1. Ownerly Review [July 2020] Legit or a Hoax? | Scam Adviser Reports
  2. How To Check Who Owns A Property for FREE
  3. I Exposed a Real Estate Scammer in Real Life
  4. Building vs. Buying a Home: The Pros and Cons
  5. DataTree Hacks: How to Find Sales Comps for Real Estate Valuation
  6. Heres What You Never Knew About Lily From AT&T Commercials
  7. How Much Commission Do Real Estate Agents Make?

Ownerly Review [July 2020] Legit or a Hoax? | Scam Adviser Reports

[Music],hello everyone I hope you all are doing,well you all are welcome to see todays,video which is on an early review guys,in this video will help you knowing that,this website is legit or a scam run also,this website is not us and the review is,completely unbiased so without wasting,much time lets get start with our video,as you can see guys this website helps,you discover the actual value of your,home at no cost yes guys you can,evaluate the value of your home at free,of cost have an insight into the website,and you will come to know that a lot of,information is provided on the website,there are some home owner tools which,you can use and know more about the,value of your home how you can improve,it and ways to get loans also guys here,they have provided a calculator which,you can use and calculate the value of,your mortgage they have mentioned,everything about the services they are,offering to the customers on this,landing page all the buttons are,functional guys so you can find out,every detail of the website on these,pages to know more about the website,lets have a look at the about Us page,here in the about Us page you will find,that the website has given a lot of,information about your home value and,why it is in essential to know the exact,value of your home because it helps you,make the right decision,you should buy a new home sell your,present home or make the decision of,staying back into your home only so guys,this website is offering a facility,which you can use and know the exact,value of your home also guys this,website claims that you can get even,more than one estimation of your home,and you can pick the best estimation,this way guys this website has social,media icons and it is actively present,on many social media platforms including,Facebook Twitter Pinterest and all these,buttons are functional but guys as there,are some who loopholes in every website,you will find one here also there are,some customers who have given negative,reviews on the site that they are not,happy with the estimation this website,presents many customers have said that,the estimation given by this website is,10 to 20 percent more than the actual,value of the home,so guys more people are not able to,accept this website but again viewpoint,of different people are different and we,cannot change it but still guys let me,tell you this website is 100% legit if,you wish to know the value of your own,home you can use the service you can use,the free calculator to calculate the,estimate value of your home and if you,like that you can make the right,decision guys a home is an essential,investment you have to make it wisely so,if you think that this website is not,offering the actual estimate or the,nearby estimate of your home you are,free to discontinue using the services,of the site I hope guys you have enjoyed,my video so please hit the like button,do share our experience with us in the,comment box and dont for,get to subscribe our channel so that we,can come up with more website reviews,for your help,thank you everyone and have a nice day,[Music],[Music]

