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[Music],hey guys lenae monet here and i am back,with another video all right guys so,today were going to panera bread i,heard they got some new chicken,sandwiches yall know im tired of,eating chicken sandwiches anyway it,dont matter they got some new chicken,sandwiches and you know your girl was,gonna get into it i was supposed to be,gotten it too so if youre interested,stay tuned because were about to get,right into the video,i got the goods baby,all right yall,give me a second and then we gonna get,into it hold up oh wait a minute wait a,minute wait a minute wait a minute wait,a minute,[Music],let me put some hand sanitizer on and,give you guys a close-up all right so,lets take a look at the signature first,it got that good old soft brioche bun,then they got some aioli it got that uh,grilled chicken breast lets see whats,underneath hold up lets get into it,theres some garlic chips i feel like,these is garlic chips with some lettuce,any other sauce anything else no pickles,more aioli right there all right lets,get into the spicy one all right now,this is the spicy one we got a brioche,bun,okay i see they put some aioli ants of,buffalo sauce on it we got our chicken,breasts and underneath we got our pickle,chips more aioli and buffalo sauce lets,get into,and shout out to damario go to mario go,da mario hey shout out to the mario for,telling me about this panetta bread,chicken sandwich i appreciate it all,right child this is the signet,oh stuff falling yall know im famous,for dropping stuff so whatever but this,the signature one,okay and i think these is parmesan crisp,i said garlic thank god cause garlic be,knocking your socks off baby and im,good off that i think this is a little,parmesan a little parmesan like a little,rice krispie treat or something that,they done did they got fancy with it,all right,i already take a bite cause you know im,hungry you know i am you knew that,were gonna buy right here,its a good spot to bite,i got something to say hold on,because i got a little bit of,discrepancy i got a little bit of,discrepancy hold on,baby,lets get into the receipt let me pull,up the receipt because yall know you,dont do that but this thing came to,9.89,and 89 i dont know about that i dont,think i like that i didnt agree with,how much this chicken sandwich caused i,guess its a healthier option but baby,sign me up for the cheap stuff i can,keep my pockets together honey,put me on the list for the cheap stuff,if i aint got to go broke trying to,stay healthy i dont got time for that,hold on let me take another bite i was,kind of distracted let me let me let me,get into it again give me a second,it definitely tastes healthy,let me tell you that right now,but,girl go down cause i dont know if i got,time to be wrestling with you to get,down so i can tell people whats going,on hold on,now listen,listen listen you can tell that this was,made,a lot healthier than all the other,chicken sandwiches that i didnt had,okay this one is a premium okay diesel,if you will i like that the flavors but,the flavors is here,the flavors is definitely hitting how,they supposed to be here,they gave you grilled chicken instead of,fried you know what i mean they gave you,some some they gave you some fancy,letter there its right here fancy this,is you fancy huh okay they dont cut,your cheese up in little tiny circles,easier to get down,a crisp,a cheese crisp this aint half bad,im gonna tell you this right now i like,this,this real sophisticated chicken sandwich,this one right here taking chicken,sandwiches to infinity and beyond,you have to eat this with class put your,pinky out you got to you cant just eat,this you cant just you know what im,saying you gotta you gotta be delicate,with this thing this is all right with,me it got a nice flavor to it yall,everything is so cohesive that aioli is,aeolia,they could have put more on there i will,tell you that if you get it tell them to,add a little dollop of daisy extra just,for you you need that but that chicken,breast aint dry well seasoned i dont,know who yall got there getting them,ingredients together but i like what,they did there you know what im saying,the cheese is blended the lettuce is all,right with me that bunny soft i dont,have no complaints look at me making,life changes eating healthy and stuff,look at that,wow,this is good dont expect all that extra,razzle dazzle because it aint giving it,you said im here im a chicken sandwich,i cant do what i came to do okay,im sophisticated,im sophisticated,lets get into the spicy now yall know,im excited about the spicy one because,if the regular one did then the spicy,one can only,take it up a notch baby im expecting,the unexpected,and it got pickles crispy ones,going the extra mile again,shall we dont make no mess kick you,right on out,[Music],no im not im not thrilled about it you,know what i mean im just like,let me let me let me,let me get into it again let me see hold,on because i might be wrong,now,i dont hate it but i dont love it you,know what i mean like,the star of the show here is the pickles,the pickles is taking over the whole,sandwich you know what i mean thank god,i love pickles so im not upset at all,but i did want to get more into that,buffalo aioli combination on the chicken,and i just really couldnt taste,anything because it was kind of spicy,its a little spicy it has a different,flavor to it but,nothing that kind of just jumps out at,you and attacks you you know thats what,you want,i want to be attacked okay lay it on me,but you know it was kind of like,hey how you doing,i just want to know hey do you mind,do you mind you know like asking a whole,lot of questions before just getting,straight into it you know dont dont,ask me too many questions because now i,dont i dont want to get involved now i,dont want to get involved it seems like,a risk factor this is okay you know what,im saying its okay its a healthier,option you cant be mad at something,thats just a healthier option but the,flavors are not as cohesive as the,signature and the pickles got more,presents than the chicken,i dont even know how you do something,like that now why the pickles are,shining the chicken you see how big the,pizza chicken is hopping out the bando,right here,hotter pickles how the pickles taking,over i dont know,the buffalo sauce is kind of sweet its,not that spicy at all it just has more,of a sweetness to it but you know you,know i got a little heat in there,somewhere but its like chilling its,just so cheap i dont particularly care,for this flavor but you know me ima,have to make sure,and i took a little bit kind of dry with,this one,yeah i know,man,it was great it was a great time i had a,good time,dont call me ill call you,and yall look they put it in these,little boxes you see it peeking out hey,girl we see you we see you in here,just the spicy one im gonna have to,give this like a three a two uh,im gonna have to give it a three and,im just gonna give it a three because,it is a healthier option the flavors are,there just,not quite what i was expecting like i,like i said stop playing with me when,you tell me its spicy i want to be like,i am getting so hot im gonna take my,clothes off i dont never feel like that,i feel like im just in there partying,you know what im saying im having a,good time you know im not exhausted at,all aint no sweat dripping off me okay,got the strut dripping all over my body,i dont got none of that going on with,this,very chill super chill gotta give it a,three then we got that signature no,wonder you put your signature on this,one no wonder you did that i see what,you did i see what you did i felt like,it was a little innovative with them uh,cheese crisp i like the cheese crisp,that was bomb the cheese crisp is lit,okay i like that i think its parmesan a,little parmesan cheese chris,and then,for some reason i could taste the,flavors on this chicken a lot better,than i could i could tell yall was back,there look at the flick of the wrist,with the seaso

Is Panera Breads Spicy Take Chicken Sandwich the HOTTEST Yet?

