1. spending $700 on popular instagram brands (i need help) || aerie, oneone swimwear, princess polly
  2. SPRING / SPRING BREAK TRY ON HAUL Clothes, Bikinis, etc | Carly Medico
  3. Testing EXPENSIVE Instagram famous swimwear brands:vitamin A; 437; one one swimwear: dippin daisys
  4. Trying EXPENSIVE Swimsuit Brands !! $900 spent … IS IT WORTH IT?
  6. OneOne Swim Wear Bikini Try On + Review | Petite

im not near a beach the weather is not,beachy and i pretended that i was buying,clothes to sit on a beach,and like eat cheese or something i just,love this cut,once again it literally just helps my,body not look like a door so i forgot to,shave my no-no square,i dont think i can even show you oh,yeah i cannot show you that,are you kidding me this is so cute,start a bad freak seven days a week,hey guys its caitlin and today i am,doing an instagram,popular brand try on haul,yes ive been scrolling through my,explore page,so much recently and i have seen so many,different brands come up on instagram,that i just really really really wanted,to try out so i chose three brands that,i constantly pop up,that i constantly pop up so i chose,three brands that i constantly see pop,up on my explore page and decided to buy,a few clothes from each,and now im going to try them on for you,since they all finally came in the mail,if anyones wondering what im drinking,im drinking the,pink velvet macchiato from dunkin donuts,which is my favorite seasonal drink,out of all the coffee chains in america,its literally pink,theres nothing natural or healthy about,it but i did put almond milk in it,um so it like cancels out right,okay lets get into trying clothes dont,mind the dirty pile of clothes im gonna,cover that,how do i whoa start a bad freak,seven days a week so were gonna start,off with arie,because ive actually ordered from them,before so were gonna start by dipping,our toes in the water with something,were familiar with,okay so from arie slash american eagle i,ordered,two matching sets both of them are from,their offline collection,the first matching set i got are the,offline biker shorts and the offline,fleece cropped hoodie,and these are both in the color monaco,blue oh my god i love this,the shorts and the sweater are both so,soft so i got a small in the biker,shorts,and i got a medium in the sweater just,because i wanted it to be more oversized,and like slouchy,but i feel like i could have gotten away,with a small because it kind of has that,fit already,its so comfortable and so cute,oh my god there are pockets um yeah so,totally recommend this im so obsessed,with matching sets theyre like super in,style right now,okay so the next matching set i got is,their offline fleece tie-dye jogger and,this is their offline,long line,sports bra so these are both in the,color slumber party,whoa okay this is so cute so i got the,top and a small and i got these,joggers in a small as well and im,surprised with how like baggy they are,because i was expecting them to be a,little smaller since i bought a small,but theyre actually like kind of,oversized as you could tell the top is a,little more vibrant than the bottoms,even though theyre kind of,like theyre technically the same color,on the website,but theyre the bottoms are just like a,lot paler i,am so in love with this top ive never,bought a top like this before from arie,but it like has the little bra on the,inside and then,this kind of goes over so it has the,support,its super comfortable its so soft i,like want to buy this in every single,color that they have,please dont look at my armpits i,literally havent shaved them in,i havent shaved them since maybe,september,and its june its february so i really,hope that youre not staring at them in,this video please dont,theyre probably gross the next brand,im going to try on is princess paulie,ive never ever ordered from princess,paulie but ive,heard of and seen a lot of people do so,so i have like a lot of hope in princess,paulie i trust,princess paulie the only thing im,really terrified of is like the sizing,so youre going to come along with me on,this journey of figuring out if i even,bought the right size in any of these,clothes,heres the princess polly package i,definitely ordered the most,from princess polly i would say okay,were gonna keep,the trend with matching sets and im,gonna try this on first this is the,ashley matching set in green so its,like more of a sweatery material than,these matching sets like these are like,fleece like,sit at home on the couch matching sets,this is more like,oh im a fancy matching set well when i,bought this i thought that this was,supposed to be a crop top,and it technically is i just have no,torso,and like if i pull the shorts any lower,so that you can see my stomach,the shorts literally,look like this i mean i dont hate it i,could like i said wear these as two,separate pieces,so im not mad at it i kind of its,definitely grown on me its kind of cute,its really cute what am i talking about,so the next thing i got,are these shorts these are the florida,shorts in gray,and as you can tell im kind of like,buying clothes that make it look like,im on a beach,but im not on a beach like this is the,current state of the outside,its snowing like theres snow,everywhere,im not near a beach the weather is not,beachy like,and i pretended that i was buying,clothes,to sit on a beach and like,eat cheese or something um,the material is kind of stiff its like,very boxy,and i definitely dont need myself to,look more boxy than i already,do i feel like with a few washes it,might like loosen up,like it might they are super comfy,though,they just like dont look the best,this packaging is so wow,its so loud anyways next thing i got is,the shaw set in red,so this is another matching set but,instead of loungewear its actually like,cute,so this is like hitting the town going,out with the girls getting some coffee,which i cant do,because of the pandemic i dont know how,i feel about this,um so this isnt a size four i think,its really,cute but its definitely made for people,with a different body type than mine,i really really do like the top its,just so,tight and i have a huge rib cage,i dont know