How To Check Who Owns A Property for FREE

hi there Im Felicia with compass land,us a yarn resource for great deals on,rural and vacant land Im gonna share,with you the first video in our land,buying due diligence series where were,gonna answer the question of who owns,the property now before I do that if you,could please like and subscribe to my,channel if that way youll be the first,to know when the next video in this,series is published if you have any,questions on the content of this video,leave a comment below and Ill make sure,I respond with your answer okay so lets,get started there are multiple ways that,you can check and see who owns a piece,of land in the US there are a couple of,services like agent pro data tree and,real quest,so these are all really great services,the only problem is they all cost money,usually in the form of a monthly,subscription and thats great if you are,a lane investor or if you have a career,in real estate,but not so great if you dont so what if,youre just an average Joe who wants to,buy a piece of property if you are a Joe,dont worry Ive got you covered because,the method that Im gonna share with you,in this video is free so were going to,use an example property here in Castilla,County Colorado now I dont own this,property I dont know who owns it,actually but we are going to find out,soon its important that you do this,check of who owns the property right at,the beginning of your due diligence,process because you could get caught in,a scam or be trying to buy a piece of,property from someone that doesnt,actually own the title or the right to,sell it,and that person may not even know that,they dont have the right to sell it but,you are gonna check and you will know,and find out so if you want to make sure,that you buy your next property,correctly meaning you buy it from the,current owner who has the right to sell,it and transfer title cleanly you need,to check and see who the current owner,is you will need two things to do this,check and find out who owns the piece of,property first youre gonna need to know,the county now our example property is,going to be in Castilla,youre also going to need to know the,parcel number sometimes referred to as,an APM,okay if you found a piece of property,online from a land buying site like,lands one of the land networks,Craigslist or even Facebook marketplace,you can get the parcel number directly,from the listing description if its not,in there just ask the seller for it and,they will be able to provide it for you,side note if the seller does not have,the parcel number and cannot get it for,you thats a huge red flag okay so it,increases the likelihood of them not,having clear title to the property if,they cannot give you the parcel number,so now were going to need to find the,assessors page for the county and see,if they have an online property search,so Im going to jump over to google and,type in Castilla County parcels search,okay so its top link right here now,every County page will be different you,to look for keywords like online parcel,search or Assessor personal surgery okay,here we go so Im gonna click on this,link and I accept the disclaimer and Im,gonna punch in the parcel number seven,zero two seven three seven six zero and,hit Search okay so thats the parcel,number we typed in and heres our result,this property is owned by a gentleman of,the name Larry Zappa naughty so a great,benefit of Castilla Countys search is,that you can actually click on these,links to see the individuals involved in,the transaction when they bought the,property even how much they paid for it,not all counties are gonna have that,information but when they do its its a,great thing to check out if youre,buying a piece of property in a county,that does not have an online date,you can always call the assessors,office and give them the parcel number,they will be able to look up this,ownership information for you one thing,to keep in mind about the assessors,office is that it can sometimes take a,couple of weeks for them to update their,online database so if youre looking to,buy a piece of property from someone and,they can give you the parcel number but,the records dont match ask them if they,have a copy of their recorded deed and,you can call the countys assessors,office or the clerk of records office,and double-check the deed that they gave,you with whatever is in the county,system even though what you see online,might not match so that is the very,first step the first question you need,to ask before you move forward with any,land purchase is who owns the property,and now you know how to do that,completely for free the next due,diligence question that you need to ask,is what are the property back taxes and,debts owed Im going to go over that in,part two of the video series if you,enjoyed this video please make sure you,like it share it tell a friend about it,and dont forget to subscribe to my,channel that way youll be the next to,know as soon as that video number two is,published by the end of this video,series you will have a comprehensive,checklist of things that you need to,check before you move forward with any,land purchase if you have any questions,leave a comment below and Ill respond,with your answer thank you so much for,watching and Ill talk to you soon

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I Exposed a Real Estate Scammer in Real Life

