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Ori and the Will of the Wisps Review

[Music],it was always hard to find anything bad,to say about 2015s Orion the blind,forest Moon Studios blend of an,entrancing tragic fairytale world and,white-knuckle platforming challenge left,a mark that hasnt faded with time and,yet the new follow-up Orion the will of,the wisps successfully builds on that in,a way that doesnt just retread the same,ground theres more breadth and detail,choice and diversity than ever and its,all done with engrossing color and light,and an excellent inspiring soundtrack,[Music],this is a great big open world backed by,a great big beautiful score that shifts,and echoes your successes and grows,frantic and immediate in moments of,tension,its your constant companion as you,journey through diverse locations that,sprawl out in all directions blooming,fertile forests frigid mountainous peaks,vibrant pools,sizzling desert sands bug infested,burrows choked in lethal darkness all of,them feel distinct and alive and theres,an incredible beauty and attention to,the little details that serve the,overarching theme of each whether youre,burrowing through the sand and the,blazing red light of the desert or,pricking yourself on bare splintered,timber in the mountainous regions,theres always something surprising in,store Orion the will of the wisps,reinforces that theme of a wider living,world with a menagerie of new creatures,to fight big and small alongside,woodland critters and animal guardians,that hide and thrive in each area these,new NPC characters provide helpful,information offer you simple side quests,sell you maps and abilities and upgrade,a central hub village as you inevitably,round up the many different collectables,scattered around the world this new,level of customization and the,persistent goal of working towards,something helped to ground me in the,happenings of the world I felt like I,had a stake in its success rather than,just running through a series of places,to leap and fight my way to the end,[Music],exploring these secret nooks unlocks new,abilities that let you interact with the,world in new ways and avoiding deadly,obstacles is the meet on the will of the,wisps bones it all feels better than,ever as I was nearing the end of my 12,hour playthrough the speed and,possibilities for creative movement put,me in almost a zen-like state triple,jumps burrowing dashing through water,launching myself into the air bashing,off of enemies and grappling to fix,positions with a lasso and hope becomes,second nature its a gradual ramp up but,as I unlocked each new ability I,relished the chance to hop in a warp,gate and head back to a previous area to,plunder the collectables that were once,just out of reach combat has been,extended along the same lines you can,get active abilities and passive shards,that enhance already in unique ways like,allowing you to triple jump or cling to,walls or just pointing out secret,locations and though you start with only,a few of these shard slots you can,unlock more for completing combat,challenges and that gives you a chance,to customize your aura to a degree that,really changes your play style,[Applause],most importantly orys new active,abilities which are essentially weapons,can be purchased equipped on-the-fly,through a weapon wheel and upgraded you,can use a fast slashing spirit edged,sword,you can deliver heavy spirit smash,hammer blows fire a splinter in spirit,arc energy bow light enemies on fire,deploy spirit sentries to constantly,pepper them with damage and so much more,Ill admit at first I didnt venture too,far out of my starting abilities but the,diversity of each item in and out of,combat makes many of them must-haves for,example not only does that heavy spirit,smash deliver big damage and knock,enemies up in the air but its also used,to crush through breakable barriers and,though that spirit Lance might cost a,ton of energy to use its a lifesaver,when it staggers a boss mid attack and,opens it up for you to deliver precious,damage in one of the new enjoyable and,occasionally harrowing boss fights and,without going into spoiler territory,with Orion the will of the wisps,tragically beautiful story Moon Studios,has delivered an excellent second,chapter that plucks the same,heartstrings of hope and loss and,redemption as the first game its an,affecting mixture of sorrow and joy that,shines a light on the power of empathy,what I really appreciate about Ori is,that even though its a tale of light,versus darkness it never fully falls,into the simplicity of good versus evil,instead it instills the ideas that even,the ostensibly bad guys have hearts,families and tragedy regardless of,whether they choose to seek Redemption,[Music],in Oriya in the will of the wisps moon,studios has taken an excellent,foundation and made even more out of it,its many new elements expand on and add,to the first games fun without bogging,it down or becoming overcomplicated and,thats really the best praise you can,give a sequel it stays true to the,spirit of the original doubles down on,what made it great and gives you more,stake in the world and options to,navigate it or in the will of the wisps,is an excellent heartfelt follow-up that,pushes the series to new heights for,more on Orion the wool of the wisps you,can watch them gameplay right now and,for everything else you are already in,the right place right here on IGN

Ori and the Will of the Wisps – Before You Buy

