that might just be a front,its certainly more effort than i put,into the creation of my coin squirt web,pages,but when you consider this all just,pasted in from different places theres,probably only one or two days work,involved in creating this site,probably the most time-consuming part,would have been creating that logo and,photoshopping it onto these vehicles,and it definitely is a shop i can tell,from the pixels,in the uk companies are registered in a,national database called companies house,so its relatively easy to find out if a,company exists,and other details about them in the usa,there doesnt appear to be a national,database,but the secretary of state for each um,state keeps a register,i searched the california state company,database for tac logistics and transport,all cargo and various other combinations,but found nothing,okay that could still have an innocent,explanation maybe im just bad at,searching,but given that ive now said okay that,could have an innocent explanation,four times and weve only scratched the,surface it all starts to stack up,anyway the most suspicious thing about,this supposed logistics company is what,they did,they emailed g to say dear client we,have noticed your package has not been,declared and insured and that was why,your shipment was put on hold,we wish to inform you that your shipment,must be declared and insured before we,can proceed with delivery,the content of the package appears to be,discrete according to our policies,logistics service under article 3 of,decree 163,all discrete packages shipped out of the,country must be declared and insured,you will have to pay a refundable,declaration insurance fee of 980,this declarations insurance fee is 95,refundable upon delivery of the package,that is 931 dollars will be refunded,this refundable insurance is valid for,12 months as such you can ship other,items using the same coverage for a,12-month period,the package will not be checked and the,declaration insurance fee will be,refunded to you in full replacement,value not in amortized value,outstanding customer satisfaction is our,main goal,so basically theyre saying theres this,insurance fee six and a half times the,price of the item being shipped which,supposedly guarantees discrete shipping,in other words a bit like a bribe to,ensure the package wouldnt be open for,examination,i mean i could imagine scenarios where,companies want what is essentially a,refundable deposit for handling,something thats risky to them,and then refunding part or all of that,if the risk doesnt play out,it sort of makes sense but the same time,smells really scammy when its obviously,talking about illicit items being,shipped without opening,and this article three of decree 163,doesnt appear to relate to anything,relevant,its just

Story time: Cop scanned my FAKE ID in his car!!! | jennybeYOUty

hey guys welcome back to my channel so,today i wanted to do a different video,than ive ever done before and i know a,lot of people like these videos but im,not sure how good im going to be at it,but i just want to tell a little story,time and this story time is going to be,about the time a cop took my fake id and,scanned it in his cop car like,scanned this id in his cop car okay so a,little back story to this fake id um my,husband was my boyfriend at the time,and i was only i think like 18 or 19,and we went out to dinner with some,friends for a birthday,and it kind of sucked because like if,they wanted to go to a bar or whatever i,couldnt ever go with because i was too,young and i couldnt even get in the,door,so it was kind of annoying and,whenever we went to dinner theres a,girl there that looks,similar to me not,a lot like me like in the face and stuff,but we have a lot of the same features,were about the same height about the,same weight,brown eyes brown hair you know all that,stuff so,shay my husband said ill give you a,hundred dollars right now on the spot,for your id,and she kind of thought about it for a,minute and she was thinking you know i,didnt drink anything but what if i get,pulled over like im not gonna have a,drivers license and this was on a,saturday so she could have gone to the,dmv on monday and spent 20 dollars and,pocketed 80 bucks for this id,anyways her boyfriend ended up talking,her into doing it,and i got a id that night i had used it,quite a few times before we moved to,iowa because we used to live in,tennessee and then we moved up to iowa,so most of the people in tennessee,already kind of knew my face and didnt,really check my id anymore,but whenever we moved here i had to go,through it all over again,and a couple months after moving here we,met some people from work and we went,out one night and met a group of their,friends we decided we were gonna go to,the bars and just hang out for a little,while in iowa the bars closed at 2 a.m,and we decided we werent done at 2 am,theres a place across the river in,illinois where you can go in there open,till 6 a.m and they asked if we wanted,to go across the river its the only,option if you want to stay out past two,so we were like yeah sure whatever lets,just go over here,and its one of those places that you,dont go to during the day like this is,a place you only go to if youre like,drunk and you want to stay out we get,over there and,the bouncer at the door is like this,huge guy like 300 pounds,six five like he was just,he was big,and first off he was very intimidating,looking so i walk up with my little,19 year old self and im like hi and i,give him my id,and looks at it and hes just kind of,like,you could tell he was very skeptical,that it was me,so,he asked me my name my birthday my,address blah blah i have the stuff all,memorized i even had her signature,memorized because my mom told me a story,about when she had a fake id they told,her to sign her name and she signed it,totally wrong from what the idea looked,like so i even practiced this girls,signature and everything like i had it,down so hes still kind of looked at me,like,i dont know about this and then he,turned and he looked at this cop and he,goes,here come check this out so the cop by,this time like my heart is like beating,out of my chest,and im like sweating and im like oh,what is gonna happen im gonna go to,jail so the cop comes over and,he questioned me of everything as well,and,then he was like well you just stand,here a minute so i like had to go to the,side while everybodys going inside um,and my husband stayed out there with me,and this cop took the id to his cop car,and he scanned it in,to see if it was me,so luckily this id was in fact a real,person apparently they dont keep track,in their system whether this certain id,had been lost or stolen or whatever the,claim she made was whenever she went and,got a new one,but he comes back and hes like,its real shes good to go so he gives,me back my id and i got to go in and i,was literally like,so stressed out like all night because,that was the scariest moment in my life,like i thought i was gonna go to jail,over this fake id and,not cool so just a word of wisdom to,anybody with a fake id buy it from,somebody because,if a cop scans it in their cop car and,its totally not even a real id youre,probably gonna go to jail im not saying,that fake ivs are like a good idea,but,i did have a lot of fun with mine so um,yeah so thats my story about the cop,running my fake id in the car i hope you,liked it im not really sure how good i,am at telling stories but if you like,this video please give it a thumbs up,and let me know in the comments if you,want to see more story times i dont,have like a ton of stories but i do have,a few so yeah just let me know in the,comments and i would love to do more for,you thank you so much for watching,subscribe to my channel i make new,videos every week and i will see you in,my next video bye

