1. NEW NITRO PEPSI – Nitrogen-Infused Draft Cola & Vanilla Cola – Review
  2. Pepsi Nitro Is Here – Is It Any Good?
  3. Taste Testing : Pepsi Nitro…The Smoother Creamier Version Of Pepsi Cola + A Look Inside The Can…
  4. Nitro Pepsi Draft and Vanilla Draft Cola: Review
  5. NEW Pepsi Nitro and Pepsi Nitro Vanilla Review
  6. Nitro Pepsi Nitrogen Infused Draft Cola Das Boot Chug at Dusk
  7. NITRO Pepsi® DRAFT COLA & VANILLA DRAFT Review! ????????| What is this?

NEW NITRO PEPSI – Nitrogen-Infused Draft Cola & Vanilla Cola – Review

all right guys im here with the latest,gimmick from pepsi,nitro pepsi,uh to beer drinkers this might sound,like a familiar concept,very common with guinness the way,guinness is always served,guinness doesnt have added carbon,dioxide which most every other beer has,or every soda youve ever had,it has nitrogen,so when you pour it,you see this like creamy bubbly layer,when you drink it theres this smoother,mouth feel,its almost creamy like because the,bubbles are like smaller and thats what,pepsi is promoting with nitro pepsi and,nitro pepsi vanilla,draft cola nitrogen infused cola smaller,bubbles smoother taste,and they tell you if you ever reported,guinness youve seen anyone do that you,know how this goes you chill the can,pour hard admire and enjoy,because its nitrogen youll be able to,give it a vigorous pour without,it just exploding all over you,hopefully lets give it a shot were,gonna start with the regular one here,take down this guy for the moment,and of course how can i talk about,guinness without well wheres my glass,without pouring this thing into a,guinness glass i think this will fill it,yeah its a pint,im interested in trying this i dont i,dont know that cola needs this but,pepsi is going to show me maybe it does,maybe this is,this is where were at,oh this thing has a widget in it i think,so the way guinness works is theres a,little ball in there that actually spits,out nitrogen when you crack the lid,actually i did this wrong youre,supposed to pour it pretty hard and then,taper off at the end,yeah so it doesnt have a ball its got,the nitrogen like at the bottom of the,can its hard to show you i probably,cant see it,theres a white plastic cylinder thats,attached and when you crack that top the,nitrogen comes out,and carbonates the soda,pretty cool,check it out,lets take a sip while that head is,fresh there um youre not going to get a,head like that out of a pepsi normally,right,smells like pepsi looks like pepsi,yeah thats nitrogen pepsi um,i implore you to try it i dont know,that this is necessary,nitrogen beers have been a fad recently,like it took off and i dont know,hopefully its dying down,you can get a nitrogenated anything,anything on nitro beer wise nowadays not,just guinness and what i find is it,works for guinness but it doesnt really,do it for me with other beers the flavor,gets muted a bit,um sometimes the nitrogen like theres a,taste to it almost that i just dont,like and not all beer needs to be that,smoother nitrogenated taste,there is no bad taste with this this,tastes like pepsi,and theres a little that nitrogen,you got to know what youre tasting um,yes its smoother yes its almost,creamier but,really,it just kind of tastes,like i would expect a somewhat flatter,pepsi,a little less flavor,lets try the vanilla one i could see,that flavor working better for this this,isnt really doing it for me um,its not doing it its not doing it,baby guinness glass i should have,grabbed a big glass,yeah hold on,and were back with a real size glass,i think the vanilla with that,thatll add some extra flavor thatll go,better with the smoothness i dont know,that this works for the pepsi,i really want to give you a good pour so,im taking down the pack,all right ready,crack this thing,[Applause],it shows in the picture just dumping it,right in,and were gonna tape her off at the end,yeah check that one out,and something you get with a guinness,that youre not getting with this say,the cascading bubbles,um so its kind of,disappointing smells like a vanilla,pepsi,yeah look at that thats a bold picture,poor heart just tip it right in there,of course these dont come in a diet,version theyre just full of sugar,230 calories a bunch of grams of sugar,um these were at my local walmart,and,i dont think theyre officially out yet,but if you go to brickseek and you check,out walmarts inventory finder,you can see where you can find it,it was 250 for a can or i think i paid,about six dollars for,the four pack,lets give the vanilla one a shot,see that works a little better,you ever drop a thing on ice cream,vanilla ice cream in your pepsi coke,whatever,you know that flavor you get thats what,this tastes like and because its got,the nitrogen it gives you that that,mouth feel that youve actually dumped,some ice cream in there maybe,i like that i like that a lot thats,really good so im going to tell you,dont bother with the basic one,100 a gimmick,lets get normal pepsi,this one this is fine,this is better than your typical vanilla,pepsi this is,this is this is the right stuff,let me know if youve tried them check,them out theyre coming out nationwide,soon i dont know like i said,brickseek.com go check your local,walmart,i had to drive 20 minutes but i found,these,they were in the aisle they didnt have,any cold i had to go to the pepsi aisle,nitro pepsi,draft cola vanilla draft cola,im poppy this is poppy eats or in this,case poppy drinks,thanks for tuning in please hit that,subscribe button if you want to see more,like this leave me a comment let me know,what you thought,let me know what you think of these um,that guy in the comments saying i trash,all these limited sodas i dont trash,them all this one sucked this one was,great id love to see them keep this,around bite me thanks for tuning in,yall take care

