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Peak Performance (Book Review)

hey whats up john sonmez from,simpleprogrammer.com so I got a book,review for you today its a book that I,saw on audible I actually didnt get too,many recommendations on this when I just,saw it it looked like it had really good,reviews it was something that I was,pretty interested in and it was,recommended to me by audible its called,peak performance and its by Brad,Stolberg and Steve Magnus and it says,elevate your game avoid burnout and,thrive with the new science of success I,have to tell you I was not particularly,impressed by this book because I felt,like it was a sort of a big summary of a,lot of the other popular books on these,topics and it rehashed a lot of the tops,I thought I heard I hate to give a book,a negative review like I said I hate to,pick books that are not that great,because I usually try to do a good job,of filtering ahead of time and I should,have probably waited to get a,recommendation from someone before,picking up this book Im not going to,say that was all or then it was all a,waste of time because there was some,valuable things in the book it was good,to rehash some of these ideas but,theres nothing thats really really,sticking with me aside from one thing,that I got from the book which might be,worth the entire lesson of the book,itself which was the idea of sleep more,and there was a section in the book,where he where the authors is kind of,weird the way that the book was written,they use the word we a lot like it was,really just kind of it felt weird that,the authors said we instead of I write,its weird when you have co-authors and,they do that dont do that if you do a,book because it just especially in the,audio version just it I feel like I,cant identify with you because I dont,know who you are right and its just,weird but there was a point where they,talked about a lot of professional,sports athletes and teams and had some,studies and they showed that by,increasing their sleep to like 10 hours,and just the idea that if you do a lot,of extreme type of fitness that 10 hours,may be what you need and maybe even more,than that to sleep doctor that convinced,me that Im not getting enough sleep and,that my performance is probably hurting,because of that I do need more than the,six to eight hours of sleep I try to,normally get about 68 hour six to eight,hours of sleep I definitely cant,function unless with the amount of,physical exertion that I do during the,we got read about 40 miles week and Im,lifting and Im fasting right and,theres and Ive stand all day at my,standing desk so theres definitely a,lot going on so I think that one thing,has convinced me that what Im going to,do is actually turn off my alarm clock,again I just got into the habit of,setting it and I think it probably makes,sense to just sleep as long as I need to,sleep I know not everyone has the luxury,of doing that but since I do I should do,that if you dont maybe going to bed,earlier is something that we all have,the luxury of doing but thats thats,what Im thinking so Im going to try,that out and that makes a lot of sense,and theres just a lot of stuff that,makes sense with that part of the book,now the rest of the book it covers a lot,of a lot of kind of the theyll hack the,tactics a lot of stuff I did this book,on or I read this book I review this,book that was really good which a lot of,this was based off of let me pull up the,name it youre not going to believe the,name of it its called peak to peak kind,of ripped off peak it would this is a,different book peak you can check out,the review I did there in this ones,peak secrets from the new science of,expertise and this was by Anders,Ericsson and Robert Poole right I want,to make sure these are sick these would,definitely separate books its weird I,didnt even realize it was the same,thats unfortunate I actually a little,bit displeased that they chose to name,the book the same and obviously they,read that book and guy law that is,because they mentioned that $10 an hour,roll in there and the first book that I,had reviewed the one I just mentioned,was the one that actually had that and,that was a much more valuable book so,this was sort of just a hash of a bunch,of things now it would be more valuable,for someone who was not familiar with,these concepts but if youre familiar if,youve read a lot of the pop side kind,of books then this is not going to be a,lot of new news for you you know theres,a whole big section on meditation and,the benefits of that and Ive heard all,the stuff so many times its been done,it was really I Im tired of hearing the,same exact things over and over again in,this study and this all pointing to the,same,same things that we need to do for,performance right no not multitask all,of this stuff so nothing will be super,new but again it probably a decent,summary of this stuff probably some,stuff that maybe you could pull from,five or six books in fact Im pretty,sure that the authors read the same five,or six books that I read I could,probably tell you exactly which ones,they pulled their information from again,not to knock the book its pretty well,written its a decent book that advice,is good its just that its not anything,revolutionary or new or and it didnt,really make me think that deeply it felt,like it was there was a decent amount of,fluff in there again hated write a,negative review and in anyway because I,still think its a good book I still,think of the quality book I still think,it beats 90% of the books out there but,thats not for me,I would I would thumbs down this one so,if you if youre like me if you already,have sort of read most of these books,that Ive read or recommended here this,might be one to skip and but I did get,the sleep thing from it so I dont,regret my time because that that,sleeping alone could it could be worth,the time so there you go in that the,book is called peak and it is not to be,confused with the other peak which was,really really good which was a 10 out of,10 to recommend that one but but this,one not so much go check it out if you,want hey if you havent subscribed,already and you want to make sure you,dont miss any of these reviews and the,videos I do make sure you click the,subscribe button but especially click,the bell so you dont miss any videos,because sometimes videos come up and,they dont show up on your subscription,pane I know what whats up with that,YouTube but hey thats thats how it is,alright Ill talk to you next time take,care

Peak Performance Vertical Pro (2021) – Is this the best ski jacket in the world?

