1. The Pentaverate is INSANE | Netflix Series Review
  2. The Pentaverate Netflix Series Review
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  6. REVIEW: Mike Myers Returns in Netflixs The Pentaverate
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The Pentaverate is INSANE | Netflix Series Review

what is up flick fans welcome back to my,channel mike myers is back,today we are talking the pentavarite the,brand new series on netflix this thing,looked crazy but is it good thats the,question what if a secret society of,five men has been working to influence,world events for the greater good since,the black plague of 1347 ill stop that,as this new series begins one unlikely,canadian journalist finds himself,embroiled in a mission to uncover the,truth and just possibly save the world,himself as always were going to start,with the writing it may not be one you,want to watch with your kids its tv,mature for substances violence nudity,and lots lots of language the pin tabard,is a benevolent secret society that has,existed for so long they are behind,so much that no one knows about but,theyre not the illuminati this this,series makes it very clear different,illuminati from the other thing coming,out this weekend every episode starts,out with a voice over from jeremy irons,each episode holds a different voiceover,theyre self-aware theyre often,hilarious jeremy irons is having a,fantastic time as is everyone in this,movie but looking at the members of the,pentavarite its not just numerous mike,myers is this,this is playing these different,characters uh it also consists of,multiple celebrities that we know and,love but sometimes a celebrity is,playing a character so you just gotta,keep up charles darwin nelson mandela,billy eilash they say at one point,is uh going to be in there eventually uh,but we get numerous jokes and gags and,extremely subtle often unsubtle,moments that will have you sometimes,chuckling sometimes laughing sometimes,the joke misses in its entirety but i do,love the fact that this series is so,self-aware but its all surrounding the,man the myth the legend himself hes not,a myth he is mike myers and we havent,really seen a lot of mike myers or,near as much as we see in this series,for a long long time and im a huge fan,of the guy even though this type of,comedy at points is or at least does,feel a tad bit outdated right were,getting a lot of fart and poop and dirty,jokes that are going for that,gut-busting laugh and sometimes theyll,even pause before they move on to the,next thing but when im not laughing as,a viewer it creates for an awkward,situation some of it comes from mike,meyers attempt at humor and those will,occasionally miss but when they hit they,hit extremely hard but there are so many,opportunities for that in this series,because he plays,many of the members the main members of,the pentavert will bring along extras,like keegan michael key and his,character or kim jong who is in the back,half of the episodes and then,surrounding our core five we have the,assistants and the secretaries and the,ongoing maria menounos bit which was,just if youve been to a movie theater,you know who she is and she does the,exact same thing in this series as she,does there so thats a reoccurring joke,that i thoroughly enjoyed uh there are a,couple of other recurring jokes rob lowe,comes in and out but doesnt actually,know what hes doing,i really enjoy that its those types of,inclusions in this series that worked,extremely well for me but you have our,main character right who is also played,by mike myers but its an extremely you,know the other side of the coin if you,will its a mild-mannered canadian his,name is ken scarborough and he has one,chance to bring back one final,hard-hitting story to save his job but,also he is here to expose the bentavarat,reveal their existence to the world,it does feel like hes maybe the first,one that has tried this why is that the,case they they overlook a couple of,really obvious plot points here to where,it started to make less and less sense,as we went,but the funny thing is my enjoyment,started to go further and further up as,we went because i did not like this,series to start out i thought the first,episode moved way too quick i liked,keegan michael keys just like,what the heck is going on where am i,what is this group of people that i,never knew existed that was funny and of,course seeing mike myers in these,various roles that was absolutely,hilarious but there was absolutely no,trace of a story that was resonating,with me at that moment and there are a,lot of jokes that i just dont know if,theyre going to hold up all that well,whether that be the celebrity references,or whats going on in the world you look,at it 10 15 20 years from now that type,of humor im just,its okay at points right i was,chuckling but i was never really,laughing out loud and theyre hitting on,things that i was just like all right,some of the elements are on the nose,mike myers his schtick i feel like some,people will be sick of that,im not sick of mike myers im just,excited to see him back on screen but it,does occasionally feel like austin,powers light right we love the stick,from austin powers hes doing the exact,same thing there as he is here but,austin powers has a far more interesting,story austin powers is ludicrous and off,the rails but you care more so about the,characters in this series you do start,to care about ken scarborough and his,assistant theres a nice little twist,there but for the most part these are,characters that i could have cared less,about because i just dont really know,who they are and they also start to run,together right myers plays someone from,over here and yes theyre all from,different countries and they speak,different languages and this and that,but im like wait what was that,characters backstory again oh no that,was this other guy who was also played,by mike myers right they didnt stand,out maybe as much as what his characters,have from other projects and that was,unfortunate and the humor for the most,part in a comedy-centric series was so,up and down,i struggled to get on board at first now,as the series went and the plot,everything surrounding the plot begins,to escalate this conspiracy is revealed,secret agents and twists and turns and,elements of the plot that gets so stupid,right im not saying it makes a lot of,sense and if you can put some of the,silliness aside they start to lean less,so on the fart jokes