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Outriders Review

im seeing some really strange [ __ ] down,here,the [ __ ] now that ive had time to fully,blast my way throughout riders its time,for our final review,so first off thanks for your patience,now people can flys gritty blood and,guts take on the co-op looter shooter,rpg genre,definitely delivers great action thats,kicked up a notch by impressive sci-fi,super powers some cool world design and,a pretty satisfying loot grind,at the same time an occasionally clunky,interface some persistent bugs and a,messy story make it seem less like a big,budget science fiction epic and more,like a guilty pleasure sci-fi channel,original series,outriders story makes decent use of its,recognizable sci-fi tropes for when deep,space colonization goes wrong,but the script often takes its grim dark,self too seriously,dialogue and voice acting bounce between,being so hard-boiled its borderline,camp,and just being downright cringe-worthy,sounds crazy,good thing i like crazy and that can,sure undermine the few moments that,could have evoked some genuine empathy,you must have lost people yeah,yeah we all did,that said the overarching story in,unexpectedly hostile alien world is,interesting enough to keep things moving,and there are some genuinely intriguing,twists as it progresses,even if their payoffs are somewhat,underwhelming outriders is at its best,when youre blasting your way through,hordes of bad guys with a couple of,friends gun fights are frenzied affairs,that leaves battlefields literally,coated with blood and theres something,morbidly hilarious about seeing a whole,ass rib cage rolling through a skirmish,like a bony tumbleweed,whats particularly impressive is that,even though youll likely outgrow its,cover mechanics as you progress,this delightfully chaotic action is just,as entertaining at the third level as it,is at the 30th,sure the combat scenarios become fairly,repetitive especially after youve,played more than a few of outriders end,game challenge missions that follow its,30 odd hour campaign,but the combination of sadistically,gratifying superpowers and destructive,weaponry makes sure that its always,good fun,and doubly so when youre with friends i,genuinely cant remember the last game,that could make me cackle as hard as,when my earthbending devastator combos a,gravity leap with a trickster stasis,bubble,like just look at that,each of the four classes has strengths,weaknesses and skill sets familiar to,class-based action games,though while there are a few skills and,equipables that allow for some team,healing and buffs here theyre all,primarily focused on dealing damage,that uniform focus on damage output may,be a turn off for anyone who really,loves to play a capital s support class,but the fact that any class can reduce,the opposition to a sticky red paste,allows everybody to safely go it alone,if they want,though ill say again that it is far,more enjoyable to gun down hordes of,monsters and space bandits with friends,human enemies youll face are fairly,limited ranging from run-of-the-mill,rifleman to rushing berserkers but they,provide enough tactical variety,to demand some quick thinking and,strategy of course were not alone,as you explore more of the planets,interesting and diverse wilderness,outriders trots out some really cool,monsters,from the variations on father level,mutants to the larger beasts that look,like somehow even grosser and meaner,takes on something out of half-life the,encounters designed around them are fun,shake-ups from the reign of bullets you,find against human enemies,whats unfortunate is that despite the,cool designs the capital b,boss battles are some of the least,engaging fights outriders has to offer,that five-story tall street shark,looks awesome but the whole shoot the,big thing outside the arena and avoid,being smashed by its hand concept feels,a little played out,similarly while some of the endgame,missions do a fun job of tying up loose,storylines,others just feel like harder reskins of,earlier boss fights and thats rather,anticlimactic,after youve spent an additional 10 or,15 post-credit hours grinding up your,gear level to reach them,the stuff that falls out when you kill,those guys doesnt exactly revolutionize,the loot grind but it at least offers,some great looking options,notable inclusions like the double gun,or legendary tier weapons that look like,theyre carved out of some monsters rib,cage give the otherwise mostly standard,assortment of weapons some flavor,not to mention what are easily my,favorite video game shotguns since doom,but the real good stuff comes as you,find and build better gear the crafting,system simplifies the process of modding,your gear compared to other loot heavy,adventures i could name,and the variety of easy to swap mods,offers a lot of flexibility to adjusting,your build,granted the loot grind can be a bit,frustrating if youre trying to blitz,your way through it but the level of,customization on hand as you progress,is a tankers dream come true basic,armor mods for example provide buffs to,your active abilities,you might boost the damage of your,tricksters temporal blade or make it so,your devastator can turn two bad guys,into shish kebabs instead of one,higher level gear lets you add higher,tier mods to your library rather than,having to build them individually,as well as gear with multiple slots that,allows you to do things like take a gun,that explodes frozen enemies into icy,shrapnel for aoe damage and add cryo,around so it freezes them,and blows them up in one go or pair a,gun that regenerates your health on,every kill with an armor mod that gives,you bonus damage when you heal but,whats frustrating about this system is,that because