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  2. Outer Range Ending EXPLAINED [Season One]
  3. Outer Range Episodes 1-2 SPOILER Review and Breakdown | Amazon Prime
  4. OUTER RANGE Ending & “The Hole” Explained!
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  6. OUTER RANGE Episode 1 BREAKDOWN | Theories, Ending Explained, Things Missed, Review, Recap
  7. Outer Range Season 1 Ending Explained

Outer Range – Season 1 Review | Its Not Bad…But

so outer range is the new sci-fi,neo-western that follows a man named,royal abbott played by josh brolin as he,stumbles upon a supernatural hole on his,ranch in wyoming so you guys basically,know this already but ive been debating,on whether or not if i want to talk,about this show because although i,finished season one yes i felt like that,only happened because i was waiting for,something to truly pique my interest,throughout the show and,honestly that moment really never,happened for me i mean yes there were,moments that started to pull me in but,it didnt really truly pique my interest,i just felt like i was sort of hanging,around waiting for something to do that,because i really feel like this show has,the potential to go in that direction,for me but the main aspect of this story,is that the abbott family is dealing,with a feud with a neighboring family,known as the tillersons and this feud is,over a portion of the abbott familys,land and how it legally belongs to the,tillersons and this happens to also be,the land where this supernatural hole is,located so we automatically know that,someone in the tillersons family knows,something because we know that there has,to be some other reason besides the fact,that this land just legally belongs to,the tillersons i mean its been a few,weeks since i finished the series but if,i remember correctly its like over a,mile of land so yes who wouldnt want to,legally retrieve over a mile of land if,i remember correctly but at the same,time we know that theres something a,little bit deeper about this situation,and the fact that someone we dont know,who just yet or actually i think we do,find out pretty early on but i wont,give it away in this review but we know,that there is someone in the tillersons,family who is very familiar with this,land and thats the reason why they want,it because they know that there is,something also very strange about it,then the other large aspect that we,follow throughout the show is the fact,that there is a murder that happens that,really shakes up a bit and then the,show becomes partially a crime thriller,then theres a young hippie girl named,autumn played by imogen poots that shows,up to the abbott family ranch and then,progressively things become even weirder,throughout the series so just as a,warning i am going to get into some,spoilers because if youre currently,watching the show then most of the,things that im going to talk about in,this video have already occurred i think,but anyway theres your disclaimer so,early on one of the biggest theories is,basically just revealed regarding autumn,i mean it wasnt really revealed but,most of the theories online regarding,who she is that ive seen from viewers,is basically true which means it wasnt,really that hard for people to figure,out but i think it was supposed to be,because theres a pretty big reveal at,the end of the season regarding autumn,and her origin and who she is so that,was kind of strange that they made that,pretty easy for people to kind of figure,out but then also have this reveal at,the end of the season so you know i,dont know i was just underwhelmed by,that reveal because i could tell that it,was supposed to have a much larger,impact but it was just very easy to,guess then theres this murder that,takes place and thats really the only,real suspense we receive early on in the,show which was interesting and it does,lead to the viewers learning more,regarding the whole i mean this void on,his ranch but i just didnt care i just,felt like the murder and the family feud, was just there as filler to you,know just drag us through the series,with all of this prolonged exposition,now i would say that the first episode,and maybe the last two or three is where,the series finally begins to get to the,point and you know the fuse and the,relationships that they spent so much,time on establishing in the beginning of,the series just kind of bored the,out of me and yes its a necessary part,of the character development and the,story building and yes it is logical,progression and blah blah blah but i,just wasnt entertained most of the time,while watching this show the only thing,that made those parts of this series,bearable for me was josh brolin lily,taylor and imogen puses performances,josh brolin is just artistic when hes,on screen and the guy just knows how to,deliver the hell out of his lines i mean,hes just a good performer hes just a,good actor in general and also shouts,out to will patton as well i mean he,doesnt get the most screen time,throughout the show but he doesnt need,much to make an impact i mean come on,its just will patent but yeah,outside of those performances i was,basically on autopilot until the last,couple of episodes even with that said,the ending did pull me back in just,enough to want to tune in if the series,gets renewed for a second season so im,giving out a range a 7.5 out of 10.,theres a lot of moments throughout the,series that really attempts to get the,viewers to invest in what i would,consider to be quite pivotal moments,throughout the show but unfortunately it,rarely had that effect on me but also,that may not be the case for you guys,and its cool if you completely disagree,with me even the end reveal regarding,royal and some details about who he is,just hit me like oh thats pretty wild,but i still i still dont really care it,just wasnt the strongest first season,for me but theres my thoughts on season,one of outer range so let me know down,below if you guys agree or disagree also,i think shining girls is better but i,think thats only a limited series i,could be wrong but out of the shows that,ive seen recently that one is,definitely one of the better shows its,a nice mind to check out and i,think i plan to talk about it later if i,have the time also im not on camera,because i havent cut my hair yet since,i got back off my business trip ive,just been lazy as hell so yeah i got to,cut my hair pretty soon because ill be,covering dr strange this week i dont,know if itll be a full review or just a,straight out of theater reaction but,please look out for that anyway though,there you guys have it and if you,enjoyed the content you know exactly,what to do thank you for watching,[Music],you

