1. Orgain Organic Protein Review by a Nutrition and Dietetics Major
  2. HUGE Costco Protein Review – What to AVOID to Save $$
  3. Protein Powder Review – The BEST Protein Powder To Buy & What To Avoid!
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  5. Orgain | Plant Based Protein Powder | Vegan Protein Review
  6. Orgain Organic Protein Powder…Full & Honest Review!!
  7. Orgain Organic Protein Powder Review (Vanilla Bean) (Vegan Reviews) (Ep.1)

Orgain Organic Protein Review by a Nutrition and Dietetics Major

what is up guys and welcome back to the,channel where i talk to you guys about,nutrition and health advice,so an important pillar of nutrition is,getting enough protein in the day and,especially if you work out you need more,protein than the regular person so,getting around 150 to 140 grams of,protein can be hard if you just try to,get it in food its obviously possible,but you need to include a lot more,protein in each meal and this is why,protein supplements are so popular,because its so easy to just make a,shake and just get 20 to 30 grams of,protein the most popular protein,supplements are whey protein and whey if,you guys dont know is a byproduct of,cheese which comes from milk so me being,vegan i dont consume whey protein it is,a better digestible form and its better,for muscle growth but for skin since,its a concentrated milk product it has,adverse effects for people that are acne,prone or have skin conditions so with,that being said i take vegan protein and,ive been taking specifically organe,organic protein for years,so i actually reached out to them around,three weeks ago to see if i could be an,ambassador for them and thankfully they,replied and said yes so i thought i,speak a little bit about this protein,powder and why i take it so i found out,about them when i would go shopping in,publix for protein and i saw that they,were readily available and by looking,the ingredients i trusted in this brand,and i started taking them,so i wouldnt i usually make this in,protein oatmeal protein shakes and,smoothies that i blend with fruit and,other things so oregon protein is a pea,protein and per two scoops it has 21,grams of protein and 21 grams of carbs,which is more carbs than,other whey protein shakes but thats not,a problem for me because im not a,carbophobe and the other thing i like is,that it has a lot of vitamins and,minerals so let me see if it could focus,in on this you know what ill just show,a picture up on the screen so,it has a good source of iron,potassium riboflavin vitamin b6,and thiamine,so its kind of like youre getting a,multivitamin,and the protein in one and another,reason why i like this protein is,because it has ingredients that you,actually understand,so sometimes you will see a label and,see a bunch of words that you cant,pronounce,and thats probably sketchy when you,dont know what youre taking,so im just gonna quickly read off some,of the ingredients in this protein so,pea protein as we know,brown rice protein,chia seeds,which chia seeds are chock full of,vitamins and minerals,next is lecithin so lecithin are a,mixture of fats that are essential for,in cells in the body you could find them,in edamame,and in egg yolks,and lecithin is good for the skin its,good for digestion for heart health,and it increases the amount of semen,volume in men,so next,is millet,millet is a type of grain,buckwheat quinoa,chia kale powder apple pulp cinnamon,organic sprouts blend,amaranth sprout is a type of grain,quinoa sprout millet sprout buckwheat,sprout,garbanzo bean sprout,lentil sprout,adzuki sprout flax sprouts sunflower,sprout pumpkin sprout chia sprouts,sesame sprout,organic super veggies super berries,super grass and super,foods blend so this is,acai cranberry wheatgrass barley oat,grass banana mango beet,ginger root green onion cauliflower,asparagus pineapple turmeric strawberry,tart cherry blackberry blueberry,raspberry,stevia extract so,thats for the sweetener,and out of all the artificial sweeteners,stevia and monk fruit are the best in my,opinion,sea salt guar gum guar gum is a,thickening agent,um i would actually use that in my,protein ice creams when i would make,them,so dont be freaked out by gum,xanthan gum another thickening agent,uh,organic food based,vitamin c,and organic food based vitamin b blend,so i just spread off all the ingredients,and as you can see its not,a bunch of mumbo-jumbo things that i,cant pronounce,and thats another reason that i like,them because theyre very transparent,with their ingredients and what they,have to offer and theyre all based on,whole foods which is