[Music],yes were here with Mickey and stuff on,from peak performance that have,developed this super smart ski clothes,tell me about it,yeah we started like a year ago we had,really close collaboration with our of,our riders to develop a new shell,garment for their freeride world tour,competitions try to make the jacket,perfect for that and made it as simple,as possible so took away all the flaps,over the pockets and made all things,visible so easy access for example if,you open pocket you can see here that,the pocket when you open it it goes out,a little bit because the zipper is a,little bit longer than the fabric so it,pops out so thats actually super smart,super easy to get get in we continued,yeah and also for this jacket we have,used the gore-tex Pro shell their new,membrane the most breathable one so the,fabric is quite light still really,durable but quite light and also we work,with the new gore-tex Pro stretch in the,back and also in in this part of the,hood to have more freedom of movement we,also have really long ventilation zips,so,you can actually win your hike up to the,competition for example you can actually,take out the arm so you have more event,Latian more freedom when youre hiking,up and all but still protects them from,from wind and weather in the Proms what,do you have more we have a new good,solution actually should be better with,the helmet on but we dont have it here,so try to explain it anyway we made the,hood so it you should be able to to ride,with with the hood on so its more like,from a pipe cap a five-panel cap,construction so its more covering the,helmet more tight so it just sits there,and you have the new cohesive 3 chord,adjustment here so you have those two,chords or going horizontal and then this,one are adjustable in this direction and,then as you can see in the front its a,little bit lower compared to our other,jackets in front because you have so,much balaclavas stuff like that so you,need the space for for movement thats,one and if the weather was really really,bad you have this storm flat where you,can you can take it out and you can,cover your your face more with that one,but still its its quite loose so it,protects you from the Windham and and,whether the Alyssa tube to breathe yeah,things under also the air goes round so,you will not have fog in your glasses,and so on,what about the elastic parts here why,are they placed on on the back end and,the neck this part you have the stretch,in this direction for easy movement this,part you have the stretch in this area,for bending and for example if you sit,in in the lift you sit on the jacket and,then you get stuck a little bit then,its more easy to move your head and so,on if you need to look at their phone or,you know whatever something more Michael,something more you want to say I think,we cover it all like what I think its,important that we went back a little bit,to the pro fabrics for the end use of,our confessionals gear I think thats,yeah it seems like a really nice product,I think so thank you so much,Miki and Stephane and dont forget to,subscribe to our YouTube channel here,[Music],[Applause],[Music]

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Peak Performance Review

video games were a huge part of my,childhood the PlayStation one is a,console I remember playing the most even,when I got the PlayStation 2 if I wasnt,playing burnout three or Ratchet and,Clank I was usually using its backwards,compatibility function to play,PlayStation 1 games now most of the,games I have played growing up were all,well known games stuff people actually,played like Crash Bandicoot Gran Turismo,Tony Hawks Pro Skater 3 and so forth,but looking back I also played a lot of,games that people have forgotten about,or didnt even know existed,which leads us up to todays game peak,performance although this game may not,be well known in the West it was very,popular in the East getting multiple,sequels and selling over a million,copies I have a lot of nostalgia for,this game much like the other games Ive,reviewed but this one stands out to me,for being unique weird and interesting,all at the same time lets find out what,[Music],peak performance also known as toad max,also known as the unofficial official,initial D game until the official,initial D game came out thus removing,its name as the unofficial official,initial D game is a hillclimb drift,racing game set in the mountains in,Tokyo Japan where you choose from,various nineties Japanese cars and drive,sideways not Ridge Racer sideways,because the scheme actually intends for,you to drift going back to the name for,a second what the hell is a togh is the,tongue is it a toe sounds like some kind,of fetish porn Im gonna look this up on,Google released on January 24th 1997,peak performance was developed by cave,and published by Atlas atlas oh I bet,the only publish like three copies of,this game meaning this game is probably,getting or is already expensive as for,cave studios unlike most game studios,from the 90s theyre still making games,today not all of their games make it,over here and are mostly local to their,own country but every now and then a,game makes its way over to the west not,a lot of information of peak,performances on the Internet,even though review articles are hard to,come by hell the Wikipedia article is,shorter than the fight scene between,Bumblebee and Optimus Prime in the last,night the first thing youre met when,you start this game is the title screen,and some really dank beats,from here you have a choice 1p and 2p is,your basic racing with AI time trial is,you versus the clock tune we will,discuss this later,replay looking back on it this is kind,of a pointless feature I have noticed,that nobody really watches the replay,unless they win and because of that,youre a narcissist opsin theres only,one not options lie to me and the final,option being the course editor but for,now lets choose 1p the background,greets you with the free seizure is that,cartoon that causes seizures no but in,all honesty this menu and color design,is god-awful like instant headache awful,I dont know any other game that could,top this well it cant get much worse,than that ok ok its actually quite tame,compared to those two games but thats,like comparing a wet fart to anal,leakage both of them are not great or,welcome but if I had the choice Id be,choosing the latter next step after you,have consumed a whole bottle of advil is,to