1. Walmart ONN 10.1″ Tablet Gen 3 (2022 Model) – Unboxing & Review!
  2. Amazon vs Walmart Budget Tablet Showdown! – ONN Tablet
  3. Oh no… My Dad Needs a Tablet – The BEST Budget Tablets Early 2022
  4. First Look, New Walmart Onn Surf Gen 3 Android Tablet, Worth $59?
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Walmart ONN 10.1″ Tablet Gen 3 (2022 Model) – Unboxing & Review!

today weve got another tablet from,walmarts on brand this time is the 10.1,inch gen 3 version that just came out in,2022 pricing starts at only 99 bucks for,this one so its definitely going to be,competing against tablets like the fire,hd 10 other budget devices and youve,got four different colors to choose from,utility blue mauve charcoal and the one,shown here is chartreuse comes with,android 11 go edition has a 10.1 inch,lcd display 800 by 1280 resolution comes,with 32 or 64 gigabytes of storage you,can also expand the storage with a micro,sd card its got a mediatek 8168b,processor 2 gigabytes of ram theyre,advertising up to 17 hours of battery,life looks like for mixed usage 2,megapixel front and rear facing cameras,also comes with google kid space,entertainment space,its just one glance at the specs this,almost seems like identical to the seven,inch tablet inside the box youve got a,product guide and quick start guide,looks like walmart wants you to pick,your groceries up there weve actually,used that before not really the best,experience i know there was at least one,or two times where we had to wait over,an hour to get our groceries usb a wall,adapter is included along with a usbc,the usb a charging cable,definitely going old school here showing,you where all the controls and ports are,i guess thats not a bad idea for,somebody getting their first tablet,as you can see color matches the box,there i kind of like it youve got a,matte plastic finish there on the back,on logo in the center your two megapixel,rear facing camera is up there in the,corner i gotta say it actually doesnt,look that bad considering the price,looks like theyre sort of doing what,amazon does theyre putting power volume,buttons micro sd card tray the charging,port and headphone jack all on one side,then youve got two speakers there what,looks to be on the bottom side and then,youve got the front facing camera right,in the center there along the top if you,have it in landscape mode now in person,the screen quality on this definitely,looks like from a few years ago good,thing is this is dual band wi-fi so you,got 2.4 and 5 gigahertz and it looks,like theres a security update right out,of the box just like their 7-inch,version so its good to see that they,are updating these devices,its already using 26,of the 32 gigabyte storage so yeah if,youre gonna buy this tablet i would,definitely go with the 64 gigabyte,version it only cost just a little more,than this one now right off the bat i,feel like this screen is very similar to,the seven inch version where it could be,a little bit brighter and i wish they,would have at least went to 1080p,resolution looks like youve got the,same wallpaper as on the 7-inch version,pretty much stock android here with just,a few pre-installed apps from google and,then a couple apps from walmart as well,left of the home screen youre going to,have the google entertainment space,which is kind of nice to have really it,gives you recommendations for stuff to,watch games to play stuff to read and,music or podcasts to listen to,swipe down anywhere on the home screen,to get the notification shade pretty,basic stuff here like wi-fi bluetooth do,not disturb auto rotate battery saver,airplane mode youve also got nearby,chair if you click the little pencil,down in the corner,you can add several things like,screencast location invert colors data,saver dark theme high comfort storage,focus mode and calculator as well so you,can watch youtube videos at 1080p,resolution sd playback resolution on,apps like netflix,youve also got things like parental,controls on here it also has digital,well-being just to track how long you or,your kids have used this tablet that,sort of thing since this isnt the full,android version youre not going to get,all of the apps on the google play store,but theres still a good amount to,choose from for example you cant get,asphalt 9 but asphalt 8 is available and,surprisingly you can even download apex,legends mobile on here not that its,going to play the best on here but at,least you actually can download it as,you can see by the geekbench 5 testing,its pretty low numbers on this i mean,its comparable to the 7 inch version,but you would think with a larger tablet,like this youd get a little bit better,performance but no not really downside,is with this tablet i feel like its the,bare minimum as far as specs go so just,moving around the software playing games,not even trying to multitask im talking,about just basic stuff this is going to,feel pretty sluggish i know this is a,pretty cheap tablet but just something,to keep in mind if you are going to be,getting this now as far as gaming goes,on here the graphics actually look,pretty decent on games like pubg mobile,asphalt 8 doesnt really look the best,for apex legends of mobile but its,still playable probably the biggest,issue for me when gaming its not,letting me rotate the screen for some,reason so if youre going to use the,headphone jack sort of gets in the way,because its way down at the bottom,right where your hand would be just,something to keep in mind if youre,going to be gaming on this probably have,to use bluetooth headphones,now they advertise 17 hours battery life,of the mixed usage and yeah i could see,that during my testing its a little,more extreme at one hundred percent,screen brightness and it lasted just,over nine hours which is quite a bit,better than the seven inch on tablet,that i just tested recently and a lot,closer to the fire hd10 so youve just,got the two speakers there on the bottom,of the tablet but yeah even with the,volume turned all the way up these,really dont sound that good they could,also be a little bit louder that i dont,know if its that big a deal though,again this is a budget