1. PancakeSwap Is The Best DeFi Protocol! Here’s Why!
  2. Pancakeswap Review
  3. Stader vs Stake Cake (Pancakeswap) – Deep Dive Review – Crypto Passive Income
  4. Pancakeswap (CAKE) crypto review – should 11x in price
  5. Uniswap or Pancakeswap: BATTLE of The DEXs!! ????
  6. 1 Year of Pancakeswap – STAKING CAKE TOKEN IS WORTH IT!
  7. PancakeSwap & $CAKE… A Deep Dive Review in 2021!

PancakeSwap Is The Best DeFi Protocol! Here’s Why!

pancake swap is the best d5 protocol,heres why the expansion of,decentralized finance has become far,more acceptable in the digital world in,recent years there are a number of d5,protocols on the market that promise a,bigger slice of the global pie and,ironically food theme d5 protocols are,the most popular among them lets take a,look at one of the most well-known food,themed d5 protocols pancake swap and how,it governs the defy world pancake swap,is no laughing matter despite its,comical name its among the most popular,decentralized applications of all time,with a daily trading volume of around 90,million dollars at the time of making,this video in this video well look at,how to make money with pancake swap in,full detail so stay tuned and stick with,us to the end to learn just about,everything there is to know about,pancake swap so you want to convert,cryptocurrencies into cash but dont,know where to begin youve probably,heard people brag about the millions,theyve earned just by being early to,the cryptocurrency party and profiting,by selling their cryptocurrencies at a,higher price later maybe you even have,buddies that make a living solely from,crypto mining the reality is that,everyone enters the cryptocurrency,market with the goal of making money but,not everyone succeeds due to lack of,information about how to make money,using cryptocurrencies many people,simply give up and burn their money,were going to make sure that doesnt,happen to you after today so then whats,pancake swap lets dive right in what is,pancake swap pancake swap is the second,most popular decentralized exchange on,binance smart chain and it has grown in,popularity due to its high liquidity,extensive feature set and rapidly,expanding user base what makes pancake,swap better than the others on bsc is,thanks to automated trade that utilizes,smart contracts as a decentralized,exchange eliminating any liabilities,despite the fact that the team behind,pancake swap is pretty much unknown its,been certified by many important,blockchain security firms including,sirtic the website and smart contract,code for pancake swap are both open,source and that makes the platform,totally open for public use the platform,has seen a remarkable economic boom in,both the number of users and the,liquidity of supported assets since its,launch in september 2020 as well as in,the variety of features it provides,well talk about its features later on,in the video so make sure that you watch,till the end so you dont miss out also,be sure to hit that bell icon so you,dont miss a single upload pancake swap,has evolved into a full-fledged d5,ecosystem with all of its products based,on cake the platforms main utility,token cake is used for a number of,things in the rapidly expanding,ecosystem yield farming staking,participating in the pancake swap,lottery and posting and voting on,governance proposals by the platforms,community governance interface are just,a few of the platforms main features,the reason why pancake swap is able to,provide so many features is because its,a decentralized exchange that operates,as an automated market maker this means,there are no order books bid or ask,procedures or limit and market orders in,the system instead of being an automated,market maker or am the platform users,automatically draw liquidity from one or,more liquidity pools which are,rebalanced after each trade the way am,works is am trades such as pancake swap,take liquidity from one end and supply,it to the other affecting acid ratios,and market value liquidity in,cryptocurrency refers to the ease with,which you can exchange your tokens for,cash another token or even an nft with,pancake swap liquidity providers supply,liquidity by increasing the overall,level of funds available by adding equal,amounts to both sides of a liquidity,pool a user investment in the pool is,then represented by lp tokens which are,awarded to them for being lps and they,must return these tokens in order to,collect their share of the pool simply,put lps earn a share of the transaction,fees generated by any pools they supply,in exchange for providing liquidity,makers and takers pay a fixed 0.25,transaction cost with the liquidity,providers splitting the rest of the fee,its as simple as that wondering how you,get paid with pancake swap its a,decentralized application so any funds,you make or take are done through a web3,wallet such as metamask trust wallet or,wallet connect once these wallets have,been configured to support binance smart,chain theyre used to connect with the,pancake swap smart contracts via the,pancake swap front end as far as how the,platform runs its operated by the,pancake swap treasury which earns 15 of,all the trading fees that are collected,according to the official documents the,treasury funds can be used for a number,of things related to the platforms care,and maintenance salaries audits awards,bounties and hosting are just a few,examples the bigger question is does,this platform have a future does pancake,swap have a future well since its,launched in 2020 the platform has,undergone multiple updates each of which,has seen the addition of new things and,functions pancake swap upgraded to,version 2 in april of 2021 giving,developers more flexibility to add new,features such as auto compounding in,syrup pools and developing a referral,program the fee schedule was then,altered from 0.2 percent to 0.25,with 0.05 of the charge going toward,purchasing cake on the open market,before burning it to add another,deflationary function to the token,pancake swaps chiefs dont have a solid,strategy in place yet but theres a,public to-do list with no set dates,fixed fixed-term staking products,lending and borrowing capabilities and,allowing users to earn nfts by,completing tasks and leveling up are,just a few of the major items on the,agenda the introduction of a governance,proposal that sets a path for its native,token cake was one of the items on that,list the proposal suggests putting a,supply cap of 750 million cake tokens on,the market which was passed with a 98.8,majority across 11 million votes the,current circulating supply of cake is,166 million and the entire supply should,be in circulation within the next three,to four years the road map also lays out,a strategy for enhancing the pancake,staking system with v cake bee cake and,eye cake being developed to maximize,farming rewards bring up initial farm,offering benefits and improve governance,voting capabilities the goal of adding,this feature is to encourage pancake,swap users to stake more cake in order,to reduce the circulating supply the,apps native token like much of the,cryptocurrency market has lost most of,its value and is currently trading at,4.63 dollars at the time of making this,video the fact that pancake swap is,based on the binance smart chain allows,it to take advantage of a number of its,unique features to provide end users,with an awesome trading experience for,starters it features extremely low,transaction costs and fast confirmation,times ensuring that trades are completed,quickly its also immune to front,running and other forms of displacement,making it safer to use on blockchains,with slower block times apart from that,pancake swap comes with lots of other,features many of which are beneficial,only to cake owners making it an ideal,solution for passive revenue lets talk,about the most well-known features it,has to offer that make it so popular,unique features the first unique feature,is initial farm offerings or ifo for,short pancake swap like an initial dex,offering allows its users to buy tokens,from startups before they go public,during an initial farm offering though,pancake swap users can exchange their,cake bnb lp tokens for new project,tokens half of the total funds are,burned as part of the process providing,the coin with another deflationary,mechanism some of the projects that have,been launched thanks to this approach,are ditto soteria and hot cross

