1. Peloton Guide Review: Is It Finally Worth Buying?
  2. Peloton Guide – HUGE UPDATE! – is it finally worth it??
  3. Peloton Guide Review
  4. I USED Peloton Guide for 30 DAYS! You Wont Believe This…
  5. Peloton Guide – Why I Returned It.
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Peloton Guide Review: Is It Finally Worth Buying?

I watched a lot of early reviews and,first impressions about the Peloton,guide on YouTube I seriously watched a,butt load and chances are that might be,what youre doing right now I even drove,myself to the Peloton store once it was,released so that I could check it out,for myself the classes wouldnt load the,sales person didnt know anything about,it and I left thinking that this thing,right here,sucked I told my wife I was just gonna,go into the store to check it out and,the second that I walked out after,seeing the Peloton guide I just shook my,head and said no but then some people on,Reddit and YouTube started saying that,the guide was not only getting better,because of a large software update it,was actually getting good the guide,ended up being 50 off on Amazon so I,ended up getting it anyways despite my,really bad first impression of it so,that I could test it out at home and I,bet well see that 200 price for the,guide again around the holidays also,random side note but did you realize you,can order a Peloton or Peloton guide on,Amazon now Ill add a link to the guide,to the description if youve been,interested in checking it out and we all,know that Amazon makes returns a whole,lot easier if you decide that its not,for you youre probably watching a few,videos about the guide right now so stay,tuned to learn what I like about the,guide where it still needs work and if,Im gonna return this thing,foreign,[Music],whats good guys Im Dave and Im an,Adrian Williams Jess Sims Kendall tool,Alex Toussaint type of Peloton person I,have a bike plus and for the time being,I also have a guide were talking about,the Peloton guide today but Im not,gonna get into the menus and the specs,and stuff that much because I think,other channels like learn with Travis,and connect the Watts have done a really,great job with that and guys if youre,interested in doing a collab one day Im,down Im gonna keep things focused on,the experience of using the guide and,just to keep things more interesting,well go back and forth between the Bad,and the good and were gonna start with,the bad I cannot even tell you how,unimpressed I was with the Peloton guide,when I tried it in the store right when,it came out so when I started setting it,up at home and the setup process was,really really bad I wasnt that,surprised despite my skepticism about,the product I ordered it from Amazon got,it in a day because thats how Amazon,rolls opened it up and I was pretty,excited to set this thing up first thing,in the morning because people said it,had gotten a lot better little did I,know it would take me almost an hour to,be able to use the Peloton guide after I,plugged it in because of how bad the,setup process was I was this close to,putting it back in the box and returning,it and just saying this thing wasnt for,me and that it wasnt ready for prime,time I was gonna scrap this video,entirely theres a checking for updates,screen that doesnt actually do anything,it just sits there really static and,this doesnt feel very Peloton to me it,felt like a knockoff product like when,people spell Peloton with a day I waited,and waited and waited my guide had,actually crashed or frozen during the,update process but there was nothing on,my TV screen to let me know that I had,to unplug it and plug it back in just,taking a guess to bring it to life also,I have super fast internet so it wasnt,my connection so the setup Im gonna,give it a d plus but you only have to do,this once okay now for something good,the space that I have allotted to use,the Peloton guide doesnt actually meet,their recommendation Nations the person,in the showroom thought that my space,was going to be too tight for the guide,to be able to see me and put my body,fully in the frame the guide is supposed,to be at least three feet off the ground,mine is about two feet off the ground,and youre supposed to be about six to,eight feet away from the camera Im,probably closer to four to five feet,away from the camera and despite the,fact that its not the most flattering,angle in the world because the camera is,lower and its looking up at me it works,just fine my body is fully in the frame,and it has no problem seeing what Im,doing I could squat I can stand up I can,lift my arms above my head and the guide,can put me in the frame so if youre not,sure if youre going to be far enough,away from the guide for it to work in,your house I wouldnt worry that much,about it unless youre standing really,really close to the guide or youre,going to like put it on the floor or on,top of a small cardboard box you need a,little bit more height than that but I,think that its going to work for a lot,of setups most people recommend not,mounting It To The Top top of the TV,because it doesnt feel super secure,there and I would agree with that,another bad thing that many people will,consider a deal breaker I think that the,movement tracking is only about 80 to 85,percent accurate personally Im not,super bothered by this but I know that a,lot of the more intense Apple watch,whoop and even Peloton crowd really,really care about their metrics what I,found is that the guide is really good,at tracking some larger movements but it,struggles when the movement is a little,bit smaller or its a movement where the,guide asks you to turn sideways for,example youre supposed to turn sideways,when youre doing tricep extensions and,I must have some T-Rex arms or something,but the guide was having an impossible,time tracking my reps while I was doing,tricep extension so I was having to,really exaggerate the movement backwards,so that it would start counting my reps,and I was doing them in a much larger,range of motion than Adrian Williams was,on the screen I love you Adrian but I,was is doing some crazy range of motion,just for the guide to be able to pick up,the movement it just wasnt very good at,tracking some of those sideways,movements and it especially struggled,with my arm that was further away from,the camera when youre facing sideways,one of the main value propositions with,the guide is that youre supposed to,kind of imitate the instructor and get,credit for it and the fact that I was,having to