choose your car and track each car is,heavily based off a licensed car like,the Mazda rx-7 Toyota Supra and the,Nissan Skyline,speaking of skylines theres so many of,them like one third of the car selection,is skyline I didnt know that I was,playing Gran Turismo interesting fact in,the Japanese version of the game they,actually put abbreviations of the car,its based off of in real life in this,version we just get numbers each car has,a variety of colors you can choose from,and if thats not enough for you you can,tune them to make your own version haha,told you bring this back up in the two,men you can customize any car you want,and make it to your own standard rims,can be swapped out tire pressure can be,adjusted same for suspension,transmission type gear ratios and your,blow-off valve while that does it just,make some noise in real life it prevents,this,once you have picked your car you are,now ready to select a track compared to,the car roster the track list is pretty,weak the three tracks they give you,though are pretty good and I statically,pleasing you can choose the time setting,and a different variation of the course,once youre bored of racing on the same,track over and over I dont know why you,would be you can make your own and this,sucks,all spending time in this game mode is,extremely boring and more of a novelty,than anything controlling the vehicle is,a nightmare this is the worst part of,the game hands down much like a lot of,the other PlayStation 1 games we talk,about control seems to be the primary,issue I would easily say that its,because of the age of the game and were,used to better and more responsive games,but I just cant play this game look at,the gameplay youre seeing right now,notice how Im hitting almost every,single wall thats because the car likes,to turn extremely sharp with the,slightest touch of the d-pad and when I,try to recover it my car decides it,wants to go the other way it doesnt,help that the car is in a constant drift,like I said the tracks are really good,but dont work well with the game,mechanics if youre playing this game,for the first time make sure to tune,your car to have more traction actually,this tip is for everybody just do it,itll save you a lot of heartache the,sound designing this game is not good at,all everything sounds like it was,recorded in a corridor or a cave it just,has so much reverb to it,[Music],why and the blow-off valve thingy why,does it sound like an old man snoring,honest to god when I was a kid I,legitimately tried to find this guy,I thought it was some kind of easter egg,or something does that sound far-fetched,yes or no if you said yes youre,completely wrong mate pipi has,some of the strangest Easter eggs and,secrets I have ever seen in a racing,game or a video game to date while,playing this I only managed to find,three of them but I think once you see,them that should be enough the first one,is pretty interesting and easy to find,while racing on the uptown driveway,track you will find what looks like a,mud puddle drive towards it and youll,be taken down to an old mineshaft the,interesting part is that you end up in,some guys garage and its not a,shortcut because it doesnt aid you in,any way whatsoever the other two,involved clipping through a wall head to,the mansion on the right side of the,road and wedge your car in between the,gates then move the car around as you,accelerate you should just clip right,through all those things seem normal at,first go behind the house and drive on,the lake then head for the pillar of the,bridge youre greeted with a whole bunch,of red text I dont know what this says,but Im assuming it might be a easter,egg from the developers now for the,final one this is just plain weird go to,the northern country track this is also,the same track as the last one that we,talked about you will see what it,appears to be a dam a bridge and one,lone house this one takes a lot more,patience but its still possible,basically do the same thing as the,previous one once you make it through,make a left on the grass you will see,what appears to be an electric cow and a,couple watching it burn is this some,kind of sacrifice perhaps I looked up,online in much like everything else,about this game I cant find anything,this has to be the weirdest thing Ive,seen in a video game to date the,soundtrack in the game is actually,really good not too in-your-face but,also keeping it up yet enough that it,keeps up with the game but while,listening to I noticed it kind of sounds,like it would be in one of the old Sonic,games here have a listen,[Music],[Applause],the graphics are really nice the cars,respectfully represent their real-life,counterparts while having somewhat of a,cartoony vibe to them tracks also sh

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What is Flow? Peak Performance Explained by Steven Kotler

[Music],what does it take to do the impossible,what does it take to achieve paradigm,shifting never seen before breakthroughs,consistently,and i thought as a way of kind of,introducing this topic and introducing,today i would start off talking about,where i started with this question i,came to this question of impossibility,through an unusual door i walked into,the door of journalism and in the early,1990s when i became a journalist action,adventure sports were a really hot topic,so back then surfing skiing rock,climbing snowboarding the like were,catching a lot of attention the x games,were starting out the gravity games and,back then if you could write and ski or,write and surf or write and rock climb,there was work,i couldnt do any of those things very,well but i really needed the work,so i lied to my editors and i was lucky,enough to spend the better portion of 10,years chasing extreme athletes around,mountains and across oceans,and i will tell you that if you are,not an extreme athlete and you spend all,your time chasing extreme athletes,around mountains across oceans you tend,to break things,i broke a lot of things,and that meant,i got to take a lot of time off and what,would happen is id be hanging out and,id snap this or that and then id have,to take four months five months off and,when i came back,the progress i saw was astounding it was,amazing it was leaps and bounds kind of,progress stuff that had been absolutely,impossible just four months ago was not,just being done it was being iterated,upon now this caught my attention for a,number of reasons the