1. On Cloudmonster Performance Review From The Inside Out
  2. On Cloud 5 Review: A Fashionable Shoe for the Active Lifestyle
  3. ON Cloud Running Shoes Review: Light as a Cloud?
  4. First Look: The New ON Cloudgo! | GTN Unboxing
  5. ON Running Cloud Shoes Review: 2 Years Later (2022)
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On Cloudmonster Performance Review From The Inside Out

hey whats up zack here and today ive,got the all-new on cloud monster and if,youre looking at these thinking these,are a pretty different looking shoe well,wait to see whats inside of it,now in my experience treating athletes i,found that on shoes have been much more,performance focused versus more plush,ride or more super shoe focused and,thats why i was so excited to see the,cloud monster come out because i really,thought that this shoe could maybe,compete with some more super shoes that,some other companies have come out with,that are a little bit more of a plush,ride a little bit more for protection on,your foot because if on really can find,a way to combine the ridiculous,performance of the cloud tech and the,speed board with some more plush and,comfortable elements they really might,have something here,what ive always admired about on,running is how theyre able to keep,their uppers really light and breathable,yet really strong and supportive i mean,all it is is two layers of mesh one,layer is honeycomb then you kind of have,more of a digital pattern on the top,kind of allows airflow through however,with no real foxing elements or,stabilizing elements on the medial or,lateral side of the uppers they are,pretty stable and you do feel like the,shoe is moving with your foot theres,really not a lot of sliding around in,there for the right foot types which,well get to in a little bit however you,know with some other maximus running,shoes they really kind of hug your foot,in the uppers with a lot of material,which kind of bogs your foot down and,can make you sweaty whereas with these,you really never feel like your foot is,getting drenched in there were getting,too much heat build up and speaking of,the upper construction if you look at,the upper durability test the dremel 10,seconds highest grit sandpaper i mean,barely a scratch on this upper it didnt,even get through the first layer of mesh,so i mean these are more road running,shoes however these really arent going,to have a problem holding up to your,foot on the inside of them or any debris,that you might come into contact with,when youre running in them now the one,bit of caution in the uppers the lace,eyelets are outriggers which im not the,biggest fan of and the laces are a,little bit slippery and they do have a,little bit of rebound and memory so if i,were going to buy these for more,training daily use i would invest in a,pair of bubble laces or just something a,little more tacky with the laces that,way i get a little bit more of a secure,lock down if you want to check out a few,of them i will leave them linked in the,description ones im kind of talking,about for this all right beginning into,the midsole tear down now on is best,known for a few things one of them being,their speedboard and that speedboard,runs from the heel all the way to the,tips of the toes now the speedboard is,basically a liquid injected,thermoplastic which is basically just a,plastic substitute however its got more,elastic particles in it more elastomers,so when its loaded it responds a lot,better than more just a standard plastic,or thermopolyurethane and another reason,why this shoe gives you so much more,energy return is not so much what the,speedboard is made of its just that it,runs the whole length of the shoe so the,entire shoe gets loaded with potential,energy and is able to turn into kinetic,energy versus some shoes where the shank,is just right in the middle of the shoe,if you look at the jump height test,remember when i do these jump tests i,always am serving a tennis ball so i can,more isolate the lower limb even with,the really steep rocker on the forefoot,of the shoe that angle of ascent im,still able to get 37 centimeters on that,test versus some other shoes that are,almost twice the weight of these now,moving from the speedboard into the,actual foam of the shoe youll see onto,their signature theyre cloud tech pods,now the cloud tech pods are there for a,few reasons number one you kind of need,hollowed-out foam underneath this pebex,plate because when your foot is standing,on plastic something really hard its,going to be really unforgiving so you,need something underneath of it to,compress or else the foam will just be,hard as a rock the second thing is is,because these pods are all the way,through the shoe it also allows for much,more forgiving gait so even if your,running form isnt so fluid the shoe,will also compress around it and so your,gate can kind of stay a little bit more,efficient in these shoes versus some,others thats one of the big reasons,that these shoes are really good for,people that run up and down hills a lot,because with the pebex combined with the,cloud tech pods theyre just really easy,to propulse up a hill even if you dont,have the most efficient stride the,problem with earlier models of on shoes,though was because those cloud tech pods,were pretty big they had to be made with,a foam that was pretty stiff and more,resilient so that it wouldnt just crush,through the first few times that you ran,in them and that made the shoes pretty,unforgiving so if you were somebody with,heel or ball of foot pain those shoes,could actually inflame those symptoms a,little more now the cloud monster,however because the cloud tech pods a,little more offset and theres just a,higher stack of foam plus the foam is,that helion which is kind of a mixture,of eva and more olefin copolymers which,is really similar to under armour flow,foam which is made from diaper elastic,these shoes give a much more cushioned,and much more forgiving ride versus,previous models in the on running line,so you know what i really like about the,cloud monster is they give a lot more of,an efficient stride a lot more of a,forgiving stride than some more,maximalist running shoes do however,theyre also a little bit lighter than,some more maximal shoes you kind of are,hitting a sweet spot with these in,between a more performance lightweight,shoe and a more maximalist protective,shoe what i found most interesting about,the midsole setup of the cloud monster,is when i was checking my heart rate in,them versus