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How Is TVF So Bloody Good? | Panchayat Season 2 Review | Amazon Prime Video

[Music],its scary on how consistently i tune in,for projects produced by tvf and it puts,me in wonder if not how im going to pen,my thoughts about the show but my own,ideals in life you know what the most,used line on the internet is whenever,the audience sees something that,overwhelms them they say its not a,movie or a show but an emotion but why,is it that tvf productions dont make,this statement sound as cliche or,overused but perfectly describes my,experience after watching second season,of panchayat if you see across the board,the most enjoyable and popular first,seasons like sacred games and mirzapur,the fan following and pressured to,deliver in its second season had made,the narrative rather muddled,capitulating the otherwise engaging,themes that were explored in the first,season i got worried for panchayat,season 2 because the journey of abhishek,in season 1 an engineering graduate,wanting the cookie cutter corporate job,to amass massive wealth like his peers,finds himself to become a secretary of,the panchayat office of the remote,village of palera his fish out of the,sea experienced disgruntled attitude and,annoyance towards the village fork that,slowly develops into admiration and,respect was one of the most organic,screenplays in a web series that most of,us had seen in recent years everyone,rightly said that if jitendra kumar and,tvfs combination could be termed as an,ode to something it would deservedly,hold its place as capturing the,beautiful charm of classic slice of life,films featuring a mole paliker i would,best describe panchayat as an afternoon,siesta its the need of the hour both,physically and mentally and guarantees a,comfort like a warm snug of the blanket,mostly missing from the saturation of,stories available online i think what,makes tvf so special is that it is its,own hermit kingdom independent from the,system that gets weighed down due to the,star presence of actors compromising on,the quality of the script and the,monetary investment that goes with it,the fact that the selling point for most,of the stories coming out of tvf are tvf,themselves rather than the talent,involved is their biggest asset in,having the ability to produce whatever,with whomsoever they want it makes me,interested on whether they will ever,change when they plan to make their own,feature film with the essence and vision,of tvf get bogged down due to the,commercial pressures that come with the,hindi film industry or is there an ideal,scenario that they can stay true to,themselves like today we will only have,to wait and see of course joining,abhishek and his misadventures with the,people of palera for another eight,episodes went by like a breeze and this,mostly has to do with the beautiful,writing of chandan kumar whats,hilarious and quite interesting about,what i do as a job and for those who see,a lot of content both in theaters and on,an ott platform is that the stakes vary,so much in the content we see just a few,days apart but its crazy on how if any,of those products are just well written,and expanded upon its enough to,resonate with the masses the reason i,speak about this aspect is because,panchayat presents the slightest,inconvenience as the main topic of the,episode but the writing has such an,engaging mix of realism and humor that,you cant help but be invested in trying,to understand what will be the solution,in its conclusion quite on the contrary,its actually pompous to consider the,matters as small inconveniences and,reflective of ones privilege because,they highlight the common man fighting,for their basic needs being delivered to,them its just that they are presented,with such realism devoid of drama or,theatrics that they come across as,regular daily conversations among the,village folk did i just rebuttal my own,assessment i think so the series and its,episode ranges from bargaining tactics,done with absolute style a political,opposition that will definitely make you,hate a character like we all banded,together against arturo like agustia,pointed out rightly managing a drunk,mess of an employee dealing with the,preposterous behavior and ego of a,hot-headed mla and acknowledging the,concept of community that is slowly,eroding in this day and age olera the,village which is based out of up but,theyve actually shot it in madhya,pradesh is clearly a character in itself,we have spent so much time in this,village across 16 episodes that many,people can draw out the map of the,village and understand its dynamics the,personalities from the person having,lost his sheep to the man who wants his,own toilet to be delivered are the,hurdles that the majority of this,country deals with the sheer pleasure in,finding a solution for the same accounts,for such understated yet heartfelt,moments what i also love about this,season is how much more at home abhishek,feels in polara his friendship with,vikas and prahlad and his growing bond,with bhushanji played by raghupiryadev,actually seems like he has created a,deep friendship with all three of them,their conversations and banter is,reflective of the same but nothing beats,a beautiful moment like just a high on a,whatsapp group as they sense everyone,having a bad day only to rejoice,together and drink in meri nina gupta as,manju devi is her fiery best this season,and its so hilarious to see how many,times bhushanji utilizes her problem,resolution skills every time he reaches,a roadblock the last episode and the,confrontation that she has with an,influential figure becomes the icing on,the cake truly