device and its,got a headphone jack so you could use,that or bluetooth headphones i always,like to give people a sample just to,give you an idea of what the audio,sounds like,[Music],now in a camera app its going to be,pretty basic stuff here youve got,portrait photo video translate shutter,speed seems a little slow on here,and as far as resolution goes yeah its,going to be pretty bad,but ill still give you a few samples of,photos and video just to give you an,idea of what to expect just know if,youre going to be doing a zoom meeting,video conference call anything like that,youre going to want to grab your cell,phone or any other tablet besides this,one,hopefully this video gave you a little,closer look at the new 10.1 inch gen 3,tablet by walmarts on brand that just,came out in 2022 i was kind of hoping it,would be a little better performance at,least better than the seven inch version,but unfortunately it doesnt seem to be,the case im going to go ahead and check,out their 8-inch version as well see how,it compares to this and the 7-inch so if,youre still interested in the on brand,tablets youll definitely want to look,out for that,[Music],so if youve made it this far into the,video you may want to say thanks by,subscribing and dont forget to give a,thumbs up if this video was helpful this,is brian from fishbee productions thanks,for watching and ill see you on the,next one,[Music],oh,[Music],[Applause],[Music]

Amazon vs Walmart Budget Tablet Showdown! – ONN Tablet

the state of android tablets is,deplorable barely anyone that matters,even still bothers to make them and,theyre so far behind apples ipad in,basically every way that matters that i,wouldnt blame people for,not even knowing that they exist,and the consequence of that is that for,the ones that do exist you basically,want to spend as little as possible on,them while still getting good enough,performance for the things you want to,do because remember,low price does not always equal good,value so if youre in the market then,for an inexpensive device that you can,like use to watch movies in bed or look,at recipes in your kitchen or to a kid,to run off with and smash around i mean,im not giving them my note 9 thats for,sure so today were going to be taking a,look at walmarts 10 inch entrance into,the budget android tablet market and,determining is it even worth 80,or should you just pony up double for,the reigning incumbent best-selling,cheap android tablet the amazon fire,hd10,oh no thats fine thats just the box,[Music],so i think the first thing that i want,to know is what exactly is it about this,that makes it a,walmart tablet this just looks like,they took whatever,chinese tablet they could find and then,they put this sticker on it that,entitles you to twenty dollars of ebooks,from walmart ebooks well i think they,did slightly more than that because this,is actually walmarts in-store brand oh,its the same brand that of the tv the,tv yes oh okay but different than the,laptops and desktops thats the,overpowered brand okay so then walmart,just either doesnt employ very good,graphic designers or they went out of,their way to make this look i think so,cheap is that an expectation management,strategy for sure like you want a box,that attracts the type of customer that,this appeals to if the box is super,premium looking i might not even look at,the features of the price because i,expect its out of my price range got it,okay so its 10.1 inches its got a 1.3,gigahertz processor 2 gigs of ram 16,gigs of storage and a claimed battery,life of five and a half hours now,thats not a huge battery life claim,no its really not but if thats screen,on time its also not entirely,unreasonable well this one here by,contrast,claims 10 hours which is double that but,this is kind of better in almost every,way except for the ram which is the same,it has more memory starting at 32 and an,option to go to 64. this is really not a,very impressive display even just aside,from text being kind of blurry like when,i have a web browser open,you can see here even just,basic app icons have kind of a fuzziness,to them and thats because its only,running at 1280 by 800 resolution worse,than that though is that theres a,really really big air gap like its been,a while since ive seen one this big,between the panel behind and the glass,on top so it kind of feels like,your finger is floating above the icons,youre trying to hit as opposed to,actually touching them now with that,said,the actual responsiveness of it is far,from the worst ive seen this is running,android actually a pretty pure android 9,while this has amazons os on it thats,a smoother animation for sure though so,thats a bit of a double-edged sword,because youve got all the amazon junk,preloaded and you have to side load your,android apps thats right theres no,google play store in here but this ones,not perfect because you can see theres,an extra button here beside your,multi-task and home and back button,whats that button look like,a walmart a walmart logo what happens,oh thank goodness i have a dedicated,button to shop at walmart walmart,grocery sams club,open up voodoo and walmarts e-books of,course which i get 20 of credit for,thank you,okay so this is me trying to put the,volume down,and its going up and i would think that,the left side is intuitively down yeah,but if i lets check that out if i,rotate it,down,down up down is up and up down wait wait,i get it now,the volume button its not designed to,be used like this,its designed to be used like this,so theres your volume up and theres,your volume down its right there at,your thumb so your palm could just,accidentally turn it off yeah no im not,saying i support this this ergonomic,yeah im just saying thats what it is,oh that is not,hd that sounds awful,oh my god that doesnt even look like,like hd like im talking 720 hd okay,lets compare the sound though,thats a lot better,easily twice as good,give me that one again,not as loud no and it,feel it sounds,vibratey anthony hopkins does not sound,like that,i love you my sons,no its day and night yeah day and night,so thats a clear victory for amazon,whats our next step then well we