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Is Pennyworth Worth YOUR Time? – Pennyworth Episode 1 Review

so guys Ive had a chance to check out,pennyworth early so if any of you have,Gothamites are you just wanting to check,out,pennyworth and and see my first,impressions of it i then this is the,video for you because this is my review,of penny worth episode 1 hows it going,but Liz I guess I always say that but,yeah I think a lot of you said but liz,is the way to go of this show but either,way guys Ive been given the opportunity,to check out the first five episodes of,penny worth as of where it stands right,now however I wanted to just do a video,on the series premiere I wanted to give,my reaction on the pilot I havent seen,episode two three four or five or,anything like that but you know I,thought it would be really cool to do a,review before it officially comes out in,28th even though I think you know if any,of you guys already noticed or not that,I think if you sign up for the 30-day 3,trial on Epics you might be able to see,penny worth right now so yeah heres my,review guys and I have to say as a lot,of you were and even I was but not as,bad as a lot of other people I was at,least apprehensive of this show I,definitely wasnt [ __ ] on it like a,lot of other people were you know just,just off face value i I knew this wasnt,and Ive said this in all of my,pennyworth videos before that it didnt,look like a comic book show do you know,I mean like superhero TV show should I,say its nothing like any of the other,superhero shows and its interesting the,other day I saw an entry might have been,a San Diego comic-con he was like a,brief one line or so from Jack Bannon,who plays Alfred himself and he says he,says himself what Ive been trying to,say this whole time this doesnt this,isnt the superhero show its more like,a crime thriller drama of a show and and,and its kind of solidifies its own kind,of thing and if youre going into this,show thinking is like a superhero show,like a flash or even Titans on DC,Universe or Supergirl just something,like that obviously its not going to be,like that this is about Alfred in 1960s,London in his 20 setting up security,firm and meeting Thomas Wayne and its,kind of like you know Ive seen,and you may have heard this as well with,it being this kind of comparison to,James Bond spy yes and yes I definitely,get that vibe from this which you know,even goes further to prove how this show,is its own thing and thats not a bad,thing either,oh its done is its just slapped a,comic-book characters name on it,and thats not a wrongdoing either a lot,of people saying oh yeah but why Alfred,level you know that this character has,never been explored in this way which as,I grew Bruno Heller and Danny can and I,think it was Bruno Heller who maybe said,this maybe was Danny cannon but either,way I think its important to raise this,point as well given that is so far into,the past 1960s day and that you know,weve had tidbits of information about,Alfreds SAS past or whatever rendition,of the character you might want to kind,of go with theyre all kind of similar,in that way serving in the military and,stuff but way into his past,you know this far in the past theres a,lot of freedom that they can explore and,I have to say after watching that first,episode it really did set up a solid,foundation for that for this show and,you could probably tell Im not making,that up or anything that I would do that,anyway but if you look at the reviews,for this show you know whether its,episode 1 some people have been doing,serious premiere reviews like Im doing,now but some people have done the first,one two five episodes generic kind of,overview of no spoilers which I kind of,might do in another video and that you,know it is a good show it really has its,own flavor and it is very decent so if,youre wondering if Im going to be,doing future reviews in the show Ill,definitely be reviewing episode 2 may be,when actually airs but judging on how it,goes,I might or might not continue doing it,but if I dont continue doing weekly,reviews Ill give my season overview,impressions based on the episodes I have,available to me and do it that way but,you know lets just see how this goes,and also let me know down in the,comments below what you think of me,maybe reviewing a show weekly because,its all about what kind of you guys,want at the end of the day of course so,other than that guys like this video if,you do go on to enjoy it but lets get,into the kind of nitty gritty details of,my pennyworth review oh yeah and if,youre wondering by the way this is a,spoiler free review,for obvious reasons it is not properly,properly out yet I mean I guess you can,sign up to the epics thing and see it,now but you know this is spoiler free,for those of you are wondering and want,my opinions on is penny worth worth your,time so penny worth is obviously a show,about Alfred Pennyworth played by Jack,Bannon who sets up a security firm in,1960s London after serving 10 years in,the British sa yes now penny wife brings,us a much different