do almost like a caricature of,what Adrian was doing on the screen to,get my reps to count the guide needs to,be smarter than that if you have longer,arms than I do and chances are you do I,bet that this would be less of an issue,but it was annoying that it was having,such a hard time tracking sub movements,consistently and if you are a serious,metrics movement tracking person it has,the potential to drive you insane again,not a huge deal to me but this is,literally what the guide is supposed to,do if youre an NFL Countdown person,this is a come on man moment and if,youre more of a college game day person,this is a you had one job thing the most,recent update to the guide introduce rep,tracking which gives you a target number,to hit for each movement when the,workout is programmed for rep tracking,however if youre going to show numbers,that accuracy really needs to be on,point and thats my guess on why they,havent introduced that on the,leaderboard yet its just not totally,ready for prime time I do think that the,guide is going to continue getting,better at tracking movements its going,to get smarter as Pelton gets more data,and it isnt totally stupid so if the,movement is a squat and you start like,moving your arms above your head its,pretty good at recognizing that youre,not doing the movement Im not big on,gaming the system anyways and I dont,think most adults who get the Peloton,guide would get it to game it because,why the software on the guide is already,getting a lot better at recognizing when,Im just like walking around versus,actually doing the movement when I first,tried it out in the store on day Zero it,felt like I could sneeze and it would,count it as a rep and then people were,like walking behind me in the store and,it was counting that as a rep it was,just really bad its gott

Peloton Guide – HUGE UPDATE! – is it finally worth it??

hey everybody so alongside pelotons,announcement about the new rower which,is now available for pre-order and set,to ship out in December is actually a,huge update to the Pelton guide,including the addition of both automatic,rep and weight tracking alongside some,new programs so in this video Im going,to tell you exactly how these new,updates work share my thoughts after,having tested them out in several,workouts now and most importantly if,these updates make the Peloton guide,finally worth having now for those of,you new to the channel this is Colin,with connect the Watts if you havent,done so already make sure to hit that,subscribe button to stay up to date on,all the latest and connected Fitness,Tech and let me know in the comments,when you watch this what you think about,these new features on the Peloton guide,now when the Pelton guide first came out,I did a review on it and you can watch,it if youd like but ultimately to put,it kindly I did not recommend it as it,seemed to serve very little purpose or,value that you couldnt just get from,taking classes on the app or the TV or a,bike now a lot of what made the guy,decent were the interface changes to the,workouts like being able to see which,movement youre supposed to be doing and,what movement is coming up and those,could have and still could be easily,implemented into every other iteration,of Peloton as in no way utilizes the,tech included with the purchase of the,Peloton guide and to be honest I still,think its a very bad decision on their,part to purposely leave the user,interface worse on all the other devices,to try and nudge people to buy the,Peloton guide because well it obviously,didnt work as whenever I take a Peloton,guide workout I almost never see anybody,else ever on the leaderboard even today,taking these brand new classes with this,brand new update I only saw a handful of,other members and many of them were just,Peloton stores now if you think I sound,negative or that Im a Peloton hater Im,absolutely not its just that this,product was crap at least it was when it,was released these new updates however,have changed my mind completely and had,they been released alongside the Peloton,guide instead of of it having been,rushed out the way it was I believe it,would have gotten actually pretty decent,reviews and way way way more people,would have actually gotten one and kept,it so lets talk about what these,updates are what makes them so good and,how they have completely turned my,thoughts around and how I feel about the,Peloton guide and sorry for the slightly,blurry footage Im about to show you but,youll still be able to see everything,that Im talking about even if its a,little fuzzy okay so the two big updates,sort of interact and complement each,other so its hard to talk about one,without talking about the other and that,is the new automatic rep counting which,replaces the previous movement tracker,for some select classes and the other,feature is the new weight and volume,tracking so for classes that utilize,these features which there are already a,good amount as three new workout,collections were added to the guide,yesterday one collection is called Pump,Up the Volume which is more like a,program and has three classes currently,and will have more as it continues for,its duration of four weeks the the,second is the rapid out collection which,features 10 shorter length workouts,showing off the new rep and weight,tracking and the third is the Sentry,collection which consists of 11 classes,each around 20 minutes long and each,with the same theme of accumulating 100,reps of a particular movement type so,when setting up this new feature for the,very first time you can actually select,exactly which weights you have access to,so that when you select weights for,workouts later on youll only be shown,weights that you actually have then when,you start a workout the Peloton guide,will ask which weights youll be using,for a light a medium and heavy weight,and give you examples of some of the,movements that will be involved now this,is not perfect right because its hard,to know exactly which weights youre,going to want to use especially if you,dont know the exact reps and everything,like that and if youre like me you,might adjust weights between sets on,occasion depending on how youre feeling,but Ill talk more about that in a,minute now when you start the workout,and get to your first set itll actually,show you which way to use and how many,reps you should be aiming for so first,off off the rep counting here is pretty,decent its not perfect and you can,definitely cheat in and do other,movements and itll still