1. why does everyone like On My Block so much?
  2. On My Block Deserved Better… *season 4 review*
  3. On My Block Cast Answer the Webs Most Searched Questions | WIRED
  4. Lets Talk About On My Block… *plz dont hate me*
  5. On My Block Before and After 2021 (The Television Series On My Block Cast Then and Now)
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why does everyone like On My Block so much?

you know I get asked by you guys to talk,about a lot of different shows and,movies or whatever I mean seriously at,this point the list is so long like I,dont even know what to do with myself,but one show I get a lot like a lot lot,his Netflix is on my block now I had,heard about this show like here and,there but I had no idea that it was such,a huge deal when it came out like,somehow it just kind of passed me by,with season 2 having come out a couple,months ago I figured it was time to,leave the vampires and magic Disney,Princesses behind for a bit and check,out on my block so the show starts out,with our four main characters watching a,party from behind like a wall or,something dreaming about what their,lives are gonna be like when they,finally start high school take it in,this is about to be us this is high,school oh man remember back when we,thought high school was gonna be like,this and then it turns out that you,never had any friends to begin with and,so you never got invited to anything,anyway and then you spend the rest of,your life telling yourself that those,parties were probably totally lame so,who cares right guys,anybody else nope just me Oh guys check,out ready dang man oclock one say if,you were a girl I am a girl yeah but if,you were a girl like that would you wear,underwear what do you even say to that,anyway so heres where we get a little,introduction about who our main,characters are we have Jamal whose dad,was a big football guy back in high,school and so of course he wants Jamal,to play as well but turns out Jamal,hates football so hes kind of in a,tough spot those guys played for the,ridge did you know that last year alone,over a quorum of kids died playing,football stuck on repeat so dont play,the choice pops was a legend its family,tradition we have Ruby whos kind of,like the nerd of the group Monse the,toughest nails no-nonsense tomboy and,caesar whose brother is some kind of,like local gang leaders on my that,anyway so later that night Rubys,brother Mario gets dumped by his,girlfriend and so he has one of these,like teenage breakdowns or whatever,where he just kind of feels the need to,give life advice that no one asked for,you okay only yes no no,are you on the virtual high school of,excitement or first first parties first,football games love first love,I discovered mozzarella sticks way,before high school but then he continues,want me to drop some knowledge now I,dont I school its its the foundation,for the rest of your life you know,everybody thinks this right mainly,because TV movies parents teachers,literally everyone tells you this I mean,like truth be told yes high school is,important for a lot of reasons but,mainly its just to get you into college,and college is mainly just to get you,into your first job because like after,that almost none of it matters you know,who cares about where I went to college,no one you know who cares about my GPA,no one you want to know how many times,Ive been asked about my high school,extracurriculars literally no Im not,saying high school doesnt matter at all,okay Im just saying dont stress too,much about it anyway so then the show,flashes forward a little bit and the,kids are getting ready for their high,school orientation over the summer,months say went to some creative writing,camp or whatever and just came back to,town but thats when she learns that,something happened between Jamal Ruby,and Ceaser and so now Cesars been,kicked out of the group,Im back can you decide to you can wait,for Caesar to house well be waiting a,really long time why were Caesar were,not talking to him you had a fight well,it wasnt really like a fight it was,more like and were not getting into it,trust us Caesars not cool now later on,Jamal secretly quits the football team,but of course he cant tell his dad,around,you know hell get in trouble and one,Monse finds this out she blackmails him,into telling her what exactly happened,with Caesar did you quit the team and,not tell your dad no yes and he keeps,thinking that Im just gonna wake up one,day and be him and Im not him what Im,gonna rat you out to your dad unless you,drop the 401 one about Caesar mister,toss Caesar said that you let him hit it,before you left for camp,but like is this not just the most high,school thing ever what is it about high,school kids and making up the most,random lies for no reason like you know,everyones just minding their own,business having a good time and someone,wakes up in the morning one day and just,thinks what if I told everyone that Alex,said he has a crush on Jenna so then her,boyfriend comes and beats him up for no,reason theres gonna be a great,Wednesday and then everyone just,believes it and talks about it all day,like how bored were we but sure was a,good thing that after high school,everyone grows up and stops and ending,rumors about people just to get some,kind of imaginary social points or like,I dont know trying to sell vitamins or,whatever right guys you know good thing,those days are over here now Monse is of,course upset by this because theres,nothing worse than going into high,school with a reputation good things,could be worse whats worse than losing,a friend entering high school with a rep,and youre smart enough to know that a,rumor could ruin your life even though,everyone in high school wants to do the,old Devils to do but of course if anyone,actually does do the devils tango then,theyre like socially ostracized or,whatever you know because that makes,total sense right guys anyway so she,goes over to Cesars house to tell him,whats what I need to talk to you Im,listening,privately,you can go inside but if you want to sit,on my couch and play Super Smash,Brothers on my Nintendo switch you got,to put that mouth on par so I can,concentrate now putting this whole thing,to the side for a second can I just say,that gang life looks incredibly boring,every time we see these guys theyre,either sitting outside the house doing,nothing or driving around doing nothing,and like obviously joining a gang is a,dumb thing to do anyway but on top of,that they make you wear shorts and