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I Cant Recommend This Kayak! | Origami Paddler Review

ken whiting with paddle tv with another,in-depth unbiased gear review in this,video were going to be looking at,another portable kayak portable kayaks,just seem to be exploding in popularity,these days because they solve the,problem of how to get your,kayak or paddle board to the water and,how to store it if you dont have a lot,of space at home theres all sorts of,different portable options youve got,inflatable kayaks youve got skin on,frame kayaks and you have folding kayaks,and this boat here ive been excited to,try is,one of the newer types of folding kayaks,this is the origami paddler,[Music],the origami paddler has a retail price,of 849,although they sell it on their site for,6.95,with the seat and paddle and 539 us,dollars without the seaton paddle,its nine feet long,its 31.5 inches wide,it weighs 45 pounds or 20 kilos,and it has a capacity of 230 pounds or,104 kilos now when we talk about the,features of the origami paddler well,theres not that many features to talk,about it does have some things worth,noting it has foot wells for your feet,it has kind of a tank well it has some,bungee straps to strap things down,behind you and its got,dual fins to help this thing track,and of course it has a seat with a pad,underneath for comfort other than that,you know i am a fan of simplicity and,this thing is simple not much to go,wrong here not much to talk about here,so i think what we need to do is get,this thing on the water and see how it,paddles because thats the big question,i have is how does this thing perform,so lets do it,[Music],the kayak,is tested ive been paddling for about,an hour i usually take about two hours,or so to test a kayak because,its a pretty good excuse to go for a,paddle especially on a beautiful night,tonight like tonight but ive only,paddled this thing for about an hour and,thats because i really got everything,i needed to know about this kayak within,the first 20 or 30 minutes and to be,perfectly honest i just havent really,been enjoying the paddling experience of,this kayak ive been enjoying,a beautiful night on the water and,you know i think,you know before,okay without wanting to cut to the punch,line right away i think,thats what this kayak is about this,kayak is about its not about paddling,its about this its about getting on,the water and,getting people to experience what maybe,a lot of us paddlers,take for granted sometimes which is how,amazing it is out here and how few,people relatively speaking get to,experience this because they never start,kayaking and so you know this is a,gateway this is a gateway drug to the,kayaking world you know it is a gateway,kayak but,in my opinion its not a good one and,let me explain why lets start like i,always do with portability,uh this is a portable kayak its,designed to,be able to fit in the trunk of your car,go in your closet at home and it does,that for sure is it the most portable,kayak well,not really its,pretty clunky its a big clunky,boat even though its only nine feet,long its a pretty big package and it,weighs 45 pounds now thats not a lot,but thats not a little you know an,inflatable a comparable inflatable is,going to weigh a little bit less and,theres some other folding kayaks that,weigh,considerably less and are way easier to,move around so yes its portable it does,a good job of that,but its certainly not the easiest,portable kayak to move around as for,assembly though this thing what,you know it goes together in a snap,literally fold fold,four,uh posts to lock it in place two clips,to put the seat in and boom youre ready,to paddle now that is awesome uh but,that brings us to the paddling,experience so lets start with stability,now is it stable absolutely,like,you know,this thing is very stable it doesnt,want to flip over at all and thats why,you can sit on it and stand in this,thing so,it is a stable kayak its a wide boat,and,the truth is anything this wide is going,to be,and flat is going to be,stable so its not really saying that,much,this could be a dock,a little personal dock and it would be,stable like this lets compare that to,per the actual performance of this kayak,now well you know i compared it to a,dock,i could almost compare its paddling,performance to a dock you know thats,not fair its not that bad its you know,but its its a nine foot kayak its,flat as a board it has no there theres,no v-hull to it its not designed for,speed and its a short boat to begin,with so its a its a snail on the water,its it moves super slow the fins,definitely help we drop those things in,they really help this thing track,but it doesnt really help with it,doesnt help with speed this thing is a,slug i dont sure what else i can say,about performance maneuverability its a,nine-foot kayak it spins on a dime so of,course it spins a bit slower when you,put the fins down but its still a very,maneuverable kayak comfort,well i cant give it very high marks for,comfort