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Review – Old Ironsides

good afternoon,I just got back from a trip to Chicago,and while I was there I went to Yvonne,Reis & Co which is the oldest rep,tobacco retailer in the country while I,was there I picked up some cool stuff,and learned a fun fact the fun fact is,that Ive been lighting my pipes wrong,this whole time I dont know if youve,all noticed but the longer I have a pipe,typically the darker the rim gets around,the bowl there specifically right near,the back there and thats because Im,lighting my pipes at an angle like so,which causes the flame to,scorch the top of the bowl so the guy,there told me instead of doing that just,simply hold it straight while youre,learning it,and you shouldnt have that problem,nearly as bad in case youre wondering,this is what their little logo looks,like and just I wish Id been able to,get a video or something while I was,there cuz their selection of not just,tobaccos but if actual pipes was,incredible,it was amazing this is probably like,four four times as large as any of the,shops in Omaha its incredible I ended,up grabbing this which is a little,Savan le 5,I cant remember the name of it,but Im a seven le Marte I think its a,106 something like that,which they have soon,and then I also grabbed a couple tins of,tobacco one of which is Old Ironsides,which Im going to be doing a review for,today it is a rhotic here in Virginia,show you,[Applause],very interesting little flakes short,that is really shorten fat,most lakes Ive seen her longer than,this,its an interesting presentation you can,see the different tobacco standing out,against each other think theyre using a,red Virginia Im not a kid,smells exactly as you would imagine a,blend of those two tobaccos would smell,so equal mixture of earthy campfire,equal mixture of vinegar basically sweet,tangy vinegar and thats it like the,smell is not complicated to me,the latakia its more dominant in the,kitchen yeah both in the spell and in,the flavor,the flavor is very enjoyable,you know often see a mixture that is,just those two tobaccos usually its as,part of an English makes you would see,those too this is just just those so I,think if you are a Virginian lover and,youre kind of wanting to expand into,English blends or Latakia this would be,a good start and the reverse is true for,English smokers who are looking to get,into Virginias,its kind of dusty flavor a little bit,its a little bit dusty a little bit dry,very very musty this is a very good like,rainy day or winter tobacco I think,The Virginian is not as potent like I,said as the latakia grad when I first,tried it I couldnt really distinguish,the Virginia until I was about halfway,through the bowl and then it really,started coming through but after several,bowls of it,I can taste that Virginia straight up,from now,and the mix of these two tobaccos is,very very interesting its intriguing I,like Im starting to like Virginias,more as I try more of them and Ive,always liked Latakia so just finding a,good mix of the two of them lovely,its not complicated its not super,nuanced if youre familiar with the,flavor of Latakia and Virginia pretty,much imagine how those would taste for,those who are not familiar with either,of those super well the Latakia tastes,like a campfire smells very smoky very,earthy very dirty kind of under Virginia,taste its very bright and grassy and,sweet and tangy and they both taste very,natural,in their own way very much like,something from the earth,anyway its my review for Old Ironsides,look Im gonna use to have another fight,and a brief overview of even resent oh,tobacco shop thank you for watching,enjoy the rest of your day

