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  2. Outlander Season 6 Episode 1: Echoes // Recap-Review
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  4. Outlander Season 6 Episode 8: I Am Not Alone // Recap-Review
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Outlander Season 6 Ending Explained | Episode 8 Recap

The Outlander season 6 finale left a lot of questions unanswered in a dramatic final episode.,Outlander season 6 is based on Diana Gabaldons best-selling novel A Breath of Snow and Ashes,,but owing to production limitations during the epidemic, the season was cut to eight,episodes, with the shows creative team preferring to shift some of the books major narrative,threads to next season.,While this may have made one expect the Outlander season 6 finale to be a letdown, the action-packed,but intimate climax was nothing short of thrilling.,Outlander season 6, episode 8 is titled “I Am Not Alone,” and it is a poetic and fascinating,contrast to the previous season finale, in which Lionel Brown and his gang abducted and,sexually assaulted Claire in a horrific series of events that has left Claire emotionally,and psychologically distant throughout season 6.,Claire is not alone in the Outlander season 6 finale, despite being attacked once more,(by another Brown, no less).,Claire finds herself under the strange protection of Malvas father, Tom Christie, despite the,fact that Jamie and she have been forced apart.,Heres a step-by-step dissection of the Outlander season 6 finale.,Is Outlander Hinting At Claires Execution?,Claire and Brees Future Scene: Is Outlander Hinting At Claires Execution?,Claire retreats psychologically to the comforts of her time, as is her manner of dealing with,tragedy in Starzs Outlander.,This was the case during her sexual assault in the Outlander season 5 finale, and it will,be the case again during her and Jamies standoff with Richard Browns men in the season 6 finale.,Claire tells Jamie about the current practice of a prisoners right to a final supper when,besieged in their house, explaining that the meal is typically something that provides,the prisoner solace before their death.,Her remark helps to explain the episodes opening scene, in which she and Bree are seated,at a diner in the future.,While some may take the scenario as Claires last supper and a foreshadowing of her death,in the upcoming trial, there are clear evidence that the event is merely a coping mechanism,for Claire.,To begin with, Claire is dressed in red once more, evoking the dream scenes from Claires,attack in Outlander Season 5, in which she and Jamie are giving a dinner party in the,future and she is dressed in a red gown.,Claires outfit appears to be the same in both instances, implying that she is mentally,returning to the same spot—a secure place.,Furthermore, the sequence defines the location as a return to a certain moment in Claires,life by emphasizing Brees absence of a wedding band, while Claires silver Lallybroch wedding,ring on her right hand is prominently shown.,This defines the scenario as a source of solace for Claire rather than a premonition or a,determination of her fate.,Tom Christies Backstory Revealed: Why Is He Assisting Claire?,Throughout the sixth season of Outlander, Tom Christie has been a volatile figure.,While he is frequently presented as a villain, his allegiances on Frasers Ridge have become,more enigmatic in recent episodes.,Though he initially dismisses Claires medical knowledge as witchcraft, he eventually agrees,to her helping him with his arthritic hand and has remained fairly quiet about her since.,Now, in the season finale, his unwavering defence of Claire appears to be a complete,180 from his posture at the start of the season, and it provides the first hints of what readers,of Diana Gabaldons A Breath of Snow and Ashes already know: Tom Christie is in love with,Claire.,If the Starz series stays true to the books plot, Tom will continue to protect Claire,until he falsely confesses to Malvas murder in order to spare Claire from death.,Jamie Frasers Nine Lives: Which One Is He Currently Living?,Claire and Jamie had numerous intimate love scenes together during their stand-off with,Richard Browns men, one of which involves Jamie retelling a fortune teller comparing,him to a cat with nine lives.,Jamie and Claire calculate that he is presently on his sixth incarnation after counting his,near-death experiences.,However, this is unlikely to be the series final reference of the issue, since it is,a reoccurring theme for Jamie in the Gabaldon books from this point on, and it is discussed,again in An Echo in the Bone and Go Tell the Bees That I Am Gone.,Why Does Claire Abandon Her Medical Oath?,When Richard Browns man dies from a gunshot wound, it is one of the most pivotal moments,in the Outlander season 6 finale.,Claire shoots the young guy who is sent into Claire and Jamies house to kidnap Claire,rather than allowing herself to be kidnapped.,This is a pivotal point in Claires character growth, since she had spent nearly the entire,sixth season of Outlander plagued by the events of her previous kidnapping and suffocating,her trauma in ether.,Claires response to assault is no longer to try to hide or suppress it, but to fight—a,phoenix-from-the-ashes moment for the character and a return to the characters incredible,strength from previous seasons.,Claires character, however, undergoes a significant transformation as a result: while on way to,her trial, she notices the injured young mans suffering and tells Jamie that she should,treat him; nevertheless, Claire does not, and the guy dies several scenes later.,While Claires character in Outlander has killed previously, this time is different,because she stands by and watches while the young guy suffers, knowing that he would most,likely die of infection.,Because Claire refused to murder Lionel Brown in the Outlander season 5 finale in order,to keep her oath as a doctor, its extremely crucial to watch her forego her Hippocratic,oath in this case and let the young man die.,This might indicate that, as Claire prepares for her second witch trial and considers the,awful anguish she experienced when Lionel Brown found her writings as Dr. Rawlings,,she has now reached a point where she is frightened to operate medically.,Will Brianna and Roger Return To The Future In Season 7 Of Outlander?,Brianna and Rogers narrative offers a tranquil contrast to Claire and Jamies dramatic drama,in the Outlander season 6 conclusion, with Jemmys lice exposing a form of genetic birthmark,that eventually reveals Roger as Jemmys true father (rather than Briannas rapist, Stephen,Bonnet).,While this confirmation does a lot to give their tiny family a feeling of security for,this