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Paper Mario: The Origami King Review

[Music],with Paper Mario the origami King,developer intelligent systems has once,again found a clever new angle from,which to explore its spin-off,papercraft universe its also revamp the,gameplay shifting combat away from civil,use stickers and cards and replacing the,classic flat combat plane with a,circular combat arena while theres,plenty of charm here there isnt much,meat to the mechanics and I found myself,wishing I had more choices to make,[Music],the origami King opens with the familiar,structure of peach in need of rescue and,MacGuffin spread throughout the land but,its a more interesting story than most,mario games not only does it have some,heart but the new villain frees up,Bowser and his minions to play a far,more fun role the level based design of,the last few games has been replaced by,a sprawling overworld this change makes,for a better sense of continuity as you,trek up into the mountains from the hub,of Toad town or ship out to sea at the,same time youll only ever have access,to one new destination so theres never,much openness or mystery as to where to,go next its not necessarily a bad thing,as theres plenty of exploring to be,done within each location the world,puzzles are all self-contained – which,is a big improvement from the,frustrating roadblocks of color splash,we have to scour the whole world for the,theme cards you needed to progress here,youre rewarded for being observant not,for having the right card in your,infantry,[Music],youre also rewarded for examining every,nook and cranny as the origami king is,brimming with secrets there are,literally hundreds of hidden codes to,discover for instance and they can be,almost anywhere that dog a toad that,cactus a toad that scrunched up ball of,paper rocking back and forth trapped in,a living hell you better believe thats,a toad,it said delightful distraction and the,snippets of dialogue that in shoo are,almost always offbeat charming and oh so,punny the rescued toads will come to,watch you in battle allowing you to see,your overall progress at a glance you,can even call on them by tossing out,coins triggering a bum rush theyll see,enemies hit items tossed and photos,repositioned moving opponents around is,key to the origami kings need battle,mechanics for each wave of enemies the,goal is to shift them so you can either,head pop down the line or hammer a 2×2,grouping,its a novel idea but low stakes and a,lack of variety really hurt the system a,great lineup only means the enemies are,really easy to beat as opposed to just,easy to beat its also monotonous,because the Hammers and boots that you,use for the majority of attacks of a,little real choice they all attack in,the same two patterns the small,selection of items do too with only the,power block offering a full arena effect,even the origami enemies are,disappointingly bland sure there are the,occasional twists that force you to pay,attention ghosts for instance disappear,before you start repositioning them,while ninja use log decoys if you try to,keep them with a hammer but other than,that its all a bit of a letdown,intelligent systems does deliver,something more involved with the origami,kings boss battles at least these turn,the tables and put the boss at the,center of the arena instead of Mario,here you shift the panels to create a,path for Mario to follow from the outer,rim in stopping by treasure chests and,other critical panels before ending on,an attack icon while these battles rely,heavily on trial and error theres,certainly more interesting than regular,combat and the cast is more memorable to,one of the game could have a heap of fun,putting you against antropomorphic,rubberband,scissors and the like,Mario and his origami offsider Olivia,are periodically joined by an additional,party member on their adventure but,these new companions are played almost,entirely for story and dialogue purposes,I found the amnesiac bobomb entertaining,company for instance but he has no,abilities outside combat and when he,does join you in a fight you dont get,to control him and he mostly falls on,his face literally I cant help but,wonder what the origami King might have,been like if it had a supporting cast,with more gameplay purpose even so its,clear just how much attention has been,lavished on this paper craft world,standout locations like shroom city take,the series as visual design to a whole,new level,while its tactile aesthetic has,cleverly been incorporated into puzzles,and secrets throughout the entire,campaign more than that the origami king,is liberally peppered with one shot,palate cleansers mini-bosses mini-games,song and dance routines more song and,dance routines Broadway style stage,productions hilarious Nintendo cosplay,and more you never know what to expect,and while not everything lands the sheer,variety here is hugely impressive,[Music],the origami king is a truly likable game,despite the shallowness of its new spin,on gameplay its characters are winsome,its visual design is gorgeous its world,is fun to explore and its storytelling,is outside the box and playful at the,same time however it could be so much,more combat is largely uninteresting and,OneNote and your journey is a whole wax,meaningful player choices for series,with RPG roots thats a real shame,be sure to read my full written review,of the origami King on IGN and to see,how Paper Mario has evolved over the,years,check out ID ins legacy reviews of Color,Splash and sticker star for everything,else,stick with IGN,you,[Applause],[Music]

Paper Mario: The Origami King Nintendo Switch Review – Is It Worth It?