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Bar owner describes fake ID problem

I guess the problem these really good,fake IDs is that anyone can get them,your mouth intern,they give you a group discount if hit,several of your friends together they,can pass an ID scanner they can pass a,UV test which is a light you shine,across them to see the hologram you know,theyre coming from just about every,state and since we see so many states,with it being the University and,countries its kind of hard to spot,which ones going to be faking which,ones not all you have to do is send a,money order and it takes about a month,to get one you send them the money order,and they send it back and ones that I,know to be fake Ive seen fook APD,officers you know really on a good one,if you like these Ohios are actually,really good if you dont know that,thats fixing to be the new big one that,theyre all ordering because theyre so,good you know the only way they can tell,us to run through their main computer,NCIC or whatever they call it which is,outside of my realm or scope of what Im,able to do its gotten to the point now,that theres really I think half there,on the strip used to use the ID scanner,and since all of these can beat it,whats the point in using an ID scanner,they dont even make an ID scanner right,now that can tell Id say well take us,several hundred in the first month of,school,you know its Im going to be curious to,see what the new states going to be that,theyre all going to be producing,because most of them gotten wise weve,got to the point that even for people,who really were from South Carolina in,Florida last year we wouldnt want to,take their IDs just because it became,such a hassle and we kept having a,disagreement with the KPD officers as to,who was responsible us by letting them,use their fake ID with them by producing,their fake ID well finally weve,established that its them by producing,their fake ID thank goodness but still,its still a hassle technically it,alleviates being liability cuz theyre,committing a crime by producing this ID,by possessing the ID with these its a,Class C misdemeanor I think and then if,youre using someone elses ID its,actually a felony the best way of maze,is to catch them through the county in,the city because what they do when they,send off for them theyll use their real,name theyll use the real date of birth,except for the year theyll use their,real address theyll just change the,city in the county but they live in is,because its not obviously if theyre,from Tennessee Fort Lauderdale is not in,Tennessee so you know if you can trip,them up that way but beyond that I mean,you know their school ID is going to,match the credit card is going to match,their insurance cards youre going to,match so thats really the only way that,you have is just to sit here and quiz,them for a minute and see if you can,trip them up in their story,the dead giveaway is when the South,Carolina ones came out say or the floor,there would be 300 people in line and,200 of them had either a South Carolina,ID or a Florida ID,obviously theyre not all from South,Carolina in Florida you know if you see,five or ten of them youre not thats,theres no way to catch it trying to,walk that fine line of youre not doing,anything wrong but youre still allowing,someone to have a good time is thats in,then what theyre here for,so you know then you just gotta pay your,taxes and go on with it

Do OU Students Know Whats on Their Fake IDs?

what up everyone Im Jackson Hughes here,with blacksheep Ohio University were up,here in Uptown Athens and were gonna go,around seeing if people know whats on,their fake IDs whats your address,32 Greenfield Avenue Summit New Jersey,was your area code zip code zero seven,nine zero one 2997 that is correct what,color are your eyes blue all right,whats your address,its 1018 Brittany really whats your,zip do you know what that is do you are,so far off five five three seven one two,whats your address six 275 shared no,Drive Marietta Pennsylvania whats up,good one,one seven four five three one seven,where you from,Avon Ohio whats your address three,three nine eight vineyard Park February,11th 1997 but your address 218 Milford,Street do you have a mullet in this,picture that was a few years ago but,yeah I had a foolish man has a mullet I,had fun I had fun I respected our,respective ones your birthday May 24th,96 whats your address,five Deborah Drive whats your zip good,one five – OH – all right what dry,collar,whats your address,only their friend,not even the city feels more real than,mine,not gonna lie not gonna lie whats your,address whats your birthday I think,this is a pass this passed whats your,address 334 Woodbine Avenue very good,zip code 1768 close were missing woman,one number one sentence you got it you,got it,[Applause],you wanna love it,[Music]

