1. Panera NEW Teriyaki Chicken and Broccoli Bowl Review
  2. Panera Bread NEW Teriyaki Chicken and Broccoli Bowl Review
  3. New Panera Teriyaki Chicken and Broccoli Bowl Food Review
  4. PANERA BREAD® | NEW Teriyaki Chicken and Broccoli Bowl | Taste Test & Review | JKMCraveTV
  5. New Panera Bread- Teriyaki Chicken and Broccoli Bowl & Pepperoni Pizza Flatbread Review
  6. Panera Bread Teriyaki Chicken & Broccoli Bowl Review / Taste Test
  7. NEW Panera Teriyaki Chicken & Broccoli ???????? Mukbang Review

Panera NEW Teriyaki Chicken and Broccoli Bowl Review

new from panera theyre teriyaki chicken,and broccoli bowl lets try it out,[Music],what a dude what to do with your boy big,ben we back again with something new,you already know if something new just,came out its something new,we gotta talk about whats going on,everybody today,we got something new from panera now if,youre finding me out for the first time,make sure to subscribe im always,dropping new panera reviews,just like today panera came out with a,bunch of new products im gonna be,reviewing them all so again make sure to,subscribe,what we are checking out today is a new,teriyaki,chicken and broccoli bowl im gonna,review it and tell you if its something,you should get or something you should,skip but quick 401,price tag for this is 11.49,thats a little premium golly you know,we respect the calories,calories for this is 650 calories so a,nice little meal to go with your diet,goals,and the description is cilantro lime,brown rice and quinoa,chicken thigh raised without antibiotics,and steamed broccoli florets and a soy,sauce based teriyaki glaze,topped with sesame seeds and fresh,cilantro all right guys nothing else to,do but to do the review,lets try it out here we go new teriyaki,chicken,and broccoli rice bowl lets do it,okay presentation is nice we got the,quinoa,all up in there that lime brown rice,goes real nice with the broccoli,some people dont like chicken thighs,some people like the breasts,you eat the size of your breasts you,both but,initially i was thinking that they,should have did the breasts but these,stars are really moist,they real moist,hmm everything flows together real nice,guys,im already really impressed,price is a little excessive but but,healthiness aspect of it the flavor is,really good,it tastes like a really nice home-cooked,healthy meal a lot of times you cant,find that out at fast food restaurants,and this is uh,you know this meets the panera standard,you know me and my boy and i talked,about that in our summer review,back last year check that one out but,this meets the panera standard this is,what im talking about,this is a great new product from panera,im,absolutely loving this,ah very good very good,im gonna give you guys my score um and,then i got shut down production,but real quick before happening to my,score i will be reviewing the new pieces,i just dropped so again make sure to,subscribe,and then i have some other panera,reviews if you like panera if you want,to know what to get what to skip i,reviewed their new,chipotle chicken and bacon pizza already,check that one out,i also reviewed the new broccoli soup,mac and cheese kind of mixture,check that one out too and then i have a,little,dessert here in the bag that im about,to do another review for im not going,to show you what,but again make sure to subscribe so guys,my score for this one little bite left,hmm i gotta say it im trying to be,critical here because of the price,guys this is a 10. this is a 10.,flavor is good feels healthy,a little extra in the price so that,might be your only deterrence but,if youre trying to hit your new years,resolution goals your diet goals or you,just want,you know to pay a little extra because,hey what you eat is what you are,right and watch all my uh dessert,reviews and stuff,outside of that which is what you are um,this is a 10 really good meal im gonna,shut down production,and im gonna destroy this thing and,again its only what 650 calories,thats awesome love the meal check it,out guys if you try it out let me know,what your thoughts are,but i really really really like this,meal im really excited to try out the,other new items that panera has so ill,make sure to bring those to you guys but,thats the review hopefully you found it,helpful insightful,a little entertaining and all that as,always if you liked the video if you,rock with me the whole time,please leave a like dont share one,share twice drop a comment let me know,what else do you guys want to see on,something new,whether youre regular or a first timer,make sure to subscribe hit that,notification bell reminder,catch you guys next time peace