take on Alfred that,than what were used to seeing and what,I mean by that is that we get to see a,very badass,Alfred which hasnt really been shown,much on screen other than what weve,recently got to see for them sort of,like Shaun Pertwees Alfred on Gotham,but other than that the other Alfreds,have always been your kind of cliche,older Butler like Michael Caine and and,other people like that I truly feel that,Gotham was the first time to explore a,slightly younger,Alfred given that the Gotham was a,prequel show with Bruce Wayne starting,very very very young in season 1 now the,pilot starts off a little bit slow but,thats not necessarily a bad thing you,know,slow things often like that are very,deliberate and it does make sense,introducing the story that we see in,episode 1 but it does quickly find its,footing and carries out the rest of the,episode with a satisfying pace of,intrigue and an action action definitely,a good way to put it so as I said Jack,Bannon really really does a good job at,portraying Alfred and when I say that I,really do mean it and Im really looking,forward to watching more episodes with,his portrayal and for those of you who,are interested in the more or less,definitive answer of you know is frickin,Gotham connected to pennyworth wealth at,comic-con they were asked that exact,question like is penny worth you know,connected to their previous works you,know Gotham you know and when I say,their previous works because this is,made essentially by you know same guys,who wrote Gotham like Bruno Heller,directed by Danny cannon directed he,directed a ton of episodes and was,heavily involved in Gotham a lot of you,may know this some of you who dont paid,that much attention to the shows may not,but interestingly if you if youve been,along for my updates on the ride with,this along the months you will know that,it does kind of contradict whats been,said before,been kind of up and down but Danny,cannon did say and I quote like I would,say so yes so thats very interesting,but the thing is I wholeheartedly agree,after seeing the first episode like I,you if you watch this with that in mind,after watching Gotham and being a big,Gotham fan you would wholeheartedly,agree from what from what you see from,Jack bannons Alfred I definitely see a,younger Sean Pertwee Alfred here theyre,just cues and characteristics that are,very in line with Gotham State can,Alfred and you guys will definitely pick,up on that if youre a big fan of,Gothams Alfred I dont know what more I,was to say of course you can plug,Michael Caine you know hes obviously,gonna have different characteristics and,it may be images to multiple Alfreds,but the hundred percent like this is,younger Sean Pertwee and you know,considering the fact the guys who are,behind this did Sean poetrys Alfred it,just its self-explanatory as to how,Jack Bannon is kind of acting in this,world and Im not trying to say that in,terms of all Jack Bannon isnt doing his,own thing at all like its nothing like,that but you can see

Review Phim | Quản Gia Người Dơi | Pennyworth | Quẩn gia của gia tộc batman thì không phải dạng vừa

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dâ

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Pennyworth | TV Series Review

Chuck load of comics is brought to you,by cold war games creators of,rears fight your friends and lady death,last stand for more information visit,Cold War us a next story of the week,guys the new show penny worth it kind of,dropped under the radar I know we were,were a little bit late to the game it,dropped a late what July during the,month and now August theres three,episodes out already,yes its gonna be a weekly series guys,we checked out the show were gonna give,you not really a full like synopsis of,were only gonna talk a little bit about,Episode one but you can catch it on,Amazon Prime the show is from ethics but,they struck a deal and FX and Amazon,struck a deal if you can watch I think,its the first two episodes for free on,Amazon so three episodes you can watch,on amazon prime after that you have to,get like the epics add-on I think its,like 5 bucks a little add-on Im sure,Amazon gonna get a get a cut yeah I mean,its a weekly series which is kind of,nice its not bin jabal thing they got a,new episode every single week I love,when shows do that yeah I think what,theyre gonna do theyre gonna like 5,episodes and they go on a hiatus and,then I do the next five episodes if,youre unfamiliar with what the show is,obviously Alfred Pennyworth,you know Batmans butler everybody knows,who Alfred it is whats the story that,Alfred is a former SAS soldier he goes,to work for Thomas Wayne after forming,his own security company its all set in,the 1960s London which is really really,cool it this is very pre Bruce Wayne,very previous going way way way way way,back in the time machine it tells the,story of the growth of Wayne Enterprises,the relationship with Alfred had with,Bruces parents so its its Tom Alfred,meeting Thomas Wayne yeah I mean this,goes so far it goes back before Thomas,Wayne ever even met Martha