holding the position of,the pradhana polera i absolutely loved,raghubi riyadha this season as well he,is a national treasure by the way having,been a part of such beautiful projects,for decades and to see him as the,prideful slightly bullheaded patriarch,was an absolute joy especially when he,becomes enraged in moments where his,credibility is questioned or somebody,takes his kindness for granted he,absolutely blows it out of the park,jitendra kumar as abhishek is formidable,as ever feeling much more at home hes,more confident in stopping people in,their tracks when he feels a grave,injustice this develops into some really,heartfelt moments as he unknowingly,develops and garners a family that he,was too short-sighted to acknowledge,like most of us are when we are in the,pursuit of greener pastures presumably,thinking that its the only way for,success and happiness for me this season,especially shines though due to the,supporting cast and the new characters,that i introduced chandan roy is vikas,as the dependable assistant to abhishek,is the kind of ride-or-die employee and,friend one can dream of he is observant,and very sharp and constantly presents,prahlad his analysis of the changing,dynamics in the village san vicars,rinky has a subtle and effective,presence in this series her dynamic with,abhishek being in no rush to develop,into something dramatic is what really,resonated with me satish ray also as,siddharth as abhisheks friend is a,great addition to the storyline of,panchayat durgesh kumar has bhushan and,his wife sunita rajvar as kranti devi,will get on your nerves like no other,characters in this world and it is only,a testament to the great work that they,have done in this series everything was,just flowing like a breeze problems,arose and solutions after of course many,bumps and cracks are found but it is the,seasons finale that hit me like a brick,wall out of nowhere and faisal malik as,prahlad pandey just won my entire heart,i of course cannot expand on the same,but i can give you caution because i was,absolutely an emotional wreck after it,the moments of poetry provided by the,very first episode of a conversation,between abhishek and a dancer made me,genuinely have existential thoughts and,a back and forth between journalists as,they look upon the events in front of,them is just a representation of the,fickle nature of this life and what its,worth they honestly dont make shows,like this and

Panchayat Season 2 Review | Sucharita Tyagi | Amazon Prime Video

why am i watching comedy and properly,openly crying these days last week josh,by jordan,panchayat,[Music],hey all welcome to my channel where i,talk about movies and shows so subscribe,curling video is technically not a movie,review,series,season 2 is streaming now on amazon,prime video,where a baby,picking up from last seasons,cliffhanger perhaps there is a new love,interest brewing for him,hi,like many i had been waiting for the,season to drop cookie pella season was,like desert rain lock down me starting,back then was an ointment for a hurting,soul so going in this time expectations,are super duper high and when the first,episode didnt quite land for me as well,as i would have liked that was nearly,heartbroken yall they get first season,3 world building opening credits,so,itself to some incredible slice of life,story telling by writer chandan kumar,brought to screen by director deepak,kumar mishra the first episode of the,new season didnt feel like a new season,had begun more like i had stopped,watching the last season for some reason,and this is just the next episode this,picking up where you left off was a,little too casual for me initially but,listen you stick with it through the,first episode which is not a bad episode,its pretty good it just didnt feel,like a series open and by the time,youre in episode 2 you never want the,series to end two episodes in i realized,that the writing didnt feel as pacey as,last was probably deliberate sachaji has,settled into this life hes slowed down,and hes made peace with his fate hes,beginning to enjoy the slow speed of,time the show is just mirroring his,heart and mind and personality,of the previous season put his head,through a wall but now these problems,are his problems and hes fully stepped,up as the problem solver,cctv,it is a testament to the writing that,all the mini detours of the episodes are,still nestled within the larger arc of,the season there is a love story,developing but it refreshingly does not,immediately become the central plot line,of the season incredible restraint there,is also a local political rivalry taking,shape madam pradhan whos played by,world best nina gupta she also has way,more agency this time which is unafraid,to display,[Music],sincere secure and robust storytelling,the season also goes one step further in,making the city dwellers viewing it,more uncomfortable at our lack of,understanding of what the india where,our fathers and mothers are from still,looks like the hard-hitting subplot,about prahlads son being in the army,beast is,as a tv reporter wondering why so many,gamali young lads go to the army theres,a moment where the dm magistrate woman,walks through the kids to make sure that,no one is defecating in the open and her,subordinate is there to figure out if,the pile of in front of her is,human or maheshka guber its hilarious,and its thought provoking when you,think about what it takes to declare an,area open defecation free what happens,when you stand up for yourself in front,of the local with hayak and yet every,time the tone shifts and takes the,shows intensity a few notches higher it,doesnt feel off because every beat of,the show