1. ASIAN GLOW vs. PEPCID – DOES IT REALLY WORK ?? ????(or just an ABG myth)
  4. Famotidine for long covid (my experience)
  5. Famotidine (Pepcid) Uses, Side Effects & Precautions
  6. Pepcid AC Maximum Strength Review | Heartburn | Acid Reducer
  7. Acid Reflux & GERD Medications Review (Tums, Pepcid, Prilosec, etc.)

ASIAN GLOW vs. PEPCID – DOES IT REALLY WORK ?? ????(or just an ABG myth)

hey guys welcome back to my channel so,today I put on glasses for you because,we are doing scientific research whether,or not pepcid actually works so a lot of,people take pepsin okay maybe not a lot,of people but like Asian people that,like to drink,take pepcid to basically kind of push,down the asianglow if you dont know an,Asian glow is its essentially when,somebody of Asian descent consumes,alcohol and they turn red thats really,what it is if you want to get into the,scientific terms about it essentially,what it is is that I dont have the,enzymes to break down alcohol in my,stomach and things happen and then I,turn red my heart races sometimes I get,a headache,I get really puffy the main reason is,that it makes my picture silently Im,even getting like red pale its very,strange its like if you touch me it,leaves that like fingerprint like skin,on skin mark so we try to avoid that at,all cost so today I will be testing Im,gonna be doing this in a span of two,days because Im not an alcoholic,so tonight Im going to be drinking and,Im not gonna take Pepsi and then the,next day after that Im gonna be taking,pepsin and then were gonna drink and,then were just gonna compare and,contrive were just gonna see it cuts it,actually works if it actually helps it,its just a waste of money because this,is not cheap this is not if you want to,find out what I found out then just keep,watching already so were about to start,so I have not taken any pepcid at all,because were just gonna keep drinking,until I turn into a tomato okay so this,is before okay,[Music],Ive also started a timer just to see,how long it takes me to get read just,because Ive never timed it before,because Ive never thought about this,before yeah,only been six minutes and we have,already hit the point of probably I,would say maybe like a 2 out of 5 tomato,though but my chest is still okay but,Im starting to get splotchy over here,darting but it hasnt fully impacted yet,but yes so were gonna take another shot,well see more time passes and see if I,ever become 5 out of 5 tomato alrighty,so update again we are 14 minutes in and,I would say Im a solid 4 out of 5,tomato my chest,the splotchiness has come out fully and,on top of that – Im not drinking on an,empty stomach,I actually had a full dinner before this,so were gonna take one more shot just,to see if I can hit a 5 out of 10,tomatoes so here we go,away melodies well thats the end of,experiment day one and I will see you,tomorrow,alrighty guys so its time for part two,so right now Im about to take a pepcid,doll start drinking in around thirty,minutes or so just to let the pups is,fully digest into my system and then,were gonna start drinking so were,gonna do the same thing that we did,yesterday were gonna take three shot,yesterday notice that I started turning,like a cherry tomato at the five minute,mark and then I hit like full heirloom,tomato by like the 20-minute mark so,well see if that happens again or if it,slows down or if Im not as pink and,well check like the splotchiness on my,chest in my body so,[Music],all righty so were doing our first,check-in like we did yesterday so right,now we have hit the 6 minute mark I mean,I am starting to turn pink a little bit,but my chest is actually completely fine,no splotchiness or anything yeah my skin,I am definitely pink so I would probably,give myself one tomato out of 5 tomatoes,but were gonna take another shot just,like we did yesterday and were gonna,see how this goes,already so were doing another quick,little check-in it is its only been,about five minutes after so its about,to hit 13 minutes and I just wanted to,give a little check-in on my face my,chest is starting to get splotchy as you,can see so the swatch enos is starting,but its still not that bad yet and then,my face Id probably give it its still,okay like Im definitely pink but I,would still probably give it,not even a 4 yet we have not hit a four,I would say maybe just like a two and a,half out of a five tomato so regardless,of how strong the asianglow is I still,get a pulsating feeling when I drink and,I still get just hot like my head area,just gets really hot my body gets really,hot so Im gonna do another check-in in,about ten minutes but I already see the,pepcid kind of working only because,usually by the 20-minute mark Im just,completely five out of five tomato,alrighty so were doing another check-in,right now we have hit the twenty seven,minute more so the splotchiness has,officially happened on my chest and then,my face I would probably give myself a,sod like three and a half out of five,tomato Im still not like pulsating like,glowing red and its almost the 30,minute mark where as yesterday I think,we hit the 20 minute market I was a,solid four out of five tomato so Im,gonna drink a little bit more and then,were gonna do a final check in just to,see if we hit four if we stayed the