Panera Bread NEW Teriyaki Chicken and Broccoli Bowl Review

with my fork the broccoli its all right,but where is the rice,cant have cherry chicken okay theres a,rice my whole thing with this they need,to put more rice in here already off,jump,whats going on were back in for a,video of course today guys look i went,back to panera bread yes sure guys so,look,i went back to panera bread today,because they just came out with this,teriyaki chicken bowl thats supposed to,have rice and broccoli and teriyaki,chicken in it,very expensive but you know how to try,it out for yall because its something,new so i want you to sit back relax,hit that like subscribe button in this,video baby lets get into it,okay guys so look i got my bag,and my main beef with this man im,telling yall right now my main beef,with this was that it was eleven dollars,eleven dollars for just a small teriyaki,bowl you know what im saying,so im gonna show yall wanna talk about,when i say small like its,literally look at this small not,smell good cant lie smell real good but,definitely small but let me open this,oh wow theres barely any rice in here,man all i see is teriyaki,chicken man do you all see this,now look like i tell you it smells good,it looks good but wheres the rice,you know what im saying look what im,gonna do,im gonna flip the screen im gonna get,a fork so you can kind of see everything,thats in it,ill taste it for yall man lets get to,that,okay guys look at this teriyaki bowl now,as i said,if you see i move with my fork the,broccoli its all right but where is the,rice,okay cherry chicken okay theres the,rice my whole thing with this they need,to put more rice in here,already off jump now i bet itll taste,good and it definitely smells good but,wheres the rice you know im saying,we got our teriyaki chicken we got a,little bit of rice,then we got the broccoli im saying so,thats,about to get ready to eat,lets get to it man lets get to this,teriyaki bowl,all right all right yall ready to eat,yeah lets get to it baby lets get to,it so look,got my teriyaki bowl,here okay so,it smells good like i said lets get,this first bite this teriyaki chicken a,broccoli and some rice so,get my first big bite here we go,okay,wow lots of flavor packed in this small,little bowl here now right,when i first took a bite of this i,really really taste that teriyaki,chicken like,thats the number one thing that is,hitting on this,then comes that broccoli nice and soft,not too hard you know rocky cant be too,hard but it cant be too soft,this is definitely perfect in that rice,oh my god,that teriyaki flavor from the chicken on,the rice with the broccoli,definitely good man im surprised at how,good i knew it was gonna be good,i know how good it was actually gonna be,so i definitely am enjoying this,look at the teriyaki chicken guys its,not too bad right,nice and cooked it kinda reminds me of,um,like the teriyaki chicken that you get,in the mall like you know like when you,go to the mall you go to food court,they have little uh little teriyaki,chicken samples like i just do,actually on this channel a while ago i,started doing a series called the food,court mall series ill put the link up,here for that if yall want to check,that out,i was going to the malls and trying to,food court food but this reminds me of,that food court teriyaki chicken so im,getting that,anyway i mainly just want to inform you,guys about this like i said it just,dropped today,so go check it out if you get a chance,man but you know what were gonna do,well go over here,im gonna grade this im gonna take the,rest of it up actually im gonna do the,final review lets get to that,all right guys final review final review,okay guys so look got the rest of my,teriyaki bowl here right,and i really did enjoy this like i was,surprised at how good i actually like,this you know what im saying so,the official grade for this im gonna,give this a b,plus definitely up there in flavor and,my only leaves like i said i should give,me a little bit more rice,but other than that broccoli was perfect,flavor was there chicken was good,i complained about it man so i,definitely definitely highly recommend,you guys try it out,the price is too much eleven dollars but,i get it its panera paneras not a,cheap place so,anyway you took over here to watch me,make sure that like subscribe button,you come back and watch all these every,saturday hope to see yall there man so,you have a good day,god bless and peace,[Music],yo whats up yall hey so look popping,up here soon i got videos over here to,the left,i got these over here to the right check,them out man you might enjoy yourself,and hey make sure youre subscribing,thats totally up to you though all,right im out of here man,peace

