1. Palmers Skin Success Fade Cream Review! / DARK SPOT AND EVEN TONE
  2. Palmers skin success fade milk honest review (watch before buying!)
  4. PRODUCT REVIEW: Palmers Skin Success (anti-dark spot) Fade Milk//TONE CORRECTING LOTION #skincare
  5. A Very Honest Review On Palmers Skin Success Face Cream Set. Dark Spot Corrector.
  6. Palmers Anti Dark Spot Fade Cream REVIEW | Nini
  7. Palmers Skin Success Fade Cream Review FAIL!!!!!!!!!!!

Palmers Skin Success Fade Cream Review! / DARK SPOT AND EVEN TONE

Hey guys! my name is Omodasola but you can call  me Dasypearls. Im a fashion stylist and fashion  ,student in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Welcome to  my channel where i do a lot of videos on skincare,  ,diys and lifestyle generally. In this video, im  going to be reviewing this skin success from  ,Palmers. Palmers is a well-known brand and theyve  been around for ages, theyre well known for their  ,cocoa butter like for sure youd have heard about Palmers cocoa butter but this is the skin success  ,anti-dark spots so this actually works this  is a fade cream that works for dark spots  ,and this promises to even your skin tone and for  the ingredients you see it as aqua, has mineral oil  ,and lot of chemical stuffs.. sodium sulfate and all  of that. It promises to visibly improve your dark  ,spots, your age spots, post acne scars uneven skin  tone in two weeks. In two weeks yeah! it promises to  ,do all of these in two weeks. Well.. before actually  saying if this works you are directed to apply it on  ,clean skin like normally. So you wash your  face, for me i cleanse my face with black soap  ,hmm which I diy. If you want to see how i do that, check the link in the description below, you  ,would see my black soap video there. So, i use my black  soap to cleanse my face but after cleansing my  ,face i actually give my face an extra cleanse by  using the Nivea Naturally good bio green tea tonic  ,like im going to do a review of this later but  i just started using this so i cleanse my face  ,and i can see the extra dead from my face even  after washing my face with soap so which is why  ,its very very necessary for you to cleanse your  face after washing. So, after cleansing my face,,i go in with the cream and first you see  like the packaging it comes in this small pack,and you actually feel like oh this is  so small but it lasts a long time. I think i used  ,this small bottle for like a month or more  so it looks very small but once you open  ,you actually need just a little on  your skin to go around on your face,so i take that and i put it on my  face, you can and try to rub it in  ,then one thing i actually did not like about  this cream is that it takes long to go into your  ,skin if youve seen my other videos you know im  somebody that appreciates when a cream goes into  ,your skin like when your skin absorbs a cream so  fast like this cream it feels very soft when you  ,touch it but when you actually put it on your skin  on your face its not smooth on the skin so you  ,have to like rub so sometimes you see like white  particles on your face after rubbing rubbing it in  ,but it will actually go in like after a few  minutes so just leave it it will go in after a  ,few minutes but thats one thing i actually like  about this cream. It absorbs slowly, it doesnt  ,absorb very fast but it works.. like it works! Hmmm.. in  the first week i started using after three days  ,of application normally i do this i applied  on my face before bed so i saw changes after  ,three days it works for the dark spots whenever  i want to use a new product i actually do not  ,go into it like with high expectations  which is why I do not have  ,mostly i do not have before pictures but  my dark spots were actually like worse than this  ,like they were really bad so one thing i actually  love about this cream is that it contains retinol  ,and you know how oh almost everyone is  crazy about retinol right now like oh  ,it gives you that youthful appearance like  reduces wrinkles and all of that so i actually  ,like the fact that theres retinol in this which is  very good. smart one! so another thing i would say  ,is that when i started using it i noticed that it  kind of like made the hyper pigmentation around my  ,eyes more obvious i dont know if im making  it up but thats just what i feel so i reduced  ,the number of times i use it because when youre  using like it kind of like makes your skin a bit  ,lighter which is one thing i do not like but if  you actually dont mind you can use it every day  ,if your dark spots are really so bad, you can use it  every day till its clears everything and gives you  ,the results you want. Actually do not feel like this is  a cream you should use every day like its going,to lighten you up. Its not a cream you should use  every day.. so just use it for the dark spots and  ,let it be. Thats my verdict. It works! at least, it  worked for me, it works! this is my second bottle  ,like i used one i just went to the african shop  and the lady recommended this. I actually  ,did not believe it was gonna work so i bought one  its about 10 euros or 11 euros thereabout but  ,after i tried one bottle and it actually worked  i went back for the second one so thats to  ,show you that it works. So guys, if you have like  really bad dark spots i would say you try this  ,cream. Palmers is a very trusted brand  and i hope it works for you. If youve  ,used this face cream before and it worked  for you let me know in the comments section  ,and if you actually want to give it a try and  id recommend let me say um over 10 i would say  ,seven yeah and thats a pass. So thank you  guys for watching my video, i hope you found  ,this video very helpful and do not forget to  click the subscribe button like always you know  ,Id always say that and thank you guys for  stopping by i hope to see my next video bye

Palmers skin success fade milk honest review (watch before buying!)