because im uncomfortable and,ive only been on the water for an hour,the only thing thats saving me comfort,wise is the fact that its so wide open,that you can you can just change,positions all the time and that is,really nice youre not stuck in this one,position like you are on a lot of sit on,sit on top kayaks i cant give it,terrible marks for comfort because you,can move around but just in general the,seat,its really in this pad,youre theyre just padding a flat,plastic platform theres no contour,theres no,its just a little bit of padding,between you and a flat plastic surface,so you cant sit on expect to sit on,this thing long and stay comfortable but,this kayak isnt designed for people who,are going to spend a long time on the,water this is the kind of kayak that,somebody whos,dabbling in kayaking is going to get,someone who wants to go out for this,time of night for the evening to go,watch the sun set or the sun rise and,and get a half hour an hour on the water,and just soak it all of this in any,longer than that and no its its not,that comfortable the the the foot pegs,even no theres no foot pegs these foot,wells like you can see my leg position,my legs are really almost flat here,thats not great well the next one up,theyre really too bent for me so im,gonna you know have to work my strokes,around my knees so thats not ideal,either i need a foot well in between,those two to be the right size for me,but thats the problem with foot wells,is theres literally theres almost,theres five inches about between each,sizing and so five inches thats a big,difference you have to hope that you,fall perfectly in place for one of these,foot wells otherwise,the,weight wise like i this water is right,up at the edge of this boat slash board,im 195 pounds,and i dont feel like i would want to be,much heavier than this any heavier than,this and its going to start to get a,little sketchy this is a flat water boat,slash board and when i say flat water i,dont mean flat water with some wind,chop i mean flat water its not going to,a perform well or be,safe when things get rough at all same,thing with current,this is not a boat or board to take into,class one or two current its just i i,would not,have confidence in this kayak maybe if i,was like,120 pounds it would be a different,experience but,i dont even know about that id,its a flat flat water kayak at this,point if you bought one of these kayaks,i you probably might are shaking your,head and looking at me like you jerk,and i appreciate that,im coming at this review from,a different perspective than many people,who would have bought this kayak are,coming from,this is a gateway boat like i said,before and just the nature of what it,allows people to do,get out and experience what im,experiencing right now thats awesome,you know and i cant take that away from,this thing it does it my hope though,is that it does that but also as a,gateway boat it gets people excited,about paddling as well and gets them to,dig deeper and want to paddle more and,thats what i dont get from this kayak,and thats what w

Origami Paddler Review in The Travel 100 with accessories to buy

we are so excited we finally got our,first origami paddler this is a,combination,kayak and paddleboard,so,this all started a year ago and i got an,email for kickstarter,and ive only invested in one,kickstarter before in my life and that,was for my sons book so kickstarters,you know that can be a little iffy,youre not always sure youre going to,get your product but i felt pretty good,about this one,and my husband was equally excited about,it because we both loved kayak and we,want to learn how to paddle board more,we dont own any paddle boards we do,have two kayaks but you know,transporting kayaks is,kind of difficult you either have to,have a truck or get a,rack on top of your car so were like,this is perfect,so a year later,and i think 45 updates from the founder,of the company and our first one has,finally come,so were its perfect timing because we,are going to the lake today were going,to lakeland here in georgia and then,were going to lake james or north,carolina so were going to try this out,in two different places so lets take a,look,[Music],all right its the pink one,we were pink one and a yellow one,this is very exciting,so well slide it out of the box,[Music],all right lets take our first pick,[Music],here it is,wow,so we didnt have a chance to try out,our origami paddler on lake lanier so,were trying it now for the first time,up at lake james in north carolina,the first thing i will say is it is a,little heavier than i thought its,bigger than i thought so i wasnt able,to carry it,all the way down here by myself now some,people who are stronger than i am they,might be able to do it but my husband,carried it down,and so now were ready to unfold it and,see how it does,[Music],going here,put this together,so,okay,seems easy enough,[Music],i had to redo my paddle because i didnt,have them facing both the same direction,you want it so that the words are