1. Secrets Of Successful Teamwork: Insights From Google
  2. Teamwork: Leading Effective Team Reviews
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  5. TEAMWORK Interview Questions & Answers!
  6. Teamwork Review: Top Features, Pros and Cons, and Alternatives to Consider
  7. Steve Jobs Talks About Teamwork

Secrets Of Successful Teamwork: Insights From Google

technology companies encourage their,employees to work together because,studies show the teams tend to innovate,faster achieve higher productivity see,mistakes more quickly and find better,solutions to problems yet not every team,is successful so how do you build a,highly effective team that is capable of,delivering expected results,a study run by Google will shed some,light on this question and help us,identify trades that all successful,Google teams shared several years ago,who will launch an internal project,Aristotle which was a huge data study,focused on the teamwork the tech giant,spent millions of dollars tracking 180,separate teams for three years the goal,of the project was simple yet ambitious,to find out what are the traits of the,highest performing teams in other words,the company wanted to know why some,teams stumbled while others sort,initially the researchers hypothesis was,that maybe best teams had members who,liked each other a lot or there was a,healthy mix of personality types while,the team members were friends outside of,work,yet none of these seemed to matter,the researchers could not find any,meaningful patterns in the data,basically there was no evidence that a,mix of specific personality types or,skills or backgrounds,made any difference the whole part of,the equation didnt seem to matter as,the researchers continued to study the,groups,they noticed two behaviors that all of,the best teams shared first is that the,team members spoke in roughly the same,proportion a phenomenon the researchers,call inequality in distribution of,conversational turn-taking,on some teams everyone spoke during each,task while on others leadership shifted,among teammates from assignment to,assignment but in each case at the end,of the day everyone had spoken roughly,the same amount in other words as long,as everyone got a chance to talk the,team did well but if only one person or,a small group spoke all the time the,collective intelligence declined second,the good teams all had high average,social sensitivity a fancy way of saying,they were skilled at reading how others,felt based on their tone of voice their,expressions in other nonverbal cues one,of the easiest way to determine social,sensitivity is to show someone photos of,a persons eyes and ask to describe what,that person is feeling an exam known as,reading the mind in the eyes people on,successful teams scored about average on,this test they seemed to know when,someone was feeling upset or left out,people on less effective teams in,contrast scored below average they,seemed to be less sensitive towards,their colleagues by the end of the,project researchers came to conclusion,that it didnt matter who was on the,team what mattered was how team members,treated each other,teams were everybody talked and,everybody showed respect by listening,and paying attention created,psychologically safe atmosphere inside,the team and psychological safety of,each member in the group had a positive,effect on the teams ability to succeed

