1. Open Farm Dog Food Review ~ The Cattle Dogs Approve! ~
  2. Open Farm Dog Food Review: Unboxing & Tasting with Dr. Carla (and Daisy the toy poodle!)
  3. The MOST Transparent Under-Rated Dog Food Brand TODAY – Open Farm Dry Dog Food Review
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  5. Open Farm Dog Food Review
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Open Farm Dog Food Review ~ The Cattle Dogs Approve! ~

hey everyone welcome back to the channel,so today I want to talk a little bit,about open Farm dog food so before even,Sully had all his like issues that ended,up being a squeaker I had asked our,cattle dog vet which is what we refer to,her as on this channel if she had any,recommendations on food but I wanted to,know her opinion on other options that,might be out there and also kind of to,test the waters to see if this new vet,was going to just recommend the,veterinarian diet which she did not so,she recommended open Farm,which is this brand right here,obviously because thats what Im,showing so this is their beef and grain,version I also purchased their um,chicken and grain version they do have,grain free options they have wet food,options they have a gently cooked option,I think theres even that freeze-dried,raw food as well and I think theres,some treats and supplements too on their,site if I remember correctly and I,believe theyre based in Canada but I,think theyre also manufactured in the,U.S I believe but all of their,ingredients are ethically sourced and,you can track all their ingredients,using a lot number on the packaging but,all my fur kids seem to really enjoy the,kibble um even silver I bought her the,senior version of their kibble and one,thing I cant say is it is hard to water,down the kibble but maybe thats just a,sign that its you know really good food,compacted together I dont know but that,was one thing I noticed is that the,water doesnt absorb very much in the,kibble so if youre trying to wet it,down for your senior pups its it it,takes a lot longer for it to get,somewhat mushier I did also try some of,their gently cooked food this was their,surf and turf it comes Frozen and you,just thaw it out and you know you can,use it as a kibble topper or you can use,it actually as a meal for your pups and,the lot number is also on each,individual package and when you trace,back the ingredients it basically shows,you know,where it came from you know like United,States Canada Germany and the majority,of those ingredients are sourced in the,USA and Canada minus a few that we dont,produce here I dont believe anything is,sourced out from China which I know,thats important to a lot of people,looking for new kibble,um thats a whole under conversation for,you know probably another video but I,know thats important to a lot of people,too nowadays especially with some of the,issues that came about with certain dog,brands and theres also a lot more,information on their website regarding,their safe fishing practices and how,they ethically Source all the,ingredients for their products and they,do also make cat food which obviously I,need to purchase in the future for Miss,Sally to try now where I live I cant,actually buy the kibble from store but,they do have a store locator on their,website to see if you know any store in,your area carries their kibble I do have,one pet store only that will carry the,gently cooked and this is all they carry,from open Farm besides maybe like,One supplement or something like that so,I was able to buy this locally to try it,I cant say they ship very quickly I was,very happy about how quickly they,shipped you can also set up an auto ship,with their website theres a lot of good,Pros to this brand the biggest con I,would say for this brand is price,um but obviously if youre going for a,higher quality kibble,its going to be a higher price just,with the three bags I bought I think it,ended up being like 26 dollars more than,what I spend normally on their other,kibble except Im getting less uh,quantity like Im getting maybe lets,see I think those are 22 pound bags oh,no its 11 pound bags thats right,because thats why I ordered two because,it was 22 so Id have 22 pounds worth of,food so I know with the two bags being,22 pounds totaled together from open,Farm it ended up being the same price as,like a 35 or 6 pound bag from the other,kibble that were on,so,that that kind of tells you the the,amount difference but and I think the,only other con that I can think of right,now is the size of the kibble like oh,watch your face buddy I know youre,excited,or it was originally a con for me was,how tiny the kibble is I couldnt,imagine like,you know 70 pound plus dog eating this,kibble because of how tiny it is,[Applause],okay sir okay all right I originally,thought it was too small for them,here Gypsy take Cleo hunting here you,can have some too gypsy gypsy you just,eat out of my hand while the boy,okay all right so oh,like I got a thumb in there on that one,my goodness,as you can see he really enjoys it,looks subtly oh,anyway another thing I really like about,this brand is you can switch in between,proteins no sir,they even state that on their website,that you can switch back and forth,between proteins easily because of how,theyre formulated I used to be,I used to buy a different kibble I used,to buy another kibble that actually we,used to switch proteins on as well,um but they ended up changing,ingredients and and having recalls so,Im glad I stopped uh using that kibble,when they did also that kibble was a,very high in calorie and I should point,that out