Outer Range Ending EXPLAINED [Season One]

so outer range has just wrapped up its,first season on amazon prime and perhaps,unsurprisingly its left many viewers,with more questions than answers about,what it is that theyve just watched so,in this video well be taking the,deepest of deep dives into the plot of,season one explaining what it was that,autumn was actually trying to achieve,why royal might not be the hero that we,first fought and most importantly what,the hell was the deal with all those,bison so sit back and prepare for,spoilers as i try to shed some light on,outer range season one so out of range,begins with a very thanos-esque,voice-over from royal abbott discussing,the greek god kronos who carried a,sickle that used to cut a tear in the,cosmos between heaven and earth,separating the known from the unknown,now its later revealed that this is,simply an analogy that autumn tells,royal later in the episode to describe,the nature of the hole on his west,pasture but this particular story from,greek mythology actually has a lot more,relevance in the show than you might,think given that kronos is actually a,god often associated with agriculture,and harvest as well as time leading him,also to be referred to his father time,which as it happens is quite a fitting,nickname all around for a time traveling,rancher and father figure like royal and,thats not to say i think royals,actually chronos but if the implication,was that they have similar stories then,its probably worth bearing in mind that,kronos was not the nicest of gods and,was best known for killing all of his,children until one of his sons zeus is,smuggled away as a child only to return,in later life as a stranger to kill his,father which could very well be a nod to,autumns role in season 1 and beyond but,well touch more on that later so the,first episode then starts with cecelia,awaking from a recurring dream in which,he sees our missing daughter-in-law,rebecca emerge from the dark to reunite,with perry and amy now its unclear,whether this is just a dream or perhaps,even a vision of the future given how,much the show likes to make use of them,but either way it certainly seems to,foreshadow the scene in which rebecca,quite literally reunites with amy from,the shadows in the final episode that,being said roy doesnt seem to pay much,attention to it and goes about his daily,business on the ranch until he hears and,feels something strange out in the,pasture in this moment were never,actually shown what caused it but if you,ask me it was the west pasture hole,opening up for the first time quite,possibly as a way for autumn to travel,back from the future but well get into,that more later regardless royal seems,unsettled later that day when hes,waiting for his family outside church,which is an early hint of his,disillusionment with god after all the,crazy otherworldly stuff that happened,to him as a kid but while hes waiting,amy shows him a drawing of her idea of,heaven depicting her whole family,reunited in yellow with others on the,ranch which is pretty much a perfect,depiction of the future cult that royal,sees in his upcoming trip to the future,now as tempting as it would be to really,read into this i dont necessarily think,the drawing links to the future i think,its more just an early hint that amy is,actually autumn and as an adult if she,were to start a cult or community with,good intentions it would probably look,something like her personal idea of,heaven but after this once royal gets,home he once again feels something isnt,right on the pasture and this time,heres what sounds like a bison mining,quite possibly heralding the arrival of,the arrow struck bison through the west,pasture portal or by some other means,but one way or another rival ranch owner,wayne tillerson fills the disturbance,too and actually looks up at a bust of a,bison in his home as if he has some,fleeting understanding of what is,happening enough so to call the abbot,ranch and reveal something is coming as,if hes starting to remember that he saw,royal appear from a porter as a child,which seems to be something hes long,since repressed or forgotten that has,haunted him all his life the next day,autumn officially arrives on the ranch,looking to camp supposedly not sure why,shes there but certainly on a mission,and aware of things she shouldnt be,such as the abbotts money troubles,despite this royal allows her to camp on,the west pasture just before being,informed that wayne tillerson is making,a sudden claim to it which comes as a,shock to even his sons but is legally,valid due to a mapping error this then,becomes an even bigger issue for royal,as he discovers that a hull has opened,up on the west pasture which he knows,from experience as a portal to a,different time period he also knows that,if news got out about it there would be,a big investigation which could reveal,that hes a time traveler and hes been,lying about his identity all this time,putting the eyes of the world on him and,his family which explains why royal was,so frustratingly unfortunate with his,family and his feelings all throughout,the series its also why he warns autumn,away from the area for her own safety,only for her to tell him that she wont,get hurt as the world always plays out,how its supposed to this to me suggests,that she knows even at this point that,she is in the past and believes that,fate is predetermined to play out how it,already has later that night as if on,cue her father perry gets into a fight,with trevor tillerson and lets his anger,get the better of him to such an extent,that he kills him as such his brother,rhett then tries to cover it up however,they accidentally leave a bloody belt,buckle behind tying them to the scene of,the crime royale then helps his sons,further cover up the murder by throwing,trevors body in the hole safe in the,knowledge that it probably wont show up,again for 100 years if his experience,has anything to go by now perhaps,unsurprisingly autumn suddenly appears,in that exact moment as if she knew to,be there and abruptly pushes royal in,the hole now it was a great cliffhanger,and probably distracting enough that,most didnt notice how emotional autumn,was about what shed done in the next,episode almost as if she didnt want to,go through of it but knew that she had,to do it anyway and so for the rest of,the episode were left wondering what,happened to royal as he wakes up alive,and well elsewhere on the ranch while,his wife cecilia manages to calm down,the tillerson brothers and gets,embroiled in the cover-up at odds with,our hard-held religious beliefs which,are worn down throughout the series from,this point forward yet royal urges,everyone to go on as normal believing,everything will now be fine unaware of,the belt buckle tying his sons to the,scene which is given to sheriff joy as a,means of opening up a murder,investigation thankfully alongside this,wreck grows closer to his childhood,crush maria who provides a well-timed,false alibi for him on the night of the,murder meanwhile royal visits wayne to,try and stop him from buying the west,pasture but it becomes clear wayne is,obsessed with owning it playing his,cards close to his chest as to why but,its clear from a business card for a,rare earth department that he knows,something is out there in the ground,alongside this a bit paradoxically,autumn meets her younger self on amys,regular hiking trail and points out an,arrow symbol on the rocks that shes,supposedly drawn ever since she was a,kid but doesnt know why or what for the,crazy thing is the reason could very,well be because of this vague memory in,which her older self showed it to her,simply because of its lightness to the,abbott family crest either way from this,point forward it seems to take on a new,meaning for autumn and its only ever,present when time travel shenanigans are,at play almost like its a warning sign,of them amy also comments on autumns,necklace as another little nod to the,fact that shell one day wear it herself,and autum