and less so on the,silly not very funny humor it starts to,get more compelling from that standpoint,and even though the plot is ridiculous,it does begin to reveal itself youre,like oh this is what were here for well,now theres actually a reason to watch,this show,it actually got funnier as well from,episode to episode not laughing hardly,at all in the first episode theres a,great gag at the beginning of episode,four if youve seen it im not going to,say what it is and episode 4 was really,the episode for me that worked from,start to finish i was actually somewhat,invested and i said to myself,it is kind of finding itself it just may,be too late because a lot of people have,probably checked out by this point,heres the good thing about the pin,tavern its short every episode is less,than 30 minutes significantly and it,flies by i got through all six episodes,and im like wait,thats it like it went so fast and even,though i was divided on certain elements,and i wish the humor was stronger at,points and i wanted to be more invested,at the beginning,it does fly by so pacing is not an issue,here unless you hate this type of humor,then youre going to be miserable but if,thats the case,why did you finish it its my job i have,to why did you finish it if youre,miserable before i give you my score,please let me know your thoughts down,below did you enjoy this mike myers,venture or is it just not your type of,humor i think thats the most important,thing if youre not laughing then youre,not gonna like this series the pin,tavern features mike myers in full force,and its nice to see him back at the top,of his game while the series never fully,delivers on its story or the humor it,does find its way in the back half and,thats why i believe season one is just,okay im going a sixty percent a 6 out,of 10 i think i

The Pentaverate Netflix Series Review

netflixs new series tells the story of,a canadian journalist who tries to,uncover the truth about a society of,five men who have controlled the world,since,1347. i watched the pentavret starring,mike myers should you lets find out,hows it going movie watchers thank you,guys for stopping by my channel today,were going to talk about the,pentavarite which is a new comedy series,created and stars mike myers i,absolutely love mike myers from austin,powers to shrek the guy is absolutely,hilarious so i was honestly,thrilled to see mike myers back and,playing multiple characters but besides,mike myers we also get keegan michael,key and ken jeong just to name a few,this is a wild series about five men who,have controlled the world since 1347.,theyve shaped outcomes since then and,the pentaver must never be exposed but,there is some other storylines that are,developing throughout the series we have,one of our main character who is also,played by mike myers we have this,canadian reporter ken scarborough who,seeks a hard hitting story to save his,job but and taking him on this road trip,is also mike myers but the pentavarite,consists of four characters played by,mike myers and in the first few episodes,keegan michael key as he is brought in,to try to stop global warming just a few,degrees we also have ken jong who joins,the later half of the season this is,absolutely hilarious i feel like,this might not,impress a younger audience if you grew,up watching uh waynes world or austin,powers you may find a lot of humor,within it theres a lot of reoccurring,jokes that do feel very mike myers,theres fart jokes theres poop jokes,but you saw those but youve seen those,before from mike myers and they work for,him because he just goes all in with,these performances and similar to other,films the jokes are reoccurring they pop,up quite often i just watched the austin,powers again in preparation for the,pentavarite and a lot of the jokes are,reoccurring they happen for a long,extended period of time and they happen,quite often thats the penthavert there,is a lot of jokes that happen a few,times within here like maria menounos,who you may see from going to the movie,theaters she appears quite often to kind,of give news for the pentavert we have a,jokes with rob lowe whos not sure,exactly what is going on but those jokes,happen quite often and i found them to,be absolutely hilarious mike myers,portrays a wide variety of different,characters ken scarborough who is this,canadian journalist this guy who,believes in so many different conspiracy,theories we have someone who is on a,talk show four members of the pentavert,he goes all in with each one of them and,thats just why i love mike myers is,hes so invested and determined hes so,invested in these different performances,to make each one stand out from the,other character hes trying so hard to,give each person a different,characteristic to make them quite,enjoyable some dont stand out as,memorable as others but for the most,part the characters that he does play,and the characters that get a lot of,screen time theyre absolutely hilarious,now the first episode when we are,introduced to keegan michael keys,character and hes brought into the,pentavarite it moved so fast i felt like,the pacing was just absolutely crazy you,had to get adjusted to keegan michael,key the pentaverit ken scarborough and,his job as a canadian journalist theres,so much going on with in that first,episode but once you kind of slow down,and theres only six episodes they start,to really develop the story of the,pentavarite and this murder that is,happening within the pantavari and the,canadian journalists as well like i said,theres a lot going on but once you kind,of get past those first couple episodes,you start to slow down and then you,really invested in the stories and the,characters as well,this is a very self-aware series jeremy,irons does the narration for the opening,of the show and he talks about the five,main characters but its so self-aware,that its starting to poke fun at,netflix as well that you cant hit that,skip button because you might get some,important information then hes also,making fun of other shows like stranger,things as well and it starts to just,become very self-aware very stupid but i,absolutely enjoyed it theres a lot of,times especially from jeremy irons as he,is just having a blast narrating the,show,i found it to be absolutely hilarious,the series is quite vulgar uh theres an,episode where they talk about uh how,americans just absolutely love to cuss,and theres jokes about canada as well,but its so self-aware with netflix