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New Panera Teriyaki Chicken and Broccoli Bowl Food Review

hey guys welcome to my channel im yoli,and im jeffrey,and today were trying this blasphemy,of a dish,[Laughter],okay honestly okay today were trying,the teriyaki chicken and broccoli bowl,from panera,now this is skinless chicken thighs,its flavored with citrus ginger garlic,red chili,and sesame over a blend of long grain,brown rice and red and white quinoa,and guys honestly im already just,so disappointed well lets talk about,our experience we walk in nobodys in,panera,and this is a brand new item like i feel,like this is maybe the first week,theyve had it,um and we go in and we order it and she,has to ask somebody if they can even,make it,um which was weird i thought since it,just came out and apparently they didnt,have cilantro and i was like cilantro,yeah thats not a big deal its not a,big deal like well still order it,and it takes them 20 minutes 20 minutes,more to make this that,and you cant really tell depth,perception its time,its literally like a glob of rice and a,couple pieces of chicken,this is like the size of like a popcorn,and i have,i have tiny hands guys look at the size,compares my hands bigger than this,its like the its like comparable to,like a uh,like a popeye side dish like a side,side dish yeah i mean it does look good,it smells smells good but what the,heck yeah this was 11. yeah this was,10.99 for this and guess what,they forgot to give us our side they,forgot to give us our bread,yeah yeah so not,not happy right off the bat now,like thats the thing its like this,could taste really good but overall like,i wouldnt go back and get this again,just because,its just based on the size yeah so,lets try it you try it try it all right,im gonna grab a piece of chicken and,just some of this rice and a little bit,of the broccoli that way i have,everything in one bite,its not bad its not good theres not,that much flavor in it,its not bad but thats the thing its,not bad its not,no the only thing that has flavor is the,chicken like the rice itself,really doesnt taste like anything its,a little,its a little sweet and you can taste,the orange guys sorry im going off,this is called a chicken and broccoli,bowl what broccoli where,this is like the type of thing that will,turn me off from going to a restaurant,no im definitely im with you too,because its like it doesnt like i said,it doesnt matter if its good its just,the experience and then forgetting,something,after it took 20 minutes the size of,this thing for them to charge you eleven,dollars yeah like i get a chicken,tastes good but its just not worth it,no no no,no no no no dont get it,dont try it very disappointed,very disappointed if i hadnt i havent,eaten anything today and thats the only,reason like i think im still eating,this is because im like,so hungry im really hungry too and im,still like not like,trying to eat this like its just i mean,its not bad but,its not good either like the rice is,super soggy its like,mushy almost theres like no broccoli in,this chicken and broccoli bowl,i usually dont go off like this but,this was just i think this is one of the,first videos where i,i was just i literally looked at the,bottle pulled it out as we were walking,away i pulled out and showed her i was,like this is what we waited to have 20 i,cannot believe this,what a shame what a shame yeah,definitely do not,try dont even attempt dont waste your,money,on this wannabe chicken teriyaki and,broccoli bowl,but thats not it the next video were,gonna do is actually a review,on their flatbread pizza and maybe,thatll be so,good that itll change our opinion,around on panera maybe,im not holding my breath but maybe its,possible so were going to do that that,review is going to come out after this,one,and yeah thats it for this video dont,try the teriyaki bowl,um thanks for watching and we will see,you next time see you next time,peace out

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PANERA BREAD® | NEW Teriyaki Chicken and Broccoli Bowl | Taste Test & Review | JKMCraveTV

hey guys welcome back to another joe,muller,food review brand new from panera bread,teriyaki chicken and broccoli bowl,up next stay tuned,[Music],alright so brand new from panera bread,another addition,to their bowl lineup teriyaki chicken,and broccoli,and check that out guys we got cilantro,lime brown rice quinoa,chicken thighs raised without,antibiotics,steamed broccoli in a soy,based teriyaki glaze topped with sesame,seeds,and fresh cilantro now believe it or not,guys this,one bowl and these chips,ran me a grand total of 12.49,without a drink all right,let me just try some of the broccoli i,got a little chicken on there,salute,really good guys the broccoli is,definitely,melt in your mouth just the way i like,it,the chicken is nice and sweet,let me pick up a little bit of that rice,this is very good,get a little more chicken a little,broccoli,i love the chicken it is very very nice,and moist and tender it is sweet,the broccoli florets are cooked,absolutely perfectly for me guys this,is a definite hit,although it is very expensive,it is really healthy,wow,highly recommended guys if you are lucky,enough to live near a panera bread,definitely check this out it will set,you back twelve dollars and fifty cents,which is quite a bit of scratch,on a scale of one to 10. with 10 being,the very best,im giving this a rock solid 8. the only,problem i have with it,is it could use a little bit more,of that wonderful soy based teriyaki,glaze i would like a little bit of that,on the side or a little bit more,over it but this is good guys ate all,day you guys got the green,light definitely check it out it is,costly,but it is good all right guys that was,my review i hope you guys enjoyed it,take care,god bless so long,you