same,of right now if we hit a five already so,were doing the final check-in of the,night we have hit 45 minutes I mean the,splotchiness is for sure theyre like,for sure we can also do a like check as,well I would probably say after 45,minutes of drinking Im still pink dont,get me wrong but I probably get myself,so like just like three three and a half,tomato out of five tomatoes what do you,guys think do you think its a four,tomato I dont think its a four tomato,I think is about a three to,three-and-a-half tomato all righty guys,so the final conclusion is those pups at,work is it a waste of money hmm I think,it does work I wouldnt say that it,works completely because I still turned,pink but I definitely didnt turn five,out of five tomato it helps for sure you,can totally see the difference between,when I dont take pepsin and when I do,take pepsin while I drink alcohol I also,want to note that when you take pepsin,while you drink alcohol it doesnt help,with any of the other asianglow symptoms,so the pulsating head the fast heart,rate the hot feeling so even if my face,isnt a 5 out of 5 tomato it still feels,really hot so it really just helps,lessen the severity of how bright the,redness is me personally Im still gonna,be taking pepsin its really just up to,you whether or not you think taking,pepsin and spending the money to take,peps it is worth the being compared to,like a light little peach face versus a,full-blown tomato face Im also thinking,of making a part two to this pepcid,series I was actually thinking about,whether or not different types of,alcohol affect the level of tomato one,can become so thank you much for,watching guys I hope you enjoyed this,video please thumbs up this video leave,a comment down below it really helps my,channel thanks guys Ill see you guys in,my next video bye


hey guys welcome back to my channel,today Im gonna be talking about peepee,eyes or proton pump inhibitors which are,acid reflux theyre not just for acid,reflux but thats whats in the,thumbnail there are basically,medications that reduce the amount of,acid thats being made by her stomach,but theyre used in other purposes which,Ill get into as well theres been a lot,of controversy and a lot of scary things,on the internet that people have been,reading about and I get asked about this,in clinic all the time even though this,isnt really my main area but as a,gastroenterologist inevitably Im gonna,be asked about some of these gpis so,lets talk about this whats getting to,it so Ill be talking about what these,PPOs are how they work whether one is,better than the other and all the,controversies about whether or not they,could be harmful so Ill get to all of,that eventually so just keep watching,and well get there so before we get,started please dont forget to subscribe,by clicking on the red subscribe button,below first and foremost lets talk,about what our PPI is these are,medications that first came out in the,80s in the late eighties but theyre not,just used to treat acid reflux theyre,also used to treat ulcer disease theyre,used to treat as part of the regimen to,treat the bacteria h pylori that can,live in your stomach and cause ulcers,and cause gastric cancer and its also,used for inflammation of the esophagus,from reflux and for some people even,prevent long-term development of,esophageal cancer if they have chronic,changes from too much acid reflux,theres even a syndrome out there where,too much of the hormone gastrin is,stimulating the stomach to make acid so,this medication is definitely necessary,for conditions like that we also use,this medication when patients show up,bleeding from their stomach or if were,suspecting bleeding from their stomach,or their esophagus,we will put them on epi medication in an,IV form so its used to treat GI,bleeding as well there are multiple,different brands and a lot of these,brands are actually over-the-counter,which is what this thumbnail shows,target and I grabbed a bunch of these,and they were all from different brands,and it just goes to show how there are,so many different brands and this is not,an endorsement of any specific brand we,just use all of them there is some,variation for the different types of,proton pump inhibitor medications as to,what you can use them for but in general,they all work the same way employing,some sort of similar mechanism so thats,why they fall into the same category and,all end in the same suffix so if you,look at the generic name not the brand,name the generic name all end with pres,old PRA co-led whether its omeprazole,and tilt this off Ethernet Bazaar,theres other ones that Im probably,leaving out but they all end with puzzle,one key thing to keep in mind right off,the bat is that these medications are,different from histamine blockers h2,blockers that you might hear your doctor,saying these are medications like pep,said or zantac which are in a different,category of medication to act a,different way altogether PPIs are also,different from tums and Rolaids and,other sorts of antacids that purely,serve to sort of neutralize the stomach,acid rather than reduce the actual,production of acid buyer Stein so that,brings us to how do these PB eyes work,so really the medications contrary to,popular opinion are actually absorbed in,your