can do,a gaming evaluation but heres where it,gets a little tricky this one uses the,amazon app store the only one that was,on here was mark okay so i got pass mark,on there and we can run the benchmark,side by side so i went and did some,chores for a bit and,youre done oh ive been done for a,while and by your done i mean,im done some of these tests dont seem,that bad like the 1.1 gigabytes per,second of uh storage speed,wait oh no that was memory,31 megabytes a second we might as well,be running off an sd card its literally,one,tenth,the storage speed like never mind half,and that makes a big difference on a,device like this but what about the,camera oh,lets see who can take the greatest,picture of this uh,tabletop gaming stuff here oh my,goodness maybe itll be better once it,actually gets to process it so heres my,processed image,its really not any better than the,viewfinder wow,so id say theres some over sharpening,and this is a little bit too saturated,but its definitely better okay so it,sucks but the question at the top of,this video was,is it good enough like if you can pay,less,is this one good enough to get done what,you want to get done,i would say for,the discerning customer,no i would either pay the extra for this,one,or i would just step down to a smaller,amazon tablet knowing that im at least,going to get a reasonably color,calibrated screen,if it ran netflix without compression,artifacts all over the freaking place,id say yeah at half the price ill just,save the money because the build quality,of it while not exceptional by any,stretch is,its not going to fall apart its its,its robust enough that you could toss,it onto the couch with confidence,its just not good enough that i could,recommend it as anything other than a,secondary tablet for the kids and i,would personally take the compromise of,a smaller,sharper screen over a larger one that,just,isnt good enough and it was funny,because when we did the amazon video,were like yeah this things not great,but apparently its not the worst,good job jeff so thanks for watching,guys if you disliked this video you can,hit that button but if you liked it hit,like get subscribed or maybe consider,checking out the link to where to buy,the stuff we featured in the video,description to be clear as like a kids,tablet sure why not i wouldnt spend any,more than i absolutely have to on,something like that and,it does feel pretty robust uh also down,there is our merch store which has cool,shirts like that one,uh and our community forum which you,should totally join seriously though,guys this one is finally actually in,stock and they are selling like hotcakes,i actually dont know if i told you this,these are moving like crazy yeah are you,sure theyre not theyre not selling,like bobs your uncle,i actually did know that i did that on,purpose,and bobs your uncle the videos over

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Oh no… My Dad Needs a Tablet – The BEST Budget Tablets Early 2022

(drums playing),- Who are we?,- [Crowd] Old people and children.,- What do we want?,- Cheap tablets!,- Yeah.,- No, you dont buying your grandparents.,A bad tablet is borderline elder abuse.,So when Anthony told us his dad needed a new tablet,,I did what any tech nerd would do and said,,”Just get him an iPad.”,- Thats too expensive.,It has to be less than $250.,- Thats a little tougher.,The budget tablet market is an absolute minefield,of low spec and ad infested.,Junk.,Not wanting Anthonys dad to suffer.,I did the next thing that I know how to do.,I paid someone else to go,,and find the best tablet for $250 or less.,Just like how MSI paid me for this sponsor spot.,MSI optic MPG, 3 21 QRF – QD,Is a 32 inch 1440 P quantum monitor with up,to a 175 Hertz refresh rate.,Learn more at the link down below.,(upbeat techno music),We ended up with five budget tablets, some new,,some refurbished, some surprisingly good,and some surprisingly bad, regardless of our conclusions.,Were gonna have all of them linked down below,,if you think one of them might be right for you.,Lets start with the $98 on 10.1 inch tablet,,or as I call it the e-waste special.,Walmart, you truly spared every expense here.,For starters, this is the only tablet,in our roundup that actually has a plastic screen.,The two megapixel shooter takes photos,like a 2006 flip phone and the selfie camera.,- EEHHH! You look so pale.,Have you been eating?,- Honestly? I think itll make your grandmother cry when,she sees your on a video call.,- My boy.,- It makes weird noises when you hold it, like it.,(cracking noises),Kinda creek sometimes, but as Lenox has shown us.,Garbage hardware can be redeemed by good software.,And this is the only tablet of the bunch that runs,the very lightweight Android Go OS.,Unfortunately, it still chugs even just swiping,through the homepages.,You also cant split screen 2 apps.,And while it does come with an interesting feature called,Google Entertainment Space that provides recommendations for,things to watch, read, listen to, or play on your tablet.,They, well, maybe its better to just show you.,This movie, for instance, is clearly missed labeled.,If youve listened to the There Just Movies podcast episode,on Licorice Pizza, I think youll know that this aint it.,And we could play games like Twerk Race 3d.,(laughing in background),Oh my goodness.,Theres broccoli and burgers and.,What the?,So I avoid broccoli.,- Got to size up your badonkadonk.,- I dont understand.,I got a new skin.,That would be horrible, even if it was running smoothly.,Thankfully, it runs the one thing that matters.,LTT store.com.,New couch ripper pillows, swacket restock, hot flannel.,Oh, and weve got a new feature where you can mouse,over to see the size the models wearing.,Super cool.,Of course, many people buy tablets purely,for watching videos on the go.,So, hows the media experience?,(tropical music),All Ill say is your 2 year old probably wont care,,but I think Anthonys dad deserves better.,Thankfully, a $50 jump in price brings us,to the significantly better.,Amazon Fire HD 10. Amazons tablets have long dominated,the budget segment, and for good reason.,This one is reasonably