first is that back,in the early 1990s action adventure,sports was a punk rock pastime,practiced by rowdy irreverent people,without a lot of natural advantages so,most of the people i spent my time with,they had very very little education they,had almost no money and the vast,majority of people i knew came from,horrifically,difficult childhoods destroyed homes not,just broken homes destroyed homes and,yet here they were on a regular basis,reinventing what was possible for our,species right extending the limits of,kinesthetic possibility,im not going to linger too much on,action sports today but i just want to,give you one quick example so you know,what were talking about,so surfing is a very old sport dates,back to 400 a.d,and from 400 a.d until 1996 progress was,really slow incremental at best,25 feet was the biggest wave anybody,ever surfed and above that,everybody believed it was impossible,there were physics papers written about,how its impossible to paddle into a,wave over 25 feet and possibly a surfer,wave of over 25 feet as you can see from,this photo today less than,two decades later surfers are routinely,pulling into waves over 100 feet tall,this caught my attention what the heck,was going on right,but i also knew because i had broken 82,bones at that point that if i didnt,take my question out of action sports,and into other places i was probably,going to kill myself so thats what i,did and i really took this question,pretty much into every domain imaginable,and i wrote a lot of books around about,these topics so in tomorrowland for,example,i focused on those maverick innovators,who turned science fiction ideas into,science fact technology did the,impossible of literally dreaming up the,future,in bold i looked at,upstart entrepreneurs larry page jeff,bezos elon musk people who had built,world-changing and possible businesses,in near record time,in abundance the book that vishen,mentioned,teamed up with my good friend peter,diamandis and we looked at small teams,and individuals who are going after,grand global challenges things like,poverty or health care or energy,scarcity or water scarcity these are,things that just a few decades back had,been the sole province of large,corporations and big governments and yet,here were individuals,tackling these impossible challenges,so what i discovered in all these,domains is that it doesnt actually,matter where you look you could be,talking about the action adventure sport,athletes you can be talking about,business tycoons you can be talking,about technologists or artists it,doesnt matter,every domain you find ultimate human,performance has the exact same signature,it is a state of consciousness known to,researchers as flow,now you may know flow by other names,right you may call it runners high or,being in the zone,if you happen to play basketball you,might call it being unconscious if,youre a beatnik jazz musician youre,being in the pocket if you do stand-up,comedy youre in the forever box,flow is a technical term,as i mentioned earlier it is technically,defined as an optimal state of,consciousness when we feel our best and,we perform our best,more specifically it refers to those,moments of wrapped attention and total,absorption we get so focused on the task,at hand everything else just disappears,action and awareness will start to merge,your sense of self will vanish time will,dilate which is a fancy way of saying it,passes strangely so sometimes,occasionally itll slow down and you get,that freeze frame effect from your,energys been in a car crash and more,frequently it speeds up and five hours,go by in like five minutes and,throughout all aspects of performance,both mental and physical go through the,roof,now flow science is actually quite old,it dates back to the late 1880s which,was the very first time somebody figured,out that an altered state of,consciousness which is what flow is had,a radical impact on performance,signs of flow took a huge step forward,in the 60s 70s 80s thanks to this man,this is mihai chick sent me high he is,often called the godfather of flow,psychology he was the chairman of the,university of chicago,psychology department and he conducted,one of the largest global studies on,optimal performance anybodys ever done,and he learned three things about flow,that are really fundamental,the first thing he discovered is that,flow is definable it has seven core,characteristics and i listed some of,them for you a second ago uninterrupted,concentration in the present moment,vanishing of self time dilation and so,forth,and because,it is definable it is measurable so we,have extremely well validated,psychometric instruments to measure flow,at this point,chick sent me i also discovered that,flow is universal it shows up in,everyone everywhere provided certain,initial conditions are met,he also discovered why flow is flowy and,why its called flow,so,in his giant study ran around the world,talking to people saying hey tell me,about the time in your life when you,feel your best you perform your best,and the vast majority tens of thousands,of people said you know when im at my,best im in this state and every idea,every action every decision flows,seamlessly perfectly effortlessly from,the last so flow is actually a,phenomenological description its how,the state makes us feel,interestingly for the state to make us,feel flowy right underneath that you,actually get a really good shorthand,definition of what flow is for every,action every decision to lead seamlessly,perfectly effortlessly to the last flow,has to be as close to near-perfect,high-speed creative decision making as,we can get so thats a quick shorthand,way of thinking about what flow actually,is,final thing that chick sent me high,discovered is that flow is fundamental,flow is fundamental to well-being and,overall life satisfaction,in fact in his study he found that the,people who score off the charts highest,in the world for overall life,satisfaction and well-being are the,people with the most flow in their lives,so after chick sent me high was done,with this kind of foundational work the,next question researchers turned their,attention to was all right so this is,optimal performance great how optimal,what are we talking about,turns out pretty optimal,what we now know in athletics for,example is pretty much,every gold medal or world championship,thats ever been won theres a

Is the Mustang Mach-E GT the BEST performance SUV EVER?