right,set up,on both sides and this is obviously for,when youre kayaking when youre paddle,boarding you just take off one side and,use just part of the pedal,okay we got our,paddle now heres our seat oh look at,that,thats great comes with a little wet bag,we can use that if you want to tuck our,phone down on the water,so now were going to attach the seat,which goes like,this right here you got a little padding,here,and then were gonna pull this strap,here,hook it on,right back here,like that,[Music],okay,now the one thing left to do,is to fold the fins down which well do,as were putting into the water,so,lets take it in the water,all right so weve got the kayak in the,water weve folded the fins down on the,back as you can see,and were ready to take it out uh,did you notice we do have a cup holder,here i dont have a drink but if you,underwater you can stick it right here,which is always a nice feature,so,lets see if i can get in without,falling in the water i think i could,make it,all right,fingers crossed ive yet to uh,fall out of a kayak or tip one over so i,didnt want something today,now,i noticed theres uh different,places for your feet,but im five five,and the shortest one,is pretty close,but i can move the seat up a little bit,lets see,now the seat leans back too far for me,so im gonna pull the straps up a little,bit so that works better,all right so thats thats pretty good,this is not a way to touch the seat in,the front,okay,so you get the pedal,head on out,[Applause],its easy to steer,pretty comfortable,its working well,i like it,[Music],so weve detached the seat and weve,detached one end of the paddle so we,could use that as a paddle board now i,spent hours and hours kayaking but im,not a very experienced paddle boarder so,i dont feel like i can go zipping out,on the water yet,but its comfortable to stand on,but im going to have to work on my,balance and my stroke and all of that,which is one of the reasons we wanted to,get these so i think this is going to be,perfect,for me to work on these muscles and,really be able to just go flying out on,the lake,[Music],hey im chris schroeder im publisher of,the travel 100 and ive only paddle,boarded once or twice in my life,not on a foldable one,so well see,how i do on this,[Music],like anything new its gonna take a,little while to adjust to the balance,wheres the right foot position what,height,maybe ill want a different paddle that,has a handle on it they probably,actually have one attached to this if i,think about it,but it really is pretty amazing,that this will be both a kayak,and a paddleboard,so we wanted to show you our origami,paddler how it fits into our car this is,a mazda 3.,and heres our pink one and we feel,pretty confident we can get both of them,to fit in here,so for our purposes im wanting to be a,kayak,and paddle board and take these along in,our car i think these are going to be a,great solution we have other kayaks but,they are not as transportable so the,whole goal for this was we have some,that we could take with us,so for that reason were pretty excited,about our new purchase and we think you,will enjoy it too,[Music]

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Origami Paddler unboxing and lake test

okay the box for my origami paddler,kickstarter has arrived so lets open,this thing up,so the rear segment,has,a certificate of origin,zip tied,this little bungee cord,these bungee cords here were used for,holding it shut,it has the fins that you can pop down,looks like a serial number,so in the accessory bag i got a sticker,a coupon for 10 off at the store,a sticker that is a vessel,identification sticker if you use a,waterproof marker supposedly this,sticker will not melt in the water,there is a warranty return card with,your whole identification number,theres a timeline of how this thing,worked you can see they have four,different colors i have the citrine,yellow,theres a manufacturers usa certificate,of origin with the whole number just in,case youre required to register a,stand-up paddleboard in your locality,theres a manual that includes,information about how to open it and,close it and store it and use it,also ive learned that in certain states,you have to stop at any watercraft,inspection stations if youre carrying a,watercraft,and there is a looks like a torx,specialized screwdriver that would allow,you to remove the hinge sections from,the plastic sections of the hole i dont,believe youre going to need to do that,unless you need to replace a hinge,the center segment has an instruction,card,looks like its plastic laminated,waterproof so you can keep it with the,thing,the,tops of the panel,[Music],like the,parts that snap together for the paddle,[Music],and,the fold-out seat,and i got the carrying strap,and some other straps,put a piece of sit on,and the front part has what looks like,places to put your feet depending on how,tall you are it also has these hinges,with the hinge pins here,okay we have the paddle,see if i can figure it out without,looking