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Outer Range Episodes 1-2 SPOILER Review and Breakdown | Amazon Prime

theres a brand new series on amazon,called outer range the first two,episodes are on the platform now but are,they worth watching lets talk about it,what is up flick fans welcome back to my,channel today we are talking episodes,one and two of outer range i was sent,all eight i may have watched one episode,ahead so i wont talk about that yet but,this is a fascinating sci-fi-ish,western-like television series starring,thanos so this series is about a rancher,fighting for his land and family who,discovers an unfathomable mystery i said,the word unfathomable you dont know how,many takes it took me to get through,that,at the edge of wyomings wilderness what,is described as a drama slash mystery,for me incorporates enough to make you,think we may be heading in a sci-fi,direction but as always lets start with,the rating and,i cant find one for this show im gonna,say tv mature right now for some,unsettling imagery and we do get a,moment it may even be in the episode,that you guys havent watched yet in,episode three based off of that tv,mature but nothing too crazy just yet so,ive been watching yellowstone lately i,havent talked about it on this channel,so im firmly in like that western type,of genre and im on board for whatever,type of tv show we get next in that,genre im also a massive fan of these,crazy somewhat intricate stories that,flesh themselves out over multiple,seasons i think the prime example of,that is one of my favorite shows of all,time dark on netflix and while this is,not on that level just yet and were,trying to figure out and put together,the pieces of what is actually going on,here what is this giant gaping hole that,has appeared on this land and were,slowly starting to get some of those,answers but im still firmly in the camp,of i dont know whats going on just yet,but you combine those two,very different genres creating this,dramatic mystery thriller with a little,bit of sci-fi in there and you have,yourself a compelling show for me it all,comes down to how are the performances,what are the characters like and are,they compelling do you care enough to,give a crap about this guy and his land,well getting someone like josh brolin,almost assures we are going to care,about this main character when the,series starts and the first episode off,the bat we have brolins character,giving us a little bit of insight into,the greek god kronos now he cut a hole,in the cosmos between heaven and earth,separating our world from the next the,known,and the unknown so this really starts us,off on a fascinating note and youre,saying to yourself this is something,thats going to come back around in,future episodes and while again were,not quite there yet it allows us to feel,as if something is coming and thats the,feeling i get throughout these first two,episodes when you have these,two families essentially one where the,head of the family is royal josh,brolins character the other wayne will,pattons character who is exactly what,you expect will patton to be in a show,like this and theres a bit of a,competitive nature that both have,towards each other when it comes to this,land and you see and you feel how,important that is to each of them but,you also understand the fallout with the,various families and kind of that rage,and anger that goes towards the opposite,family so already not even getting into,the mysterious elements theres a lot of,tension there and theres a lot going on,but then we have this hitchhiker and,this is kind of the character im,fascinated about her name is autumn,shes played by imogen poots she comes,in looking for somewhere to stay and,royal allows her to stay on the premises,because she offers them cash so this is,kind of the wild card character that,comes in and almost messes everything up,even though shes not really doing,anything wrong so again you have wayne,you have royal and this hitchhiker,character that comes in two families one,wild card in this episode wayne he sends,his sons to royal with these documents,saying that hey your fences are on my,land if you dont move them youre going,to court and royal says ill take care,of it so thats when he travels out and,discovers this massive sinkhole on his,land throws something into the sinkhole,nothing happens so he slowly like hovers,his hand over it and begins to see these,these visions almost we dont know what,they are,and,until the end of the second episode when,we finally discover what happened when,he was thrown into the hole at the end,of this first episode we arent even,focused on the repercussions that could,come from the sinkhole were dealing,more with that family drama which is,interesting to say the least but that,mysterious element thats just kind of,sitting there not only with both of our,families but this hitchhiker who was,called there for a reason as well she,and brolins character of royal are the,only two that really have an idea of,whats going on and of course we see at,the end of the first episode we see her,push royal into the hole and at that,point im thinking myself okay is he,going to die probably not because hes,josh brolin but that was such a drastic,decision i believe the line was,something along the lines of uh the,worlds been waiting for this and she,pushes him oh my god,what happened at that point and this is,without even talking about the body aka,after perry picks his fight with trevor,and just kind of,smashes his windpipe royal says im,going to take care of this takes the,body to the hole and just throws it,right in so the body gets thrown in and,a little bit after that royal gets,pushed in episode one ends and im,thinking to myself oh my god what just,happened all of this family drama,followed by this crazy sci-fi element,and thats when episode two picks up,and everything seems to be slightly back,to normal with royal like hes there and,we find out as the episode goes hes,slightly unhinged but we dont,understand the fallout of what happened,at the end of episode one until the end,of episode two now the family theyre,trying to figure out okay what do we do,next we understand that something bad,something really bad happened theres,the secret we all for have how do we go,about ourselves and then we have autumn,the hitchhiker who,is looking at this symbol it seems to be,the autumn family symbol she bumps into,young amy and says i have been drawn,here it feels like throughout my entire,life,why so shes holding a secret royals,holding a secret and then you have the,family thats holding a secret but the,secret between ottoman royal it seems,like either she knows something he,doesnt clearly he knows something that,she doesnt but im just thinking to,myself what happened when he was pushed,into that hole and id be id be pretty,pissed the best scene in this show so,far is the dinner table scene when,brolin,it almost feels like hes turning on,what got him to this point in his life,in the first place he is,bashing his religious beliefs and,and at this point he says it doesnt,even feel like god is there that this,rage that he exudes all throughout this,scene,so beautifully done by brolin in the,faces on the various family members,around the table and this poor young,girl that comes in its just like,oh my god so the whole time youre,thinking yourself what did he see like,what in the world went down to fill him,full of this much rage and of course as,the episode goes were dealing with more,of the fallout between the two families,but i want to talk about that last scene,at the end of episode two thats when we,see what happened with royal when he,went through the hole which explains to,a degree why he was so frustrated,throughout that episode he wakes up you,have all of these military people,surrounding him a huge floodlight all of,these lights off in the distance,autumns there right shes dressed all,in yellow his wife is there and she,tells him,to run so what does he do exactly what i,would do flees back to the hole and,jumps back in so i think its also,really important t

