1. Peaky Blinders Season 6 Review: A Disappointing Finale
  2. PEAKY BLINDERS Season 6 Review & How The Ending Sets Up The Movie
  3. Peaky Blinders – Thomas Shelby’s Unexpected Ending (Season 6 Explained)
  4. Recap Xàm #307 : Peaky Blinders Mùa 6
  5. This Is Why Thomas Shelby THROWS Finn Shelby Out Of The Family!
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  7. Peaky Blinders season 6 disappointed me | video essay

Peaky Blinders Season 6 Review: A Disappointing Finale

hey guys welcome back its been a while,now peaky blinders season 6 has just,been released on netflix so i thought,this would be the perfect time to share,with you guys my thoughts on this final,season i do want to preface this video,by saying that although this is the last,season of the show they are making a,movie which is set to start production,in 2023 so we probably wont be seeing,that until 2024 at the earliest which is,why i put the quotation mark around,finale in the title because while this,is the last season of the series,its not the real finale just yet and,honestly i feel like this is where a lot,of the issues in season six comes from,please dont get me wrong before you,dislike the video and roast me in the,comments just hear me out i still enjoy,this season to some extent and im still,big fan of the series of course and,there were some great moments throughout,season six and i mean killian murphy is,great as thomas shelby as always but i,just feel like this was probably the,weakest season of peaky blinders yet and,hopefully youll understand where im,coming from once you finish this video i,will be going quite in depth into,characters and plot in this review so,bear in mind that there will be spoilers,ahead so ill be talking through the,season episode by episode and kind of,summarize my thoughts overall at the end,[Music],episode one gave us a strong start to,the season it picks up right after the,cliffhanger we had at the end of season,five and of course we find out that,tommy didnt kill himself because lizzie,took out the bullets we then found out,that tommys plan at the end of season,five was sabotaged by the ira they want,to keep mostly alive because mosley has,a strong connection with the americans,at a time and keeping him alive will,increase the iras chance of acquiring,more money and resources from the us,and as a result many members of peaky,blinders were killed including bonnie,thompson the sniper adorama gold,and most unfortunate of all polly gray,i actually really liked how they handled,the passing of helen mccory not only did,they give her character a solemn and,heartfelt send-off on screen but the,death of a character also plays a big,role in the season it essentially drove,a bigger wedge into the relationship,between michael and tommy which was,foreshadowed at the end of season 5. now,because paulies death was a result of,tommys plan being sabotaged michael,blames tommy as he believes that it was,tommys ambition that killed polly it,was the ambitions and strategies of one,man that caused us so we had this really,well motivated hate-filled revenge plot,that was set up at the beginning of,season 6 which is super exciting on top,of that we also see in episode 1 that,because of michaels relationship with,gina he became well connected with jack,nelson or uncle jack it was a pretty big,deal in the boston gangster world and is,well connected to the us government,interestingly jack nelson is actually,based off joseph kennedy senior now if,you dont know who that is its,president jfks old man,and there are some pretty crazy,parallels between the fictional,character of jack nelson and the,real-life counterpart look it up this,makes the season all the more,interesting right many villains going,forward we have mosley whos still,unresolved from the previous season ira,who sabotaged tommys plan and want to,be in alliance with mosley we have uncle,jack whos an irish boston gangster and,we also have michael whos dead set on,taking revenge on tommy so while episode,1 starts off by picking up directly,after the end of season 5 it soon,flashes forward four years which im,perfectly fine with but it kind of led,to the first issue when we learned that,it was the ira who sabotaged