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OnePlus Nord N10 5G Review – Why? | The Tech Chap

hey guys antonio techchap and this is,the new oneplus nord n10 and if youre,thinking didnt oneplus just release the,nord not long ago well yes they did ive,got one here which well be comparing it,to um but seemingly out of nowhere we,have the n10 which is just a slightly,cheaper slightly cut down version of the,nord in fact to give you an idea the,nord starts at 379 pounds here in the uk,versus 329 pounds uh for the n10 so its,only 50 pounds less so there ridley,isnt that much in it if we get it,unboxed so weve got the phone come back,to that in just a second,underneath,usual gubbins weve got the warp charge,30 t charger so 30 watt charging and,also the famous red usb c to usb a cable,and then finally a little bit of,paperwork sim card ejector tool uh but,no case which is surprising you usually,get a little silicone case with one plus,phones but clearly theyre trying to,cost cut where they can,all right so there we go this is the n10,ive set it up put all my amps on it and,first impressions,it just feels like a slightly cheaper,slightly less premium nord if i pick,them both up its a little bit chunkier,i can also see the bezels are a little,bit thicker it basically feels like it,is its a slightly cut down version of,the nord which in itself is a slight cut,down version of the oneplus 8t so i do,appreciate this is an n10 impressions,video but,it would be weird not to include the,oneplus not along the way because it is,a very similar phone and the question is,really going to be is it worth paying 50,pounds extra for the nord over the n10,so if i bring up the design specs side,by side you can see theyre not too,dissimilar,the n10 is slightly thicker about half a,mil thicker and also a little bit taller,we dont get this ring alert slider on,the n10 which is a bit of a shame thats,a kind of a staple of the oneplus phones,but we dont get that on here although,we do get as you can see is a headphone,jack the nord doesnt have one the n10,does optical fingerprint reader versus,the physical rear fingerprint reader on,the n10 you can also see we have this,dual selfie camera from again ultra wide,selfie camera on the nord which is,actually one of my favorite features but,as you can see we have the single hole,punch cutout on the n10 around the back,slightly different camera module they,both have quad camera setups although,the lenses are a little bit different,well come back to that in a second but,i think the big difference really,between them is the n10 actually has an,ips lcd screen versus the fluid amoled,on the nord so the screen quality isnt,quite as nice if i just sort of tip it,youll see that the viewing angles,arent as nice that is one of the,downsides of having lcd its not,something youll notice that often if,im honest really its only like in the,black bars when you watch a video if,youre watching maybe a really dark,movie then youll notice the blacks a,little bit different because of course,the amoled contrast is significantly,higher but the reason theyve done that,is to cut costs but it also means that,we still have a 90 hertz refresh rate on,the n10 so they actually both have 90,hertz which is nice one of the first,things i did notice about the node,though is the haptic vibration the sort,of force feedback and so when youre,typing or you know doing anything that,causes it to vibrate it just feels a bit,cheap if im honest one advantage though,of the n10 is we do get stereo speakers,you can see the little grille at the top,and bottom here whereas bizarrely the,nord just has the single speaker at the,bottom we have an earpiece speaker up,here but its not used for gaming or,watching videos,i can already see this midnight ice,color is picking up fingerprints uh,pretty easily which isnt ideal i might,have to give that a wipe off afterwards,this blue marble one doesnt uh actually,the north comes in three different,colors whereas as far as i know this is,just the only option you have,give it a rub,[Music],so youre probably wondering about the,specs and its actually kind of,interesting because in the n10 we have,the snapdragon 690,which is a new chip but its a little,bit lower than the 765g that we get in,the nord but importantly they are both,5g chips so if i bring up their,respective about pages and as i say 765g,versus the 690 both 5g on this flagship,model of the nord i also have 12 gigs of,ram and 256 storage which actually,double what were getting in the n10,although thats not quite fair because,this costs 469 its the high spec one,although the standard nord comes with,eight gigs of ram and 128 storage so you,are still getting two gigs more of ram,although the same storage on the nord,over the n10 but interestingly the n10,does actually support microsd card so,you can expand the memory uh by a,further five twelve gigs uh whereas you,just dont have the option for that on,the nord at all so the next question is,just how much slower is the n10 well it,turns out not a whole lot really its,only a few percent in favor of the nord,but its nothing that youd really,notice in real life and probably within,the margin of error to be honest but if,we uh jump over to my screenshots of the,opencl benchmark and you can see this is,where uh the nord does come out ahead,1251 versus 966 so its nothing major,really but if you do want the best,gaming performance then i suppose the,nord is your best bet its slightly,faster in the graphics department but,not really anything significant id say,now as you guys know theres no shortage,of these more affordable phones in fact,theres definitely a trend in the second,half of this year to having cheaper and,cheaper phones were seeing sort of sub,200 pound options now the reason i think,it works quite well on oneplus,especially compared to some of the,competition is the software oxygen os we,get version 10.5 on here along with,android 10 although im sure well be,getting android 11 soon as well quite,honestly this