most likely,count them but more importantly that in,my experience in testing this if you are,trying to do the movement as intended,itll get it mostly right now it does,have a few bugs right now as itll,occasionally lag behind you it has a,much harder time of tracking certain,movements than others and often they,dont really make it clear how you,should align yourself relative to the,camera to get the most accurate rep,counting but its still a very good,start and I really like it especially,compared to the previous movement,tracker which was based on just your,total time moving which totally messed,up the way I actually like to take,Peloton strength classes and made the,guide pretty much unusable for me so,this is a big Improvement now when you,hit the goal number of reps it will,still count and track any additional,reps you do but its a good indication,that you should probably add more weight,next time alongside the rep counting and,weight tracking itll also combine the,two to give you your total volume which,is a metric that I love to see here,right now Peloton really isnt doing,anything with this total volume metric,but the fact that it is here the,potential for it is very strong being,able to eventually see your weekly or,monthly load by volume especially if you,can break it down by muscle group or,movement expression that could all be,very useful and its even a metric that,they could use to make the leaderboard,more fun and interactive for strength,training should they want to implement,it now the problem that I alluded to,earlier with being forced to pick your,weights before your workout well you can,actually change your weights between,sets but unfortunately Peloton still has,some work to do here you can dig into,the menu mid workout to change the,weight settings but that isnt very fast,or easy to do now during one of the,classes I took with Adrian Williams He,specifically said that if you want to,change weights you can do so in that,menu or via voice command and so I,thought oh that would actually be a very,easy and very smart way to handle this,if I could just say okay Peloton change,my light weight to 20 pounds well I,tried that and as of now the Pelton,guide just responds back saying that you,need to change your weights via the menu,so the voice activated weight changing,doesnt seem live yet but it does seem,like they have it planned just based on,what Adrian said in that class now the,other issue with changing weights,mid-class is that it doesnt just change,your weights for your future sets but as,of right now it also retroactively,changes all the sets you have already,done which seems like a huge oversight,and so it seems that there is quite a,lot that needs to be fixed here now,after you complete a set and if you get,the full amount of reps or more you will,start what they call a set streak and,that streak will climb higher and higher,as long as you dont miss a set which,psychologically I think is a great,motivational tool at least for me as I,kept wanting to keep this streak alive,and for some movements like planks for,example itll just track how long you,held that position which youll need to,hold for a certain amount of time if you,want to continue that streak as well now,once the workout is done you will get an,overview of all your reps and weights,and everything like that

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Peloton Guide Review

– Hi and welcome to One Cool Thing.,Im Alex Colon,,and Im here with Angela Moscaritolo.,And today were going to be talking about one,of the cool products that were,reviewing here at PCMag.,Todays product is the Peloton Guide.,Now you might be looking at Angela,and wondering why shes not on a treadmill,or a bike or something else that you,might associate with Peloton.,And thats because the Peloton Guide,is not a big piece of equipment.,Its actually a tiny little camera.,Its right there on your TV stand behind you.,It starts at $295 and it basically tracks you,as youre working out and it puts you,on the screen and encourages you to move more.,And thats what were going to talk about today.,So, Angela, do you want to just start,by giving us an overview,of what the Peloton Guide is?,- Yes. So you can see it.,Its a little pearl shaped device right,beneath TV, on my TV stand.,Its a camera that connects with your TV,and it allows you to play Peloton,strength training workouts or actually the whole,Peloton library on your TV.,And it comes with the remote,and then what it does is basically,it displays you on the screen as youre,working out next to the trainers video,and then it also does basic movement tracking.,So its tracking to see if youre,doing the movements for the correct amount,of time and then itll give you credit,for each movement that you complete.,And then at the end,,it will give you a percentage score.,So anything above 80% will get you a badge.,So an achievement badge.,So its sort of gamifies the strength training,experience and makes it a lot of fun.,- So I mentioned that it costs $295,and that cost is essentially just the camera.,Now you also need to use it with a Peloton,all access membership and thats going to be,an additional $39 a month.,Thats the same membership that you would use,if youre using a Peloton bike,or a Peloton tread.,Do you want to talk a little bit more,about the membership and also any accessories,that you might need?,- Yeah. So there are some limitations,with the movement tracking feature,which is one of the coolest features of it.,In addition to the side by side video,the movement tracking is the big thing,and thats only available,on the strength training classes.,And not even all of the strength training classes,in Pelotons library, just on certain classes,that theyre producing now and going forward.,But you will need, it works with any,brand of weights, which is nice.,Some of the other strength training equipment,that weve tested, it requires special weights,such as the Tempo Move, which is a competitor,to the Peloton Guide.,And I have it also set up here.,We have reviews of both on the site,but you can use it with any brand of weights,,the Peloton Guide.,I use it with, I have three sets,of Peloton weights.,I have two pounds, I have 10 pounds and 15.,But what theyll do during the classes,is that they will, the teachers will tell you,to pick up your medium set of weights,or your heavy set of weights.,So theyre not giving you specific weight,,you know, suggestions of like how much you,should be picking up.,Whereas