مرحبًا بالجميع ، هذا يعمل على مراجعة طعام فارغة جيدًا ، مرحبًا أيها السادة,والجميع يشاهدون الترحيب ، وأيضًا هذا الإصدار الأحدث من سلسلة مراجعة الطعام الفارغ ،,أنا مضيفك تقرير الأسبوع ، شكرًا للتحقق,، لقد مر وقت طويل منذ ذلك الحين لقد جربت خبز بانيرا ولكن آه فكرت لماذا ليس ما أعنيه أه,أعتقد أنه مضى أكثر من عام ولكنني أتناول خبز بانيرا بشكل متكرر على الأقل في كثير من الأحيان على الأقل في كثير من الأحيان,أه أعلم أنه قد لا يكون مثل مكان الوجبات السريعة المثالي مثل ماكدونالدز,أو شيء من هذا القبيل ، لكن لديهم عنصرًا جديدًا يتم طرحه قليلاً من الحديث ، اعتقدت,أنه مثير للاهتمام وفكرت في أي شيء دعنا نجربه ، فأنا شخصياً فضولي,لذلك هناك شيء واحد يرفض أن يموت في الاتجاه هذه هي شطائر الدجاج التي تعرفها ، لا يزال,لديك جنون شطيرة الدجاج ، لا يزال لديك كل هذه الأماكن في الخارج لإصدار,سندويشات دجاج مختلفة وهذا يذهلني لأنك تعلم أن هذه الأنواع من الاتجاهات عادة ما تكون قصيرة يبدو,الأمر كما لو أنني أتذكر شيئًا عن شطيرة الدجاج من الواضح أنه سيكون دائمًا شائعًا ، لكن,شطائر الدجاج بشكل عام أصبحت شائعة جدًا في عام 2019 ، وكإتجاه,لا يزال هنا كل مكان لا يزال يقدم خبز بانيرا هذا أخيرًا قال إننا سنقوم بعمل,شطائر الدجاج الآن ولكننا سنقوم بعمل سوس سنفعلها بالطريقة الصحيحة,لذا فقد أطلقوا سلسلة من شطائر الدجاج التي أفترض أن أحاول التنافس مع الأماكن الأخرى,التي أطلقوها شطائر الدجاج الأصلية ، شطائر الدجاج الحارة,، اعتقدت أنك تعلم أنني حصلت على بدلة زرقاء وربطة عنق زرقاء اليوم ،,لذا سأقوم بتسخير اللون الأزرق في ملابسي لتوفير قوى تبريد طبيعية,وسأذهب تقدم مع ساندويتش الدجاج الحار من خبز بانيرا ، لذلك هذا هو بالضبط ما,حصلت عليه هنا ، لذا ستكون مراجعة اليوم لما يسمونه بخبز بانيرا,الحار ، خذ ساندويتش الدجاج حتى تعرف أنه يمكنك التعرف على أه,عبارة أوه كانت جيدة تا إذا كان هناك شخص ما يعطي مثل رأي غير,مقبول ، فقد يقول بعض الناس ، لقد كان هذا أمرًا سيئًا ، لقد كان أمرًا سيئًا,لقد حصلوا على الحارة ، لذا فهم يقولون إن هذا هو تناولنا الحار لجنون شطيرة الدجاج,أعلم أن هذا موجود حقًا ، لذا إليك ما تعرفه ما الذي,يشكل تناولًا حارًا قد تتساءل بوضوح ، لذا إليك ما هو لديك ،,دعنا نرى صدر دجاج محمر يبدو مثل نعم نعم دجاج محمر,صلصة البافلو الحارة ، رقائق المخلل المقرمشة ، صلصة الأيولي بالثوم ، وهي على لفة البريوش ، لذا,مرة أخرى لديك صدر الدجاج المتبّل والمحمص ، لقد حصلت على صلصة البافلو,عليه ، حيث يمكنك تناول التوابل الحارة. رقائق البطاطس المقلية بالثوم ومرة,​​أخرى على لفائف البريوش ، إنها باهظة الثمن على الرغم من أن كل الأشياء التي تم وضعها في الاعتبار بالنسبة لساندويتش الدجاج ،,يجب أن تكون مستعدًا لدفع ما لا يقل عن 13 دولارًا مقابل ذلك ، لذا ضع في اعتبارك الآن أن,هذا يعني هنا شطيرة 13 لأنه لقد قالوا ، انظروا,، نحن نقدم لك قسطًا ، إنها ليست مجرد حقيبة واهية ، إنها تأتي في صندوق من الورق المقوى ،,لذا هناك ، حسنًا ، سأحصل على صورة مصغرة سريعة هنا مثل هذا,، ما الذي يقوله هذا حتى أنه مليء بالنكهة,ويمكنك أن ترى تلك البقعة الصغيرة التي تنفجر النكهة وهي تنفجر في اللحامات ،,لذا فهذه هي الصورة المصغرة فقط في حالة رغبة الأشخاص في رؤية العلامة التجارية,هنا ، فإنهم يعلنون عن السندويشات المختلفة التي قالوا,إنهم يمتلكونها الأصلي لا التوقيع ، خذ الحارة التي تدور حوله,الآن ، دعنا نفتحها جيدًا هنا يأتي الكشف الكبير,الذي يسمونه أن محل إقامة الساندويتش,هنا نذهب هذا هو المكان الحار ، لذلك أردت يومًا أن تعرف ما هو هذا الشيء,الحار كيف يبدو الأمر هناك وستشاهد تقطيرًا حارًا,على الأرجح في ثانية ، لكن هناك صدر الدجاج مع الحارة,وخلط الأيولي بالثوم لدينا المخللات,وكل هذه الأشياء الجيدة ، لذا سأذهب مرة أخرى للحصول على صورة مصغرة كهذه,إذا كانت تقطر ما يهم ، سأقوم بتنظيفه ليس بالأمر المهم ،,أريدك فقط أن تلقي نظرة فاحصة عليه ، فهذه كلها,أشياء واضحة ومباشرة,، سأضع بعض المناديل ولا داعي للقلق حسنًا ، أنت تعرف ما يوجد فيه ، أعرف ما الذي يحتوي,عليه ، نعلم جميعًا ما يوجد عليه ، لذا سأأكله ، وبعد ذلك سيكون هذا,هو تناول ساندويتش الدجاج الحار من خبز بانيرا ، فلنرى كيف مذاق هذا,يحدث أنت تعرف لماذا يطلقون على هذه الشطيرة الحارة,لأنهم يقولون إنها حارة ، سأأخذ,قضمة أخرى,، هناك مقطع عرضي,الآن,، الملاحظة الأخيرة سأريكم فقط أن هناك كعكة أعلى,هناك الدجاج,هناك حقًا ، هناك,كعكة سفلية على,ما يرام ، لذا فإليك ما يجب أن أقوله حول كل شيء ليس ساندويتشًا سيئًا كما تعلمون ليس,لدي أي شكاوى بخصوص مذاقها لقد كنت قلقًا قليلاً في,البداية إضافة aioli um الثوم,لم أكن متأكدًا من كيفية عمل ذلك حقًا مع t إنه شطيرة دجاج وإذا,كانت ستوازن الأشياء أو إذا كانت ستصبح غريبة ولكنها تعمل في الواقع,فهي تكملها بشكل جيد فهي تربط كل شيء معًا والثوم أه,إنه ليس ساحقًا إنه في الواقع معتدل إلى حد ما و مرافقة ممتعة للغاية إذا كان بإمكاني أن تكون,جودة الدجاج جيدة ، فاللقمة الأولى كنت في الغالب أشبه قليلاً من,نوع الحافة المقرمشة من شرائح الدجاج ولكن بعد ذلك بعد اللقمة الأولى,أظهرت اللدغات التالية ذلك صدر الدجاج كان طريًا حقًا ، كان طريًا ، كان لذيذًا,ولم يتم حرقه على الأقل ، إنه جيد جدًا هناك من حيث جودة خبز بانيرا عادةً ما يقوم بعمل,قوي ، وعادةً ما تحصل على مواد ذات جودة جيدة وطازجة ، والساندويتش ليست استثناءً,. دجاج جيد الجودة ولا توجد مشاكل في هذا الصدد على الإطلاق مثلما كنت أقول عن,الثوم أيولي ، كل شيء على ما يرام ، لا يسبب أي مشاكل ، الخبز جيد ،,رقائق المخلل المقرمشة هي في الواقع جيدة حسنًا ، كل شخص يقرن شطائر الدجاج مع المخللات وهذه,تقوم بعمل جيد ، وهي مقرمشة لطيفة قليلاً من المذاق فيها ، إنها لطيفة ، أنا أحب,رقائق المخلل المقرمشة التي تعد إضافة جيدة للأشياء الطازجة ذات النوعية الجيدة لذا من الجيد أن نرى,ذلك إذا كان هناك أي شيء آخر لنتحدث عنه ، فمن الواضح أنه من الواضح أنني سأحتفظ بهذا النوع من التوابل,أخيرًا لأن هذه هي نقطتي الأخيرة في الصلصة نفسها في تلك اللدغات القليلة الأولى التي أظهرتها لك ،,يمكنك أن ترى بوضوح أن الصلصة كانت تقطر تقريبًا خارج الساندويتش وأنت تعلم,أنه يبدو على ما يرام ، سيكون هذا صلبًا ، وسيكون هناك بعض الأشياء الجيدة الحقيقية هناك ،,لذلك كنت أتناول بضع قضمات وأنت تعلم في البداية أنه يمكنني حقًا تذوق صلصة الجاموس ، إنها,جاموس عادي الصلصة ليست حارة بشكل لا يصدق وسيلان قليلاً ولكنك تعلم أنها,سارية المفعول على الفور ، يمكنني بالتأكيد تذوق التوابل التي لا تحتوي على الكثير من المذاق على الرغم من ذلك ، يبدو الأمر,كما لو كنت تغسلها بقليل من الماء أو تذهب في اللقمة التالية ، ستتقلص,آثارها بسرعة ، لكن هناك بالتأكيد القليل من التوابل في تلك