and,the streaming service in canada and,america and the pentavra it absolutely,hits,like i said i dont think this will be,for everybody ive read a lot of,comments people who just do not care,about it as theres too much fart jokes,and poop jokes its just absolutely,stupid,but i grew up watching mike myers from,waynes world to shrek theres a,reference to shrek in here and austin,powers those are films ive constantly,watched growing up and so going into,this i had my expectations i knew what,what i would get from mike myers and i,got just that with the pentavert i,enjoyed this series immensely it is,absolutely hilarious it is beyond stupid,it is insane and i loved every second of,it so before you even score for the,pentavert starring multiple mike myers,make sure to check out my channel here i,do movie reviews trailer actions ranking,videos tier lists all that fun movie,related content that you see on youtube,i do it all here so hit that subscribe,button to get it all in one spot im,going to go ahead and give the pen,tavert a b plus,thank you guys for checking my review,for the pen tavern the new comedy series,starring mike myers have you guys seen,it by chance what do you think about it,let me know in the comment section down,below and stay tuned for more up and,coming content like this my name is,justwatch movies and you guys stay,classy youtube

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THE PENTAVERATE Ending Explained

the pentavariate ending explained,netflixs most recent release starring,mike myers as quite literally everybody,centering around conspiracy theories,corruption and the kind-hearted nature,of canadians was something different for,the platform but what did the ending,mean,well lets find out here is the,pentavarite ending explained,just to let you know this video will,contain spoilers,throughout the show we saw ken,scarborough embark on a mission to save,his career and get his job back at the,local news station that he worked at he,went undercover inside the pentavarette,which was an organization that had,essentially been controlling the world,since 1347 and must never be exposed we,saw the group have five members but in,the final episode we saw a revelation,that the group had been compromised from,within,bruce and skiptoe were planning on,selling off mentor to the highest bidder,at the meadow which is a yearly,conference where the rich royal and,famous attend almost like world economic,forum at davos bruce had been behind all,of the murders that took place,throughout the show he killed jason,eccleston because he wanted to get skip,in to start the plan however lord,lordington ended up recruiting hobart,clark which meant that he had to kill,him too he then went on to kill the,meister due to the fact that they were,getting too suspicious and close to,exposing all of the activity as ken and,riley were held hostage and forced to be,there due to ken retrieving what is,considered the spare key they were not,permitted to escape and were needed as,part of bruces grand plan whilst in,captive we then got another revelation,riley was in fact an undercover worker,who was working with lord laudington and,patty it was the plan all along to get,ken to come to the pentavarot we saw the,conflict and whether or not ken could,trust her moving forward after she,revealed it but he chose to do so as,there was quite literally no other,option and they were held captive,together,after this we saw the man who saved them,on multiple occasions throughout the,show do it again and they then split up,as the red robes started to chase them,down whilst this was going on we,witnessed ken go on to claim how mentor,had been able to solve climate change,whilst presenting but the people of the,planet do not deserve it it was an,outlook on the real world and the,society that we live in how we give up,our privacy to be mildly entertained our,data is mined sold and shafted off to,anybody that will pay for it and were,willing to accept it and it was almost,exactly like what bruce was doing but on,a larger scale with mentor as the,bidding was underway we saw ken and,riley meet with the liechtenstein guards,who had essentially given up hope as,they believed that they could not defeat,the red robes however ken and riley go,on to rally them up head into battle and,defeat them after this we then got the,climax of the show,everybody in the main room riley being,held hostage andrew lansdowne delighted,at the fact that one of his conspiracy,theories is true and that was that the,penthaveritt exists,mentor ended up getting sold and it,required ken to use the spare key that,is synced up with him however at the,point where he needed to make a decision,whether or not he was going to do so he,threw it out of the hole in the middle,of the room rendering bruces plan as,completely redundant,andrew was the hero that he wanted to be,ended up pushing bruce out of the hole,and saving the day sacrificing himself,for the greater good from here we then,saw that lord lordington wanted kens,soul to be claimed by mentor and that,was his grand plan as we heard earlier,on in the show mentor needed a kind soul,and the plan all along much to rileys,surprise was to have ken essentially,become a mentor there was a lot of lying,and scheming amongst every part in this,show and this was the final piece of,deceit we witnessed ken be willing to do,this which would render his physical,form obsolete as his soul would be,transferred into mentor he was done with,his old life we heard him say it earlier,on in the season how he should have just,retired rather than chasing this down,however with this he saw this as an,opportunity to do good and go on to make,a difference something that he always,wanted to do and from there we then,witnessed the scene of him being claimed,the main members in the pentavarot went,on to activate the demetrius protocol,which meant that they had to take a pill,that contained poison the plan was for,it to always be activated if the,pentavarite were to fall into nefarious,hands and it had been in nefarious hands,all along none of them were fit to lead,or be part of the group so they all took,the pill and were poisoned once this,happened and kem was transformed into,mentor we then cut to one year later,where we had patty and riley looking,like theyre leading a new version of,the pentavaron but this time it was,called the septavaret the room was all,white completely clean and a completely,different look