Wayne yeah,thats how far back its really young,Alfred yeah Alfreds played by Jack,Bannon who was amazing hes great you,may know him he was in the movie the,imitation game he was also in that tank,movie with Brad Pitt Fury so hes got,like a lot of acting chops,most craziest widows peak oh my god,watch it just for its really good I,wasnt sure I mean I liked all the,trailers the track they had a really,good trailer to drop to San Diego,comic-con I wasnt a hundred cent sure,if I was gonna live loved the show its,really sort of light-hearted it is its,got a real not really comedic tone but,if you were a fan of Gotham Gotham got,really dark yep,Gotham was a really dark dark dark show,this is a little bit more lighthearted,which I like light-hearted in the,British sense I mean its very British,British produced its yeah its great,though I loved it takes place in 1960s,London Alfred is actually a bouncer yeah,at a nightclub and hes trying to start,his own security sir exactly which is,really cool so at the beginning of the,first episode no spoilers but I mean he,runs into Thomas Wayne and has to bounce,some people has to kick like Thomas,Wayne shows up and his sisters all drunk,so Thomas Wayne is trying to get mad,long story short they meet each other in,a bouncing situation at a bar on this,card lots of hints to future like the,court of owls yeah its really theres a,dark presence looming in the background,and its actually called like the Raven,Society yeah and thats obviously we,shot I mean well sort of oh its really,good guys I think you should check it,out you can check it on an Amazon Prime,right now weve got three episodes up,like I said I think you can watch those,three if you have an Amazon Prime,account then you gotta pay for the,add-on with epics but you know for five,bucks for eight more episodes so check,it out guys if youve I know were a,little bit late to the game with this,review if you guys have already watched,it Im really curious what you think,yeah leave us a comment in the comment,section Im really curious what are you,guys thinking about the new effort the,very different incarnation of Alfred,its an Alfred Pennyworth weve never,seen before,exactly and let us know what you think,about a Jack Van Daans widows peak is,awesome hair hes got amazing hair,exactly so moving on guys next story ace,comic-con Shauna you excited that hes,comic,excited I can tell they oh the lineup of,guests that theyre dropping is,mind-blowing hitherto undreamt of its,like taking every other con to test I,know with the guests that they have,announced this week they announced Jake,Gyllenhaal

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Pennyworth: The Origin of Batman’s Butler Season 3 Review HBO Max

hi and welcome to the best thing you,watched this week I got Chris from,movies and munchies and myself Zubin,from the Ruby Tuesday,uh so Ive been catching up on one of my,favorite series just because I had so,much,to watch uh that Ive basically lost the,last 10 days Ive been watching penny,worth uh so Id seen season one and bits,of season two and I caught up on season,two and now Ive seen season three which,came out the first I think episode or,two episodes came out on Friday and so,penny worth is now a HBO Max original,because thats just part of the,acquisition and its now penny worth the,origins of Batmans uh Butler like,nobody knew that okay if you didnt,penny worth is Batmans bat though,anyway that is a terrible title yeah I,know thankfully its still massive penny,worth and Penny worth small right yes,thankfully thats how that looks however,its going to take some people adjusting,to where it left them all from the end,of season two it was like a big war they,were going into the Battle of London,its like,its like our timeline but things are,slightly different uh okay that makes,sense yeah and so we jump five years,into the future so theres a big time,gap between two and three and then um,because of the consequences of what,happened people are like penny worth,instead of having the club which youre,under number two he owns a bar in number,three and uh people have moved on and,recovered from winning the war now we,knew they were starting to win the,battle but we didnt know that were,going to win the war but that just,happened and so now this time around,its all about,uh enhanced people,but enhanced in like mechanical uh ways,like people would fuse things onto their,bodies like theres theres a crazy,scientist type of enhancements and so,pennyworth has an investigated team with,his best friend that carries on from uh,season two with last one in season two,unfortunately and then season three uh,he has,more to do with,uh Batmans parents this time round so,Martha and,Thomas Thomas thank you uh its its,their Origins as well and it goes in a,lot darker places that I wasnt,expecting a big part of this Arc is,about psycho psycho controlling so,theres a crazy scientist that has,created like a control drug,and so you can imagine the best people,if they are able to,drop a pill in your your drink and if,they can make you