الصلصة,عندما أوضحت لك على الرغم من المقطع العرضي للساندويتش وعندما قمت بتفكيكها ،,ما الذي لاحظته وأنت تعلم أنه يمكنك فقط ارجع إلى الفيديو ، انظر عندما عرضت لك ذلك ،,لكن هل لاحظت شيئًا مقارنة بما حدث عندما قمت بتفكيك الساندويتش على عكس ما,أظهرته لك عندما تناولت اللقمة الأولى وإذا كنت تفكر في عدم وجود صلصة الجاموس ، فأنت,يبدو أن كل صلصة الجاموس في الساندويتش كانت مركزة تقريبًا على,ذلك الجزء الذي دخلت فيه أولاً وإذا كانت هذه الكمية من الصلصة موحدة طوال هذا ، فستكون,شطيرة جيدة ولكن المشكلة في البداية مثل اثنين أو ثلاثة لدغات هذا ما كنت,أتمناه وأتوقعه مثل ساندويتش دجاج بافلو ، لكن بعد ذلك الصلصة مرة أخرى,ليست قوية جدًا في البداية ، وبعد ذلك عندما تبدو مرة أخرى في الكعكة العلوية ، سأريك,ماذا تفعل س ترى المزيد والمزيد من أيولي بالثوم الأبيض تعرف نفس الشيء هناك ،,لذا تبدأ في فقدان البهارات مع استمرار تناول الساندويتش أكثر,ويصبح نوعًا ما مثل ساندويتش دجاج بالثوم خفيف بدلاً من ذلك. إلى ساندويتش دجاج بافلو حار,وهذا ليس ما كانوا يذهبون إليه لأنهم أرادوا أن يكون هذا هو الحارة,، لذا فإليك ما أقوله إنه لا يحتوي على ما يكفي من صلصة بافلو إذا كان يحتوي على تلك الكمية من,الصلصة بشكل موحد في جميع الأنحاء مثل ما تناولنا اللقمة الأولى ، كنا نتحدث عن شطيرة جيدة ولكن,مرة أخرى المشكلة هي أن التوزيع كان مغلقًا فقط في تلك الزاوية ، وبعد ذلك مع استمرار,تناوله ، تتضاءل التوابل وتقل إلى أن تتمكن من تسجيلها بالكاد,لذلك هذا هو مشكلة الآن ، إنها ليست مشكلة كبيرة لأن جميع المكونات,تتذوق جميع المكونات على ما يرام ولكن مرة أخرى المشكلة التي لدي هي أنه يجب أن يكون هناك المزيد من الصلصة,الآن أخبار جيدة ، أود أن أنصح إذا كان بإمكانك طلب هذه الشطيرة التي تعرفها. مرة أخرى ، إنها,باهظة الثمن قليلاً ، إنها 13 ساندويتش وأعتقد أنها باهظة الثمن بصراحة تامة ،,لكن إذا طلبت هذا ، فإنني أنصح بقول صلصة جاموس إضافية حارة إضافية,ثم أعتقد أنك ستحصل على ذلك كما هو مقصود من التجربة عندما يتعلق الأمر,بتناول الساندويتش والاستمتاع به ، لذا إذا كانت تحتوي على المزيد من الصلصة ، فسيكون ذلك رائعًا ، سيكون,هذا الطعام الحار الذي تبحث عنه ، لكن ما حصلت عليه هنا هو جيد أنه يحتوي على الكثير من الإمكانات,ولكنها تحتاج إلى المزيد من تلك الصلصة ، لذا ضع ذلك في الاعتبار ، لذلك ضع كل ذلك في الاعتبار,المشكلة الرئيسية مرة أخرى ، وهو نقص الصلصة ، وهو شيء يمكنك إصلاحه بسهولة من جانبك,، وأنصحك أيضًا إذا اتبعت هذا

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Panera Bread now has CHICKEN SANDWICHES!! – New Fast Food Review!

welcome to kentucky fried panera,im so shook today because panera bread,has released,fried chicken sandwiches now it may not,seem like a big deal to you but as a,panera stand its a big deal to me,panera never has this type of food like,they have unhealthy food but they never,have like,fast food type of food besides like,maybe mac and cheese and chips,everything else is like sandwiches salad,soups and flatbreads right this is a,fried chicken sandwich this is like,panera getting a hamburger its just odd,but its exciting and im excited to see,how it tastes like chicken sandwiches,are all the rage they have been for what,two years now and im very pumped to see,paneras take on it um they did try to,make it a little fancier with like the,ingredients like aioli which is fine,with me i can be classy you know thats,inside of me deep down too so there is a,main chicken sandwich and a spicy,chicken sandwich the actual name is the,signature take chicken sandwich thats,the main one and then theres the spicy,take chicken sandwich very interesting,name so first of all heres the pictures,of the sandwiches they they look,delicious and they have some very,interesting toppings so,the main signature take chicken sandwich,is a seasoned and seared chicken breast,wait,is it not breaded,wait these arent fried,i thought they were fried,i guess not theyre seasoned and seared,but those pictures really look like like,a fried chicken sandwich dont they okay,well now im a little less excited but,its still a chicken sandwich like its,its a moment lets just keep going with,this,so its a seasoned and seared chicken,breast parmesan crisps little parmesan,chips on the sandwich are you kidding me,amazing emerald greens and garlic aioli,on a brioche roll see like very fancy,toppings emerald greens like how many,emerald cakes did they have to mine to,get this,lettuce im just kidding um each of,these sandwiches were 13 on ubereats and,they do come with a side i got chips of,course now the spicy one is a seasoned,and seared chicken breast spicy buffalo,sauce crispy pickled chips and garlic,aioli on a brioche roll so i do love,that they have different toppings like,pickle chips that sounds so good and,yeah im so ready but first guys,subscribe to my channel timmys take out,i taste test brand new fast food items i,do full menu taste test as well,subscribe okay so lets open this up im,nervous,okay so we have my chips,im so hungry i just did a really good,workout,cardio for 30 minutes thats a lot for,me,im not going to describe paneras chips,i have done it a thousand times,theyre,iconic,10 out of 10,oh my god,bursting with flavor this is so cute,this is very like um this is so cute,this is very like burger shop type,packaging you know okay so,theres a sticker this is the spicy take,and this is the signature take lets,open them im so nervous why am i so,nervous like,this is a huge deal for me okay so,theres a little,thing,oh wow even though it isnt fried,it still looks really delicious like it,looks very heavily seasoned oh my,goodness let me take it out oh its,pretty big the pizza chicken is pretty,big too like it covers the whole,sandwich plus a little bit of extra,thats what the chicken looks like,okay,i see the parmesan crisp right there i,love how this looks honestly it looks,very appetizing and then the spicy one,so its basically a buffalo chicken,sandwich which im fine with i love,buffalo this is it it smells like ranch,to be honest,it does it smells very ranchy oh thats,a thick piece of chicken,look