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Performance Review Questions: SMART Questions to Ask Your Manager in a Performance Review

in this video were talking about,questions you can ask in your,performance review specifically as an,employee or as an emerging leader what,questions should you ask to learn more,about yourself to improve yourself at,work and to get the most out of your,performance review in this video Im,going to share 12 questions that you can,pick and choose from depending on your,level of experience or level of,seniority if that sounds interesting to,you then keep watching a lot of people,go into a performance review with a very,passive approach and they expect the,manager to be the only one who asks,questions but in reality you should be,asking questions as well it really helps,to show that youre proactive and that,youre eager to learn and youre eager,to develop as a professional the 12,questions Im going to share with you in,this video fall into four different,categories overall performance areas for,improvement future outlook and Company,insights you should aim to ask at least,one question from each of these four,categories so you can get a balanced,view on your performance overall,performance these questions are about,understanding your overall performance,since your last performance review this,is a good place to start because it,really gets your boss thinking about how,youve been working there are three,questions you could ask here the first,one is is my work output meeting your,expectations this question will help you,understand if your boss is happy with,your progression and with the effort,that youre putting in if they answer,yes to this question then its a great,confidence boost for the rest of the,performance review if they answered no,to this question its a great segue to,talk about areas for improvement,question two how do you measure my,progress this is important for you to,know because when you understand how,youre being evaluated what metrics does,does your manager use what ratings do,they use then you are better able to,understand how you can improve or impact,those ratings its basically giving you,an in insight into what your manager,looks at so you can focus on those areas,too question three how much have I,contributed to achieving our teams,goals this is a great question to ask,because it helps you single out your,contribution it helps you highlight it,in the eyes of your manager and it helps,you understand the value that your,manager places on you and your,importance in the team so when preparing,for your performance review choose one,of these three questions to understand,your current performance number two,areas for improvement questions about,areas for improvement are essential,because the answers you get will help,you grow and develop into a more,successful professional and since youve,just asked about your current,performance the next logical step is to,ask about Aries for improvement there,are three questions you can ask the,first one is what additional knowledge,or skills will make me more effective in,my role so here youre making yourself,look proactive youre making yourself,look like somebody who is eager to,develop and eager to grow into a better,professional and ideally what you want,your boss to respond with is one to,three areas that you need to improve on,this could be skills it could be,technical skills or a soft skills that,you need to develop it could be,something around your interactions at,work it could be something around the,mindset or basically the approach you,have to various projects take this,information and act on it find courses,that can give you these skills or help,you develop this knowledge that you need,you can ask your manager for help in,this area or you can simply do it,yourself number two how can I better,support my team this question shows that,you recognize youre a part of a team,you are a team player and you want to,help and support your teammates as well,number three how can I better support,you in your role managers love this,question it shows that you want to help,and support them in their role because,you know that when you do you help and,support the team overall this question,will definitely put a smile on your your,managers face when you ask questions,about the future outlook youre,essentially asking questions about your,future in the company your future in,regards to Promotions to pay Rises or to,lucrative opportunities these can be,scary topics for people to talk about,but they shouldnt be because it shows,your eagerness to advance and to,contribute even more value to the,company there are three questions you,can ask here the first one is are there,any additional projects or tasks that I,can work on here youre forcing your,manager to think about expanding your,responsibility youre saying to them,that you want more responsibility and,youre forcing them to think about how,you can get that number two what would,make me a candidate for a promotion with,this question youre trying to get your,manager or leader to think about the,skills or experience you need for that,next level in your career this basically,helps you get a roadmap of what you need,to work towards number three can we talk,about compensation this is a bold,question but if you want a pay rise its,not something that will generally be,given to you freely more often than not,youre going to have to ask for that pay,rise this question allows you to test,the waters and to see if your boss is,open to discussing a pay rise for you,they might not be ready to have this,discussion with you right there and then,but at least it indicates to