tommys,plan at the end of season 5 there were,threats made it felt like they were a,menace and these four years tommy should,have been operating under their control,or at least with great limitations,however it doesnt really seem like,there was much consequences with the ira,four years later tommy seems to just be,well,doing business as usual i do really like,how episode one highlights the fact that,although it has been four years michael,is still no match for tommy immediately,after they meet to discuss the business,tommy wants to have with uncle jack,michael gets completely outplayed and,gets himself thrown in prison and then,we get possibly the best line that sums,up thomas shelby for this entire season,i have no limitations,overall i thought episode 1 was a pretty,strong start to the season it handled,the death of helen mccrory quite well,introduced new characters set up,relationships between characters and,gave the audience a pretty good idea of,what to expect in the following episodes,[Music],and episode 2 wasnt that bad but it,didnt really move the story forward as,much so it kind of continued with the,build up in episode 1 and kind of,clarified the relationship and,strategies tommy had planned so we,learned that even though tommy wants to,do business with jack nelson who doesnt,want to deal with the peaky blinders,because theyre a backstreet razor gang,the americans dont want to deal with an,old-fashioned backstreet razor gang,tommy had in mind an alternative,strategy if jack nelson doesnt agree to,work with him hell pull his connections,with alphy solomons and reinstate him as,the leader of the jewish gang in boston,and essentially tip the scales in the,boston gangster world and potentially,start a war actually let me quickly,correct we actually learn about this,strategy at the end of episode one it,just shows like how much was set up in,episode one but not much really happened,later on we also learned this episode,that uncle jack much like his real-life,counterpart joseph kennedy senior,believed that fascism was inevitable i,wanted to suss out the strength of,mosleys political influence in england,and potentially form an alliance with,mosley also bear in mind that this,entire time tommy is still working for,churchill hes still passing information,about mosley to churchill and hes still,trying to undermine the fascist party,from within we also meet laura mckee,again in this episode in case you forgot,shes the ira lady that sabotaged,tommys plan although in their,interaction im not sure if its her,acting or just a character but it really,felt like she has absolutely no power,over tommy anymore i mean yes tommy did,surprise her with a letter from the u.s,president or whatever but surely tommy,is still under a lot of pressure from,the ira but in this interaction and many,interactions going forward it feels as,if the power dynamics have drastically,shifted oh yeah and by the way if youre,wondering yeah michael is still in,prison,[Music],oh,now episode three is probably the,slowest and the weakest episode of this,entire season as a big fan of peaky,blinders ive always kind of took pride,on the pacing of the series given that,each season only has six episodes and,usually has a pretty complicated plot,the pacing is usually on point and gives,no time for fillers but for the first,time,this episode felt like a filler so at,the end of episode 1 we find out that,tommys daughter ruby got sick and tommy,freaked out but then we learned that,shes okay and then in episode two we,learned that rubys actually not okay,and his sickness got worse which puts a,lot of mental stress on tommy and in,episode three ruby gets hospitalized and,the entire episode is tommy going on a,big journey to find esme to save ruby,because he believes that its a curse,some sort of gypsy curse thats killing,ruby i actually want to clarify that i,dont mind this subplot especially the,result of it because it just puts a lot,more stress and pressure and guilt and,emotional trauma on tommys mental state,my issue is that this subplot should,have taken a back seat to a otherwise,already jam-packed main plot,and should have been resolved in less,than half an episode instead this was,dragged on for a whole epis