too with this brand this brand,is higher calorie per serving so youre,going to have to like watch how much,you feed or not feed sir,I think its good for him and for Gypsy,but Clea I think the calorie uh increase,isnt very good because we all know,shes our lazy cattle dog here but,silver seems to be doing well even on on,her senior kibble sir stop,youve got dust all over your face sir,but the proudest look,Ill just go in there and get more my,girls are so much more gentle than he is,so if you are looking for a higher,quality food I would definitely,recommend this like I said the biggest,con for me is the price the price is,like really,really up there and uh no sir no more no,more this is like your third dinner,today or third breakfast whatever but I,probably will still buy this and just,add it in um for now like with their,normal kibble and stuff that we feed,here but because you guys know Im a,mixer when it comes to,you know feeding different wet foods,with usually one plain kibble but I,think we might slowly,figure out a way to like make this a,permanent uh addition to our food bins,but we will see they definitely,obviously love it especially Mr Man over,here it actually smells good to me too,like the kibble which is weird because,its weird saying that you smell your,dogs kibble but you know you know what,I mean its got a nice scent to it I,cant say if you try the gently cooked,um if you get the surf and turf be,prepared for some stank like its,because its its I think its salmon,and beef in here,is that what it is yeah,that fish smell whoo oh my God its its,its intense its a very intense fish,smell he loved it though Sully went,absolutely nuts for it and the first,time we tried giving this to the girls,they actually like,every time they tried eating it they,would spit it out on the floor they,absolutely were like this isnt too,nasty for us you know my two picky girls,over here but uh Sully and silver went,absolutely nuts for this had no issues,eating it and now the girls are eating,it fine I think its kind of that whole,mentality of oh well hes eating it it,must be good maybe I dont know my girls,have always been picky for cattle dogs,Ive never had picky eaters except these,two but I think this brand is definitely,worth checking out even if its just a,one-time thing trying some of their,items just to see if your dog likes it,um I I approve and I am no way sponsored,by open Farm if you guys want to sponsor,me you can but this is just my own,review of you know crap I buy for my,dogs but Im definitely hearing a buzz,about this brand from other pet parents,currently along with uh Stella and,chewies thats thats the that one and,this one are like the two big ones I,keep hearing uh people suggesting and,and having wonderful results on but I,can I can definitely say this is this is,a win-win d

Open Farm Dog Food Review: Unboxing & Tasting with Dr. Carla (and Daisy the toy poodle!)

this is how fussy this teacup poodle is,[Music],hey guys welcome to pet circle my names,carla and im one of the pet circle vets,and this here is daisy now from time to,time i like to take a look at some of,the new brands that pet circle gets in,today im going to be reviewing a new,brand that im really excited about,its called open farm and its all about,ethical and sustainable,nutrition for cats and dogs all right,daisy,lets take a look shall we ill get you,off my lap lets start by having a look,at it,so i guess i should answer why im so,excited about open farm and it really,comes down to five,important points the first one is,animal welfare oh okay so this is the,wet food very excited,theyve sent me homestead turkey rustic,stew,now the first thing im noticing is that,its coming in these fun little boxes,it does look a little bit like juice,poppers which is kind of fun,ill get into that in just a sec its in,here,so when were talking about animal,welfare with open farm,what that means is that all meat is,grown in accordance with,certified humane standards so that means,the animals have more room to roam,and theyre not subject to cruel,behaviors such as tail docking and beak,trimming,it also means that theyve got crate,free pigs and all the beef is free range,so the second reason im really excited,about open farm is its sustainable,fishing practices,overfishing is one of the greatest,threats to our environment today,so open farm employs a catch of the day,style fishing method,which ensures that vulnerable or,threatened species arent over caught,and subject to bycatch,oh i have a naked wine and a hellofresh,voucher thanks pet circle,okay so ive got another flavor here,which is harvest chicken,rustic stew this is a nice yellow pack,oh what do you think of that daisy,nice free range chicken and turkey,so the third reason is that they use,sustainable recyclable packaging,so open farm worked with a company,called terracycle australia,this company takes typically,unrecyclable material like your soft,plastics,and it turns it into new products like,park benches and handbags,oh ive got more wet food in here how,fun,some more of the turkey daisy are you,ever going to get through this much look,at that you can hardly see you behind,that wet food,oh and then weve got one more flavor in,here,which is the grass-fed beef,rustic stew what do you think of that,daisy,so the fourth reason is the traceability,this is quite a cool concept and ive,never heard of it with pet food before,what you can actually do is and ive,only read about this i havent done it,yet,is you take a lot code which is on the,packaging,and you put it into their website and,the