Pancakeswap Review

[Music],so in this video were looking at,pancake swap and,if youre new to the channel welcome to,the channel please consider clicking the,subscribe button if youre an existing,global money tribe member and youre,subscribed to the channel,welcome back were talking about pancake,swap and ive just finished putting,together a research paper to really,highlight what the project is all about,if youre interested in accessing this,research paper completely free of charge,all you have to do is go to the link,down in the description below youll be,able to access,this research paper along with all the,other research papers that weve put,together for all the coins on this,channel,as well as all the stocks that we have,reviewed,please do me a favor and click the like,button below this video now this helps,us get these videos out and every single,like,really does help okay so taking a look,at the research paper pancake swap,the first thing you need to know is that,it trades under the symbol,cake and if you are interested in,getting more information,you can go to the website at,pancakeswap.finance,and of course what you need to know,about the token type is that it is,bse and the start date for the project,was,september 2020. now the current supply,circulation is,189 million and currently the supply cap,theres no real data available so i,cannot tell you what those,uh the supply cap currently is however,market cap is sitting at a whopping 2.3,billion so a very very large market cap,the market price currently sitting at,12.50,and of course the lowest price which was,19 cents was,in november 2020. the highest price,achieved so far was 4418 and that was,in april 2021. now the current market,rank is,sitting at 38. and so it is,quite a dominant token quite a dominant,cryptocurrency so definitely worth,considering in terms of that,very strong reddit following at 44 000,and of course that huge huge twitter,following just shy of a million,at 938. now of course one of the things,we like to do on this channel,when it comes to reviewing cryptos is we,like to lean heavily,into these sentiment scores and really,try and figure out,what is going on around the sentiments,because of course the fundamentals in,terms of market cap in terms of you know,the supply caps,those tell a certain part of the story,but as we all know when it comes to,cryptocurrency,highly highly sentiment driven and so we,tend to lean in quite heavily when it,comes to these uh,these sentiment scores and to do that we,use a site called,is this coin a scam now of course i just,need to point out that this,is a computer generated model it takes,together,a whole bunch of different data points,basically looking at you know,different sentiments in terms of the,social media mentions,takes into account market cap takes into,account the development stuff thats,happening you know get it hub etc,and basically formulates that into a,score so we can see right now,that there is a overall project score of,5.47 out of 10 so about 50,which is definitely towards the top end,of cryptos that we have reviewed on this,channel,and so it definitely has got a fairly,decent,sentiment score now the way this is,comprised the way its made up its,basically developing 6.5 out of 10. so,very strong score there,sentiment 2.7 out of 10 community 5.45,out of 10,and then if we look at awareness 0.68,out of 10 credibility 4.5 out of 10,and then of course on the volume 10 out,of 10 and that,largely to do with a very very very,strong market cap,now of course the other thing we like to,do is we like to look at the potential,price points when it comes to looking at,price pointing,again a highly subjective exercise we,use a site that again,uses an algorithm to basically put,together data,and try and model on what it projects,the pricing to be,now of course this is something that you,can take with a pinch of salt because,again it only takes one big social media,event or,one large celebrity to come and really,pump the queen and that can change,everything so,right now looking at the coin the,projection,for the end of uh 2021,is that it should end on about 1892,based on,the existing modeling on the,high price for 2028 it is predicting,57.85 so definitely some general growth,projected in terms of the algorithm,and like most cryptocurrencies its got,a general upward trend,largely because most cryptocurrencies,are down in the dumps,right now so definitely at the bottom,end of the market and most computer,generated models,are definitely projecting some kind of,growth in the future,now the next thing we try and look at on,the channel when were looking at all,these,different cryptocurrencies is we try and,lean into,the thing that makes each coin unique,were looking for,the unique selling proposition of every,project because of course most of the,cryptocurrencies are all,pretty much fundamentally doing the same,thing so to do this we obviously look,through the white papers we have a look,at all the different data out there,and then try and figure out what that,unique selling proposition is,so in terms of the token we think that,the cake token provides liquidity to the,pancake swap network,and this is obviously giving the network,its own transactional token and i think,that is probably,the biggest unique selling point behind,the cake token,now if we come and have a look at,pancake swap from a technical,perspective,uh pancake swap is a new and effective,decentralized cryptocurrency exchange,built on the binance smart chain and it,uses,uh users can basically swap their bpe 20,tokens safely on,the platform so its essentially a,trading platform and,an exchange where you can basically use,the cake or pancake swap token as that,underlying asset to move in and out and,between,the different cryptocurrencies now the,cake token provides a facility called,auto market maker that offers a unique,way to generate passive income from the,different cryptocurrencies and of course,if youre interested in that,i highly suggest you go and check out,the pancake swap,website which is at pancake,swap dot finance the link is here and of,course if you do want to go and access,this research paper,you can do that completely free of,charge now if you are interested in,knowing where you can purchase the token,how you can get hold of the token,youve got a number of different ways,you can of course go to binance you can,go to,vcc exchange you can go to bkx you can,go to qcoin and,mxc.com and theres probably one or two,that i missed out so,id be very interested to know what your,thoughts are around the project,do you think this was an accurate review,of the project,do you feel that the sentiment scores,are accurate i know that a lot of people,who are invested in cryptos tend to,have a very bullish uh outlook on the,cryptos and thats obviously why theyre,invested in,so if you disagree with any of the,points that ive made here please let me,know in the comments section below if,you think that the review was accurate,please also let me know in the comment,section below,and of course if you have not joined our,global money tribe please consider,smashing that subscribe button,we have lots of great content that were,sharing on the channel,and of course the more subscribers we,have the more motivated we are to,continue,creating excellent content,if you love money creating wealth and,one financial freedom join our global,money trial by smashing that subscribe,button,be sure to turn on the notifications by,clicking on the bell icon,and because i know you need a little,extra motivation every month im going,to give away a signed copy of my book,the money secret along with some really,cool channel merch to our active,subscribers so smash that subscribe,button now,you