software paired with that,90hz screen means that even though we,are getting a less powerful processor,and slightly less ram uh two gigs less,round than old it doesnt really feel it,when youre using it it feels just the,same so everything you do from just,navigating the home screen youve got,the google news feed on the left here uh,to bringing up recently used apps,swiping between those lets go back to a,bit of instagram have a swipe down you,can see its flawless it really is fast,and obviously we have that 90 hertz,screen as well keeping everything nice,and smooth as usual though i would,recommend going into the settings,customization tone and then turning on,dark mode it wont have the same slight,benefit of battery life as it would on,the oled screen on the nord but it still,looks nice a little bit easier to see,you also can go into customization,change the icons the colors i tend to,stick with,blue but whatever you like really and,then of course in the display settings,if you go to advanced here we have the,refresh rate and you can switch between,90 and 60. now one thing youll notice,if i bring the node back here is that,under the display advanced settings,theres no option for screen calibration,so on the node if i go into that you can,actually switch between the amoled wide,color gamut srgb or any of these options,although i tend to keep it on the y,gamma but as you can see none of those,options are available no screen,calibration at all on the n10 with its,ips screen sadly,now as for battery life interestingly,the n10 actually has a slightly bigger,cell than the nord and in my tests after,an hour of youtube and an hour of gaming,the n10 had 81 left versus 78 on the,nord so the battery is slightly better,on the n10 and im ending up with about,25 left at the end of a normal day,theyre both compatible with the warp,charge 30t so not the new fast 65 watt,charging we get on the oneplus 8t thats,still for the higher end models but,between these two charging time should,be pretty much exactly the same and also,unfortunately n

OnePlus Nord N10 5G review

hey everyone recently oneplus has been,expanding beyond flagships and flagship,killers,into mid-range territory their first,attempt,was the oneplus nord and this phone,proved to be very popular,but it isnt available globally,writing on the tales of that success,theyve decided to release the oneplus,nord n10,5g and this one will be available in,north america,but will it win over buyers in the,mid-range im angie for gsm marina and,this is our review of the oneplus nord,n10 5g,[Music],the nord n10 has a rather average design,which seems at odds with oneplus never,settle slogan,it has a plastic build and the back is,quite shiny a,fingerprint magnet and very slippery the,plastic seamlessly wraps around the,phone,though the frame isnt the most,comfortable to hold if youre using it,for extended periods of time without a,case,the n10 has gorilla glass 3 on the front,which is less prone to scratching but,more prone to breaking,so i guess you should really buy a case,and a tempered glass protector for this,one,that aside thanks to the material its,rather light in the hand and its a,bottom heavy phone so it wont tip out,of your hand,it has tactile power and volume buttons,and youll find,a card slot that can hold either two sim,cards or,a sim and a micro sd card what you wont,find is a physical alert slider which,makes it the first oneplus phone without,one,honestly youll find that its design,language resembles oppo and realme much,more than oneplus,since the screen is an lcd panel theres,no chance for this phone to have an,under display fingerprint reader,which is why its on the back instead to,our surprise,there were inconsistencies with,reliability until a recent update fixed,it,though its still slow thats very,disappointing for a phone release this,year,and even more so for a oneplus phone,which traditionally has had,lightning fast unlocking on the front,youll find a tall 6.49 inch ips lcd,with a full hd,plus resolution and a punch hole in the,upper left corner,it isnt bad but it is a noticeable step,down from the nords amoled display,in general its average for the price,range still its driving the point home,that oneplus is cutting costs everywhere,they can the display has a 90 hertz of,refresh rate which feels very smooth,but it still doesnt look as good as an,oled display,the screen got a max brightness of 440,nits which was,alright and a minimum brightness of 2.4,knits which is very good for,not blinding you in the dark sunlight,legibility is all right for the price,as far as the colors are concerned,theyre quite cool,out of the box but you can make the,phones color reproduction more accurate,if you bump the slider 5,8 of the way to the warm option on the,other side of media consumption youll,find a headphone jack and a dual speaker,setup here,i say dual speaker because theres no,channel separation which would make it,stereo,it had good sound quality and it got,very good loudness on our audio tests,[Music],if youre more into wireless headphones,youll really like the fact that this,phone supports bluetooth 5.1,the nord n10 has a 4 300 milliamp hour,battery,and got a very good 99 hours of,endurance on our battery life tests,charging is even better and you can get,a 66 charge in half an hour and a full,charge in 52 minutes,oneplus software also has an optimized,charging option which allows the phone,to learn your charging habits and can,reduce your overnight charging loads,the n10 has six gigabytes of ram and the,snapdragon 690,which supports sub 5 gigahertz 5g,networks,it has similar single core performance,to phones that have the snapdragon 765g,chipset and its multi-core scores were,similar to phones like the reno3 pro 5g,day-to-day youll find that this phone,is snappy and responsive,the processor is tuned more for battery,efficiency than performance,and as a whole it strikes a good balance,between battery life and power,the nord n10 has android 10 with oxygen,os on top,sadly oneplus is only