and feel their aim was to,be more inclusive which was something,that they were always trying to fight,for in the original pentavaron so it,looks as though they will be leading the,show when there is a season two in the,final few moments when we thought that,it had finished we then cut to a beach,where it turned out that bruce actually,survived the fall from the top and he,managed to get that face swapping,surgery which he referenced earlier on,which now meant that he looked like rob,lowe so he may also potentially be,making a return in season 2 of the show,as the main villain but well just have,to wait and see the shows overall,message is a dig at the people at the,top the rich keep getting richer and the,regular people are none the wiser to the,schemes that are going on in order to,keep the regular people under control,hence the conspiracy theories the groups,and the holding off of resources and,information that could genuinely make a,difference but somebody has to always,profit off of it and in this instance it,was going to be bruce the whole show is,essentially one big conspiracy theory,and it made an entertaining watch whilst,not necessarily the funniest and,laughing out loud throughout the,entirety of it there were elements that,did make me laugh from time to time and,you cant not love it when shrek also,makes an appearance so there you have it,the pentavarite ending explained what,did you think of this show,leave a comment down below and dont,forget to subscribe ill see you next,time,[Music],you

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Ken Jeong Gushes About Working with Mike Myers on The Pentaverate

Our first guest tonight,is a talented actor and comedian you know,from shows like “Community” and “The Masked Singer”,and films such as “The Hangover,”,”Knocked Up,” and “Crazy Rich Asians.”,He stars in “The Pentaverate,”,which is streaming now on Netflix.,Lets take a look.,-This is awesome, man!,Ive always wanted to be kidnapped.,Its been one of my dreams. So…bucket list!,-[ Laughs ],-You guys mind telling me where were going?,No? Okay, cool. Spoils the mystery.,Yep. Respect.,-Apply the blindfold, please.,-Blindfold. Okay, yes, please. [ Laughs ],My safe word is “excelsior.”,♪ Ahh ♪,Oh, its the pilot. Why is it on the pilot?,Is this, like, a “Fifty Shades” type deal?,-Please welcome back to the show our good friend,Ken Jeong, everybody!,[ Cheers and applause ],♪♪,♪♪,Welcome back, my friend. How are you?,-Thank you. It is so good to be here live.,-Its so lovely to have you here live.,-God, the last few times, its been over Zoom.,-Weve Zoomed it a few times.,Its great to have you here in person.,Its also — They were very lucky,to have you in person in Sacramento.,You were honored for Asian- American Pacific Islander Month.,-Yeah, there is — In California, they –,its Asian Pacific Islander Heritage Month,,and they honored seven honorees in excellence,in different fields, where there was activism.,Mine was overacting.,And so it was really great!,[ Laughter ],And it was such an honor.,And I, honestly, in all seriousness, want to thank you,,because I think the last time I was on the show via Zoom,,you let me talk about,,you know, just in terms of what had happened in Atlanta,a year ago and all the various efforts to stop Asian hate.,So thank you for giving me the platform and thank you,for continuing to raise awareness on all issues.,-Well, thank you. -Thank you. I appreciate that.,No, no, its — Yeah.,-I will say, Im a little jealous.,You got to do this show with Mike Myers.,”The Pentaverate” is a Mike Myers show, six episodes,,where Mike plays eight characters.,And only Mike Myers could play more characters,than actual episodes.,[ Laughter ] -Yes.,In my career, I can barely play one, you know?,And so, honestly, it was one of my favorite projects,Ive ever been involved in, in my life,,because Mike is one of my heroes.,Hes one of the reasons I got into comedy.,Hes one of the reasons I left my day job,,you know, as a doctor.,Hes that powerful in my worldview.,-Yeah. -You know, I will leave,the most stable field of medicine,only through the power of a Mike Myers,that will allow me to overact,and get an excellent award in Sacramento.,Thats what Im saying. You know?,-I like you telling –,-Westside! Yeah.,-I like you — the idea of you,telling the head of a medical institution,that you were leaving and then, like, showing a picture,of Fat Bastard and being like, “It was him.,-It was him!,-This man made a very convincing case.”,-“Im gonna get inside his belly!” Yeah.,-And he wrote this part with you in mind,,which is, I mean — What high praise.,-I mean, the whole thing has been so surreal to be a part of,and now so sublime to even talk about it.,Ive known Mike for a few years, since the days of him,hosting “The Gong Show.” -Yeah.,-He was playing a character, also — Tommy Maitland.,So we got to be good buddies just hanging out afterwards.,Afterwards, they would always have –,Like, when wed wrap,,they turned the whole stage system at Sony,into a — into a bar. -Thats fantastic.,-And I literally went on “The Gong Show”,I think six times just so I could drink with Mike Myers.,That was my only goal.,And so we would hang out and talk.,And then, a couple years later,,he told me he wrote a part with me in mind.,And, of course, I was just like, “Ill be your medic.,Ill do whatever you want.,And just to watch his process, truly hes the GOAT,in terms of, like, hes not just the star.,Hes the showrunner. He is the guy.,Literally on the call sheet, it says “Showrunner, Mike Myers.”,So when hes writing and creating his own universe,of all these characters with his specificity and tone.,And then hes so involved, like, in the post,and the marketing of it. Just Ive never seen,a more complete performer in comedy than Mike.,And it truly is, again, just an honor to be a part of.,-Yeah, the few times Ive been lucky enough,to be in a room with him,,you realize theres this incredible attention to detail,and how hard he works,to make it look as easy as he makes it look.,-It was almost like improv comedy summer camp for me.,It really didnt matter to me,what my involvement was at the end.,I just wanted — He was, like, coaching me,and guiding me through it, and he gave me a wig.,-He gave you a super-fun wig. -He gave me a super –,-The kind of wig you probably should have.,-Probably, yes, you know?,I think I could be an influencer with that wig.,-Yeah, I think so, too. -I think I could. TikTok!,-Id