tube,socks pulled all the way up I gotta say,you all just kind of look like Tina from,Bobs Burgers like the whole gang just,rolls up like,now just to summarize here Jamal and,Ruby are upset with Caesar for what he,said Monse is upset with everyone and,now she has no choice but to hang out,with Jasmine over here we need like our,own routine like a sick one that only we,know and we bust out and like at lunch,before school dont worry girl Im gonna,teach you Im gonna teach you soon mom,say you go away this is not a threat,anyway so my sight changes are mine,thanks to and now everythings cool hey,hey so Im cool until that night when,Cesar sneaks into Mantes house and the,whole truth finally comes out get out,hear me out please,I never meant to hurt you why did you,say it I promise were gonna tell,anybody what it was it was true okay let,me get this straight youre saying that,you took a hmm and uh hmm,and then and then and then you just now,at the end of the episode we learned,that Caesar was forced to join his,brothers gang and he actually might,have a good reason for telling everyone,about Mon say Oscar I dont understand,when he got out he wanted to get at you,so I claimed you to protect you,and so now its up to months eh Jamal,and Ruby to find a way to get him out of,the gang get Jamal to tell his dad the,truth and get Ruby out of his grandmas,room you know one thing I thought was,interesting about this show is how you,get the sense that its kind of like an,insiders perspective on things like it,a lot of movies and TV shows about the,hood or whatever everything is kind of,like hyped up and like over-exaggerated,to an absurd degree or like gang life is,super glorified like in Riverdale for,example the way on my block portrays,everything is kind of how I feel like,you would see it if you actually lived,it like you know its not going out of,its way to e

On My Block Deserved Better… *season 4 review*

hey guys whats up its emergency and,welcome or welcome back to my channel we,need to cut right to the chase and talk,about this show right here this show,right here on my block specifically,season four now if youve been here for,a while and youve seen some of my,content before you know that i made a,lovely review on season three when that,came out and if you remember anything,from that youd know that my opinions on,on my blog just really were not in line,with what the popular opinion was like i,there was a critical claim theyre like,oh my god like i love this show its so,great and i was just over there like,is it is it really that great i dont,know at the end of my review last time i,said that i really hoped that i would,see some growth and i would see some,things that would be different that,would cause me to enjoy the show just a,little bit more and id say season four,did that to a certain degree but also,when it comes to my overall opinions on,the show not much has changed and were,gonna get into that but before we do,that if youre new around here hit that,subscribe button so you never miss when,i post and also turn on my post,notifications so you also never miss,when i post and while youre at it you,can follow me on my socials here at,emergency but specifically check out my,instagram because ill be posting over,there,but yeah,lets talk about on my block,[Music],as per usual spoiler warning because,were not holding anything back this,time around um were just gonna be,talking the [ __ ] cuz this season is the,last season about my black its the,series finale and it was really meant to,pull everything together bring things to,a close and i feel like they did that,they really did bring things to a close,very abruptly very,viciously with malice and determination,to bring things in peoples lives to a,close this season i im sorry i just,have to say it why did they knock off,every single good character in the show,like every single character that was my,favorite everyone that i was rooting for,first they knock out our lord and savior,spooky aka oscar aka the love of my life,spooky,and that was already traumatic enough,because spooky really didnt deserve any,of that he was about to have a life of,his own he was trying to help his,brother caesar and caesar was already,going through his own stuff like i i,honestly in my heart of hearts believed,that spooky should have just left caesar,im just saying he should have left him,to his own devices left him a little,caretaker little aid he tried to do that,with whats the guys name scar eyes sad,eyes yeah i think side eyes um he tried,to deal with him but that didnt really,work i just think,caesar had of course had so much love,for his brother but personally and,selfishly i think that he should have,went off and been with his family,because it was just so sad that he got,murked right after he got on the phone,with his wife pretty much he hung up,because he was going to get murked and,that would have been so traumatic for,her but he had a baby on the way he had,a family he had a stable life and career,ahead of him and he really,traded that in for his younger brother,and of course thats admirable but at,the same time we miss spooky and im so,sad that he did not get to make it to,the season finale but of course thats,sad right thats already sad enough,skipping around here something even,sadder if you will would be the passing,of one of the,if not the greatest character on this,show,i will eat up,buddy,why,why did they have to take you you could,have you didnt have to die at the end,of the season but they did they made,sure that you got yours mary so and i,honestly they foreshadowed it throughout,the entire season um just with different,hints of her like needing ensure of her,like being really weak and not doing,what she used to being really tired and,stuff and all the characters well not,all of them mostly just like jamal and,ruby caught on but it was just so sad,and abrupt i just wish that she didnt,have to go at the end of the season,because she was one of my favorite,characters she really brought in all of,the,humor in this show if not for jamal it,was abuelita and just like their dynamic,theres so much comedy she was always,looking out for the kids she was just at,the in at the very end she brought them,all back together like she was just a,genuinely caring person outside of being,hilarious and,can we talk about we talked about the,scene where abuelita is literally about,to croak like this is a couple episodes,before she croaks and shes out there,trying to fight rubys mom like,play the clip im