at that,so before we start lets first get my,thumbnail very important,okay oh,i went,i really didnt breathe that time my god,lets dig in im so excited lets first,try of course the original one and then,the spicy lets open it up,there is the garlic aioli which is,basically garlic flavored mayo the,chicken fillet truly looks incredible,like im very slayed by its aesthetic um,theres the emerald greens and the,parmesan crisps very nice very nice,lets try it oh my god,okay,hmm,the bread is ready,um im im conflicted,let me try the chicken by itself,that was quite loud,so it looks like it has more flavor than,it actually does,if that makes sense,its not bad but it tastes like a,grilled chicken sandwich which is what,it is but it just to be honest most of,the time grilled chicken sandwiches have,a very plain look to them so its kind,of like youre expecting them to taste,plain whereas this grilled chicken,sandwich had a very flavorful look to it,so i was not expecting the plainness,that is exhibited here um it isnt bad,at all its a good grilled chicken,sandwich but its not like a good like,fast food like fried chicken sandwich,thats what i was expecting,and thats probably my fault that thats,on me the parmesan crisps get kind of,foggy,like kind of,not mushy but,like,chewy you know and theyre supposed to,be crunchy so yeah the chickens good it,just kind of has a very um plain grilled,chicken flavor um now it does feel like,good quality though so thats good the,emerald greens just taste like any other,greens i dont taste that emerald,im just kidding no like that tastes,fine it tastes fresh now the parmesan,crisps i think i would have put real,parmesan cheese like shavings on this,instead of the parmesan crisps they,dont really add the necessary crunch,theyre supposed to,and i know parmesan cheese isnt crunchy,but at least its not trying to be you,know these are trying to be and theyre,not its overall instagram its just a,good grilled chicken sandwich if youve,had one before you know what to expect,simple basic kind of plain like that,bottom slice is like,damn its very thick um im gonna have,to give the main chicken sandwich i,think five out of ten,i think thats fair but now its time,for the buffalo version now this version,might be a lot better because it has a,totally different sauce it has buffalo,sauce delicious um it is the same,chicken though but this is a thicker,piece and it has pickle chips um,recently there was a wendys sandwich,that had pickle chips on it too was it,the hot honey one it was good lets see,hmm,my bubbles are so good,im not gone,um,this one tastes much more like your,typical,fast food chicken sandwich much more,like it because we have a flavor from,the pickles which is a typical topping,on chicken sandwiches and then the,buffalo sauce gives the chicken itself,so much more flavor and it almost makes,it feel like a fried piece of chicken i,dont know why it just it just kind of,like coats it,and just makes it taste,so much more flavorful now the bread is,still very thick and dry,but this is a good chicken sandwich now,for 13,honestly you can just go to a fast food,place like popeyes and get a chicken,sandwich for what like six and its,probably better than this,so,you know but if you are at panera and,youre craving a chicken sandwich this,spicy one is actually good its good,they only taste so good with the buffalo,sauce theyre just a great mix,i love the pickle chips,so,i think im going to give the spicy,version a 7.5 out of 10. its very good,much better so paneras new chicken,sandwiches are okay,overall,but i would definitely just recommend,the spicy instant oh,one thing though its not spicy at all,so thats a little issue this is not,spicy its a non-spicy buffalo sauce at,least to me,and i love spicy food so maybe itll be,spicy to you if you think that you know,like black pepper spicy,so yeah let me know in the comments,below do you guys plan on trying,paneras new chicken sandwiches what are,your thoughts on them if you dont live,near a um panera tell me your thoughts,as well how do they look,thank you so much for watching subscribe,to my channel james take out ill see,you next video i love you so much,[Music],you

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Panera’s New $12 Chicken Sandwich ???????? IS IT WORTH IT⁉️ Taste & Value Test VS McDonald’s

whats up brody foodie fam welcome back,to another video here where in the world,is lupe roadie foodie were all over the,place baby like comment share subscribe,very short video today more of a psa as,my man the endorsement would like to say,panera just came out with a 12 dollar,chicken sandwich,this is it,pan seared i didnt hear any pan searing,some sort of aioli sauce with uh looks,like pickle chips,and uh some stuff crusted on the bottom,looks like they drizzled uh some,some buffalo stuff so were gonna just,take a quick bite,and then as you guys saw on the,thumbnail,this cost 12,what i got on the side over here which,now i have chicken sandwiches for days,is also 12,lets see,is it worth it,off the rip,and im being fair here guys,you guys know how i am look at all that,bread,by the way with tax,i,you do get a bag of chips you get a bag,of like six chips you know how they do,it,um,all right hold on let me let me lets,give it a fair shot lets say it wasnt,this dry,uh,honestly,listen,panera is a great place,to,to have meetings at right its so big,its got the white its got the wii,feeds got the wi-fi,the little coke thing is on the side so,you can refill it yourself you can get,refills of,you know soda and juices and stuff,and honestly panera bread doesnt have,any competition i think this is why they,can get a they can get away with stuff,like this,think about it what other brand,is a cafe fast food place like that,there might be some regional ones and