them that,this is something youre thinking about,and youll probably ask them later on,the last category is Corporate insights,and this will give you information on,corporate goals challenges and Direction,it also helps you see how you are linked,to those corporate goals how your,contribution impacts those corporate,goals or helps the company achieve those,corporate goals plus it lets your,manager know that youre thinking about,the big picture there are three,questions you can ask number one what,are the most important goals for the,company in the next 12 months you may,already be familiar with this but it,will either allow you to learn something,new or get clarification on something,that you already know about number two,what is the companys biggest challenge,asking about challenges the company,faces is helpful because it gives you an,idea and a good understanding about the,company but also the environment it,operates in you can show off your,problem-solving skills or your,creativity in discussing possible,solutions to the problem that the,company faces number three what goals,are important to you again you are,turning the focus back onto the manager,and thats what makes this a winning,question and it really gives you an,opportunity to understand what your,manager is working on what is important,to them and how you can fit yourself,into that picture you will get a much,broader understanding of how you fit,into the companys goals and your,managers goals as well so when preparing,for your performance review choose one,question from each of these four,categories to ask your manager or to ask,the person giving you the performance,review to really get a good,understanding about your performance now,for those of you who want to recap of,all the questions that I shared with you,in this video here it is these are the,three questions for overall performance,these are the three questions for areas,for improvement these are the three,questions for future outlook these are,the three questions for corporate,insights asking questions in a,performance review is really only a,small part of the performance review you,also need to communicate about your,achievements how you have progressed and,talk about areas that you want to,improve on all of those things are what,I talk about in this video right here,communication tips for your performance,review thank you so much for watching,and Ill see you in the next video

Performance Review Tips

Hey Ambitious Professionals! Its Linda Raynier of lindaraynier.com guiding you to a,career and life youll truly enjoy. And in todays video Im going to teach you my,five steps on how to prepare for a one-on-one meeting with your manager or,boss especially if its a performance review meeting and youre wanting to,request either a salary increase a promotion or a special project to work,on,now as a career strategist Ive had the honour of being able to help numerous,professionals land their dream job offers and if this is something that,youre interested in working with me one on one I can give you details about that,at the end of this video now when it comes to a performance meeting with your,boss or manager there are several things that you need to be aware of before the,meeting during the meeting and after the meeting so here are the things tip,number one before the meeting prepare your value and accomplishments stories,ahead of time in order to convince your boss or manager that you are a strong,performer at your work and that you deserve whatever it is that you plan to,request of them you need to have clear quantifiable achievements to be able to,articulate to your manager in the meeting and so to help you with this,process some questions that you can ask yourself involve what have I done in the,last year or six months that have been beyond my typical daily duties and tasks,then ask yourself what was the situation surrounding those events what was the,problem or issue that people were having to deal with how were people in the,company feeling about this situation including yourself then ask yourself,what action steps did I take and dont be overly detailed talk about it from a,high-level perspective what were the key phases or the key steps that you,implemented and then finally ask yourself what were the results be clear,hopefully theyre quantifiable results that actually show a vast difference,from the situation before to what you ended up helping to achieve tip number,two before the meeting is to make sure that you are clear on what you plan to,request now this is pretty obvious but if you plan to ask for a raise or you,think you deserve a promotion or you want to ask for a vacation or you want,to ask to work on an important project just be clear about whatever that thing,is that you want to request obviously before you go into the meeting now lets,get into the steps that youll do during the meeting step number one listen to,what your boss or manager has to say generally theyll start off the meeting,with an agenda or purpose of what they want to discuss with you so dont be the,first to speak let he or she say theyve planned to say and you can just,sit back and listen now step number two is to assess whether its the right time,to move forward with your request or stop to ask for constructive criticism,where some professionals go wrong in these performance reviews is that they,have a complete opposite perception of their own performance compared to what,their manager has of them depending on their personality for some of you,professionals either you think that youre doing way better than what your,manager is perceiving you to be or you feel that youre doing way worse