hello there lovely people italics women,tender life here and today it is finally,time for us to review paper mario the,origami King on the Nintendo switch this,review was originally written by the,venerable Chris Scullion and has been,adapted for video by me but anyway,thats more than enough waffling lets,dive right into things,the Paper Mario series has seen more ups,and downs over the years than the led of,Picassos pencil case with Nintendo and,developer intelligence systems trying,their best to nail that formula once,again a large number of Paper Mario fans,believe GameCube title of the,thousand-year door is the best game in,the series and have been praying that,the origami king would finally be the,game to match or even surpass it in,quality lets just cut to the chase,really quickly it isnt but that doesnt,mean that it isnt still an entertaining,adventure in its own right,players will just need to rein in their,expectations a little and enjoy it for,what it is a funny romp through a series,of brilliantly designed set pieces,rather than the new RPG experience they,may have had in mind when thinking of,the thousand-year door as ever theres a,fairly unique plot to kick things off,Mario and Luigi have been invited to an,origami festival by Princess Peach but,when they turn up they discover that the,place is completely bloomin empty I mean,lets not lie a paper folding events not,exactly e3 so that was probably always,gonna be a low turnout but this isnt,just quiet this is mega quiet it soon,comes like the peaches castle has fallen,under the control of King Holly a little,regal origami chap whos hell-bent on,folding literally everyone indeed by the,time you get there a bunch of characters,have already been captured and given the,folding treatment including some toads a,load of Bowsers minions and even Peach,herself which admittedly we saw in the,initial trailer not content with merely,creating his own army of mind controlled,origami freaks Holly then summons five,huge colored paper streamers and wraps,them around Peachs castle lifting it,high up into the air its up to Mario,whos been left behind on the ground,obviously otherwise it would be a very,short game to figure out how to remove,those streamers then get back inside the,castle and give this creased loving,crack pot a boot right between the folds,accompanying you for most of your quest,is Olivia a little origami princess who,happens to be King Hollys sister its,no exaggeration to say she is ruddy,mortified of what her brother has done,and his certain shell be able to talk,him out of it once she gets to him so,she joins forces with Mario and they,both head out together the Paper Mario,series is no,stranger to companion characters and,since theyre with you all the time in a,predominantly plot based game their,personalities are generally a key factor,in making or breaking the experience and,thankfully we can say that olivia is one,of the series better companions shes an,absolute delight to have around and her,cheery optimistic tone is a constant,source of joy crucially her,conversations never outstay their,welcome and she rarely gets in the way,of the action lets not deny it theres,nothing worse than a companion who wont,just shut up and thankfully this really,isnt the case here outside of cutscenes,shes usually fairly quiet only throwing,in the odd humorous comment every now,and then and shell only ever jump in,with advice Navi style if you yourself,actually decide youre stuck and summon,her with the X button thank goodness,more than that olivia is far from the,only entertaining character in the game,as well practically everyone you,encounter on your travels is comical in,at least some respect a good example of,this is the hundreds of hidden toads who,are dotted around the world and I know,that that verb that word tone may be a,bit of a dirty word to some but honestly,its alright some of them have been,turned into origami and have to be,bashed with your hammer to flatten them,out again whereas others are simply,hiding or stuck in various nooks and,crannies and have to be freed regardless,of the situation almost all of them will,reward you with a funny one-liner,thatll usually get a chuckle out of you,naturally other characters such as,bosses or those involved in side quests,have personalities that are a little bit,more fleshed out from the old tree you,encounter near the start of the game who,eventually ends up kicking off a large,dance routine dont ask to the hilarious,trio of minions you encounter later who,are trying to have a canned food party,the level of care and attention thats,clearly gone into making each of these,secondary and tertiary characters,appealing in their own right really has,to be admired the same can be said for,the world youll be exploring this time,around as well each of the distinct,regions you encounter is brimming with,personality and some of the areas in,particular are visually striking from,the autumn themed second world to the,little Vegas style town hidden deep,within a desert which comes with its own,truly catchy music incidentally tethered,to give anymore examples probably would,be spoiling things but rest,while there are any one or two fairly,uninspired sections such as the,underground mine section being,mercifully brief for the most part,youll get a kick out of the weird and,wonderful locations in this one dont be,under the illusion that this is a truly,open-world game though while early,magazine previews seem to give the,impression that we are going to get some,sort of breath of the wild style open,environment that really isnt the case,the game is clearly divided into,separate distinct areas and you make,your way through each one in a linear,fashion theyre all linked together and,theoretically you could start at the,opening toad town hub and walk through,each one of these areas in sequence so,its an open world in that sense the,word yeah the reality is youll work,through each area in a standard linear,way and will only return to pick up any,collectibles that you happen to miss the,first time