and were back with another episode of,before you buy that shall we give you,some straight-up gameplay and our first,impressions of the latest games,releasing and today were talking about,Ori and the will of the wisps this is,the latest Microsoft Studios published,game and its on PC and Xbox and its,the follow up to Ari and the blind,forest which was released back in 2015,if you didnt play that one well III,think this new one is gonna bring a lot,of fans because already in the will of,the wisps right now straight up its a,fantastic game some technical flaws but,so much fun weve been playing a review,copy provided to us and so far so great,now if youre unaware of the setup the,general hook of the game is kind of this,its a modern Metroidvania style game,with some insane platforming like Im,talking butter smooth platforming,theres a story you know its charming,if a bit simple one and some downright,incredible art design and music its,just a good adventure thats really the,Ori games in a nutshell this time around,obviously you get a new adventure some,tweaks to the main flow generally more,to do and much more combat abilities,this time around in fact its just,straight-up great combat well in the,original game it was fine here its more,refined Ori has more abilities theres,more nuances to enemies and theres more,of a balanced focus or in the will of,the wisps doesnt really seem to have,like a like a weak spot as far as I can,see in its main things combat traversal,exploration its all pretty great and,fine-tuned here now lets start out with,a platforming the tried and true stuff,that helped people fall in love with the,original game it seems its its,multifaceted it has a learning curve and,requires some actual skill there are,multiple jumps poles to swing on air,dashes gliding clinging to walls little,backflips and launchers among other,things that just make this game so,freakin satisfying as soon as you get a,lot of the main abilities for traversal,and platforming its so much fun to pull,off an absolutely flawless bound through,an area filled with enemies and,environmental hazards moving objects and,traps and just a bunch of things in the,environment that really take advantage,of your whole skill arsenal and it all,animates and kind of flows together,flawlessly when you get a good run or,you get like a good sea,ones that you complete after nailing and,dying so many times it feels like a,perfect super meatboy section run kind,of but with a whole bunch more going on,and then theres of course a big map to,explore exploring the maps has a little,bit everything you know feels endless,and keeps growing as you play and,finding the map guy to get a map for a,section feels genuinely useful stumbling,across characters often gives you a,little side objectives which usually,send you to a deeper region in the map,or out of your way or revisiting an old,area to get something and bring it back,and thankfully these side quests do,actually feel rewarding with what you,earn and what I like is you dont even,really need a side quest as a reason to,backtrack or anything revisiting old,areas with new abilities and more combat,strength makes you feel like youve,actually gotten somewhere grown as a,character of course like with your,abilities build but with your general,skill as well again to overuse this word,from Reilly like the whole video its,just immensely satisfying coming back,into an old area makes you feel like a,badass like you started out in that area,as a kid and now your pack is an adult,does that make sense,now combat like I said does get an,overhaul thank you see you having more,interesting main options they basically,give you a sword of light and the games,just got way more of a hacky slash II,feel immediately you use it,directionally yeah especially when,youre in the air and stuff and that,makes all the difference if you havent,played these games to be a little bit,reductive for a second this might piss,people off but like the base of it does,feel a little bit like hollow Knight if,you played something like that for,comparisons sake quick aggressive,slammy hits where if you dont pay,attention you can die quickly unless you,have the energy to pop a self heal and,thankfully theres a lot of stuff in the,environment that can help you out as,well theres just much more of it all as,it expands combat wise you get energy,projectiles some magic abilities and,stuff that are kind of like the original,game but generally like I said theres,just a lot more of it all and it feels,really good especially what enemies are,fun to face off against flying enemies,all like any other game in this genre,theyre just like kind of a total pain,in the ass at least for me but learning,when and how to dodge certain enemies,and where to hit them is all the fun it,does that perfect setup of the first,time you encounter a big new enemy it,feels like a mid-boss like a sub boss,but then after you learn how to defeat,them you encounter them all the time and,its like no big deal but the bosses of,course like the bosses especially those,encounters are great of course I always,would want more of them but theyre fun,and yes theres also still those like,chase run type sequences as well now the,pacing might be good for some people,troublesome for others the big sequences,are great you know like the chase scenes,and stuff of course and getting to the,next cutscene feels rewarding if youre,into the story which Ill get to but,then theres the rest of it the,metroidvania Ness,I love being left on my own to figure,this stuff out and often found myself,pretty stuck I enjoy that though some,people find that frustrating the game,wants you to figure it out and it,doesnt really treat you like a dummy,which i think is good in most instances,and yes dont worry though the game is,challenging the checkpoints dont work,like they do in the previous game,actually theyre more traditionally,dispersed this time and they are,generally more forgiving but do not get,it twisted man this is not a game for,babies it almost gets kind of [ __ ],hard at times but I think people come to,these games for a good genuine challenge,and it mostly feels fair and its not,just like raw difficulty hard at times,either like a hard platforming sequence,with enemies and stuff theres also some,great hidden environmental stuff and,secret areas and a few environmental,puzzles that just straight up once I,figured it out and made me feel like a,genius,and all that extra stuff the discoveries,and the backtracking all works because,theres a satisfying amount of character,improvements along with discovering and,learning new stuff along the way you,purchase a lot of stuff so make Ori,stronger and more capable and earn,special perks tough to slot into Ori