1. Oura Ring 3 Long Term Review – I Made A Mistake.
  2. Oura Ring Gen 3 In-Depth Review – Worth the Hype? (Compared to Whoop / Garmin)
  3. Oura Ring 3 (Horizon) – After 100 Days
  4. Oura Ring 3 vs WHOOP 4.0 – Dont Make This Mistake
  5. OURA Ring 3 In-Depth Scientific Review: Why to Buy it in 2022!
  6. Oura Ring 3 Review
  7. This piece of tech changed my life! Oura Ring Horizon Review!

Oura Ring 3 Long Term Review – I Made A Mistake.

Smart rings are quite an appealing  tech wearable and the Oura ring 3  ,is arguably the smart ring to own having  now worn the Oura ring 3 almost every day  ,since its launch over the last few  months including abroad in Thailand  ,during this time i feel like i might have  made a mistake with this purchase though,Hey friends, Andrew here hope youre well  theres good reasons why i feel like this  ,purchase could be a mistake dont get me  wrong there are things that i love about  ,this ring but theres quite a few pitfalls  with the Oura ring 3 i feel like i should  ,share before we go over the positives so as much  as i dislike having a pessimistic outlook lets  ,start with the negatives in this particular review  and theres frankly a few to get through the first  ,thing youll come across is of course the price  its not exactly cheap and pricing borders on  ,smartwatch territory the Oura ring i have here  is a size 10 in heritage silver which will set  ,you back 299 us dollars the stealth black and  gold finish will set you back an additional 100  ,its a price point that isnt exactly cheap but  not ridiculously expensive either given whats on  ,offer here which is a light compact stylish and  detailed sleep and fitness tracker the pricing  ,in itself isnt exactly a negative but its the  new and controversial subscription model Oura has  ,now forced onto existing and new customers so we  now have to pay six dollars a month to access the  ,insights and features that all ring one and two  users had for free but are there any new features  ,that we get with the monthly fee well the new  features like blood oxygen measurements and  ,improved sleep stage tracking arent even yet  available on launch and even three months later  ,we do get a small library of guided meditation and  focus videos but thats hardly worth the monthly  ,fee and anywhere you cut it theres something  off-putting about having to pay a monthly fee to  ,access our own health metrics and data i totally  understand its a business model at the end of the  ,day Oura is running an investor backed business  but here is the thing that i guess irks me to  ,me with the subscription fee and delayed features  Oura seems to be running a crowdfunding campaign  ,by buying or upgrading to the Oura rank 3 it feels  like were sort of financing what is essentially  ,an unfinished product theyre basically  leveraging and nudging the current customers  ,from the gen 1 and 2 rings to become investors  into the gen 3 ring but i guess that aside  ,what if youre watching this as a current gen  2 ring owner what are the differences and is  ,it worth the upgrade well the largest difference  is youre getting more sensors on the ring extra  ,infrared led sensors an advanced calibrated sensor  and four extra temperature sensors this means more  ,accurate tracking and more features in theory  theyre set to be released in late 2022 which  ,by then would have been a year since the launch of  the Oura ring 3. anyway those are the negatives i  ,feel like weve spent enough time on the negatives  lets move on to a more positive note the design  ,of the Oura ring is arguably its selling point  minimal sleek and distraction free its literally  ,just a ring and a nice looking one at that the  shimmer of the heritage silver the nicely edged  ,flat top it all adds to its allure as a piece  of jewellery and this is coming from someone who  ,is absolutely not a ring person ive had next to  nobody noticed this ring and thats a good thing  ,its discreet just like its intended to  be there are no screens or notifications  ,to distract you and its so comfortable to  wear i forget its on my finger entirely,these reasons alone is why ive worn the  oil ring every day and thats what counts  ,to get real value out of your tech wearable you  need to be well wearing it as much as possible  ,its also really nice to have the choice to wear a  mechanical watch with the ring or no watch at all  ,because i really need to get rid of this permanent  apple watch tan that i got while traveling  ,but overall i cannot fault the oil rings terrific  and understated design adding to its charm as a  ,piece of jewelry the battery life is by far the  most durable out of any piece of tech i own right  ,now unsurprising given that it has such a small  footprint but theres a freedom thats afforded  ,when you dont have to charge a piece of tech for  days on end like i mentioned i was abroad for two  ,weeks at the start of the year and only had to  charge it just once during that trip the ring can  ,be fully charged in just 30 to 40 minutes and its  worth pointing out that unlike the Oura ring 2  ,and the one the Oura Ring 3 monitors battery  consumption and smartly conserves battery  ,based on consumption patterns the new charger  now also includes an led light to indicate the  ,status of charging which is always useful the  accompanying app is just as appealing as the  ,design of the ring itself ive always found the  fitbit and even apple watch app interfaces to be  ,pretty ugly the aurora app is both aesthetic  and informative on the home page you have  ,your daily summary which i check every morning  and it gives me my sleep score and the famous  ,readiness score its a score calculated based on  readiness contributors such as sleep activity and  ,body stress i typically dive in deeper and look at  the detailed readiness and sleep tabs in the app  ,and honestly it gives you more data than you  know what to do with but once you dive deep  ,into the metrics and get an understanding of what  each means it can be incredibly useful for example  ,i find the heart rate variability metric to  be extremely useful and telling me whether  ,im under the weather before i even know it  a high hrv means my body is running optimally  ,while a sudden drop in hiv overnight  might tell me that my body is recovering  ,similarly the sleep metrics are very deep yet  simple to read at a glance there is one thing that  ,i find extremely odd when comparing the o-ring to  the fitbit and its the fact that steep sleep time  ,and rem sleep seemed to be flipped so where are  my fitbit i struggled to get an hour of deep sleep  ,im now getting two to three hours according to  the oil ring and my rem sleep seems to now be  ,the metric that sits at an hour so its basically  flipped i will say this though and i hate to say  ,it but the sleep metrics on the fitbit seem  to reflect how i truly felt in person when  ,i woke up in the morning more accurately than  the oil ring i dont know if this is placebo  ,but i think theres something to be said about  the fitbit and its accurate tracking the good  ,news is Oura sleep stage tracking is set to be  significantly improved as soon as they roll it out  ,but again this should have been completed before  they launched the new ring in the first place so  ,overall honestly there are many great pros and  likewise many cons with the Oura ring 3. its a  ,beautifully packaged sleep and activity tracker  thats incredibly robust in its data given its  ,form factor the beautiful app is also informative  and stands above other health apps that ive used  ,but the fact we now need to pay a monthly  subscription for our own health data that is  ,rightly ours doesnt sit well with me to add  fuel to the fire if youre an early adopter  ,were penalized due to the lack of new  features that are currently in development  ,i cant help but feel like Oura has treated  their new customers and even existing customers  ,as beta testers for their latest product  and for these reasons im hesitant in  ,wholeheartedly recommending the oil ring but  despite this and maybe ironically its still  ,my favorite wearable because its the wearable  that i wear most the design is arguably what  ,draws me in and the robust tracking is what keeps  a ring on my finger so if youre on the fence  ,here is my recommendation if you value health and  sleep data as much as you value design and jewe