Pepsi Nitro Is Here – Is It Any Good?

today well be checking out the two new,nitro pepsis we have draft cola and,vanilla draft cola,[Music],youtube welcome to the channel my name,is jason here on this channel i do food,and product reviews like i said we have,nitro pepsi here um official release,date is march 28th,so found this at walmart today two weeks,prior to its,nationwide release so check in your,stores you may start seeing it pop up,anytime now till then,like i said two flavors we have draft,cola,and vanilla draft cola,so nitro,pepsi it is the first nitrogen infused,cola,says on the can smaller bubbles smoother,taste,it has poor instructions,read that there it says,chill can,cans are chilled these are all cold,poor hard so when they say poor heart it,doesnt mean you know typically like a,beer or something youd want to pour it,on the side,so you dont get too much of a head,especially like with pop but this they,want you pour hard so lets just pour,straight in right in the bottom to build,a big head um,the soda,admire and enjoy okay,well lets just go with the,draft pepsi first,lets see,just seeing if there was any,instructions on the container here well,just pull it out from the side that way,dont ruin it,all right,theres a little better look at that,can as you see the pepsi logo there,looks like its in,little carbonation bubbles,because its supposed to be smaller,bubbles thats what they have on there,is smaller bubbles,there is your,poor instructions nitro pepsi smooth,creamy easy to drink pour hard drink,easy all right,and it is 230 calories same for the,vanilla one,um zero fat 140 milligrams of sodium and,63 carbs,okay,lets pour this hard were going hard,with pepsi nitro,goldish orangish,okay i was not expecting that ive not,seen any reviews or anything on this,um i wonder if thats gonna ruin the,head on this i didnt shake these up i,didnt drop them or anything,look at that its all,that was scary,okay,lets pour it hard,so thick,oh yeah look at that head build in there,i mean as far as the bubbles,i dont know were those smaller bubbles,than normal i dont know the,smells like pepsi,i should have had a regular pepsi to,compare next to it,pepsi nitro,its smooth,but almost so smooth that its,and i will check when we open this one,it almost stays flat did it lose you,know sometimes when you if you shake up,a pop and drop it and you open it up and,it goes everywhere,it loses all that carbonation a lot of,it and it kind of tastes flat thats,what this is tasting like it tastes like,a flat pepsi,so,not very good im not liking that at all,but lets try the vanilla one and see if,it does the same thing and if i have to,go back and open some more of these i,get over will so you can see it ready,okay and here it comes again so i guess,thats what they do,its kind of weird,but thats the thing is pouring it hard,like that then you release all that,bubbles and its like you lose that,carbonation effect to it,sorry all i got was bubbles so is this a,mouthful of the the head so it wasnt,very good tasty,its vanilla tasting its no better than,that one it is it tastes like flat pop,um,what the heck im kind of confused on,these,its cool its a cool effect when you,open it like that whole,the noise it makes,im gonna go dump this out im gonna,bring the microphone down a little,closer to it so you can hear it and,yeah i mean its fun to open them as far,as to drink them no these are,awful all you got to do is go get a,regular pepsi,and shake it up a bunch open it up its,going to go everywhere and then youre,going to drink a flat pepsi and thats,what this is its flat tasting its not,good leave in the comments below if,youve tried it were you getting a flat,taste from yours thats all im getting,is a flat vanilla pepsi taste a flat,pepsi taste,i dont want to keep drinking these,oh okay no i was gonna say what is,thats cause i spit,its gross i was like what is that it,looks like a big loogie on top it is,because i spit in it all right lets do,one more of these um,lets do vanilla because i can probably,give those away people more more people,i know will drink regular pepsi then,that,get my microphone down here there we go,hey can you see me all right,well hopefully that picked it up all,right let me do one more i mean im just,going to waste oh its going everywhere,i didnt have it right underneath my,microphone okay lets try it here we go,ready like a monster,okay,okay so let me try a little bit of this,oh,even without pouring it in the glass,oh,pouring hard,going hard with our pores,this is i dont,know its a little entertaining,now that i moved my microphone now its,like,yeah in that camera its,okay there back to normal um,you are going to overflow its just,making an absolute mess in here ah,fun to open once or twice then it gets,old taste wise these are bad its the,flat pop really flat pop,nasty i mean who likes black pop you do,more power to you again leave in the,comments below if youve tried these,what do you think of them are you,getting a flat taste,i mean are you measuring the bubbles are,they smaller bubbles and bigger bubbles,i think this is kind of a gimmicky thing,i dont know if these will last i dont,know if theyre around for good,check them out while you well theyre,out i havent heard,i dont think these are going to go over,well this could be one of those things,that,years from now people be like i remember,that pepsi nitro,made a weird sound when it opened up so,maybe i will save these last what i got,one left over there save these you know,10 years from now well come back and,crack them up and see if they still make,that noise there you go if youve,enjoyed this video smash that like,button subscribe if you havent already,subscribed i need to get some wet wipes,in here and clean all this pop off ill,see you next time,oh and i think i well i dont,i know i forgot to give you the,the price on these like i said i got,this from walmart,and they were,548 548 for four cans,you