control they can,control you with a word or a music,ability and so that sets up everybody,that you think that is always good,thatll never turn if someone gets that,or someone with that is really well,trained,then gets that dropped in and then you,know kind of like,um Winter Soldier yes you know yeah,being controlled like that so we have,that as part of the origin story and,thats a lot of fun they go a lot darker,than I was expecting them to it does,feel like theyve got a bit of a bigger,budget this time around as well,they spend a lot of time with characters,that theyve been building up from,season one and two you know theres one,of those storylines where a character is,is bad and then Works their way up to,still being bad but you like them,because theyre bad and taking out bad,guys uh to the point where we lose a,character this season which I was,devastated by even though technically,they were bad you know its that sort of,writing oh and trying not to do spoilers,Im just doing an overarching,kind of what happens this season I loved,it it was it I feel like this show has,gone from strength to strength and,unfortunately its one of the Lesser,talked about series like theres a nice,group of people that are watching it,that know how good it is but for some,reason its not either not Gathering the,the audience it needs to or its not,being showcased around the world more,and I think it definitely needs that,because its its a really quality show,like a good writing great characters and,every episode has a thing that they,investigate but the arc the main story,is always there its always pushing,forward like whats going to happen in,the end every season does this thing,where it takes three or four episodes to,get into the story in the art and so it,feels slow but once you get into that,fourth episode of fifth episode you,understand why they needed that time to,build up whats gonna happen and then it,just feels like a roller coaster which,is exactly the same for this one,nice right on well I have not seen other,than when they announced the new title I,havent really seen much Marketing,Online which is its sad yeah because,honestly yeah very good,when you would think too with with all,of the stuff that uh HBO HBO Max Warner,Discovery all of that that whole hubbub,that was going on there that they would,have taken their existing Properties or,the things that they are pushing and and,push them you know but it seems like I,think really all theyre pushing is,um House of dragons yeah I dont get it,because it I would much rather watch,this than House of dragons at the moment,thats just my personal I think for,House of dragons I need to watch a whole,bunch together it feels like a show you,need to watch two or three episodes,together yeah with that I think well,well see you next week take care,[Music],foreign

Pennyworth Season 2 Review

hi im lady genevia and today were,talking about pennyworth,the embargo has lifted so those of us,with access to press screeners,are free to post our reviews of season,two,but before we jump into all of that,since i never actually got around to,posting a review,or a video essay about season one i,figured i should give a bit of an,introduction to the show,and why it is that i rate it so,favorably,if youve clicked on this im assuming,youve already been watching pennyworth,but on the offhand chance that you have,not watched it yet,i will give a bit of an introduction to,the show along with,my feedback of season one i will also,put a timestamp on screen so,if you just want to skip ahead to hear,me talking about season two,you will be able to do that pennyworth,is a prequel series of the bruce wayne,corner of the dc,universe it takes place in the 1960s,mostly in london although you,occasionally follow characters to other,parts of the british isles,the shows name pennyworth comes from,the famous butler,of bruce wayne alfred pennyworth he is,the titular character but you also meet,bruces parents thomas and martha over,the course of the first,season batman has always been one of if,not the number one most,used dc character and a dear friend of,mine who,is really into comics resents that she,would much prefer that other characters,get their fair share of adaptations,but she really likes this show just like,i do,this is a fresh take on the batman,mythos because,you are exploring these key figures from,his life that,you dont normally get to learn much,about since,by the time you meet batman his parents,are already dead,and alfred though still around is more,often than not,just a very secondary character to,whatever else is happening in batmans,story,i liked everything about pennyworth,season one,you had a brilliant group of performers,bringing to life these compelling,characters,and bruno heller who created the series,after working on gotham,is the one who writes all of the,episodes and he did,excellent work on them there are a lot,of moving parts for,why the show works when it comes to the,story,obviously you need to be able to get,attached to the characters,and care about them or else youre not,going