telling you if it,wasnt considered elder abuse i would,knock you out bring it [ __ ] im gonna,show you,like how could you not love i believe,after that like she was willing to throw,down she was throwing down with rubys,mom,and that just really speaks to her,character because she was just so funny,so pure and honestly in my opinion,actually isnt my opinion or is it the,fact lets just say its the fact that,shes like the best character on the,show um and its so sad that she was,gone and that just really speaks to the,rest of the season and the fact that,everything was just being brought to a,close like with a lot of our characters,their character arcs for being circled,up like with monse she finally comes,back to free ridge and then shes doing,stuff and one say i will have you know,monster was messy this season she was,messy like the way that she stole veros,man was sick and the way that she,described it too she had no remorse,about it either whatd she say she,basically said something along the lines,of like i feel bad for her shes,basically like the in between from when,i was gone like shes heavily,insinuating,that,her and caesar are like meant to be and,like vero was just like a pit stop in,between just to keep him company while,she was gone which i mean yeah that is,exactly what that was um but you didnt,have to say that like that was rude like,they had a serious relationship i think,i honestly dont know i didnt really,like the relationship to begin with to,be honest the barrel was eating up them,looks and,in that one scene where her monster,about the fight was honestly one of the,funniest scenes in this season just,monster being so oblivious to the fact,that veros about to literally throw,down with her and then we have jamal who,this season was actually,pretty,id say annoying but ive already said,that before he wasnt as annoying he was,just douchey if that makes sense he had,his whole crisis because he thought,monte was talking [ __ ] about him um she,wasnt but that caused him to basically,become a glorified f-boy,and i really dont like that look for,jamal i really dont like that look for,jamal like thinking about like i love,jamal love the actor he is amazing um,but i think of jamal as like a younger,brother and just seeing him do the,things that he does this season and,seeing people actually express,interest in jamal like multiple people,outside of kendra expressing interest in,jamal just kind of grosses me out a,little bit like that whole first scene,in the first episode of that girl,talking about how she wants to be tossed,around by jamal just really did not sit,right with my soul i just need to get,that off my chest because thats been,sitting with me for a while,it really has it really has,but as per usual jabal really carried,this season in terms of just like,comedic effect,hes like one of the best main,characters hes not actually a main,character in the span of like the group,i feel like hes definitely like of,course in the main cast but like when it,comes like out of the four hes like,farther in the back but this season yeah,hes definitely having his like main,character moment like he got his last,licks while or before the season ended,ruby the season did get some development,i really loved his highlight of the,season was definitely the moment where,he was talking to i forgot the guys,name but the guy who initiall

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On My Block Cast Answer the Webs Most Searched Questions | WIRED

hey im diego tinoco im brett gray,whats up im sierra capri hi im jason,janelle im jessica marie garcia whats,up guys im julia macias and we are,doing the wired autocomplete interview,yes,were touring 2022. im the manager hit,me up on the block tour on the block,what,is ethnicity what color is that the,question or is he,middle name javier i know close its,really pretty alejandro alejandro,oh yeah theres a lady gaga song yeah,and youre cuban uh no cuban youre,mexican and colombian um mexican my,mothers colombian and her father was,colombian so im like a mix beautiful,what character did diego tinaco play in,teen wolf yeah,[Music],yeah that was the first um that was my,first gig i think i was like 17 at the,time,and uh yeah i booked i booked mtvs teen,wolf and it was crazy because i grew up,watching that show does diego tinoco,have tattoos,no i dont actually hes clean zero i,dont i have zero tattoos at the moment,lets document this in time because i,might get a bunch after this show guys,were getting on my black tattoo oh yeah,i have a design can i grab my phone on,your body i would take a call i got a,general idea no because im not getting,a nomi so its a little know me but with,a skull face and then we thought about,maybe putting it inside of a dollar bill,yeah like as a the case in the bill but,were going to get that it gets bigger,and bigger its about to say im ready,no no i made it up but i didnt want it,did diego tinoco,shave his head for the last three,dedication weve been uh weve been,shaving my head i tried to use a bald,cap for some of the stuff but um,but no no they werent they werent for,it so we shaved it cool and on camera,now its growing its growing back,finally you know they got one take at,that i know diego tinoco,car currently i do not have a car i just,got rid of my bmw and uh and yeah i,ordered a electric porsche so its on,the way four months,yeah im sorry,you know you have electric electric,constructions,that means like personality i can,understand that because you would not,get that at all from the show,i thought it was like how is she and,youre like google how is here,i think its someone who watched me on,the show and theyre like how is sierra,capri,i like to think im nice but,sarahs very sarahs one of the most,giving people you will ever meet in the,whole year,how old was sierra capri when filming on,my block oh i swear to god if i get this,question we were babies i want to say i,dont even remember i just know it was,true young definitely wasnt 21 no i,dont think i think she was like 20 or,something not even i dont even know,thats we celebrated all of your 20,years yeah i was like we all celebrated,birthdays together yeah,who is sierra capri,sister its me,i have a couple this is definitely one,of my sisters blood related dont go,gross i have three brothers three older,brothers no sisters but no real jessica,shes my sister sierra capri,hidden figures yes,and shes oh my god,that was probably one of the best set,experiences yeah i was in hidden figures,i was an