i was routinely changing up,my gear set as i progressed,i constantly had to return to basecamp,to fiddle with my mod loadout,you cant do that on the go and the,crafting ui is not great,outriders is far from the only game to,have this issue but its still,frustrating to constantly bounce back,and forth between the crafting menu and,your inventory screen for lack of a,decent sort compare function,especially with a mandatory npc,interaction in between every single time,this can be especially irksome when you,run into progress choke points,finding better gear requires playing on,the highest available world tier which,are outriders is 15 difficulty levels,the catch is that you lose tier xp,needed to unlock the next one every time,you die,so you have to either play tediously,slowly if youre constantly optimizing,your build or,lower the world tier at the cost of loot,quality this eventually became less of,an issue for me but making that jump,from tier six to tier vii,took forever its also less frustrating,once you reach out riders end game since,all the necessary merchants end up in,one place,though its replaced by having to,constantly juggle resource and currency,types by jumping between your inventory,then to a vendor,then to another vendor after that and,then back to your crafting station to,upgrade your gear,and once you do reach the point in the,end game where semi-regular legendary,drops occur,the cost to upgrade or improve your,preferred gear is high enough to require,its own grind for disposable loot,thankfully i found a build that let me,punch well above my weight class to grab,better drops but not everyones gonna be,so lucky,outriders also has its fair share of,technical issues from bizarre,idiosyncrasies like cutscenes for,opening doors or an unfortunately,laborious fast travel system to some,more troublesome persistent bugs,enemies are often able to shoot through,cover abilities occasionally dont work,properly weapon and armor mods sometimes,just,turn off and crashes are still,semi-frequent now those can be annoying,but i am glad to see that the most,egregious issues seem to be behind us,servers are mostly stable and the nasty,bug that was wiping out peoples,inventories has as of this,review apparently been patched out if if,you see him you gotta tell h

Outriders – Before You Buy

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Should You Buy – Outriders in 2022 (Review)

outriders is a game i had zero,expectation of when i sat on to play it,i wasnt looking to sync 60 hours into,it for a review i wasnt expecting to,grind it for the platinum i eventually,got and i absolutely wasnt expecting to,mark my calendar for worldslayer the,games first major content release in,over a year if you were to tell me it,would hook me with its chaotic and,brilliantly designed gameplay loop where,it perfectly harmonizes four classes,each with their own unique setup that,would overlap and play perfectly,together that my loadout can have deep,customization options with mods on my,weapons and gear that would drastically,alter not only my gameplay but my,teammates gameplay as well that out of,all of the looter shooters ive played,over the years that this would be the,one i want to come back to not only on,my own but the friends i would,absolutely not have believed you of,course i wouldnt but to understand why,i find outriders so good we need to,start in a more familiar place,destiny is a game that has breathtaking,art direction a game feel that is almost,second to none and quality content that,keeps players coming back week after,week with the rise of world of warcraft,in the mid-2000s studios were trying to,solve the mmo problem on console for,more than a decade all of which failed,until bungie came along with destiny,this is nothing new to bungie of course,they solved the multiplayer problem on,console back in 2004 with halo 2 and,simply making console shooters feel good,in 2001 with halo combat evolved some,studios are praised for their continued,brilliance like a naughty dog or,insomniac but bungie is in a class,almost of its own they produce games,that are not only great in and of,themselves but also groundbreaking they,shift the course of gaming as a whole to,put it plainly i think only id software,and blizzard comes close in terms of,industry impact over such a long period,of time why is that intro so important,well if youre looking at outriders or,the developers people can fly to replace,that in some way or to find something,comparable thats just newer im gonna,say youre out of luck that said i think,outriders is substantially better than,destiny in so many ways but one very,very specific way shines the brightest,for me,when i sit down to play out riders i,know what the f im doing give me like,60 seconds to be a ui ux nerd and just,run about destiny so you understand how,people can fly have nailed a core part,of outriders that players dont even,really think about when they sit down to,sink hours into a game,destiny 2 is an awful game onboarding,not only new players but returning,players ive jumped back on destiny a,few times over the years most recently,with the witch queen and when i got back,to that famous ui the one synonymous,with destiny the one that has inspired,endless copies in and out of the genre i,felt so overwhelmed and drained with,decisions not only with how many things,there are to do but the uncertainty and,confusion that follows with what is laid,out in front of me not knowing what does,and doesnt hold value for my time i,wouldnt be shocked if some of the,comments to this video are from players,who have tried destiny for that looter,shooter experience and just gave up,there are two user experience principles,that make outriders a more digestible,understandable