Oura Ring Gen 3 In-Depth Review – Worth the Hype? (Compared to Whoop / Garmin)

can you believe that this little thing,is a daily health and fitness tracker,technology man were uh,were really moving places fast,[Applause],welcome back im dave from chases,summit in in todays video were going,to be taking a close look at the aura,ring gen 3 that i have here this is a,device that ive had my eye on for quite,a while now its got a lot of,interesting features for daily wellness,and competes against the likes of the,whoop band 4.0 or even garmins body,battery which comes on a lot of their,watches in previous videos i have,compared the whoopband 4.0 and garmins,body battery against each other and ill,link that up here if youre interested,but in this video were going to be,talking about the aura ring gen 3 and,how it stacks up against the competition,now aura ring has done something really,different here rather than a wrist worn,device like a garmin epix gen 2 im,wearing here or even the whoop band 4.0,they went with this really tiny rather,elegant looking solution that looks like,a wedding band or a piece of jewelry and,in this video i want to talk through the,features of this little device what its,like purchasing and going through the,process to get one of these things and,what its like to live with this thing,on your finger on a daily basis living,your life like i have been for the past,month changing diapers and going for,runs and going to work and just living,my life and what kind of information i,got out of the aura ring gen 3. now this,is going to be my opinion as a long-term,in-depth review so buckle up because,this one might take a while first up,lets talk about the purchasing process,when it actually comes to buying an aura,ring gen 3 because it is pretty unique,its not like buying a garmin or a woot,band you dont just add it to your cart,and move on theres a couple of steps,involved when you visit the aura rings,website theres actually four different,colors you can choose from but theres,also multiple sizes of the aura ring to,choose from and this can get a little,bit confusing so to help with this,situation aura ring has created a free,sizing kit that you can order on the,website and have shipped to your house,now you may not need the sizing kit if,for instance if youre married and you,wear a wedding band on a daily basis you,may already know your ring size but if,youre not married or if youre like me,and youre somebody whos lost a lot of,weight since theyve been married,my wedding band was pretty loose and,thats something you want to avoid with,the aura ring the aura ring sizing kit,actually includes a bunch of fake little,mock-up rings if i can open the box that,would be great theres mock-up rings for,sizes varying from down to a size six,which is pretty small all the way up to,a size 13 which is pretty big and,everything in between and now heres,where things get a little bit confusing,or ring actually suggests that you wear,the ring on your index finger because,that thats actually where it gets the,most accurate reading you can wear it on,any finger but they suggest the index,finger because apparently has the most,blood flow or something like that the,cool thing about this sizing kit is that,the little mock-up rings that you can,see here are very representative as to,what the actual ring looks like even,down to the details inside the ring,theres these little bumps if you can,see those on the camera those little,bumps are actually present on the real,ring which looks like this,and theres little bumps inside there,for the optical heart rate sensors as,well so the ring the plastic ring and,the real ring look nearly identical and,even wearing the plastic ring feels a,lot like wearing the real aura ring,after you choose your size or ring,suggests that you wear one of these,mock-up rings around the house and to,bed and stuff to make sure its,comfortable for a couple of days before,pulling the trigger and ordering your,aura ring in the appropriate size and,just for a point of reference if youre,interested in the aura ring hardware,itself this is what it looks like up,close and if you want to compare to a,really simple wedding band this is my,wedding band here on the right i didnt,go crazy its just a white gold thin,wedding band i like to be simple and,minimalistic you can see that its quite,a bit thinner compared to the aura ring,obviously theres some electronics in,there just know that the aura ring isnt,your typical like wedding band size ring,so after you select the size of your,aura ring for me a size 10 felt,appropriate you go back on the website,and you order your aura ring this time,actually making the purchase and now,youve got four colors to choose from,theres this silver color im wearing,here theres a gold color theres kind,of a charcoal color and then theres a,black color the standard silver or the,black model come in at 299 dollars for,the aura ring but if you bump up to the,stealth model thats kind of the gray,color or the gold color those are,actually a hundred dollars more because,of the finishing process a little bit,more expensive and those are actually,399 dollars so this is not a cheap,device however its actually around the,same price as what i paid for my wedding,band and my wedding band doesnt have,the smarts that this aura ring does so,just keep that in mind in terms of,pricing thats not the whole story,though unfortunately the aura ring is a,subscription-based model when you,purchase in auring you do get six months,for free included in that original price,tag of 299 or 399 dollars but after that,six months youre going to be expected,to pay,5.99 a month going forward so after you,choose the color and decide which ring,you want you place the order on the,website it arrives in a box that looks,something like this when you open the,box up youve got your ring in the,center here when you pull this piece out,youve got a usb type-c cable underneath,that and then some documentation,underneath that another component that,comes in the box is the wireless charger,that you can see here its a real simple,device it is a usb type-c connection so,the cable can be replaced you plug that,in you plug it in on your nightstand or,something like that and then you can,just plop your ring onto the charger to,charge it up now the setup process i,actually didnt record it but it was,super simple the auraring app,immediately detected that i had an,ordering gen 3 it asked if i wanted to,pair it it asked my personal information,like my age height and weight and thats,all for the metrics that it generates,and needs all of that information and i,was off and running within a few minutes,the auring app is available on ios like,i just said but also available on the,google play or android store so you can,download it on basically any device now,lets put the app aside for a second,well get back to that a little bit,later on this video and take a closer,look at the hardware itself the or ring,gen 3 is truly an amazing example of,engineering and design its hard to,believe that they crammed so many,sensors and technology into something,that fits literally on your finger its,really amazing stuff theyre able to jam,a battery a heart rate sensor an spo2,sensor accelerometer and a bluetooth,antenna along with a temperature sensor,inside something so small and,lightweight it is unbelievable the,really impressive thing about the o-ring,gen 3 is just how light it is this uh,size 10 that i have here came out at,just four grams on my scale which in,comparison to something like a triple a,battery a aaa battery is like 12 grams,so this is like a quarter the weight of,a aaa battery and i got to be honest,when its on your finger you kind of,just forget its there it just gets out,of the way its really not a burden and,compared to something like a garmin epic,gen 2 that im wearing here thats like,85 grams its a real night and day,difference you notice thing this thing,on your wrist and you just kind of,forget that the o-rings there when it,comes to the actual

