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RBG Forever

hello everybody and welcome back to the,second shelf,and to kind of a different video,sort of a little bit different um unless,you have lived under a rock,and never watched the news you know um,that,ruth bader ginsburg died last week,and if youre following my channel you,know,that ive been a lawyer for a long time,before i became a writer and im still,working,in the law in a sense because i teach at,a university,and i work for the human rights,institute,the dutch human rights institute in,utrecht,which is in the netherlands,and i wanted to make a video about ruth,bader ginsburg,and also of course because this is a,booktube channel,i recommend some books about her,in case youre interested and why,wouldnt you be um,because the the death of uh rbg,as she is known ruth bader ginsburg um,it it really floored me i have to to say,um,she meant a lot to me as an inspiration,for me as a young lawyer she is my,mothers age she was born two years,after her mother so in 1933,but its the same generation and her,work as a professor,as an advocate but also as a trial,lawyer,especially for gender equality and then,of course as the second woman,on the supreme court as a justice she,inspired me,when i was a young lawyer back in the,day which is quite some time ago,um and i didnt quite know uh,you know what to do i studied started,studying law because,you know i didnt quite know what to do,with my life and if you study law you,can do a lot of things,um you can become a lawyer obviously but,you i was contemplating you know,becoming a diplomat,or maybe um working for the government,as a a lawyer,drafting laws eventually i became an,attorney,and the the message,or the the yeah the example,that ruth bader ginsburg said was not,unimportant to me i,did i mean im im not an american u.s,american obviously,as you know i was born in germany so i,studied law in germany and i became a,lawyer in germany,but i did a lot of international law and,therefore the i was,looking beyond the border of just,just uh german lawyers,um and of course gender equality is,something,close to my heart because im a woman so,there you go but i think what what uh,ruth bader ginsburg inspired me to do,back when i studied law and,afterwards not quite sure what kind of,attorney i want to become,and i worked for a big commercial law,firm and we did all these mergers and,acquisitions and a lot of money and,i mean yeah it wasnt just,it wasnt quite what i wanted to do,and um ruth by beta ginsburg she said,that in multiple interviews also later,in her life,she always said um to her students,that if you study law and you become a,lawyer,then you develop you know you have a,skill,like a plumber but if you want to be a,true professional,you look for something beyond yourself,and you try to use your skill,um in order to make the life,of other people who are less fortunate,than you,a little bit better so this this idea,that you could use the law,for a broader goal inspired me,uh to do criminal law and,human rights law in particular so i,defended,people um who,i thought uh were,you know suppressed or oppressed by the,state,it doesnt really matter what kind of,cases i did but i just wanted to say,that she meant,something to me personally in in my life,as a lawyer and i but that was not the,main reason that i wanted,uh to make the video the main reason was,that,if you followed the news after her death,um,i think like within an hour or so,it was not about her anymore but it was,about,the vacancy and whether or not um,the the president the current president,should be allowed to nominate somebody,this close to an election uh and fill,the seat,uh even though its,you know not the right thing to do but,of course they will,and i even though this this is a very,important discussion and,of course i have an opinion on that and,i dont think this,seat should be filled before the,election in november,but what it also meant is that there was,not a lot of talk about,ruth bader ginsburg and what she meant,to the law to the development of the law,as an attorney but also of course as uh,justice um and i felt that this was,not the right way to honor her legacy,i also want to point out that even,though i admire,ruth bader ginsburg immensely and yes,im wearing a rude beta ginsburg t-shirt,of course you know,im a fan girl in a way but that doesnt,mean,um that i think she is perfect not at,all there are a couple of things that,she did,as a justice for instance when she,decided cases that involved indigenous,peoples,the oneeda nation ruling in particular,in 2005 where the majority of the,supreme court had eight,to one uh majority denied uh the nation,the right to their tribal land because,its just been too long ago,basically and i know that she regretted,this decision um immensely later in life,but,she was not perfect and i dont think,that we,should you know uh if we admire somebody,we we can see their flaws still thats,at least,what i do her um remarks,um i think four years ago 2016,after calling um kaepernick kneeled,during the national anthem and she,called that a dumb action,i was disappointed and she regretted,that as well afterwards so,when i say i admire her that doesnt,mean i think,she is flawless or that she never did,anything wrong,or that some of her decisions or that,all of her decisions were great,but the influence that she had i think,on the court,uh and especially in terms of gender,equality but also,in her later years her dissenting,opinions when it came to the voting,right act,thats a reason to admire her,and so i wanted to make a video about,her,because after her death like i said,its a lot of talk about the vacancy and,how it should be filled and when it,should be filled and,you know but it we need to talk about,her we need to remember her,thats at least how i feel so i picked,three books that i can recommend to you,if youre interested in learning more,about her life,and the first one um is called uh,notorious rbg,and it is an order by an autobiography,its its kind of a