1. Peacock Tv Review 2022
  2. Peacock Review – Its FREE … but is it any good?
  3. 7 Reasons Peacock TV is Now a MUST HAVE Streaming Service | Peacock Review
  4. Sri Lankan Tribe Hunts Peacock!! 24 Hours With the Vedda!!
  5. Peacock TV Review | Do Recent Upgrades Make it a Must Have?
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Peacock Tv Review 2022

[Music],today were going to be talking about,peacock peacock is a free and premium,streaming service on android tv peacock,is also available on apple tv,roku tv and amazon fire tv,it is also available on playstation and,xbox,now peacock has a free tier and that is,what were going to be talking about,today they also have a premium tier,which costs about five or ten dollars,which unlocks all the movies and tv,shows that are available on peacock so,without further ado lets get right into,the video,all right so opening up peacock,youre going to be greeted with this um,home screen,where theyre going to show you,like trending titles now at the top,right here where you can just browse,through,and,pick something thats relatively popular,on peacock,now scrolling down below you have a,continue watching section so these are,stuff that i have been watching,you have stuff that you can add to your,list and its labeled as my stuff,so here are a few shows that i added,and you have peacock picks,these are selected movies and tv shows,that peacock would recommend for you to,check out,now for premium content it will always,have this purple feather,in the top left hand corner so these are,the stuff that youd have to pay for,to watch on peacock,but not to worry they rotate these,movies and tv shows,quite frequently because sometimes,youll see a movie thats premium right,now but later on in the future you might,get to watch it for free for a limited,time so i think thats something nice,that peacock does,so going through you can see the list of,movies and tv shows that they have we,have featured films,despicable me is a premium movie,we have the proposal there,going down below we have the yellowstone,watch list,theres just different watch lists that,um,peacock went ahead and added,so we have featured brands this is new i,didnt see this before so we have,peacock originals,um you have movies and tv shows from nbc,bravo you have wwe content,focus features msnbc the premier league,telemundo,and the nfl,so for example,lets go to peacock originals,so these are all the original content,that is available on peacock,bellair is a new tv series that is being,promoted,um through peacock and streaming,exclusively on peacock i watch the first,episode on here for free,so if you click on belair,youll see that the first episode is for,free,but to watch the others you have to,upgrade your subscription thats how,they kind of get you to upgrade you know,they tease you with the first episode of,the,pilot of a tv show and then they want,you to upgrade,to um,watch the rest of the the tv show so the,croods this is new this is a tv show,i didnt know that this existed so,season one you get one episode for free,so similar trend here you see they tease,you the first episode and theyre hoping,that you will um upgrade your membership,to watch the other content we got,madagascar here,so these are a few things that are,free,on the peacock original sides you have,ap bio i think you get one or two,seasons of ap bio,lets go back to the brow section,so now were going to check out,for example,lets see what they have for bravo,all right let me scroll back down,were going to see what they have for,bravo,so these are the tv shows,and movies if there are any movies on,bravo so we have three housewives of,beverly hills,below the deck,or below deck,summer house,and many others,so i like how they categorize everything,and they put like different labels on,them,thats kind of cool,all right so below that we have musty,peacock originals,catch upon current seasons,comedy for you the office is,relatively good in my opinion a lot of,people think its the best tv show or,best sitcom ever i think thats,debatable,um going down below we have funny,favorites,caged in april so,these are a bunch of nicolas cage uh,movies,origin stories,so theres a lot of categories here,classic tv i wish the kings of queens,was free and george lopez but these are,popular tv shows so theyre gonna want,you to pay for them,we have drama knights drama kings and,queens,so we have suits,yellowstone house,charmed,chicago fire theres theres also,chicago pd,and chicago med,new amsterdam,lets check this out and see how many,seasons we get free if we get,so it seems like,new amsterdam is free like everything,for new amsterdam seems to be free,so if this is a tv show that youre,interested in its free on peacock so,you can watch it completely free,all right,so were gonna go over to the movie,section so lets go back up top were,gonna select movies now were gonna take,a look at all the movies and tv shows,that we can find on peacock,so,you still have this banner here these,are stuff that are being advertised,so we have right along two these are,premium movies and tv shows up top here,this one is free,mortal,mortal engines,and we have couples retreat,friday,all right going down below we have,different categories or genres you have,action and adventure comedy documentary,drama,espanol,fantasy and sci-fi horror kids thriller,and suspense,go down below we have just added,these are a few