so,theres wheel spin still but its a lot,quicker this time around,jeez so that was naught to 60 in,[Music],speak French reviews welcome to another,Vlog and welcome to another car review,video or SUV video should I say and we,have the new Mustang Mac e GT,487 PS with 680 newton meters of torque,naught to 60 and 3.7 seconds which were,going to try and test for you as well,and a top speed of 124 mile an hour,obviously limited because its got so,much power it would go obviously more,than that but anyway what do you think,of the car hit us up in the comment,section guys Im really looking forward,to this probably could be the best SUV,Ive ever driven but well see,um but yeah Im really excited but,anyway enough Gable lets go and drive,right so yeah we have the Mustang GT or,Mackie GT and uh yeah were gonna give,it a good old drive Im not going to,talk to you too much about the,infotainment and the interior so to,speak although I will briefly touch on,it and it is really really good I Id,say for this kind of money youd be hard,push to get a better interior and Im,not just saying that Ford have are using,really high-end materials really nice,Plastics metals and in general its a,really nice place to be its got this,very Tesla X esque big navigation system,in the middle,um as well as your frontal kind of,cockpit display and,um yeah I say the really really cool,feature and thing about this car is the,fact that they have a drive connect or,the Ford connect plus you can get these,with a fixed panoramic roof this one,doesnt have that as an option but you,can buy the Pano roof as an option these,come with a magneride so Magna ride,suspension which is that Magnetic Ride,so it kind of really can adjust,basically based on the undulations and,feel of the road in like you know a,nanosecond as such or milliseconds,should I say but um yeah it feels really,really good and it feels really kind,comfortable ironing out all these lumps,and bumps I have to say and no matter,what you throw at it it seems to really,absorb the lumps really really well,these come with a 20 inch alloy as well,and it is a really nice alloy I think it,suits the car really really well,um lovely on this blue as well what do,you think guys what color would you have,one of these in have a little look at,the different options or even if you,dont know of options what color do you,think youd expect one of these if you,could spec any color so to speak I,really do like this blue and I think I,probably would have it in this color I,have to say I do really like it so these,have a range of up to 370 miles but in,real world terms it can get very close,to that the beauty of this the system in,this car is that it does pre-condition,the motor so precondition the electric,batteries so well heat them up so it,allows the most amazing amount of charge,you can you can think of that youll get,out of these uh these batteries so that,is exactly what you want out of a car,obviously all-wheel drive so it has,really really got all the grip youd,need from a car so youd expect that if,the note 60 to be really good with this,kind of power that being said it is,carrying a lot of weight however the,claim not 60 is 3.7 seconds,3.7 seconds that is insane Lets test,that and see if we can get it now we,cant but the conditions are damp we got,4.9 seconds but it isnt in its most,Larry wild mode so well give that,another go and there is different modes,theres whisper active and untamed and,as youd expect Untamed is the most,sporty so were going to go into Untamed,put on the propulsion sound for added,effect and well give it another go City,so,as well spin still but its a lot,quicker this time around,jeez so that was naught to 60 in yep 3.7,seconds,that is mad that is mad all right lets,have one more go,Ready Steady,that was 3.9 not quite as good but yeah,it is it is rest assured guys stupidly,quick,um yeah absolutely epic anyway enough of,the silly note 60s or a lot silly they,are good fun,um thats,push on and see what the drive is all,about and how it feels so far I have to,say as soon as you put it on Untamed,whisper obviously as youd imagine is,nice and quiet active a little bit more,ramped up and Untamed it unleashes all,the power and all the response from the,uh the electric motors you can select on,this on the main dial,three different modes essentially,whisper active and Untamed as I said but,you also can change a lot of the,additional settings things like one,pedal drive Im going to turn the one,pedal drive on to see how good it is,yeah its uh as youll see,is bringing me down to a complete stop,if I oh I want it to and uh,the acceleration actually hurts your,head in this car like say 680 newton,meters of torque,um there is a other option for ambient,lighting which is beautiful in this car,Ill try and get a VT of that working,and propulsion sound it gives it that,kind of almost Porsche Tycoon sound,do you know what because its shifting,so much weight and the car has got quite,a bit of weight it does it pins you back,in the seat and it shifts away very uh,mustang-esque lift in the front Bonnet,and its just its just got bags of,character it is amazing and I have to,say Im massively impressed so far on,the drive,like say all-wheel drive platform and,bags and bags of grip even in the,conditions weve got today 11 degrees,quite you know cold almost damp like,um but,um lets have a little look at what the,brakes are like as well,its on one pedal drive but yeah my God,the brakes are absolutely phenomenal,just have a little look at the nose dive,on this,so its a big carb the uh the brakes are,absolutely superb,um yeah like I said before I do love the,fact that this has a really really good,um uh system of how it kind of maintains,and makes sure that you have really good,charging capabilities when you get to,that socket and charge this car up it,has this wonderful thing that there that,Ford is starting to Pilot,um and