planning to update,this phone up until android 11,and then itll offer two years of,security updates,this is something to keep in mind if,youre really after longevity in your,phones,other than that the software is mostly,the same as on other oneplus phones,there is no always-on display but you,can set the screen to activate when you,lift up the phone,or when you get notifications the,launcher is simple and straightforward,and youll find quite a few,customization options,you can switch from light to dark themes,choose your ambient clock style select,an accent color,change up the icons and switch your font,one thing we liked was hidden space,which lets you hide apps which you dont,want to appear,in the app drawer the os also supports,parallel apps so you can have two,accounts on a single device,the oneplus nordin 10 has a quad camera,setup with a 64 megapixel main sensor,with autofocus,an 8 megapixel ultrawide snapper a 2,megapixel macro cam,and a 2 megapixel monochrome camera,during the day,the phone takes 16 megapixel snaps that,look good overall,in ideal lighting colors are vibrant and,detail is quite good,in more challenging shooting conditions,the image processing tries to compensate,too much,and youll get washed out colors and,shaded areas that dont look shaded,thats why wed say that the camera was,mostly consistent but,not always white balance varied between,shots from time to time and sometimes,contrast was great while other times it,wasnt enough,theres an option to shoot photos in the,full 64 megapixel resolution,though you should know that if youre,uploading to social media theyll get,compressed anyway,that said the full resolution shots had,more natural contrast,which we prefer sometimes theres no,dedicated zoom camera so if you want to,zoom in youll be getting a crop from,the main sensor,if you choose to go the other direction,and use the ultrawide youll get colors,and white balance that are in line with,the main cameras,the dynamic range is more limited and,the detail isnt as plentiful,but thats unsurprising since the,ultrawide sensor is smaller,the monochrome snapper isnt just for,depth sensing which isnt always the,case on mid-range phones,it produced more natural mid-tones and,shadows than what you would get if you,desaturated a photo,shot by the main camera theres also a 2,megapixel macro camera,shots were nicely exposed and had about,as much detail as you would expect from,this type of sensor portrait shots look,alright but the bokeh looked better with,more light,the framing was more wide than what,were used to and theres no tighter,crop option in the phones camera ui,so youll just have to do it manually,after you take the shot,when the light gets low you can use,nightscape on both the main and,ultrawide cameras,we found that they were a little cropped,in when compared to regular low light,snaps,without nightscape the camera doesnt do,well,as for the ultrawide the camera simply,isnt suitable for low light photography,and nightscape didnt do much to help,the nord n10 has,a 16 megapixel camera and the hole punch,on the front,it wasnt great at metering exposure and,there was less contrast than what we,would have liked but overall shots were,alright,if youre keen on videography you should,know that the nord n10 supports 4k,at 30fps on the main camera and full hd,at 30fps on the ultrawide,eis is available for all video modes,unless youre shooting a two-time zoom,video or capturing footage at 60 frames,per second,4k videos had exposure that once again,was too bright for our taste,the dynamic range wasnt impressive but,details are okay and noise is quite low,full hd footage on the main camera was,pretty much the same but with less noise,and a slightly better dynamic range the,ultrawide camera had a noticeable drop,in sharpness and detail and colors,werent as vibrant as those on the main,camera,sadly its pretty clear that the oneplus,nord is better than the nord n105g,in almost every possible way including,in my opinion,the name but if you live in a market,w

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OnePlus Nord N10 5G Review – Why I WOULDNT Buy It.

[Music],hi guys its asbyt and if you thought,the naming of smartphones were starting,to get,really confusing well buckle up because,here we have the brand new oneplus nord,n10 5g smartphone,phone calling device slab of,tech all jokes aside here we have a new,player in the,new nord branding line from oneplus but,while the n105g might be great for some,of you,i wouldnt buy it for reasons youll see,but before we get to all of that we,first have to consider the price,the nord line of phones was brought in,from oneplus this year,probably because many of us felt that,oneplus who started their business,providing great phones at affordable,prices,or flagship killers had kind of lost,their way,with the continued improvement in,quality the flagship prices kind of,started to creep up as well so oneplus,decided to split the focus into,two main categories the sort of flagship,premium range,the oneplus sort of numbered series and,the more affordable,nord series and the nord n10 5g,definitely hits that price point its,going to retail for,starting from around 329 pounds i,believe,but what do we get for that and is it,worth it well we have a 6.49 inch full,hd plus,lcd display with a 90 hertz refresh rate,its not the brightest or smoothest or,even sharpest display oneplus have ever,created,but its fairly decent lcds tend to get,a bit of a bad rep,in recent times mainly due to the,introduction of oled technology or,amoled technology in,smartphones but while i prefer amoled,for great contrasts and viewing angles,the average person probably wont really,care or know,what type theyve got one tip and this,tips for free,if you do have an lcd display try,turning the theme,and the apps to dark mode because the,actual discoloration around the edges,and around the punch hole cutouts for,example,is a lot less noticeable and that tips,for free just make sure you hit that,subscribe button and drop a