another part that i,really like,personally im not a big fan of the,chocolate flavor i like vanilla because,its very versatile you could put it,with a bunch of other berries i use it,in spinach shakes,i use it in protein oatmeal i make my,own protein bars my own protein ice,cream and its a lot more versatile than,if i would have chocolate,they also came out with this new flavor,called,vanilla ochata so this is has so this,has a little bit more cinnamon so if you,like cinnamon i recommend this one as,well,and i would get definitely recommend it,and another good part is that its very,affordable compared to other proteins,that in my opinion are overpriced for,forty dollars fifty dollars,this i got around twenty five dollars no,i actually im lying this was like,thirty dollars but this is,2.7 pounds,and this one i got it for 20 for 20,and if youd like to get a good price on,it you could also use my code and my,link down below in the description for,35 percent off and i would get a small,commission so its a win-win for both of,us

HUGE Costco Protein Review – What to AVOID to Save $$

everyone wants to have a protein powder,that makes their life a little bit,easier I totally get it,Whole Foods are always going to be,better but if you understand what is in,your protein powder you can at least,make an educated decision thats gonna,make it a little bit easier on your body,so Costco has a wide variety of protein,powders and they all claim to do the,same thing help build lean muscle help,support a healthy metabolism you hear it,all the time but lets break down the,ingredients a little bit and also look,around at the price to see whats going,to be the best bang for the buck to help,you get that muscle protein synthesis,you need to be the healthiest but also,most fit version of yourself so lets,roll on in to good old-fashioned Costco,Wholesale by the way before we get,totally rockin in the store,check out fat snacks down below in the,description I put a link form so if,youre doing a low carb diet or anything,like that theyre just a really clean,low carb cooking so I just wanted to,give them a huge shout out they make a,lot of this channel possible its a big,shout out to them check them out down,below after you watch this video whats,that on it okay lets go ahead and lets,start with the whey proteins just,because thats what people think of most,of all when they look at protein powder,okay so this is a big flashy bag here,take a look at this again thats a heavy,bag okay so this is combat protein,powder athletes complete protein lets,see whats in it okay so theres the,thing now a lot of times when youre,just trying to go for the cheapest stuff,which is okay lets see $39.99 its a,good price for six pounds well lets see,whats in it okay so weve got a micro,filtered protein blend let me teach you,something really quick here whey protein,concentrate and whey protein isolate and,then whey protein hydral,excuse me hydrolysate and then micellar,casein and an egg albumin so what they,do is they say okay we have a wide,variety of different proteins in here so,it makes it good well the hard part is,the first ingredient in that whey,protein blend during that protein blend,is whey protein concentrate whey protein,concentrate is not the cleanest whey,protein you see you want whey protein,isolate because that is the protein that,has been isolated from the rest of the,way the way still has all the milk,solids it still has a lot of that stuff,in there that is actually,pro-inflammatory and not very good okay,the whey protein isolate thats good,none of this stuff is organic or,grass-fed though and we have more more,whey protein here and then we have,micellar casein,okay so casein protein,will lead you to believe that casein,protein is healthy because it digests a,little bit slower well it digests slower,because it forms a little bit of a like,a gelatinous like substance within your,intestine which by itself isnt all that,bad I mean its not that great you are,impeding digestion to some degree but,whats even worse is that casein protein,is very inflammatory okay because what,casein protein does inside your body is,it acts as a bioactive opioid but sounds,crazy but its the truth okay heres,what happens it triggers something known,as B C m7 so it activates B C m7 or,converts to b c m7 within your body that,is a bioactive opioid point is is casein,protein will make you addicted to dairy,and you notice that with cheese and,things like that which is fine if its,gonna be a whole food the point is the,neurological effect is sort of the,neurotransmitter effect it has in