to care about what happens to them,when things go wrong,and youre not going to root for them to,succeed but what i also really loved was,the social commentary of the series,and the many nods it has to different,elements of british culture,and british history i dont know how,many of these things,non-british viewers were able to pick up,on so on the offhand chance that you,didnt notice them i will point some out,there were some easter eggs in season,one like the scientists that martha had,alfred help her rescue,he was very clearly a reference to alan,turing who was,a mathematician and computer scientist,who was criminally prosecuted by the,british government in 1952,for being gay theres also a supporting,character called john ripper who is,clearly supposed to be some sort of,descendant of jack the ripper since,he is getting up to everything hes,getting up to not only in london but in,white chapel,in the pilot episode alfred has a,conversation with his love interest esme,about the queen and,the idea of the time he spent in the,military being,specifically in service of the queen now,at the time of me writing and posting,this review,theres a rejuvenated discourse about,the royal family,i havent watched the crown so im not,here to get into,any of that although i do find it kind,of funny that,the actress who played as may and,mccorran,appeared in this last season of the,crown as princess diana,the largest story conflict in pennyworth,season one comes from,a battle between two groups the no-name,league,and the raven society in case you hadnt,figured it out already,pennyworth is a very political show the,raven society,is a fascist political party theres a,point where you see,protesters from both groups getting into,a fight on the streets of london,and the protesters that are part of the,raven society were very,clearly cast and styled to resemble,the edl now if you dont know who the,edl are,let me not go on that tangent today just,go ahead and google them,and re-watch pennyworth season 1 and you,will see just how uncanny the,resemblance is,segueing now into season two what was,most surprising to me,when i first started watching the press,screeners was that the raven society,is still around and very active,maybe i was naive for thinking that,whatever the big bad of season one was,would,only be the big bad for that season,maybe,i misinterpreted the ending but i,thought that we had beaten the raven,society and that they would have to,go crawl back into their hateful little,caves and leave us alone,alfred thomas and martha could have had,new missions to team up for but nope,pennyworth season two kicks off about a,year after the season one finale,and the raven society has now seized a,lot of control,there is a civil war happening in the uk,and the raven society,are now known as the raven union i guess,they decided to give themselves a little,fascist,rebranding oh and remember how i said,that members of the raven society in,season one,looked like the edl well the raven,society,or raven union as theyre now known by,say in the season two premiere that they,want to form,the english league so clearly,i was completely correct in the,comparison that i made to the edl,in season one i didnt think the,reference was subtle then,but its definitely not subtle now i see,you bruno,i see who youre calling out and i,approve all things considered i like,that they decided to escalate the,conflict in this way,its really interesting to watch this,material play out how bruno has written,it because,on the one hand youll see certain,characters talking about the ongoing,situation,and theyre referencing world war ii as,a sort of cautionary tale that should,not be repeated,if you see fascists making power plays,you need to get,up and put a stop to it although,pennyworth is a fictional story of an,alternate version of history it feels,very real,you get the sense that the show is,addressing the cyclical nature across,history of fascist military leaders,making their power plays,and people just letting it happen for,reasons that are probably too,complicated and multifaceted to try to,explain in a review,about a television series i promise im,not trying to make a video about,politics but what i will say is that,its fascinating to observe how for both,season one and now season two,the show always feels like its eerily,relevant to whats going on in current,events,bruno heller is giving off some,seriously clairvoyant vibes because you,have to remember hes writing these,episodes,much earlier than we actually get to see,the finished,product taking a step back from these,heavier topics to do with fascism and,socio-political clashes and fiction and,in real life,i will give a bit of context to,pennyworth season 2,and my feedback of it for this mostly,spoiler-free review,the season is supposed to have 10,episodes in total but only the first,four episodes have been added to the,press screeners so,those are what i am using to form my,overall impression,and opinions of this chapter in the,pennyworth story,now lets talk about some of the,characters in the first four,episodes we get a good mix of story,and character progression across the,main leads well start with bet,sykes because shes my favorite shes,gotten herself a promotion now that lord,harwood,is running things in the raven union,with even more power than ever before,shes captain bet sykes now i love how,bet is,all heart and all rage it doesnt take,long at all for her to start making,trouble for herself more than anyone,else shes never been a troublemaker,just for,other people having a quick temper will,get yourself into a lot of messy,situations,paloma faith is brilliant if youve seen,season one,then you already know that i just love,how even though,bet sikes ca