on the body quite all right it has,everything Ive been looking for yeah,white noise I went for it since a lot of,people have talked about this um skin,success and it was recommended that I,wouldnt like to miss it blah blah blah,[Music],oh,hello everybody my name is Cynthia,barucho welcome to my YouTube channel if,this is your first time here welcome to,make your last by subscribing if youre,a returning subscriber welcome back,on todays video Im gonna talk about,Im gonna review a product,pretty popular products I dont know if,Ill say that its really popular isnt,Palmas,skin sources and feed milk,this,yes Im gonna do a review on this,on the body quite all right it has,everything Ive been looking for which,are,Fades dark spots even skin tone brighten,skin balancing Stone Face dark spots,correct discoloration and deeply,moisturizes of course thats music to my,ears and most peoples ears too so yeah,white noise I went for it since a lot of,people have talked about this um skin,success and it was recommended that I,wouldnt like to miss it blah blah blah,so I used this for a while I cant,remember I cant really calculate how,long I use this for both I used it its,almost finished like as Im talking this,this is the level of the cream,is at this level right now before I,stopped using it because after two weeks,I wasnt seeing any changes but I was,like okay okay let me trust the process,you know always trust the person its,just to wait just calm down just chill,you know dont be in a hurry to see,results that was how I used it to the,end but when I know Ive used it for a,while that at least every normal thing,youre supposed to start seeing you know,changes,I had to browse yes I wasnt seeing,anything new changes nothing nothing,and I went on YouTube to watch reviews,which is what I could have done even,before buying it a lot of people were,saying um it doesnt work and then,people are saying its not really do,much for them no much difference and a,lot of people were saying that there are,two Palmer skin success fade milk in the,market and one is original one is fake,and I was not like um,so they now said that the one that they,wrote now which retinol is the fake one,so which one is the original one and I,now called mine Benson has told me the,product and said CCC what Im hearing,that this one is a fake one the one that,has now with retinol is the fake one and,the one that has them visible results in,as little as two weeks is the original,one what is the deal he now told me that,they are both original that the one that,they wrote with Retina its from UK and,the other one is from the U.S company,I cannot really put him exactly but he,actually convinced me that maybe this,actually makes sense,because this is someone that was,recommended that he deals with you know,good skin care products so and maybe him,and he doesnt even know that this is,not the original land the other one is,the original and I went to their website,and also on their website that,that is a difference between what the,roots on the body of this and what they,wrote on the body of the product on,their website so on the body of the one,Im holding it says up here top left,corner now with retinol,then brighten skin balancing Stone Face,dark spots correct discoloration deeply,moisturizes with Alpha hydrocele vitamin,c and e and sunscreen,while the one on their website has,visible results in as little as two,weeks on the top left corner not the one,that the roads now with retinol which,was the one I got milk targets dark,spots and even tone is not on this body,[Music],um,okay brighten skin is there balancing,stone is there targets dark spots isnt,here but its on the one on their,website five percent near cinnamide and,hydroquinone free meanwhile the roads on,the body of this with Alpha hydroxy and,vitamin c and e and sunscreen,of course which one is fake and which,one is original the one on the website,the one of the website is obviously the,original its this is their website this,is the product Im seeing let me tell,you my sisters,if you are going to buy skin sauces,skin success and feed milk please dont,buy the one that has now with retinol on,the butt on the top left corner by the,one that says visible results in as,little as two weeks that is the original,um Dr Palm that what am I calling it Dr,Palmer thats the original Palmer skin,success fade milk,I wasnt seeing any results with this,one obviously its not the original one,the I have not actually bothered to buy,this I just left the home Dr Palmers,situation and just left it Ive not used,this to know if its actually good but,this one doesnt do anything you know I,dont wear this one is from,and I dont know why Palmas have not,done anything about it so,be nobody knows but the one that is on,the website I would encourage you if you,want to buy buy the one on the website I,will encourage you guys before you want,to buy a new product do a research on it,dont be like me dont be like me that,do not do my research very well do a,research on it so that you know where,youre buying some of these vendors they,might not even be aware,so they are totally super adults two,products in the market and apparently,this is not the original one because,this is not the one on the website,Ill post the two pictures side by side,so that you will see the difference,some ideas,thats my review on doctor,thats my review on Palmer skin success,fade milk the one with the retinol is,one I got and didnt do anything for me,I that one is totally the fake one so my,loss,this is the end of todays video dont,forget to subscribe if you havent dont,forget to like share and comment so see,you on my next video bye bye