remains loyal to the rules of,the universe it,is as precise and amazing as it can,potentially get in our hindi,entertainment space right now absolutely,and also so many others it is stupendous,also know hindi cinema is sleeping on,jitendra kumar,and dont talk to me about um,give jitendra the rules let him lose,unleash him on to us were ready,last weeks release jaish bhai jordan,needed the light-handedness of panchayat,for its message to translate better and,should have made a stronger attempt to,not wind itself so tightly around,ranveer singh every character here in,punjab every notice board in the village,every turn every corner every exposed,drain outside the homes is an,unapologetically real and alive part of,our country all coming together to,contribute to the larger conversation,the show is having about the many,indias within one india watch panchayat,season 2 on amazon prime video streaming,now,and subscribe channel today were also,talking about,two yeah,foreign,[Music]

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Panchayat | Anupama Chopras Review | TVF | Amazon Prime Video | Jitendra Kumar

, , ,Hey everyone. So, first of all,I want to just start with a disclaimer.,Basically my life has always been about the,movies.,I’ve been consumed by cinema,Ive consumed cinema voraciously,which effectively means that i havent paid,enough attention to streaming platforms.,Which of course is a big big gap in my,education.,But the Covid19 pandemic has given me an,opportunity to rectify that.,I am using this to relish and to learn to appreciate,the art of serialized story telling.,But i still dont have enough context to,give you enough of it in my reviews.,Thats said, heres my take on Panchayat.,Panchayat is an 8-episode series on,Amazon Prime.,It’s been directed by Deepak Kumar Mishra,and produced by TVF.,every episode is half hour,Panchayat is the story of Abhishek Tripathi, played by,Jitendra Kumar, a young graduate in New Delhi.,He applies for a government job at a,village panchayat as a back-up.,As it turns out, that’s the only job he lands.,Abhishek has never lived in a village before and,now he ends up in Ballia district in UP.,His friend encourages him, saying, yeh Swades,ke Mohan Bhargav banne ka mauka hai.,lekin his reality is far less exciting.,The series is about Abhishek adjusting to a,life that works on a different rhythm.,So in the first episode, one of his associates wakes,him up at like 9 am and says utho dopaher ho gaya.,The electricity keeps going. The keys to the office,,where, Abhishek also has to live get lost.,He’s just lonely and irritable. What I liked is that,there is no drama here, there is no sort of outsized conflict.,its all very understated and low key which is also,what makes it very very funny.,Deepak and Chandan Kumar who wrote the series,,keep it authentic, most of it has been shot on location.,The dialogue is keenly observant and terrific,,keep and eye out for lauki, you know the vegetable,,it plays a supporting role.,Each episode hinges around some small thing,,like Abhishek buys a new chair or he goes to the local market,to get his photograph taken for the CAT exam for,which he is appearing.,But these small things, these things that just,seem surreal, actually give you a deeper,insight into rural life and into these characters.,All of whom have been edged with a lot of care.,Apart from Abhishek, theres Brij Bhushan Dubey,played by Raghubir Yadav, his wife Manju Devi,played by Neena Gupta, the office helper Vikas,played by Chandan Roy and Pralhad Pandey the,deputy pradhan played by Faizal Malik.,The acting is first rate, Jitendra Kumar whos a TVF staple,anchors the show.,You know he has this lovely every man quality,about him. He is also very funny,when he is seething and just irritable with,everything thats happening, he really captures,Abhisheks frustration.,And his sort of just anger at the situation that,he is in.,All of these actors have a wonderful lived,in warmth and a chemistry, no one hits a false note.,Panchayat isnt about cliff hangers, youre not going to binge watch,this show because youre dying to know what happens,in the next episode. This is a sleepy village,,nothing much happens.,But youll keep going, because youre so deeply,invested in the characters.,I dont know how many of youll seen a film called,English August.,It was directed by Dev Benegal and starred,Rahul Bose as Agastya an IAS officer who is sent,to this small village in the middle of no where.,The film was all about his sense of dislocation and,alienation and how he coped by kind of losing,himself by an in smoking pot and in erotic fantasies.,Panchayat is basically the opposite of that,,its an affectionate portrait of a life that many of,us dont know enough about.,In the last episode Abhishek says,”iss gaaon se toh pyar hone se raha”.,But that exactly what happens.,I really like Panchayat and i think you will too.

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PANCHAYAT 2×8 “Parivaar” Reaction! | Jitendra Kumar | Raghuvir Yadav | Faisal Malik | Chandan Roy