like,gorilla glass 3 here and a plastic frame,and it,doesnt feel or sound the most premium,but its not terrible and its fairly in,keeping with other oneplus devices with,the,logo and the text in familiar places,with the,rear mounted fingerprint scanner just,above it its pretty fast and reliable,but by oneplus is exceptionally high,standards in unlocking speed,it does leave a little bit to be desired,face unlock however is,rapid as ever if not the most secure now,one thing you will notice is that the,chin is slightly,chunky by todays smartphone display,standards,and its definitely a sacrifice you will,be making not opting for a more,expensive device,in the oneplus catalog now most budget,phones also sacrifice somewhat in the,camera department and with the n10 5g,that is kind of true but also kind of,not as youll see we have a 64 megapixel,primary snapper an,8 megapixel ultra wide a 2 megapixel,macro and a 2 megapixel monochrome,camera,for black and white photos,yeah now we know a lot of these,manufacturers are producing this kind of,camera setup on smartphones with the,sort of macro lens for example and the,color filter,sensors because well mainly its cheap,to manufacture,they know the quality of these,additional lenses isnt great as shown,in this case with the macro and,pretty random monochrome lens whose job,a normal,social media filter could do just as,well but in their eyes if they add,all these additional lenses it makes the,consumer feel like theyre getting,more value for money and thats kind of,true here,and in addition to this and this,actually helps oneplus cause here,smartphone cameras have got so good in,the last few years that even in budget,phones such as this,primary shots and ultra wide angle shots,tend to look,pretty great across the board and i,think if i put,a primary shot from the n10 5g,and the primary shot from the oneplus 8,pro for example their flagship phone,youre not really going to notice too,much of a difference,if im being completely honest shots,from the primary and ultra wide lenses,here look,really good great details and dynamic,range and really nice vibrant colors,and you have that 64 megapixel mode if,you want that added detail,portrait shots can sometimes be a little,bit indifferent and will certainly not,match up to the likes of the pixel 5 for,example,but thats not uncommon and again if you,use twitter and instagram etc like i do,any photos uploaded there from the n10,will look absolutely fine,great in fact in most cases so for most,of you with its,4k video capabilities as well will be,more than enough,as it will be in the battery department,as well 4,300 mah cell is certainly not too shabby,and you have warp charge 30t which was,flagship technology only last year and,will charge your phone from around,nought to 60 or 70,in around half an hour so thats pretty,cool again at this price point and this,theme continues through the bulk of the,internals with,six gigabytes of ram 128 gigabytes of,internal storage that can be expanded by,a further,512 gigabytes using that micro sd card,slot,and the inclusion of the eight nanometer,5g,capable 600 series qualcomm chip,the snapdragon 690. this chipset,upgraded from the 675 and it provides,fairly similar real world use to the,765g,that we see on the more expensive,oneplus nord not quite as good in some,cases but not a million miles away,the idea of the 690 is to bring 5g,capabilities to the budget to mid ranges,and it certainly has achieved it here,ive briefly used it for some light,gaming and it will run absolutely fine,will it crush those massive heavy titles,with,high frame rates etc probably not but,will most of them be playable,yes on top of this weve got stereo,speakers weve got a headphone jack,so for 329 pounds,its a pretty confetti compelling,was the word i was going for there in,case you didnt know,now you do weve got a pretty compelling,phone here indeed,so why do i not recommend buying it well,the answer,is a simple one with these attributes at,this,price point it kind of puts the n10 5g,in an awkward middle ground between,great quality,and great affordability and it i feel,neither nails one nor the other,and unfortunately for the n10 within the,nord range,oneplus also offer two other smartphones,and one of them hits quality,and the other one hits affordability,better i feel than the n10,for only 50 pounds more you can get the,oneplus nord,and for that youre getting a near,flagship phone better amoled display,better chipset better all-round camera,system better build quality and a more,premium look and feel,the difference in quality between the,two feels,quite a lot and were only paying 50,pounds more,and if youre sat there saying well 50,pounds is quite a lot of money to me,and i still want a oneplus phone but im,on a pretty tight budget,then i would look at the n100 which is,only 170,pounds yes it has an inferior chip less,storage less ram,but the same oxygen os software which,runs over the top of,android 10 a bigger battery and the,price drop-off is significant,its far cheaper so the n10 for me is in,a really difficult market position,if you want a really cheap phone that,does the basics okay,then i think the n10 is too expensive,but if you want to spend that sort of,money,i would personally recommend saving that,extra 50 pounds and getting the oneplus,nord which i think is a,far better phone overall let me know,what you think in the comment section,below do you like the n10 do you prefer,spending the extra money and getting the,nord or even more and getting,the oneplus 8t for example or would you,go with the one,plus n 100 at 179 pounds or would you go,with something completely different from,another brand,around this sort of price point as,always id love to hear your thoughts,drop a like on the video if you enjoyed,it,subscribe if you love everything tech,breaking tech news unboxings reviews i,love you leave ill see you in the next,one,[Music]

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OnePlus Nord N10 5G Review | Too many sacrifices?