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Stader vs Stake Cake (Pancakeswap) – Deep Dive Review – Crypto Passive Income

[Music],thank you,[Music],hi hello this is Charlie osei and youre,watching Upstream Charlie this is a,great day today well be doing a versus,video,of uh how much you can earn using stator,versus uh steak cake,okay I was supposed to do this uh,several days ago,prior to uh the same bank Manfred FTX,Adam made a scandal Financial scandal,and I dont know if that guy is going to,be arrested uh he has too many,politicians on his pockets it goes to,show that U.S the United States as a,developed country is no different from a,third world country or a uh or a,developing country,you know,politicians are the same everywhere they,can be bought,and if you have tons of money most,likely you wont get arrested,okay or do you get a slap on the back,okay as long as you pay the right people,but anyway were not gonna talk again,about uh SPF and what he did to the,crypto industry,okay but first things first lets check,the uh check,what Bitcoin is to date Bitcoin is below,17 000. dollars which is very very good,if youre a first time,uh crypto uh investor this is a very,good time to uh enter the space actually,but mind mind you that theres going to,be a recession,a U.S recession sometime in the first,quarter maybe up to the first half of,2023 and there might be a spill over and,we dont know if theres gonna be like a,stagflation as per,uh reading of Kathy Wood you know the,CEO or CIO,of uh and the founder of arc Arc invest,shes one of those uh super ladies in uh,in the investment world in the US so you,should try to uh subscribe to her to,their Channel our our invest or just,type in Kathy Wood,and uh you know subscribe to their,Channel they do a report uh,at least twice or Thrice a month,depending on the situation so she does,some macro economics,Etc,and for ethereum,its now below 1 300 its like 1200 this,is a steal if you check on ethereum it,could go up to four thousand you know it,could go up to three thousand okay and,Bitcoin could go could go back again to,like forty thousand you know just just,the more or less positive conservative,uh,uh reading okay so this is going to be a,long-term investment and of course for,the rest of the altcoins like polygon,and uh the rest you know,uh its gonna go up eventually I dont,know about Solana because Solana is,closely has closed eyes has close,relations with the FB uh with some Bank,Manfred and Alameda so thats why,theyre uh their uh,their coin got hit during the Scandal,but now its like picking up again,because its a good buy,Solana technology,technologically its good but they have,some breakdowns from time to time so,its not perfect okay but polygon is,doing well unfortunately its a layer,two but they have lots of projects uh,prior to this uh,event in our crypto industry because of,some bank and free okay but theyre,growing every year okay so its a good,investment cardano is like the Macintosh,of the computer world so they have their,own world,but theyre doing fine instead according,to uh their leader,uh hodgkinson,you know its better to do it slowly but,surely no need to have too much,marketing but no teeth,right so there you go and Dodge Coin is,so dependent on Elon Musk xrp is still,having problems with the SEC hopefully,they could have a wins very soon because,some documents have been released as per,request of the judge so this one also is,a good buy a good bet,and BNB is strong still strong,uh after uh CZ did a revelation against,FDX but anyway lets move on thats the,market for today uh lets go were gonna,do a stator versus uh pancake swap,uh stick kick,and uh staking also in a stator because,in stator is youre just gonna be doing,some staking now for those who dont,know stator so stay there they have uh,you you youre going you go you need to,buy hedera or polygon or BNB Phantom,uh Terra 2.0 or near,uh and then coming soon ethereum,Avalanche and Solana,you need to buy this and it will be,converted into like hedera X and then,Matic X or