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  2. Olly Womens Multivitamin Review
  3. Olly Vitamins-The Perfect Womens Multi
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  5. A Dietitians Honest Opinions About Multivitamins (And Do You Really Need Them?)
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Should You Try Olly Supplements- Olly Review | Vitamins

in this video im going to talk to you,about,only vitamins or it says the perfect,womens multi a powerful blend of,vitamins a d,e b something because i dont have all,my glasses,biotin and folic acid okay so i,needed some new vitamins and this is,what i picked up,hi my name is sheila welcome to my,channel i mostly talk about,being healthy and fit and i actually do,some workouts especially ones that you,can do at home,sometimes im just hanging out at the,gym but i havent had,any vitamins in a few years and im just,gonna go ahead and,be real and just let you know,that as an adult for a very long time,i was still taking flintstones,chewables because i liked the way that,they taste,one of the things that i notice is that,everybody seems to be switching from,like the chewables kind to gummies and,im not really a gummies,person i dont really like gummies but,my daughter is like,really really big on self-care yes im,learning from a 19 year old,so i decided that it was time for me to,i dont know look a little harder at,seeing,i know like take three,i know that im not doing the best i can,the best that i,should in terms of my eating and i do,know that im probably lacking in some,areas,so i thought that a good way to approach,those deficits would be to go out and,get some vitamins,i was at the local harris teeter,checking out the different,kinds that they have so they had like,centrum centrum silver,some other brand i think it may have,been centrum 2,50 plus over women 50 plus over,women something like that and then there,was like one a day,i had heard of those and i was just kind,of like what else do we have can i try,something new,and then i saw this and i was like first,of all its in a big container,second of all it was on sale third i was,just like,i dont know the packaging sold me the,name sold me like centrum and one a day,sounded like something for really really,old people,not knocking my elders okay totally not,knocking my elders,im just saying i was sold on the,packaging it looked,wholesome and fresh what can i say all,right,let me talk a little bit about whats,actually in this,stuff and for that of course i need to,put on my glasses,all right so these are our supplements,facts,[Music],first thing i noticed was i thought it,was just,one gummy that you needed to take and,actually a serving size,is two gummies the one thing that i do,want to note is how you have to open the,top and you cant see it but you,actually have to push down and twist,this thing,to get it open so it took me a while to,figure that out because i also needed to,have all my glasses to be able to reach,that,so im going to show you what it looks,like inside and the first thing that i,noticed was,it so smelled like vitamins it smelled,just like vitamins i was like oh,it smells like the flintstones i might,as well be eating that but,they do come in like a couple of,different colors and i was just like huh,i wonder what this is going to taste,like because i dont really,like gummies but thats what they look,like,okay,all right lid back on first step let me,read it to you it says the perfect,womens multi say hello to your bodys,new bff,a powerful blend of essential nutrients,to support daily health and help fill,the gaps,when your eating habits are a little,less imperfect that was me,see i told you that all of that plus,biotin for your hair i could use a,little bit,skin and nails and a boost of vitamin d,for those fabulous bones see im liking,this already,and then they have down here at the,bottom the goods inside,you gotta love that right vitamin d,vitamin e b6 b12 folic,acid and biotin it comes with,90 gummies in here so that comes up to,about 45 days if youre actually taking,two a day because two a day is the,serving size,in terms of the taste what does it taste,like well it says naturally tasty,blissful blend of juicy berries ill go,ahead and tell you,yes it does have this sort of berry,flavor to it,since i like berries of course that,means im gonna like the gummies,the trick will be not having more than,two a day,all right lets hit the supplement facts,here,calories its got 15 calories but,i guess thats for two gummies so its,really just seven and a half or one,gummy so if youre just having,half a serving there you go,carbohydrates,four grams okay im not knocking that,total sugars,two grams then we have vitamin a and,vitamin c which both come in at 50,percent,of your daily value vitamin d,though is at 100 when we have vitamin e,at 100 also we get down to b1,b2 and niacin and b6,those kind of fluctuate a little bit,with b6 being the highest back at,100 the others range from like 10 to 50,percent,all right folat for those who are,interested,in folate it is 100 vitamin b12,250 i think i like that,biotin oh my gosh im going to have,awesome hair,its a 500 percent oh my gosh,calcium eight percent i guess you better,stick to your milk there,so there you go so thats whats in it,and i just took my first,two today and did i say this wasnt,sponsored this is totally not a,sponsored video i want to make sure