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OUTER RANGE Ending & “The Hole” Explained!

grab some delicious clemato juice and,make out with your emotionally unstable,girlfriend because we have a show with,more holes than amber heards testimony,amazons outer range is like if lost had,a baby with a cowboy and in this video,were gonna take a deep dive into its,ending and some of the shows biggest,unsolved mysteries but before we do make,sure to like and subscribe every little,bit helps the channel out the final,episode is called the west which really,has a double meaning not only is it a,reference to royal abbotts western,pasture where a series of supernatural,occurrences occur but to the early,settlers the wild west was seen as the,great unknown an expanse of land waiting,to be discovered and this whole notion,of the known versus the unknown is one,of the shows biggest themes in the very,first episode josh brolins character,royal abbott recounts the story of,kronos the greek god of time and how he,created a terror in the earth which,separated earth from heaven the known,from the unknown episode vii is actually,called the unknown and autumn will later,refer to it as its gatekeeper an ominous,billboard can be found in the final,episode which states america tells you,that the only things worth knowing are,those which can be known america is,wrong so the whole acts as this portal,between the known and unknown we have,characters like autumn who welcome it,and see it as something good while royal,fears it to get a better understanding,on how this hole operates lets take a,look at the evidence the hole seems to,be meant for those who want to disappear,the only two living people im not,counting trevors dead body who weve,actually seen go into the hole are,eight-year-old royal older royal who is,actually pushed into it by autumn and,perry both eight-year-old royal and,perry were running from something they,wanted to disappear you could even argue,that the bison who come out of the hole,in present day were running from being,hunted as sheriff joyce sees this in the,past well get to that in a bit and the,hole seems to disappear when the person,it wants jumps into it the whole also,doesnt seem to be consistent in where,and when it drops its traveler,eight-year-old royal is transported from,1886 to 1968 but when older royal jumps,in he doesnt jump nearly that far into,the future so there doesnt seem to be a,consistent every time you jump in the,hole it throws you x amount of years,into the future kind of thing the hole,also seems to affect how fast or slow,time is experienced around it theres,only one brief example of this and it,occurs in episode 1 when royal first,hears the rumbling of the whole its 8,am when he leaves the ranch but when he,comes back its 10 am what was maybe,only a half hour for him turned into two,hours the hulls connection with time is,also something extremely valuable and,this is something we see with royals,brief jump into the future in episode 2.,it may also be by wayne tillerson royal,abbotts neighbor is so adamant on,getting royals land when royal is pushed,into the hole he wakes up surrounded by,heavily armed soldiers theres a giant,countdown timer here almost as if those,in the future were expecting him the,place is also surrounded by what appears,to be large oil drills however i dont,think theyre drilling for oil but for,that black ooze luke finds that gives,people visions of the past and future,the solid version of this ooze is what,royal finds in autumns necklace and,what billy feeds to his father sheriff,joy also follows this black trail which,leads her to an absolutely wild panorama,of her ancestors hunting bison as far as,we know sheriff joy never went through,any hole so how is she back in time my,guess is one of two things either this,is just a vision of something that has,happened in the past and this occurs,because she has been ingesting some of,the black stuff around her when it wears,off shell probably come back to normal,however its also possible that this,group of native americans went through,the hole in their time sometime in the,past and have now arrived in our present,day she could also be back in time she,does check for self-service and gets,nothing remember that weird guy frank,who asked the sheriff to investigate his,land because someone he knew said they,found a mastodon in a cave on his,property well in his discussion with the,sheriff he talks about how the mastodon,went extinct around the place to seen,era also known as the ice age funny,enough this is also the area bison were,first discovered so this hole has likely,been here for tens of thousands if not,millions of years hell one of the,episodes even begins with images of,wyoming being transformed over millennia,just throwing this out there but we also,dont know if theres more than one hole,or if there are other places which act,similarly like a cave for example but i,want to go back to this vision royal,sees of himself dying there hes in,cecilias arms and autumn kneels over,his body check out the yellow outfit,shes wearing in episode 2 autumn refers,to yellow as being a color of strength,and when asked if she was ever part of a,cult she says yes in royals trip to the,future we see autumn wearing this same,outfit surrounded by similar cult-like,members all wearing the same necklace,with billy joining adam as the first,member of our cult in episode vii it,appears autumn is the leader and now,that we know that autumn is royals,granddaughter amy who has come back from,the future things like amys drawing of,heaven which shows men and women in,yellow outfits start to make a bit more,sense yes one of the biggest reveals of,the season is that autumn is amy,something that becomes evident to royal,when he finds the scar on her forehead,one which she got when her father and,royal got into a fight there isnt much,we know about autumn and we cant take,what she says at face value but lets,take a look at some of the evidence,autumn arrives at the abbott ranch,looking to camp with a [ __ ] ton of money,she carries books on quantum physics and,takes a drug called lamotrigine commonly,prescribed for those suffering from,bipolar disorder shes also a poet which,will see her recite a very strange poem,later on shell tell royal that she,doesnt remember anything before the age,of 9 which is funny since royal says the,same thing about himself which we know,is a lie autumn might be lying too i,guess she remembered those words her,father taught her sometimes you keep,things from people you love because you,dont wanna you dont wanna hurt them,autumn probably knows a lot more about,this hole than shes letting on and she,may even have known that throwing royal,into it wouldnt have killed him autumn,also has someone shes in touch with,someone she refers to as mom and this,person is supplying her with money near,the end of the final episode amys,mother rebecca mysteriously reappears,after being missing for several months,if amy is autumn then we can assume this,mystery woman autumn is talking to is,rebecca theres not a lot we know about,rebecca but she does tell amy that she,had to leave in order to hide all we,really know is that the night she left,she got in a big fight with perry and,never returned home so something big,happened here which forced her to leave,her daughter whom she loved very much,like royal autumn says when she was 9,years old that she was in quote some,sort of accident which makes her not,remember anything before that time royal,accidentally shot his dad and ran into,the hole does young amy do something by,accident something bad which leads her,to jump into that hole and become the,autumn we see here in present whats,strange about royals death is that it,looks like cecilia understands and knows,that this has to happen just look at the,way she nods its like yep i know its,his time to go shes accepted it and for,all we know she could be in on it during,royals trip to the future we also get,some other interesting information from,cecilia who confirms that t

OUTER RANGE ENDING EXPLAINED Episode 7 and 8 | Theories, Breakdown, Recap, Season 2 Predictions