my regular setup shoes on,the treadmill which is my new balance,840s i found a modest but consistent,heart rate decrease across my mild times,at the 30 minute mark i found that at my,standard mile pace at 30 minutes i was,consistently three beats per minute,lower in the cloud monster versus my new,balance 840s which are the shoes that,ive kind of found to be the most kind,of comfortable for me to run in kind of,fit my gate the best if you take that,over a long period of time that does,equate to a pretty decent boost in,performance now getting into the outsole,tread this is that real minimalist tread,design like were used to seeing with on,this does have a few advantages and,disadvantages number one because it is,such a flat profile and the rubber,thickness is so small they do allow a,little bit more ground contact and,ground feel and you really need that,because there is a big channel of air,separating the ball of your foot from,the ground so this does allow you just,to feel the ground a little bit more,keep you a little bit more stable the,bad part is is because it is so flat,its more of a racing skid type pattern,if you are straight road running theyre,going to grip just fine they do actually,have a pretty decent tack to them,however anything thats just a little,bit more slick because these tread,channels are so close together theres,nothing separating the tread to allow it,to grab into there even just some slick,composite bridges i was going over i did,find myself slipping just a little bit,on so as long as you stay on blacktop or,the sidewalk i mean i think theyre fine,however just dont expect to go into the,woods and try to grab traction on them,you know the outsole durability test the,dremel 10 seconds highest grit sandpaper,its a little bit over a millimeter of,damage now the rubber thickness is only,three millimeters so i

On Cloud 5 Review: A Fashionable Shoe for the Active Lifestyle

hey guys welcome to ryans running,reviews today were taking a look at,some shoes designed in switzerland were,taking a look at the on cloud fives,lets run with it,[Music],before we get started i do want to say,these shoes were provided to me by road,runner sports however they didnt have a,chance to preview this video and this,file synopsis is my own here we go this,is the on cloud 5 and they did change up,the naming convention for this,particular model previous versions of,the on cloud were just called the on,cloud there was no number at the end so,with the fifth version theyre adding,the number the on cloud five to signify,a new update and i believe well be,doing that for future models as well the,enclosed five isnt necessarily,considered a running shoe on has three,different activity levels for all of,their footwear they have all-day wear,running and hiking and the on cloud 5,falls under the all day wear category on,has three different styles low mid and,high but the on cloud 5 the shoe were,taking a look at today is classified as,a low shoe as it sits right below your,ankle essentially this is a low profile,active lifestyle shoe kind of meant for,your day-to-day activities traveling,just being on your feet all day and you,can even use it for running if you would,like although it is not classified as a,performance daily trainer there are,multiple versions of this shoe there is,a waterproof addition where essentially,you get a waterproof upper and onset,theyll be coming out with different,iterations of this particular model as a,fun side note this shoe now has less of,an environmental impact with 44 of the,materials used to construct this shoe,coming from recycled materials another,small kind of cool thing is that this,shoe comes in a wide variety of colors,so finding something that matches your,style shouldnt be a problem the encloud,5 costs 140 only weighs 8.8 ounces which,definitely puts it on the layer into,things and as far as the stack height,goes you get 28 millimeters in the heel,with 20 in the 4 foot for a total drop,of 8 millimeters this is an increase of,2 millimeters first last year which had,a drop of 6 millimeters one big update,we do have is more foam in the midsole,for additional cushioning and the cloud,technology has been reconfigured for a,more stable landing if youre not,familiar with what cloudtech is its a,really unique midsole cushioning,technology thats featured on all of ons,running shoes to various degrees and in,different setups essentially each one of,these individual units compresses down,theyre kind of like mini clouds and,then spring back as you lift up your,foot which provides a really unique kind,of sensation and cushioning method while,cloud tech is the individual units in,the overall structure zero gravity foam,is the actual foam that makes up the,midsole i believe its kind of like your,traditional eva foam base really,lightweight and provides a good level of,impact protection i will say that the,midsole definitely feels different,compared to a traditional running shoe,or walking shoe just because you do feel,this individual cloud tech,components collapsing and then bouncing,back as you step off it really does feel,different even though it is such a,minimal midsole this is a neutral shoe,so there are no stability or motion,control devices built in to the shoe,itself the on cloud 5 also has something,called a speed board which is,essentially a thermoplastic polymer that,runs the full length of a shoe between,the midsole and the upper you can,actually see the speedboard if you pick,the shoe up and look at the bottom its,essentially this black plastic plate in,the middle here that runs again the full,length of the shoe between the midsole,and the upper and does three big things,the first is it helps with the flex of,the shoe kind of stores some energy and,releases as you step off and prevents,too much torsion side to side twisting,motion and helps disperse energy as you,land and kind of spread that energy out,across most of the midsole because the,cloud 5 is an active lifestyle shoe the,speed board found here is going to be a,little bit more flexible and a little,bit more forgiving compared to like a,performance running shoe from some of,their other models the shoe itself does,flex pretty easy and kind of twist it a,good bit but that speedboard does help,give the shoe a little bit more,structure than if it was not included in,the shoe moving on to the outsole you,get rubber in the forefoot and heel area,with exposed foam in the midfoot section,you also can see those individual kind,of