small intestine once its absorbed,into your intestine through the,bloodstream that will make its way to,the cells of the lining of your stomach,and block off that part of the cell that,travels to the surface of the cell to,actually push the acid out so you need,to take this medication about half an,hour before you eat and you definitely,have to be because when you eat thats,when your cell actually signal to,secrete acid so thats when the,medication can actually work so the PPI,is work longer than,two blockers for the end absence so the,effect intends to be maintained over,time and the general thought is that,these are the most effective because,this is really blocked off that very,last step of all the pathways when it,comes to actual secreting of the acid so,now comes the question is any brand any,better than the other and the answer is,probably not there been so many studies,studying this theres no really great,consensus some studies sort of save it,there was a fun thats better the other,but dosing is off if you look at the,study also the different studies out,there are for different conditions some,of them are for acid reflux some of them,are for ulcers so its really hard to,compare just like anything else things,that actually get published tend to be,positive studies that show that things,work the things that show that things,dont work dont usually get published,so we dont really know whether there,are negative studies that arent being,published and in case youre wondering,this is called publication bias,now finally problems with proton pump,connectors so theyve been reports out,there about proton pump inhibitors,causing c-diff related diarrhea causing,dementia causing kidney disease causing,osteoporosis and bone fractures of,magnesium and b12 deficiency causing,pneumonia so I would say that the,general consensus among the professional,gie community is that yes long-term use,of epi they increase your risk of,developing fetus related diarrhea or,osteoporosis I dont think that theres,any way that he wants to say that they,cant happen 100% but they might,increase your risk for some of these,conditions certain conditions that have,gotten a lot of media attention like,dementia can he,some of those studies are still very,controversial and kind of faulty your,drawing associations rather than,actually establishing a caucus like like,the PPI cause the disease we dont know,that just because you sample the,population that would pick out the,people who took DPIs versus those who,didnt and found that there were higher,rates of dementia that there was an,actual mechanism to explain them so I,think its kind of part thats justified,know how PPI is potentially cause,dementia or how PPI,potentially cause kidney disease that,simply needs more science when we think,about feedeth diarrhea,maybe PPI its altering the acid and,your stomach might be affecting your gut,microbiome or the fact that we cant,absorb certain nutrients to maintain,bone health over time its also impacted,by how much acid your stomach makes some,of those explanations have scientific,basis whereas others are just vague and,were still gonna figure it out so again,there is a lot of debate about this some,of these studies may not have been,accurate some of these studies might not,actually show their explanation for why,things are happening the bottom line is,you have to weigh the risks versus the,benefit weigh the risks versus the,benefit so some people would really edit,it,these medications if you have a ulcer,thats not healing or if you have those,chronic changes in your esophagus that,are precancerous you probably would,benefit from being on a PPI long term,and really reducing the risk of serious,complications or a cancer from happening,then something that is sort of not yet,well-established but in other conditions,for short term use yes I think getting,off of the medication and weaning off of,it is a great idea but the bottom line,is speak to your doctor because you may,or may not know whether or not you,benefit from long term use everyone,situation varies just speak to your,doctor theyll give you a better,assessment of whether or not this is the,right thing for you and maybe dont,discover that you dont need to be on it,and theyll take you off with the VPI so,in other situations it might actually be,necessary so dont just go ahead and,stop your PPI without asking your doctor,first so thats it for today thank you,for joining me if you like this video,please give it a thumbs up dont forget,to subscri