than,what your manager perceives you to be doing now depending on whether the,feedback is positive or negative you want to adjust your game plan,accordingly if your boss or manager had nothing but good things to say about you,and gave you a great review then you can proceed to step number three which is to,articulate your value and accomplishments now if you just got a,negative performance review then you want to pause for a second and you want,to ask your boss to explain and give specific examples or circumstances that,prove what theyre saying and that justify your performance review and this,isnt a time to argue its a time to listen intently and even take notes if,you can so heres the thing if you are in a performance review meeting and,youre getting negative feedback from your manager then instead of making your,request which you had planned to initially you want to put that on hold,and instead be able to walk away from the meeting with a clear plan of action,ask your manager to provide you with his or her expectations for what they want,of you over the next six months for example and make sure that you,understand exactly what those objectives are what you need to do to achieve those,objectives or exceed those expectations so that you can get your performance,back to a level that is positive so that then at that point in time you can make,your request now for those of you whove gotten positive performance reviews then,step number three is to articulate your value and accomplishments so youll,start out by saying something along the lines of as you know over the last year,or X number of months Ive been able to demonstrate my value and accomplished,several achievements that have been above and beyond my role and from there,go into your exam so start describing the specific,instances where you have gone above and beyond the situation the action and the,results from those make sure that your brief and concise and really only bring,about the accomplishments that are the most important so dont go overboard and,start talking about more than four or five accomplishments in a row and,finally step number four make your request youll then say as a result of,the value that Ive been able to demonstrate to the team and the company,Id like to request link and state your request there then the next thing you,want to do is be silent just look them in the face with a pleasant expression,on your face and see how your boss or manager responds and then after that,step number five is to ask for next steps and their expectations of you so,your boss will likely have said okay well let me get back to you on that and,then your response will be okay so can we talk about next steps and,expectations for the future you want to leave the meeting with clear,expectations of what your boss or manager has for you for the near future,so do you dont want to leave the meeting without having an understanding,of what those are that way in order to maintain your level of performance,youll be able to create goals and targets for yourself that match to the,expectations of what your boss requires of you also you want it ask them for the,time frame for when theyre gonna get back to you on your request just so that,you have that in mind and that you can hold them accountable to to make sure,that they get back to you after the meeting you want to do a few things one,thing is to send a follow-up email detailing the items that were discussed,in the meeting and thanking your manager for their time you can start it off by,saying thanks for meeting with me today and for providing my performance review,I plan to implement the steps and achieve the targets we discussed and I,look forward to hearing confirmation for my request so there you have it those,are my tips and steps on how to prepare for a performance review meeting with,your boss or manager now if youre someone whos been on this path of,searching for a new position you want to make a career change youve been looking,for awhile but you just havent had much luck and youre ready to get one-on-one,professional help then feel free to reach out to me head on over to my,website lindaraynier.com/standoutgethired,read through the page fill out the application form and if we feel that,we are a match then one of my team members will reach out to you directly,if you liked this video then please give it a thumbs up subscribe share it with,your friends thank you so much for watching and I will see you next time

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Employee Performance Review – An Easy How-To-Guide

most employees and managers dread the,performance appraisal process it is just,simply not peoples favorite time of,year but it doesnt have to be that way,Im Sheri Harley I lead candid culture,were training and education firm,helping organizations all over the world,help their employees be more candid at,work and feel more comfortable doing so,were going to spend about 15 minutes,together and were just going to talk,about the performance appraisal process,and have it be simple and clear and not,painful,in fact almost painless so first is this,number one is to spend a little bit of,time crafting and appraisal for your,employees that is both detailed and,specific,Im not saying spend a ton of time but,invest enough that your employees feel,that you cared enough to spend a little,bit of time that will go a long way to,helping your relationship be even,stronger than it is now,I suggest that both employees and,managers keep a me file so employee you,should keep a file for themselves where,throughout the year they collect good,feedback projects wins anything that,theyre proud of emails