listen to what this guy had to say,about vacation spots and skin care.,-Yes! Yes! Yeah, exactly.,”Take care of the pores, yo.”,[ Laughter ],-You know, with you and Mike involved,,I thought there might be a chance for some nudity.,And there is. -And there is.,-But kind of a little heartbroken.,-Why? -It wasnt you.,-What?!,The shocking part of the nudity is that Im not nude in it.,-Yeah. -Its out front.,Its progressive. -Yeah.,-Been there, done that, for a lot of money.,[ Laughter ],And so it really was just, again –,Watching — Watching Mike go is something else.,-And the “SNL” makeup genius, Louie –,-Yes, shout-out to Louie Zakarian.,-Yes, yes.,-He does all the prosthetics and makeup on “SNL.”,He flew in, I think, right after the finale to London.,And to see hair and makeup, to see British hair and –,”Oh, no, King Louie is coming! Oh, weve got to be careful!”,They had the red carpet out for him.,And he is the nicest, most humble guy.,And honestly, this, “Pentaverate,” to me,,is just as much Louies show as it is Mikes,,cause you really get to see all the work and all the hours,that it takes to play the different characters.,I cant say enough great things about both Louie and Mike.,It was just — Im just so honored.,-I was very excited to hear Apple TVs “The Afterparty”,is coming back for a second season.,Even more excited to hear that youre joining the cast,for season two. Thats great. -Yes, thank you.,Just hot off the presses. It got announced.,Ill be in season two of “The Afterparty”,by the geniuses Chris Miller and Phil Lord.,They did “Lego Movie,” “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs.,-Great guys, as well. -Great guys.,And its actually — Me and my wife,,its our favorite show to binge-watch.,And I literally was just watching it,,and Ben Schwartz is a buddy of mine.,Im watching, and he just steals the season for me.,And Im like, “Oh, my gosh. Its my favorite show.,I wish I was relevant and young enough,to be on, you know, that kind of show.”,And just to get the call,to be a part of it, again, is just so surreal.,-Im gonna ask a true question.,Will your wife be less inclined to watch it if youre in it?,[ Laughter ],[ Laughter ],-Ill never tell!,-Ken Jeong, everybody!,”The Pentaverate” is streaming now on Netflix.

The Pentaverate Review | Should You Watch or Skip?

the pinta verte no the peppered,the pepper,the peppertin the petravius thats not,it pentavert,the pepperont the pinterest the,pinterest thats what its called now,the pencil ear take the pets,run what am i saying the promenade the,pavert,the pentavaric comedy series starring,and written by mike myers just released,on netflix and i have some thoughts,before we get started though,i have to tell you about this crazy,conspiracy theory some say that if you,press the red subscribe button down,below then it actually turns a majestic,gray try it now and see if its true,okay lets get right into it with the,good,mike myers is back baby thats right,its been four years since mike meyer,has been in any movie or tv show and,this is what he chose as his comeback,series i can tell you right now that if,youve been a fan of his comedy in the,past then you will definitely enjoy the,humor in this series there are strong,similarities to myerss other work like,austin powers and waynes world in this,show from the crude humor to the goofy,accents and pop culture references this,is a pure mike myers comedy there were,definitely some laugh out loud moments,for me in this series where mike myers,comedic genius was definitely showing,and yes that does have a double meaning,your genius is showing,now if youve seen any trailers or,promos for the show you probably know,that mike myers is about half of the,cast in this series this came as,absolutely no surprise to me as hes,kind of become famous for doing that,while i dont always love this concept i,think this series played it off very,well for each different character that,he plays he really does bring a,different aura to them he speaks,differently he walks differently he even,thinks differently as each character,which is what makes him so talented at,doing this even when two or more of his,characters were interacting it didnt,feel off because of how differently they,were portrayed my wife even came into,the room at one point and asked who the,different people in the cast were not,realizing that all four people on screen,were mike myers i mean in her defense,she wasnt wearing glasses you know what,if you arent wearing your glasses you,might not have seen this but down below,theres actually a little button thats,just a little thumbs up thats called,the like button if you could just go,ahead down there look a little closer,look a little closer go on down there,and just just tap that bad boy a little,bit okay okay thank you so much but,along with myers doing a great job in,this series i also thought the,supporting cast was fantastic here i,think that keenan michael key played an,excellent straight man and really,supported the oddball comedy thrown his,way in every scene kim jong annoyed the,hell out of me which was basically his,job and then i thought lydia west had a,really solid outing in this as well and,probably had the most dynamic character,out of anyone else in the cast the last,thing that i want to make sure to,include in the good here is the overall,premise of this series to have this,whole story based around this secret,society that conspiracy theorists dream,of finding is so hilarious to me because,of how relevant it is to today,conspiracy theories seem to be as,rampant as ever in 2022 and this show,honestly does a great job of over,exaggerating and making fun of these,ideas from the truth battle podcast to,the can con con the show is not afraid,to poke fun at conspiracy theorists i,also think it was just a really fun idea,to take a look into this illuminati type,group and see what type of crazy ideas,mike myers could come up with with that,being said lets move on to the mixed,there is one part of the story that i,really wish we wouldnt have known so,soon i believe it was about the second,or third episode where we discovered who,the bad guy is in this series and i,think it would have been so much better,to save this for the last couple,episodes let the audience try and figure,out who is causing this chaos and then,when really goes down reveal it to,us dramatically that way we have,something to figure out alongside our,lead characters i feel like this was a,missed