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[Music],everybody welcome back to drug talk as,always Im your host Garrett Campbell,today we can be discussing the,medication known as famotidine its,brand nate is pepcid and before we talk,about the medication itself just keep in,mind that this channel is for,information purposes only and not to be,used as a source for recommendations for,your personal healthcare the famotidine,is a histamine h2-receptor antagonist it,primarily inhibits the concentration as,well as volume of gastric secretions in,terms of indications for use this,medication is indicated to be used in,the treatment of gastroesophageal reflux,disease or GERD it can be used for a,gastric hypersecretion as well as in the,treatment of a duodenal ulcer and we,often see this medication used in the,treatment of indigestion now before,somebody was to use famotidine there are,some contraindications that they must,clear as well as some precautions and,warnings that they should be made aware,of you wouldnt give this medication to,patients who have a history of,hypersensitivity when using other h2,receptor antagonists as well this,medication will be contraindicated in,patients with a hypersensitivity to,famotidine or any other component of the,product now in terms of precautions this,medication is on the biers criteria,which is a list of medication that the,elderly population should either avoid,or use cautiously we would want to avoid,giving this medication to the elderly,population who are at risk of delirium,as h2 receptor antagonists may worsen or,induce delirium CNS reactions including,confusion hallucinations delirium,disorientation agitation seizures and,lethargy have been reported in the,elderly population as well as in,patients who have renal impairment we,would want to use this medication,cautiously in patients who have moderate,to severe renal insufficiency due to the,increased risk of a prolonged QT,interval as well as some of the CNS or,central nervous system adverse effects,that I just mentioned a moment ago in,these patients sometimes a dose,adjustment is recommended now when,somebody is cleared of the,contraindications and made aware of the,precautions and warnings and they start,to use famotidine or pepcid they can,expect to receive their dose orally if,famotidine is being used to treat,gastroesophageal reflux disease or GERD,the patient would typically use 20,milligrams about twice daily for six,weeks Im using the oral formulation,treat gastric hypersecretion 20,milligrams would be given every six,hours and then the dose can be increased,based on patient response maximum dose,in this setting would be a hundred and,sixty milligrams every six hours and the,treatment can last as long as clinically,indicated if they were given the IV,formulation that would typically be,given twenty milligrams intravenously,every 12 hours or in digestion a patient,would typically use ten or twenty,milligrams twice daily allowed to thaw,medications there are some side effects,or adverse reactions the patients may,experience while using famotidine so,Ill go over some of those here now,constipation and diarrhea happened about,1.5 percent of the time dizziness comes,in at a percentage of one point three,percent one to five percent of patients,may experience a headache now some more,rare but serious side effects will be,some dermatological side effects such as,Steven Johnson syndrome or toxic,epidermal necrolysis rhabdomyolysis,angioedema and less than 1% of patients,may experience a seizure its all going,to talk about today was famotidine or,pepcid as always a very thankful you,took the time to come by and watch all,my videos if you found the information,valuable and youd like to help grow,this channel you can like the videos,share the videos or most importantly,subscribe to the youtube channel theres,also some links in the description you,can check out as well so for today,take care,[Music]

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Famotidine for long covid (my experience)

hi everybody today i want to talk about,the use of the drug,called femoridine in the treatment of,long covet,right away i want to make a disclaimer,that im just talking about my personal,experience here,and if you want to take any kind of drug,you should do your own research you,should consult a doctor that you trust,and,make your own decision im not,prescribing any,anybody any drugs here okay so lets,start,um famotidine is an h2 antihistamine,and this is a drug that is usually used,to treat,heartburn and stomach ulcers,there is plenty of research already that,shows,that formulating helps to fight covet,but i wasnt able to find,any research on famotidine,and long call it however i was able to,find one case study where from auditing,was given to,an 18 year old patient who was,struggling with,long covet and in that case study for,moderating,reversed his symptoms completely so,i really hope that there will be more,research than,on this drug and long covet,i got to know about this drug from a,viewer who made a comment under,one of my videos and,he suggested that i should try it and i,decided,to try it and the results were very very,good,after only a couple of days of taking,form auditing,i started feeling much better my brain,folk,isnt really there anymore my fatigue is,gone,and honestly long cover doesnt doesnt,really interrupt my daily life anymore i,uh i feel productive i feel like my,personality,is back and,i just go about my life as usual,and im very very happy about that,i cant really say that im 100 percent,recovered,i guess the tiny bit of symptoms is,still there a little bit,so if i really exercise a lot i,might have a flare-up of my symptoms,a little bit but generally speaking,im fine and all of that was possible,because of internet because of youtube,because of,the availability of information because,my doctor,had no clue on how to treat myelomat,except for taking vitamin d which didnt,do anything,so formulating isnt the only drug that,has helped me to recover,if you watched my previous videos you,also know that ivamektin helped me and,there,were some other things that helped me,like meditation,like proper diet uh right mental,attitude and non-steroidal,anti-inflammatory drugs,ive made videos about everything that,has helped me on my journey and,if youre someone whos struggling with,long covet,i suggest that you watch these videos i,will link them,in the description thats all i have for,today,like this video subscribe to my channel,follow me on social media,and thank you so much for watching