they received,and they should just throw it in a,folder and at the end of the year the,employee should send that to you the,manager and you can use that to help,craft their appraisal you do not follow,your employees around Lisa Im hoping,and assuming you dont if you follow,your employees every day everywhere they,go you probably need more to do and I,doubt that thats true so youre not,there all the time,so youre going to need data right,youre going to have your data but you,also need their data and other peoples,data so number one ask your employees to,keep a me file and collect their data on,their performance at the end of the year,youre also going to want to reach out,to other people throughout the,organization call your employees,internal customers,you can call the people they service,internally you can call vendors you can,call customers anyone that people work,with directly closely and regularly and,just ask how has John Smith perform this,year what did you get that you needed,what did you not get what did we do well,and what could we do better you want to,get something called a 360 point of view,when you get your employees customers,colleagues business partners vendors,point of view you get a complete picture,of their performance which is way more,accurate than just your impressions,because youre not there all the time,once you have your feedback you have,your employees feedback and you have a,casual 360 by calling around youre,ready to write the appraisal you want to,be specific and clear and not,over-the-top with data people cannot get,better at 17 things they cant focus on,more than lets say 2 or 3 so think,about you like lets say its January,1st and you are setting your New Years,resolutions and youre feeling,optimistic so youre going to lose 30,pounds and youre going to go to grad,school part-time youre going to buy a,new house youre going to go on vacation,twice youre going to read five classics,and youre going to get promoted at work,no youre not theres no one who can do,all of that in one year and when the bar,is set so high people peter out quickly,and they do nothing and they get,discouraged performance appraisals are,actually really similar what are the,three things that your employees did,most and the best this year that are the,most important thats what you want to,focus on in your appraisal so what three,things do your employees need to,replicate that they did well that you,want them to keep doing that is most,important based on their goals and,whats important to the organization,next year focus on those three things,then what are three things the employee,did that he or she really should do,differently either what area could he or,she grow or develop meaning theyve,never done that its a skill that they,want to get or take on something they,want to learn thats new or something,that really needs to get corrected or,fixed three things not more now Im not,saying you cant address more than three,things in the appraisal but I want you,to consider that people can only focus,on a couple things at a time if you want,your employees to be efficient effective,get better keep doing the things they do,well give them little things to focus on,all the time you can always meet again,next month or in 90 days or six months,and add more the other thing is this Im,going to be honest I worked in corporate,America for twelve years before I,started my business and I was a driven,type-a successful careerist and I did,well and still I never had a performance,appraisal where I didnt want to quit,the next day it can be a very,discouraging process and more so I think,in please even if they hear ten good,things that they did well and one thing,that was negative we all know that we,can home thinking about the negative so,you want a process for your employees,that they can really take in what youre,saying and they feel encouraged and more,engaged not discouraged I would suggest,to do that that you really help people,focus you point out the positive and you,point out the negative which is often,called constructive which is just a nice,word for negative but people do need,both but keep it simple and keep it,pretty sick synced and short,the other thing is this the best,feedback is specific and I have to be,candid most feedback I see is actually,useless,I call it Captain Crunch its like,popped childrens breakfast cereal with,milk its like moving air around the,room with a little noise mixed in so if,you tell your employees theyre doing,well they had a great year they need to,be more assertive or more aggressive,they need to work harder then you can be,more detail-oriented they need to be,more complete they need to be more,accurate they need to be more timely,none of that is actually feedback that,is buff right its vague I call it an,attribute like a descriptor blond hair,short tall those are descriptions,theyre not actually feedback feedback,is a description plus a verb meaning,what did the person do the more specific,the feedback the more helpful it is so,when I know exactly what I did well I,can replicate it when I know exactly,what didnt go well I can change it but,when Im not sure what youre talking,about I dont know what to do and all I,do is get really really defensive human,beings are going to get defensive when,they get feedback regardless of how well,it was delivered and how nice and how,softly they will get less defensive when,its specific when I can see like almost,like on a DVD or a video when I can see,the event go by when you describe it to,me so clearly that I can remember it,like oh yeah youre right I was late,that day I remember that I did turn that,in late I did take a vacation day