1. THE BEST NO SHOW + NO SLIP SOCKS | ONDO no show no slip socks review + try on #clothing #shopwithme
  2. The Best No Show Socks for Men (2021) | Complete No Show Sock Guide
  3. The 7 Best No Show Socks for Men (Sneakers, Loafers, Working Out, and More!)
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THE BEST NO SHOW + NO SLIP SOCKS | ONDO no show no slip socks review + try on #clothing #shopwithme

ive tried so many no-show socks before,these are quality my favorite for all,time and they do not slip off of my feet,first i want to start off this review,by saying that i got these a four pack,of black and grace do two gray and two,black come in a four pack about a year,and a half ago maybe two years almost,and i dont know if you can see probably,but they are holding up,really really well and then i recently,snagged this awesome new color that they,have no shell socks in my opinion you,can wear all year round i know a lot of,people wear them just for the summer,spring or maybe fall,um but you could definitely wear them,all year round especially if the boots,you have are like you know they have the,fuzzy lining inside and all that good,stuff they,have a little bit of stretch to them not,a lot but enough to comfortably get your,foot in very very comfortable right,and then on the inside of the toe box,which is amazing and probably why,theyve lasted so long,is they have,lining so your toenails if they grow a,little longer are not going to cut,through these,and cause the dreaded holes if you know,what im saying for the non-slip part,i think just the way they cut,the sock here,it just stays on on the top of the foot,no problems and then whatever silicone,they use here on the back,it just stays on so well whenever i put,them on even if i like use my foot you,know how sometimes you use your other,foot to take your other shoe off,you know what im saying ill probably,insert a video here as im talking to,show you what i mean but if i try to do,that with the socks,they do not come off i literally have to,use my hand to remove the socks so these,are no slip no-show now as far as the,price goes i believe they are 12.99,a piece or you can buy like a four pack,or they have like a six pack,for i think like,45,or 50 or something like that um i will,link these in the description box below,if you guys want to check them out and,shop them for yourself,and uh also if you dont like this,its easier to show you on this one if,you dont like this kind of cut or you,wear more of like a,like a ballet slipper right where the,cut is a little bit lower than this but,you still need a no-show sack they i,think within the last year made,one that was a little bit like this part,is a little,shorter if you know what im saying so,it will fit like the ballet style,slippers i got a pair for my mom as a,mothers day gift and she,loves them she ordered a four pack,recently i hope you guys found this,video helpful again the socks ill link,these this style and ill also link,the um ballet style cut,um socks as well for you guys in the,description box below so you can chop it,easier if you enjoyed this video and you,found it helpful please give it a thumbs,up drop me a comment if you have any,questions subscribe if you havent,already and ill see you guys in the,next one