PEAKY BLINDERS Season 6 Review & How The Ending Sets Up The Movie

Peaky Blinders Season 6 has just wrapped up on the BBC here in the UK, and I have some,thoughts on the overall season.,Its one that in my opinion, started off in not the greatest,of ways it could, but then by the end it did redeem itself with some great performances,,cinematography and storytelling.,It also gets us questioning what could happen come the,Peaky Blinders film, which creator Stephen Knight had previously announced and hopes,to begin production on in the coming years.,In this spoiler review, Im going to be discussing what I thought about the final season of Peaky,Blinders alongside how the ending of the show sets up the movie.,But before I get into it, if you want to see more videos on shows,like Peaky Blinders and the upcoming seasons of Better Call Saul and Ozark, then dont,forget to support this video by giving it a like rating, subscribing to the channel,and turning on your notifications.,Also, feel free to check me out on twitter, facebook, reddit and instagram at cortex videos,,which is all linked in the description below.,But without further a do, lets dive into my review for Peaky Blinders,Season 6.,So the Peaky Blinders season 6 finale gave us our last time with the Shelbys on television.,With Cillian Murphys Tommy Shelby showing us his big plan, just about every big character,from the shows final season made an appearance, whether it be Tom Hardys Alife Solomons,,Oswald Mosley and the other Shelby family members in Arthur, Ada and Lizzie.,We also got more of the new characters such as Tommys long-lost,son Duke Shelby, who after this season, seems to be being pushed for the Peaky Blinders,film.,But the central narrative beat other then the focus and examination of Tommy and his,looming death, was the central duel between Tommy and Michael Gray over the death of Polly.,By the final episode we saw multiple deaths, whether it be Arthur avenging Pollys death,or Tommy shooting Michael, showing that he truly has no limitations.,We also discovered that are main Blinder isnt ill with a tuberculoma,and that his doctor was secretly working for Oswald Mosley, spotting a photograph of him,attending Oswalds wedding to Dianna, which was also attended by Hitler.,So in the end, Tommy has essentially escaped it all, whether it,be the fascists he didnt want to work with, his fake diagnosis of Tuberculoma or his family.,He rode out of the show on a white horse, symbolically reflective of the series opening,on a black horse.,Season 6 was essentially a form of purgatory for Tommy, reckoning with his sins and really,finding a way to leave it all behind.,But thats where I become very intrigued.,Because while this season had its ups and downs, one thing I really did like was the,ending, and if this was a perfect send off for,Tommy, which I thought it was, how will that play into the future.,Hes apparently now free.,Free, that is, until the Peaky Blinders feature film comes out.,I will be getting into this towards the end, but from a narrative point,of view, I hope they can pull it off after this ending.,It does seem more like the perfect ending for the Tommys time on TV, with the film,potentially being more directed at giving us the whole family a proper send off.,Moving on, many viewers have shared their frustration with the slower pace of this final,series and while I do give it the benefit of the doubt for having to work around both,the pandemic and the tragic death of Helen McCrory,,I do think the final three episodes were able to give this iconic show a thrilling send,off.,Sure, it wasnt perfect and multiple characters were under utilised at times such,as Arthur, Alfie or Ada.,And there was also no Churchill and Stephen Graham’s role was reduced to just a few,scenes.,But I dont think this season did all the wrong things by focussing,much more on Tommy Shelby, his state of mind and really capturing what the end of his journey,means.,We were given what was essentially a mini-movie to end it off, which acted as a,sendoff to the shows time on television, yet one which also set up the upcoming feature,that will truly be the final ride.,This final season was almost like a western epic, with its,slower episodes truly building on the tension that the end should bring.,And Tommy ended where he began, alone on horseback, having gone from,the streets to complete power.,Thats until he realises the doom that this power can bring, and this season truly gets,into that through Tommys mindframe.,Hes on what appears to be the brink of death, and I really liked that,approach towards him, especially in the final 3 episodes.,Its definitely a season that you have to stick with and recalibrate to in certain,ways, and I think the ending was quite the perfect one to really resurrect my thoughts,on this final season.,The first 3 episodes had moments of greatness like the opening bar scene with,Tommy, but it really felt like the writer was struggling to work around the death of,Polly.,While they did a good job of showing her impact and setting up the events to come, for a final,season, I found it way too slow to start off with.,But once the narrative had more developments surrounding Tommy and the potential war with,Michael, the drama in the family if you will, it became much more effective.,In particular, the ending with his daughter Ruby and there being no incurable tuberculoma,was the final straw that needed to happen after a season of Tommys grief, yet increasing,dive back into the bloodshed and control that he,claimed at the start he had moved past.,He really needed a moment to reckon with his sins and make the audience truly believe he,had found freedom.,The ending also makes the death of his daughter much more impactful in the long run and it,rightly connects everything to the other plotlines that felt weaker earlier on.,It was quite satisfying to see that his so called,doctors disregard for gypsies, instructing to burn the wagon at the end, had turned out,to be the thing that set Tommy Shelby free.,It was an episode dedicated to the Shelby family,,underlining that they are bad people, but bad people we have followed and become attached,to, who have no limitations when it comes to even,worser people.,The performances really helped to echo these kinds of messages, and quite honestly some,of my favourite moments of this season came in the scenes between Andersons Arthur,and Cillians Tommy.,And also Natasha O Keefes Lizzie deserves a mention, because her dramatic scenes with,Tommy also elevated our care towards these flawed individuals.,For the final 6 episodes, we followed Tommy Shelby in his,final move towards death, but in a brilliant piece of writing, the character is given a,new sense of life and is moved in a direction we never,thought hed go in.,And that could have come off cheesy, but the performance of Cillian Murphy really makes,us believe that this is the final stone for him.,And alongside the brilliant acting and moments between characters, this,is coupled with some of the most beautifully designed and visually spectacular cinematography,on TV.,Especially when you add the uses of operatic music to accompany iy, which superbly,exagerrates the big personas on screen.,The ending was one that had all of this and the shot of Tommy riding away on a white horse,from the burning carraige with pictures of his,family inside, is quite the iconic image that sticks with you regarding his character.,While that ending was also quite the emotional and satisfying one if you consider the legacy,of this show on TV, it also primarily gets us thinking, what will happen next.,And this is only stimulated by creator Steven Knight who,previously confirmed last year that there would be an upcoming film to conclude the,Shelby story.,Cillian Murphy said in an interview that Steven Knight has always had an ending in,mind.,He admitted that Covid hurt that a bit, but now, hes got a lot of plans with a feature,film.,He said “I dont think this is the end of the story.,I think its probably

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Peaky Blinders – Thomas Shelby’s Unexpected Ending (Season 6 Explained)