your,brain but also the inflammatory effect,has on your body that alone would have,me stay away from this egg albumen okay,theres some interesting science out,there that shows you cant really get as,much protein in an egg powder form so I,dont know a little bit indifferent on,that then we have gluten-free cookie,crumbs okay shout out to them for at,least making it gluten-free okay thats,a plus they at least spent a couple,extra cents doing that so we got rice,flour then weve got sugar man youre,taking a perfectly good or halfway,decent protein powder and adding sugar,tapioca starch which is a very common,filler a common binder palm oil heres,the thing but we have to remember you,want to get away protein thats low in,fat,whey protein spikes your insulin very,high even higher than white bread in,some instances thats not necessarily,bad if youre looking for that you want,your protein levels to spike or you see,then you want your insulin levels to,spike when youre done with a workout,things like thats gonna allow you to,absorb the nutrients allow you to absorb,the protein more but when you have it,combined with fat the fat goes into,storage too so they add palm oil there,to probably give it a little bit thicker,creamier taste we dont want that okay,not in this case cocoa powder process,with alkali,so normally cocoa powder is okay,obviously okay its going to be an,antioxidant rich its going to be a very,powerful thing but when its processed,with alkali it actually gets rid of a,lot of the actual natural compounds that,we want so once its processed with,alkali its sort of Dutch processed,which can be good because they add some,potassium to it but in this case,it kills the the positive effect of the,cocoa powder okay then we have,cornstarch theres a no-go I mean,honestly its just a lot of ingredients,in here sodium bicarbonate no big deal,soit lecithin would like to avoid the,soy inulin okay annealing can be okay,for digestive purposes natural oh no,here we go sucralose thats already bad,but then acesulfame potassium bad bad,move okay that stuff is very toxic that,stuff is not good at all then oh my gosh,okay heres where we get that look at,they add aminos to it so theyre adding,leucine theyre adding isoleucine,theyre adding valine why do you need to,add amino acids when you already have,protein why because theyre inflating,the protein content they dont need to,add amino acids because the whey protein,already has the amino acids in it so why,would they do that well they do that,because its called amino spiking amino,spiking is where they add extra amino,acids to basically inflate the protein,count because right now a technology,cant differentiate between what an,amino acid is and what full protein is,although our bodies can so this is a,hard pass that is just that makes me,question a lot of things there okay,lets look at this one try to make this,a little quicker then we have gold,standard whey now optimum nutrition has,some good quality stuff no artificial,growth hormones thats nice,lets look at the ingredients again here,protein bomb and protein blend whey,protein isolate whey protein concentrate,and then weight peptide okay so they,still up concentrate which means its,probably not the best one here I will,say and heres teaching you a little,something is when something is on the,label the higher that it is on the,ingredient list the more of it there is,so in this case the protein blend the,first part is whey protein isolate the,second part is whey protein concentrate,compare that to the combat which was,concentrate first in isolate second so,this is better okay and there we go whew,okay so natural and artificial flavors,natural flavoring already is not good,okay natural flavoring can mean over a,hundred literally over a hundred,different things okay it can mean over a,hundred different things and they are,basically compounds that dont get,tested and they can be sort of a,discretionary flavoring or a,discretionary ingredient so basically,when they create something when they,a natural flavor it can have things that,arent natural plus theres no actual,definition of natural so its a huge,question mark theres this big layer of,just fogginess over natural flavors but,then they also have artificial flavors,which is just flat-out bad but then,guess what theyve got sucralose but,then they have acesulfame potassium,which is a huge no-no and they have that,higher on the list than sucralose,so unfortunately gold stan

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Protein Powder Review – The BEST Protein Powder To Buy & What To Avoid!