website actually tells you where,each of the ingredients were sourced,ive been told its down to the farm,level okay im going to put this back,in here and im going to put this over,here so daisy can be,seen so the fifth and final reason that,im really excited about open farm is,the actual nutrition itself,so not only is it really high in good,quality bioavailable animal protein,but they tend to use quite purposeful,ingredients and superfoods so you dont,have a lot of your cheap,unnecessary fillers that you find in,some of your supermarket brands,the other thing is the variety of,options available,so they dont just have the chicken meal,and everything like some of the other,brands,theyve got chicken turkey beef,fish lamb and then i believe a salmon,specific one as well,so this wide range of novel and single,protein recipes is really good if your,animal has a sensitivity to a meat,protein,like chicken so lets take a look at the,food itself,hey so you can see it there its a,really cool looking like,yeah poppa sort of box it actually feels,really liquid inside,move this aside well have a look at the,homestead turkey rustic stew come on,do you want some yummy dinner all right,so it says to lift,and it says to squeeze here so i will,squeeze there,oh okay theres instructions it says do,not microwave,noted squeeze the four corners together,and then tear along the dotted line okay,so i might not need the scissors,lets give this a go oh thats quite,easy to open actually,good so far hey daisy havent spilt yet,i am notoriously clumsy so im glad that,this is so easy to open,okay moment of truth,oh okay cool,i mean im not going to say it looks,like vomit but it,doesnt not look like vomit oh,that actually smells quite nice oh okay,yeah you know what this reminds me of it,reminds me of,like a chunky soup okay lets see if,daisy likes it lets catch her,okay what do you think,you can have it,now daisy is a very fussy dog,she does oh we have success,she literally wont eat anything beef,flavored this is how fussy,this teacup poodle is i think we have,the tick of approval from daisy,yeah i think thats going to be enough,for her,all together im really excited to break,into this i think ive got enough food,to last miss daisy all year so,if youre curious about the feeding,guidelines it says feed approximately,one,pack per day for every 12 pounds of body,weight,so 12 pounds is about 6 kilos i think,so daisy she only weighs 2 kilos so she,should have a third,per day that goes to show how long all,of this food is gonna last her,i think what im gonna do is give a,whole bunch of it to my friends with,dogs,and see how they like it too well this,was a lot of fun,thank you so much to open farm for,sending me these packs and i look,forward to seeing how this little one,goes on it,say bye thank you open farm oh,daisy says thank you if you want to try,some open farm for your pet,it is a pet circle exclusive so head,over to petcircle.com

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The MOST Transparent Under-Rated Dog Food Brand TODAY – Open Farm Dry Dog Food Review

welcome back Adventures to another video,this is gonna be yet again another video,that I havent covered it before this is,gonna be my first pet food review for,you guys now I already had this in mind,for a while I wanted to go ahead and,start lining out the pet brands that I,personally buy that I trust and I want,to share them with you why I trust them,why I feel like you guys should trust,them as well and why I want to put these,companies out in the spotlight now Im,not saying that these companies are,perfect there are some things that I,dont like from every single one of them,and Im gonna share that with you guys,too dont think that Im getting paid by,them to do these kinds of reviews that,theyre gonna Im getting some sort of,money from that Im not Im doing this,for my pets else and Im doing this for,your pets all because theyre starting,protein products within each brand that,I would not recommend to you guys Im,trying to steer you guys to the good,ones where Im personally like wow you,know they went above and beyond with,this one so without any further ado,lets get started with the first pet,food review now before I can start I,want to go ahead and show you guys a bag,this is the bag ride and this is the,brand open farm now the bag kind of,looks big you know its actually only 24,pounds the reason that I feel like they,made it this big is because the kibble,is really small so it ends up having to,be this big in order to make up to 24,pounds its not like the origin where,its kind of thicker these are actually,really small now lets get into why its,reliable what makes open form such a,reliable brand well Im gonna be,completely honest with you this is the,most transparent dog brand I have ever,seen they go above and beyond to prove,to their customers that theyre,ethically sourcing the protein and the,plants that they use for their,ingredients I personally havent seen,another dog brand put this much effort,into how transparent they want to be,commercially I usually see the opposite,from dog brands I see them trying to,hide where theyre getting their stuff,from like hey you guys have to worry,about this just know that its pork or,its chicken you know thats what it is,now its on the ingredients list open,form actually does the opposite theyre,like hey its not just chicken this is,where the chickens coming from this is,all the information that you want from,it and its it blows my mind that,theyre willing to go this far and,thats how much trust they have in their,own