1. On Cloudmonster Performance Review From The Inside Out
  2. How I Built A $7 Billion Shoe Company Called On | Founder Effect
  3. On CloudMonster – First Run
  4. On Running Shoes Review *2021 Version* Cloudflow, Cloudultra, Cloudswift & More!
  5. On Cloud 5 Review: A Fashionable Shoe for the Active Lifestyle
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  7. ON Running Shoe Review 1 year later | Why I Bought Another Pair | ON Cloud, Cloudflow, Cloud X

On Cloudmonster Performance Review From The Inside Out

hey whats up zack here and today ive,got the all-new on cloud monster and if,youre looking at these thinking these,are a pretty different looking shoe well,wait to see whats inside of it,now in my experience treating athletes i,found that on shoes have been much more,performance focused versus more plush,ride or more super shoe focused and,thats why i was so excited to see the,cloud monster come out because i really,thought that this shoe could maybe,compete with some more super shoes that,some other companies have come out with,that are a little bit more of a plush,ride a little bit more for protection on,your foot because if on really can find,a way to combine the ridiculous,performance of the cloud tech and the,speed board with some more plush and,comfortable elements they really might,have something here,what ive always admired about on,running is how theyre able to keep,their uppers really light and breathable,yet really strong and supportive i mean,all it is is two layers of mesh one,layer is honeycomb then you kind of have,more of a digital pattern on the top,kind of allows airflow through however,with no real foxing elements or,stabilizing elements on the medial or,lateral side of the uppers they are,pretty stable and you do feel like the,shoe is moving with your foot theres,really not a lot of sliding around in,there for the right foot types which,well get to in a little bit however you,know with some other maximus running,shoes they really kind of hug your foot,in the uppers with a lot of material,which kind of bogs your foot down and,can make you sweaty whereas with these,you really never feel like your foot is,getting drenched in there were getting,too much heat build up and speaking of,the upper construction if you look at,the upper durability test the dremel 10,seconds highest grit sandpaper i mean,barely a scratch on this upper it didnt,even get through the first layer of mesh,so i mean these are more road running,shoes however these really arent going,to have a problem holding up to your,foot on the inside of them or any debris,that you might come into contact with,when youre running in them now the one,bit of caution in the uppers the lace,eyelets are outriggers which im not the,biggest fan of and the laces are a,little bit slippery and they do have a,little bit of rebound and memory so if i,were going to buy these for more,training daily use i would invest in a,pair of bubble laces or just something a,little more tacky with the laces that,way i get a little bit more of a secure,lock down if you want to check out a few,of them i will leave them linked in the,description ones im kind of talking,about for this all right beginning into,the midsole tear down now on is best,known for a few things one of them being,their speedboard and that speedboard,runs from the heel all the way to the,tips of the toes now the speedboard is,basically a liquid injected,thermoplastic which is basically just a,plastic substitute however its got more,elastic particles in it more elastomers,so when its loaded it responds a lot,better than more just a standard plastic,or thermopolyurethane and another reason,why this shoe gives you so much more,energy return is not so much what the,speedboard is made of its just that it,runs the whole length of the shoe so the,entire shoe gets loaded with potential,energy and is able to turn into kinetic,energy versus some shoes where the shank,is just right in the middle of the shoe,if you look at the jump height test,remember when i do these jump tests i,always am serving a tennis ball so i can,more isolate the lower limb even with,the really steep rocker on the forefoot,of the shoe that angle of ascent im,still able to get 37 centimeters on