today Im going to show you what I,consider to be an unethical wholesaler,and how that unethical wholesaler tried,to screw somebody who is now a client of,mine theyll be a surprising plot twist,but first let me just quickly mention,Ill be in New York next for the Im,over it tour so make sure to see me for,some awesome in-person mentoring and no,there wont be any up sales it is not,like a sales webinar it is seriously,one-on-one small group understanding and,investing in real estate now just so you,know Im a licensed real estate broker,Ive been doing this for over ten years,and Ive dealt with wholesalers pretty,much my entire career and if you dont,know what wholesaling is let me just,give you a quick little overview of what,wholesaling is the ideal scenario of,wholesaling is somebody comes in and,lets say they buy a house or get a,contract for a house of lets say,$450,000 and the house is actually gonna,be worth $600,000 after it has some,improvements done to it well now the,wholesaler might be able to try to mark,at that $450,000 contract,sell it to somebody for lets say five,hundred thousand dollars and pocket the,difference as whats called an,assignment fee that might be fifty,thousand dollars now theres nothing,inherently wrong with that usually the,wholesalers pitch hey well you know what,you know you dont have to deal with,anything well take all the trash out of,the property for you well clear it out,you dont have to worry about Realtors,or open houses or showings or whatever I,mean quite frankly the wholesalers,regular argument is correct who wants to,go through a house thats full of this,kind of crap now in general theres,nothing really wrong with this style of,wholesaling,however the way this deal corrupted,well show you the example of an,unethical version of wholesaling in my,opinion and then what I did to actually,end up with a little bit of a plot twist,so stay tuned when I first walked,through this property it was on the,market for five hundred and nine,thousand dollars and I thought it was a,good deal while I was here I actually,ended up making a video about asbestos,acoustic ceilings which is still up you,could check that out but I decided to,pass on the deal,in fact not only did I decide to pass on,the deal but I posted on Instagram that,I was passing on the deal because I,thought itd be too expensive to fix up,know a few days after I passed on the,deal I ended up getting a text message,please call me Im the actual owner of,the property address call from this,number only or I probably will not,answer okay,well,usually stuff like that I dont respond,to because its like this seems like,shady or weird or whatever but I thought,ah let me just go ahead and call them on,the phone with them long story short I,end up at his house and were talking,about whats happening regarding this,deal,he showed me a contract from rbp Inc,which if you google them apparently they,sell like educational products on real,estate and turnkey real estate investing,services which yeah look I might sell a,real estate investing course thats,really awesome and gives you all of my,experience from last ten years in the,business and a real estate agent course,but I dont offer to invest your money,and I dont upsell you I try to keep,things very straight and I help you out,as much as I can,especially in our private live streams,but this seemed to be next level where,they were actually working with people,to try to find wholesale deals and sign,up people into contracts and then turn,around and flip them to other investors,what was really interesting and kind of,shady about the contract was that the,contract itself was a $450,000 two-page,contract that allowed the wholesaler to,have the property locked up and allowed,them to hire an agent to put it on the,Multiple Listing Service to sell it to,somebody else and Im like wait a minute,thats really shady like if theyre,gonna put it on the Multiple Listing,Service,why wouldnt they put it on the Multiple,Listing