[Music],what is up koi family welcome back to,the jaby kawai channel im a chowa cook,joined by cintokue hey whats going on,dont mind me almost not my microphone,over thats cause im excited,this is it you guys this is season two,of panchayat were at the final episode,episode eight this one is called parivar,and uh yeah this has been a really fun,ride im so glad to do this with you and,to share this with you guys if youre,enjoying what youre watching please,dont forget to subscribe click the bell,icon on for all notifications so you,know whenever we drop a new video and,upload this video if you like what,youre seeing hey this is going to be a,cut down its just going to be basically,the highlights of the episode if you,want to watch the whole thing along with,us uncut uninterrupted you can do that,by joining our patreon,patreon.com or by uh yeah becoming a,member on this channel youre gonna need,your own amazon prime subscription,though and then were ready to roll so,yeah why dont you do that and you can,watch the whole thing hey,alrighty so let us get into this shall,we the finale of panchayat oh my,god oh that wasted beer oh i thought for,a second he was gonna have beer for,breakfast,i have done that oh theres the snake no,i thought i saw something oh yeah okay,right second im snakes,[Music],lead by example yeah oh did he not give,the money right he wouldnt worry,he forgot,foreign,[Music],[Applause],i,[Music],[Applause],foreign,[Laughter],[Music],everybody looked at them too with,abhishek like,she doesnt know the full story yeah i,dont think so,probably yeah,i mean i do get it a little bit i mean,the dude really legit threatened his,life,[Music],but theres also that you know the pull,of duty yeah no you still have a duty to,do it,i forgot she was in town,say something,[Music],it looks nicer if if your friend goes,hey why dont you stay,he stood up for him he did,he really did,yes,sir,[Music],[Music],[Laughter],goodness,[Music],says im uh mad at him though i mean,its his tent you put up his son,[Laughter],my gosh youre gonna give yourself a,heart attack yeah i know i know man just,you know,chill out,thats right man what think about your,blood pressure,[Music],yeah man they did that for you,rip it up,[Music],[Laughter],[Music],oh god,foreign,[Laughter],[Music],[Music],mr,[Music],oh,[Applause],maybe that last beer could be for the,snake,right,oh no please dont let it be bad news,about his son,i dont even think about it,[Music],no,what,i wish i knew what that said,oh its probably like in loving memory,[Music],or what,[Music],[Music],[Music],there we go,still be a good human being,[Music],[Music],she told him,can be disrespectful over here you,should always treat people with respect,[Music],oh my god,really thats where youre gonna put all,that i was i was just wondering as well,is he gonna learn,transfer them,hey,just when you think he would have,learned the lesson,this what a jerk yeah,[Music],oh man,thats heartbreaking,hmm yeah,[Music],[Music],foreign,[Music],[Music],um,what,[Music],youre just gonna end the season like,that,oh man oh he really just landed it like,that,oh my goodness,theres like theres no resolution,[Music],oh,that that,that was a very difficult ending,oh man,theres something in the after credits,though yeah this gotta be,come on now you cant you cant end it,like that,i mean you can thats a choice but,like uh im heartbroken,i cant even wrap my brain around that,thats,did you take the exam,or its the letter transferring him,[Music],hmm,right,such a jika transfer order,[Music],goodness,wow,youre not giving us any good news,i mean just goodness just drama for next,season,just oh man just just boom the breaks,out of my poor little emotions goodness,yeah i had heard that this was gonna be,an emotional episode but i honestly had,no idea that they were gonna like hit us,with some really heavy [ __ ] i mean,technically we dont really know the sun,all that well right but its more to do,with pralad like we definitely learned a,lot more about his character and like oh,god i hurt so much for him because he is,all alone like his wife died his son,died he outlived everyone and i know um,i know this may not be the space to get,technical but the way that they weigh,that the writer weave the characters,into our lives right yeah thats not our,son its not even the central character,son but weve been with them on this,journey for so long and weve got a,chance to see them have each others,back fight get over forgive yeah,overcome obstacles and stuff and we did,briefly meet his son very briefly but,just like you know abhishek who briefly,met him he didnt know him he didnt,grow up with him we kind of shared that,same experience as the audience yeah so,but the beauty of it is it didnt hurt,any less when we found out that he was,gone because we were its already a part,of theyre a part of our family yeah,theyre our viewing family the abu shex,family that he has grown and,grown into and become a part of this,community so its it hit in a way that i,wasnt expecting,i didnt we didnt know his son i didnt,know his son but but i know prahlad yeah,you know and ive seen what hes been,through and i see that pain that hes,going through it was a real connection,like a real one yeah and i love that,they just allowed it to to be they,allowed it to breathe because i was,wondering if there was gonna be you know,a big speech or something,if you know he was gonna say some stuff,about his son but it was actually more,powerful to just watch him,live that and and to just see him not,dealing with it you know and and having,a really hard time as you would do if,your only son died and then like,watching his friends like i loved that,bit i think that bit kind of broke me a,little when um he was trying to,light the pyre and then you know theyre,all like holding him and then abhishek,holds his hand like you know were here,for you buddy thats the whole point of,the show isnt it its just like really,sweet and it shows you,you know,the power of love and the power of,friendships and how you know,people,theres the family that we are born into,and theres the family that we choose,you know these guys their family like he,said you know like were here for you,were your family after all the comedy,of the past 15 episodes i was