that,people know that up front,that this was something i purchased with,my own money because i was trying to,find,a vitamin that would work for me and i,think im going to really like this,like i said i like the flavoring i like,the items that are inside,totally loving the amount of biotin,thats in here,not necessarily a great calcium,supplement but thats okay i can work on,that in other,places but that is generally it if,youre looking for something to try,im gonna keep giving you updates on,this i dont know what else to really,say about,it except that i like it so far and its,got these like funky colors,thats it for this video if you got,something out of it hopefully,you did if youre interested in vitamin,supplements because,like me what you eat on a daily basis,could definitely,use some improvement so this might be a,good way to bring,in that extra that you are missing i,know that im needing that you may need,that too,go ahead and like the video let me know,in the comments if you already take,a daily supplement and if you do what,brand,are you taking and what do you think,about it do you think that its really,truly helping you do you have,gaps in what youre eating on a daily,basis have you been,looking for something let me know about,your vitamin,or supplement journey all right thats,it dont forget to,like the video subscribe to the channel,uh,were checking out bunches of new stuff,this,year were like further into the year so,i guess i could stop saying that,but love you guys peace,let me be in your crew i just wanna be,free,be with people like me

Olly Womens Multivitamin Review

uy,hermens,verso mons,[Música],con youtube en persona,2,air china li na de na el sabor,[Música],[Música],as,[Música],al llegar a ese lugar,desde,6,a,cities,bien,y,ahora,hay unidades desgracia manía,en estos días,[Música],para mí,[Música],en web,rural y de julio bernal serán llamados,de mi sensualidad,este seminario esta mente,[Música]

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Olly Vitamins-The Perfect Womens Multi

[Music],Alys the perfect womans multivitamin,okay so Im gonna be talking about this,ally vitamin and I pretty much like it,so far Im actually surprised I know,this is a little superficial but Im,actually surprised these vitamins taste,as good as they do because the last,vitamin that I had from Ally that were,sugar-coated like these these vitamins,are sugar-coated they tasted pretty bad,so I expected I so I thought I was like,any in vitamin that they sure coat any,vitamin that Ally sugar codes will taste,bad so my expectations were that this,would be a little bit hard to take but,theyre not they taste really good they,have a very wheat like smell and,aftertaste – its not bad its not,unpleasant at all its just weedy,it smells meaty um and Ive noticed that,after taking these vitamins for about,two weeks now a little bit more my,energy levels have gone up it says this,vitamin right here see if you can zoom,it in make it focused for you focus well,anyway it says it is a multitasking,blend of vitamins a c d e PS biotin in,folic acid so Ive been using this now,and I have to say Im pretty pleased I,mean one of the reasons why I keep,coming back so I need my body means is,because they taste so good in this,particular bottle they have I guess like,two types you have like a darker type,and then a la you type they pretty much,taste the same I cant really complain,about the taste,and they have a lot of really necessary,things inside if you can focus so 200%,of vitamin d3,100% of vitamin E 150 percent of what,you need for b6 b7 theres full of acid,then theres b12 Ive noticed that okay,I notice for me when I make sure that I,take the B vitamins so like b12 and b6,my mood improves drastically so since,this is a womans vitamins Im gonna,talk about a womans issue and that,issue is that time of the month and I,have to tell you that um I just Im,about to finish my cycle okay and,usually before I started I get really,grumpy my house is get like so depressed,I started like getting really frustrated,I will cry for no reason I might break,out often too Im just a horrible,horrible move Im really just not a,pleasant person to be around when my,cycle is about to start but when I,started taking these Ive noticed for,the past two weeks and I was taking,these before you know the PMS symptoms,would start I just didnt have those,symptoms I mean even my skin didnt,break out like I got two pimples I,usually get like a bunch of pimples my,skin didnt break out when I was in a,much better mood its like the PMS,symptoms didnt even really affect me,Im excited about this Im going to,continue to take these I have they gave,me 45 days worth so I have like a month,left,and you know what Im ready Im ready to,see if my next cycle will be this,Pleasant and if it is I will give credit,to this because before I was thinking,about B vitamins I kid you not come on,stir I was a monster before it started,and it seems like these vitamins have,improved my mood okay so yeah all in all,Im really satisfied these vitamins they,taste good surprisingly and theyre easy,to take and it seems like theyve,improved my mood in my health I have a,little bit more energy and my PMS,symptoms didnt take over my life like,they usually do so of course as usual,please ask me any questions if you have,them dont forget to like this video and,to subscribe I want to see more of you,guys and I want to get more interaction,so I can know whats on your mind and,what type of content you would like to,see and yeah pretty much always,available at this point in time this day,that Im making this video March 1st and,Im ready Im just like ready for any,comments and I usually reply back pretty,quickly so with that said I hope you,lovely ladies if you try this I hope you,let me know how it goes for you have,these vitamins changed your moods your,well-being and how has your experience,been okay alright see you later bye,[Music],you,[Music]