around,speaking of collectibles they come in,three main flavors youve got your,hidden toads the not bottomless holes,and trophies the toads are mostly there,for comic relief though occasionally one,will raise your maximum HP the holes are,liberally scattered throughout the world,and can be filled by chucking confetti,in them and you collect confetti in a,number of different ways including,hitting trees defeating enemies and that,sort of thing whilst a handful of these,holes need to be filled in to solve,puzzles for the most part they just,reward you with coins which is a bit,underwhelming its very much like the,unpainted areas in colour splash if you,happen to play that in the except bigger,maybe,and finally the trophies are generally,found in treasure chests and can be,viewed later in the games museum youll,be informed when youve got all the,toads hulls and trophies in an area so,there is an incentive to come back and,try to complete the game 100%,however theres less of an incentive to,engage in battles which will undoubtedly,prove the most divisive part of the game,when it comes to actually coming out and,getting in the hands of you lovely,people there will naturally be some who,think its a breath of fresh air and,some who feel its an unnecessary,gimmick and we fall into the latter,category sadly rather than the standard,turn-based fights the battleground takes,place on a giant turntable split into,four separate rings enemies are then,scattered on to the turntable and you,can rearrange their position,by rotating and sliding the different,rings youre given a strictly limited,number of moves and you have to rotate,and rearrange the enemies so that,theyre all either in a sort of a long,straight line or a 2×2 square if you do,this successfully youll get an attack,boost and in most situations well be,able to take out everyone in a single,hit if you cant arrange them perfectly,o

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Paper Mario: The Origami King – REVIEW (Nintendo Switch)

[Music],you really have to give the Paper Mario,series credit for one thing its never,been afraid to try something new even if,that new thing isnt exactly what anyone,wanted and Paper Mario the origami King,continues the tradition this time by,mixing classic elements of the series,past with others that are entirely new,resulting in something that feels both,familiar and fresh,so whats able to surprise and delight,me as with Color Splash or is it another,sticker star caliber disappointment oh,god get it away get it away well the,answer surprisingly complicated has my,adventures been an absolute roller,coaster highs lows and everything in,between the story begins with the,origami king himself who just wants to,fold up everyone and everything in his,own image of origami and after doing,just that to peach and much of Bowsers,army he and snares Peachs castle and,streamers and relocates the entire thing,to a distant Mountain and thus begins,Marios quest to explore the world and,destroy each of the five streamers at,their source to free the castle and save,the princess along with the rest of the,world from a permanent origami fate and,thats pretty much a whole story outside,of a few key developments so yeah a,story heavy game this is not instead,focusing a smaller set pieces to,maintain interest and surprisingly,lengthy adventure moments like exploring,the forest of the trees whisper around,you or helping a cult of koopa troopas,find salvation yeah you are me or,solving the mystery in a seemingly,abandoned cruise ship these set pieces,among others are appear delight and even,though most of the characters youll,encounter or the generic variety it is,fun to interact with and talk to,Bowsers papery minions who have formed,a temporary truce of Mario on account of,the fact that they now have a common,enemy in the form of the origami King,and its that common enemy that even,sees the Kings sister Olivia taking,along with Mario for the entire journey,offering up advice when needed in order,to bring her crew brothers terrifying,rain to an end I really liked Olivia,shes kind-hearted and super sweet and,so when the game explores some,surprisingly darker moments I found,myself emotionally invested in the,outcome,the overall presentation is stellar,across the board with some truly lovely,visuals that bring the worlds to life,in the way rarely seen before and that,is shockingly effective despite the fact,everything is made of paper and the game,makes no bones about reminding of that,fact constantly it just gonna glimpse at,this intentionally realistic water it,looks so good in addition the soundtrack,at its best is among the best in the,series from even just a moment that,started up the game and heard the catchy,tune in the title screen,I knew that my ears are being for a,treat and then of course theres a,dialogue too which is well written,throughout the game dense with charm and,wit but for as funny as they can be it,never quite approaches the level of the,consistently hilarious dialogue down The,Color Splash though there are still a,few laugh-out-loud moments to be found,here Olivia in particular is constantly,offering up her own unique sense of,humor and I love it now besides Olivia,youll also be joined by a variety of,partner characters throughout the game,too though very much on the temporary,basis these include characters like,Bobby at the balm with amnesia or a toad,professor who specializes in,archaeological finds and even Bowser jr.,these guys are all fun in their own,right and I rather enjoyed what they,added to the story even if thats just,about the only element the add to,because the porters exists almost,entirely for narrative based reasons,sure they might occasionally help out,during battle but you have no control,over them and they cant even take the,image themselves so it really doesnt,make that much of an impact and outside,of that they mostly serve no other,gameplay purpose with the sole exception,of the toad professor who actually does,have a couple of uses out in the world,like being able to dig up treasure and