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This Smoothie Helped Me Lose 100 Pounds in 6 Months | ORGAIN REVIEW | Best Vegan Protein Powder

this smoothie helped me lose a hundred,pounds in six months,[Music],hello everybody im dad bod to bad dad,and welcome back to my channel if you,dont know who the heck dad bod to bad,dad is well i am a dad who lost 110,pounds right here on youtube dont,believe me you can go back to my very,first videos and see how obese i truly,was now you may remember an orgain,smoothie review that i posted a while,back on my channel entitled first month,22 pounds lost well i want to bring you,an update because that very smoothie,along with another recipe of the orgain,smoothie has helped me lose 110 pounds,overall and a hundred pounds in six,months let me show you how i make my,smoothie and im gonna review or gain,organic protein for you right here in,this video stay tuned,[Music],okay just finished up at the gym within,30 minutes to an hour of your workout,you definitely want to get some protein,in your body and i choose or gain,organic protein i dont do well with,whey protein which is dairy based,protein cow based protein it just,doesnt set well in my stomach anymore i,dont know guys as soon as i got into my,20s i became somewhat lactose intolerant,i dont know,but try organe organic protein itll set,well with you it is a plant-based,protein and of course its organic so,lets get home get some protein in these,muscles because protein synthesis is,setting in that is the process that your,muscles have the most optimum chance of,absorbing protein 30 minutes to an hour,guys get that protein in lets go now,cheers,for this smoothie recipe youre going to,use one cup of ice,which is zero calories one cup of,unsweetened chocolate almond milk,which is a wonderful substitute if you,cant do dairy like dad bod too bad dad,that is gonna bring you up 40 more,calories youre gonna use one whole,medium banana,which brings you up 105 more calories,now guys i use organic but that is just,what costco sells you can use whatever,you like i am not a doctor i do not know,what pesticides do to you you guys make,your own judgment on that being that im,putting the healthier gain in my body i,just prefer to buy organic it is not,that much more expensive then and only,then youre going to add two count them,two scoops of organe organic protein,with 50 superfoods,that is the one i choose i use vanilla,again use whatever you guys want do not,over think this weight loss is about,starting today and you should not get up,in your head with the paralysis by,analysis or gain organic protein powder,is going to bring you up another 160,calories now guys if you dont want to,use two scoops go down to one some,people like the protein a little more,diluted but i like getting all the,benefits and all the serving size in,here and im gonna turn it over now to,my former fat self to explain some of,the probiotics vitamins and all the,great stuff within or gain organic,protein with those superfoods organic,food based bnc vitamins organic veggies,and herbs some of the top ones are beet,carrot broccoli brussels sprouts green,pepper celery green onion cauliflower,asparagus tomato cucumber turmeric helps,with inflammation cinnamon garlic and,ginger love ginger 1 billion probiotics,as i said before not going to hold them,to that organic greens and grasses you,got spinach kale cabbage parsley wheat,grass barley grass and oat grass organic,berries and fruits organic sprouts and,organic ancient grains,and lastly i add two tablespoons of,peanut butter,i use chunky some people are creamy,peanut butter people let me know in the,comment section are you chunky or creamy,or both well i gotta let you know i do,love both chunky and creamy but at the,beginning of my weight loss journey i,was definitely more chunky and if you,guys like natural peanut butter where,you have to sit there and stir in the,oil im not judging you,its just a little more work i already,went to the gym i dont want to have to,sit there and stir oil into peanut,butter but thats just me if you guys,want the natural stuff go for it this,brings everything to 495 calories,approximately and let me tell you this,shake is filling and if you have a sweet,tooth it will fulfill that craving i,know sometimes when i eat mexican food i,absolutely have to have sweets after i,dont know why a couple of benefits of,eating plant-based protein versus eating,whey protein or any of the other sources,is you dont get that bloating that you,get with the whey which guys i still eat,meat so dont think im one of those,people that dont eat meat and if you,dont eat meat thats absolutely fine,too i think its wonderful but i dont,get the inflammation as much if im,having my post-workout smoothie by,drinking or gain organic smoothies and,again this video is not sponsored,but i will leave a link in the,description maybe down in the comment,section so you guys can go on and order,and get the right version of or gain,that i love,that ive