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Oura Ring 3 (Horizon) – After 100 Days

after wearing the ordering Horizon for a,hundred days my sleep will never be the,same if youre like me you often feel,tired at night you want to improve your,sleep and you realize that no amount of,caffeine will make up for poor sleep at,night when I first heard about the,ordering I was like does this 300 piece,of metal actually improve your life and,it wasnt until I read an article about,one of our CEOs and how he used the oil,ring to improve his deep sleep I was,convinced I bought my first one and,three years later I bought three,different aura rings this is the newest,one its the aura ring gen 3 Horizon so,how does it work first you get a little,sizing kit you figure out which ring,size you need next they send you a box,with the ring you take the ring you put,it on the charger,put it on your finger and go to sleep,and youll wake up and be able to see,some sleep stats from the night before,how did you sleep whats your activity,level and if you want you can track your,workout during the day like an outdoor,run then you can use all this data and,the trends over time to understand how,your energy levels and sleep are,affected by your lifestyle behaviors,whats the difference between the New,Horizon ring and the Heritage Ring The,Horizon ring is flat just like the earth,I mean the Horizon is completely round,so if you take your finger it just,smoothly goes all the way across and,then it has this tiny notch on the,bottom so you know which way the sensor,should be whereas the Heritage ring has,a flat notch on the top so you know,where the top of the Ring should be,other than that both of these rings are,exactly the same in terms of Hardware I,did buy both the stealth colors in,either variation but I did go a size 12,on the Heritage and size 13 on the,horizon just so I could wear them on,different fingers but the hardware,changes arent the only things that have,happened theres a ton of new software,updates that came to all the Gen 3 Rings,one of the most powerful features is,recording a workout heart rate so you,can go ahead and tap the plus sign here,record workout HR and what I really like,to use is the Outdoor running they have,a couple other ones like cycling and,walking youll go ahead and select that,and then tap record once it connects to,the ring its going to start recording,your heart rate within the ring and the,green LEDs will and then you can tap,pause and end the workout its going to,download all of the heart rate data from,the ring and put it onto the app if you,have location services turned on youll,be able to see a GPS location of where,you walked or ran but you need to have,your phone nearby to get that data so,under settings location or a location,features needs to be enabled whats,really interesting Ive noticed is with,the New Horizon ring I dont know maybe,because its just slightly bigger than,my Heritage ring the heart rate data has,been slightly different than my Apple,watch and Garmin whereas on the Heritage,ring the heart rate did it was a little,bit more accurate in comparison to my,other devices next are personalized,goals so one thing I do love is I turned,off the calorie feature because I dont,want to see how many calories I burned,most trackers are pretty inaccurate and,I change mine to steps so I want to edit,activity goal and I change my mind to,the max I dont know why the max is 13,500 I have a goal of doing 18 000 steps,per day aura can we please fix this and,if you really want to just hide all of,your calories theres an option to hide,calories right here I just keep that on,because its interesting but overall I,want the focus to be getting enough,steps throughout my day next is blood,oxygen this feature was touted as coming,by the end of 2022 but finally they did,release it and how you enable that is by,going to the hamburger menu breathing,regularity and then you can enable blood,oxygen sensing but it is valuable to,understand your sleep so I went to The,Sleep Tab and then if you scroll down,youll see theres average oxygen,saturations if youre within 95 to 100,thats kind of in the normal range if,youre in the 90 to 95 range you might,want to talk to your medical care,professional to understand why that,might be and if you want to dive deeper,into the data you can go to breathing,regularity and see how has my blood,oxygen changed throughout the night,these might be times where Im just,having a little bit more trouble,breathing throughout the night so I,might want to understand all right why,is my breathing regularity falling off,of the normal pattern next is period,prediction if you go to the hamburger,menu settings there is a period,prediction option sadly Im not a female,so I cant really test this feature but,if you lot you can go ahead and enter in,when your last period was and then itll,use your body temperature as well as,what your potential cycle dates are to,figure out when a period might be coming,one way that I really love this feature,is using an app thats called natural,cycles it connects to the aura ring and,I can use this with my partner to better,understand how can we manage our birth,control methods throughout the week I do,have a video coming on that pretty soon,so let me know in the comments if you,want to see how an all-natural birth,control works and lastly is the new,Strava integration so if you are using,like the outdoor running which is super,neat and easy you can go ahead and go to,other apps here Strava and then export,all of your workouts from the aura ring,to the Strava app here you can see it,already exported the little pseudo run,that I just did but over time it pulls,my Readiness my activity score as well,as the GPS and my pacing and all that,information and pushes that straight to,Strava automatically you dont have to,worry about it this is really valuable,especially if you dont have any other,Fitness tracker if youre just someone,who likes to run every once in a while,go for an outdoor walk every once in a,while all that information gets uploaded,to Strava and you can be social with all,your other running and walking now,whats the app experience like let me,walk you through it when you first,opened up the app youre going to have a,home page where you can see your,activity as well as Readiness and sleep,scores from the previous night depending,on the time of day that you open this up,the menu might be slightly different I,love that I can see my inactive time as,well as my trends for my heart and heart,rate variability as well as with sleep,efficiency if you do any Fitness,activities whether its on your aura,ring or any other device that puts it to,Apple Health thatll show up here my,favorite Tabs are the Readiness and,sleep tabs inside of Readiness I can see,my resting heart rate heart rate,variability my body temperature from the,previous night I know that when I eat a,bunch of ice cream the night before my,body temperature can be slightly,elevated my respiratory Trends over the,day so as you can see theres the little,bump of where I caught the illness it,gives me a blue as well as red depending,on how Im doing in each of these,categories and my sleeping heart rate,graph throughout the night ideally you,want a little bit of like a bottom U,shape and then under the Sleep tab I can,see my total sleep as well as my time in,bed typically I need one hour more time,in bed to achieve the amount of sleep I,want so if I want eight hours I need to,be in bed for nine hours I have my sleep,efficiency resting heart rate sleep,stages and then finally activity I dont,use this tab as much but it can be,interesting if youre trying to see your,steps how many walking equivalent miles,youve walked your activity burn and,your daily movement throughout the day,and then lastly the explore page which I,never use but it is interesting if you,want some kind of content for example,calm or before bed Ive used some of,this stuff before bed but I dont,consistently use this page very often if,you need to see how much batt