the Tempo, thatll tell you,,it keeps track of how much weight youre lifting.,And theyll tell you exactly how much weight,to put on your dumbbells.,So there are some limitations to Pelotons system,,but I do like that it works with any weights,- Right. So the Tempo Move, that starts at $500.,And now that includes the weights.,The Peloton starts at a much lower price, $295.,Now thats a great deal if you already,have your own weights,,but also if you just want to buy some cheap weights,to go with it, you could still wind up,spending a lot less than you would for the $500,Tempo Move package.,- Yes. And then youre also going to want a heart,rate monitor to go with the Peloton Guide,so that you can see your heart rate on screen.,And then Peloton has a non-competitive metric,called strive score.,And then youll be able to get your strive score.,You do not need a Peloton branded,heart rate monitor either.,You just need any Bluetooth enabled,heart rate monitor.,One limitation: It does not support,the Apple Watch.,So no, it wont work with the Apple Watch whereas some,of Pelotons other equipment does.,So people that have an Apple Watch are like,,”Oh, why are you going to make me,get a new heart rate monitor?,Why dont you add Apple Watch integration?”,Well, hopefully that will come in the future,,along with some of the other features that some,of the other strength training machines offer.,- Now, do you need to use a heart rate monitor,or thats only if you,want to see your strive score?,- Yes, you do not need to,,but its better if you do.,Cause then you can see your heart rate on screen.,I can show you how to use it if you want.,- I think thats probably the best way,to illustrate what this product is because I mean,we have a great review that goes into detail,and it really walks you through all the steps.,But I think just seeing it in action will give,you a pretty good idea of how it works.,- Yeah. So it comes with this remote,and do not lose the remote,because this is the only way you can drive,the experience outside of the classes.,Inside the classes, you can use voice control,to do things like pause and play,but when just browsing the interface,you need to use the remote.,Okay. So you come in here,and lets go to the main interface.,Another thing that I like about the Peloton Guide,on the home screen, it keeps track of your,activities that youve done that week.,And it has a little body activity chart,on the right, the blue chart,,where itll show you, itll be filled in various,shades of blue indicating which muscles you,have already worked that week.,Now, underneath that it shows,recommended classes.,Now you want to, for it to have movement tracker,,you want to look for the classes that have a little,sweat drop, a swirly sweat drop icon.,Thats the movement tracker so we can click in.,And what I like about it is that like its real.,The recommended classes are really good.,Like when I did a lower body workout,the next day it offered me an upper body workout.,And then the next day after that,,it offered me a core workout,or a body weight workout.,So it helps you to work out all of your,muscles each week.,Now so if we click into the class,you can view the preview screen,and you can view the class plan,which shows every single movement,that is going to be included, along with rest breaks.,And if youre not sure how to do any,of the movements, theres a movement library,where you can click into it and watch a video,of it and then practice it.,So thats kind of a neat thing.,So lets go ahead and play.,Start the class.,Before the class,,Im going to put on my heart rate monitor,and I have the Peloton heart rate band.,Like I said, you dont need to the Peloton one.,But okay. So Ive got to put on the heart rate band.,Now what I like about it is you,can pause it at any time.,You can go back, rewind,,which is important for strength training.,You want to make sure that you know how,to do the movement before youre,going to be lifting because you can really,get injured when you know youre lifting weights.,So lets fast forward to the first move here,and well show you what it is.,All right.,- And Ill also point out that right now,Im seeing you on the top half of your TV screen.,- Yes. And we can change the view.,Let me show you the different views,that you can do.,So theres stacked,,you are on top of the trainer.,Theres maximized where you are shown bigger,than the trainer.,Theres minimized where youre smaller,than the trainer, your video.,And then the last one is side by side.,I dont like the side by side as much,because it keeps the metrics off of the screen.,I like the stacked, thats my favorite view.,I thought I didnt like the side by side.,If you dont, you can turn it off.,You can turn the self mode off,so that youre hidden.,And just the instructor is shown on screen.,For me, I like stacked.,Okay. Now let me show you something else on here

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I USED Peloton Guide for 30 DAYS! You Wont Believe This…

peloton guide one month later what do i,think now,so after using this thing for a month,were going to completely break it down,but before we do that lets just talk,about who the peloton guide is for if,youre a bodybuilder power lifter or,just into the extreme side of fitness in,any category this is not going to be for,you just go ahead and move along but if,youre more than that average hey i need,something thats going to help me learn,new exercises some thats going to,motivate me somethings just going to be,exciting and have me getting a sweat on,in that cardio meets resistance training,area well this is a very good option,worth considering and i recommend,watching the rest of this video but,lets go ahead and jump in,[Music],so first lets talk about how the,peloton guide works and its this thing,right here nice small compact but it,does have some weight to it but you take,this you mount it somewhere near your tv,point it at you and hook it up just like,you would anything else to your tv hdmi,cable and power thats it plug it in,turn on and youre on your way from,there itll run you through a getting,started setup so connecting it to wi-fi,doing updates voice command setup things,like that it guides you right through it,its very smooth no problems at all,after that youre in you pick the,exercise you want to do and its going,to run you through setting that up,connecting a heart rate monitor whether,you want voice controls on or off and,some of the different functionality you,can have for