rugged.,Despite its plastic chassis, the full HD display manages to,avoid actively harming the content.,The speakers sound good up to about 50% volume.,(tropical music),And the SOC can handle some light multitasking, especially,if you stick to the lightweight integrated apps.,The big gotcha.,The penis rocket billionaires ecosystem.,Amazon uses Fire OS a fork of Android,and they absolutely hate Google.,So that means youre stuck with the Amazon app store rather,than the play store.,And its got about 1, 7th the number of apps.,Not only that.,But Google apps?,Nah uh.,Not even YouTube or Gmail, only WebApp versions are,available, and its even missing popular games like,Genshin Impact and Pokemon Go.,The thing is to help these tablets punch above,their price class.,Amazon subsidizes the hardware by cutting out Googles,30% cut on app revenue and replacing it with their own.,And they also push the user hard to subscribe,to their services.,You can install the Google play store,and enable Google services by downloading the relevant APKs.,And for the sake of testing, we did do that,,but it is a major inconvenience, especially if youre not,that tech savvy and especialer, or if youre moving from an,older Android tablet, like Anthonys dad.,Stepping up to the $200 price range then,,and not being impressed by the big manufacturers.,We found this promising little bundle,called the Kingpad K10 Pro.,(electric guitar),- Sup Vast King?,- The pro moniker might be a little optimistic,,but I guess Vast Kings point is then they mean business,,with the keyboard, folio, and active stylist all included.,You will be business chic on the cheap,,with this entire package costing just $40 more,than Apples standalone Smart Keyboard.,And shockingly, this keyboard is actually better,than the Apple one.,The included stylist though is pretty mediocre.,It has pressure sensitivity but no angle detection.,Though, it does come with an easily replaceable,quadruple A battery, and it glides nicely across,the screen without bumps or grinding.,Speaking of which Twerk Race 3d runs,like a dream on this bad boy.,The Unisoc T 6 18 chip set proves to be adequately,capable. To actually the same chip Samsung is using,in their brand new A8 series tablets.,And the full HD display is sharp, but only manages dim,washed out colors compared to our other competitors.,(tropical music),And the speakers are disappointingly tinny.,Also, to save money the devs have skipped out,on wide vine DRM certification.,Meaning that you wont be able to stream an HD from services,like Netflix, and battery life is pretty underwhelming.,So media consumption aint great,,and the Kings pads productivity aspirations get hamstrung,somewhat by its bare bones Android 10 operating system.,At least it can open two apps simultaneously though,,but compared to the multitasking capabilities,of tablets from the likes of Samsung and Apple,it falls well short.,Now beyond the $200 mark, we are getting dangerously,near the edge of what we can safely call budget, but.,(harp music),- Oh, whats this?,My God its iPad the Gray,the Clean X of tablets and at just $230.,Apple makes up 58% of the worldwide tablet market.,And thats for good reason.,This right here is a refurbished 6 generation unit,from 2018 sporting Apples A 10 SOC.,And what is there for me to say?,Even as a PC Android kind of guy.,I recognize that the iPad is just,plain better than the competition.,But, hold on a second.,Is this 4 year old 32 gigabyte model the right deal at $230?,Only you can answer that.,Our other honorable mention is the base model 9th Gen iPad,for just a $100 more.,Its gonna have software support for much longer.,Its got better.,Well.,Everything.,And if it holds its value nearly as well,as the 6th Gen model did.,You should be able to flip it for a decent price,when you feel like upgrading.,Also, without expandable storage this 32 gigs,is gonna fill up pretty fast.,Every other tablet we looked at has expandable storage,,but Apples too good for that.,Finally, at the top of our budget,we have the Galaxy Tab S Six Light, which while it is listed,at $279.99 on Samsungs website has been going,for $250 pretty frequently these days at,retailers like Amazon.,And you can probably expect prices to drop a bit more,as Samsung rolls out its new 8 Series tablet, lineup bundled,with Samsungs excellent Spen you get the best screen,out of the bunch, the best speakers, second best software,,and the best build quality out of the lot.,And with a 13 hour battery,a number it very nearly achieved in our battery test.,This tablet is a great deal at $250 bucks.,Yes, the device is coming on 2 years old at this point,,and design doesnt have the best track record for software,support, but this is such a good piece of hardware.,Its at least worth giving a second look to.,

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First Look, New Walmart Onn Surf Gen 3 Android Tablet, Worth $59?

hey whats going on everybody its eta,primepak here again today were going to,be taking a look at the all-new walmart,on surf gen 3 7-inch android tablet now,recently i posted a video taking a look,at the new amazon fire hd 7 and i,actually had no clue that walmart was,going to be releasing their new line of,tablets but i recently went there saw,them on the shelf and figured id go,ahead and pick one up these are coming,in at the exact same price as the amazon,fire tablet 59.99 but around black,friday youre definitely going to see a,really steep discount on these and i,figured id go ahead and pick one up,just to take a look at it does have an,upgraded cpu from their older 7-inch,surf so we might get a little better,performance and it seems that every year,around the same time that amazon,releases their 7-inch tablets walmart,releases their new online,and real quick they do offer different,colors on their website i wasnt aware,of this when i picked it up in store but,if you do order it from walmart.com you,can pick it up in kind of a that,yellowish green on color purple blue or,charcoal and the charcoal one is the one,that youll probably find in store,so theyve also got a 10.1 inch with the,same exact cpu but i went