somewhere there is a channel filled with,dad jokes and i will tell them somewhere,there is a tv show breakdown with,terrible accents and i will do them i am,the middle age middle manager of youtube,and i will usher you into a world of,theories and recaps as a gatekeeper to,the silly and unnecessary i will be your,shepherd when you are bored or drinking,or smoking or cant sleep and i will be,your shepherd when you are bored and i,will be your shepherd when you are bored,jesus perry jesus perry jesus perry hey,everyone its brent the middleman your,middle age middle manager in middle,america here today with another video,about prime videos westerny sci-fi,series outer range i will be breaking,down the final two episodes of season,one and doing my best to explain what,was going on in the series so spoiler,alert for all things outer range with,that out of the way grab your six,shooter and get ready for an old,fashioned showdown because here we go,episode 7 begins with a flashback to the,local roller rink where we find a young,perry beating up a young trevor,tillerson while we are hearing the,dialogue about the fight we can also see,and hear that royal is playing one of my,old favorite games big buck hunter the,game is saying shoot the books dont,shoot the doe you know doe a deer a,female deer royal is nailing all the,bucks but then ends up shooting a doe,ending his game i believe that this is,meant to foreshadow his showdown with,autumn later on he mistook her for a,buck when she was really an innocent doe,it also foreshadows the story we hear,later about how young royal missed,shooting a buck and accidentally shot,his daddy rhett the rat runs over and,tells royal about the fight and we see,that patty the baddie is already with,her son and yells at royal he just,called [ __ ] trevor,so it looks like trevors always been a,douche and patties always had a big,mouth to go along with that great,nutcracker royal and young perry then,have a heart to heart on the drive home,where royal tells perry that there is,something in both of them that makes,them violent royal wanted to tell perry,right there that he killed his own,father but decides that its not the,right time the camera then pans up to a,sign that reads america tells you that,the only things worth knowing are those,which can be known america is wrong,the sign looks old like its been there,a long time but its the first we are,seeing it in the show did autumns time,cult build this sign and then send it,through time let me hear your theories,on this sign in the comments the camera,pans back down and we see that we are,now in the present with perry getting,hauled off to the slammer jesus perry,sheriff joy questions perry asking if he,acted alone she then asks him about,rebecca and perry says that he doesnt,believe she is really gone he says maybe,nothings ever really gone if time is,indeed a flat circle and everything is,already written then everyone is really,alive and dead at the same time the void,just allows someone to find that piece,of time when the person is still here i,know go take some tylenol and well talk,more about this later we see our,favorite buffalo or bison walking,towards the abbott farmhouse and i,notice that the fence doesnt have the,abbott a over it any longer was it never,on this particular fence the family is,understandably stressed over perrys,confession jesus perry and we see amy,with the bandage on her head we then,flash to autumn smoking a joint at her,motel and a jump to perry sleeping in,his prison cell while royal and cecilia,drive to town to bail perry out bail is,set at 500 000,jesus perry and the abbotts put up the,deed to their ranch which they will lose,if perry doesnt show up in court jesus,perry im sure i wasnt the only one who,said right then oh so this is how autumn,or the tillersons will get the land when,they get home from jail with perry amy,is in her room drawing the abbott brand,in her journal just like autumn showed,her she does yeah biggest hint yet perry,is honest with amy about what happened,and just like everyone else amy is,wondering if perry has been honest about,what happened to her mom perry continues,to say he knows nothing about what,happened to rebecca in the barn perry,asks royal if he knows what happened,with rebecca and royal says no but perry,doesnt believe it and you know what i,dont believe royal either royal would,have known that rebecca wanted to leave,the ranch and royal would not have,wanted this to happen have we been,rooting for the bad guy all along,sheriff joy lets the tillerson boys know,what perry told her about trevors death,and they arent buying it billy tells,them that trevor was probably in some,uncreated part of the world for the last,four days he was missing and not just,tied up somewhere on the abbott ranch,billy tells joy about the hole in the,world that wayne found as a kid and how,he could explain why he is the way he is,this just adds on the pile of crazy,stuff joy has been hearing about lately,first it was mastodons and vanishing,tweakers then she saw a mountain,disappear and now a hole in the world,little does she know just how real all,of this is about to get for her billy,then takes luke out to the void to show,him what all the fuss is about and if,you look close enough you can even see,the little dollar signs appear in lukes,eyes autumn is on the phone with her mom,and says dont call me that is her mom,calling her crazy is this her actual mom,or an adopted mom who knows nothing,about the ranch we see joy out to eat,with her family when frank the mastodon,guy reminds her about all the craziness,going on up at his place he says its,worth doing a little digging you never,know whats coming down the pike it,really feels like he is trying to lure,the sheriff up there and well see later,that he literally leaves a trail for her,to follow how much does frank really,know and why does he want her to check,it out so badly is it just the evil,teenagers hes concerned about or did he,know that he could get rid of joy so,trudy cole could win as sheriff its,interesting that later on we see luke,doing a little digging and he definitely,didnt know that a stampede of buffalo,or bison were coming down the pike,cecilia gets back to the ranch and,notices that her baby bear is missing,from the shed big mama bear with the,yellow snout finally tracked down her,baby and is not too happy with cece,mama bear attacks but cece is able to,shoot her in the heart angering all cgi,animal lovers everywhere,this scene totally foreshadows amys mom,rebecca coming back for her baby bear,and this time cecilia cant do anything,about it then we see the strangest love,story on television continue to play out,as billy tells autumn that he ate the,time dust from his dads magic rock and,had a vision with autumn billy and royal,all in it autumn tells billy that she,needs him to stop royal from messing up,her plans then cuts the abbott brand,into his chest making him a full-on,kronos cult member her name may be,autumn but she had billy rising like a,spring flower billy tracks down royal,after he has some timely car trouble and,cowboy naps him to the roller rink we,saw in the beginning billy lets royale,know that he knows about the void asking,royal do you think its the end or the,beginning billy then does what many have,tried to do but failed which is scare,the crap out of royal im pretty sure,theyre gonna need to mop up that,section of the roller rink if it ever,gets up and running again all thats,left of the neon sign at the rink says,row king i definitely saw royal king,which adds to my theory that royal is a,descendant of the king zeus who is son,of kronos amy has another heart to heart,with a family member over ice cream but,this time its with perry she asks if,its okay if she leaves with her mom if,her mom ever comes back and perry says,of course well there you go bye bye amy,then we get a shot of autumn all in red,this time practicing her cult leader,speech int