used on my 110 pound weight,loss journey now i can tell you that,switching from a dairy meat based,protein to organe has absolutely been,incredible for my skin my nails you get,the greens in there without even trying,like i had said before and you just feel,a little cleaner to be quite honest im,a big meat person but its amazing,switching from whey to plant-based how,amazing and just the results you feel,you can just feel it in your skin and,your bones and your joints,if youve made it to this part of the,video thank you very much leave me a,like leave me a comment let me know what,kind of peanut butter you like no,judgment zone here i just love to,motivate people and i couldnt have,imagined that this channel created just,to document my weight loss journey would,have generated this many views and this,many subscribers if youre not a,subscriber yet though hit the subscribe,button and ring that notification bell,so you never miss great content like,this i truly love seeing all your,comments and i answer every single one,of them get down there show me some love,let me know what im doing right let me,know what im doing wrong if you have,any ideas for future videos and i like,them i will absolutely do them i always,answer my comments and requests another,incredible benefit of going with or gain,organic protein is it tastes incredible,some plant-based proteins just throw me,off guys like whey obviously tastes,amazing,but i cant do it as ive beaten you,guys over the head with it and im sure,you guys feel the same way about way,no pun intended there guys seriously,but,or gain organic protein and this,specific one that im going to post in,the link below,is absolutely delicious and dont,believe me,well i just challenge you to try it i,dont know what else to say there,it tastes amazing if you get chocolate,it tastes like chocolate if you get,vanilla it tastes like vanilla now when,i was bigger,health foods in general did nothing for,me like i just stayed away from them in,general if i saw a whole food store i,would have just been like,or at the health food section at costco,i was like no wheres the candy section,where is that big box of m ms that they,have i dont know guys uh as you lose,weight uh and this is kind of the,motivational part of the video as you,lose weight youre gonna feel absolutely,incredible youre gonna wanna do better,for yourself youre gonna wanna invest,in better foods or gain is that better,food that better protein source for you,now youre still going to have your,chicken meals youre still going to have,your steak meals and if youre like me,youre still going to have your cheat,meals just dont plan them like i used,to,planning cheat meals i feel like is very,unhealthy i just happen to listen my,body and thats how i got down over 100,pounds in 6 months and 110 pounds,overall,and this protein powder fuels my,workouts absolutely builds my muscles,just as good if not better than whey,protein i feel so much lighter i feel so,much more energetic by taking this stuff,this sounds like a paid promotion but it,absolutely is not guys ive been using,this stuff and

Orgain | Plant Based Protein Powder | Vegan Protein Review

hey whats up everyone my names Robert,welcome to a spot where you can go for,fast and simple submarine views today,only talk to you guys about this or gain,plant-based protein powder Im gonna go,over the ingredients the pros cons and,also just a little bit about what people,are saying about this product today and,I want to respect your time as well all,right Im gonna get you all the,information you need in under five,minutes and at any time you feel like,you might want to try this out I have a,link in the description box for you guys,right lets move on to this protein,powder so first off if youre looking,for something thats gonna replace a,meal for you possibly help with some,weight loss for you or maybe youre just,trying to get some healthy gains in the,gym this can possibly be the protein for,you this is all vegan friendly protein,is also 100% plant-based and they dont,add any sugar to it all and also it has,a complete amino acid profile which is,pretty huge each serving that you get,with this or gain plant-based protein he,had 21 grams of protein right now,obviously its not just any protein you,get it from peas chia seeds brown rice,and also hemp as well alright so those,are very important things because this,isnt coming from anything crazy right,next up you get four grams of fiber or,think its 5 grams 5 grams of fiber and,this now the fiber is gonna help with,your weight management so thats a good,thing and then you also get like 150,calories per serving if you count those,sorts of things,now you can obviously see that there are,more nitty gritty details but the main,things that I see in here that I care,about is a 21 grams of protein and also,the hundred and fifty calories that you,get with each one of them now it is,worth noting the carbs on here right you,only get three grams of carbs so if,youre looking for this