that specific exercise and,then you just hit start and youre in,the workout and from inside the workout,youre going to have a lot of,information on the screen including the,instructor yourself your heart rate the,movement tracker and peloton does allow,you to customize the layout so you can,select different layouts and minimize or,maximize different things or just laid,out in a way that best works for you so,thats definitely something youre gonna,be able to customize and enjoy just,getting it set up the way you want and,most of that was self-explanatory except,for the movement tracker this is,something that peloton guide does its a,little different than normal resistance,training where you might do reps so,maybe youre normally doing a rep redo,eight counts well with this its not,based on reps its based on movement so,its tracking that youre continuing to,move and continue to do that exercise,and with that it builds up that tracker,and if you fill it up you get points,showing that you completed that which,then contribute to your end of workout,score this is just one of those neat,peloton features that increase the,motivation and have you getting more out,of the workout,outside of how the product itself works,its going to be important that you,enjoy the content type i already,mentioned this is kind of a cardio meets,resistance training but its also a,faster paced workout meaning that youre,going to go exercise exercise exercise,and then you might get a break while,they demonstrate the next set and then,youre going to kind of move through,those kind of fast so youre going to,stay busy while youre doing resistance,training but also some body weight,exercises and this is nice because it,keeps your heart rate up so youre,getting a good cardio workout you truly,at the end feel like you got a great,overall exercise but you also feel like,you challenge your muscles so while you,might not put on massive amounts of,muscle working out like this you,definitely are going to tone up add a,little bit of muscle get stronger but,also get all the health benefits of,cardio so its just a great balance as,far as workout type and if thats the,type of exercise you would enjoy or what,youre looking for this could be a great,match for you so i know its annoying,but ive learned that if i dont ask for,a like at this point in the video most,people dont do it and then youtube,doesnt even show the video to anybody,so if you could hit that like button,thanks,[Music],something thats always made peloton,stand out is all the bells and whistles,are features that they add to their,products and theres no exception here,and some of the things that stand out to,me one is the voice control okay peloton,resume,so you dont have to grab the remote it,does come with one and it works great,you can use that if you want but if you,want to tell it to pause skip forward go,backwards do all those different things,you can do that i printed it out and i,think it was 14 pages of voice commands,that are available as of this filming so,a lot of things you can do just by using,your voice and thats pretty neat,something else thats neat is the,ability to pause if you go back to the,original peloton bike days you couldnt,pause and it drove people nuts well you,can hear and thats nice just depending,on how youre working out what you need,to do but also depending on the weights,youre using or if you need to switch,weights you can have it pause give,yourself five extra seconds get those,weights ready and then just tell it to,resume all through voice command so it,makes it a little bit more controllable,and allows you to work out the way you,want so i do really enjoy that and then,they also have a post ride screen and,this is full of information about the,workout you did what muscles you,targeted what scores you got so its,motivational as you use it but it also,keeps you coming back and wanting to use,it more and when it comes to fitness,equipment thats a sign of a very high,quality product in my opinion,now why it works and what makes it,special and it just has that typical,peloton layout has a lot of information,on screen so it keeps you engaged it,keeps you interested it keeps you,working harder to see those numbers,increase and wanting to match those,goals as far as like movement tracker,and things like that but its also,interactive with the ability to have the,instructor on screen but also yourself,you get that whole vibe of im going to,keep up with them im going to do this,im going to complete my workouts it,just adds to the experience i also,enjoyed the exercise style and the,instructors pelotons always been known,for good instructors that motivate you,engage you keep you coming back and just,enjoying it so it didnt feel so much,like a workout and this is no exception,you just feel like youre working out,along with them you do the motions you,have them as an example theyre talking,you theyre saying things to motivate,you and its just making it an overall,more enjoyable experience and so far,from what ive done on this every,instructor has been fun to follow along,with so again they just do a really good,job of pulling you in enjoying the,experience of working out which isnt,something we always love to do and its,also just a good mix of cardio and,resistance training sometimes when we,get into one area or the other you just,get bored by it or you just dont enjoy,if youre resistance training and you,just feel like oh i have to keep going,heavier pushing harder maybe thats not,your thing then you dont enjoy it but,just doing straight cardio and nothing,but that again you can get burned out,and this just has a good balance to it,and its just a good quality workout it,keeps a good pace it doesnt seem to,take too long to get a good workout in,so you dont have to dedicate an hour to,working out if you dont want to a 20 or,30 minute session is enjoyable a great,workout but you feel like youve got,both the cardio and the resistance side,without overdoing either side so for,that average person again that just,wants a good high quality workout,without the burnout of other things that,you might try this has a great balance,and just enjoyable to keep doing day,after day,so next i want to throw out my honest,opinion and just go free form for a,second here and when youre looking at,home exercise equipment obviously you,want to pick out things that work for,you things that will keep you coming,back and enjoying it otherwise its a,waste of mo

Peloton Guide – Why I Returned It.