and therefore better,gaming experience in my opinion hicks,law is the time it takes to make a,decision increases with the number and,complexity of choices millers law is,the average person can only keep around,seven items in their working memory,keep those two things in mind and look,at this even with a glance without even,getting into the amount of vendors,economics in-game prompts story moments,that have been added and removed from,the experience of destiny 2 over the,years resource and item juggling along,with the resources that veteran players,will tell you dont matter dont pick up,that leave that this is good thats,broken,its so obnoxiously overwhelming to a,returning player never mind a new player,i mean,what is this,what does this icon mean what is this,pop-up why is that flashing this looks,like a friend icon but i know i have no,friends online right now now this,things flashing,like,its this level of frustration that made,me look for a new loot issuer in the,first place one that didnt feel like a,part-time job and certainly one that,didnt require getting a more,experienced destiny friend to walk me,through i wanted a game that didnt,spend its time getting in my way i want,a fresh start with a game that respected,my time in that respect outriders is,absolutely a game you should be playing,or at least giving a try if you can,isnt strictly live service so the,comparison to destiny isnt exactly,one-to-one but the gameplay loop and,looter shooter that people can fly have,put together here is some of the most,enjoyable third-person action ive,experienced they have drawn from both,their gears of war and bulletstorm,experience to hit their own personal,home run with a game that has been,flying criminally low under the radar,for more than a year now,lets do a 2022 review of outriders,[Music],[Music],okay so its important to address,something head-on the network and tech,issues outriders face during its release,window were not experienced in my 60,plus hours with the game my 60 hours,included a mostly solo story playthrough,playing with friends joining randoms,letting randoms join me and a both solo,and multiplayer end game grind you are,safe to jump into this game in 2022,outriders almost nails its pacing out of,the gate it lets you explore a,surprisingly satisfying yet simple,character creation that feels like a,middle ground aesthetically speaking,between destiny and the division before,dropping you into the early days of,humanity discovering enoch the world in,which outriders takes place,its here you learn the early mechanics,of your campsite multiple characters and,their purposes at the camp as well as,setting your expectations of how the,game will play out,every new area in enoch you eventually,explore will have you start at campsite,and explore outwards usually with a,linear path in mind with occasional,opportunities to explore further with,side missions and whatnot its in these,early moments of the game where it feeds,you the story of outriders its pretty,basic global warming equals new planet,go explore for the first 20 minutes it,felt really bland and unimaginative,youll learn basic mechanics while you,explore this lush green airy environment,it feels new and untouched by,civilization but ultimately i felt,deflated thinking like this this is,where im going to spend the next 50,hours but then with a very early twist,the tutorial ends your outrider is,thrown into cryosleep to awaken 30 years,later to a substantially more,interesting world,i found then that the next 7 to 10 hours,of outriders was incredibly gripping i,was legitimately invested in characters,and their motivations how people had,changed in those 30 years even with only,knowing them for a few scenes prior i,was curious to explore and understand,how we went from a new horizon for,humanity to a war zone with warring,factions and superhumans wandering,around there was plenty to take in but,by contrast your outrider will run,headfirst into the custom character,issue that games can run into all too,often to appeal to everyone they have,this almost neutral sense on every topic,the right solution to this is making the,character have a constant sense of,dryness to the world around them only,breaking occasionally in the early,stages of the game rarely showing,emotion but ultimately in a way i,couldnt help but find funny and a,little endearing this character trait,seems to dry off pretty quickly as,theres early scenes where you see the,barbarity of enoch theyll want to help,as many people as possible but the world,around them both narratively and through,gameplay refuses to allow it one common,theme

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Outriders Worldslayer Review

come,theres so much for us to talk about,ever since outriders released early last,year ive held a theory that its the,ultimate fast food game a bland story,filled with cheesy one-liners and,mindless encounters that you know arent,good for you but undeniably awesome,combat thats easy to lose hours in just,makes it so dang tasty in that context,if the base game was a big mac then the,latest expansion world slayer is that,one sandwich from kfc where the bread is,replaced by fried chicken with a,fine-tuned combat sandbox expanded build,options and a drastically upgraded end,game world slayer improves upon a lot of,what was already great about the,original but it also doubles down on,many but shortcomings including another,weeks story,the blade must be fed,more annoying boss fights and an overall,lack of stuff to do the result is a,fleeting evolution of its space magic,mayhem but one thats still entertaining,enough to leave me feeling good about,making a return trip to enoch,[Music],like the vanilla campaign world slayers,borderline