I,feel like this is a bit of a missed,opportunity when the other partner,characters truly offered something of,their own to its surprising to see a,Paper Mario gets so close to a beloved,element of the original games without,quite getting all the way there now the,bulk of your time will be spent,exploring the surprisingly large world,in regions that dwarf the size of those,in previous games of the series,seriously some of these areas are huge,to the extent that a couple even,required vehicles to traverse like a,boat or even a dune buggy that oddly,shaped like a boot whats that a boot,but hey it is measured in Yoshi power,and had Devlin gone smirk from me so at,times I really enjoyed the expanded,scope,zipping across the desert was pretty fun,especially when youre running over,enemies in sailing the high seas,definitely evoke memories of Wind Waker,especially since its paired with an,amazing track,[Music],god its so good but at other times the,size of everything can feel a little,immense particularly given Marios,obnoxiously slow walking speed which is,something that developers seemingly,realized given the fact that toe towns,even its war poised just to take you,from one side to the other but perhaps,my biggest issue with the game overall,is a slower pace especially when,compared to color splashes through new,settings and ideas at you constantly,whereas in this game the more,interesting set pieces are set pretty,far apart which subject see did the more,meandering nature that exploring the,world for some pretty lengthy periods of,time during which theyll complete,activities like filling in the knots of,boundless holes by tossing confetti at,them or looking for additional secrets,in order to 100% each region which,includes finding treasures and tracking,down hundreds of origami toads yeah,theyre cute and can be funny but by the,30th time it starts to get a little told,see what I did there,youll also occasionally have to make,use of a technique called a thousandfold,arms in which youll use the motion,controls to awkwardly tear away parts of,the environment its fine I guess but so,brain-dead simple I almost forgot to,including them our review the points at,which you have to use it are made,incredibly obvious outside of the few,times I accidentally spawned one – doing,some other seemingly unrelated tasks now,there are pockets within each region,that are thoroughly entertaining such as,exploring a ninja training facility heck,yes but the build-up to it and would try,to explore a near dozen mostly empty,buildings was far less exciting and,thats too often the case for much of,the game youll encounter cool moments,surrounded by a sea of mediocrity the,highlights fund as they may be,Arda spread far enough apart that,getting to them was sometimes a chore,the desert for example sends you in the,quest involving four towers that while,not necessarily taking a ton of time,does start to feel unnecessarily,repetitive but I really did like the,Vegas town you in character as part of,that journey youll also explore a few,temples to which as you might expect put,an emphasis on puzzle solving some of,which are pretty clever one of them even,managed to put a fun twist and the,typically wrote sliding block puzzles so,yeah and mostly enjoyed these areas and,found them to be a nice break on the,overall world exploration of course,there is one other major element that,youll encounter when exploring enemies,and they actually come in two different,forms the origami forms that youll face,off in a turn-based battle with which,well have much more on in a second as,as paper-mache baddies and these guys,are actually pretty cool because who,actually fight them out in the world in,real time a little bit like in Super,Paper Mario and I really did enjoy these,moments yeah theyre not especially,complex but they were a nice break for,the more methodical nature of the,origami battles

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Paper Mario: The Origami King – Easy Allies Review

Paper Mario has always pushed itself in new directions.,Never content with a formula, the series is relentless with ideas.,The Origami King continues this mindset by mixing the beloved timing based challenges of the past,with puzzle solving that manifests itself in different ways during fights.,Beyond the battle system, every area in Origami King feels dramatically different,,not only in terms of theme, but in how you progress,,with locations greatly expanding in scope as the game goes on.,Yet for all the great ideas that Paper Mario has, major elements, such as the combat,,dont feel quite fully formed, holding the game back from true excellence.,In broad strokes, the plot of Origami King is standard Mario fare,,but its in the finer details where the game shines.,An evil king named Olly captures Princess Peach and her castle,,leaving it up to Mario and Olivia, Ollys sister, to stop him and rescue the princess.,Although the overall goal never really gets more complicated,,the characters manage to make the journey engaging.,Olivia is a great companion, able to express and emote in ways that Mario just cant.,Her naive yet irrepressibly bubbly attitude makes finding new locations even more enjoyable,because of how genuinely excited and fascinated she is with the world.,Origami King constantly finds ways to crack jokes, often about paper, or simply just to be goofy.,Such a commitment to the whimsical vibe makes the game pleasant and easygoing.,Yet frustratingly, there are moments when the game hints that it could be more.,One of the companions, Bobby, has a fantastic arc that gives the game some emotional weight.,Unfortunately, nothing else in the game reaches that same high, and it feels like a missed opportunity.,Theres nothing wrong with being lighthearted, but,Bobby shows that providing depth to characters can go a long way toward player investment.,One of Origami Kings biggest strengths is how interactive the world is.,Almost everywhere you go, theres something to jump on, hit with your hammer, or throw confetti at.,A huge number of Toads are