extra met taraji p henson shout,out mr raji she was so sweet,she was like how did you get on the set,you look 12.,yeah it was a really fun experience and,thats where i actually met the person,who helped me film my audition for on my,blog we love sierra we love sierra,who is jessica marie garcia related to,my mother,what does that mean i feel like theyre,like she had to know someone to get in,this business shes gotta be married,is my great uncle,does jessica marie garcia,speak spanish,shes getting better and better every,day when she talks,like day 430.,i still havent gone past airport street,signs,jessica marie garcia favorite color red,blood red,she wears it well wow i love it,google my wedding photos oh my god the,lips yeah,jessica marie garcia and oh no,dove cameron thats my girl that she,will be my maddie for life yeah i mean,ive known her since she was like,16 17 years old and i was um not so um i,was kind of her big sister on that show,and still am like she is shes a star,im so proud of her she is a star yeah,i love this,who is jason janae who is jason janie,what do you think it is its dating,does it rhyme with mariah carey it does,are there any that you want to say or,shoot your shot im not stealing no tea,im not spilling no tea because we might,run into these people yeah i know shes,always in the uh okay,dont do that never show your cords,im sorry im sorry what episode of,blank was jason law order law order an,episode of law,i dont remember like on set it was,referenced as the hamilton episode,because i did it with anthony ramos and,david diggs it was an amazing time and,like,anthony for doing amazing amazing things,thank you i learned something new every,day all right where are jason janeio,blank from thats okay i think its our,parents,on its gonna pop off um,my mom,was born in new york and my dad was born,in the dominican republic but my mom is,also dominican so you know we just all,from the east coast 100 dominicans yeah,100 dominican okay is jason janeio,related to blank,what do you guys think oh rami malik,maybe,my board is just,a trick board am i related to romney,thats the wrong answer oh yes yes,im sorry remember remember the time,your mom had me,that was a compliment anyways romney im,missing a 20-something christmas gifts,presents and an oscar award yeah and,half the oscar,okay okay what,school did brett grey go to did we know,this uh,arts high school the philadelphia high,school for the creative and performing,arts,and i did not go to college,because none of us did what is that how,did brett grey,um just a little show on this one,streaming service called,on the blockchain,here i got you i got you we doing this,together okay boom does brett gray,that means theyre looking for oh,theyre looking for gifts of you,or is it gypsy yeah netflix where are my,yall where are my gifts at everybody,got them but me it was peanut butter no,jiffy is peanut butter its gift jif you,know whatever,who does uh julio macias play in selena,hes a great performer too i checked him,out after you played yeah hes,phenomenal hes an incredible singer he,wrote some of the classics that you all,know,um and i didnt come on i didnt meet,him until after the show now he hits me,up and its fun,thats awesome come on heck yeah it is,you guys think what are you guys married,yeah single,sing,sorry,ring and tattoo on it wow,thats how you know,what episodes of blank is julio macias,episodes,[Applause],also ive only worked with female,directors on shows thats something,really cool,so i worked with gina on that it was,like two lions remember yeah it was fun,they had they had ran a great set i had,a blast and i had no idea i didnt know,anything either fun facts can julio,macias blank what are you guys saying,really really really sing and yes he can,yes not just singer songwriter too right,and plays a guitar yeah hes a great,musician on my block what is on my block,lets see about,character is your soulmate,oscars is clearly caesar,[Laughter],facts where is,little ricky on my block thats a really,good question,thats the question weve all been,wondering stay tuned oh my god is ricky,really nice,a dream,okay,okay can i debunk this one i also,started this so i watch yall i started,it too oh okay okay so we were doing a,tour of the sets yes and we were going,from room to room and the person that,was directing it was like oh its so,interesting theres a dream catcher in,almost every room and i was like oh and,hes like maybe you should say something,like oh maybe its all a dream none of,it is real everything is real,we just like dream catchers i definitely,trolled on twitter and uh one day i,tweeted hey on my block fans remember um,the biggie line it was all a dream i,felt that so um,yeah it was kind of a stir its fun its,fun this is a double whammy is,caesar from on my block single,dead,is on my block,worth watching yeah thats a question,ask our three seasons at netflix,you ask a friend that or like ask,twitte

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Lets Talk About On My Block… *plz dont hate me*

hey guys whats up its emergency and,welcome or welcome back to our channel,todays video is gonna be a little,different,and the background may be a little,different the lighting might be a little,different bear with me i just moved so,that means we have a new setup,but this setup isnt really complete and,im really trying to figure out like,what,works best what looks best so please,bear with me,while the background the set if you will,changes,multiple times throughout multiple,videos until i figure out something that,i like,so yeah but today were gonna be talking,about a show,that i just recently caught up with and,finished a show that,for one reason or another i stopped,watching and then started watching once,more,and i have a lot of thoughts opinions,jurisdiction dont know basically i have,a show that i want to talk about and,that show is called,on my blog and i ask you on the,community tab you know i love that,community tab and if you,are not familiar with what that is you,should go and,click the post notifications right now,um if youre not subscribed and if,youre not subscribed you should,definitely subscribe right now its,basically where i like ask you guys,questions,um because i run out of video ideas and,need your help and also post pictures,sometimes,definitely go check that out if you want,to like participate in future videos or,whatever yeah i asked you guys over,there which show you wanted me to,talk about first and on my block one