incoherent story takes place,on an alien world where you play as a,magical soldier called an outrider,complete with a stupid sci-fi haircut,and some of the cringiest dialogue in,all the cosmos,how many of my people did you kill,just to reach us only the ones that,tried to stop me,the same mysterious anomaly that gave,your character powers now threatens to,destroy the entire planet plus theres a,new scary lady that wants to kill,everyone and yada yada now youve got to,murder thousands of people and animals,in the name of all thats good it isnt,exactly high art and the morbid,curiosity that kept me following along,meant i frequently found myself to be,the one hold out in my group who didnt,vote to skip most cutscenes that said,the story does actually answer some key,questions i had after the main game and,crucially addresses the eca insurgency,civil war that was left unresolved in,the base campaign its just unfortunate,that a sci-fi world with this much,potential is bogged down by bad dialogue,and vague cutscenes that feel like,theyre rushing through the beats to,minimize the amount of time spent not,killing things after roughly seven short,hours thats mostly mindlessly killing,waves upon waves of enemies youll wrap,up the core worldslayer campaign in a,pretty disappointing fashion having,defeated enemies you hardly had a chance,to meet made new allies that speak,mostly in cryptic riddles and saved,bland characters from an early death,youll walk off into whatever the enoch,equivalent of a sunset is to advance,towards the equally indecipherable,endgame story,while the plot falls comically short of,pushing you toward the action the,satisfying as heck combat picks up the,slack in a big way whether youre,pulling off insane dps as the ninja-like,trickster or hulk-smashing fools is the,unstoppable devastator turning whole,groups of enemies into bright red,giblets hits all the right notes,automatic shotguns tear through and,dismember people at short range,submachine guns apply non-stop pressure,on waves of enemies sniper rifles allow,you to cover your friends from afar and,running and gunning with the crew just,feels so darn good not to mention all,the wonderfully over the top space magic,you can use while all of that was true,with the base outriders package world,slayer significantly improves the,sandbox with more weapons and armor and,more importantly apocalypse items that,grant an additional mod slot which opens,up a whole bunch of new possibilities,now youve got a potential for 50 more,ways to grab new perks that synergize,with your build on every slot of your,inventory and that allows for some,insane stunts in my trickster build i,managed to equip a full set of mods that,made me a nightmare against large groups,of enemies where damaging one poor soul,meant damaging everyone in the vicinity,in another build i made all of my,equipment either apply freeze or,increase damage against frozen enemies,which left the baddies hilariously,helpless against me the one major,exception to the otherwise excellent,combat is that as was true with the base,game fighting bosses is usually not a,good time at all where outriders,generally makes you feel like a complete,badass boss fights pitch you against an,enemy with a health bar a mile long that,youve gotta shoot at for several,centuries before they finally die,meanwhile youre spinning your wheels,spamming abilities and killing adds,while you wait for the bad guy to,eventually drop dead it just goes on for,so long and makes you feel like a,complete wimp in the process plus its,got that classic game problem where the,boss only has a few voice lines they,repeatedly scream at you the whole time,and that gets old really fast,[Music],on top of the new weapon and armor,options are some end game progression,systems like pax points and ascension,points pax points are used in an,advanced skill tree that lets you pick,five new uber powerful perks while,ascension points feed into a slow,burning progression system that reminds,me of diablo 3s paragon system and,allows you to make small incremental,improvements the longer you play these,systems not only give you plenty of,reasons to continue beyond the first,campaign playthrough but also offer some,serious game changer abilities for,example one standout power caused,critical hits with weapons to make my,anomaly powers more deadly while using,anomaly powers made my weapons do,significantly more damage working my,build around these abilities made my,character feel more powerful than ive,ever felt in outriders which is no small,task these new progression systems give,you the perfect opportunity to put them,to the ultimate test in world slayers,end game which centers around a dungeon,delve called the trial of tarja guitar,this challenging activity is a dungeon,in three acts with an aforementioned,bullet sponge of a boss to fight at the,end of each act and some smaller battles,along the way there are also branching,paths that give you multiple ways to get,through it and even offer some optional,encounters that can be tackled to target,farm certain pieces of equipment a,godsend for those really looking to,grind this end game the actual content,in the trial isnt terribly different,from what you get during the regular,world slayer campaign with waves of,enemies to defeat and loot to claim,along the way although it is much more,difficult than everything else and can,be scaled to your level to be near,limitlessly daunting if you were hoping,for a procedurally generated dungeon,thats different every time you enter,though youll be sad to learn that the,trial is essentially the same every run,with only your chosen path leading you,to different encounters thats a bit,disappointing in terms of replayability,but