polygon X then B and BX and,Phantom X,and near X Etc okay were gonna Were,not gonna pick everything because each,and every one of this uh,uh coins that thats gonna be converted,into a uh into a uh uh What uh,a lot coin in a stator,uh has different values okay,so if were going to uh like go to,hedera in stator,the apy of hedera,h-bar,or H bar X so what what youre going to,do here basically you need to be a h bar,and then,uh you need to be in,hedera or H bar,uh,a chain okay you need to be in the H bar,chain,and then you could swap your hedera here,so once you swap your hedera here youll,be earning uh,9.61 API,yeah apy so,thats the estimated annualized uh,return so,plus theres a transaction fee of uh for,each bar so how much is an H bar,today h bar,lets go check on coin gecko,H bar is like four cents,four cents,four cents yeah a piece a pop,and uh,if you check on the yearly,the highest for last year was around 40,cents,for hedera and if you do a maximum the,the highest,would be like 50 cents in 2021 prior to,the,bear Market,okay so thats the price of hidera its,four cents,Okay so,there uh then its gonna be trans,transformed into H bar X you could keep,this uh you could uh have an H bar X in,your wallet,lets say if youre using a,if youre using metamask and if you have,an H bar,I dont know if its effective here or,you need an H bar wallet separately,and then you have an H bar you have to,find uh,you need to connect your wallet connect,my wallet,okay so you need a special uh H bar,wallet for this one,okay so lets say you did that you,you have like 1000,hidera,so whats whats 1000 hidera around,forty eight dollars but lets say you,have uh,one thousand two hundred,okay no you need the two thousand two,hundred,uh somewhere there lets say you,invested,in invested one hundred dollars its too,small lets say you put in 10 000 hidera,or ten thousand five hundred,you you invested 500 dollars,ten thousand five hundred eras,so youll youll have an equivalent of,uh minus four dollars uh youll get an,equivalent of uh eight thousand,uh,778 H bar X,y,okay anyway,uh point is you youre gonna earn,9.6 apy and then once you have your your,uh,hedera X you could then uh add it to,like this one additional 16.8,okay,so its best to do the H bar slash H bar,H bar X so aside from 9.61 youll be,earning uh 16 point unfortunately when,you do this uh you need to spend the,same amount of H bar,you need to spend among spend the same,amount of H bar,to have an H bar X,so thats how you do the lp so lets say,you need you have 500 here,and then you youll also need to have,the same amount,Okay so,you need to spend the same amount here,by 10 500.,so if you spend ten thousand five,hundred there or there thats around 500,dollars,513 at current price then you need to,have an H bar equivalent to five,thousand,uh 500 513 okay,and then youll earn,additional 16.8 percent okay,so if you try to Total the percentages,youll get uh 16,.08,plus nine,point sixty one,because around 25 percent,annually okay but the thing is,uh youve locked your uh H bar here,and then while youre locking youre,earning money thats good for one year,and then if you lock it for another year,youll get additional 16.08 uh I get I,guess that split with your H bar,in your H bar X,so in total youll get around 25 percent,uh in 12 months or in 365 days,okay,minus fix,I dont know what the piece here,are,Im sure there are fees and whats,saucer swap I dont know but anyway Im,not an H bar user,so,and plus h bars value is around only,four cents as you can see four cents so,thats uh very small,and uh Im not familiar with the H bar,H bar,Community but Im very much familiar,with polygon and bnbx so okay 25 for uh,25 for hidera,in total,and then lets go to Matic,here in the,stigmatic,okay its taking a while okay so we are,now in the polygon X or stator polygon,uh,stigmatic and nismatic X well earnings,taking reward so here they have an apy,of 5.76 percent,so whats uh whats the deal with Matic,today Matic,polygon Matic,so one Matic right now is around 91,cents it actually grew yeah it actu