as,well the game does a good job of,constantly scaling up you know,progression is important to me as you,guys who regularly watch probably no and,when it feels like youre constantly,growing and the game has consistently,thrown rewards at you when you do well,not only to make you feel good about,yourself but also to constantly change,the flow of the game thats good,progression if you ask me and thats,what I want and Ori here,really delivers on that now story-wise,its a its a charming nice tale Ori a,cute little forest thing is help raising,a baby fantasy owl type thing and then,one day they get separated and youre,thrust into a new journey it grows into,more Im not spoiling anything Im kind,of also trying to showcase earlier,gameplay but Im describing it this way,really just to show that its,straightforward and simple but nice,enough and kind of vague enough to,project your own feelings onto it if,that makes sense its really the look of,the characters their expressions how,they animate and interact with the world,and the vibe of it all that that makes,it succeed at least for people who are,into this type of thing and the music,and sound design is top notch with a,beautiful orchestrated score as well but,

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Ori and the Will of the Wisps – Review by Skill Up

this video is brought to you by friend,of the channel Squarespace stick around,to the end of the video to hear a,special offer theyre making available,through my channel this video contains,visual spoilers for Ori and the will of,the wisps to get the most out of this,game I recommend seeing it all fresh for,the first time for this reason this,video has been written so that nothing I,say will spoil anything be it locations,bosses or mechanics or abilities you can,safely listen to this video as you would,a podcast and know that your experience,will remain unspoiled,re and the will of the wisps is,beautiful moving ingenious heartfelt and,werent not for some pretty major bugs,and technical performance issues Id say,perfect this is easily the best game,Ive played this year and I firmly,expect it to be in my game of the year,list for 2020 where so many games have a,niche appeal re has something in it for,anyone who enjoys video games from those,looking for heartfelt stories to those,who enjoy seeing and hearing beautiful,things right through to those looking,for challenging to test your mettle,style gameplay re has it all in,abundance you simply must players,[Music],developed by moon re and the will of the,wisps is the sequel to the much praised,much-loved Ori and the blind forest now,to my great shame I will admit that I,did not play any more than a few minutes,of the original Ori a particular reason,to be honest I mean it came out in March,2015 and Ill wait yep ok blood-borne,came out then thats why I didnt play,it ok moving on if youre watching this,video instead of just listening to it,then what Im about to say is completely,redundant but Ori is beautiful the,beauty exists in the characters and the,NPC designs who lay down the visual,groundwork for the world were about to,explore it exists in the environments,where every square centimeter of every,space is rendered in such detail that,any single frame is wallpaper worthy it,exists in the foreground and mid ground,which Scrolls behind you like so much,living portraiture and it exists in the,endlessly unfolding horizons each of,which tell the story of the games world,better than any expository dialogue,ever could in this age with this,graphical power what it is its easy to,become numb to visuals to sort of expect,games to achieve these impossible bars,than anything short of that is failure,but making good-looking games is hard,and I cannot imagine the talent that,goes into making a game look at this,food from a technical perspective Ori,literally shines in its use of lighting,and particle effects the Great Barrier,Reef is alive with bioluminescence and,auras world is like a reef of its own,wrenched from the sea and hollowed out,but still shining with blues and greens,and purples and scores more colors too,numerous to list here each part of it is,lit with rays of sunlight dancing flames,sparkling icicles of fireflies you could,spend an entire playthrough just,watching the way that each space is lit,and it would not be a waste of your time,separate from the technology or his,impact comes from its artistic choices,its style is so unmistakable that you,could glance at any part of this game,and know that its re I have it the,artistic eye or technical training to be,able to deconstruct how they do this,I just know that they do it and the,result is an experience that remains,visually grounded,and consistent despite a huge range in,locations,there are many Quivers in the bow of our,ease greatness but the starting point,for all of it is level design this is a,precision platformer this isnt like,Mario where the stakes are low this is,far closer to guacamelee or celeste,where very specific actions are required,at very specific moments to get you from,A to B and I mean very specific Im,always so impressed when I see fantastic,platform design because I sort of think,to myself how did someone come up with,this like what course did you take in,game design school to be able to think,up these layouts and puzzles and how,could you produce fifteen hours worth of,them without them ever getting,repetitive if you put me in a room with,nothing but a whiteboard and a mark of a,six-months I reckon I could come up with,like three puzzles max these guys have,come up with hundreds of them and they,are consistently fun innovative and,challenging in addition to this,ingenuity the developers have also,managed to keep the whole thing feeling,rather organic levels have a main goal,tied to the theme of that area they have,a central mechanical hook that ties,directly to that theme you typically,grapple with this central hook for a,time before eventually unlocking an,ability that helps you overcome it more,easily and this new ability is used in,more extensive ways as you hurdle,towards the final showdown with