Famotidine (Pepcid) Uses, Side Effects & Precautions

hello folks welcome back this is kweku i,am a pharmacist,in todays brief video im going to be,reviewing the medication from otd,or pepsi as it is known by its brand,name were going to take a look at what,it is what it is used for,we will take a look at some potential,side effects how to take the medication,and stay tuned to the end as ill be,discussing two rare but,relatively serious side effects of,pharmaceutical,that you should be aware of by the way,this and all my other videos are for,informational purposes only so do not,use it as a substitute for medical,advice from your physician,so what is famotidine well for,multiplying belongs to a class of,medications called,histamine blockers or h2 receptor,blockers,they work primarily by reducing the acid,production,in the stomach the motivating of pepsi,is used to treat,ulcers which are sourced in the lining,of the stomach or intestines,it is also used to treat a condition,called gastroesophageal reflux disease,or gerd for short as we call it,which is a situation in which there is a,backward flow of acid from the stomach,which obviously is painful and,irritating but it can also damage the,osophagus,it is also used in people that are,considered hyper secretors of acid these,people produce way too much acid,than the body can handle a condition,that is called zolenga ellensen syndrome,famotini may also be used to treat acid,indigestion or soil stomach,arising from maybe eating certain kinds,of food maybe you had some spicy food or,you have too much to eat,familiarity may be employed in the,treatment and prevention of such,scenarios,so how should pharmacy be taken well,first and foremost because it is used in,a wide variety of,conditions it is best to follow the,directions on the package carefully,if youre taking it as a prescription,make sure that youre following exactly,what your doctors intentions are,but on the whole it may be taking maybe,once daily at bedtime,or in some instances twice daily there,are some instances where it can be taken,up to four times a day or every six,hours these are typically situations,that involve people who are hypersecrets,of,acid and typically if you are taking up,to four times a day then youre most,likely taking the prescription version,and not the over-the-counter version now,some side effects,family namaste is generally well,tolerated most people are able to take,it without,issue some common ones that have been,reported include headache,or carrying in up to about 4.7 percent,of the population taking it,dizziness in about 1.3 percent of the,population,constipation occurring in about 1.2,percent to 1.4 percent of the people,taking famotidine,and diarrhea occurring in about 1.7,percent of the people that take the,motivating family and pretty much,almost all the other acid reduces have,also been known to cause,a situation where there is a decrease in,vitamin b12 levels,so if you are taking pharmaceuticals,especially if youre going to be taking,on that long term,its definitely a good idea to monitor,those b12 levels or to take a supplement,of vitamin b12 if you think that you are,low on vitamin b12,now the two rare but potentially serious,side effects that i talked about in the,beginning the first one is cjs,and this is very rare or carrying in,about less than one percent of the,people that take famotidine so if you,have a history of seizures to begin with,it would not be a bad idea to get,clearance from your doctor to make sure,that youre a good candidate,to be taking pharmotidine this is very,rare or less than one percent of the,population but,you better be safe than sorry for multi,daying also in,very rare instances has been associated,with mental,status changes so irritation,hallucinations,insomnia a whole list of mental status,changes that can occur when you take,families the good thing though is that,it is reversible that means that,once you stop taking it these symptoms,go away,but definitely something to be on the,lookout for and if it does happen it,will not be a bad idea to discuss with,your doctor first of all you discontinue,it,and then let your doctor know about it,for the best way forward,thank you so much this has been a high,level overview of a motive i hope you,found some value in it,if you did please give it a thumbs up,and dont forget to subscribe,to the channel if you havent already,done so thank you ill catch you on the,next video

Pepcid AC Maximum Strength Review | Heartburn | Acid Reducer