cloud-like or cloud tech structures,thats pretty common on running shoes,and these large kind of grooves make the,shoe really flexible and give you a nice,transition as you go through your,walking or running gait moving on to the,forefoot section you get a really thin,fairly breathable engineered mesh with,plastic overlays for additional support,the midfoot section is made up of a,tightly woven less breathable fabric,that extends across the midfoot and then,kind of goes all the way back to the,rear you also get some small reflective,elements in the toe box the on logo is,also reflective on both the outside and,the medial side and then another small,piece of reflective material towards the,rear of the shoe the tongue on the shoe,isnt separate its actually sewn,directly into the upper gives you a,really nice seamless consistent feel you,do have some holes here for additional,ventilation the tongue itself isnt,really well padded its relatively thin,but fairly comfortable on saturday they,did re-engineer the upper for more,accommodating fit and i felt the shoe,did fit true to size and was comfortable,for me something cool about this shoe is,that it comes with two different lacing,options however the default or the one,that comes shipped in the box is,something called speed laces where which,are essentially elastic laces that just,wrap across the mid foot the speed laces,are great for a more comfortable more,casual style of wear its really easy to,slip your foot in and out of the shoe,when you have these laces on again these,are what comes standard in the box and,theyre much more elastic essentially,you pull the speed laces to your desired,level of lockdown or pressure and then,essentially tie off a knot and you kind,of cut off the excess string and have,kind of a one-stop shop or kind of a,one-setting approach to lacing however,if youre someone who wants a more,traditional more performance-oriented,fit with regards to lacing they do have,traditional lacing options available,essentially the shoes come with an extra,pack of laces so you can lace up your,shoes from the toe box all the way to,the top of the shoe now what do i mean,by that well the speed lace version,again only goes across the mid midfoot,and they did leave four eyelets towards,the front of the shoe in case you wanted,to use those traditional laces so you,can kind of see the differences here and,see how the traditional laces go all the,way across the shoe while the speed,laces just go across the midfoot i,actually try each of these,configurations one on each foot just to,kind of test it out and see how i liked,it now i like the speed laces again for,the casual efforts and you can get a,decent lockdown but the traditional,laces is much better if youre going for,like a run or a gym workout or just want,a better tight locked fit it really does,give a better sensation to it however it,does change the styling i personally,like the look of the speed laces more,but the traditional laces do a better,job of locking your foot down now thats,not to say you cant use the speed laces,for performance activities like the gym,or running even though this is a,lifestyle shoe uh but you do notice a,little bit extra give just because those,elises are a little bit more elastic,its not like a super sloppy fit or bad,fit its just that when you kind of go,to traditional laces you do notice is a,lot mor

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ON Cloud Running Shoes Review: Light as a Cloud?

[Music],[Music],hey whats up world one tech traveler,here gonna be reviewing the on running,cloud putting it through its paces aimed,at being an everyday road style shoe you,can find my full written review and,visuals on my website at,onetechtraveler.com and if you havent,yet make sure you subscribe to my,channel just down below to see more,awesome videos like this one right lets,get to it,all right so winter is officially here,in seoul south korea but thats not,putting me off using the outdoor parks,and going on my runs both on the road,and on the trails and it was a perfect,time to review the on running cloud,shoes the most popular everyday footwear,as part of their collection once built,primarily for the road offering a more,direct and firm response from the ground,but generally it holds up very well both,comfortable and gives an extra,springboard effect for those looking to,push through or just make it easier when,you are walking around im wearing them,now but lets bring it back and show you,whats inside the box,all right so some exciting stuff lets,go ahead and unbox the on running shoes,package itself is very simple all black,this is the cloud model all white and,its a u.s size 10 euro 44,swiss engineering and its made in,vietnam,all right,boom,look at that,these are,the on,running shoes,give you a quick look around,it has the very distinctive soles on the,bottom lets go ahead and take,the box out and then actually inside the,box,we have our pair of normal laces if we,prefer to choose this but ill comment,on how these speed laces perform in real,life,see it has quite a nice,aerodynamic look to it and we can see,the traction design along the bottom,sole looks to be fairly grippy but im,going to see how well these cope is very,lightweight theres really hardly any,weight to it in terms of giving you,finer detailing along the tongue we can,see,perforated holes dotted around again,its all about breathability this is,fully mesh panels with some hardened,elements to it for a bit of durability,on the heel this is actually very rock,solid whereas this part is much softer,so adds that extra durability for areas,that tend to wear away quickly,on the rear got nice silver detailing,swiss engineering with the swiss logo,the on logo along the body and then a,metallic finish on the upper hull,[Music],so these are my first pair of shoes from,on running and if this is the kind of,experience i get with the cloud then i,must say very impressed and promising,for the rest of the collection the speed,laces really are what they sound like so,you want to spend some time adjusting,tightening the mid higher and the lows,to suit you and how much of a secure fit,you want but when you do that youll,find it both convenient easy to slip,your feet inside but also when youre,walking it doesnt feel like its,hanging off or going to come up at any,moment in terms of fit these are true to,size so order the shoe size that you,normally go for and i found it very,form-fitting with good allowance towards,the toe