Teamwork: Leading Effective Team Reviews

you will of course be holding regular,one-on-one review meetings with your,team members,but if you want to encourage really good,teamwork,you also need to hold regular team,reviews,this is where you get your whole team,together,to jointly assess how team working is,going,and what you can do to improve it,in a team review you should certainly,facilitate a conversation,about how the team is performing against,its goals its objectives its,requirements its tasks its plan,however this tends to be a,backward looking discussion and it tends,to look,at proxy indicators for,the quality of your team working now yes,its really important that youre,meeting your goals youre,achieving your plan but for sustainable,changes,you need to move your focus from a task,focus,to a process focus and understand the,process of how your teamwork is going,if you get the process right then the,results will surely,follow when you facilitate a,conversation,amongst your team about how well the,team is working,there are a number of things you should,consider,heres my long list you would be unwise,to try to consider all of these at every,team meeting,but you may want to bring up different,ones at different times,so that over the period of your team,working together,you will constantly be reevaluating all,of these elements of teamwork,that said you should always make sure,you leave an opportunity for,individuals within the team to raise,anything of concern to them,that means that some of these things,will come into your discussion,organically,even if you hadnt planned to discuss,them,first interactions and respect how is,the team getting on with one another,how are they treating one another whats,the quality of the communication,secondly is the clarity with which the,team understands their goals,their tasks their plan what it is,theyre trying to do and in particular,the extent to which individuals properly,understand the roles that they play and,how they need to work together,which brings us onto three the quality,of the collaboration how people are,actually working with one another,are they pretty much eyes down and,siloed onto their own piece of work,or are they working well together and,genuinely giving us the advantages of,team working fourth how well,are they actually communicating with one,another sharing the information,discussing the ideas that are important,what are the modes of communication how,much communication is there and what is,the quality of that communication,and what can we do to improve it and a,particular element of this,is the effectiveness of team meetings,how well are they working often we get,into a kind of rut of how we run our,team meetings and every team meeting,starts to look a little bit like the,last one,and when we first started that sequence,of team meetings we designed the meeting,well to meet the needs of the team,in the context it was working at that,time,but as time progresses the needs shift,and if the meeting structure doesnt,change to accommodate those changing,needs,then it becomes out of date so discuss,how well the meeting,is tailored to the needs of the team and,what changes you need to make,to bring the meeting up to date and if,your meeting has become nothing more,than a ritual we meet because we meet,then just stop it for a while and,replace it by something else,next we need to think about skills and,capabilities and expertise,are there gaps that you need to fill,either from within the team by,retraining people,or overlaps where people are trying to,do the same thing as one another,and that leads us on to number seven,which is to check that workloads and,allocations,are still effective have people got the,right amount of work,and have they got the right work to be,doing,are people still being stretched and,challenged by their work roles,if not what can we do to give them more,challenge in their work and therefore to,not only motivate them more but help,them to develop their skills further,are people getting bored with the role,theyre playing and needs swapping out,are there opportunities to further cross,train people to build,greater resilience into your team,number eight comes up sometimes which is,grumbles and complaints those little,low-level concerns that people have,let people air them and then find ways,to resolve them of more importance,is how the team handles issues and,solves problems,is it dealing with issues effectively,and in a timely manner,and has it found a good way to resolve,problems,and having resolved problems is it,putting those solutions into action,effectively,and what about decision making one of,the hardest things for a team to do,are people confident that the team has a,sound process,and the people are properly involved and,engaged in the process,and does the team feel that it has the,information it needs,when it has to make important decisions,number 11 is to discuss any obstacles or,constraints,or blockers that are coming from outside,of the team,as team leader part of your role is to,clear those blockages,so you need to understand what they are,and finally at number 12 are there any,elephants in the room are there any big,issues that nobody is prepared to,discuss because they are too,uncomfortable,because if there are then those issues,wont get,resolved if people dont discuss them,and the morale implications,if not the issues themselves will get,worse with time,if there is an elephant in the room you,all need to turn and face it,and discuss it,id like to end with two great team,review,exercises theyre both very similar,and theyre both very effective the one,ive used most often and it comes in,many variants,you might characterize as mad sad glad,and add usually,youll pick only three of them mad sad,and glad or mad glad and add,but what we do with these exercises,is put up posters we might put up four,posters,labeled respectively mad sad glad and ad,and then you ask individuals in the team,to write up,sticky notes each one is one thing that,either makes them mad about whats going,on,what makes them sad about whats going,on or makes them glad,about whats going on or they think we,need to add,to what were doing let them spend a,period of time writing as many notes as,they can and then invite everyone to,stick their notes onto the posters,and when everyone has done that invite,everyone to inspect the posters,and to collectively group sticky notes,together,so that they can see what the big themes,are and then facilitate a discussion,about,each poster and what the key elements,are and then you can move on,to discussing solutions to the problems,and actions that youre going to take as,a team,my second review exercise is perhaps a,variant on this its called a starfish,review,starfishes famously usually have,five limbs and there are five things to,discuss in a starfish review,in a similar way you want the team to,articulate what it wants,more of what it wants less of,what it needs to stop doing what it,needs to keep doing,and what it needs to start doing,once again once youve got all of that,stuff articulated,from everyones perspective and people,have contributed to whats already up,there,you can then start to discuss what,actions,flow from it a regular,periodic team review keeps teamwork,sharp it helps people to identify whats,going wrong with the team,it helps people to celebrate whats,going well with the team,and it gives the team confidence that,its own internal processes are important,please do give a thumbs up if you like,this video,theres loads more great management,courses content to come,so please do subscribe to our channel,and hit the notification bell,so you dont miss any of it i look,forward to seeing you,in the next video and in the meantime,keep learning