[Music],thomas shelby has been living on,borrowed time,over six seasons of bbcs peaky blinders,a key aspect of the psychology of thomas,shelby was that when he was sent to,fight in the war in france that he never,really returned when his unit was cut,off from the retreat with no bullets,left he and his men accepted their fate,they accepted death,but death never came and ever since then,hes treated everything as extra,but from this traumatizing incident,blossomed a destructive mindset where,thomas believes he is still on the,battlefield not just fighting to survive,but fighting to win,they may have ran out of bullets back in,france but ever since that day hes been,armed to the teeth ready to outsmart his,enemies and stoop lower than they ever,thought imaginable in order to capture,more territory and power,but by the final season thomas shelby is,so morally corrupted that others who,know him refer to him as the devil,like a cat with nine lives thomas,manages to cheat death again and again,but while his life is spared his loved,ones consistently pay the price for his,sins to the point that by the start of,season six hes lost his wife his,brother,and his aunt,so it seems that in order for the series,peaky blinders to end thomas shelby must,die,and in a way he does but not in the way,most viewers were expecting,lets take a closer look at the ending,of the series and analyze the events,that led to it to make sense of it all,the final season of peaky blinders,tackles the theme of time identity and,fate and how these themes crystallize in,the last moments of the finale,when it comes to time throughout the,sixth season characters are constantly,checking their watches we can hear,ticking clocks,michael is doing time in jail his hatred,for thomas building with each passing,day were shown several bombs with,timers on them which communicates that,an explosion is coming time is running,out tommy is also told that he has,tuberculoma and is given limited time,left to live 12 to 18 months before he,becomes totally helpless and will need,to rely on others the opposite of what,his entire empire was built on,self-reliance,when it comes to identity thomass sense,of identity is consistently undermined,in the first episode he attempts to,shoot himself and his wife insists that,hes no longer a soldier because he,didnt even check his weapon before,firing youre not even a soldier anymore,tommy,you didnt check your weapon,stripping thomas of one of his key,identities a soldier,in mick alone he rejects whiskey as he,no longer consumes alcohol since paulie,died four years ago now stating whiskey,is just fuel for the loud engines inside,your head,its quite telling that thomas is no,longer willing to consume a product hes,selling he no longer really believes in,what hes doing or who he is,when his daughter ruby passes away,thomas believes hes being punished for,his sins and vows to change for the,better but in a name,an inner memory things will change and,whatever comes down that river from now,on we will make peaceful and honest and,good and send it on down the river,better than it was in our memory we will,do this,but despite his intentions he enacts,revenge on the woman he believes put a,curse on his daughter,thomas may feel a need to change but,hes built a world around himself that,wont allow him to as if hes locked,into a story about the destructive fate,of a soldier,but if we look at his emotional reaction,to the revenge it doesnt make the,wounds heal any faster it only deepens,them his wife lizzie challenges him on,his false promises,all of this makes thomas realize that,hes no longer really admired he simply,obeyed and feared,his ptsd is getting worse his previous,life fighting to survive in the tunnels,in france is now bleeding into his,present life as a businessman father and,politician,so much so that its debilitating,when hes delivered his terminal,diagnosis it pulls everything into focus,in order to build such an empire thomas,created a persona that even he believed,in a sort of mythical character that,others would talk about and fear but he,now has to evaluate who the man behind,the mask really is and what legacy hes,leaving behind how he wants the world to,look without him in it anymore,this creates more guilt about his,inability to change no longer really,feeling he belongs in the life hes,built for himself visibly struggling to,even pretend to sympathize with fascists,all while his daughters chair sits in,the corner of the room reminding him of,the role hes playing in the world,reminding him that his time to change is,running out,hes further challenged on his identity,in the penultimate episode when stag,questions if tommy would beat him,himself now that hes an mp highlighting,the conflict between tommys past and,present identities as well as his public,persona,and then questions why he lives this,life why hes doing all of this you,could close all this down,you could leave the sport behind but,instead you still go down and collect,them please and thank you and sorry,and forgive me mr shelby these questions,deepen the existential crisis that has,consumed thomas all season,now that he knows for a fact that death,is coming that there will be an enemy he,cant defeat growing inside of him he,accepts that hes not the devil hes,just an ordinary mortal man,when hes confronted by arthur about his,diagnosis thomas reflects on who hes,been and what value and meaning hes,brought to those around him and that,will be my legacy instead of me there,will be money,because for most of the people who are,close to me that is what i am,theres a quiet devastation in this,scene as thomas is trying to minimize,what his life has meant in order to,emotionally handle letting it go even,going as far as to say how long have we,been dead suggesting he believes theyve,been dead inside ever since the war,after sleeping with his enemy and,confessing his biggest regret is,marrying her as it means shes cursed,with sharing his fate lizzie leaves,thomas and his son chooses to stay with,her over him as shes more of a mother,to him than hes ever been a father,again stripping thomas of a vital part,of his character hes no longer a,soldier and hes no longer a father,he tries to set things right before he,goes using money to lure linda back into,arthurs life to keep him stable then,wiping out his enemies ensuring the bomb,that does finally go off is not his fate,even blowing up his mansion to build,multiple homes for others now putting,himself back where he began showing us,the internal change that has taken place,thomas has learned that its not about,what you can own for yourself but what,you can build for others thats what,lives on after youre gone,the constant chase for power only left,him feeling empty and hungry for more,when he discovers that the terminal,diagnosis was all a lie a ploy by mosley,he instinctively reverts back to his old,self intending to kill the doctor who,deceived him but he pleads with him,reminding thomas that he may not be sick,with tuberculoma but he is sick of who,he used to be now hes reformed for so,long now hes wanted to make these,changes for ruby and now he risks,throwing it all away the doctor notes,his journey from the back streets to the,corridors of power you cant go back,youre a different man the gun no longer,belongs in your hand and at that moment,just before reverting back to his old,ways and stealing another life the bell,tolls marking the eleventh hour,[Music],reminding thomas of armistice how in,1918 on the 11th hour of the 11th day of,the 11th month peace was declared and,the soldiers were sent home,he whispers to himself peace at last,realizing that this is the moment to put,his gun down to mentally step off the,battlefield and stop fighting the war is,over,when he returns to his caravan its been,set on fire the flames engulfing all of,the items he wanted to be buried with,hes witnessing his lifes belongings,turned to ash his identity vanishing,before his ey