the good news is the encounters,baked into it are some of the best in,outriders so far my favorite encounter,is the second boss fight which features,a floating monster that isnt a complete,bullet sponge and instead requires you,to deactivate his invulnerability shield,before he can be damaged taking on waves,of adds while quickly performing a,ritual to make the boss damageable,before he begins casting deadly spells,is an absolute thrill and it made me,annoyed that every other boss fight just,amounted to staying alive for a very,long time while you slowly whittle down,their health hopefully theyll do more,boss fights like that one in the future,because it makes all the others look,downright awful by comparison,another interesting part of the post,campaign content is that it continues,the story its just as bad but thats,still a welcome surprise since plenty of,similar games dont even bother trying,to tie a story in with the end game,including the base outriders campaign,without going into spoilers the main,issue with all this new story content is,that your character has almost no role,in it you arent really the protagonist,and as a result you feel like a,bystander in a

Outriders – Easy Allies Review

Polish developer People Can Fly is known for over-the-top action in games like,Painkiller, Gears of War: Judgment, and Bulletstorm.,Their newest IP, Outriders, continues the tradition,with an added dose of RPG and live service trends.,On the surface, the story mostly consists of routine sci-fi staples.,Earth is dying, so humanity seeks refuge on the distant planet Enoch,,and the first attempt to secure the planet ends up with your character being gravely wounded.,Put into cryostasis to recover, you wake up 31 years later,,only to find yourself in the middle of an endless war between survivors.,Then, an unexplained anomaly bestows you with powerful, god-like abilities,,and you set out on a mission to bring hope to the survivors,by releasing supplies trapped on the ship from Earth, which is still orbiting Enoch.,The problem with the story isn’t the content, it’s the presentation.,Cut-scenes and transitions are stiff and drab,,while bugs affecting lip synch and missing audio add to the problems,and make it harder to connect.,For players willing to read hours of supplementary material,,hundreds of optional documents and data entries give crucial insight to characters and events,that are more interesting than much of the direct story.,They paint a complete picture of Earth’s fall and the last three decades on Enoch,with details that are barely even mentioned otherwise, like the three ticket system and the Floating City.,It’s not an ideal way to consume the story,,but it adds a lot of interesting elements to an otherwise straightforward plot.,The main strength of Outriders lies on the battlefield.,A variety of firearms like sniper rifles,,shotguns, and assault rifles support supernatural powers,that make you a deadly force of nature.,The automatic shotguns deserve special mention, with thunderous audio design,that enhances the feeling of obliterating nearby prey into a bloody mist.,Each class regenerates health differently like,close range devastator kills,or long range technomancer kills,,emphasizing the varied playstyles of each.,Offense is essential, and while there is plenty of cover strategically placed around each arena,,it’s usually more useful for your enemies than for you.,Snipers dig in and flee when approached,,while heavily armed breachers rush into the fray with reckless abandon.,Even the basic troopers effectively use cover,,toss grenades to root out campers, and reposition accordingly.,The responsive AI keeps each fight interesting and tense,,long after you become familiar with their tactics.,As a result, gaining the advantage by thinning the ranks one foe at a time,feels earned and satisfying.,Bosses and elite enemies usually have altered abilities like,lightning or healing that can turn the tide of battle.,Interrupting these abilities with class-specific skills,is helpful in more difficult fights, but the mechanics feel underdeveloped,compared to other aspects of character progression.,After interrupting them repeatedly,,enemies become temporarily immune to the tactic,,which is a weird penalty for accurately identifying and responding to an enemy’s weakness.,In addition to humanoids, the local wildlife will attempt to eviscerate trespassers.,Small Perforo use their numbers to overwhelm and hinder your mobility,,while Brood Mothers are capable of long range casting and devastating melee strikes.,However, the flying Strix,is an early contender for most annoying enemy of the year.,While more than a handful of creatures are reskinned with different status elements,,the amount of variety is refreshing, ensuring that fights never feel routine.,There are four main classes to choose from,,each with three skill trees that alter how they function.,The Devastator is the de facto tank, capable of standing their ground,and soaking up ridiculous amounts of damage.,The Pyromancer can hurl flames,,while the Trickster favors time manipulation and hit and run tactics.,The Technomancer is the long range sniper of the group,,capable of throwing down defensive turrets for support.,Each class is a blast to play, and even though they share the same arsenal,they feel remarkably different from one another because of their strengths, weaknesses, and skills.,The entirety of Outriders is playable solo, but once you get three players together,to create beautiful destruction, you’ll always want someone watching your back.,The classes synergize wonderfully,,due in part to each role favoring a different status element like,the devastator’s bleeding effects or the pyromancer’s burns.,Typical