system so open form does have some,partnerships with some environmental,friendly companies theyre labeled with,certified for me there are also with the,global animal partnership and then,for to reduce the amount of bags that,are used there partnered with TerraCycle,which recycles these bags back into the,system and according to a website I,dont know this is true or not theyre,actually the only and the first brand,that does this,maybe not the only but it could be but,it very could well be the first no I,personally think its awesome that this,company goes that extra mile that youre,saying hey I dont have to be partnered,with these companies but Im willing to,do so and that really speaks volumes to,me is when I meant transparent this,wasnt it they go a step above that so,Im gonna show you guys exactly what I,mean,so you come here you go to open farm ped,comm /page /parent C and you get you end,up in this page this page allows you to,input the lot number in the back of your,bag not a lot number is where all your,food came from so you put it in here you,press search and look at this,I bought the puppy recipe and right here,its giving me all this all this,information as to where the ingredients,came from this is insane so right here,we see humanely raised chicken the first,ingredient red this is where it came,from and you had certified humane and,its organic deboned chicken wild,Pacific salmon this is where it came,from,its flawed cod Alaskan settlement ocean,wise recommended or an ingredient ocean,white fish meal location it came from,water caught seasonal cod all this other,information non-gmo sweet potato non-gmo,field Peas certified humane debone port,non-gmo coconut oil non-gmo pumpkin,non-gmo coconut meal non-gmo non-gmo non,China,big one right there non China Soloman,oil non China calcium you know and this,is awesome this is this is amazing to me,that the fact that theyre going this,far is perfect and look at this they go,this far its insane this is a look at,all this information that theyre giving,you it also gives you some information,on Salmonella some eco light test that,they did the results you know this is,honestly like this is above and beyond,and this is what I mean when Im saying,that this is the most transparent bright,dog food brand there is now you have to,admit thats pretty cool right this,brand was willing to go that far to,prove that there,ingredients are ethically sourced and to,me that provides some sort of comfort,because the biggest issue right now with,pet food brands is that you dont know,where the foods coming from and now,were gonna go ahead and look at the,actual pet food ingredients and theres,two that I highly recommend thats the,puppy recipe and the chicken and turkey,so lets look at those ingredients for,now so here we have the puppy recipe now,this is available in four point five and,twenty four pounds this is the one I buy,its eighty three dollars it is,expensive but Im gonna get to that in a,bit so now the ingredients we have,humanely raised chicken we have Selman,white meal first three ingredients our,protein thats awesome then we have a,sweet potato which is fine we have,filled piece and then it goes back to a,protein back to another protein and it,goes into a pumpkin which is great,coconut meal chickpeas sunflower oil and,then it goes into the red lentils and,then here your salmon oil green lentils,cranberry chicory roots salt after salt,everything is less than 1% so the,raspberries thats maybe one raspberry,in the whole bag thats fine you know,apples are done here whatever the fact,that they have these three up here is,really something really good this is the,best one if I would have to recommend a,recipe to buy it be the puppy recipe,its its amazing,it also has 32% protein and it does,follow the one the one point two and one,calcium was phosphorus now the second,one that I would recommend is the home,steep turkey and chicken this one is a,little bit cheaper than the puppy recipe,its at $79 now lets look at the,ingredients we have Turkey we have,chicken and we have fish first three,ingredients once again protein we have,it follows up with potatoes chickpeas,green lentils and field peas this is why,its a little bit cheaper is because,its actually following up with a little,bit more starches,peas so youre gonna sacrifice that and,then it goes into the fish again and,then it goes some tomato apples pumpkin,flaxseed alfalfa carrots and then salt,so interestingly enough the apples and,the other fruits actually made it above,the salt here and not after which means,that its a little bit more than 1% of,apples and tomatoes in here its not as,good personally for me as the puppy,recipe but its a lot better than what a,lot of people feed their dogs and you,would expect so with that price to be,honest we covered the two that I highly,recommend to you guys now another Pro is,that they do offer grain free and grain,for those of you that are kind of,nervous about the grain free right now,with all the stigma and the news youre,maybe like no Im trying to stay away,from grain free well they just,introduced some branch with with grain,in them so thats thats perfect now,lets go ahead and talk about some of,the cons now to me one of the cons is,can be undermined but I personally feel,that youre paying this much money I,want the ingredients to be respected a,little bit more and I dont want them to,be using like substitutes like peas and,starches in there to make it to kind of,

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5 Best KIBBLE Brands?! Official Dog Food Review!