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Hair Gummies for Hair Growth | Before and After

so hello and welcome back to my channel,everyone to fence in here and you are,watching the more to fencin channel if,this is your first time here make sure,to subscribe hit that notification bell,so that you could be notified every time,I post a video here on YouTube todays,video is going to be all about hair hair,you are thats a mom joke just kidding,so today is gonna be all about hair,were gonna get into the products that,Ive been using to supplement so I dont,know if you know but in 2017 I cut my,hair I did a big chop I had really long,hair and then I decided to cut it cuz it,just wasnt healthy it wasnt curly it,wasnt like giving me life at all,actually it was pretty dead looking so I,cut my hair and to be honest I felt,really self-conscious about my hair for,a long time and I knew that I needed to,grow it back out and now Im very happy,with it its its quite long now it took,some time for it to grow back the,products that Im gonna show you and,talk to you about today are products,that have really helped me along my way,leave a comment and let me know what you,use to supplement for hair growth Ive,tried several different things – Ive,tried liquid biotin which Ill leave in,the cards,Ive tried regular biotin that stuff,breaks my face out which you know I am,NOT about Im all about my skincare as,well and these products that Im gonna,show you right now have really helped me,along the way,no breakouts and really good hair growth,I love hair gummies and I am also an,ally ambassador so Im gonna show you,the products that Ive been using with,Ollie by the way this is not sponsored,at all this is merely merely just me,sharing with you my thoughts and what,has actually given me results,I felt self-conscious about my hair for,so long that I want to genuinely you,know share so hopefully this helps,someone out there Ive been using this,was actually a new launched heavenly,hair but Ollie has tons of hair gummies,to me they all work really,as you can see I only have like damn I,only have two left inside and I might as,well take them now theyre really quite,delicious theyre so so good for me,hair gummies are the way to go because,it just makes it so easy to take your,vitamins it actually makes you want to,take your vitamins you know what Im,saying so Ive been using this one Im,gonna also share with you another,product that Ive been using by Olly,these are their soft gels this is,actually a new release as well that Ive,been using so what I like about these is,that sometimes you know when youre,traveling when youre on the go like you,cant take the full bottle of this you,could if you want to be a bag lady but I,dont so what Ill do is Ill take these,with me when Im traveling and when Im,on a go I really do love these vitamins,and I do see results also sometimes too,when I dont want to take the gummies,because maybe I had too much sugar for,today,Ill usually just take these and Im,good to go I also make sure that I take,a really good multivitamin so this is,the Olly womens multivitamin its great,it tastes fantastic all their vitamins,their gummies taste fantastic which I,absolutely love this one has vitamin A,CDE B biotin in here as well I found,that biotin works really well when it,comes to hair growth but in a pill form,not Olly but like other brands it has,broken out my face like really bad even,the liquid form really broke out my face,but the biotin thats in here for some,reason it doesnt make my skin react,which I really really love that way I,can get my biotin into my system to get,my hair growing nice and full I dont,have any extensions in my hair or like,pieces or equipment or anything like my,hair has never been this fabulous knock,on wood and you know not to gush about,myself but you know sometimes you got a,big yourself up when youre doing,something good you gotta you know give,yourself a little credit what sparked me,to talk about this was I was going,through my Instagram and I realized that,its been three years since I did my big,chop so Im gonna show you right now,this one July 26 2017 was when I first,cut my hair and I was Im telling you I,was so self-conscious I was like oh my,god the haircut was cute dont get me,wrong the haircut was cute but my hair,it was really short and it was super,coyly and tight so like I could barely,when I saw you I can barely fit that,thing in a ponytail it was a lot it was,a lot to deal with so I knew from then,that I had to start supplementing and,then as you progress on even on my feed,you can see that my hair just started,really growing and blossoming I get my,hair cut every quarter so every three,months,I get a trim I go to this woman in the,city her name is Justin yeah shes great,she does amazing cuts and she doesnt,make me feel like Im losing inches when,I cut my hair I think thats