now these are built for the road,and more for your everyday wear so if,you want something to push harder with,in your workouts and exercises that you,might want to check out on running the,rest of their collection while i feel,comfortable using these in my workouts,if you are doing more dynamic movements,its stable but i wouldnt recommend it,for that since youll be pushing towards,the edges and it doesnt have a very,robust body to suit for that kind of,workout however if you find yourself,just moving around light jogs exercises,even medium as long as youre not,pushing too hard,even though the toes and the heels are,built very well then your on running,shoes are gonna last longer of course,these are made for road running so what,is it like running around the urban,streets of seoul well pretty good you,might be surprised to know that there,are a lot of uphill roads as well as,steep declines in my area so its really,good to push forward and that,springboard effect we talked about,really helps lift you up be very good,traction and grip on the surface if you,find yourself caught out in the elements,youre still going to find good grip on,the surface but if the surface is very,wet then you might struggle for grip,especially if youre going downhill so,either take a bit of a caution but,youll be able to use these pretty much,all year round as long as you can brave,at the cold winters and the surface,isnt sliding underneath you,youll find these in a bunch of colors,and i went for the all-white it looks,very slick and has a distinctive design,especially from the outsoles they have,holes straight through them the zero,gravity foam and cloud tech outsole are,very comfortable you get good supports,on the impacts so if you tend to feel it,on the knees then these do help support,that like myself feet theyre super,lightweight just 230 grams and even in,the box it was very lightweight so if,youre trying to keep it minimal pack,light or just keep the weight down these,are very good road running everyday,shoes and just a great all-round entry,level into on runnings cloud collection,i enjoy it a lot and even in the winter,as long as you are packing warm socks,which i am then even though its,breathable then youre still going to,find it good as youre ramping up your,body temperature as for durability i,guess well see if i need to follow up,on this video but they feel durable,reliable and uh yeah comfortable to wear,so even though im still out here in,seoul south korea where its zero,degrees and below thats not putting me,off on running and these ones are more,than up to the task,[Music],[Applause],[Music],[Music],for every footstep you take youre going,to get general good lift and the,springboarding effect that really pushes,you and takes you forward as well as a,bit of height the speed laces to be both,convenient and also very secured,surprising but works well so you dont,need to switch to the laces but you have,the option to and also the heels very,robust and sturdy for securing your feet,in there when youre pushing it harder,if you think the on running cloud shoes,are right for you you can go ahead and,buy them in the links just down below,and again see my written review and,visuals on my website at,onetechtraveler.com if you havent yet,make sure you subscribe to my youtube,channel like always and you can now find,me on patreon sharing exclusive content,behind the scenes in the makeups of,these videos and give you a closer look,so thanks a lot world ill see you in,the next video but until then keep being,awesome,[Music],[Music],you

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First Look: The New ON Cloudgo! | GTN Unboxing

its time for another exciting unboxing,and today i have this box from on,running and this one and this one three,new shoe models and we have some of them,to give away so stay tuned,[Music],its exciting times at on running with,the release of this new model they will,have released three new road running,models in four months its no wonder we,havent been able to keep up anyway,were catching up today so lets start,by looking at the models that are,already out the cloud monster and the,cloud runner and you may have seen them,around,and then well unveil their latest,edition the cloud go,the on cloud monster is ons answer to,maximalist shoes it has a pretty extreme,amount of cushioning with their biggest,cloud tech elements ever you can see,through them and a pretty bold rocker,shape,lets take a closer look at this shoe,the midsole of ons cloud monster is made,out of ons helion super foam giving it,great durability and great temperature,resistance they wont get soft and,squishy on a hot day thats built onto,their tpu speedboard with as i said with,a pretty bold rocker shape and a six,millimeter heel toe drop all this while,keeping the shoe surprisingly light 275,grams these shoes are built for the long,run theyre not really a speed session,or race day type of shoe but they do,feature a surprising amount of energy,return,[Music],the cloud monster is already available,for 170 or 150 pounds and dont worry,they do also come in other colors if,youre not into the incredible hulk,[Music],and then we have this shoe released,recently the on cloud runner,this is ons everyday supportive runner,compared to the cloud monster its a lot,more conservative and predictable,it still features their patented cloud,tech cushioning but this midsole is made,out of their softer zero gravity foam,giving it a softer and more forgiving,ride it doesnt have the extreme rocker,of the cloud monster but it does have,still have the tpu speed board in there,with a nine millimeter heel toe drop and,the upper definitely feels a lot more,plush and comfortable,i think im gonna take them out for,running test them,[Music],this,its designed to be supportive for,medium distances and if youre just,starting out running or coming back from,injury or simply like your shoes to be,more stable and predictable then its,probably a good shoe for you theyre,slightly heavier at 300 grams for us 8.5,and i have to admit that running in them,they definitely didnt feel as bouncy as,the other shoes,but i guess thats the trade-off you,make for having a more stable shoe,and i have to admit the traditionalist,in me really likes the look of these,shoes they do look good theyre,available now for 140 us dollars or 130,pounds,and finally what weve come here today,to unbox the on,cloud go,only been released today,[Music],if youre torn between the cloud monster,and the cloud