the,areas boss its a rhythm thats,repeated but never feels repetitive as,each level is a joy to navigate and the,drip-feed of new abilities continues to,expand the limits of what youre capable,of doing with your Kasper but with ears,and legs looking for takest because yeah,this is a Metroidvania and new power-ups,come thick and fast I looked at what was,provided to you in the previous Ori game,and you get those abilities in like the,first hour or two of will of the wisps,the rest of it is all new stuff and I,wont talk about it here so its not to,spoil it but if youre watching the,gameplay then youve already seen a,bunch of these long story short I love,them all and they combined to create a,feeling of flow that few games are,capable of reaching Id love to watch a,speedrunner have at this because the,framework the developers have created,here combining these abilities with this,level design would make for a fantastic,spectator sport anyway heres a funny,story I was playing through neo 2 before,reviewing re and that game is,predictably very very tough so I thought,Id take a break from all that dying to,play some nice relaxing re no no no no,no no and hell no so let me make this,clear re is tough Im not gonna say that,its really tough because Ive,definitely seen harder but I will say,that there were quite a few areas in,here that took me many many attempts,many so often Id arrive at a new,challenge itd just be like well thats,just not possible but fit by that Id,nut it out and when I had the solution,clay was just about getting it right and,when you finally do it feels glorious,but man as tough as the platforming is,it has absolutely nothing on combat,[Music],so again I looked it up I did some,research combat in Ori one wasnt a big,focus you had your little spark buddy,that would kind of auto target staff it,was very much about the platforming in,Ori two things are very different you,immediately get yourself a lightsaber,and thats just the first weapon of many,youll unlock each of them have their,own specific utility and with the,exception of the starter weapon theyll,all consume energy so you cant spam,them endlessly nothing youd want them,to either moon have done a really neat,trick here where enemies dont behave,quite like youd expect them to theyre,all hyper aggressive and they have a lot,of poise so even if youre attacking,them theyll still just lunge at you or,run at you or jump on you or strafe you,these flying enemies my god they,absolutely sucked in holy night and just,they absolutely suck you please delete,them from the game I hate them so much,but yeah combat in this game is a,regular and B actually challenging you,can run pass all of it if youd like but,doing so means you miss out on those,sweet sweet orbs youll be using to buy,upgrades but more on that later let me,show you the absolute best part of re,the bosses,[Music],oh my god I cannot get over how awesome,the boss encounters are in this game,everyone didnt really have bosses as I,understand it feels like moon were like,so you like bosses a thing is there,arent that many bosses but the ones,that are here just incredible so big so,beautiful such spectacle and just look,

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Ori and the Will of the Wisps Review – Masterpiece

[Music],[Music],[Applause],[Music],in the resurgent genre of Metroidvania,x 2015s beautiful and tightly designed,Ori in the blind forest stands is one of,the best releases in recent memory with,Ori in the will of the wisps developers,moon studios have set out to do what all,developers should do with any sequel and,make a game that is even bigger and,better and they have resoundingly,succeeded on all fronts will of the,wisps takes the biggest strengths of its,predecessor and hones them even further,to the point of perfection and at the,same time introduces significant,improvements to the aspects that did not,work so well in the first game the,result is a startingly excellent game,and one that will go down as one of the,best this genre has ever delivered like,blind forest simply moving around is an,absolute joy in will of the wisps,platforming is as tight as ever and its,bolstered by the level design constantly,introducing new wrinkles and elements,for you to contend with forcing you to,think about using your moveset in new,ways on a near constant basis will of,the wisps platforming also reaches the,heights of its predecessor and then,surpasses them very quickly with the,game handing you all your abilities from,the first game quite freely in just the,first few hours though it starts out,with the simplest of mechanics it,doesnt take long before youre weaving,together a complex web of jumps dashes,avoiding environmental hazards and more,to make your way around levels fast,tight and fluid movement was one of Ori,and the blind forest biggest strengths,and its sequel is well aware of that,fact,having cranked it all up to 11 the tight,platforming also goes hand-in-hand with,exploration which is a core part of any,Metroidvania game and being the expertly,crafted Metroidvania title that will of,the wisps is exploration is always,hugely rewarding the fluid movement,means that youre always ready and,willing to go off the beaten path which,is aided by how well-designed,each corner and crevice of the map is,the rewards you get for your exploration,also always bring with them a rush of,dopamine and always justify the effort,that goes into getting to them finding a,hidden nooks in a wall somewhere might,lead you to a nice cache of currency,that you can use for progression,purposes while getting through,platforming,lets that might lead you to media,rewards as such the rewards and the,journey of getting to those rewards are,both always equally satisfying level,design impresses on a larger scale as,well in spite of being much larger than,the map in the first game Orion the will,of the wisps map doesnt skimp on,quality and instead delivers on the,diversity front in droves from deserts,and sparkling pools to frozen mountains,and dilapidated forests theres a huge,amount of environmental variety in the,game which translates