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pure white content is much more original,than,this im not saying this is fake dont,get me wrong because aside from this one,i made to understand that there are,still other ones that are much more fake,or fake theres any word like that in,the market hey beautiful welcome back to,my channel my name is hope if this is,your first time stopping by my channel,please do also hit the subscribe button,and if youre a returning subscriber you,know what it is i love you thanks for,always coming back thanks for always,supporting in todays video ill be,showing you how to identify the,authentic power masking,success fade milk and if you like to see,that sit back while we jump right into,the video,[Music],so theres been a lot of confusions here,on youtube and even the local stores in,my area towards determining the,authenticity of this product,every vendor claims to be selling the,authentic one so i decided to go on a,personal research to determine which one,is truly authentic,how to purchase it,and so if you like to buy this product,if you like to buy the palmer skin,success feed milk you might need to,watch this video till the end because i,went through the hassle of purchasing,this product at least two of this,product to be able to tell you guys,which one you should buy to guide you,through so,do not skip any part of this video,because ill be showing you guys step by,step everything you need to know,as regards buying this product and,what you do what to do when you want to,purchase it,so first ill be,starting,with the packaging ill be starting from,the packaging so this is it,this is,two,of the skin success palmer skin success,the fade milk tone correcting body,lotions now lets start from the,packaging,one says one thing while the other one,says another,let me um,okay,so,now look at it this one says visible,results in two weeks why this one says,now with the retinol,now thats the first difference,this one says correct,dark,spots,even skin tones why this says fade dark,spots even skin tones you can see that,the writings are different and this has,like um,i dont know if that is french writing,or neat as well,now i know that,these parts might be confusing it might,be trickish this one says with alpha,hydroxy,and with vitamin c and e,and sunscreen why this one says,otherwise with,sungai mushroom licorice extract and,vitamin c,so,i think this is where the confusion,sets in most times,some people,says the one with um expiry date is the,original one,while on the other one this one carries,the trademark and some says,that one is more authentic so this one,comes with the trade um trademark while,the one by my left comes with the expiry,dates,now,havent seen all this im sure that you,must have you know stumbled on this kind,of,differences in the market and youre,confused okay which one should i buy,which one is original which one is not,but then look at on their sides this one,has the ingredients this one has a,different write-up entirely,so their write-ups are even different,but then,okay now look at this one this one has,the shred mark on this side right on the,other one it has on the other side now,on this side there is a formula for,success,um,difference share your success story blah,blah blah and now the write-up on the,other one is different as well on the,back the same thing their write-ups are,not synchronizing at all their write-ups,are not the same,so uh,now,look at the write-up,they are like but then not the same this,says this one has a heading that says,target dark spot h sport blah blah blah,this one has just dark spots eight spots,uneven skin tone,now you can see that they are not the,same if you ever read through you still,notice some differences a little bit of,differences in the right top the key,ingredient this one has niacinamide,retinol vitamin e,but this one starts with retinol and a,few ingredients unlike this and then on,the down part you see contains an added,sunscreen which to help protect skin,from blah blah and this one does not,have it now ive seen a lot of um videos,ive watched a lot of youtube videos,when i wanted to buy it,so i decided to you know start watching,videos to help educate me to know which,one to get,and then some youtubers will say uh the,one with the,um trademark is the original one why,some other youtuber said the one with,um,expiry date is the original one so i got,confused because if they say its they,both are original then whats the,problem then i went ahead to buy and,then i saw i got the one with the um,the expiry date first and then i got the,other one second and i didnt get it for,the same price actually the one with the,trademark was actually more expensive i,bought that one for four thousand seven,hundred i think,while the other one for four five or,four thirty five three thousand five,hundred naira,but then,what i just did was to save myself all,this stress,and then i checked inside the,um,the one i bought for three five which is,the one that says now which rating all,the one im holding right now,i checked uh the side,which is also one of the ways to know,the um trademark that says family owned,and operated,is written there,and its also on this one,so yes if youre buying is one of the,things to look out for thats not thats,no lie,and then this one is the one with the,expiry date boldly written on it,also with the palmers crested on the,bottle which is like one way to also,determine the original but i havent,bought this two now its confusing i,cant even lie because the both of it,comes with this,so then i got confused which one is now,the original,right,but then another another thing is this,one does not come with the pamphlet some,people will say if it comes if it,doesnt come with the pamphlet its not,the original one blah blah blah blah,blah and the way i bought this one from,i asked the lady that why,does this not have the pamphlet she said,they dont they no longer put the,pamphlet inside this one anymore,then the right tops are different,this one says now with um retinol,the other one says,uh it will help brighten within for two,weeks i i guess so