Service and just give you,whatever extra money you get because the,bottom line is even though houses look,like this you get cash buyers all day,long from the MLS I mean Im an investor,I came to the deal because it was on the,MLS I didnt care that all this junk was,here,now while inherently that looks kind of,shady and weird and possibly unethical,lets just say fair game you know what,they want to bluntly wholesale it and,basically lock it up under a $450,000,contract and then sell it to somebody,like me looking at it for 495 whatever,they want to do it go for it,but thats also not exactly what,happened see when I was meeting with the,seller,by the way offered me not only all the,contracts and the documentation and,showed me the lockbox that he sawed off,that the agents put on this property,without his permission but then he told,me that the wholesalers actually,demanded after seven days that the,seller drop,his price and the agreed-upon offer by,another $100,000 so that they could buy,this house for 350 grand so here they,are on one hand trying to get it for 350,grand renege on the price and the,original deal on the other hand the,agents that listed this property working,for this wholesaler are indicating that,they have multiple offers at 480 490 500,whatever around that range and theyre,looking for a really quick clothes,a really quick clothes is super,important to make this deal happen,because that is a very classic,wholesaler move if you can close to,escrow at the same time boom you never,had to own the property and all you get,is your assignment fee profit cool right,now when the seller found out this was,happening thats when he cut off the,lockbox but what he also did is what,really any potential seller of an as is,fixer-upper property should do he,contacted as many Realtors as he could,to try to find out what the fair market,value of the property would be I was the,fourth broker he spoke with and he only,spoke with me because people saw my car,outside and sent him a picture going oh,whos that realtor over at your house,thats why he ended up calling me the,advice he got was that even in the as is,condition the house was in he would be,able to sell it as is probably for,$499,000,no problem and thats kind of consistent,with what was happening when it was on,the market when I sat down with him I,took it a step further and said look we,can sell it as is for $4.99 maybe well,get more maybe well get a little less,or you could give me twenty to twenty,five thousand dollars Ill spend it all,renovating the property at no cost to,you and then well put it on the market,for say 540 or 550 youll pocket the,difference which is probably a two to,one difference that is making twice than,when he put into it and he could benefit,from that and then our conversation,evolved after I gave him all of these,options and he suggested well Kevin why,dont you just buy it I dont really,care if somebody gets a good deal on it,and I thought oh thats kind of cool,thats awesome sure Ill buy it but,whats different about what I did and,what the other wholesaler did in my,opinion its an ethical version versus,an unethical version that is let me put,all the cards on the tape,you could sell this house as is the way,it is on the MLS we could do some work,to it I can help you make it happen if,you want we could also buy it as this so,what did we do we ended up getting this,house under contract now weve got the,keys and were already working on,getting bids and all the work that we,need to do to it for $450,000 no costs,to the seller removed all contingencies,and gave him a $20,000 non-refundable,deposit to show that were serious and,were not coming back asking for a bunch,of repairs later that is when he shook,my hand offered me a drink and said,thank you youre the kind of person I,want to do business with let me just be,really clear here Im totally for,wholesaling if its done in my opinion,in a fair way Im just sick and tired of,seeing people get screwed