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Recap Xàm #307 : Peaky Blinders Mùa 6

trong một số tôi cùng các bạn đã theo,chân thomaself B tham gia vào một thế,giới chính trị đầy âm mưu và hiểm ác nơi,lòng tin là một món hàng xa xỉ gặp USD,Aka Hitler của anh Quốc Kẻ thù chính của,Tommy Và đồng thời cũng là kẻ thù khó,nhằn nhất của anh từ trước tới giờ dưới,vỏ bọc một chính trị gia hào nhoáng sạch,đẹp âm thầm lôi kéo Tommy Theo Chủ nghĩa,Phát xít một hệ tư tưởng chính trị đang,tóc cho Linh lúc bấy giờ thế nhưng mà,Tommy thừa hiểu là rơi vào phát xít thì,đúng là chơi với lửa dòng máu do thái,ngầm trong anh đã âm thầm lên kế hoạch,trà trộn làm thân với modly mục đích là,lấy được lòng tin để vào thời khắc mà,hắn không để ý thì Tommy sẽ làm món lòng,xào dưa cũng như là chấm dứt sự bành,trướng của motly một lần và mãi mãi,nhưng mà phim mà người tính thì không,bằng bên kịch tính phim thằng em út,trong nhà đã chứng tỏ bản thân là cái,thằng vô dụng nhất series,thanh niên đã spoil hết đường đi nước,bước của anh trai cho kẻ địch khiến cuộc,ám sát thất bại đau đớn 300 số các anh,em của Tommy sẽ bỏ mạng tuyệt vọng vào,bế tắc Tommy lao thẳng ra đồng tây làm,làm khẩu súng và rồi một năm kết thúc,trong sự Hoang Mang tột độ của khán giả,Ý tôi là cách đây khoảng 1 năm chứ còn,bây giờ ai cũng biết là Tommy không chết,rồi Vậy thì chuyện gì đã diễn ra không,để các bạn phải chờ lâu hãy đến với tập,1 Black Day Hay tiếng Việt gọi là mọi,ngày ngay cảnh đầu tiên bộ phim đưa,người xem về đúng khoảnh khắc cuối mùa 5,Tommy tự dí súng vào đầu và rồi bùm,không Tức là chả có tiếng súng nào cả vì,trước đó khẩu súng đã được lizzee tháo,sạch đạn cơ bản thì cô đã ở với Tommy đủ,lâu để biết rằng người đàn ông cô yêu,đôi khi lại có những phút giây yếu đuối,không ngờ với một cú sốc nặng như vừa,rồi để kiểu gì anh cũng muốn đi đầu,xuống đất 5 Ngửi mùi đất một lúc sau pha,chết hụt thì Tommy hoàn hồn đứng dậy và,nhận ra lời tiên đoán của dì Poly thật,đúng chẳng có viên đạn nào giết được anh,cả lầm lũi trở về phòng Tommy bất ngờ,nhận là một cuộc điện thoại đầu dây bên,kia là Laura một trong những lãnh đạo,nòng cốt của ira tổ chức này thì đã xuất,hiện từ mùa 1 anh em nào không nhớ thì,không sao không quan trọng lắm,enyway chị này gọi cho Tommy để thông,báo rằng Chính ira là tổ chức đứng sau,ngăn chặn cuộc ám sát của picky brider,nhắm vào mo Tuy không nói rõ lý do Nhưng,mà đại loại là chú em bắt đầu đi quá,giới hạn rồi đấy kèm theo đó là ba cái,body best được gửi ngay từ trước nhà của,Tommy trong đó có Pony tù nhân múa quạt,Peter belie Và cuối cùng bất ngờ nhất là,gì Polly Thực ra là việc gì Poly chết,không hề nằm trong kế hoạch của bộ phim,thế nhưng mà diễn viên thủ vai nhân vật,này ở ngoài đời là bà hay là micro đã,qua đời vì ung thư ngay trước khi mùa 6,phát sóng thế nên là bộ phim đã phải,thích nghi và bổ sung vào bộ danh sách,những nạn nhân bị ám sát bởi ira tại đám,tang của dịch Poly tất cả con cháu trong,nhà đều có mặt Và tất nhiên lại có cả,cặp đôi bị trục xuất Michael jina lặng,nhìn ngọn lửa đang phập Phùng cháy đốt,hết những gì còn sót lại của mẹ trong,lòng 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phát,hiện ra mình