to possibly,replace a meal and help you actually,lose weight this can fall under that,low-carb diet and if you dont know,low-carb diets basically just gonna burn,off some stored fat that you have kind,of hiding around your body alright but,yeah thats basically it you get the 21,grams of protein from peace chia seeds,hemp and brown rice which is the main,factors in here you get that complete,amino acid profile which again is huge,on but other than that lets check out,these ratings and see what people are,saying about this product today alright,now first off this thing raised 4.2,stars with over 7,000 people that have,actually repeat this so its actually,pretty good you know most people are,saying that they actually do like the,taste so Im sure if you looking at this,product you probably try a bunch of,different plant-based protein powders,before some of them taste chocolate your,bad or whatever the case is right this,one actually tastes good now quick note,on this if youre getting any proteins,or supplements or anything like that,theres a lot of companies that dont,really care about the flavor of it right,they just care about the actual,ingredients and the effectiveness of it,so in my personal opinion in my,experience I just find it easier just to,assume that they all dont taste that,great right because Im never,disappointed in it but I still get all,the great benefits from the ingredients,in here so just saying these arent,milkshakes or anything like that so,dont expect something crazy alright,nothing fun like in and out or something,but other than that people are saying,that they like the taste they also like,the fact that theres that at Central,for another essential they have that,full amino acid profile in there which,is absolutely amazing because our body,its just kind of want those amino acids,in there and when we actually get them,theres so many benefits for it I mean,each amino acid has their own separate,benefit and our bodies just love it,basically alright other than that people,are liking the price on this everything,seems to be pretty good with this,theres not really any crazy negative,reviews on that at all and if you feel,like youre ready to try this out,like I said open up that scripture box,got that link in there for you guys,comment below if you guys have any,questions I hope I made this fast simple,for you guys right and thanks for,selling bye,adios

Orgain Organic Protein Powder…Full & Honest Review!!

[Music],hey guys,welcome to my youtube channel my name is,antar yeti curry certified personal,trainer and founder of trained sweetie,and what Im going to be doing for you,guys today is a quick review of a,product that I have tried personally,which is or gain organic protein powder,as you guys may know I am pescetarian so,Im always looking for different,products or supplements to help with my,protein needs in my lifestyle so what I,did was I tried out in some organic,organic protein powder it was on sale at,Target so I just want to give you guys a,heads up on what I felt about the,product if I give it either a thumbs up,or a thumbs down based on my personal,opinion so without further ado heres my,quick review for gain organic protein,powder so here it is guys this is or,gain organic klint protein powder this,is the vanilla bean flavor I tend to,like to stick with vanilla flavors,whenever Im going with a protein powder,just because I feel like you can build,upon vanilla a lot better than chocolate,I think once you kind of go with,chocolate its like go big or go home,theres no undoing chocolate and lets,not mistake I do love chocolate but for,my protein powder needs I do tend to,stick with vanilla flavor just because,its the easiest to build upon so let me,tell you guys a little bit about whats,inside of this item it is all organic of,green ingredients it has pea protein,chia seeds brown rice and fiber its,also left toes,and soy and dairy-free for all of those,dairy people and I handle any dairy in,your diet at all I understand this is,your product okay its also vegan,non-gmo and has zero grams of sugar so,just two scoops of this guys is a,hundred and fifty calories 4 grams,affect 15 grams of carbs and the big one,is 21 grams of protein so let me tell,you guys a little bit about the product,it smells amazing so lets just take a,look inside as you can see it it is a,powder but you can see the little pooper,scooper as well you can have this,product two different ways now I tried,both of them you can have it as a,smoothie which is just mixing in your,favorite frozen fruits like banana,strawberry blueberry put some almond,milk 2 scoops of this throw it in a,blender and blend away or you can just,have it as a quick on the go drink in,your protein shaker bottle just mix 12,ounces of almond milk or your milk of,choice with two scoops of the product,and Shake away now I did try it both,ways I did use soap almond milk the,original flavor just because I think,silken vanilla flavor with vanilla,protein powder is a little like vanilla,overload