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Oura Ring 3 vs WHOOP 4.0 – Dont Make This Mistake

Ive been wearing the aura ring and the,whoop strap for over three years now,today Im going to share which one I,think is best for you Ill compare their,Hardware battery life and charging fit,and feel sleep Fitness data and,recommendations social features and,finally their price but first how do,these devices work youll charge the,device and then you wear it throughout,the day and during your sleep and then,youll sync that data to your phone and,then you can use that data to see,life-changing results just be mindful,dont over analyze because you can get,things like Ortho insomnia and both Aura,and whoop say that their products were,designed for sleep at the start and they,use very similar Technologies they both,use green red and infrared LEDs to,measure blood flow and then be able to,derive your heart rate and heart your,variability from that information they,have accelerometers and gyroscope to,detect Motion in terms of how youre,moving and lastly they measure,temperature then they use this raw data,and information to develop your sleep,scores your sleep stages and everything,else that youre interested in now when,it comes to battery life they both tout,kind of like four to seven ish days but,honestly I probably get more like three,to four days per device and because its,every couple of days it does feel,irregular so building a daily charging,habit like I do with my phone is a,little bit more complicated when you,have to charge it every three ish to,four-ish days so thats one downside Id,prefer it to be like multiple weeks or I,charge it every single day next is how,you charge it so the whoop strap has a,little charging puck thats USBC you,slide that on the unit itself this thing,is rather small I have lost this,multiple times so I have two of them,just in case but you fill this with,battery and then you go ahead and you,slide the charging puck on the whoop,strap you can double tap it to see hey,does it light up and now you know thats,actually charging your device is the,whoop 4.0 uses wireless charging so if,you do take the little puck into the,shower it will be fine just dont plug,it into the USBC after its gotten wet,it does charge a little slow it takes,like two to three hours but you can go,about your daily life still using the,whoop while its charging whereas the,aura ring it requires me to take the,device off and place it on a charging,unit this is also USBC which is really,nice and then this unit will charge the,ring wirelessly with aura you can really,only use the charging station thats for,your specific size of ring so if I try,to go to my friends house and I want to,use their charging station its just,wont fit its too small or too big,whereas with the whoop I can go ahead,and take the puck and I can borrow those,and go ahead and charge my Loop no,problem now when it comes to the,hardware and the fit and feel the aura,ring is a ring right its its a little,thicker than your average ring but you,slide it on your finger and if youre,someone who enjoys wearing Rings thats,pretty easy but if youre someone who,never really wears Rings like me itll,take a little bit of getting used to the,whoop strap on the other hand can be,worn on your wrist on your bicep inside,of a t-shirt inside your boxers or,shorts as well as on top of your rib,cage if youre wearing a bra and they,did just come out with a swimsuit so Im,very excited to try that and with both,it definitely felt very weird to wear,them initially but now that Ive worn,them for so long it feels weird not to,wear them so my finger will feel naked,or my bicep will feel naked and I have a,desire to grab the device and put it on,but having worn them for so long one of,the biggest issues is breathability the,ring is solid so whenever I wash my,hands or Im eating something and like,moisture develops around my finger it,does get really uncomfortable and all I,want to do is take it off and like spin,it on the table or I leave it on the,table if Im shower ring Ill put it,like on on the stand by the shower so I,have left my aura ring places and,forgotten about it luckily I havent,lost it knock on wood wheres the whoop,strap I never take off I work out with,it I shower with it I sleep with it and,just because the charging device doesnt,need to come off I always wear it it,does get a little bit wet after,showering or intense workouts and those,times sometimes Ill try to dry it out,but more often not Im always wearing it,and the biggest thing to be mindful of,is if youre wearing it it can develop,moisture Under the Skin So I do have,like a little patch here the sensor is,always in on this part of my bicep and,then I have developed a slight tan line,I also have it on my wrists thing to be,mindful of you do want to wash this,device oh and you do want to take it off,from time to time because it can get,pretty disgusting make sure to clean it,too and because of the different fit and,form factor its conducive to different,kinds of workouts and experiences so,because the ring is on my hand grabbing,a barbell grabbing anything else can be,a little challenging sometimes when Im,putting on my shoes and then my fingers,inside of the heel the ring will fall,off because it slides out having it on,my bicep is just a little bit more,conducive to different kinds of physical,activities that require my hands and,then if youre doing a contact sport,like Jiu Jitsu this device wont get in,the way because you can wear a little,patch over your arm or inside your shirt,or your shorts or in your bra and this,can essentially disappear itll be,invisible whereas the aura ring can only,be on your finger but overall I do love,the coolness factor of wearing a ring on,my finger and then the whoop I love that,it can be invisible and it can be cool,they have really nice bands of different,colors that I can wear on my wrist and,it just stands out and sometimes when I,see people with a cool whoop strap Id,be like oh nice swoop strap so thats a,little bit of community building and a,cool Factor now when it comes to sleep,they both provide an algorithm based,sleep score Readiness recovery score and,sometimes theyre very different so for,example last night the aura is telling,me pay attention for my Readiness my,sleep it was good whereas the whoop,strap is saying 75 recovery Im in the,green zone Im rarely in the green zone,this is a main reason why you need to,take all this information with a grain,of salt because last night my whoop says,Im primed to take on strain to do,extensive workouts whereas the ordering,is saying take a break chill out which,one do I trust but they do provide the,same data just in a different format as,you can see Ill get my heart rate,variability my resting heart rate,throughout the night how long I slept my,respiratory rate during the evening they,both will give me trends over time in,terms of how those scores are and how,those numbers are changing throughout,the weeks they both will tell me the,hours of sleep so whats interesting,here is whoop says 6 hours and 17,minutes whereas the aura says 5 hours,and 49 minutes theyll break down my,sleep by sleep stages so I got two hours,of deep on my aura ring whereas I got,one hour and 12 minutes of deep on the,whoop strap and this is not just the,case from last night consistently the,numbers are vastly different sometimes,so I really dont know which one to,trust they both do blood oxygen its,either two percent off and whats,interesting about Aura is theyll,provide a graph of my heart rate as well,as heart rate variability throughout the,night and whoop will provide a graph of,my heart rate throughout the night as,well as the day so I can see the trends,of my heart rate throughout my sleep as,well as throughout my Fitness in the,daytime Aura does have daytime heart,rate but they measure it pretty sparsely,and because they constantly take off the,ring I dont get as much information,here and for me one of the most,important features is illness detection,so having my skin tempe

OURA Ring 3 In-Depth Scientific Review: Why to Buy it in 2022!