if this makes sense i dont,even like this matching set together,however i feel like i can pull it off,like separately like i can wear the,skirt with a different top and i can,wear this top with a different,like skirt or pair of pants i put on a,pair of jeans with this top,and just look at how much cuter this,looks so this is the,laura top in red i actually got a size,six in this because the comments,or the reviews said to size up um it,actually looks so cute im so excited to,try this on,are you kidding me this is so,cute so this is the laura top in size,six im really happy i sized up because,we dont have that problem where its,squeezing my rib cage,this top is so cute oh my god i love it,like i have never really owned this,style of top before with like the,buttons and the puffy,sleeves um but its so cute,i have never looked more like a girl,than i do in this like,oh and also if youre curious these,jeans are from american eagle these are,their mom jeans i dont know the exact,name,theyre in size four um and i totally,recommend them,so this is my very last thing from,princess paulie this is the,jaden top in green one thing i noticed,with these tops is that like,influencers on instagram kind of keep,the least amount of buttons open as,possible,so i did that also forgot to mention,this is in a size,four and i mean i like the top a lot it,just doesnt look,as i expected it to and i dont really,know what i expected it to look like,anyways,so like um that doesnt really help does,it,when i look at it from this far away it,looks really cute and if i put on like,jewelry and stuff like this would be so,cute like i actually do really like this,especially,the color like this color is so in right,now and it looks great on like every,skin tone,last thing were moving on to is the,most anticipated were doing swimsuits,im very scared about this because um,theyre swimsuits and swimsuits are,scary to buy and scary to try on,so lets try it so i ordered these,swimsuits from,one one swimwear lets open it,okay so the first thing i got are these,bottoms these are called the ariel,bottoms in red,and um i only got the bottoms in this,color because i already had a red top,from zaful um but i didnt have a red,

SPRING / SPRING BREAK TRY ON HAUL Clothes, Bikinis, etc | Carly Medico

hey guys its Carly and welcome to her,back to my Channel today I have a huge,collective spring slash Spring Break,triangle for you guys I have stuff from,a ritzy Ashok PO Forever Free People,thoughtful like so many different things,bathing suits going out clothes,accessory comfy clothes so just stay,tuned keep on watching super quick,before we start I am selling so many of,my clothes on Poshmark right now so make,sure to check me out Im just at kearney,medico I think and Ill link it below,that way you can shop my closet type,stuff from show PO Ive never shopped,here before but I decided to try it out,and I did get lucky with a few things so,the first thing was this Rose satin,skirt this is an Australian 6 which is,either u.s. I want to say to us too it,snaps and zips so close its really cute,I can see myself wearing this a million,different ways so I really like this and,I know Im going to be wearing this all,the way through the summer as well I,also got this white linen tie top which,is super wrinkly right now because its,in my pile of clothes to pack for when I,go on spring break to Punta Cana in a,few weeks but its really just a linen,tie top I dont know what else to say,about it I could see myself wearing this,for a night out but I could also see,myself wearing this as I cover up which,is why I think I originally got it was,like I like it over my bathing suits,easily so I really liked that X from a,ritzy ax which is will be bit more,expensive,I found this black bodysuit that if you,were ever looking for the most,flattering bodysuit that you could wear,during the day that you wear at night,that youre a regular bra with and just,totally feel yourself in this is it it,is this black ribbed stretchy material,it also comes in lilac as well Im,really hoping they come out with other,colors with this it doesnt have the,snap button closure I would say that is,its only like on but its honestly just,so perfect it was $50 but for me that,was worth it its expensive for a body,suit but for me it was worth it because,I know Im going to wear this like all,summer all winter like Im really gonna,be living in this next I needed a new,pair of white jeans because my cat slept,on my white jeans and there went those,so also promotes yeah these are the Lola,high rise skinny crop these are really,nice I,like these they are cropped at the,bottom so for me I have super long legs,I dont know either these are the,perfect white skinny jeans there just,might be a little too cropped for me so,I dont know if Im gonna return these,or not yet but I love how these fit on,top theyre so nice theyre not,see-through these were just like,honestly a really good buy if I keep,them next from Express I got this,thermal cropped twist not top I think,this is my favorite thing in the mall,just kidding its not theres definitely,more favorite things but this is one of,them I just got this cream color Ive,never went to Express before oh Ive,been there but nothing ever fits me so,when I found this I was very excited I,just wanted something thats a light,sweater I could see myself wearing this,really for a cover-up when Im away but,I know I could like see myself wearing,this at nights in the summer or spring,day with like just a pair of jeans its,really nice top Im definitely gonna,grab this and other colors as well but I,dont remember what other colors it came,in moving on to forever 21 I just got,this basic white plain tea which is also,very wrinkly from being in that pile but,its soft trying to see through have to,wear new bra but I do really like it and,to see myself just throwing it on all,the time okay they have these so wet,shorts that were 2 for 15 dollars so one,I got in this gray color these are so,comfortable these are an extra small and,they fit me nicely they have pockets so,I got this gray color to just throw on,all the time when Im away and then I,also got them