looking for a kibble thats both healthy,and affordable because in this video im,going to share five of my favorite,kibble brands as a nutritionist why i,love them and when you stay tuned until,the end im gonna share a few little,easy hacks to make any bowl of kibble a,little healthier now before we jump into,this first kibble brand that actually,gets delivered straight to your home at,a really reasonable price everything i,talk about in this video will be linked,in my shop page below and dont forget,to click that subscribe button and turn,on the notifications so the first brand,is spot and tango now they do make a,fresh food option which i will talk,about in another video but in this video,i want to talk about their kibble option,and i put quotations around it because,their kibble is actually called on,kibble and they talk about the benefits,of using real whole food ingredients,cooked at lower temperatures in a kibble,because most commercially made popular,kibbles that you see in the store or,online today is cooked and extruded at,extremely high temperatures and this,actually can denature the protein and,deplete the food the kibble of its,nutrients in addition to that it is vet,formulated and unlike most popular,kibbles out there it is completely 100,percent made with human grade,ingredients what that means is the,ingredients they use are suitable for,human consumption and that doesnt mean,its made for humans to consume it means,that theyre not using feed grade,ingredients which a lot of other really,common popular kibbles use and as i,mentioned earlier this food is super,convenient because you actually can have,it shipped directly to your house you,dont have to drive to a store and go,try to find the right flavor that works,for your dog you just put in your dogs,information and they ship you exactly,what your dog needs with a custom,scooper they do have a fish option and,that is important because fish is,naturally rich in healthy omega-3 for,dogs that either have allergies,sensitive skin,health now a couple cons about this food,and the reason i want to share this is,because i create this content not with,the intention of telling you what to,feed or telling you what to do but,instead to give you the information,needed so that you can make an educated,decision on whats best for your pet so,a couple things i dont love about this,food one is you have to get it online,you cant go to the store two theres,only three flavors currently available,and three they do use vitamin synthetic,packs which is very common in the kibble,industry now i guarantee this next brand,is a kibble that you have heard of,before its something you can find in,your local pet shop or its linked below,but i do have a caveat a variety within,this brand that i prefer over the others,and this brand is open farm and i highly,prefer their higher protein option and,the reason is the nutrient makeup within,that line falls more within what i,believe in using more whole food,ingredients the first several,ingredients are real whole meat their,sourcing is certified humane sourcing,which basically means that they go above,and beyond in terms of only working with,farmers that take the highest quality,care of their animals and they have 100,traceability of not only their proteins,but all of their ingredients a couple,negatives or cons about this food is,they are a cooked and extruded kibble so,they are cooked a little bit higher,temperatures and with their novel,proteins many of the more unique,proteins like the venison those ones,specifically can be a little bit higher,cost ollie dog or my ollie is another,brand that actually ships directly to,you specifically based on how much your,dog should be eating to make it easy is,a kibble that i really like and one of,the biggest reasons is that it is baked,at very low and slow temperatures when,youre ordering your kibble you have the,ability to add on fresh foods with any,kibble whether its slowly baked or,highly cooked or extruded at high,temperatures the main way that theyre,able to make kibbles shelf stable is by,removing that moisture and dogs were,designed to get their moisture from the,foods that they eat a couple cons about,this brand is right now today they only,have two protein flavors but they are,more affordable than a lot of other,kibbles out there because again with the,higher protein percent found in this,food a lot of dogs can eat a little bit,less all right we just got a new package,in the mail and i got to do a quick,unboxing because as soon as these come,in i have to show you because their,themes are limited i wanted to show it,off while we had marlo here because this,is her very first bark box were going,to start her off with these super chewer,box which are the more durable toys for,super chewers and the theme this month,is back to school or bark to school and,what i love about these monthly toy,subscription boxes is that you get,enrichment toys look at marlo go this is,a confidence building enrichment,activity where i put her treats down in,the box and shes foraging them out,again big thanks to super chewer and,barf box for supporting our mission to,save all the damn dogs by sponsoring,this part of the video i love sharing,this kind of stuff with my dogs and now,on to the bark box which is the more,traditional plush toys theres a lot of,different elements on here theres,crackles,theres squeakers,there yeah shes like well whats yeah,exposing our dogs to new and different,things is a great way to build,confidence and socialize them so this,sharpie toy which is really cute has a,different kind of squeak that you dont,normally hear,but my favorite by far is their backpack,so this has so many different