opportunity and it kind of took,away from the show for me once they,revealed who the villain was i really,just had no motivation to keep watching,the only reason this stays out of my bad,category is because i do respect the,decision to not hide the villain like,every other show does even though i,think it would have helped in this case,with that though lets move on to the,bad if you like mike myers then you will,probably like a lot of the humor in this,show however if you do not like,extremely over-the-top comedy then you,will hate this series personally i liked,mike myers humor when i was a pre-teen,and poop and penis jokes were just the,funniest thing around however now that,im 24 and comedy has changed a lot over,the last decade and a half i found a lot,of this to be kind of cringe inducing i,wasnt kidding about the poop and penis,jokes before about 80 of the jokes,throughout this are that and thats fine,for a certain crowd but its just not,for everyone i found myself laughing,quite a bit in the first couple episodes,but as it went on i just found it to be,pretty repetitive and again if you are a,big fan of mike meyers humor to this,day then this doesnt really apply to,you but if youre kind of on the fence,about that sort of humor like i am then,this is something to be aware of for me,it wasnt a deal breaker but it could be,for some and for my final bad thought,about this show while i loved the idea,and the premise behind this i dont,think that they went about it in the,best way i think that this series would,have been better off focusing on keenan,michael keys character being inducted,into the pentavarite and the crazy,things happening within rather than,focusing on some big crazy storyline it,just feels as if myers felt the need to,give some sort of elaborate story to,this rather than having a show like the,office or parks and rec where characters,are just goofing off in their,environment every day i think it would,have been perfectly fine to just explore,the society itself connect with the,characters a bit more and just see the,crazy goofy stuff that would happen on a,normal day inside the pentavarite before,we move on to my final thoughts please,make sure to leave a comment down below,if youve seen this series what did you,think of it or if you have it whats,your excitement level for it but now,its time for my final thoughts ive,said it once and ill say it again if,youre a mike myers stan then this,series is a must watch but if youre,someone like me whos a bit on the fence,about mike meyers sense of humor then,this recommendation gets a bit more,tricky this is an interesting concept,written by a very funny guy but the,story didnt push into that concept,quite as much as i would have liked and,the humor didnt always land for me,personally im going to have to give the,pentavra a conspiring 6.5 out of 10.,this is a great show to turn on in the,background pay some attention to get,your comedy fix and just dont pay too,much mind to the overall story if youve,made it this far though please consider,liking and subscribing as i am going to,be reviewing all the movies and tv shows,on all the different streaming platforms,that you can imagine thats all for this,time so ill catch you in the next one

REVIEW: Mike Myers Returns in Netflixs The Pentaverate

[Music],[Applause],[Music],good afternoon,welcome to why is this a thing were one,voice short today in the intro thats,because adam is,dead dead he died right it was tragic,autoerotic asphyxiation in the closet,you just went the darkest route with,that ad lib i was queueing you up for,some exotic location or something at a,corn concert i dont know yeah no it was,at a corn concert right,in miami,at the bitcoin conference strangely,enough yeah corn was there it was weird,it was just its amazing,how many walks of life are into,unregulated currency where is adam,actually have we got confirmation on,this who knows yeah weve been doing,this for seven years pretty much every,sunday for seven years something comes,up on a sunday oh yeah,by the way,even when adams here hes not really,here you know,nick and i are uh are not writing solo,were writing uh dually and uh were,talking an interesting artifact in the,history of this program yeah and a guy,that has always sort of come up,tangentially in some of these,conversations a guy by the name of mike,myers not michael myers the serial,killer from the halloween franchise no,the canadian sketch actor brief star of,saturday night live and even briefer,biggest star in the world yeah basically,i mean never has the 15 minutes been,hotter and faster you know we we briefly,talked about mike myers a few years ago,when we did a month-long extravaganza of,the gong show where mike myers who had,previously disappeared for years after a,horrible run of failures including the,love guru i think just one failure to be,clear but like abysmal so this and were,talking about the pentavera now is his,first starring role in 15 years since,the love guru that is crazy hes had a,couple little supporting performances,obviously he still did shrek uh and i,think only three movies in glorious,bastards terminal i think with margot,robbie,and uh bohemian rhapsody correct yep,those are the three on them that dont,have shrek in the title but those were,supporting performances in the case of,like bohemian rhapsody and glorious,bastards i havent seen terminal but,those other two movies hes in under,five minutes of and the gong show i,guess is the best thing hes done since,love guru i guess and its not even,close if you guys are interested in uh,going down a real rabbit hole and i,really highly recommend it go back a few,years ago and listen to our run of shows,on the gong show yes mike myers came,back uh from this disappearance as the,host of the gong show the reboot right,um which did not last however he also,did not credit himself as mike myers,like he assumed an entire persona and,even outside of the show pretended he,was this human being tommy maitland was,this british old bbc broadcaster,essentially you know this old variety,show guy that was now hosting the reboot,of the gong show a weird piece of like,andy kaufman-esque performance art i,would say,and what i mean by that is it wasnt,always the funniest bit but you at least,had to respect the commitment to it just,to tell the story of how we got here,today i was just scrolling through,netflix the other day netflix on a real,heater lately by the way yeah i