I bought a fake ID and accidentally made $6k in Bitcoin

So a while ago, I made this video for work,where I talk about how I happen to have some Bitcoin,as a result of a purchase I made years ago.,The detail I failed to mention in that video was that the purchase I made was a fake ID.,[Music],I honestly barely remember how I did it.,The method I used is most likely at this point obsolete anyways,,but I went on to Reddit and I found this subreddit that was very subtly named /r/fakeID.,I didnt leave any comments, didnt ask any questions or make any posts,,I just browsed until I found all the information that I needed,to procure that sweet sweet underage alcohol.,By the way, in case you were wondering, yes, that subreddit is banned now,,and I in no way condone the buying of fake IDs.,In retrospect what I did was completely stupid,,and instead of becoming Bitcoin rich,,I could have easily just been scammed out of all my money.,And obviously the whole Bitcoin thing did not work out too well for me anyhow.,Anyways in various attempts to cover my tracks,,I decided I would buy a prepaid credit card,,paid for in cash.,So I went to CVS and bought one of these prepaid credit cards,,and went home gleefully to buy some Bitcoin,,one step closer to the fake ID of my dreams.,So, Im pretty sure I used coinbase to buy them but I honest-to-god cant remember,which brings me to my next issue –,I dont know what my public key is, or what my private key is,,which is basically like not even knowing your bank account number or your password.,Even if I did use Coinbase, I very specifically,remember signing up for it using my Emerson email which was my college email,,and since I worked at IT I knew that my email would eventually expire after I graduated,,which I used in an attempt to cover my tracks because what I was doing was technically illegal, so…fuck.,So I send the Bitcoin, and weeks later I get a card in my mailbox.,Its a birthday card, like the kind a grandma would send almost,,except slipped inside it is a fake Illinois ID, ready to use.,And BOY did I use it.,In fact most of the time I used it right here, at this store behind me.,The closest I ever came to being caught was once when they asked for my zip code,,and I miraculously spat out 60202.,After that I vowed to never go in again,,especially not after my 21st birthday because,then they would realize it was a fake the whole time!,I cant believe I actually thought they gave a shit.,So lets go in and get a six-pack for old times sake.,So after I got the ID, I still actually had some Bitcoin left over.,I initially remember I bought just over one Bitcoin,,so for some reason the number 0.64 sticks in my head as to how much Bitcoin I had left.,So lets just basically say that I had .64 hypothetical Bitcoin.,At the time, I really had no idea as to how I would go about turning this back into real money,,and you know I just…I dont know, it just wasnt worth the hassle.,It was then that I realized I had fucked up.,Bitcoin was now the subject of multiple news articles,as its value had reached ten thousand dollars.,So my lost Bitcoin was now worth $6400.,The value of it changes pretty rapidly,,so by the time youre watching this, it honestly could be worth like nothing,,but needless to say at one point I missed out on a lot of money.,So like I dont really know what to do with all of this; I just kind of thought it was a funny story.,Im sure many a dumb ass like myself,just used Bitcoin to purchase something illegal off the internet and forgot about it,,but if anyone has suggestions on how to retrieve my lost Bitcoin,,I guess I welcome them in the comments,,and Im gonna go have a drink and try to forget about this.