not,expecting it to like kind of take,this route which is its different and i,thought perhaps they were making some,sort of,commentary on on you know the fact that,perhaps a lot of people in the indian,army are from small villages like this,and and they go through this massive,grieving process like that when they,lose one of their own because i guess,the village is so small in a way that,when you lose one one son its like,everyone is losing that son because you,you saw bushana and his wife were sad,like even yeah even theyre,participating in in the grief of the,whole village its really powerful i,caught that as well when they see when,the i guess whoever it was that was,doing the video and the,interviewer when they said that they,were like so many of the members of the,military come from small villages,yeah um,and the entire village grieved yeah uh,thats theres a,im not saying this to be to be mean but,theres a theres an odd beauty in the,fact that everybody is feeling that you,know and even though,uh and even though prahlad feels like he,is by himself theres that feeling,because i cant imagine that type of,isolation and he did say it felt unfair,that god had maybe turned his back in,this moment and given him a raw deal but,the entire village,sat there and grieved the moment uh when,uh when the mla showed up right yeah i,thought the story was going to be that,before even we found out about about his,passing i thought it was going to be the,mla was going to show up while they were,going through the festival well the its,not a festival its like its a prayer,its a prayer meeting okay the prayer,yeah i mean right i guess you could kind,of say there is a slight festival vibe,to it

PANCHAYAT 2×1 “Naach” Reaction! | Jitendra Kumar | Raghuvir Yadav | Neena Gupta | Faisal Malik

what is up kuwait family welcome back to,the jaby kawai channel im achara kirk,joined by sintel coe whats crackin baby,yay all right um and we are going to be,checking out season two of panchayat so,by now youve already watched all of the,season one reactions but if you havent,go back and watch those before coming,and watching this and i just want to,address one thing although maybe this,isnt so much of an issue now that weve,completed the series but a lot of people,were like oh cintala and achara are not,going to be able to understand this this,series because you know theyre not,going to be able to relate and you know,what i think youre wrong,because we enjoyed the crap out of the,series and were here for season two,while we may not get all of the nuances,and the differences in accent and all of,that i think we get a lot and that just,goes to show how good this show is that,you know people from the country where,its originally from really enjoy it and,then people who are not from there can,also enjoy it too and i think thats the,mark of a really good piece of art i,couldnt agree more i mean you know,theres theres the human element,exactly very much highlighted and we,have been enjoying every single moment,of that all right so were really,excited to get started with season two,before we do that please upvote this,video and if you havent already,subscribe to the channel and put those,bell icons on so you know when we drop,another video and just so you know if,this is your first time joining us for a,reaction on youtube were only allowed,to show a limited amount of picture in,picture however if you want to see the,whole video the whole episode along with,us uncut uninterrupted you can do that,on our patreon page or on our youtube,memberships right here,but you will need to have your own copy,of the show open in a separate window,and then you just press play on the show,when i tell you to and then itll be,like youre watching it with your two,internet besties wow,alrighty you guys lets get into it,this song is really nice,it is,it sounds kind of old school though yeah,old school kind of feel,its so sweet,[Music],oh is that the sign,because they never changed it right,thats right yeah,[Music],that takes skills to jump off a moving,vehicle,you know what i have done that before,and ate as a result of doing that,oh yeah oh yeah,oh we got it yeah a big bust up there,theres thats new chair,youve got the chair with the plastic on,it,come on with the name,hold on here,yeah i tell you where hes at hes with,that girl,[Music],thats a man with victory in his heart,[Music],,oh yo thats great i love it,okay are you gonna figure it out,i mean yeah cause he looked miserable in,season one for most of the time no for,real,yo he walked in here humming,[Laughter],have you ever hummed and not been happy,enough,again,absolutely going to get involved,right,[Music],i love how the scene starts off with you,seeing like all of the land first just,yeah you know gives you more perspective,of whats,of uh where were at,here,hes smarter than he looks,hes figured it out he likes ah shes so,crazy,i mean it is a serious issue too because,you know youre letting somebody get,that close to the fam,yeah,you can mess everything all up,[Laughter],[Music],[Music],foreign,[Laughter],yeah,shes gonna play hardball come on now,yep you know yes todays price is not,todays price exactly,[Music],oh this is gonna be hilarious,[Music],foreign,and theyre also going to her house so,shes in her territory her element,home field advantage,you can do it,[Laughter],[Music],i feel like shes gonna kill it like,shes gotta go to market and stuff and,deal with you know bartering and and,bargaining and whatever all the time,oh yeah im gonna budge and lets not,forget how much,how much uh her husband caught hale,for giving the discount on the milk,thats true,look at his