This Is Why Thomas Shelby THROWS Finn Shelby Out Of The Family!

why was finn banished from the family,want to know more about it then keep,watching the video till the end when all,of the black cat traders had been killed,or expelled from the shelby family by,the end of the peaky planters finale the,gang gathered in the wood of the,recently dynamited arrow house for a,farewell banquet as tommy said his,goodbyes everyone except lazy whod left,tommy after hes left with diana mitford,and the newly disowned finn raised a,glass 2 family tommy thought he was on,his way to death but he was surprised,along the way we go over to that as well,as other questions fans may have,following lock and key finn was banished,from his family because he filled the,aerial house test and chose his friend,over his family since arthur coerced,former professional footballer billy,great into assisting with match fixing,for the peaky blinders grade has worked,at the batting shop alongside finn,shelby they became close over the course,of five years drinking whiskey snorting,cocaine and womanizing together finn had,no idea billy was also working as an,informant for the ira revealing peaky,blinders secrets when a drunken finn,revealed that the gang planned to shoot,a fascist on the night of mostly,springly hall rally grade called lorna,mckee and the ira foiled the,assassinations by killing sniper barney,thompson adorama gold and polly gray,tommy discovered the truth after jack,nelson violently forced billy gray to,become an informant for his operation,possibly because billy was passing,information to gina gray whom tommy had,surveilled and was blackmailing over her,adultery with oswald mostly tommy called,a meeting at the garrison in order to,feed billy foss informations in order to,trick the ire into falling into a trap,he convinced billy that he trusted,michael gray and that arthur would be,alone and vulnerable on a particular,night billy promptly informed gina of,this informations and both michaels,plan to kill tommy and the iras plan to,kill arthur were thwarted by tommys,scheming at arrow house duke and isaiah,drew billy and finn into the kitchen and,told finn to shoot billy for being a,traitor or face exile from the family,finn refused and took the gun aiming it,at duke and pulling the trigger onto,empty chambers duke took the gun from,finn and told him that charlie had,anticipated his attempt to turn on them,and had instructed him to leave the,first two chambers of the gun empty duke,then shot billy grade in the head and,informed finn that by order of the picky,effing blenders he was no longer a,member of the shelby family finn left,swearing vengeance on duke which will,undoubtedly be mentioned in the upcoming,piggy blinders feature film who is the,preacher on the street outside of the,garrison tavern that was a brand new,character from the finale named lazarus,a fitting biblical name for someone who,rises from the dead jason williamson of,sleeve fort motz plays him jeremiah who,is part of the ambush of the ira,assassins was replaced by lazarus what,happens in the peaky blinders movie,peaky blinders creator steven knight,announced in january 2021 that contrary,to proposed plans for seven seasons the,tv show would end after six seasons and,be followed by a feature film that is,the current plan as we discuss in,greater details here the films,productions is currently scheduled to,begin in early 2023 which means fans,wont be able to see it until at least,2024. knight has confirmed that tommy,and arthur will be in the film which is,set during world war ii since season 6,took place around 1935 1936 each new,visit to the shelby family tends to jump,a few years and world war ii broke out,in 1939 the time scale makes sense the,introductions of conrad khan as duke,shelby and his new rivalry with finn,shelby as well as the prominence of,high-ranking peaky blinder isaiah jesus,the son of street preacher jeremiah are,likely to provide plot for the film,aydahs burgeoning political career,could also