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Taste Testing : Pepsi Nitro…The Smoother Creamier Version Of Pepsi Cola + A Look Inside The Can…

all right guys so today,were trying some pepsi nitro,so i was very curious when i heard this,was coming out uh just because i went,through a long beer phase where i was,trying every beer possible for,i dont know like two years i havent,drank any beer in probably at least over,a year now,um you know just again trying to lose,weight beer is not the right answer and,uh,you know im on blood pressure medicine,so its not good to drink with that so,yeah just uh took a break from that but,i have to say im just im curious im,curious about the the nitro pepsi so,essentially its just regular full sugar,pepsi which i dont drink i dont drink,any full sugar sodas i havent in years,um but,it has a widget inside basically that,shoots,um a shot of,nitrogen gas okay so the idea,is with any kind of nitro anything nitro,beer in this case nitro soda you have,instead of a bunch of larger bubbles you,know they give you that that feeling,when youre drinking soda that,carbonation,uh you dont have that you have a ton of,tiny tiny tiny bubbles,so it doesnt really,feel,carbonated if at all really in most,cases,but its extremely smooth because all,those bubbles are so small it almost,becomes creamy,so it should be really interesting im,curious here,like i said i havent had a full sugar,soda in a long time,so anyway the first thing i could tell,you is its expensive i dont remember,exactly what it was but it was a four,pack and it was definitely overpriced,what it,soda you know,uh also its very stiff the can is very,very stiff so if you drop one of these,itll probably explode very easily,but yeah thats uh,pretty much it nitrogen infused cola,smaller bubbles smoother taste,230 calories,im just trying this guy um,i dont like wasting stuff so ill,probably end up drinking the whole can,but,all right uh and by the way you should,probably have a tall skinny glass but,you know im not not sure if im going,to like it that much so well see but i,just have my my rocks glasses because it,looks nice am i wrong thats a nice,looking glass,all right so here we go so,again the difference is that when you,have a normal soda you just open it like,any you know canned carbonated drink you,open it you hear thats you know and,then thats it,this is gonna sound different because,again you have basically just your,cola syrup water in there its not,carbonated right now,by opening this its going to release,a shot of nitrogen you can hear,like a weird noise,its literally carbonating the drink,right before youre supposed to enjoy it,okay and the idea is to do a very hard,pour,and youre doing that hard pour to,really kind of mix everything up and,then ideally again it would probably,work better in a tall glass but it would,just be like any kind of nitro beer or,something where youll see it slowly you,know kind of layer,so anyway lets see what this is all,about,hear that weird noise,lets see it kind of foaming up,all right so hard pour,all right,so yeah,its definitely a different,different carbonation different uh,texture even like the head,its very subtle usually you know you,pour a regular soda like that you get,first of all its probably gonna,overflow everywhere,but you can see that that,the the head on your soda,uh it is its creamy and its kind of,sticking around,regular soda bubbles it would have just,fizzled out and thats it and the top,would be like you know popping and,crackling,lets go ahead and see if i can top this,off a little bit here,all right so,lets give it a sniff,off camera,yeah it smells like pepsi,pepsi cola,all right bottoms up cheers,hmm,okay,well,its definitely creamy,it really really comes across,as a completely different mouth feel,and its extremely smooth,however,i can almost guarantee,especially if youre not a beer drinker,but i can almost guarantee like 9 out of,10 people would just think this was flat,pepsi,thats,thats the the very simple takeaway is,like oh yeah its like pepsi but its,flat you know who wants flat soda,um,but it is different it really is,creamier,uh richer its sweet but you know i,havent had like i said a full sugar,soda in a long time so im not surprised,its sweet to me,its actually not,like its sweet but its not as sweet as,i think it would be you know im,i dont know,but hopefully you guys can see,let me zoom in a little i actually take,another sip so i can tilt the glass,better for you,its interesting,but again you can see like,the foam is like coating the glass like,you dont get that in regular soda its,because of all those millions and,millions and millions of tiny tiny,little bubbles,as opposed to a bunch of bigger bubbles,but actually i get my thumb out of the,way,zoom in towards the bottom there,hopefully you guys get a better,better view of all those teeny tiny,little bubbles,yeah,interesting,so,yeah i mean,its,sticky and syrupy its like coating,my mouth you know like i have some candy,or something,um,if you like pepsi,yeah totally if i was like a regular,pepsi drinker id get down with this but,again its because of my beer experience,i cant stress that enough if youve,never had a nitro beer,uh and this is your first experience,with anything nitro i mean like nitro,coffee is a thing and i think thats,great too because coffee is not,carbonated so people get that like ooh,this wow this is like really creamy yeah,because youre used to having it flat,but like beer and soda is usually,carbonated i remember the first time i,had a,um a nitro beer,i think it was a guinness,uh draft in a can with a widget,and i thought ew,that was my first,my first thought was ill his beer is,flat,uh you know i didnt really get it and,then obviously after uh trying different,ones and understanding the whole purpose,behind it i can appreciate,i can appreciate it for what it is but,most people when you drink soda you,probably want to drink it heavily,carbonated thats how youre used to,having it so i could see how this is not,gonna last i i the total guess but i,think its a novelty for people theyre,gonna get this theyre gonna go wow i,overpaid for something that is just flat,soda,thats my my guess,i think that the people who actually,like this would probably be beer,drinkers,um,yeah,interesting,but anyway i want to make room,so im going to cut this can open to,show you what im talking about,with that widget,geez,come on how much is in there,[Music],all right yeah,its a creamy looking soda,all right so,im gonna cut into this can,dont use your good knives,when i was a kid ive uh,i remember i think it was my um my first,i know it was a d2 blade i forget what,knife it was but i cut a can open just,because i wanted to cut a can open and,man i chipped the heck out of my blade,all right,so,see the widget,so basically that is compressed nitrogen,all right thats down in the bottom of,the can,and again i dont know what activates it,i dont know if its the release of,pressure so maybe like the whole can,because the can is really stiff when you,crack the top,it i dont know somehow opens the seal,in there and thats what happens it,shoots all that nitrogen gas,up into the the syrup in the water and,creates this product,all right but yeah pretty interesting,so there you have it there is,nitro,peptide,you know would i recommend it yeah,because im all about having an,experience are you gonna like it well i,dont know thats up to you,i like it just because its different,but,ill be honest i mean i you know i get,it im not going to finish this class,unfortunately ill waste it just because,i dont want to have the calories,but its interesting it is interesting,like i said if i wasnt watching my,weight,i would certainly get this just for a,change of pace if i was a pepsi drinker,and you know i really enjoyed that,flavor i happen to be a coke guy if coke,made a a coke zero nitro you know,version of it id try it too id,probably drink it more often but this is,a one and done for me like i said its a,novelty its,its interesting its an interesting,concept but i think uh it works way,better with things like beer an

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Nitro Pepsi Draft and Vanilla Draft Cola: Review