elements,first off you have a little pouch in the,front to put their treats and you can,put even more treats and toys in here,for your dogs to dig and forge them of,course therell be special offers and,links for you in the description below,now this next brand is probably one that,youve never heard of its made in,canada but you can get it in the u.s,and its probably the least affordable,on this list but it is my favorite,kibble and that brand is karna 4. they,are one of if not the only kibble brand,that does not use vitamin synthetic,packs and carnivore is doing it better,than anyone else they are providing the,nutrients through the food through,real whole food ingredients only in,addition to that they responsibly source,all of their proteins and they are baked,all of their kibbles are baked at very,low slow gradual temperatures its,extremely palatable because theres no,natural flavors dyes artificial,ingredients its all real whole food,ingredients and its one of the few,kibble brands that is truly family owned,a couple negatives i touched on this,its one of the more costly or one of,the more expensive kibbles on the market,and another con is that it can be a,little bit more difficult to find again,i have links down below though for you,if you want to look into this another,brand that is probably one of the most,popular ones that youll see in your,local pet shop is a specific line within,stella and chewie i get asked about this,one all the time and i want to talk,about the only line within their kibble,line that i personally would fee and,that is their raw blend line as their,other standard kibbles really just dont,do it for me but their protein percent,is higher which i really like and i,really just love the fact that they add,these little freeze-dried nuggets in,addition to that even though this,probably isnt one of my favorite,kibbles just because of the vitamin,synthetics that they use and some of the,lines have more peas and legumes that i,personally prefer for my dogs i do love,the fact that they are human gray they,have a variety of options within their,brand to add more moisture and add more,nutrition to the bowl two other reasons,that i added this to this list was their,produce in their food is 100 organic now,a couple cons for t

Open Farm Dog Food Review

hello good morning um,today i want to talk about this new,product on our shelves in australia,its a canadian brand called open farm,at the moment its only available at pet,circle,whether that will change or not i dont,know i want to,talk about a wonderful thing about this,product and,thats on the back it has a lot number,and if you go to the open,openfarmpet.com.eu website,you can type in that number and itll,tell you where every single ingredient,within the product came from and that,kind of,transparency is really unusual for a pet,food they like to kind of,conceal where the ingredients are from,and,and what they actually are like when,they say sweet potato could be,potato skins you dont really know,so the fact that open farm are,offering the consumer that level of,information,is really quite unique and,its something we need to see in pet,food,across the board now ill give you a,quick um look here i dont know whether,that can be,seen um but thats all the ingredients,in my bag here,um the chicken is certified humane,its organic the fish is,wild cool the vegetables are non-gmo,um minerals a sign of a good quality,food is,having collated minerals which are more,easily absorbed into the body so theyre,higher quality theyre more expensive,but theyre,better for your dog,none of the vitamins and minerals are,sourced from china,which is and the pet food well thats a,good thing because,um when you look at a cheaper pet food,itll have,on the ingredients vitamins and minerals,so it wont tell you what they,are itll just say vitamins and minerals,and what that means is a vitamin pack,which is a,powder form which just kind of gets,dusted over,and in the past weve had problems with,the composition of that vitamin pack,not being really the most beneficial,ingredients,um so its really beautiful to see,where every single ingredient,came from,if we look at the ingredients,what we have is a 30 minimum protein,which is,really high and 14 minimum fat,the benefit of having high protein high,fat is,minimal carbs and carbohydrates turn to,sugar they,can lead to weight gain and overall bad,health,so thats a really good starting point,for the food,by the looks of it they are seven main,ingredients,three of them are meat of turkey chicken,and white fish meal,and the other four are a combination of,potatoes chickpeas,lentils field peas now that may,seem like you know more in favor of the,vegetables but,its still a really good balance and and,thats important they havent,pumped up the food with one ingredient,like potatoes,and thats where a lot of kind of issues,come from when youre feeding,your pet potatoes every single day,weve got some wonderful ingredients in,the food like,alfalfa flaxseed which are really going,to boost heart health and,joint health and overall well-being,uh theyve used coconut oil rather than,cheaper,canola oil its preserved,naturally with rosemary rather than,chemicals and cheaper foods if you see,antioxidant um what they mean by that,is they dont want it to know what it is,and its pretty a chemical like bha bht,so its really kind of like well,thoughts out,well considered no cornice cup good,quality,product awesome open farm,give it a go

Pet Nutritionist Ranks Dog Foods | Tier List