biography,uh giving us an overview of her,over her life also over her,life as a lawyer so there is law,in the book uh but it is explained in a,way,um that its uh accessible and,interesting at least thats what i think,to,everybody if youre a lawyer or if you,arent,i will leave links to the to the books,down below,with the authors name and you know,titles and goodreads links,um as as always um so this,this book i can certainly recommend if,you want to read a good biography,there are also some um you know quotes,and,and uh at the end of the book uh the the,she became an a pop icon if you will,in her 80s and part of the book at the,end,also deals with that um the second book,i want to recommend,is by linda hirschman and its called a,sisters in law,and i would say that is more for people,who really want to have,more of a deep dive into,the development of the supreme court,because its about the two,women sandra oconnor sandra day,oconnor,and then ruth bader ginsburg,like i said she was the second a woman,appointed to the court when,clinton nominated her in 1993 and the,the life of these two very different,uh women sangra day oconnor uh,conservative justice,uh and ruth bader ginsburg more a,liberal justice but the way,they shaped the court and what it meant,for them to be the first,and the second woman respectively uh on,the supreme court i think is very,interesting,and the last book is by,ruth bader ginsburg herself more or less,its called,in my own words and its a collection of,speeches,and decisions and statements,that she made uh to on various topics,um and each chapter is introduced,by uh some with some biographical facts,to give you context,so its a collection of essays but with,you know biographical uh framework,around it and i can certainly recommend,all three of the books,and i think for for lawyers and people,really interested,in the law sisters-in-law is maybe the,best book to choose,and for readers who are most interested,in,ruth bader ginsburgs life i w

Olena Kalytiak Davis: Poems & Contexts

foreign,[Music],to Alaska quarterly reviews 2023 reading,series,I am Ronald spatz editor-in-chief of,Alaska quarterly review and this event,is being recorded and will be available,on the Alaska quarterly review YouTube,channel,please feel free to watch any of our,prior programs and to share them,Alaska quarterly review is committed to,presenting these programs without charge,and to Showcase vibrant and diverse and,new and emerging voices and literary,conversations with depth complexity and,Humanity,like all literary magazines aqr depends,on grants tax exempt donations and,subscriptions to Opera operate if so,inclined donations and subscriptions are,gratefully welcomed on aqrs website,aqrreview.org,before before we begin Id like to make,a few important acknowledgments,Alaska quarterly review great Philly,acknowledges the Anchorage Museum,for hosting and the center for the,narrative and Lyric Arts Alaska,quarterly reviews 501c3,umbrella organization which makes this,event possible I also want to make a,land acknowledgment Alaska quarterly,review recognizes the indigenous land on,which all alaskans live aqr is located,in Anchorage and Anchorage is denina,Homeland,the Nina is the language spoken by the,traditional present and future,caretakers of this land,acknowledgment opens a space,with gratefulness and respect for the,contributions Innovations and,contemporary perspective of indigenous,peoples and marks our Collective,movement towards decolonization and,equity,todays featured poet,is Alaska quarterly review contributing,editor Alana katiak Davis whose fourth,poetry collection late summer ode has,recently been released from Copper,Canyon press,Copper Canyon Praises Davis as a,conductor of sound and meaning precise,to the syllable a commanding talent in,contemporary poetry,what makes Daviss work exciting wrote,Diane Jackson in the New Yorker is the,feeling it conveys of being,full-famished famished full an emotional,state with ascetic ramifications it,sends us ricocheting from Line to Line,and poem to poem looking for sustenance,a first generation ukrainian-american,Olenna was born and raised in Detroit,and educated at Wayne State University,and University of Michigan law school,and Vermont College,her first book and her soul out of,nothing received at brittenham prize her,other collections include on the kitchen,table from which everything has been,hastily removed and the poem she didnt,write in other poems,among Daviss Heroes honors are Rona,John Jaffe award and pushcard prize,harass us an individual Fellowship award,a fellowship from the John so Im in,Guggenheim Foundation,her poetry has been included in the best,American erotic poems from 1800 to the,present,the breadlough,anthology of new American poets and in,several editions of the best American,Poetry anthologies including work first,published in Alaska quarterly review,in his New York Times book review of,late summer Road Jeff gordoner wrote,Davis keeps luring the reader back for a,shot of her unmistakable vital flow,the energy of her work hasnt waned out,of the raw materials of a messy overripe,life there is still juice to be,extracted or,as Davis puts it still time to make,something of what is then of what is,left,Davis who says poetry is impossible,but it is not difficult,so now to begin I turn it over to Elena,American landscape with clouds and a zoo,you can be walking along a beach of a,quaint Northwestern coastal town and on,the one hand the Great Pacific Ocean,held Placid Restless in the sound,when it comes over,like those immense Woolen gray clouds,layer upon layer that pour from their,Pacific composer,suddenly troubled,moving,troubling,roaring easterly overhead for the inland,America is in trouble and youre too, up to even understand,buy it,is America up because it,understands itself only too well as you,do you,every time your girlfriend Chucks you a,koi smile youre beside yourself like a,sailboat and every time you think,happiness is just like this,forever youre fooled,like a kid,America Im glad Im hardly