howdy everyone its the soda jerk from,the cellarjerk.net with another soda,review,or two todays soda review is,nitro,nitro pepsi smooth creamy easy to drink,not like that difficult to drink pepsi,this ones easy to drink pepsis super,easy to drink,pour hard and drink easy,for those of you all unaware this is a,new product by pepsi called nitro pepsi,does not have carbonated water in it it,uses nitrogen bubbles,which is pretty fancy,i got this at walmart actually i,pre-ordered it,and then the pre-order was pushed and,then i saw it at walmart so i cancelled,my pre-order i ordered this or purchased,this nitro pepsi draft cola,nitrogen infused cola,smaller bubbles,smoother taste lets read some,ingredients,carbonated water,with the different kind of bubbles um,high fructose corn syrup caramel color,natural flavor sodium,polyphosphates,to protect the flavor,phosphoric acid caffeine sodium benzoate,preserves freshness,potassium sorbate preserves freshness,tataric acid gum arabic citric acid,salt,qualia,qual,qualia extract calcium disodium edta to,protect flavor,nitrogen,i know it says it on the canva and,having it listed in the ingredients is,fun to me bottled under the authority of,pepsico incorporated approach to new,york one zero five thousand zone,caffeine content 77 milligrams for every,13.65 fluid ounce can,which is what we got here were here to,help,uh pepsi.com so this has 62 grams of,sugar,140 milligrams of sodium 230 calories,and on the side,it does tell me how to pour it it says,chill can,pour hard,admire and enjoy so were going to do,just that,ill lower the camera a little bit i,know unprecedented so we can all watch,this together,i got the uh,the centipede,cup because its the only pint glass i,have,lets open it,good god,and then were gonna pour hard,im gonna stop right here just in case,that,fizzles up a little bit more,that was pretty honest,so well stop right there,ill let this thats a lot of thats,thats some fuzzy foamy head,on centipede smells really good the cola,the pepsi cola scent,is,flowing through right now,like the room is now smells like pepsi,cola,now that youve watched that happen,back to me back to the,star of the show,me,the person who cannot figure out what he,just did to his camera,oh no,oh no,okay were fine,anyway,here it is in case you forgot what it,looked like,it smells like cola the centipede is,happy look at that centipede hes like,yeah,quit shooting at me so i can drink this,nitrous this nitro pepsi,it says nitro pepsi on it but i feel,like its pepsi nitro but you know what,nitro pepsi sounds cooler so were gonna,go with nitro pepsi,smells great,that is really smooth,and the having a creamy head on top its,very strange usually with soda you know,it kind of,head dissipates rather quickly,but having my lips have to go through it,i like that,it does have very tiny bubbles,you can see there on the side,those teeny tiny bubbles,and they do add a little bit of mouth,feel i was a little worried that it was,taste,flat and it is not as biting as like,something that has full on,carbonation but well the the traditional,carbonation lets say this is still,carbonation,but yeah you know at the very end the,very end of pop rocks when you feel just,kind of going,on the back of the mouth,im getting that from this,i have consumed a lot of this already,i dont think i realized how easy this,was to drink,wow,ah that was delicious um has a rich cola,taste,i mean its a pepsi cola so youre gonna,have some cola there um but it tastes a,bit,richer to me again youre not getting,the bite it is sweet but not overly so,my mouth is kind of coated now where i,dont believe a traditional pepsi would,have coated my mouth,but its good it almost tastes um,whenever you make a float you know kind,of like that,the texture of that coke ice cream mix,it kind of tastes like that i mean it,has that feel a little bit its a very,smooth feel,thats pretty good,pour the rest im going to aggressively,pour hard the rest,all right,yeah thats really