at the manual,looks like they have a standard spring,clip attachment point here,theres two or three different angles,you can set this at,thats probably going to be a matter of,are you kayaking with it or you stand up,paddle boarding with it,all right so that goes on one end,theres a piece of foam inside here,im going to assume the foam is supposed,to stay inside because it wasnt far,enough out to pull on there was no,handle to pull it,put out,foam inside,so now we have this guy here theyre,about the same angle,so im assuming that would be for,kayaking use,and then you can twist the angle,to different settings,and my understanding is if you do,stand-up paddleboard youre supposed to,kind of put one hand on the top of this,thing and use it as a handle so its not,a full handle,but to get the job done so thats the,collapsible paddle,all right the seat just sits there,and these clips,go through,those loops,like so,and of course you can adjust,using these straps here the amount of,seat,you want,of course with the folding kayak the,probably most important part is how to,keep this part,from folding on you when you dont want,it to,so they have these pins and theyre,shipped with these elastic cords over,the end of them quite tightly,so,you might need a tool,to get that out,and over the top,because my fingers are,almost barely not strong enough to get,through so they have them through a hole,inside and then you can slip this thing,out,when i was in unboxing this thing,initially,i made a mistake and i disconnected,this little bungee from the pin,and as it turns out youre supposed to,have this thing connected so that it you,know you loop it in here and it stays in,there or you pull it up and stick it,through and it stays in and that way,this thing will never fall off and get,lost in the water so,if youve made the same mistake as i,you could get a dental pick that has a,tiny little hook on the end you bend out,with a pair of pliers,stick it through grab the thing,pull it through,and then,wrap it around,and thats how it comes from the factory,so you just have to pull on this a lot,to get it in where its supposed to be,and when you want to set the hinge up,you there is enough room to get that in,there,because i cant imagine getting that,back on without some type of tool to go,through that hole and slip them in i,think thats for shipping,now if you dont regularly have a dental,pick that youre willing to,mangle to make a specialized tool for,that one thing you can do is take some,string or thread,and,push that through,and then wrap it around,the loop and push it back through,which isnt super super easy but should,be doable,once you have a loop of string holding,on to that loop of a elastic you can,pull it through,and do the same operation,like so and then just pull the string,away,so basically you take this guy,and you have to push it all the way,through and through the bottom as well,and farther through the bottom,see if i can get it,because this has to be all the way to,the bottom,its not yet,this isnt quite closing all the way on,the back here,and the bottom part so im going to move,to the other side,all right on the other side,these holes also look like theyre not,quite all the way through on the bottom,so im going to put this guy in,push to the top just fine,im going to lift a bit,oh there we go i heard a nice big funk,that one is in all the way,switch back,to the rear side,lift a bit obviously if this was in the,water it might work a little better,now im still having trouble getting,that particular hole in,i can see light all the way through,im putting a lot of pressure on that,wait so now,there we go,all right so maybe my angle was off but,those two are in just fine,you can lift this whole back piece,and they feel very locked together,all right lets try the front two hinges,well that was much easier than the rear,[Music],that was also much easier than the rear,so i can lift up from the front the,whole thing stays together,im going to just demonstrate your,im lifting this from the rear you know,its obviously supporting its own weight,each of the three hole compartments has,a drain plug that youll definitely want,to make sure is fully inserted theyre,all on the same side here,and the middle and the back are next to,each other,all right so this guy is obviously a,leash,im assuming i would just attach it to,one of these,mounting points on the back of the thing,this guy is the carry handle and i could,not find any instructions on where to,attach these loops too i mentioned that,the manual didnt say how to put this,guy on i have since found a youtube,video put out by origami paddler that,basically says tie them to these two,loops here,or on the other side if you like the,other side better,now im going to try and fold this thing,back up together and make everything fit,the manual recommends against using this,hole as a handle they say it puts undue,stress on the hinges,instead they recommend using,these two straps that hold the seat down,as your handle,you