New Panera Bread- Teriyaki Chicken and Broccoli Bowl & Pepperoni Pizza Flatbread Review


welcome to my channel tashas merch,review,if youre new here please hit that,subscribe button below,hit that bell to be notified i drop new,content,on this channel every saturday at 3 pm,eastern time,if youre returning welcome back,today i will be reviewing the panera,teriyaki chicken bowl and their,pepperoni and cheese pizza,before i get into this review lets take,a closer look,at the teriyaki chicken bowl and the,pepperoni pizza,[Music],all right so lets dive into this review,so the teriyaki chicken bowl comes with,glaze,teriyaki chicken broccoli brown rice,and quinoa so this is a very healthy,meal i believe on their website,its only 650 calories for the big bow,and if you want a half size i believe,that is only,160 calories,so let me go ahead and dab on into this,bowl,here im gonna mix this stuff up because,the way they got it laid out,its not all mixed together,all right,so here it is,got a little broccoli got a little,chicken,rice and a little bit of quinoa mixed in,there,not bad,the broccoli is staying cooked,its not like hard,and surprisingly the chicken is really,good,nice sweet flavor,and the quinoa i hope im saying that,right,um comment down below if im,mispronouncing it but,it doesnt really have a taste to it and,this is my first time trying that,what i would recommend if they would put,more of,the teriyaki sauce in here,but other than that this is really good,and they oops and they give you a lot,and this size this is the regular size,bow,and i paid 10.99 for it um,and as you can see you get a lot in,there,so this will fill you up and you wont,feel guilty you know,eating this because its very healthy,and i didnt think i would like quinoa,but,ill eat quinoa more often,all right so let me take another bite of,this chicken because this chicken is,good real good,all right so thats the teriyaki chicken,bowl from panera now im going to move,over,to the pepperoni pizza which is not as,healthy,as the okay ill leave a bow there,so the pepperoni piece of,flatbread from panera,so lets try one of those,okay flatbread,good good flavor,tastes like a regular pepperoni and,cheese pizza,the sauce that they put on there taste,good,you can tell they use like the whole,thick mozzarella cheese now i dont know,if you can see that on here but,like the big mozzarella cheese,so yeah this is good,i would get both again,i would definitely order this one,again and they also have other varieties,of their,um their flatbreads,i know they have a pepperoni and then,they have like a um,a marinara they have a spicy one,so yeah i would recommend,going to panera and trying both of these,the chicken bowl would be a good option,if youre,counting your calories because it has,vegetables your protein,and quinoa is supposed to be good for,you this would be,an excellent option also if you,are enjoying this video so far and have,yet to subscribe,please hit that subscribe button below,and also give me a thumbs up,and comment down below if you have tried,the teriyaki chicken bowl or the,pepperoni pizza,and tell me your experience did you like,it did you not like it,that has been my review thank you for,stopping by,and ill see you in the next video,before i end this video just to update,as you can see the teriyaki chicken bowl,from panera is completely gone,thats how good it is,[Music]