to variety and,gameplay mechanics as well each location,brings its own set of threats and,dangers to deal with its own set of,roadblocks and challenges which means,that each new area you visit feels,significantly different from the others,in tone atmosphere and so much more the,best of all in spite of being so unique,they all feel like part of a single,larger cohesive world with each area,blending into all the others very,believably in organically not only does,this stand as a testament to the games,incredible visual design it also adds,immensely to things like world building,and environmental storytelling,storytelling was of course a crucial,element in Orion the blind forest and,for the most part will of the wisp,stands toe-to-toe with its predecessor,the earlier hours of the game lacked the,laser sharp focus of the first games,narrative it starts out with a simple,objective of reuniting with COO after,you get separated in me win a strange,and dying land and a clear end goal,doesnt come into play until youre a,few hours into the game at that point,Ori and the will of the wisps settles,into a structure that fans of the first,game will be more familiar with and the,larger narrative revelations start,coming in with greater frequency theres,a ton of hard-hitting moments with great,emotional resonance in here for moments,involving the main characters that shape,the narrative early on to smaller more,isolated stories restricted to secondary,players in the story will of the wisps,keeps hitting you with truly affecting,developments and theyre all delivered,with great aplomb backed by excellent,swelling music that never fails to hit,an emotional beat those secondary,characters are something that blind,forest was lacking in to a great extent,unlike kneeble though knee win is home,to lots of creatures that act as NPC,and their addition introduces more,improvements than one might expect,thanks to excellently and succinctly,written dialogue each of the NPCs you,run into has an endearing personality,from a giant frog like being with moss,growing over his face to the adorable,monkey light creatures known as the,mochi to a mapmaker you encounter on,multiple occasions every character in me,win is a valuable addition to the story,and to varying extents each and every,one of them contributes the game,strengths in world building and,storytelling for anyone whos played Ori,in the blind forest though its not much,of a surprise that will of the wisps,excels in such things as map design,visual design platforming and,storytelling what will come as a bit of,a shock to the system is just how,radically better the combat is this time,around combat in blind forest was a dull,affair at the best of times,and its shallow and repetitive nature,stood in stark contrast to the,impeccable quality of other aspects of,the game orion the will of the wisps,rights those wrongs and ensures that,combat can proudly stand in the company,of the games other achievements the,biggest factor that contributes to that,success is the fact that you now have,access to actual weapons and quite a few,of them at that from weapons that allow,you to unleash bursts of quick attacks,to those that are slower but deal more,damage to those that you can use from a,distance theres quite a few of these in,Ori in the will of the wisps each of,them feels appropriately unique from,each other and each feels great to use,animated expertly and landing with,punchy impact you can equip three of,these at a time with each one assigned,to a face button and changing what you,have equipped is also a very smooth and,quick process you hold down the left,trigger to pause the action and quickly,select the weapon you want from a radial,wheel as such mixing and matching,various different weapons in combat to,counter unique threats is easy and,seamless a decent amount of enemy,variety also encourages you to keep,doing just that some enemies might,prefer to stay out of reach while others,might like to get up close and personal,while others still might pose different,threats with chaotic and erratic attacks,mixing and matching these weapons while,also using Ori suite of traversal,abilities is what defines combat,especially when youre faced with harder,foes or a number of enemies at once and,its an absolute blast not only does it,feel great from a mcann,perspective it also boasts copious,amounts of visual flair one-on-one,encounters against some of the smaller,enemies do tend to be a little button,mashing even now but the best of the,best encounters can look like bright and,flashy dances and these are the ones,that will stay with you the longest the,part of Orie in the will of the wisps,that benefits the most from the new and,improved combat system is unsurprisingly,the boss fights there are quite a few of,these in the game from many bosses to,larger set-piece encounters and all of,these the latter especially are a treat,combining great design challenge and,combat to deliver memorable encounters,surely theyre a huge step up over the,first games boss fights escape sequences,make a return as well and these two have,seen significant improvement

Ori and the Will of the Wisps – Easy Allies Review

Given the acclaim surrounding Ori and the Blind Forest, developed by Moon Studios,,it’s not surprising to see the developer return to this enchanting world in a new sequel,,Ori and the Will of the Wisps.,It’s been five years since the release of the original, but it’s clear Moon Studios,not only listened to feedback, but took a closer look at the competition in the time since.,The lessons learned certainly benefit this second effort.,This is immediately noticeable when it comes to the game’s combat system.,The original opted for a more laid back approach that never really demanded much thought,,but that all changes now.,Will of the Wisps has evolved into something more satisfying, and the combat is further elevated,by introducing more challenging types of enemies to put your new skills to the test.,It’s a drastic improvement that helps give the sequel a more complete and distinct feel.,Ori and the Blind Forest didn’t feature