you,Ive got myself to think about,in my zone is a fairly large Zoo,plenty of room to walk around,shade and the shade that is increasingly,bitterly called shadow,of animals there are but two,arranged in unpredictable Cadence and,sequence,one is the renowned leopard of the snow,lazy humorous,speckled pepper a bit,like the ren that flies from Shadow to,cage,to shade,to shadow,when I mistakenly awaken at night I,dread both the darkness and the,inevitable,increasingly querulous bird song of the,inevitable,increasingly wide stun of light,everything is too brief,eternal,stable unpredictable,everything always says Im all there is,forever,friend,just see it my way,and I do,so that is actually not a poem by me but,its taped into my book and it goes with,like cloud cover,um its a poem by John Anderson,um from the Milky Way and,I guess its an experiment in I dont,know if I heard myself read that poem I,might think I wrote that poem and,also an experiment in,content creation and maybe the lack of,necessity for that theres so much,already out there that,that resonates and I think this was,written maybe in the early 80s,um that sounds like it could have been,written today,so anyway that is taped into my book,again no audience so no reaction but,um I guess Ill never know what you,think so,um the reason that came up I have a very,very very troubled relationship,with both poetry and poetry readings,performance its all highly highly,troubling,um and I think,because,its both so,somehow,essential and inconsequential at the,same time I think the struggle is to,attend to everything thats going on,um and I guess thats what Im trying to,do now but what what can I say Im here,Im here alone,um except for with my stack of books and,and I guess when I was trying to figure,out what to do today uh on YouTube,something came up that was helpful and,it was Eileen miless,um little chat for the Louisiana Channel,I know shes done several of them but,this one was called poetry is,performance and I love Eileen,um not me is almost always in my,bathroom which is a very honorable place,for it to be,um and she talks about and maybe the,highest good is just playing your own,poems,um like you know say someone that played,the piano or played an instrument for,someone out there to hear how they,actually go so and she says other things,too that are really smart,um and,other than performance she talks about,and and I think Im getting to that,place too I talk about dictation about,taking dictation at this point in my,poetry practice and see and again go to,YouTube watch it Louisiana Channel,Eileen miles poetry is performance about,actually picking up something,that is not just yours,um I think the John Anderson did it I,think Eileen does it I think anyone that,is in this,um for something other than this which,is part of it its a competitive Sport,and a performative sport,um,Taps into and I think that is,the best part of it its a ticket to,being alive,and younger than you are,so anyway on that note Im gonna just,reuse some of these poems and you can,figure out,if this is how they sounded in your head,or if this is how they should sound and,Im just gonna I I had a hard time,figuring out what to do without an,audience but,um I want you to keep in mind that,Anderson poem especially the line about,the shade and the shadow,um so John Anderson taught one of my,teachers David Rivard and I just,recently made the mistake of agreeing to,a reading where he is at too because,hes retiring and I read a different,John Anderson poem,and,[Music],um,fast forward,um he thought that I stole from this,poem when I wrote my late summer Road,and Ill probably end on late summer,road so just keep that shade part and,stealing in mind okay Ill stop talking,and Ill read you some poems and Im,just gonna read what,seems appropriate at the moment,um,this late summer Road its definitely,fall this ones called out after rolka,dude,it is so done,those summer went on

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Maggie Haberman — Confidence Man – with Kaitlan Collins

foreign,sorry its a little warm in here we did,crank up the air conditioning but uh,clearly not not soon enough you know um,its so its so amazing seeing such a,large audience here and um you all,clearly appreciate how special it is to,have Maggie Haberman with us this,evening Im Brad Graham by the way Im,the co-owner of the bookstore along with,with my wife Alyssa Muscatine,[Applause],um,you know among all the journalists,whove covered Donald Trump over the,years Maggie has done so most,extensively and now has produced a,definitive book about Trumps life and,presidency a confidence man the making,of Donald Trump and the breaking of,America,a native New Yorker Maggie got her start,in political reporting with New Yorks,two famed tabloids that Daily News in,the post then moved to Politico for a,few years before landing at the New York,Times in 2015 as a campaign,correspondent,during Trumps presidency she was,credited with with countless scoops and,her book is filled with lots of fresh,Revelations but as Joe Klein wrote in in,a review in the times more than the news,nuggets confidence man is notable for,the quality of its observations about,Trumps character and and will,undoubtedly serve as a primary source,about the most vexing president in,American history,and yes there has been,lots of previous believe me we in the,book business are very grateful about,that,um but but Maggie says Maggies is the,whole package uh it joins the story of,how Trump came to be before he assumed,the presidency with how he operated as,president,it examines the influences that shaped,Trumps personality and character and,then how those traits defined his,presidency,in the prologue Maggie recalls how after,uh covering Trump during the 2016,campaign she received a note from a,colleague,um when Trump won saying this is great,for you she was told she was quite,surprised actually if you can believe it,to see all of you here gathered for her,um but you know uh her her tough,outstanding coverage also has made her