in yellow as well which I,am currently wearing so Im not gonna,show that lets move on to bikinis this,first bikini is from Zappa and this is,officially my favorite bikini ever if,you ever needed the perfect triangle,bikini this is it it is snake print this,looks really tight on camera it was,definitely super cheap had to be under,$20 its awful I really like the quality,of this this is a small I cant figure,out which way this goes but its a very,very cheeky alt I adjustable top your,basic triangle bikini I just really love,it though it fits me so nicely and I,like that you could move,this in-between area really fitted I you,want this is my favorite bikini in the,world so this one is more expensive its,from 1:1 swimwear and if you were to,ever buy an expensive bikini this place,is it comes in these little drawstring,plastic bags so cute I got a neon green,bikini which was totally out there and I,bought this for fun like thinking like,oh it wont fit me anyway I could just,return it then it came in and it is this,red material its very cheeky and it is,just the nicest triangle bikini Ive,ever gotten my whole life the quality is,amazing its thick straps are adjustable,the clasps have one two three options in,the back this is so bright you cant see,it on camera so youll see it in the,Tryon I think I am going to get this in,another color as well theyre over $100,but honestly to me its worth it because,if I got this in every color I know I,will never buy another bikini in my,whole life because this ones like it,really does from H&M I found this red,bikini,it is not adjustable around your,waistband and just you have to slip it,over your body and its a little tight I,think this is an extra small I already,ripped out the tag so I dont know but,its really cute its padded ribs I got,a lot of ribbed things but I guess that,is very in right now these bottoms that,arent too cheeky so I like these its,appropriate I love it also from Savile I,got a cheetah print bikini I thought,this was gonna be like this snakes,Burton snake sprint again snake print,one but its not its a little different,this one has more like a string on the,side which actually yeah the other one,was like a a band but this ones just,this one does not move in the center,that is my only con about it but its,still petted and very cute also in a,small and the last bikini I got was from,pretty little thing I was looking a,pretty little thing and honestly this,was the only thing I saw that I really,loved it is also kind of like the H&M,one except that its not padded its a,band that you just pull over I just,really like like the color-block design,with the cheetah the white the nude this,is honestly really cool I got in in aus,zero and I like the way it fits and,straps are adjustable so cute I liked,the design of it but honestly I dont,know if the fit on me is really that,flattering but I love the design so much,that I really dont care,moving on to accessories from forever 21,I found on those chain link hair ties,which I thought I could just wrap this,around my pony and then I unwrapped it,and its a whole contraption for like,buns and headbands and stuff so as you,could see in the Tryon I didnt really,figure this out quite yet Im definitely,gonna be wearing it as a headband but I,want to figure out how to wrap it around,my pony so well see its very cute I,like the design this chain print is very,popular right now from Free People,I got this set of three earrings and,theyre all just chunky hoops theres a,third pair thats a smaller pair of the,gold chunky hoops that are so cute that,I started wearing them and I cant find,them already so yeah this whole thing,was only $30 for three pairs so I,thought thats really great the tortoise,shells like a pink tour – oh I dont,know if its tortoise shell since its,pink either way,really cool totally and right now so I,really like this I got this,fanny pack messenger type thing from,Target I want to say back in October for,my halloween costume haul and now its,extremely trendy so who is now that,neons in with the pastel colors I think,Im gonna bri

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Testing EXPENSIVE Instagram famous swimwear brands:vitamin A; 437; one one swimwear: dippin daisys

[Music],hey guys,welcome back so today i wanted to do a,swim haul,i have so many cute bikinis one one,swimwear,437 dip dippin daisies and,vitamin a so let me show you what i got,so first up we have a vitamin,a swim this is the first bikini ive,ever ordered from their brand,so im so excited oh it comes packaged,like this,this looks so cute,i cant open it,oh my gosh okay so this is the bikini,that i got it is,so adorable oh my gosh i love it its,like a snake print,design the material is so soft,oh my gosh i love it and you guys,it comes with removable padding theres,a little hole where you could take it,out,wow this is so cute i already love it,my first ever bikini from vitamin a gets,10 out of 10,review from me this garment is,reversible,oh and its reversible thats so cute,wait that makes sense actually,i did not know that when buying this i,got the top in a size,extra small and these are the bottoms,they are,so cute i just got solid bottoms no side,type detail or anything but,they are so so nice like they fit,perfectly,and i got the bottoms in a size small,they are so so cute and you can reverse,them oh wait,actually well the bottoms arent,reversible because,in the front they are but then in the,back you could see the knitting,so thats not reversible but at least,the top is,i guess ill give them that if you just,like wear from the front,and just dont look from the back it,could be reversible,whats actually so nice about triangle,bikini tops is that you could tie it in,different ways,so you could tie it like a normal bikini,and then,you could flip it upside down and get,like that scrunched,up look where you can also tie it like,up top or you could tie it in the front,and its just so cute you can literally,wear this in so many different ways,i think i might just make a video about,it because i just learned this this year,which is,so cool you can make use of all your,bikinis more than once,and not have