The Best No Show Socks for Men (2021) | Complete No Show Sock Guide

hey gents today Im excited not just,because the weather is beautiful now in,the Northeast we are talking about all,of the no-show socks this is a,culmination of a lot of time field,testing and research into what are the,best no-show socks so that I can save,you time money and hassle in the end but,first lets talk about what I used to do,before this was really a category so my,parents my grandma would buy me like the,crew like no-show like the like the crew,socks and I would take them slide them,down and I would literally pull them and,shove my whole foot or just do this,dont dont do this theres a better way,although its funny now I see like guys,younger guys wearing boat shoes and like,crew socks and thats kind of style I,dont get that either but if you want,the no-show look here is where were,going today Ill be talking about over,25 brands I even went on Amazon and just,bought what the two best no show socks,when I searched on Amazon so I tried to,cover everything I could Ill give my,picks for the best no show socks overall,the best budget best performance the,best for big feet small feet loafers,boat shoes and everything in between,also put timestamps in the description,so you can jump around to a specific,section that you want and Im going to,talk about fabrication and construction,and I also have a blog post that I did,with the socket or where we go into even,more detail each of the fabrications,where each of the socks are made so do,go check that out and I also have a pic,from him for his favorite no shows and,the last person that I consulted on the,no show sock roundup as a founder of J,Butler who is a loafer company and he,his answer was basically hes never worn,them his answer is if you have a fully,leather line shoe you really dont need,no show socks but in case you do need,those no-show socks Im gonna cover them,all today so it looked for every list of,the best no-show socks and then I put,them through my own criteria of,evaluation and I looked at how does it,stay up the fabrication the technical,design the value and then the color,style availability and size its also,worth noting that many of these,companies will have some sort of like,guarantee or easy returns process,mcclellan for example will give you your,money back if youre not happy and you,get to keep the socks so,really want really once those stinky,socks so with all that being said lets,look at the best overall and in my,experience that has been bombas bombas,is a soft specific company where they,also donate one pair for each one being,sold and Im really impressed with their,light weight collection so their mid,weight one they have one with extra,cushion which I appreciate if you need,some extra you know cushion in your step,but the one that really takes the cake,is the extra no show but Im gonna come,back to that one in a minute,bomburs offers three different models,different sizes within those and coming,in at 12 to 10 dollars per pair,depending on the bundles I pretty much,found that across the board if you want,great no-shows youre going to spend,about ten dollars per pair bombas has a,75% cotton with poly spandex and nylon,blended but a big key of these are the,heel grips are exceptional the opening,around the foot is sturdy while not,being restricting and it stays up well,while giving great performance for,moisture wicking in that cool feeling,and one of the things I learned after,testing all these socks is you get a,really good feel for how the sock will,perform just by wearing it around the,house without any socks for example the,Hugo Boss liners that I tried just,wouldnt stay up on my foot at all and,so as soon as I would put them in a shoe,it was no wonder that the socks would,fall so Im not a great experience with,Hugo Boss but with each of the bombuh,socks,especially the extra low no-show I could,wear this around the house for the whole,day and it wouldnt fall off of my foot,with that lets look at the budget pic,which is going to take you to ninja,socks at six dollars per pair this is a,great budget pic but under that six,dollars in extra under five dollars is,where you get into lay Uniqlo makes one,its 390 a pair the Amazon ones that I,picked up are under five dollars a pair,the problem when you get down to this,price point is you get into very high,concentrations of synthetics and so if,youre getting one thats mostly like a,polyester nylon blend yes you can get,like Airy mesh and the fabrication but,it doesnt do great with moisture,wicking I also found that they stitching,around the low end models because it was,a synthetic fiber would kind of dig into,my foot and so yes theyre cheap but you,know you get what you pay for,ninja socks though coming in at six,dollars has a high concentration of,cotton Davis seventy six percent cotton,and with a mix of polyester and spandex,they also have a wide range of sizes,from extra small to large,I really like the design of the Sox,overall and they have a great heel grip,so 599s are pretty tough to beat for,the price and then that like takes us,right into the note about longevity its,even if youre spending $25 per pair on,these socks socks are still disposable,you wear them they get washed you sweat,in them and so you know whether youre,going with the 390 pair from Uniqlo or,the $25 pair youre still gonna wear,them out but its really about what type,of performance are you getting while,youre wearing the sock and then if you,are wearing them with like a higher-end,shoe youre essentially protecting your,investment in the shoe which could be,two three four hundred dollars by just,putting in like you know a $10 loafer,liner which i think is a fair trade I,also want to call out the socket ORS,pick that was necessary anywhere and I,was really happy you picked this because,this Mikes first experience with an,excellent no-show sock that barely ever,falls down does great moisture wicking,and really delivers comfort was with,necessary anywhere and these ones coming,in right around that $10 price point is,definitely a company not to miss out on,so necessary anywhere I check them out,theyre based in New York they just have,an overall great design that performs,well and they have some pretty cool,styles within their collection now for,the best fabric Mac Weldon was another,one of my very first no-show socks that,I had a great experience with they held,up well they deliver great performance,and I like their everyday line but their,Silver Line comes in at $14 a pair and,the combination of is a 73% pima cotton,with x-static,silver which delivers naturally,antimicrobial odor control and that is a,great feature,they also discern between left and right,which I do find helps with making sure,these things stay on stay up and stay,comfortable for the whole day so Mac,Weldon great performance sock the next,category is the patriotic model this is,the Kennedy no-show sock from American,trench these come in at $18 per pair but,you are getting a very nice pima cotton,sock that is entirely constructed in the,USA and its the only one where the,silicone is actually also constructed in,the USA as well have given the supima,cotton nature of these these have the,luxurious feeling of the Marco Leon E or,the Faulk which are like made in Italy,made in Germany and made in England,respectively and,American trench definitely check them,out and a note too on the design of the,silicone grip I havent found a good way,to discern to say like you know if you,look at this grip online compare it to,the one that bombas has some of them,have like a squiggly nice laundry,actually has their name out in the,silicon eye theres really no good way,to tell from the web if this will be a,good stand-up no-show sock or not and so,I just wanted to kind of throw that in,there and now next category is going to,be for the lowest show sock and that one,absolutely goes to bombas not just,because it is the lowest show sock out,of all the ones that I have experienced,but the design of it helps i