OUTER RANGE Episode 1 BREAKDOWN | Theories, Ending Explained, Things Missed, Review, Recap

throw the a-hole down the void,so our ranch can be free,you must wrap him in a blanket,then we get shoved in by the weird,hippie lady we let camp on our land what,the hey everybody its brent the,middleman your middle age middle manager,in middle america here today with a,video about my new favorite mystery,sci-fi show outer range outer range,stars josh brolin and airs on fridays on,amazon prime video heres your spoiler,warning for the first two episodes now,get ready to hear the terms flat circle,and deterministic a bunch because here,we go the series begins with the voice,over from thanos um i mean royal abbott,as we see a shirtless man running in the,dark carrying what looks like a body we,then see the man toss the body into a,hole just as a light is shown on him and,then we hear you know anything about a,greek god called kronos carried a sickle,he used it to cut a hole a tear in the,cosmos between heaven and earth to,separate this world from the next to,separate the known from the unknown the,world has been waiting for something,like this,in greek mythology there are actually,two chronoss cronie there is the chrono,spelled,c-h-r-o-n-o-s which is where we get time,in english this kronos is depicted as an,old man sometimes wielding a scythe the,other chrono spelled c-r-o-n-o-s,or sometimes u.s is a separate greek god,and father of zeus pronous was the son,of heaven and earth and used a sickle to,separate those entities though he did so,by castrating his father heaven who was,in perpetual coitus with his mother,earth sounds a lot like my first,marriage these two are typically,combined into one though in modern times,which is what i think the show is doing,theres most definitely some weird stuff,going on which the show introduces us to,right away but first we wake up with,royal abbott and his wife cecilia,cecilia says she had another dream where,rebecca steps out of the dark and amy,and perry run to her we later learned,that rebecca has been missing for months,leaving her young daughter amy with her,father perry abbott cecilias dream,about jessica stepping out of the dark,could definitely be a clue that she may,have fallen into the void or may come,out of the void at some point but more,on that later we go on a horsey ride,with the royal out onto his ranch and he,is looking over the land where he hears,a strange noise he rides back to the,house and everybody is up eating,breakfast including their other son,rhett who is played by lewis pullman son,of bill pullman aka lone star,royal is shocked to hear that its,already 10 am as he seems to have lost a,few hours while out writing this is our,second clue that this show will have,some funky time stuff to mess with our,brains the abbotts then go off to church,where royal just sits in the back,reading a newspaper while his wife,cecilia joins in on the service its,clear that royal is not a believer while,cecilia has faith this will definitely,be important later amy royals,granddaughter then brings him a drawing,she made of their family there is royal,cecilia rhett perry amy and her missing,mom rebecca theyre all wearing bright,yellow shirts and behind them are a,bunch of people wearing all blue,standing in front of mountains with,snowy peaks the colors here are super,important later when royal falls through,the void he pops out in what seems to be,the future and there are cult members,wearing all yellow and blue we dont,know what this means or represents but,in the drawing it really gives off an us,and them vibe and the way amy says and a,bunch of other folks it really seems,like this is from a vision and not just,her imagination we learned that rhett is,a bull rider in the rodeo and has a,crush on a local girl back at home we,hear the story of how royal and cecilia,met royal grew up without a mother and,father and had a hard life then after,something happened that royal says he,cant remember he just showed up on,cecilias family ranch and