episode, viewers can anticipate that sense of stability to be short-lived.,Due to the epidemic, production for season 6 was severely limited, therefore numerous,significant story aspects from Diana Gabaldons A Breath of Snow and Ashes will now comprise,the opening episodes of Outlander season 7, before the season begins with content from,her seventh novel, An Echo in the Bone.,The birth of Brianna and Rogers daughter, Amanda, who is born with a heart defect, is,one of these story moments.,In the upcoming season, fans may expect to see Bree and Roger time travel back to the,future with their children if the Starz series follows the books.,Why is Season 6 of Outlander ending on a cliffhanger?,However, Brianna and Rogers impending departure isnt the only reason the Outlander season,6 finale is so tense.,Claire and Jamies impending home fire is another key narrative element from A Breath,of Snow and Ashes, however, as Claire points out in the conclusion, there are still many,months before the date mentioned in the paper.,Jamie tells Claire that she will see their home by moonlight again the night before they,go for trial, but as they are led away from Frasers Ridge, there is a noticeable sense,of anxiety as Claire and Jamie leave behind their cherished home.,Even if they return to find their home still standing, their life on Frasers Ridge have,been irrevocably transformed, as seen by both the settlers condemnation of Jamie and Claire,and the stonings they endure on their route to trial in distant villages.,While Claire and Jamie are both a

Outlander Season 6 Episode 1: Echoes // Recap-Review

[Music],hello everybody im kristen and im,rachel and this is so im watching,outlander,season six episode one echoes,so,um as you may or may not have been or,noticed uh we are pausing our season one,coverage to cover season six and then,once were done season one will come,back,oh i guess i didnt even realize youre,pausing in between all right i made that,decision unilaterally the other day,love that thank you thanks for taking,charge you know i just figured it would,be better to not be putting out two yeah,front and end pressure plus it worked,out perfectly because we ended with,episode eight,last week oh yeah so when we come back,after six itll be the second half of,season one love that love that how that,works perfect so okay season six,premiere i also binged half of season,five today because i didnt watch it,when it was on because we didnt have,stars and i was lazy and i just dont,remember,you watched some of it with me i did yes,lots to cover,we meet tom christie,boo on his entrance big boo energy yeah,big opposite of applause on his entry,also,its just sort of like if youve read,the books you know,what comes with tom christie but also he,is,just immediately well we have a scene at,arts mirror,first where we we get to know him,from jamies we have like a whole ass,scene plus some yeah at arzmir a whole,lot like a lot and before the credits,way before credits yeah oh well get,there yeah,so,we have this whole scene these couple of,scenes in the prison he is making,trouble he is protestant not catholic so,theres like a protestant faction of the,scots that are in ardsmur and a catholic,faction and theyre fighting and they,kill a blind boy who just wanted the,lock of hair from rebecca his rebecca oh,my god,so terrible anyway jamie basically is,like and were done like this is how,its gonna go from now on were,freemasons buckle up and like well,because he saw,christy and the governor of the of the,prison do like a little secret handshake,and hes like,i see you i see you,so they managed to make it work when we,come back to 1773,um,basically tom christie has seen the,broadsheet thats like anybody from,artsmuir,who like knew jamie come to fraziers,ridge i can offer you whatever,so,i just,the nerve to come and be like i hear,youre handing out favors,give me one,and then,to just spit completely in the face of,said favor give her yeah im gonna shake,your hand with my right hand and slap,you in the face with the other,simultaneously,i,just,can not also see white girl so hard,because i cant i cant even correct,additionally,he is bringing a real,negative jesusy vibe to the party okay,listen,i,find religion extremely fascinating,not like this no,no no,i just dont want to be made to feel bad,and you know i grew up catholic you know,you feel guilty about everything its,just not a good time,if being protestant is that times 10 is,worse no [ __ ] thank you none,whatsoever i will pass i am,in recovery from catholicism as it is,also i have questions okay,why,it seems like christy being a freemason,is in direct conflict with being a,protestant with how religious he is i,dont know dick about like the freedom i,dont know anything about the masons but,they said that so they talk about,like theres a great deity or like a,great being right but so they call him,the grand architect or like god is the,grand architect why can christie,fully say well you should build a church,before your home before because you have,to put god before yourself but then you,can put aside your religion to then talk,about the great architect in the sky,so i mean and granted like im sure you,all will tell me in the comments please,be nice about it,but like i just dont understand how,that works yeah i dont really either,especially because to this point like we,know that jamie is catholic and like you,know scotland was a catholic nation for,centuries,but hes not,actively practicing like they dont have,a church he also he he barely cares that,roger is a presbyterian or whatever he,is,its all the same story also yeah its,just whoever had the money and the power,yeah thats who got to tell that like,their version of the story and thats,all the same and thats catholic yeah,its just,what it is the catholic church is like,the largest business in the world,so okay,because thats the other thing is like,in my opinion from what weve seen and,what i remember from the books jamie is,kind of building,the american utopia in frasiers ridge,because he doesnt care about other,peoples religions right he just wants,you to be a good person thats the,religion ive been saying this for the,majority of my life,i really am,its because its like the religion that,i was subscribed to is dont be an,[ __ ] yeah live your life well cool,just be cool be chill be chill guy yeah,you know,be cool guys,yeah its just,i dont need i dont need this i dont,want this i did not have a good time,reading this yeah no no no oh so so much,of our media this weekend has just set,me into rage and,im not well so its this episode,season whole thing is coming in hot,because so weve got tom christie,um i dont really remember much about,his son alan um i think hes kind of