i,think they also own,corner cafe too if im not mistaken,i saw this,and it said twelve dollars and literally,i was like it can go both ways it could,be literally the best sandwich ive ever,had in my freaking life and i always,keep my heart open,to be like that,or,panera is doing panera things again and,i hope their marketing team watches it,its almost like theyre doing it on,purpose also,its almost like the iphones,are they trying to see how much were,willing to pay,or maybe they knew that there was going,to be some sort of backlash,and they got it got it buzzing it got,the name panera up in the socials,either way,what saves,first of all its not a 12 sandwich one,right and theyre like oh in certain,markets its 10.99 its 11 bucks where i,got it i think it was like 11.79 its a,12 sandwich,i dont know if extra pickles lettuce,tomato cheese,bacon avocado maybe all that stuff,packed into it might help the situation,but look at this just for comparison,guys,mcdonalds right now right its kind of,squished because i was stacking them,but mcdonalds right now,is doing the jump off,regular crispy,spice look at all that sauce for the,boss,they are doing,two of these for six bucks so i got four,of them for twelve dollars,just take a moment,take a moment to see let this sink in,lets take a bite,this is a three dollar sandwich,its thicker,its juicier,maybe because they fry it,the bread isnt all in the way,right,give you pickles,and its saucy bossy,again listen,some of you might go there and say you,know what,you know what luke,i know where you can put that chicken,sandwich,or you know what luke dont talk bad,about my panera,but,i honestly think,first of all youre jumping into the,into the chicken war games way late,look what i got,i got this,i want to see,if mac sauce can help this and im a,pretty person that loves mac sauce that,goes with everything,now were talking baby,its too much bread,i paid twelve dollars i gotta eat it,right,again,no hate to panera,one day i hope i hope to work with you,on on a specific campaign maybe for,charity,because you guys have that type of reach,but this can only mean a couple things,again and im going to reiterate them,i mean my 12 dollar pickle trips here,all right,i got five dollars worth of bread right,here,i honestly think that theyre just doing,theyre doing the,the iphone thing,how much can we get them to pay,because think of this guys all right we,went to mcdonalds right its mcdonalds,right,we go to chick-fil-a right now,you get their regular sandwiches,not the deluxe you get the regular,sandwiches,for and change right we can get almost,three for almost the same price,or if you get the deluxe you want the,you want the tamats and you want the,lettuce,right,those are what five and change maybe,i think so you can get two of those two,chick-fil-a sandwiches for that,i dont know why im fired up,you know you know what i know why im,fired up,the whole worlds going through,something right now and people have less,so you know we have to spend our our,hard earned pennies in certain ways,right some of them use it on,entertainment,or going out once a week and things like,this and,you know or or are,you know,they have netflix accounts and youtube,uh youtube memberships they support,their favorite content creators,uh they they uh maybe they they bought a,um,the new xbox right so,i,i wish i could guys i used to own a,restaurant,so i know about food costs,this right here,especially at the volume,that theyre buying things with,this is a five six dollar sandwich,tops,tops,excuse my as i eat my spicy mac sauce,tickets,i dont know what said beyond that,well leave this video here on that,please comment down below if you guys,think thats a 12 sandwich or if you,rather get four sandwiches for 12 bucks,or,i feel i feel bad i never this is my,first time ive done a video like this,and i dont know how,dont take it out on the employees guys,theyre just working,um i dont think i think that this 12,sandwich,youre gonna get people like me who eat,it for you guys so that you can either,want to go out and get it or you dont,want to go out and get it right,influencers or whatever the heck the,term theyre giving us now,um,you know sometimes you just need a,certain amount of people to buy,something,right so think about it uh remember,remember that guy back in the day,i think he still does it but i dont,think he does it as much or he sold the,idea to somebody else the pet rock,made,over one million dollars,selling a pet rock to people,and he didnt need to sell,them for the rest of his life he didnt,but he sold enough to make a million,dollars so in my mind is,if they get,a million people around the us out of,the 300 million of us 1 million,to buy one then theyve made 12 12,million,off of this sandwich,and i bet you anybody that works at,panera,right because i know some of you watch,this,again i dont hate panera i this is just,were going on a case-by-case basis here,again i love going to panerai i love,your mac and cheese i love the the steak,one with the pickled onions and the,horseradish that ones bomb so,and yeah of course the soups are,overpriced of course but you know that,going in,right but theyre not overpriced like,that,theyre not overpriced like that,um,and in there if you guys read the press,release oh my god,if i remember to put,the link to the press release down below,ill ill do it,they were using all the buzzwords i mean,listen i,no shots fired at uh at their marketing,and,innovation concept,people,but when you have to over,over describe something chef-inspired,gourmet-like sandwich like when you have,to do all that,its a chicken sandwich,let the sandwich speak for itself,right,but i would love to have been a uh uh,a fly on the wall in those meetings when,this came up and and when they were,talking price points and everything else,uh because i know that,i know that there was a kill people,going i dont know you think we can get,away with this i dont know charlie,samantha what do you think no jesus,all right lets try it,all right im gonna digress on panera,because this is not an anti-panera video,uh this is more of a uh,i dont know what type of video,i know i came in a little hot there but,uh if you guys want to try it try it,maybe and also,make it saucy if youre gonna charge me,12 bucks make it saucy it needs,something else it is a very bland,sandwich as well your garlic aioli needs,to have a little bit more garlic in it,the chips,i dont know if it was at the bottom of,the chip bag but you know if youre,g