that,test versus some other shoes that are,almost twice the weight of these now,moving from the speedboard into the,actual foam of the shoe youll see onto,their signature theyre cloud tech pods,now the cloud tech pods are there for a,few reasons number one you kind of need,hollowed-out foam underneath this pebex,plate because when your foot is standing,on plastic something really hard its,going to be really unforgiving so you,need something underneath of it to,compress or else the foam will just be,hard as a rock the second thing is is,because these pods are all the way,through the shoe it also allows for much,more forgiving gait so even if your,running form isnt so fluid the shoe,will also compress around it and so your,gate can kind of stay a little bit more,efficient in these shoes versus some,others thats one of the big reasons,that these shoes are really good for,people that run up and down hills a lot,because with the pebex combined with the,cloud tech pods theyre just really easy,to propulse up a hill even if you dont,have the most efficient stride the,problem with earlier models of on shoes,though was because those cloud tech pods,were pretty big they had to be made with,a foam that was pretty stiff and more,resilient so that it wouldnt just crush,through the first few times that you ran,in them and that made the shoes pretty,unforgiving so if you were somebody with,heel or ball of foot pain those shoes,could actually inflame those symptoms a,little more now the cloud monster,however because the cloud tech pods a,little more offset and theres just a,higher stack of foam plus the foam is,that helion which is kind of a mixture,of eva and more olefin copolymers which,is really similar to under armour flow,foam which is made from diaper elastic,these shoes give a much more cushioned,and much more forgiving ride versus,previous models in the on running line,so you know what i really like about the,cloud monster is they give a lot more of,an efficient stride a lot more of a,forgiving stride than some more,maximalist running shoes do however,theyre also a little bit lighter than,some more maximal shoes you kind of are,hitting a sweet spot with these in,between a more performance lightweight,shoe and a more maximalist protective,shoe what i found most interesting about,the midsole setup of the cloud monster,is when i was checking my heart rate in,them versus my regular setup shoes on,the treadmill which is my new balance,840s i found a modest but consistent,heart rate decrease across my mild times,at the 30 minute mark i found that at my,standard mile pace at 30 minutes i was,consistently three beats per minute,lower in the cloud monster versus my new,balance 840s which are the shoes that,ive kind of found to be the most kind,of comfortable for me to run in kind of,fit my gate the best if you take that,over a long period of time that does,equate to a pretty decent boost in,performance now getting into the outsole,tread this is that real minimalist tread,design like were used to seeing with on,this does have a few advantages and,disadvantages number one because it is,such a flat profile and the rubber,thickness is so small they do allow a,little bit more ground contact and,ground feel and you really need that,because there is a big channel of air,separating the ball of your foot from,the ground so this does allow you just,to feel the ground a little bit more,keep you a little bit more stable the,bad part is is because it is so flat,its more of a racing skid type pattern,if you are straight road running theyre,going to grip just fine they do actually,have a pretty decent tack to them,however anything thats just a little,bit more slick because these tread,channels are so close together theres,nothing separating the tread to allow it,to grab into there even just some slick,composite bridges i was going over i did,find myself slipping just a little bit,on so as long as you stay on blacktop or,the sidewalk i mean i think theyre fine,however just dont expect to go into the,woods and try to grab traction on them,you know the outsole durability test the,dremel 10 seconds highest grit sandpaper,its a little bit over a millimeter of,damage now the rubber thickness is only,three millimeters so i