hidden all over the place, begging you to find them throughout the game.,Sometimes a Toad is disguised as a grasshopper and other times,its just stuck in something and needs to be pulled out.,Regardless, Toads turn environments into brief, but satisfying puzzles,,challenging your curiosity and making areas feel,like far more than nondescript places with battles dumped into them.,Of course, if the game only relied on Toad hunting, it would quickly get stale,,but thankfully Origami King aggressively throws new activities in your face.,While the game starts out slow and rudimentary, it does eventually expand quite a bit.,A good example of this is Shogun Studios, an area fairly early into the game.,Its an entire amusement park to explore with a distinct samurai and ninja theme.,The wide open park asks you to comb every corner, looking for items needed to progress.,There are even multiple mini-games to participate in, such as a shuriken throwing contest.,Later on, you get to explore a sea in a way that feels eerily reminiscent of The Wind Waker.,The section drags on for too long, but still, uncovering small islands,that each have their own unique activities is exciting,,and it’s even more remarkable that its largely isolated to just one section of the game.,Origami King goes out of its way to be diverse, and the adventure is better for it.,The battle system is also decidedly different.,Situated on a ring, you rotate and slide enemies to either form lines or cluster them into a bunch.,Players receive a damage bonus for configuring everything correctly,,and a timer limits how long you have to piece it all together.,Getting your brain used to the system does take some time, but the game eases you into it very well.,Having small puzzles serve as battles helps variety quite a bit, since there are so many solutions,,and enemies later on push that variety even further.,Some RPGs run into the problem of allowing an effective strategy or,an extra powerful attack to bulldoze any obstacle,,but the puzzle format here can keep you on your toes.,Unfortunately, that only lasts until you realize that Origami King,doesnt do much to push back when it comes to using resources or failing puzzles.,Getting close to solving a puzzle isnt that much worse,than nailing it since the damage you take is often miniscule,,healing is abundant, and allies can sometimes clean up your mistakes.,Sure, you may not receive the reward for completely avoiding damage during a fight,,but you get so many coins that it isnt much of a loss.,Speaking of coins, you can spend them to call in Toads for assistance,,and they do things like partially solving puzzles, healing you, or occasionally giving you a new weapon.,Getting assistance from Toads is an extremely powerful tool, with the idea that using it drains your wallet.,Yet many times after finishing an encounter, you earn back nearly as much,,break even, or surpass what you spent on the Toads, trivializing the cost.,The fact that weapons break after repeated use isnt much cause for concern either,,since its easy to acquire plenty of them.,Its also disappointing that many of the accessories you can equip,feel so bland in their designs, doing things like,providing more health during a fight, decreasing damage, or providing more time to solve a puzzle.,Upgraded versions just increase these effects further,,with nothing that really requires an interesting decision or,pushes you to approach the game in a dramatically different way.,It’s clear the game is concerned about players struggling with the puzzle-based battle system,,and while that is valid, Origami King feels like it overcorrects in so many ways,,smoothing over any edges just a little too much.,Boss battles are better, purposefully deviating from regular fights in meaningful ways.,Instead of lining up enemies, you create a path for Mario to get to and damage the boss.,This method allows for some depth when it comes to decision making.,Since you only have a limited number of turns,,sometimes you have to sacrifice one path for another, such as choosing a route,that does double damage over one that heals you.,Bosses also have their own mechanics to deal with,,as many need to be damaged in a very specific way,or they have specific methods of disrupting the board you travel on.,At their best, these fights are stressful brain teasers,,really pushing you to think about each decision you make.,Sometimes, though, once youve figured out how to hurt a boss, the challenge is wiped away entirely,,leading to a sensation that you either get it or you dont,,and there definitely feels like theres room for more middle ground.,Not enough can be said about how well the game nails its origami look.,In fact, the game has fantastic art direction in general,with its striking use of color,and how creatively it takes well known Mario elements and convincingly transforms them into folded paper.,The music is often equally strong, adding a lot of excitement to battles,or just finding the perfect way to capitalize on the specific mood of an area.,Paper Mario: The Origami King is a delightful game,that sometimes jumps forward into greatness but never fully stays there.,For as charming as so much of it can be and for how admirable its commitment to variety is,,its too bad that by far the best story moment happens fairly early on,and the battle system too often feels like it lacks any real teeth.,Theres more than enough right to make it easy to recommend,,but also just enough wrong to leave you wondering what could have been.,If you’re looking for more thoughts on Paper Mario check out Frame Trap for impressions of this,as well as Ghost of Tsushima, Grounded, and more games every other week.,And remember, all of our work is made possible by generous viewers just like you.,If you like what you see, check out patreon.com/easyallies to help us make more.,For just $1 a month, you can gain a

Paper Mario: The Origami King Review