a,target of uh Trumps attacks and and,other uh even uglier stuff so please,understand why this evening,we wont be having a signing line at the,end Maggie has pre-signed a lot of other,copies for anybody whos whos,interested afterwards uh up at the,checkout desk Maggie doesnt do many,in-person appearances which makes us,appreciate all the more her presence,here this evening,were also grateful to have CNNs,Caitlin Collins moderating the event as,White House correspondent for the,network shes had her own many,experiences covering Trump and as a sign,of her rising star in broadcasting it,was announced earlier this month that,shell soon be co-anchoring a revamped,CNN Morning Show,so ladies and Gentlemen please join me,in welcoming Maggie Haberman and Caitlin,Collins,[Applause],they werent kidding about it being a,packed house,wow thank you all for coming you know,this is a bookstore on a Friday night,right,Im like really impressed,these audience questions that Ive been,reading through as well,um thank you all for being here so much,obviously this is really special for me,personally because,um I started covering the White House,when Trump took office any White House,reporter of that time will tell you,point blank Maggie is hands down the,best White House reporter the best Trump,reporter of that era and that is not an,easy feat in a time when it was,all-consuming of your life of Twitter of,everything and so its an honor for me,to be here moderating this event reading,this book and getting to ask you about,it,thank you so much for doing this uh,really thank you all for coming I feel a,little like Im at my own funeral but,Im very grateful to see you all here uh,for it,um well its gonna be a packed up so,um there have been a lot of trump books,obviously during the Trump years a lot,of Scoops a lot of stories a lot of,things that you read and youre like can,this really be true yours,those talked about what he did while he,was in office and as a candidate yours,talked about why he did it what made you,take that approach,so I I tried to look at both honestly I,tried to look at how the why he did it,informed the what he did and I I took,that approach for a couple of reasons,one is to your point theres a lot of,trump books out there theyve theyve,been filled with Scoops they have been,things that have left me kicking myself,I wish I had had them,um you know they they informed a lot,about that time in office and he is one,of the most written about people on the,planet,um the the perspective that I could,offer is somebody who came from the same,place he did saw a lot of the same,forces in a city that was really mired,in dysfunction and Corruption touching,almost every aspect of the lives the,life that he was involved with uh well,he came up and I had covered him and,been around him prior to the fact that,he would uh to him becoming a candidate,in 2015.,um and I think that pages of this book,one of the audience question was um that,I loved was when you were writing the,book and this is from a student so thank,you for submitting it when youre,writing the book you know what was your,initial goal initial message and did it,change at all as you were writing it or,did as you write it it kind of only,confirmed what you had suspected its an,excellent question thank you for asking,it uh it it it confirmed what I,suspected I think its just the degree,to which the patterns were so visibly,there a long long ago,um you know not just the pattern of say,you know not paying people and you know,stiffing contractors and uh trying to,get media attention but the pitting this,was the thing that actually I would say,did surprise me the first time I,interviewed somebody who uh told me that,he asked them in the 1990s you know what,do you think of blah blah this other,person who worked for him because as we,know this was something he did with his,aides throughout his time in the white,house and just the fact that literally,every Behavior pattern existed for,decades just unchanged and sort of,Frozen and yeah that really struck out,to me all of these themes of his life in,New York that he brought to the,presidency from his childhood from his,early years in the family business his,obsession with loyalty feuding with,Jerry Nadler who later impeached him,warning people not to take notes in,their meetings you write that a junior,attorney was just taking notes in a,meeting and someone came around and,crumpled up the notes he came around,yeah he came around and picked up the,notes over the guys shoulder it really,it was amazing and then you write that,when he was damaged in the Press by his,bankruptcies by his divorces he the one,thing he could not get that he valued on,a cellular level was laudatory media,coverage,I have never encountered somebody who,experiences media coverage the way he,does and I think you would agree with,that as somebody whos covered him for a,while now the the stories that would,repulse other people about themselves he,Revels in and so I write about one,instance,um you know and this was this was an,Infamous story I worked at the New York,Post for a combined 10 years uh and and,thats part of the the milieu that,formed him uh was his desire to get,coverage there and his sort of,transactional relationship with the,paper,um Im sorry its so hot I apologize,um but uh uh he there was this one story,thats a famous front page which was you,know when he was having an affair with,Marla Maples and he was with Ivan to,Trump and the headline was best sex I,ever had,um she didnt actually say it it was it,was basically a confection by a guy who,used to sit literally directly across,from me um and it was it was a famous,story in The Newsroom that he was,talking to a friend of hers and and said,you know I I bet if the sex is good too,right and the friends said yeah best sex,shes ever had I guess right I guess,that became best sex Ive ever had and,you know Marla Maples was said to really,not like that headline Trump I

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A Conversation With White People On Race | Op-Docs | The New York Times