How I Built A $7 Billion Shoe Company Called On | Founder Effect

i like the idea i like the feel but i,didnt like the look so much right with,the pieces of garden hoses all included,on a shoe youre not gonna make your,business,if anyone could see the potential in a,running shoe with garden hose attached,to the soles its olivier bernhardt the,six-time iron man and two-time world,champion triathlete spent decades,training at the highest levels of,competition but after leaving the sport,a friend of a friend reached out with a,bizarre contraption,when it comes to running shoes the usual,suspects like nike brooks and a6 are,tried and true but when roger federer,decided to invest in on the running,world took notice,sales were up 77 over 2020 and on is,expecting to generate over 763 million,dollars in sales by the end of this year,the three numbers to look out for in,this story are 1 000 the amount olivier,took home after winning his first,professional race 150 000 his annual,salary at the height of his earnings and,746 million the amount on raised and its,ipo in just 11 years the upstart shoe,company went from zero dollars to,evaluation over seven billion,heres how a world champion triathlete,landed roger federer on their way to,creating one of the fastest growing shoe,companies in the world for cnbc make it,im nate skidd this is founder effect,olivier grew up this close to the,poverty line on his family farm on the,swiss countryside far from the urban,city centers and the cool shoe stores,found inside of them so you could call,them in some ways entrepreneurs but not,so much in in that kind of business,driven,so not so much no i think i just got the,athletes spirit or athletes gene in my,blood running and i think that got me,really started in the early 80s he,became enthralled with endurance,athletes competing in a new sport called,triathlons that combined three of his,favorite activities but he wasnt the,fastest sprinter the most adept biker or,the strongest swimmer he was on the,other hand exceptional at enduring their,physical tolls but turning his passion,for triathlons into a living was a long,hard road olivia was stuck in a cycle i,still remember that i had to collect,some prize money every race i did in,europe in order to pay the next flight,right so if i didnt make any prize,money i had to skip a race his first,real payout came at the age of 21,finishing first place in a marathon in,tucson arizona and i won 1500 us dollars,and the box of powerballs and it was,like christmas and the easter and,everything in one day i couldnt believe,it but after paying his brother back for,the entrance fee olivier took home one,thousand dollars and so began a,two-decade career culminating in two,world championships and six ironman,titles so how do you go from you know,like an aspiring athlete to a three-time,world champion you know often i see the,same thing pretty similar in business uh,dont think too much about you know,whats on top i mean just take step by,step,and,you know enjoy the levels you reach at,the height of his earnings as a,professional triathlete olivier was,bringing in about 150 000 a year by the,time he turned 35 he knew his career was,entering its final stage in 2006 at the,age of 37 and after having three kids he,entered his last professional race so,when youre kind of wrapping up your,career you know it sounds like some,people have a hard time kind of letting,go of that competition,um and the training how did you make,that transition how did you make that,move,i mean it wasnt a clear cut i mean yes,ending the career was a clear cut but,you know training so many hours and as a,long-distance athlete you spend a long,time on a bike and also running you know,out and over right sometimes in the,tucson along a dry creek and and i,always was thinking you know about not,only another running shoe but another,running feel how could i place another,running sensation in a running shoe,after retiring olivia founded a coaching,company and even had 100 athletes in his,camp but he just couldnt shake the idea,of coming up with a better running shoe,oh i dont believe so much in luck in,life i think it was just,you know it was something that needed to,happen that a friend of mine you know,then now a friend of mine but an,engineer siri called me and said look i,have an idea uh i,want to put it on your shoe on your,existing shoe thats pretty much that,ugly looking you know old nike shoe uh,pegasus and he put on something that,looked like over actually pieces of a,rubber hose you know what i said im not,gonna run in these right but then,finally i i ran in in that sample and,and it struck me it was something i,never felt before and there was so much,of that sensation i felt like whoa this,is really helping they want us to,to show what what running is all about,olivier says the difference was the way,the rubber hose not only padded vertical,movement but assisted horizontally as,well,now olivia might know a good running,shoe when he sees one but he isnt a,numbers guy so he brought in two,partners who knew each other from their,time at mckinsey if anyone could help,olivier turn his crazy shoe idea into a,profitable business it was casper capeti,and david allemand in 2010 the trio,launched on out of an office in zurich,so how did you bring the team together,what was that like i realized soon im,not gonna you know be the businessman or,one man show they can actually pull this,off and i realized that im probably not,the numbers guy i love numbers but,theyre bad the guys out there i love,design but ive not studied design i,love marketing but im not the market,here so i reached out to casper who used,to be,my agent uh at a certain point of my,professional career as a triathlete and,he then brought david on board who was,his best friend in his career olivia,wouldnt say how much but each person,invested the same amount in the startup,and i think that was really,the fair point to start right in 2010,just three years after hanging up his,cleats on was born but now they had real,skin in the game and it was time to act,fast dave flew straight to china to,begin working on a manufacturing process,we had to be super quick i mean we knew,you know we cant lose much time and we,wont lose i mean every uh half year you,know we lose or every two months we lose,is costing us only money so we had to be,very quick in six months they took on,from an idea to a prototype its first,production order was for ten thousand,sneakers the company generated about a,hundred thousand dollars in revenue that,first year but those early shoes were,squeaky and not exactly aesthetically,pleasing so they came up with another,prototype this one called the cloud,racer in 2013 the on team headed to,munich for ispo the largest sports year,exhibition in europe expectations were,low but on a whim they entered the cloud,racer into a competition for the gold,award they beat out over 300 competitors,at the exhibition this was a big deal,for such a small company and that was a,neat push and needed push at the very,start because,i remember casper and i driving to to,munich from zurich its a three hour,drive with the car,we said lets make a promise you know we,only gonna sign three countries its,switzerland,germany and austria no others because we,you know we need to focus our energy,and,we sat in the car three days later and,of course it was 19 countries that same,day on received an order for 2 000 pairs,of cloud racer sneakers the only problem,the shoes didnt exist do you know how,you guys employed your cash,at the beginning i think in shoe,business or in,many cyclical cyclical uh,companies like our business its its,its the risk that you actually have to,pay the product before its even,produced right even us being a startup,they wanted to see the money before they,even would start suing you know,producing outsoles,and then you know you pay maybe half of,it and then the other half as soon as,its on the boat and you only get the,money once not only once the the,products actually sold to