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2. Trusting Teams | THE 5 PRACTICES

trusting teams I went on a business trip,to Las Vegas and they put me up at the,Four Seasons out there which is a,beautiful hotel and one of the reasons,its a wonderful hotel is not because of,the fancy beds any hotel can buy a fancy,bed the reason the Four Seasons is a,fantastic hotel is because of the people,who work there that when you roam the,halls and somebody says hello you get,the distinct feeling that they wanted to,say hello not that they were told to say,hello were highly tuned social animals,we can tell the difference its like we,can always tell when someones working,on Commission right you can kind of feel,it right we can tell the difference when,somebodys genuinely being friendly or,not they happen to have a coffee bar in,the lobby theyre at the Four Seasons in,Las Vegas and one afternoon I went and,bought myself a cup of coffee and there,was a barista working that day named,Noah no it was funny and engaging,charming I spent far too long standing,there buying my cup of coffee because I,just so enjoyed talking to Noah so as is,my nature I asked Noah question I said,do you like your job and without,skipping a beat Noah said I love my job,now in my line of business thats,significant because like is rational I,like the people I work with I like the,job I like the challenge I get paid well,I like my job love is emotional its a,higher order connection do you love your,wife I like her a lot right theres,theres a difference Noah said I love my,job my ears perked up he has an,emotional connection to this company,this is interesting so I immediately,follow up and I said tell me,specifically what the Four Seasons is,doing that you would say to me you love,your job without skipping a beat Noah,said that throughout the day managers,will walk past him and ask him how hes,doing ask them theres anything that he,needs to do his job better not just his,manager any manager and then he also,said I also work at Caesars Palace and,theyre the managers walk past us and,catch us when were doing things wrong,and,make sure that were making the numbers,and performing and there I like to just,keep my head below the radar and get,through the day and collect my paycheck,he said only at the four seasons do I,feel I can be myself this is the exact,same human being and yet the customer,service experience that we would have,meeting in at one hotel or the other,will be profoundly different not because,of the person but because of the leaders,because the leadership environment in,which hes been asked to work I get this,question all the time,Simon how do we get the most out of our,people theyre not a towel we dont,wring them out to see how much we can,get out of our people its a flawed,question which means were gonna get,flawed answers the correct question is,how do we create an environment in which,our people can work at their natural,best and the answers will be profoundly,different if you do not have trusting,teams what you do have is a group of,people who show up to work every single,day lying hiding and faking remember a,trusting team is when people feel safe,its a trusting team as when people feel,they can be vulnerable amongst their own,they can raise their hand and say I made,a mistake or you promoted me to a,position where I dont really know what,to do I think I need more training or,Im having troubles at home and its,affecting my work or Im scared or I,need help without any fear of,humiliation without any fear of,retribution in fact they say these,things with confidence that their leader,their boss their colleagues were rushed,to them to support them if you do not,have trusting teams what you have is a,group of people who show up to work,every day who will hide mistakes for,fear of getting in trouble they will not,admit that you promoted them to a,position and they actually have no clue,what theyre doing theyre going to just,keep faking it they would never tell you,that theyre suffering undue stress,because of something thats happening at,home and that its affecting their work,theyre not going to tell you that,theyre scared and theyre definitely,not going to ask for help for fear that,theyll find themselves on,short list for the next round of,redundancies and eventually cracks will,show up and eventually the organization,will break not because of the people but,because of the leaders leading those,people we know what this looks like in,the extreme Im sure you all remember a,couple of years ago United Airlines had,an incident where they dragged a paying,customer off their aircraft with a,broken nose broken teeth and a,concussion I feel sorry for every single,member of that crew because 100% of them,knew that that was the wrong thing to do,but none of them spoke up none of them,intervened because they feared getting,in trouble more than doing the right,thing they did not work on trusting,teams this was not an anomaly this is a,steady build over the course of years,that eventually culminated in an event,like that I was witness to a scene that,played out years before with United,Airlines that gave a flag that something,was wrong a scene played out in front of,me as I was preparing to board a plane,where one of the passengers attempted to,board the aircraft before their group,number was called which as you all know,is a serious crime and that is exactly,how the gate agent treated this,passenger step aside sir I havent,called your group yet please step aside,and wait till I call your group is how,she talked to a paying customer and so I,spoke up I said why do you have to talk,to us that way why cant you talk to us,like were human beings and she looked,me in the eye and said sir if I dont,follow the rules I could get in trouble,or lose my job what she revealed to me,is that she does not feel safe in our,own organization her leaders do not,trust her to do the job for which shes,been trained to do and guess who suffers,company customer and her the reason we,love flying Virgin Atlantic for example,is not because they have some magical,formula to hire all the best people its,because the people who work there feel,safe in their own jobs they feel trusted,to do the job for which theyve been,trained to do and guess who benefits,customer company and the people who work,there,it is a leaders responsibility to set an,environment leadership is not about,being in charge leadership is about,taking care of those in your charge,leaders are not responsible for the,results,theyre responsible for the people who,are responsible for the results and if,you get the environment right you get,people like Noah if you get the,environment wrung you get people like,Noah,its not the people its the leaders,almost always when there are performance,issues almost always when there are,customer service issues its so rarely,the people yes we have anomalies of,course but if unbalanced you find that,theres issues its almost always the,leadership in the leadership environment,and usually its the lack of trusting,teams the job of leadership is to create,trusting teams and if you want to play,in the infinite game you must have,trusting teams one of the worst things,about trusting teams is how you build,them because theyre not traditional in,the sense that we set a target were,gonna build our teams of trust and we,set out to build them its more of a,practices like getting into shape its,like going to the gym yes you want to,get into shape,unfortunately you cant go to the gym,for nine hours and get into shape it,wont work but if you commit yourself to,go to the gym every single day for 20,minutes 100% youll get into shape Simon,how long is it gonna take me to get into,shape I dont know and thats the,problem someone some will respond,quickly and some will respond slowly and,there is no formula but we all 100% know,that the process works we a hundred,percent know that if you work out every,single day for 20 minutes and eat,healthily 100 percent of us will get,into shape its the same in leadership,theres no five