by,a landslide,the show that came in number second i,think was the society which most,definitely will be coming next because,ill leave my thoughts and opinions on,that to the other video right now,lets talk about on my blog but first,before we get into anything its been a,while since ive had the pleasure to say,this but this video is proudly sponsored,by cooper okay friends i know what you,may be asking rumi whats cooper,let me tell you and actually hold on,before i do that let me ask you two,questions first number one,do you like online shopping okay and,number two,do you like saving money if the answer,to either of these questions but,specifically the second one was yes,then cooper is for you my friends cooper,is an online browser extension that is,completely free and works in seconds,literally all you need to do is download,the browser extension go on one of your,favorite shopping websites and,start shopping and its going to start,saving you money basically what it does,is while youre shopping it comes the,internet for all of the available coupon,codes that it can find and then applies,them at checkout to save,you money this means that anytime you,check out any of the websites that they,support,you are going to be saving yourself,money they also have this awesome cash,back guarantee where you can click the,activate cash back button to get up to,20,cash back as you can see here they have,a wide list of stores that they support,so,its safe to say that youll pretty much,be covered and saving money,pretty much anywhere you go shopping,online and now that i sell that you may,be thinking,roomie this is amazing i can save money,and get money back in my own pockets,how do i get started you can download,cooper completely for free and start,saving money shopping by clicking the,link down in my description below,dont worry i got you do us both a favor,and start saving with cooper today thank,you so much cooper for sponsoring this,video lets get back into on my vlog,sweet so on my blog so im gonna be,honest im just gonna come out and say,it,i have not been the biggest on my blog,stand,okay okay okay um this i just realized,this might be,another like unpopular opinions video,because from what ive gathered,a lot of people like on my blog and okay,all right im just not one of those,people let me say let me preface that,season one,i was here for it season one i loved on,my blog on my blog was,my sh however season two rolled around,and,eventually season three rolled around,and with each season my love for the,show,sort of depreciated dwindled,went into the gutter so i found myself,at a real crossroads when you are like,talk about on my blog review on my blog,please on my blog content i need it,simply because i had already seen most,of the show,except season three when i went to pick,it up i realized that i had actually,seen like a couple episodes in the,season three but for some reason i just,didnt,finish it so i went ahead and rewatched,the whole season and,um i remembered why for those of you,that,arent familiar with on my blog or have,its been a while,since youve last seen it all my blog,revolves around these four sometimes,five high schoolers in california who,are all brought together,basically because they got themselves,caught up in a related scandal,in like season one the characters,really just vibing and trying to figure,out like where this,rumored roller world money is which is,basically like the sum of old money that,these shady individuals um happen to,bury,and hope to never find it again but of,course our characters eventually found,that money which opened up a whole new,realm,of issues for them in season two and,three but i think im getting ahead of,myself because i havent introduced who,were talking about these four sometimes,five characters,include jamal who is i feel like the,comedic relief of the show,hes really eccentric and dorky and,quirky very anxious and over prepared,for a lot of things hes the one who,really gets the group into a lot of,trouble by eventually fighting the,roller world money and most of the time,throughout the show at least in like,season one and two,it just really feels like hes off in,his own world because like hes so,detached and so different and so,unbothered by the rest of the,characters,plot points drama life issues hes just,really focused on what he wants to focus,on,and for most of the show what hes,focused on is trying to solve this,mystery of roller world and then,eventually,the mystery of like little ricky and all,the other conspiracies that are,happening in that town and i hate to,admit it i really do but i see myself a,lot,in jamal and its not just because were,black,the next character in the group is,monsae and monsie,has a hate train for her at least she,did it for season one and two she had,the biggest hatred because she is known,as the like the most annoying character,in the show,which is so rude,actually i know exactly why they say,that because its just true for like the,first couple,of seasons season three i feel like she,melted out of it im not sure if like,the writers just saw the hatred and,those coming from one side being like,the most annoying character she mailed,it out because like in the first couple,of seasons like everything would always,be a problem and for the most part,she would always be the problem and just,generally wouldnt make the best,life choices but yeah were following,the trend with love victor where like,the one black woman in the show has some,of the work not the worst drama because,the show is pretty traumatic to a,certain extent but she gets dealt like,the worst cars like not only does she,also have the trope like in love victor,where the mom leaves but in this one,in season three the mom dies,which honestly might be for the best,because her mom was causing her summers,trauma her mom was such a shitty person,like so awful monse also like mia and,love victor,has to deal with the threat or not,really threat but like the possibility,of like moving schools and like,uprooting her life and going somewhere,else,now that i think about it its really,interesting how like,similar both of these characters are am,i sensing a character archetype,regardless shes also an on-again,off-again relationship with,caesar and to be honest caesar if not,for jamal,would be like the source of all of the,groups problems just because his family,is directly tied to like the biggest,gang in their area he has an older,brother named spooky who was like the,head of like a neig