Panera Bread Teriyaki Chicken & Broccoli Bowl Review / Taste Test

hey today were trying the new chicken,and teriyaki bowl,from panera,welcome back to the smaller hair we got,the new,and improved no not,teriyaki chicken and broccoli bowl from,panera bread,sounds good who doesnt like panera,bread right we do like panera bread,i love the bread she loves the bread,bowls with the broccoli soup,one time we were traveling on a trip and,we went in and we went up to the,register and we were like,we would like five broccoli and cheddar,bread bowls please and shes like,anything else and were like,nope just that was hilarious,she brought them out she sat them all,down thats all we have kenli loves,broccoli,you know what kids dont like bro i mean,a lot of kids dont like their love,really yeah,so here it is were gonna do a review on,it and lets open it up,we open it up and this is what we see,inside this is the bowl so yeah our,first reaction,is kind of empty short theres not a,whole lot in there,actually our first thought my first,thought was i said wait a minute is,there supposed to be like rice or quinoa,it looks like its just the broccoli in,the package were like oh maybe theres,another bowl,that has the broccoli and theyre just,separate,its under there its its not even,halfway full of this little bowl,and the bowl goes into rice and broccoli,she does like she loves rice and,broccoli yeah anytime we go to a chinese,restaurant anything thats what we,always ask can we just have a little bit,of rice a little bit of broccoli thats,what she eats,and then soy sauce she does soy sauce oh,so again,im looking at this and thats your,thought is its not a lot its kind of,empty and the price you guys ready for,the price,eleven dollars and fifty cents thats,steep for not a lot of food in there,11.50 and we check the pictures and of,course the pictures always look better,you show it like that,and the lid is higher so yeah it could,even be going over the top so heres,your bowl,yeah and uh yeah i gotta say i mean,thats a big thing for us,if were gonna spend our money in food,we want to make sure were getting it,were always going on value,and we want to let you guys know if,youre gonna go out and spend your hard,earned,money you want to make sure youre,getting enough you know food and we like,to share our food too you know we didnt,go out and get one for each of us,were sharing this we thought this,should be enough,food for us to share but yeah i would,assume based on the,advertisement and the pictures its like,this so were like oh man we can just,sample and share it nice big pieces of,teriyaki chicken in there and,its a little short on the broccoli too,thats a really good teriyaki taste its,really sweet kind of tastes like samurai,sands,the chickens soft too like just really,tender,um yeah its a little on the low side of,it,what do you think kenny you like that,broccoli shes a happy girl,he likes it with some sesame seeds,sprinkled on there so it says quinoa or,rice or brown,rice and um did you did you tell them,which one you wanted they didnt ask,so they just gave it to me also its,really short on the rice like,i think thats the one reason why its,so low is they forgot the rice its like,they put a little,you know because it feels like they have,the right portion of the,the chicken right oh theres lots of,chicken but theres the rice,theres not a lot of rice in there i,mean theres literally nothing were,already to the bottom,teriyaki sauce is good it is really good,flavor,it really does taste the rice is good,um yeah the rice looks nice and healthy,like there is,some other grains in there with it it,looks really good i guess its a mixture,i think then actually i think,thats what i heard brown rice and,quinoa mix,so its a mixture of brown rice and,quinoa with the,teriyaki chicken on top and the broccoli,and it tastes really good,i love the taste its awesome i just i,kind of wish they put a little more rice,in it,so i dont know and i dont think thats,going to be the case with you,if you go and buy it i think uh our,store kind of shorted us,thats kind of the feeling it happens,sometimes you know it depends but,it would be nice if it was equal from,store to store,so i love quinoa quinoa has such a great,texture,and it has protein in it so um i feel,like this is really great,because you get the protein from the,chicken and you get the protein from the,quinoa so this,makes it feel a little bit healthier,what do you think you guys want to rate,this,i think the chicken is awesome its so,soft and tender,you know and uh and flavorful its like,theyve been um,marinating at it or something but,a little short on the broccoli and way,short on,the rice i mean come on isnt the rice,the cheapest,part of the whole meal they should have,filled that up,oh well so yeah value not very good guys,but uh the rest i mean the taste is,amazing i think so do you like the taste,so i really really like the taste and,for me there is too much sauce in there,it is too strong for me its really,overpowering,um but i really like to taste my food,im kind of weird,i i would rather there was maybe a third,of the sauce in there i would rather,taste my rice and taste my broccoli more,and im not a big meat eater and there,is to me,there is like a lot of chicken tons of,chicken look weve already eaten almost,all the rice and all the broccoli and,its just chicken,chicken left and for people who are,carnivores and they want all the chicken,great this is like maybe perfect for you,and also i think maybe probably,yeah definitely but for me the rice and,the quinoa is great the broccoli is,great and the taste of the sauce is,wonderful for me it was just off on,portions on here um,so i think its great i think this is a,really tasty yummy thing,i just personally our bowl that we got,was not the right portion and i,there was just too much sauce on it for,me so unfortunately i didnt know we,were gonna do a youtube review on there,you go,but for me if i was gonna rate this this,particular bowl that i got right here,i would have to give it a two i wasnt,super impressed with this,um ill give it a,four oh a four or nothing like something,i,really liked it im gonna give it a fork,its cool,it was good i liked the broccoli it was,good the,sauce was good but,oh there you go good good review honey,so two for you four,for you im gonna go im gonna have to,go with the two two,it just the proportions off i love the,flavor,so if they would have done a little,better on proportions like she said,i actually like that its extra saucy,because i i like stuff with more sauce,but i hear what shes saying shes kind,of more,plain jane thats me but um,i mean it could have been a home run but,so,i think our panera just let us down,so unfortunately maybe thats the only,reason but based on,our panera i give it a two yeah i,definitely think you guys should go and,try it though,i think that um if you want to pony up,like 12 bucks for a little bowl,but i think that these uh bowls are,really fun i love the idea of any kind,of rice bowl like this,so its always disappointing when a,right when you get a big bowl like this,and then its half empty its like it,just looks wrong like make the bowl,smaller so it looks bigger,so we gave it eight,eight out of fifteen so if it wasnt for,kinleys good score it would have not,done so well,but again take that with a grain of salt,because,were kind of naughty basically our,personal the blender,yeah we may have gotten just ive seen,advertisements for it,and its supposed to be up there you,know and that for 11.50,come on guys so anyways there you go,thats the rating for the smaller half,on the new,teriyaki chicken broccoli bowls,there you go have a good night see you,guys later,[Music]