so oneplus certainly didnt let that,2020 funk bring it down at,all pumping out more phones than ever,before including the excellent oneplus,nord a serious rival to googles pixel,405g,that costs a butt load less and,seemingly not content to stop right,there,a couple of months later we got this,weeb lighter the oneplus nord n10 which,gives a further 50 quid off that asking,price,so for just 329 bob you can have,yourself a 5g ready phone although you,do have to make some sacrifices to get,that lower asking price,now ive used the oneplus nord n10 as my,full-time personal smartphone for a few,days now and heres my review so you,know how it stacks up to the original,node,as well as other budget-friendly 5g,smartphones and from all the latest,greatest deck please do poke subscribe,and ding that notifications bell,cheers so the design of the oneplus nord,n10 certainly aint anything,special here in the uk this midnight ice,coloration is your only option and,thats basically just a posh way of,saying very very dark blue,it is a basic plastic back in here on,the back of the nord n10,5g and it does flex ever so slightly,under pressure although not to a,troublesome degree,and you know ive tried this thing like,dog ive actually dropped it and so far,touch wood no major,scratches or scuffs to speak of just a,few very light little nicks down,towards the bottom around the edges and,while you certainly dont get a,pre-installed screen protector here on,the nord,n10 that gorilla glass three screen,coating certainly seems to be doing its,job very nicely,so overall were talking a fairly,straightforward and unexciting design,but at least the oneplus nord n10 seems,durable enough to cope with everyday,existence,and i do love that rear mounted,fingerprint sensor which is definitely,an endangered species these days,its easy to use and its usually super,responsive although sometimes,well more than that in a bit now while,the fancy pants flagship phone the,oneplus 8t,came rocking a good bit of android 11,straight out of the box,here on the oneplus nord n10 sadly it is,the older android 10 os plus its also,the previous generation of oneplus,own oxygen os launcher and that is a,massive shame especially as oneplus,isnt committing to two years,of os updates here with the nord n10 so,while we will,get an update to android 11 and oxygen,os 11 eventually right now you dont get,some of those fresher features like the,streamlined notification,support and the jazzy new power menu all,those redesigned oneplus menus and apps,for easier one-handed play,at least you do still get all those,classic oneplus features on here like,the zen mode and of course the fantastic,customization options,in fact the only classic feature that,has been called for the nord n10,is that alert slider and that was always,quite handy when youre about to jump,into like a business meeting or,something although obviously that,doesnt really,happen anymore so yeah but the entire,time ive been testing out the oneplus,nord n10 i gotta say it was not,a happy bunny with one recurring bug,which drove me absolutely nuts,you see occasionally the phone would,just freeze up for no reason when i,tried unlocking it,the fingerprint sensor wouldnt work and,even when i did get it unlocked using,the face recognition,the screen wouldnt register my porks or,swipes for about five or ten seconds,until the phone magically remembered it,was supposed to actually be doing [ __ ],im gonna speak with a lot of other,people whove been reviewing the oneplus,nord n10 it seems like a handful of them,have experienced the exact,same issue while others have had other,bugs instead like therefore not actually,hibernating ever and on the flip side to,that some tech journalists that ive,spoken with havent had any issues at,all with their oneplus nord,n10 so it seems like just a handful of,units have been affected,so fingers crossed if you snap for one,you wont have any problems either but,its definitely worth,bearing in mind for your storage needs,youve got a very respectable 128 gigs,of internal space but the real headline,here is that you actually can expand,that using microsd memory cards,up to 512 gigs in size unlike those more,premium oneplus phones,and other standard android features that,you would expect to find on here like,for google peer support,worker charm now while the original nord,phone served up a gorgeous amoled screen,the n10 scales that back to a 6.49 inch,ips panel,visuals are still sharp and rather,punchy although you only have limited,control over the output,besides a basic temperature scaler it is,a perfectly fine display for enjoying,movies and shows although the n10 only,appears to have widevine l3 support for,netflix right now,so you wont be able to get any gorgeous,hd playback on there just yet,and hopefully thats the situation,thatll change really really soon,and youve got yourself a stereo speaker,arrangement here although of course that,earpiece speaker is significantly,quieter than the one at the other end,but who really cares because the nord,n10 heralds a glorious return of our,long-lost friendly headphone jack,which was missing in action on the,oneplus handsets for a good long while,and i also had absolutely no issues,whatsoever streaming music to speakers,or headphones using a good bit of,bluetooth 5.1,now its qualcomm snapdragon 690 chipset,with its built-in,x51 5g modem that provides the smarts,here and thats backed,by six gigs of ram of course considering,youre still paying over 300 quid,for this bad boy i was kind of hoping,youd still get that snapdragon 765 g,chipset like the original nord and like,a lot of similarly priced rivals like,the real me x55g,but you know what it really doesnt,matter because besides those awful bugs,the oneplus note n10 ran as well as,could be hoped,apps load up quickly and games play with,a graceful smoothness even when you,knock those graphic settings right up,and thats helped along by that fnatic,gaming mod which beats down any,background activity,while also blocking any pesky,notifications on the like no worries on,the touch responsiveness here either,when playing fast-paced games like call,of duty,and of course its great that youve,still got that 5g future proof in here,on the nord,n10 as well even if it is just basic sub,6 as you kind of expect at this budget,price point,but that said of course oneplus has some,stiff competition when it comes to,budget,5g phones right now from the likes of,xiaomi with its me 10 tea light which,costs