movies that were just,added to the service,xxx is pretty good,the last which enter thats a nice movie,as well,[Music],and we can see what is free and what is,premium as i stated before you have that,purple,feather in the top left hand corner so,lets go to hogwarts cinematic universe,so before the first three harry potter,movies were free on peacock now theyre,premium now at different time time of,the year i think normally in the holiday,season theyll let you watch a couple of,the harry potter movies for free,which is nice i think they normally do,the first three maybe four,but then you have to upgrade to watch,duress,so just going through we have action,adventure here,comic relief,if youre looking for something that is,a comedy movie this is where you look,then you can pick out something thats,free,and enjoy,now if its the case that you want to,see everything thats in the category,instead of scrolling right you scroll to,the left then you click on view all,so for example sirius cinema now we can,view everything thats in this category,[Music],all right lets go back,now we have rom-coms,so lets go to view all,this movie is pretty new marry me,um stars jennifer lopez,and it is exclusively,on peacock,and now lets go down below we have the,nicolas cage,all collection we have film franchise,so for example lets click on american,pie,these are all the american pie movies,that are available on peacock,[Music],so i said they have a lot of free stuff,but like a lot of the better stuff id,say,are for free but,sorry are,for um premium however there is a lot of,good um free content here,[Music],yeah movie night,megamind is free,lets go here and,check out what else is here so family,movie night,not really seen a lot of other free,stuff,that i know of or that i have watched,yeah but im sure theres something in,there for you,all right um,reboots remake reimaginations,clash of the titans is one of my,favorite movies i enjoyed it a lot,scarface everybody knows scarface this,is a pretty good movie as well,so im just focusing on the free stuff,you already can see whats premium and,if youre interested you can always go,ahead and upgrade your peacock,membership for the free stuff so moving,right along lets just go over to the,tvs tv shows section,so first off we have the banner up top,again which advertises,what is current or what is popular under,the tv show category,[Music],next we have latest episodes,and then we can browse by genre,they have one for reality lets check,that out,see what they have there,they have americans got talent,okay thats nice american ninja warrior,i wonder if this is free,because its definitely something i,would watch,it seems to be,so they have the last two seasons season,12 and season 13.,yeah and it seems to be free so if,youre interested in american ninja,warrior,then you can go ahead and check that out,on peacock,all right lets go back and see what,else we got here,so we

Peacock Review – Its FREE … but is it any good?

so peacock is here now Im too,sophisticated and highfalutin,to make all the good peacock jokes and,puns and innuendos so Im gonna leave,that to you to do in the comments just,you know keep it classy San Diego,anyway NBCs big new streaming service,has finally had its wide launch and its,got one major thing going for it and two,massive problems so lets dive in,[Music],alright thanks for watching everybody if,you enjoy this video if its helpful to,you Id appreciate a like and subscribe,if you like what we do on this channel,alright now NBC is the last major,network to launch a big streaming,service thats not to say that there,wont be more streaming services to come,but as far as the major ones now weve,got stuff from NBC Universal here with,peacock Disney ie ABC you know theyve,got Hulu and theyve got Disney Plus of,course Viacom CBS has CBS all access and,AT&T of course runs HBO so now the board,is set the main pieces are in place as,far as the big on-demand streaming,services and frankly I think were all,pretty exhausted right its been a lot,of major launches for the last year year,and a half almost anyway so lets talk,about peacock and what it offers for you,so peacock is its just what I was,talking about NBC Universal owns it so,its NBC Universal content its got,their movies their shows theyve got,some original content as well they are,launching with about 20,000 hours of,content right off the bat theyre,launching it with three tiers including,a free one and that free tier is the big,selling point for peacock its pretty,great I dont know of any other services,that are doing it quite this way,offering you a completely free service,like this one but of course free always,has a catch now two-thirds of the,library are going to be available on the,free tier the rest will be on the,premium tiers there are two premium,tiers one of them comes with commercials,for five bucks a month and you can get,premium commercial free for 10 bucks a,month you can get peacock on several,different platforms including Apple and,Xbox and ps4 chromecast and LG and Vizio,Smart TVs you can get it on your browser,of course on your computer its also on,Android but not when you search in the,Play Store at least not when I looked,this morning I couldnt find it by,searching but the if you go directly via,link you can get it in the Play Store so,Im gonna link to that in the,description below hopefully by the time,I publish this video