i got confused like,whats going on here,and im sure that theres someone out,there that wants to buy this product but,you know going through the same hassle,this one says visible results within two,weeks and look at it all of the right,tops are different but then it has this,same family owned and operated which,people claim when you see this thats a,pointer to tell you you have gotten the,original one though where it is written,on this part is different from where it,is written on the other part which makes,it obvious that this is not from the,same company because why would it be on,different sides of the pack if its from,the same company so obviously people,different manufacturers are hiding under,the shadow of palmers to create their,own palmer skin success fade milk,yes thats what it looks like to me so,then i you know began to check again,this one says a formula for success,you know and then it is not even written,on the other one then what i now decided,to do was i went on their um,website to compare these two products,that ive gotten,now they have pictures of the authentic,product on their website,which ill be you know leaving pictures,in this video to also guide you,as well when you want to buy and then i,saw that some of the right tops written,on this one that comes with a formula,for soccer which is the visible result,in two weeks the second one i bought,is a bit most of the write-ups are a bit,closer to the ones on their website,right which this one doesnt have and,then this one im holding right here is,more expensive it has the results in a,shiny written in a shiny form,which is also the same,with the one i saw on their website,though even the one on their website,still has a little bit of difference in,the write-up because i took my time to,study the um pictures on the website,there the pictures of the product on the,website and i compared it to this ones,th

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PRODUCT REVIEW: Palmers Skin Success (anti-dark spot) Fade Milk//TONE CORRECTING LOTION #skincare

hi beauties welcome back to my channel,my name is hope if this is your first,time coming across this beautiful face,please also hit the subscribe button and,if youre returning subscriber you know,what it is thank you so much for always,coming back thank you so much for always,supporting make sure you turn on the,post notifications so that once i post,new videos youre really first to get,notified so in todays video,well be talking about the palmas skin,success um anti-dark spot fade milk the,tone correcting lotion,so this is what it looks like,ive used this product for six weeks so,i can tell you everything that i know,about this product so if that seems like,what youre interested in or if you,would like to hear me talk about this,product and how it worked for me follow,me while we jump right into the video,[Music],welcome back guys so if youre going to,be buying this product you might want to,watch my previous,video about this,product on how to get the original one,how to identify the original one ill be,dropping it ill be linking it somewhere,in this video,so now this video is basically going to,be talking about how this product worked,for me if it really worked as a tone,correcting body lotion as it states here,or,not so this product im going to tell,you guys how it works i had a lot of,dark spots on my chest so first things,first,the ingredient list is actually very,long so i might not be able to touch,um all the ingredients you guys know how,i how i try to run away from pronouncing,all these botanical words but im going,to try talking about the most important,part because on the back of the product,it tells us,i dont know if you can see this,but the back of the products it tells us,um okay whats in it so this is its,where theres a table um like a table of,contents showing us,the key ingredient i might not want to,go through all of the ingredient list,because its very long and im trying to,keep this video very short so the first,key ingredient on this product is nine,cinnamon,which is good um which corrects dark,spots and discolorations retinol is also,another ingredient it helps improves,fine lines and boosts collagen which is,what we need vitamin e protects against,free radicals sungai mushroom extracts,balances tone and texture,vitamin c naturally brightens licorice,extracts restores skin radiance and glow,enhance enhanced moisturizers,deeply nourish the skin so before i went,to get this product honestly my skin was,a total mess so i needed,i know you guys know me and quick fix we,are five four six so i needed a quick,fix so i went for this palmer skin,suckers because ive heard a lot of good,things about this product so i wanted i,really wanted it at that time my skin,was you know going through severe,dryness so and all the discoloration,uneven skin tone hyperpigmentation dark,spots everything was going on on this,skin let me tell you what the,manufacturer says about this product,then ill now tell you if it really,tells you my experience style is with,what the manufacturer says or not it,says a formula for success for over 175,years palmers the palmas the expert in,even skin tone has been crafting quality,products that effectively address,discolorations such as age spots dark,spots from sun damage and post acne,scars now with retinol this anti-aging,powerhouse helps boost skins elasticity,and minimize the appearance of fine,lines the result is flawless fl the,result is flawlessly luminous skin it,says helped lighten acne scars and dark,spots 74 percent,and um,i might want to go through all of these,guys but what it says yeah i said it,helped lighten acne scars and dark spots,visibly improved discoloration on even,skin tone 98,after four weeks 100 after eight weeks,enhanced radiance and glow reduce,bloatiness guys i really do not want to,go through all of this but if you watch,my previous