may have also purchased,the wheel rolling assembly or the,shoulder strap handle,all right that concludes the unboxing,stuff i need to take it to the lake and,try it out,including the shipping box,56 57 pounds,someone had a question about the weight,of the origami paddler all by itself so,i have removed all of the accessories,that come with it in the box and ive,removed the box and so some of these,things would normally be folded inside,of it and you would carry down to the,lake with some of this stuff inside but,if you took everything out and made two,trips how much does just the origami,paddler with the shoulder strap weigh,so im getting 45.6 pounds,all right so packed up as i would,actually take this thing to a lake,im not going to be packing the little,card,or the manual and tool bag,but i am going to be putting in the,cabinet,that collapses down,and,the seat,and,ill be including the leash,and the paddles,so thats kind of what i consider the,bare minimum,components to actually use this thing,okay so reasonably packed up including,everything you need to use it,with the carry strap,im at 49.3 pounds,[Music],and its slightly unwieldy,all right if youre paddle

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Origami Paddler Review | Folding Kayak

hey whats up everybody so right now im,here in san pete uh some people florida,i just got the origami kayak and i so,want to try it out i got my massage,table in the back and i got my kayak all,the way in the back seat which is crazy,i think thats the reason why its,called honda fit because i mean the,whole thing looks kind of chubby right,it cant be because its lean,[Music],it has like a little,hole here,that you can put your hand,and lift it up,he also comes with a pamphlet,over here,sorry this uh dogs parking over there,in the background,[Music],you can see the front side,back side over here,so now we got to figure out like how,were going to put it together right,something you can put your cell phone on,i love the fact that the pedals are here,and it doesnt take more space than it,should,they kind of hide in the backseat,and then the tubes that go together are,on the side goes from the side over here,this is awesome,oh this is for your ankle,if you want to go paddle boarding you,can put this in your ankle,and then tie it up,tie it up to uh,the kayak and thats it and you got a,powder board which i think is for the,carrying case,i think its soup just put it like that,and then carrying your kayak im trying,to figure out like how to put the seat,on it without really the instructions,because they instruct theres no,instructions for the seat so ive been,watching a couple of youtube videos to,see if somebodys explaining this,once i figure it out ill let you guys,know but,it seems like a pain to us to put the,seed on if you if you put any seeds of,any kayak that youve done this before,you realize a lot easier you put some in,the back and tied up here in the front,and theyre usually tied and then it has,something here to keep it stable,this thing like bands is super weird,you know its not the best thing,honestly its like really crappy right,now im trying to put this button press,down on it,and i cant even,put it in,kind of,see the button,a little knob over there thats supposed,to come out its not even coming out,so first thing youre going to do is get,a new paddles,sadly this is uh kind of crappy,oh god the paddles and the seat,no bueno,[Music],i stepped over here and when i was,standing over here it was like,and theres some little holes here so,the air was escaping,for some reason i dont even feel super,safe in it im gonna hope that,water doesnt go inside this little boat,because thats what i heard,[Music],so i guess the biggest problem here is,uh when you take it i gotta take a break,you gotta lean forward you can rest back,thats a pain in the ass uh theres,water that can accumulate here with the,where the foot goes,i love the fact that i have this for my,bottle and i can put it in in there,so it flows very very nice,better follow me camera,but i have like an inflatable kayak and,you know wiping it and whatnot takes a,lot of work this one because its hard,shell,is i dont know it just seems like a lot,easier to wipe and whatnot this lets,just uh start packing,the seat doesnt really matter because,the cd is like kind of messed up anyways,like its just kind of crappy,[Music],pretty much thats it then what you do,is you unlock these things,[Music],everything is here in order right now,all you got to do is just close it,so fold the tip the front part,and then you fold this back part over,here and then it has these cables,it doesnt close,all right,so i i forgot to put the strap on but if,you put the strap on i guess itll work,i got to figure out how to put the strap,on and then itll be a lot better if if,you can fix the seat pro the seat,problem i think the paddle,the paddling is fine but,but the seat is,pain in the butt,really bad,[Music],oh,[Music]

The Best Folding Kayak? Origami Paddler Unboxing.