been a,tremendous part of my hair grow to like,getting my haircut and supplementing,also to other supplements that I take I,will leave them here because I ordered,them on Amazon and they havent arrived,yet one of them is the Olly collagen,peptides girl if youre not using,collagen you are doing it wrong,especially if youre trying to,supplement for hair growth I swear by,adding collagen peptides into your,routine it is super super important,collagen as we get older it depletes in,our system and its one of those,building blocks that really does help to,build strong hair long beautiful now,really flawless skin tight firm skin it,also helps with joint pains which I,suffered from and thats how I found out,about collagen Im actually gonna do a,dedicated video on collagen because I,swear by it,it is life also another product that I,also swear by and I seen crazy,improvement when I supplement with it is,a protein having a protein shake Im,guessing because its the added protein,that youre supplementing into your body,which feeds the hair nourishes the hair,I mean your hair is actual protein but,Im telling you when I use protein in,the morning and collagen I mix it up,thats my like daily little shakes,stay healthy good to go so this is a,hair update for me so I will show you,exactly how long okay so it looks like I,have a long piece thats just kind of so,like pop down my hair is right there,that is super long dont let the,shrinkage fool ya the front of my hair,let me take a piece from the front this,was a bang at one point in time now yeah,I hope that this video was helpful as,far as the products that I am using to,supplement for hair growth this video is,also going to serve as a benchmark in,six months hopefully six months from now,my hair will be even longer thats why I,just did that little measurement test,but listen if youd like to join me for,this little not saying that this is,going to be a hair challenge or anything,like that because I mean if you want,your hair to grow thats fine if you,like short hair thats thats fine too,but for me I am trying to get like waist,length hair so waist lamp hair for me as,you can see with the shrinkage my hair,is like up to here but my shrinkage,takes me here you know if I get,waist-length hair hopefully my shrinkage,will have me somewhere around about here,if you enjoyed this video make sure to,give it a big thumbs up I enjoy putting,these types of videos together for you,just kind of honestly share,the products that I use every day on the,day-to-day that really helped me and,really get me results gonna be posting,more content on this channel so I would,love if you share with me,some video ideas that you want to see,here Im super curious so drop them down,in the comment box below so thank you so,much for watching dont forget to watch,whats up next and I will catch you in,the next one bye,[Music]

A Dietitians Honest Opinions About Multivitamins (And Do You Really Need Them?)

todays video is sponsored by omnia pillow  and well be reviewing the best and worst  ,multivitamins that you take but first let me tell  you about my sponsor sleep and glow company with  ,beauty pillow omnia so you guys know i am really  particular about my bedtime routine because  ,if every little thing isnt perfect and in its  place its gonna be a bad night im picky about  ,temperature my weighted blanket and my pillow  so much so that i always bring my own with me  ,wherever i go so i was recently sent this omnia  pillow which was developed by orthopedists and  ,cosmetologists and i am officially sold its unique  patented design helps to support an optimal sleep  ,position and it uses memory foam to perfectly  adjust to the shape of your face neck and  ,shoulders and because it cradles your face rather  than just like lets your head sink into it it  ,prevents your skin from compressing and twisting  as you sleep now i try not to be vain i honestly  ,have not had a cosmetic procedure in my life and  the internet tells me all the time that thats a  ,parent but would i like it if my skin looked like  it did before i had kids without paying for crazy  ,expensive creams or botox why yes yes i would so a  pillow that will last me five years that can help  ,prevent wrinkling and puffiness and keep me cool  and comfortable as i sleep definitely feels like a  ,good investment to me so if you want to try omnia  for yourself check out the link in the description  ,and use my promo code abbysharp10 for 10 off of  your order you can also check out my disclaimer  ,in the description and on screen including a  reminder that the information here is really  ,general and its very important that you speak to  a health care provider before starting or stopping  ,a supplement regimen vitamins and minerals  are not benign so please do not be taking them  ,half-hazardly without knowing about your unique  needs okay so first of all lets talk briefly  ,about the whole multivitamin world and answer  everyones burning question does everyone need  ,to be taking a multivitamin well lets talk about  this according to the world health organization  ,more than 2 billion people in the world have a  micronutrient deficiency so usually iron calcium  ,vitamin a b and c research suggests that consuming  adequate nutrients through food is associated  ,with a reduced risk of death but consuming those  same nutrients from supplements doesnt seem to  ,have the same