On My Block Before and After 2021 (The Television Series On My Block Cast Then and Now)

on my block is an american teen drama,that has gained the attention of,millions just by its first season,later three more shows were aired that,are praised by everyone,in this video we are going to show you,the before and after of the cast so stay,tuned,ruby played by jason janelle,jason was a young boy who has turned,into a handsome hunk now he is also,known for his flawless acting in logan,the get down and on my block,jasmine played by jessica marie garcia,jessica is an american actress she made,her debut in the series huge her best,work so far is live and maddie and on my,block which earned her a teen choice,award nomination,[Music],caesar played by diego tenoco,diego is one of the most handsome actors,we have ever seen his acting skills are,wonderful,he is known for on my block and teen,wolf,jenny played by paula garces,paula is a gorgeous american actress her,best acting projects are clock stoppers,man of the house and the herald and,kumar series,oscar played by julio macias,julio is a mexican actor he initially,appeared in many cameo appearances,before making a mark in on my block,olivia played by ronnie hoff,hawk began dancing at the age of five,and began to appear in commercials at,12.,in 2016 hawk took her first roll and,stuck in the middle she was part of the,main cast for the first two seasons she,played wendy on the supernatural drama,series legacies,abuelita played by peggy blow,peggy has been in the acting career for,three decades she can be seen in many,famous shows such as desperate,housewives on my block etc,latrell played by jockeying guillory,jocking can be seen in on my block as,well as the facebooks first original,series five points,currently jockeying can be seen on the,new season of the cw networks hit show,black lightning,dwayne played by emmy equicore emmys,famous projects are inc which was an,independent science fiction feature that,won best colorado film at the 2009,denver film critics society awards,[Music],ray played by ian casselberry,ian castleberry is known for his work on,peppermint piano and get out he has a,short yet dynamic role on on my block,which has made a huge impact on his fan,following,monsie played by sierra capri,sierra always wanted to be an actor she,is known for starring in the netflix,series on my block as monty finney in,2019 capri starred in the indie film,american skin,jamal played by brett gray,brett grays first prominent role was on,my block his phenomenal performance came,from the belief that he had in jamal,he also had a minor role in the series,when they see us,julia played by lisa marcos,born and raised in toronto lisa started,modeling at the age of 12 years old and,at the age of 22 lisa decided to pursue,her passion for acting,in 2002 lisa did a guest role on soul,food,sappo played by ezekiel pachiko ezekiel,is a very handsome actor his famous,works include working on on my block,greys anatomy and the exhibition of,regex,[Music],cute played by gilberto ortiz,gilberto is a phenomenal actor he is,praised for his work various times and,has a promising career,he is mainly known for his works in i am,gangster the infiltrators and never have,i ever,shivo played by emilio rivera,emilio is a big name in the industry,right now his first role was in the tv,series renegade,he also played a role in the feature,film conair,[Music],thank you so much see ya,[Music],[Applause],[Music],you

On My Block Bamboozled Us – Let Me Explain

listen how,we can explain i hope so see the third,season of on my blog premiered this past,march and its its been a show that,ive personally really been enjoying,we previously covered the last two,seasons in these two videos right here,but,they straight up bamboozled us with that,new ending then netflix decided to go on,a spree,cancelling more shows and walmart did,ps5 orders and decided to blue ball the,fans by dragging out the fate of season,four,the last two seasons ended in,cliffhangers which in my opinion the,show runners,did a great job following them up with,good story lines and not making them,feel like gimmicks but,this one was less of a cliffhanger and,more a sparta kick off the mountain,this season pretty much revolved around,cuchillos the santos leader whos been,looking for her ex-love little ricky,along with the roller world money,now she has the crew doing her bidding,it may have not been my favorite season,but i still think its a solid entry to,these characters stories who im still,hoping have a good finale so if you,havent got it but youre curious check,it out on netflix shout out to our,sponsor for keeping us afloat,and a big spoiler warning as i break,down the season,starting with the best characters let me,explain,[Music],now i know this season showcased a lot,of daddy issues you know the diaz boys,had their father come back into the,picture,montzs dad cried in her arms ruby had a,bunk with his,but leave it to jamal to be the only one,fired by his own pops the hardest part,about a job,is getting it and thats a lesson that,you need to learn,honestly though he was easily the best,character this season homies really,been the one to keep the crew together,through all the ups and downs,its his journey from season one with,roller world thats still going strong,all these years later and the more,seasons pass,the more hes growing up you know hes,not as cartoonish and childish and hes,more determined you know even the,clapbacks keep getting better with him,cause that [ __ ] be bonkers and it took,three seasons but,hey my man my man finally getting some,sexy time if an admirer wants to get,your attention on social media what,should she say in your dms,its not what she should say is what she,should send,jamal ends up hooking up with a girl who,has worse social skills than a,homeschooler but,has more things on her schedule than the,rock girl doesnt even have netflix so,she streams sex education on him,its not you its my purpose but,you know my mans got to be a leader so,no time for distractions between jamal,and jasmine i do think they would make,good co-captains if they werent,bickering all the time but,i look i got a side with jamal since he,is the one who started this one of the,big leads that he has this season,is going to the series version of arc,music factory but,instead of rebecca black its this sarah,lynn jr over here,red bull gives you wings just kidding,its the coke do you have any adderall,goddamn,jojos no mamas if you want to stop,being mistaken