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Building vs. Buying a Home: The Pros and Cons

to build or to buy thats the question,when youre looking for a new home that,is,finding your perfect home often comes,down to luck timing,and your financials you have to choose,from whats available on the market,and consider whether youre competing,against other buyers in a hot sellers,market on the other hand,building a home comes with its own,headaches cost,time managing contractors and stress,were going to break down the pros and,cons to decide,whether to build or buy a house,so should you build your dream house or,buy one and consider fixing it up youll,want to first think about your unique,circumstances,consider the reasons youre moving are,you looking to upgrade your existing,space,are you looking to relocate to a,particular city or new neighborhood,are you a renter looking to become a,homeowner second,think about what your ideal home might,look like how much space do you need,what amenities are essential to you what,style,are you drawn to make a list of musts,that you need to have,and another list of ones that are nice,to have but not necessary,take some time to really think about,your potential new home and have some,sort of picture in your mind,and on paper of what it is before you,start looking your new home may be,hiding,right in your neighborhood or if you,have really specific tastes or needs,building a custom home might be the,better option,lets start with buying a home you have,to go on house tours and open houses,which means youll commit a significant,amount of time to just the home search,youll almost certainly be working with,a real estate agent now while the seller,typically pays for the real estate,agents commission fee,what people dont realize is that fee is,wrapped into the price of the home,so the cost is actually passed on to the,buyer,the style and sizes of homes will vary,depending on the location where youre,house hunting,prepare to make some compromises based,on what homes are actually on the market,your perfect home could be ready and,waiting or,well not its rare to find turnkey homes,and if you do,its gonna cost you in a hot real estate,market these homes go,fast or you might find yourself in a,bidding war in,all likelihood you might not find,something thats perfect,which means some construction or design,work may be in store,removing a wall or two may be doable but,changing a homes entire layout,updating systems or moving plumbing and,electric start to feel like a pretty big,project,and youre probably hesitant to drop,even more money on renovation,after youve just bought the place the,average home price in the united states,is 284 600 and there are additional fees,and taxes to consider as well,but in certain markets such as florida,texas california new york,you may encounter prices that are at,least three times higher,expect to pay three to five percent of,the homes cost,in closing costs plus an additional,three percent is going to go to your,real estate agents commission,compared to building a home however,buying a home offers more opportunity,for negotiation,so its possible to lessen the damage a,little before you put ink to paper,final note to keep in mind home,maintenance buying a house is like,buying,anything second hand it may require more,upkeep than brand new construction,you can expect new construction to last,a while without much maintenance whereas,older construction,typically needs some expensive tlc,now building a home does come with its,own set of costs and commitments,the advantage though is that you can,build the house you want with fewer,compromises if you choose to build a,home be prepared to act like a boss,so to speak to make your vision a,reality youll need to take charge,from picking and buying a location to,designing with architects into working,with contractors and various trades,if you thought visiting open houses was,a time commitment building a home,is usually a months long even years long,time and money commitment depending on,the scope of the project,lets talk about cost the three obvious,things you need to pay for,are land labor and materials youll need,to pay for an empty lot to build up,youll need to pay an architect to,design your home and then pay for a team,of contractors,to build it and youll be on the hook,for material costs,those marble countertops dont come,cheap but thats obvious,there are some hidden costs to building,a home too not every plot of land is,perfect for building,the soil might be too rocky or too soft,or prone to flooding,preparing land for building can run,thousands of dollars on its own,youll also need to connect your new,home to the main utility lines,its not uncommon for the permits and,work to run into the tens of thousands,of dollars,ouch you can find plots with the,connections already installed,or you can negotiate with the land,seller to make those connections before,the final sale,overall in the united states it cost an,average of 85.65 per square foot,to build a home thats about 238 000,for a 2800 square foot structure not,including land and other costs,that number is going to multiply fast,when you start adding square footage,and opt for high-end materials and,finishes youre going to find less,negotiating room when building,contractors have fairly fixed rates and,material costs are set by the market,theres just less wiggle room on the,budget when it comes to building,buying a home can be easier to manage on,a fixed budget,and its certainly less of a time,commitment than it it takes time,and luck to find the right home in the,right area for the right price,but once you find that home youll have,something to move into and start living,in right away,if you dont have an exact idea of what,your next home should look like,and maybe youre working with a stricter,budget try looking at whats on the,market already,building a home can be very expensive,very fast,though its possible to make it work,with a smaller budget you have to be,comfortable taking the lead on a major,project,over the course of months but you can,make your vision a reality,if you have a strong vision for your,dream home and have a handle,on all the potential costs of building,then building a house,might be for you if you found the video,helpful give it a thumbs up,subscribe to our channel for more guides,and how tos and if you have a topic you,want to see us cover,wed love to hear from you let us know,in the comments below,thanks for watching,[Music],you