Pennyworth Cast Reacts to 1960s Alfred – Comic Con 2019

[Applause],[Music],welcome back to IGN live at San Diego,comic-con 2019 for 80 years Batman has,been fighting crime with the help of,various sidekicks and team ups but what,about his Butler well long before young,master Wayne came along Alfred had some,adventures of his own please welcome the,cast of pennyworth Jack Fannin Ben,Eldridge Paloma Faith as well as,executive producers Bruno Heller and,Danny cannon thanks for joining us you,guys excited yeah clap clap clap um,before we begin though we do have an,exclusive clip from the show that were,gonna show did you guys know about that,no no okay yeah were just kidding but,dont hurt us for everyone at home and,youre asking yourselves Alfred,Pennyworth a kick-butt spy well here is,proof that he is take a look its a,childish tution to have no place evening,to further vocabulary as jobs,[Music],[Applause],[Music],its heavy I think thats a pretty bad,fight right there if I do say so but,Jack I want to start off with you can,you break down Alfred for us we dont,really know a lot about him so what can,you tell us about him so this version of,Alfred hes hes 26 really trying to,detach himself from that but hes hes,26 hes just out of the army Im,distracted by that come out well were,all very moist so hes 26 hes just out,of the army hes been in the Army for 10,years so hes suffering from some,post-traumatic stress but ultimately,hes young full of optimism and hes,thrust into this this civilian world,having having been in the Army for so,long and hes trying to make something,of himself his dad is a butler and says,to Alfred you know play cards write 40,years you could be a butler but Alfreds,determined to be more than that and he,he believes that he can be,Bruno ever questioned so Alfred hes a,beloved character always kind of,ancillary though not really a,protagonist so why make him the,protagonist of the show for precisely,those reasons really because a no ones,done him before so theres a whole story,and a mythology that hasnt been,explored at all and being able to set,the thing in the 60s in in a kind of,fantastic London that hasnt been seen,before and to tell a story about a real,person the real character as opposed to,a superhero was was sort of what drew,everyone to this notion because its,both set in the Batman world but its,also its very much its own world and,people who,I cant believe there anyone out there,who isnt but people who are not,interested in the Batman world will,still find something enjoyable to watch,here Danny can you talk to me about what,side of alfred that you wanted to show,like weve weve always seen him as a,mentor and kind of like a father figure,so what are we gonna see here well you,see a lot really because he will become,the mentor and and and advisor to the,greatest superhero ever,and and we were watching his life and,experienced trauma and loves and watch,him fail and watch him succeed so that,he can become a great mentor to the,young Bruce Wayne,then Thomas Wayne is also really a cool,character that we dont know much about,so what can you tell us about Thomas,Wayne and how you kind of looked into,him and what you pulled Andrew from I,think what we see of him so far in terms,of the comic books and the films is that,you always get his death scene so we,know that about him but I think I think,with this we examine kind of who he,really is obviously its pre that famous,Joe Chill murder scene and I think Bruno,stays loyal to the comic books in that,hes very noble and philanthropic and,moral but hes caught up in a different,world I know in the comic books hes,caught up a medicine that misses kind of,a world of espionage and the underground,and having an American in London a fish,out of water yes a hole its a whole,history of Thomas and the DNA that,eventually goes into become Batman okay,so pull them up you could play a Batman,villain I mean I just think thats like,a bucket list like something everyone,wants to like mark off their bucket,lists right so talk to me about your,character I mean everything Ive seen,about her Im like this is oozing Batman,villainous to me you dont need me so,who did you pull from and how awesome,awesome is it to be a villainous of,Batman villainous Im I think it well,when I first went to the car sting they,were like were referring a bit,to a famous serial killer who was,horrendous in British