effect one analysis of  the research involving 450 000 people  ,actually found that multivitamins did not reduce  the risk of heart disease or cancer in the general  ,population now of course it is hard to know if  the type of people who are taking multivitamins  ,regularly generally have poor quality diets and  therefore it all evens out but i digress another  ,concern that also complicates this research is  that supplements like multivitamins are notorious  ,for significant variations between claimed content  and actual content besides the obvious problem of  ,not getting what you think youre getting which  we will speak to in more detail very soon it  ,also makes it difficult to evaluate whether any  supplement is improving health if its unknown how  ,much of a vitamin the consumer is actually taking  the other general drawback with multivitamins  ,is that youre getting a generalized bundle of  nutrients that may be more or less than what you  ,uniquely need so if you were to be working with a  dietitian or a naturopath or your doctor on this  ,we would probably want to carefully analyze your  diet and or blood work to determine your precise  ,individual nutrient needs in other words there is  no one size fits all prescription for supplements  ,because its going to be highly dependent on  your diet life stage metabolism and health  ,status and finally also worth noting that some  nutrients are better consumed with food and others  ,without and you really dont have an option  to optimize absorption when everything is  ,taken at once in one pill so if you were to go to  a dietitian or at least if you were to come see me  ,i wouldnt be giving out blanket prescriptions  for multivitamins for everyone i would want  ,to look at the individual needs of the  client to determine what is best for them  ,having said that i fully appreciate that  not everyone has the budget or time to see  ,a nutrition professional about their unique needs  and i also get that even if you do see a dietician  ,you might not have the bandwidth or budget to fuss  over taking like a bunch of individual vitamins  ,and pills a truly effective supplement routine  often takes commitment so monetary and time  ,and a lot of folks are just not at that stage of  readiness to commit to like a handful of pills  ,multiple times a day there are also people who are  more likely to benefit from taking a multivitamin  ,so folks who are pregnant or nursing people with  severely limited diets or elderly populations for  ,whom getting variety and quantity in the diet can  be a challenge so i believe there is definitely a  ,place for a multivitamin but its not necessary  for everyone but first a quick rundown on what  ,to look for when choosing a multivitamin so  first of all lets talk about bioavailability  ,and absorption bioavailability is the amount of  a nutrient that is absorbed in the intestines to  ,be available for biological activity in your body  for supplements this isnt just the amount thats  ,absorbed into the bloodstream but also how much  of the nutrient is used by the body or stored for  ,future use the absorption of some nutrients can be  enhanced by other nutrients or food so for example  ,the fat soluble nutrients can be absorbed better  with foods that contain fat and iron becomes more  ,bioavailable with the addition of vitamin c there  are also certain forms of vitamins that are more  ,bioavailable absorbable or just generally higher  quality because theyre a more active format so  ,for example i like to choose methylated folate and  b12 because theyre the active form and a large  ,percentage of the population cannot efficiently  convert folic acid now im not going to get into  ,detail on all of these but some of my preferential  forms of various vitamins can be found on screen  ,right here next lets discuss quantity underages  and overages now a lot of multivitamins go way  ,overboard on quantities because theyre based on  outdated daily value standards from 1968 which  ,was since updated in 2016. and generally speaking  most consumers think higher amounts of everything  ,is just better value but for the general  population i try to avoid vitamins that contain  ,excessive amounts that are beyond the ul aka  the tolerable upper intake level for nutrients  ,particularly the fat soluble ones like vitamin  a e and k where there is an increased risk for  ,toxicity and adverse effects theres generally a  bit more flexibility for water-soluble vitamins  ,because we do have regulatory mechanisms for them  but that also means that in most cases megadoses  ,arent beneficial either so if you  see a multivitamin advertised as being  ,high potency with excessive nutrient quantities  you might want to take a much closer look because  ,more is not necessarily better and more is not  necessarily better when it comes to the number  ,and volume of vitamins in a supplement either  some manufacturers pad their formulas with massive  ,laundry lists of vitamins most of which are in  such small quantities theyre more there for show  ,than actual function we call this window dressing  personally i would rather go for a supplement with  ,fewer nutrients focusing more on the ones  that i actually need rather than a smorgasbord  ,of every vitamin and nutrient under the sun  especially because the more vitamins in a  ,supplement the more room for something to go wrong  or to interact with something else youre taking  ,next lets discuss quality so theres  a few things to think