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The 7 Best No Show Socks for Men (Sneakers, Loafers, Working Out, and More!)

if youre looking for the best no-show,socks money can buy,look no further you are in the right,place this is nick at stridewise.com and,joining me today is my good mate brock,from the modest man which is a really,fantastic website and youtube channel,thats just jam packed with product,reviews and guides for everything,stylish,under the sun thanks for coming on my,channel man yeah thanks for having me so,yeah i have a lot of sneaky content on,my channel but i definitely consider,brock as like a bigger expert than me,and i wanted to help getting good,no-show socks like i think they look way,better with loafers and driving shoes,until your ankles breathe and you get,that whole carefree sockless look,without actually,having to go barefoot yeah ive been,wearing no-show socks regularly since,like,2014 and ive spent an embarrassing,amount of time,trying to find the best pair there are,always a few new brands that come out,every year but im confident that youll,find,something perfect for you in this video,do you think you always have to have,no show socks like can you actually just,go barefoot sometimes,yeah you can definitely go sockless in,certain shoes like anything fully,leather lined,uh loafers boat shoes but that doesnt,mean that you always,want to and with a lot of shoes like,your feet are gonna start sweating,you might even get blisters you might,get some odor,and you can combat all of that by not,wearing the same shoes two days in a row,using shoe trees or foot powder but a,great solution is to just wear,no-show socks especially a good no-show,sock that doesnt,slip off of your feet throughout the day,so all the socks on this list,meet my standards of being virtually,invisible so,no ankle socks theyre available in,small and large sizes,they stay on your foot throughout the,day and of course theyre durable so,they hold up through a lot of wears and,laundry cycles all right so lets start,the big ones sneakers whats whats the,best noise sucks for sneakers,yeah so when im wearing sneakers as,opposed to like a loafer,or a boat shoe i like no-shows with a,little bit of extra padding,and also sneaker socks dont have to be,ultra low cut like a loafer sock because,sneakers tend to have a higher collar,than loafers or driving shoes,so my first pick is the smart wool,sneaker,cushion no show sock and you know some,of my favorite socks in general like,boot stocks and hiking socks are from,smartwool ive always loved how this,brand offers different levels of padding,in their crew and over the calf socks,and they do the same thing with their,no-shows so,this sneaker cushion no-show is cut,a little bit higher but theyre still,going to be invisible in most,sneakers and then they have extra,padding around the heel,and the ball of your foot they come in,three different sizes and colors,and they just have a high quality feel,that you would expect from a brand like,smart wool,and quick note smart wool does make a,regular no-show sock thats thinner and,lower cut,i like those too but i feel like the,cushion version is better for vans and,other sneakers,if youre looking for something a bit,more uh wallet friendly like if smart,was a little expensive for you,ninja socks are one of my top affordable,picks,for no-show socks in general so theyll,run you like just five or six dollars,per pair depending on how many you buy,so ninja socks are available in a cotton,poly spandex blend or merino wool as,well,and they have all the hallmarks of more,expensive socks like including silicone,heel grips,a compression band for arch support and,padded terry soles for moisture,absorption theyre available in four,sizes,these are a bit thicker than most of the,other socks on this list which isnt a,bad thing at all unless your shoes are,already very snug or its really really,hot weather,and in fact a thicker no-show stock can,be very comfortable especially if you,have some extra room between your foot,and your