with the,cheaper model here the 7-inch its got a,mono speaker and usb type-c for charging,in sync weve got a 3.5 millimeter audio,jack up here and a micro sd card slot,now they claim that this will work up to,a one terabyte card ive only tested a,128 in here but for a seven inch tablet,i think thats plenty of storage,and when it comes to the basic specs for,the cpu weve got a mediatek,mt-8168b this is quad core a55 cpu,running at 2 gigahertz and weve got a,mali g52 mc2 gpu in the new amazon fire,its an mc1 so its a single core gpu,with this we get two cores which isnt,much better but it does make a bit of a,difference,two gigabytes of ram 32 gigabytes of,storage in the base model plus micro sd,card support a seven inch 1024 by 600,ips display does have ac wi-fi so we can,pick up that 5 gigahertz network,bluetooth 5.0 and this is running,android go 11 so it is a lighter weight,version of android but its true android,we do get google play right out of the,box and with android go we do get,regular security updates so thats,definitely a big plus when it comes to,this tablet versus the fire 7.,so obviously performance on something,like this isnt going to come close to,the more expensive samsung tablets but,were working with a 60 tablet here and,for what we have i was actually really,impressed by how smooth everything was,its not the fastest tablet in the world,given that we have that older 2,gigahertz cpu but it is paired up with,android go which is a much lighter way,android version and you know loading up,google play loading up web pages and,everything like that does work much,better than i expected it to on this,tablet and another thing i noticed was,youtube video playback is actually at,60fps on the new fire 7 its stuck at,30.,but with this we can do 60fps 720p,playback we probably could go a bit,higher but that screen resolution is,already basically maxed out at 720p but,ive got stats for nerds on screen zero,drop frames 720p 60fps,and with the built-in five gigahertz,wi-fi everything loads up really quickly,it would have been nice to see wi-fi six,but i completely understand what theyre,doing here,moving over to some android gaming,wasnt expecting anything spectacular,here but it does handle stuff like,minecraft and especially 2d games so,like among us dead cells and all of your,favorite little 2d games are going to,function just fine on this 2 gigahertz,cpu but with minecraft i did have to,turn fancy graphics off and ive also,got the chunks set to 6. we could go,down one more but it doesnt make much,of a difference going from 5 to 6.,ive got a couple more games to test,here first one is among us not a super,hard game to run but thats kind of what,you want on a tablet like this uh touch,screens working just fine you can,connect a bluetooth controller among us,for android now natively supports,controllers which is a big plus and the,other one i tested here was dead cells,so this is actually one of my favorite,little indie games its been ported over,from pc to android and it is playable on,this unit im using an xbox controller,connected over bluetooth right now,another one of those games that natively,supports controllers so when it comes to,2d gaming you should be good to go on,this device 3d not so much but one of,the main things i wanted to test on this,was some emulation,and first up weve got some gba im,using retro arch here and when it comes,to the lower end stuff this tablet has,more than enough power you want to do,some neo geo some fba nes snes pc engine,this will run it i mean its going to,run it at full speed youre not going to,have any trouble with it along with game,boy game boy color and as you can see,here game boy advance but basically what,i wanted to see was how high we could,take this what kind of emulators could,we run on this device and when it comes,to nds or nintendo ds the drastic,emulator is really the way to go i,tested a few games here didnt run into,any issues whatsoever this emulator just,works really well on basically,everything that ive tested it on and as,you can see im in portrait mode right,now so weve got that top and bottom,screen but you can set this up any way,youd like and you can connect a,physical controller to it if you want to,i just wanted to show it off like this,with the touch screen controls,moving over to some playstation 1,emulation using retroarch with the pc sx,rearm core one of my favorite rally,games even to this day this is column of,crate rally 2.0 were at 60 fps and i,also tested bloody roar 2 one of those,games thats a bit harder to emulate for,lower end systems but this will handle,it at 60fps no problem at all,i also wanted to test a little bit of,n64 emulation and with the lighter or,the easier to run games using mupin 64,plus fz they run pretty decently got a,few hiccups every once in a while think,it comes down to that gpu driver but,overall stuff like mario 64 weve got,diddy kong racing mario kart all of,thats gonna run really well on this,device but there are some harder to,emulate games that might give you a few,issues especially using this emulator,like double 07 at first i got really,excited about it but then i got some,more npcs on screen and we got a lot of,slow down now there is a chance that the,mu pin 64 core in retroarch might,function better but ive always had,really good luck with the standalone,emulator,checking out some dreamcast emulation,and you know i was actually a little,disappointed with this im using the,redream emulator right now with marvel,vs capcom 2 running pretty decently i,mean this is definitely playable i also,tested out soul calibur and a lot of the,fighting games are going to be fully,playable or really easy to emulate games,but even moving over to something like,sonic adventure 2 it had a lot of,slowdowns and with this im using the,premium version im at the lowest,resolution with redream i also went,through and i tested flycast and i was,getting even worse performance now we,could take the resolution way down in,flycast and get much better performance,with games like sonic adventure 2 or you,could turn on frame skip but you know i,was really hoping that wed get some,decent performance out of a lot of these,dreamcast games,but about as high as we can go with this,little tablet here is psp emulation and,even then we will run into some,limitations with the harder to emulate,games like god of war and tekken 6 those,were games i did have to turn on frame,skip at 1x but theres a lot of easier,to emulate psp games thatll be fully,playable on this another one i tested,here was daxter this is one of those,games that does run at 30 fps runs,really well on this device,but the harder to emulate games for psp,youre kind of going to be a no-go,unless you dont