good,you know what else is really good,im not done with the reviews they have,another flavor,thats right they have a vanilla im,gonna go get it ill be right back two,reviews in one its a red letter day be,right back,im dealing with pepsi so its not a red,letter day its a blue letter day beer,bag,[Music],ive come back,and now i have,an asteroids pint glass,and,some natural,nitro pepsi vanilla draft cola,isnt that fun,artificial flavor nitrogen fused cola,smaller bubbles smoother taste,so this is the other version i purchased,this as well,at the walmart,lets read some ingredients,move the centipede cup,remove the other pepsi nitro,can and lets do this,carbonated water high fructose corn,syrup caramel color natural and,artificial flavor,sodium polyphosphates to protect flavor,phosphoric acid caffeine sodium benzoate,precise freshness,potassium sorbate preserves freshness,toric acid citric acid gum arabic,galalia extract,i assume,calcium disodium edta to protect flavor,salt,nitrogen,bottle under the authority of pepsico,incorporated first new york 1057. 77,milligrams of caffeine in here,this is pretty much the same thing just,a,cream colored,can smooth creamy easy to drink it was,very easy to drink,that was incredibly easy to drink that,was weird almost,its its still its kind of shocking in,my head how fast i drank that because,normally you know what youre like,pausing youre like okay well,if you drink it too fast,do a lot of that its a lot of,burping into your hand or whatever,whatever that is im gonna stop it just,in case i have no idea what im what im,doing when i do that,but here we go,lets,tilt the camera again,i got the asteroids cup,the tiger growl,whenever i,do this whenever i uh,this ones pouring aggressively hard,calm down vanilla,can i do it the whole way no i want to,check it out,and now the scent of vanilla has uh,entered the picture,i like the sound that the can makes when,you open it it sounds like a large cat,it sounds very ferocious,again a nice bit ahead there,and were back up,asteroids cup uh that allowed you to see,as much as the centipede cup does so,were going to turn it this way look at,that,thats good,the vanilla um is more subtle,than a vanilla pepsi though,i would think that,itd be more pronounced just due to how,smooth it is,but it kind of falls in the background a,little bit and the pepsi is,the star of the show,i like both of these but of the two,i think i like the um,just a straight up pepsi,cola one,more i dont know why that sentence was,so slow,its good though,oh man,i want a little bit more vanilla here,but its still,if you gave me this i could taste it,until vanilla was in it i just wish the,vanilla was a little stronger,it was still very good,im almost a little,freaked out by how fast i can drink this,and how fast im consuming,26 ounces of soda,i mean 13 and 13. really its,close to 27 with a combined,the scent is that of cola with a little,vanilla its its a slight its a its a,its a vanilla cola the vanillas a,little low,its sweeter tasting than the other i,can likely do the vanilla,and again the,i dont get quite the pop rock feeling i,did in the back,um again maybe due to the creamy nature,creamy nature,creamy nature is i dont thats too,weird no,yeah the bubbles are just a little more,muted,with the vanilla version,but both very good,um,yeah that was that was fantastic i,didnt know what i was i wouldnt know i,didnt know what to expect when i went,in i was not expecting the can to growl,at me i was uh,not expecting it to,drink them that fast even though on the,side of the can it says,its easy to drink,were going to do this lets just finish,it off right,might as well,i i recommend them,and you can buy them in singles,it was something it was almost two,dollars uh,i want to say in the two dollar price,range for the can each can,but theyre very good,um youre not going to get the bite,youre going to lose a lot of that bite,so if thats what you like,maybe not for you but if you like a,smooth,unique tast