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The Power of Teamwork – Teamwork Motivational Video

right and for you when you get a chance,we like it there stir up your cryotank,how good can it team be seriously how,powerful is teamwork great teamwork I,mean really ask that question who,defines the limit and what if we were to,push that edge stop to think about this,room and realize that every team that,accomplished the untouchable every team,that got out there every team that had,done would have never been done before,they all had to break through they ought,to understand that there was this edge,and then they had to challenge the edge,and then they had to break through that,invisible line they all had to do it,through that group of incredibly,talented people bumping up against each,other having arguments having fights,sometimes making some noise and working,together they polish each other and they,polish the ideas and what comes out are,these really beautiful stones theres no,other way to get through other than,challenging your fears because in order,for teamwork to be at its highest,potential everyones got to have,something on the line you have to,otherwise youre only partway in at the,end of the day youre going to need to,trust those around you to fully trust,this is about us and you can count on me,I think about New Zealand this country,with under five million people and,theyve the best rugby team in the world,the All Blacks consistently the best in,the world,[Music],[Applause],[Music],[Applause],or the Apollo mission a group people,saying we hear you weve gotten and all,of our talents are on the line to get,you home thats teamwork,think about the Beatles all of that,music that we know of theres all of it,was made in about eight years just eight,years they were that incredible as a,team,great teams I mean theyre not about,individuals melting into the team thats,the mistake people hear about the power,of teamwork and they think they think,its about losing yourself to the,singular goal they think its about,fully giving in to something bigger than,you you dont lose yourself great,teammates they dont lose themselves,they stand up they say Im here they,choose to be in and they choose to play,their unique part thats how it works so,then whats the breakthrough what did,those teams do to unlock the full power,of teamwork you know thats the hard,part you cant see the edge you actually,dont know where it is until you cross,over and look back and see where it was,thats why its always easier I mean,its always easier to catch up than it,is to raise the bar because the team the,team that broke through they marked the,line and now everyone else they just,need to get over that mark the Patriots,Belichick Brady I mean what theyve been,doing its so unbelievable because they,keep raising the bar they keep nudging,it higher so even if people catch up,its too late you know Steve Jobs and,Apple for the first time ever Id like,to let Macintosh speak for itself they,were operating in this abyss I mean they,were out there in this vast unknown so,instead of breaking through instead of,seeing the line you have to forget the,line its just another limit,the marker and great teams is never,external because because youre out in,this unknown youre out in this unmapped,territory so instead the power of,teamwork comes from a belief it comes,from a mindset we cant get satisfied by,the breakthroughs we can celebrate them,we should celebrate them but we cant be,satisfied by the limits thats what,humbles me the most about great teams,thats what humbles me the most about,the power of teamwork because its,almost like youve got to operate in the,darkness knowing youre lighting the,path for everyone else and still heading,out theyre still pushing that edge,thats how to unlock the power,[Applause],[Music],there is the presentation to Wayne,Gretzky the young Edmondson captain,[Music],[Music]