runner then this is,probably the shoe for you,not as extreme as the cloud monster but,a lot more bouncy and energetic than the,cloud runner the cloud go features the,helion superfoam midsole like the cloud,monster built onto a tpu speedboard in a,rocker shape thats not quite as extreme,as the cloud monster it will be more,energetic and responsive than the cloud,runner though effect helped by the fact,that its nearly 50 grams larger than,the cloud runner at 255 grams for the us,8.5,so lets take a closer look at this shoe,the upper features a knit weave upper,which promises comfort and flexibility,and then it has these support lines,built into it which they call lines of,non-extension which is just a fancy way,of saying lines that dont stretch so it,helps the shoe keep its shape while you,move,its a more progressive design than its,sister shoe the cloud runner the lacing,extends all the way down over the toe,box at an angle which should help you,get a more snug fit,[Music],and if we turn the shoe over youll,notice theres rubber pads only on the,areas of highest friction obviously this,is where some of the weight saving has,come in and previous on owners will also,notice something else,no more stone collecting yep theyve,closed this channel that occasionally,used to pick up a stone on some of the,previous models,now not that this was a huge issue when,youre running on the road as these,shoes are designed for but lets face it,no road runner is 100 on the road and,occasionally you would get a stone but,ive been listening to the consumers,nice one on the shoe doesnt have much,support so its ready for your more,well-balanced runner or your neutral,foot striker but the helion superphone,compared with those clouds or cloud tech,as they call it mean that its still,pretty forgiving even whilst being,energetic so a light responsive,comfortable shoe featuring the best of,swiss engineering and heres the kicker,huh excuse the pun,theyve managed to do all of this for,the very reasonable price the same as,the cloud runner of 140,130 pounds,now these shoes only just arrived so i,havent actually had a chance to do many,miles in them but,ive run around the block and i have to,say,they feel pretty good light and,energetic probably the perfect shoe if,youre training for your first triathlon,and dont want to break the bank on a,pair of carbon super shoes,and the best way to save some money,would be to get them for free and today,we have five pairs to give away so just,click the link down below answer a,simple question and you can get your own,pair of on cloud go for free

ON Running Cloud Shoes Review: 2 Years Later (2022)

check out my poster shop with new styles,and designs added every week click the,link down below,whats up team kva one tech traveler,here now today i want to follow up on a,video that is proven to be my most,popular video on the channel it was a,video i did two years ago and it was on,a pair of shoes that is the on running,cloud review nearly 100 000 of you have,viewed it which i really appreciate im,glad to have helped you in that process,to see if they were the right shoes for,you and so im hoping to follow up and,share my thoughts on how those same pair,of shoes have held up two years later,and im hoping for the future im able,to get my hands on a few on running,shoes considering theyve really fleshed,out the cloud series brought some new,ones many different types for different,terrain situations sports so hopefully i,can share more on running shoes with you,in the future for this video im,actually going to take it off my feet,and go bear list for this because uh,ive actually been wearing them and here,they are,these are the same pair of shoes that i,bought and wore two years ago and ive,been wearing ever since make sure you,stick around for this video if you want,to check out on runnings latest range,ill put the links down below and you,can always find my written review on my,website at onetechtraveler.com weve,recently hit 5 000 members joining the,kba community here so yeah subscribe,check out this video hope you enjoy it,lets get started,[Music],[Music],maybe its hard to imagine now but these,used to be the all white on running,cloud shoes these were on runnings most,popular model the original cloud passing,thoughts on the new,cloud generation so it is now called the,cloud five you will still see a few,cloud models left its like on the last,chance so once its gone its going to,be fully gone and they still kind of,have my colorway of the all whites but,the cloud fives are the ones that are,replacing it and theres not actually,that much difference design wise in dna,its actually the same they maybe have a,few silver trims or accents towards the,the front toe they noted the differences,is in the sole much more comfortable,than the version that i had the first,generation its more sustainable its,now made up of 45 recycled materials,which is great in terms of reusing but,also if its able to retain everything,that i like about the on running cloud,but do it in a sustainable manner for,construction,im all for it i have been wearing it,maybe it was a bit too fresh and too,white from the videos you mentioned um,but this shows that its been heavily,worn if i actually showed you a couple,of months ago where i did a deep clean,of this it actually came out really nice,it can be restored there are some,caveats have really served me well and,theyve just been very different among,the shoes that ive worn that ive tried,that ive reviewed their ideas and their,concepts theres a lot of great things,about it there were two shoelaces that,came with the cloud shoes these are the,speed laces which are quite a signature,of on running and i think work,impressively well they dont require you,to tie it knot it off on either side and,you can use the several lacing down here,but in a lot of their pictures they only,use like the first two cinch down both,sides when youre happy with the,tightness and generally just means,youve got a great slip-on slip-off,experience but still holding onto your,feet well ive been doing weights did,some treadmill work some cardio ive,done some running ive also cycled dirt,to come from that because it was from,the oil and i was just running with it,and actually taking good care it was,really fresh and looked clean this all,used to be white this part actually just,became perpetually like a yellow tinge,or a cream you could probably tell um,the back heel this actually became a lot,more white and it was really right