its an app basically and it is,really really good let me tell you Ive,had a little look at it Ive been,speaking to the guys at Ford and just,been having a go at this forward pass,um this forward pass connect and it,really does work well basically it can,plan your journey for you it can tell,you where you need to go depending on,the Range and where it is it can plan it,all the whole journey for you and it can,pre-condition warm the motor warm the,interior warm the uh the yeah the,electric motors and the batteries to,make sure that you get the most charge,out of it so you can get close to that,real that 370 mile range if you drive it,carefully obviously if you drive it um,really really hard you are going to get,you know more close to something like,200 miles but the range on this car the,real range is absolutely fantastic Ive,been driving this quite a bit now and,Ive got 182 mile range and it was only,240 uh 230 ish and when I first started,driving it so its really good but lets,be quiet now and thats uh,try out what the handling feels like on,this lumpy bumpy road,Ill tell you what its a big thing but,it Corners really really flat,so like say the suspension the dampening,for a big car for a big thing for a big,SUV,is really really good it feels like a,fun happy playful but tight talk chassis,so that is the end of my video with this,absolutely animal of an all-wheel drive,car the Mustang Mac EGT I have to say is,definitely one of the best SUV Sports,SUVs whether its electric or petrol,full stop that I have driven in my life,and I absolutely adore this car I really,want one now and uh if youre in the,market for one guys like I say links in,the bio to more text back it has been,quite a quick Road drive but a general,driver Dynamics feel of the car and,everything like that,I have to say if youve got any,questions hit us up because Ill answer,any questions that youve got,um but what a machine and water car what,an SUV I absolutely adore this car and,uh Id massively advise anyone to go,drive one and youll probably want to,end up buying

How to Master Anything: PEAK by Anders Ericsson | Core Message

I recently read the book peek how to,master almost anything by authors Anders,Ericsson and Robert Poole I picked up,this book knowing that Anders Ericsson,was the fellow who came up with the,10,000 hours to mastery rule but it,turns out the 10,000 hour rule isnt a,rule at all in fact simply doing,something for hours and hours is no,guarantee that youll improve anders,says that doctors who have practice for,20 years are no better than doctors,whove been practicing for five years if,they feel theyve reached a level of,acceptable performance in fact a nurse,says those who believe that their skills,are good enough and choose to go on,autopilot are actually worse in the,absence of deliberate practice now why,is that,well deliberate practice is necessary to,push yourself out of your comfort zone,and force yourself to come up with what,he calls mental representations and er,says what sets expert performers apart,from everyone else is the quality and,the quantity of their mental,representations through years of,practice they develop highly complex and,sophisticated representations of the,various situations they are likely to,encounter in their fields for example,look at Grandmaster chess players they,are all able to play entire games of,chess blindfolded in fact the,world-champion between 1927 and 1935,could play 32 games of chess,simultaneously while blindfolded to do,so he had to hold entire chess board in,his memory and move pieces around in his,mind trying various lines of play rock,climbers are able to visualize and,experience each movement that theyre,about to make before they attempt to,climb up a rock face golfers are able to,condense an entire string of complex,movements that make up the golf swing,and replicate and represent that swing,with a single thought or feeling Masters,have achieved mastery because theyve,come up with effective mental,representations that allow them to,recreate entire experiences in their,mind accurately predict long sequences,of events in their domain and condense,large amounts of information into,seemingly simple mental representations,these mental representations take on the,form of word,its images and feelings Anders Ericsson,says that more than anything else,mental representations explain the,difference in performance between,novices and experts so what exactly is,this deliberate practice Anders talks of,and how does it force us to come up with,these sophisticated mental,representations of our craft the best,place to look is at a study that Anders,did early in his 30-year career studying,expert performers Anders recruited an,undergraduate student from Carnegie,Mellon University named Steve faloona to,come in to his office multiple times a,week for one hour at a time to listen to,a string of random digits and repeat,them back to him using only his working,memory his short-term memory each,session a nurse would give Steve a set,of digits to recall if he got that right,he would add a digit if you got it wrong,he would take off two digits so hed go,from six to seven to eight if he got,eight wrong and go back to six to seven,so that way he was always operating on,the boundary between what he could and,couldnt do after about four sessions,Steve got to the point where he could,reliably recite seven digits and many,studies had shown that the capacity of,human short-term memory was about seven,units of information now at that point,Steve tried to improve beyond seven,digits session after session he would,run into a wall of frustration being,unable to recall more than seven digits,time after time but because this was an,experiment he came back each week trying,to improve then one day he came in and,he was on a roll he got eight then nine,then ten digits in a row and finally,squeaked out eleven digits by the end of,the