a,creep i think kind of a creep of whole,christie family is its just dramatized,and a bunch of creeps okay and then,malva who i wont spoil anything but she,does a lot of a lot of talk about you,want to talk about a [ __ ] creep yeah,she does a lot of things so in addition,to the christy family we are still,dealing with the browns because i think,richard is his name,the brother of lionel who led the charge,to trigger warning,gang rape claire at the end of last,season,has,promised revenge revenge on what your,brother deserved to die your brother,dying was that where the vengeance needs,to end yeah so,hes still around,he is,bringing his band of merry [ __ ],over the over to the ridge from,brownsville and hes he like catches,ferguson allen or yeah alan christie um,oh no it was ian,who did i say fergus oh yes sorry ian he,catches ian and alan um hunting in the,woods and almost shoots them,like that was a warning shot but it was,very close to where ians head was i,just think its really funny that,theyre being so cavalier with all of,these musket shots because thats the,whole thing about shooting a musket is,the aim is [ __ ] yeah so if you hit,somebody its by pure accident and luck,but like the fact that they he literally,could have shaved off another inch of,ians mohawk with that shot and its,like,it also it takes like a full 45 minutes,to reload a musket so like what are we,doing,regardless he basically accuses them it,says a lot of racist stuff about ian um,and accuses them of hunting over the,treaty line because he thought ian was,a native american and,its like a whole thing its really,gross and then they mosey on over to,frasiers ridge and are like we need to,talk about some [ __ ] or whatever and,apparently alan had stolen the,powderhorn powderhorn,whatever they make jamie be like whip,him,its a whole nonsense um imagine imagine,actually its not that hard for us to,imagine but a bunch of men with nothing,to do but deciding that theyre going to,be the committee of safety because,theyre the ones that know how to keep,things safe its,so stupid,okay so were still i had forgotten that,wed have to deal with the browns for,longer for so long so,the third storyline coming in hot is,fergus the drunken wife beater,which i had totally,pushed out of my mind because fergus i,always loved fergus in the books and,ive loved him so much in the show and,cesar domboy is like so cute,comically handsome so cute i do not,remember,at all why hes doing this i dont,remember the reason either and like,marcely is like,like,clinging on for dear life its you know,with three kids and another one cooking,sure and like theres stuff about the,baby thats currently in there i i dont,know i its all very,a lot,womans work is never womans work has,never done just play just the rest of,this episode is just going to be that,song

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OUTLANDER Season 6 Everything You Missed

[Music],the sixth installment of outlander,hinted at some major changes in the,seventh season and by the way is season,7 the last one heres everything you,missed in the finale of the most,exciting installment so far major,spoilers ahead,claires trial,for those of you who arent familiar the,popular tv show is based on a series of,historical novels written by diana,gabaldon if you havent read the books,we highly recommend them its a whole,different experience anyway the show,follows claire randall a nurse from the,second world war who travels back in,time to scotland in 1743 the show is,basically history romance and time,travel all mixed together but since,there are a lot of fans who havent read,the novels that serve as source material,we needed to inform you that the sixth,part made a change in a storyline with,this difference expected to completely,change the course of the show,were talking about claires trial a,storyline that will have a major,influence on future episodes,heres why this sixth installment,follows the events of gavilans a breath,of snow and ashes but heres the issue,just like every other project in the,film industry outlander has also faced,restrictions and difficulties thanks to,the ongoing pandemic which is why the,sixth installment has only eight,episodes fans who know what happens in a,breath of snow and ashes expected a,whole different finale but the,conclusion saw clear in jail awaiting,trial for malvas murder,[Music],the change were talking about is linked,to the location of claires trial,something thats not the same as in the,novels in the novel claire is taken to,newburn for trial but in the series,shes taken to wilmington some fans,believe the creators have no hidden,meaning when differing from the novel,and changing the location but there are,others who believe this was an,intentional shift that would bring,wendigo donner closer to claire during,season six there was a storyline with,flora macdonald having an emerald stolen,from her necklace and by the end of the,episode we saw a person admiring the,emerald in the wilmington prison while,his identity was never confirmed fans,think he was when dingo donner,for those of you having a difficult time,recalling who wendigo is donner a,character played by brandon martin is a,time traveler and native american,activist in 1968 he tried to prevent the,genocide of the native americans he did,this along with other members of the,group but each member was sent to a,different time period,since there are some when they go hints,the creators have featured in the sixth,installment we believe he will indeed,get featured in the seventh season at,the end of a breath of snow and ashes,wendigo ends up breaking into claire and,jamies home which leads to a big fire,in which claire and jaime almost die a,newspaper article found in the 1970s,claims the pair died in the fire you,have nothing to worry about because in,the novel their north carolina home,burns down but thankfully jaime and,claire make it out alive thanks to this,fire the fan favorite couple is expected,to return to scotland as already,mentioned the show never reveals that,wendigo is the person in the finale but,a mysterious man was wisning the colonel,bogey march this means that season 7,will have some of the most intense,storylines with claire and jaime being,in danger in upcoming episodes oh and,before we continue did you guys know,that the man who imprisoned claire is,played by dame maggie smiths older son,[Music],i trust that too,the a breath of snow and ashs detail,you missed when you hear claires,voiceover for the previously on part of,the premiere you might think youve,heard her monologue somewhere before,thats because she quotes herself from,season 5 episode 9 with time is marked,and measured in different ways the,colors of our lives were changing