later today,theyll have fixed that but just in case,that is,in the description and the nice thing is,if you go through Android or Android TV,you can get 90 days of premium for free,now to be clear that is the commercials,version of premium not the upper tier,its kind of that middle tier so you do,get all the content but you will watch a,few commercials luckily its not a ton,of commercials peacock says theyll keep,it to about 5 minutes or less per hour,and when I watched this morning there,was only one ad in the first episode of,brave new world and I could watch the,new psych movie in its entirety if I,just watched three minutes of,commercials beforehand so so far not too,bad right okay so the free tier is a big,selling point right that was the nice,thing and the ads arent that bad even,if you have to watch them so lets talk,about peacocks big problem now I signed,up through my Tivo stream 4k why did I,do that well because its an Android TV,platform and its available and on,Android TV but why didnt I just use the,Roku Smart TV right behind me well,thats problem number one its not on my,Roku oh gosh its not on my Roku problem,number two its also not on fire TV the,other device that I prefer to use,generally speaking so oh man I dont,know whats going on here but its,shades of HBO Maxx where it is not,available on Roku or fire TV,negotiations broke down between these,companies and so now you have to find,alternate ways to watch peacock which is,a little bit bizarre when you think,about the fact that Roku and fire TV,account for 70% of the streaming,marketplace so theyre missing out on a,huge chunk of viewers by not being,available on those platforms now of,course they blame Roku and fire TV of,you know fired Amazon and Roku are,standing firm and saying no its not our,fault I dont know whats going on this,isnt the place where Im gonna try to,figure out whats going on between the,platforms and the streamers maybe,thatll be another video a little bit,later anyway lets talk about the,peacock experience if you can get in,there and then heres what youre going,to see it is pretty standard navigation,is basically what you would expect with,a browse option broken down into TV,movies kids new,sports and Latino the trending tab is,where NBC can push some highlighted,content on you I dont usually like,those tabs but maybe its something that,you like to see the odd one here is the,channels tab it structured like a live,TV menu but really its just things like,the Bob Ross channel or the keeping up,with the kardashians channel their,channels that are based on specific,shows and its just those shows over and,over and over again but it is structured,like a live TV service so its useful I,suppose if you just want some background,noise in the house maybe I dont see,much utility in it myself I would rather,just go find the shows and the episodes,that I want to watch but hey maybe,thats just me I think youre going to,spend most of your time in the main,Browse menu where you can find your list,of added shows and your keep watching,list so yeah I didnt see much useful,and the other options I assume youre,gonna spend most of your time in browse,so after one day of being available is,peacock worth it well its certainly,worth checking out for free right I mean,theres not much unexpected about the,platform itself so really its all about,whether youre interested in the content,well and if you have a device to play it,on right anyway just because its NBC,content doesnt mean there arent things,missing it wont have the office for,instance until January when it caused,that back from Netflix but it does have,30 rock and Downton Abbey and Parks and,Rec and theyve got Yellowstone thats,the big new hit of this summer its also,got some decent original content at,launch,I mentioned psych – thats exactly what,you would expect if you watched that,masterpiece of comedic television when,it was on brave new world is really,slick very well produced but be warned,it is easily the most adult oriented,launch title Ive seen for his streaming,service to this point so anyway let me,know what your thoughts are in the,comments below are you gonna check out,peacock or do you have straight-up,streaming service fatigue honestly I,wouldnt blame you anyway if you enjoyed,this video I would appreciate you,hitting that like button dont forget to,subscribe ring that bell for,notifications thank you so much for,watching everybody I will see you next,time

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7 Reasons Peacock TV is Now a MUST HAVE Streaming Service | Peacock Review

for the first time I can say with full,confidence that peacock is a must-have,streaming service but not for the,reasons you might think stay tuned to,find out more,[Music],now when peacock was first launched I,was impressed with some of the features,of the app and of the streaming service,itself but my biggest hang up was that,the peacock Originals werent quite on,the level of some of the other streaming,services fast forward to when Im,recording this video at the end of 2022,and Ill say the peacock Originals still,for me arent the selling point now,where peacock has really caught me by,surprise particularly over the past few,months has been that they have,significantly beefed up some of their,other features especially live TV so,here are the seven reasons why I think,peacock is now a must-have streaming,service number