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Pancakeswap (CAKE) crypto review – should 11x in price

whats up guys this is kryptober James,talking to you today about pancake swap,pancake swap is a DEX uh they have,obviously their own token that fuels the,ecosystem fuels the decks its a Quality,quality crypto I want to point out why I,believe this has immense long-term,potential,um,yeah guys pay attention to this,before I get into it I update the,spreadsheet now if you are brand new to,the channel youre probably wondering,why you should listen to me well these,are the first 26 coins I spoke about on,the channel theyre the first 26 coins I,owned when Id made the channel,had you invested 100 bucks into the each,of these cryptos when I released videos,about them and you dont literally,everything wrong youd held them you,bought them and then you just hold them,for the rest of time,its still being profit for 8K,doing everything wrong,remember as an investment you buy low,you sell high and if youve done the,right thing guys,and you bought them and then sold them,last year when the markets were flying,you would have made 123 Grand thats 115,Grand difference the difference between,doing the right thing and doing the,complete wrong thing,now these arent coins I own if you want,to see the coins I own,go to copymycrypto.com and read through,the website is where I share the coins I,own,the coins Im buying coins Im selling,now right now the markets are down so,Im buying and Im building my portfolio,if so if you want to see,those coins if you want to get these,kind of gains these 42xs 61 5262 677.,then youre going to want to read,through that site and Phantom was a,udemy course I did where I said its the,best investment year Ive only made one,ever guys,now next time I find Phantom or a,phantom like crypto Im not going to do,a udemy course Im not going to spout it,around on YouTube Im gonna go tell the,members so if you want to find out what,the next Bitcoin is going to be,go read that side now,so pancake swap so Im going to point a,few things out because pancake swap got,a pretty big Market cup already,um and obviously its pretty much,everywhere but its on pancake swaps,exchange now pancake swaps exchange is,doing about 116 million dollars in in,the 24 hours,that is not bad when you look at,uniswaps 190 million,I mean theres a bit of difference but,its not actually that dramatic and,uniswaps mint and it is the most traded,decks in the space,you know uniswap is based upon ethereum,ethereum has been around a lot longer as,a smart contract platform ethereum,has far more projects built upon it than,uh Finance smart chain which is what,pancake swap was built on,theres a lot going for pancake swap you,know its really pretty much in its,infancy,and theres been a few updates recently,so,uh pancake swap,um has introduced a new a few new,features the decks removed its fee on,the pancake shop bridge and the bridge,is now the same as a Stargate at 6 BPS,or basically 0.06 which is pretty damn,good very very small fee,uh the decks,um,launched uh the pancake swap stable swap,to allow community members to and take,token odds to trade uh stable coin pair,uh pairs without,having to have high slippage so with a,really nice and low slippage so it means,again theres just less taken off of you,pancake swap,has made a few changes to its farm,auctions as well,so the farm auction is a way of getting,uh a Projects organic traffic to,increase,so by doing this effectively what,theyve done is theyve extended farm,auctions from two weeks to three weeks,and theyve increased the minimum bid,from 5 000 uh cake to seven thousand,cake so this game allowing new projects,to Garner more,uh funds and more into and more traffic,um,theyre also changing their ifo,structure,so I the ifos obviously give cake,holders,um access to projects early,that are going to be listed on pancake,swap,um so the new structure gives loyal cake,holders increased ifo benefits and,theyre also burning so theyve burnt 7,million cake very recently,um this burn aligns with the project,goal of making cake deflationary long,term,um so right now pancake swap are doing a,lot of the right things,um,and you know theyve also integrated the,ethereum network onto the platform so,you can switch between BNB and ethereum,so it allows increased training as a,result that increased trading will have,benefits long term for the cake token,that fuels the ecosystem,um,and long term Im pretty bullish on this,one thing Ill say though,Im not over the moon with obviously,everything that happened recently with,buying a smart chain you know we saw,um them create their own Bridge their,own Bridge suffered an exploit that,exploit resulted in 100 Mil,um worth of exploit at worth of money,at risk right but the bigger concern,from just uh,logical standpoint,is they switched the chain off,they stopped the chain they stopped,buying a smart chain,now the whole premise,of,um the blockchain is that its,decentralized,and if you can do that its not,decentralized so were going to have the,same old problems,that we have with normal traditional,Finance,they can screw you when they want to,screw you if they can just switch off,the chain thats concerning,um,and also why have they built their own,Bridge,let someone else do though like if,youre building your own Bridge you know,Bri but everyone knows bridges are the,most exploited,um,sector within crypto at the moment,so lets one else build it and then,you,shouldnt have your assets potentially,at risk,the liabilities on the other builders,not you what are you doing,you know what I would be,Id be really hesitant if we started,seeing,um,Id be really harassed about pancake,swaps future if I started seeing this,more more commonly but what do you guys,think about that,you know does does the idea that they,can literally just stop the blockchain,because CZ CZ said,would that does that bother you let me,know in the comments,um down below also guys like um,subscribe to the channel then weve got,80 of you guys that keep returning to,view the channel but you never subscribe,do me a favor then Id have to stop,asking,be nice dont like asking,um,so yeah so pancake swap I mean,when we look at their,overall liquidity as well within the,um,wheres the data,data data data no I dont want the blogs,yeah okay fine,info there we go,okay so B and B,um right now,uh pancake swap info uh and analytics,obviously the liquidity uh is can be,read there this is on the ethereum so,lets swap,to uh,why is that not doing,see thats not great Id like to see a,bit more of,um,no,doesnt want to do it cool,all right,um yeah okay so I cant even check with,liquidity stuff at the moment I dont,know whats happening with this,literally just pressed it like three,times,rubbish,anyway,um so this is uh Patrick stops info for,the ethereum chain its showing you the,top tokens in terms of liquidity so a,lot of a decent amount of wrapped teeth,not tons,um,and you can swap ether wrapped wrap,teeth for rap BTC and all this,um so theyve got decent swap uh,functionality particularly with stable,swaps,um,look one one thing thats going to be,true of the next uh Market cycle when,everything starts moving up is well see,um,a lot of people go towards Dexters,again because what will happen once,again is well see a run of crypto,projects launching on dexs Dex is what,is where most crypto new crypto projects,will launch once again,um and pancake Swap and uniswap will,both benefit from that enormously and,theyll probably be redefined as a with,a new term you know in 2018 2017-18 was,Ico most more recently you know weve,had,ideas ifos ieos,um so Im sure therell be a new term,or new ticker or whatever you want to,call it for it,um but when that happens,obviously well see surges in trading,volume on dexes once again,uh pancakes what previously hit sort of,43 bucks 50 bucks seems inevitable for,pancake swap realistically because,even its current market cap you know,Im gonna put it maybe a market up of 7,billion or thereabouts,um if the circulating supplies similar,by the time the next Bull c

Uniswap or Pancakeswap: BATTLE of The DEXs!! ????