Panera Bread New Signature Take Chicken Sandwich Review – Is it worth $11?!

im at panera,trying the 11 chicken sandwich no thats,not what its called its called the,signature take chicken sandwich this,also comes in a spicy take chicken,sandwich,yes so if youre new to my channel i am,kathy and i try things i try things and,i give you my two cents so,today im going to give you my two cents,uh,is it worth,the 10.99,eleven dollars,um but i paid for it so you get the,chicken sandwich you get a side you get,chips an apple,or a piece of a baguette i got this my,son loves the baguettes here so thats,why i got it i do like the packaging,this comes in this nice uh little box,here,lets see what comes on it,i guess all the sandwiches come in these,boxes,see i never at panera so it shows you,all the i guess they just check i guess,i guess and it says to squeeze squeeze,me squeeze me,like squeeze me says,to pull there,so this is pan seared,and then,its sous vide,to lock in the juiciness of it so i,dont know if thats how they get it in,and then they um,and then they heat it up,and if this is how all the sandwiches,come and you eat it panera let me know,and this guy is watching me we have the,brioche bun,nice and soft then you have the garlic,aioli,the chicken,breast the greens and then you can see,the little parmesan crisp these little,crisps are pretty cute,all right,please just squeeze me i swear to work,this i have to hold,okay,im gonna have another bite,i do like the box i do like,i have a thing called a burger buddy,thats similar to this but its plastic,but i do like this and im sure i paid,for it,with this sandwich,the crisp,im really not tasting maybe i didnt,get one,let me try one over here,i can taste the crisp a little bit,because i was expecting like when you,eat them by themselves you get a pretty,strong parmesan flavor but,everything else i didnt really taste,much of a parmesan flavor,so the flavor of the chicken is okay but,it is a little a little dry for me,not terrible but a little dry,this might be a first,one problem i have with panera is they,have pepsi,and yes i got a diet pepsi only because,it was free so i think,until the 10th of april when you order a,chicken sandwich,you can get a free drink just use promo,code free drink all caps,maybe all caps i dont know you can try,out caps but if im somewhere that has,diet pepsi not a fan of diet pepsi at,all but,i dont want water so ill get,um,diet pepsi and ill ask if they have a,lemon or a lime or if not ill just add,a splash of sierra mist to it so,i tried to get a bottled water but that,wasnt part of the deal even though a,bottle of water is 1.99 and a drink is,279. so i thought oh its cheaper they,might let me get it no,because you know this really cost five,cents for them but yeah so,it kind of reminds me of like um,like if you buy frozen chicken breasts,that are already,cooked,you just got to reheat thats kind of,what it reminds me of,so,okay so you know ive been eating it,its,the chicken is okay its not the best,chicken sandwich ive ever had it is,nice that its not fried,um,but i like the chicken a little,chickens a little dry,i would,i think it would be,i was expecting it to be a little,juicier,um im a fan of the bun and the garlic,aioli,like i said its like a such like a,garlic mayo but its not its not a very,strong garlic but its there and the,parmesan crisp,like i said i really cant taste them,when its all together,but the spicy one has pickle chips on it,um and buffalo sauce spicy buffalo sauce,so i kind of wanted to see how,you know this 11 price compared to,like a,sit down chain restaurant like a,chilis or charlies applebees red,robin,all except red robin the other ones they,were all in all in line with this for,you know,11 like 10 11 12,red robin,was like,14.89 almost 15 for a chicken sandwich,and yes you get the endless fries but,still i looked on the app before putting,in my location and its at 11.99 when i,put in my location it was 10.99 so its,gonna vary depends on where you are,um,its just okay its just an okay chicken,salad so to raise the chicken just based,on the sandwich itself not the price,just the sandwich i will give it a,two and a half out of five,you add in the price i give it a one a,one out of five can i get a point five,out of five,thats just,its just too much but i think when you,go to panera you know youre gonna pay,more than you would somewhere else,thats why i kind of avoid panera its,like my daughter has started working and,paying for things on her own now and,its like some of her friends will,suggest going to panera and shell be no,its too expensive,so that makes me happy when she does,that um,so yeah so,if,you like panera give it a try i think it,came out march,30th,if youve tried one of the chicken,sandwiches at panera let me know what,you think what did you pay for it was it,worth the price,uh let me know,i appreciate you watching i hope you,have a wonderful day and i will see you,next time,[Music],you

Panera Bread® Spicy Take Chefs Chicken Sandwich Review! ????‍????????️???????? | theendorsement