on the,busiest day of the year I did wear,something a little crazy in front of a,customer,I can remember it Im not going to like,hearing it but Im going to be able to,absorb it and I will get less defensive,so you cant prevent your employees from,being defensive when they get negative,feedback we all get defensive I call,that human but you can reduce their,defensive nough stream lis specific to,be,specific youre again going to have to,watch your employees performance and,youre going to have to get feedback,both from them and from other people and,that can be a little time-consuming Im,going to recommend you do that,throughout the year like I said so,throughout the year just call your,customers your internal customers and,ask for feedback on your employees and,talk about what youre getting,throughout the year thats the ideal,case the performance review process is,called review because it should be the,year in review it is not a preview it is,not a trailer so ideally when you meet,with your employees you should be,talking about things youve already,talked about so a good appraisal sounds,something like this,thanks for coming in today were going,to briefly review last year the year,thats ending be

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PERFORMANCE REVIEW TIPS FOR EMPLOYEES | How to Prepare for a Performance Review

You have a performance review coming up,,and you need to know how to prepare for a performance review at work.,So that you can slay that performance appraisal. But how do you do that?,With these performance review tips for employees, of course.,Hello and welcome back to my channel,,where I help you slay your career and cultivate the successful life that you,want. If this is your first time here,,I highly recommend clicking that subscription button, and the notification bell,,so that you get the best career success advice on the weekly.,Youre probably here today though because you want to ace your performance,review.,Which is perfect because Im sharing performance review tips for employees.,Make sure that you watch all the way through the end,,because today Im sharing with you advice that,no other career coach is going to tell you.,And number four is where the biggest mistakes are made.,If youre ready,,go ahead and click that like button and lets jump right into it!.,The first phase is to gather data. Or is it day-ta? What do you say?,Let me know in the comments down below.,If youre in the Strive Squad or you follow me on LinkedIn,,youve heard of me talk about the Chronicle of Awesomeness.,And if you have that in place, this phase is going to be super simple.,For this phase, youre going to need at least a couple of things. First of all,,youre going to need your job description,as well as any success metrics such as KPIs, MBO,,quotas. Whatever it is you call them. You need to start here,,because if you have a formal review process at your company,,chances are theyre going to make it as quantified as possible.,And ideally, at least if its a well executed performance review,,your success metrics are going to provide the baseline of the conversation.,Because you dont want to have any surprises when you walk into that room.,What you want to do is,,you want to figure out where you are across those different benchmarks.,If you have a quota, did you meet your quota? Did you achieve it?,Did you have a KPI? How did you perform on that? Beyond that,,what you want to do whenever possible,is also measure the impact as a direct result of the work that you have done.,This is especially true if youve done a high impact project,,and if you havent heard me mention a high impact project before,,I do have a video on it.,Which you can check out after you finish watching this one.,Those things are going to account for your quantitative elements.,But what we want to do as well,,is we want to bring in some qualitative elements.,Do you have any compliments from a coworker?,Or did you receive a glowing testimonial from a customer?,Did your counterpart on another team vouch that nothing,would have happened if it hadnt been for your contributions on a project?,If you have any notes or accolades along those lines,,you absolutely want to gather them in this phase. Sure, you cant count them,,other than of course the number of glowing reviews that youve received,,but they are an important part of the process.,Because the qualitative data is what is going to give context.,Once you have all of that data gathered or data gathered,,its time to move into the next step, which is going to be communication.,One the things that almost every single hiring manager that I know is so,appreciative of, but basically I have never heard anyone talk about,,is actually sending this information along to your boss.,If you know that they are in the stage of the,performance review process where they need to be writing performance reviews,,theyre going to have a lot on their plate and them.,Going through for each person on their team to know where they did well,,where their growth areas are,,and remembering all of the great things that happened,is actually a very overwhelming task.,And this is why it can be incredibly helpful for you to send,a note along to your manager that outlines all of the major accomplishments,and achievements that youve had over the course of the year.,The reason I think that everyone should do this is,,not only is it going to save time and frustration for your manager,,and really help them out,,it is actually going to be something that shows that you are proactive,,youre attentive to the needs of your manager,,your team as well as your company.,And that you are really focused and aligned