as the market cap of the crypto market,continues to grow,so too does the total value locked in,its various d5 protocols and,applications,once upon a time d5 was synonymous with,ethereum and ethereum,is where we continue to see most of the,action in this niche,however high gas fees on the ethereum,network have pushed the average dephy,user,to more affordable alternatives the open,source nature of most d5 protocols,has conveniently allowed competing smart,contract blockchains,like the binance smartchain to recreate,the same,d5 protocols that ethereum users know,and,love now were starting to see these new,copycat protocols slowly overtake their,ethereum based equivalents in total,value locked,the most salient example is pancake swap,which briefly eclipsed uni-swap,as the largest amm decks in d5,this has left many wondering which of,the two is the real deal,today im going to compare and contrast,both amms and their respective tokens,to find out,before we dive in i need to tell you a,few things,first i am not a financial advisor and,nothing in this video is financial or,investment advice,what you see here is for educational,purposes only and is just one of many,resources,you should consult before you do,anything impulsive,second i know the contents of this will,be a sensitive topic for some of you and,i promise to be as objective as i can,in my analysis if youre new here,have no fear my name is guy and i will,be your guide,here at the coin bureau i cover,everything cryptocurrency,coins tokens news tutorials market,analyses,and even the occasional crypto,conspiracy theory,if this is exactly what youve been,looking for make sure you always find,these videos,by subscribing to the channel and,pinging that notification bell,if you look closely youll notice ive,left a few time stamps,in the video timeline give them a quick,hover to see the topics im about to,cover,right thats enough dilly dallying for,today its time,for uni swap versus pancake swap,uni swap is an amm deck built on,ethereum,it was created in november 2018 by,mechanical engineer,hayden adams hayden received a small,amount of funding,to develop uniswap from pascal van heck,a well-known ethereum developer in 2017,after being introduced to vitalik,buterin by one of his friends,hayden received a grant from the,ethereum foundation in 2018,to cover the cost of reviewing uniswaps,code and,stress testing the smart contracts uni,swap received 1.8 million in seed,funding from a crypto hedge fund in,april 2019,and raised another 11 million dollars in,a vc funding round in the summer of,2020.,uni swap also seems to have raised an,undisclosed amount from another vc firm,at the start of september 2020,prior to the launch of the uni token,which ill return to later,pancake swap is an amm deck built on the,binance smart chain,it was created by a team of anonymous,developers in september 2020.,the only funding pancake swap received,seems to have come from binance as part,of their 100 million dollar,defy accelerator fund on the binance,smart chain,if my calculations are correct pancake,swap received as much as 2.5 million,dollars from binance as part of,binances first round of quote,liquidity support for d5 protocols in,october 2020,this was followed up by another 240 000,from binance in liquidity support and,rewards,one month later when it comes to whats,under the hood,uni swap and pancake swap are basically,identical,thats because pancake swap is a clone,of uni swap,and a post in an ethereum subreddit,reveals that much of pancake swaps code,still makes references to uniswap before,you get your knickers in a twist you,should know that this,is nothing new open source d5 protocols,get cloned all the time,look no further than sushi swap for,evidence of this,that said pancake swap does have a few,features that uni swap does not,for starters pancake swap has two,built-in yield farming tools,where you can stake liquidity provider,tokens to earn cake,and steak cake to earn more cake or,other bep 20 tokens,the annual percentage returns in many of,these pools are well over 100,you can buy lottery tickets using cake,tokens for a chance of winning the,entire pot of cake used in each lottery,round,and also by various nft collectibles,with cake,pancake swap even has something called,an initial farm offering which lets you,trade your liquidity,provider tokens for tokens belonging to,a new cryptocurrency project,the project gets your bnb you get the,tokens and,pancake swap burns your cake,now another nifty feature on pancake,swap is the presence of gamification,through the use of community teams,leaderboards and even,various tasks and achievements,the differences between uni swap and,pancake swap become even more apparent,when,examining other metrics although they,have similar trading volumes,uni swap offers over 1600 tokens and,2100 trading pairs,whereas pancake swap only offers 96,tokens,and 690 trading pairs in terms of users,uni swap has logged nearly 1 million,unique wallet addresses,according to june analytics the most,recent statistic i was able to find,suggests that uni swap has over 300 000,monthly users this is nearly double the,number of monthly users pancake swap has,seen,in the last 30 days according to dap,radar,in terms of fees a swap on pancake swap,only carries a 0.2,fee versus the 0.3 fee on uniswap,the entire 0.3 fee on uni swap goes to,liquidity providers whereas only,0.17 of pancake swaps 0.2,fee goes to lps 0.03,of pancake swap 0.2 percent fee goes,towards funding their treasury which,appears to be controlled by the,protocols developers,pancake swaps treasury is currently,holding nearly 6 million,in cryptocurrency now this is quite,impressive but,pales in comparison to uniswops,community-operated treasury wallets that,collectively hold,a whopping eight billion dollars worth,of uni tokens,uniswaps documentation specifies that,this treasury is community managed along,with the rest of the protocol,uni swap consequently has a much more,robust and elaborate governance process,than pancake swap the most significant,difference between uni swap and pancake,swap,is usability since uniswap is a,decentralized application built on,ethereum you need a browser wallet,extension like metamask to use it,all uniswap fees are paid in eth and,executing a single trade will run you,anywhere between,to 40-100 in each gas fees,uni swap trades can also take minutes or,even hours to complete unless youre,paying the highest gas fee,this is not very practical for the,average person whos making small,transactions,and is why ethereum d5 protocols like,uniswap,are being used primarily by whales if,you want to reduce your ethereum gas,fees or even profit from these rising,gas costs,you can learn how to do so by watching,my recent video about that,open up a new tab using the link in the,top right and give that a watch later on,pancake swap also requires a browser,wireless extension and while it does,support metamask,configuring your metamask wallet to,support the binance smart chain,is no easy task this leaves the binance,chain wallet browser extension which can,be conveniently linked to your binance,account,this makes it easy to swap assets,between binance and pancake swap,its especially useful since youre able,to withdraw popular cryptocurrencies,like bitcoin and ethereum,in the form of bep20 tokens that can be,used in,cd5 protocols on the binance smart chain,the only caveat here is that the binance,chain wallet browser extension is,not very stable it can sometimes show,incorrect token balances or even fail to,process,transactions all pancake swap fees are,paid in bnb,and a single trade wont cost you more,than a few cents,in bnb gas fees in contrast to uni swap,pancake swap trades take seconds to,complete now given these facts its,quite easy to see,why protocols on the binance smart chain,have seen an explosion in users and,total value locked,besides low fees and fast swaps the,ability to convert,wrapped assets on the binance smart,cha