to wear it in the same way,okay next up we have,437 swim i am so excited for,i have also never owned 437 swim before,this is just a brand that also popped up,on,my instagram feed so i bought it i,thought i had to try it out,i love the packaging because you could,just stick your bikini in here like,after the beach,which is so nice oh my gosh this,material,is amazing i love it you guys,im obsessed this is,so soft ive never had a bikini this,soft before wow okay so the first bikini,i got is just this,triangle top in like a dark brown color,which you can also wear this in,different ways you can wear it the,regular triangle,or you could scrunch it up at the bottom,and wear it upside down like scrunch,up which is so cute,[Music],oh my gosh i love this material i cannot,get over that,and then i just got these bottoms so,these bottoms are really high-waisted,and i am not really a fan of the super,high-waisted bikinis,only because i feel like it just makes,my like,lower abs okay lets just say stomach it,just makes my stomach bigger i feel like,because its not,fully flat so im not a fan but i will,have to say,these are so so cute and i would,actually wear these out because,the material is just amazing i love it i,really do i wasnt expecting to,but its a thumbs up for me,i got the bottoms in a size small and i,got the top and a,size also a small this next bikini i got,is white and im pretty sure this bikini,can be worn,in like what was it like nine different,ways,and i was like theres no way so i had,to buy it and try it for myself,i think this is the top its really big,i got this top in a size small its,actually really big,but the strings are so long so you could,probably,tie it in different ways,the bottoms i got in a thong style,because i love really minimal bikinis i,got the bottoms many size,extra small they are so so nice like,i love how i can actually tan in this,bikini you dont have to tie it or,anything,its super super soft i love it,and what is this oh wow wait,oh this is the third bikini i got i also,got this,one piece bikini actually i dont think,its called a bikini is it if its one,piece,anyways i also got this one piece,swimsuit,it is so adorable i got it in white but,i do think it comes in different colors,the material is,so soft i cannot get over that you guys,i love this swimsuit i think its so,adorable but it,is very open in the front and im not,sure where i could wear this,i would love to wear this but i feel,like i would have to be by the pool,or just somewhere where im not tanning,because the tan lines on this would be,terrible,[Music],you know whats super cute about this i,feel like you can wear this,as a body suit and then just wear it,with like jeans or like a skirt or,something,and that would be so cute but that is,that and then,what else okay next up we have one one,swimwear,so the first bikini i got is this super,cute,triangle print i am not a neon person,but i,love the colors on this i think its so,adorable the straps in the back are,adjustable,super super thin straps which is really,good for tanning,also the padding in the back is,removable which is,really nice if you want to get rid of,that i got these tie,side bottoms which are so so cute i,think,they fit so perfectly it makes your bun,look super cheeky,which i love i got the top in a size,small,and the bottoms are also very small and,then,whats so cute about all these swimsuits,is from one one swimwear,is they come with like matching,scrunchies which is so cute i feel like,you always need,a hair tie at the beach i also got this,bikini which is adorable,its like this bandeau style top which i,love,the print on it also comes with,removable padding wait does it,okay nevermind this one does not come,with removable padding but i love this,bikini top because you can literally tie,it,in so many different ways which is,amazing you can make use out of it,and then i got these thai side bottoms,which are,so so adorable i love how you can have,it like,super tiny and cheeky and then if you,want more full coverage,you could just unscrunch it like this,and then its like,really full coverage thats really cute,and then,these are also super cheeky i love thai,side bikinis because i feel like they,sit so well on my hips,and it just makes your hips look bigger,so thats really cute,i love this style it also comes with a,matching scrunchie which is adorable,i got the bottoms in a size small and,the top is actually an extra small,because i wasnt sure if i would fit the,top,and then i also got this mocha print,bikini,these are the side tie bottoms again and,i just got,a triangle top which is so classic,but super cute what i love about,triangle bikinis is that you can,literally tie it in so many different,ways,i feel like i just discovered this this,year,so maybe i should make a video about it,because you can literally tie this,triangle bikini in like eight different,ways which is,really cute actually the strings are,long enough where you could probably tie,it once around you,if you wanted to and i got the top in a,small,and the bottoms are also a small it also,comes with a matching scrunchie which is,so adorable these were so cute i love,the prints,and then last but not least we have,dippin daisies,so i got this mango prep bikini it is so,cute i,love the color its actually really soft,on the inside which is nice,and i got the thong style bottoms,because i just think its better for,tanning,and then the top is just a triangle,style the back straps are adjustable and,then,its just really easy like slide on and,off,its super cute its also really soft on,the inside,and it does have removable padding as,well i love this color i think its so,so cute and then if you look its like a,little rib,um material detail i dont really know,how to describe it but,hopefully you could see that and thats,so cute the top,is a size extra small and then i got the,bottoms in each size small,this bikini is adorable its actually,reversible,so its white polka dots in the front,and then it reverses to just solid black,which is super cu

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Trying EXPENSIVE Swimsuit Brands !! $900 spent … IS IT WORTH IT?