TEAMWORK Interview Questions & Answers!

hello there my name is Richard McMunn,from the interview training company past,my interview comm and in this tutorial I,will teach you how to answer team work,interview questions and in particular,Im gonna give you some brilliant,answers to common teamwork interview,questions so it does not matter which,role you are being interviewed for if,you think you have to answer questions,relating to team work please watch this,tutorial from beginning to end because,this is what I will cover I will give,you great tips for answering team work,interview questions I will tell you how,to demonstrate being a team player in an,interview,I will give you team working,competencies and how to demonstrate them,and I will also give you answers to,common team work interview questions to,make sure you pass your interview now,before I do that a very warm welcome to,this teamwork interview questions and,answers training tutorial my name is,Richard McMunn thats me there in the,center of the screen I have been helping,people for over 20 years now to pass,their interviews and I always do that by,giving you top-scoring brilliant answers,you cant find anywhere else please make,sure you subscribe to my channel by,clicking the red button below the video,and then you will not miss out on any of,the training videos Im uploading please,also give the video I like because that,then tells me you enjoy the content and,Ill create more for you,also if you tell me the name of your,interview in the comment section below,this video I will give you some,additional interview questions to help,you prepare effectively so lets get,into those teamwork interview questions,and answers the first teamwork interview,a question we need to prepare for is,what are the qualities of good teamwork,so this teamwork interview question will,give you a solid foundation for,answering any team working interview,question make sure you learn the skills,and qualities needed to work as part of,a team and then the rest of the,interview will be much easier so here is,out a Hanser the teamwork interview,question what are the qualities of good,teamwork in particular there are nine,really important skills and qualities,for good teamwork these are being able,to listen to the team brief carefully to,ensure you can all follow any,instructions to the letter you then need,to be able to work to the tee,strengths by allowing team members to do,what they are good at doing and also,making sure you all follow a plan of,action you also need to be able to,communicate effectively both by speaking,to all other team members during the,task or project but also listening to,what everyone is saying you also have to,be adaptable and flexible throughout any,team task as things can and often do,change very quickly,you must also motivate and support your,team colleagues and finally always look,to improve and develop as a team and,learn from every experience you,encounter so that is a very strong,answer to the interview question what,are the qualities of good teamwork I,like that answer because you are,focusing specifically on a set number of,skills and qualities which in this case,is 9 that shows you really know your,stuff and you know the qualities of good,teamwork,now the next teamwork interview question,I want you to prepare for is tell me,about a time you worked well as part of,a team now my advice and this is really,good advice is to use whats called the,star technique when answering this,teamwork interview question so youre,going to structure your answer using,situation task action result and in the,answer that follows you will see how,effective it really is so heres my,answer using the star technique to tell,me about a time you worked well as part,of a team in my last job I was part of a,team who was responsible for packing and,sending out customer orders one day our,manager had an impromptu 24-hour sale,with a 50% discount and the sales went,crazy it was our job to work together to,get all orders dispatched within a 24,hour time period as per the promise we,had made to our customers we decided to,allocate specific tasks for each person,within the team based on their strengths,my job was to pick all orders check for,accuracy and then pass them on to the,packing and distribution team for,dispatch at one point Id completed all,of my work so I went over to the,customer service team to help them take,orders over the telephone the end result,was we managed to get all orders,dispatched for our customers on time by,working together as a team keeping in,constant communication with other and,also do,additional jobs outside of our remit,when capacity allowed for it so you can,see there how effective situation task,action result really is follow that,format when answering any kind of,teamwork behavioral interview question,and you will score the highest marks,possible so the next teamwork interview,question I want you to prepare for is,what would you do if a member of your,team was not pulling their weight now,most people will answer this question by,saying they will either do the work,themselves or they would inform their,team leader or manager however this is,the best way to answer this team working,to be a question to pass here we go I,would see this as a wider team problem,as anyone not carrying out their duties,and responsibilities to the necessary,standards could impact the rest of the,team and our combined efforts for a team,to be successful everyone has to do,their job properly on that basis I would,speak to the person in private to find,out what the problem was they may have a,personal issue at home or they may not,be feeling well in which case I would,offer to support them to get them back,up to speed as soon as possible if it,was simply down to the fact they were,not doing their job properly through a,lack of motivation I would explain how,their inaction could have a detrimental,effect on the rest of the team and that,they really needed to sort things out,quickly although I am NOT a manager or a,supervisor I would still see it as my,problem to help sort out for the good of,the team so that shows you are taking,responsibility even know essentially,its not your problem it would be down,to a supervisor or a manager but because,you are a team worker you are sorting,that out for the wider good of the team,so if you would like more behavioral,interview type questions and answers,please click the link in the top right,hand corner of this video it takes you,through to my website pass my interview,comm and you can download my full set of,top scoring answers to common behavioral,interview questions including ones,relating to teamwork I hope you enjoyed,that tutorial please dont forget to,subscribe and hit the like button Id,very much appreciate the support dont,forget to tell me the name of your,interview in the comment section below,and I wish you all the best for passing,your interview have a brilliant