after,i washed it and by washing i mean,getting like a toothbrush baking soda,and even like the the sole itself this,can be restored but i just want to show,you how heavily worn and this is like,far worse and that was from the chain,oil i think in terms of the running and,just the daily comfort experience you,can see ive reviewed the vivo barefoot,shoes the magnum trails the geo cores,these ones were just fundamentally,different and of course it was because,of these holes in the outsole which for,a lot of people creates quite an,interesting discussion in terms of their,effectiveness the pros and cons of them,and what i mentioned before when i was,in seoul a little bit of a natural,lightness and boost to help me propel,you forward gave me a bit more spring in,my strides and my walks in my jogs my,runs so i found i was able to really get,off the the ground a lot better the,lightness the agility mobility of,wearing it i really enjoy using it on a,day-to-day basis septum kba so ive just,launched my one tech traveler shop where,youll find many different poster,designs and styles to choose from mix,and match sizes and colors to decorate,your space ill be uploading new designs,every single week and i hope you find a,design that suits you come check it out,stop by thanks and keep being awesome,when im in the gym im doing weight,works a variety of stuff whether youre,doing rows cardio work doing weights,this will show a mixed bag and thats,where some of the other ranges in on,cloud might be better suited the treads,from the side theyve got some holes in,between them theres kind of a staple,across all of on runnings,footwear its going to present some pros,and cons depending what youre doing,like i mentioned stability and balance,is,not one of the this particular cloud,strength cuts in between uh that slices,it in half and that just creates more,independent pressure points rather than,being a bit more uniform i just felt,youre not able to get the maximum,performance out of those particular like,heavyweight lifts just bear that in mind,however i will be putting links down,below for shoes within their range also,leads me on to a few of the comments,ive seen from the original on running,cloud video do you find yourself having,stones and little bits just getting,caught in the little holes and i will,say yes how often,rarely im generally wearing this in,your day-to-day like urban,city,pavements normal roads like flooring you,might find a little bit of stones sort,of propped up but it doesnt affect me,there only when youve got more like,gravel terrains and bigger sort of,stones that it can get caught within,this because it will go in between and,then it will just lodge itself here easy,to remove and youll notice it straight,away it doesnt happen frequently but it,can happen to answer your question and,it will happen more or less depending on,the the type of terrain that you find,yourself,walking or running in but i havent,found it happening when im running its,actually just more when im walking,youre more likely to pick that up i,want to also give you a look at the very,mucky looking,inner soles,again theyre all wise or just like,greyed out so when youre washing it,just give it a scrape and it will clean,it to an extent but its always gonna,just be dirty forever this tongue piece,is fairly thin light and you know i,think thats that would be by design and,it has actually lasted a while i would,just say towards the the top of the,tongue it starts to fray so its quite,worn on this side and,the inner part is actually not that bad,let me check this side not too bad so,yeah on my right shoe its just a little,bit more worn on this part the biggest,wear that i actually see is on the heel,might put some people off because these,are very rock hard ive actually quite,liked that a lot because it just gives,me a little bit more form structure when,im trying to be stable shaped towards,your feet so ive never found it,really wearing into my ankle or skin and,rubbing off like other shoes try to,remove a lot of your,your judgments of having,strong heeled backs if youv

On Running Shoes Review *2021 Version* Cloudflow, Cloudultra, Cloudswift & More!

hey guys dusty here today im going to,be doing an overview of on running and,most of the shoes that they offer and,im actually shooting this video today,in my local running store couch and,valley running here on vancouver island,so a big thank you to laura for letting,me use her shop,and if you havent heard of on running,theyre a swiss company thats been,around since 2010,and they do a few things that make their,shoes different from other brands,so the first most obvious difference is,the sole,on running calls these pods their clouds,or,clouds cloud pods and essentially how,they work,is theyre individually going to,compress when your foot hits the ground,and then decompress when your foot,leaves the ground giving you,cushion and energy return in that way,and then another thing thats unique to,on is,all of their shoes features what on,calls a speed board,and essentially thats just a plastic,plate that runs the full length of the,shoe,and you can actually see it in most of,their models,in this channel here that runs along the,middle of the shoe you can see,under the midsole where that speedboard,is and what a speedboard does,is its going to load up every foot,strike and help propel you forward or,give you a smooth transition,so when you combine the speed board with,the cloud pods youre going to get a,unique running experience that youre,not going to find in,any other brand now another thing that,makes on running shoes,different from most other companies is,that they all have built-in sock liners,so because of this on running shoes has,some of the best on,foot feeling shoes and because theres,built-in sock liners that means theres,little to no,seams so you can go sockless or with,socks in on running shoes,so those are the main differences,between on running shoes and other,brands,now well go over some of the models,that they offer first up we have the og,this is the first shoe that on running,ever came out with and this one is,simply known as their on cloud,initially it was designed as a racing,shoe but since then,its kind of just found its way onto a,lot of runners its just,kind of a daily casual shoe so you could,still use this shoe for running,but on is going to offer a lot of other,options that are going to be better at,running specifically than this shoe but,this shoe it also,comes with these