with the things,that are actually being measured against in terms of performance.,Depending on your relationship with your manager,,you may want to have just a quick conversation, or shoot them a note,,to ask them if this would be something that is helpful and relevant.,This is particularly important I think,,if you dont really know the management side of the performance review,and what their timelines are.,Because if your manager has already done this step,,its not going to have the same impact.,However, it is still beneficial because once again,,when you actually have the performance review meaning,it is going to be very helpful for them to know exactly what,you are going to walk in wanting to talk about.,One more thing that I do want to highlight at this point,is that you are just passing along the information.,Youre not giving any judgements towards it.,Youre not patting yourself on the head to your manager.,You are simply just conveying factual information that is,going to support them in their side of the process. In most companies though,,this is going to bring you into phase three,,which is typically a formal process.and that is self evaluation.,If your company does have a formal self evaluation process,along with the performance review process, you are going to hear word,,probably from your people operations or your human resources team,,about what you need to do and when you actually need to do it.,I cant tell you exactly what thats going to be,,because this really ranges widely depending on your company,and their particular processes.,But usually it is going to be an exercise as self-reflection,,where you share things like your goals,,and the things that you would like to work on.,Take your time and invest into the self evaluation form here.,You want to make sure that you are crystal clear on the goals,that you have for yourself for the next year so that,you can frame the conversation with your manager. Along with that,,if there are any skills that you are trying to build and expand on,,also make sure that that is integrated into your,self evaluation because that is again going.,to help you make the progress and make sure that your manager,has visibility and is able to give you the support and,direction that you need in order to make that progress.,One thing I do really want to highlight here though,,and this one is a very important one because this is a big mistake,that I see people make, and that is this is not the time to beat yourself up,about stuff that doesnt really matter.,We all make mistakes and we are all less than perfect beings. Even myself,,I know you dont believe me, but its totally true.,We all have things that we can improve on, things that could have gone better.,And while we want to be accountable for those things,,what we dont want to be is disproportionally accountable at this phase.,It is not your job to take accountability for someone elses deficiency.,If someone else made an error, if something went totally sideways,,own anything that you did wrong there but do not own the situation.,The self evaluation, you should actually be doing the exact opposite.,You should be somewhat uncomfortably boastful in this process.,It feels really weird and it feels very foreign for you to be boasting,about the things that you did and taking accountability,for all of the awesome things, even when they were a team effort. But trust me,,at most organizations, this is actually part of the game.,This doesnt mean that youre taking credit for other peoples actual work,,but what you do want to make sure youre doing is that,youre effectively taking ownership over the successes,that you ha

3 Critical Questions to Ask During Your Next Performance Review

the three most important questions you,have to ask during your next performance,review,[Music],do you feel stressed out when your next,performance review is around the corner,it is really important to realize that,it shouldnt be a one-way audit of your,performance over the past,few months instead it should be a,two-way communication where you get to,ask questions and make requests asking,thoughtful and relevant questions will,set you up for success in your role,and result in better more relevant,feedback so lets look at the three,questions,the first one is what are the overall,goals challenges and priorities of the,organization and particularly the part,that you fit in,so here it helps you understand the,bigger picture you can work with your,manager to agree on the individual goals,you should focus on and the supporting,activities you should prioritize under,each of those goals ask your manager to,work with you to set smart goals or okay,ours to give you the best chance for,success and you can see more on okrs and,smart goats on my channel also be clear,on how you should measure your,performance and what key results and,milestones you should be aiming for the,more specific and clear you are the more,likely it is that you will be able to,reach your goals and also ask for help,and support in case youre not reaching,the goals or youre off track in terms,of your targets,the second question is how can the,organization help me to improve and,support me in reaching my goals,conversations about your own development,are an important part of any performance,review discuss any additional knowledge,or skills that could make you more,effective in your role are there,resources like training development or,coaching that could help you improve,this is the perfect place in your review,to explore your strengths,and how you could leverage them better,as well as any weaknesses and how to,best address them,and the third question is what does my,future look like in this organization,this part of the conversation is where,you explore opportunities for you to,develop and grow within the company and,advocate for yourself so you are,supported in that journey as part of,this question you can explore if there,are any opportunities for you to grow,either inside your current team or,beyond you can also discuss any future,changes to the company and where you,would fit into that future plan,this part of the interview is about,exploring what should be the next step,in your career with these questions you,should be ready for a productive and,positive conversation that will help you,deliver on your goals and feel good,about the direction your career is,heading,and as always remember to subscribe to,my channel for more content like this