video about the palmer skin,success until dark spots feed me then,you might get all the information you,need all these things im reading out is,actually on there and i talked about it,but then i want to talk about how this,product really worked for me and it says,after four weeks a lot of women saw um,results and after eight weeks more,people saw more women saw,a more visible result so i use this,product for six weeks and,did it balance my skin tone yes it did,this product actually did well in,balancing on my skin tone you know i was,going like i said earlier and i had a,lot of hyperpigmentation going on skin,discoloration and this product helped in,balancing out my skin tone from oh,because even might look at my hands,right now i mean it has improved because,when i before i started using this,product i had dark knuckles terrible,dark knuckles you know and all that,this is what it does look like,so,you can see ive almost the cream is,almost finished i used it for six weeks,if you uh,i dont know depending if youre not a,heavy user you can use this for two,months but i am a very heavy user and i,use it morning and nights and i lasted,me for,um,six minutes because it is im already,out i just left a little bit so that i,can show you guys,if this product really works so im,trying to bring it down to the dispense,area so that it will come out so,this is what the lotion looks like and,thats the consistency,this is it you can see how its it is,its very creamy i like the fact that,its creamy its not so heavy its not,heavy at all so this is how it feels on,my skin,when i use it,it glides very well on the skin,now in terms of moisturization this,cream actually moisturizes your skin but,what i do is i have a very dry skin so,after using this i go in with my um oil,as an occlusive because i dont want any,moisture to escape from this skin you,know i just want to trap all the,moisture i can get you know so i always,reapply this when i wash my hands this,is what i use as my hand cream as well,checking vividly i wouldnt say this,lotion lasted me up to six weeks i think,this is the fifth week yes i will say,this is the fifth week so this product,actually did a very good job in,moisturizing my skin i had dry,skin when i started using it i started,seeing the results as i said results,overall um within,uh,three to four weeks of using this,product its actually slow to work yes,its slow to work and i was very patient,with it i wasnt really seeing,visible results in two weeks unlike some,other product that within two weeks you,begin to get you know results you begin,to see visible results this didnt,really give much until like three to,four weeks of use and then i started,seeing,you know how it was working on my skin,my skin became very,soft you know moisturized and i saw that,gradually my skin tone started balancing,out this lotion does not lighten your,skin if youre looking for something,that is going to lighten you do not even,purchase it if youve used lightning,products in the past it will darken you,so if youre using a lightning product,in the past this would bring you back to,default settings but in terms of if,youre a fair person and use it it,wouldnt darken it to maintain your skin,too so basically what this product does,it will you know maintain your skin tone,if youre going through skin,discoloration it is going to help,balance it out but then bringing you,back to default setting so the retinol,in its i only reacted to retinol,because this was my first time including,a product that had retinol as an,ingredient into my skincare this was the,first body lotion that im using,consciously using knowing that it had,retinol so it was me trying alright you,know for the first time and it really,did pudge my skin around my neck area i,had serious rashes,so i didnt use it on my face sincerely,but i know that it was pudging my skin,you know mainly i use a different,product on my face and i used a,different um this one on my neck i had,to go get a product that had retinol for,my face too knowing that retinol,actually does not go well with some,products and vitamin c so i decided to,go f

A Very Honest Review On Palmers Skin Success Face Cream Set. Dark Spot Corrector.

hey hey hey welcome back to my channel,and this is your girl eastwood here,again,so today we are going to review another,set of products and what am i talking,about,is the promise skin success line now,this,is an old something its been around for,so so many years i dont know how long,but,its been around for so so many years,now this,is a very affordable skincare line,everyone has a look and for this i,decided to try the sets,and i bought three of them i bought the,soap,the facial cream and the body lotion,the lotion cost about 10 euros and the,and the facial cream cost about 11 euros,i think,and finally the soap was about 3.53,euros 50 cents yeah,now this is not the first time i am,using this stuff i have used this some,many years ago about 10 years ago so,this is how we came in first of all as,you can see we have the,lotion and we have the soap and we have,the,face cream now this is the,lotion this is the fade milk tone,correction,body lotion this claims to be very great,for hyperpigmentation,on even skin tone and all that okay and,it says its correct,dark spots and even our skin tone okay,it brightens your skin balances tone,corrects,discolorations deeply moisturizes,enhancer radiant,glow and it contains,sony mushroom licorice extract and,vitamin c,okay so this is what the lotion contains,and according to them,you know they did some tests and um,with the life nano dark spots after 40,after four weeks 74 percent recorded,you know positive recorded you know some,improvements and after eight weeks 96,percent,gave it a thumbs up i mean claiming is,lighting out their dark spots,and with the balanced skin tone 98 said,it was great,98 percent saw improvements after four,weeks