everyone so today we are doing a very,exciting video in this video we are,going to be doing something a little bit,different than what we usually do,I am excited but nervous so if you guys,have been watching my videos for a long,time you probably saw in the summer I,reviewed a lot of different swimsuit,brands and most of them were very very,affordable swimsuits really inexpensive,people were really curious what the,quality was like and this video is going,to be on the complete opposite spectrum,so a lot of comments in those videos of,really affordable swimsuits were asking,for the complete opposite which is super,expensive swimsuits so I have a real,love-hate relationship with buying,swimsuits because I dont think they,should be that expensive I understand,the cost of making things can add up but,its just such a small amount of,material I cannot justify spending like,a hundred to two hundred dollars on one,swimsuit so thats why this video is,going to be very difficult for me to do,but Im not complaining yeah it sounds,like Im complaining but Im not because,really like all Im doing in this video,is buying really expensive swimsuits and,trying them so yeah now that Ive,explained that lets get started now,initially when I was planning on doing,this video I was going to do a video for,each individual brand and then when I,started checking the prices I was like,theres no way that is happening these,swimsuits are like $200 u.s. each ok Im,being a little dramatic theyre like,theyre like a hundred fifty us each one,twenty one fifty that kind of thing I,cant buy seven swimsuits from each,brand so I was thinking I would put it,all in at one collective video get one,or two swimsuits from each of these,three brands and try them on and see how,they are so the brands that Ive chosen,are Frankys bikinis which is very well,known I think if I know what I feel like,its well known because I honestly dont,know that many swimsuit brands lolly,swim their models are very pretty,and the third which is triangle which,the thirteen-year-old me is actually,screaming that I get to buy one of these,swimsuits because I wanted one of these,so bad when I was 13 so Im excited so,okay Im gonna go online and Im gonna,shop until I drop a lot of cash first,website Im gonna go to is Frankies,bikinis and I guess Ill look at the new,stuff I kind of feel like okay very,freaking pretty model good for her so,right off the bat I really like this top,and I actually have a swimsuit very,similar to this one but its from sample,and it was like probably twenty dollars,for the full set whereas this ones,ninety dollars for the top and eighty,dollars for the bottom and keep in mind,thats us so for me a Canadian for the,exchange rate really gets me good its,gonna be a little bit more Im,interested in this sale oh my goodness I,definitely have seen this one on their,Instagram its this Tori top and these,bottoms okay theres no way Im not,getting this one I love these it kind of,looks like a trendy wet suit which Im,totally into and one other thing is by,looking at these swimsuits it looks like,they dont have like the padding not,like push-up padding but the padding so,that youre not like flashing people and,Ive noticed that with a lot of,expensive brands based on their,Instagram pictures it doesnt look like,they do have the inserts which Im not a,huge fan of but I know a lot of people,dont mind it so Ill try and keep an,open mind definitely going to get this,one,so I say yall Im pretty happy about,that oh and I forgot to say why Im,doing a swimsuit video in like the,middle of the winter its because we are,going to Hawaii so I thought what better,perfect time to buy some expensive,swimsuits and then what I can actually,use them because were going to white so,just worked out perfectly for that so,okay Im gonna get this one I think Im,gonna get it in this light powder blue,the red looks really good though but it,might just be the model that always,tricks me because they use such good,models Im like wow that looks great I,bet itll look the exact same on me,then you get it all right so my total,purchase is oh my goodness,I actually got so lucky Im looking at,my cart right now and it says that both,the swimsuits are in sale its still,$241 us which how much is that Canadian,three hundred and fifteen dollars,Canadian alright the next brand Im,going to go to is lolly swim now the,reason I know about this brand is,because of their swimsuits obviously but,on Instagram I see a lot of their when,they have their fashion show its just,like really fun and I know a lot of the,models not personally I just know them,of them see this ones very famous the,pixie top with the little shovels Ive,seen that a lot all right Im gonna go,basic Im gonna get this Marlatt top in,black pearl and where are the bottoms,for this which I this looks like the,bottoms that are sold with it and these,are $69 us with these black bottoms this,better make my booty look like it exists,I swear if I think $69 for this I,actually didnt expect it to be that,much Im only gonna buy one swimsuit for,more lolly swim just because Im not in,love,any of the other ones not that theyre,not adorable because they really are,super cute like I love them and want,them all but for me personally which,ones I will wear theres not very many,price of this is a hundred and,seventy-eight dollars for this set and,thats us again so the conversion you,know alright in the last place that Im,going to get swimsuits is triangle so,excited for this and surprisingly I,never thought Id say this but these,arent the more affordable swimsuits and,these ones are very hyped about because,I guess theyre neoprene like wetsuit,material so Im very excited to try that,out especially like being in Hawaii I,get like literally beat up by the waves,so I dont want my supposed to look like,fly off so I think wetsuit material will,be good for that also Ive been shopping,on here before and I had to go on,international triangle not triangle,because the actual triangle doesnt ship,to Canada so you go to international,triangle comm okay know for a fact Im,going to get one of these straight,across ones I really love this one and,this is 79 u.s. for both pieces so,thats a decent price like thats not,too like overly expensive it is still a,little bit but not compared to the other,ones weve been doing back when I was,going to get one of these back in grade,8 when I was like super excited about it,it was one kind of like this but it was,pink