one I mentioned this,earlier it is their live TV they,recently just added Hallmark Channel,ahead of the holiday season making this,the most affordable way to watch the,Hallmark Christmas movies now the,Hallmark Channel they added is the full,Hallmark Channel that you would get with,cable you can also watch all of their,shows and movies on demand and whats,more on November 30th they are finally,offering a full 24 7 live feed of your,local NBC station included with the,premium plus plan this is similar to,what Paramount plus has done with CBS,and I think it is a really good move for,peacock to finally do this now,considering what a big emphasis theyve,placed on live TV by adding Hallmark,Channel and by adding NBC I would keep,my eyes peeled to see if live TV doesnt,become an even bigger part of peacock,going forward number two peacock has an,excellent bat catalog of movies now this,is something I was really sleeping on,until just before Halloween when I,started to look up where different,horror movies were available to stream I,went through the movie selection on,peacock they had old Alfred Hitchcock,movies they had more recent things a lot,of the movies that I was looking for,were specifically on peacock and peacock,is also the home for the theatrical,releases from Universal Pictures so,after they go to theaters they go to,Peacock and they become peacock,exclusives its where you can see recent,movies like Jordan peeles nope which I,thought was an excellent film other,Universal movies that have come out in,the past year like the recent Jurassic,Park Sequel and minions the rise of Gru,are available to stream on peacock as,exclusives and its a pretty safe bet,that other Universal movies that have,come out recently like ticket to,Paradise with George Clooney and Julia,Roberts wont eventually hit peacock 2.,number three it is now the exclusive,streaming home for current season shows,from NBC and Bravo Now previously Hulu,had the streaming rights but NBC,Universal purchased them back from them,so now that means if you you want to,watch current season episodes of the,voice of Saturday Night Live Americas,Got Talent any of the shows and the,Chicago franchise Law and Order,franchise those are exclusively on,peacock theyve even made the,long-running soap opera Days of Our,Lives a peacock exclusive and if youre,a fan of reality TV youll find all your,favorites from Bravo like The Real,Housewives and below deck number four,peacock has live sports its where you,can stream Sunday Night Football its,where you can stream soccer games from,the Premier League wrestling from WWE,and also right now you can watch the,World Cup although because its,broadcast in partnership with Telemundo,it is only in Spanish but when we win,and with the live sports that are,broadcast on peacock youll be able to,watch them whether you have the peacock,premium or Premium Plus plan both sets,of customers get them number five you,can can get live news both local and,National on the channel section you will,find a 24 7 live feed of their digital,channel NBC news now you can also find a,selection of local news from a handful,of different NBC stations and of course,after November 30th with that premium,plus plan all people across the United,States will be able to watch their local,NBC affiliate through peacock otherwise,youll find on-demand shows from,Dateline from NBC Nightly News with,Lester Holt as well as different shows,from MSNBC number six peacock is the,streaming home for Yellowstone I know,this is something that tends to be,confusing because Yellowstone is made by,Paramount so you would think it would be,on Paramount plus it is not now Ive,made a separate video where I go through,a full breakdown of this if you want to,check that out Ill have a link to it,and the seventh reason to sign up for,peacock is that peacock is Affordable,while other streaming services have,raised their prices in the past year to,15 bucks a month 20 bucks a month,peacocks normal starting price is less,than 10 bucks a month and if youre a,customer with Cox with Spectrum with,Xfinity you can get peacock for free and,throughout the year peacock offers,discounts on their memberships for,example when Im recording this right,after Black Friday they have a special,where you can get 12 months of peacock,premium for just 99 cents a month with,the code saved big if you use that same,code to get peacock premium plus that,removes the advertising from the,on-demand shows and also gives you,access to your NBC affiliate starting on,November 30th it will take the price,down to 5.99 a month now if youre,watching this video after that deal is,over dont worry peacock does have deals,throughout the year if you want to check,out their latest pricing or sign up for,peacock you can go to shall,istreamit.com com forward slash peacock,or scan the QR code on your screen and,if you do want to take advantage of that,Black Friday offer remember to use code,save big so do you plan to sign up for,Peacock let me know in the comment,section down below if you liked this,video and found it helpful make sure to,give it a thumbs up also subscribe to,this YouTube channel to stay up to date,with all things streaming I want to,thank you so much for watching today and,I hope you all have a good one bye,[Music],foreign

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Sri Lankan Tribe Hunts Peacock!! 24 Hours With the Vedda!!