and 100 saw improvements,after eight sweets this is what i think,about,the fade milk okay,this is okay this,is okay its a great moisturizer it,balances your skin tone but you need to,use it for,a longer time like three months or four,months and you are going to see,improvements this is a very it has a,very light consistency,and it absorbs very very easily on the,skin i must say i love the smell it has,a mild,gentle you know polite presentable smell,yeah oh it doesnt have that,overpowering smell,so i would say this is crazy about the,smell ive used it for about,five weeks now and i must say,this is great with the uniform skin,complexion,i would honestly say i have to use it,some more maybe a longer time,even though i can see its um gets rid,of,blemishes and it moisturizes okay,but i must say that is a little bit,on the dry side if you have dry skin i,doubt,this will be good for you unless of,course you have to mix it with some oil,and its going to work well for dry skin,in my opinion this is,a little bit too drying the lotion,is a little bit too dry and especially,in the winter,you will need something more you need,some oil or you know,butter or something to just mix it up to,you know,hydrate your skin the more but during,the summer,this is going to be okay okay so enough,about this,enough about the lotion lets talk about,the facial cream now,the facial cream was a mess,for me yes i used it for three days,i have to stop using this on my face,this was very,you know thick and you know when i put,it on my face i have to rub and rub and,wrap to get it to absorb into the skin,it doesnt have any,oil it makes your face dryer,especially in the winter just dried out,my face,not only did this dry on my face this,changed the texture of my face and,it looked terrible i started breaking,out i used this for just three days okay,just three days and it was giving me,this crazy results,i did not get this with a lotion now,this phase is a,fade cream for all skin types and it,contains,its correct stock spools and it evens,our skin tone,it has a sony mushroom and it contains,retinol,now the lotion does not contain retinol,so i dont know if is the retinol,that is giving me the problem i dont,know,it contains similar similar stuffs,to the lotion but the only difference is,that,this doesnt contain,retinol so retinol is the only,difference and,i must say this is a thumb style,the cream did not work for me the facial,cream was,hell like i dont know just three days,and this happened to me so,you could imagine what was gonna happen,if i hadnt even used it for a week,i mean that the skin cream for me,is a no no no im not getting it again,never ever ever like you know what you,put on your skin it looks like you put,soap,on your face you know you know that,feeling when you put soap on your face,that you dont wash it off and all that,i dont know why it has this kind of,consistency,the smell is okay the smell is great but,the cream is a no-no for me and im not,getting,it again now lets talk about the soap,the soap stage is a complexion bar,and its great for all skin types it,brightens complexion and even skin tone,it has vitamin c soy and licorice,now with the brightening properties i,dont know,maybe i have to use it for some more,time but the soap is okay i use it on my,face i rub it on my face,and i leave it on for about one minute,and just rinse it off with lukewarm,water,it has a very very grey smell it is mild,it doesnt irritate your skin,you know and its quite huge this is,going to last for,so so long if you use it only for your,face and its also affordable,for a facial soap okay so that is it i,love the soap and i might get the soap,again,the lotion is okay if its in the winter,just add some oil the cream,is trash okay the cream ill just throw,it out because,i dont know why i wasted my money on,the cream like its so so terrible on my,skin,honestly i dont know if its going to,work for another skin type,if its going to work for another person,i dont know about,with me this was terrible like,it just destroyed my face okay guys so,that is it about promise,skin success have you tried it have you,heard about it are you thinking of,trying it let me know in the comment,section if youve not subscribed please,dont forget to hit the subscribe button,dont forget to leave me that big thumbs,up and dont forget to share this with,family and friends,okay so until next time i am going to,see you again,with another nice and interesting one,bye bye

Palmers Anti Dark Spot Fade Cream REVIEW | Nini

hi guys thank you so much for watching,welcome to my channel its meeting you I,am going to do a product review for you,guys with hammers skin sexist anti dark,spot fade cream and this one is for oily,skin because I am oily and this is what,the box looks like you go and this is,what the main product looks like with,this container this container is on the,side of this container is point two,seven ounce certified graph its pretty,good size and this is what the product,inside and all almost half way because I,have been using this since the day I,bought it,twice today and it smells really good,not this anyway I am going to read to,you guys to be made in Greece or how you,guys discuss that it says here in a box,so the first active ingredients is,hydroquinone and its 2.0% and the hydro,Kanaan is to help skin lightening,lightening your skin or skin lightener,and the other active ingredients is,optically 3.0% it is a sunscreen and,this one that I bought it has a new,additional ingredient,it says here now with retinol and for,those of you guys has been whos been,watching my video,for a while now Im sure you know that I,had a video reviewing the hydroquinone,and retinol a cream product those,product works really good on me but its,a really really strong cream it made my,face really sensitive and fill up not,just,Philip its like my face was failing but,its all worth