an incredible 229 quid here in the,uk,i actually picked it up for 179 in black,friday so if you are,dead set on having that 5g support but,on a limited budget well definitely shop,around because there are plenty of,options now,and in fact im actually working on my,roundup of the best budget 5g,smartphones right now so stay tuned that,should be going live in a few days,touchword fingers crossed etc as for,battery life what you actually get a,slightly bigger 4,300 milliamp effort here on the nord n10,versus the original oneplus nord and i,made it through even the most crazy,full-on days with plenty of juice left,in the tank,drain is thankfully minimal when the,phones not actually in use and even at,the end of a fairly intensive deer with,around five to six hours of screen on,time,i still tended to have around 20 to 30,juice left in the tank,and in more good news you get that same,super fast warp charge 30 t-tec,as the original one oneplus no thats 30,watt fast charging so youll have a full,battery again in about an hour or so at,the plug,so lets finish up with that quad lens,rear camera which sports different,hardware to the original node the main,difference here is that you get a 64,megapixel primary sensor,although photos are shot at 16 meg by,default with pixel bending to help,produce a more balanced brighter look,and snap,detail levels are somewhat lacking when,you view back your photos on a bigger,screen,with soft or grainy results at times,thats especi

The Cheapest 5G OnePlus Phone! – OnePlus Nord N10 5G – Worth it in 2022? (Real World Review)

in july of 2020 oneplus launched a brand,to appeal to a lower budget the nord,they said that there will be more,versions and in november of 2020 we got,two devices the better one being this,the oneplus nord n10 5g though this,specific us version didnt get launched,until 2021 this is one plus attempt at a,true budget 5g phone as well as the,intro to the current three nords that,are in america and personally im not a,fan but we cant immediately write this,off as a bad phone because im not part,of the demographic that this phone is,made for also there are used versions,that can be found under a hundred,dollars like this 88 dollar one,instead i will tell you about my,experience using the oneplus nord n105g,and tell you whether or not you should,buy one in 2022,hello everyone this is matt from real,world review socials are listed above,and now lets get down to business as it,may seem obvious this phone is,disappointing to me but if youre the,average person looking for a phone in,this price point then this phone might,seem fitting to power this phone we get,a snapdragon 690 processor with six,gigabytes of ram paired with 128,gigabytes of ufs 2.1 storage which is,expandable of course it is a budget,phone think somewhere in between,snapdragon 835 and snapdragon 845 chip,or like a pixel 4a non 5g the,performance works but there are some,apps that will hang when opening gaming,is alright too nothing too major but we,do run into a few issues the phone gets,hot fairly easily and doesnt really,push all that heat out properly because,of the plastic build the other issue is,the battery on this one it is a 4 300,milliamp cell we dont get wireless,charging which is not surprising but we,do get 30 watts of wire charging thanks,to warp charge its actually pretty fast,for a cheap android phone but the reason,is because the battery is miserable very,low battery life thanks to that 5g,signal but it also may be because of the,processor not being optimized properly,and yes even with 60hz the battery life,doesnt get that much better moving,outside of the phone we do get some nice,things the top has a microphone while,the right side has the lonely power,button and the left side is where the,volume buttons are and sim card tray,which is paired with the memory card,slot then on the bottom we get the,headset jack another microphone a usbc,2.0 port and the second loudspeaker,which is kind of surprising for this,price point the front of the phone is a,gorilla glass 3 slab with a hole for the,front camera in the corner and then the,second loudspeaker on the very top for a,budget phone it doesnt sound that bad,and actually has a stereo feel which is,very impressive to me on the back we get,the little area for the two useless,cameras and the two useful cameras with,the somewhat middle ground of an led,flash the back itself is a plastic cover,just like the trim in the mid frame and,the fingerprint scanner really the,screen in camera cover is glass the,camera trim and top speaker grille is,metal and the rest of the phone is,plastic while this is a larger phone so,is the weight being 190 grams but the,plastic build definitely makes it feel,lighter than it really is overall its a,decent build for a budget phone and it,kind of makes sense but i still feel,like some older flagship phones would be,a better choice compared to this phone,except for the fact that this is a 5g,phone no ultra wideband support of,course,while the screen isnt anything special,thats one of the reasons why i need to,talk about it this is a 6.49 inch ips,lcd that has a 1080p resolution with a,pixel density of 405 pixels per inch the,interesting thing is that it is a 90,hertz display but its actually one of,the worst screens that ive seen in a,while similar to the essential phone the,screen just feels too bright and it kind,of reminds me of raising the brightness,on a monitor too high at around 400 nits,the backlight isnt really the best and,the image quality could use some work,having used this motorola here as,comparison i see that the images look,even better on this one and its just an,lcd display then the refresh rate is set,to 90 hertz but visually feels like it,dips below 60 frames per second a lot i,turned off 90hz and went down to 60hz,and only noticed a very slight,difference whereas my oneplus 7 pro does,drop below 90hz and 60hz every once in a,while but not as much as his phone its,a strange feeling and adding 90 hertz is,a plus but it has to hit that,consistently for it to be a true bonus,rather than a boost on a spec sheet as,for using the screen though not too bad,it is very responsive and cheap to fix,if you do break the screen both things,that are kind of a concern in this price,point we do get double tap to wake and,sleep though the former is hit or miss,we dont get an always on display but we,do get this ambient display but the,operation feels kind of clunky and,sometimes doesnt even activate i