all right all right,get it going,[Music],hi whats up whats up whats up to,everybody out there on this lovely,football sunday,i hope all of you and your families are,doing well out there remaining safe and,as always welcome to super hubby review,and thank you for dropping by this,channel and for spending time with me,it is much appreciated and if you are,not yet i also thank you in advance,for subscribing to my channel it is much,appreciated and again,um i created this channel because i love,to talk about,and give basic consumer reviews on items,i purchased for myself,or for my family and i love to relay,that to you as the average consumer,those of you who are just like myself,and um you know i always hope that,something positive will be said to,mention that would make a positive,impact in your purchases,for yourself or,for your family uh i love to keep it,smooth keep it basic and keep it simple,and definitely not over complicate a,review i believe in simplicity,and that works for me so lets go ahead,and get into it today i am going to be,reviewing,maximum strength people should ac,um,heartburn acid producer so i want to,give you my thoughts on these and again,this is my own personal experience that,ive had with with pepsi they see any,times you know i deal with any type of,a product like this always do your own,research do your own,due diligence and make sure,that uh you know this product wont,affect your health or even sometimes,talk to your doctor about it but this is,how peptic ac,affected my life and uh i did discover,that i did have heart burning,and uh you know this this you know when,i eat certain um certain food,items and,shout out to,to uh pilchard ac for really making a,really good effective um,you know product that does relieve us,from heartburn because for myself it,works immediately in this particular,heartburn pills works uh very very,effective in my life and that is a good,thing and shout out to walmart yes wally,world for having this available,now this is the uh 25 tablet um,pack so i believe the cost price was,right under ten dollars theres a,smaller pack,that i think gives you about eight or,ten thats normally under five,uh i think between four and five dollars,so this was the only pack they had there,today and i picked it up and it works,immediately um when it comes to,heartburn this is one this is a very,subtle a tricky issue um there are a lot,of people that that have heartburn and i,remember when i first discovered i had,it and a lot of times heartburn taught,heartburn taught me,how to recognize my triggers,i did discover that there are several,food items that get heartburn going and,sometimes people are not aware of that,and im glad that i found out i found,out what it was versus going to a doctor,spending uh money that i really didnt,need to or using insurance that really,wasnt needed so i always like to kind,of research my triggers myself,and because it had got to a point to,where every time i ate onions,or ketchup chocolate tomato paste,particularly if i do it at a very high,frequency it triggers heartburn now if,im not eating any of those foods i feel,perfectly fine and thats a good thing,when you have triggers,that will go away if you dont eat,certain certain foods its good to to,really stay away from that as much as,possible,now every now and then every blue moan i,will eat those foods but ill make sure,that i have a heartburn available but,for the most part im able to sort of,troubleshoot my own health in terms of,heartburn and just stay away from those,foods in general so theres a lot of,people who have heartburn and they dont,even know,what it is so i always do your study and,do your research but this pepsi ac,maximum strength heartburn tablets they,work immediately for myself and that is,one of the main things i look at when,im purchasing um,heartburn tablets is i want to make sure,it works immediately,now through my own research and,troubleshooting i did discover that all,hardware and tablets dont work the same,um you might get a story brand that,isnt effective that might not be and,any as effective as a name brand like,pepsi they see but for myself pepsi ac,works perfectly and it does the job and,maybe under a minute a couple of minutes,after i took it i began to feel,the uh,you can begin to feel it working,immediately so again some of you might,have triggers like myself you know,onions tomato paste citric acid orange,juice any type of of tangy type products,i definitely try to stay away from i,mean like when we eat pizza in my house,i just scrape off,the tomato paste and put my own cheese,and pepperonis on there so a lot of time,there are certain foods that that are,triggers that we must stay away from um,that sort of triggers heartburn and a,lot of times you know chocolate is one,of those big ones for me and i love,chocolate but unfortunately i have to do,it in moderation,um so theres a lot of things that can,trigger it but peptid ac definitely,works to take that edge away and that,pain and that irritation i remember,working that um an office uh job i had a,few years back and oh my heartbeat was,so bad at that point i didnt know what,it was but i began to research and,discovered when i ate certain foods it,got it going and i had begin to,start taking these and they helped me a,great deal and it helped me out a whole,lot and it literally takes it away so,now as i grow up my older and more wiser,yes im learning not to eat certain,foods because foods can be very