hey whats up guys today were going to,be doing an unboxing of folding kayak,the origami paddler,so stay tuned,[Music],all right guys so today im going to be,doing an unboxing of,the origami paddler this is actually a,folding kayak or actually really a,paddle board slash kayak so i actually,got this kayak on a kickstarter i saw it,on,i think facebook and instagram and it,kind of just intrigued me because it was,a kayak or actually really kind of a,kayak paddle board that you can,fold up and then kind of be able to take,around with you easily supposedly this,can fit in a trunk,so well see you know where i can,actually fit this,um the whole point of it for me was to,just have something thats really mobile,and easy to kind of,bring around to where you know if we go,on like a quick trip to like the beach,or what have you and i dont want to,have to bring you know one of my big,kayaks like the pro angler or outback i,could bring this origami paddler so,lets go ahead and get to unboxing of,the origami paddler all right so heres,the box of the origami paddler you can,see its actually fairly small its kind,of hard to believe that a paddleboard or,cat could fit in this,so here,you i got the,blue one i forgot the exact name of the,color lets go ahead and take it out and,take a better look at everything all,right so i laid the box down just so i,can pull the,origami paddler out so im just gonna,pull it right out like so,all right so theres a initial look,lets go ahead and take these straps off,and open her up,all right so to open it up theres,actually these two bungees theres a,bungee,right here,and then another one on this side to,pull these,off with this little,piece right here,and then now i can actually open it up,all right so now ive got the bungee off,i can,this part down,and open this other side here,look at that everythings in there all,right so i got the origami paddler open,um everything looks pretty good so as,you can see it comes with everything you,need,it has the,seat right here,these are,i think this is the strap but well,figure out what this is for,pretty sure thats the strap for,carrying it,lets see,yeah theres a little,card here,like instruction card,lets see this has to be for the seat,but well look at that a little later,you can see it comes with a paddle,here its a paddle that breaks down and,then actually the,you can see the paddle actually goes,right into the kayak for storage,thanks lets bring it closer so you can,get a better look all right so heres a,closer look,here are,two ends of the paddle,this is the seats but you can see right,here,the,pieces of the paddle,actually fit into,the origami paddler for storage so you,can easily,store it and then you can uh you know,carry it around like put everything in,it,ive actually looked inside of the seat,it actually even comes with a,little cell phone holder,its a little waterproof cell phone,holder,um,well take a look at putting the seat,together later but thats,pretty much the seat right there,i dont know how comfortable this is,going to be but well see,and then down here weve got the uh,warranty registration card here,its actually zip tied and i have to get,some scissors just to pull that off all,right so ive opened up the bag it,actually comes with a little,this looks like a torx wrench or allen,wrench,so you can adjust its probably the,hinges over here uh you also have your,warranty registration card,oh look at that manufacturers,certificate of origin actually thats,good if you actually need this in,maryland if youre going to register,the,kayak like if youre going to put a,motor on it i may actually try to put a,motor on this actually so,well see,a little welcome card,and then,what is this here this looks like a,little,just kind of care,lets see,care guide user guide whatever,ill go through this at some point all,right so since this is a hinged kayak,you do have to,insert these little hinge pins,to kind of keep it secure so its got a,little bungee just pull it out,of that,and then there is,a hole thats right here so make sure,this is all,lined up and then youre going to insert,this hinge pin,into the hole,so one thing you have to make sure is,that the origami paddler is fully open,because i noticed when i was looking at,the hinge im sorry when i was looking,at,placing in the hinge pin,uh it wasnt actually lining up,and the reason was the,back part right here wasnt fully down,so now i can actually now take this,hinge pin right here um you can see its,secured by bungie all i have to do is,pull it up insert it inside,it should line up,and go straight down,lets see,there you go,there you go and its all the way down,actually,ive inserted it into the other,um,hinges and i think were actually good,to go the one thing i forgot to mention,is these threads right here theres,actually a,this is like a plastic,screw or bolt or whatever these were,actually,not threaded in all the way so i just,had to,thread them in i mean you can actually,do it by hand,and uh youre good to go,so now lets uh look at how to put the,seat in um would be interesting to see,all right so for the seat it has this,little bungee that goes through the back,right here,and it says youre