Im Kurt novena reading for reviewer,serial Vasquez the Paper Mario series,thrives on a clever irreverence that can,be hard to maintain its outlandish,scenarios mash the absurdist dreamlike,world of the Mushroom Kingdom and the,modernity of the real world it takes,jabs the very concepts that inspire it,knotting knowingly the audience and,whispering this whole thing is kind of,weird right its a fun take on the,usually earnest Mario games but that,kind of slyness turns grading when the,systems that are supposed to prop it up,dont work which is where the last,couple of Paper Mario games have,struggled but in surprising,course-correction Paper Mario the,origami kings most clever trick is how,its overall combat complements its sharp,wit turning this series Achilles heel,into one of its biggest strengths,[Music],Paper Mario the origami kings conceptual,gimmick is how its titular origami king,Ally transforms the flat cutouts of The,Paper Mario universe fooling them into,subservient 3d origami figures he,kidnaps Princess Peach along with her,entire Castle wrapping both up in a wall,of colorful streamers so now Mario along,with Allys repentant sister Olivia need,to flatten everything out again the,origami premise as a nice visual flair,to the already gorgeous paper crafts,look of the series and you get to see,yet another take on goombas shyguys and,Koopas even if this time theyre imbued,with a slightly creepy energy like other,Paper Mario games the origami King is,less about plot and more about throwing,a joke at you at every turn whether its,a smart turn of phrase one-off bits that,reward you for exploring its,environments with a gag or item or,extended set pieces that deliver killer,moments not every joke or bit lands but,they hit far more than they falter the,origami King is consistently sharp using,both Mario characters and its,interactivity to tell some great jokes,thats been true of the Paper Mario,series for a while now but the origami,King also manages to find new life in,its combat something the series hasnt,done in a while,moving away from the limiting and,resource dependent combat of the last,couple of entries the origami King,instead has you rearranging enemies on a,circular tile a base grid around Mario,your goal is to rotate or slide the,tiles on the grid to arrange enemies in,lines or squares making them easy to,plow through with your jumps or hammer,every encounter is essentially a time,puzzle with one or more correct,solutions and youre encouraged to solve,them quickly usually in a single churn,[Music],[Applause],[Music],[Applause],every fight requires just the right,amount of involvement not so simple that,youre mashing your way through them but,not so intricate that a few fights wear,you out even early on when fights,required just two clearly telegraphed,steps to solve the extra effort it takes,to arrange enemies then time your,attacks properly made me want to wade,into fights rather than avoid them as,the difficulty ramps up its easy to,become a little too obsessed with the,solving every battle the in game timer,adds a pressure to think quickly which,occasionally clash with my perfectionist,tendencies as the difficulty ramped up I,started asking Olivia for hints which,pauses the timer or taking screenshots,if youre not bent on solving every,encounter this way I dont blame you,thankfully you can pay the crowd of,toads watching your fights to make the,first move for you and later get the,option to have encounters solved for you,entirely its a great way to tweak the,difficulty to your mood even if I did,end up circumventing the timer in a way,that felt like cheating the effort I put,into some random encounters was better,spent on boss fights against elemental,beasts and arts and crafts tools like,coloured pencils a hole puncher or a,roll of tape which invert the flow of,combat to create intricate fights that,cap off each act with a showstopper to,fight them Mario moves to the outer,edges of the board and must move tiles,with arrows switches healing items and,attack prompts on them to deal damage,these fights are more involved in,regular battles and play out like,puzzles but theres just enough strategy,here to avoid the feeling youre,following prompts I regularly had to,choose whether I eat up precious time to,see out if I could run Mario through a,healing heart a switch to turn on a,magic circle and set circle itself in,one churn or if I should just be quick,take the risk and not heal outside,battles the origami King keeps its RPG,aspects light your main resource is gold,and while battles are your main source,of income you also get lots of it from,covering up tears in the world with,confetti fighting cannon quest in,question mark box and completing some,light side quests to get health upgrades,and money to buy weapons which wear out,over time the exploration in RPG aspects,are still somewhat shallow but the,overall sense of discovery and,progression is still rewarding enough,that I felt stronger over the course of,my playthrough and,was motivated enough to find more gold,and collectibles to comb every area you,also pick up a few party members along,the way but theyre mostly an,afterthought there are a handful of,great and surprising heartfelt moments,with them but most dont stick around,long enough for you to form a bond with,them this puts a large emphasis on your,journey with Olivia across all the,origami Kings worlds and with Mario,being his usual mute self,it feels lonelier than it should its a,concession Im willing to take though,since just about every other part of,Paper Mario the origami King works so,well with a newfound combat system that,steals the show and offers a novel take,on turn-based combat its winking,nodding and adventuring shine all the,brighter its world and characters might,not be the series best but its still,able to consistently throw left turns,good gags and smart surprises at you,each piece of the origami King elegantly,fits into its hole taking its irreverent,flair to new heights the Paper Mario,series has recently shown that being,clever and being smart are two different,things,but thankfully its once again managed,to be both,[Music],[Music]

Paper Mario: The Origami King Switch Review!