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On CloudMonster – First Run

this is the on cloud monster,and on calls it playfully weird,but the only thing i care about,is does it work,its time to lace up these shoes and,take them for a run,[Music],[Music],10.44 miles 8 minutes 30 seconds per,mile going for a nice and easy first run,in the on cloud monster now before i,give my thoughts on this year and how it,did so far i do want to go over some,disclosures on sent me these shoes to,review however theyre not paying me to,make this video or to use the shoe and,theyre not going to get a chance to,preview any of my footage or my thoughts,before you guys get a chance to see this,video on youtube so with that disclosure,out of the way lets talk about the on,cloud monster now lets first get into,some specs on this shoe now it certainly,looks like a tall shoe and i think it is,the tallest stack height shoot that on,has ever made coming in with a 30,millimeter stack in the heel and a six,millimeter drop giving us 24 millimeters,of midsole in the forefoot now this,midsole definitely has an unusual design,especially if youve never seen or,experienced an on shoe before now what,weve got here in the midsole is kind of,two things the foam is called helion,foam and they arrange it in the on shoes,into these little bubbles or kind of,honeycombs,that they call their cloud tech now the,idea with these is that as you step on,them it compresses these different,chambers that are in the various,portions of the shoe and then that,absorbs impact from the road and then as,youre pushing off that decompression of,that cloud tech,provides a propulsive feeling and a,springy sensation as youre running,forward now to prevent all this from,getting too squirrely theres a couple,of things that theyre doing in this,shoe and one is theyve got this guide,channel to make sure everything kind of,compresses in a forward motion and also,what they have is a speed board which is,back here,its this hard piece of kind of like a,plastic that functions a lot like a,carbon fiber plate in that it provides,stability so that things dont get too,squirrely as your foot hits the ground,but also it compresses and then that,energy has to go somewhere so as your,foot takes off it decompresses and gives,you a little bit of a springing,sensation that combines with the,decompression of those clouds is,supposed to give on that kind of,signature feel now in addition to that,on the outsole there is some,strategically placed rubber you are,running a little bit on some of this,exposed helion foam but there are,patches of rubber here and in the,previous experience that i had with on,shoes i do like the way that they are,approaching their outsoles plenty of,grip but also it feels like they are,keeping weight down by not putting too,much rubber in that outsole the one,thing that ive noticed and im not sure,if all on shoes are like this but the,one thing that im definitely noticing,on this shoe is that the rubber on the,forefoot is a lot thinner than the,rubber on the back of the shoe and im,guessing thats going to be more for,kind of overall long-term longevity and,durability in terms of how much wear and,tear youre going to be experiencing on,this shoe moving to the upper we have a,bit of a departure from what theyre,normally known for which is their,absolutely stunning design and upper,construction and it still very much,looks like an on shoe and the heel cup,very much feels like an on shoe i am,enjoying just the minimal amount of,padding that they have in the heel and,theres not a ton of stuff in terms of,structure in the back so i feel like the,shoe fit is what keeps you secure and,not like pieces of plastic that are in,there so i really like the way that the,shoe fits but there arent as many kind,of overlays and different design,elements as you might normally see in an,on shoe,and instead what we have is a couple of,what i feel like are kind of like,americanized elements uh in terms of,like the word cloud tech written in tpu,on top of this,upper that is going to give it a little,bit more structure but also some weather,protection as well now overall the other,thing that i do want to make sure that i,mention about this shoe is that the,upper is made out of a lot of recycled,materials 80 of the polyester that goes,into this is made from recycled content,and i believe all the tpu elements of,this are 100 recycled as well as far as,the lacing goes its a very minimal,lacing system so i think that theyre,kind of keep everything very simple and,let the story for this shoe really be,these giant clouds that are underfoot,and all together this shoe comes in at a,stated weight of 9.7 ounces so what was,it like to run in this shoe i will say,that i probably enjoyed this on shoe,more than any other anchor that ive run,in before i think ive run in,two other on shoes over the years the,most recent one being the cloud stratus,which used a double stack of smaller,cloud tech bubbles are they call i dont,i think they should call them honeycombs,because they look like honeycombs to me,but those cloud tech kind of pockets,there was a double stack of them but i,think that in terms of the sponginess,the springiness the bounciness i feel,like the cloud monster does on better,than on has ever done on,before a lot of the times in previous on,shoes these clouds that are down here,these bubbles these,honeycombs a lot of time just feel like,a bit of a gimmick and it always has,made me wonder what would these shoes be,like if they pivoted away from this,cloudtech but now in the cloud monster,this is really the first time where im,feeling okay i see where theyre trying,to go with these clouds i really feel,the clouds i get the kind of,differentness of it and the form finally,starts to match some of the function in,my mind so i had a really nice pleasant,feeling as im hitting the ground that,its actually compressing and then as my,foots lifting off that the shoe is,actually kind of working with me to help,keep everything nice and peppy really i,feel like this is where on shoes should,have started with just these giant,bubbles the biggest that you can make so,that way its really clear what the,cloud tech is supposed to be doing,because i feel like im very much,getting a sense of what the brand is,trying to accomplish with their midsoles,with this shoe but that being said it,looks like a max cushion shoe and i,think its definitely like targeted,design wise to speak to more of an,american max cushion loving audience but,i dont really feel like this is a max,cushion shoe because its still,very much at its core like the other on,shoes that ive tried where theres,definitely the speed board thats in,there that prevents things from getting,too squishy and youre kind of standing,right on top of that speedboard so i,feel like even though theres a lot of,compression happening with this foam i,dont feel a lot of kind of plushness i,dont feel a lot of softness as my foot,hits the ground so it still feels to me,as someone who does like big squishy,shoes it doesnt feel like a max cushion,shoe in my mind it didnt really love,when i was running slower i do like the,softness i do like kind of the the,compression that im getting with each,step but theres also kind of a,tempo or a cadence,to the way that these clouds will kind,of compress and then decompress and so,theres like a rhythm to it and when im,running at my slower paces me my rhythm,and the shoes rhythm were a little bit,kind of out of sync a little bit and so,until i was at kind of like my easy pace,or maybe just a little bit faster than,my everyday running pace thats when i,kind of forgot about the shoe and my,mind could kind of wander and start,daydreaming and just really lock into a,flow and just start running and enjoying,the miles,now i think that the main comparisons,that im gonna make with this shoe in,terms of just these first impressions so,far is comparing it to the cloud stratus,which i is a shoe that i just recently,got to the 100 mile mark and i did,really enjo