hi everybody my name is skyler and i am,a certified dog trainer and pet,nutritionist,today we are going to be creating a tier,list of a bunch of different dog food,brands,um and kind of ranking them seeing where,they line up from a,nutritional perspective quick disclaimer,all of the,things shown in this video are my own,opinions based on my experience,as a professional pet nutritionist,im always continuing to do research as,we all should in our field,especially with something so ever,changing as pet food,i have been working with dog food for,going on three years now,and ive specifically been working with,nutrition and consultations,for probably two and a half years i am a,huge nerd and,not everybody cares this much about dog,food and i think that thats,definitely an issue that we need to,address because,i could go into a whole other video just,about all the sketchy things that dog,food manufacturers are allowed to do,but thats not this video were going to,touch on a bunch of different topics,im hoping to just skate by and if you,would like me to go further in depth on,anything that i talk about in this video,please let me know in the comments below,i also just want to point out that if we,were to make a nice happy little pyramid,of whats most biologically appropriate,for your pet,kibble is by far at the bottom like,canned food,exponentially better than kibble and you,should never be,feeding a diet thats entirely kibble,you should always at least be adding,moisture in there somewhere,that being said this is only going to,focus on kibble,because that is the most popular and,most,affordable way to feed your pet so,if youd like me to do a similar video,on canned or,raw diets absolutely let me know i would,love to do that for you,so first of all lets address the tears,so at the very very bottom we have the,pee pee poo poo tear,these are foods that are either,basically,not dog food like this is more suited,for a chicken than a dog,super sketchy practices or,theres something in the food or,manufacturing or branding,that i find scammy tier two we have,yucky,so any food that contains,corn wheat soy or by-products,automatically,cant go any higher than yucky for those,that dont know,corn turns directly into sugar in the,dogs body wheat is the number one food,allergen,soy can cause endocrine disorders and,byproducts or all those nasty parts of,the meat that you dont want in your,food so why put it in theirs,third tier we have cheers these are all,foods that,are fairly clean in their ingredient,panel,there might be a couple ingredients that,im not a huge fan of youre doing great,if youre feeding,in this level it means that youve,probably done your research,but there are bigger and better foods,that you can move up to so these are,great entry level foods number four we,have ohelia,and if youre feeding in that level,thats awesome,you are doing great at that point,you can focus on adding add-ins and,different things to even make their diet,even better,but this is a great level to be at and,above that we have chefs kiss,and this is a very special tier it,doesnt necessarily mean that these,foods,are better than the foods no hell yeah,and i know thats a little bit confusing,this tier is more for,foods that do something very specific,that i,really appreciate or i really think is,cool this is the tier where if i turn,over the bag,and i look at it as a nutritionist,i get very excited because they at least,did something cool,now all of these brands im taking into,consideration,are from the very best to the very worst,and everything in between if i were to,make this just of the super premium,brands,it would look completely different just,keep that in mind so we will go ahead,and start with our very first brand and,thats purina alpo,i feel like i talk about alpo way more,than they deserve,and its because their ingredients are,laughably bad like this food,is laughably bad if you look at the,first five ingredients which makes up,the majority of this food,you got ground yellow corn beef and bone,meal,soybean meal animal fat preserved with,mixed trichophyrols,and animal digest,this particular food also follows the,flavor rule,which means that in order for them to,put beef flavored on the bag,they just need to have something in,their food that they can trace to the,beef,flavoring in this case it would be the,beef and bone meal that doesnt actually,mean,they have to have meat in it this,brands also manufactured by,purina which is owned by nestle so when,you get,higher up bigger companies manufacturing,the food,especially something as big as purina,the ingredient quality,completely depletes because you only get,so much,to go around with all that said alpo,deserves to go into pee pee poopoo,next we have diamond naturals first five,ingredients,of diamond naturals beef meal grain,sorghum,ground white rice dried yeast and egg,product,not too bad of an ingredient panel just,looking at those first five,this food also uses the 25 rule which,means that in order for it to be,beef meal and rice those two ingredients,have to make up at least,25 percent of the food with a minimum of,three percent,this food is manufactured by diamond pet,foods which is owned by shell and camper,inc,so this smaller kitchen smaller,facility than purina for sure,but still and youll see later in this,list still a pretty big manufacturing,company,all that said if youre feeding diamond,naturals you get a cheers,next we have purina beneful and,first five ingredients we got beef we,got whole grain corn we got barley,rice whole grain wheat and corn gluten,meal,this one also uses the with rule which,means that in order to be labeled beef,flavored or have beef in it have beef on,the front,um it needs to be at least three percent,beef with water included,and the fact that its beef and not beef,meal is their first ingredient,leads me to believe that the