it and thats what its,supposed to do with my with with the,skin and unfortunately I ran out of bed,and but I am very very happy with my,face or my skin or right now and I dont,want to use more of those products,because its really strong and I dont,think Im supposed to use the that kind,of product every day for the rest of my,life because its really really strong,and and you suppose I supposed to stop,using it anyway as soon as my face or as,soon as I achieved the UM the skin that,I wanted looks like but I still have a,couple like a little bit dark scarring,there and it didnt go away all the way,because I ran out but I found a big one,I found this one and I found this,Walmart for around five dollars and yeah,and the main ingredient is hydroquinone,it has retinol now and and with,sunscreen but of course I still have to,use a sunscreen especially now the,summer I really need to use the,sunscreen and when you use a cream with,a trap with the hydroquinone you,supposed to use a sunscreen tank even if,youre not using any kind of special,cream you supposed to use sunscreen on a,date time especially if youre going to,go out if you always go out you need to,use the sunscreen dont forget anyway so,because I because I already use the ID,Rokinon and retinol a with that really,helps,to make my face looks better I want to,continue using those ingredients but in,a in a gentle in a gentle way so Im so,happy that I found this because the main,ingredients is retinol oh I mean,hydroquinone and he has the retinol so,so far its been not working on my skin,three days after I ran out of those,scream I broke out and I was so so,bummed because Im starting to break out,and I just like I I never have a really,nice skin before since I started using,those but Im just so happy that I found,it and two days after or a couple days,after I start using this until then,until now I havent break out and I did,I dont know its just that its just so,weird but because it didnt claim that,this would like to prevent breaking out,or anything but for some reason the,hydroquinone and retinol a have that,kind of effect on my skin it prevents me,to break out actually this is like a new,you a scar I got this three days after I,studied I ran out of those cream and but,now its fading away now since I use,this and Im hoping for this to I had,this long time ago and it didnt its,like almost gone but then I ran out of,those cream but my breakout here and,here is gone my discoloration here is,done I have like a skin damage here is,gone,and as you guys can see I am not wearing,any foundation but I am loving my skin I,used to have like a bunch of like a,teeny tiny breaks out here but you guys,can see it looks so clear I just love my,skin since I found up the best product,and um and I am going to tell you guys,what the the key ingredients again got,this product this the hydroquinone paste,dark spots and discoloration the retinol,helps improve fine lines and boost,collagen vitamin E provides antioxidant,protection from the free radical damage,alpha hydroxy roots at this helps,increase cells turn over and vitamin C,naturally brightens and even skin tone,so and this helps always said this helps,to face a dark spots age spots pause,post acne scars and uneven skin tone,which it is it really does on my what it,really does on my skin and its only,four five five dollars actually this is,a really really good primer for for for,the foundation and it fits here I,supposed to use it twice a day one in,the morning and one at night and it can,be used under the foundation which,thats what I have been using it and it,really really its really really good as,a primer and it it doesnt just for me,it doesnt just minimize meant for you,made my course please appear I dont,know if you guys can see I,if you can see my pores I dont think so,because thats what Im seeing here I,dont have a course and the reason why I,said this is such a good primer because,when it sits on my skin it feels tacky,it feels trapped tacky but very very,comfortable so when I put my foundation,it does really stick on the Dr Dee Prada,actually Im going to show you guys I,dont have any foundation right now this,is the only amount that I use and I just,do like this and put it here and here,and on my forehead and right here its,really really gentle actually so I am so,happy that I found this you warm up you,know Im very happy that they have it at,Walmart and I just do that after I I,spread it all over my face I just rub it,with my finger like that see it it feels,really really tacky,and its really good as a primer for the,foundation because its just a thin,cream and Im going to show you guys I,dont know I hope you can see but I,dont have that like port my pores just,disappear and I dont thing about this,product is it mattifies my skin,especially I am holding oily and that is,why this one is for oily skin and it,does modify my skin and what it says,here controls oil in it with it does,control the oiliness on my skin and,force for those of you guys never never,used hydroquinone or resin okay Im just,gonna gonna,remind you you might feel like,irritation or something because shes,still not used to using hydro canonical,Russian okay because I use worse than,the percentage of what they have indict,Rada my skin is just Indian to it so I,dont feel those kind of thing but just,for the reminder you might feel the,irritation because your skin never tried,youve never tried using your,hydroquinone or its annoying anyway and,thats it for this product review guys I,hope you liked it and if you guys have,more questions just comment down below,and dont forget to give me a thumbs up,if you want to see more of my video,subscribe and dont forget to hit that,not get a notification bell so you will,get notified every time I upload a video,now well see you guys on my next video,bye bye

Palmers Skin Success Fade Cream Review FAIL!!!!!!!!!!!