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On Running Shoes Review *2021 Version* Cloudflow, Cloudultra, Cloudswift & More!

hey guys dusty here today im going to,be doing an overview of on running and,most of the shoes that they offer and,im actually shooting this video today,in my local running store couch and,valley running here on vancouver island,so a big thank you to laura for letting,me use her shop,and if you havent heard of on running,theyre a swiss company thats been,around since 2010,and they do a few things that make their,shoes different from other brands,so the first most obvious difference is,the sole,on running calls these pods their clouds,or,clouds cloud pods and essentially how,they work,is theyre individually going to,compress when your foot hits the ground,and then decompress when your foot,leaves the ground giving you,cushion and energy return in that way,and then another thing thats unique to,on is,all of their shoes features what on,calls a speed board,and essentially thats just a plastic,plate that runs the full length of the,shoe,and you can actually see it in most of,their models,in this channel here that runs along the,middle of the shoe you can see,under the midsole where that speedboard,is and what a speedboard does,is its going to load up every foot,strike and help propel you forward or,give you a smooth transition,so when you combine the speed board with,the cloud pods youre going to get a,unique running experience that youre,not going to find in,any other brand now another thing that,makes on running shoes,different from most other companies is,that they all have built-in sock liners,so because of this on running shoes has,some of the best on,foot feeling shoes and because theres,built-in sock liners that means theres,little to no,seams so you can go sockless or with,socks in on running shoes,so those are the main differences,between on running shoes and other,brands,now well go over some of the models,that they offer first up we have the og,this is the first shoe that on running,ever came out with and this one is,simply known as their on cloud,initially it was designed as a racing,shoe but since then,its kind of just found its way onto a,lot of runners its just,kind of a daily casual shoe so you could,still use this shoe for running,but on is going to offer a lot of other,options that are going to be better at,running specifically than this shoe but,this shoe it also,comes with these elastic laces so really,easy to get the shoe on and off,this is the colorway that i have just a,basic black and white,but uh the shoe comes in a wide array of,different fun colors,and this shoe i believe also comes in a,waterproof version,next up we move on to the cloud x and,this is going to be a good option for,those of you that want a shoe,to go to the gym with so i wouldnt,recommend you use the cloudx for long,runs but you can do short runs,uh some easy runs maybe some speed work,but uh this is gonna be a good cross,training shoot so a lot of people that,wear this shoe,are people that are going to be going to,crossfit doing some boot camps some hit,workouts,and some light running as well next up,well move along to the cloud,flow now that if youve been watching my,channel for a while youll know this is,one of my,all-time favorite shoes this is a really,lightweight versatile road running shoe,this is a shoe you can do it all in you,can do easy runs,temple runs speed runs long runs it can,be a race day shoe,very comfy feeling shoe the only bad,thing ill say about this shoe,is its not the greatest on trails or,gravel and thats because,of these cloud pods theyre all,disconnected and this channel here in,the middle,it tends to pick up rocks and gravel,that sort of a thing,but if youre looking for a shoe and,youre going to stick mostly to pavement,you cant go wrong with the cloud flow,next up we move,on to another road running shoe the,cloud swift,and this shoe has a totally different,feel from the cloud flow,as you can see this shoe curves up and,in the toe,quite a bit more and the shoe is going,to have whats called a rocker feel to,it,so because of the geometry of this shoe,its going to help,rock or roll you forward some runners,like it some dont uh it wont take you,very long to get used to it,if youve never ran in a shoe like this,before but this shoe in particular is a,beast of a daily trainer,um i have two pairs of this shoe and the,first pair that i have,they have i think 400 kilometers on them,and they show very little signs of wear,even the midsole hasnt broken down that,much,and at least for myself i think i can,probably get like 800k,or more out of this shoe its a little,bit heavier than the cloud flow,um this shoe is just going to be a,really good workhorse for a lot of you,i usually keep this shoe to easy runs,for myself,anywhere from like 30 minutes on the low,end,all the way up to i think ive done over,20k in the shoe so it can certainly,handle the long runs,and this shoe is going to offer a little,bit more support than the cloud flow,because it features this midfoot cage,here,so if youre looking for a shoe that can,do it all thats built like a tank and,youre going to get a lot of miles out,of,check out the cloud swift okay now we,move on to,the cloud stratus and this shoe was the,first shoe from on running that featured,a double layer,of their cloud pods so you have extra,cushioning or a double layer of the,cloud pods from the heel,all the way to about the forefoot and,this is one of their,max cushion shoes and while its max,cushioned,i wouldnt call it like soft,like youre gonna find in other brands,like uh hoka shoe,but with that being said its still,going to offer plenty of cushion,enough to handle those long miles even,if youre a heavier runner,and another cool thing about the cloud,stratus is it features,a ton of options as far as the lacing,system goes,so on the upper it comes with another,row of,holes that you can lace up if you need,to make it a little bit wider,and then it has this star lacing pattern,here at the bottom,so if you need the shoe a little bit,wider or a little bit narrower,or if you need to take some pressure,away from a problem area,the shoe has you covered with their,lacing options,now were going to move away from the,pavement and get into some trails with,on runnings cloud venture so the cloud,venture has a pretty aggressive,outsole and the rubber that they use on,the outsole is what onrunning,calls their mission grip rubber so its,very,very sticky this shoe also comes in a,waterproof version as well,and a lot of people will buy the cloud,venture as a hiking shoe,if theyre not one to like wearing a,hiking boot out on the trails,so pretty heavy duty trail shoe this is,gonna handle,some pretty nasty conditions out there,and still being really grippy because of,that mission grip outsole,and rest assured your foot is going to,be protected in the cloud venture out on,the trails,next up we have ons latest shoe and my,latest purchase,from on running as well uh theyre the,new trail shoe the cloud,ultra so this shoe kind of like the,cloud stratus has a double layer of the,cloud pods as well,and for the first time ever in on,history,theyve kind of done away with the cloud,pods on the bottom so its all,connected here the channel isnt really,big,so you wont have to worry at all about,getting rocks or,sticks stuck in the bottom of your shoe,as far as fit,of this shoe it fits a little bit,narrower,and it is a little bit hard to get on at,first because the tongue is all one,piece,but once you do get your foot inside the,shoe its very very comfy,and this shoe also features this cool,little flip on the bottom of the laces,here,so being a shoe designed for ultra,running um our feet tend to swell over,time,so when that happens you just flip this,switch here and itll release the laces,on the bottom of the shoe giving the,shoe hopefully a little bit more room,for your foot to breathe,now as far as the outsole goes uh it,isnt near as aggressive as the,cloud venture so for your really nasty,conditions youre probably better off,with the cloud ve