elastic laces so really,easy to get the shoe on and off,this is the colorway that i have just a,basic black and white,but uh the shoe comes in a wide array of,different fun colors,and this shoe i believe also comes in a,waterproof version,next up we move on to the cloud x and,this is going to be a good option for,those of you that want a shoe,to go to the gym with so i wouldnt,recommend you use the cloudx for long,runs but you can do short runs,uh some easy runs maybe some speed work,but uh this is gonna be a good cross,training shoot so a lot of people that,wear this shoe,are people that are going to be going to,crossfit doing some boot camps some hit,workouts,and some light running as well next up,well move along to the cloud,flow now that if youve been watching my,channel for a while youll know this is,one of my,all-time favorite shoes this is a really,lightweight versatile road running shoe,this is a shoe you can do it all in you,can do easy runs,temple runs speed runs long runs it can,be a race day shoe,very comfy feeling shoe the only bad,thing ill say about this shoe,is its not the greatest on trails or,gravel and thats because,of these cloud pods theyre all,disconnected and this channel here in,the middle,it tends to pick up rocks and gravel,that sort of a thing,but if youre looking for a shoe and,youre going to stick mostly to pavement,you cant go wrong with the cloud flow,next up we move,on to another road running shoe the,cloud swift,and this shoe has a totally different,feel from the cloud flow,as you can see this shoe curves up and,in the toe,quite a bit more and the shoe is going,to have whats called a rocker feel to,it,so because of the geometry of this shoe,its going to help,rock or roll you forward some runners,like it some dont uh it wont take you,very long to get used to it,if youve never ran in a shoe like this,before but this shoe in particular is a,beast of a daily trainer,um i have two pairs of this shoe and the,first pair that i have,they have i think 400 kilometers on them,and they show very little signs of wear,even the midsole hasnt broken down that,much,and at least for myself i think i can,probably get like 800k,or more out of this shoe its a little,bit heavier than the cloud flow,um this shoe is just going to be a,really good workhorse for a lot of you,i usually keep this shoe to easy runs,for myself,anywhere from like 30 minutes on the low,end,all the way up to i think ive done over,20k in the shoe so it can certainly,handle the long runs,and this shoe is going to offer a little,bit more support than the cloud flow,because it features this midfoot cage,here,so if youre looking for a shoe that can,do it all thats built like a tank and,youre going to get a lot of miles out,of,check out the cloud swift okay now we,move on to,the cloud stratus and this shoe was the,first shoe from on running that featured,a double layer,of their cloud pods so you have extra,cushioning or a double layer of the,cloud pods from the heel,all the way to about the forefoot and,this is one of their,max cushion shoes and while its max,cushioned,i wouldnt call it like soft,like youre gonna find in other brands,like uh hoka shoe,but with that being said its still,going to offer plenty of cushion,enough to handle those long miles even,if youre a heavier runner,and another cool thing about the cloud,stratus is it features,a ton of options as far as the lacing,system goes,so on the upper it comes with another,row of,holes that you can lace up if you need,to make it a little bit wider,and then it has this star lacing pattern,here at the bottom,so if you need the shoe a little bit,wider or a little bit narrower,or if you need to take some pressure,away from a problem area,the shoe has you covered with their,lacing options,now were going to move away from the,pavement and get into some trails with,on runnings cloud venture so the cloud,venture has a pretty aggressive,outsole and the rubber that they use on,the outsole is what onrunning,calls their mission grip rubber so its,very,very sticky this shoe also comes in a,waterproof version as well,and a lot of people will buy the cloud,venture as a hiking shoe,if theyre not one to like wearing a,hiking boot out on the trails,so pretty heavy duty trail shoe this is,gonna handle,some pretty nasty conditions out there,and still being really grippy because of,that mission grip outsole,and rest assured your foot is going to,be protected in the cloud venture out on,the trails,next up we have ons latest shoe and my,latest purchase,from on running as well uh theyre the,new trail shoe the cloud,ultra so this shoe kind of like the,cloud stratus has a double layer of the,cloud pods as well,and for the first time ever in on,history,theyve kind of done away with the cloud,pods on the bottom so its all,connected here the channel isnt really,big,so you wont have to worry at all about,getting rocks or,sticks stuck in the bottom of your shoe,as far as fit,of this shoe it fits a little bit,narrower,and it is a little bit hard to get on at,first because the tongue is all one,piece,but once you do get your foot inside the,shoe its very very comfy,and this shoe also features this cool,little flip on the bottom of the laces,here,so being a shoe designed for ultra,running um our feet tend to swell over,time,so when that happens you just flip this,switch here and itll release the laces,on the bottom of the shoe giving the,shoe hopefully a little bit more room,for your foot to breathe,now as far as the outsole goes uh it,isnt near as aggressive as the,cloud venture so for your really nasty,conditions youre probably better off,with the cloud ve

ON CLOUD – CLOUD SHOE REVIEW | Does This Running Shoe Live Up to the Hype? Nursing Shoe Review