ive tested two oring threes over the,last months and based on my testing i,think that the ordering can be a great,tool for people looking to track and,improve their health however it has some,limitations you need to be aware of in,this video ill test the accuracy of the,auring 3 when it comes to heart rate,heart rate variability and sleep,tracking additionally well discuss how,i think you could use the oral ring to,track your health for those of you that,are new to the channel my name is rob,and im a postdoctoral scientist,specializing in biological data analysis,now if we go back in time a few months,the release of the auroring 3 was,definitely not a flawless one the main,two issues in my opinion were that many,people really dislike the new,subscription model and the second is the,fact that many of the things that were,supposed to be improved on the o-ring 3,compared to the ordering 2 were not yet,implemented this basically meant that,the ordering 3 was just an ordering 2,with daytime heart rate tracking but now,you have to pay a monthly fee of six,dollars now of course im over,simplifying things a bit but still to,date many of the features or i promised,are not yet implemented however as aura,members will know last week or did,provide a timeline for when some of,these features will be released with,workout heart rate tracking for running,cycling and walking set to be released,in june of this year all of this being,said i think even the current firmware,of the aura ring 3 can be used to keep,track of your health so lets take a,look at its current performance and,well start by taking a look at the,heart rate and heart rate variability,tracking one of the most important,moments to track your heart rate and,heart rate variability are the,measurements taken during sleep lets,start by testing the heart rate,measurements during sleep i test this by,sleeping with an ecg chest trap called,the polar h10 that can generally measure,my heart rate very accurately here you,can see my heart rate according to the,polar h10 ecg chest strap in blue and my,heart rate according to the auring 3 in,red along the horizontal axis is the,time after starting to sleep and my,heart rate is along the vertical axis,as you can see theres a pretty good,agreement between both devices though,there is a bit of missing data for the,ordering 3 as you can see in red right,here and i actually wore a second,ordering three on my other hand those,results are displayed here and as you,can see the agreement is again very good,you might also notice that the ecg chest,strap reference changed a bit this is,because for the chest strap i also,calculated an average heart rate in,exactly the same way or does it and,theres a slight difference in the time,frames between the two orderings if we,look at the agreement over a total of,eight nights together we get this,overview each dot here is a single heart,rate measurement with along the,horizontal axis the value according to,the ecg chest strap and on the vertical,axis the value according to the ordering,three if the measurements perfectly,agree they would be on this blue line,right here the red dots are the moments,where the ordering 3 could not get a,measurement as you can see if the,ordering 3 could get a measurement this,matches very well with the chest strap,as most points are along the blue line,now heart rate variability which is,displayed here was a bit more difficult,for the ordering to measure now before,diving into those results what is heart,rate variability or hrv we all know what,heart rate is its the number of,heartbeats per minute say your heartbeat,60 times in the last minute while you,were watching this video this does not,mean your heartbeat perfectly once every,second it just means that on average,there were 60 beats per minute but the,time between heartbeats varies it might,be 1.2 seconds between this beat and the,next and 0.8 seconds to the following,heartbeat to put it in really simple,terms a larger heart rate variability is,actually better assuming you dont have,any underlying medical conditions,stress smoking and bad sleep quality for,instance lower your heart rate,variability and if youre more,physically fit you tend to have a higher,heart rate variability lets see how,accurate the ordering 3 is at measuring,heart rate and heart rate variability,here we can see the heart rate,variability for one night measured with,the ordering 3 in red and with the polar,h 10 in blue as you can see theres,generally a pretty good agreement,between the ordering 3 and the ecg chess,strap though not quite as good as we saw,for heart rate and we see the same thing,if we look at the results for the other,ordering 3 i wore on my other hand,theres a pretty good agreement between,both devices but the aura ring does show,some deviation if we now plot an,overview similar to before but now with,the heart rate variability according to,the just strap on the horizontal axis,and the heart rate variability of the,ordering on the vertical axis we see a,pretty good match between the ordering,and the chest strap however especially,when my heart rate variability is a bit,higher we do see more deviation between,the ordering 3 and the ecg chest trap,though its still not bad at all so,during sleep the measurements of heart,rate and heart rate variability are,pretty good this means that the,algorithm that calculates the sleep,score and readiness core can use data,that is pretty reliable however,measuring heart rate is much more,difficult when you are awake compared to,when youre sleeping at the moment or,ring 3 will only take measurements if,youre not moving too much luckily there,are two types of exercises ive been,doing over the last months that are,stationary enough for the ordering 3 to,have taken some measurements lets take,a look but before moving to the results,if this video is proving interesting to,you a sub to the channel and a like or,comment on this video would be amazing,now to the results,well first take a look at the heart,rate measurements during indoor cycling,here you can see a similar plot to,before with on the horizontal axis my,heart rate according to the hd chest,strap and the measurements according to,the ordering on the vertical axis the,blue line again indicates where the,measurement should be if there is,perfect agreement and the red line,indicates where the measurements are if,the ordering 3 detected half the actual,heart rate the reason i added this red,line is because quite often devices,detect half of my actual heart rate when,they make a mistake,as you can see when my heart rate was,low the auring was pretty good at,attacking my heart rate however when my,heart rate is high it tends to detect,roughly half of my actual heart rate at,least here during spinning this is,indicated by the large group of points,right here near the red line next if we,look at cycling outside we see there are,much fewer measurements this is because,aura filled out many more measurements,because of the increased movement,associated with cycling outside,as we do see that the measurements that,did pass the filtering were pretty okay,though they did tend to be a bit on the,low side at least when my heart rate was,higher as most points here are,underneath the blue line however i,should again mention that most points,were filtered out by aura because of the,movement associated with cycling outside,now the aurorin3 measures your heart,rate all throughout the day if youre,not moving too much so how accurate are,those measurements,that is displayed here for one day with,the polar h10 ecg chest strap in blue,and the oring 3 in red,as you can see the overall patterns,between the two agree pretty okay though,there are some deviations as you can see,in these moments for instance and we can,see that even more clearly in this,second example day right here with,mostly a good agreement but definitely,some moments where the ordering picks up,some spikes in my heart rate anothe