On Cloud 5 Review: A Fashionable Shoe for the Active Lifestyle

hey guys welcome to ryans running,reviews today were taking a look at,some shoes designed in switzerland were,taking a look at the on cloud fives,lets run with it,[Music],before we get started i do want to say,these shoes were provided to me by road,runner sports however they didnt have a,chance to preview this video and this,file synopsis is my own here we go this,is the on cloud 5 and they did change up,the naming convention for this,particular model previous versions of,the on cloud were just called the on,cloud there was no number at the end so,with the fifth version theyre adding,the number the on cloud five to signify,a new update and i believe well be,doing that for future models as well the,enclosed five isnt necessarily,considered a running shoe on has three,different activity levels for all of,their footwear they have all-day wear,running and hiking and the on cloud 5,falls under the all day wear category on,has three different styles low mid and,high but the on cloud 5 the shoe were,taking a look at today is classified as,a low shoe as it sits right below your,ankle essentially this is a low profile,active lifestyle shoe kind of meant for,your day-to-day activities traveling,just being on your feet all day and you,can even use it for running if you would,like although it is not classified as a,performance daily trainer there are,multiple versions of this shoe there is,a waterproof addition where essentially,you get a waterproof upper and onset,theyll be coming out with different,iterations of this particular model as a,fun side note this shoe now has less of,an environmental impact with 44 of the,materials used to construct this shoe,coming from recycled materials another,small kind of cool thing is that this,shoe comes in a wide variety of colors,so finding something that matches your,style shouldnt be a problem the encloud,5 costs 140 only weighs 8.8 ounces which,definitely puts it on the layer into,things and as far as the stack height,goes you get 28 millimeters in the heel,with 20 in the 4 foot for a total drop,of 8 millimeters this is an increase of,2 millimeters first last year which had,a drop of 6 millimeters one big update,we do have is more foam in the midsole,for additional cushioning and the cloud,technology has been reconfigured for a,more stable landing if youre not,familiar with what cloudtech is its a,really unique midsole cushioning,technology thats featured on all of ons,running shoes to various degrees and in,different setups essentially each one of,these individual units compresses down,theyre kind of like mini clouds and,then spring back as you lift up your,foot which provides a really unique kind,of sensation and cushioning method while,cloud tech is the individual units in,the overall structure zero gravity foam,is the actual foam that makes up the,midsole i believe its kind of like your,traditional eva foam base really,lightweight and provides a good level of,impact protection i will say that the,midsole definitely feels different,compared to a traditional running shoe,or walking shoe just because you do feel,this individual cloud tech,components collapsing and then bouncing,back as you step off it really does feel,different even though it is such a,minimal midsole this is a neutral shoe,so there are no stability or motion,control devices built in to the shoe,itself the on cloud 5 also has something,called a speed board which is,essentially a thermoplastic polymer that,runs the full length of a shoe between,the midsole and the upper you can,actually see the speedboard if you pick,the shoe up and look at the bottom its,essentially this black plastic plate in,the middle here that runs again the full,length of the shoe between the midsole,and the upper and does three big things,the first is it helps with the flex of,the shoe kind of stores some energy and,releases as you step off and prevents,too much torsion side to side twisting,motion and helps disperse energy as you,land and kind of spread that energy out,across most of the midsole because the,cloud 5 is an active lifestyle shoe the,speed board found here is going to be a,little bit more flexible and a little,bit more forgiving compared to like a,performance running shoe from some of,their other models the shoe itself does,flex pretty easy and kind of twist it a,good bit but that speedboard does help,give the shoe a little bit more,structure than if it was not included in,the shoe moving on to the outsole you,get rubber in the forefoot and heel area,with exposed foam in the midfoot section,you also can see those individual kind,of cloud-like or cloud tech structures,thats pretty common on running shoes,and these large kind of grooves make the,shoe really flexible and give you a nice,transition as you go through your,walking or running gait moving on to the,forefoot section you get a really thin,fairly breathable engineered mesh with,plastic overlays for additional support,the midfoot section is made up of a,tightly woven less breathable fabric,that extends across the midfoot and then,kind of goes all the way back to the,rear you also get some small reflective,elements in the toe box the on logo is,also reflective on both the outside and,the medial side and then another small,piece of reflective material towards the,rear of the shoe the tongue on the shoe,isnt separate its actually sewn,directly into the upper gives you a,really nice seamless consistent feel you,do have some holes here for additional,ventilation the tongue itself isnt,really well padded its relatively thin,but fairly comfortable on saturday they,did re-engineer the upper for more,accommodating fit and i felt the shoe,did fit true to size and was comfortable,for me something cool about this shoe is,that it comes with two different lacing,options however the default or the one,that comes shipped in the box is,something called speed laces where which,are essentially elastic laces that just,wrap across the mid foot the speed laces,are great for a more comfortable more,casual style of wear its really easy to,slip your foot in and out of the shoe,when you have these laces on again these,are what comes standard in the box and,theyre much more elastic essentially,you pull the speed laces to your desired,level of lockdown or pressure and then,essentially tie off a knot and you kind,of cut off the excess string and have,kind of a one-stop shop or kind of a,one-setting approach to lacing however,if youre someone who wants a more,traditional more performance-oriented,fit with regards to lacing they do have,traditional lacing options available,essentially the shoes come with an extra,pack of laces so you can lace up your,shoes from the toe box all the way to,the top of the shoe now what do i mean,by that well the speed lace version,again only goes across the mid midfoot,and they did leave four eyelets towards,the front of the shoe in case you wanted,to use those traditional laces so you,can kind of see the differences here and,see how the traditional laces go all the,way across the shoe while the speed,laces just go across the midfoot i,actually try each of these,configurations one on each foot just to,kind of test it out and see how i liked,it now i like the speed laces again for,the casual efforts and you can get a,decent lockdown but the traditional,laces is much better if youre going for,like a run or a gym workout or just want,a better tight locked fit it really does,give a better sensation to it however it,does change the styling i personally,like the look of the speed laces more,but the traditional laces do a better,job of locking your foot down now thats,not to say you cant use the speed laces,for performance activities like the gym,or running even though this is a,lifestyle shoe uh but you do notice a,little bit extra give just because those,elises are a little bit more elastic,its not like a super sloppy fit or bad,fit its just that when you kind of go,to traditional laces you do notice is a,lot mor

ON CLOUD 5 REVIEW | Great for Travel and All Day Comfort?