face,[Music],meanwhile,[Music],[Laughter],yeah yeah slowly slowly come on,yeah very slow,its hot though,uh,[Music],meanwhile the price is still going down,[Music],with such a,it is,hes like damn i opened my big fat mouth,got caught,he out understand it was a negotiation,oh so sad,hey,such is business,dean,is he not gonna do it,what just happened,i dont know,is he not gonna do it,[Music],if it is like you know a good quality,mud,youll pay it,thats true or they could find another,buyer,[Music],foreign,um,[Laughter],[Music],[Music],again,[Music],its funny because they have no idea,about,uh,the dad kind of like putting that,putting the wheels in motion anyways,thats true,again,[Laughter],[Music],oh get some drinks boy time,sexy dancing,[Music],[Laughter],im curious to see the show,[Music],it could be a fun work trip thats right,[Music],because she was a,yeah she adjusted herself,who knows maybe,dont give her a hard time,foreign,foreign,[Music],right,if you do this one thing yeah,i still didnt get didnt get like his,motivation like did he,tell on,the dancer on purpose to get something,out of it like i think i missed,something i dont know i think he was,just he was just pissed and so,he,you know was being spiteful and then,told,everyone,thats all her tips,are you going to be a gentleman are you,going to pay oh he get mad,what a nice kind gentlemanly thing to do,yeah thats the gentleman,implications,quiet moment uh huh,just gonna just say hello,be nice,no youre not gonna leave a lady alone,at night,you started being a gentleman just take,it all the way,[Music],up,to,[Music],yeah dont be so judgy,[Music],gosh this guy,[Music],foreign no so now theyre all like oh,wait is he really considering rinky as a,girlfriend,huh,[Music],no you didnt,nobody bops around humming and singing,with a song in their heart,well see and then we saw the little,wave when they saw each other it was,like yeah yeah yeah that was like that,youre doing that little,subtle wave of like yeah hey there hello,whats up im willing to bet that um,they probably meet,a lot,and they just keep it to themselves,because you kind of both know whats up,you know try to be respectful to his,boss slash her father,yeah they just kind of do their thing,well yeah maybe yeah okay but what no i,was gonna say,but,that little interaction with the dancer,you know you spend time and get an,opportunity to learn a little bit,something more not only did he learn,something more about her it also humbled,him in a way that i think he may,appreciate absolutely it adds a layer of,attraction so who knows oh you think,hes he you think hes attracted to the,dancer i mean maybe not so like to the,point where its like oh i have to,absolutely get to know her like right,now but lets just say he bumps into her,again they have a a mutual starting,point to have a conversation and things,grow from that thats true thats true,but i mean she is i i think shes from a,traveling dancing troupe so the odds are,coming back into the picture were,probably pretty low i thought that was a,nice moment because it reminded him and,us the audience to not be so judgmental,and i think you know it reminded me of,something that happened in my own life,where a long time ago one of my friends,he used to work at a strip club and we,were out and the only place open like,wed been drinking and the only place,open late at night was the strip club so,he was like hey come over to the strip,club and well get some drinks and we,were like okay so we all went and were,at the strip club its like him and a,bunch of girls and were just hanging,out never been in a strip club before,like oh my god whats going on theres a,lot of a lot of you know dancing and,then you know stuff going on,yeah a lot of skin but but you know,being being girls we would we just ended,up chatting to some of the the dancers,there it was really interesting because,they they were just regular girls and i,remember one girl she was like oh yeah,my day job is i work at a bank and uh,im here im just trying to make money,so i can buy a house like i want to i,want to make money so i can put down a,mortgag

Panchayat Season 2 Full Story in Hindi | All Episodes | The Explanations Loop

कि सीजन-2 के शुरुआत में हम विकास और प्रह्लाद को  देखते हैं और यह आज भी भूषण भी इस लोगों को लेकर  ,अभी भी गुस्सा है विकास और प्रह्लाद पंचायत ऑफिस  आते हैं और दोनों सचिव जी यानी कि अभिषेक को ढूंढ  ,रहे होते हैं और देखते हैं कि वह टंकी का ऊपर है और  अभिषेक हमेशा आता है वह कुछ ज्यादा ही मुस्कुरा रहा  ,होता है वह टंकी में चाय पीने गया था विकास कहता है  अभिषेक आजकल कुछ ज्यादा ही खुश रहने लगे हैं अभिषेक  ,बताता है कि 2 महीने पहले उसे टंकी के ऊपर रिंग मिल  गई थी चाय पीते हुए पर वह एक बार ही बात है और इनकी  ,से उसका मिलना होता नहीं है और वह अकेले ही चाय पीने  कभी-कभार टंकी के ऊपर चला जाता है विकास और प्रह्लाद  ,अभिषेक को टंकी के ऊपर जाने से मना करते हैं इन  फैक्ट बोरिंग की से मिलने से मना करते हैं अभिषेक  ,अपने काम पर बिजी होता है वही जगह पहुंचता है जहां  मजदूर तालाब की खुदाई कर रहे थे और यहां दूर खरे  ,विकास और प्रह्लाद बात कर रहे होते हैं कईं अभिषेक  और इनकी के साथ चक्कर तो नहीं चल रहा अभिषेक को  ,परमेश्वर का कॉल आता है जैसे अभिषेक मैं ऑफिस बुलाता  है मिलने के लिए और तलाक पर खुदाई के बाद जितना भी  ,मिट्टी निकला है अब इसे का प्रधान यह परमेश्वर को  ही बेचने वाला है क्योंकि परमेश्वर का ईद का बिजनस  ,है अब मंजू खुद को प्रधान समझने लगती है और कहती है  कि वह भी तालाब की खुदाई जाकर देखना चाहती है ब्रिज  ,कहता है कि वह मंजू जाकर क्या ही करेगी अब तीनों  तालाब की खुदाई से जो मिट्टी निकला है वह परमेश्वर  ,को बेचने का सोचते हैं और डिसाइड कर लेते हैं कि  वह मिट्टी को कम दाम में बिल्कुल भी नहीं बचेंगे और  ,प्रधान परमेश्वर का दोस्त है इससे लोगों से मोलभाव  कर नहीं पायेगा और अभिषेक उसे