then,she says give anything enough time and,everything is taken care of all pain,encompassed all hardship erased all lust,subsumed and if time is anything akin to,god i suppose that memory must be the,devil these are lines taken directly,from a breath of snow and ashes the,sixth novel of the book series franchise,before we continue with some fascinating,news make sure you smash that like,button if you havent done it already,let me have a look,the vos,during the pilot episode sasinatch,viewers saw claire looking at a,beautiful flower buzz in a shop window,she then begins imagining a feature with,that voice she asks herself what her,future would look like if she buys that,voice then in a dream she has a similar,advise appears on the cabinet in her,dream she bought the vas to use in her,and jaimes home she chose jaime not,frank,charles van der vaart as william ransom,shortly after the finale of the sixth,installment the show has confirmed a new,cast member for the future episodes,known for his roles in lost in space and,the craft legacy charles van der vaart,joins the show in the role of william,branson who is the secret son of jaime,fraser the news was shared by variety,with their article also confirming that,production for the next installment,began a month ago in scotland it was,also confirmed that the entire cast will,come back for the next installment while,those who survived the latest episodes,anyway fans who have read the novels are,really excited for the new character,edition and the storylines he is,expected to get involved in one thing,that would be interesting to see is,william finding out who his true parents,are because he has no idea that jaime is,his dad the character has appeared in,the show so far but as a child version,played by oliver finnegan before we,continue we have to ask do you guys wish,for the stars tv show to stay loyal to,the source material would you rather,watch the story go in a different,direction let us know after all we make,these videos in order for you to have a,chance to express yourself and for your,voice to get heard,it was clearly a stag,now youve let it get away,well the distance is too great for a,ride baby amanda brianna and roger went,through a difficult season this time and,their future is still uncertain brianna,becomes pregnant with her and rogers,second child a storyline that was,overlooked the next installment would,clearly focus on brianna and her baby,since the last episodes completely,ignored the storyline as there were many,issues the show needed to address in the,book brianna gives birth to a girl named,amanda and amanda is born with a birth,defect which only brings us to one,question will the show follow the,storyline completely or will brianna,give birth to a healthy child,its to do with onions having layers,complexity and,the last from jamie and claire sadly,there are a lot of reports claiming,season seven of the show will be the,last one no one is ready to say goodbye,to claire and jaime but we have to face,the fact that the series is pretty close,to its conclusion in an interview with,cinema blend kittriona balf said that,season 7 would be a good place to end,the fantasy series reddit users took the,matters into their own hands with abby,rose posting sam and katrionas careers,have blown up so i can see them wanting,to capitalize on those opportunities,seven-year contracts are pretty common,for television shows,two-part season,since there are plenty of reports,suggesting this would be the last,installment of the show the creators,will have to split the next season into,two parts thats the only way they could,stay loyal to the source material and,include every important storyline for,fans to see a proper conclusion to the,show theyve been invested in for so,long,mjp 10e on reddit said season 7 is going,to be an extended season with 16,episodes likely covering book 7 and,maybe even some or all of book 8. the,creators are yet to confirm the reports,and once we find out more youll be the,first to get informed,mr brown,on a related note what are your hopes,for the next perhaps final installment,let us know in the comments section,be

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Outlander Season 6 Episode 8: I Am Not Alone // Recap-Review

[Music],okay,ready,hello everyone im kristen and im,rachel and this is so im watching,outlander season six episode eight i am,not alone,all right what do you want to do first,well first of all i would like to,recognize that chris larkin who is the,actor who plays richard brown has a,beard in real life and it does wonders,does it work yeah okay yes yes oh yeah,thats but its much better yeah i dont,want to like punch it as much so thats,nice good for you its the hair,its the hair too,its the like unkempt kind of in acute,hair,that i ca i cant abide,like youre trying to have the moral hug,you know what its like because its,just like white supremacist,youre trying to claim that you have,this like weird moral and genetic high,ground and you look like richard bannon,im not im not doing it i dont i [ __ ],with your attitude i simply cant allow,it no not at all,call me a witch all [ __ ] day long but,at least,so okay,i dont remember who the one woman is,who was like no she will not suffer,it was like miss mccormick mccormick,okay yeah something like that sorry we,picked up,essentially right where we left off,theyre coming for claire richard brown,wants to take her into,salisbury yes for trial,whatever,they make like a stand and,jamie like,hes an excellent shot because he he was,trying to hit the ground right in front,of his feet with those long long long,guns and he managed to do it because,like the whole thing with those muskets,are they like they are impossible to be,a good shot at them so the fact that he,gets he gets two shots in front of him,yeah and then he has that yeah,so okay,the whole thing,its ridiculous,jamie and claire both are like clearly,theyre just trying to murder me theres,gonna be no fair trial this is,ridiculous they essentially get like a,beauty and the beast style,angry mob with torches and pitchforks,literally [ __ ] fisher folk man i,trash throw the whole group away even,jamie was like oh its the fisher folk,and its hiram crombie thats a good,thing and claire was like really,really i dont think it is friend im,glad that you got those rose-colored,glasses on and so like i appreciated,that at least jamie had like a reason,where he was like,they wont like like he wont let them,burn us to death in this house thank you,for that at least so its like yes its,something yeah but basically,everybody is gone like mrs like claire,sent mrs bug off to find,somebody,and,jamie saw lizzy in the barn and she was,running,presumably to like at least go get kezzy,or