what is going on guys this is jake at,that fitfriend and today we are going to,be reviewing the on cloud 5. now the on,cloud 5 is the traditional on cloud,model however the rei sales associate,was explaining they added a number to,this model to help consumers understand,when it has been updated in the past,they have just kind of released updates,by the year but with the numbers,hopefully its a lot easier for folks to,understand when this shoot receives,notable updates so hopefully we have the,on 6 7 etc moving forward so three pros,with this model is if you are looking,for a shoe to rock for walking longer,distances standing all day or just,wearing on a daily wear basis this is a,good model to look into we have the,cloud tech construction in the shoe made,with the zero gravity foam and overall,it is very lightweight you get a nice,level of articulation in the shoe and if,you want something that just feels easy,to wear for longer periods this is a,good model to look into the second pro,with this model is that i love that it,comes with a quick lacing system so this,shoe has the quick lacing system its,basically the four eyelets up here that,allow the shoe to have an easy slip on,and off nature and feel to it the shoe,does also come with traditional laces if,you want to use them but i like the,quick lacing because how i use this shoe,its to run errands walk the dogs just,wear out and about so if im going for,my evening walks with my girlfriend or a,partner for that matter i will wear,these because they are super comfortable,and easy to get on and off and if you,just need something in a pinch the quick,lacing system does a really good job at,allowing the shoe to be easily slipped,on and off without feeling overly tight,or having to mess with this and they,keep the foot fairly secure so you never,really have heel slip issues with this,model and its quick lacing system the,third pro with this model is how,lightweight and breathable they are so,for my size 10 shoe here we have a,weight sitting around like 8.4 ounces,that is very lightweight you dont even,really notice you have these on if you,wear them for longer periods and you,kind of acclimate and get used to them,plus i like the mesh upper and how well,it breathes on specifies on their,product page that this is a shoe,designed for warmer months and that was,definitely apparent when i wore these,out on like one of the 10 degree days we,just had in denver because,my feet got cold so what i would say is,while the breathability is awesome this,is definitely a shoe more tailored,towards warmer months and then as a,subtle perk and add-on to this shoe on,used about 44 of recycled materials in,this model which i also think is pretty,cool but now lets talk about a couple,of cons so two potential cons i could,see folks having with the on cloud five,is number one the shoe not meeting their,expectations or going into the shoe not,understanding how theyre intended to be,used so this model is definitely best,served as a daily driver like have i,used them for some light workouts just,to test them yes have i used them for,two short runs yes but what i will say,is this is that this shoe does not have,the construction or some of the features,that you want for some more serious,training so while you can technically,use them for training and running i,would say limit their use to daily wear,especially if you want them to go the,distance and that then brings us to our,second con which is the overall,durability of this cloud tech,construction so on my model like im,already starting to have some fraying up,here on the toe box because were having,that midsole break down due to there not,being enough rubber wrapping up and so,what ill say is this is that if you,want to use these for running or,training just be very conscious of how,youre moving in them i think for,multi-directional work these lack,stability too and youre going to have,some breakdown on this cloud tech,construction so just keep that in mind,if you plan to use these especially at a,price point of 140 usd,i would say try to limit their use for,daily wear if you want them to go the,distance and if you want to get the most,out of the shoe for your money so in,regard to performance for the on cloud 5,im going to talk about how this shoe,performs for lighter training some home,workouts some shorter runs and then,daily wear and walking now what ill say,is that we do have to kind of like reorg,the performance section of this review,because this is not like a,cross-training shoe where youre going,to be using them in all these different,settings like its a daily wear shoe,that can technically work for working,out now what ill say for lighter,workouts if youre doing homework outs,or bodyweight stuff the shoe will be,fine but again i would say limit their,use on like concrete if youre working,out in them like i would say avoid that,kind of surface where you can create a,bunch of friction and tear up the foam,on this model so if youre training at,home with like a kettlebell some,dumbbells and youre not going super,heavy this model should work it does,provide you with an okay amount of,stability for what it is like this is,not going to give you enough stability,for heavier lifting so if youre doing,lighter stuff and your own body weight,then you should be safe using this model,very casually for some light workouts,but again i would say probably limit,their use in this context as much as you,can and then in the context of running,if you plan to run in this model i would,say keep your runs fairly short and,casual and then try to use this shoe,primarily for indoor runs because with,this cloudtech midsole and how we kind,of lack rubber up here in the forefoot,im not sold this shoe is going to last,if youre using them a lot for outdoor,running plus with this heel back here if,you do have a heel strike you are going,to tear the crap out of this cloud tech,construction so just be very conscious,of using this shoe outdoors if youre,running in them i would say try to limit,their use for indoor runs if you can and,then for the context of walking daily,wear and just casual wear this is,definitely where this shoe excels the,most theyre super lightweight they,breathe really well and the quick lacing,system is an awesome perk for preventing,one heel slip while also giving you a,shoe thats easy to get on and off,thats also a really nice feature of,this model so if you want the shoe for,just walking daily wear and casual wear,i think you will enjoy this model you,get a nice level of maneuverability and,as a whole they should last you a while,if youre primarily using them in this,context so now lets answer the question,is the on cloud 5 worth it and who are,these best for i think if you are,somebody who wants a shoe for just daily,wear just wearing out and about and you,want something that looks pretty good,thats easy to slip on that breathes,really well then the on cloud 5 is worth,it if youre looking for a shoe that you,can wear on a daily wear basis and then,also to train in you may want to look,into other models because again im not,sold on this models durability for,running and even some multi-directional,activities if youre doing more,versatile training so that being said,this model is definitely worth it if you,understand the context in which this,shoe is intended to be used when,chatting on sizing and fit in the on,cloud 5 you should be safe going true to,size on has updated the sizing in this,model compared to previous on cloud,models so you dont have to size up,anymore the length fits more true and,then the width is what i would describe,as like a regular width i dont think,this is going to be the best shoe for,those of wider feet and thats pretty,standard across the board for most on,models in my experience so that being,said if you have a narrow regular width,foot and maybe even a slightly wider,foot then you should be safe going true,to size if you have a very flat or wide,foot