[chord],[beep],It’s very uncomfortable to talk about race.,It’s not something — it’s not something I do.,I am — I am feeling apprehensive,,because I think there’s a lot of reasons,why I feel like I should be able to talk about race.,I don’t want to say anything, you know,,that would offend anyone.,It’s a very touchy subject.,It’s still difficult, even if you,feel like you’re on the right side of it, you know,,to have a dialogue about it.,Especially for white people, because we,don’t want to see if the racism,that we may be holding onto.,I don’t know.,Maybe I am racist.,I certainly don’t like to think that I am.,And I think that’s, too, because the perception —,in this society, perception of a racist is a guy in a robe.,Now I understand that it’s a system,of advantages and disadvantages based on race.,So as much as there’s the disadvantage piece of it,,there’s the advantage piece of it,,which is what I experience as a white person.,I want to bring up race, and I,want to bring it up in a frame that helps my children think,that there’s no difference.,But the mere fact that I might be bringing it up,could suggest that there is a difference.,I remember asking a friend of my father’s,,who was black, why he was called black,,because his skin was brown.,And I’ve learned that lots of people that are white,ask this question, and maybe they also received the answer,that I got from my parents, which was like,,oh, my gosh, we’re so sorry that she asked that.,And it’s just a term.,Like, move on.,One of my third grade students,seemed pretty rocked after the Eric Garner case, or death,,and came up to me and said, you know, why —,when you were little, like, were you,worried about this stuff too?,And I knew what he was talking about before —,I mean, I didn’t say, what do you mean, what stuff?,I didn’t want to, you know, play dumb.,And I said, no.,I didn’t have to be.,And that’s not fair.,And that was really hard, because he just kind of sat,there.,And it honestly seemed like the first time,that he had considered the fact,that not everyone had to think about race all the time.,I know that I’m white, and I guess,I’m part of that collection.,But I don’t think about being white.,I don’t.,I really did not know that I had a racial identity.,I knew I was white.,I had no idea what that meant, how,that had shaped my outlook on life,,how that had shaped my sense of optimism,,sense of belonging, sense of safety,,sense of feeling entitled to go help children that I,thought were part of a community that,couldn’t figure out how to help themselves.,I think that impulse, that kind,of colorblindness impulse, comes mostly,from white people.,Like, I’ve never heard —,I mean, I don’t know.,I’m sure it comes from all people of all kinds.,But I’ve heard it most from white people who,are saying like, let’s do this as a way of getting,past this racism thing.,And I think, in part, it comes from a sense of shame,and guilt about what racism has done,,and kind of how racism was built by white people.,I don’t want to be ashamed of being —,and plus, I’m a male.,It’s like, every group out there,can be pissed off at me because I’m white and a male.,And that’s a weird kind of burden,that some people do feel.,And I certainly feel it sometimes,from people, that I’m privileged,,I get stuff that other people don’t get.,I think we’re all implicated in a racist system.,And I play my part in it as a white person.,So I do have individual responsibility,and accountability.,I mean, I’m part of the system,,and I do things that both perpetuate,,and I try to certainly do things that challenge it.,I realize I’ve never said anything.,When I’ve heard racist jokes, when,I’ve heard racist comments, I’ve never said anything.,I’ve never spoken up and said, hey, that’s racist.,Not once.,In my mind, there’s no —,I’m not involved in any conflict that involves race.,I’ve only been the beneficiary of it, so.,To talk about it is —,I don’t think I would sound very wise.,Being white means that I have the privilege,to think that I’m not affected by racism.,Or that I don’t even have a race,,because I have all these other things like a gender,and a sexual orientation, and those are pretty neat,,so I don’t have a race.,But I do, and I’m white.,[music]

The meaning of life according to Simone de Beauvoir – Iseult Gillespie

المترجم: Sumaya Omar المدقّق: omar idmassaoud,بعمر 21 ربيعًا، أصبحت سيمون دي بوفوار أصغر شخص,يخوض امتحانات الفلسفة في أعرق جامعات فرنسا.,حيث اجتازتْ الامتحانات بنجاحٍ باهرٍ.,لكن بمجرد أنْ أتقنت مبادئ الفلسفة،,حتى خرجت عنها.,لقد تدّربت على نظرية المُثُل لأفلاطون،,التي تنبذ العالم المادي باعتباره انعكاسًا مغلوطًا,للحقائق الساميّة والمبادئ الراسخة.,لكن بعيون دي بوفوار، فالحياة الدنيا آسرة، حِسّيّة،,وأيّ شيء عدا أنّها ساكنة.,رغبتها في استكشاف العالم المادي بالكامل ستقلب حياتها،,وفي نهاية المطاف، استلهمت فلسفة جديدة مُناهضة.,في نقاش مستمر مع عشيقها ورفيقها المُفكّر جون بول سارتر،,استجلت دي بوفوار حُرّيّة الإرَادة، الرغبة، الحقوق والمسؤوليات،,وأهمية التجارب الشخصية.,في السنوات التي تلت الحرب العالمية الثانية,تلاقت تلك الأفكار مع المدرسة الفكرية,المُرتبطة ارتباطًا وثيقًا بأعمالهما: المذهب الوجودى.,حيث نشرت التقاليد المسيحية اليهودية تعاليمها,أنّ البشر يُولدون بغايةٍ مُقدّرةٍ،,طرحت دي بوفوار وسارتر بديلاً مُضادًا.,حاولا أنْ يبرهنا أنّ البشر يولدون أحرارًا،,وبرزوا إلى الوجود بدون خطة إلهية.,حيث أقرّتْ دي بوفوار، أنّ هذه الحرية تُشكّل نِعمة ونِقمة.,حيث تناولتْ في “أخلاقيات الغموض” أنّ واجبنا الأخلاقي الأسمى,هو أنْ نخلق معنى للحياة خاصا بنا،,بينما نحفظ حُرّيّة الآخرين لفعل الأمر نفسه.,كما كتبت دي بوفوار،,”حُرّيّة تهتم فقط بإنكار حُرّيّة يجب أنْ يتم إنكارها.”,دفعت هذه الفلسفة طلابها للإبحار في الغُموض والتعارضات,التي تُحدثها رغباتنا داخليًا وخارجيًا.,وبينما سعيت دي بوفوار لإيجاد غايتها،,بدأت تتساءل:,إذا استحق الجميع أنْ يسعى بحُرّيّة إلى فهم معنى الحياة،,لما تشعر أنّها مُكبلة من قبل المبادئ النِسْويّة في مجتمعها؟