shoe so lets talk about the,best no-show socks for,loafers now loafers tend to be lower,profile than sneakers and,their collar height is lower so that,means you have more of your foot exposed,so typically loafers are more fitted too,because they dont have laces so you,have to buy them pretty snug and break,them in,until they kind of soften around your,foot so the best,socks for loafers are cut very low and,theyre very thin,my number one pick is the falk invisible,step,sock so this is super thin its never,slipped off my foot theyve held up,wonderfully through a lot of washes like,for how thin they are theyve held up,for,many years and they always return to,their shape they have a built-in rubber,heel grip which is,standard in pretty much any good no-show,sock but these ones really keep their,grippiness well over time,up until recently these were actually,the only premium quality,no-show socks that i could recommend,until now,until we came to boardroom sucks which,is another really really good option,for loafers they made a name for,themselves with their premium,quality made in usa mens dress socks as,of this year theyre offering a wool,no-show sock thats right up there,with long established brands like fox,they made north carolina which is,important to a lot of guys and made from,ultra,fine merino wool and these new shows are,sold in two sizes and two colors black,and tan,that should match close enough to most,peoples skin tone they cut pretty low,not quite as low as fogs invisible step,or chic secret low cut still theyre low,not to be invisible in most socks and,most loafers,wool socks also tend to carry less odour,require less washing and keep their,shape over time so these no shows from,boardroom stocks are worth investing in,especially if you want to support,american brands yeah and if those are a,little bit pricey for you,i do have a good budget pick for loafers,and that is,invisasox now the branding is a bit on,the nose if you ask me but these socks,are actually great for the price of,about six dollars,per pair now theyre not as high quality,as something like folk,or chic but they are available in a wide,variety of sizes,7 to 14 mens us and theyre guaranteed,to last at least,one year of regular wear which is pretty,awesome for a sock,so these are made from spandex cotton,blend theyre,very stretchy and theyre very very thin,so theyre almost like translucent on,your foot,and theyre also available in a range of,colors that will match,any skin tone or any shoe that youre,wearing and i really like that because,it kind of helps with the,like invisible effect when youre,wearing a no-show sock,so like any other no-show sock thats,worth your money and visit socks have,the,rougher grip sewn into the heel so your,stocks stay on your feet all day,so yeah just a great budget option if,you need something low-cut for,loafers and driving box did you say,stocks or socks then i might have said,stocks did you hear stocks,i heard stocks but thats a funny,exchange you should keep,next up is the best ultra low cut sock,im talking about youve got a really,like a,long opening for a loafer or for a,driving mark like this one,if you want a truly invisible sock to,wear with yeah again like like really,low-cut loafers uh more of a loafer,liner really,you should check out chic secret 2.0,socks these are right up there with folk,in terms of quality and profile,theyre truly invisible even with low,cut shoes like driving marks again,if you hate feeling the seams of your,socks around your feet youll love these,actually seamless nylon socks from sheik,plus these socks actually come,in different coverage levels this is,like the ultra ultra low one,theyve also got high and mid and the,low is,very very low theyll be invisible in,any loafer,boat shoe or driving mark you own note,that theyre not made from,cotton or wool so the material might,take a little getting used to,i personally i find this to be very,comfy but some people might prefer,natural fabric but it does like keep it,from rolling down past your feet pretty,ea