Oura Ring 3 Review

The new Oura Ring 3 was announced on October  26th and started shipping on November 15th.  ,I’ve been using the Oura Ring 2 for the last two  and a half years, I just got the new Oura Ring 3,  ,and, in this video, I’d like to share my take  on the new ring, discuss how the Oura Ring 3 is  ,different from the previous model, and share  my personal experience using the new ring. ,I hope this video will give you some idea about  the product, and if you haven’t got the new ring,  ,it might help you decide whether or not you  want to get one. I also hope this video will  ,be helpful for both current Oura Ring 2  users, and potential new Oura Ring owners. ,If you are not familiar with Oura, Oura is a  private Finnish company with headquarters in Oulu,  ,Finland, a city of about 200,000 people and 600  kilometers north of Helsinki.,Oura was founded in 2013 by Petteri Lahtela, Kari Kivelä, and Markku Koskela. Harpreet Rai has been the CEO since 2018. ,According to Crunchbase, Oura employs between 251  and 500 people and has raised $148M in funding.  ,By the way, just recently, in May 2021 Oura raised $100M. The company valuation is estimated to be $800M.,I think it’s really impressive to see that the company, which is a global leader in sleep tracking,,was founded in such a small town in a country of 5.5 million people.,Kudos to its founders – Petteri, Kari and Markku! ,And one more interesting thing about Oura is  that it has an incredibly loyal customer base.  ,It’s awesome! So, what improvements does the Oura  Ring 3 offer over the previous model? Coming up! ,Hi, Andrey here, welcome to the Practical  Health channel!,The Oura Ring 3 is the third generation of Oura sleep tracking devices.,The first generation came out in 2016, and the second – in 2018. ,The Oura Ring 2 was listed as one of TIME’s 100 Best Inventions of 2020  , and gained a lot of media attention  due to its popularity amongst NBA players. ,You can find my review and key takeaways from  using the Oura Ring 2 in one of our previous videos., The company introduces a new ring every  2 to 3 years, and between hardware upgrades,  ,the company releases numerous enhancements for  the ring’s software and smartphone application. ,Ok, let’s start with similarities between  the previous model and the Oura Ring 3.  ,Number 1 is look and feel – they are very  similar, almost identical. The weight is the same:  ,4 to 6 grams, the product size hasn’t changed,  and it looks like even the sizing kit is the same.  ,The battery is the same – it takes between  20 and 80 minutes to fully charge the ring,  ,providing up to 7 days of use between charges.  ,Oura actually claims that the new ring  can conserve battery during periods of low consumption,  ,but I haven’t seen any noticeable  improvements from my Oura Ring 2 when it was new. ,The Oura Ring 3 also includes all the  key insights from the previous model.  ,It includes sleep, activity, and readiness  scores as well as more detailed metrics such as , heart rate, HRV, body temperature changes, respiratory rate, and of course,  sleep stages, including REM and deep sleep. ,As you might know, sleep, recovery and readiness are the primary focus areas of the Oura Ring. ,Now let’s look at how the new Ring differs from the previous model. ,There are several changes  – some minor ones and a couple large one.  ,First, let’s talk about the sensors. In  addition to those currently included,  ,such as the body temperature sensor, optical  infrared sensors, 3D accelerometer and gyroscope,  ,the Oura Ring 3 now includes 7 temperature  sensors, whereas the old model only included 3.  ,It’s also been updated with added SPO2 sensor for monitoring blood oxygen levels, as well as new green and red LEDs. ,This is quite a deviation from the previous model,  ,which uses only infrared light  invisible to the naked eye.  ,So, if you wake up in the middle of the night  and see your finger glowing in green light,  ,don’t be surprised as I was a couple  nights ago. It’s supposed to be that way! ,The next difference is the inclusion of new  insights.,A major feature is 24/7 heart rate monitoring, which includes activity when working out. It’s supposed to come out in late 2021…  ,Like in the next 2 weeks, right? Ok… The next  one is SPO2 sensor.,While the sensor itself is already a part of the device, blood oxygen monitoring is coming in 2022.,As I understand, a red LED has been added for these purposes. Next is Automatic Activity Detection -,Oura automatically detects your engagement  in over 30 different activities  ,and delivers insights after you’ve finished. It’s  another feature that is coming in the future.  ,The next one is the Period Prediction, which  many women may find valuable.,As I understand, this has been made possible by extra advanced and highly calibrated temperature sensors. ,Several more improved or new features are Nap  Detection, Rest Mode and Social Sharing.,So you can share your readings with other people. I  think this feature is quite useful for seniors. ,And there are two big changes. First, there’s  potential improvement of the accuracy of the sleep tracking algorithm.  ,The Oura Ring 3 is claimed  to be enhanced with a “new state-of-the-art sleep  ,staging algorithm” that will “achieve  79% agreement with gold-standard PSG.”  ,Based on the provided data, this new algorithm  is supposed to make the Oura Ring 3 one of the  ,most accurate consumer sleep trackers  on the market.,In case you’re wondering, I say this is “potential improvement”,  since the new sleep staging algorithm  ,will be available in the future, in 2022.,Regarding the accuracy of the Oura Ring 2, I couldnt find any reliable comparisons between the Oura Ring 2 and other sleep tracking devices.  ,I like what the Quantified Scientist did, and  Oura Ring 2 doesnt score high in his analysis.  ,To be objective, any analysis with a  sample size of 1 person can’t be reliable,  ,but at least we have this data  point rather than nothing at all. ,The other significant change is pricing.  Though the price of the ring is the same – $299  ,in the US, Oura introduced the Oura membership  – $6 per month with the first 6 months free.  ,Basically, the 3-year cost of ownership jumps  by 60%, from $300 to $480.,And, it looks like the ring will be basically useless without  a subscription.,Some people expressed their outrage and disappointment, but personally I don’t see anything groundbreaking here.  ,Companies do raise prices and change  their business models continuously. ,For comparison, Whoop charges a whopping $30 monthly subscription or $18 per month if signing for at least 18 months. ,That subscription does include the hardware, but the 3-year cost of ownership is $648.  ,That’s 35% higher than the $480 Oura plans to charge.  ,By the way, the Oura subscription is  life-long free for owners of the Oura Ring 2  ,if they upgrade to the Oura Ring 3. So, it’s  a nice present for current Oura Ring 2 owners. ,Ok, let’s talk about my personal experience  with the Oura Ring 3.,First, the transition to the new ring was super smooth, it took  me like 10 minutes to move to the new ring.  ,Next is the changes in insights. In the Home  section, now there is the heart rate graph.,I didn’t find it super accurate and insightful, it’s  similar to what the Apple Watch and other trackers  ,have been offering for quite some time. Also,  you can measure your heart rate at any moment  ,by tapping on the heart icon and staying  still for several seconds.,Again, the Apple Watch has had this feature for years. There are no changes in the Readiness, Sleep and Activity sections.,But now there is one more section called “Explore.”,It offers tons of audio and video related to meditation, breathing, sleep and learning.,And, finally, it looks like my sleep stage results from the new ring are consistent with what I had with the Oura Ring 2.  ,I guess, so far Oura has not made any  significant changes in its sleeping algorithm. ,My t

This piece of tech changed my life! Oura Ring Horizon Review!