My BEGINNERS Vitamin Collection + Routine * 6 month update | hey ShannonAshley

today im sharing whats new after,taking vitamins for six whole months,so this has been like in my regimen in,my system for the past six months so,that is why im seeing,results,[Music],hey guys welcome back to my channel and,shannon ashley here and if youve been,here for the past,six months you know that i have started,a whole vitamin regimen,and i will link those two videos down,below um for you guys to go back,and check out but today i wanted to kind,of share the vitamins that ive been,taking over the past,month and over the past six months and,of course say,how i feel do i feel like theyve helped,do i think vitamins actually work,because a lot of people think vitamins,are just,kind of like this mysterious like,placebo effect,and maybe it is um maybe it isnt i will,share my opinion but im kind of,interested to know what you guys think,so comment below or comment throughout,the video sharing,your experience with vitamins or if you,think its just like a big hoax,i dont know if i could say that word on,youtube but anyways,lets just get right into the video okay,so im going to start with these two,vitamins because these are the ones that,i recently got from the last video,so the first one is this ollie one and,this is,not even showing you this is a,multivitamin,and its called the perfect womens,multi and its a powerful blend of,vitamins,which is a c d e bs vitamin and,folic acid okay so i told you guys that,these have a very funky,almost fishy smell um and you will,notice that right when you open it,and then wherever you store them it will,smell like that they used to have this,um,sugar coating on them but they took it,out and yeah i guess they,havent gotten the feedback of this kind,of smell it might be the folic acid i,dont know what it is,um but i really really like these and,the week i ran out of these i definitely,felt like this weird decline in like,my mood and my energy level and i think,my bodys kind of recited now that i,havent had these or havent been taking,a,multivitamin in the past week or two so,yeah i,definitely felt a difference with these,and before this i used to take the,nature bounties multivitamin and that,was pretty good too i didnt really,think i needed to switch off of it but,im happy i did,because this one did feel a little bit,more powerful,like i was able to get more energy than,the nature bounties one,but overall both of them are just great,to have and take on,you know the daily basis so i definitely,definitely recommend,your multivitamin i would actually,repurchase this one but i think im,either going to do the sugar bear hair,vitamins again,or the vita fusion vitamins i know,theres also the hum vitamins i ever,eventually want to try but im probably,going to do the vitafusion multi one,next,and then um go from there but comment,below if you guys have a multivitamin,that you guys really like i really like,the gummy ones i personally struggle,with swallowing pills so i try to do,as much gummies as i can so next is the,nature brownies hair skin and nail one,and this one is different from the other,one,because it has like this orangey citrus,flavor,um but same thing these actually work,you guys,these will grow your hair now i have yet,to do,a actual like obvious this not my hair,this,is a purple wig um but i have yet to do,like,a hair update showing like how long my,real hair is i think i will probably,start the year off with that so you guys,can see how much my hair grows with,these vitamins but,i know this works because when my braids,underneath here grow like,crazy and then the hair on my face and,my body is just,out of this world like since i havent,taken these in probably the past week,um everything kind of feels like its,slowed down but normally like my hair is,growing growing growing and,i need to shave and shave and like do my,hair removal process and everything,so if youre looking for something to,help grow your nails,energy i definitely recommend taking,both a multi and,a hair skin and nail vitamin just know,that you guys are going to have to drink,a lot of water while you guys are taking,vitamins,and know youre gonna have to be,extremely consistent so this has been,like in my regimen in my system for the,past six months so that is why im,seeing,results and if you fall off a week or,two sure its okay but overall youre,going to want to be extremely consistent,and i think thats where people get,vitamins kind of twisted because theyll,take them every other day or like once,or twice a month like,if youre not running out of these,bottles every month then youre not,consistent enough point blank period,and thats that okay so my supplemental,vitamins right here these are really,like my,immune vitamins and these are the kind,of ones that i want to add more to this,pack like these are like go-to,gotta have the reason why i havent,bought more is because im going to go,couponing but i just havent,gotten myself to get up and go to cvs i,dont know what it is,ill give you guys a vitamin hall when i,go to cvs but okay,lets start with the gummies so this one,i actually got from tj maxx so the be,happy bu,and it has propolis which i have no idea,what that is just being honest,elderberry echinacea vitamin c and zinc,so i told you guys i did want to