didnt,want to make this section for the screen,but it feels kind of right to explain,the issues that i had with the,brightness of the image as well as a,refresh rate similar to the screen the,cameras are,there again not a flagship so dont,expect flagship grade there are three,real sensors on this phone one if you,want to count sensors i would actually,use but a total of five cameras,throughout the whole phone theres no,optical image stabilization just,electronic for video the main camera is,a 64 megapixel sensor one that is,capable of 4k video at 30 frames per,second though its 64 megapixels images,look old almost like oneplus spent a,couple hours on sensor optimization and,then called it a day again for normal,people that buy this itll be fine but,not for those that want an awesome,camera or think 64 megapixels is really,good we get an 8 megapixel ultrawide,sensor which looks alright but similar,to the 64 megapixel sensor colors look,flat at 119 degrees the image looks,fairly wide but is lacking in image,quality then we get a 2 megapixel macro,lens which looks worse than you would,think often being dramatically worse,than the normal sensor when you zoom,that in then we get a 2 megapixel,monochrome which i have no idea how to,use essential did a really bad job with,the 13 megapixel one that they put in,that phone so i could only imagine how,terrible 2 megapixels would be if i can,even use it its honestly kind of dumb,though they didnt just make two sensors,on the back but having four sounds,better right well heres some pictures,judge away,[Music],[Music],[Music],[Music],[Music],as for the front camera it is a 16,megapixel sensor that reminds me of,other 16 megapixel oneplus devices looks,alright for video calls but who is using,this for selfies not to mention that the,front camera video is nowhere near,vlogging quality with 1080p at a max of,60 frames per second but that is,technically higher than the oneplus 7,pro actually they could have just thrown,the much nicer nine dollar triple sensor,array from the oneplus 7 pro and called,it a day but what do i know now for me,this phone doesnt make sense at all the,lcd screen is a low quality one just,like the cameras and processor speeds,but i guess thats fine at a launch,price of three hundred dollars this is,not a good deal but now its pretty,decent at around a hundred dollars and,thats where things start to look up we,get android 11 on this phone with some,fairly recent security updates which may,or may not continue moving forward we,get expandable storage a headset jack,and a decent 128 gigabytes of built-in,storage theres no water resistance or,wireless charging but 30 watts of wire,charging is pretty fast with modern,pixel phones of the time being almost,half of that charging speed even with,something like the iphone 13 pro max it,cant even charge that fast we get a,fingerprint sensor and face unlock both,that work fairly fast theyre not the,best but they still work pretty fast the,dual speaker setup still blows my mind,because the fact that its a budget,foc

7 reasons to buy OnePlus Nord N10 5G! Flagship 5G Phone Killer!!!

[Music],hi everyone this is jd,your gadget review friend if you search,youtube right now you will probably see,a lot of videos and comments not to buy,oneplus nord,and 105g oneplus has a good track record,in terms of producing fast and stellar,phones,they were touted as the flagship killer,before but as the oneplus model,starting from oneplus one to 80 became,more and more expensive over time,created another segment to cater the,budget conscious consumers,today we will give you seven reasons why,you should buy oneplus nord,n10 5g in 2021,lets go,[Music],lets start with the first compelling,reason which is price,at 300 you get a fast phone fast,charging and fast connectivity,its the cheapest 5g phone available,today in the market,we also have the motorola ace 5g but it,is 100 dollars more expensive than this,and i bet it wont be as fast as this,phone in terms of performance and,charging speed,oxygen os is known to be a developer os,if you go online it started as a project,for most phones,like samsung and lg and later on was,used for oneplus,you can do almost anything on it and,its pretty stock experience,and sometimes honestly its faster than,stock android experience,phones with headphone jack is a dying,breed the qualify is a premium phone,you must remove the headphone jack,oneplus nord n10 is not a premium phone,and thankfully it isnt its a fast,phone with 5g connectivity and a,headphone jack,a pretty good and competitive device if,you ask me,you have everything you need,this phone is for the gamers like me,its a different experience if you have,a faster refresh rate,there are a good amount of games in play,store that utilizes the 90 hertz screen,refresh rate,and i tell you it makes a lot of,difference it makes the screen more,responsive to clicks,[Music],before great battery life is reserved,for feature phones,do you remember the lg x power or moto g,power,usually the performance isnt that great,those are budget phones with long,battery life,not anymore oneplus nord n10 5g has 4300,milliampere battery,that sustains this powerhouse coupled,with the power efficiency processor,it can last for 9-10 hours of moderate,usage,so this phone is running snapdragon 690,which has 5g,modem for fast connectivity it has six,gigs of ram that will handle most of the,task with the breeze,a ufs 2.1 storage for faster read and,write and the 90 hertz screen refresh,rate,on a normal day-to-day activity it is as,fast as the high-end phones,ive used it for heavy games and it,handled those really well,i mean for three hundred dollars you,gotta steal,well since apple samsung and huawei,removed the charger,lets be thankful that oneplus provided,a 30 watts fast charger for this phone,for 300 dollars you get a fast charger,and a 4300 milliampere battery,a lot of juice to enjoy the phone and a,fast charger in case it gets low,although i was turned off by the fact,that oneplus was once a flagship killer,with maxed out specs we have to set the,expectation that even chipset,manufacturers like qualcomm,or camera sensor makers like sony and,samsung,raises their prices too so building a,phone is also expensive,oneplus nord n10 5g even with the so-so,specification,is still faster compared to a flagship,oneplus phone two to three years ago,so this is a step up to the right,direction,if you enjoy this video consider,subscribing,i will post daily videos of gadget,reviews comparisons,rumors and leaks the goal of this,channel is to review and compare devices,as simple as possible concise and,friendly and keeping you updated with,the latest happenings around the tech,world,dont forget to drop your comment like,and share,thank you guys for watching and ill see,you,in the next one