5 Most Asked Performance Appraisal Questions With Answers

today I will share five most common,performance appraisal questions with,answers,grab those growth opportunities hike and,promotion that you deserve for your,performance,[Music],so lets straight away jump into the,question number one and that is did you,achieve the goals which were set for you,in the last performance appraisal and,what did you do to achieve them the,answer is very simple you have to adopt,a sar technique s-a-r situation action,and result let me give you an example if,you have set you for yourself three,goals at the beginning of the year that,were signed between you and your manager,now you have to explain each and every,goal by adopting the situation action,and result technique what was the,challenge you were facing how did you,come out of those challenges and what,was the result which was produced,against each and every goal lets say,you achieve two of the goals and one,goal was missed so you did not hide the,third goal you have to say that the,third goal was not met because of these,circumstances because of these,challenges however I am committed and I,am gonna make sure that at the beginning,of this year were gonna achieve this,goal as well,question number two and once again the,most important question what was your,accomplishment in the last year during,your work now the answer to this,question is whatever accomplishments you,have had in the last year you should,have a ready list for that for example,you did some presentation in the,boardroom and you were well appreciated,for that work whatever the project,whatever was the assignment which was,given to you if you have accomplished,that thoroughly you should be prepared,with it number one number two you can,also talk about the the mentoring which,you have done for a co-worker that is,also an achievement if your co-worker,was not able to perform the task up to,the level which was expected from him or,her and you personally helped that,person to achieve that work that can,also be figured out in the,accomplishments number three another,example is that if you have really gone,ahead and done some beautiful project,and help your customer your client to,achieve certain targets certain revenues,where you can quantify the number that,will give a magical impression and will,help you talk about your accomplishments,in the last year question number three,and that is what is the biggest,challenge you have faced last year now,lets say one of your co-workers was on,an emergency leave and you were to go,and wear his or her shoes and perform,the tasks he or she was performing now,keeping that in mind you have performed,a dual responsibility which was always,out of your comfort zone and you have to,learn certain skills to do that job,perfectly and that is the challenge,which you can talk about as an example,similarly you can talk about handling a,tough customer a tough client who was,not ready to believe in the project,which was assigned to you and you went,out of your comfort zone to make that,customer understand and that this,project is important and that got some,great results a revenue which was,unexpected so challenge you have,attacked in this way question number,four in what ways,you think you can contribute immensely,to this organization right now you have,been doing some work since long now this,is the time where you can talk about,your extraordinary career goals which,you have set for yourself this is the,time where you will highlight your USP,and the problem solving attitude how you,can do that you can talk about the,benefits which an organization will get,if you learn some skills which will help,you to develop your career as well as,help the organization to get some more,benefits for example if the company was,planning to hire someone for a new role,that is a bigger Rule and if you can,Garner those skills acquire those skills,and then tell your manager that if I,learn these skills and do that job,perfectly how would that sound to you,that will give a thought to your manager,that this person is having a positive,attitude in a positive approach and,wants to save some cost for the,organization so a dual benefit what are,your long-term career goals and can the,organization help you achieve them this,is the last question which you might,face from your manager right and here,you have to be really clear on your,career goals what do you want to achieve,in next three years two five years lets,say you want to own a leadership,position do you know the roadmap do you,know the steps to reach there if you are,clear you can explain that what should,be done as a Next Step which will take,you there however if youre not clear,you can express your feelings and you,can see the managers help that this is,what I want to achieve in my life I want,to be a leader I want to be in a strong,position after three