so Im gonna get this but the,cheeky ones are sold out on my side so,Im gonna get the normal ones well see,how those work so these swimsuits are,158 u.s. for both of them except then,theres $20 u.s. shipping so thats 178,for the both of them I think Im gonna,go ahead and stop there I feel really,weird because I basically just spent,$700 to like $800 Canadian on swimsuits,and Im looking out the window and,theres snow on the ground hopefully,these are some pretty good swimsuits,thatll I dont regret spending crazy,amounts money on them but either way Im,so excited to see them lets flip to,when we receive them alright so it is,around two to three weeks later Ive,received all three of the packages and I,got to say you guys Im a little bit,conflicted because,Im very very excited to try everything,but I am instantly going into this with,like not the best because the customs on,these swimsuits were insane and I do,live in Canada but I honestly dont,usually get hit with customs that often,so to get hit with it on two of the,three swimsuits one of them got $60,worth of customs which is insane like,$60 of customs on a swimsuit like a,swimsuit should be $60 that was crazy I,really really think these brands need to,work hard on like the customs but also,and then the other swimsuit had 25 and,Ill get into that a little bit later,but I do have all of them so I have all,three of the bags right here I will be,sure to let you guys know which swimsuit,racked up all the customs and which on


[Music],hey hello friends what is up my name is,megan megan marie with 3ds in an,underscore ever on the internet for,those of you who do not know me and,today as you can tell from the title of,todays video,im bringing to you guys another bikini,town hall its december,but in san diego you know its summer,all year long basically so im just,getting my,bikini,wardrobe all geared up for the summer,time im aware i have way too many,bikinis but,good news is i justified all the new,bikinis that have been coming into my,wardrobe bye im going to be selling,some of my old ones on poshmark um so,im going to put those up in the next,few,days to weeks im not really sure ill,link it down below so keep an eye out,for those if you guys want any of my,bikinis that youve seen in past videos,that you really like youre like i would,rock that bikini um it might be up on my,poshmark if you guys dont already,follow me on all my socials theyre all,linked down below instagram we post,every single day its always poppin,um youtube weve been rocking it here,tik tok ive been posting more,frequently i kind of,my accounts been dead lets just be,honest my account has been absolutely,dead and i kind of was sad that it,wasnt getting like any like people,saying it like i wasnt getting any,reach or engagement,but i think i got over that and im just,using tik tok just to,mess around and have a fun time so if,you guys want to follow me over there,link down below as well also 20 22,calendars i still have a few left,linked down below as well get your hands,on these before they are all gone you,can get a signature if you want,um news signature but,some good stuff here dont forget to,subscribe if you havent already give,this video a thumbs up if you enjoy and,leave a comment down below,without further ado lets get into the,video you guys know i love boutine,but i dont know if you guys also know i,love one one swimwear um one one,swimwear is a really awesome brand i was,kind of like,i dont know when i first they first,sent me bikinis um oh also this is not,sponsored at all but they do gift me,product every once in a while um,but that doesnt persuade any of my,reviews on them because literally one,one one one swimwear is one of my,favorite swimmer brands theyre super,comfortable they arent as cheeky as um,boutina lay but i think that works for,most people most people dont like it as,cheeky as boutina like the reason that i,love one one so much is because they,have such fun patterns i have six,different bikinis and they also came,with this fun little bag um because you,know when your bathing suits away if you,go to the pool or whatever it gives you,a little bag to put them in so i dont,know its just the little things with,one one they also sometimes give you,matching scrunchies with your bikini so,like i dont know you guys but,its pretty cool okay so this is the,first suit i love this one i think the,patterns like really bright and the,color like blocking is really cool too,um the kind of one one suits are always,so flattering,um,they dont really dig in because the,fabrics really stretchy really soft,this is really soft really comfortable,it molds to your skin,um and it doesnt cut in anywhere which,i think is really good especially with,bikinis looking at the color walking,like in,the,camera um it looks kind of fun,and exciting um it just adds some,dimension to the bathing suit,and its really flattering obviously um,the v-cut is really nice,for the girlies if you dont have any,girlies it would still be really,flattering on the chest,and then the cut of the bottom the,high-waisted v,um with the high-waisted in the back is,really flattering so i think that this,one is probably one of my favorites just,because the style um again heres the,matching scrunchie that i said came with,it which is,just an extra little over the top,edition that just makes one one so,awesome,the top is supposed to be like a bandeau,top but i decided to add a little bit,more support and just tie it up which i,love these types of bikinis because,theyre very versatile you can wear it,how you want make it unique make it your,own,the bottoms are really cute theyre very,cheeky as well one was a really great,selection if you dont want cheeky you,dont have to have to you they have the,same styles and with more coverage so,its really like a choose your own,adventure type of thing but you guys,know me i love a cheeky bikini but yeah,i really love this one the ties on the,side is really comfortable the material,is really comfortable kind of it feels,supportive so i could go swimming this,if i wanted to,get a little swimming um but i love this,one i think the patterns a little like,a lot right now i think if i had a tan,it would look a lot better um just in,contrast with my skin,but on my pale skin it still looks cute,but i just think itd look a little bit,better with the tan so this next ones,kind of fun,because these straps are removable so it,could just be like a little bandeau top,um i,dont