ON Running Shoe Review 1 year later | Why I Bought Another Pair | ON Cloud, Cloudflow, Cloud X

[Music],[Music],hey whats up guys matt with the,movement system today were going to be,reviewing the on running shoes,this is not sponsored they didnt send,these out to us or anything we just like,the shoes and figured wed make a video,so what we have here this is the cloud,flow this is more of a longer distance,running shoe they say 5k is 10ks up to,marathons ill probably use this for 5k,at most distance and then everyday type,use but they do have the cloud running,shoes so the cloud running shoe is the,one that weve had,for a year now and its super beat up,but ive gotten a good use out of it i,mostly just used it for everyday use,with some running,but its literally worn apart and it was,time to upgrade so,these are the new ones that im getting,and then my fiance katie she got the,cloud x so these are going to be the,cloud xs theyre more of a training,shoe more for like weightlifting hit,training group classes,so shes gonna be using it for that type,of purpose they also do have,weatherproof shoes so ones that are,waterproof i imagine those are more,stiff,these are both pretty light and airy and,were gonna actually take a look at,these in more detail now okay so these,are the cloud flow i got them in a black,asphalt i actually really like the style,of these uh theyre a little bit more,heavy duty feeling than the original,cloud that i got so just compare this,ones the one that was a year old now,super beat up,this is actually one thing i want to,note stuff does get stuck in between the,teeth there so that is something to,think about,okay some pros and cons about the cloud,before i get into the cloud flow the,cloud ive had it for about a year now,uh its really roomy and a super,comfortable shoe i,really like these slip-on laces uh at,first i thought like there would be a,loose shoe most of the time whenever you,have an elastic lace its not tight,enough on your foot to actually run but,these slip on easily and theyre fairly,tight right now theyre a little bit,older so theyre getting looser but,overall the lace has been really,effective for actually keeping the shoe,as a good fit and i havent had to tie,it which has been a huge bonus other,pros it has a big wide toe box so you,have a lot of room there its true to,size so i always get 11 and a half and,this fit perfectly its a really,lightweight shoe so this is super,breathable and overall its just held up,really well,some cons to this shoe they are fairly,expensive over a hundred dollars for a,running shoe another thing is that this,isnt a true long distance running shoe,this is more of an everyday shoe so i,wouldnt go out on long runs with this,type of a shoe i would get cloud flow or,one of their other long distance type,running shoes you will run into the,problem of getting some rocks stuck in,the bottom youll occasionally have to,reach down and pluck the rocks out of,the,cracks there so something to think about,so again this is an everyday shoe so,its not super good for agility type,work if youre going to change,directions or go you know run around in,the grass your foot will slide around a,little bit in the shoe that way and also,this the bottom is a little bit slick if,its raining so i wouldnt use this as,like a hiking shoe again its just an,everyday use shoe its very comfortable,as an everyday use shoe and it fits that,purpose very well,if this review has been helpful for you,so far make sure you hit the like button,alright so now getting into the cloud,flows this is more of a running shoe,comparing it to the cloud its a little,bit more sturdy around the heel so you,can actually see this has a much more,rigid heel cup in the bottom there and,also the lining up onto the top of the,heel is a little bit more hard so i,imagine that would hold up better over,time and also be better for running and,holding the heel in place so this is a,fairly breathable shoe if youre running,in the summer this would be great it has,a lot of air flow through it i would,imagine the waterproof ones and some of,the other shoes that they have available,would be more of a winter type running,shoe on the bottom what youll see,theres a lot of grip on the toe and the,teal portion of this has that grip and,its a little bit different right there,in the middle so it says that the cloud,flow has helion super foam for soft,landing and explosive takeoff so i,imagine thats this black portion here,at the bottom and the at the forefoot,here so the idea there is that it,absorbs some shock in the back and then,also helps you with the springy type,effect on the push off there all right,so im gonna go try these on and give,you my first impressions,okay so first impressions these are a,lot softer than i expected actually,theres a good amount but not an,intrusive amount,of arch support here i got an 11 half in,the cloud and the cloud flow and they,both fit the same to me,theres plenty of room i have a fairly,narrow foot it definitely doesnt feel,squished to me i imagine if you have a,narrow or a normal width foot youll,feel pretty good in these honestly these,are really comfortable and then one,other thing to note is i felt like the,forefoot was really responsive you can,actually feel the ground a lot better in,these than the thicker running shoes of,different brands that ive tried,okay these are the cloud xs this is,what my fiance decided to go with,initially she had the clouds as well but,she decided to go to the cloud x which,is more of a training shoe this has a,little bit more lateral support still a,very lightweight shoe so the front of,this is very similar even more,lightweight than the cloud flow,a little bit less support in the back,this is actually a little bit more,flimsy in terms of the heal than the,cloud flow,you can see its built up around that,heel cup in the same way and just in,comparison to the cloud the cloud does,have those elastic laces so its more of,a slip-on the cloud x is a tide shoe,so overall i was happy with the clouds,like them got a good use out of them for,the last year or so and then decided to,go with the cloud flows for the next,year,so far so good and if you do end up,getting them i hope you have a good,experience with them thanks for watching,guys and well catch you in the next one,thanks and it has elastic waist uh,elastic laces,computers right there,if this review has been helpful for you,so far make sure you hit the like button,you

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