NEW Pepsi Nitro and Pepsi Nitro Vanilla Review

Whats up guys its Vito and today weve  got the brand new Nitro Pepsi yo whats  ,up guys we do we got the brand new pepsi nitro  thats not going to drop till what i say march  ,21st not till the end of march luckily and and  i dont know how our walmart started stocking  ,it i already placed an order for this  because when pepsi announced it last week  ,there was a link to pre-order it to have  it delivered on the day it was released  ,i was at walmart this weekend and what do you know  theyre setting this up so lets take a look here  ,we we talked about this last year remember when  we previewed all the new pepsi stuff that was  ,coming this year this was the first one we talked  about actually the first one we talked about was  ,mountain dew the flaming hat now thats coming  next thatll probably be out in april uh and  ,we did the mountain dew uh whats the  raspberry lemonade spark zero spark zero  ,this one which was the pepsi nitro so  well do this one next uh mountain dew  ,flamin hot that should be on april crystal pepsi  crystal pepsi zero this summer probably july  ,so nitro so if you guys are familiar with the  nitro it means its got a nitro capsule in there  ,thats going to turn this very creamy so lets  listen to this when you open it because its  ,going to be a little bit of different sound okay  we got the crystal pepsi glass here eat this first  ,oh go ahead uh nitro pepsi smooth creamy easy  to drink and it says steps first step is to  ,chill it weve done the second one second one  is to pour hard so i guess we just dump it as  ,just dump it in the glass we have and then admire  and enjoy you got to be easy on this dude because  ,how many carbs are in that one there 63 yeah  youre youre having a sip with like 100 100  ,plus sugar yeah yeah yeah its a 230 calorie  can lets just get into this ready this one  ,is vanilla draft cola so well do this one first  second and that ones in vanilla ready yeah listen,thats the nitro thats theres a  nitro capsule inside it sounds like a  ,that thats squirts the nitrogen in  there to turn this creamy so watch,so its its supposed to make it extra  creamy here uh it looks like the top is  ,it looks like a uh root beer crystal my  crystal Pepsi glass once you give it a try  ,oh yeah you can see like like the cream  in the yeah thats cool smells good,so it tastes different than regular  Pepsi definitely definitely creamier,so it almost tastes like um like a creamy flat  pepsi yeah like it doesnt have carbonation like  ,its like its definitely flat it tastes like  youre drinking a flat like like i could chug this,yeah its like a soda that  you could like just chug  ,and it should have a capsule in there  because look in there you can see how its  ,creamy in there too oh yeah i cant even see  through it yeah i dont know if i can if you  ,guys can see in here without me spilling this  i wish it was a diet version im gonna put my  ,cup underneath here in case it it spills no never  mind thats a fail all right next up weve got the  ,nitro Pepsi and whats this one called vanilla  vanilla that one hopefully will be better,pause for the opening with the nitrogen,it sounds like a firework yeah,oh yeah smell that smells like um  definitely definitely like vanilla,same everything oh its  definitely creamier look at that  ,look at that go ahead give it a  try theres even cream in there,no zero versions so Vitos just  got a sip here what do you think  ,like a Vanilla Pepsi but its flat yeah,I think I may like the vanilla one  a little bit better yeah more flavor  ,yeah theres a little more flavor in this one,definitely and and its not a lot not a lot of  carbonation in here and chug the whole thing,because you know when you drink a  pop normally you know you get that  ,carbonation where you want to burp a lot  this is not like that at all not at all,okay lets rate them lets rate  the first original Pepsi Nitro,7.3 7.3 and I will I will say um 6.5 for that  one what about the nitro vanilla draft cola  ,slightly higher 7.4 7.2 for that one and  let me just double check real quick because  ,I know these are not available till the end  of march so I just want to see Pepsi Nitro  ,release march 28th march 28th comes in regular  vanilla which we just showed you I dont know  ,why we got it so early our Walmart stocked them  already go out there uh if youre if your store  ,has them grab them let us know what you  think be very interested and stay tuned  ,for the other ones we got mountain dew  flaming hot coming out beginning of  ,probably April and then Crystal Pepsi at this  summer and zero the new zero and zero and youre  ,really looking forward to that one oh yeah all  right guys until the next video well see you then,you