traditional boss encounters,,instead favoring exhilarating chase sequences that required precise platforming skills.,While Will of the Wisps retains these heart-pumping chases,,it also works in numerous bosses that put up decent fights with multiple phases,,sometimes weaving in short chase sequences for good measure.,The new combat mechanics and bosses,are welcome additions that leave you with a greater sense of gratification.,Will of the Wisps does a great job of thoughtfully considering its difficulty, too.,The world is structured in a way that makes dealing with enemy encounters easier,if you explore more rather than rushing to your next primary goal.,Will of the Wisps achieves this by hiding unique power-ups and abilities,in easy-to-miss locations, which includes entire areas of the game,and side objectives that are completely optional.,It’s a near-perfect synergy between exploration and reward,that enhances the game’s balance.,One element that factored into the original’s difficulty that’s no longer present,was the option to manually generate your own save points.,Instead, the sequel automatically does this for you.,This is a much better solution that allows you to focus on the best parts of the game,rather than worrying about a bothersome mechanic that could potentially result in losing progress.,It’s to be expected that a game of this nature demands a lot of backtracking,,but Will of the Wisps mitigates the tedium typically associated with this design,by providing the ability to fast travel between activated save shrines.,Despite this, it never feels like progression skews more towards being linear.,The tried-and-true philosophy of teasing inaccessible paths,that clearly require you to come back with a new ability is in full effect.,Many of these unique abilities are holdovers from the previous game,,each of them contributing to the wide variety of ways you can traverse through each environment.,Launching off enemies and projectiles is just as fun as before,,allowing you to do amazing aerial maneuvers that add to the fluid nature of your movements.,What’s impressive is that Will of the Wisps takes things a step further with its new abilities like grappling,,which meshes so well with the improved combat style.,Will of the Wisps provides plenty of secondary objectives that all come with satisfying payoffs.,There’s a trading sequence with a worthwhile reward waiting at the end,,and an emotional side story tied to rebuilding a village,that delivers a bounty of benefits for each stage of its completion.,For those looking for something that’s more of a test of brawn than brain,,there are a handful of races through portions of each area,as well as intense battle arenas that throw waves of enemies at you,to test your combat prowess.,The races make good use of online integration by offering leaderboards,as well as the ability to race against ghosts,,providing a more direct sense of competition and insight into achieving faster times.,With everything to see and do, especially with a world that seems larger than before,,it’s surprising to see this sequel only takes a bit longer than the original to complete.,Clocking in at around 10-15 hours, it near flawlessly walks the narrow line of leaving you filled,with a hearty sense of accomplishment without overstaying its welcome.,Ori and the Will of the Wisps retains what the original did well,,trims what held it back, and then manages to add in wonderful new elements,that elevate this follow-up to new heights.,It boasts a fantastic soundtrack and stunning visuals,that work perfectly together to craft a beautiful atmosphere.,It tops it all off with an emotional story culminating in a great ending,that ties together both games.,Meanwhile optional side quests offer wonderful insights into this new world.,It’s an exceptional game that you don’t want to miss.,Easy Allies Reviews are made possible by generous viewers just like you.,If you like what you see, check out patreon.com/easyallies to help us make more.,For just $1 a month, you can gain access to weekly updates, spoiler discussions, and exclusive shows.

Ori and the Will of the Wisps is a NEAR-PERFECT Sequel | The Completionist

sequels are hard just ask anyone I mean,even Pixar sequels vary wildly in,quality but for every cars – or cars,three theres a Toy Story 2 or you know,- oh sorry three because when a sequel,works especially a sequel to a beloved,piece of animation,its a magical feeling every bit of,warmth and nostalgia that you already,carry for all these characters are used,in service of an exciting new story and,as the sequel to 2015s lush and,cinematic Ori in the blind forest,todays game comes with a lofty set of,expectations but Orion the will of the,wisps managed to recapture that magic,with another gorgeous and ambitious,approach to the metroidvania genre hey,everyone and welcome back to an all-new,episode of the completionist we dont,just beat the games we complete them,obviously a lot of us happened in the,last 48 hours here on the channel and in,the world obviously so I want to talk,about a few things quick before we start,todays episode first I want to say a,big thank you to everyone who watched,the video I uploaded on Wednesday weve,had over 35,000 responses out of that,video and its been really heartwarming,really eye-opening Ive had a lot of,Korea shout to me and thats meant a lot,and Im really thankful that a lot of,you guys seem to be listening Im gonna,be taking all that feedback the next,couple of weeks and coming up with a,game plan not just for a persona 5 but,for my content going forward nothing too,drastic nothing too crazy but enough to,make me feel like what Im doing its,important and Ive heard you guys and I,just want to say thank you and finally,if you are at home like many of us are,obviously as you can tell Im in my own,office at home and this isnt where I,usually shoot the show let alone where I,film videos like this,yay webcams Im gonna be streaming on,Twitch for the foreseeable future until,things kind of get going I will be,making videos still for beer Bros and,completionist so dont worry