history called,Myra Hindley he was notorious because,she was a child killer and she like,challenged peoples ideas of what a,woman should be capable of luckily so,far I havent killed any children in,this not much theyre really evil,children so I pulled from that and its,kind of like theres a lot of famous,criminals from British history referred,to a reference in the show and some more,explicitly than others but its caught,we had quite a lot of fun looking in the,background and being like oh that looks,like you know like some even more recent,villains in our culture but I think what,was really important to me and what I,always stress is that there is a very,thin line between a hero and a villain,villain and I think some people watching,it may initially be like Ill shes a,standard villain but I think shes much,more complex than that and I think that,what leads somebody to becoming sort of,for want of a better word a villain is a,sort of multi-layered backstory,and you know theres loads of psychology,to her and I think some people will find,themselves feeling empathy for her or,loving her or maybe from relating to her,anger and her rage because she is,somebody who feels a little bit,undervalued and a bit underappreciated,in her place in life and with the hands,that have been dealt to her like coming,from a working-class background and,feeling like shes worthy of better than,her lot really I always thought that,shes more of a heroine than a villain I,certainly wrote her that way because,what she has his power and the fact that,she uses it for ends that,we might think wrong doesnt mean that,in her head shes not doing them for the,right reasons and its always fun to to,someone someone has sort of talented as,Paloma who can bring out that power in a,funny scary way is its gold,alright well thank you guys so much,super excited about the show the cast of,executive producers of pennyworth thank,you so much thank you,and that premieres July 28th on Epix go,watch it but right now theres more IGN,live at comic-con still becomes this day,right here,[Applause],[Music]

Pennyworth Season 3 Time Jump CONFIRMED..

the new batman centric show pennyworth,has been making headlines left right and,center recently the team initially,changed the title of the show from,alfreds surname to pennyworth the,origin of batmans butler and ever since,then we have had a storm of news,flooding in just recently a little,birdie came to us with some more details,on the highly awaited hbo max show,without further ado lets talk about the,time jump for season three starting with,the confirmation from an actor on set,paloma faith who portrays bet sykes on,pennyworth revealed the 1970s setting,for season three in an interview with,entertainment weekly the events of the,first two seasons of pennyworth take,place in the early 1960s faith dropped,the new seasons location and her,characters catastrophic situation like,it was nothing were in the 70s now in,pennyworth weve been kidnapped things,have moved on a bit in terms of,inventions the songwriter also hinted,that season 3 might be becoming a little,more dc looks like hotter more dc-like,and cartoonish elements have been added,which should be quite enjoyable for the,rest of us although bet sykes first,acted as a villain in the series she,ultimately made the switch to the good,side and became a member of the english,league the actresss statements were,confirmed by a pennyworth official as,disclosed by the source following up why,should we care about this time jump the,proven time leap in pennyworth is,crucial in ways that are,underappreciated by the audience the,program takes place in an alternative,reality unrelated to any shared universe,however aspects and characters from the,dceu such as bruce wayne might appear in,episodes bruce wayne was born in 1970,according to the dc eu cannon however,its revealed that bruce is 10 years old,in the joker movie set in 1981,suggesting that this version of bruce,was also born in the 1970s the writers,of pennyworth may have been inspired by,batmans cinematic past suggesting that,this time leap was done on purpose this,suggests that bruce waynes entrance is,something the show is preparing for,paloma faiths prediction that season 3,will be a little more dc is consistent,with bruces possible introduction this,may be a sign that long-standing dc,figures like lucious fox may play a,larger part in season 2. up next what do,we know about the release date the third,season of pennyworth is scheduled for a,2022 fall premiere during dc fandom a,virtual convention devoted to dc comics,the actors who portray alfred and thomas,confirm that the show will be returning,for a third season theyve had a great,time creating pennyworth over the last,two seasons and appreciate everyones,enthusiasm we got a glimpse of them just,before they made the announcement jack,bannon said as the camera cut to views,of the pennyworth set as we can see,theyre on set and they are officially,in production for season three of,pennyworth which is now a max original,series on hbo max thomas wayne