so I did go with the original,silk milk almond milk for my,and just regular shake but either way I,did enjoy both ways it was amazing,so absolutely would recommend this,product it gets a thumbs up from me just,keep in mind it is a little protein e,chalk chalky consistency but definitely,not overwhelming the vanilla definitely,brings out the flavor I mean if you add,in anything extra as well that will,continue to bring out the flavor of,whatever you throw inside of it but the,consistency in the flavor by no means,was a turn-off loved it,all I did purchase this at Target it was,20% off because I love to save a dollar,so it came to about $14 for me but I,think originally is about $19.99 which,is not bad at all so I did pick up a,couple of these from Target so I will be,drinking on this for a little while but,whenever this goes out I will be sure to,try another product to let you guys know,about it but again or again organic,plant protein powder gets a thumbs up,from me Im so if you guys are looking,for additional supplement for your,protein needs,I would absolutely go with this product,ok a little fit tip for you guys protein,is necessary for those who are weight,training and spent training to help,field and repair your muscles after a,nice hard workout so if you need some,extra protein be sure to go with this it,will help you post-workout for your,muscle growth and repair so I would,recommend in this product for your,protein needs be sure to stop by Target,or probably your local grocery store and,pick this one up but I hope you guys,enjoyed my review,products and if you guys are interested,in any other products for me to review,be sure to comment below in the comment,box or if you just have any questions,comments or concerns let me know also be,sure to subscribe to my channel as well,as follow me on instagram at its and,tarea see and this is tea from train to,tea,dining out thats hot – later guys

Orgain Organic Protein Powder Review (Vanilla Bean) (Vegan Reviews) (Ep.1)

hello today was boring,its so boring hello im gonna start,this sit down watch,take notes whats up guys im bobby,lynch and im jamie logan and welcome to,our first ever,vegan reviews series,[Music],[Music],[Music],[Music],so,[Music],so for this vegan review series we are,going to review as,many vegan products on the market so,that you guys can know whats hot,whats not and what to buy when you go,to the store thats right bobby and you,know what we are not going to lie to you,if something is just,not hot then we are not going to say it,is okay,so facts listen here we go what are we,reviewing today well today we are,reviewing,ordained organic protein powder and for,all of our food reviews we are going to,review them in five main categories,taste texture smell nutrient profile,price,and where to buy and then at the end,if they check out in at least,three out of five categories then this,product and all of the food products are,going to get a plant strength,approved seal of approval and if they,dont,get at least three out of five then they,dont get it then they just need,they just eat right theyre not out,the door dont,dont bother because you know its 100,real,100 of the time thats right thats what,you can expect love it,so without further ado lets get to it,all right guys so,we are going to be opening this for the,first time and were gonna mix,everything in this blender bottle right,here weve got eight ounces of water,for whenever we do our protein powder,reviews well always keep it consistent,eight ounces of water so that way we can,compare apples to apples,and that apples to oranges we never want,to compare apples to oranges bobby,and so what were gonna do is just take,two scoops of this,and pour it in here and that way we have,46 grams of this protein powder,yes and the serving size is two scoops,that is why were doing two scoops not,all protein powders,have two scoop servings so just pay,attention to that well try to get a,nice,level scoop here all right,one dont that just hit me in the eye,thanks for that bobby thats what she,said,okay solve that yourself okay well,and two okay would you like to do,honestly,shake it all right guys lets see,those muscles baby,[Applause],come on thats thats weak thats weight,gain,look at this thats weak what kind of,shake is that what,is that come on this thing is shaped i,dont know how much you want,let me let me show you let me show the,people how its done you ready for this,yes lets see where you are,right thats shake weight central right,there baby,all right all right if that doesnt do,it i dont know what will,okay here we go here we go so pour a,little bit,in here boom nice looks kind of creamy,really creamy,thats what she said,i think you how it should be you missed,a spot it needs a little bit more of a,shake,i i need to do that again we gotta go,for round two,are you ready yes three two one,shake it,[Applause],okay were done lets try this all right,lets do it boom,cheers cheers,i actually like it and i never say that,about protein