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LOW CUT SOCK REVIEW | ???? Pleasande No Show Socks

hey guys welcome if youre new or,welcome back if youre returning today i,have an exciting kind of partnership,video to share with you,if you have found me because of that,quality sock,content that i have come to be known for,youre in luck today,so a couple weeks ago a representative,from the company,seaway garments on amazon reached out,and asked me if i would like to try,their low-cut,socks and since i have become something,of,a sock aficionado i jumped at the chance,to try this new product,so um these socks are actually sold on,amazon,under the brand name,placende um hopefully you can read this,but um i was sent a set of six,pairs of these socks three nude and,three black they also sell them in,just nude or just black so ive actually,have been wearing them around just with,my slippers just to kind of comfort test,them,i have been extremely surprised and,impressed by how comfortable they are,and then ive also tested them with a,number of different styles of shoes,so i will show you that so the first,thing i noticed,about these socks is that theyre made,in kind of two pieces,so the the top and sides are like a very,thin,microfiber kind of smooth material,and then the bottom piece that goes on,you know the sole of your foot,is more of a its still thin but its,kind of like a fleecy,softer material ive seen this style of,sock before where it has this seam going,all the way around the bottom edge of,your foot,and honestly i thought it would be,uncomfortable or annoying because,ive always been kind of weird about,seams on my socks,but it actually is very comfortable like,i said ive been wearing them around,just with my slippers around the house,and i was really surprised that it,didnt bother me at all,so the material of these is advertised,as nylon,and cotton like i mentioned theres kind,of two,pieces to it two layers so you have that,kind of smooth,soft nylony material on the top and then,the,softer fleeceier cottony material on the,bottom which is also nice because thats,the part of your foot thats going to,get sweaty and need a little bit more,absorbent material,and it also has a little silicone,strip across the back of the heel to,keep that,in place so it doesnt slide down or,scooch around,in your shoe and they are advertised,as a low cut sock so its not like super,low,and youll see when i try them on um,theyre not really intended to be worn,with like your flats,uh the low-cut shoes where you get down,to kind of the toe cleavage level,but with low-cut sneaker kind of shoes,they are great so we have a wide array,of shoes i will be trying these out with,so starting from the left,we have these nine west flats rothys,points,rothys squares usc samra,round and point toad flats frothys,loafers brought these sneakers and,finally these dr scholls shoes that are,similar to the vans,sneakers,so now were up to some higher cut shoes,so i think,we might do better with these so this is,the rothys loafers,theyre just a little too high you just,see them peeking,in the corner of the cutout at the front,of these shoes but i bet if i,kind of pulled them down some i bet i,could adjust them,a little bit but theyd probably start,peeking back out,all right here are the rothys sneakers,so i have high hopes for these oh yeah,that works well in the sneaker,nothing sticking out any openings there,so these are actually quite nice in the,sneaker and,because the material is so nice and thin,they dont feel too tight or,um like theyre gonna move around,and you know get squished up in my toes,or anything,they definitely feel more comfortable,than the socks that i have been wearing,with these sneakers,so thats a great win for these,and finally these dr scholes which im,sure,yep they fit in great,nothing showing around any of the sides,they actually almost leave the shoes a,little too loose,not that i wear these with super thick,socks but,i noticed the difference of wearing them,with these really thin socks as opposed,to,how i usually wear them just wanted to,add these do fit true to size they come,in small which is sizes five through,eight,and then medium which is sizes,nine through eleven and im a size nine,these are medium they fit perfect so,having tried them,with a number of different styles of,shoes i have worn them,with the sneakers the rothys sneakers,which by the way i havent done a video,on yet,leave me a comment if you want to see,that theres always a lot of,debate and comment in the rothys,facebook group im in about whats the,best,type of socks to wear with those and,ive actually been wearing,low-cut peds socks which are a little,bit thicker a little more of a knit,material,and theyre not like super comfortable,with those rothy sneakers,these placenta ones are so thin,they really just slide right in and,theyre super super comfortable so i,think,also if you have any shoes or sneakers,that are maybe just a little bit on the,tight side,a super super thin sock like this could,be a good solution to make it a little,more comfortable,as far as washing it does say on the,package to machine wash it warm,in a wash bag which i assume is like a,mesh bag,and actually with like microfiber kind,of socks and stockings and things like,these i usually just hand wash them i,save them up in a little basket,and wash them in my bathroom sink so,that shouldnt be a problem,um so i cant speak to how they hold up,in the wash because i havent actually,washed them yet,the one thing i will say is because of,the,the fleecy bottom material they leave a,lot of black lint,on my feet and i wonder if,washing you know once theyre washed one,time and maybe get some of that fuzz out,um hopefully that will stop um also,because of the fleecy material they do,pick up a lot of like fur and stuff from,just my floor and just existing in my,house,uh i do have three cats so um i wouldnt,wear these,you know just on the bare floor i would,just put them on,you know and then immediately put on the,shoes so overall,i really was uh very impressed and,pleased,with these socks um definitely if youre,looking for something,very thin and comfortable to wear with,your low-cut sneakers like your vans or,your rothy sneakers or some of those,others,where theres a lot of sock debate check,these out on amazon,like i said theyre in a six pack for,relatively,inexpensive i wont list prices because,im sure it changes all the time but,ill put a link to the product down,below so you can see for yourself,thank you so much to seaway garments for,hooking me up with these socks for my,review,i hope you found this helpful if youre,in the market for new socks,thanks again for watching and i will see,you next time bye,[Music]