1 Year of Pancakeswap – STAKING CAKE TOKEN IS WORTH IT!

hey guys welcome to my channel my name,is daniel and today im going to show,you my personal results my case study of,one years taking a cake token on packing,swap im gonna show you with how much i,started how much ive invested in the,cake token how much cake i made um how,much profits i made in total,so basically i will show you an entire,process of one year on pancake swap and,i will show you only only the cake token,in this video i,was also farming some other coins thats,taking some other coins but in this,video im gonna cover the cake token and,if you want to see some more,case studies and my own personal,strategies that i use to,generate more income and more crypto,assets for myself please like the video,subscribe because im going to release,some more,cool case studies that you may be find,it useful and valuable so make sure to,subscribe and like the the video it will,mean a lot to me okay so now i know my,timing of this video is not so good the,market is down we have this war between,russia ukraine and a lot of bad news,recently for the crypto world and the,pancake swap is down like 80 percent of,its all-time high but still uh it has,been a year that i was im staking on a,cake cake on pancakes so i decided to,make a video to show people uh what was,done in this year okay so lets get,started lets go to coin tracking site,uh this is the platform i used to one of,the platforms i used to track my,portfolio so i have everything written,here it,also calculate profits loss capital,gains stuff like that,okay so here we can see that,i started i bought cake four times at,the end of january i bought 300 i,basically exchanged uh on the pancake,swap i exchanged bnb,for cake 300 cake then i next day i,bought um with the usd for almost 300,cake as well uh and the same day i,bought twice uh another 147,cake with bnb and here another 100 for,oh lets just calculate it okay so,first order first trade was 300,then next,was 297 then 147,and another 147.,oh oh sorry,let me calculate that again,rushing,and lets not forget the,297.,okay so overall,891 k tokens that i bought with bnb and,busd now lets uh calculate how much it,cost me,now here i have on the coin market cap,ive uh opened those dates the 27th and,the 28th i bought at the end of 27 at,the beginning of the 28th i bought it,around um it was around 125 120 to 125,dollars per each cake okay so i managed,to get in pretty quick pretty early for,pancake,let me see lets see how much bnb ive,invested in in total how much i paid for,those almost 900 cakes so if we go here,for the same dates,27 of january 28th the bnb price was,around there 40 40 to 41 uh at the end,of the day 42 but i bought here i bought,around this time around 39 to 40. okay,so lets go for it around forty dollars,per uh one bnb,um okay and lets calculate lets see i,bought first of all i bought almost nine,bnb here so let me put that,8.8 bnb,here another five bnb and here another,five bnb,overall almost 10 19 bnb binance tokens,exchange for uh cake coins so for cake,tokens so lets multiply it by 40 which,was the price of the bnb then,752 dollars of bnb on a k token and,lets add of course this 450 busd that i,spent to buy almost 300k tokens overall,my entire investment was one thousand,two hundred and two dollars its not,its not a big investment because a,pancake was new there uh then and um i,was not so sure i was a bit skeptical so,i didnt want to invest too much and,also i did invest i did put more some,more money in buenos a smart chain uh,and in pancake as well but i was staking,and farming other stuff so overall i was,not investing a big amount of a big,portion of my portfolio in the pancake,swap in the pancake swap as much and if,i was new it was risky so i was,interested in investing just around one,thousand dollars at that time uh so one,thousand dollars uh one one thousand two,hundred dollars was invested to buy,almost,to buy exactly,891,k tokens now,what what happened i started staking,here on pancake okay there was a manual,cake a manual,pool i was also generating some cake,from uh farming you are farming bnb with,busds and similar farms and they were,generating cake as well so after four,about four months i almost doubled it i,actually got i remembered this that i,got almost to,1500 it was if im not wrong it was uh,1480. i remember that this because uh,then i decided to,take profits some profits it was,in this time i,where it is here it is it wasnt this,time that um,the market was there was at this peak a,pancake swap was over forty dollars,and um i was just taking and sticking,you know manual emanuel is taking trying,to stake every day to compound more and,more but then um there was a decline uh,in the market and i started to,understand that we probably wont see,this peak soon and its maybe time for,me to take some profits you know so i,remember that around the,this date because i was in vacation i,sold,some of them at around 36 doors not some,of them i remember exactly it was 750. i,didnt i didnt took the entire,891 cake tokens that i bought i decided,to sell just 750 to recover my,initial investment my original,investment and to take some profits and,lets see what was the result,here you can see 27 000,okay it was not exactly 27 because if,im not wrong i saw that 36.2 point,18 so its a bit more than that but to,make it around number 27 thousand,dollars so what i actually did i took uh,i invested 1 200,to buy almost a 900 cake and i didnt,saw the entire one i didnt took that,900 back but i sold only a portion of,that 750,and actually got the 27x on my money on,my investment right at that moment so,basically i was left with um,from lets take,from,1480 lets take those 750 you can see,that i was left with 730 cake that was,what is called like house money totally,for me like totally free,from from them because i took almost the,the entire amount of cake that i bought,and whatever was left is basically cake,that i generated by staking them so for,me at that moment moment no risk i mean,a huge profit and huge profit,maybe 27 000 dollars maybe its not a,lot of money for some of you maybe its,a lot of money uh for others but its,still two thousand seven hundred percent,gain so its a huge huge gain okay so uh,if we compare that that we usually get,from other places like i dont know the,s p 500 makes around eight percent in a,good year around eight to ten percent so,making a two thousand seven hundred,percent gain on the or profit on my,invest original investment is pretty,amazing now,uh on may um i was left with 730 cakes i,did play a play with some cakes trying,to,uh steak uh and farm on places like uh,bunny and uh beefy and,um i dont remember there was another,one,anyway so tried similar,projects like a pancake swap but i then,decided to just steak cake and the pool,cake so,i,play i left it everything in the cake it,continued to manually compound every day,now if we go,excuse me,if we go now,to here to,pools,you can see,everything okay you can basically see,that,currently i have,now im not used to see that,such a low amount just a week ago it was,over over 15,uh,last month it was over 20k but hey this,is investing you know and remember um,this is good for this if you believe in,something and you huddle it for the long,term,then you should be good and for me this,is still free money so remember if if,cake token disappears tomorrow goes to,zero,i already made my profits and by the way,some of those profits are already,invested in similar projects which which,i will show in the upcoming videos you,will see some more of these case studies,um so trying to make you know trying to,make smart investing to first of all to,make some profits take your initial,investment out with some profit if you,can and let it run on the house money as,we say if you pay if you know poker its,called house money basically no risk,here,okay so,one thousand two hundred forty three,dollar cake at the moment this is the,recent cake profit what that what is,this mean,is th

PancakeSwap & $CAKE… A Deep Dive Review in 2021!