the Paper Mario series began life on the,Nintendo 64 releasing in Japan in the,year 2000 before coming over to the West,the following year since that first game,it has received sequels on the Gamecube,the Wii the 3ds and the Wii U before the,sixth entry Paper Mario the origami King,was announced for the Nintendo switched,just a few months back its now out on,the switch does it fold into a beautiful,swan or an ugly duckling Im Glenn,Bolger thank you to Nintendo for the,review code and now lets find out the,story begins with Mario and Luigi,traveling to meet Princess Peach at her,castle when they arrive though something,is most definitely off about her Royal,Highness and before long the latest,threat to the kingdom reveals himself,the origami King is intent on rein in,these lands he begins his invasion by,quite literally taking the castle,inhabitants and all as it sits aloft the,kingdom connected by nothing but,multicolored streamers Mario and new,ally Olivia sets out to remove each,streamer from the castle and bring it,back down to earth now whilst I wont,say any more about the story itself I,will say that the humor that this series,is well known for is most certainly here,in abundance with some fantastic,exchanges between characters especially,those between Mario albeit he doesnt,actually speak and characters who would,usually be enemies the writing really is,top-notch and the physical comedy that,you see on screen is on point gameplay,wise then Paper Mario the origami King,is of course a turn-based RPG you will,travel across the kingdom making your,way to points of interest and needing to,solve a puzzle before you can move on,these include needing to scale a large,rock formation or having to find a way,to refill a lake you will do this by,speaking to and assist in non playable,characters with tasks navigating some,like platforming and attempting some,minor puzzle solving the game isnt,exactly open-world as has been suggested,before launch albeit it does take place,in one large environment that you will,travel across on your journey,there isnt an overworld map or separate,story chapters as was the case with the,previous entry but despite this it is,very linear with each of the colored,streamers that you need to,and tangle from the castle effectively,acting as a chapter in orbit name and,you must tackle these in the order that,they are presented to you with a,completed stream are being destroyed and,clearing the path to the next one with,some backtracking necessary at times as,well you will make your way across,fields meadows and mountains visiting a,number of towns or other populated areas,along the way you will notice that parts,of the craft based environments are,missing and can be filled in with,confetti which you will pick up along,the way and store in your bag sometimes,this may lead to a new door being,discovered or a set of stairs being,usable whilst at other times it just,counts towards your completion target or,fill in all of these sections in for,each area as well as these holes there,are a host of toads lost across the game,world that you can rescue again each,area has a certain amount of find and,these small collectibles acts a nice,distraction from the story another,source of collectible exists in terms of,these small dioramas,that are hidden in chests across the,land you can store these in the gallery,you find in toad town to get around you,will also need to use a new skill called,the 1000 fold arm this can be carried,out when you spot a highlighted area and,allows you to manipulate parts of the,environment ripping at the paper to,potentially reveal a secret or way,forward all of this will ultimately lead,you to a boss battle for that particular,streamer not before though youve been,involved no doubt in a fair number of,random battles battling plays out,similarly to previous Paper Mario,entries for the most part Barr won,fairly large new mechanic which well,cover in a minute enemies can be seen in,the overworld screen and walking into,them will initiate a battle if you,manage to hit them whilst on the,overworld you will deal instant damage,and once into battle things play out in,a turn-based fashion with you picking,your weapon of choice and targeting the,foe you want to attack each weapon has,an action prompt and pressing this at,the correct time will increase the,damage you do this also applies to when,being attacks as pressing at the optimum,moment well see Mario block and,subsequently take less damage your,health is displayed in the top left,corner and you are able to use a variety,of items that youll either find or,purchase to help you in the battle,should you need to this will all sound,very familiar to anyone whos played a,Paper Mario game,for but there is as I said one change,and it is a pretty big one is called the,lineup system and works as follows,when a battle starts you will see that,your enemies are set on a circular base,this is separated into rings and before,any hostilities you are given a time,limit and a set number of moves to try,and reposition the enemies into one of,two ways the first is to try and place,them all into a line on behind the other,and the other is to have them cluster,together in a 2×2 formation the reason,for this is that by lining them up you,can then use your jump ability to attack,four enemies in one turn jumping on,their heads as you go down the line or,you can use your hammer to hit four at,once if you manage to arrange them into,a 2×2 formation the first is called,rotation which is done by selecting the,ring you want and turning it either,clockwise or anti-clockwise,alternatively you can use the slide,option which allows you to slide a row,move in every enemy on it forward or,backwards if you do manage to arrange,enemies into either of the formations,then you will also receive a boost to,your attack power for that turn this is,definitely an interesting change of,direction for the series almost turning,battles into puzzles but my issue with,it early on was that each of these,elements lining up the foes action,attacks rotating and sliding was,explained in its