years in the same,organization can you help me learn those,vital skills which will get me that,position youve got to be very clear,similarly if you want to learn selling,skills if you want to learn negotiation,skills if you want to learn any skill,which is required for your growth you,have to be explicitly clear on that and,well planned go and talk about this to,your manager so that it can be,communicated to the right people and,they can help you grow in your career,goals now this completes your five,crucial questions which might come to,you in your performance appraisal along,with answers this was really to help you,transform your career now if you want to,learn the hacks which helped me go from,an underpaid professional to making a 60,lakh rupees of annual salary and that,too by learning the simple four-step,technique watch out the video on your,screen

Annual Performance Review Best Practices

the annual performance review can be a,stressful experience for both managers,and employees in this video Ill talk,about some best practices to make the,annual performance review a productive,fruitful and enjoyable experience,hello im stephen goldberg of optimist,performance bringing you practical tips,and ideas on leadership teamwork and,personal productivity in the workplace,if you havent already subscribed to my,channel please do so and put a thumbs-up,at the end if you liked this video ive,often spoken to managers and employees,alike who say they dread the experience,of going through the annual performance,review and for good reasons and often,its because employees dont know what,to expect and managers have not done,what they need to do during the year to,prepare for that annual review many,companies such as Deloitte assaulter and,even Microsoft have done away with the,annual performance review as they found,that it is not contributed to the,overall productivity of the organization,and of the employee so what to do,instead what I recommend and this is in,line with my recommendation to take on a,coaching style of leadership is to meet,with the employee regularly to give,feedback and thats different than just,patting them on the back from time to,time and giving positive or negative,feedback its actually a coaching,session where you get to sit down with,the employee and talk about how theyre,doing in their job what is being done,well what are their goals and objectives,doing a review of what youve,established perhaps at the beginning of,the year in the annual review now some,companies have certain criteria to go,through during an annual performance,review so if they have its even more,important to meet regularly with the,employee to discuss those criteria and,try and align it with the expectations,of the job,now sometimes annual performance reviews,contain very general criteria on which,to evaluate the employee so thats great,but you also want to make it,personalized if you dont already have,criteria established I dont suggest,going out and finding a template with,already made criteria I mean there are,those that exist and theyre contained,in free softwares free surveys that the,employee can complete and you can,complete and then you can compare notes,but I suggest making it more,personalized and one way to do that is,to start with a role description a job,description and I have a video that or a,few videos actually that walk you,through how to write a role description,and Ill put a link to that in the,description of this video and at the top,of the screen you see the little eye,icon you can click on that and go right,to that video and theres also a link in,the description to the form that Ive,created the the template to write a role,description I provide information on how,to make a job description specific to,the job and even to establish minimum,performance standards so if you write,that role description and you meet with,the employee on a regular basis Id say,every quarter so every three months and,you discuss how the person is doing in,terms of the tasks related to the job,the responsibilities and the objectives,or the performance standards that you,may have set by meeting regularly youll,remove the stress of meeting to do the,annual performance review only once a,year youll have prepared the ground and,each of you will have a better idea of,what to expect in that annual,performance review one other thing that,you can include in your regular meetings,with the employee is to evaluate you as,a manager how youre doing in terms of,providing support Ill talk about that,more in future videos so again if youre,not already subscribed I suggest you do,so at the end of the year the annual,performance,review is is a good time to wrap,everything up celebrate your successes,talk about training and development,needs for the upcoming year,so doing a little bit longer projection,is a good practice to put in place at,that time so just to summarize I suggest,meeting regularly with employees taking,a coaching style of leadership have a,discussion with them on how theyre,doing in their job also maybe discuss,how youre doing as a manager to support,them and use a role description if you,dont have already established criteria,so I hope you find these tips practical,and that youll take action on them,right away heres another video thats,recommended for you if you like the,content please give this video a thumbs,up share it and leave a comment visit my,website to find articles that accompany,these videos such as the one on writing,a role description where you can,download the Job Description,template an example thanks for listening,and well talk again soon

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