one company that ive always had good,faith in,is peloton ive owned three bikes,a tread and more recently you might not,be able to see but this little fellow,here,the peloton guide,but when things are going well theyre,brilliant but how good are they when you,decide to return something to them,inside of their 30 or more recently 100,day,money back guarantee period,is it an easy process,will they try and talk me into keeping,it,and most importantly how long does it,take for them to actually refund you the,money,once youve sent it sent your item back,to them,lets find out why am i returning it,well ive made quite a few videos now,with the peloton guide and ill link to,that playlist at the end of this video,but in all honesty i just dont find,myself using it and even before,i ordered it i knew that i was going to,keep the box just in case,and it comes down to the fact that i,love the peloton bikes i love the,peloton tread,and i really like the peloton app and if,youve not used the peloton app i mean i,cant stress how good it is the user,interface,its very slick on apple tv or amazon,prime,i just like that so much and its,actually so good that i have to remind,myself to actually change the inputs on,the television here and then switch the,peloton guide,on and use that instead and yes the,peloton guide has this side-by-side,tracking feature which is good but when,im working out im very happy to just,check my form if i need to in the mirror,here although this device here the,reflect 1.0 well call it does seem to,show wrinkles and gray hairs more,hopefully a software update well fix,that,unlike many products these days the,packaging is actually really easy to,work with its not just designed for,cheap transit its designed very much,with the end user in mind,and,its something another thing that,peloton do very well and as an end user,i really appreciated it although no time,has passed for you,its about three or four weeks later for,me and ill explain why later,but within two days of me requesting a,return label from peloton they did ask,me there was a slight bit of back and,forth perhaps one email more than i,would like but they sent me a returns,label a ups prepaid returns label,my nearest ups drop-off point though is,about 10 mile round trip but i found out,for three dollars ups will come to your,house and collect the parcel for you one,thing that really impressed me with,peloton when i ordered the guide was the,delivery time 18 hours after i pressed,the buy button,i had the guide in my hand that was,really impressive,but what impressed me even more was when,i sent the guide back,i sent it day one it arrived with,peloton day two,the morning of day two they emailed me,to say they had my guide and they had,issued the refund already,that is really impressive,this,this does lead me on to a slight issue,where i didnt actually have the refund,they said it would be seven to ten days,which i thought was a long time because,they took my money quicker than that,but after seven to ten days,no refund now over the course of this,three or four weeks where ive not been,here,several emails were exchanged between,peloton and i,with me trying to chase this refund them,initially saying well seven to ten days,but it might be a couple of days later,to me starting to just get a little bit,frustrated with the whole experience,but this was my fault and ill explain,why,and you can tell me what you think im,taking 100 blame for this initially i,think i was taking about 90 blame,so in my 20s in my early 20s i got a,credit card and this credit card was,strictly for emergencies only however,six months later and six and a half,thousand pounds in debt to this credit,card and seemingly without one single,emergency,i decided i was done with credit cards,forever,recently somebody i know very well,had gone to,flown from london to new york using air,miles on an american express card stay,with me here so im like okay so maybe,ill give it another go so i got an amex,card to collect the air miles without,enough miles for my wife and i to go to,rome but i just i just didnt like,having a credit card i dont like it so,i cancelled it,and thats where the refund had gone so,peloton had refunded my money,um,the next day in fact,but it had gone to a closed credit card,it wasnt until about the eighth or,ninth email that somebody at peloton,said to me where do you think this money,is going just so we can have a little,bit of a back and forth to see if its,the place that you think weve sent it,to the place you think is going it was,then i realized so part of me thought i,wish theyd have asked me that question,earlier but really,im going to say its 100 my fault in,conclusion the whole experience was,typically peloton,premium but very very good i returned,the guide day one they received the day,two they issued the refund and it was,back with my card uh the very same day,and i fully appreciate the videos are,perhaps a little bit more interesting,when things go wrong but i think its,also important to report on things,when they go,very very well,i ordered the guide peloton offered me a,100 day money back guarantee,about 72 days in i decided it wasnt for,me i sent the guide back they refunded,my money,thats how it should be and whats,really important is when youre when you,buy something like a peloton its almost,like youre,like a partnership isnt it so ive,agreed to give them a few thousand,pounds for equipment and then pay them,500 pounds a year,to uh to be part of their subscription,service and i want to feel like if were,on a seesaw were looking eye to eye,because i dont want to feel like i want,to feel like a customer not a hostage,and when you get good service like this,like what palestine have given me,it means that i will 100 be buying a,rower it will means i will 100 be,telling people about how good peloton is,even if they dont quite get it or they,think im ridiculous for spending loads,of money on a bike,i mean im a very happy customer,so if youre worried about their money,back guarantee,in my experience,faultless until next time see you soon

Peloton Guide – In Depth Review