of multiplayer games, it can be tricky to follow the plot when chatting with friends, but,hitting the trenches with a super-powered squad has its own rewards.,Leveling up feels significant, and each level awards stat boosts,,skills, or class points, up to the max level of 30.,World Tier is even more important and it’s the primary way to affect the game’s difficulty.,With each unlocked level, enemies get stronger but the loot gets better.,Dying costs progress towards the next world tier,,adding important stakes to each encounter.,It’s a brilliant way to incentivize pushing your limits,,but it’s also lenient enough to be lowered at your own discretion.,Loot constantly drops on the road to level cap.,Swapping out weapons and armor adds even more variety to each encounter,,and experimenting is heavily encouraged,as you constantly get stronger.,The mod system is incredibly addictive,as rare gear comes equipped with mods that can be permanently obtained by dismantling them.,There are countless mods that can be collected like,Storm Whip that adds a damaging lightning bolt to attacks,,or Bullet Kindling which deals additional damage to enemies afflicted by burn.,Other mods increase specific damage types, or provide other incentives like,Diffuse which raises your armor and resistance when sprinting.,There are so many choices to mix and match that chasing the ideal build,takes a considerable investment, and getting lucky with a perfect drop brings a rush of dopamine.,Over 50 optional side quests, bounties, and hunts round out the main campaign.,Each new location features a collection that adds more narrative insight into the surrounding area,and rewards additional XP and loot.,However, exploring isn’t very engaging,,as the linear environments feel small and isolating.,After the credits roll, which can take anywhere from 15 to 30 hours,,endgame expeditions attempt to keep you engaged for the foreseeable future,,tasking Outriders with clearing new areas as quickly as possible.,Finishing swiftly earns a rank of gold, silver, bronze, or worse,,which affects the amount of rewards upon completion.,While incentivizing speed and efficiency seems to make sense with the game’s vicious combat,,not every build focuses on DPS, making the mode feel particularly limiting.,There is a unique boss to work towards as part of the final expedition, but,the narrative at this point feels like an afterthought,,making the grind solely about dealing damage.,Launch week hasn’t been kind to Outriders.,Freezes and crashes have been common.,Connection issues have hindered cross play from functioning properly,,and it’s been difficult to simply log in and play.,The game is at its best when played with two other people,,but finding a full squad has been difficult.,Attempts to alleviate these issues,have also introduced a major bug that completely wipes player inventories.,People Can Fly has scrambled to release additional updates,to get the problem under control,,while working on restoring items to players who have been effected,,but there’s still work to be done.,Online-centric games launching with these kinds of small issues is all too common, but,the prospect of losing dozens of hours of progress,makes playing Outriders in its current state a risky proposition.,Outriders blends frenetic combat and hard hitting class skills,to make each encounter feel tense and rewarding.,Chasing loot drops and collecting mods to bolster y

Should You Play Outriders in 2022? (Review)

todays video is sponsored by lg and,nvidia prior to the games launch we,were told outriders was to be a complete,experience with a fully voiced story,campaign an endgame loot grind that will,keep us busy after that we were also,told this was not going to be a live,service game there would be no battle,pass no seasons no quarterly updates,instead we would be getting a finished,product to be enjoyed in its entirety,from day one well when outriders,officially released on april 1 2021 this,was mostly true there was a campaign,that lasted roughly 20 to 30 hours and,end game content in the form of,repeatable expeditions we could run to,farm for legendary gear as much as it,was a complete package the game suffered,from a few critical issues that really,held it back for one it was riddled with,bugs from basic yet frustrating ones,like getting caught on objects in the,terrain to more severe issues like,skills not functioning properly there,were reports of players randomly having,their entire inventory deleted numerous,problems with performance and game,crashing and multiplayer was plagued,with disconnect and syncing issues on,top of that the end game while there was,thought to be fairly lacking and quickly,became repetitive for all those reasons,outriders launched with a fairly mixed,reception scoring a 73 out of 100 on,both open and metacritic with only 52,percent of critics recommending the game,personally i enjoyed my time without,riders i felt the combat when things,worked was fairly solid and i really,liked the system of mods that let you,mix and match perks from any weapon or,armor which in theory opened up a lot of,options for build diversity my ultimate,takeaway at the time though was that as,much as i enjoyed playing outriders i,didnt think the game would be worth the,full price of 60 for many people,especially considering how quickly,things fall off at endgame but in the,months since outriders release there,have been a few updates the games,received several patches addressing the,more egregious bugs and performance,issues more so though just recently,outriders got a fairly large free update,adding more content and some major,improvements to the end game loot grind,so how is outriders looking today has,the game improved enough since