in this video this is definitely a first,for me,oh my God he thinks I want to fight when,a local,will try Birds,much backup so far on our cross-country,Sri Lankan road trip weve experienced,the people and food that make up modern,Sri Lanka the black stuff is that a,chili yes thats great I just bit into,one of those directions not long ago far,before any Outsider stepped foot on this,island there were the Veda the earliest,inhabitants of this land,hes telling you right now hey dont eat,it its not Sushi yeah yeah dont worry,I wasnt even tempted though many better,ways of life have faded over time,everything here is all about efficiency,if you look hard enough I cant wait to,try this out deep in the hidden recesses,of Sri Lanka oh God you can still find,find people living now yeah were gonna,get ripped like they did long ago they,created this tripod Im off with the,tripod ah hes trying to adjust with the,flow of the wind today Im on a mission,to experience the life and diet of Sri,Lankas better people it all starts,here,[Music],good morning today we are in the center,of Sri Lanka and weve traveled far to,this remote area so I can meet the Veda,people they are behind me right now,this hunter-gatherer tribe finds shelter,in natural structures like this cave and,theyve mastered the art of pyrotechnics,with this historically Priceless skill,theyre able to cook up a traditional,tea with cooling effects and digestive,benefits Im intrigued Im hungry and,Im inviting myself over for breakfast,wow look at this five gentlemen here,hello,soon todays hunt will begin a hunt,which could last minutes or hours,depending on which unfortunate animal,crosses their path in this vast jungle,but before that its important to get in,the right headspace like when you have,your morning cup of coffee everybody is,chewing the beetle nut everyone has,their mouth lips and teeth stained red,one thing I love about humans is no,matter where you go people will find,some kind of way to get high we have to,the pain of existence is just too much,so he peels the husk off of the beetle,nut why do you chew Beetle nuts youre,saying its equivalent of a cigarette,its essentially a stimulant that helps,makes them feel a little lighter a,little better,so hes mashing this he has like a mini,mortar and pestle when combined with,enhancers and catalysts Beetle nut,produces stimulant effects oh,turns out it was for him all along I,mean I thought it was going to be like a,welcoming gift or something hes like,welcome to my home let me show you me,doing drugs since Im already quite,stimulated I think Ill just settle for,some tea,this looks like a sugar cube maybe they,make it from honey or maybe they got it,from the store,very nice tastes like pure sugar am I,enjoying that the tea itself tastes,Woody and very earthy Im down with it,very nice,[Music],with Newfound energy the men get to work,forget rifles forget shotguns,here the better hunt with bow arrows and,axes,weapons optimized for weight speed and,silence,[Music],style doesnt come with the luxury of,being picky about ones food options,the vetta diet is meat heavy and this,jungle offers a wide range of potential,proteins including that from wild boar,iguanas and monkeys right now theyve,spotted an animal Ive never thought of,as a potential meal,[Music],this is a native peacock species and,hunting it is strictly banned for,everyone except the Veda aside from,their obvious Majestic natural beauty,the peacock is also a rich source of,protein and nutrition,[Music],the Vedder have great respect for nature,so they hunt under a strict code,they never kill animals that are,pregnant feeding their offspring playing,sleeping or drinking with our bird and,toe The Hunting Party heads deeper into,the shade of the Jungle to prepare a,three-course meal like Ive never seen,before,[Music],foreign,[Music],this is a male peacock Im told they,dont usually prefer to eat the Mayo,because the male is going to be,extremely tough so were going to try it,out see how it tastes and,go from there right now they are,building a fire it looks like hes got,some Flint hes going to use that to put,a spark on this kindling,[Music],he rolls it in what looks like a very,thin fabric,oh this is amazing so hes blowing on,that thats catching on fire smoking,like crazy and I think hes going to put,that on the stick soon,the fire is built and Ready for todays,cook but first the bird must be clean,right now theyre gonna take the,feathers off the bird and this is a,technique Ive never seen before Ive,always seen hot water being used but,instead of heating up water theyre just,going to heat up the bird directly right,over the flame it smells like what you,think it smells like it kind of smells,like burnt hair,foreign,but he is scraping off the feathers,everything thats charged just comes off,the body very quickly you can see,everything here is all about efficiency,just getting it done as effectively as,possible,[Music],so now that the bird is completely,singed it really does not look any,different from a small turkey maybe a,little more slender,foreign the whole thing open huge,gizzard and peacocks evidently hes,sticking his hands deep inside hes,pulling out this fat from the butt area,peacocks are believed to possess unique,health benefits the eyes from its fan,can be made into an antidote for rat,bites burned feathers can be turned into,medicine to treat extreme headaches or,even worse impotence then theres this,part now this is the largest posterior I,have seen on any bird melts the peak,exterior under the sun,[Music],State arthritis and gout,hes