आइडिया देता है कि मोड  ,ऑफ करने के लिए अब मंजू देवी को बोलिए परमेश्वर से  मोलभाव करने के लिए आप इसे एक परमेश्वर को प्रधान के  ,घर बुलाता है और ब्रिज अपनी पत्नी मंजू को समझा लेता  है कि 300 के नीचे रेड बिल्कुल भी मत लगाना और कहता  ,है कि वह सभी घर लेट पहुंचेंगे तब तक मंजू परमेश्वर  से रेट फिक्स कर लें परमेश्वर प्रधान के घर पहुंचता  ,है और मंजू परमेश्वर से पूछती है कि क्या काम है  और परमेश्वर कहता है कि उसे अपने बेटे के भट्ठे  ,के लिए मिट्टी खरीदने कि पंचायत से पर मंजू कहती है  आप मुझसे बात कर लीजिए और ₹400 पर ट्रेलर रेट लगाती  ,है पर मोलभाव करते करते हैं तीन समय फाइनल हो ही  जाता है पर परमेश्वर थोड़ा नाराज है और रास्ते में  ,वह अभिषेक और ब्रिज को देखता है और समझ आता है यह  चारों उसके साथ गेम खेल रहे हैं चारों मंजू से मिलने  ,आते हैं यह देखने के बाद कि परमेश्वर इतना नाराज  क्यों उठाया तभी रिंकी वहां आती है और अभिषेक को  ,हाय बोलती है और विकास और प्रह्लाद यह देख रहे होते  हैं और मंजूरी के साथ अंदर चली जाती है चार ढूंढने  ,के लिए अभी तक जाता है परमेश्वर से मिलने पर वहां  परमेश्वर होता ही नहीं और एक मजदूर बताता है कि वह  ,अकेली बाजार गया है और शाम को परमेश्वर बीवीपुर जा  रहा है नाच देखने प्रह्लाद और विकास अभिषेक और रिंकी  ,के बारे में बात करते हैं और कहते हैं कि अगर दोनों  के बीच कुछ भी हुआ तो कांड हो जाएगा विकी प्रधान है  ,रिंकी के लिए मलकापुर वाले लड़के से बात चला रहे हैं  इसलिए अभिषेक और इनके से मिलने के लिए रोकना होगा  ,फिर दोनों अभिषेक अभी भी पूर्ण चलने को मनाते हैं कि  वह परमेश्वर से बात भी कर लेंगे और नाच भी देख लेंगे  ,परमेश्वर यहां डांस देख रहा होता है और एक डांसर को  देखता है हर एड्रेस में जो उसे लड़के जैसा लग रहा था  ,अभिषेक विकास प्रह्लाद ऑफिसर निकलते हैं और पहुंचने  पर देखते हैं कि सब मिलकर शो के मैनेजर से झगड़ा  ,कर रहे हैं क्योंकि वहां उन्होंने एक लड़के से डांस  करवाया और सभी को बेवकूफ बनाया परमेश्वर उन तीनों को  ,वहां देखता है और अभिषेक 200 सिरों पर मैं डील फाइनल  कर लेता है और परमेश्वर उन्हें बताता है कि यहां हुआ  ,क्या है कि दो नाचने वाली यहां पर नाच रहे थे पर  एक नाचने वाली तो लड़का निकला और घर में उस लड़की  ,को चोट आ गई है और परमेश्वर अभिषेक बोलता है कि उस  लड़की को डिस्पेंसरी ले जाए फिर अभिषेक उस लड़की को  ,डिस्पेंसरी लेकर जाता है और उस लड़की के लिए अभिषेक  पर भी करता है फिर वह लड़की अपने गाड़ी का वेट कर  ,रही होती है और अभिषेक उसे कहता है कि नाचना छोड़  क्यों नहीं देती हो जिस पर वह लड़की पूछती है आप  ,क्या करते हो अभी सकता है कि वह पूरा गांव का पंचायत  सचिव है लड़की पूछती है कि आपको आप में काम पसंद है  ,अभिषेक जाता है नहीं इसलिए वह एमबीए की तैयारी भी कर  रहा है लड़के इस पर कहती है फिर आप एक तरह से ना ही  ,रहे हैं हर कोई कहीं ना कहीं नाच रहा है क्रॉच लड़के  गाड़ियों बैठती है और वहां से चली जाती है विकास और  ,प्रह्लाद अभिषेक को कहते हैं कि आप उस लड़की से क्या  बात कर रहे थे लगता है आप दोनों के बीच कुछ चल रहा  ,है पर अभिषिक्त रहता है जब एक लड़का और लड़की बात  कर रहे होते हैं इसका मतलब यह नहीं कि हम दोनों के  ,बीच कुछ चल रहा है ऐसे भी वह यहां गर्लफ्रेंड क्यों  बनाएगा वह कुछ महीने में ही यहां से निकलने वाला है  ,यह सुनकर विकास और प्रह्लाद का मूल अटक जाता है  कर विकास को लगता है कि उससे गलती हो गया उसने  ,अपने अभिषेक सर पर शक किया अब हम भूषण को देखते  हैं जो अपनी वाइफ के साथ फुलेरा गांव आ रहा है पर  ,रास्ता का हालत बहुत खराब है और लगता है भूषण फिर से  पंचायत को परेशान करने वाला है और भूषण सीधा पहुंचता  ,है पंचायत ऑफिस और अभिषेक को बोलता है कि प्रधान जी  ने इलेक्शन में वादा किया था कि वह राज्य को फिर से  ,बनवाएंगे पर फिर भी कोई काम नहीं हुआ और शुक्र है कि  अभिषेक प्रधान से बात करें क्योंकि भूषण उस लोगन के  ,कारण अभी भी प्रधान से बात नहीं करता इसलिए अभिषेक  पहुंचता है प्रधान के घर और रास्ते को लेकर बात करता  ,है और प्रधान जी बोलते हैं कि उन्होंने वादा तो किया  था पर उनके पास उतना फ्रंट है नहीं जिसे रास्ता बन  ,सके फिर प्रधान अभिषेक को फिर से लौकी देता है अब  ऑफिस लौटते वक्त रास्ते में अभिषेक को भूषण देख  ,लेता है और भूषण अभी से पूछता है क्या आप प्रधान  जी से बात किए कि नहीं पर अभिषेक जाता है कि उसने  ,बात तो किया पर अभी कुछ कह नहीं सकते हैं क्योंकि  फंड है ही नहीं भूषण कहता है अभिषेक से कुछ होने  ,वाला है नहीं वह खुद प्रधान की हर बात मानता है और  प्रधान जी के लिए लौकी को देखकर भूषण अभिषेक की बहुत  ,बेइज्जती करता है कि प्रधान जी अभिषेक को लौकी देकर  उसका मुंह बंद कर देते हैं और अभिषेक सिर्फ प्रधान  ,की चाटता है इस बात से अभिषेक को बहुत बुरा लगता  है और वह सोचता है कि आपसे व प्रधान जी के घर अब  ,थोड़ा कम ही जाएगा पर एक और काम आ गया है एक पेपर पर  अभिषेक को मंजू देवी का अंगूठा लगवाना है और अभिषेक  ,फोन पर कॉल करता है और पूछता है क्या मंजू देवी ऑफिस  आ सकती है क्या पर प्रधान जी जाता है कि मंजू कभी भी  ,ऑफिस आई है जो आ जाएंगी और बताता है कि आज रिंकी  का जन्मदिन है इसलिए मंजूर इनकी मंदिर गए हैं और  ,कहता है जाकर वहां में लीजिए फिर अभिषेक पहुंचता है  मंदिर और आसपास जाता है वह भूषण है कि नहीं फिर मंजू  ,को पेपर जाता है और अंगूठा लगवा आता है और देखता है  वह भूषण आ गया है फिर मंजू अभिषेक को आज रात्रि के  ,जन्मदिन वाले पार्टी में इनवाइट करती है और कहती  है कि उन्होंने सिर्फ कुछ खास लोगों को ही बुलाया  ,है और भूषण यह सब सुन रहा होता है इसे अभिषेक बहाना  मार कर मना कर देता है यह देखकर कि अभिषेक ने पार्टी  ,में आने से मना कर दिया है प्रधान जी और प्रह्लाद  पहुंचते हैं पंचायत ऑफिस अभिषेक से बात करने और  ,अभिषेक को आने को बोलते हैं और अभिषेक मान जाता है  और अभिषेक रिंकी के बर्थडे के लिए केक खरीदना है  ,पार्टी में जाने से पहले अभिषेक एक प्लान बनाता है  केवल लौकी लेकर जाएगा ताकि अगर रास्ते में अभिषेक  ,को भूषण मिले तो अभिषेक उसे बता देगा कि प्रधान जी  के घर जा रहा है लौकी लौटाने के लिए अभिषेक पार्टी  ,में पहुंचता है और रिंकी को एक देखकर उसे बर्थडे विश  करता है और सब के खाते हैं और सब इंजॉय करते हैं तभी  ,विकास अभिषेक से पूछता है कि आपके बैग में यह लौकी  है तब अभिषेक को प्रधान प्रह्लाद और विकास को बताना  ,पड़ता है भूषण के बारे में कि कैसे भूषण है अभिषेक  की नाक में दम करके रखा है विकास कहता है कि भूषण  ,का यही तो काम है वह सब को प्रधान जी के खिलाफ भड़का  आता ही रहता है फिर अभिषेक अपने घर के लिए निकलता है  ,तो बाहर उसे भूषण में जाता है और इसका कोई काम-धाम  है नहीं किया और जब भूषण फिर अभिषेक की बेइज्जती  ,करता है कि वह प्रधान जी का चाटता है तो अभिषेक इस  बार हिम्मत करके भूषण को उल्टा बहुत कुछ सुना देता  ,है और तीनों के बाहर आने के बाद भूषण वहां से भाग  जाता है प्रधान विकास और प्रह्लाद और प्रह्लाद का  ,बेटा राहुल ऑफिस में लूडो खेल रहे होते हैं और राहुल  आर्मी में है और यहां सिर्फ अभिषेक काम कर रहा है और  ,अभिषेक गांव के कई घरों में टॉयलेट सीट लगवाया हैं  और अब बस कुछ घर बाकी है तभी गांव का एक आदमी विनोद  ,अभिषेक को कॉल करता है और कहता है टॉयलेट सीट जल्दी  भेजने क्योंकि उसका मिस्त्री साधु देर रुकने वाला  ,है नहीं पर सारे मजदूर टॉयलेट सीट लेकर बाकी घर के  लिए निकल चुके हैं इसलिए अभिषेक खुद जाने का सोचता  ,है पर हर बड़ी में विकास के हाथों टॉयलेट सीट टूट  जाता है और अभिषेक यह बात विनोद को बता देता है और  ,क