feel like going through the,struggle of undoing the hooks right now,and then hooking it back together so,were just gonna imagine imagine if it,didnt have the straps or you could even,wear like a little,little off the shoulder a little bit too,you know the worlds your oyster,these side bottoms are a little bit,different than the last ones because the,last ones scrunched um this one doesnt,scrunch but and the strings are longer i,believe,which is super fun i really like the,back of this top its a little bow tie,which i think is really cute and the,back of the bottoms are really,flattering cut as well a little bit more,coverage than the other one,but still super super cute,again it comes with the matching,scrunchie,but i love this pattern i think its,really flattering i think the color is,really nice especially on the lack of,tan i have at the moment,um i think it really works well and,compliments my skin tone,and,its just overall a really flattering,bikini i dont know what to say okay,this ones probably one of my favorites,just because the,pattern is so flattering um with a tan,with being as pale as i am i think its,still really nice on the skin and,contrast um it also has really fun,details so the top has like the little,cutouts,makes it unique and interesting and then,the back of the bottoms has a little,scrunch in it so just like the little,things that just add up and make it just,so much better,they also instead of a matching,scrunchie they sent me this i cant,think of the word right now but um,its like the little,little hip,waist,chains or you can probably scrunch it up,and make it into a bracelet or a,necklace so the opportunities are,endless but to me one one just goes,above and beyond with their accessories,like you dont expect to get them and,then when you do its like oh my gosh so,exciting um,it wasnt this suit i think this is,probably my favorite so far so this,ones fun it has this little,stringy stringy bit right here which i,have also seen people tie it up like,this ill show that in a second um but i,think that this is such a beautiful,design the pattern is really nice and,just like unique i dont know you dont,really see patterns like this about,often in the back theres nothing,special going on really um just except,for the pattern and i dont know i just,think the bathing suit speaks for itself,its really fun exciting thats what i,love about one one swimsuiter um because,the patterns are just so like in your,face and just unique and kind of,eye-catching but i tried tying it up,like that i didnt really care for it so,another way you can also tie it is,underneath add some contrast um,and then a little bow in the back and,add some spice back there,and last but not least i know i said the,floral one was probably my favorite i,think this one is my favorite um again,it has like the color blocking moment,but the top is just a basic triangle top,and instead of having the outlines it,kind of looks like mouse which i think,is super super fun,

OneOne Swim Wear Bikini Try On + Review | Petite

um today,i am reviewing longline swimwear,um ive seen this a lot on instagram and,i had high hopes but uh,this is this is what i thought im picky,i like to have stuff like,lower on me i think it just looks a,little bit better,instagram got me,so the cap is obviously too big the,scraps dont adjust enough for me,the rib cage actually feels really,really nice though,um,the bottoms i just,i think they are too long,like,like theyre just super super loose,i dont like that i want my bottoms to,be tight,like i just feel like if theres,theres like all this extra fabric,and if they just like cut off like,four inches this would fit like i dont,mind it being high-waisted,i just think like theres oh its just,big,this is big and like,its not really flattering,i dont know i would prefer it to sit,like there,oh man i wanted things to fit so,freaking bad,like its so cute,this is the top i also dont like that,they,charge you for like the tagging,like i just feel like all companies like,the packing comes with it and like,theyre just like,price gouging you to add tagging that,like,they probably getting involved for like,25 cents a piece and they charge like,nine dollars for it,but whatever the top this cup actually,fits like pretty good,i literally have like zero boobs you,guys,so like if you have like a little bit,more than me i feel like this cup would,be really really really cute,like i like it high waist but like,if only it was like that like see for me,that is cute like i like how that looks,im also grabbing like a lot of the,fabric,um,[Music],yeah like that,that is cute like i would buy this,swimsuit in every color,if the bottoms fit like that,unfortunately they dont,and theyre like huge,i think this doesnt make my butt look,good,like it just doesnt,i dont have that type of butt,so this is the mobile blog top,i love this cup i bought the nine dollar,packing um,i dont know it really doesnt really,even do anything but,kind of but anyway um i like this cup i,think its actually really,really flattering if you have a flagger,chest like i do,um i like it i think its cute,i like how the straps arent like super,thick,actually really fun that these suits,didnt work out so whatever,look how freaking cute this is,with the matching,this looks so okay this is like so,freaking big though,so big it honestly doesnt even stay on,my face so,you know theres that,but yeah look how cute,i really wish like,i really wish this segment worked but it,does save me,a little bit money because i am going to,return these right now,um thats pretty much it though sorry,for the lighting change its been quite,a while,since i filmed the first part of the,video um overall,like the quality was pretty nice and,like,of course the suits were super cute,unfortunately they just didnt fit but,i wouldnt recommend in one one swimwear,except theres,some issues with their return the,customer service was super helpful when,i was ordering and everything like that,lying on the siding and its just,totally good,like i couldnt get home with them so i,made two separate orders actually,and then i contacted customer service,and asked if i could return both in the,same envelope,they said yes um because i like to,save on shipping because they dont pay,for return shipping either,i put the order in the mailbox on 1021,and then i got a notification from my,app saying that it was delivered,to them at 10 23 so then,i waited because its a season of coding,i get,businesses