add,more vitamin c,and zinc into my regimen and this is,kind of like a good starter i like to,up the boot the i like to boost or up,the,number of milligrams though because i,feel like im kind of like thicker,so my body can take more this has three,milligrams of zinc 50 milligrams of,vitamin c,200 milligrams of echinacea 100,milligrams of elderberry and 10,milligrams of propolis,and it has 3 grams of sugar 16 carbs,these to be honest as you can hear,like gummies arent supposed to sound,like this so these are a little stale i,think thats why im having problems,getting through them and probably why,they were at tj maxx,so i wont be repurchasing these even,though i but i will finish them for sure,i like to take these again if i know im,gonna be going,out not like out out not like im out at,a club in atlanta,no but like if im gonna be going,anywhere around people ill take these,like the morning of,night of next day i try not to take,these every day,um just because i like it to kind of be,like reactive not,proactive ill be proactive in the sense,of like im gonna go out and be around,people take it but if im just at home,or just like by myself i dont take this,every day something that ive been,saying i want to start taking more every,day,is this vitamin d three and its just,because,i put the link or like notes to this in,the first video but,they say black people are vitamin d,deficient because our melanin can block,the vitamin d,so especially like being in quarantine,being in the house,not getting enough sunshine with this,crazy,time change this time change has,definitely affected my mood i have to,keep reminding myself to take vitamin d,it is immune support but i also think,that it can be a little bit of a mood,booster just,because it kind of like radiance or it,kind of gives you that same,i guess it kind of alerts your body like,the same type of nutrients that you,would get from the sun,so yeah i do want to take more of these,but as you guys can see ive been,getting through them,like the bottles halfway gone i dont,know if you guys can tell,its like down to here,which i think is pretty good right but,um i definitely want to try to finish,these before the next video okay,something that i just should be taking,away more of but im dropping the ball,and its because i dont like how these,look,are these pre and probiotics like this,white pill these are the pills i used to,like throw up their minds are like old,tylenol pills when i was trying to learn,how to like swallow pills,as a kid but i am halfway through these,i got these from tj maxx,2 just a probiotic theyre like six,bucks,probably wont be repurchasing this one,but i do need to get on my probiotic,game but i do need to finish these so,im telling

Olly Vitamin Review/Intro- Womens, Beauty, Skin (bright and Flawless)

hi welcome back tits America beauty this,video is slightly different than my,normal videos so this is a review of,Alli vitamins they do look like this,this is one of the ones that Im,reviewing and these are found at Target,at different places so this is editing,brain yet its when I jump in really,quick I didnt notice until I was,editing that I had a mark up on my head,so if you can ignore that we all,appreciate it and now lets get back,into the video normally I dont buy,these such of vitamins because gummy is,typically a pork in them and I dont eat,pork however I did make an exception to,my my rule about it because I had,received a free one and I had so much,success with it that I literally felt,like I kind of had to keep using it,because my body is reacting well so,background if you havent seen our you,dont look sick challenge or on collab,I have autoimmune disease and some other,health conditions that make it hard one,of which I have stomach issues and I,have Barretts esophagus and things make,me nauseous all the time there was a,two-year period that I literally was on,a liquid diet I couldnt drink anything,but like insurers or things like that so,my stomach is very picky its finicky so,when I find a vitamin that works for me,its really important to me to keep,using it even if it may not be the,perfect product other things that I,would like to improve so I am reviewing,for vitamins different ones I have their,pricing and everything for you and what,they do and what they include there is,one I have here that Im not reviewing,because Ive not been taking it long,enough however I wanted to include so,you knew it was an available option so,the first one I am going to review is,the perfect womans multi this was the,first one I ever bought from this line,and this one is pretty cool because it,does if you look you can even bring it,up look on targets website or Amazons,website it has I think probably almost,two dozen nutrients that are in these,which when you look at normal gummies a,lot of times its five its seven that,they concentrate on there is a ton in,here so theres vitamin A C D E thiamine,which is vitamin b1 or a riboflavin,which is b2 niacin vitamin b6 folate b12,biotin pin pen toe acetic acid which is,a calcium D calcium zinc I mean it just,has a ton of stuff I will note I am,allergic to iodine however I found that,this was in it well,for my second or third bottle and Ive,not had any reactions to it so they do,sell like little sample packs of all of,these I think is like five or ten days,worth and I would try that first if you,have any allergies so one of the things,I