session,this pattern of progress hitting a,perceived limit to his abilities,experiencing prolonged frustration and,then having a breakthrough happened over,and over again,it happened at 22 digits 34 digits and,all the way up after two hundred,sessions Steve could recall 82 digits,eighty-two thats 75 more than was,considered possible at the time and he,did this by activating what Anders would,later call the four components of,purposeful practice first he had a,well-defined specific goal his,short-term Tarr,were extremely obvious if he was able to,recall 13 digits,he knew his next goal was 14 second his,practice sessions were intense periods,of undistracted focus for an hour all he,would focus on was trying to remember,digits third he received feedback after,each attempt in other words his feedback,was immediate and easy to understand he,either got it right or he didnt and,lastly he was constantly being pushed,outside of his comfort zone by operating,just on the edge of his abilities and he,frequently made mistakes he would move,up one move up another but then go back,to if he failed the structured approach,of purposeful practice forced Steves,mind to come up with creative mental,representations the intense focus and,the repeated discomfort basically,conditioned his mind to believe that he,didnt come up with a creative insight,he would continue to suffer and since,the mind is very resourceful it was only,a matter of time before he would have a,creative breakthrough he creatively came,up with a way of seeing the numbers,attached to branches of a tree this was,a mental representation to condense and,simplify incoming information he had to,be frustrated enough to come up with a,creative solution to get past his,barriers at seven digits he discovered a,way to see four digits as a single unit,at 22 digits he was able to mentally,group six digits as a single unit in,other words his limits were a technique,issue not an effort issue after the,experiment with Steve and her started,another experiment with a guy named,Dario Steves friend this time Anders,had Steve teach Dario his method for,encoding digits with this head start,Dario was able to improve much quicker,than Steve had he got to 20 digits in,only a few sessions all because he was,able to adopt Steves mental,representations but beyond that point,Dario didnt find Steves techniques,that effective so we had to come up with,some of his own but with that head start,and with that framework to work on Dario,was able to recall 100 digits in a,short-term memory Anders Ericsson has,found this to be the formula for,deliberate practice purposeful practice,methods plus expert coaching with this,combination you get the perfect formula,for improvement,so if youre sick of putting in the,hours and not improving at your craft,turn your time into a series of,deliberate practice sessions like Steve,floon experience and push yourself to,discover new mental representations at,the end of the day simply doing does not,mean youre improving mastery is not,just about putting in 10,000 hours its,about 10,000 hours of deliberate,practice and ER says the right sort of,practice carried out over a significant,period of time leads to improvement,nothing else will that was a core,message that I gathered from peak the,book is written by the foremost expert,on peak performance and if you want to,discover how far your abilities can go I,highly recommend picking up a copy of,this book if you would like a one-page,PDF summary of the entire deliberate,practice method that I gathered from,this book just click the link below and,Id be happy to email it to you if you,already subscribe to the free,productivity game newsletter this PDF is,sitting in your inbox thanks for,watching

PNTV: Peak Performance by Brad Stulberg and Steve Magness (#345)

hi this is Brian welcome back to another,philosophers notes TV episode today,weve got another great book peak,performance peak performance by Brad,Stolberg and Steve Magnus subtitle,elevate your game avoid burnout and,thrive with the new science of success,Brad Stolberg is a great writer and,Steve Magnus is a great coach the two of,them performed at a very high elite,level earlier in their careers and then,burned out,they met talked about well how do you,perform at a really high level and not,burnout this book is a product of that,dynamic its a great book I kind of,think of it as a mix between Andrews,Ericksons peak you want to reach the,top of your game and of your life and of,Tony Schwartz and Jim Moores the,powerful engagement how do you get to,that peak by training your energy,oscillating as well talk about today so,a great book quick fun read and weve,got the Philosophers note as always six,page PDF 20 minute mp3 with some of my,favorite big ideas five of them here,lets start with the equation you want,to grow and reach your highest potential,and perform at your peak then you need,to master this equation stress plus rest,equals growth stress plus rust equals,growth you need to stress yourself and,then you need to rest and recover so,weve seen this weve used this quite a,bit right so this idea of oscillating,you need to be intensely on and stress,yourself well talk about just how much,in the next idea here just manageable,just past your comfort zone but,intensely on and then very importantly,you need to train your recovery you need,to be as intense in your training of,your rest phases as you are in your on,phases so if this is your on this is,your off this is your stress this is,your rest you need to train your,recovery create really great waves,rather than be kind of sort of flatline,where youre just going through your day,and youre never really engaged youre,never really disengaged etc or you could,be the kind of person that always tries,to be here or even even higher right and,you never come down you never take a,break thats a great recipe for burnout,so this is the way you