Nitro Pepsi Nitrogen Infused Draft Cola Das Boot Chug at Dusk

oh yes folks you see the Twilight upon,us with the fortnite balls we are gonna,chart the way of goodness from Pepsi,Pepsi Nitro,okay dont touch that Mouse,Chucks,whats good folks and welcome back to,Badlands Chuck and when you see the sky,like that you know that its time for a,stealth jug and yo I got something,really special for yall today this my,friends is Pepsi Nitro wow what Pepsi,Nitro is is a draft Cola its nitrogen,infused for smaller Bubbles and smoother,taste oh my gosh this is something that,we gotta check out okay so let me crack,this open,[Music],whoa did you hear that,oh my gosh lets take a,thickest,[Music],oh man,it is smooth nice and smooth,thats the way I like it all right so,lets just see how smooth it looks when,you pull it in the Dos boot all right so,lets get this good good pour,at an angle,on,nice,now thats a smooth Cola right there,uh-huh,I like that look at that folks,so you know we gotta finish because its,nowhere near,ah,pour this one in there,oh,[Music],ah,look at all that foam its like a draft,beer folks but this is non-alcoholic,but,I just like the way the can sounds when,you open it listen,[Music],wow thats amazing put that in there,[Music],all right,okay so thats three folks look at all,that foam and thats just no ordinary,phone I wonder if you can see how that,looks in 4k,thats some smoothness right there all,right so,gotta stay hungry and focus,this is the last king,get it in there,oh,all right,look at that right there that is,something,[Music],that oh man this is this is gonna be fun,folks all right,Ive never seen a Pepsi that looks like,a Guinness okay,and we do have one more can,this is the vanilla version but were,gonna save this one for okay hip-hop,because okay hip hop did that on his,stream last week he did this flavor the,regular one but he didnt do the vanilla,so were gonna save that for him and if,you want to check him out on his streams,his live streams hes right there oh is,he there,no matters when the card comes up click,on it to visit okay hip hop check out,the beat that you hear without the Chug,all right so man Im not even going to,wait until the foam goes down we just,gonna go step on into it all right so,enough talk,Pepsi Nitro cheers folks,[Music],[Music],Oh Yes Man,Im telling you,[Music],this right here is the smoothest Pepsi,Ive ever tasted and its pretty good,too wow,yeah I guess the nitrogen has something,to do with this smoothness but this is,really really good oh my goodness and oh,theres a little bit of foam at the,bottom,no chug unturned all right man,I really like that,I think they might be available for a,limited time so you better get it while,its available okay Pepsi Nitro you can,get this version,or this version all right I appreciate,every time you watch the video every,time a video drops yall checking in,okay so yo if you like the video please,give me a like and if youre not,subscribed please subscribe to Badlands,channels alright so we are out another,stuff Chuck done its an awesome evening,all right take care God bless,peace,peace,chugging the world,foreign,[Music],[Music],[Music]

NITRO Pepsi® DRAFT COLA & VANILLA DRAFT Review! ????????| What is this?