NEW Panera Teriyaki Chicken & Broccoli ???????? Mukbang Review

happy friday brody foodie fam guys we,are back at panera,so you guys we just did the pizza one,right and then they came out with this,jump off but,look at this you guys gonna laugh i,think we have another chipotle,uh situation happening here look at this,big bowl nothing in it,look at all this air theres enough,oxygen in here for all the scuba divers,in the u.s oh my god i did opt in for,this little salad though i didnt want,any chips or bread today,so look at that i mean that looks pretty,good it looks pretty decent i like the,mutts,but man and by the way it was like all,over here i kind of had to spread it out,to make it look a little more lovely,but anyways guys were going to be,thankful that were eating today right,were going to be thankful that were,alive,lets get into it teriyaki and broccoli,bowl panerai,today is just going to be grateful,friday baby just grateful,that were eating man so were back at,panera guys uh,teriyaki chicken and broccoli bowl,thats what we have going on here,so basically theyre saying that theyre,cooking the chicken sous vide,anybody that doesnt know that its,basically like slow cooking in a bag,i believe its french a lot of,restaurants are starting to do that now,with a lot of meat but,uh basically its a really good way of,uh you know theres actually theres,some debate on if its good or bad or,if its the best for it or whatnot do,your own research guys,taste it yourselves but here we go so,this actually kind of reminds me,there used to be a place when i used to,live in california,what was the name of this place yoshi,yo yoshi yoshi bowls no yoshiyama,anybody on the west coast is there a,place called yoshis,because im going back to junior high,there was one in a plaza across the,street from my high school,and we used to get bowls like this all,the time but the bulls were like four or,five bucks,this guys by the way it says that,theyre gonna start at 10.99,not up in here not up in rhode island,were in the 11 oclock hour over here,11,i think it came out to like 11 and,change i opt in this is the up charge by,the way,but i wanted something months but guys,check it out roasted,um you know teriyaki glaze you got some,uh,i smell some very vinegary,uh its got a citrus ginger garlic red,red chili uh and sesame i dont really,theres a little bit of sesame on that,one in that one but not too much,but thats okay guys were still again,were gonna be thankful,i dont really see the cilantro theres,supposed to be cilantro in here,if there is theres very little bit,thats what sold me was a cilantro,what ill do right now is im gonna put,the photo,that panera is using to promote these,and you guys,you guys will let me know if it looks,like,how they i know this isnt fair but at,least the pizzas look like the pizza,that i got,but check this out heres this and then,heres this,a little bit of difference just the,little bits thats okay,lets bless the food guys lets take a,quick bite so that we can get this,review part over here and then we got,some mcbang we got some updates we got,some things to talk about,down the hatch here we go,its actually pretty saucy,yeah this teriyaki chicken reminds me of,just guys whats the name of the place,in california please somebody has to,know,yoshiyama no,this isnt too bad i mean you put,teriyaki sauce on anything im gonna eat,it,you know well be bombing this,by the way guys just quick review on,this theres not much to really say,its quinoa broccoli and teriyaki,chicken so its hard to kind of say,what it tastes like because it tastes,just the way it is the one thing i do,like about it though,its still hot,im and im also another thing im,actually kind of impressed,about by how much sauce is in there you,know some of these places go guys right,they like to skimp on the sauce,and theres actually some decent chunks,of chicken in here,but thats not,an 11 12 bowl,again financially,i dont think im in paneras demo,but you know some of the items i will go,in there and get sometimes im,sometimes