hey guys its Justine I am so excited,because in front of me are two brand new,aura rings now if you are new here you,may not know that this has been my most,favorite piece of tech over the past,year I have been wearing one of these,every single day since August of last,year there have been a few nights where,I havent worn it but pretty much for,the most part every single night this,has been on my hand tracking my sleep,tracking my workouts tracking every bit,of things happening with my body and I,love having this data so much it really,has changed the way that I look at sleep,the way that I look at Food timings of,workouts timing of when Im eating also,me becoming very judgmental of my,friends if I want them to have a good,nights sleep they probably shouldnt be,drinking alcohol late at night I let,them know for sure Im that friend I did,a video on the previous version if you,guys want to check that full video out,and review Ill put a link in the,description but today they have a new,design launching this is the aura ring,Horizon this is the New Aura ring,Horizon with all of the Gen 3 Aura ring,technology like sleep tracking blood,oxygen sensing and activity tracking,with a huge focus on sleep the oral ring,is able to accurately track when you are,in deep REM and light sleep letting you,know if youre getting enough of each it,does this by monitoring the nighttime,changes in your resting heart rate your,heart rate variability body temperature,and more now every morning my daily,routine is to check my ring when I wake,up itll give you three daily scores,your sleep Readiness and activity and it,will also give you insights on how your,body is doing in some ways that you may,be able to improve it also has super,accurate prediction for your menstrual,cycle using research grade temperature,sensors usually a few days before Ill,get a notification that says its,supposed to start in the next few days,and it has been spot on every single,time so here I am wearing the Gen 3.,this is the Silver version I do have a,few different colors I even have the,Gucci one which is absolutely beautiful,so you can see this has like a flat top,so it has kind of like a little circular,design with that flat little top and,that kind of lets you know the,orientation to wear your ring so the,temperature sensors are here in the Box,bottom theres a 3D accelerometer so,its able to not only track your sleep,but its also able to track your Fitness,but one of my favorite things is the,precise accuracy that this detects that,Im taking a nap and I take a lot of,naps I live for naps I am a nap Queen if,you will and the fact that its able to,detect that so quickly its like oh you,nap for 46 minutes oh youve napped for,a lot longer like maybe like the two,hours and 45 minutes its fine its its,a thing you know what happens I,sometimes have a weird sleep schedule,but for the most part I do try to get to,bed by 10 and I usually wake up between,5 50 and 6 30 most days this is too much,info because we need to just open these,so I can show you the brand new rings,and one of the things that Im most,looking forward to is they now have a,rose gold ring and most of my jewelry is,all Rose okay well that is not gold I,forgot that I have upgraded to the Apple,watch Ultra but my previous watch was,gold and it looked so beautiful together,I am wearing the silver one because I,wanted to demo the different colors,normally gold is my aesthetic lets open,the rose gold one first because Ive,been looking forward to this for a very,long time,this one is a perfect,circular ring and the difference is it,has a small little indentation right,here and thats to let you know where,the bottom of the ring is because you,want to wear the sensors close to the,palm of your hand so this gives you kind,of a tactile feel so if youre a,fidgeter like me you can make sure that,you keep that bottom little Ridge,decoration indentation at the palm of,your hand like look at the rose gold oh,my goodness its so pretty Im so into,it I cannot wait to just go to sleep,tonight so inside of the box also comes,with a charger and these are size,compatible so if you are wearing a,different size ring than your friend or,partner and you try to share these it,wont work because they are sized for,whatever ring that you have and if you,do order one of these they send you a,sizing kit so youll be able to figure,out what size ring you need and most of,the time I do wear mine on my index,finger but sometimes when I am hiking my,fingers tend to swell so I will swap,this over to my ring finger and,depending upon you know what rings I,decide to look for I do kind of mix and,match them but for the most part the,most accurate is wearing it on your,index finger also comes with a USB,charger this is USBC as well I like this,little wheel that they have this cord,wrapped around thats a nice little,design a lot of times I just use my iPad,charger or even my MacBook charger but I,always carry an extra one of these with,me when Im traveling just in case so,here is the differences between the two,this is the older gen 3 which has that,flat top design and this is the New,Horizon which has the little indentation,there and they both look really great,Im so happy that they have a rose gold,option this is beautiful and we also,have a Gold version so I can show you,guys what that looks like so it does,come in five colors it comes in the four,original colors are gold black the,stealth and the silver and of course our,fifth being the brand new rose gold so,excited about this I cant believe it,take a look at the gold one it is the,same ring,but gold,with a little indentation which were,going to flip to the bottom because,thats where it belongs oh of course,shall we shall we I dont think this,will fit on this finger oh it does okay,great now Im going to show you the app,because this is where its so powerful,the things that this can track the way,that it is able to give you,notifications and its actually telling,me right now the need to charge my Gucci,Aura ring which is fantastic because now,were going to be switching out to the,beautiful rose gold hello who is she one,of the things that I do like is how long,this battery life does last because this,isnt something that you do need to,charge every single day it has a super,fast charge I think you can make it,almost a week on one charge so a lot of,times what Ill do is I will have a,charger right by the shower in the,bathroom so I will just charge this,every morning when I get a shower and,that 30 minutes gives me enough time so,I never feel like I have to actually,ever really have it off for long because,Im always doing sort of these little,incremental charges this is something,new that I like they have fit your goal,to your lifestyle so you can tap into,the activity card to adjust your,Baseline depending upon what youre,trying to achieve my activity goals at,300 my daily average calorie burn from,the last 30 days is 457 so you can set,that depending upon your activity level,or whatever it is that youre trying to,achieve now this does have the ability,to record live heart rate data so if you,are doing a workout so you can go in,here and you can choose which activity,youre doing and this is very accurate,also whenever it detects you doing an,activity so therell be times that a,little notification will pop up and,itll say you have an unconfirmed,activity from yesterday and I will go,and look and Im like oh I actually was,walking the dog you can also go in and,add a previous activity so a lot of,times I wont wear this when Im doing,any martial arts class because I dont,want to injure my training partner so I,will take it off for that so Im not,able to record that but the record,workout HR is a newer feature that came,in the Gen 3 so you are able to work out,with just this and itll still be able,to record that live heart rate data so,here are my activities from today I did,some light strength training and I did,some cycling so I d

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