josie but probably ian or somebody so,its like everybody is and like roger,and brie are gone to edenton so,everybody is kind of,like separated and so claire and jamie,are the only people at the house and so,its like a whole thing they make a last,stand claire shoots a guy in the gut,theyre shooting people left and right,its incredible and for me which is what,i said to you like especially when the,committee of safety came running up to,the house the first time i was like oh,theres like i dont know like 15 of,them,apparently they,reproduce like amoebas because,they killed like five of them they gave,them fatal or like at least,wounds that you cant keep fighting with,and still they were like doing the stand,and i was like if i had lost like one,third of my people i simply would,stop for out of like from two people,from the guns of two people had killed,more than double that,of my people i would stop fighting and,be like okay,well and my bad,the guy that claire has shot in the gut,ezra hes the only one well hes the,only one for similar superman that like,fully expired because theyre the only,ones like he killed or they she killed,ezra or whatever and like they just,dont talk about anybody else that got,shot,so thats the other thing,i like its whatever because shes,protecting her home and this is you know,the wild west so anything goes but also,um,shes like trying so hard to be like i,didnt murder anybody im not a murderer,i didnt murder malva and then shes,just wasting dudes left and right and,im like well now you did murder yeah,like,i dont know and just the whole which i,know i guess this is the argument but,its like they keep talking about,justice but theyre doing everything in,their power to make sure that justice is,not served and you cant have it both,ways you definitely can and then you,cant keep pulling this [ __ ] and,then like just throwing scripture at,each other and its like this is not how,any of this works so thats the other,two the other thing too is they get to,salisbury and,the the whole town is basically like at,war with one another because they cant,decide where they stand on independence,and so the justice,fled or was killed the judge in town uh,the the court was closed the sheriff,quit the sheriff quit okay so there was,nothing to do in salisbury and so,everybody was like well what are we,doing now and richard brown was like,wilmington 200 miles away and someone,very specifically was like what about,rip like cross creek or something else,thats closer and he was like we cant,go to cross craig cazan is there theyll,never get a fair trial but then he in,the same breath is like ive been,telling everyone that youre a murderess,and im like so you dont care about a,fair trial no,so thats my whole thing its like you,cant have it both [ __ ] ways you,cant you cant not take them somewhere,where they have friends yeah but you,also cant completely solely their,reputation because then its just like,theyre guilty hook line and sinker so,its like legitimately horrible and he,keeps on saying like um yeah you know,theyre calling her a murderer doing,that and then also hes so hypocritical,because later in the episode,hes like i know you think im doing,this all about my brother but like my,brother sucked essentially hes like i,know he sucked you know he sucked,everyone knows he sucked this is because,you murdered a girl and her child and,then he turns around on the horse and,again within the same breath goes but he,was my brother though and im like so,youre just doing it because of your,your brother,like,started and then,like insisted on the continuation of a,gang rape,i just can we rip out his nerds and turn,them into a jaunty hat thats where im,at now lets just show you throw the,whole man away if were getting to,the actual sticking point of my issues,with this episode specifically because,all in all it actually it was shot,pretty great yeah it looked great i,liked it i liked the moments with claire,and jamie im a little i,again weve got a 63-minute run time and,i know that they did this just because,they wanted to end on this cliffhanger,which is my biggest issue with this,episode and the season as a whole as i,ended on this cliffhanger,and,instead of using that time more,productively to get to a place like we,have in previous seasons where we have,wrapped up the season long thing but we,know that like the historical arc of it,is is continuing in the next season we,spent i wanna say a total of ten plus,minutes watching roger and brie and then,claire and jamie have sex,and again i understand that thats part,of the appeal of this show but i also,have to say,after the institution of an intimacy,coordinator on this set i think the sex,scenes have gotten worse,yeah at worse,longer,but not in a good way but not effective,and not effective for like an emotional,thing or anything like like i can see,that the heavy lifting there was,supposed to be like roger and bree are,on this whole new like thing or whatever,and like theyre in a really good spot,and its great,and like jamie and claire like taking,comfort in each other but like do you,know what scene did more for jamie and,claires intimacy in this moment than,the sex is when they were lying in front,of the fire eating and talking about,last meals and how many times they each,have like almost died with each other,that was so much better and like,i just it i got to the point where im,like i was just i was playing a game on,my phone during both of

How Well Do Outlanders Caitriona Balfe & Sam Heughan Know Each Other? | Vanity Fair Game Show

i know ill do very well how well will,you do some yeah im already setting,myself up for the fall here i uh,obviously ive worked with you for you,know a number of years now almost eight,years and yet somehow none of its gone,in its almost nine is it yeah thats a,good start hi there were the cast of,outlander and were the whole castle we,are the whole cast of outlander and we,are here to test how well we know each,other right yeah with vanity fair hey,whats your name again,[Music],what app do i use the most on my phone,does it begin with an r,[Laughter],um,i know which one you use the most id,say you use,oh god its a tie id say you probably,actually id say you probably use,instagram more than you do uh twitter,correct instagram,uses twitter if i was a cocktail,what kind of cocktail would i be uh-huh,uh-huh,well it depends if youre describing,yourself or if i am,i would describe you,as,an irish coffee however i think you,would describe yourself as a,gin martini no wrong on both oh spicy,margarita nice one lets nft that oh,yeah look theres a little spice theres,a little ice cube yeah a little jalapeno,yeah that looks like a delicious,actually what qualities do i look for