Teamwork Review: Top Features, Pros and Cons, and Alternatives to Consider

if you work for an agency you know,finding a project management system that,strikes the right balance between ease,of use and feature requirements can be a,challenge,so today were looking at a project,management system built by former agency,execs to address that very problem,[Music],hey everyone im meredith and in this,video were taking a look at teamwork a,cloud-based project management system,that works best for creative agencies,but if youre looking for more,information about project management,software check out our website at,project management dot com for our list,of the best project management tools,click the link in the description below,to learn more,designed for client service teams,teamwork is a project management system,built with marketing agencies product,and support teams and professional,services firms in mind the system sports,a clean user-friendly design with,features like task management workload,management different task views time,tracking and collaboration for even,added functionality teamwork offers paid,add-ons like a help desk tool and a crm,system teamwork comes in three additions,priced per user per month as well as a,free forever plan for small teams you,can also test one of the paid plans out,for a 30-day free trial before,committing to an annual subscription now,this is a cloud-based solution so you,can access it via your web browser or,through the mobile application for ios,and android devices teamwork comes with,a number of features to help you manage,projects,task management is one of the core,features of teamwork you can create,standalone tasks or organize them into,task lists which lets you add those,subtasks once youve created some tasks,you can just assign them to individuals,or to multiple team members set the,deadlines attach files and set your,priorities teamwork supports recurring,tasks and you can also save task lists,as templates for common project types,for premium and enterprise customers,teamwork lets you set estimates for how,long it will take to complete different,tasks this lets teamwork calculate,workload capacity levels for each team,member giving you that insight into how,much they have on their plate and how,much room they have to complete,additional tasks learning how to use,this feature properly can help you adapt,quickly to changes and can help prevent,overloading team members teamwork also,comes with a reporting feature that lets,you run a number of pre-built and custom,reports for example theres a planned,versus actual report,this report compares how you planned for,a project to go versus how its actually,going or how it went using the time,estimates that you entered for tasks to,compare against the actual time it took,to complete them this can help you,identify where projects might be,starting to go off the rails so you can,take appropriate action to correct,course teamwork is a top rated product,but it still comes with its pros and,cons one of the biggest pros of teamwork,is its simple and user-friendly design,while some project management tools can,get a little complicated teamwork likes,to keep things simple so you dont get,overwhelmed beyond that teamwork also,comes with useful features for agencies,like intake forums time logging and,workload management however some users,have noted that pricing can be a bit,steep for smaller teams and the system,currently doesnt support editing in,offline mode its a good idea to get,multiple quotes before choosing a,project management solution if youre,interested in teamwork you might also,want to consider jiracoremonday.com,asana and click up,thats it for our review of teamwork for,more information about project,management software tips and tricks,visit our website at project dash,management dot com if you found this,video helpful please give us a thumbs up,be sure to subscribe turn on,notifications and well see you next,time bye,[Music]