[Music],hey guys welcome back to my channel,today Im gonna be talking about my,first impressions and my last,impressions of this skins success,Palmers antique dark spots fade cream,its for oily skin I got that because I,have oily skin but I did like a little,documentary like when I first bought it,and when I first bought it online when I,first got it in the mail and until like,something happens how it happened some,stuff like those clips play right now,yes I am sick of my face looking like,this like are you serious right now like,and I cant find the right product,because all the reviews Im trying to,like find a skin corrector or like,something to help my face and all the,reviews suck like on the certain,products that anyone not saying all the,review sucks but on a certain product,they want like its so annoying because,look my face is just not the best right,now look all that dark spots need to,come out all this its just dark up here,and like light appear so Ill try to,find something that can help me with,this space even my neck is like dirt so,I really need something and I was,looking everywhere everywhere for,reviews and everything,ima show you theres certain products,that I was Im going to try cuz my face,is just it just needs it it just needs,it okay let me show you know sorry for,my screen you know it was quick,correcting all but anyways this is what,Im using right now,its the only thing Im using at my face,as you know just cleansing by whatever,so this is what Im thinking of getting,this claim ass but I really think I need,a clay mask because I just need like,stuff to get off my face like okay I,dont really think about that but this,one here is what Im thinking youre,really getting but I dont know I looked,at reviews and its just like and then,this one over here,Palmers skin success scream I really,was thinking of getting this one too and,I looked under reviews with this one and,then some people said they dont like it,some people said they broke out some I,dont know I just dont know its,knowing me because I just dont know but,whats gonna end up happening its gonna,buy one probably buy this one first try,it see if I like it just if anything,happens like for a long time probably,Ill try it then if that doesnt work in,like another six months or something,they have to try this one because my,face needs it and I just cant let my,face just keep on going like this Im,just gonna go with the Palmers just,scream because my face appears lighter,then down in there okay,and then he was like even out look its,just like light dark give him my neck,and then it goes to light again so,I need some help okay like so I know,its not gonna post for a long time but,I just want to show you guys know even,like the open pores and everything with,the dark spots here like I dont think I,could think is acne anywhere I think,its just a like all the dark spots for,my acne that just faded away but look oh,my god but I need it I need something I,cant let my face keep on going like,this so Im gonna go with the Palmers,and see how I like it,hey guys its the 20th and the mound,says is supposed to be from 21st so Im,just stalking the Melgar,my package and it came that 21st came,with just a box of course in this letter,that just has to price on it even though,I did not pay that but my screen it is,oily so thats why they have this RAM,and paper up here I was just telling you,that other products they have and stuff,Ill open it its very clean and it has,a little cap on it I forgot that Im,trying to not spill it everywhere but,the smell of this is absolutely amazing,oh my god adjustments,Im gonna enjoy putting this on my face,I cant wait for my skin to even out so,this is my face now because hes light,on top dirt gonna bottom Im gonna put,on my neck too so yeah so Im finally,gonna be using this for the first night,its really night time really dont know,what time it is but its like 11:00 or,something but Im gonna use the Im just,gonna use my regular face wash my skin,is oily thats why I got being oily one,okay all I use for my face right now he,is this you can see Frieza,I keep it in this little thing because,its really messy so its like a bar so,its not really like the ones that you,squeeze out and stuff but they do make,ones like that so I dont know but I,feel like the bar last longer started,the ballroom so what I do each like you,just put this all over my face thatll,wash it off but now that I have this,that came today Im gonna put this on,after you do that,like really boiled right now but we just,fly through there some for the talkies,I wet my face first and then I put this,item,watch cleanser off but Im gonna drop my,face but I was thinking a driving face,and I put it on but I usually brush my,teeth and I dont want all the water so,Ill brush my Im gonna try my fairies,no Im a brush Bettina or dry my face,then Ill come back and put this is ice,cream I think with oily skin is like,its not oily after you wash your face,but anyways maybe stop talking just put,this on my face yeah I dont know doing,I dont know if I should put this all,over or lip spots that need to clean but,its pretty much on my own face you have,that much lets make sure my face is,completely clean,it was very light Im doing it like,snowshoes but I really want to get it,all over I really dont know how its,gonna react to my face yeah Im just,doing it just to do it I really just,want all these things are nothing at the,time because I still dont know how,to me,I dont want some places to be dark,Ill be back okay guys thats pretty,much it I just put it all over a panel,my neck I put it everywhere and Ill,give you update tomorrow morning but,after that Im gonna come back in two,weeks on the box right here Ill see you,guys there are small bumps everywhere I,dont know what to do,theres no bumps everywhere I didnt,know I was gonna react to my face like,that like what and my neck is horrible I,didnt expect this,Im like just noticing this I just came,back from Miami and there are small,bumps just I do look especially on my,neck right here oh my god guys its like,oh happy because Im like I never have,an allergic reaction meant anything like,oh its just like a reaction whats,going on,Ill get all that I dont know what is,Oh like here everywhere its literally,that you dont notice that my face Im,much but I see its like text your eyes,and oh god its like down here too its,around here and so yeah I broke me out,and Here I am today talking about it,its the 28th I believe and my skin is I,stopped using it as soon as I saw those,bumps and you know so I used it every,night and every day,I mean every night and morning then I I,dont know I dont really trust it you,know Im not putting on my face anymore,Im just gonna move on to the next,product,thats what ima do and Im not gonna,put it back on my face of course but,theres basically a waste but I also,found it on I also found it in Walmart,$5 instead of buying it online for $7,but if you guys still want to order it,online maybe youre in a different,country or something,I also have the link down below where I,got it online but again its at Walmart,for like five twelve I believe Ill show,the picture when I saw it I was like oh,my god I bought this for seven bucks but,it doesnt matter because it doesnt,work so I was really disappointed and,really want my skin to be even but,thats not the case so I hope you guys,like comment and subscribe and I see you,guys in my next video,[Music],[Music]

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