finished,product has significantly less than,three percent beef this brand is also,made by purina which again owned by,nestle so with the sketchy but totally,legal use of beef is the first,ingredient advertising beef is the first,ingredient,and looking at that ingredient panel,assuming that beef is not,the most by weight,um beneful goes in the pee pee poo poo,next we have hills science diet,and im gonna have to make a whole,separate video about veterinary foods,um but lets just look at the first five,ingredients of hills,so we have lamb meal brown rice whole,grain wheat,brewers rice and corn gluten meal,whats important to note about hills in,particular,is that they actually trademarked the,term,prescription so youll notice that no,other veterinary foods use the word,prescription because they legally cant,because hills science diet owns it that,is an issue,theres also nothing in veterinary foods,that make it prescriptive in the first,place theres no medication,theres no need for a prescription um,so thats in my opinion kinda scammy,especially when youre spending 80 on a,bag of food,that being said hills is made by hills,pet nutrition,which is owned by colgate palmolive,the ownership of the word prescription,alone,that puts immediate red flags in my,brain,hills goes in the pee pee poo poo layer,next we got taste the wild,first five ingredients for this,particular flavor of taste of the wild,is water buffalo lamb meal chicken meal,sweet potatoes and peas,not a bad list of the first five however,this particular flavor is advertised,as being with bison and venison the,width rule,uh means that at least three percent of,whatever is listed so three percent of,each,must be included in the food and when,you look at the actual ingredient panel,itself,bison is number nine and venison is,number ten,so obviously youre losing a couple,points for me for,easily misleading the consumer because,obviously not all consumers know these,weird rules that im talking about,and again if youd like a whole video on,pet food rules let me know,uh that being said taste the wild is,owned by,our friends at

Gently Cooked Foods from Open Farm

[Music],hello everybody rachel from leo and,luckys,here today and we are going to be,talking about,open farm gently cooked foods,what is gently cooked in this particular,instance this is,sous vide style which means that its a,lower,slower cooking process so lower as far,as temperature goes slower,because you want to make sure that,youre still killing all the pathogens,just not killing all the nutrients not,sure about your social media pages,but mine are being bombarded by,subscription,pet foods but ill tell you what we have,something better,so open farm compared to the,subscription models,you dont have to have a whole freezer,full of food,most of those subscription models,require you at minimum to have,two weeks worth of food the other is,youre not paying for shipping,you also have a higher quality,product so when i say higher quality,product i mean,open farm uses certified humane,proteins which means that the protein,thats in the product,has been raised naturally no growth,hormones no antibiotics,the produce in it is going to be,non-pesticidal non-gmo,your fish is certified from ocean wise,which makes sure,that you are having sustainable fishing,practices,so that the fisheries are not being,overfished because it is wild caught,again which is a healthier version and,last but not least you get to support,local we have it,anytime you need it you dont have to,worry about when your box is going to,show up to your doorstep,or even better if you still want the box,to show up at your doorstep,give us a call and we can do it for,delivery so weve got the little,eight ounce package the formulas that it,comes in,is beef surf and turf turkey and chicken,there arent any peas lentils potatoes,rice in these particular formulas so you,truly are,paying for the meat in there this is,also going to have your lowest,carbohydrate level so for the pets that,are looking to watch their waistline,or dont need to have any extra,carbohydrates in their diets,to mess up their insulin levels this,would be a great,option for you so if gently cooked,isnt up your alley dont worry they do,have other options for you,you have the option of a grain free,formula,they do make a green in formula with,ancient grains,bone broth comes in many different,flavors great way to entice your pets,and,again adding moisture to their diet you,know how much i am,always hounding people on extra moisture,so this is their convenient tetra pack,instead of the regular steel cans there,is a can shortage,and thats not only because the,canneries are having a really hard time,keeping up but the steel is difficult to,come by because so many people are,adding more,cans to their diets so great sustainable,way to do it,paper rinse it out when youre done,throw it in your recycle bin,and last but not least the freeze dried,this can be used as a treat as a full,feed,with moisture added as well as a topper,so my guys go bonkers over this,open farm being a family owned and,operated business,they have tons of options for you so if,gently cooked isnt what youre looking,for,thats okay we have other things so,give us a call come on in or if youd,like to email me,rachelm leonluckies.com,have a wonderful day well see you soon,bye,i hope you enjoyed our video if you did,please be sure to give it a like,if you have any questions or comments,please be sure to put it down in the,comments section below,if you are interested in more pettastic,videos like this,make sure you subscribe to our youtube,channel make sure you hug your pet today

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