DataTree Hacks: How to Find Sales Comps for Real Estate Valuation

Hey guys, hows it going? This is Seth.,And this video, I want to show you some really useful tools,in DataTree that can help you pull sales comps. So this is the kind of thing that some lenders,and even appraisers will use to do what they call a desktop appraisal.,Its where youre not looking super close to the property, but youre just quick pulling up some recent sales comps,,just to figure out what the approximate value of your subject property might be.,And DataTree makes this super easy. So in most cases, when you do this, youre going to have a specific property in mind.,So this example, Im just going to type out an address that I know of,,and Ill show you how this works. Yes, were going to go right here. So the first thing youre going to do is go over,here to property data reports, and were going to click on sales comparables and well click order.,And the first thing youre going to see here is that in this case, it found six comparable properties,,and every time Ive ever used this tool, it uses a standard method to do, do this.,And if you want, you can go up here to edit the criteria, to see just the default way,that it pulls these comps. So its going to go six months back in terms of sales history,,and itll actually list out the dates right here, and its going to pull those comps within,a half mile or 0.5 mile radius from the subject property, just a perfect circle,or on that property, which you can see right over here. And sometimes what youll find is that when it,does this by default, it doesnt pull that many comps. You might see like one or two,,or maybe even none in some cases. So if you see that you can edit this any way you want.,You could go back 12 months, if you wanted to, or you could expand the radius to say,one mile and you can even draw it if you want, if you want to keep a certain neighborhood,or certain blocks in that radius, but Im not going to do that in this case. Im just going to keep it as a perfect circle.,So well go back here and type out one and then apply changes.,And then as soon as you do that, youll see that the radius are on the property gets bigger,and it pulls in a lot more comps, go ahead and click view report.,And its going to show us which comps hold in this case. Now in my familiarity with this particular neighborhood,,I think not necessarily all of these properties are good comps, because once it gets down here,,the neighborhood changes a bit. There are just different types of houses down here.,So in this case, I think that half mile radius probably is appropriate to stick to that.,And six comps is probably enough to work with, but keep in mind if you working in an area where,there isnt a whole lot of variation in the types of comps, when you go further out like this,,you could do that. Or if you just simply dont have enough comps to begin with,,or you could also go back here, keep it at 0.5 miles and go maybe 12 months back.,Or you could also adjust other things here based on like a lot area or bedrooms and bathrooms,and that kind of thing. So lets go ahead and apply these ages again.,So if we just go back a year and keep it within that half mile radius and it can make sense to do this,,if there havent been just wild variations and fluctuations and market value over the past year.,And actually as Im recording this vice have been going up like crazy over the past year.,So I might not want to go this far back. I might just want to stick with those original six comps,and it shows you the addresses of all those comps right here. So if you want to look at these closer to verify,,okay, is that a good comp, is that actually a comparable property to this one or not?,You can do that. And it shows you the prices they sold for and a lot more information beyond that.,And if you want to export all these comps as a spreadsheet, you just have to click this,export button, itll download your computer and open it up and start working with it,for further analysis. Now, if we want to take this one step further, we can go down here,to automated valuations and click on this thing called DataTree AVM and order this.,And now were not just seeing a list of comparables, but were seeing actual,estimated value based on those comparables. And unlike a Zillow is estimate where we have no idea,where this number is coming from. We can actually see what substantiates those numbers right down there.,If we just go ahead and scroll down, we can see all the information and a lot more data its very fast.,And it shows you all the data that is pulling from now, just to give you another example,Im going to go and do this for a vacant land property, because I know a lot of times,with vacant land comps are a lot harder to find. And even when you do find them, its harder to know,,okay, is this an appropriate comp or not? So if we just kinda go out here to a more rural area,and well just find a vacant lot, like right around here, were going to view this property.,This is going to be the exact same thing. We just go over here to sales comparables and order this up in this case,,as you can see, not surprisingly, there are no comparables based on that default.,It uses a half mile, six months back. So lets start expanding this a little bit.,Lets go to one mile, see if that makes any difference and it doesnt look like it does. So lets go to 12 months back.,See if that makes any impact on this. Okay, now weve got one cop just down the road here.,So thats something its still not really enough though, but just looking at the property itself,,it looks like a reasonably similar cop. I mean the road axis and the visibility is a little bit different.,This other one is a bit larger, but this is a very kind common thing.,Youll find when trying to find comparables for land is depending on the vacant lot.,In many cases, each vacant land property literally is one of a kind,,there is no such thing as an exact comparable and especially a salt comparable at that.,So we could try to go back maybe 24 months and apply those changes and see if anything else comes up,and weve still on the GA one. So maybe we could try doing two miles from the subject property,,see what that does for us. Okay. Now weve got another one. And this one also looks,like a halfway decent comparable, although I am seeing a structure on that one.,So thats something else I would have to take in account. But what were seeing right here is not surprising.,This is a very common thing with vacant lots,,especially ones of this size in this market where its just difficult to find comparables,,but you can do it if you just expand the criteria a little bit more right here in DataTree.,So I know theres other ways to do this without DataTree, by looking at sold comps on like Zillow,or Redfin, that kind of thing. But DataTree pulls this sold information directly from the countys database,,not from a third party like Zillow or Redfin or realtor.com.,And if youre already a subscriber to DataTree, you have access to a whole lot of other things,that you can do in it as well. And Ive got a separate playlist and some other videos explaining some of,those other things, if youre interested and if youre not already a DataTree, you user,,theres all kinds of different things. You can use this service for. Its used by several different,types of industry professionals and it is a paid subscription service,,but you can get discounted access to that. If you go through the re tips affiliate link,,which Im going to include beneath this video. So if you want to give it a try, it can check it out through there.,And again, if you want to see some of the other use cases for DataTree,,Im going to link to some those videos right here as well. Thanks for watching. Talk to you soon.