whats up guys so pancake swap has been,the talk of town lately with its cake,token rocking 36x in the past few months,and its decks overtaking uni swap for a,bit,in terms of daily users the buzz was,honestly unavoidable so i had to take a,closer look,i dove in deep like always and i want to,share with you the most,interesting and notable points that i,found because yes,its essentially a clone of uni swap but,there are some very important,differences that you gotta know,if youre thinking about trading on,pancake swap or just buying some cake,token,then this video is made for you strap in,because its time for the deep dive,hey everyone im kevin from bfb and,welcome back to our channel where were,all about their research and honest,opinions,because look everyones a genius in the,bull market but in order to get that,real,long-term edge you gotta dive deep and,spend time,digging into things i love time stamps,down for you below and while youre,watching this video if you like what you,see then please smash that like button,because just one,quick click would be super duper helpful,alright so what is pancake swap in a,nutshell,they are super hot and one reason is,because they run on binance smart chain,which has also been a rocket ship lately,you can think of them like uni swap,essentially theyre a decks of the,automated market maker type or amm,this just means that they dont use the,traditional order book but rather they,use liquidity pools for token swaps,you can go on there and swap your bep20,tokens these are,just like erc20 tokens but on the,binance smart chain,besides trading you can do other usual,defy stuff like yield farming but they,also have some,unique features like initial farm,offerings and lotteries,well chat about this more in a bit so i,dove,deep into pancake swap but i dont want,to bore you with the minuscule details,here are the most notable and important,points that you gotta know,as an investor or user the biggest,reason for his existence is that you can,swap tokens really fast and for really,cheap,im talking 30 cent gas fees rather than,30 dollars on uni swap,its super similar in terms of interface,so if youve used uni before,then pancakes should be a no-brainer for,you also since pancake is built on bsc,which is a clone of ethereum all your,favorite ethereum wallets like metamask,or,trust wallet work here too so the dex,is the most popular feature of pancake,swap and you can swap between hundreds,of different tokens like,bmb for busd but hold your horses here,this is super important to know,if you look at the token list they have,things like usdc,eth ada and you may be thinking what the,heck,these dont run on bsc they run on,ethereum or their own chain,how can i trade them on pancake swap,well you actually cant,unless you go through the binance bridge,thats why if you use binance theres,that super confusing withdrawal page,which,asks you which chain you want to,withdraw on thats what uses,the binance bridge and converts your,erc20 tokens to bep20 tokens,so even though usdc is on pancake swap,you cant just send,uscc from coinbase and try to swap that,you have to send your ustc to binance,first,and then use that bridge to convert it i,know people who have lost,funds by not understanding this process,so please be careful,and do more research before going nuts,with trying to trade there,just like other amm type decentralized,exchanges you can,supply liquidity to various pools and,get lp tokens in return,on pancake swap you can use those and,farm cake tokens,some of those pools get you insanely,high apr or,annual interest rate im talking 100 to,over 300,apr im not really a yield farmer but if,you are,this might be worth checking out and,another really clutch place to get yield,on your coins is matrixport,also our sponsors for this video they,are a bit main spinoff company and they,offer a ton of different services like,lending,leverage and fixed income products one,that might be interesting for you,is their btc fixed income products,specifically for new users,this is a one-time only offer and you,can get 10,annualized yield on your bitcoin for a,seven days set period,definitely download their app using my,link below so you can check out their,new offerings that they launch weekly,all right now to some new stuff for,pancake swap they have,ifos or initial farm offerings,essentially when new tokens launch on,the binance ecosystem,some of these will be allocated as,rewards to get in on these you need to,get,lp tokens first by adding liquidity to,the cake bnb pool,you might want to do this if you like,some of the upcoming bsc projects like,for example,berrydata is launching soon this is a,chain link-like,system of oracles but for the bsc,ecosystem,pancake swap also has a lottery feature,you can purchase,tickets with cake tokens and if some of,your numbers match the winning numbers,then you get a reward each ticket costs,10 cake and you can buy as many as you,want,if anyone matches all four numbers and,in the right order as well they hit the,jackpot and wins 50,of the entire pool honestly this makes,me chuckle because,people always said that finance is a,shitcoin casino and cz is a casino,operator,i know this is pancake swap but they are,the crown jewel of the bsc ecosystem,so its only fitting that they straight,up cater to the gamblers out there,now what about the cake token what is,that all about doesnt that just make,you want to eat an actual cake,i personally would love a cheesecake,anyways cake can be used in and around,the platform for swap,staking yield farming entering the,lottery and much more,you can get your hands on some by,staking lp tokens,or trading for them directly on pancake,swap or regular binance,they also used to have a syrup token for,governance but that had some smart,contract bugs so they just abandoned,that and its all cake now,now pancake swap may sound cool to us,but what are the people saying,people are definitely noticing and,searching for it on coin geckos,trending search list they have been top,5 for a few weeks now,im not surprised cake has had 36x games,from around,50 cents to 18 and span of a month,now its fallen a little bit but its,still well over 1 billion dollars in,total market cap,besides just price theyve also,accomplished something quite special,according to dap radar they beat uni,swap in terms of daily active users for,a few days now,i am shocked because uni swap has been,around for a much longer time than,pancake swap so this is quite an,accomplishment,crypto twitter has also been buzzing,about pancake a lot of traders,love the cheap these and fast speed but,they also realize that it comes with,centralization at the end of the day,so what are my final thoughts personally,i havent found any reason to use,pancake swap yet because i dont want,any of the tokens on there and i really,dont want to go to the binance bridge,either,ugh thats such a hassle right the,tokens i want are available on uni swap,because theyre erc20,now if they do get more interesting,tokens i might take a look but honestly,id probably rather just buy cake on,binance if i were you,which might be a really savvy play,because exchange tokens will continue to,rocket,and cake has a lot of room to run those,are my thoughts about pancake swap but,let me know,your experience with them lets share,notes down in the comments below,and also ill give you kudos if youre,able to catch those 36x games,that was absolutely ridiculous alright,guys i had an amazing time breaking down,pancake swap for you i have some more,great content for you next like bitcoin,super cycle,other d5 projects and an nft expert,interview,so be sure to smash that like button and,why not check out some of our,exclusive deals for you too down below,including matrix support and much more,i hope you have an amazing rest of your,day and ill catch you on the next one,[Music],bye

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