in,a romantic partner,well um,oh right now you want to write it down i,have to write it down so i just let you,write it down,right just write it down go on,what do i look for in a romantic partner,um now keep it clean must like,fitness thats true yeah,um,keep it clean,thatll do it much like fitness,easy,wow,kind kind kind kind and adventurous,adventurous,yes yes,great great conversation,good chats good chats borderline alco,i hate to say these are actually kind of,all qualities that you like apart from,the fitness,yeah i know i dont care about fitness,you you are kind of those yeah,anyway if you fill out these criteria,call sam on,five 555-6252615 or just,email controlling or just like,email,with your uh yes ill ill sort through,the riffraff what is my favorite episode,of outlander,theres been so many favorite,favorite episode of your favorite,episode i think i know its a toss-up,im gonna do both and then if you get if,i get one do i get half a point,yeah okay so i have to get both wait,uh you actually know the numbers of the,episodes i think so oh okay im going to,say it is,faith no actually that would be my,favorite out of season two,so why what were you choosing this,season no first season well it was like,the first episode was when i was gonna,say the first episode but then or then,this episode six and three oh can i get,a little bonus point you can have a,quarter of a point quarter for faith,what is my favorite item of clothing,[Music],i mean because you have like seven,million of them ooh its not underwear,is it no,leather jacket oh look at that,ah we have a winner i pretended i was,looking but i wasnt actually looking ah,look at that,how many languages do i speak,when im sober,um i think i know this answer i mean,speak is a very loose yeah,in the very very loosest terms im going,to say three oh,yes,yes,very much english gaelic and french yep,there you go oh this ones too easy,whats my favorite drink,whiskey whiskey come on,what does my perfect date look like,this is like a romantic date or a,interesting,date in a year your perfect date would,probably be definitely a good meal a,couple of drinks,cinema,probably a nap at some point,well i was writing it as you were saying,it but its right fancy dinner and some,good wine yeah yeah,whats my favorite thing to cook or bake,well you see you got into cooking in the,last few years didnt you yeah yeah a,little bit i mean when i first met you,yeah,so much,not so much but i have to say its not,well,youre not gonna get it to be honest,soak some porridge or something yes,there you go brilliant,well it depends what you do though,its tremendous oh whats the strangest,place ive been recognized,probably i mean its going to be like oh,i i think im well like a bathroom or,something mm-hmm,and i was very naked two old ladies came,over to me,at the blue lagoon oh in iceland yeah,wow in the back in the kind of changing,rooms right its just like huh okay nice,nice yeah its nice to meet you were,they covered in mud at the time or no,they were very sweet though thats nice,what is my favorite professional sport,that im not,professional at i mean to watch its,probably either mma,or rock climbing,or rugby,i mean or,multiple options there but ill give you,a point and we always beat ireland no,you dont oh its from ireland,uh if you always,be to ireland then you would have,multiple six nations which you dont but,we do moving on whats my favorite way,to relax,uh i mean it could be a bath but i think,its going to be a book,lying on the sofa reading yay,they were quite good at these yeah,we just know each other so well who do i,turn to for advice,[Music],love it what is my go-to karaoke song,not very good i think its more like,the perfect song dude the person i think,i know the person is it blondie hey,i dont think i know this one what is my,favorite book,uh,okay,its either is it one of the mcnabb,books,or the whats this whats the climbing,guy that you went climbing you you love,your climbing i do but im afraid,the first one was outlander i was just,such a sucker,and of course one of my,many uh new york times best-selling,books,what is my favorite,oh movie,damn i should know this one,oh um,if its a vietnam er,private pile what is your major,malfunction,is it whats it called though its um,its not jar head whats whats it,called,that one full metal jacket yes,lets see the picture of the the,the movie poster im the last one okay,what,was my worst experience on the set of,outlander,was it been stuck on the boat,with no,toilet or food for a full day oh thats,pretty right that was pretty bad,actually yeah that was pretty terrific,what was that that bowl that muddy bowl,near bath what was that oh god yeah okay,was it the seven days shooting those,terrible scenes in the brothel,youve got quite a few,there were quite a few id say the most,challenging was the end of the ebon,season one,oh yeah,but the worst i think its just general,id say midges um,these are those tiny little almost,invisible,biting,gnats something they get into your hair,under your costumes,yeah,if i was a real housewife on bravo oh,wow which city would i live in,um,new choicey no oh,close enough no i was about to see,monahan,both know each other very well but i,know im better,okay,well,thanks for watching how well do i know,you how well you do know me you know me,very well and thank you vanity fair,thank you so much,[Music]

OUTLANDER Season 1-5 Recap | Everything You Need To Know Before Season 6 | Series Explained

season one of outlander begins in 1945,where the nurse claire randall reunites,with her husband frank after they both,spent years apart serving the british,army in world war ii during a trip to,inverness scotland while frank is,recounting history with his old friend,reverend wakefield claire visits the,standing stones of craig nadoon and is,transported back in time to 1743.,while there she falls in with a group of,highlanders from the clan mckenzie the,group is led by warchief dougal mckenzie,who was also the brother of the,mackenzie clans layered column mckenzie,also in the group are the boisterous,best friends angus and rupert the lawyer,ned gowan the kind-hearted and brave,jaime fraser the nephew of column and,doogle who takes a liking to claire and,jaimes godfather and closest friend,murtagh dougals men were all jacobites,men supporting the movement to restore,the scottish allied house steward to the,british throne and so they spent their,time trying to rally support through,money and soldiers to their rebellion,this rebellion meant that the,highlanders were constantly pursued by,the british redcoats led by the,viciously cruel captain jack randall an,ancestor of claires husband frank jack,has a history with jaime having,previously violently lashed him