for the help,stop acting like the help i really think,the season helped jamal come into his,own and hes realizing how much value he,actually brings to the group and how he,can lead,and thats exactly why his ending made,me furious you know its not because,its impossible for him to end up on the,team,my mans been more animated than the,energizer bunnies i can see him being,like a running back going and going and,going down the field but,we know thats not what he wanted to be,thats his dads dream,what are you doing im getting into,character,so to see one of the most honest,characters have to play pretend,buffoonery give my man an aolita their,spin off,[Music],the best thing about season three is how,well they fleshed out oscars character,because,this man has depth im a little curious,as to if were catholic,or spiritual or anything like that,because,we got the homeboy jesus up here right,but then we got a dream catcher,its like pick up your mind dude,i think julio macias has done a great,job with the role showcasing a lot of,emotion through a character whos,usually delegated as the stiff cholo in,the back you know but he gets to hit a,lot of these beats,theres the struggle hes facing within,his community and trying to bridge the,ways of the old with these,new whipper snappers were trying to,take over he wants to make sure that,theyre still order,meanwhile theyre all just disrespecting,him weve seen him be a guide and a,protector,hes been on top theyve had him,literally caged and through all that,hes still able to find moments where he,can flip the tension and have some great,comedic bits,i dont want to get a ghost your name is,spooky and youre afraid of,ghosts and things also get deep you know,the worst part about growing up,without a father has having to be a,father to a brother without ever being,a son i honestly wouldnt mind seeing a,flashback episode just learning more,about oscars past you know,telling more about how he got to where,he is flesh out his character so we know,more of his,own needs and desires because its after,those troubles with his father that,ruined his childhood that then became,the troubles with his father that,threatened to ruin his brothers,childhood that he finally gets to start,anew,with the literal best and only good,ending we saw in that finale,this is the content i like to see,considering he gets sick in real life,i think hes gonna be great,in the last season we talked about how,jasmine was more fleshed out and thats,thanks to jessica who plays her who,made sure that she was a well-rounded,character who they were building up and,i think shed become an integral part of,the group,she has connections and you know she she,ends up being in a lot of pivotal,moments,like everybody knows a jasmine and if,you dont know a jasmine youre the,jasmine,that said out of season three is hurting,rubys mind he starts to fall for,jasmine but she puts him in his place,because theres no time for crushes to,be crutches,plus ruby has a lot more things on his,plate this season he realizes that his,parents are going through,a rough patch due to the finances that,theyre struggling with and he feels the,guilt because he knows the medical bills,are no joke and,you know they kind of came from him so,in order to help pay it off before,season 10,he opens up an illegal chicken shop by,the pool side and these fools were,really serving up rocks and pebbles to,align longer than popeyes,and yet its still not worse than what,jamals eaten in the past come on give,me a slim jim,youre trying to take my protein bruh i,think you already did,by the finale we do see jasmine and ruby,together walking the grounds of the,school looking like,taylor and bruno mars at the grammys but,i just hope theyre not using each other,as a crutch you know,especially with that low look that they,give jasmine has the ability to use her,genius for good especially with the,positions of power shes working up to,and i can see her being one of if not,the biggest positive influence in free,ridge,and i i think ruby needs to become a,party planner is it going to take a,while and were never going to make it,out of free rich and even if we do get,out well probably end up offing,ourselves,like monseis mom yeah but i think it,would showcase him recovering from the,events in season one and it would help,his family a lot more than,making crappy patties they were flipping,[Music],im encrypting via vpn to hide our,search,virtual private network i know,now you dont have to be getting chased,by cuchillos in order to invest in a vpn,because like jamal and jasmine would,advocate,you can never have too much protection,especially now as more people are,indoors and spending an exuberant amount,of time online,having one can really help you navigate,the internet and let you travel,digitally thats one of the big things,that its helped me with through,uh all these restrictions that are being,imposed you realize quickly that the,world wide web isnt tha

On My Block Explained in 15 Minutes

listen this show this show is it right,now I know some people are put off by,maybe the corniness or they they,probably think its like a CW show or,MTV show and Im telling you this is one,of Netflixs best this is a story thats,usually like the side plot in a lot of,major networks but netflix has taken it,and given it its own voice like weve,all seen shows that are authentic right,but they may not have like the best,camerawork theyre shot like a damn,progressive commercial or maybe youve,seen others where they do have,characters and theyre very popular but,you can tell that those minority,characters are written by people whove,never actually met those people in real,life this show ever exceeds in all those,boxes Ive covered season 1 way back,when because that ending it hit hard so,the moment season 2 dropped I,double-checked my locks I grabbed my hat,Itos safely and securely stream the,show thanks to expressvpn,and bro how is season 2 better than,season 1 let me explain like I said if,you want our thoughts on season 1 and,how I thought the show perfectly,balanced comedy and drama we already got,you right here but in terms of season 2,for those who dont know the series,follows four friends in the fictional,town of free Ridge California where,theyre just going through your standard,John Hughes high school drama except for,the fact that theres two rival gangs,looming over them and one of the friends,is forced to join now Im assuming you,guys already seen the show because Im,gonna talk about it