PANCHAYAT Season 2 Trailer Reaction! | Jitendra Kumar | Neena Gupta | Raghubir Yadav

well i woke up this morning from a week,hello hello people im jaby kawai joined,by achara kirk whats up weve got two,trailers in front of us panchayat season,one and season two now we have looked at,season one before but its been a while,and season twos trailer just dropped so,i thought wed revisit season one in an,effort to get familiar with the story,that leads into season two a little bit,now if you would like a reaction to,season one of ponchat please let us know,in the comments below sound it off and,we might even do a poll in addition to,that in the community page so make sure,you subscribe to notifications and all,that stuff so you can see it in the in,your feed that should tell us how much,we should prioritize this lets start,off with season one here we go oh uh,before we jump into it hit that,subscribe button please bell icon all,notifications and pretty please vote,this up let youtube know youre,[Music],[Music],[Music],is,foreign,[Music],foreign,[Music],foreign,[Music],foreign,[Music],foreign,hallelujah,you know for whatever reason i dont,know why i got the lowest key vibes of,godfather in that what yeah because al,pacino after he murders the uh that,mafia boss and the cop in the restaurant,he has to go to italy and theres a huge,portion of the movie where hes in italy,and hes like leading this troop and you,know falls in love with the girl,and all that stuff and its like okay if,if if you just cut out the first hour of,godfather basically gonna be this you,know what im saying yeah i mean its,definitely a fish out of water story,what ive heard from people,who i mean you got the you had like,mafia type people in there with the guns,and everything like that so sure yeah,yeah violence,yeah yeah that that bit i kind of was,like oh and then quickly moved on from,it but from what ive heard uh in the,comments i think from our initial,reaction to this trailer or later on i,think when people were suggesting us,things that they wanted us to watch and,this was very like strongly suggested is,that actually this show it portrays,rural indian life really really well,accurately yeah like okay and so if we,watch this show then well get a better,appreciation and understanding of what,it is really like to live in rural rural,india lets look at part two i dont,know if its the exact same cast but it,says in the in the description here,starring jachendra kumar nina gupta,raghubir yadav faisal malik chandan roy,and others directed by deepak kumar,[Music],foreign,[Music],foreign,[Music],foreign,foreign,[Music],foreign,[Music],[Music],[Music],foreign,[Music],foreign,thats coming up really soon yeah like,really soon really soon theres not a,lot of time no not enough time,i dont have time and too much content,yeah thats right and amazon just,advertised their thing of like oh in,case you thought you were running out of,content weve got so much more for you,yeah i mean i can definitely see the,progression from the first season to,this season because it seems like hes,still there in the the village i guess,is that youd call it a village wouldnt,you,i would call it,yeah so hes still in there hes still,in that village hes still studying for,his exams but now hes formed more of a,bond with these people and i suppose,perhaps the conflict the internal,conflict at least is going to be that it,might be difficult for him now to leave,the village because hes formed these,bonds with these people who you know,have become more than friends and,theyve become family yeah if money,highest has taught me anything is that,you can drag out,time dilation as much as you want,so you know season two could be the next,day right you know what im saying if,they want to just keep them in that town,telling stories story after story like a,sitcom yeah they can just keep them,there indefinitely you know until gender,kumar is like really showing his gray,hairs and all that you can just stay,there doing this show and it looks like,a lot of fun because you have all kinds,of cookie characters within the town and,you know you have this guy who is more,from the city and i guess,educated you know and so like hes,coming in with his ideology like devdas,you know they called it out oh no,sweaters,sorry yes different srk movie what the,hell yeah its completely different,that would be interesting,lots of drunkenness pining for a woman,and then uh and godfather,uh you guys thanks so much for hanging,out let us know again please in the,comments below if youd like us to do,you know cover this is in the uh,reaction series and again keep a lookout,for community posts uh we might do a uh,what you call it,a poll a poll that youll have to climb,thanks again im jaby kawai this is a,character peace out

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