noticed is I get my blood tested,pretty regularly for vitamin D and,different things and I have not had a,low level since I started taking this I,also find that because they dont make,me nauseous Im able to take them on a,consistent basis so that way it is in my,system and its not just used once in a,while so thats really important so the,this battle is 1249 and its a 45 day,supply I think this one in particular is,the best value of all of their vitamins,it really is just for me thats a,no-brainer,then I have extra do the ones I took the,longest in that order so thats the one,I took the longest this one I started,relatively fast after that one this is,the undeniable beauty hair skin and,nails with biotin keratin vitamin C and,E does look like this,so this one is twelve forty nine and you,get thirty days worth well the only one,mentioned so far I have yet to find a,taste that I didnt like but they do,vary so I dont put them on my mouth at,one time first of all theres a lot of,vitamins but second of all because they,do have distinct flavors so the first,one is berry that first one I showed you,this one is grapefruit glam so this one,is one that I deal with alopecia because,of lupus I lose pretty big segments of,my hair and my hair is so thick with,hair right now like Ive not been losing,I have very little new growth which is,typical its a cycle it all falls out,and it all comes back I dont typically,end up with bald spots because of it,because as my doctor says I have a crap,ton of follicles therefore I can lose a,lot before its noticeable but I can,notice when I feel its I already have,thin hair and when I my hair thins out I,can feel a difference so I have notice,thats the other thing Ive noticed is,my nails grow really fast when I take,this it doesnt give them enough,strength because I do have weak nails I,dont drink milk Ive never liked milk,and I noticed that I do have weaker,nails but it does help them grow a lot,faster so thats why I definitely,recommend the other one that I took that,as long as those two but I have been on,I think this is my second bottle and,that is the flawless complexion this is,any accident,minerals and mechanicals this one I,cant say for sure that it was this but,I havent had a breakout since I think a,month maybe six weeks and Ive been,using the same skincare same makeup same,everything this was the only change and,I feel like once it got in my system and,it helped with that so but I cant say,that for sure I just havent been taking,it long enough and as we know breakouts,can go in cycles plus they can be,triggered by products um I dont know,for sure but that is one thing I wanted,to note,so this one is $13.99 and you only get,25 days so this to me is not the best,value like the other ones,for example undeniably beauty you get 30,days for 1249 or the multivitamin you,get 45 days for 1249 so this one is not,as good above value the second to least,time ive been taking and again this is,my first package of this so I cant say,its doing all kinds of awesome things,yet its skin bright supports even,toning pigment that says lutein lutein,zeaxanthin I dont know what that is,its pomegranate so this is meant to,brighten your skin tone and I will say I,probably use so many products that are,to brighten or to smooth it it probably,is hard to say when this is working or,if it works this is another one that,does not have a great value its $15.99,which is roughly three to fifty more,than the other ones and its only 25,days so Im gonna take this one and Im,gonna try it see what happens if I dont,notice any difference this would be the,first one that I would discontinue and,then one that I just picked up like,literally I think this week is the daily,energy this is vitamin b12 coq10 Im not,sure if that is in goji berry so the,coq10 is a key component that helps your,mitochondria and the energy producing,structures keep your cells powered up so,thats pretty cool the only worry with,this one is and I do take it at a,different time of days because this has,b12 minute and my general has b12 so I,did decide that I would just take them,in different times of the day I have a,message into my doctor to make sure,theres nothing wrong with that but to,my knowledge and the research I did,there isnt as long as theyre not all,taken at one time this one is 1249 and,you do get 30 days so again its kind of,the skin bright and the flawless,complexion youre getting kind of gypped,a little bit because youre paying,the same or actually both of them are,more and youre only getting 25 days,however at least for the one I do think,its doing something for my skin so I,actually really enjoy that these,vitamins do not taste nasty they dont,upset my stomach and Im seeing at least,mediocre results for the time frame Ive,been using it I think is acceptable so,that is my starter review of Alli I,wanted to post this now and that way I,can see and you can hear my views and,then in 30 60 90 days I can post an,update and let you know which ones,worked which ones I just continued any,new ones I started and thats pretty,much what was my goal so if you like,this video I hope that you will click,like I hope that youll ring the bell,for notifications share with anyone you,think might find this video useful and,then if you want to comment down below a,vitamin brand that works for you so it,took me years to find

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