Heres What You Never Knew About Lily From AT&T Commercials

facts first presents heres what you,never knew about Lily from the iconic,AT&T ads AT&T does whatever they can to,get people to use their service and buy,their phones like most companies they,rely heavily on advertising over the,years theyve come out with plenty of,commercials with various actors and,actresses and one actress who starred in,AT&T commercials is mallanna vayan truck,aka Lilly heres what you never know,about Lilly in those iconic AT&T ads,mallanna was born in Tashkent which is,now known as zoo Becca Stan the Soviet,Socialist Republic she and her Jewish,parents came to the United States as,refugees after fleeing due to religious,persecution she was very young when she,came to the US and shortly after,arriving she began acting she was just 2,years old when she landed an appearance,for Barbie commercials mallanna had some,small roles and shows like ER days of,our lives and lizzie mcguire mallanna,attended Beverly Hills High School but,she dropped out in her senior year after,getting her GED she earned her Bachelor,of Arts in communication from the,University of San Diego she never got,rid of the acting bug it really bit her,as a child and she started studying,improv comedy at The Upright Citizens,Brigade theater millana made a name for,herself as one of the live prude girls,on the hit YouTube show and that led her,to land small comedy roles and more,substantial roles and this is us and,Squirrel Girl in Marvels new warriors,unfortunately the project didnt work,out and theres no way of knowing if we,will ever see the final product,Milana has excellent comic ability and,that caught the eye of a TNTs marketing,execs they called her in for a single,commercial and the ad was a huge hit it,gained so much attention they kept,calling her back to star in more,commercials as the same character over,time she starred in 40 commercials for,AT&T AT&T is Vice President of Marketing,Valerie Vargas smoked with ADD week,magazine about Nalanda and she said the,first spot was so successful for us that,we thought lets do another one and then,another one and,it was so well received that we kept,bringing her back the ad execs and the,public they werent the only ones who,loved mallannas commercials it also,caught the attention of some celebrities,including Amy Schumer,she liked the spots so much she thought,they were worth parody some people loved,Amys parody but mallanna herself didnt,when speaking with ad Weekly about the,parody she said the way that youre,gonna portray this character is that,youre going to play her dumb butts just,lazy mallanna made sure to point out,that Lily was not high candy people,loved the character because of her sass,and her brains she says that shes proud,of the character that she helped to,create,melanda came to the United States as a,refugee and she knows how difficult it,can be in 2016 when things began falling,apart in Syria and the devastation,reached a boiling point,Milana travelled to Greece she went,there to meet with the refugee families,who were fleeing due to the Syrian civil,war the trip made her want to do,something so she co-founded a website,and a social media movement called,hashtag cant do nothing she wanted to,put a spotlight on the European migrant,crisis along with entrepreneur Erin,zahavy the charitys focused on helping,everyday people make real change the,purpose of the charity and the social,media movement is to raise awareness to,get people to pay attention volunteer,and donate money to the cause its a,cause that is close to mallannas heart,and she is very passionate about it we,may no longer see mallanna on TV trying,to sell AT&T products through her,commercials but that doesnt mean that,weve seen the last of her she is an,amazing talent she has great comedic,timing and with the right project,mallanna can really go far her main,focus today is on her career and helping,other refugees with talent like hers you,could expect some pretty great things,for Lilly,or excuse me mallanna in the future her,role as squirrel girl might be on the,back burner for now but she is still,working,20-19 she appeared in hot ships video,for their hit song hungry child only,time will tell how long itll be before,we see her again but you can be sure it,will be soon with talent like hers its,only a matter of time,where we see her again on TV or even the,big screen we may even see her on a few,more AT&T commercial soon you never know,subscribe for more,you

How Much Commission Do Real Estate Agents Make?

while its possible to sell a home on,your own,most people opt for working with a real,estate agent why,because they can recommend a list price,promote your property widely,and negotiate on your behalf but their,expertise,does come at a cost so how does a real,estate agent get paid,and whos responsible for paying them,stay tuned as we break it down for you,[Music],so how do real estate agents get paid,real estate agents,typically get paid on commission that,means theyre paid,a fee based on the value of the home,sale and the commission,is usually paid at closing and its,shared between the listing agent and,buyers agent if the same agent is,representing both the buyer and seller,in whats called,a dual agency then only one agent gets,the commission,now whats the average commission the,average,real estate commission in the u.s ranges,from five to six percent of the homes,sales price and the commission may vary,by state,and housing market so if there arent,many listings in an area,agents may lower their commissions to,attract more clients,now if you are working with a tight,budget some brokers,may offer a flat fee or an a la carte,pricing model instead,you only pay for the services you need,on a per hour or fee basis but you do,not get all the bells and whistles,of the full service package,who pays the agents commission,traditionally,the seller covers a commission for both,agents,the five to six percent commission is,split between two parties so that each,agent gets somewhere between,two and a half and three percent in some,cases though a buyer may be willing to,cover some of the commission to make,their offer more appealing,to the seller however buyers dont get,off too easily,theyre usually on the hook for most of,the closing costs,plus sellers may add the cost of the,commission,to the home price which means the buyer,shares in the cost,can i negotiate the commissions so real,estate commissions are,negotiable some agents may be willing to,knock off a fraction of a percentage,point,if it gets the seller to sign off on,their contract but keep in mind though,getting the best deal doesnt,necessarily mean youre getting the best,service so do your research before,hiring a real estate agent,and we have one final thought who says,that you have to follow the rule book,you can negotiate who pays the,commission buyer or seller,as well as how much you pay so we hope,thats cleared some things up for you,and if you like this video give it a,thumbs up and,do not forget to subscribe to our,channel for more guides and how tos and,if theres anything else youd like to,learn about let us know in the comments,below,thanks for watching,[Music],you

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