it,launched and should you play it in 2022,im here to answer all of those,questions and more right after a quick,word from the sponsor of todays video,once again todays video is being,sponsored by lg and nvidia specifically,for the lg ultra gear 34,gp950g this is their 34-inch curved,ultra-wide monitor with a bunch of,interesting specs and features designed,for both work and gaming ive been using,this monitor for the past few months and,have enjoyed my time with it all of the,extra screen real estate has been much,appreciated for my work and its gaming,focus features are really nice as well,if you stay tuned for later in the video,ill be going over more of the specifics,and interesting details about its,functionality like high refresh rate,full g-sync support and the center,display crosshair feature in the,meantime though lets get back to,talking outriders before we dive into,the current state of the game i think we,should take a brief look at everything,thats happened between launch and today,since release outriders has received a,handful of patches every single month,targeting many of its major issues these,include crash fixes performance,improvements bug resolution character,and inventory restoration legendary drop,rate increases class buffs mod buffs set,item fixes multiplayer connectivity,improvements the list goes on and on all,of the patch notes alone could make for,a super long video though i wont be,reading them line by line here the main,point is that theyve been picking away,at some of the biggest reported bug and,performance problems that the game,originally had now ill be honest most,of these issues i dont recall,personally experiencing back when i,played when the game came out of course,i realized that doesnt mean that there,werent any issues me not seeing a bug,or not having crashes does not mean that,other people werent and im not denying,the existence of these problems solely,on my anecdotal experience but because i,didnt run into these issues myself its,hard for me to gauge how much or little,all of these patches have made a,difference i dont know if the game is,much better now than it was back then,because i didnt experience this stuff,myself so ive got nothing to compare it,to but i would hope with the sheer,number of patches that theyve released,that its in a better spot currently,although a quick glance at some of the,more recent negative reviews on steam do,point to some issues apparently still,lingering its almost impossible for me,to figure out how widespread this may be,all of this is to say they have pushed,through tons of updates to address some,of the game issues but apparently some,may still exist i honestly have no idea,and no way of verifying because theres,just things that im not seeing that,other people clearly are but lets put,that stuff aside for the moment because,i really want to focus on the recent,fairly large update to the game its,called new horizons it released on,november 16th and with it came the,removal of expedition timers various,improvements to gear farming a brand new,transmog system four new expeditions and,a handful of quality of life changes all,of which were completely free a totally,free update and this was really the,catalyst for me revisiting the game in,the first place i was just interested to,see how these changes would affect the,end game as that is primarily what they,focus on i did make a video entirely,focused on this update a few weeks ago,but to summarize it quickly heres what,you should know for starters getting rid,of the expedition timers is a massive,deal when outriders first released the,end game expeditions had the speed clear,mechanic basically your reward at the,end of each run would be based on how,fast you finished depending on your time,you would get a rating of unranked,bronze silver or gold with the higher,ratings rewarding more and better gear,the result of this was that a fairly,limited number of builds became viable,for players looking to gear up you,really had to focus on speed clearing if,you wanted the highest chance to get,epic and legendary drops this was,especially tough for anyone like myself,who enjoyed running these solo there,simply were not a lot of viable build,choices to make matters even worse,though my class the devastator was,considered the bottom of the barrel at,the time,the handful of times that i actually,tried to matchmake into a group i was,immediately booted presumably because,they thought i would drag their clear,time down which was probably true like i,i was playing the inferior class at the,time so i probably would have made it so,that they didnt get those gold clears,really but now with the current system,timers are gone by default no matter how,slow or how fast you clear an expedition,you have the same opportunity for,getting epic and legendary drops this,not only takes the pressure off of when,youre doing a run but i think it also,has made me a lot less concerned about,trying like wackier builds im more okay,now with playing around with different,mods and trying those new weapons that i,get than i would have been in the past,because i no longer feel like theres,only one good build and weapon,combination to clear expeditions im,freed up to be a lot more creative and,just playful with things really in,addition to removing the timers theyve,also equalized rewards so expeditions,that tend to take longer to clear will,now give you more stuff this change,helps to eliminate the desire to only,farm those fastest expeditions since,were now given more resource and gear,for completing those longer ones and i,think both of these changes have really,brought a lot more variety into how i,approach the end game i am more open t

Outriders Review // Is It Worth It in 2022?!