Walmart ONN 8″ Tablet Gen 3 (2022 Model) – Unboxing & Review

so weve already looked at the seven,inch and the 10 inch on tablet gen 3 by,Walmart now were checking out the 8,inch version price on this ones only 79,Ill leave a link in the description of,the video with current pricing and more,information lets go ahead and get,started,[Music],youve got four different colors mauve,chartreuse charcoal and the one shown,here is utility blue so the specs are,going to be very similar to the 7 and 10,inch version comes with Android 11 go,Edition its got an 8 inch 800 by 1280,resolution LCD display its got a,mediatek,8168b processor its got two gigabytes,of RAM 32 gigabytes of storage you can,also expand that storage with a Micro SD,card looks to have the same 2 megapixel,front facing and rear-facing cameras so,Inside the Box you get a quick start,guide product guide as well,you get a USBC USB a charging cable and,a usba wall adapter is included,you can see what the blue color looks,like nice matte plastic texture there on,the back on Logo in the middle rear,facing camera up in the corner you can,see the headphone jack and the micro SD,card slot there at the top,power and volume buttons there on the,right hand side USBC charging port is,there at the bottom and it looks like,theyre just one bottom firing speaker,front facing camera is up at the top or,on the short end if youre holding this,in landscape mode you can see the usual,on startup screen there its got 2.4 and,5 gigahertz Wi-Fi looks like theres a,security update right out of the box so,thats good to see I might as well go,ahead and update that now the screen,quality on this tablets not going to be,the best out there probably somewhat,similar to what youre going to get on a,Fire tablet by Amazon which I guess is,okay thats sort of who theyre,marketing towards or trying to compete,with software on here is pretty much,stock Android you wont be able to,download every app from the app store,since this is sort of a lighter version,of Android but you swipe left to the,home screen to get the Google,entertainment space which is kind of,nice really gives you options to watch,games to play stuff to read or different,kind of stuff to listen to,and then when you swipe up anywhere on,the home screen uh youll get all the,pre-installed apps mainly just apps from,Google and then theres a few from,Walmart pretty simple notification shade,on this one you just got Wi-Fi Bluetooth,do not disturb auto rotate battery saver,airplane mode and nearby share you can,also add a handful of other things like,screencast iComfort Dark theme Focus,mode and calculator you can watch videos,up to 1080p resolution on YouTube SD,playback resolution on apps like Netflix,as you can see by the geekbench 5,testing its pretty low numbers on this,I mean its comparable to the seven inch,version but you would think with a,larger tablet like this youd get a,little bit better performance but no not,really downside is with this tablet I,feel like its the bare minimum as far,as specs go so just moving around the,software playing games and not even,trying to multitask Im talking about,just basic stuff this tablets gonna,feel pretty sluggish I know this is a,pretty cheap tablet but just something,to keep in mind if you are going to be,getting this weird thing is youre not,able to get Asphalt 9 on here at least,they give you Asphalt 8 though but itll,let you download Apex Legends mobile,obviously its not going to play that,great on here at least they let you,download it now as far as gaming goes on,here the graphics actually look pretty,decent on games like pubg mobile uh,asphalt they doesnt really look the,best for Apex Legends mobile but its,still playable so unfortunately I,havent had a chance to test out the,battery life on this one yet but I plan,on having that information when I,compare this to some of my other 8-inch,tablets now you just have one speaker,down at the bottom let me give you a,quick audio test just to give you an,idea of what it sounds like,foreign,[Applause],[Music],[Applause],[Music],so it definitely sounds a little,distorted when turned all the way up I,guess thats sort of to be expected on a,cheaper tablet like this good thing is,at least you have a headphone jack now,inside the camera app its going to be,pretty simple on here youve got,portrait photo video and translate,pretty much the same cameras is on the,other on tablets that I just looked at,recently,if youre expecting to use the cameras,on this tablet I think youre going to,be disappointed by the quality let me,give you a few samples of photos and,video just to give you an idea of what,to expect just keep in mind youll,probably want to use a cell phone if you,have to do a zoom meeting other video,conference calls youre just going to,get better results,so I think these photos and video,samples are pretty self-explanatory not,the best out there again sort of how it,goes for a cheaper tablet from Walmart,with these specs so not a huge surprise,there,foreign,so hopefully this video gave you a,little closer look at the on 8 inch,tablet gen 3 version from Walmart,hopefully Ill get to compare this to,other tablets next week so youll,definitely want to look out for those,so if youve made it this far into the,video you may want to say thanks by,subscribing and dont forget to give a,thumbs up if this video was helpful this,is Brian from fishbe Productions thanks,for watching and Ill see you on the,next one,[Music],[Music],[Applause],[Music]

New Walmart 10.1” ONN Pro Android 10 Tablet Review Is it worth $130?