welcome to our review of the brand new,peloton guide where i will be covering,all of the good the bad and the ugly,because as we dig into peltons first,piece of strength hardware well theres,a lot of both positive and negative,things to talk about my name is colin,with connect the watts this review is,sponsored by watchlink and if that,sounds good to you lets get started,alright so first lets discuss exactly,what is included with the 295 dollar,peloton guide first you have the guide,itself which is simply a nice looking,and well designed camera now there is a,cover included on the front which you,can slide over the camera if you want,extra privacy when youre not using it,also included is a camera mount which,can be adjusted in multiple ways,allowing the camera to move up and down,or be placed on top of a screen also,here is a fairly nice looking remote and,while the remote works well i have found,that pressing the buttons especially the,upper buttons within the circle can be,sometimes cumbersome to use as you cant,really feel exactly where those buttons,are until you press down also included,is an hdmi cable and a usbc charger,which will be what supplies power to the,peloton guide now once you get the,pelton guide all set up the process to,get everything started is pretty simple,it takes about 10 to 15 minutes to,ensure all the camera angles and the,voice recognition is working properly,but after that you are good to go now,for this review the way i want to,structure this is to first really talk,about what i actually like about the,peloton guide before we get into some of,the things it could improve on or that i,was a bit disappointed with and some of,the really ugly things that are quite,frustrating about this but i do want to,be clear that there are a lot of good,things here for example the ui and menu,system is excellent which i think by now,we would expect from peloton given how,good their ui is across all of their,equipment and there is everything here,that you would expect from being able to,browse classes are through collections,are to filter workouts architect,programs or just check out your profile,and previous classes taken the only,thing that i really found missing here,is that currently theres no area to,look or sign into challenges youll,still have to do that on the app or on,your bike or tread now when you take a,class what the guy does is it takes the,video of you and places you within the,screen so you can see both yourself and,the instructor and there are a lot of,camera options to choose from again the,ui is really really good here you can,have the video of yourself small and the,class big you could have yourself large,on the screen in the class mall you,could have yourself side to side or,stacked above and below or even just,have the camera off depending on what,you want and this is all really easily,changed while you take a class in the,menu or you can even change these views,via voice commands and the voice,commands here are actually pretty good,and useful for the most part ive never,been a really big fan of using voice,versus a remote but in this situation it,works really well especially in strength,classes because well pelton classes they,tend to be really fast paced and,depending on what type of workout you,really want to get out of it being able,to pause the class is really useful in,fact i will pause a lot of strength,classes between sets not because i cant,continue on but because for me i feel in,order to get an optimal strength workout,i sometimes need just a little bit,longer than the class has now theres a,few other things about the actual,peloton guide camera that i like a lot,one of which is that it has a really,wide angle lens so you dont really have,to be too far back away from it in order,to take the class i would say as long as,you have about four feet of space,between you and the camera youre,probably going to be good to go another,nice thing about this camera is that if,you are far away itll actually zoom in,the lens on you so that you look closer,up on the screen now the big selling,point of the paulton guide is its,movement tracker which essentially just,tracks how much you are moving during,each set now the goal of each set is to,move enough to allow this sweat droplet,to fill all of the way up and if you do,that set will be counted and if you,dont peloton simply will not count that,set as complete so its either a yes i,did it all the way or i didnt type a,situation and while i definitely have a,lot of problems with how this thing,works and is implemented here in terms,of what is good about it is it does give,you an incentive to continue pushing,yourself throughout the set and to not,stop the set early it also allows for a,bit more gamification during these,workouts which is always a good thing,because it creates a little bit of a,positive feeling towards completing,these strength workouts which they were,kind of missing before now another thing,which might be the best thing added here,is the ability to see the movements for,every single class both before the class,and during the class you can see what,you are doing how long left you have to,do it and what the next movement is,coming up and additionally pelton has,announced that those who have the pelton,guide will be getting exclusive weekly,programs built from the live classes,that are planned each week additionally,it looks like most if not all peloton,strength programs moving forward will,have a limited exclusivity on the,peloton guide by about seven weeks,before it is released to everybody else,and finally the pelton guide is able to,connect via bluetooth to your headphones,and some heart rate trackers although at,this point theres no way to connect an,apple watch and thats why i want to,talk briefly about todays sponsor watch,link see watchlink makes this usb pod,that you can just plug into any port and,what this pod does is it automatically,takes the information coming from your,apple watch and converts it and sends it,out to any other fitness equipment,within your home it works great for the,peloton guide as well as the peloton,tread and peloton bike and you know for,me i have a ton of devices here im,always testing so i just leave this,plugged in in the room and it sends it,out to all the devices so i never have,to worry if any of my equipment does or,does not connect to the apple watch,because i know itll connect to this you,can check out and learn more about watch,link in the description below