Top 5 Best No Show Sock Review in 2022 – Worth Buying Today

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Every Guy Should Own This No Show Sock

hey guys whats going on its you Aunty,and today I want to talk about the best,no-show sock that every guy should own,and it is from him visit ox Ive been,wearing these for a couple of years now,and it took me a while to find them,because I was like anyone else I,struggled with finding the perfect,no-show sock and I used to always wear,ones it would slip off and then finally,I found invisi socks which they have,show you right now first of all super,soft they come in eight different sizes,those the size 9 to 10 so whats good,its not just one size if you have a,bigger foot you can order a bigger size,you have a smaller foot you can order a,smaller size that way youre gonna get a,really good fit theyre super soft and,they have this really nice fit and the,best part about them is the grip on the,back its a nice solid big grip and,thats what really helps it stay on the,back of your foot but also on that the,actual design to this is you know years,in the making to do this design so its,great is you know you just stick your,foot in and it does have the elastic on,there to keep it secure on the foot then,the rubber on the back those two,combined it really creates a really nice,fit they come in a bunch of different,colors as well so if your black sock guy,white sock guy get that then you also,got some cool brown colors which these,are new to me I hadnt seen these ones,yet and now the most important part too,though is once you finally do find a,no-show sock that doesnt slip off is,its got to be no-show because Ive also,worn no-show socks that guess what they,shower whereas these truly the they do,not show and they stay on your foot a,lot of people have asked me theyve been,like oh youre just saying that because,youre working with the company no,because Ive like I said Ive been,through the wringer Ive had bad socks,before and I didnt I actually didnt,believe that that there were such thing,as no-show socks it would stay on my,feet I just thought that maybe it was my,foot it wouldnt work and I can wear,these all day long traveling wherever,at no point do they slip off my feet I,wear them to the gym anywhere and they,really just are super secure and once,again I think its that that combination,of the the elastic the rubber and then,just you know the front of the toe as,well that mixed with the fact that they,dont show you know as you can see I,have sneakers on here and you dont you,dont see the sock I have vans on even,vans and a super low-cut still cant see,the song so thats really what makes,these the best no-show sock that I think,every guy should own so I am gonna put a,link in the description to their website,so you can go shop check them out maybe,start by you know by like a three pack,check them out make sure that you like,them and if you do I would just you know,suggest that the only no-show sock you,should own going forward so thank you to,invisi socks for sending these through,and like I said Ive supported them for,a couple years now and theres no other,no-show sock that I would wear so link,in the description make sure to check,them out,also post their social media links as,well definitely worth giving a try and,as always guys thanks for watching I,appreciate it Ill talk to the next,video take care peace damnit they hid,the camera closed

Best NO SHOW SOCKS for ALL Shoe Types! + Sizing Secrets | Sheec Honest Review, Gekks etc