Buying Liquor with McLovin Fake ID

You guys know boys every Monday were dropping two new videos one on YouTube one on full Send.com,Thats gonna be were gonna see all our R rated videos boys. Theres just some shit you cant argue,We cannot post on YouTube like anymore at all hitting bong in lectures,We finally did it with Vitaly is live on full Sun calm right now not gonna want to miss this one boys,Hi, hows it going good? Do you guys write horn checks here?,Do you guys are a porn checks here? Like I just need I need to get a quick horn check,Basically no, like basically over the weekend,Like I just came off a three-day bender like I was sending it all weekend and like I ended up slamming like a couple dirties,Like one was an absolute – so like I got something for sure,Like Ive had the clap a few times so like Im just hoping its not something worse. You think if I have like,like bumps and shit on my Jack and the Beanstalk, thats probably nothing right like I,Was trying to throw some Vaseline on there, but I like it didnt do much. It just cleaned up my nest of it,Yeah, I dont think so,You know what? Its probably nothing. I just like a couple just a couple bumps. You think it probably not even worth getting checked,You know what I think you know what I dont I think Im good. Yeah, I think Im good,Its just a couple bumps. You know, Ill probably pop an advil or something. Itll be gone. Okay? Thank you. I appreciate that though,Nice to meet you. Um, basically Im like an upcoming entrepreneur in this area,I basically I dont know if youre aware, but I own like 14% of this areas like zani market,So its kind of looking I just had like a little business proposition for you guys,Like Im basically looking for someone to like supply me with like like the xanies and stuff like that,Im willing to cut you guys in on like 15% of the profits and stuff,Now, I know youre thinking like business is obviously a little low ever since like Ozzy announced that hes not doing zanns anymore and russ,Is always giving his two cents like no one cares or us like what you think?,We run by head office, but number two those are control medications, so no,Yeah, I know but Im really like rebuilding this any community in this area. So I feel like if I can just get that opportunity,Itd be really good smoke perps releasing an album to like the hypes really gonna build up again,I know its kind of an T right now, but its something to think about for sure here. Listen, Ill leave you with my card,Government names the Cuevas. Okay. Thats my trap phone number. So just hit that up if its important. Okay. Thank you very much,We just completed a triple crown now. Were going to go for the fucking Grand Slam,Somehow mint rice gum and alissa violet are feeling like their song went platinum every day says the Sun is gonna find us again somehow,Man, the Grand Slam might as well get it all huh,You know how I feel about that Im wrapping the fucking Hills were gonna take a quick piss cell-free Roland,Nothings changed in the fucking Hills boys,Better 9:05 Im looking at right now got a wild 9:05. Oh my god. Its a wild night. Im so excited. Yes,9:05 in there,Mmm baby, you completed the grand slam fucking four sons in a row, and we ended off with some al dente pasta,Its like boys. This is our life right now. You know, we said we film we cook once but want some pasta,Okay, baby, yeah,Clean, please Amanda. Its way better in a little sleep. Now. I,Work in the morning and shit back to the office. No chance you go in and get some food, huh?,Hands on fuckin the mclovin ID. If you havent seen super bad unsubscribe right now. Im gonna be blinder than fucking nine,Oh when hes drunk dont jerk me too hard boys. I know Im gonna get fucking shredded but,Dont fucking actually you looked over and be a new asshole. I could pass its mclovin,Like Im not tripping you like yeah actually could work. That wasnt McLovin. The only one that actually pumped in that movie or no,I mean yeah doing well. Ill take it boys. You dont mean sure if you wanna,Go boys ready to fuck bitches ready to fuck bitches would,Did it just like?,Ive never really done this before. Im supposed to be buying all the alcohol tonight for the party. Okay?,What do the bitches like really like because Im supposed to be buying it for everyone,Is it Ronis season like which ones like the reverse cow recipe you think like the recipe for reverse cow,Like to get some reverse cow, oh,Youre not a blue moon kind of guy are you yeah something I can hopefully get lucky for the first time I dont know,Whats the biggest whats like, whats the biggest pussy whether you think like it? Lets cut. Lets cut the bullshit here,Im looking for Niagara Falls, you know,Oh, do you guys sell liquor here too? Yeah. Sorry. Im just really nervous,It could easily be a wine night a,Maybe maybe a ladys advice would be good,Yeah, whats the best alcohol to get it flowing downstairs like you think,All right,No, not really, I mean I had a couple sliders with my auntie once but thats about it,Yeah, these two this is their because I asked the other guy whats the recipe for reverse cow,Yeah, yeah, I need a potion. You know, they mean,Good day to you sir. Oh I D. Yeah make me feel young again,Sure, thank you,Havent been asked her ID in years. Oh, yeah,Im looking for a couple lads to finish these with me tonight if you want to come by. I got some ladies,Yeah takes me back to the high-school days we got a lot of bitches, thank you,What the huh buddy you show them the ID right now that actually fucking with,Yeah, I did not think that would work I know,Thats so funny. Oh, we gotta try this that clogs. I think thatd be funny dude. You didnt even feel it like,mclovin,Chicken, yeah. Hello,Looking adorable get up Rock, uh,Yeah, whatever ones girls like the yeah probably the blue,Whats that oh yeah making me feel young silly wallet,Sir itll be on debit,Thank you,Look at this shit,It Lily just doesnt make lovin no, dude, I look nothing,Like dont even say its just because I might look a little bit more like fucking McLovin. Its fucking the ladies, dude,I think we got to bring this shit to the bar wanna promote fuckin underage drinking,But boys just grab yourself a fuckin McLovin ID off Amazon,399 man hate to say it,You dont go to get a picture of yourself, man. Just go to fuckin Amazon get him a glove an ID,Theres Peter Griffin ones on there, too,Should we try a Pokemon guard?

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