all right its finally happening panera,bread throwing their hat into the,three-year-old chicken sandwich wars,were gonna check it out its in this,fancy box right here,cue the intro,what is up everyone it is,the endorsement and it is time for,another review this is where i try,something and tell you if you should,like it or not i could be very,persuasive all right so we have panera,bread two of versions of their new,chicken sandwich they have the original,take and they have the spicy take i went,with the spicy take it is going to be a,seasoned and seared seasoned and seared,chicken filet youre going to have what,is it crispy uh pickled chips a garlic,aioli brioche bun and did i mention,buffalo sauce buffalo sauce which is,gonna make it spicy i think the other,version that is not spicy has those uh,parmesan chips on it this one has the,crispy uh pickle chips so this is the,box its having us uh follow,instructions check it out right there,pull here uh but let me just tell you,11.49 or 11.99 11. a 12 a 12 sandwich,nothing else came in the bag except,the tiniest bag of their chips uh twelve,dollars i read an article that said that,uh panera bread corporate is saying that,this is worth two to three times all of,the other chicken sandwiches that are,out on the market right now so i had to,check it out uh should i try to do this,lets pull here and see what happens,were gonna pull right here oh yeah ive,seen this uh critical each japan in uh,japan they do this a lot with uh burgers,uh ive seen paul do this a bunch of,times shout out critical each japan uh,so lets see if this works for this,i was just going to pop the top and kind,of slide it out which im probably going,to end up having to do,but there you go right there it says,burst thing with flavor lets take the,top off,this is christmas time theres a lot,happening with this sandwich im going,to give it to you first look uh right,out of the box,check it out right there,all right lets check it out,all right so listen im just going to,keep it real there is no way this is a,12,sandwich im sorry panera ive been on,record for many years saying you are way,too pricey for what you get i get that,you bake things there and this that and,the other but this thing for 12,let me just tell you before i even get,into really much of anything you see,thats a buffalo sauce right there that,is basically all the buffalo sauce i am,getting on this sandwich this is the uh,spicy take uh let me just tell you,that is what were dealing with and uh,thats the crispy pickles on there there,it is and then they put this on the,bottom and check it out,there it is,just kind of absorbs into there why are,you not putting this on top i think even,on the pictures it shows it kind of,dripping all over,no,no and the size of this is basically the,size of any other chicken sandwich,out right now i guess youre going to,try to up charge it because you are,searing it youre not frying it youre,not grilling it youre just doing a sear,uh i do enjoy garlic aioli and i think,that these pickle these uh crispy pickle,things right here are gonna be okay too,but lets just give it a bite twelve,dollars no,twelve dollars no if you offered a bowl,of like mac and cheese maybe im getting,closer to that twelve dollar range lets,just see where the flavor takes us lets,go,[Music],no,no,no and on top of this uh look at the,thickness of the bread on the bottom the,bread on the top that was a,chewy mouthful,both of those right there are kind of,double the thickness of that chicken and,the chicken is dry and it almost feels,like those uh chicken fillets that im,trying to think where you get them i,dont want to say ballpark but it does,feel like that a little bit like these,pre uh let me just take it off the,sandwich check it out right here,like this uh chicken right here just,seems like one of those,i dont know i dont know i went into,this with an open mind im saying okay,if youre gonna go on record uh,corporate saying that it is worth the 12,price tag,im like this thing better be amazing,its not its not im sorry and why do i,keep apologizing im not sorry because,panera for so long charging so much uh,do you know how uh cheap soup is i know,they make it fresh daily i believe i,believe dont quote me on it and i do,enjoy the soup there but i dont go,there that much because a bowl of soup,is like ten dollars im like no no not,gonna do it this thing ah,like,its almost to the point its actually,almost one of the worst chicken,sandwiches ive had because you have to,factor in the price and the flavor like,i said uh if this is the spicy take uh,spice meter uh 0.5 out of 10. so not,even one im gonna take another bite uh,well give it a rating uh last bite,yeah,save their money,all right im going to show you one more,look i just want you to concentrate on,how much bread and uh compared to how,much chicken,check it out,so no im not going to finish the bread,the bread was like a shining star it was,soft it had a nice little a buttery,bottom right there and it was toasted,and im going to tell you these crispy,pickle things,dont really matter they kind of get,lost in the mix the garlic aioli i get,hints of uh but let me just tell you why,uh is the build why are you going to put,the uh sauce the buffalo sauce on the,bottom especially when im pretty sure,ill throw a picture up right here that,it shows in the advertisement all of,that buffalo sauce kind of dripping all,over the top of the sandwich but uh,lets give it a rating on a scale of 1,to 100 with one meaning dont even waste,your money and 100 being the promised,land of,[Laughter],im going to give the,spicy take chicken sandwich from uh,panera i guess youre paying for the,fancy box a rating of,20 im gonna give it a 20. a two zero,thats a round number and i only gave it,a round number so you could put it into,your endorsement notebooks log it right,in there uh put it into the database so,uh there you go another review in the,books please like comment share and,subscribe also please dont forget to,check me out on instagram and twitter,that is social media getting the word of,my channel out to the masses in closing,panera stick to the soup but cheaper,prices the uh kitchen sink cookie and uh,what is that bagel what is it the,cinnamon crunch bagel and the assagio,asiago cheese uh bagel stick to those,two things uh and i might come in more,often this is just a fail and whoever,from corporate put that quote out that,they feel confident that this uh 12,sandwich is worth the price,wrong,wrong youve never been more wrong ive,never been more right i cannot emphasize,it enough uh,no,[Music],[Music],oh,[Music],uh