powders i usually hate the,taste of protein,really yeah the only thing,is that i feel like theres a little bit,of dry powder in the back of my throat,it was probably because of your shitty,shaking job,gotti got it,im just gonna move past that and let,that one slide let that one go,dont get used to it dont get used to,it dont get yourself do not,feel that in the back of your throat i,think its i think its a foam,i think its the foam i shook that way,too hard you guys know,thats wrong lets get it lets get into,replay,thats right thats what im talking,about it was im just i bring the power,okay and i bring the reason so,so my opinion on this is it has,a good taste overall for a vegan protein,powder but,thats why i got the magic sauce,secret sauce right here you dont have,to use this specific brand,of low power calorie of low carot,calorie pancake syrup but i always go,with a low calorie pancake syrup to add,to the protein shakes because it makes,them,sweeter you dont really taste pancake,syrup all it does is makes them sweeter,so were going to add,a little bit in right here and if you,want to just go,with regular pancake syrup you can do,that,if youre really trying to make these i,feel like this actually tastes like a,liquid pancake,it literally yes like it smells like one,too,it smells like a pancake yeah it does it,has,it it does have a really nice smell i,think it smell i think it almost smells,better than it tastes just plain,without the pancakes but hold up your,mind is about to be blown your taste,buds are about to be blown,and i think the texture of it,i think the texture is really good mixes,really well,easy i pour it from the same sugar come,on now,alright so finish that off,all right so now were going to test it,with the pancakes or,syrup im telling you guys it is the,secret sauce is the secret sauce,just wait cheers cheers lets do it,its very good right thats what im,saying its sweet,its insane but its very good im,telling you if you really want to take,your plant-based protein powders to the,next level a little low-calorie pancake,syrup,is going to do wonders absolute wonders,moving on though we have,our nutrient profile so for the,nutrition facts,there are 150 calories in this two scoop,46 grams serving 4 grams of fat,15 carbs 5 fiber so 10 net carbs,no added sugars and 21 grams of protein,that is really really good a lot of,protein i mean,thats basically on a 2000 calorie diet,for the rda recommendation thats like,37 of your protein but continuing on,with the,nutrient profile we also have the,ingredients so jamie you want to talk,about that absolutely well,all i see is organic organic organic,and you cant beat that and organic we,got a lot going on here and,i mean it really does look pretty clean,i mean organic pea protein,organic brown rice protein i mean i see,chia seeds,so compared to a lot of protein powders,that ive seen like this is,is pretty clean now price and where to,buy,the two pound version is only,36 and that is actually a really good,price relative to,other protein powders that are on the,market for vegan,vegan protein powders this is definitely,a really good price where to buy these,you can pretty much get them anywhere,most of the major grocery stores had,them walmart carries organ brand but,they only carry these smaller containers,if you want to get the bigger containers,check out the health like some of the,major health food stores like gnc,vitamin cha and then of course online,yeah thats the easiest i was just going,to say honestly just look it up buy it,online,get it delivered you dont have to even,leave your house yeah exactly,its so simple yeah it is so simple so,simple so does this pass,the test i mean what do you guys think,it checks out all five so,yes it does plant strength approved,or gain organic protein powder this is,the vanilla bean flavor,i personally prefer the vanilla bean,they have a lot of other flavors because,you can mix it,with so many different things so yeah,100 percent organ organic protein powder,plant strength,its fantastic so guys let us know what,else you want us to review in the,comments and well do it as long as its,vegan,of course and if you guys like this,video if you found this review helpful,please make sure to drop the video a,like and of course subscribe to our,channel for,the most up-to-date relevant vegan,fitness nutrition activism lifestyle,content there is,and of course before we wrap things up,to give a little plug,our video today was sponsored by none,only than,the chicken bites chicken bites baby if,you guys want to get some chicken bites,our chicken bites theyre our own brand,plant strength chicken bites,17 grams of protein per 4 ounce serving,no fat 120 calories 13 carbs 7 fiber and,only,7 simple ingredients soy flour garlic,onion salt spices sugar baking powder no,additives or preservatives go to,plantstrengthfoods.com and use,code bobby use code vegan,booty vegan booty in all caps,ill give it to you were gonn

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