they took him,in cecilia says it felt like she had,been waiting for him her entire life,even though she must have just been a,young girl then so did royal take the,familys last name abbott and then marry,cecilia this story comes back later when,autumn the hippie camper girl we will,meet soon tells royal that she cant,remember anything before the age of 9,and she feels like he is the same way,why cant they remember did royal come,out of the void and cant remember,anything before that that would explain,how a nine-year-old just ended up on a,remote ranch with no memory did,something like this happen to autumn too,as usual more on that later when i talk,about my early theories royal and the,other family members hear the strange,moaning sound again and we see a whole,bunch of blackbirds or crows get spooked,and fly away this is when we meet the,rich rancher next door wayne tillerson,he isnt the healthiest guy as we first,see him sitting looking at the scared,birds out his window with oxygen tubes,in his nose as he sees the birds and,hears the noise he reaches over and,touches a strange rock that is on the,table next to him the rock is cracked,and the inside looks like it has a black,stone i know i immediately thought of,the dark hole we saw during the intro,thinking that maybe this was mined from,it or came from it somehow wayne then,gets up to look at the buffalo head,mounted on his wall telling the head you,feel it too dont you i hear it and he,stares back to the rock after this he,calls cecilia and tells her something is,happening and hangs up this is,interesting because later on we keep,seeing a live buffalo pop up with arrows,in its side has this all happened before,the living buffalo is definitely from,the past so it must have fallen into the,void during its time and arrived here or,more specifically now later royall and,perry are counting up their cattle and,notice that some are missing and there,you have it time traveling cows at this,point though royal hasnt found the void,yet so they need to go check the fences,to make sure the cattle cant get out,but before they ride off a mysterious,backpacker shows up this is autumn who,claims to be a poet who wants to camp on,their land and offers a bunch of cash to,stay royal decides to let her and as,they shake hands she says glad to,finally meet you what a strange thing to,say right we find out later that she has,had visions of the ranch and ill dive,deeper into that when we get there,thats when we meet wayne tillersons,sons who ride in on their atvs while a,song about the devil wearing a suit and,tie plays subtle the atvs definitely,stand out as so far weve only seen the,old school royal and as more traditional,horses yeah i hate these guys already,they are riding up to tell royal that,their dad had the county assessor check,out the property lines and apparently,most of the abbotts west pasture should,belong to the tillersons hmm i wonder,what he could want out on that land they,do a good job of setting up trevor,tillerson to be the a-hole which,definitely pays off later with luke,being the more level-headed billy just,rides around singing and is definitely,the wild card the abbott split up with,royal taking the west pasture he spots,autumn setting up camp when he starts to,hear that deep rumbling noise again this,time he rides to check it out and,something freaks his horse out and ive,seen enough movies and shows to know,that when your horse freaks out you,should freak out too but royal keeps,heading towards the noise and sees that,its coming from a giant hole in the,ground he throws a rock in as we can see,the snow-capped mountains behind him,just like in amys picture after he,cant hear the rock hit bottom he leans,over and sticks his hand in the hole he,immediately gets a first-person vision,seeing himself walking into his house,with cecilia leaning against the wall,she says joyce here say hello and,motions her head to the kitchen but,before we can see who is there royal,pulls his arm out and shakes his head to,clear it on