just,finished several tv shows that ive been,watching and i was looking for some new,stuff to watch and just kind of browsing,all i got literally my tabs here is,disney plus netflix amazon prime hbo max,hulu apple tv like i have all of those,tabs open right now,[Laughter],and i would say,i mean my opinion is it gets a little,skewed considering im really into,movies and stuff but,i would say netflix is my last resort,when im when im flipping through the,streaming services yeah absolutely its,like on the third line of my roku screen,now like i will go to all of those,services you just listed before i go to,netflix because its sort of carved out,a space,as the true crime network you know with,like weird marilyn monroe documentaries,and i guess if you want you can watch,den of thieves on there but for the most,part its like a lot of horse [ __ ] and,there was a time where everything was on,netflix and then everybody who owned,good tv programs realized we could make,our own streaming service and they all,pulled out of netflix slowly right and,its just this shell now and i think,also those companies employed a strategy,that netflix did not have the luxury of,using which was we are going to be,selective about what we put on the air,were going to go through pilots were,going to reject the shows that dont,work were not going to give you,automatically three seasons just to,outspend the other streaming services,and the reason that they can do that is,because most of them are backed by,serious corporations that have a long,and storied history right like hbo max,has a t behind them paramount has viacom,behind them disney has disney,netflix doesnt have that so they had to,just spend spend spence been spend,netflix here was like sort of like the,myspace and now all the professionals,are coming in sure but theyre managing,to hold on here and there yeah well see,what happens i mean it is still the,number one streaming service by,subscriber count we say that right now,but then like well drop another queens,gambit and everybody will lose their,minds for three weeks well stranger,things will be out in two weeks and,everybody will freak out about that you,know yeah im thinking that stranger,things hes losing his steam those kids,are getting too [ __ ] old man theyre,so old dude youre really not like,watching little kids anymore youre,watching like adults the kids got a,mustache i dont know man i dont know,kid you should not be hanging out in an,arcade you know right,like you should be smoking pot behind,the dumpster right now totally with the,gorgon or whatever,but im on netflix and i stumble across,this weird looking program well the,poster itself is weird its bizarre and,it started autoplaying and then it shows,like this old like 1980s tv network guy,just reporting from some shitty,conference it looks like public ass,access tv and im watching and i,realized holy [ __ ] is that mike myers,talking yeah,and immediately im intrigued how wild,is it though that mike myers returns to,like visual media for the first time in,15 years,and its a complete whimper in terms of,like press and conversation around it,like the fact that you didnt know it,was coming i didnt know it was coming,it just sort of dropped there i mean if,that is not a sign of how netflix is,[ __ ] the bed lately i dont know,what is netflix could have played this,up as like the return of mike myers if,they wanted to of course of course could,you imagine 10 years ago how this would,have been advertised remember how much,press hemlock grove got back in the day,for netflix orange is the new black was,a phenomenon you know house of cards,felt like a movie yeah looking back not,even that good of a show really no all,pretty [ __ ] but it felt like they were,at one point good at creating a moment,at least and creating some hype now its,like buried under moon knight its,buried under better call saul its,buried under barry,is it just that like these other,streaming services have gotten so much,better at the game i think theyre just,doing better stuff yeah i think like,they dont blindly write checks because,mike meyer says he wants to do a tv show,which i guess fair enough thats,something that you might have done 10,years ago 15 years i mean it is,something that happened 15 years ago,with the love guru but right you know i,think netflix they have a big deal with,shonda rhimes they have a big deal with,ryan murphy they give martin scorsese,150 million dollars to do stuff,these other streaming services are,running,their platform as a network either a,television network or a movie studio,pitch has something if we like it maybe,well green light it and well give you,notes and well kind of meddle in the,productions of these things but its all,for the greater good whereas netflix is,like this is an artistic oasis for

Mike Myers must be STOPPED! #StillWithHer | The Pentaverate Spoilercast & Review [GigaBoots Podcast]

[Music],hello and welcome to the pentavarite,spoiler cast and review and if you think,this voice is funny do i have some great,two hours and 40 minutes of content for,you,my name is dan video games and with me,is bob,hey i started choking on a thing im,gonna do the normal voice,kz excellent from casey excellent.com,im a slightly different version of damn,video games mr feel for mr feels wild,ride,still with her and dr ecker from,dr agro i guess 2022 is just the year i,see old canadian comedian dick,[Laughter],we watched the mike myers written mike,meyer starring mike myers story,screenplay and literally everything,series the pentavarid made for netflix,it is two hours 40 minutes across six,episodes,so this is this is obviously a movie,they expanded into uh into a mini series,and made it much worse by giving it like,an additional hour of run time right,thats so [ __ ] obvious,before we get into that lets go ahead,and get initial impressions a couple,sentences and a mouth sound to sort of,impart the audience with how you feel,about this before i do broad stroke,summary of what the series is and then,we dig into details were gonna go ahead,and start with mr feel,uh this was five inoffensive episodes,and it turned into a campaign ad for,hillary clinton in 2022 [ __ ] this series,we now go to the other side we go to dr,agro this was kind of a ham-fisted,attempt to prove that you can do mel,brooks comedies these days and then they,tried to weaponize a message into it and,i hated it,we now go to kz excellent,of all the comedy related things