what is going on guys it is jarrod here,and today were back and were going to,do a review of the on cloud brand,shoe called the cloud this is going to,be kind of a different video a laid back,review of this shoe,my experience with this shoe and im,going to tell you if this shoe is right,for you im going to show you the specs,what to expect if you do buy the shoe,and my overall impression of what i,think,about it im a nurse i work 12 hour,shifts and im on these bad boys for a,long period of time so im going to,deliver an honest,crucial review if you are considering,these shoes should you buy the on cloud,shoe,or not but before that go ahead and,subscribe to this channel i post two,videos a week on mainly growing,financial knowledge but i have lots of,great content on my channel,go and check it out subscribe right,below alright lets get right into,discovering the cloud i wear a size 12,in mens and this shoe fits very,comfortably there are lots of colors to,choose from this shoe which makes it,versatile and you can match it with,whatever look that youre going for,zero gravity foam is on the outside of,the shoe so it really provides a,comfortable planning point,when you walk the on cloud company uses,cloudtech technology to give you more,cushion and support when youre walking,or running,the speedboard on the middle of the shoe,gives you increased support and ease of,use for activity,or walking long distances my personal,favorite of this shoe is the shoe lacing,system,nobody wants to tie your shoelaces every,day and with this shoe you really dont,have to the lacing system provides a,secure,competent fit with enough mobility to go,through your everyday activities with,this shoe,the primary materials used is the,breathable mesh exterior which has an,anti-microbial effect,and is perfect for use within the,hospital setting but the antimicrobial,feature within this shoe is,excellent considering no matter where,you walk you are likely to pick up some,type of bacteria,virus or fungi especially in walmart,please wear these in walmart,complementing the breathable mesh is,super soft fabrics that are used in the,upper portion of the shoe which makes it,a great complement to the already,breathable mesh middle portion of the,shoe as well,as far as the overall design of the shoe,i really love this shoe,i chose the all black exterior which,gives it a minimalist feel but still,makes its presence known,in the workplace or when im on the town,the overall specs,of this shoe is really really good im,very impressed with the on cloud brand,and their shoe i have a wide foot and,when i was wearing this shoe my foot,really did not feel,too cramped when i went to go purchase,the shoe i did not notice any wide sizes,that they offered which actually is,really the only downside that i found to,the shoe but they did say to order a,size up so i had a 12 so i ordered a,12.5 and really it still fit,very well its snug but not too snug and,its not too tight to where you cant,hardly walk in it,the lacing system that i mentioned,before also provides a different feel,and it holds your foot and cradles it,when you walk but overall when i first,purchased the shoe i was very pleased,with the overall ride and the feel,of the cloud i have now worn them for,three months and they still really feel,just as new as they did,when i bought them and now i expect them,to continue to perform well and have,longevity in the future,the price of these shoes comes to a,whopping 130,us dollars if you know me im a,minimalist and this really hurt me,greatly when i can go into academy or a,local convenience store and buy a pair,of tennis shoes for about 50 dollars,it really hurt me that i spent 130 on,just shoes,and although i rarely bought the bullet,on expensive purchases i really feel,that this purchase was worth it,i think with a lot of things you really,get what you pay for and these shoes are,no exception and although the price is a,little bit high if youre on your feet a,lot and walk a lot,i think these shoes are a great option,other shoes,in their class like asics and new,balance have a similar price point with,some of their brands,after trying these shoes and trying,other brands of shoes i think really the,on cloud,brand itself stands out more than the,other brands,overall the maintainability of this shoe,is really pretty easy,the antimicrobial properties of the shoe,is a huge plus and really it is easy to,keep thing clean this really,can depend on the color that you get,though i got the all black version of,the shoe and it has remained free of,dirt debris,and other causative agents but overall,my experience wearing it seems that the,shoe is very durable and its very,resistant to wear as well,ive only had mine for three months like,i said before but i know some nurses,that bought them in early 2020 theyve,had them over a year,and theyre still wearing the same shoes,and they say that they still feel great,these shoes are easy to clean maintain,and really are a great,option if youre on your feet a lot or,you are running,overall this shoe can pretty much be,used for anything i use it personally,for work but if youre running walking,or even doing any type of physical,activity in the gym,you can also use this shoe here as well,i really like the shoes versatility,here in this way because you can really,use the shoe for pretty much anything,working out youre on the cloud running,a marathon youre on the cloud,babysitting a nightmare,toddler youre still on the cloud so,when buying this shoe is really going to,give you a lot of versatility in your,life,when you wear it personally i use this,shoe working as a nurse,long 12 hour shifts and then maybe ill,wear it to the gym also,it gives me great support when using a,shoe and i really feel that my feet,dont get as fatigued as they did before,when i didnt wear this shoe in the end,the cloud shoe is really a great overall,shoe,to wear although the price is a little,steep it makes up for it with its,durability antimicrobial properties,and versatility are there shoes that,could compete with this,in the same class i really believe that,there is but if you want a great,supporting shoe that is really,breathable and can stay with you for,long stretches of time,the on cloud cloud shoe is a very good,option here,i give this shoe a 9.5 out of 10 on the,shoe scale what is the shoe scale you,ask,i have no idea i just made it up the,only way i would give a shoe a 10 out of,10 is if you actually walked on a cloud,when you wore,a shoe im going to put in a good word,with the research and development team,well see what we can come up with,in the end if youre looking for a great,shoe and youre on your feet a lot i,would really recommend this shoe,your feet are going to thank you for it,and you are going to be immersed in the,cloud,paradise all right guys that is it thank,you so much for watching this entire,video,i hope now you understand why this shoe,really is a great choice and maybe its,going to make you,choose to buy this shoe in the future,again subscribe down below i post two,videos a week lots of great content on,my channel,go down there and check out my channel,subscribe right below alright guys i,will catch you in the next one,peace,[Music],you

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