,رُغم كتاباتها، تدريسها، وفاعليتاها العديدة،,إلاّ أنّ دي بوفوار ناضلتْ حتى يأخذها رفاقها من الرجال على محمل الجدّ.,لقد نبذتْ أصولها الكاثوليكية والتطلّعات الزوجيّة,للالتحاق بالجامعة، وألّفت مذكرات، وأعمال روائية وفلسفية.,لكنّها خاطرت بتبني أسلوب الحياة هذا,فخسرت العديد من نظرائها الرجال،,الذين لم يولوا هذه الحُريّات الاهتمام الكافي.,لم يعد لديهم اهتمام فكّري بأعمال دي بوفوار،,التي أضاءت على الحياة الداخليّة للنّساء.,وأيضًا على علاقة الكاتبة المفتوحة والشاذّة.,لإيصال أهمّيّة منظورها،,لجأت دي بوفوار إلى أكثر كتبها المليئة بالتحديات على الإطلاق.,أُسوةً بصياغتها قواعد المذهب الوجودي،,ستقوم الآن بإعادة تعريف حدود الجنسين.,نُشِر في عام 1949، “الجنس الأخر” طرحت فيه أنّه، ومثل معنى حياتنا،,فإنّ نوع الجنس ليس بالأمر المُقدّر.,كما قالت دي بوفوار في كتابها الشهير،,”المرأة لا تُولد امرأة وإنما تُصبح امرأة.”,وأنْ “تصبح” امرأة، دعت إلى، أنْ تصبح الآخر.,عرّفت دي بوفوار الآخر كعامل لتصنيف المرأة,كأقل في المرتبة من الرجل الذي عرّفه التاريخ،,كالأفراد المثاليين من البشر.,كالآخر، حيث جادلت أنّه يُنظر إلى المرأة أنّها تأتي في المكانة الثانية بعد الرجل،,ولذلك فهي مُقَيّدة تلقائيًا من البحث عن الحُرّيّة.,أصبحت “الجنس الأخر” دراسة نِسويَة أسَاسِيّة،,تتناول تاريخ اضطهاد المرأة بشكل مفصل,وثروة من الدليّل القصصيّ.,تتمثّل في “الجنس الأخر” تركيبة من التجربة الشخصية,والتدخلية الفلسفية,حيث قدّمت أسلوبا جديدا للتناظر في النظرية النسويّة.,اليوم، حيث لا زالت هذه النقاشات مدعومة بعزيمة دي بوفوار,أنّه سعيًا وراء المساواة،,”لا يوجد هناك طَلاَق بين الفلسفة والحياة.”,بالطبع، كأيّ عمل جوهري،,الأفكار في “الجنس الأخر” لاقت رواجًا منذ نشرها.,فاستكشف الكثير من المفكّرين الجُدد طرقًا إضافية لتصنيف الأشخاص بالآخر,التي لم تقَرّ بها دي بوفوار.,تشمل هذه الطرق هويّات اقتصادية وعرقية،,إلى جانب طائفة أوسع من الجنسين وهوياتهم الجنسية التي ندركها اليوم.,لكن إرث دي بوفوار أصبح مثيرًا للجدل,من خلال اتّهامات طالتها بالتحرش الجنسي لاثنين من طالباتها في الجامعة.,في ظل هذه الاتّهامات،,لقد سُحبت منها رخصة التدريس لاستغلالها منصبها.,في هذا الصدد أو ذاك، تبقى حياة دي بوفوار مثيرة للجدل ـــ,وجسدت أعمالها لحظة مثيرة للنزاع في بزوغ الحركة النِسْوِيَّة المبكّرة.,شاركت في تلك المناقشات لبقية حياتها؛,بتأليف أعمال روائية، وفلسفية، ومذكرات حتى مماتها في العام 1986.,اليوم، تتناول أعمالها أسلوبََا فلسفيا,ليُعاد التفكير بها، ليُعاد النظر فيها، وليُعاد التمرّد عليها ــــ,ردّة فعلٍ قد تُرحب بها هذه المفكّرة الثوريّة.

Your body language may shape who you are | Amy Cuddy

Translator: Visar Hadri Reviewer: Helena Bedalli,Dua tia filloj duke ju treguar një strategji,dhe e vetmja gjë qe ju kërkoj është kjo:,që të ndryshoni qendrimin tuaj për dy minuta.,Por para se tia filloj, kërkoj nga ju,të bëni një vlerësim të trupit tuaj.,Pra, sa nga ju mblidhen mbi vete?,Ndoshta perkuleni, vendosni këmbët kryq.,Mbani duart kështu.,Ndonjëherë i hapim shumë. (Të qeshura),Ju shikoj. (Të qeshura),Dua të fokusoheni në atë që jeni duke bërë tani.,Do të kthehemi tek kjo pas pak,,dhe shpresoj që ta përvetësoni këtë teknikë sado pak,sepse mund tua ndryshojë dukshëm jetën,,Pra, ne magjepsemi me gjuhën e trupit,,dhe veqanërisht jemi të interesuar në gjuhën e trupit të të tjerëve.,E dini, ne jemi të interesuar në…. — (Të qeshura) —,një bisedë e quditshme ose një buzëqeshje,një shikim përbuzës ose një shkelje syri e quditshme,,ose ndoshta thjesht një shtrëngim duarsh.,Folësi: Ja ku mbërrijnë ata në numrin 10.,Polici me fat ka rastin të shtrëngojë duart me presidetin e Amerikës,Ja dhe kryeministri — Jo. (Të qeshura) (Duartrokitje),(Të qeshura) (Duartrokitje),Pra dhënia ose mosdhënia e dorës,,mund të na bëjë të flasim për javë dhe javë dhe javë.,Madje edhe BBC dhe New York TImes.,Pra dukshëm kur ne mendojmë për sjelljen joverbale,,ose gjuhën e trupit — që si shkencëtarë e quajmë joverbale –,eshte gjuhe, na ben te mendojme për komunikimin.,Kur ne mendojmë për komunikimin, mendojmë për bashkëbisedimet.,Cfarë po më komunikon gjuha e juaj e trupit mua?,Cfarë po ju komunikoj unë ju?,Ka disa arsye për ti parë gjërat në këtë këndvështrim.,Shkencëtarët social kanë shpenzuar mjaft kohë,duke shikuar efektet e gjuhës së trupit tonë,,ose atë të njerëzve të tjerë, si bazë e krijimit të gjykimeve.,Dhe ne vërtetë gjykojmë bazuar nga gjuha e trupit.,Dhe këto gjykime mund të parashikojnë rezultate të vlefshme jetësore,si kë punësojmë ose ngrejmë në detyrë, apo ftojmë në takim.,Përshembull Nalini Ambady, hulumtuese në Universitetin e Tuft,,tregon se kur njerëzit shikojnë klipe 30-sekondëshe pa zë,të bashkëveprimeve reale midis mjekut dhe pacientit,,gjykimi i tyre mbi mirësjelljen e mjekut,,parashikon nëse ai mjek do të paditet ose jo.,Pra nuk ka të bëjë aq shumë,me atë se a ishte apo jo ai mjek i aftë,,por a e pëlqejmë atë person dhe si bashkëveproi ai?,Edhe më dramatike, Alex Todorov në Princeton,thotë se gjykimet mbi fytyrat e politikanëve,në vetëm një sekond parashikojnë 70%,të rezultateve të garave për senatin Amerikan,,dhe madje, të flasim për rrjetin virtual,karakteret e përdorura në negocimet e bëra online,ju bëjnë të mundur që të merrni më shumë vlerë nga ai negocim.,Nëse i përdorni keq ato, ide jo e mirë. Apo jo?,Pra, kur mendojmë për joverbalen, mendojmë për mënyrën se si i gjykojmë të tjerët,,si të tjerët na gjykojnë ne, dhe cilat janë përfundimet.,Ne priremi të harrojmë, edhe audiencën tjetër,e cila influencohet nga joverbali jonë, e kjo është vetvetja.,Ne gjithashtu influencohemi nga joverbali ynë,,mendimet, ndjenjat dhe fiziologjia jonë.,Për çfarë joverbali jam duke folur?,Unë jam psikologe sociale. Studioj paragjykimet,,dhe jap mësim në një shkollë konkuruese biznesi,,pra ishte e ditur që do të isha e interesuar në fuqinë dinamike.,Veqanërisht fillova të interesohesha në shprehjet joverbale,të pushtetit dhe dominancës.,Dhe cilat janë shprehjet joverbale të pushtetit dhe dominancës?,Epo, ja çfarë janë.,Në mbretërinë e kafshëve, paraqet zgjerimin.,Pra për ta bërë veten më të madh, i zgjat duart,,merr më shumë hapësirë, pra në parim hapesh.,Esenca është që të hapesh.,Dhe kjo është e vërtetë përgjatë mbretërisë së kafshëve.,Kjo nuk ndodh vetëm tek kafshët.,Edhe njerëzit bëjnë të njejtën gjë. (Të qeshura),Pra njerëzit e bëjnë këtë kur kanë fuqi pothuajse të vazhdueshme,,dhe gjithashtu kur ndjehen të pushtetshëm në një moment.,Dhe kjo është veqanërisht interesante sepse vërtet na tregon,sa universale dhe të vjetra janë këto shprehje të pushtetit.,Këtë shprehje, që