weve,had to cover on this podcast network,this is the single most unfunny thing,ive ever experienced,uh now we go to bob,this dude,his only thing is making parody comedies,and making doing funny accents and he,hasnt watched a movie in 20 years so he,only has one thing left,everyones forgetting to do mouth sounds,bob can you do whatever,solidarity oh,okay,uh,hey maybe you should respect diversity,but dont you know forget to laugh at my,funny voice,hey maybe you should,[Laughter],[Music],we should explain the [ __ ] conceit of,this [ __ ] atrocious miniseries i,actually have something prepared are you,ready i think everything will become,glaringly obvious what this series is if,i describe this,all right okay so we have our main,character ken scarbrough local news,reporter for a canadian broadcasting,channel called kaka news caca news uh,thats played by mike myers uh and hes,discovering some sort of illuminati,thing called the patavaret uh we also,have character lord lordington a really,old guy in a wheelchair played by mike,myers uh we have michoud ivanov uh an,old russian member of the pentagon who,looks like rasputin and explicit,inexplicably in 2022. yes he does uh,played by mike myers,we have shep gordon a real [ __ ] human,being,but weirdly enough played by mike myers,instead of the real person,we have bruce baldwin an australian,media magnate,whos like a parody of rupert murdoch,sort of thing uh played,by mike myers we have jason eccleston,who is a former member of the,pentavarite whos into technology and,sex robots and a stoner played by mike,myers we have anthony lansdowne,whos a conspiracy fanatic,played by mike myers and then we have an,alex jones piracy called the parody,called,rex smith,played,by mike myers,ugh its a lot of mike myers,hes there its mike myers the whole way,down,so,uh,um remember waynes world yeah,yeah uh uh mike myers and dana carvey,you know did waynes world and then,uh later uh dana carvey destroyed his,own career by doing uh the master of,disguise uh this is the master of,disguise,like it it has the exact same energy you,know this is revisionist history youre,acting like love guru doesnt exist,ive never seen that so its not real i,love guru,i told you to promise me,i just i watched this is that just this,movie i want i worry i havent seen it,based on the trailers i really led to,believe pretty similar aggro have you,seen love guru i have not okay so no,human being on it,isnt love guru like 15 years old so,its 14 yes its like master disguise,but even less people watched it except,the thing,how justin timberlake kind of started to,get taken seriously,i dont [ __ ] remember that but he was,in it like oh [ __ ] he can like act and,hes funny like wow,i feel like i feel like that turnaround,happened with dick in a box,also no uh more people saw the love guru,than master of disguise yeah i think,love guru is like uh master of disguise,for adults,you know i feel like i prepared,perfectly for watching the tavern,because uh you know this is a secret,ive kept to myself only this year had i,seen waynes world one and two,hmm,thats good thats uh man doing that,arcane fast forward is really sad um,its really funny though because ive,seen every austin powers,most of which multiple times i believe,so watching him evolve his comedy,from waynes world because hes,repurposing a lot of the same jokes in,austin powers watching that happen in it,improve and then watching this happen,this was like remember the nutty,professor,yes,where every family member except the,child is eddie murphy yes,that was like that that was like a neat,20 to 25 percent of that movie yeah,yeah,uh uh and then they were like lets make,it the majority of this three hour mini,series,yeah and like i was thinking about the,whole time like when eddie murphy does,it its a stunt hes doing you know,usually doing a bunch of very different,characters,or like,all all the people in a barber shop but,either way,its great,this is just mike myers refusing to let,anybody else get a paycheck in his,netflix series,heres the thing they needed one,additional layer of gimmick for him to,sell this script and that was it,they were like hey remember the nutty,professor remember those films where,its one actor playing a bunch of people,this will get those same people,in chairs in front of netflix get mike,myers in chairs for 80 of this movie i,know,like oh look hes doing all these,different roles yeah look at all the old,white guys sitting down with a funny,voice hes playing yeah its very,diverse he has so many different funny,voices right,oh no,you know the idea of mike myers just not,letting anyone else be a character in,his own production has me going was this,a scheme,did mike myers get 40 million dollars,because he was every important character,in this production i dont know but once,i started watching the show i became,positive immediately that key was gonna,die because they couldnt afford them,[Laughter],yeah that was that was pretty obvious,and then okay that thats a good,launching off point to talk about some,of the the really,oof comedy um,how many times they had to make a key,and peel joke,what in the two episodes he said,the first time they got it like,uh there was there was one other one,they didnt say the peel part but they,said the key part and then they looked,at the camera,because thats thats that is weirdly,enough a strong tangent of this movies,comedy is,say what you think qualifies thats a,joke and stare down the camera,yeah i think the the that one key and,peel joke was funnier than most of the,series,every time they do those long puns its,the best stuff in the show there theres,there was like there was like maybe,three or four moments in this where i,thought that i thought were funny,one was that,one was,the defindo joke just because i was,stunned to learn defindo was a real,thing what,oh yeah oh yeah thats a real martial,art the canadian army uses what,okay thats actually hilarious,jesus i actually do not despise the,canadian mike myers character i think,thats a good saturday night live style,character,but this whole,this whole thing is bad anyway defindo,was created in 1945 for law enforcement,structures before that he had the same,person created combatto which was for uh,for use in war,jesus christ wow,oh yeah canadians arent real,all martial arts invented in north,america are amazing,they have goofy [ __ ] names like like,defendo,punch f

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