grow anything you,want to grow your biceps you want to,grow your cardiovascular system you,stress yourself you properly recover and,you grow you come back stronger so,thats the essence of the equation for,growth which is the essence of this book,and for me my biggest takeaway is,training recovery truly training it,were going to talk about and the third,big idea so second big idea here is just,manageable challenges so the question is,well how much should I stress myself,whats the proper amount of stress Ive,loved the phrase just manageable so,youre pushing past your comfort zone if,its easy youre within your comfort,zone growth is not going to occur there,you have to deliberately stress yourself,go a little past what you can do but not,so far that you snap so weve described,it as stretch dont snap that rubberband,thats not pulled so hard you snap it,stretched nice and taut dynamic tension,just manageable Steven Kotler in the,rise of Superman shares a similar idea,he tells us its 4% 4% past your current,abilities just manageable but if you do,4% 4% 4% 4% 4% you stretched you,stressed you recovered in your group,you keep on doing that and again you,aggregating compound,he says the impossible peak performance,is just whats next its whats for,breakfast its another day at the office,but youve got to be willing to go a,little too far and then recover just,manageable challenges thats our proper,level of stress and then we can bust,this out in a in the flow model too,right so flow me I cheeks at me hi we,have challenges and skills right so flow,is where it matches your challenge and,your skills line up just a little bit 4%,thats where you enter flow thats where,you enter growth now if the challenge is,super high and your skills are super low,what happens you get anxiety this is,flow right but if your skills are super,high and the challenge is low then what,happens then you get boredom so you need,to find that spot where youre,consistently moving just a little past,your current skill level but not too,much so the third big idea if we have,work rest work rest and we move through,cycles throughout our day which we do,which weve described in other episodes,as old trading and rhythms their,circadian which is every 24 hours cerca,Dias every around a day then ultradian,which is around every 90 minutes your,body and your consciousness is going,through a cycle right so they say that,your ideal work phase should be intense,on should be 50 to 90 minutes long and,then your recovery should be seven to,twenty minutes long you go off for 90,minutes and you recover for 20 minutes,repeat right so Ive been playing around,with this anywhere from 30 minutes to 90,minutes you go hard and then you turn,off and very important distinction here,when you go off I think most of us who,watch if youre watching this you,probably dont have a hard time turning,on its probably not your area where you,can use some improvement its certainly,not mine Im pretty good at being on my,challenge is I can tend to stay up here,and I dont actually come down and,oscillate down so my biggest thing is,getting completely offline if you want,to really recover after going on you,cant use your checking of email or,social media or news or whatever as your,off cycle because youre still in that,dopamine intense adrenaline dripping,stimulation mode youve got to get away,from your technology and go check out go,for me its go hit a trail go do an a,petition part nap part meditation I just,got a sauna Im sitting in that era new,sauna were sitting in that I am,not every afternoon Im finding ways to,really really train deep recovery we,want to get really good at that and,paradoxically the more you recover the,more you have to come back with the next,time around so work rest cycles super,important those are some ideas to think,about 50 to 90 minutes on 7 to 20,minutes off fourth big idea the iPhone,so they talked about the iPhone in its,effect on your performance weve talked,about it in other context so the iPhone,times 3 lets look at all the different,ways the iPhone affects us number one if,you have an iPhone out when you were,connecting with someone else would say,youre going to lunch with a friend or a,colleague or whatever and if there is a,phone on the table research shows that,the quality of your interactions is,likely to be diminished as a direct,result of having that iPhone insight or,smartphone or whatever even if its not,yours even if its not on etc the second,thing that we know about the iPhones is,Amy Cuddy shes done research looking at,the size of the device you use and your,power your assertiveness long story,short the smaller the device the more,your assertiveness and power is eroded,and she posits that its because your,hunching over and assuming a body,posture thats not strong so if you have,a iPhone versus an iPad versus a big,monitor youre going to see differences,in your assertiveness and power the,bigger the better and then the third,thing that they talk about in this book,is your performance so you can measure,someones performance on whatever tasks,and again theres two different,conditions right one,no phone the other phone right so you,have a phone visible simply having the,phone visible whether its yours or,someone elses will diminish your,performance visa V people that perform,the same task without a smartphone in,sight thats a huge insight that it,doesnt even have to be your phone to,distract you technology and smart phones,are so incredibly addictive that theres,a part of your brain that when its,insight is is having to resist it and is,thinking about what it could,do were gonna talk about this in a zone,coming up soon on irresistible its,truly remarkable how addictive this,technology is my solution to that is the,iPhone is off its in my closet top,shelf in airplane mode completely out of,sight out of mind I havent

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