Panera New Chefs Chicken Sandwich Review – Spicy Take ????️????????

all right panera dropped some new,chicken sandwiches we got the spicy tank,up first lets check it out,[Music],whats going on its your boy big ben we,back again with something new you,already know if something new just came,out its something new we gotta talk,about people,today we got something new from panera,we got a little subscriber review coming,a few of my subscribers wanted me to,check out paneras new chicken,sandwiches so,ill make sure to leave your comments,below but gotta shout you guys out shout,out to my guy carson farmer shout out to,my guy lucio alonso and shout out to my,girl hope they all want to see these new,chicken sandwiches so,everyone is hopping on the chicken,sandwich bandwagon why not panera panera,has two different versions you can get,so you can get the regular version which,is the signature take or you can get the,spicy take i got the spicy,i just like spicy food more i think a,lot of you guys like the spicy food more,so,thats the version i went with we got uh,some chips up in here as a side,and then we got the sandwich they put it,in the box okay,nice little sandwich here i should have,got both of them shout out also to my,guy poppy eats guys ill leave a link to,his channel below so poppy each was,actually the test market for panera when,they first launched this before they,went nationwide he checked out both,versions but if you do want me to check,out the other version leave in the,comment box below,and ill shout you out if i check out uh,the other version but,this is looking good i like how they,package this up you know you unseal it,the little box bang,and then out comes your baby,we got the little baby signature take,okay check it out yall check it out so,i got the email as well,and in the email they say new chef,signature sandwich,uh chicken raised without antibiotics,perfectly seasoned marinated and pan,seared made fresh with clean ingredients,smothered in a secret aioli sauce check,it out,this is a spicy sauce right here,boom we could have used more of that,sauce though,we could definitely okay theres the,aioli sauce right there stacked on a,buttery brioche bun this looks good all,right two quick things before we get,into this last bite the price tag for,this is a little pricey its 10.89 for,the sandwich in the side you know we,respect the calories calories for this,is 570 calories and last thing im,always doing new reviews support the,channel make sure like and subscribe,here we go,the spicy take,from panera new chicken sandwiches here,we go,oh sauce,dash sauce is hitting,nice little buffalo sauce,to be as is probably nothing different,than a buffalo sauce but good meat,bun good,is it too much bun no its really not,airy,this is getting demolished,this is getting demolished,i gotta go back for the other sandwich,now guys,i gotta check out the other one and,compare it,it looks like its the same thing but,just not the buffalo sauce,chicken on this is amazing,i could use two patties okay panera make,the double double chicken sandwich,they like we do,order two of them big damn but for real,the double double chicken sandwich will,be hidden put some cheese on that bad,boy,chickens fire sandwich,the crisp man the whole thing is fire on,this the whole thing is fire guys the,only detractor is a price point,if youre okay with paneras price point,you can wrap your head around it the,flavor of this,is so good the chicken itself the cut of,it the little garlic um what is that,crispy pickle chips yeah,the garlic aioli with the buffalo just,how it all this is like a little,symphony in my mouth man,my score for this guys this is a i want,to say 10. i want to put it out there,like that theres different times i want,to say 10,im gonna give it a solid solid nine,like this is going right now,toe to toe,with any grilled cheese not grilled,cheese any grilled chicken sandwich like,whether its chick-fil-a this could be,better also price point aside,i think this is better than chick-fil-a,i got to hear from you guys let me know,what you think about it,i got to check out the other one now but,something tells me the other one just,doesnt have the buffalo sauce so,debatable well see if you guys want to,see it theres a lot of new stuff out a,lot of new stuff and i gotta hit it all,up baby is this the channel something,new yall know im excited about the new,reviews so anyways hope uh lucio and,carson hopefully i got everyones name,right off the top of the dome i,appreciate you guys for supporting the,channel appreciate bringing the review,to you guys but officially,thats the review as always if you like,the video if you rock with me the whole,time please leave a like dont share,once share it twice drop a comment let,me know what else you guys want to see,on the channel and whether youre,regular or first timer please subscribe,hit that notification bell reminder and,ill catch you guys next time,eating something else,peace

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