from that,perspective so if you havent definitely,go see it so we can second handle out of,this conversation and just go see it and,give it a try because what I love about,the show is that you always hear about,bad neighborhoods or maybe you come from,one and theres always this notion that,theres like only shootings that happen,there like no one has any goals its,just like they wake up and they wonder,who theyre gonna shoot today thats how,it is at all,this show actually shows their world the,friendships that they have and just,breaking down the characters we have the,main ones like Ruby whos actually based,off of one of the creators hes short so,he makes up for it with his talking but,my mans also been in Logan and the get,down so whenever he hits you with a move,or an emotional punch its like well,yeah of course I mean this man is gonna,go places hes got the acting chops and,thats actually something I think for,the entire cab,for those of you who have seen the movie,short-term 12 and how we look back on,how that movie created so many stars I,hope we look back on on my block on this,picture right here and go damn I,remember when they started here the,biggest reason I think season 2 is,better though is mainly because the,Rubies character like Im sure everyone,watching season one got so accustomed to,the comedy they thought it was all funny,that Caesar was the only one in danger,never Ruby it just shows you the,repercussions you know I thought they,had Riki Ruby the fact that it ended up,being Olivia who died was sad but Im,pretty sure we all preferred Ruby being,alive and then Ruby even gives her a,Spanish dictionary when they visit her,memorial,Im with Ruby that girl was many things,definitely not a linguist yeah she once,called those Jetha Roger wasnt just,because of that death though season 2,Ruby is having these emotional,breakdowns almost every party is ruined,because it triggers that PTSD hes,feeling survivors guilty hes more,upset that his family had to feel that,pain than the literal physical pain he,felt and this man kills it that said,there was also these crazy speeches,written for him that you know Ill be,honest didnt really work for me Im not,saying that people who can give long,garyvee monologues but felt more like a,writer speaking through him if that,makes any sense,surprisingly though for a character that,talks a lot its the moments where he,talks the least that I think hit the,most,[Music],now Caesars an interesting character and,the beauty of it is that it doesnt even,start with him his brother spooky could,probably lead a whole season on his own,you know just because of the death,theyve given him and the thing about,that is that weve seen spooky before in,a lot of movies its always the same I,cant even call it a character more like,a stand-in for cholo number one you know,shout out to actors like Cliff Curtis,and nolg who have always kind of been,typecast into these roles and they never,were allowed to really flesh them out,but Im glad to see that both of these,guys are now getting better roles and,Im glad to see what they did was spooky,in this season I just think about it you,ever wonder how this affects people who,are only seeing that portrayal of,Mexicans on TV like if they havent met,other Mexicans some people are ignorant,enough to think that every person just,looks like that thats how they act get,the hell out of there with that when,spooky started talking about how he,wanted to go to college his perspective,and the sacrifices that hes made his,loyalty and hurt when dealing with his,little brother who not only let him down,but then he asked to put everything on,the line to save him bro you can tell,this was written by someone who eats how,what got this and not just avocado toast,I know some people have brought up how,the Santos are the main focus and that,they kind of looked down on the profits,and I think thats all about perspective,I think the show is more nuanced and,subtle to the point that I have no doubt,the show runners are going to focus in,on the profits and their side in future,seasons you know and if they do do this,one thing that I loved and Ill say for,the out of the video back to Cesar he,was being forced into this gang and,because he didnt want to be a part of,it and he decided to not do the command,that was commanded of him that mistake,ends up coming back to hurt his friends,and now this dudes feeling all guilty,that whole sophomore season is about him,feeling unwanted because its almost,like he was predestined to be in this,gang like he never even had a choice,which is insane come on say witch let me,check this real quick,yeah once a is about to be a lot of,peoples crushes if she isnt already,like a storyline with her in Caesar was,cool right I get it its cute everyones,still making their love montages for,them on YouTube but that storyline with,her mom though I get that the dad raised,monster right the dad who stayed is,going through this conundrum,obviously wanting to keep his daughter,but at the same time he knows thats,selfish because this place is dangerous,but in terms of the mom I mean yeah,shes better than Billy Batsons but the,fact that she lies that shes spreading,all these different things after she was,the one who deserted Monse like I hate,when people lie and put other people,down to hide the fact theyre the,scumbags faking domestic abuse for,sympathy leaving your daughter because,you dont know how genetic works maam,Im literally trying to tell you guys,something that will positively change,your lives,then theres Jamal who Roger miles Wylie,theres a scene where he eats tiny,edibles this season and I was like in,this man eating edibles all the time you,know like I know a lot of people love,his character my mans just got way too,much stamina for me but he was the one,who found the fabled roller world money,but then I guess he lost it so theres,that,[Music],okay who said jasmine was a top three,character I thought my list was set and,solidified and then season two jasmine,comes in wanting to be so close to ruby,that that included the number one spot,as well dont get me wrong I know a lot,of people with this energy right and Im,not giving a pass to lines like these,does that mean but for every bad line,they gave her there were others that,made me spit out my hat ethos so tell me,if you squeeze them titties hard enough,does Mel come out I dont know Curran,youre like I couldnt and again its,seeing her backstory th

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