about that,if you want to join the new game+,experience head over to twitch TV slash,the completionist Im gonna be playing,right now Sonic Adventure 2,I have the perfect Chow raised and right,now Im currently finishing out the game,I might even be done by the time this,video drops but well see come on join,the adventure its a good time we have a,fantastic community and yeah come talk,to me about life and videogames Im,really excited today to talk about,boring and the will of the wisps,honestly its the kind of game that when,I played the blind forest I fell in love,and I absolutely enjoyed every moment of,it its gorgeous with the story that,made me teary-eyed and I really loved,embracing everything that Ori and the,blind forest had to offer that sense of,wonder and adventure is so palpable from,the first game then I am incredibly,excited to look forward to this game the,sequel it just came out only a couple of,weeks ago Im mostly hoping that this,game will just send me on a emotional,journey so lets go for it Ori mess me,up lets begin,[Music],[Music],Orion the will of the wisps is the,second game by moon studios a small team,of developers located all around the,world with no central office and,although the size of their team has more,than tripled between the first Ori game,in the sequel their unique setup still,gives them a scrappy underdog quality a,small team of dedicated artists making,this weird beautiful and ambitious,series the best it can be,instead of coasting on the success of,their first game Moon Studios brought,the same level of ambition to the sequel,the game not only expands the world that,already lives in and introduces a new,set of adorable heart-wrenching,characters but it widens the scope,considerably with all sorts of side,missions collectibles and the expanded,focus on combat in fact Orion in the,will of the wisps takes plenty of cues,from the other major major at Vania of,the past few years thats right Im,talking about hollow night and while,Orion the will of the wisps isnt quite,as massive as that game is hollow,Knights influence is still readily,apparent with all sorts of challenges,boss fights and even the introduction a,swordplay in many ways Orion the will of,the wisps is a culmination of a decade,of great Metroidvania s– sure there are,a few technical hiccups but this equal,combines the strengths of hollow Knight,the first Ori game and film influences,like Pixar in Studio Ghibli to create,the new gold standard for the genre,picking up right after everyones,favorite forest spirit Ori saved the,forest of nibel at the end of the first,game they and their family have a new,addition COO an adorable little owl baby,and the child of Kuro the first games,villain when Horry and COO take a flight,through a storm they end up separated,and trapped in the decaying land of,night wind which is ruled over by a,massive deformed owl creature known as,shriek and is somehow even more,terrifying than Kuro was in the first,game,which means its up to Ori to find the,scattered pieces of the forests light,now known as the will of the wisps in,order to save Koo defeat shriek and,restore order to the land of nyan,instead of energy attacks from the first,game Ori now uses an energy blade which,immediately makes combat,bigger part of the game plus theres now,a much wider range of skills and attacks,including a bow and arrow a healing,ability and oreys classic Bosch move,which freezes time so you can point an,arrow before pushing off of an enemy and,launching you into that direction and,then theres one of orys big nods to,holo light in its charm system rather,than the branching skills of the first,game theres a large number of equivocal,shards which can be upgraded and swapped,out as the situation demands but the,shards are just one of about a zillion,collectables in the game many of which,can be gathered during side quests for,the mochi adorable cat creatures that,need help rebuilding their village you,can also gather Gorelick or for,construction projects seeds to plant,that open up new pathways and life and,energy cells that help you store more,well life and energy Im actually,excited about all of that collecting,because it just means more time looking,at the beautiful art design and,listening to that incredible soundtrack,the only thing that really has me,worried at all is the achievement list,which wants me to do a speedrun in under,4 hours,or run without using any charms or,spending any currency and a run in which,I dont die a single time the deathless,run was definitely the hardest thing,about the first game and Im not super,stoked about doing it again given how,much larger this game is but Im even,more worried about some of the glitches,Ive been hearing about Im always,nervous about something getting in the,way of the completion process but in the,case of the Ori games Im more concerned,than a technical issue might affect my,enjoyment of the games story,[Music],a good sequel honors the story that came,before but also dares to do something,new with the characters ideally the,balance of familiarity and surprise,should be just right and when it comes,to that balancing act Ori and the will,of the wisp stands with some of the best,sequels ever one of the things that,makes this game feel fresh is the brand,new setting Ori and ku are strangers in,Neyman which definitely has some,similarities to nibble from the first,game but also comes with a whole new set,of friends foes and challenges Naru and,Gumo are still here but the focus of the,story rests squarely on orys,relationship with ku and while the,opening sequence of Orion the will of,the wisps doesnt pack the devastating,punch that the intro to the first game,does it takes that time to lovingly,build up the relationship between Ori,and ku so that you can really feel why,Ori would fight so hard for their tiny,feathered friend by placing a friendship,at the center of the game Ori in the,will of the wisps is able to build,emotional investment really quickly even,if you never played the first game yeah,one

Ori And the Will Of The Wisps Review “Buy, Wait for Sale, Rent, Never Touch?”