hey whats going on guys the CTA praten,back here again today were gonna be,taking a look at Walmarts all new on,surf tablet pro this is the 10.1 inch,version and they also make an 8 inch,version this one retails for $129 and,the 8 inch version is 99 we have a 10.1,inch screen the 2 gigahertz octa-core,CPU 3 gigs of RAM 32 gigabytes of,internal storage and Android 10 just,judging by the specs here and the pro,moniker that should be much more,powerful than the ones they released in,2019 now if you remember correctly they,released the $69 10 inch tablet and I,believe it was a $49 8 inch tablet in,2019 under the same brand on but these,are the pro versions new for 2020 and,Im really interested to see how these,perform now inside of the box youre,gonna receive a few coupons like $10 off,your grocery purchase you also get three,months of Vudu free but Im interested,in the tablet itself its definitely got,some heft to it and to my surprise it,actually has a metal back so hopefully,this helps with cooling that 2 gigahertz,CPU on the front here its got all your,instructions you need we also get our,user manual USB type-c cable and a 1 amp,5 volt charger now this is not going to,do any quick charging with this but you,could move up to a 2 amp charger and get,a little better out of it so on the,bottom here it looks like they have,their proprietary keyboard dock,connector Im not sure if theyre,selling this yet I have not seen it and,Im not sure if the older keyboard dock,works with this on one side of the,tablet we have a 3.5 millimeter audio,jack for your headphones a USB type-c,charger port micro SD card slot,compartment our power button and our,volume rocker now thats pretty much it,for buttons on the unit but up top we do,have dual stereo speakers and I have,tested these out they actually sound,pretty good for a cheap tablet aspect,schoo its looking a lot better than the,2019 non pro versions for the cpu we,have the mediatek,and four cores at two gigahertz for the,GPU we have the power VR rogue GE 8320,it does OpenGL and Vulcan so it is built,into this version of Android 10 that,comes pre-loaded on the tablet and we,also get three gigs of RAM now that,definitely doesnt seem like much but,with these cheaper tablets theyre,usually shipping with two gigs so that,extra gig will help out in the long run,the display is a 10.1 inch 1920 by 1200,LCD now nowhere in the manual or on the,box does this say its an IPS display,but viewing angles really arent that,bad theyre not as good as lets say the,new Amazon fire 10 tablet but overall I,think its a pretty decent screen for a,hundred and thirty dollar tablet 32,gigabytes of internal storage plus a,microSD card slot good up to 128,gigabytes now thats all that Ive,tested in it it might go higher but 128,will be perfect for something like this,802 11 AC Wi-Fi so you can pick up that,5 gigahertz Network and I do want to,check out GeForce now and X cloud,streaming to this because we have,Bluetooth 4.2 built-in so I can connect,pretty much any Bluetooth controller and,the tablet is actually running Android,10 overall its a pretty clean ROM but I,do call this the Walmart launcher,because at the very bottom we always,have that Walmart icon thatll bring us,right to Walmart comm and theres three,other apps built in that you can disable,but you cant delete Sams Club,grocery and Vudu so one thing I never,really talked about are the cameras on,these tablets because most of them are,garbage and this one is exactly the same,we have a five megapixel front shooter,and a 5 megapixel rear shooter both of,them are really bad the kids would love,them playing around with some games that,incorporate the camera but overall this,isnt something you want to buy to take,family photos with so obviously I had to,run some benchmarks on both of them on,the left-hand side we have the new on,tablet on the right hand side the 2019,Amazon fire 10 HD this is Geekbench 4,unfortunately I couldnt get Geekbench 5,Orion 2 to to run on the Amazon Fire HD,but as you can see the HD is definitely,beating out the on pro tablet by a lot,in single core and multi-core,performance now this is just strictly,dedicated to CPU performance so yes the,Amazon Fire HD 10 does have a more,powerful CPU but what about the GPU and,for that I use 3dmark sling shot extreme,unfortunately the,Volken part of the test didnt run on,the on tablet but Vulcan is supported,Ive tested it with ppsspp and a few,other apps but for OpenGL we scored a,351 on the new on pro tablet and the,Fire HD 10 came ahead in OpenGL with,11:58 so we do have a significantly more,powerful GPU and CPU in the Amazon Fire,HD 10 over the new on pro tablet and,just because Im here I did want to test,out some other benchmarks that work on,the on tablet here we have Geekbench 5,single core 146 multi 786 so were on,the lower end here with Geekbench 5 and,finally antutu total score 90 1617 like,I mentioned the Amazon Fire HD 10 wasnt,run this right now but I have run in the,past and it scored a 128 thousand but,the GPU score on the HD 10 was around,30000 so yeah that HD 10 is just much,more powerful than this little tablet,here one of the big things that people,use these tablets for is media,consumption whether streaming video from,YouTube Netflix Disney Plus Hulu Amazon,Prime and this works really well for it,1080p 60fps video is no issue whatsoever,Im gonna go ahead and test out a video,here on YouTube 1080p 60fps everything,loads up relatively quickly and I really,do like the speaker setup on this like I,showed you we have those dual stereo,speakers up top and it does get pretty,loud,so YouTube works really well lets go,ahead and test out Disney Plus now keep,in mind youre not gonna get any 4k,content on this this is a cheap tablet,with a 1080p screen but 720 and 1080 p,video is totally possible and it works,very well,Disney Plus loads right up you can,download this directly from the Google,Play Store I also tested Amazon Prime,video and Hulu but here we have some,Netflix just to give you a look just,start a random video here might be a,little dark with this one but overall it,does work well so if you want to buy,something like this for the kids so they,can watch their favorite shows on,Netflix YouTube through Disney Plus,itll work out just fine,so with video playback out of the way,its time to test out some gaming were,gonna test out minecraft asphalt 9 King,of Fighters all-star Call of Duty mobile,and pub G so first up we have Minecraft,Pocket Edition I did install the beta,version just so I could see the FPS up,at the top here Im set to 8 chunks,fancy graphics is off and were getting,an average of around 30 fps definitely,not the best that Ive seen out of an,Android tablet but it is playable next,up we have asphalt 9 and to my surprise,it actually performs quite well a lot of,these lower end tablets that I test have,a bunch of stutters but this one here,seems pretty smooth,[Applause],here we have King of Fighters all-star,and performance here isnt great I mean,its kind of playable but I do notice,some stutters here and there and by the,way I do have the rendering resolution,set to the lowest and graphic settings,set to low but I have noticed a lot of,slowdowns and stutters with this game,Pub G is really well optimized Ive been,able to run this on the $50 Amazon fire,tablets and here performance really,isnt that bad were at the lowest,settings with the lowest frame rate I,wouldnt run out and buy one of these,specifically to play pub G on but you,could get by playing this game casually,on a tablet like this and finally for,native Android gaming call of duty,mobile again very well optimized game it,runs on low-end tablets and low-end,phones quite well here Im at the lowest,settings lowest frame rate and it is,playable,now one of the things I was really,excited about testing out on this tablet,was emulation Im using an Xbox one,controller connected over bluetooth Im,gonna save you some time right now and,just let you

Walmart ONN 7″ Tablet Gen 3 (2022 Model) – Unboxing & First Review!