telling me right now hey dont eat,it its not Sushi yeah yeah dont worry,I wasnt even tempted,with the peacock ready they prepare our,cooking implements,[Music],as far as I understand today were,cooking this peacock in three different,ways the first way is right here chunks,of peacock are draped and grilled as is,no barbecue sauce no MSG not even salt,what I think is absolutely brilliant is,that using products from Mother Nature,they created this tripod Im off with,the tripod,ah hes trying to adjust with the flow,of the wind what I love is that in just,a few minutes they created this perfect,grilling device one-time use completely,biodegradable in addition to this,[Music],right here are other peacock preparation,this is I would say more of a peacock,stew the making of this dish begins here,at the River Bank where they have a,unique way to extract clean water first,he digs a crater and removes all the,water from inside,over time water flows back into this,bowl only this time its been filtered,by the sand the result Clean and Clear,mineral water,bite-sized chunks of peacock and water,head into a pot now the seasonings salt,chili powder and pepper mix well and,apply heat this is obviously more modern,day cooking 50 years ago they probably,wouldnt be boiling food in pots like,this but today its basically impossible,to not have influence from the outside,world so we have a little bit of the,traditional and a little bit of the,modern today too add lemon juice to,brighten the flavor,then add flour to make it thick if,youre following along at home feel free,substitute chicken for peacock,to pair with our protein tulipa a local,carbohydrate that combines wheat flour,and boiling water until the mixture,becomes doughy,the food is cooked but we cant eat just,yet Im told that first they offer the,food to the spirits of the forest,the better believe that the spirits of,their ancestors dwell in this jungle,protecting them helping them hunt so,these Spirits are invited to the meal,and offer the first bite,[Music],foreign,on the side here they have something,that reminds me of ugali like in,Tanzania but the texture is very,different not nearly as sticky,[Music],its kind of chewy and semi-solid the,texture has a granular nature at times I,believe that is sand otherwise very nice,so Ive got some meat here,[Music],peacocks look beautiful tastes beautiful,I was told it was

Peacock TV Review | Do Recent Upgrades Make it a Must Have?

if you havent checked out peacock the,NBC Universal streaming service for a,while you might not be aware of some of,the recent changes its made yeah enough,is different that its time for an,updated peacock TV review video well,start with whats new including a,Hallmark Hub on peacock and a new,ability to live stream your local NBC,station then well cover peacock TV,plans and pricing features and show you,what its like to use the peacock TV app,lets start with whats new the biggest,change is that peacock TV premium plus,subscribers can now stream their local,NBC Channel Live 24 7. this is good news,for cord cutters who cant or dont want,to use an antenna for their locals,because it lets you stream NBC without,cable another change was NBC adding a,Hallmark Hub to Peacock TV there are,on-demand titles as well as live streams,of Hallmark Channel Hallmark movies and,Mysteries and Hallmark drama you can,watch new Hallmark original series and,film releases live on the channel as,they air or on demand the next day,however new original film releases will,only be available to stream on demand,for 72 hours peacocks decision to bring,local NBC affiliates to its app isnt,just a way to stream NBC without cable,it makes the service more competitive,with Paramount plus which also allows,subscribers to its higher tier plan to,live stream their local CBS station this,could be a move to raise subscriber,numbers as reported in The Verge as of,October peacock had 30 million active,accounts and more than 15 million paying,subscribers most of those are on the,Premium plan and NBC would like to bump,them up to their highest tier since it,costs twice as much while popular shows,like Yellowstone and live sports,including Sunday Night Football Premier,League the World Cup and WWE are already,included in premium getting access to,your live local NBC feed could motivate,some people to bump up to the highest,tier there have also been rumors that,NBC could be cutting their last hour of,prime time broadcast TV and putting it,on the wrap as a Wall Street Journal,reported the move comes amidst a need to,cut costs if NBC goes through with the,decision that could stop programming the,10 pm Eastern Time hour giving that time,back to local affiliates to fill it,would then most likely move more of its,original TV development toward peacock,and it could cause a Tonight Show to run,earlier than its current 11 30 PM,eastern time slots this complements,other shifts by the streamer to move,next day streaming of NBC shows from,Hulu to Peacock and bringing some big,ten games to the app any moves likely,wouldnt happen until the fall of 2023,if the move happens NBC could decide to,put its most expensive shows on NBC and,Reserve more Niche programming for its,streaming service in the form of peacock,Originals its something that well be,watching for sure now lets quickly,cover peacock plans and pricing features,and wrap up with what its like to use,the app peacock has three plans peacock,which is free peacock premium which,costs 4 4.99 a month or 49.99 a year and,peacock Premium Plus for 9.99 a month or,99.99 a year at time of filming NBC says,you