play a role as could stephen,grahams new character hayden stack who,was cast too much fanfare in season 6,but has only appeared in two scenes so,far peaky blinders would be incomplete,without tom hardys seemingly unkillable,alfie solomon its not yet clear where,the film will premiere but its likely,to have a multi-platform release with a,limited cinema run plus bbc one or bbc,iplayer and netflix airings well update,you as soon as we get more information,one minor questions we hope the film,clarifies is at the banquet what did,tommy say to duke after raising his,glass to the family and breaking down as,he told charles to look after lizzy and,that he wanted him to be the best tommy,whispered something into dukes ear,whatever it was it has to be in the,peaky blinders film is this a directive,a request for childhood and lazy safety,a business strategy for the shelby,companys dark side more information on,the burial locations another touch-up,and piece only time will tell why did dr,holford develop the tuberculoma,diagnosis a year or so into tommy and,oswald mosleys political partnership,mostly arranged for his close friend and,nazi sympathizer dr michael holford to,become tommys personal physician,unbeknownst to tommy halford was tommys,private doctor for three years until,mostly and his spouse decided tommys,time was up mostly hilford and fellow,fascist dr helen rutherford plotted to,convince tommy that he was dying of an,incurable disease in order to persuade,him to commit suicide they faked x-ray,and an urgent diagnosis of inoperable,tuberculoma and the brainstem after,tommys daughter ruby died of,tuberculosis holford gave tommy the,diagnosis and advised him to seek a,second opinion from rutherford at st,thomass hospital she persisted in her,deception and by episode 4 of season 6,tommy believed he had only 18 months to,live co-conspirators of mostly indiana,tommy went on the road alone in a wagon,to prepare for death after making,financial arrangements for his family,dynamiting his house and holding a,varial banquet in the woods after months,he flipped a coin to see if he should,shoot himself and it came up heads he,removed his wedding ring and pocket,watch and placed them in the wagon,alongside photos of grace polly john,ruby lizzy and charles before loading a,gun with a bullet engraved with his name,and holding it to his head thats when,he heard rubys voice calling him,outside ruby appeared to him in a vision,and told him that he wasnt sick and,that he needed to relight the fire tommy,found a newspaper article about oswald,and dinahs berlin wedding in the ashes,of his campfire on the guest list in the,photograph michael holford and helen,rutherford are doctors he realized what,was going on and confronted holford who,admitted everything tommy was about to,murder holford when the bell rang at 11,am the time armistice was declared in,the first world war he released holford,and returned to his camp which had been,set on fire on holfords order tommy,stood there watching the flames before,mounting his horse and riding away what,was the song that played over the end,credits that was lisa oneils cover of,bob dylans all the tired horses the,second lisa oneil song to appear in,season 6 after blackbird and the second,bob dylan song to close a season of pika,blinders after richard paul lease covers,a ballad of a thin man in season 4. what,will become of tommy now tommy could go,back to small heath now that hes back,from under the ground or he could go,anywhere because holfords tuberculoma,scheme and the bryn wagon effectively,faked his death for him tommy informed,arthur of the diagnosis and instructed,him that when the time came he would,give arthur the locations of the wagon,so that he charlie and curly could burn,his body and rake through the ashes for,silver and gold arthur and company will,arrive at the wagon to find it already,burned but with tommys watch and ring,among the cinders that means tommy could,ride away and become someone else,entirely forgetting his