covering,his back in scars when jack demands the,british claire be turned over to the,redcoats dougal tells her the only way,to protect her is to make her fully,scottish which could only be done by,marrying a true scot and so claire and,jaime get married and though at first,this was simply an arrangement to ensure,claires protection claire and jaime do,quickly fall in love when claire reveals,to jaime she was from the future he,believes her and takes her back to craig,new dune to return to her original time,and her original husband but claire,decides to stay in 1743 to be with jaime,she also warns jaime of her knowledge,from the future that the jacobite,rebellion would fail and their army,would be defeated in the catastrophic,battle of koladen claire also meets and,befriends a woman named gaelis who was,the pregnant mistress of dougal mckenzie,she was plagued by rumors of being a,witch but claire discovered she was also,a woman from the future when a young,woman named leary obsessed with jaime,since she was a child accuses claire and,gayleus of witchcraft the two women are,put on trial galas is found guilty of,witchcraft and the last claire sees of,her shes carried away to be burned at,the stake jaime then takes claire to his,home in lallybrook where his sister,jenny has married his childhood best,friend ian jamie and claire make an,attempt to live a happy simpler life but,that all comes to an abrupt end when,jaime is captured by the redcoats claire,teams up with murtaugh dougal and the,others to storm whitworth prison and,save jaime while in prison jaime is,cruelly tortured and raped by jack,randall before his friends arrive to,save him in jaimes rescue jack is,presumed dead knowing that lallybroch,was no longer safe for them jaime claire,and murtagh set sail for france where,jaimes wealthy cousin would take them,in claire also reveals to jaime that she,was pregnant the two also conspired to,change the future by stopping the,jacobite rebellion in order to prevent,the battle of culloden and save the,lives of countless men in season 2 of,outlander jaimes cousin has left him in,charge of his house and business while,away on errands and so jaime and claire,find themselves mingling with the rich,and powerful of paris as they secretly,try to sabotage the fledgling rebellion,after telling murtaugh about claires,true identity and future knowledge he,joins their cause jaime becomes a close,friend and confidant of the british,prince charles stewart in paris to,secure funding from the french king for,the jacobite cause unknowns to charles,jamie is constantly trying to sabotage,his political maneuvering during jaimes,various dealings he meets a young orphan,pickpocket who he takes in and names,fergus also trying to secure jacobite,support is the duke of sandringham who,jaime had a prior history with the duke,was known to play both sides having,promised and re-nagged on pardoning,jaime in scotland and enabling the,horrific behavior of captain jack,randall upon meeting the dukes god,daughter mary hawkins claire recognizes,the naive and meek woman to be the,future wife of jack randall and ancestor,to frank while walking to a party at,night claire mary and murita are,attacked by masked men and mary is raped,the encounter traumatizes mary and,murtaugh blames himself for not,protecting the women when jack randall,arrives alive and well in france claire,makes jaime promise not to seek revenge,until after jack fathers a child in,order to assure the randall bloodline,and lead to the eventual birth of frank,when jack rapes fergus a furious jaime,breaks his promise and challenges jack,to a duel to the death during the duel,jaime stabs jack in the groin before the,fight is broken up by french officers,who arrest jaime the stress of the event,causes claire to tragically have a,stillbirth upon her recovery claire,visits the french king and offers him,her body in exchange for the release of,jaime and a pardon issued for him in,scotland upon jaimes release they,returned to scotland with murtaugh and,fergus in tow after their failures in,paris jaime realizes that if he and,claire were going to attempt to change,the future he wanted to change it by,winning the battle of kaladin and so,jaime joins in with prince charles and,the highlander army to reclaim the,throne after reuniting with his old,friends angus rupert and dougal jaime,spares the life of a young british,soldier named john gray who promises to,one day repay this debt the jacobite,army then fights their first battle at,preston pans where the highlanders are,victorious but angus dies from a,cannonblast after the battle claire is,captured by the british and taken to the,estate of the duke of sandringham who is,continuing his weasley ways of trying to,play both sides jaime and murtaugh,arrive to rescue claire who in turn,recognizes the dukes valet as being the,man who had raped mary in paris upon the,dukes true nature being revealed,murtaby heads him getting his vengeance,for failing to protect claire and mary,previously mary kills the valet and the,group escapes the estate mary becomes,engaged to jack reynolds kind-hearted,brother alex and becomes pregnant with,his child when alex falls gravely ill he,asked jack to marry mary in order to,ensure she and her child were looked,after with jack marrying mary and,claiming her child as his own the,bloodline to frank randall was insured,also falling gravely ill is colin,mckenzie who arrives at the jacobite,camp on the eve of the battle of koladen,his dying wish is to ensure his young,son hamish actually fathered by dougal,was to become laird and that jaime would,serve as hamishs guardian and leader of,clan mckenzie until the boy came of age,this obviously infuriates dougal but,colum dies before he can get his years,of bitterness off his chest on the,morning of the infamous battle of,kaladin claire and jaime are desperate,for a plan to stop the jacobite massacre,and decide their only option was to kill,prince charles before the attack could,start dougal overhears this plan and,confronts his traitorous nephew dukel,wants to kill jamie and claire forcing,jaime to kill his uncle dougal now,resigned to his fate during the oncoming,battle jaime takes claire to craig,nedoon he knows she is pregnant once,again and that he would die in battle,meaning sending claire back to her time,to raise their child with frank was for,the best claire resists but jaime,insists and so claire travels back to,1948 to reunite with frank while jaime,and his fellow soldiers march on to,certain death in the future claire and,frank reunite and move to america to,raise their daughter brianna 20 years,later frank has died in a car crash and,briana is now an ad

Outlander Review: Season 6 Episode 2 – Milky milky!