hey guys welcome back crazy shoe lady,here with another shoe related video so,summer is almost here get your socks,ready the best kind of socks are the,socks that do not show and today were,going to be talking all about no-show,socks for all kinds of footwear ive,tried basically all of them chic gex,amazon generic brand winners asian,brands grocery store brands i dont know,ive tried all of them and today im,going to share what works and what does,not work and my favorites because the,worst thing you can do with no show,socks is a have them show,or b have them slide off as youre,walking so this video is not sponsored,if youre ready put on a pair of socks,and lets get into the video,so in this video were going to be,talking about socks for heels flats,loafers meals slingbacks and basically,runners and all kinds of footwear and,im going to be trying on the socks,talking about the importance of sizing,and what the sizing can do what chic has,to offer and a lot of the competitors,such as gek and some normal brands as,well before we dive into that youre,probably wondering uh why do we need to,wear socks inside of our summer shoes so,reason number one being that youre,protecting your feet from the shoes,because it is uncomfortable when your,skin is rubbing up against leather,constantly especially if the leather is,tougher so its going to protect your,feet from getting blisters sores and,cuts the reason number two is to protect,your shoes from your feet so because,were human our feet do sweat and in the,summertime because its hot as well and,your feet are trapped inside of,closed-toe shoes especially and it can,cause bacteria odor dirt and grime to,build up on the interior of your shoes,and over time that can start to peel the,leather from the inside if you want to,have very clean shoes if your shoes are,expensive you want to protect it you,want to you know get the most wear out,of it for as long as possible then you,want to probably wear socks just like,you would with running shoes and with,boots and other sort of footwear lets,first talk about the most common type of,shoes which is the closed toe flats or,heels and the best socks for those so,before i talk about my favorite socks,lets talk about some of the other socks,that ive tried on so brand number one,is this brand called gex,and gex kind of make an interesting sock,in the sense that its a stick-on sock,so the sock is actually stuck onto the,shoes and theres a sticker on the sole,theres a sticker on the heel which is,on the back of the shoe ill just open,this up and show you guys what it looks,like with these geck socks it kind of,looks like a shoe in a sense so you,would peel off all the liners stick it,onto your shoes stick the back onto the,shoe so the pros of the gex is that you,can theoretically dont have to worry,about your socks you can just put these,in the shoes and you can just wear the,shoes whenever and its almost like a,built-in liner for the shoe this is,supposed to be antibacterial machine,washable and with these stickers when,you peel them off you can actually reuse,them after wash or you can actually peel,another layer off theres actually two,layers of stickies so you can kind of,get like two sticks out of it,but the problem that i have with these,guecks is that a,these stickies are not too sticky so,sometimes they can end up starting to,fall and they dont stick that well on,the shoes number two,its kind of expensive because one of,these its like 10 or something like,that and if youre gonna buy them for,all of your shoes that can quite that,can add up and id rather have one pair,of socks you can wear for all your shoes,than have to buy socks specifically for,the shoes but if you have like one pair,of shoes that you especially wear a lot,and you want to try gex then definitely,give it a shot so another thing i dont,like about this is that when you peel,these socks off of the shoes especially,if its like a leather insole it can,kind of rip some of the leather off and,ive,had that placed in my ferragamos and i,ripped it off and you can see where this,where the tape kind of pulled off pieces,of the leather so you kind of have to be,careful with that as well um theyre,theyre an okay alternative and then,with some generic brands like ive got,some from winners some of the issues,from these no-show socks,and you probably see them a lot so if,you can find one thats actually low-cut,the problem is that so you definitely,want a sticky silicon area in the back,because you dont want to slide off the,heel but a lot of the issues with these,generic brand is that while these socks,are just okay because theyve got the,silicone grip because it lacks the,silicone all the way especially in the,toe area,it will move its not going to stay in,place as well and in those shoes that,are a little bit lower coverage these,are going to show so thats my problem,with generic brands and a lot of the,other ones that ive tried so now lets,talk about chicks because they are my,favorite brand for no-show socks and the,best that ive tried so far so they make,a range of no-show socks this is not an,ad by the way this is just me sharing,these wonderful socks with you because,they are kind of a game changer so with,these chic socks they the benefit of,these is that they are really low cut so,theres the secret 3.0s which are super,low cut i think they work really well,even in,those pumps where theres barely theres,even toe cleavage so these can even work,in those cases,so the good thing about the cheeks that,make them stand out from the rest of the,brands is as you can see here there is a,silicon on the pad of your foot that,grips onto the shoes a little bit more,and,there is silicone all the way along the,heel of the sock and silicone all the,way across the toes of the sock as well,on the inside so what that means is that,you can position these socks however you,like on your foot you can move them down,so that way theres less coverage or,move them up so theres more coverage,and the silicone will grip your feet so,that way it does not really move as much,as say some of the generic brands so i,find that these work really well on,flats and in heels so the sizing for,these secret 3.0s i have tried the,medium the large and the extra large and,i want to tell you guys,how the sizing will affect the fit and,the comfort okay so i have the medium,chic socks here and i have the large,here,and the extra large here okay so here i,have the medium and the large so in,comparison im going to put this just,overlapped on top of each other,you can kind of see that the large is,going to be wider,and it looks like its a little bit,longer as well,so my shoe size is about it really,ranges depending on the shoes but i,would say on average its a size eight,and i originally bought a lot of mediums,and the problem that sometimes you can,run into when you buy stocks that are a,little bit smaller than your actual foot,size is that over time because these,socks will stretch youll start to get,holes in the toe area,also when socks are too small,they will make it more uncomfortable,when you wear them inside the shoes,because theyre going to put a lot of,restraint and a lot of pressure on your,toes to kind of push everything into the,sock if you will,so theyre a little bit less comfortable,if the socks are too small,so for this pair of large stock that i,have on the right side here because its,wider its going to be a lot more,comfortable if you have wider feet,and because its longer as well you,dont have to stretch as much and its,going to be less of a chance youre,going to end up with a hole at the toes,so,personally i think that if you can get,away with a larger size that can still,not show then i would definitely size up,so i think the large actually fits me,better than the medium even though ive,bought so many pairs the medium another,thing is that if youre working with,shoes that have a lot of toe cleavage or,there is very little coverage of the,shoe

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