Steve Jobs Talks About Teamwork

you motivated this team I mean you had,to guide them we build a team yeah we do,build a team motivated guide them deal,with them you know we weve interviewed,just lots and lots of people from the,Macintosh team and and and you know what,it keeps coming down to is your passion,your vision and and you know how do you,order your priorities in there what what,whats important to you in the,development of the product,you know,one of the things that really hurt Apple,was after I left John Sculley got a very,serious disease and that disease Ive,seen other people get it too,its um its the disease of thinking,that a really great idea is 90 percent,of the work and then if you just tell,your all these other people you know,heres this great idea then of course,they can go off and make it happen,and the problem with that is is that,theres a just a tremendous amount of,craftsmanship in in-between a great idea,and a great product and as you evolve,that great idea it changes and grows it,never comes out like it starts because,you learn a lot more as you get into the,subtleties of it and you also find,theres tremendous trade-offs that you,have to make I mean you know there are,there are just certain things you you,cant make electrons do there are,certain things you cant make plastic do,or glass do and and as you get into or,factories do or robots do and as you get,into all these things designing a,product is keeping 5,000 things in your,brain these concepts and fitting them,all together in in kind of continuing to,push to fit them together in new and,different ways to get what you want and,every day you discover something new,that is a new problem or a new,opportunity to fit these things together,a little differently,and its that process that is the magic,and so we had a lot of great ideas when,we started but what Ive always felt,that a team of people doing something,they really believe in is like is like,when I was a young kid there was a,widowed man that lived up the street and,he was in his 80s hes a little,scary-looking and and I got to know him,a little bit I think he might have paid,me to cut his moas lawn or something and,one day he said come on into my garage I,want to show you something and he pulled,out this dusty old rock tumbler it was a,motor and a and a coffee can and a,little,you know ban between them and and you,said come on with me we went out to the,back and we got some just some rocks,some regular old blue rocks and we put,them in the can with a little bit of,liquid and a little bit of grit powder,and we closed the can up and he turned,this motor on he said come back tomorrow,and as kan was making a you know racket,as the stones went and I came back the,next day and we took we opened the can,and we took out these amazingly,beautiful polished rocks the same common,stones that had gone in through rubbing,against each other like this create a,little bit of friction creating a litte,bit of noise had come out these,beautiful polished rocks and thats,always been in my mind my metaphor for a,team working really hard on something,theyre passionate about is is that its,through the team through that group of,incredibly talented people bumping up,against each other having arguments,having fights sometimes making some,noise and working together they polish,each other and they polish the ideas and,what comes out are these really,beautiful stones so its hard to explain,and its certainly not the result of one,person I mean people like symbols so Im,the symbol of certain things but it,really is it was a team effort on the,Mac

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