outriders yeah this one got demolished,when it came out because of well how,unfinished it was oh rather how many,issues it had but was it actually that,bad and how was it right now and in this,video were going to be discussing,outriders and deciding whether it is,worth it to buy right now or whether,its just move on to other things so,yeah without further ado lets discuss,some outriders and as always as with,every single one of our videos im going,to be giving you the answer right away,to not waste your time and just well,give you time to play the games or do,whatever you want spend time with the,family or i dont know play with,anything or do anything that you want so,yeah miss outright is worth it and the,answer is actually yes its actually,pretty good game its its not a great,game and most likely it will not become,a great game but its still pretty good,game to give you,for quite a few dozens of hours of,enjoyment and mainly if you enjoy the,loot aspect of the games dont expect,amazing story dont expect amazingly,varied gameplay but yeah youre gonna,still have quite a lot of fun not for,long though but yeah you can have a lot,of fun but now lets discuss the details,but before that yeah im gonna do a very,cliche thing and yeah dont forget to,hit the subscribe button because yep,only like little more than one percent,of you is actually subscribed to the,channel and yep subscribing to your,channel is actually well it makes me,happy if you want to make me happy hit,the subscribe button if you dont want,to make me happy,yeah youre watching this video anyways,youre making me happy so thank you for,that now outriders so what even is it so,from every trailer every video weve,seen that is a third person looter,shooter but what it actually is so in,reality this game is some kind of mix of,warframe gears of war and diablo at,least this is exactly what it felt like,for me story-wise its happening in kind,of like a near future earth is gone the,apocalypse happened and the few ships,have managed to escape earth to this new,planet called enoch and you are playing,as an outrider and outright basically a,type of ranger you land on a planet and,you discover that something is wrong,with this planet and yeah things happen,blah blah blah no spoilers you are sent,due to your grand sleep you wake up 30,years later to see that world is screwed,once again and you have to uncover,whatever the hell is happening and now,you have a powers as well thats thats,basically very short premise and short,story let me take this straight away the,story is garbage that this story is,insanely cliched filled with the strong,guy moments and like cool moments i i,dont know what things appear i dont,know what things but people can fly ive,been watching deciding to be very cool,and things like that but yeah but the,story is its just not good the premise,of the story is amazing and the promise,of the story is pretty great because,this is not the thing that we have seen,a lot or rather we have seen but,it could be delivered in some amazing,and cool way but uh no the presentation,of this game is simply awful especially,the shaky cam my god now that i,mentioned it to you,when you play this story game you will,not be able to not see the shaky cam,its its its like its like the camera,man of was,taking the videos like that and like oh,boy i cannot stand on this one place and,its its awful its its just bad i it,was nauseating after the half of the,story i was just skipping uh i was,pressing the skip as much as i can to,not watch this this awfulness basically,so yeah dont play this game for the,story even though story is literally,like 70 percent of the game but yep,thats thats what we got after this,initial beginning after this initial,well things happening youre given a,choice to choose from the base for,classes and each of the classes are,pretty amazing and gives you certain,sets of skills and gives you a certain,role and this and these roles are,basically giving you abilities to fight,from different distances you can fight,from very far you can fight for the,offer median distance or we can be,straight up the melee devastator and,killed everything on on your side quests,are pretty cool and pretty balanced and,give you pretty amazing abilities and,this is where like kind of like a,warframe part of the game actually,happens and after that the shooting part,starts and its basically a gears of war,hordes of enemies are coming to you,youre killing the enemies youre moving,on to the next spot more enemies are,coming and youre going to move on the,next one to the next one until you find,the boss fight the boss kill the boss,move on to the next mission its pretty,simple yet it is actually pretty cool,and all this shines up with the loot,because my god the loot in this game is,amazing youre getting your gear your,armor your helmets and all the,shenanigans etcetera etcetera and you,have an ability to carry three weapons,with you at the same time one is a,sidearm and two are the main weapons and,boy this is simply amazing this is,probably the best part of the game,because the weapons are pretty varied,they are pretty amazing and each one of,them has a very distinct character that,you actually will enjoy playing with and,as you level up you can level up even,your weapons as well separate from you,if you for example like the weapons,from the very early stages and you want,to level up with yourself you can,actually do that and carry the even the,most basic weapons all the way to the,end game and when with the mod systems,you can actually equip different perks,as well which makes game even more fun,and more interesting and each and every,weapon will play extremely differently,and in tandem with your character and,with its skills it will be even more,amazing which makes game insanely fun as,for the game itself and the progression,to the game you have your basic leveling,system and you have an ability to equip,different perks and different abilities,and you can play entire game either solo,or you can play the game with a squad of,up to three people and even though you,can actually complete the game,completely alone i highly suggest you to,play with other people because yeah the,game with friends is actually much more,amazing but here where the problems,start outside of the story of course and,one of the biggest problems is of course,the loading screens my god the loading,screens in this game is insane in this,game loading screens have their own,loading screens its insane how bad it,is and good luck if youre playing on,anything other than ssd or even nvme ssd,because youre playing this on a hard,disk drive or hdd,good luck waiting through dozens and,dozens of loading screens even before,youre gonna get into any action it is,insane the fade to blacks is and and the,loading screens are just taking,literally half amount of the game time,its insane and its very bad,how this game is out how this game,exists in that in this way in 2022 is,beyond my understanding and other thing,is actually matchmaking and granted this,might be an issue with me and with my,region only so take whatever i will say,right now with a huge grain of salt like,a giant rock of salt not just great but,matchmaking was awful for me most of the,matchmaking most of the random tips that,i was getting into were either way too,weak or way too strong or i was being,kicked out constantly or the latency was,insanely bad i have a good internet and,usually i play on european regions,easily with a very low pings but for,some reason it was very bad for me the,waist times for two joint squats was,insanely long and i have no idea why,during my entire playthrough i probably,played only what 10 times online because,it was because the wait times were so,long that it didnt even really matter,for me to wait and and after i completed,the story i didnt even try maybe i,didnt even try to join other teams,maybe with an expeditions it was easier,but i was just way too frust

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