supposed to attach it,to the,these little hinge loops right here,but its pretty loose i already have the,one attached there but you can see the,sheet,its uh its not holding it back so im,actually gonna have to adjust,the bungee on it,if i actually attach them to,the back side here theres actually,another loop right here this loop is,actually for the hinge pin,if i use that that actually makes them a,little bit tighter but this is on a,bungee here thats actually,these right here here let me take it off,this one,so heres a little,hinge pin bungee,its right right there uh if you can see,that really but,im just gonna put it through there it,actually holds it back tighter,quality this is not the greatest i mean,but this is not a,really high-end or expensive kayak or,paddle board,so,and then when you get in the seat you,can adjust,the um tension,im actually gonna leave it like this,for now ill probably adjust it to these,uh,little hinge loops but just to show you,how to adjust it im just gonna sit in,it real quick,so to adjust the seat you can uh,theres these little straps on the side,you can see right here,you can actually pull those,kind of,then make it you know this is not too,bad,but you know i wouldnt be using this,for a long trip just be kind of messing,around anyways,so,yeah,thats how you would adjust the seat and,if you want to loosen it you just,take the little clip here and,pull it and it loosens it like so,all right so to fold it up im going to,have to undo,the little clips here,for the seat,and then the seat,folds down like so,then,you can take your paddle,as it breaks into pieces,um the paddle will just go and the,little slots here theres a slot right,here,go in there,and then theres another slot on the,other side actually move the seat for,now,it goes right in just have to lift this,paddle,goes right in,seat goes right there,and now you take your paddles,then of course the important thing is,youre gonna have to remove your little,hinge pins so to take out the hinge pin,all you have to do is just pull it up,like so,and then theres a little keeper here if,you want to,put it in a little keep its like a,little bungee,slide that right in so that it keeps it,horizontal out of the way,you can do it over here on this side too,just pulls right out,put it in the keeper,so im gonna do the rest and then we can,fold up the kayak,this should go down actually paddles,should actually face,downward so they dont,stick up,all right so one part i forgot to,mention is the fins here its actually,thin on both sides,its probably to help you track better,but these are going to fold down but i,have it,on the floor right now but ill show you,guys that in more detail,probably when i do an actual um,test on this um so before i actually,fold it up let me do a quick walk,t

Origami paddler review

hey guys i wanted to do a quick review,on my origami paddler kayak slash stand,up paddle board,i,received this um,i did the kickstarter campaign,and so this first boat that i have,it actually,uh,sucks in water in this front section,and i feel like other people have said,that theyve had issues with water,getting into their kayak so im just,going to pour some water here so you can,see,how it goes in,it doesnt go in super fast but,there is quite a bit of water that comes,up on the front of the boat here when,youre paddling especially if,the waters a little bit rougher so,that is an issue,and then,the hinge material,in the first round of boats that they,sent out,um were actually cracking so,i think its this one,is this one that has hairline cracks,[Music],i dont know when i received it mine,didnt come with any cracks but i took,it out,just a few times and,some of these hinges have some hairline,cracks i cant remember which one it is,so anyways so they sent me a new,kayak,and im supposed to send this one back,for them to investigate the water going,into that top,front plug there,so i received the new boat which is,supposed to have the,the stronger hinge material,and,it came with,a broken hinge,or cracked hinge,and also this piece here,some people,are um,getting ones that are like too long,so i dont know if its supposed to be,flush with,the plastic but ive seen people post,that,these are too long,and then so i tested that plug that one,is fine that one doesnt suck in water,however,this one,you can actually kind of feel that its,not,flush with the kayak and so this one,actually sucks in,water as well,so,pretty frustrating,overall,i do like the kayak its nice because,you can fold it fold it up and it fits,in your car,and you can transport it easily,another,bad thing is this seat,isnt really comfortable,at all,and i think it was my second or third,time using it,and there used to be like a little pole,here to support it,theres still one on this side you can,see that its rigid but this side,actually,poked through,the top there,so,the seats kind of,worthless,um,so yeah i just wanted to make a quick,video,on some of the issues i am having with,my,paddler,and maybe what you can expect and,if youre having issues too and cant,figure it out maybe youll learn,something from this video

Full review, First impression: Origami Paddler Kayak SUP unedited????????