star ben,aldridge has revealed that the first two,seasons would launch on hbo max in 2022,with the premiere of season 3 following,in october of that year lets find out a,little about the potential plot with the,dc fandom announcement we now know that,season three of pennyworth will reveal,more about the history of batmans,supporting cast including alfred martha,kane thomas wayne pat sykes lucius fox,and others and its been confirmed that,there will be a skip of five years a,cultural revolution for better or worse,has ended the civil war and ushered in a,new era of superheroes and super,villains as announced by warner in an,official press statement of note,pennyworth has been preoccupied with the,rival raven societys plans to take over,the british government which has left,alfred to join forces with batmans,future parents thomas wayne and martha,kane to form the no name league all,three seasons of pennyworth have,included plenty of action and a flurry,of stealthy espionage activities as the,heroes have negotiated londons maze of,conspiracies and hidden organizations up,next here are some loose ends thatll be,tied up there are a lot of loose ends to,wrap up towards the end of the season as,there always are most notably towards,the conclusion of season two thomas and,martha were married and martha had given,birth to a baby girl unique in batman,lore even if alfred and his crew were,successful in thwarting the raven,unions current deadly scheme the raven,union is still an organization that must,be confronted and defeated the five-year,jump opens us to a lot of possibilities,for new characters and plots but as far,as the narrative goes we only know that,the emphasis will be on delving deeper,into the current characters not to,forget the cast details theres been no,formal announcement of the cast as of,yet although most of the original cast,will likely return as the story will,focus on their experiences people like,alfred pennyworth jack bannon thomas,wayne martha kane bet sykes and lucious,fox are examples of such people and what,do we know today about future characters,although it hasnt been confirmed by the,shows creators it looks like a new,character named blue raven will be,introduced in the third season of,pennyworth its unclear whether this is,a new character or an analog of the red,raven from the dc comics canon chai,lewis perry an actor and stuntman is,credited as blue raven recently lewis,perry did stunt work for the netflix,show bridgerton now in other news first,off black adam is not coming to hbo max,or the theaters black adam starring,dwayne johnson has been postponed many,times and it still wont premiere in,cinemas or on hbo max until october,black adam is one of the several films,that has been postponed because of the,pandemic the films release date has,been pushed back multiple times from its,initial fall 2021 date to its most,recent expected release date of july as,one of the warner bros major summer,movies warner bros delayed the films,release even more just when it seemed it,might hit theaters this summer its been,tough to keep up with the release date,of black adam due to the many delays but,now we know it wont be in september but,its not all bad heres some good news,the next superhero picture from warner,bros should be arriving in theaters,shortly barring any other unforeseen,delays fans shouldnt hold their breath,for black adam to show up on hbo max,anytime soon despite the fact that it,hits cinemas on october 21st warner bros,discovery has been delaying major,theatrical releases beyond the 45-day,time frame so theres a risk that hbo,max wont see the movie until after the,holidays though it had its theatrical,debut on june 24th elvis didnt make it,to hbo max until september 2nd similarly,black adam wouldnt be released until,january 2023 if warner bros discovery,follows a similar approach with the,picture moving on melissa benoist,expresses her desire to return to dc,when asked about melissa benoists,desire to reprise her role as supergirl,in the dc spin-off superman and lois,actors tyler hecklin and elizabeth,tullock who appeared as guests at this,years fan expo canada heaped praise on,the arrowverse legend both actors were,questioned about the rumor of benoists,appearance in the program during the q,and a portion of the performance even if,they havent heard such rumors lois lane,actress elizabeth tullock has disclosed,that benoist has shown interest in,returning for superman and lois actor,tyler hecklin who plays superman gushed,over benoist calling her the greatest he,gushed about how wonderful melissa was,and how kind she was she was obviously,destined for the part in his opinion,whats more he mentioned how much he,enjoyed playing a guest role in the,program both of the series primary,actors had previously participated in,supergirl starring melissa benoist on,the cw therefore it was assumed that,superman and lois would be a straight,spin-off season twos conclusion however,confirmed that this program takes place,in a world distinc

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