very,tempting,certain foods that are triggers can be,very tempting but its all about um,emotional and spiritual self-control,to only put things in your body that,dont give you heartburn and i get it,its very difficult its very hard but,hey we must do what we we must make the,best decision for our bodies so for,anyone thats seen these in the stores,and you wonder and you are a type of,person like myself,that has heartburn and youve wondered,hmm does this work,i i encourage you to do your research uh,read the warning label on the back or,even talk to your doctor about if you,choose to or just do what i did and just,sort of read and study for yourself and,know your triggers and to stay away from,that if you choose to eat a food they,give you a trigger of heartburn you,might want to have these available on,standby to get rid of that that,discomfort that heartburn give so again,shout out to pepsi ac for making a very,effective heartburn product,that in my opinion it works quite well,so its kind of pricey but like anything,else that has to do with pain reliever,you know the cost price is going to be a,little steep but hey that is the price,we must pay for health i mean health,health products i mean uh its always,going to be costly its just the way it,is but not too bad,and it pretty much works for that whole,day,it can work for maybe a day or two so,thats been my own experience with this,so yeah those are pretty much my,thoughts i want to make sure that i,didnt leave anything out yeah and i,would bring a couple of pills to work if,it was a party or something like that or,if i knew there was going to be some,some some some trigger foods that were,there just in case i would definitely,make sure i had,um some heartburn peels available so,yeah these peptide ac maximum strength,does a job and again do your own study,figure out what are your triggers,because if you get heartburn off eating,onion ketchup tomato paste,um you know spaghetti pizza chocolate at,that point you definitely have an issue,with heartburn however it can be,resolved it can be taken care of,you know,by just staying away from those foods,that that trigger it or having these,available if you do choose to eat those,foods periodically,so yeah those are my thoughts and for,those of you whove tried these,not only is it important for me to share,my thoughts im also curious to know,what are your thoughts uh,whats this product effective did it,help you what are the pros about it and,the cons what did you lik

Acid Reflux & GERD Medications Review (Tums, Pepcid, Prilosec, etc.)

hi guys todays video will be on,medications for acid reflux and gerd,also known as,gastroesophageal reflux disease before i,begin i want to stress that medications,are only used for acid reflux and gerd,if changes in lifestyle such as avoiding,food triggers and not laying down for,three hours after eating are not working,if you havent watched my previous video,on how to help improve acid reflux and,gerd symptoms without medications i will,leave a link in the description below,alright so there are several medications,used for acid reflux and gerd but well,start with the weaker ones like antacids,and gaviscon and then move on to the,stronger ones like h2 blockers and the,notorious proton pump inhibitors if,youre only interested in certain,medications then go ahead and skip to,that section of this video,regarding antacids as the name implies,they counteract stomach acid to help,with acid reflux symptoms some examples,of antacids are tums rolaids mylanta,malox milk of magnesia pepto-bismol and,alka-seltzer,antacids do not prevent acid reflux,theyre just used as needed to help with,the symptoms they work fast but dont,last long,antacids are available over the counter,without a prescription but i do want to,mention some things to watch out for,first antacids with calcium or aluminum,can contribute to constipation while,antacids containing magnesium can have a,laxative side effect and contribute to,diarrhea,second people with kidney disease should,watch out for any antacids that contain,magnesium and or aluminum since they can,build up in the body if the kidneys are,not functioning properly and cause,issues,next alka-seltzer contains aspirin which,is important to note for people on blood,thinners or at a high risk for bleeding,this bleeding risk is important to note,with pepto-bismol as well since the main,ingredient in pepto-bismol is related to,aspirin while we are talking about,pepto-bismol i think its important to,know that pepto-bismol can make your,tongue and poop turn black as well as,cause a hairy looking tongue if this,happens its usually temporary so dont,freak out too much,next tip is that antacids interact with,a ton of medication so make sure to talk,to your pharmacist regarding how they,might interact with your medications and,how to space them properly,regarding pregnancy certain antacids,like tums rollaids mylanta and malox are,generally the medication of choice if,lifestyle changes to help acid reflux,dont work but make sure to talk to your,doctor and pharmacist regarding proper,dosing,next class of acid reflux medications,are surface agents like gaviscon,while gaviscon is technically also an,antacid since it contains aluminum,hydroxide and magnesium carbonate