now lets,shift over to whats not so good so,lets start with the body tracker and so,what this body tracker is and you can,find it on your profile whether or not,you actually own the peloton guide and,what it does or at least what its,supposed to do is be able to figure out,what sort of muscle groups youve been,using over the past seven or thirty days,and give you a visual representation of,how much youre working in certain areas,or how much youre not working in other,areas and hopefully guide you with this,and other suggestions on what other,workouts you may want to do to have a,more well-rounded program now there are,a couple problems with this one of which,is i dont think currently this actually,works accurately as i pretty much did an,equal amount of work for upper and lower,body although it wasnt showing that i,had done much upper body at all and that,leads to another problem altogether and,that is that there are some muscle,groups that you do want to work more,often than others and the way this is,set up it seems like it just wants,balance across the board which is not,really how good training programming,works so im really concerned about how,useful this thing will be as far as it,is currently i would say that not only,is it not useful but it would actually,probably be worse to use it as a guide,than just to ignore it all together now,the next big issue to talk about is the,ai and the movement tracker that the,camera uses so when you see that box,being

The Seven Best Things About the Peloton Guide

hi in this weeks video im going to be,showing you the seven best things about,pelotons newest product,the peloton guide before i start this is,one of two videos so this is the best,things video about the peloton guide,theres also a worst things video,and at the end of this video this it,will link to that one so please watch,both videos for balance and,if youve got a person guide let us all,know how you get on with it in the,comments,lets get cracking number one,is involvement now when im using the,app,its very much just me looking at the,television,however when im using the guide,even though i know,intellectually its just me,and not me and rebecca here working out,together,i do find that i end up working say five,to ten percent,harder and although that doesnt sound,like much,if you like weight training youll,probably know that,its the last five or ten percent,of any set,but its kind of where the the growth,happens and if i just stand still and do,nothing,im actually watching myself doing,nothing which encourages me to actually,start using the weights again,next is form now i like picking up,weights and i like working out,when youre looking is just at the tv,screen you cant see you can see what,the instructor is doing but you cant,see what youre doing,now when youre looking at somebody here,with perfect form and youre standing,next to them you can see yourself next,to them on the screen,then you do notice more often than,perhaps you might like to think you do,that theres a slight difference between,your form and their form,i would say its a bit like driving a,car so i i passed my test over 30 years,ago and if i went for a driving test,today,without any lessons,would i pass a driving test,probably not because my driving although,it feels the same im probably not using,the same form and its the same for,working out,next we have voice commands and these,can be really helpful when youre,working out especially if you need a,short break okay peloton pause the,workout,and as you can see the workout is paused,if i dont like this section which is,shoulder taps,okay peloton,skip this section,it moves on to the next okay peloton,rewind 20 seconds,and its rewound 20 seconds as you can,see my guide is mounted down here,there it is,and,peloton recommend that you dont mount,your guide right next to a speaker which,is what ive done,theres the sawdust already above it so,that does affect things slightly but i,would say if you mount your,your guide,not right next to a speaker,then it will be fine,the next thing i really like is that,theres no subscription cost theres a,small caviar here so once youve bought,the guide which is about 275 you dont,have to pay any extra and thats,providing youve got a peloton bike a,peloton tread or a proton runner im,going to keep saying row in my videos,although it seems to disappear but im,sure its coming so if youve got a full,all-access panel membership as i,mentioned by tread rower right now then,you dont pay any extra subscription for,this device and i think thats a really,nice touch from peloton that its just,like the other device if youve got a,bike you pay your 39 or 44 a month if,you add a tread you dont pay any more,for that if you have the rower im,assuming that you wont pay more for,that so the more peloton devices you own,actually the better value your,subscription cost becomes the next best,thing and something that really,impressed me really impressed me is the,delivery time so,this came,32 hours,after i pressed the buy button,so no remember in lockdown people,waiting six seven months for a bike,none of that none of the standard weight,as well several weeks for a peloton,product,32 hours after pressing by,this arrived another thing i really like,about this device is theyre so discreet,if you look at the television,its just there underneath its not,particularly visible lets compare it to,the size of the dumbbells here,and its just a really cute little,looking device now i think it does look,a little bit like a one-eyed johnny five,if you remember that and im sorry if,you cant now and see that,but yeah its a nice looking device the,last thing that i really like about the,guide is that peloton have committed to,keep developing the product or they seem,to be at least so,when i first bought this ive already,had it a few weeks it didnt have apple,watch integration it now does,um when it came when it comes to,tracking peloton realized that um,it wasnt perhaps picking up everything,they wanted it to,so,advice comes on the screen exactly where,to stand hey look at that its listening,to everything im saying so,i dont think this is a perfect product,i do think,its a good product,i hope you found this video useful until,next time see you soon

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