OnePlus Nord N10 5G Review

whats up guys earl here figure tech and,the oneplus nord,n105g is by far the most affordable 5g,already from oneplus with a big screen,high refresh rate and a tall aspect,ratio that makes it easier for people,with smaller hands to use,so without any further ado lets take a,more in-depth look at this device,[Music],the oneplus noid n10 looks very simple,its got a glossy back finish made out,of plastic that is very prone to,fingerprint smudges,theres no free jelly case and screen,protector here and the n105g comes only,in one color scheme,midnight eyes which is quite unusual for,a mid-range smartphone,in the front it offers a very generous,screen size,a 20 by 9 aspect ratio and an lcd,the side bezels are quite small while,the top and,bottom could have been smaller place on,the upper left side is a punch hole,cutout that houses its front-facing,camera,on the left side youll find its volume,rockers and a hybrid slot that can,either carry two nano sim cards,or a nano sim card and a micro sd card,while on the right is its power button,if you are a fan of oneplus you will,notice that it didnt include its,signature three-way alert slider,up top is a noise cancelling microphone,while at the bottom are its downward,firing speaker,usb type-c noise cancellation microphone,for calls and,a 3.5 millimeter audio port at the back,youll find its quad rear camera stack,in a rectangular frame,and a fingerprint sensor housed just,above the oneplus logo,the camera bump does protrude a bit and,it is prone to some slight,rocking when placed on a flat surface,overall it is pretty comfortable to hold,in use,build quality is sturdy but it is still,feels cheap,also take note that the n105g is not ip,certified the display is one of the main,areas where oneplus had to compromise to,keep,costs down the oneplus nord n10 sports a,6.49 inches,ips display with a resolution of 2400 by,1080,a 90hz refresh rate and it is protected,by 2.5 decoding guerrilla glass free,the n10 5g lcd screen is by no means top,notch,the screen itself is sharp however it,lets a little brightness,and it can be hard to see at some angles,when using outdoors,audio wise at this price point the,stereo speaker are a nice to have,feature,the bottom firing speaker tends to,distort a little bit at maximum volume,but if you keep the volume at reasonable,levels it sounds pretty good straight,out of the box the north n10 5g is,running on oxygen os,10.5 based on android 10. the ui,is highly customizable you can switch,between light and dark mode themes,in the settings and the ambient display,clock style,accent color system icon shape icon,packs,and the font you can also choose between,full gesture control or navigation bar,with fixed controls for home,back and recent however as much as we,love,oxygen os for its track record the,update situation is very different here,as we are only guaranteed one update,and thats going to be android 11. the,design changes in oxygen os 11 may not,be everyones liking,powering the oneplus nord n10 is a,qualcomm snapdragon 690 chipset,6 gigabytes of ram adreno 619 gpu,and a 128 gigs of ufs 2.1 storage,it is one of the first chipsets from,qualcomm 6 series,to feature 5g connectivity when it comes,to gaming you will notice some lag so,better to lower your graphics if you,want a smooth performance,for day-to-day use like browsing the web,it is pretty snappy and responsive,if you want to know more how the oneplus,nord n105g performs,check out these benchmark scores,for biometrics the rear mounted,fingerprint sensor feels a little,snuggish,and does not work all the time reliably,the face recognition,works better at least in good lighting,conditions the oneplus nord n10 offers,5g compatibility,and it is packed with all the modern,connectivity features including dual sim,support,dual band gps bluetooth 5.1,usb type-c and nfc oneplus may have,dialed back the processor on the oneplus,nord and 105g,but it hasnt sacrificed battery life,for the phone it packs a 4,300 milliamp hour battery with support,for 30 watt warp charging,which can only charge the device for,more or less than an hour,in our standard video loop test your,device yielded 20 hours of playback in,the pc marker 2.0 battery test,it got a score of 15 hours and 39,minutes,now checking out the cameras the noid,n10 has four,rear lenses including 64 megapixel main,8 megapixel ultra wide,2 megapixel tap and a 2 megapixels no no,lens,for selfies we have a 16 megapixel,sensor,as for the photo quality photos taken,from its rear cameras looks quite good,it provides the right colors especially,under good lighting conditions and,details are present,the ultra wide shots are also impressive,but its colors are not,as vibrant as they are with the main,camera when it comes to low light photos,are a little bit noisy and smudgy,but using the nightscape mode make,things a little bit better,selfies with the noid n10 is kind of a,hit or miss,it struggles with skin tones and makes,you look pale,turning on the hdr makes it a little bit,better on the other things the nord n10,impressed me with its rear camera video,quality you can shoot up to 4k at 30,frames per second,the stabilization is quite good but not,perfect,but if you want a more smooth video,output use a tripod or,a gimbal the oneplus nord n105g,is a really interesting addition to,oneplus mid-range lineup and currently,one of the affordable 5g phones with big,screen,good camera decent battery life and,acceptable performance,at the price of 14 and 190 pesos,the 90hz refresh rate is also a nice,feature,which does improve the daily user,experience however,there are smartphones around the same,price that offers better screen,performance camera and still 5g enabled,so what do you guys think about the,oneplus nord n105g,is this gonna be your next mid-ranger,let us know in the comment section below,and if you enjoyed this video be sure to,drop a like subscribe to our channel for,more content hit the bell icon to,present a future uploads and be sure to,visit yugatech.com,for the latest tech news and reviews,this has been real and ill catch you,guys in the next,one

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