njihet si krenari,,e ka studiuar Jessica Tracy.,Ajo tregon se njerëzit që kanë lindur me shikim normal,dhe ata që kanë lindur të verbër e bëjnë këtë,kur fitojnë në një garë fizike.,Kur ata e kalojnë vijën e finishit dhe kanë fituar,,edhe pse nuk kanë parë një shprehje të tillë,Ata e bëjnë këtë.,Pra duart lart dhe mjekra gjithashtu ngrihet.,Po kur jemi tpafuqishëm?,Ne bëjmë të kundërtën.,Ne ngushtohemi. Ne mbështillemi në vete.,E bëjmë veten më të vogël.,Ne nuk duam të përplasemi me personin ngjitur me ne.,Keshtuqë prapë, kafshët dhe njerëzit, bëjnë të njejtën gjë.,Ja çfarë ndodh kur pushteti i lartë dhe ai i ulët takohen.,Pra çfarë bëjmë ne kur vjen puna tek pushteti,është se ne e plotësojmë komunikimin joverbal të të tjerëve.,Nëse dikush sillet më i pushtetshëm kundrejt nesh,,ne priremi të zvogëlohemi. Ne nuk bëhemi si ata.,Ne bëjmë të kundërtën e atyre.,Kështu, vëzhgoj një sjellje në klasë,,dhe çfarë vërej?,Vërej se studentët e MBA ekspozojnë gjithë pushtetin joverbal.,Kemi njerëz të cilët duken si karikatura të “Alphas”,duke ecur në dhomë, shkojnë mu në mes të dhomës,para se klasa të fillojë, ata vërtet duan të zotërojnë hapësirë.,Kur ulen, ata në njëfarë mënyre hapen.,Ata i ngrenë duart kështu.,Ka edhe njerëz të tjerë, të cilët janë në kolaps,kur hynë në klasë. Kur ata hyjnë, vërehet diçka.,Vërehet në fytyrat e tyre, dhe trupat e tyre,,dhe ata ulen në karrige, dhe ngushtohen,,dhe ata veprojnë kështu kur e ngrenë dorën.,Nga kjo vërej disa gjëra.,E para, dhe nuk është e papritshme.,Kjo ka të ngjarë që të lidhet me gjininë.,Pra, gratë kanë më shumë tendencë ta bëjnë këtë se sa burrat.,Gratë vazhdimisht ndihen më pak të fuqishme se burrat,,kështu që kjo nuk është e habitshme.,Por diçka tjetër që kam vërejtur,është se kjo duket të ketë lidhje edhe me nivelin,e pjesmarrjes së studentëve, dhe si merrnin pjesë ata.,Dhe kjo është shumë e rëndësishme në një klasë të MBA-së,sepse pjesëmarrja numërohet si gjysma e notës.,Keshtu, shkollat e biznesit kanë pasur vështirësi me dallimet gjinore,Kemi burrat dhe gratë njësoj të kualifikuar,dhe kemi këto diferenca në nota,,dhe kjo pjesërisht duket të jetë nga dallimi në pjesëmarrje.,Dhe fillova të mendoj,,këta njerëz që vijnë e marrin pjesë këtu.,A mund ti bëjmë njerëzit të shtiren,dhe a do të rezultonte kjo me pjesëmarrje më të madhe?,Kështu, bashkëpunuesja ime Dana Carney, e cila është në Berkeley,,dhe unë donim të dinim, a mund të shtiremi deri sa tia dalim?,Si përshembull, a mund ta bëjmë këtë për një kohë,dhe vërtetë të kemi një ndryshim në sjellje,që të dukemi më të pushtetshëm?,Pra, e dimë që joverbali jonë orienton njerëzit e tjerë se si,të mendojnë dhe të ndjehen për ne.,Por pyetja jonë ishte.,a na orienton joverbali jonë në mënyrën se si ne ndihemi dhe mendojmë për veten?,Ka disa evidenca se kjo është e vërtetë.,Kështu, përshembull ne buzëqeshim kur ndihemi të lumtur,,por gjithashtu, kur jemi të detyruar të buzëqeshim,duke mbajtur një stilolaps në gojë kështu, na bën të ndihemi të lumtur.,Pra kjo ndikohet nga dy drejtime.,Pushteti gjithashtu, ndikohet nga dy drejtime.,Kështu, kur ndjeheni të pushtetshëm,zakonisht bëni këtë,,por është e mundshme, që kur shtireni si të pushtetshëm,keni të ngjarë që me të vërtetë të ndiheni si të tillë.,Kështu pyetja e dytë vërtet ishte,,meqë mendja ndryshon trupin,,a është e vërtetë që trupi ndryshon mendjen?,Dhe kur them mendjen, në rastin e pushtetit,,për çfarë e kam fjalën?,E kam fjalën për mendimet dhe ndjenjat,dhe psikologjinë e tyre,,që në rastin tim, janë hormonet. Unë shikoj hormonet.,Pra si duken mendjet e të pushtetshmëve, dhe atyre të papushtetshmëve?,Njerëzit e pushtetshëm zakonisht janë, jo quditërisht,,më të sigurtë dhe me më vetbesim, më optimist.,Ata besojnë që do fitojnë madje edhe në lojërat e fatit.,Ata gjithashtu kanë prirje të mendojnë gjëra abstrakte.,Pra ka shumë dallime. Ata ndërmarrin më shumë rreziqe.,Ka shumë dallime midis njerëzve të fuqishëm dhe të pafuqishëm.,Gjithashtu ka edhe diferenca psikologjike,në dy hormonet kryesore; testosteroni që është hormoni dominant,,dh

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مرحبًا بالجميع ، منذ شهرين على قناتنا ، كانت هناك,مراجعة حول طراز 330 والآن pl320 الجديد ، إذا كان التصميم,يشبه pl330 في الوظائف ، فلا يزال يبدو لي أن هذا,تحديث وبديل لـ 310 يبدو الطراز وهذا اللون,أيضًا أكثر إثارة للاهتمام في هذا الفيديو,، وسنكون قادرين أيضًا على رؤية الفرق مع أغلى بكثير من,أجهزة الراديو الآن ، كل شيء بالتفصيل,يستمتع الجميع بالمشاهدة,في مجموعة التوصيل ذات العلامات التجارية الساطعة التي,لا تخجل من تقديمها كهدية,في المجموعة يوجد دليل مستخدم للأسف,بلغة صينية واحدة فقط على الرغم من أنني أعتقد أنه ليس,من الصعب معرفة المعلمات التقنية الرئيسية,وهنا يمكننا رؤية أبعاد كابل USB الخاص بجهاز,استقبال الراديو,لشحن نوع USB الحديث -ج قياسي وطول,مثل هذا السلك ما يزيد قليلاً عن نصف متر لا يزال هناك,مثل هذه السماعات ذات الجودة العالية ولا جدوى من,المقارنة مع السماعات باهظة الثمن ، وحتى أكثر من ذلك مع الشاشات,حسنًا ، على الرغم من أنها تبدو بسيطة ولكن جودة المصنع,والحقيقة ذاتها ترضي وجودها ، حقيبة لسهولة,تخزين النقل,، يبدو أنها مصنوعة من مادة لطيفة على الأذنين,وطبقات عالية الجودة ، ولكن أيضًا من الداخل تبدو كطبقة,مطاطية ويبدو أن كل شيء يبدو,متينًا ، تبدو الجودة الخارجية للمواد والصنعة,أفضل بكثير من طراز 310 ، ولكن العرض,هو نفسه تمامًا كما هو الحال في طرازات 330 الأقدم ، وتتمثل,الاختلافات الرئيسية عن الطراز الأقدم في عدم القدرة على,العمل في تعديل النطاق الجانبي الفردي باستخدام الانتقال إلى,الشريط الجانبي العلوي أو السفلي ، وبالنسبة لأولئك الذين ليسوا,على دراية كبيرة بالتكنولوجيا مع مثل هذا الراديو ،,سيكون من الممكن تكوين صداقات بشكل أسرع وشيء آخر,على عكس 330 ، بدلاً من الزوايا الحادة ، هناك مثل الانتقال السلس,هنا ، لا أرى أي تغييرات هنا,على طراز 330 ، فقد اشتكى العديد من المستخدمين من عدم وجود,[تصفيق] للساق الداعمة ، سمعت الشركة المصنعة,هذه المشكلة. على الرغم,من أنها تبدو واهية إلى حد ما ،,إلا أن الوظيفة يمكن أن نرى ، تعمل ساق الدعم وزاوية,الميل هنا هي الألم بالنسبة لي أنا أحبها أفضل من,الموديلات القديمة,، الحجم مختلف أيضًا ، الطراز الجديد أصغر قليلاً ،,لكن الجانب الخلفي مثقوب,ويمكن أن تستوعب,حجرة البطارية,بطارية قياسية bl – 5c,. استهلاك تيار منخفض,سنتحقق منه علاوة على ذلك في الفيديو وعلى الرغم من,الحجم المتواضع للبطارية وسعتها ، إلا أنها تدوم لفترة طويلة,من التشغيل.