are having issues and all,fasting so,im waiting and then finally 10 days,after,they received the return i gamed on my,instagram saying,hey whats up blah blah blah and then no,one got back to me,so finally i got a hold of someone,and theyre like oh thats so weird let,me check it out,so then finally i got an email,saying that they refunded,one of my orders on 11 15,and i was like oh my god so im out a,hundred dollars from the other order,whats going on you guys say i could,and then so i,kept emailing them and then finally they,got back to me and then,they finally sent me a confirmation,saying that both orders were refunded,on 11 17 but pretty much,the fact that i couldnt get hold of,anyone when there are some responses,before,and then as well just like and just,the whole thing just seemed kind of,shady and um,hopefully it was just a fluke because,like coding or something,but like when i personally order from,them again,no um but,like i said before the quality and like,the suits are really cute,um so its kind of up to you guys but,thank you so much for watching my first,video um,hopefully i wont be lazy and there will,be more to come thanks


[Music],hello my friends what is up my name is,megan megan bringing the ease and,underscore ever on the internet for,those of you who do not know me um today,as you can tell from the title of the,video youre probably excited it is,another swimwear oh baby you already,know im supposed to go to the pool im,supposed to go to a rooftop pool and,lounge,on a roof at the pool,but my plans got canceled so im looking,all cute i figured,why not film the youtube video right now,so thats why,i look like this right now um,lets just this outfits so cute we need,that we needed a round a round of,applause for this we got my little my,little sheer cover up we got the bikini,we got the body chain on and since i,cant wear it out because my plans are,canceled you guys get to,view it instead of all the people that,would have been at the pool um but,without further ado lets get into it if,you havent already make sure you go,ahead and hit that subscribe button give,this video a thumbs up and leave a,comment down below tell me which one is,your favorite suit that i tried on today,uh yeah lets get into it i have some,goodies,one one swimwear has,graciously sent me another care package,and im so happy because getting new,bikinis my favorite thing in the whole,entire world,lets start with this one because this,one looks the most fun,i picked this suit out because,um youll see why in a second it looks,so fun it looks so tropical it looks,perfect,for the summer,and baby this is why look at this look,at this beautiful blue,oh my god its gorgeous,i love the high cut the color blocking,and this top,oh youre joking that is so cute its,gonna look so good with a tan a nice,little electric blue pink and orange,going on um im excited for this,material is amazing one one swimmer,always has amazing material um so its,always super comfortable to wear and,theyre like thick theyre not going to,be flimsy we love them but this one,definitely is going to be a fan favorite,for the summer for me personally,[Music],next,we have this pink suit,cute,i did i think i like mixed and matched,this is the same cut as the other one,the fun high,cut little v,bottom and then im pretty sure i got,this to mix and match i think thats,what my brain was doing i honestly dont,remember,it was too long ago when i ordered these,i ordered these a bit ago but oh yeah,these are cute so i got this fun top to,go with the bottoms because sometimes,patterns on patterns is just a little,bit too much,but i really really love this i think,these two together its going to just be,beautiful,again its super hot pink for when you,have a tan in the summer and youre,looking all fun and exciting and cool,[Music],um and then to go along with it,oh i love my skirts i love my like,cover-ups as you guys can tell,oh this is so cute i cant wait to wear,these fourth of july week my parents,rent a beach house every year so im,excited because i can wear all these,cute bikinis so ill be right by the,beach and i can wear them all today um,but yeah i thought that this was cute,with the little matching moment if im,just lounging around i need to go,get it run an errand and i dont want to,be in my bikini,[Music],um,next we have,oh shes so beautiful,i love this top this type of top is so,nice its so secure,um and i dont know if you can tell but,the straps are freaking nice theyre,really thick so you know that nothings,gonna like snap on you you are nice and,secure,in your bikini top so so this is like,fun if youre like swimming really high,impact this will stay on you like a,dream,um and then i also got to go with it,these bikini bottoms,which i saw that they had like a scrunch,butt and i havent tried their scrunch,but bikini bottoms before so im excited,about these so i got like a little hot,pink matching moment because you can,never have enough hot pink,[Music],okay and then last but not least,we have,i wanted ive been really into neutrals,recently so i really wanted to get just,a neutral bikini so we have just a,little simple,bottom,decent coverage,and then to go with it i believe this is,some color ivory,im going to go with it though,i saw this and i was like how cute is,that i love the double strap,like oh my god adorable its just like a,little fun especially with its tan in,the summer its white its um its,almost white but its more of like an,off-white uh so youre still gonna look,super tan against it in contrast um but,its like not as annoying if you get,something on it because it wont stain,as bad,[Music],i love these i love all of these suits,one one always comes through they have,the best freaking suits so go and check,them out i hope you guys enjoyed the,haul uh let me know down below which one,was your favorite suit,i dont know which one mine was thats,really hard to choose i love them all,again dont forget to subscribe if you,havent already to the channel give this,video a big thumbs up and leave a,comment down below what you want to see,from me next time i hope you guys loved,the one one swimwear haul thank you,again to one one for sending me these,suits im excited to wear them all,summer long um and yeah i will talk to,you guys next time i hope you have a,wonderful rest of your day,go follow all the socials you already,know where linked below in the,description baby,[Music],you

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