im feeding for some uh some,choc some chocolate,some um some broccoli cheddar soup,in that bread bowl come on get out of,here look up i have a carb carb overload,son,all right this i wanted to try i love,simple things like this guys,its basically cucumber basil and tomato,again like ive always said guys i love,healthy food like this,like this not so much that has a lot of,sauce on it but here we go,um,yup,this is my jam right here,almost like bruschetta,um,i think in the past life i was italian,because,youre there its all the years i lived,in rhode island amazing italian food,lets take this off lets get cereal,all right review part over were done,with this teriyaki chicken and broccoli,panera going to try it again,these bowls honestly if i had lets,start a new segment here guys,what it should cost how about that this,drink has been in my car since yesterday,but its been cold in rhode island so,basically free refrigeration,okay im not gonna die,this bowl,7.99 is that the plate is were gonna,play,were gonna play like the price is right,guys 7.99,801. yeah this is 7.99 bowl,this is a 7.99 bowl you got some of the,execs watching from panera going,oh my god did he just say that we should,did he just say that bowl should be like,20 plus percent off,its actually not bad like once you get,down to like the sauce and the glaze,and youre mixing it all together,and i understand the promo photos are,never theres very few times where the,promo photos look just like the food,oh one minute asmr,lets do it now,oh,huh,lets save the meal right there,the bruschetta lets just call it what,it is,save the meal right there baby,all right guys so announcements,how cool was it to have camilla,yesterday right thats calm thats cool,tonight 8 p.m eastern standard time,friday whats today the 15th,oh my god im losing this month is going,by so fast,the 15th um tonight friday,were gonna do our live at 8 pm so make,sure you guys have your drinks ready,were going to be definitely doing some,night caps some cheers were going to be,sipping,and just talking about nothing because,thats what life is about,is just enjoying it and talking about,nothing but we do have a really cool,guest tonight,and its a gentleman that has a,condition,uh cerebral palsy who camilla knows,and hes got 1.2 million followers on,tick tock,so were going to get to know him a,little bit more i love tick-tock,tick-tock for the folks that are my age,a little bit below a little bit higher,than me,tick tock isnt exactly what you think,it is its not just a bunch of like,college kids,doing the dancing right its not just,dancing,theres actually a lot of useful,information on there,theres people that put cleaning tips,cooking tips if youre looking for a,side hustle,if youre like me whos looking to,kind of upgrade um you know video,editing,and using programs,and things like that like any little,niche are you into cars are you into,this right,tik tok is just literally where its at,right now um,so check them out if you guys havent,just started,start start an account its not trust me,no ones going to make fun of you,uh you have my permission if you need,someone that gives you permission you,got my very much on,all right so 8 pm tonight eastern,standard time baby get your drinks ready,8 pm,also this sunday filming with another,roadie 40 family member,whos it gonna be i want you guys to,guess right now,a lot of you guys got it it was,obviously carmilla uh but,you know were all being really really,safe uh you know,a lot of a lot of us been getting tested,and you know were being really safe so,you know were more comfortable doing it,were still not gonna do it,all the time you guys are still stuck,with this beautiful face,for most of the videos but well start,introducing a little bit more a little,bit more a little bit more,um and then also um,oh my god we need a puppy break,my bad puppy break hey,you wanna show em we gotta were putting,a little extra weight on you,youre not so thin here all right,doing good,y

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