it,also has an ingredient called sodium,alginate or alginic acid that coats the,top of the stomach the sodium alginate,acts as a barrier so acid doesnt go up,and burn the esophagus and throat,gaviscon is relatively weak in the big,scheme of things but might be slightly,stronger than other antacids due to its,sodium alginate ingredient,theres also another surface agent,medication called sucral fate that is,often used in treating ulcers or for,acid reflux and pregnancy but its,prescription only and we wont get into,it today,next up are h2 blockers h2 blockers like,pepcid and tag met reduce acid,production in the stomach by partially,blocking acid pumps in the stomach i,would consider h2 blockers as medium,strength theyre stronger than antacids,but not as strong as proton pump,inhibitors like prilosec h2 blockers,take longer to start working compared to,antacids roughly two and a half hours or,so,but also last longer,about four to ten hours or so,that being said they tend to lose some,effectiveness after about two to six,weeks of use,regarding side effects h2 blockers are,generally well tolerated and side,effects tend to be rare,regarding drug drug interactions tagamet,also known as cementidine is a little,notorious for interacting with lots of,medications so dont hesitate to ask,your pharmacist about this if youre,starting to take tagamet,while were on the topic of h2 blockers,i cant not talk about the whole zantac,recall debacle basically the fda found,that many samples of zantac also known,as renitidine,that they tested had unacceptable levels,of a potentially cancer-causing impurity,called ndma,they found that the levels of ndma in,renitzidine increased over time under,normal storage conditions and,significantly increased when stored at,warmer temperatures,because they couldnt guarantee that the,ndma levels in renitzitin would not,increase to an unacceptable level,rinitzidine was taken off the market,pepcid tagamet and other acid reflex,medications were tested and found to be,fine you might see zantac back on the,shelves now called zantac 360 but its,actually just famocity which is the main,ingredient in pepsi,alright so moving on to the notorious,proton pump inhibitors also known as,ppis,ppis reduce stomach acid production by,blocking acid pumps in the stomach,theyre stronger than h2 blockers,because they block these acid pumps more,completely than h2 blockers do some,examples of ppis are privilege nexium,prevacid zegorid ass effects protonix,and dexcellent some are available over,the counter while some are prescription,only ppis would be considered the big,guns and are at the top of the totem,pole as far as potency,most ppis are taken 30 to 60 minutes,before breakfast and are generally not,used on an as-needed basis because they,can sometimes take a few days of,consistent use to start working properly,that being said dont use them longer,than two weeks without doctors approval,due to two reasons the first reason is,that you want to make sure that theres,not something more serious going on with,your stomach that needs a doctors,attention that youre just masking with,the medication,and the second reason is due to the,potential for long-term side effects,with ppis which is why theyre generally,used at the lowest dose necessary for,the shortest period of time necessary,one use for a long time ppis are known,to affect the absorption of magnesium,vitamin b12,iron and calcium and potentially,contribute to deficiencies many doctors,will check labs periodically in patients,on long-term ppi therapy to screen for,these deficiencies,as a quick side note regarding the,calcium absorption issue specifically i,just wanted to mention that calcium,citrate is usually the preferred form of,calcium supplement in people on ppis,that are also taking a calcium,supplement for one reason or another,since calcium citrate doesnt need the,acidity in the stomach to be absorbed,properly,long-term use of ppis is also linked to,many things like c diff infections,increased risk of fractures potential,for worsening kidney disease dementia,and pneumonia among other things many of,these are debatable and remember that,association does not mean causation but,again this is why you generally want to,use the lowest dose necessary for the,shortest period of time necessary there,are some scenarios when the benefits of,long-term ppi use do outweigh the risks,but these are usually with more severe,conditions like barretts esophagus and,erosive esophagitis,regarding drug drug interactions proton,pump inhibitors can also have some,serious interactions with medications,but hopefully your doctor and pharmacist,will monitor for these,so thats it for today if you learned,something or found value from this video,make sure to hit that like button if you,want more easy to understand content on,health and medicine make sure to,subscribe to the channel and last thing,this video is for educational use only,this video is accurate to the best of my,knowledge as of the date posted but data,is constantly changing so always consult,your doctor in pharmacist regarding your,medications and what would be best to do,in your specific situation thank you for,your time and stay healthy see you next,time

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