can get about two-thirds of the,content free the other third requires a,paid plan however if you love NBC,content youll likely find the content,in the free tier unsatisfying its,designed to get you using the app and,turn you into a paying customer every,plan includes access to thousands of,hours of free TV shows and movies,exclusive content thats only on peacock,plus news and sports theres also a good,bit of content for kids as well as,Spanish language content from Telemundo,peacock premium includes all that plus,live sports from the Premier Soccer,League Sunday Night Football WWE Days of,Our Lives exclusive original series next,day access to current NBC hits and more,movies and TV shows youll also enjoy,full access to all of peacocks movies,and TV shows for kids and this is,significant because it includes,everything DreamWorks has made for kids,and a lot of great content peacock,Premium Plus gives you you all that plus,your local NBC Channel live feed and you,can download shows to watch offline and,watch on-demand content without ads on,peacock there will still be ads in your,local NBC feed though now lets review,some of the features included with,peacock peacock allows you to have six,profiles on your account parental,controls are supported and kids profiles,can be set up and protected with a pin,content can be filtered for kids and,young kids you can stream on three,screens at once and while theres no DVR,you can create a watch list for,on-demand items as well as some Live,Events those items go into your my stuff,tab making it easy to watch later audio,description and closed captioning are,supported and you can customize,subtitles to change how they appear and,make them easier to read and peacock,does offer certain content in 4k ultra,high definition for premium and premium,plus subscribers that content is marked,with a 4K UHD badge in the information,section of the title you do need a 4K,compatible device to watch it Premium,Plus subscribers can download select,titles to watch offline and can have up,to 25 downloaded titles across all,devices at any point in time peacock,also supports casting from a mobile,device to a compatible TV set now,theres no way to skip ads on peacock,however a premium or Premium Plus,subscription will limit the ads and,shows and movies on peacock now we talk,more about how bad the ads are in,peacock in our earlier review of the,service so watch that for more details,but suffice it to say that they run,about four to five minutes of ads per,hour now lets dive into the peacock app,and what its like to use it when you,launch peacock youll see eight,navigation tabs across the top on a,computer or along the left side on a TV,with a search function and your profile,icon on the far right when youre logged,into a computer clicking your icon will,let you access your account settings,there you can view plans and payment,information settings and devices within,settings you can set a pin for parental,controls adjust subtitles manage your,email preferences and more the default,view is to browse as you scroll down,youll see rows upon rows of content to,explore including peacock picks live and,trending clicking right reveals more,shows and movies,clicking on any title brings up the,option to add it to your stuff and watch,it scrolling down further towards the,bottom brings up a row of featured,Brands like NBC Bravo and Hallmark that,you can use to fill,clicking on any show thats not live,brings up options to add it to your,stuff watch episodes view extras and,explore related titles some shows like,Yellowstone will also have Rotten,Tomatoes scores on them by the way if,youre looking for how to watch,Yellowstone without cable youll see,that peacock has seasons one through,four you can watch our video to see how,to stream the newest season,another way to view content is with the,channels tab when you click that option,youll see a small grid about two-thirds,of the way down the screen peacock has a,little over 50 channels of what they,call always on TV if you subscribe to,Peacock premium plus your local NBC,channel will populate at the top of the,guide here in the channels view peacock,does have some channels of truly live TV,in its premium tier including the,Hallmark Channel and Hallmark drama but,most of these channels are just curated,streams of live content similar to what,Pluto or 2B would have the remaining,tabs across the top filter content on,the home page according to those,categories so feature changes items,shown in rows on the home screen to,peacockpix live sports and trending,content movies TV shows and sports,function similarly rows of content,categories populate to make it easier,for you to find what you want to watch,and there are handy genre rows as well,the WWE tab is worth looking at because,it its a hub with a more built out,

5 Things to Know Before You Sign Up for Peacock in 2022 | Peacock Review

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Peacock Review – 90 Days Later