Outer Range Season 1 Ending Explained

it was only a matter of time until outer,range made predictable use of its core,phenomenon a hole that occurs somewhere,in royal abbotts western pasture and,pun very much intended almost everywhere,in the storyline of the novel the,wholes regulations arent entirely,apparent people animals and things,travel across time in space rejoining,the world days years or decades later,these time leaps are all different,royals is the first leap we witness,autumn drives him forward he passes,through the hole and reappears several,years later in the same location cecilia,greets him and informs him that he died,some months ago after his first jump,royal returns to the hole and reappears,in his pasture the next morning there,are also time jumps trevors body was,moved many days into the future well,learn later after that theres royal,royal originally passed through the hole,in 1886 reappearing over a century later,and on the same plot of land in the,final episodes royal first emerged at,the feet of wayne tillerson who was also,a boy according to flashbacks wayne was,startled when royal crawled out of the,hole this looks to be the start of an,odd rivalry and the stress between the,two future ranch owners in the last,episode a herd of buffalo seems to crush,luke on their way out and over the,plains thanks to another hole created by,lukes compulsive digging after almost,trampling royal and trampling autumn the,buffalo surround red and maria who are,both unharmed all of this occurs at,night sheriff joy observes the buffalo,from atop a hill as well but this time,during the day finally there is one more,time hop royal approaches autumns body,and notices a scar on her forehead that,resembles the wounds amy received while,battling rhett and perry the inference,is that autumn is a future amy amy has,disappeared from the rodeo which royal,is unaware of when he returns to the,dinner table its only him and cecilia,implying that the hole isnt just in,time and space but also in the abbott,family is amy in fact autumn in episode,7 royal rides a four-wheeler to murder,autumn he later burns her camp down,destroying autumns notes and meds,autumn then becomes increasingly,agitated contacting her mother and,begging for money she also implies that,she is carrying out her mothers plan,rebecca who has been absent for some,months is the series most notable,off-screen mother rebecca emerges at the,rodeo in the climax and kidnaps amy,autumns mother on the phone is rebecca,if amy is autumn we know that the hole,can transport people ahead and backward,in time amy will have to live for at,least another two decades before she can,mature and become autumn the issue is in,which direction will rebecca lead amy if,amy goes back in time shell have to,travel to the year 2000 before heading,to the abbott ranch and meeting royal,years later exactly like autumn did in,episode 1. amy might also travel to the,future and stay there for 20 years,before returning to meet royal as autumn,theres also the possibility that,theres an elder rebecca while we,witness young rebecca taking amy we know,it will be at least two decades before,amy transforms into autumn rebecca may,have aged at the same time throughout,that period she might be older rebecca,if we see her in a future outer range,season any character can be a future,version of any other character because,to this reasoning its about to get,incredibly complicated if theres a,second season is autumn dead its a,mystery despite the fact that she is,hurt and trampled there is no evidence,that she has died when royal is,initially pushed down the hole three,years in the future we witness autumn,autumn was also seen by royal during a,vision of his own death according to him,autumn might have gone to these future,moments before her buffalo death thus,this does not definitely indicate she,escaped the buffalo trample sheriff joy,where have you been sheriff joy examines,a tip from a man in town about odd,activities in the hills when all of this,amy autumn royal nonsense is going on,she arrives and walks a route to a ridge,where she observes buffalo and what,appears to be a native american,encampment its tempting to place this,encounter on the same chronology as the,other buffalo sighting during autumns,ravaged night sheriff joy might perhaps,have discovered another technique to,travel across time perhaps she arrived,in 1886 when royal was a child with a,hole that has no narrative rules,anything is conceivable only a second,season will reveal the truth thanks for,watching and if youre new to this,channel subscribe and click the bell so,you dont miss out latest videos of,media breakdown,[Music],[Music],you

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