own battle during the,early game meaning that for the first,hour or two the game effectively holds,your hand for every battle the AI,doesnt even get a go against you into,about 90 minutes in in fact I was,starting to worry that the puzzling,element to battles had replaced enemies,attacking you for a while these elements,do need explaining dont get me wrong I,just wish Nintendo would sometimes take,the stabilizers of the bike a little bit,earlier in their games once the tutorial,part has been dialed down and enemies,are attacking back it actually poses a,good challenge finding the correct,combinations for the lineups can be,difficult at times with some of them,being quite cryptic and there being a,time limit of course plus the enemies,pack quite a hefty punch especially in,the early game and you will win a few of,those early battles by the skin of your,teeth there are a few options available,to you to help you with the battles,first off Olivia can offer you some,hints to try and solve the lineups,otherwise you can spend some of your,coins to buy extra time by pressing Y,and paying them a few coins all of the,toes that you have rescued thus far,in battle by cheering you on this,equates to them either chipping some,health away from your enemies or giving,you a bit of a health boost yourself,finally there are certain accessories,that you will be able to buy at certain,points in the game and these are,basically passive abilities that you,equip some of which will take place,outside of battle but a fair few of them,assist you in battle,such as increasing your attack or giving,you extra health unfortunately with this,entry the series has continued down the,path of not awarding XP for battles this,means that no matter how many new,innovations you throw into your battle,system Vaseline just feels a bit,pointless you are awarded coins for,victory but

Paper Mario and the Origami Salami

thats the million year door,now walking out thats princess peach,from mario,how good to see you,answer me this shouldnt the mushroom,kingdom,unfold and be refolded unto glory yes,i believe that and what of those toads,shouldnt they be silenced for all of,eternity,yes found bowser,im saving them when youre ready press,trigger to throw some confetti,you dont have to do sound effects but i,think theyre kind of fun,i did it i died maybe you can help me,get my head unstuck i got just a plan,this is actually the same plan i use to,save bowsers life,come on what do i get what do i have one,birdo,i wonder do you guys know that birdo,talks,this is as far as you know theres gonna,be a big prize in this one,dont laugh give me this,give me this prize yes,what is this what is this prize,the shriveled seed oh my god this thing,is so powerful you guys dont even know,this,thing is so good,whats happening,[Music],i found a toad got him,thanks mario ive been in there for a,long time you know what tents dont have,right,bathrooms theres no bathroom out here,[Music],either,i killed the music fix,fixed it how do i fix the weak me,code in the water i knew,thank you thank you for saving,youre welcome thats heathen is trying,to steal the jews,i see a mug wed go try to stop him but,were koopa troops what are we gonna do,walk into him slowly thats messed up,well race this game,insects are people too please be kind,nope,dont be stupid game die die stupid dick,i hate bugs,wait they actually are people toads are,buried here,ill save you oh my god i ripped his,head off,found the tone dont rip his head off,this time,stupid guy what the [ __ ],stop,[Music],dont do that,[ __ ] you give me that bar,you have to fight colored pencils as a,boss,its a good thing i played the other,game where you fight a steak as a boss,im gonna go ahead and were gonna,were gonna grab those colored pencils,gonna beat the [ __ ] devil out of them,im drawing you im actually drawing a,photo of yoshi i have to color in the,nose now and if youve painted with me,before,you know this is the fun part of this,whole technique this will make the yoshi,appear more lifelike,you were better when you were a side,scroller man,and thats where you take all your,hostilities and frustrations,a lot of fun what do you say mario want,to fax travel,oh i get it a genius makes this game i,unlocked the new character,the baba bobby hes my best friend,hes a really nice guy and he lost his,memory so i gotta help him out,hes actually a really cool and funny,guy once you get to once youve actually,played the game,and you can see it bobby got knocked off,for the bridge and,hes dead now now wait a minute wait a,minute hes alive,you shaved me bobby run go go go go go,go go go go go go go oh,hes dead hes not dead hes in a tree,i shave you,there he goes again dont worry bobby,ill save you on the seventh time bumper,checks here we go,a can of tuna thrown by a monkey,i just spent all my skill points to,upgrade my weapon here,opened can of tuna this is the most,powerful item in the game the winston,3 helmet is the most powerful item in,the game,john my boy john were going to rob,tv john,you cant change color splash dress,you cant change whats coming,im dead,i found a secret cafe door,hey barista hit me with another,[Music],is this gonna be enough oh my god its,snake die die,i kind of like being a snake step right,up step right up you could win ten,thousand call my god ten thousand coins,if i had ten thousand coins i could just,beat the game right now the rules are,simple,you must simply guess my mood,well aint it obvious i mean look at the,face,hes clearly sad hes very sad right now,final answer lock it in come on baby,he said look at it,[Music],you bastard you liar hes the bastard,liar,i got it this time though sad sad hes,the face is slightly altered but hes,still sad actually,final answer come on,[Music],[ __ ] he,is sad this is what everybody hopes for,big m i had so much fun traveling with,you its been a blast,thanks for the fuse best button thank,you mario for everything,whats happening what,what the [ __ ] he,dies but,the bop bomb dies,in mario who the [ __ ] makes this game,you

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