well whats next looks like todays the,day im going to try out my origami,paddler,because,i just noticed that this is a little,walk here while i was driving around and,i had put my origami parlor in the back,of my ford ranger a very lovely truck,its one of the original ford rate one,of the last models they still made,original way rather than the new ones,which are off the one the f-150,version,but here we go heres my origami paddler,and im going to try it out,so i got my origami paddler onto the,dock,and i have my inflatable life jacket,safety,first got some bottles of water,ive got my other little stair steam to,hold my car keys,and a plastic bag to hold my wallet so,just in case i fall in it doesnt get,wet,that should work out pretty well now,lets see im going to fold this out and,see what happens next,so lets see how im going to do this,take the origami paddler and drop it,into the water,whats the worst that can happen,okay,now its in the water,now its in the water,now i gotta figure out how to unfold it,oh i see,i have it upside down,uh-oh,find a little spider,its a jumping spider get on the boat,there you go,oh a lot of jumping spiders,okay,then i have this,this,um,so,so,i might be doing this wrong because it,doesnt seem to be,sliding and easy it seems to be getting,a lot of,why are there plastic pieces im doing,something wrong i imagine,nope,just learn your lessons,okay,click,okay,now i have a paddle which doesnt,click on,lets try the other side,[Music],strange how its,very,challenging to get it in,so difficult to put together,okay at least i got it together,and i have a,case for my phone,i have a seat,and,the seat attaches,like this,i guess,paddlish,still learning how to put this thing,together but,it cant be that complicated,oh well lets just jump in and see what,happens,heres the mistake i made,i forgot to place in the pegs,so it doesnt fold up on me,isnt that silly,so,before i jumped in,i should have put the,pegs,in place,oh,one right right in,so,so,if i step on it,so theyre both straight,so,um,doesnt seem to want to go into the spot,you have to really push it,it really goes in a lot more difficult,than i was expecting,oh well,its an explode i can put it under the,dunk,there we go,it goes right in with a little bit of,effort,doesnt seem to want to go in,setting it up on land would have been,more advantageous,but thats not how its supposed to be i,saw it in the video that they didnt do,that,im not going to break anything its,just gonna,a little bit effort okay just have to,put a little bit more effort,okay some origami paddler first,impressions,this is inside the plastic case that,came with it so,im just gonna see what ignored the,pepsi bottle i picked that up because it,was trash and i have a thing about,picking up all trash,when you when you get the pegs dont,seem to go in if you get it wet and you,twist them they go in its much easier,get it wet twist twist easy peasy,and these didnt go in until i twist,twist and they went right in no problem,at all,uh water goes in pretty quickly,so it kind of sticks in ive never,really used a sit on top kayak ive,always been inside kayaks,to sit inside kayaks and,one thing is that,if youre normally paddling,and its inside kayak you might have a,little learning curve,because you keep,switching back and forth and also,these little skegs on the side,if you push them down it really helps a,heck of a lot,but thats just me im really learning,my new,origami paddler and see what happens,next

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