sup everybody this is Carrick with AC g,and as always is my continuing mission,to bring you reviews that arent two,minutes long or filled a sponsored,bullcrap five years is a long time to,wait for anything,sure in games weve had our fair share,of waiting and sometimes its not worth,it I mean last guardian got through an,entire full console generation and into,the next one and all we got for it was a,cat bat thing that wouldnt listen your,orders and a camera that defied logic,good taste and fun its crazy to think,that Orion the blind forest was,originally released five years ago you,played as a radioactive fennec fox and,ran round a world of colorful levels and,creatures all of them just waiting to,lure you into a false sense of security,before rubbing your face into the wood,nuts of some sentient tree boss level,that makes you want to curse the game,the developers and maybe even yourself,for playing the damn thing lets see if,Orion the will of the wisps does the,same thing does it have Cracker Jack,platforming mixed with a melancholy,story well sit down and lets find out,Moon Studios is set to release Orion the,will of the wisps on March 11th on PC,and Xbox four 29.99,as well as game pass as always if you,liked the video maybe subscribe also m/s,supplied the code for the game early and,you know what that means I buy a copy of,every single game I get even if the,developer gives me a code and Ill give,that away to viewers feel free to leave,a comment to enter the contest because,we see at Lightspeed graphics are gonna,be up first the original Ori always had,this ethereal nature to it like looking,through some kind of filter into a,fantasy land that was an artistic recipe,mixing half black felt painting and half,neon light parade with a little dash of,sad creatures to taste Ori to does the,exact same thing but it expands upon the,world into various locations throughout,the land that Orion is neon little,friends inhabit each location offering,its own stylings with just a subtle nod,here and there and an almost instinctual,handle on color theory from the reds and,browns and yellows of the deserts to the,desolate grey and blue cap snowy,locations will-o-the-wisps draws a fine,line between offering uniqueness but,simultaneously created in a solidified,worldview so that all of those locations,feel like theyre within the same game,world this is continuing to thin all the,creatures of the world itself the almost,angelic or I using animation for,contextual storytelling is brought to a,fine art here take for instance a moment,when your plucky little guy basically,ice to stiffen his upper lip and move,forward despite loss basically moving,from left to right when you try to turn,back around and go left the game,actually,nothing more than has the character,slowly turn his head to look to where he,was coming from but not able to actually,go back its a rare use of the,platformers control scheme to push an,emotional narrative and while many,gamers may not even notice that moment,the effect is profound one thing about,the original game as well is that the,world of Ori was so fascinatingly,animated with detailed layers upon,layers of moving landscapes that made,the 2d plane feel like a 3d world that,was only restricted by that viewpoint of,the camera and it was easy to imagine,the world continuing in the background,will the wisps takes this a step higher,with characters engaging continuously in,the background as well as the continued,layers of movement around you from,foreground to background foreground,again will the wisps has animation,spilling out of it everywhere and for,the most part that never impacts the,gameplay itself but instead continues to,present this feeling of exploration and,imagination as each new location brings,with it requirements from past,experiences to get through it as well as,this seamless overall feel of graphical,fidelity between each location its,really rare to get a 2d platformer with,this much animation going on around it,it feels excellent and always alive and,all that motion is helped by the fact,that the game does support HDR and the,Xbox X and the PC however it does have,some problems at first is that even for,me sometimes this supersaturated way in,which the worlds presented results in,moments where Im like where the hell am,I especially because the color use is,extraordinarily important for some,skills and exploration and then again so,is the main character when youre a,light blue angelic animal hiding in a,neon blue patch of moss from a neon,purple wasp that seems to have come from,a world that said screw it lets just,make this thing 100% stinger it can get,confusing,there were times especially when the,going got heavy were identifying my,character from the world around me was a,bit more difficult than it probably,should have been but those issues aside,that brings us to performance first on,the PC with a 1080 or equivalent video,card in the last gen i5 at 1080p to,1440p youre gonna find yourself way,over 60 fps and with anything current,and a high-end card you will usually see,well over 100 FPS even with a 4k,resolution,now the consoles were a little bit rough,but right here at the finish line the,developers have released a patch,for the consoles the Xbox Xs damn near,very close to always at 60fps it does,drop here and there the original,consoles and the s are improved greatly,they still do fluctuate in their fps a,great deal compared to the X itself but,they all look and perform much better,those stutters and freezes that many,people were tweeting about and talking,about in previews seem completely gone,they even went so far as to add some,detail on some of the characters and in,some of the scenes really impressive,when it comes to a patch thats right,here and just under the wire when it,comes down to it Ori and the will of the,wisps was already a fantastic looking,game but with that patch make sure you,get it by the way it really did improve,it it is a phenomenal looking title and,one regardless of what platform youre,playing it on is well worth experiencing,when it comes to just the visuals alone,and that brings us to sound music and,voice,[Music],[Music],[Music],[Music],[Applause],and you know what were gonna do voice,first none really were gonna move on,its just basically animal sounds and,its done pretty well and that brings us,to sound this is handled very well with,a layered approach to the sampling and a,nice judicious use of processing so that,the locations can go from the stretching,spots in a desert to the closing,confines of some subterranean nightmare,scene and each sounds like it pretty,much belongs additionally a good amount,of data is offered in the sound like,enemies from off-screen preparing an,attack to various elemental elements,that you may need to know about to,progress its good sound to overall and,that brings us to music yeah weve all,got that one friend whos the living,equivalent of the hold my beer meme,where youre like amen I wrote riff last,night and theyre like hey man I wrote,seven [ __ ] songs last night Gareth,Coker might be that this year when it,comes to soundtracks because this,soundtrack is pretty much pure bliss it,mixes incredible emotional highs played,out with complex sections and then fades,out into almost childishly simplistic,themes as it dives down deep into the,guts then theres this crescendo of,music that cascades around you when you,discover something new like an energy,shrine the use of the stringed,instruments and the piano is all melding,with one another and they later on,everything fades to a solo violin and a,single barred instrument I like the,original ory soundtrack a great deal,this one eclipses it by a tremendous,amount for me gaming soundtracks can be,excellent in the moment as well as,outside the game but really very few,titles have soundtracks Id listen to,just while you know hanging out with,friends will of the wisps is easily one,of them and that brings us to gameplay,a

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