so its probably been a couple years,since ive looked at tablets by walmart,but today were looking at their new on,seven inch tablet third generation you,can get this in four different colors,utility blue charcoal chartreuse or,pretty much yellow and mauve or sort of,a purple color current price on this one,is 59 but ill leave a link in the,description of the video with current,pricing and more information the 7-inch,lcd display on here is 10 24 by 600,resolution comes with android 11 go,edition its got a 2.0 gigahertz,quad-core processor mediatek 8168 b,processor 2 gigabytes of ram,32 gigabytes of storage you can also,expand the storage with a micro sd card,theyre advertising up to 10 hours,battery life youve got a 2 megapixel,front and rear facing camera good thing,is this is dual band wi-fi so you got,2.4 gigahertz 5 gigahertz as well and it,also comes with google kid space im,guessing thats because a lot of people,that buy these are probably getting them,for their kids youve got a quick start,guide product guide walmart,advertisement,usb-c to usb-a charging cable,usb-a wall adapter is included,pretty typical plastic on the back here,you can see this is definitely geared,towards people that are looking at the,fire 7 tablet that just came out looks,like very similar build quality here,power and volume buttons on the right,hand side youve got the headphone jack,there on the top along with the micro sd,card slot button placement on this one,might actually be better than the fire 7,usb-c charging port here on the bottom,along with the speaker,pretty large bezels here all the way,around the edges just to let you know,this is a budget device okay so probably,the first thing i notice about this,tablet to me the screen definitely could,be brighter i mean im indoors with,really good lighting it really doesnt,feel like its very bright at all so i,could only imagine if you would try to,use this outdoors now the other thing,which i sort of expected is the screen,resolution on here it doesnt really,look the best either and it doesnt,really have that good of viewing angles,i guess considering the price of this,tablet i sort of expected that i mean,even if youre used to a budget phone,yeah this doesnt look as good as some,of the budget phones that ive tested i,guess the good thing is though if youre,using this indoors in a dark room it,probably will be fine so it looks like,right out of the box its using about 20,of the 32 gigabyte storage now left of,the home screen is gonna be the google,entertainment space which is actually,pretty nice to have its got,recommendations for stuff to watch games,to play books to read and stuff to,listen to as well,and then even though this is the go,edition of android 11 its still going,to be very similar to the regular,android 11 just more of a light version,that should run a little bit smoother on,this device nice thing about these on,tablets they dont really put a lot of,pre-installed software on here mostly,apps from google and then just a couple,from walmart,up in the notification shade youve got,most of your typical stuff like wi-fi,battery saver do not disturb auto rotate,bluetooth airplane mode youve got,location hotspot invert colors youve,also got data saver dark theme,screencast nightlight and screen record,you can also add storage focus mode and,nearby share as well,so it looks like it has a system update,available right out of the box,apparently theres a security patch so,thats good to see,so you can watch youtube videos up to,1080p resolution and then sd playback,resolution on apps like netflix its,probably hard to tell on this video when,you see this tablet in person,everythings gonna look just a little,bit jagged compared to your cell phone,or even some of the other budget devices,that ive tested geekbench scores are,pretty low for this tablet which im,sure is why this has android 11 go,edition and not the full android,software not really a surprise for a,budget device like this and the,performance on here generally feels,pretty sluggish compared to other,devices ive tested but this might be,just enough power for for people that,just dont care about performance or,they just want the cheapest tablet out,there to do a few basic things,surprisingly it can play games like,asphalt 8 9 isnt available and pubg,mobile fairly decent you wont have,access to more intense games like apex,legends mobile but again this might have,just enough on here to keep most people,entertained for a while battery life on,here is below average in my testing it,died between four and a half to five,hours in my battery drain test kind of,surprising for this low specs you would,think youd get better battery life now,you just have one speaker down here in,the bottom let me give you a quick audio,test just to give you an idea of what it,sounds like obviously its not going to,be the loudest out there but probably,just loud enough to get you by on a more,budget device like this,[Music],[Music],now inside the camera app youre going,to get portrait photo video and,translate,it doesnt really have a lot of options,in here but i noticed for video,recording its got a little timer up,there in the corner sort of lets you,know how much time you have left before,you fill up the device,as expected on here camera quality is,going to be pretty low resolution ill,go ahead and give you a few samples just,to give you an idea of what to expect,just keep in mind if you have a video,conference call zoom meeting that sort,of thing youre probably not going to,want to use this tablet,so as you can see photos are not going,to be too good on here video quality,probably worse than most other devices,ive tested not a huge deal since it is,a tablet but still something i wanted,people to realize that are going to be,buying this so that way theyre not,surprised by it,hopefully this video gave you a little,closer look at the cheapest tablet by,walmarts on brand i may have to do a,comparison of this and the fire 7 that,was just released and if you like,tablets ive got quite a few more coming,by next week so youll definitely want,to look out for those,me,[Music],so if youve made it this far into the,video you may want to say thanks by,subscribing and dont forget to give a,thumbs up if this video was helpful this,is brian from fishbee productions thanks,for watching and ill see you on the,next one,[Music],[Music],[Applause],[Music],you

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