وظيفة قيّمة أخرى لهذه المستقبلات,، عند إزالة البطارية ، نرى أن جهاز الاستقبال يستمر في,العمل بسبب طاقة التخزين الداخلية,وهو أمر مهم للغاية ، عند استبدال البطارية ،,يتم توفير الوقت,ويتمتع الهوائي التلسكوبي بسفر ضيق إلى حد ما,ويبلغ طوله 43 سم ، حيث تتمتع,عناصر التحكم في الحجم والتردد الآن,بالتناوب السهل إلى حد ما مقارنة بأجهزة الاستقبال القديمة,ولكن على الرغم من ذلك ، فإن عناصر التحكم لديها خطوة حركة ملحوظة على,الجانب يمكننا أن نرى موصل مائة مقبس صغير مقاس 3.5 مم,لتوصيل,هوائي خارجي,ومحطة راديو,بمستوى إشارة منخفض بهذه الطريقة ، من الممكن تحسين,جودة الاستقبال,بشكل كبير للأنظمة الصوتية القوية,لمضخم الطاقة لإنشاء,مرحلة موسيقية واسعة النطاق ومتطرفة دخل الموصل لإمداد الطاقة,بجهد ثابت 5 فولت على الرغم من أن مصدر الطاقة يتم تنفيذه هنا,بطريقة مثيرة للاهتمام ، عند توصيله بمصدر خارجي,، نرى أنه لا يوجد رد فعل حالي على جهاز الاستقبال,. كما نرى ، يتم تشغيله و يعمل بشكل مثالي.,لذا يمكن لجهاز الاستقبال استخدامه حتى في حالة عدم وجود,بطاريات وحبل هنا. كما نرى ، فهو من قطعة واحدة,وللتثبيت المستقر على الطائرة من الأسفل ، يمكننا,رؤية مثل هذه الأرجل بارزة,في النطاقات ، أود أن أشير إلى أقصى,تغطية تردد ممكنة لكل وضع من الأوضاع على,جهاز استقبال المعلومات الرئيسي الذي تم إيقاف تشغيله على الشاشة الساعة الحالية,في المنتصف في الأعلى هي وقت التنبيه,وعلى اليسار مؤشر حالة الشحن على جهاز الاستقبال المغلق,. يمكنك أيضًا إجراء بعض التغييرات على الإعدادات,باستخدام هذا الزر أثناء الضغط باستمرار ، يمكنك توسيع,تغطية نطاق التردد,وبالتالي تحديد التردد الذي,سيبدأ منه نطاق FM الزر الثاني بالضغط عليه مرة أخرى,عند الضغط عليه ، يصبح من الممكن إيقاف,تشغيل النطاق لاستقبال الموجات المتوسطة والزر الثالث ،,أثناء الضغط عليه مرة أخرى ، يسمح لك لتبديل,السحر الأوروبي 9 كيلو هرتز ، أو بالضغط عليه مرة أخرى ، ننتقل,إلى المعيار الأمريكي في خطوات 10 كيلو هرتز على الأزرار,0 هناك وظيفة أخرى مدمجة وإذا لم أكن مخطئًا,، فهذه فرصة تلقائيًا لطلب قائمة القنوات,في حالة تخزين المحطات الراديوية متناثرة,بهذه الطريقة ، يقوم جهاز الاستقبال,بترتيب قائمة الانتظار التسلسلية,لخلايا الذاكرة في التخزين.,باستخدام عناصر التحكم هذه ، يمكننا,تحديد الدقائق وضبط ساعات [الموسيقى] وحفظ,النتيجة ، اضغط على هذا الزر مرة أخرى وكما ترى,، يعرض جهاز الاستقبال الآن الوقت المحدد بجوار,زرين آخرين لتشغيل المنبه ، أثناء الضغط عليه أيضًا,، انتقل إلى قسم الإعدادات وبنفس,الطريقة يمكننا ضبط الساعات والدقائق,وحفظ النتيجة ، اضغط على هذا,الزر مرة أخرى وبالتالي ضبط وقت التنبيه ،,يتم تكوين الزر الثاني بنفس الطريقة,و تم ضبط وقت التنبيه الثاني ،,وتكفي ضغطة قصيرة لتشغيل المنبه ، واعتمادًا,على الخيار الذي تختاره ، يظهر الرمز الخاص بك,على الشاشة,لتشغيل الراديو لفترة قصيرة بما يكفي بالضغط على,هذا الزر [موسيقى] وفي تمامًا بنفس الطريقة,التي يمكنك من خلالها,إيقاف تشغيل الراديو وإيقاف تشغيله مع هذا,التوهين السلس للصوت لن يمنع أولئك الذين يرغبون في استخدامه,، فهناك طريقة أخرى لتشغيله ، اضغط باستمرار على,الزر وستبدأ الأرقام في الوميض ، أي – يوفر,لجهاز الاستقبال ضبط وقت الاستجابة للإغلاق التلقائي,للراديو ويمكننا الضبط من دقيقة واحدة,إلى 120 دقيقة كحد أقصى وعند تشغيل هذا الوضع,، تظهر الأيقونة التالية على الشاشة في شكل,شخص مرتجل قبل الذهاب للنوم في السرير وبعد,ساعتين يتم إيقاف تشغيل جهاز الاستقبال تلقائيًا حيث يمكنك رؤية جهاز الاستقبال,يعمل بدون,إضاءة خلفية,لشاشة LCD ، فقط اضغط,على أي زر أو أدر,المقابض ، نرى الشاشة تعمل وبعد فترة قصيرة,يتم تشغيلها تلقائيًا من أجل توفير,طاقة البطارية.لفترة,طويلة حتى,التعيين الكامل للبطاريات نعم ، والإضاءة الخلفية نفسها,أصبحت أفضل بكثير هنا.كما نرى ، فهي موحدة,في جميع أنحاء الشاشة ، لقد أزلنا مشاكل النماذج القديمة,، أزال مثل هذا التلوين الطفيلي والآن,تبدو الإضاءة الخلفية كثيرًا في الزاوية اليمنى يمكننا,رؤية مؤشر مستوى الإشارة بالديسيبل ، والذي,يمكن أيضًا تغييره باستخدام الزر ، أو الشاشة,التي يتوفر فيها الوقت الحالي أو وقت التنبيه,أو وقت التنبيه الثاني,، فأنا أحب خط التردد الرئيسي على,جهاز الاستقبال القديم لأن الخط أكثر جرأة وأفضل,إفادة تبرز على الخلفية العامة بمساعدة,التحكم العلوي لـ valkoter ، يمكنك التنقل حول,نطاق التردد ، لذلك دعنا نقول ، ابحث يدويًا عن,القنوات ، وخطوة التبديل هنا 100 كيلو هرتز وإذا,كنت تريد التبديل إلى إعداد أكثر دقة ، فعندئذٍ باستخدام,زر الخطوة ، نرى مثل هذا السهم يظهر على الشكل,والآن كما يمكننا أن نرى التمرير بهدوء بزيادات,قدرها 10 كيلو هرتز ، أي في ظروف استقبال ضعيف,لمستوى إشارة منخفض.يمكنك ضبط التردد بشكل أكثر دقة,لأولئك الذين يرغبون في تبديل,المحطات بسرعة من الذاكرة.هنا ،,يتم تنفيذ العمل باستخدام لوحة المفاتيح بسرعة ، أدخل الرقم بسرعة كافية واضغط,على الزر للذهاب. نرى كل شيء سريعًا,وفحصه ببساطة وكمية التيار التي تدخل,البطارية,عند توصيل السلك ، تظهر وظيفة الشحن على الشاشة ،,تومض الوظيفة المقابلة,حسنًا ، يعكس المؤشر التقدم في ملء سعة الشحن,، يبلغ تيار الشحن الأولي 710 مللي أمبير بعد ساعتين,، وينخفض ​​هذا التيار إلى 120 مللي أمبير والآن في,غضون ثلاث ساعات يمكننا,رؤية أكثر,من 1000 مللي أمبير من السعة الحالية تغمرها المياه,، أي أنها أكثر قليلاً مما هو مذكور في,البطارية نفسها.,نسخة من,جهاز استقبال البرنامج الثابت الخاص بك ، اللون الرمادي لحالة جهاز استقبال الراديو,مغطى بطبقة طلاء غير لامعة,وفي الأماكن المعرضة للخطر إذا انزلق الطلاء ،,فلن يكون مخيفًا لأنه لن يبدو,أسود. الزرين العلويين هما الزر اول,واحد . خذ,نطاق FM والتبديل إلى وضع الاستقبال لنطاق SV ،,واضغط على أي من الزرين إلى اليمين أو اليسار,، وأيضًا باستخدام هذه الأزرار لمثل هذه التغطية الكبيرة,لنطاق التردد ، يمكنك التحرك بسرعة و ،,اعتمادًا على الطول الموجي بالأمتار المشار,إليه هنا ، أي أن نطاق الموجة القصيرة مقسم على,أحجام وعدد,الأزرار الملائمة,لنطاقات التردد,. وظيفة مثيرة للاهتمام للغاية مفضلة على سبيل المثال,إذا كان لديك محطة تحبها أكثر من غيرها,ولجعل مثل هذه المحطة الإذاعية المفضلة ،,اختر التردد الأول واضغط باستمرار على هذا,الزر,، وبالتالي إنشاء محطة راديو فردية انتقائية,نستمع إليها في أغلب الأحيان وللرجوع,من أي تردد ، ما عليك سوى النقر فوق هذا الزر “مفضل,” وكما ترى من أي تردد ، يمكنك الانتقال بسرعة,إلى قناة الراديو الفردية الرئيسية المحددة,، هذه الوظيفة المفضلة مرتبطة بشكل منتظم بـ,يمكن لجهاز استقبال الراديو تخزين محطة واحدة,على أي نطاق تردد ، وليس في كل نطاق تردد,، على سبيل المثال ، إذا تم تحديد المفضلة على,موجات متوسطة أو طويلة وكونها الآن في,نطاق تردد مختلف تمامًا ، فإن جهاز الاستقبال يعود تلقائيًا إلى,ن

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