Tóm Tắt Peaky Blinders Season 6 | Hồi Kết Của Bóng Ma Anh Quốc

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thống nhất với n

Peaky Blinders season 6 disappointed me | video essay

so the greatest show that the uk has,ever produced peaky blinders has,officially come to an end,so in the wake of this final season i,have decided to create a review of the,events in this season and give my,opinions on the season as a whole,now please note before we get into this,video these are my opinions meaning that,things i say you may not necessarily,agree with so please dont get angry if,im being too negative as i do love with,the [ __ ] with all my heart but i do feel,i have some fair issues to bring up,[Music],now the first issue is very harsh as the,show runners have no choice in this,decision due to the tragic and untimely,demise of hannah mccrory,however i think that the way it was,executed was a bit less effective,i understand that it helps to elevate,the conflict between tommy and michael,however i think the ira representatives,wasnt the best way that they could have,gone about it in my mind a character as,crucial to the story as polly someone,whos very important to tommy as well,should have been killed by an equally,crucial character i understand the,connection between the ira and mosley in,the show however the ira and the female,representative who was implied to be the,leader of the group are barely featured,in this final season shes in a few,scenes but doesnt really have anything,to say,i think it could have carried more,emotional weight if polly was killed by,someone closer to either tommy or mosley,or the or if the people who were,responsible for pollys death had a,greater role in the,show a gathering storm comes a tall,handsome man a dusty black colt with a,red right hand,[Music],in the final episode billy grade who was,revealed to be the rat enter who foiled,tommys plan at the end of season five,is killed by tommys illegitimate son,who i assume will take over the business,whilst thomas takes a step back also i,just like to point out that i did,actually get that uh billy grade,reference right in my in my predictions,video go check that out if you havent,already my issue isnt the killing of,billy grade i mean thats [ __ ] had it,coming,my oshio is with finn who sided with,billy who has been exposed as an,informant,as opposed to siding with one of his,oldest friends isaiah,why finn would show such loyalty to a,man who betrayed his family just never,made sense to me,i understand that he wasnt informed of,the plan which would be frustrating,understandably,however for him to point a gun at ozil,and try and shoot duke makes just no,sense to me have him express his,frustration in another way like have him,leave the family,like how his wife mary insinuates shes,wanted him to do for the entire season,dont make him vengeful for the death of,a guy whos wronged him in his family,because that just doesnt really make,any sense to me especially considering,the whole theme of the show is loyalty,to a family,[Music],a dusty black colt with a red right hand,[Music],this is a little more nitpicky but i,just think it would be something i,really [ __ ] wanted to see,that thing is tommy exposing moseleys,affair with gina to either jack nelson,moses mistress diana or both,there have been two perfect,opportunities within the season the,first being the famous dinner scene with,both nelson and diana present especially,when,dianas calling out tommy in front of,tommys wife,tommy had a perfect opportunity to do,the same to mosley but he didnt,and ive never understood why because,thats definitely something that tommy,would do,and the second,opportunity he had was was in the final,episode where theres the scene in,parliament with tommy diana and mosley,it would have been a perfect time on,their final encounter to bring it up,this wouldnt have changed much for the,overall story i mean it would have,changed the relationship between diana,and mosley but theyre both power hungry,and im sure she would look past it,anyway i would have loved to see tommy,wipe that annoying ass smile off moses,stupid smug face,[Music],a dusty black colt with a red right hand,[Music],yes what i thought was my most surefire,prediction,that i thought was almost guaranteed was,in fact wrong as tommy shelby remains,alive at the end of the season,now despite nearly blowing his own,brains out tommy ends up surviving as he,finds out that the doctors who diagnosed,him with tuberculoma were actually,working for mosley and lied to tommy in,hope that tommy would just give up and,kill himself which he very nearly did he,then confronts the doctor whose land he,was near for some reason coincidentally,but he doesnt kill him as he states he,finally wants some peace in his life he,wants to leave that killing life behind,i feel this ending could have been,better for the show had tommy died,as its more symbolic that he leaves the,world on a high note with him building,houses for those less fortunate,than him on this land,also tommy ends up losing pretty much,everything by the final season and,tommys been suicidal for a very long,time prior to this season,now with all of these,things put together i feel like tommys,death would have had more emotional,weight to it as he finally received the,punishment that you know fairness has,been long overdue and also his death,would sort of seem as like,a martyr like hes died for,standing up for fascism for the people,you know the labour party for socialism,he died for something but now he just,keeps living and just you know doesnt,do anything with his life anymore which,is a bit less interesting,[Music],i also thought that it was a bit odd,that the first big love in tommys life,grace,didnt even appear once in the season as,a flashback,like she did throughout season five,she was off handily referenced by,charlie in the final episode but,that was all she got,i think someone who had so much,influence over tommy should have more of,an impact in this final season,even if that influence was her memory we,was eating tommy one last time,uh at some point during the final,episode when tommy was really up against,it,to give him advice on how to or what to,do or to comfort him through some of his,pain i feel like that would have been,something nice to see but we never got,to see that,especially when tommy and his wife are,going through some very rough patches at,the end of the season,but its not all bad all the gathering,storm comes a tall handsome man a dusty,black coat with a red right,[Music],hand this season had some of the best,dialogue in the whole show,most of tommys like monologues within,the shows,unsurprisingly were cold as [ __ ],most normally being his monologue that,he had whilst having a conversation with,alfie solomons or as an initial,interaction in the church with jack,nelson,but for me the two best pieces of,dialogue came from the party scenes,the first one being the previously,mentioned dinner party with tommy mosley,lady diana jack nelson and swain from,the ira,and theres just so much back and forth,despite the fact that tommys had so,much loss theyre trying to press him,down squeeze and make him feel small and,he just doesnt let him,and he fires back with some gray lines,at the end of the conversation,but my personal favorite scene would,have to be adriadas introduction scene,with jack nelson and the mosleys the,tension within this scene as all the,characters try to pull ada apart on,their first encounter while shes just,effortlessly defends herself is so well,written and well paced and so well shot,that id actually make a claim for it to,be one of the best scenes in all of,television although thats just my,opinion,also i have to bring up that tory,benchs line from the final episode,because i actually clapped when he said,that no,now im not upset that my wife left me,and yeah if you want a [ __ ] out [ __ ],youll have to cross the floor,cause i refuse to [ __ ] on tory benches,on the gathering storm comes a tall,handsome man a dusty black colt with a,red right hand,[Music],the final action scene between the peaky,blinders and the ira in the streets of,small

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