whats up guys this is trev and i am,back again to try something else for you,today its something really special that,ive been really excited to try ive,heard about these coming out and i ive,been looking forward to it ive been,looking forward to it okay i i just have,okay,okay i dont know if youve been,anxiously awaiting for my review um,probably not i dont think that i have,that kind of audience i,love you guys,pepsi has recently released this nitro,pepsi nitrogen,infused pepsi did i say that word right,me and the wife talked about these and,how these we thought that this was maybe,pepsi trying to follow coke with the,coke coffees in a can but i dont think,thats what theyre going for here,theyre just doing this crazy,nitro thing inside of the soda so im,im curious im just curious as you guys,as to what this is about to look like so,with that said i have a clear glass here,and i am going to try,the draft cola first,okay,yeah thats uh,yeah that actually,that terrified me,that absolutely terrified me i did not,expect i guess i should have uh expected,nitro,but i guess before i open it ill just,try a little bit of it off the top there,because im a little i dont wanna,im trying to not make a mess here i,need to get just like a pile of napkins,from my desk okay right off the top,it smells very theres not much theres,not like much of a smell to it okay it,had like,it had like a little bit of uh did you,guys see that it was almost like,almost had like a thickness to it when,it was first coming out there um so,definitely not,coffee,uh it would that would have been,interesting that sounded tasty here we,go done that,right now i dont know um,im gonna have to try it if i can kind,of im gonna let it marinate a little,bit i dont know how to feel right now i,think the main thing that i want to say,about this right now is it really just,hey and its probably just,the nitrogen aspect uh,i dont know but theres a thing about,it thats like it is definitely you left,you left the pepsi,in the fridge open for like a day or two,and thats what it tastes like its,straight up a,flat,regular pepsi almost without even much,of the regular pepsi flavor the words on,the back of the can are smooth creamy,and easy to drink um i do get that it it,does have a smoothness to it and maybe,thats what my brain is confusing itself,with like it doesnt know how to,process,uh s,smooth,i dont know its its different its,definitely different the nitro aspect,im gonna go ahead and dive into the,vanilla now because i feel like,the creaminess and the smoothness that,theyre going for might be better with a,with a flavor like this like this this,excites me this im im excited to taste,the vanilla but with the flavor that im,having in the blue one,so the color is basically the same i,dont i cant tell that this is vanilla,versus the other one so,here we go with the vanilla one,hmm,thats interesting okay um i would say,the vanilla one is definitely the good,one what i kind of predicted in this,situation is kind of what happened um,the vanilla definitely has,almost like that coke float sort of,taste that i was really hoping for um,its pepsi i guess but pepsi if you,mixed it with vanilla ice cream thats,really good thing the smooth creamy and,all those those things that it says on,it like that matches way more with the,vanilla and by a lot because this other,one i dont know theres just something,about it,it the vanilla doesnt taste as flat,its actually pretty tasty i would have,this again i would you know and this,could be pretty awesome pour it over,some ice cream and make float and the,smell is a lot better too just a side,note though yeah the vanilla is,definitely the superior of the two um,but it wasnt necessarily supposed to be,a comparison its just you know i just,want to try both but you cant help but,to like something more than another um i,was actually fearing that you know what,i got the first one i was i was a little,worried about the vanilla but then i was,like its its gotta be a little better,right and ella still has a little bit of,that flat taste that i dont like but,not as much as the blue one so with that,being said the nitrile pepsi vanilla,draft cola i would definitely give the,vanilla like an 83 a solid kind of b,area and then you got the regular,uh nitro draft cola which just didnt,hit it for me and you know maybe if i,tried it again because i did actually,get two cases of this because i couldnt,find them in the singles i i dont even,know where i really put this so probably,just like a 67 its around a d so i i,definitely wouldnt try this again but i,definitely would have,this one again so definitely try either,one guys let me know uh which ones did,you try,and are you excited about this um i know,theres a lot of hype around the nitro,pepsi thing um and i was excited because,i i literally went,to walmart like last minute before they,closed and just to get something,completely unrelated and happened to,spot them and i had seen like all week,long the internet talking about you know,people getting the nitro pepsi i was,just like come on i cant find it and i,literally just happened to spot it so it,was fate that i went back to walmart,that night but leave your comments guys,as you always do did you try the nitro,pepsis,which one are you most excited about and,whats uh whats your favorite soda out,there i want to know and if you havent,yet check out that review over there,that might be something that you missed,here on the channel and or something you,might find enjoyment in thank you guys,so much for watching as always for your,liking commenting and subscribing and,youre sharing and all that guys and i,hope that you have an amazing day and,ill see you next time trav out and,peace out

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