[Music],hi there youre watching grumpy opinions,outlander is the stars tv show set in,17th century north carolina all about,the fraser clan in the first years of,the american wars of independence or war,of revolution depending on whose side,youre on i suppose,episode 2 allegiance is really a mix of,a few interconnected storylines first up,is about jaime and hes out with the,cherokee doing his bet as a indian agent,and hes having a literal powwow with a,bunch of first nation supermodels who,want some british guns to join up and be,pally with the british government,and even though he isnt giving them the,answers they want to hear everythings,very cordial and respectful and what him,being the bear killer and all remember,remember that remember when he killed a,guy dressed as a bear,no better we all forget that episode to,be honest anyway how many wee and kept,the night over and it turns out a pair,of the tribes bonnie wee lassies decide,to come into the tent because its,clearly they want a bit of white meat,and yeah theyve got these amorous,intentions but jamies having absolutely,none of it and manages to get ian to fob,them off with some nonsense about him,being promised or something,anyway hes still got a raging passion,so he goes right off home to bonk his,misses and then they have a bit of a,confidential chat about the future about,her time travel know-how and then its,more boring meetings with captain hanky,who turns out hes allergic to adso,whos been playing in his coat which,luckily manages to stop ian from putting,his foot right in it but jaimes not,exactly sure what he should be doing,and circumstances kind of conspire to,force his hand because the supermodel,spot by to see whats happening and they,arent very happy that hes dithering,about and hasnt actually made the,request for the guns that they wanted,and ians not very happy either but,eventually after whats gonna happen in,the future khans lab number two this,time with brie jamie finally decides,its time to arm the cherokee and writes,a letter off to the governor,meanwhile claires been doing her,doctoring bit first checking up on toms,gaming hand which is fine and the other,ones still a bit naff and she wants to,operate but hes still against it,unfortunately for his long-suffering,daughter that also happens with the same,hand that he uses to bail the satan out,of his kids whenever hes in a bad mood,which saves malva from an hour swooping,after she spent so much time around,clear shell let the milk go off,although bizarrely this situation,actually convinces tom that really he,does need the surgery so,thats going to be coming down the line,and clear you know when shes not doing,surgery and stuff shes not doing too,great because shes having,hallucinations of dead old lionel brown,and then liberally ethering herself into,unconsciousness wherever that happens,luckily enough though shes sober enough,to attend the funeral of a recently,undead maybe who decides to zombie back,to life to see how cheaper funeral was,before dying again which is just weird,and kooky but at least you know the,situation gives roger a chance to try,his hand a bit of lay preachering and a,good thing too since he needs the,practice so he can lay down the fire and,brimstone on drunk fungus whos still,plastered he nearly misses parsley,popping out baby number 14 or whatever,theyre up to by now but after stern,talking to he returns to hold her hand,and some other stuff you know before the,difficult birth but turns out in the end,mums fine and baby honoree is fine,although,apparently the new sprog has dwarfism,which fungus isnt too happy about but,everybody else is okay and ian on the,other hand thinks the babys right cute,and that spurs him into opening up about,how he actually had a kid once that,nobody knew about but doesnt really,expand on it much hmm,oh and reinvents matches and literally,nobody apart from her cares like well,apart from one weekend that nobody likes,sorry dole,naylock,so what did i think,well much like my voice this was,actually a lot better than last week so,yeah even if while looking back and,writing up this review,not a huge amount actually happens this,week i mean theres a few bits and bobs,but a lot of it is really just character,moments and character beats and pretty,much every one of the principal casts,getting an ongoing conflict either set,up or being pushed in a new direction,all of which either was built out of,last week or things that happened in,previous seasons and didnt in any way,can contradict with the characters or,their motivations,i mean jamies got his usual conflicts,you know the crown versus local rule,freedom versus safety and security the,needs of now versus the future conflict,and the events that hes been told are,coming down the line claire still got,her doctoring everywhere and shes still,suffering for her ptsd rogers looking,for direction in life and try to square,himself with his religious upbringing,bree wants to do your technical,engineering and kind of unhappy that,everybody just sees her as a baby,factory and doesnt seem to care about,all of her technological know-how and he,is still recovering from his suicidal,ambitions last season but at least hes,opening up a wee bit as well as feeling,a bit of a pinch between his chosen,people and his birth family,and fungus and parsley i mean well hes,drunk and sad and shes making babies,which to be honest isnt anything new,because thats what shes been doing all,the time and and hes basically been on,the sauce since he was a kid and grew up,in a brothel,and i actually really liked this week,that we got some different time with the,natives again i mean this time its the,cherokee and ill be honest i mean i,dont know much like geographically,about the difference between them and,the iraqis and last season i mean,sure there are different tribes from,different places and i think that their,outfits are probably different and their,houses looked a bit bigger but anyway,im sure the show will do the requisite,to make a bit of a difference but im,just a normie scott i dont really know,stuff and anyway like i said before,stars dont make a spin-off show about,lord john make a spin-off show about,these guys honestly do a viking style,show all about the native americans it,would be fantastic just saying,also it was good to see a bit more of,the christies and a bit more of,understanding of the dynamic here and i,didnt really get into that last time,but tom actually mentioned last week,that his wife is burning in hell so,plainly i mean hes a real religious nut,case and theres a lot of stuff going on,in that household thats a bit you know,disturbing because clearly hes not,backwards about bringing the belt out,when the mood takes him whether its,actually warranted or not,and,i i would actually say though i mean,then again i hate to be the one to,immediately say well hes a baddie hes,a baddie now because i mean lets face,it this show has a history with women,being belted its only fair to remind,that jamie wasnt above belting his own,wife back in season one and yeah yeah i,know before anyone says yeah he did,persuade that he would never do it again,but he still did it the first time and,didnt actually see anything wrong with,it but anyway its interesting because,it shows us what the christies are like,behind closed doors it explains a little,bit why alan seems like a bit of a,beaten dog half the time and also why,malva is so super keen to spend any time,with claire or indeed,anywhere thats not at home you know,even if its going to get her lettering,i mean shes got no mom and clearly,looks for a maternal teacher figure who,isnt just going to belt her around the,bum every time like the milk goes bad on,the negative side of things,there actually really wasnt much wrong,this week mainly because this was an,episode that was kind of still setting,things up and kind of peddling water and,as i said it was a lot better than last,weeks messi all over the place

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