its time to catch up a bit on peacock,now technically peacock came out back in,april for some xfinity customers and a,few others,but it became available to the rest of,us in july and now its even available,to,roku users fancy so now that weve had,it for 90 days,how are we feeling about peacock and,especially the question i want to ask,today is,which of the three tiers you should go,for so,get ready to storm the comments with,your opinions i really do want to hear,them,but for now lets dive in,[Music],all right thanks for joining me today,everybody if you enjoy this video then,you know what to do,and dont forget to subscribe if you,like content like this because weve got,a lot of it,anyway back to peacock when it came out,peacock as i kind of alluded to earlier,was not available on either the roku or,the fire tv which as we in the business,say,sucked but now it sucks a little less,because they did,ink a deal with roku so we can watch it,there now but,there is still no fire tv deal as of now,so im sure itll happen eventually but,for now,no fire tv but if you can get it what,level of it should you get speaking of,peacock,because peacock comes in several,different tiers you can get a free tier,a premium tier or a premium plus tier,so to have an opinion on which tier is,best wed probably better,start with the differences between them,get a little refresher,so lets start with the free tier with,the free tier well yeah its free,theres no,cost to it but it is commercial,supported now they promise,less than five minutes of commercials,per hour that you watch,which in my experience they definitely,stick to in that free tier youre going,to get access to about two-thirds of the,library that is on peacock,that comes out to about 13 000 hours of,content,and its not like that is garbage you,know free content either you still get a,lot of great stuff,parks and rec 30 rock downton abbey a,bunch of other great titles a lot of,good movies on there as well,all the matrix movies and jurassic park,and all that stuff,and i believe that the office will be on,the free tier when it hits peacock in,january,im not 100 sure about that but i,believe that is going to be the case,anyway you can also watch some,parts of the original programming that,they put on peacock they have some,original shows on there like brave new,world,theyll let you watch a couple episodes,of those originals and then youve got,to pay,for the premium tier if you want to,watch the rest of them,so speaking of the premium tier lets,talk about that one,it comes in at five bucks a month or you,can pay for a full year and get it for,50 bucks so thats 10 bucks off if you,pay for the full year,so in this case you do still have to,watch commercials even though youre,paying,well what kids anyway well get to that,in just a moment but yeah you do still,have to watch commercials,and the commercials work the same way,less than five minutes per,hour now there are some titles that they,do something that i kind of like with,you know when i watched the psych movie,the new psych 2,movie they have you watch a few minutes,of ads right up front and then its,commercial free for the rest of the,movie,not a bad way to do it in my opinion,anyway it also gets you full access to,those originals,now so far the originals library isnt,that big or,in my opinion all that great brave new,world was,pretty good i guess but i cant imagine,many people are clamoring for access to,the new curious george,show i dont know maybe im wrong anyway,it also gets you more sports than you,would get on the free tier,so you get premier league soccer tour de,france coverage,but the real star of the premium,channels,is probably access to the full library,like i mentioned on the free tier you,get about 13 000 hours of content,with the full library youre up to about,20,000 hours plus you get quicker access to,current nbc shows so if youre trying to,keep up with americas got talent or the,blacklist or whatevers on tv right now,the free tier will have you wait a week,before you can,watch the new episodes with the premium,tier you get those,new episodes the day after they air so,thats,one of those big differences but now we,move on up to the premium plus,package which is twice the price 10,bucks a month,or 100 a year its the exact same thing,as the premium,tier but there are no commercials but,lets talk about those commercials,the commercials are very often on,peacock,promos now promos and commercials are a,little bit different external,commercials those are the,companies trying to advertise something,for you to go buy right,promos are the things that are kind of,internal so on peacock itd be,look at this show on peacock dont you,want to watch that isnt peacock great,oh,great thank you for signing up for,peacock those are promos,and for some people those are less,annoying than regular commercials,if thats the case for you and promos,annoy you a lot less then,its definitely not worth it to get rid,of the commercials,uh with that extra five bucks a month uh,bringing you to ten bucks a month for,the premium,plus tier all right so now we get back,to our,question here which tier to go for in my,opinion,[Music],for 95 percent of you at least 95,percent of you i would say,skip the premium plus tier if you love,this library and spend more than half of,your streaming time on it and you,hate commercials then it might might be,worth it,and frankly this is a great library i,mean its nbc universal of course,its a great library but i think that,for the bulk of us,the free tier will be just fine most of,the time and then maybe you dip into the,premium tier,if they come out with an original youre,really interested or if youre trying to,keep up with a show and want to watch it,next day something like that,but anyway thats how id recommend,doing it just stick with the free,dip in and out of the premium but what,about you hit those comments,let me know how youre feeling about,peacock these days well except you fire,tv users i,already know how you feel about it but,anyway on your way down there give this,video a like dont forget to subscribe,everybody and i will see you,next time

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